Trunks and Goten only have one hour left till Boo arrives. Can they make the most of it?
It appeared that time was almost up. One hour in the Chamber was all they had left. An hour before they'd meet their opponent and have a rematch neither would forget. The one who ruined their best day and killed people in the way out of instinct and pleasure. That enemy is known as Majin Boo.

After spending much time training in the intense dimensional room, a change in demeanors and characteristics have been undergone by the two best friends. One was that Goten, the youngest son of Goku, was far more dominant. The latter was that Trunks was more lenient in allowing the younger boy to take charge.

It happened one day when Trunks and Goten trained hard and mastered their Fusion Dance technique. Trunks had worked up a spur of the moment idea, something grandiose in memory of his father and many TV characters he watched. Drag out the fight for as long as possible to make it much more awesome to remember.

This stirred an anger, an anger he hadn't seen Goten display in a long time. Remembering how Boo hurt his big brother, killed so many people, and ruined the one day he was supposed to have fun with his father made him snap at this decision. In this moment his rage was so pure and unrestrained, he ascended past his limits and into a Super Saiyan 2.

Since then, he was the one making more initiatives in their training as well as instilling their objective: Kill Majin Boo by any means necessary!

However...this also meant that they could fail, regardless how serious they approach their objective. What could they do that would be meaningful, or at least give them some enjoyment other than simply being in each other's company?

Goten was the one to confront Trunks about it.

"T-Trunks?" Goten asked, rolling over on the bed now devoid of a blanket. The lavender haired boy seemed to only be in his boxers, as Goten was in his own blue ones that contrasted the white hued linen that his best friend wore.

"What is it?" The bowl-cut styled boy turned his head over, looking curiously at the closest thing he had to a brother.

"Are you scared?" Goten asked, swallowing hard to maintain his stoic question.

"Nah," Trunks said, though less convincingly as a bead of sweat crawled down his scalp upon answering, "this Boo is going down! No way he can win against us!"
"I'm serious!" Goten urged loudly, causing Trunks to be shaken out of his false bravado, "I...I am afraid. I don't want to end my dad!"

Gulping, Trunks couldn't help but feel his lips quiver in response, nodding with agreement, "M-Me neither. I don't wanna die!"

In that moment, Trunks saw Goten's cheeks flush red. Almost as if guided by some sort of magnetic pull, Goten's face closed in on Trunks', arching to the side and closing his eyes as he gained proximity to him.

"G-G-GoMMM?!" Trunks tried to whisper aloud before he felt Goten's lips wrap around his. An innocent, first kiss that puckered and suckled against Trunks. Hearts seemed to batter more fiercely than bombs inside their chests, as some sort of instinct within their Saiyan-hybrid bodies began to take over.

By the time Goten's lips separated in a sloppy smack, Trunks blinked with awed perplexion, trying to understand why Goten did the one thing the smarter of the two knew was taboo.

"I like you, Trunks," Goten said with a giggle, breathing out raggedly as he kept his proximity to the lavender haired boy, "mom said that you should do what your heart tells you to when you find that special someone. Well...I think you're...special to me, Trunks. For some reason I think this is right..."

Trunks, being far more knowledgeable of such things, knew this was the farthest thing from being right. Though that didn't stop a particular organ to start swelling with undulating pleasure, nor the blood inside him heat up hotter than the Room had done so. And one thing was for certain: he couldn't deny his feelings for Goten either.

"I like you too, Goten," Trunks said with a shaky smile, finding himself crawling back towards Goten, "I'd like for us to be something special too."

"Ahmmmmm~" Goten dreamily moaned out as his lips were captured by Trunks' yet again, this time experimentally sliding their tongues in between their heated mouths. Hands began to slide over shoulders, necks and faces as they continued to wrestle their oral organs around, causing them to groan in unison and build up their innocent libido.

It wasn't until that their arms were thoroughly wrapped around their backs that the two descended upon the bed in a parallel line that they felt each other. More specifically, they felt each other's pelvic bones pushing their hardness through their boxers in small outlined bulges and against each other. It felt good and caused them both to mewl and groan between their latched lips.

Humping, Trunks pulled away from the kiss to shake his head back and forth, biting his lower lip to suppress more moans of undeniable pleasure coursing through him, "Mmmm, Goten! Ahn! It feels s-s-so good!"

"What is this, Trunks? Why is my privates feeling so tingly?" Goten asked, his face as red as a cherry and his mouth emanating heated breath as he rocked against Trunks' form.

"It's a way of your private saying it wants attention. It wants to be played with," Trunks said suggestively with a mischievous smile, reaching around to cup the boxer clad buns of Goten. In a deliberately swift manner, Trunks yanked off Goten's boxers in mid hump before doing the same for himself, allowing their precum leaking rods to squeeze intimately against each other. "mmmmmmmmmm, so warm!"

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Goten moaned with every pistoning grind he slid his genitals against Trunks. The burning sensation welling up within his gut was starting to travel downwards, right into the base of his pelvic bone. He could tell that whatever imminent burning he was feeling was going to erupt very shortly. "T-T-Trunks! Imma...Imma...s-s-something is about to happen!"

