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Paul and Rose meke it official
I learned very early why the doctor wanted me to stay home for a week before returning to school. Getting around on one leg could be exhausting. I had a lot of adjusting to do; I practiced walking up and down stairs several times every day. Port Jefferson High School was three stories high with no elevator. It was a very old building.

Rose continued to bring my assignments home every day. I wanted to spend my afternoons and evenings with her, but I also knew how important it was for her to do her work. I always joined her at the dining room table to do homework even though I could just as easily do it during the day.

Rose and I were seated on the couch Saturday morning when the doorbell rang. It was Mr. Gentile and Mr. Cosgrove, the club president. Suddenly, I saw my full scholarship disappearing down the drain. However, that was not the case. They had come just to see how I was doing. We sat and spoke for more than an hour. I introduced Rose as my fiancé which pleased both her and my mother. I decided we needed to go out one afternoon next week.

I never did know why Uncle Carl allowed Rose to stay with me while I recovered, but I was glad he did. Despite all our kidding about my “pooping” I found the very first time that my stiff leg made it impossible for me to reach the toilet tissue. I was so frustrated when I called for Rose. Not surprisingly she was waiting for me right outside the door. She helped me to stand then wiped my butt until I was clean. Then she helped me pull my briefs and shorts up my legs, fastening them around my waist. She kissed me and helped me out the door as though what she had done was an everyday occurrence. Actually, it would become an everyday occurrence until I’d get rid of this damned cast.

Monday morning we were up early. I took a long time to dress, even longer than Rose who had to do her hair and minimal make-up in addition to helping me. We were off to pick up Eric before driving to school. Arrangements had been made for me to enter through the gym so I wouldn’t have to struggle up the seventeen steps that led to the front entrance. I waited for Rose to park the truck and we walked to the main office where I turned in my illness excuse note. I was offered a library aide to carry my books, but I turned around to show my knapsack on my back. I kissed Rose good-bye and walked to my locker. I hadn’t gone even fifty feet when I ran into trouble in the person of Ryan. “Ha ha. Look at you now. I’m going to find Rose and I’m going to squeeze those nice titties of hers until she cries and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

I hobbled right up to him and dropped my crutches to the floor. Ryan hit the floor only a second later, the result of my fist colliding with his nose. “Get up, you bastard. If you think I need two legs to beat a piece of crap like you….” I felt two hands on my shoulders. Turning I saw my buddies Elmer Morris and Eli Strand. I became an athlete through hard work and hustle. Elmer and Eli worked hard, but they also had real athletic ability. They lived here in Port Jefferson in what would best be described as the Negro section of town. Elmer was a six feet, two inch 185 pound speedster who starred in basketball and baseball, as well. Eli was six feet, three inches and 245 pounds—a tackle in football as well as a star in basketball and baseball, too. We had been great friends ever since ninth grade. I’d been to each of their homes and they’d been to mine. My crutches were returned to me and Eli spoke quietly, “Listen, asshole, if you touch Rose or any other girl like that you’re going to wish you were dead.” He was never able to say another word. We were interrupted by the principal, Mr. Vanderhoff.

He took Ryan and me to the office with Elmer and Eli coming along as “witnesses.” Ryan denied saying anything, but it was three against one with Eli and Elmer backing my story. “I’d probably suspend you, Paul except that I doubt I’d accept that kind of talk about my girlfriend.”

“It’s actually worse than that, Mr. V; Rose is my fiancé. We’ll be married at the end of the year.”

Ryan rarely knew when to keep his big yap shut and today was no different. “You’re not taking the word of THEM over me—the word of those Negroes over that of a white person.” I looked at him with a hatred I never knew I could have, but it was nothing compared to the look on Eli’s and Elmer’s faces. Mr. V admonished him, but I knew he was in BIG trouble now. Eli and Elmer were dismissed while Mr. V warned Ryan and me. He wanted us to shake hands, but I refused. “You can suspend me or give me detention, but you can’t make me shake hands with him. Don’t worry-- I won’t hit him again if he only keeps his big trap shut.” I was given time to go to my locker before struggling up to the second floor for my English class.

One of the students graciously vacated his seat in the front of the room so I could have room for my leg. I was glad to be back in school again where I could interact with my teachers and the other students. I’d also see Rose at various times during the day, too. I had just reached the end of the lunch line and was wondering how I was going to get my tray to a table when Rose walked up and took it from me. She led me to her table where I sat with her, her friend Heather, and Eli and Elmer. I knew why they were sitting here—they wanted responsible witnesses. I understood even better when Ryan walked across the hall into the lavatory. A ninth grader was following him, but he was pulled back by one of the linemen on the team. Four big players went in after Ryan—two whites and two Negroes. A fifth stood guard while Ryan was pummeled inside. Five minutes later the four walked out, paper towels drying their hands. Ryan hadn’t shown himself by the time we left for our next class. When we saw him at the close of school he was missing several teeth. Of course, we had seen nothing.

