When these beautiful young sisters find out that a boy is playing tehm against each other they ask me to help to get him back. Probably the best night of my life.
I was staying over as the woman staying with them became ill and had to stay in the hospital. I arrived at the apartment after leaving the hospital and the girls were already watching a movie and eating popcorn. They jumped up hugging me and thanking me for staying with them letting me know that they had just started a scary movie and I should hurry up. Dee has an athletic build with B cup breasts, bright blue eyes, and raven black hair. Tiffany has lighter colored hair with the same enchanting blue eyes a bit of a heavier build, but not at all fat with ample DD cup breasts and a bigger booty. Both were sixteen with about eleven month’s difference.
Walking back to drop my backpack in the study/guest bedroom. I found cotton pajama bottoms, more like long boxers on the bed and decided to see if they would fit. I am a big man at 6’4” and everything else is proportionate. Pushing 40 and recently divorced with a lot of time on my hands. I pulled my pants and boxers off just in time for the door to open and it was Tiffany.
“I grabbed some PJs for you, do they fit?” now seeing my penis out and staring. I thought that she would leave quickly, but she stayed watching me pull them up. I took my time covering my cock as I actually liked the fact that she was looking at it. Obviously getting excited as the nipples on her DD breasts tried bursting through her thin top.
The pants were a bit tight, so my cock spilled out the hole in the front as I pulled them on. I reached down tucking it back in, while she was still watching. “I guess they will work. Kind of tight.”
“You should be fine, we have a blanket on the couch to huddle under. Our whole family normally sits around mostly naked anyway. My mom told us to cover up a bit since you were coming and might not understand. We see those all of the time.” She smiled
“So why did you stare so hard?” I asked
“I said we see them, but not that one. Sorry if it made you uncomfortable.” She smiled as she turned for me to follow her into the den. Her ass cheeks hanging out the bottom of her night shirt told me that she was not wearing much under it.
I sat in the spot they left me in the middle of the reclining couch and Dee joined us bringing drinks and placing them on the table behind the couch. There was a couple of bowls of chips and popcorn on the coffee table.
Dee was wearing something that showed her little micro panties and ass when she moved and was loose on her B cup breasts up top. As she leaned it would put them on display giving me a great view of her dime sized aureole and little nipples. I guess Tiffany must have gotten jealous and changed her top to an even shorter baggy wife beater that allowed her huge breasts to spill out the sides.
They sat up against me after dimming the lights. Dee reached to grab the remote to start the movie again. As she did she gave me a great view of her ass. Tiffany decided to give me the same show getting the popcorn. So Dee returned to get the bowl of chips lingering acting as though she could not get a grip on it. The bulge in the PJs was noticeable and they often brushed it reaching across me to get popcorn or chips from the other. I thought of other things trying to keep it down until Tiffany reached back across me to get her drink. Her breast popped out and was laying against my face.
I asked for the blanket and I knew they understood why. Dee started moving about complaining about her back hurting. She then asked if I would massage it. I started to massage it with one hand while I had my arm around her, but she moved onto my lap facing the TV. I started to massage her over her shirt and she asked that I do it inside, I reached down running my hands up the cheeks of her ass up into her shirt. It was dark, but I did not know if Tiffany could now see it as I was sure that Dee could feel that my almost fully erect cock was pressing up between her bare cheeks. She shifted her hips back a bit so that just the head was showing. Tiffany was jealous of the attention and started massaging the back of my head while I massaged her sister’s back.
I did not know if Dee knew what she was doing, but her shifting had my cock throbbing hard. I brushed the sides of her breasts a couple of times while massaging her and each time I did she would lean back a little seeming to want me to reach around and feel them. I could feel the heat from her crotch against my testicles and her soft cheeks fit perfectly around my shaft. She rocked back and forth as I massaged up and down her back, finally asking me to concentrate on her lower back she leaned all the way forward totally exposing her magnificent ass to me. My cock was now sticking out from underneath her and just over it I could see her pink anus sticking out from both sides of the string that was her underwear. One of the sexiest things I had ever seen looking down at her wonderful young ass and I had to fight the urge to pull her to me to let me taste it. She shifted back towards me until the shaft of my cock seemed to be rubbing her the right way. She then leaned back laying against me which pointed the head of my cock at her entrance through her panties. “Thank you, I feel much better!” as she bent forward lifting her ass up to step off of me I could see a huge wet spot formed in her panties and her labium hanging out on both sides. My cock sprang up slapping against her ass and Tiffany jumped then started squirming as it did. I reached down and pushed it back in the slit as best I could.
Tiffany was looking at me with lust in her eyes as she snuggled up under my arm and placed her leg across my lap. So I figured it was time to go to bed. At least at that point I could relieve the overwhelming pressure in my testicles. I got up letting them know that I was going to bed. Dee got up giving me a big hug with my erection pressing against her belly and told me good night. Tiffany followed me to the study/guest bedroom telling me that she needed to put sheets on the bed.
