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Surreal escapade of a radio Deejay
In spite of its deion as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a girl during my time on the radio. The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales.


XXIV. I was on my back, and one of the girls had made her way between my legs under the covers. My eyes closed, I didn't sense the other girl on the bed as my flaccid manhood was enveloped by either Ashley's or Kim's mouth. I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the safe anonymity of the moment as someone was quickly sucking me into erection.

She started slowly, but was becoming more aggressive. It didn't take long before I was completely solid, and she began bobbing her head up and down on me with such speed that I could not keep track of her strokes. I'd never had anyone attack me with such ferocity, and I suspected it was Kim who was assaulting me.

She slowed, and was sucking with incredible intensity as she slowly moved up and down my shaft. She sucked me down to the hilt for several seconds before resuming her initial shock-and-awe attack strategy. She continued for several minutes, alternating between tactics, before I felt my climax quickly approaching.

"I'm going to come," I said softly. She stopped with half my spear trapped in her mouth and started simply sucking as hard as she could, her tongue stroking the underside rhythmically. I came almost immediately as she continued to suck my sex from me, her tongue massaging me every time she swallowed. Though my orgasm was not intense, it was immensely satisfying. Once my initial pulses finished, she relaxed her suction until finally she was merely pulling on my deflating manhood.

Once she was satisfied that no more of my fluids were forthcoming, she pulled from me silently and slid up my body, emerging from under the blanket. It was Kim, just as I'd imagined.

She smiled and said, "Good morning, Pretty Boy," before blessing me with a quick kiss, and I smiled back at her.

"What's with the 'Pretty Boy' thing?" I'd never considered myself to be pretty exactly, and the reference seemed odd to me.

"I dunno. I just fits you." Then, challenging me playfully, "You got a problem with it?"

I just shook my head happily. "Not at all."

She rested her head on my chest for a few moments before saying, "That's the first time I've ever done that."

My eyes went wide in surprise and confusion. "Which part?"

"I've never swallowed before. Never liked anybody enough." I was flabbergasted. She lifted her head up to look at me again, and without being too intense, said, "I really like you, Dean."

She was getting to me. "Come here," I said as I pulled her face to mine, kissing her passionately. I tasted my sex in her mouth, and my tongue began searching for more as my member twitched hopefully. "I really like you too, Kim."

Her eyes lit up and she hugged herself against me as best as she could, considering she was still laying on me, and I wrapped my arms around her.

I could have lain there like that for hours, but Kim had other plans.

"Come on," she said. "Ashley's making breakfast." She threw the blanket from us and rolled off me to land with her feet on the floor before she grabbed my hand, dragging me to the side of the bed. Her strength impressed and excited me.

She led me by my hand downstairs to the kitchen to find Ashley in her nightshirt making pancakes, and she appeared to be all business, a look of utter focus dominating her expression. She had already fried up a plate of bacon and some sausage. When she saw us, she dropped her spatula on the counter and her face exploded with girlish joy as she ran at me and screamed, "Dean!" She landed on me so hard I thought she'd knock me over as she wrapped her arms around me, trying to squeeze the life from me. I hugged her back, trying to maintain secure footing.

"Good morning, Ashley," I said before she escaped back to the stove and flipped a pancake.

"I trust you found your wakeup call to your satisfaction." She was smiling slyly at me.

I looked at Kim as I answered, "I did. I absolutely did." Kim shared Ashley's smile as I turned back to the chef. "So, you cook, too?"

"Just breakfast," she answered. "I don't do it very often, but today seemed like a good day for it."

It occurred to me that I could not have fantasized a better morning… Except for the age thing. I just could not seem to let it go. I no longer had any reservations about the girls' ages, but the fact still remained that I was breaking the law repeatedly. Perhaps it was good that it was always there; perhaps it would keep me sharp and careful.

I looked at the clock on the wall to see that it was nearly 1:00. I asked Kim as she sat down on a stool, "How long have you two been up?"

She thought for a moment before answering, "About an hour."