The following afternoon I asked Rose to drive into downtown Port Jefferson almost to the harbor where we left the truck and walked into Mr. Cosgrove’s jewelry store. We were there to buy a ring. I had given my dad a check over the weekend and he’d cashed it yesterday. Mr. Cosgrove welcomed us and showed us several rings within my budget, promising us a twenty percent discount. We walked out with a simple solitaire of a half carat in a thin gold band. Rose loved her ring; I already knew that she loved me.

We went home and Rose showed Mom the ring. “I think we’ll have to go out again tonight, Paul. I’m sure we’ll be gone at least an hour.” Once again, Rose bathed me, dried me, and fucked my lights out, screaming into the night. She was nothing less than incredible.

The days and weeks flew by and finally it was time for my cast to be removed. The doctor sawed through the plaster and removed the padding and gauze. I was appalled when I saw my leg. It was filthy—covered with dirt and dead skin. Worse, my muscles had atrophied from lack of use. My leg was cleaned and my knee x-rayed. The doctor had good news for me—I could wear a brace in lieu of another cast. I was overjoyed! I’d still need a month or more of physical therapy, but I would be walking by Christmas and driving, too. Best of all, I’d be able to wipe my own ass now.

I worked even harder now. I was all caught up with my class work and attended physical therapy every afternoon after school. I was exhausted by the time Rose drove me home. I enjoyed taking a shower again and taking it with Rose made it all the sweeter. I needed her to help support me, but the way she did it—well, it was fantastic. She pressed her lush body up against mine, pushing those D-cup breasts with their firm nipples into my chest and back while her arms encircled my body. I’d tell Ryan all about it, but he’d left school and never returned. We’d heard that he had a broken nose and two broken ribs, among other injuries in addition to the dental problems we’d seen earlier. More than a hundred students were questioned by the school authorities, but no one saw anything, not even Ryan. He had just stepped up to a urinal when the lights went out. He was grabbed by big hands, punched and kicked. His head was forced into the urinal and it was flushed. Personally, I was sorry he wasn’t using the toilet.

Christmas was wonderful that year. My physical therapy had come along well and I was able to walk on my own at last. I still needed the brace, but only for safety. Another month would put it behind me. My muscles had responded to all the therapy and had grown back to almost normal. Rose still lived with me even though I’d moved back upstairs. The double bed was moved into my room and the furniture originally in Dad’s study was returned. I stored some of my clothes in the attic so Rose could keep some in my closet and dresser. We were like a happily married couple although we weren’t quite married yet.

Aunt Celia, Mom, and Rose started preparations for our wedding right after the New Year. St. Anthony’s was reserved for the final Saturday in June. St. George’s County Club would cater the reception. Now they began the search for a dress in earnest. I asked Rose about it several times, but she refused to say a word. I selected Brian as my Best Man, with Eric, Eli, and Elmer as ushers. Rose asked Heather to be Maid of Honor with Mary and two other friends I barely knew as bridesmaids.

It was June before we knew it. In other years I had always looked forward to the annual athletic banquet. I knew I hadn’t earned a letter this year so I was surprised when I received an invitation. Rose took the truck home that afternoon and she was shocked when she returned—she had been invited, too.

The banquet always takes place on the first Wednesday of the month, long before we had to study for our finals and Regents exams. Rose and I drove to the school that night where we were welcomed by our friends, all of whom knew about our impending wedding. The cafeteria was decorated nicely as usual as we found our seats. We sat with Eli, Elmer, Brian, and a few other football players. The award presentations began after dinner. I wasn’t at all surprised to learn that Elmer was selected as the Football and Basketball MVP. Eli was Baseball MVP. I sat and applauded when my friends were called to receive their letterman’s sweaters. The program was almost over and we still had no idea why we were there. Principal Vanderhoff stepped to the podium. “As many of you know, our ex-coach John Cappy fought a valiant battle against cancer before passing three years ago. He was one of the finest men I’ve ever known and he was certainly one of the most courageous. The Board of Education has decided to honor him with the John Cappy Memorial Trophy to be awarded to the school’s most courageous athlete. Our first recipient is Paul Lockwood. I know I don’t have to tell you about his courage or determination.”

I was stunned. I was still filtering the announcement when everyone present stood to applaud. I was so weak-kneed when Rose pulled me to my feet. She tried to push me forward, but I clasped her hand and whispered, “Please come with me, Rose.” She really had no choice—I wasn’t about to release her. I shook hands with the principal, my coach, and the athletic director while it was explained that the huge trophy would be placed in the showcase at the main entry. My name had already been engraved on a small silver rectangle screwed into the base. I received a small wooden plaque as a remembrance and stepped up to the podium.