Tiffany stepped in and climbed across the bed to pull the comforter off. She was on all fours with her amazing chubby young ass exposed as her shirt rode up her hips. As she reached forward I could make out her camel toe that was outlined in wetness. Once again I was working hard not to give into the temptation. I could feel that she was teasing me, but had no idea what she would do if I acted on it. The wetness surrounding her slit was driving me crazy. She looked back over her shoulder at me like she was being sure that I was taking in her show. I could actually see her slit start to bloom in the excitement that I was watching and her little lips starting to flourish like pedals of a flower. She then shuffled off the bed without trying to fix her shirt. Her ass was showing and one of her breasts was almost fully exposed. She opened the wardrobe and pulled a tall stool over climbing up on it to get to the top shelf. The stool was just high enough that her ass was in my face as she asked me to hold her legs. The sweet smell exuding from between her legs was intoxicating and my cock throbbed even harder with excitement. When she was ready I helped her down with her ass sliding down my body until she was hung up on my erection sticking between her legs and I heard her moan. I pulled back freeing my cock and stuffing it the best I could into my boxers.
Tiffany continued her show while making the bed and then asked “Could you fix our computer? It has been running really slow and we can just barely use it.”
“Sure, I will take a look at it and see what I can do.”
She walked over and kissed me on the cheek. Her face was flushed “just call for me if you need anything or have any questions about the computer.”
I found that the admin password had not been set, so I logged in. There were plenty of viruses as the antivirus had not been updated in some time. I updated them and cleaned them up. The hard drive was close to full as well so I started looking at where they could clean it out. I found a bunch of family pictures and was able to compress the folders. Each of the girls had folders that I guess they thought were hidden that contained racy pictures. I pulled both up side by side and started through them to find some in panties and even nude poses. Finally I found some self-made videos of themselves masturbating and using toys to get themselves off. What I found strange was that they were all identical as the poses and positions went. I dug further after viewing parts of each video. My cock was pulsating with eth veins popping out and precum dripping from the tip from what I had watched. What I found was that they were both sending the pictures and videos to the same guy.
Tiffany and Dee knocked on the door to let me know that they were heading to bed. They saw that I was working on the computer and asked “Did you fix it? It really sucks!” asked Dee.
I was half trying to cover up my erection as my boxers could no longer contain it. “I think so, you had a lot of viruses.” I sat thinking whether to bring it up or not “you also have a lot of pictures and videos that are taking up a lot of hard drive space”.
They both turned red and walked into the room. Almost simultaneously “You found my pictures?” and they looked confused at each other.
“Yes, amazingly they are the similar and you might both want to know that you are sending to the same guy. If you knew that, then ok. If not, then he is playing you both. Either way, it is also illegal to send these at your age.”
“Wait, what?” asked Tiffany while looking at Dee. Both seemed to be getting angry.
“Here, I’ll show you” I said as they sat one on each leg. I could feel the heat and wetness of there now panty less bottoms and pussies. I ran through their postings with the pictures and the videos.
They started arguing and pushing each other with Dee losing her balance starting to fall off of my knee. I reached to grab her with my hand going into the side of her shirt and cupping her breast and she reached out grabbing my erect cock to catch herself. She was so into the argument that she continued trying to unseat Tiffany and never let go of my cock. I pulled her hand off and she realized it at that point, but said nothing about it.
They finally left the room to go to sleep. I noticed that my leg was moist where Tiffany had been sitting. Thinking they had left for the evening I pulled up their videos side by side on the screen and began to masturbate. The lights were off and the only light in the room was from the screen. I saw the door knob start to turn and quickly minimized the screens. My boxers were now on the bed and I could not reach them. Dee stuck her head in “Can we talk to you?” without waiting for a response they both walked back in.
They sat on my lap again “well, we do not really know how to ask this. We are both mad at the guy for playing us.”
“Ok, well do you want me to call his parents or something? Not much that I can do other than that.” I sat for a moment as I felt Tiffany’s hand brush my erection. “Did either of you guys actually have sex with him?”
They both giggled “Actually no, neither one of us have had sex yet. The toys and pictures are the closest thing to it. I mean we have both given hand jobs and such, but that is it. We want you to help us get back at him.” Tiffany responded
“I don’t think I can do that”
Dee maximized the videos and Tiffany reach down grasping my cock “It seems as though you like what you see. All we are asking is that we act some things out and get some pictures and videos to send him.”
Tiffany added “Yeah, like we will act like we are doing things while we do it. It will just be acting, mostly. We will make sure that your face is not in the pics or video.”
“So what is the plan?”