I shook my head with the realization of the difficulty they would have tomorrow. "It's gonna be a bitch for you two tomorrow morning, getting up for school." Working in the evenings, I had no concern for myself whatsoever. On the other hand, I suspected the girls would be like the walking dead through classes tomorrow. Then, another thing occurred to me. "Don't you ladies have finals or special shit going on or anything like that? You know, end of the year stuff?" I had no idea when the last day of school was.

"Nope. That's next week. And I don't think we'll have too much of a problem tomorrow, as long as we're in bed by two." She didn't seem concerned in the slightest.

Ah, to be young again…

"How do you like your eggs," Ashley asked as she retrieved the carton from the refrigerator.

I had to think about it; I couldn't remember the last time I'd had a proper breakfast. "Uh, scrambled, I guess?" Why couldn't I remember how I liked my eggs? Bizarre.

"Okay. Also, there's juice and stuff in the fridge. Help yourself."

One girl had awakened me with a blow job while the other was cooking me breakfast, and I had done… Absolutely nothing. While I was nearly certain that most guys would be perfectly content with this situation, I was not. "Is there any way I can help, anything I can do?"

Ashley smiled as she shook her head, so I turned to Kim. "Can I get you a glass of juice or something?"

"Oh, a great big glass of orange juice would be awesome. Thank you, Dean."

I nodded my head at her and asked Ashley where to find glasses. I was deep in contemplation as I poured the juice. While I wasn't really scared anymore, I was mindful of the emotional connection I was forming with the girls, and I knew that if I wasn't careful, I could very well fall for one or both of them.

Then I started thinking about a hypothetical polyamorous relationship with the two. Were the girls falling in love? Were they already in love? Were they even capable of knowing what love is? I was nineteen the first time I fell in love, but I'd always heard that girls mature faster than boys. I realized I had stepped out my depth with these thoughts, and it was probably best I just tried to forget about it for now.

I found myself standing at the counter with two full glasses of juice and the bottle in my right hand. I had no idea how long I'd been there, starting blankly out the window. I looked at the girls to find them both scrutinizing me intently. I knew I had the deer in the headlights look.

Kim spoke first. "What the fuck are you doing?" Ashley laughed.

I didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry, I just got caught up in my brain." A short and vague response seemed like the best course of action. I put the bottle of juice away and took Kim's juice to her.

"What were you thinking about?" Kim just couldn't play along.

"Nothing." Please let it go; please let it go; please let it go…

"Bullshit. What were you thinking about?" Then she sprang an ultimatum. "Tell me, or I'll tie you up and tickle you until you piss yourself."

My eyes were wide as I said, "Well, that's new." I couldn't tell if she was serious, and I was becoming a little uncomfortable. Ashley had finished cooking, and was watching us as she brought us our plates of heaping breakfast foods.

"Well?" Kim was not going to let me get away.

"Okay." I had to be careful about how to put it together for them. "Don't panic, but it's about what we talked about last night, okay? I'm not going back on anything I said, I'm just curious about some things you said. Okay?"

Kim hadn't changed her facial expression, and I took that to mean that she was listening with an open mind. So far, so good.

"Last night," I looked at Ashley as I continued, "you said that you and Kim are more than friends. What, exactly, does that mean? I mean, I know you have sex, but is there some kind of emotional significance to what you said?" I prayed I'd been clear enough.

Neither one of them said anything. After several moments, they looked at each other, then Ashley said half-jokingly, "Good job, Kim."

"Well shit, Ashley. I didn't think he was going there. How was I supposed to know." They were still looking at each other, asking each other silent questions.

Finally, Ashley spoke. "I love Kim, and she loves me…" I nodded, encouraging her to continue. "When we started sleeping together, we both felt like we were the best friend each other had ever had. And we talked about how we felt about each other." She stopped again for several seconds, apparently trying to find the right words. "We, uh… We just kind of agreed that… We just are… It is what it is, and it doesn't matter what we call it."

Now, both of the girls looked utterly confused. She really hadn't cleared anything up, but based on her inability to articulate or understand her feelings on the subject, I believed at the very least that Ashley was in love with Kim, and it wouldn't have surprised me at all if Kim reciprocated. I could tell by their body language that the topic was sensitive to them both, and that they were both struggling to identify the nature of their relationship. I did not envy them their confusion.

After another stretch of silent communication between them, Ashley asked, "Does that answer your question?"