“Well…this was totally unexpected. You can see just how courageous I am; I needed Rose to be here with me for moral support. Actually, I doubt that I’d even be able to be here if not for Rose. She stayed with me every day and night in the hospital and then at home, too. Since we’ll be married in about two and a half weeks I’m going to skip over all the things of a personal nature that she did for me. She drove me to school and to therapy every day and she was there every weekend to help me, too. Honestly, I think the award should go to her.” I stepped back and Mr. V stepped up to the microphone again.

“It’s good that Rose is here with you Paul, because we have a plaque for her, too. We agree that she has gone more than the extra mile for you. We have decided to recognize Rose her as our “Most Dedicated Fan.” I couldn’t help myself; I hugged her right there in front of almost three hundred students, teachers, and parents. Not a single person laughed; they all applauded. I stepped back so Rose could speak.

“Thanks.” She retreated, took my hand, and we walked back to our table. Everyone wanted to see our plaques. You’d have thought I’d been named All-America. The event broke up a few minutes later and I drove Rose home. We were elated when we walked in the door.

I had to study for Regents Exams in Calculus, Physics, and Spanish 4. Rose had Geometry, World History, and Chemistry. Of course, we had other final exams, too. It was a busy time for both of us right up until the last week when things came to a screeching halt. The last few days of school were used for teachers to grade exams so we weren’t either expected or wanted to be there. Rose wanted to go to the beach; I was reluctant. Finally, Rose sat with me and calmed me. “Paul, you have an ugly scar on your leg. It wasn’t your fault or your responsibility. The fault belongs to a vile person, not you. How many times have I seen it? Hundreds, at least—have I ever fainted? Put on your suit and a shirt. I’ll change and we’ll go to the deli for some sandwiches and Cokes.”

She led me upstairs to my—our—room and we stripped. Rose helped me with my suit—I still couldn’t bend my knee enough unless I was very deliberate and slow. Ten minutes later we were out the door with Mary en route to pick up Eric. I drove with Rose squeezed in next to me. Mary sat on Eric’s lap. Half an hour later I drove down Sill’s Gully. The beach was still deserted when I placed the blanket onto the pebbles.

Rose ran her hand over my rough knee, her fingers feeling the indentations from each of the hundred stitches not even neatly arranged in two almost parallel lines that were still visible on my puckered skin. My knee was ugly—that was the simple truth of it. It was ugly and deformed and it barely worked. I could walk fairly easily, but I still couldn’t run. The only positive was that my leg’s muscles had responded to the months of therapy and were back to normal. Now if I could only bend my knee all the way. I had flexibility exercises I did every day, but the progress was exceedingly slow.

I lay back on the blanket with Rose lying on top of me. Our sexuality was an open secret as was Mary and Eric’s. She embraced him much as Rose did me. Soon we began to make out, Rose once again expressing her love for me physically, just as she did virtually every night. We had tried to control our lust for each other, but our love was too strong. One night way back in February we found our way to making love—to fucking each other until we couldn’t move. Our orgasms were punctuated by Rose’s scream. Mom laughed like crazy the following morning and when Rose blushed she pulled her close for a hug and kiss.

“Never apologize for being so orgasmic, Rose. Most women would kill for that. Be proud of what your body can do for you, but please…do it earlier in the evening so we can sleep.” We all laughed like crazy, even Rose and especially Mary.

Now on the beach Rose and I kissed and kissed. She looked over to see Mary and Eric embarrassed. I gave her a quick peck and turned my head. “We’re planning on making out for a while. Feel free to kiss each other as much as you want. You already know that we’re not telling our parents. However, if you want to do more I think you should go down the beach a ways where you can have some privacy.” I had just finished when Mary jumped onto Eric, enfolded him in her arms, and kissed him passionately.

Rose and I had spoken with them several times about their relationship. “We think you’re too young to have sex now, but there are still many ways you can show each other how you feel. Keep in mind that you’re going to be related soon so you’ll see each other at family functions. If you decide to break up with each other, do it the right way. Take the time to explain your feelings and part on good terms. That’s the only advice we can give you.” They nodded and hugged us. Only time would tell what would happen with them.

We went again on Thursday, taking our fishing rods with us. We fished for a while, but caught nothing. This time we were all alone on the beach. Rose was unusually quiet. “Nervous,” I asked.

“No, of course not. You know how much I love you. I was just thinking about my new school.” Rose and I had spent almost our entire Easter break in Ithaca looking for an apartment and checking out the schools. Initially, the principal was reluctant to even accept Rose, thinking that someone her age must be a big problem, however, a phone call to Mr. Cosgrove resolved that problem is a second. Two members of the Country Club board were attorneys. He had promised their assistance. We learned that a student has a legal right to an education until the end of the school year in which the student turns twenty-one. Rose was nineteen, just like me. We also showed Rose’s outstanding report cards. Finally, a phone call to Mr. V confirmed everything we were trying to tell them. Bottom line—it was a lot of work, but Rose would be enrolled once we moved to Ithaca where I’d been accepted to Cornell.

