One new submissive leads to another
I brought Miranda's things she'd gotten from the yard sale to her apartment and unloaded the headboard. I walked to the door and rang the doorbell. A very pretty blonde answered it.

“Hi, I'm Tom Avery and have a few things for Miranda. Is she here?”

“Oh, hi! I'm Sandra. Yes, she's here, just a minute I'll get her.”

The door closed and I could hear Miranda's name being called. Soon the door opened again, Miranda this time.

“Hi! Thank you, Mast—um, thank you so much for bringing all of that over. You don' t know how much it will mean to me to not have to sleep on a fold-out couch anymore.”

Sandra glanced at Miranda, having caught the near-slip in Miranda's greeting. I noticed Sandra giving Miranda the eye.

“It's no trouble. You can't put this stuff in the back of a Subaru, and I'm not busy today.”

“Please, bring it into the bedroom. I'll show you.”


I put the headboard in the bedroom and headed out to get another load. The girls left the door open to make it a little easier. I brought the frame and bed rails in next, dropped the pile and returned for the foot board. Two nightstands, a dresser and a foot chest later, that load was finished. I still had a table and six chairs to bring over.

Sandra volunteered some iced tea and went to get it. I took the opportunity to step closer to Miranda. I put my hand again to her neck and squeezed gently. Miranda's eyes looked into mine and her body leaned into my hand. I moved my thumb to the same side as my fingers and stroked her cheek. Her head leaned into my hand and her hand came up and held it to her.

“Master,” she breathed. She closed her eyes and sighed deeply.

I heard a bump in the living room, quickly removed my hand and stepped away. Miranda turned to look at the bed.

“I think it would be better here.”

“As it pleases you,” I said with a smile. She smiled back, picking up on the innuendo.

Sandra came in the door with the iced tea and handed it out. It was a hot morning and it tasted good.

“Well, okay. This should only take few minutes to put together.” The ladies left the room and I got to work.

Sandra spun on Miranda as soon as they were in the living room.

“What was that? Who is this guy? You called him “Master”, didn't you?”

“He's just a guy who helped me out, and I didn't call him anything of the sort,” Miranda fired back. “He sold me those things at a price that was really great for both of us, that's all.”

“Don't give me that. I turned the corner into the bedroom just as he put his hand on your neck. I heard you call him “Master” and you were practically melting into him! Who is he?”

Miranda knew she was busted, but her shoulders went back and she looked her friend straight in the eye.

“Okay, yes, I did call him “Master”. Being submissive is a sexual preference for me, but it's been a long time since I've given myself to anyone in that way. Most men don't know what to do with a submissive woman. they think she's a slave or a punching bag. The last guy I let close to me like that actually used me as a footstool, and expected me to let his friends have me too!”

“Oh, Mandy, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have shoved my nose into your business.,” Sandra apologized. There was a few moments of silence, and Sandra looked at her friend. “What's it like?” she asked quietly.

“What's what like?”

“Having a man sexually dominate you the right way. Did he do that?”

Miranda closed her eyes and hugged herself.

“Yes, he did.” She looked at her friend again. “Boy, did he ever!” she smiled.

“What did he do? What did you do?” Sandra was all curiosity.

“It's hard to explain. A dominant man doesn't just throw a submissive woman around the room, although he does put her where he wants her and how he wants her. He doesn't hurt her, but he does put her in her place when it's necessary or when she wants to be.”

“What do you mean, “wants to be”?” Sandra asked.

“Umm … can I tell you these things and have your word that you won't go spreading them around?”

“I'll tell you something first so you know that I am really interested in your answers.” Sandra said. “If you're doing what I think you're doing, it's something I've been wanting for myself. If he's the kind of guy you've hinted he is, that's exactly the type of man I'm looking for. Did he really handle you well?”

“Yes, he did. It started off with me just wanting a way to get him to lower his prices so I could get the furniture. I thought a quick blow job would be enough, but the further we got into it, the more he took control of me. He started by giving me the greatest head I've ever had. I thought I was going to pass out I came so hard. After that it's kind of a blur. Most of what I remember was on my knees. He spanked me a little ...”

“He spanked you??!!? Were you naked?”

“By that time I was naked. He spanked me once because I let my hand get out from behind my back.”

“He put your hands behind your back? Did he tie you?”

“No, Sandra. He didn't have to. I wanted to obey him. That was the strangest part of it. Once we got started, I wanted so much to do just exactly what he told me to do. Everything he did just got me hotter. Even the spanking. He made me lay on his lap while he disciplined me.”

“He disciplined you?”

