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found myself at the right place at the right time
Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Got done with my work early today, and I pulled up to the office with my truck and parked it. I went inside and seen that the boss was not in her office, I ask the receptionist if she was in still today, and she said she was in the break room getting a coffee, and would be back in a moment.
When you walk into her office there is a chair up against the wall next to the door, and her desk is straight across the room. It is not a large office, so she has boxes of supplies stacked up around the room. My luck between the door and the chair I am sitting in, there is a large stack of boxes that hides that I am sitting there when you first enter the office.
So here I am sitting in a chair facing her desk, with a large stack of boxes to my left, and a filing cabinet to my right. It is customary that when you talk to her in our office you sit in this chair since it's the only chair other than hers in the room. What is unusual is my timing that I was in early today and she had no clue. I am sitting there patiently waiting, so I pull out my phone and I'm reading through emails. When suddenly she barges into the office slamming the door behind her which startles me. So I remain quiet.
She walks around to the side of the desk directly in front of me so that I am looking at her side view. She starts unbuttoning her shirt which now I notice has coffee spilled on the front of it. She finishes unbuttoning it and she removes her shirt leaving her standing there in a white bra with approximately small B cup size breasts. She bends over and takes a small bottle of water out of her small office refrigerator and pours it onto her shirt on the stain. She turns away from me towards the opposite wall and grabs another shirt that's hanging on a hook. She starts to put it on and as she is buttoning it up notices that there is coffee on her bra as well. So she removes the shirt mumbling as she's doing it and she reaches behind her and unhooks her bra. She turns around to her desk again,so again I'm looking at her side view and she starts to pour water on her bra as well.
I don't know what I was thinking but I clicked on the camera button of my phone, luckily my phone was on silent so she did not hear the beeps. And I started taking some pictures of my boss standing there topless in front of me.
She turned towards me like she was going to retrieve something and noticed me sitting there with my camera. She immediately tried to cover up her breasts with her hands as I clicked off the last picture of her looking directly at me topless. The look on her face that got taken was not one of shock, but more of a lustful expression.
All she said was "seriously, what the fuck, why didn't you say something. Did you just take pictures of me?" all I did was give a slight nod and a slight smile for her to realize she was in deep shit. She asked me what my intentions were with the pictures, and I just shrugged my shoulders. She asked if I was going to show her husband, who happens to work here also. I shrugged my shoulders again. She asked if I had intentions of showing it to other drivers, and I shrugged my shoulders again.
A little past information, my boss and I have never seen eye to eye, and there is always conflict.
I finally spoke up and ask her, what would happen if I got up and stormed out of your office in front of the receptionist and started saying "no I will not have sex with you", in which point the receptionist would see you standing here topless. I'm pretty sure that you would be in deep shit with human resources, not me.
She stayed silent for a moment thinking, before asking me what I wanted to make the pictures disappear and to never mention this. All I did was shrug my shoulders with a little grin.
She says, "I will not have sex with you, and I will not let you touch me." being as it that I like to watch, I told her I wanted to watch her masturbate in front of me right now, and I would delete everything I had and never mention this to anyone, especially her husband. There would be no form of retaliation and we would never mention this again.
She hesitated for a moment and realize she did not have a choice, and she dropped her hands and said "fine" with a harsh tone.
I told her that I wanted her to do it in her office chair reclined back with 1 foot propped up on her desk and the other leg hanging over the arm of the chair so her legs were spread wide. She turned around and started lowering her pants. She hooked her fingers in her panties hesitating, before finally pushing them down.
For a woman of forty three years old, about 135lbs, 5'6" she was extremely good looking.
I had never noticed this before, I think it was because of all the dislike I've always had for her. She turned and sat in the chair and pulled the lever to recline it back partially draping a leg over the arm of the chair and then propped a foot up on her desk.
She was now directly in front of me spread eagle with her pussy lips parting open. She was neatly trimmed with a small landing strip of pubic hair. There was just a hint of moisture, basically telling me that she was getting a little turned on by doing this.
I did not really think she would actually go this far. Obviously either she wanted to do this, or she really thought I would turn her in.
I told her go ahead start touching yourself. She lowered her hand down to her pussy and started rubbing, it did not take long and her hand was completely soaked with pussy juice and she was really getting into it.
I told her to massage her breasts with her other hand and to finger fuck herself and go deep. She did so and momentarily closed her eyes.
I stood up unzipping my fly and dropped my pants. I could not hold back anymore and needed to stroke myself.
She opened her eyes looking at me and said this was not part of the deal. So I told her to close her eyes if she did not want to look at me, but I was not going to stop. So she continued to finger fuck herself and she laid her head back closing her eyes. She was starting to move her hips around in unison with the thrusting of her fingers.
You could tell she was extremely turn on and getting into this now. I started to walk closer towards her still continuing to stroke my cock. I did not want to push my luck, but the urge to be near her was overwhelming.
I was now within a foot of her standing directly between her legs.
The sounds her pussy was making with the fingers thrusting in and out made me want that pussy so bad. She opened her eyes and saw how close I was, and did not say a word. Her eyes drifted down towards my cock and she continued to masturbate while watching me masturbate.
I took a chance and took another step forward cautiously, so now I am masturbating my cock mere inches from her pussy.
She still did not say a word but just stared at me masturbating while she finger fucked herself. When suddenly she said "fuck it" and grabbed a hold of my cock and pulled me into her.
My cock drilled into her and buried itself to the full depth as she dug her fingernails into my ass pulling me deeper inside. I thrusted hard and fast doing my best to keep quiet. She started to shutter and I could feel her pussy clamp down on my cock milking it. I couldn't hold back any further as much as I wanted it to last.
I pulled out and she grabbed ahold of my cock and stroked me to orgasm as I fired stream after stream of cum over her belly and up on to her tits.
I dropped down to my knees and buried my tongue into her pussy. I licked and sucked and probed causing her to orgasm immediately again. She clamped her legs around my head as I continued sucking. Her whole body was shaking violently as she started to spray and fill my mouth with her cum. I swallowed as much as I could, but there was so much of it and with such force that she soaked the front of me.
My cock was at full attention again already and I stood up and drove my cock into her again. She bucked up into me and stared into my eyes biting her lower lip. I slammed my cock hard and deep into her drenched pussy.
She kept rolling her eyes and then shocked me when she said... "cuuuum in me pleeeease".
Being fixed, I didn't care so I plunged into her fully and could feel my cock up against her cervix as I erupted, forcing my cum into her womb. her pussy gripped my cock and I could feel her milking it for every last drop. Fully exhausted now I pulled back resting against her desk corner.
She dropped to her knees in front of me taking my deflating cock into her mouth sucking and licking me clean. After a few moments she slouched back into her chair exhausted and no longer caring.
"I have never in my life cum that hard or actually sprayed cum till now. Is this what you wanted, to fuck me?" she said...
I said "no, but I'm glad I did". I grabbed my phone and started deleting pictures and she stopped me.
"save one, so you can blackmail me again... just please don't show anyone." I snapped off another picture of her slouched in the reclined chair fully nude with cum sprayed across her belly and tits and cum oozing out of her pussy with a smile and satisfied look on her face. I left her slouched in her chair as I walked out, thankfully the receptionist had gone to lunch and was nowhere to be seen.
Like I said... in the right place at the right time. Work will never be the same. I wonder if I can find a way to include her husband next time.

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2014-06-02 17:59:33
You should include the receptionist!

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