I put my arm around Rose and held her close. “We’ll be together; that’s all that matters.” Rose looked up at me, smiled, and placed her head against my shoulder. A minute later she pushed me onto my back and wrestled me to the ground. She laughed as she kissed me. I couldn’t believe when she reached down to open my shorts and pull my hard cock from my briefs. Her shorts fell to the sand as she straddled my hips and sunk down on my hard tool.

Rose began to rock—very very slowly as though our joining was to last all afternoon. We both knew that would never happen. Rose’s lust for me was even greater than mine for her. “It’s our last day together until we’re married. I have something special to give you then. Don’t ask me about it because I won’t tell you. You’ll have to wait, but I promise it will be worth waiting for.” She leaned down to kiss me…then she went wild on my cock, bending it back and forth and sideways into directions that reminded me of my leg back in the fall when my knee had been broken. This felt a hell of a lot better—fantastic, even--and it got better when Rose started to shake. Her scream triggered my eruption. I blew into her cunt over and over as I pulled her back down for a long tender kiss.
We had rested for several minutes when we noticed a car pulling into the parking lot. Rose scrambled up to dress. I pulled my briefs up and zipped my shorts then I pulled Rose back to me. “You’re incredible, you know that?”

“Of course, how else could I snag a hunk like you?”

“Simple…one look at that body of yours and another at your face and, even more importantly, getting to know the real you would have caught me three different ways; I love you, Rose and I always will. You’re the best thing…ever.” Rose snuggled into me, laying her head on my shoulder. We rested there for the remainder of the afternoon.

Friday was a hectic day for me. Graduation practice began at 8:30. Rose and I drove together even though that meant I had to go early. She had to attend class for some idiotic reason while I sat out on the steps chatting with my friends about the wedding and reception tomorrow. The wedding meant that I and all my friends would be retiring early—no wild party for us tonight. It was a small sacrifice to have Rose for the rest of my life. Once rehearsal was over I picked up Rose—she was cutting her first and only class—to go home. We had another rehearsal at five at the church, a rehearsal dinner in Port Jefferson at six and graduation at eight. It was going to be close for the seniors—my buddies and I had to be there at seven to dress and get in line for the processional.

I’d be up front because my GPA put me third in a class of 126. It was important only until I started in college; then it would be a meaningless statistic. We walked in time to Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance—I limped, as usual-- into the auditorium, down the center aisle and around the orchestra to the stairs at the corner of the stage. I was worried how I would get up them without messing up the processional until I saw Rose waiting there to help me. She slipped behind the stage curtain and back down the stairs once the last graduate was seated. The rest was a blur until it was over, although I did recall receiving my diploma to wild applause, most of it from Rose. I found Rose and our parents. I hugged my parents and hers first because I knew that our kiss would be a long one. Five minutes later we were out the door and on our way home. Tonight would be the first night in months that I would sleep alone. Rose had an early hair and nail appointment and I had to gather the ushers together and get us to the church.

I never thought it would all get done in time, but somehow it did. All my concerns vanished when I got my first look at my bride. Even Brian whispered, “Oh my God!” Her gown was strapless and form-fitting with a long train. There was a long slit almost to her hip in the right side so she could walk. Her breasts normally firm and round, were pushed up, maximizing her already ample cleavage. Her short black hair was perfectly coiffed and I could see she was wearing her mother’s diamond earrings and necklace. I waited until she kissed her father and extended my hand. “God, you’re gorgeous. You look beautiful.”

“Don’t act so surprised,” she giggled back as we turned to face the priest. The Mass was as much a blur as last night’s graduation, but somewhere in the middle I did recall saying ‘I do’ and placing the ring on Rose’s slender finger. She did the same and we were officially man and wife. An hour later we were in the Country Club enjoying our cocktail hour with tons of great hors d’oeuvres and premium liquors.

Rather than having a long dais with the bridal party we chose to have individual tables so our ushers could sit with their girlfriends and the bridesmaids with their boyfriends. We sat at a table for ten with Brian and Liz, Heather and Ben, Mary and Eric, and Antonia and her boyfriend—he attended Seton Hall, a Catholic high school in nearby Patchogue. We had a good reason for doing things like this. Having two Negro ushers would mean their sitting with white girls. That was fine with all of us, but we were sure some of the guests were as bigoted as Ryan and we didn’t want a problem that would embarrass them as well as us.

