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Now that I know what my wife's job is, the fun continues.
This is the sequel to “My wife's job” and “My wife's job 2”

“My wife's job 2” was posted on 2013 June 29. You may need to reread it to refresh your memory?

The rest of the weekend was as brilliant as Robin had promised me. The whole time we were all naked. Richard and I gave Robin and Cindy three DPs each. Each DP was as exciting as the first one when Richard and I fucked Cindy. Between times we enjoyed the sunny weather on Richard's deck, drank beer, and talked – mostly about sex, Cindy's job, and the training sessions for Cindy's understudies.

On Saturday night Cindy slept with Richard and she told me later that they fucked three times before finally falling asleep. Robin and I slept in another bedroom. We only fucked twice before we both fell asleep. In the morning I was awoken by the feeling of a mouth around my dick. Of course, I assumed that the mouth was Robin's.

“I'm amazed that you have so much cum still.”

That was Cindy's voice!

“How did you get here? I assumed that you were Robin.”

“Robin woke me just now and suggested that we swap beds, and here I am.”

I realised that I was just as happy to cum in either Cindy's or Robin's mouth. I really rejoiced in the fact that both were possible.

On Monday morning, at home, Cindy came into the kitchen for breakfast wearing the shortest skirt that I had ever seen her wear, and the skimpiest top. She lifted the front of her skirt to show me that she wore no knickers. Then she jiggled her tits to demonstrate that she wore no bra either.

“I hope that you like what you see, Ron, because this is how I intend to dress from now on. I'm a whore. You know that I'm a whore, so I don't need to hide the fact. From now on I'm going to dress like a whore and enjoy it.”

“Wow! Cindy. You look so sexy. I wish that I had time to fuck you right now.”

“You said that you were going to visit me at work today. You can fuck me then. OK?”

When I got to Cindy's workplace, Robin collected me from reception and took me to her office. There was a red light on above the office door next to Robin's office. As we chatted about the weekend, she wanted to know what I liked best.

“It was the completely uninhibited, unrestrained, sexually charged atmosphere that we all shared. It wasn't just that the sex was good, it was also that everyone was enjoying themselves so much. I was excited the whole time. I loved the fact that I could fuck you without Cindy or Richard showing the slightest sign of jealousy.”

“Yes it was good, wasn't it?”, she said, “We must do it again sometime very soon.”

“Great! I'd really like that. I'm sure that Cindy would too.”

After a few minutes a young man came out of the next door office with a smile on his face, then the red light changed to green.

“Come on, Ron, Cindy's free now.”

She led me to the next office. When we stepped inside I realised that it was not really an office. There was a huge bed in the middle of the room, without any bed clothes, only an enormous white towel covering the mattress. There was a supply of clean white towels against the far wall and a laundry basket with a similar white towel visible inside it.

Behind a closed door on the opposite wall, I could hear a shower running, and Cindy singing.

“Judging by the happy song, I guess she enjoyed that young man fucking her.”

“Yes. He is a very good fuck. I know because I used to fuck him. But she wasn't happy like that last week, before you knew what her job was. She hated going behind your back. Our weekend together has made a huge difference for her. You are still OK with what she does, aren't you?”

“Yes. This morning when she left for work she told me that from now on she would dress as a whore. I really wanted to fuck her before she left, but there was not time.”

The shower stopped. Cindy was still singing. Then we heard a hair dryer. Eventually the door opened and Cindy stepped out completely naked and smiling happily. She pushed her feet into a pair of high heels beside her bathroom door then rushed across the room and wrapped me in her arms.

“Oh! I'm so happy today. I get to fuck lots of men, and my husband still loves me. Do you still want to fuck me, Ron?”

I just kissed her and pressed my hard cock against her belly.

“I think that bulge in your crotch is a yes.”

She dropped to her knees in front of me and quickly released my cock from my jeans. As soon as it was in her mouth it was even harder. In only a few minutes I was pumping my cum into her mouth. When she finally released my cock I pulled her to her feet and kissed her. I was rewarded by the familiar taste of my cum in her mouth.

“Wow!”, Robin commented, “That was quick. Cindy, why don't you put some clothes on because Richard and I want to take you and Ron for lunch.”

“You wont mind being seen with a whore?”

“No. I'm pretty sure Richard and Ron will love it and I wont have to worry about how I look because every one will be looking at you rather than me.”

Over lunch in a nearby restaurant the conversation inevitably focussed on our weekend together.

“Ron, Cindy,”, Richard said, “Robin and I enjoyed our weekend together so much that we want to do it again as soon as possible. Are you two free for this weekend?”

“We've got a family get together on Sunday evening, but we could do Friday night to Sunday early afternoon. Would that be enough, given that there will be no need to break the ice, this time?”