“Yes. I gagged on his cock while he had it down my throat. I tried to push him away.”

“Ohhh! Was that bad? What did he do?”

Miranda smiled a little at the memory. She hugged her tits and remembered the sensation of them being slapped, the first time it had ever happened to her. The sting of her tits being slapped caused a shiver to go through her and then it happened. Her mouth fell open as she had a small, short orgasm, just from remembering it !!!

“Miranda !” Sandra said sharply. “Miranda! Come back to earth, Miranda. Did you just have an orgasm? “ She drew in a sharp gasp. “You did! What did he do?”

“When I pushed him away, I was on my knees in front of him with my hands behind my back. He had his cock in my throat and I couldn't breathe. I tried to push him away. See? He wouldn't have hurt me, but I disobeyed him. I didn't keep my hands behind me like he told me to and I tried to push him away. He held me by my hair and forced my head up, then reached down and slapped my tits. First one and then the other. The sting of the slap and then feeling my tits bounce from it made me cum. I was remembering it and yes, I did just cum, just from the memory of it.”

“Oh my god, Miranda! He slapped your tits? Hard?” Sandra tried to imagine what it would feel like if someone slapped hers. She was just a bit smaller than Miranda, 34C's to Miranda's 36D's. She unconsciously moved her arms closer and pushed her breasts together as she thought about it. One hand rubbed her nipples through her blouse and bra without her even realizing she was doing it.

“Yes, hard. Sandra, you have to understand that he had me so hot I would have done anything for him. What he was doing felt good and I wanted him to do it even more. I was actually disappointed that he only slapped them once.”

“Oh, Miranda, would he treat me that way? Would it be okay with you? Oh my god, I can't stop thinking about it. I feel like such a slut!” Sandra buried her face in her hands.

“Sandra, a truly dominant man could control any number of women. I don't know if he'd want to do it with you or not. The only thing you can do is offer yourself to him.”

“How do I do offer myself? Oh my god, Miranda, I'm all wet just thinking about it.” She put her head on her arms on the table. “I am a slut.”, she moaned.

“And you know what, Sandra?” Sandra looked up from the table. “It's okay. You can be a slut. You can let yourself go and let him lead you and place you and be your Master as he is mine. I don't know if he'll want to control two of us. It seemed to me that was his first time, but even if it was, I'll be his plaything any time he wants me. If he wants you too, you have to be prepared to obey whatever he says. He will not intentionally hurt you, but he will expect you to do as you're told, and you will be punished if you don't. Can you do that? Can you give yourself over to him completely? It's either that or he won't see you again.”

“I want to, I really want to. Will he help me?”

“Oh, yes. Submission is not like slavery, Sandra. Submission is trust. It's a wonderful feeling to not have to make any decisions at all. To let him take you and lead you into such a state of arousal that you can barely contain it.”

I came out of the bedroom to let Miranda know her new-to-her bed was ready. I'd put her mattresses on it and all that remained was for her to get out some sheets. Walking into the living room, I was completely surprised to see two naked women kneeling on the floor, heads down and hands behind their backs. Oh, boy … now what?

“Master,” Miranda said. “Your little one wishes to introduce Sandra. She would also like to be yours.”

“”Also”, little one? With you?”

“Yes, Master. She says she wishes you to teach her to please you.”

“Come here, little one.”

Miranda got up off her knees and came to me, hands still behind her back and with her head bowed.

“Does she know about what happened with us? What did you tell her?”

Miranda pulled her shoulders back, offering her tits to me. I fondled one, then pinched the nipple, using it to pull her toward me. As soon as she was in front of me, I let it go. I caressed her breast again.

“You feel good, little one. Now, what is this?”

“Thank you, Master. I love you to feel me. She saw us in the bedroom, Master, when you were holding my neck. She saw how it pleased me to be held by you. She would like to please you also, and asked me if you would be interested. I couldn't tell her yes or no, only that she should offer herself and let you decide.”

I looked from Miranda to Sandra, who was still kneeling with her head down and arms behind her back.

"And this is okay with you?"

"Yes, Master."

“Sit up, Sandra.” She rose up to her knees, then sat on her heels. “Come, little one.” Miranda followed me with her head down as I walked over to her roommate.

“Show me your tits,” I told her. Sandra's hands came from behind her back and cupped her breasts, presenting her nipples to me.

“Tsk.” I got up. “Tell her, little one.” I told Sandra, “You do whatever she says.” I went and sat in a chair. My dick was rapidly standing to attention and it was beginning to tent my shorts.