We had a wonderful time and I was pleased that there were no complaints when Elmer and Eli asked Rose to dance. We were all great friends and I’d miss them something terrible. Both were headed to Big Ten universities on full athletic scholarships. Brian was going to Stony Brook, the local state university. Rose would attend there, too. Our plan was for her to attend either Ithaca or Cornell, or even one of the community colleges while I finished my final two years at Cornell then we’d return here for my work and she could finish at Stony Brook. It was a plan, but who knew what the future would bring?

We returned home five hours later to find that Brian’s parents had hooked up their trailer to my truck as promised. We drove all the way to Wildwood State Park—a distance of less than fifteen miles—for our brief honeymoon. They had a camping area there with the most primitive conditions—a large “roundhouse” with men’s and women’s facilities, but with only cold water. Rose had laughed when she thought of the impact the shower would have on my cock. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll warm it up again really fast.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will…over and over.” We had just three days for an abbreviated honeymoon and then it was off to work for me. Rose and I had decided to stay in the Country Club cabin. It was between the sixth and seventh holes with the rear facing the sixth green. The cabin was tiny, just two rooms and a bathroom. The main room was a combo living, dining, and kitchen. It ran fifteen by eight with the bedroom behind on one side and the small bathroom opposite. There was furniture and even linens, but no laundry. It would be the Laundromat once a week for us. Even though it was tiny it was clean and handy. I could go home for lunch every day and even walk to work so Rose could have use of the truck. We liked it a lot.


I had just pulled into the campsite and removed the trailer from the hitch when Rose asked me, “Ready for your surprise?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I’m not telling yet, but you’ll need this olive oil.” I still didn’t get it. “You know that I was really friendly with Miss Sorenson, don’t you?” I did. She taught Health and Physical Education and she was every male student’s wet dream—tall, slender, big tits, and a shapely ass. She was the only woman I knew who could compete with Rose. “Well, I was speaking with her during the Sex Ed part of Health and I asked her if she had ever heard of anal sex.” I gulped at the thought of that conversation. “She laughed and asked me to see her during her free period--that was my study hall period. I spent more than a week talking with her. After swearing me to secrecy she told me that she had done it many times with her college boyfriend…and she told me it can be great. She gave me a book on ‘Aberrant Sexual Practices.’ It was old, but pretty accurate. I learned a lot from it even though some of the things they thought of as ‘aberrant’ are considered pretty normal now, like oral sex and even me on top of you or ‘doggie.’

“Anyway…Miss Sorenson said the orgasms from anal can be pretty intense.”

I couldn’t resist a laugh. “Intense? You’ve got to be kidding. How could they be any more intense than what you’ve been having? This I’ve got to see. I hope you brought your towel because if you didn’t they’re going to kick us out of here before the night is over.” I laughed again as Rose held up her towel, already rolled into a thick cylinder.

Hand in hand we walked up to the roundhouse. “I just realized something. This will be my first shower without you since November. I’m almost glad we’re only going to be here for three days.” Rose kissed me and entered the women’s section. I walked around the building into the men’s. The shower was cool, but not intolerable, and not as cold as the Sound had been when Rose had pushed me in back in the early spring more than a year ago. I dried myself and met Rose who was waiting for me on the path. We walked back as Rose explained what I would have to do.

I normally led when it came to sex. I was more experienced and Rose was willing to follow my lead. Now, however, I had absolutely no experience so I deferred to Rose who explained everything patiently. I placed a pillow onto the center of the bed, covering it with one of our beach towels that I had folded over several times. Rose lay on top, her butt resting high on the pillow. “Rose, I know you want to do this and I do too, but I don’t want to hurt you. I’m stopping at the first sign of any pain—agreed?” She nodded with a big grin so I continued to prepare her. According to Rose that was the secret. Her legs on my shoulders I dribbled some olive oil onto my fingers and rubbed in into Rose’s anus. Her moaning told me to continue. A minute later I pressed my first finger home.

I had rubbed her for almost five minutes when I poured some more oil into her and added another finger. So far so good—Rose hadn’t shown any signs of discomfort. If anything, her stroking of my cock told me she was becoming extremely excited. I thought that a third finger would just about do it. I added even more oil as my third finger explored her.

I had just oiled my cock when I pulled my fingers out and replaced them with it. It slid in easily in spite of its girth. I pushed in slowly as Rose groaned in ecstasy. A minute later I pumped into her until I could go no further. “You okay, Rose,” I asked.

“Good…better than good; I feel kind of full, but my asshole is just tingling like crazy. It’s spreading through my whole body. How about you?”

“I can’t believe how tight it feels, like my cock is in a vise. I’m not going to last very long.” I leaned down to kiss my wife—oh God, Rose was actually my wife—as I continued to fuck her sweet ass. My oily fingers found her breast; my other found her clit. A mere touch with my fingernail threw her over the top. I could see her biting through the towel as her orgasm went on and on and on. Her back arched and she thrashed up and down the bed. I completely lost it—my cock felt like it had exploded; cum poured into her bowel. Finally, we came to rest. Even then I could feel tiny tremors running through her inert body.

