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Wife and Hubby continue 3some
I roll over to where you are laying on your back getting pounded, and I lean down to take your nipple ring in my mouth. I tug at your ring a couple of times, and you look over at me, moaning about the hard fucking you’re receiving. You reach down and find that my cock is already rock hard and you begin to rub my cock with your hand, and you start to kiss me deeply while your pussy is getting penetrated deeply by another man’s hard cock. He pulls your legs together, and pushes your closed legs to your chest, while still sliding his hard cock in and out of your pussy. He pulls your stockings off of your legs while still moving his wet cock in and out of you, and begins to kiss your feet and toes. He slides his cock out of your wet pussy, and I roll you onto your side. I pull one leg up straight and lay the other against my chest, as I press my hard cock into your willing pussy, and begin to fuck you sideways. Dale moves over, and hangs his wet cock and balls over your mouth. You can taste your cum, my cum and his all over his balls and cock from the earlier fuckings. This makes you really wild, and you begin to cum as my hard cock rubs against your G-spot. I reach down as I feel you begin to cum and start to work on your clit as I continue to fuck you hard.

I pull out of your pussy, and move in front of you. You now have both of our cocks in your face. You work on his for a minute more, and then move your attention over to my juice covered cock, and you begin to go after my cock as hungrily as you can. Dale moves down to the end of the bed, and maneuvers you onto your hands and knees at the edge of the bed so he can stand and enter your pussy. I lie down in front of you and grab your hair and feed you my cock, as you feel the head of his big cock enter your cunt and fill you up as you feel him slide all the way into your sopping wet pussy. You are starting to really feel the effects of all the hard fucking and you can feel every single bump and ridge in his rock solid cock. I move out from under you, and move over by him while he’s fucking you. He pulls out and I replace his cock with mine, and begin to slam your cunt with my member for about 30 seconds and then pull out. He then replaces me, and while he’s fucking you, I kiss and lick your ass and your back while he’s thrusting deep inside you. Then he pulls out after about the same amount of time, and reaches down to play with your tits, and I aim my cock at your pussy and pound you as hard and deep as I can on the first thrust and continue until it’s time to change places. Finally, I move out of the way, and he gets back in place and then pounds your pussy for about a minute before getting close to cumming. To save himself, he pulls out and lies back on the bed. He expects to rest, and I was going ready to fuck you some more my self, but once you see him laid down, you swing around to straddle him reverse cowgirl. You take his soaking wet cock, and begin to push your ass against his large solid cock. You feel the head of his cock slide into your asshole and you stop. You begin to move back and fourth to get used to the feeling of a larger cock in your ass, and in a minute, you have taken him balls deep on his cock. You lay back on him as he starts to push your hips forwards and backwards. You look up at me and open your pussy up, inviting me in. I get in front of you, and enter your wet pussy with my rock hard cock, and I begin to work my cock in and out of your pussy, while Dale’s cock is working in your ass. All 3 of us are soaking wet with sweat at this point, and our bodies are pressed together and are sliding all over. You cum hard, as his cock is pressing mine into your G-Spot with added pressure, and I’m rubbing your nearly raw clit. Dale gets very close to cumming and lifts you up to get out from under your ass. He stands on the bed and begins to masturbate over you and drops a massive load on your chest, which you begin to rub into your skin. I begin to cum and I shoot a massive steaming hot load deep into your sore waiting pussy. I pull out of your pussy, and I straddle your tits, and feed you my juicy cock, and you taste all of us and my fresh cum. You begin to really work on my hard cock and messaging my balls, and suddenly I’m rock hard again, and you really start rubbing my cock while going down on me hard and fast. Dale moves down and messages your clit with his cum covered cock, juices mixing all over. The stimulation of your clit causes you to climax one final time. The quick blowjob has put me over the top because I’m so sensitive and I cum again first in your mouth, and I pull out and hit your chin and heaving chest with two last bursts of cum.

We all get off the bed and get into the shower, and we all bathe each other, to get us all clean. We rub you from head to toe with soap, paying special attention to your used pussy and ass, to make sure you are clean. You soap us up, making sure each spot on our bodies are totally clean. While you are soaping up Dale’s chest, cock and arms, I get behind you and you can feel our soapy bodies together, my soft soapy cock resting between your ass cheeks and I shampoo your hair, messaging your scalp. We rinse off and towel each other off, and all climb into bed. We fall asleep shortly. …I wake up to your lips on my soft cock, and to the sounds of Dale sleeping soundly next to us.
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