"Nope," I began, "but it's okay because I think I get it anyway."

Now they were puzzled by my response, and Kim asked, "What do you get?"

I looked her squarely in the eye and asked, "Do you really want to keep going with this?"

Without missing a beat, Kim said, "Pass me the maple syrup."

XXV. "Fuck," I said.

We had finished breakfast, and the clock was floating around 2:15. I was thinking about work as I loaded the dishwasher as I remembered something important. Ashley had disappeared, leaving Kim and me to clean up.

"What's the matter," she asked.

I sighed before answering, "I need my headphones for work tonight, and I left them at my house."

Kim agreed, "Yeah. Fuck." She thought for a few moments before asking, "Are they special headphones, or can you use any old pair?"

I explained that I didn't need my headphones, specifically, but I needed a good quality pair for work.

She said, "My father has a pair. Do you want to see if they'll work?" Without waiting for me to answer, she ran upstairs, and I finished loading the dishwasher.

Ashley returned. "Where's Kim?"

"She went to find a set of headphones." I explained my situation as Kim returned to the kitchen with a rather nice Sony rig that was actually better than mine.

"This is perfect. Are you sure it's okay if I use them?"

Kim handed me the set and said, "Yep, but if something happens to them, my father will kill me, and then I'll have to kill you."

"Got it." I set the rig on a table in the den, and returned to the kitchen. "So, what are we doing now?"

Ashley said, "Jacuzzi until our food settles, then swimming." The plan sounded good to me. Then she added, "But first, Kim and I were talking, and we think you should wear your cock ring until you go to work."

"What?" I had heard what she said, I had simply been singularly unprepared for it.

"Put on your cock ring," Kim commanded. "We want you nice and hard, just in case."

I said, "Okay," nodding in mild confusion as Ashley's hand opened up to produce the ring. She must have pocketed the thing at some point, saving it for later. I'd felt my member awakening moments earlier at her first mention of the ring, and I knew I'd have to move quickly to get the ring on before I stiffened too much. It was in position after only a few seconds, after which she helped me reach full hardness with her hand.

"That's better," Ashley said. "Okay, jacuzzi." Then she pulled me outside to the tub by my erection.

The sun was partially shielded by a thin layer of clouds as we arrived, and she said, "They ought to make leashes for these things." Then, it hit her, "Wait, do they?"

"They do," I said. "Not for this particular ring, but they make cock rings with leash hoops on them, and they also make collars for your cock that you can fit a leash to."

She smiled up at me. "They make collars for my cock," she asked. Kim smiled, clearly amused.

I tried to recover from my poor syntax. "Well, I didn't mean your cock…"

She interrupted, "Oh, but I think you did." She squeezed me firmly. "This is my cock." Kim cleared her throat. "I mean, it's our cock. Mine and Kim's." She turned to Kim, "Sorry, I wasn't thinking."

Kim waved it off. "Don't worry about it. Wait!" Then Kim turned to me, as serious as a heart attack, and asked, "Oh Dean, do you have one of these rings or collars we can attach a leash to?"

I chuckled and said, "As a matter of fact, I do have a ring and a collar, but it's a little late now."

"Damn it," Ashley exclaimed. "Okay fine, but from now on, wear the cock ring for the leash." Her eyes lit up again. "Actually, you know what? You should always have the cock ring on when you're with us. All the time. You know, the one for the leash." She looked to Kim for confirmation, and received it before clarifying. "Okay, from now on, whenever you are with us, you will wear the leash ring all the time, unless we say otherwise. Got it?"

"Got it." Wow. Even my professional Domme hadn't enforced anything like that on me. Of course, our relationship had been more intimate than a standard Domme/sub relationship, so there was a significant amount of leeway afforded me. I wasn't sure how this new situation was going to pan out, but I'd give it a try.

My thoughts were interrupted by Kim. "Oh! You know what?" She looked at Ashley. "Let's get the tail!"

Ashley's eyes were wide as the sun as she looked at me. "Yes, let's."