My wilting cock slipped from her ass as I slid off her body to lie next to her. She was still biting the towel fiercely when I caressed her head and kissed her cheek repeatedly. Rose may have been conscious, but she was completely out of it. Mentally she was somewhere else—lost in the rapture of her incredible orgasm. I let her recuperate for almost a half hour until she looked up at me. “Where am I, Paul?”

“We’re at Wildwood in Brian’s trailer…remember? We’re on our honeymoon. I just finished fucking your gorgeous ass. It was great for me, but it looks like it was even better for you.”

“Now I remember; I was having an orgasm and it became so intense that I lost track of…of everything. I got lost. I’m glad I’m back. I’m glad I’m with you.” She rolled onto her side and hugged me close to her body.

We held each other until I whispered, “I hate to say this, but I think we need another of those showers. We’re both covered in olive oil. C’mon, I think we can use our robes and sandals.” I pulled Rose from the bed, threw the dirty towel into our laundry bag, and dressed her in her robe. We walked back in the dark for another shower. We fell immediately asleep once we had returned.

We were up early the following morning. We had no food so we drove to a deli we had passed last night for fried egg and bacon sandwiches and orange juice. Neither of us drank coffee. Personally, I loved the smell, but hated the taste. Once we had finished our breakfast Rose and I bought some hero rolls, some Virginia Ham, butter and mustard along with a twelve-pack of soda for our lunch. All that went into our cooler with a big block of ice. We spent the day at the beach—what a surprise!

Wildwood was a big park, but most of it was totally undeveloped. We sat on the deserted beach for several hours until lunch then we took a walk. We were two miles down toward the east when we saw the park boundary. It was in an area where there were plenty of big rocks strewn along the beach. I had an idea when I saw one. “C’mon over here, Rose. Seeing this rock gives me an idea.” I could tell as soon as she saw it that she had the same thought.

“If we take off all our clothes I could use them as a cushion. I love your ideas, Paul.” She kissed me as we shucked off our clothes. The rock rose straight up about two and a half feet before slanting another four feet on an angle of about thirty degrees. It was perfect. Rose leaned back and placed her ankles on my shoulders. Her sweet cunt was exactly where we both wanted it. I was just about to penetrate her when she issued her first wifely command, “Fuck me, husband.” We looked at each other and laughed as I slid into her tight vault. I leaned forward, bending her in two as I cradled her head in my hands and we kissed. It was as sweet as everything else about Rose. I thought she was the perfect woman and for me she was.

I had pumped her for almost five minutes and I could tell from her breathing and the tiny vibrations in her body that she was really close. I sometimes had trouble believing that Rose could be so orgasmic. I had never dreamed that sweet naïve Rose would love sex so much, that she would react the way she did as often and as strongly as she did. I had asked her about it once. I wasn’t at all surprised when she said it was me—that I was responsible for her reactions. It was just like Rose and it was only part of the reason why I loved her so much.

Rose’s scream echoed off the bluffs, probably for miles, but there was no one to hear—no one but us and we’d heard it dozens of times before and, hopefully, thousands of times in the future. It had just ended when I pumped rope after rope of cum into her. It was leaking out of her cunt and running down her leg by the time she was able to rise and dress. She staggered with my help to the water’s edge where we washed in the shallow water and I dried her with my shirt as we began the long walk back.

We showered and went out to eat at the Two by Four, a restaurant that had been just down the road in nearby Wading River for years. The food was, in my opinion, just okay, but it was the only restaurant in town so it was crowded even though the summer season had just begun. We waited and ate late before returning to the trailer.

We left the following morning, dropping off the trailer with thanks before driving to the Country Club and our new home. We’d taken almost all of our summer clothes the prior weekend when we picked up the keys from Mr. Cosgrove. I had insisted that we pay for the water and electricity even though there were no separate meters. After several minutes of discussion he agreed to take $50 a month from us, but we learned he also had something else in mind.

I had reported to work the following morning while Rose was still asleep. She was up and doing some minor cleaning when he knocked on the door. “Oh, hi Mr. Cosgrove, Paul’s not here.”

“Actually, Rose I was hoping to speak with you. How’d you like a job?”

“Me? I don’t know what I could do.”

“Think you could drive a golf cart?”


“How’d you like to drive our beverage cart? I think you’d be a natural. Paul told me you were a whiz at math so adding up orders should be simple. I’d pay you $2.50 an hour plus tips. An attractive woman like you should really clean up.”

“Uh…would any of the men…?”

“They’d better not. I’ll make it very clear that you’re married, and to Paul. All of us who know him have a lot of respect for him. Why not discuss it with him when he comes home for lunch? I think you could make between fifty and a hundred a day, and that’s only the tips.” He left, leaving Rose to think until I returned at 11:30 for lunch.