"Just let it go, Goten! Ngh! Ngh! Ngh!" Trunks responded with grunts of his own, bucking his hips up against Goten's, finding his own belly growing hotter as much as his pelvis was. "G-G-Goten! Mmmmmmmmm!!!"

"TRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUNKS!!!" Goten shouted aloud as he craned his head back, feeling something squirt out the end of his member. By the time both boys stopped groaning out in ecstasy, they were able to bask in the growing slickness of sweat they've accumulated, as well as the small goo that accumulated around their hips.

"Whoa," Trunks whispered out, still reeling from the orgasmic wave that struck his nervous system, finding himself loving the bliss his mind was entering.

"That felt so good, Trunks," Goten said in a soft tone, smiling sweetly at the boy his chest now slid against frictionlessly, "wanna do that again?"

"I have a better idea," Trunks said with a mischievous light, "why don't we do something to make it more fun?"

"How?" Goten cocked his head to the side, curious by what Trunks meant.

Pushing him up to have them both on their knees upon the bed while at eye level, Trunks said frankly, "Simple. While rubbing our privates together is great, why don't we do something that we know is going to feel good."

"How do you mean?" Goten queried, blinking a few times, still unsure what Trunks had in mind.

Rolling his eyes, Trunks grabbed Goten's right hand. Taking a few fingers, Trunks placed his mouth over them, suckling it while rolling his tongue around it. As his eyes batted at Goten's suggestively, the boy gasped with realization. Seeing the wide smile dawn upon the raven locked boy's face, Trunks released the fingers with a sloppy smack.

"So, now we simply-hmph?!" Trunks began to say, just before finding his head pushed down and his wide open mouth locked over Goten's slick gooey boy meat.

"Me first!" Goten said with insistence.

Rolling his eyes, Trunks groaned once before settling with pleasuring Goten first. Last thing he wanted was Goten upset, let alone angry at him. Closing his eyes, he settled with rolling his tongue along the underside of the tube-shaped organ, hollowing out his mouth as he put suction behind every push and pull his lips made.

"Oh-Oh-Oh! Mmm! Mmm!" Goten moaned aloud, finding himself pleased with the tender sensation of hot wet mouth sucking Trunks gave to his member. It felt like soft butter was wrapped around it, then a tongue lapping at it to increase the sensitivity. Even though he knew he burst a few moments ago, he wanted to experience it yet again.

"T-T-Trunks!" Goten said with quivering, grasping both sides of the lavender haired boy's head, quickly bucking his hips forward to increase tension, "I'm coming! I'm coming now! TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUNKS!!!"

In the seconds to follow, jets of creamy boy juice flew down Trunks throat before collecting in his mouth. Allowing the taste to simmer and ooze out of his lips, Goten pulled his rock hard meat out of his mouth to look down. An ecstatic grin stretched from ear to ear, seeing the handiwork as creamy goo slid down Trunks chin and lips, practically pooled up on his red tongue. Poking his hard meat as he watched Trunks swallow it all, Goten got his own mischievous smile. Crawling around Trunks all fours position, he quickly grabbed his hips and kept a firm grip. Blinking, the boy tried to look over his shoulder to see what Goten was up to, and then realized from the heated piece of flesh prodding his anal passageway what he was doing.

"G-G-Goten, what are you-AHN!?" Trunks yelped aloud, finding himself squeak and groan as he felt Goten's meat slide into his rectum, filling it to the brim.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Goten hummed aloud with pleasure, feeling the tight velvety flesh of Trunks' bum squeeze it more deliciously than his mouth did. It only took him a few moments before he pulled partially out and then back in, to understand the true definition of mating. With every grunt, he heard Trunks grunt back, feeling his cheeks push towards his pelvis with eager reception.

They would continue to change positions, moving onto their sides to gain friction, to have Trunks ride it while Goten lied or while they both knelt. The one position they finally agreed with was with Trunks on his back as Goten dove forward, the lavender-haired boy's legs firmly wrapped around his waist to keep his momentum locked and not pull away.

As was his arms wrapped around his neck, Goten moaned into a heated kiss as he continued to push his slick frictionless meat into Trunks. Wet squelching slaps were heard as the nubile boys continued to enjoy the insane pleasure they shared, as well as their own company. With both of their internal furnaces ready to burst again, Goten parted his lips with Trunks to pant aloud during the final stretch.

"T-T-Trunks!" Goten whined.

"G-G-Goten!" Trunks moaned, biting on his lower lip as he craned his neck back.

"Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!" The two finally orgasmed, with Trunks spraying more slick goo onto his belly while he felt Goten's load fill up his rectum. Slippery meat slid out of his moist entrance, letting out a trail of seed pool between his crack and onto the bed, just as the sweaty boys cuddled together.
It wasn't until that they stared into each other's eyes that they realized one critical thing: The Time!

Both looking up, they saw the clock only had one minute left!

"Oh Crapbaskets!" They said in unison, as they both scurried to get themselves ready. Will they make it in time?!


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