“Great. On Friday Cindy can come home with Robin and me. You, Ron, drive to my place as early as you can make it after work. Don't bother dressing for the occasion, because we'll be naked when you arrive. We'll take the boat out on Saturday for an interlude.”

After lunch we all went back to Cindy's “office” and Robin watched while Richard and I DPed Cindy. When we had all cum, more or less together, and were coming back to reality, Robin's mobile phone rang. She spoke briefly then rushed out of Cindy's room.

Richard, Cindy and I were still lying on top of the big bed, naked, when Robin came back into the room with another young woman.

“Cindy, I don't know if you know Nerolie? She works in our office. When she was making up the payroll she noticed that you earn more than twice as much as she does. She tried to find out what you do to earn so much, and eventually figured out, from the contented looks on the men coming out of your office, what it must be.

“She wants to earn that sort of money too, and she is keen to fuck to get it. Nerolie, this is Cindy's husband, Ron, and you know Richard.”

“Your husband knows what you do?”

“Yes. Until last weekend I was keeping it a secret from him, but it was eating me up, going behind his back, so Richard and Robin helped me to tell him. In fact the four of us spent the whole weekend fucking in various combinations and now Ron knows. He not only knows but he is comfortable with my being a whore. Do you have a husband?”

“Not really.”

“What does that mean?”

“He walked out 3 months ago. I have not heard from him since but, as far as I know I'm still married to him. In the mean time I'm not getting any. Another reason why I want your job.”

Robin cut in. “You will not be taking Cindy's job from her, but we do need another girl in this job. The work load is still growing, and we need someone to cover if Cindy is off sick, or off for any other reason. But Cindy's job is about servicing her client's needs, not just about her getting off. Are you up for swallowing a man's cum, or taking it up your arse? Are you willing to do group sex? For instance I have just watched Ron and Richard as they DPed Cindy and they all loved it. We all loved it. Can you see yourself in that role?”

“Oh! My God! Yes! I want all of that. I just don't want to commit to another man. I'm still hurting from my husband's abandoning me.”

“To show us how keen you are, why don't you take your clothes off and then give Ron and Richard blow jobs? Are you up for that?”

“What? In front of Ron's wife and you, Richard's girlfriend?”

“It's OK, Nerolie, Cindy and I are comfortable with just about any sort of sex involving Ron and Richard. Right Cindy?”

“Fuck yes. Ron's OK with my fucking all my clients, so of course I want him to get any extras that he can get, and I really like it when I can watch.”

“Kinky! Do you and Ron not have a good sex life together?”

“We have a great sex life together, thank you. We also have great sex with Richard and Robin in various combinations, and I think that I would like it if that were expanded to other partners.”

Turning to Robin, Nerolie asked. “If I do this do I get the job?”

“Not automatically, Nerolie. Think of this as part of a job interview. Ron and Cindy are planning to spend this weekend with Richard and me. We'll be enjoying a lot of sex with each other. If you do this now and then spend the weekend with us too you will get the job, provided you are enthusiastic enough. Are you free this weekend?”

Instead of answering, Nerolie pulled off her clothes, shirt, bra, skirt, and panties. She kept her shoes on. Then she knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. Of course I was thrilled to be in a new mouth, so I was quickly very ready.

I looked at my wife, but she was staring at my cock sliding in and out of Nerolie's mouth. She looked aroused, rather than shocked or jealous. I looked at Robin, but her gaze, too, was fixed on my cock and Nerolie's mouth. She too looked aroused. Then I looked at Richard and he gave me a big grin and a thumbs-up signal.

I looked down at Nerolie. She was looking up at me. I thought that she looked as if she was enjoying herself. Since I had already cum twice, just now in Cindy's cunt, and before lunch in Cindy's mouth, I continued to enjoy the sensation for a few minutes before my balls lifted up into my crotch and I filled Nerolie's mouth with my load.

Nerolie opened her mouth and showed me that it was full of white stuff, then turned to each of the others and showed them too. I helped her up and pulled her to me, kissing her and pushing my tongue into her mouth. I enjoyed the taste of my cum.

Then Nerolie went to Richard, knelt in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. Again, Cindy and Robin appeared to be fascinated by the sight of Richard's dick disappearing into Nerolie's mouth and then reappearing. The look on Richard's face was of pure lust, like mine must have been a few minutes ago.

Eventually Nerolie was showing each of us that her mouth was full of Richard's spunk. Then she swallowed and her mouth was empty. Richard pulled her to her feet and kissed her and thanked her.

:So? Do I qualify for the job?”