My sandwich and soda were waiting when I walked in at 11:32. I kissed Rose and washed my hands before sitting at the old-fashioned enameled steel table. “Paul…Mr. Cosgrove offered me a job.”

“He did? Doing what? I don’t want you being a waitress. I’ve seen how some of the members treat those poor girls.”

“No, not a waitress—he asked me about driving the beverage cart. He’ll pay me $2.50 plus tips. He thought I’d be perfect.”

I had to laugh. “I agree. You would be perfect. If you wear that tight pink top with those short black shorts I’ll be able to retire while you support me.” I pulled Rose to me, smearing dirt from my shirt all over her blouse.

“So, what do you think? Should I do it?”

“Most of the members are real gentlemen and ladies, but there are a few jerks just like anywhere else. Don’t allow anyone to touch you. I’ll get the word out that you’re my wife. I had to break up an argument between two workers today and I knocked both of them out cold when they turned on and attacked me. Did you hear the sirens earlier? That was Mr. Gentile who called the cops to have them arrested. Everyone in the club knows now not to mess with me so they’ll also know not to mess with you.

“I will tell you this—the girl who worked here last year took home over a hundred dollars in tips almost every Friday and Saturday. I think it could be good for you. You’ll probably go stir crazy sitting here all summer. I think the girl worked from ten to about three or four—five or six hours a day. It will also be good for you in other ways; it will help with your shyness, especially around men.”


“Go for it, just as long as we have the same days off.” I pulled her to me again for a long kiss.

“Paul, you made me dirty,” she pouted.

“Just wait until I get home. Then you’ll see dirty,” I laughed. “Mr. Gentile has me running some projects for him. It’s quite a compliment considering I’m just a part-timer, plus everyone knows he’s training me to be his replacement. I think I’m going to have a great summer, although the last time I thought that I wound up breaking my knee.” Rose and I chatted while I ate and before I left she asked me to make her dirty again. I hugged her as tightly as I could, rubbing my chest into her incredible breasts, then I went back to work. Rose went to find Mr. Cosgrove. She’d have her first training day tomorrow.

Doggone if she didn’t wear that tight pink top and those black short shorts her first day and doggone if she didn’t make $80 in tips—on a Thursday, one of the slowest days of the week. Rose told me that she had told everyone that she was my wife and that we were honeymooners. She even put one of my school photos on the cart. “That way I can look at you all day.” I smiled as I took her hand and led her into the bedroom. The dinner dishes could wait.

As I had predicted, we had a fantastic summer with Rose out-earning me by more than two to one. I typically worked nine to ten hours a day--$45 to $50. Rose made that much in tips on a bad day, but then I didn’t have the body she had. Only once did she have a problem when a drunken guest became aggressive. Luckily, he was seen by one of my coworkers. He called me by radio and I was there in less than a minute. He wasn’t too pleased when I stepped between him and Rose and he was less pleased when I steered him back to his cart and sent him on his way. He swore he’d have my job, but when he returned to the clubhouse he was instructed to leave the grounds and not to return.

Rose and I loved living in the little cabin. It was so small that it took us almost no time to clean and we had all the privacy we could want which was good—Rose screamed virtually every night. For some reason it was even louder when she had her period. We repeated our anal adventures roughly one every two weeks. Rose wanted it more frequently, but I was concerned for her well-being. She was such a wreck when we were done—she usually needed hours to recover.

We spent every Sunday with our families, joining them after Mass. On the positive side we no longer had to confess having sex with each other. Practicing birth control was something else. We’d been required to attend Pre-Cana Conferences before we could marry in the Catholic Church. Essentially, these were Church propaganda sessions aimed at innocent young people. Listening to the joys of having a multitude of kids even if you couldn’t afford to feed them was just ridiculous. We went, but we ignored almost everything. Neither of us considered birth control to be a sin, so as far as we were concerned it wasn’t. We enjoyed seeing our families, especially Mary and Eric who, working together, had taken over my lawn mowing business. From what I could see they were working together in other ways, too. I could see their love for each other and I was pretty sure they were having sex, too. I just prayed they had listened to what Rose and I had told them.


Rose and I drove north to Ithaca on Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Leaving early, we took the ferry from Port Jefferson to Bridgeport, Connecticut and from there to Ithaca in upstate New York. It was a bit longer, but we were able to avoid New York City where an accident could tie us up for hours and I wouldn’t have to drive the entire way. We changed our licenses and the truck’s registration at the DMV early Tuesday morning before registering Rose for school. We were pleased to learn that she could graduate in a single year by doubling up on English courses.