“Stand up, Sandra,” Miranda whispered. “You must do what he says. Exactly what he says, no more and no less. When he asked for you to show him your tits, you should have only straightened your back and thrust them to him. He wanted to see your tits, not your hands covering your tits.”

“What should I do?”

“Go and kneel in front of him and tell him what happened. You're a big girl. You figure out what to say to him. And remember to keep your hands behind your back!”

Sandra kneeled in front of me. “M M Master,” she started. “I'm sorry, I didn't understand. I'll do better.”

“I understand, but don't make a habit of it, okay? I won't ask much of you, but you need to listen first and then obey.”

“Yes, Master. Your … slut … will listen first next time. Master, if I don't understand, is it permitted to ask?”

“Of course. I don't expect you to blindly do things until you figure out what I want. I won't make your life difficult just to hear you say “Master.” I want you to feel welcome and appreciated, and I will always do that. Do you believe me?”

Sandra wanted to believe him. She had been searching since the first time she'd been controlled to find a man who could and would take her and hold her and control her the way she wanted to be.

“Yes, Master.”

“Sandra,” I said. “Sit up. Show me your tits.”

Sandra sat up and thrust her chest at me, showing me her firm tits. They were just a bit smaller than Miranda's, but still firm and round, with quarter-sized aureola and topped with pencil eraser sized nipples. I reached out and cupped one.

“Rub your tit into my hand so it feels good to you.”

Sandra started to move, pushing her breast into my palm and then pulling back so just the nipple was being stimulated.

“Ahh,” she whispered. “That's nice. Squeeze my tit, Master, please.”

I caressed her tit, then pinched her nipple and felt it grow hard. Flicking it with the backs of my fingers, I then pinched it again, twisting it a little. My dick, which had been at about half-mast, grew harder. I stood up.

“Good. Much better. Now stand up.”

She stood and waited with her head down and her hands behind her. I moved my hand to her throat, forcing her head up and looked her in the eyes.

“Are you sure this is what you want? Do you know what it is you're asking of me?”

“Yes. Master. I love to be controlled, but I have no one. When I was 12, my dad would spank me when I did something wrong. He didn't know it, but his spanking made my pussy wet. Sometimes I would be bad just to get him to spank me. After I turned 13, though, he stopped spanking me. I got my boyfriend to try, but he was too inexperienced and it ended up that he just slapped me around. His dad caught him and beat the shit out of him. When he understood what I wanted, he tried showed him how. He controlled his wife and I saw how she served him and how he kept her very satisfied. She loved him and what he did. He was careful not to hurt her and she really responded to him. I wanted that. A strong man to take care of me. His son kept me for two years, but they moved. I tried to get my brother to control me, but he said it was too weird for him. When I was 17, I finally decided that I wasn't going to get someone to take care of me until college or maybe even after.”

I looked down at her body. I took my hand and put it on her hip, rubbing her lightly. She closed her eyes and quivered just a little.

She was a short girl, only about 5' or so, but she had big tits for her size, a tight tummy, and nicely curved hips. She trimmed her pussy hair to just a small patch and kept her lips hairless. I liked that. I moved my gaze from her pussy, up to her waist, then her tits, then her neck, and finally looked her in the eyes. I didn't say anything, just looked at her, keeping up the hand contact on her hip.

Without breaking eye contact, my hand slid up from her hip to her waist, then her ribs, bypassing her tits and up to her shoulder. I stopped there for a moment, rubbing it gently, then moved my hand to her neck, lightly touching it with my fingertips and thumb. I let my gaze wander over her face.

Shoulder-length blonde hair framing an oval shaped face with large blue eyes, dark blonde eyebrows, a small nose and lips that naturally puckered a little. Made to have a dick in. Her cheeks were high and her jaw ended in a very gentle point. She was gorgeous. I wondered briefly why she didn't have the college boys knocking her door down.

I was standing so close to her that her nipples would touch my shirt as she took a breath. I took a step back and tightened my grip on her neck and pushed her gently backwards to the wall.

“Little one.”

“Yes, Master,” Miranda replied.

“Come here and undress me.”

“Yes, Master.”

Miranda came to my side and started by unbuttoning my shirt. When she had it open, my arm slid out of one sleeve and I pinched her ass. She squeaked “Oh!” and jumped a little, causing her pussy to push into my leg. She smiled.

“Thank you, Master.”

I kept my hand on her ass, lightly squeezing and rubbing it. She moved closer so she could rub her breasts on me, sliding up and down. She kissed my shoulder and down my arm as she rubbed her pussy on my leg.

“Mmmm, Master,” she sighed.