“Ok, well let’s start with breast pictures. We sit on your lap and face you while the other one takes the pictures and video while you act like you are playing with our breasts.” Tiffany instructs
Dee sits on my lap as stated taking my hands and placing them on her breasts. Her warm slippery slit now lined up on the shaft of my cock. Tiffany leaned with her arms around me and her ample breasts against my back. “Act like you like them and are playing with them!”
I gripped her smallish breasts and started massaging them. Her little pink nipples were already nice and hard. I rolled them between my fingers and thumbs. This drove her nuts as she started to hump her wetness against the shaft of my cock while her head dropped back. Her little slit was overly lubricated easily slipping up and down my shaft. I ran my hand down her belly and she lifted up so I placed my hand between her legs and she humped my palm. I ran my finger in circles around the top of her entrance without sticking it in to “act” as though I was fingering her. Tiffany was now speaking huskily in my ear “Oh yeah, that’s it! Oh God that is hot!” I turned Dee around and grasped her ass cheeks spreading them apart running circles around her anus with the tip of my finger. Her body was shuddering in excitement as I ran my hand down to pressing it between her legs. I started “acting” again, but got braver dipping the tip of my finger between her wet and swollen lips. She reached down grabbing my hand as I thought she was pulling it away, but instead she held it there so I let a little more go in and then pulled it out focusing the digit on her swollen nub. Dee pressed my hand and moved it in circles. Tiffany was breathing hard on my neck and I noticed only had one hand holding her phone. I could only imagine what she was doing with the other one.
Dee bent over the desk and Tiffany said “put your big cock on her ass and then rub it around and act like you are going to put it in her!”
I rubbed it all over her wonderful little ass and then Dee reached back grabbing it running the head up, down and around her sopping wet slit. She even lined it up with her entrance and started pushing back on it. I held her ass to stop her and keep as much of the “acting” going as I could. Tiffany then barked orders at Dee “Turn around and act like you are giving him a blowjob!”
She followed orders, but it did not feel like acting as her tongue licked up and down my shaft. Then she placed her lips around the head and posed for the pictures with her tongue lashing at it inside her mouth. I took the camera and got a picture of her beautiful blue blowjob eyes and almost shot in her mouth from the vision. Tiffany leaned in to see the view on the screen and I placed my arm around her with my hand levitating to her chubby ass. It felt amazing in my grasp and she turned biting my shoulder as I circled her anus with my ginger. Dee’s head started to bob back and forth as she was trying to get as much of me in her little mouth as she could. She would pull back and tongue the tip, which felt amazing. Tiffany had turned around and placed my hand between her legs hugging my arm as I dipped a finger between her slick swollen lips. I whispered in her ear “If you really want to make him jealous then you should get a few with you both acting like you are blowing me.”
“But, I have never done that before. I do not want to look stupid.” Tiffany said looking reluctant.
“You should just follow your sister’s lead as she is doing great!”
Tiffany looked down and then quickly dropped to her knees as well. They worked both sides of the shaft and then took turns sucking the head. Dee used her tongue masterfully and Tiffany just tried a lot of suction. Both felt amazing and I reached down playing with Tiffany’s DD cup breasts, which gave her even more motivation.
I was ready to explode as they got into rhythm. Tiffany was sucking the head in and out of her mouth and Dee was licking the shaft. I let them know it was coming and they both wanted it on their faces with me getting it on video. I held in long enough to switch the phone app and the moved in cheek to cheek tonguing the head as Dee’s little hand pumped the shaft. They pulled it back and forth as I shot like a porn star from the excitement. Shot after shot pelting their tongues, faces, and down their throats as they both attempted turns at sucking me dry.
Dee said “Well, I guess that’s that?”
I was overrun with horniness putting the phone down and sitting her on the desk. I kissed my way down her skinny body sucking her nipples as I assaulted her drenched pussy with my finger. She began to moan loudly as I tongued her belly button ring and then work my way down cupping her ass and licking every bit of juice from between her legs as I could. The smell and taste were intoxicatingly pleasant as my tongue darted in and out of her love hole. Her body shuddered in orgasm and she screamed loudly as I sucked her swollen nub between my lips. While she was still shuddering and her knees were wobbly I turned her around bending her over licking every inch of her amazing ass ending up tonguing her salty anus. I pushed a thumb in her love hole as I rubbed her clitoris with my finger while tonguing her ass. I felt her start another set of contractions squeezing against my thumb with her pussy walls. While my tongue was twirling about an inch deep in her anus.