“If you perform as well as that with us this weekend you'll be a shoe in for the job. You didn't say if you could come?”

“Yes. And I look forward to it.”

On Friday night I drove into Richard's place, using the code to open the gate that Robin had taught me the Saturday before. It was a bit after 6pm when I parked in his spacious garage. Richard's and Robin's cars were there and another that I could not identify.

As I got out of my car the door connecting the house to the garage opened and Robin came to greet me. She was naked of course.

“Ron. Welcome. Why don't you take your clothes off and leave them in your car. You'll not be needing them. I've got a surprise for you.”

At the back of the house, on the deck, Cindy, Nerolie, Richard, and another woman were sitting sipping beers. They were all naked.

“Ron, I'd like to introduce my best friend since high school, Lyn. Lyn this is Ron, Cindy's husband.”

Lyn jumped up and moved to hug and kiss me, pushing her ample naked breasts against my chest.

“I'm delighted to meet you, Ron. Robin told me what a wonderful weekend she and Richard had with you and Cindy. When she told me that you were all going to do it again this weekend, I just had to be part of it. I'm so looking forward to fucking you.”

I grinned a bit stupidly. I had never been introduced to a naked woman before, let alone had her proposition me as soon as we met. Not that I was complaining. When we had finished greeting each other she did not let me go, rather she stood beside me with one arm around my shoulder and one breast pushed against my rib-cage. I went to sit on a chair and she ended up in my lap.

As much a I enjoyed this attention it occurred to me that Cindy might get jealous. This weekend was supposed to be about free sex without jealousy. Could Lyn's attachment to me spoil that happy balance?

A glance at Cindy's face suggested that she was not happy about Lyn and me. A glance at Robin's face suggested that she was trying to send a message to Cindy. I was not sure what that message was but I wondered if it might be a consoling message.

I did not want to upset my wife. On the other hand Lyn's body felt really good pressed against mine. This weekend was all about uninhibited, unrestrained, uncommitted sex, wasn't it? And surely I had won some brownie points by accepting Cindy's role as a whore for Richard and Robin's firm. What had Cindy said when Nerolie was about to give me a blow job? “I want him to get any extras that he can get.”

As all these thoughts tumbled around in my brain I ran my hand from Lyn's knee, up her inside thigh to her pussy. I found that her smooth, clean shaven cunt was moist with her arousal. As I slipped my finger inside her the scent of her arousal hit me. My concern for Cindy diminished as my own arousal increased.

Lyn responded to my finger fucking her, by stroking my already-erect cock. There were mattresses scattered around the deck, obviously placed there for the comfort of couples, or groups, who wanted to fuck. I was no longer conscious of our audience as I stood up and carried Lyn to the nearest mattress. Without any further foreplay I lay on top of her and pushed my cock into her.

For the next … I have no idea how long … I was thrusting in and out of her cunt. I looked at her face, she seemed to be loving my fucking her. I was loving it too. Eventually my balls pulled up to my body, I held my cock as deep as possible inside her and filled her with my cum.

She looked disappointed, as she had not yet cum. I pulled out, kneeled between her legs, and proceeded to explore her cunt with my tongue and lips. She was soon squirming and in only a few minutes she was having a really strong orgasm. She lay there for a few minutes with a smile on her face.

“Thank you, Ron. What a great start to what promises to be a wonderful weekend!”

“Thank you Lyn. It certainly does promise to be a great weekend.”

Then I remembered my wife and looked around for her. Cindy was sitting on a chair watching the action on another mattress. Robert was fucking Nerolie while Nerolie ate Robin's pussy. As she watched Cindy was rubbing her clit gently.

She turned to look at me, saw that I was watching her and came to me, pulled me up and led me to a chair and we ended up with me on the chair and her on my lap. We both watched as Robert, Nerolie, and Robin came, one after the other.

“I love you Ron.” my wife said, before she kissed me. “Did you enjoy eating Lyn's pussy after you had filled it with cum?”

I smiled and kissed her back. “Yes. Did you enjoy watching us?”

“Yes. For a moment I felt jealous, but then I thought about how good you were about my job, how much better our sex life had become since I started my job, and how much fun we had here last weekend and I ended up enjoying watching you with Lyn.”

After a while Robin got up from their mattress and announced that it was dinner time. Nerolie went with her, to help, and Robert went into the house, too, and soon came back with wine and glasses.

“So Lyn,” he asked, “how do you like the atmosphere here so far?”

“I love it. I can't wait till you and Ron give me my first ever DP. I've always dreamed of joining a group of people who were as uninhibited and as open to sharing as you obviously are. Who would have thought that my friend, Robin, would be the one to introduce me to such a group.”

To be continued in “My Wife's Job 4.”

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