I spanked her cute little ass, just to remind her of what she was supposed to be doing.

“Oh!” she squeaked, a little louder this time. “Yes, Master, sorry Master.”

She moved to my shorts and unsnapped them, then pulled the zipper down. I don't usually wear underwear except in the winter, so when my shorts fell, my hard 7” cock was exposed, pointing up at about 45º. Both girls looked at it.

Sandra said, “Oh!” and Miranda said, “Mmmm.”

“On your knees, little one. Wait there a moment.”

“Yes, Master,” she said, and went to her knees with her hands behind her. “May I watch, Master?”

“Of course, little one. Maybe later you can join.”

“Yes, Master, thank you, Master.”

I looked down at Sandra's chest, then took my other hand and put it on the outside of her thigh. I rubbed it a few strokes, then moved to the inside. Her eyes, which had been looking into mine, closed and she breathed a deep sigh.

“Master,” she whispered, “This feels so good. Take me.”

I moved my hand up the inside of her thigh but avoided her pussy. Not yet. Not just yet. My hand moved up and over her mons and I played in her thatch for a moment, twisting and lightly pulling it, then rubbed her mons, just brushing the highest part of her slit. Her mouth dropped open as her breathing became heavier. I rubbed upwards, playing around her navel, then on up to her stomach. I could feel her muscles rippling under her skin.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. Very responsive, very nice.

Up and over one breast, rubbing the nipple. Over to the other, this time to rub, then pinch and twist her nipple while pulling on it. She took a sharp breath and her eyes opened wide to look in mine. I rubbed the nipple I'd pinched and pulled, then leaned down and kissed it. She pushed her breast at me, wanting more, but not yet. Not yet. I stood up again.

Her eyes, which had opened wide, were now half closed and her head was back against the wall.

“Master,” she breathed.

I put my arm around her back and tightened my grip on her neck. I lifted her, just enough by her neck to make her think that's how I was lifting her, but the greatest part of her weight was really being supported by my other arm under her ass. My dick pressed against her pussy as I lifted her about 4 inches. Her feet were no longer touching the floor and I had her pinned to the wall by my body. I could have let go of her completely and she would have stayed there, but it was more fun letting her think I was holding her by her neck. Her eyes popped wide open and she looked at me wildly and stiffened up.

“Trust me, I will never hurt you,” I told her.

She looked at me for just a moment, then relaxed into my hand and arm, her eyes half-closed. Her breathing became even heavier as she realized she was giving herself over to me.

“Yes, Master,” she whispered.
I pushed/lifted her up a little more and pinned her with my body again, sliding the arm that held her back out. I rubbed her waist, then her hip, finally sliding around to her pussy. I used my fingertips on her slit and lips, rubbing her gently. I was slightly surprised at how her pussy was almost dripping with her arousal. My fingertip played in her slit a moment longer, then found the opening to her love tunnel. Just the fingertip at first to gather her moisture, then I slowly but firmly pushed it all the way to my last knuckle.

“Hhhhaaa!” she gasped. I could tell she wanted to wrap her arms around me but I was proud of her that she kept them behind her. I pulled my finger out and plunged it back into her, this time holding my thumb to mash and roll her clit.

“Ungh! Oh, mmm, yes, yes, Master.” She was dripping now. It was time.


“Yes, Master.”

“Guide me.”

“Yes, Master.”

Miranda crawled to me and held my cock with one hand, stroking it slowly. I moved closer to Sandra, and Miranda lined me up with her pussy. I pushed and felt the head contact Sandra's pussy and Miranda slid it back and forth to ready it.

“Now, Master.”

I pushed and my head slid into Sandra's hole. I kept pushing and she was so ready for me that it went smoothly into her without stopping until my balls were up against her.

“Aaahnnngg,” Sandra moaned. Her head went back and her mouth opened. She took a deep, shuddering breath. “Oohhhh, fuck me, Master.”

I slipped my free arm back behind her and under her butt, bouncing her body to get her comfortably on it. I pulled back and pushed it firmly back into her again. Yeah, she was going to be a good fuck. Tight, smooth pussy and a velvet box that held my cock. I pulled out again, pushing back in with more strength. Once more out and I was ready to start working her. I pushed back it, driving it to the hilt into her and mashing her clit into the base of my cock.

“Unngghhh. Again, oh please, again.”

“You have a nice body, little girl,” I told her as I got a rhythm going. “Are you having a good time?”

“Yes. Uhhff. Yes, Master. Ummff. Use me, nnngghhh, Master, use unnghh me.”