The school authorities had done everything they could think of to keep her out of their high school until threatened by one of St. George’s board members—an attorney. We received some unanticipated help from him while we were in the guidance office. I hadn’t realized that he was a state senator and Chair of the Education Committee. He was in the principal’s office with the district superintendent and he was very clear. The administration had no choice but to welcome Rose as a student. Senator Weber told them he would abide no prejudice against Rose.

Rose began school the following day. I wasn’t at all surprised that she walked out with several other girls. I was waiting for her as I would most afternoons to take her back to our apartment where we’d do our homework most days and make love on the others. Many of the residents of our apartment building were college students so I wasn’t surprised to be called to a tenants meeting that evening when most of us had just moved in. Rather than the building owner or manager, the meeting was conducted by someone not much older than I was.

He read a long list of rules, most of which were either absurd or impossible to enforce, things like no sex in the apartments, no noise after ten, no overnight visits by members of the opposite sex, no drinking which was funny since most of us could do so legally. In the end I questioned his authority as a member of the dorm council to regulate facilities not on campus. We ignored all of his idiotic rules the entire time we lived there. Rose and I violated several rules almost every night as we showed our love for each other the very best way we knew how.

Registration for my classes proved almost funny. I was assigned to Physical Fitness which involved numerous running activities in order to pass. I told the department representatives to just give me an “F.” I showed my knee and was reassigned to Swimming, something I was able to handle easily.

We were both very busy so the semester went quickly and before we knew it we were going home for the Christmas break, this time in a new—okay, it was new for us—truck. My 1952-53 had finally died after more than 250,000 miles.

Rose and I stayed in the cabin as we did during Spring Break and the following summers. Rose graduated near the top of her class and was also accepted to Cornell. Her parents graciously agreed to pay her tuition. We were able to handle her other expenses. Rose made even more money the following summer on the beverage cart.

I graduated Cornell near the top of my class and Rose transferred to the State University at Stony Brook very close to where we lived. She graduated with a degree in Physics, becoming a successful teacher until our first child.

It was maybe two months after graduation that the letter came. I had to appear at the draft board for a pre-induction physical. Rose was beside herself with worry—the Viet Nam War was really beginning to escalate and she was worried that I’d have to serve. I appeared as per the notice, but when the doctor saw my knee and my severely limited range of motion he sent me to see an orthopedic specialist. I couldn’t run or even jog. I couldn’t even bend my knee ninety degrees. He declared me 4-F. Rose was thrilled.

As promised I did take over for Mr. Gentile my second full-time year at St. George’s. By 1970 I was earning almost $50,000 a year, enabling us to buy our first house nearby--a three bedroom ranch with a full basement on a half acre lot. Two years later we thrilled our parents when Rose gave birth to our  
first daughter, Jennifer. Fortunately, I thought, she took after her mother. Three years later we had another daughter and two years later a son.

I had been required by my contract to work at St. George’s for five years. I stayed there ten years. It was the very least I could do for everything they had done for me—and for Rose. Then I was recruited heavily by the famous Pinehurst courses in western North Carolina. I would supervise eight course superintendents. I received an incredible increase in salary and benefits. It was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Mary and Eric followed a rocky path. Unfortunately, it was due to much of their own doing. They dated all through high school, but broke up three different times. Twice it was Eric who needed space to find himself and the final time it was Mary who I thought was just scared. We held a party for Jennifer’s first birthday; Rose and I could see that they were both miserable. They would look at each other longingly, but seemed afraid to speak. Finally, Rose spoke to Mary in the back yard while I took Eric to the front. We spoke for almost a half hour. We learned that Eric wanted Mary and Mary wanted Eric, but neither knew how to approach the other after all the separations. We invited them to visit us independently the following afternoon. Mary arrived first, followed by Eric a few minutes later. Both seemed shocked to see the other. I grabbed the two of them by the arm and walked them into our bedroom and closed the door. “Listen, the two of you; listen carefully. Over the last day we’ve learned that you, Eric, want Mary—‘terribly’ as I recall-- and that you, Mary, want Eric—‘more than anything’ if Rose is to be believed. The problem seems to be that you don’t know how to tell each other. Okay, I’ve told both of you, so what are you going to do?” I tossed a pack of condoms onto the bed. “Rose and I only suggest you turn on the TV and lock the door before you show each other how much you really love each other.” I turned away and closed the door. We next saw them an hour later. Their faces were flushed, they were smiling, and holding hands. They never broke up again.

Eric and Mary married once Mary had graduated from college the following year. Eric was a civil engineer and Mary, like her sister-in-law, was a teacher. They had three children and a long successful relationship.

Rose and I now live in coastal North Carolina with our four children. I’m an incredibly successful consultant. I’ve worked at golf courses, baseball, football, and soccer stadiums, as well as hotels and resorts all over the world. I’m considered a turf guru. Who ever knew that growing grass could be so profitable? I’ve been very lucky, but my luckiest day was the one when Rose first learned that she wasn’t my cousin.

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