My cock was almost back to life as I stood up pulling Tiffany back down to suck it back to life. It did not take much, so I pulled her onto my lap handing Dee the phone and started to play with her breasts with the head of my erection pointing into her vaginal opening. She kept trying to push down on it, but I would stop her. I went through the same actions I had with Dee and then took the phone away setting it on the desk while I started to suck on her DD breasts. They were very sensitive and she moaned loudly. Her body began to shudder when I got half way down her belly. I guess the anticipation was too much. So I quickly picked her up burying my face between her legs and catching as much of her juices as I could. At this point she was screaming at the top of her lungs in ecstasy until I turned her around licking her magnificently chubby ass until arriving in the middle. She had enough as she almost dropped from feeling my tongue enter her ass and quickly turned around hugging me to her as she straddled my lap. I picked her up carrying her to lay next to me in the bed as she recovered.
The veins were popping from my erection due to the excitement. Tiffany started to kiss my neck while moaning as I guess her orgasm was still going. Dee handed me the phone and said “I want you to film this for that little prick!” as she straddle my cock and pointed it between her puffy pussy lips.
Tiffany asked “Are you sure?”
Dee answered “Never been more sure in my life. It is twice the size as my toy, but I bet that means that it will feel twice as good. She was still heavily lubricated, but also very tight. I kept the camera there as she worked up and down on it trying to get it in inch by inch. She got it about half way in and then turned around pumping up and down on it even faster until I hit her cervix and she started to shake and scream as the walls of her pussy clenched on my cock. I pulled her up eating her out catching her amazing juices as she licked me clean as well. All of the sudden she lifted sitting straight up almost suffocating me with her ass as I felt Tiffany start to sit on me. Her chubby little pussy was so wet that the first inch went in easily and then she almost broke it by just dropping all of her weight on me trying to impale herself on it.
Dee pulled off and I pulled Tiffany off hearing her protest until I put her on all fours licking her slit and tonguing her ass before guiding myself into her slowly working myself in inch by inch. I reached around and played with her ample breasts, which sent her into a fury. She started pounding herself back and forth on me until I once again found cervix. Tiffany did not stop with that as her tight pussy pulled on me and she slammed me to the end numerous times. Her walls started to contract, but she slammed through it and so did I. My balls began to jump as I started to shoot my load pulling out halfway through and blowing the rest on her ass, Dee was right there close as stream after stream of my cum shot on her sister’s cheeks. She didn’t care where it had just been as she took it into her mouth milking out every last drop.
I took many more pictures throughout the night with them in different positions. We had multiple more sexual escapades and I was in heaven enjoying the nubile bodies of these two overly sexual sisters. We were in the shower together late the next morning. Dee was trying to get one last session in and was working to suck me back to life as I sucked on Tiffany’s ample breasts when we heard the outer door to their apartment open. They quickly ran off to their rooms and I pulled the clothes out of my bag to get dressed. Their father met me as I came out of the bathroom drying my hair with a towel.
“How were they?” he asked. I sat dumfounded for a minute with the dual meaning of the question.
“They were quiet, we just watched a couple of movies and went to bed.”
He headed to the master bedroom to drop their bags off. I closed the door just in time to miss their mother. As I pulled the sheets off of the bed finding their little shirts and panties on the floor, which I shoved in my bag to hide them. Their father opened the door “We’ll take care of all of that or have the girls do it. Really appreciate you helping out in a bind!” I noticed that he was standing right next to the computer which still had their videos up paused with their asses towards the camera and legs spread ready to toy their little pussies. I started to sweat it until he turned the other way and walked out. I quickly changed the administrator password and logged off.
Their mother asked me to sit and eat some pizza they had brought home for lunch. Dee and Tiffany came out of their room greeting their parents just wearing T-shirts. Then they came up hugging me together and Tiffany whispered “Is the room ok?” and I nodded.
The girls sat on either side of me. Dee leaned up against the table to get a piece of pizza with her ass fully exposed to me. Tiffany took my hand placing it between her thighs and I could feel that she was still aroused. I pushed a finger into her swollen folds pulling it out and sucking it clean. Their mother saw that and asked “I am sorry, the pizza is so greasy do you need a napkin?” reaching out to hand one to me. Tiffany laughed and I turned to look at Dee who was sitting Indian style turned towards me on her chair giving me full view of her little pussy.
I leaned across her to poor a drink placing my hand between her legs. As I pored my drink with one hand I ran a finger through her slit and inside her quickly pulling it out. She leaned forward giving me a peck on the cheek. Her mother piped up again “Looks as though the girls have really taken to you. That is hard for us to find as they complain whenever we bring in babysitters as they call them. We just don’t need any problems or parties while we are gone. It would be great if you could stay again sometime as good people are hard to find.”
“Well, maybe. I am not sure though as I think that we were all just bored and they did not have any fun at all.”
The girls punched me simultaneously in my arms and I laughed “It would be no problem, I enjoyed staying with them and would love to do it again.” Both girls then smiled with Cheshire grins as I got up grabbing my bag and heading out.


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