Her legs came up to grip my hips and I bounced her again to seat her better on my arm. She was small, 100 lbs or maybe a little more, light as a feather. Her pussy was tight, almost like she'd only been fucked a few times. My dick hardened more at the thought of taking this young girl.

“Mm. Mm. Mm,” I grunted as I plowed her pussy. I was having a good time, too.

I pulled out of her (to her vocal dismay) and carried her to the couch, where I set her on her feet.

“Turn around and bend over, little girl.”

She did and I ran my hands over the smooth skin of her butt. I lined up and entered her smoothly and fully. Taking hold of her hips, I started a forceful thrusting into her.

“Aahh! Unnh! Unnh! Unhh!” she grunted as every thrust drove into her. I brought my hand back and slapped her ass hard.

“AAAH! Master!!” She held her own wrist to keep her arms behind her as I slapped her again on the same cheek. I slipped my hand around her to stroke her clit, pinching and flicking it. “EEEE!!! MASTER!! UUUHHHHHH!!!” She came, gushing over my cock and tensing every muscle in her pussy around it.

I rode her hard doggie-style for maybe 10 more strokes while she hung under me like a rag doll, then decided I'd like her on the floor. I grabbed a handful of hair and used it to pull her up off the couch. Without taking my dick out of her, I swung her away from the couch and then pushed her head onto the floor. With her back end on her knees and ass in the air, I fucked into her a few more strokes, then decided I wanted her under me.

I took my dick out of her and picked her up by her waist. To me she didn't weigh much more than a full suitcase, so I rolled her in midair in my arm and, pulling her arms from behind her, put her on her back on the floor. Slapping her legs apart, I let my full 170 pounds come down on her as my dick went back in her slot.

“Uunnhhh,” she moaned as she took my body on hers. Her knees came up to my hips and her arms went around my neck. I pushed up onto my arms and started in on her, slamming my cock into her and mashing her little clit. Her arms stayed around my neck as she writhed under me, her head back and her mouth open to suck air into herself as I drove my stiff cock into her tight pussy.

“Keep your arms tight around my neck, little girl,” I told her as I held her by her waist and pulled my knees under me. She was now hanging under me, rocking back and forth as I fucked her. I used the swing of her body under me to drive her onto my shaft.

“EEEAAAHH! MASTER! MASTER! OH! AH! AH!” she screamed as I pounded her back and forth.

It was about time to blow my load into her, so I rolled myself backwards onto the floor, carrying her with me. She was now riding my cock, impaling herself on my shaft. Her hands were on my chest as she worked her hips back and forth, grinding her clit on me while I held her hips and bounced her up and down. She grunted and strained to work her clit harder on my pelvic bone.

"Miranda! Come here and sit on my face!"

"Yes, Master!"

Miranda hurried over and straddled my head on her knees, facing Sandra. I switched my hands from Sandra's hips to Miranda's and pulled her down onto my waiting tongue.

"AHH!! YES, MASTER!", Miranda wailed.

She was already wet from watching her friend being thoroughly fucked and had probably been playing with herself when I called her over. Her hips began working back and forth as I shoved my tongue into her and sucked her clit.

"UHNNG! Ahh, right there, right there, yes, yes! MMMMMMMM!"

Off she went, and I felt the tightening in my balls and shoved my cock into Sandra as hard as I could. Her eyes opened wide when she felt the first shot splatter her insides. She threw her head back and ground her clit into my groin and came with me. The two of them had grabbed each other by the shoulders and were hanging on to each other as all three of us came with each other. I pulled back and slammed into Sandra again, another blast from my cock spewing into her womb. She rubbed herself on me and fell into my chest, holding me tightly as her body spasmed against me. I stroked into her as my balls finished emptying themselves and I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tight to me.

Miranda sat back on the floor above my head. I looked at Sandra. Her blonde hair was sweaty and matted, hanging in strands in her face. She was on her elbows, breathing heavily and her head hung down. She pushed herself up and dismounted, laying on her side to snuggle herself next to me and laying her head on my chest.

“You okay, little girl?”

“Mmmmm, yes, Master. I am really okay. Better than I have been in a long time. Thank you, Master.”


“Yes, Master,” she answered from somewhere above me..

“Come here. Lay with us.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” She scrambled around and laid down next to me on my other side. I wrapped my free arm around her and pulled her close.

“Both of you make me very happy, but are you sure you both want to be with me?”

“Yes, Master,” in stereo. Both of them squirmed to get closer to me. I rubbed both of them with my hands, wherever I could reach.

“Come on, let's get cleaned up,” I told them. “I hope you've got a big shower.”

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