I was apprehensive about what was coming. I'd gotten comfortable with the casual nature of our relationship, but the possibility of the new dynamic excited me, and I was eager to see if they could convincingly dominate me. She led me back to the den, again by my… Her cock, and told me to get the thing out of my bag. I dug for a few seconds before finding it, then a few more seconds to find the lubricant. I explained to her how it worked and how to fit it to me, then confirmed that she understood. Kim was smiling so big that I thought her cheeks would split.

Ashley said, "Okay, bend over." I complied, placing my hands on the seating area of the sofa as I heard her open the tube of lubricating jelly. A few moments later, I felt the cool stuff on the ring of my bum, followed immediately by her fingers rubbing it around the entrance, and pushing a small ways into me. Then I heard the tube open and close again, and I waited.

"Oh, please let me," I heard Kim say, and she really meant it. I was genuinely surprised, considering how she'd acted when I told them what the device was.

Ashley answered, "By all means. Remember, go slow."

I heard them change positions behind me, then I felt the tip of the thing on me. I relaxed, preparing to receive the instrument as she pushed it gently into me. I opened to it, and she paused, apparently uncertain in her application. "Okay," she asked, and I responded affirmatively.

She continued slowly and carefully, and I appreciated her caution. I felt myself gradually widening to accept it as she continued to push into me, filling me with the tool until it slipped into place.

She stopped and asked, "Is that it?"

"Yeah," I told her. "You got it." I was as hard as I had ever been, and my heart was trying to beat its way out of my chest. No-one said anything, so I just waited for the command to stand… Or kneel.

Finally, Ashley asked, "Can you stand?"

"Do you want me to?" I hoped she would understand that I moved on their command.

"Yes. Stand up." Slowly, I lifted my body upright, acclimating myself to my new ornament. Once I was vertical, I again waited for their words.

Kim spoke first. "Wow. That's some crazy shit." They both laughed, and I smiled at their amusement. Then she asked, "Can you sit with that thing in you?"

"I can," I replied. I was really enjoying being the tool for their education.

Ashley asked, "Can you wear that in the jacuzzi?" When I said I could, she reached around me for her cock again, and led me back out to the jacuzzi. Kim followed.

When we got to the jacuzzi, I waited briefly for one of them to tell me to get in as Ashley removed her nightshirt. Then, she said, "Wait. Go get the camera," and my head throbbed in shame and excitement.

"Oh yes," Kim exclaimed. "The camera!" She disappeared into the house for a minute before returning, camera in hand. Ashley positioned me to her liking and grabbed her cock again before Kim began snapping pictures. She took five or six before saying, "Okay, I want some," and she traded the camera for me.

Kim squeezed her cock tightly as Ashley started snapping away. Kim was posing every which way, really playing up the scene, before saying, "Hold on. I want one with his cock in my pussy."

"Your cock," Ashley corrected.

"Yeah, my cock!" I was growing dizzy with excitement as she positioned herself in front of me and bent over, resting her hands on one of the gazebo's supporting pillars.

"Put it in," she commanded, "but only part way." Then, as an afterthought, "And put your hands behind your back." Her legs were together, and she was too tall for me to reach, so I told her she needed to spread her legs. She complied, and I pushed into her a couple of inches before she said, "That's enough."

I entered her without any resistance whatsoever, as she was unbelievably slick. Had she gotten that excited already? My cock cock was already aching for activity, and I wanted so badly to just bury myself in her. But I obeyed, and waited patiently with my hands behind my back for the pictures to be taken.

A few digital camera clicks later, Ashley said, "That's awesome. I got it," and I waited for instructions.

Kim wiggled on me a little before pushing back onto me all the way, and wiggling a little more. Ashley snapped a few more pictures before saying, "I want a few like that, too."

Kim moaned in dissatisfaction before saying, "Oh, alright," then, "Get outta me." I backed out of her without hesitation as she moaned again. She took the camera from Ashley, who positioned herself the way Kim had before her.

"Okay," Ashley began, "Just a couple of inches, just like you did with her." She gasped as I slid into her, and she was just as slick as Kim. I couldn't believe how easily these two young women could be aroused. I went in a couple of inches and stopped, my hands again resting behind my back, and Kim started snapping.

Ashley pushed back onto me as Kim had done, and Kim continued taking pictures. Then she pulled forward and pushed back again, grinding against me this time.

"I can't wait," Ashley said heavily. "I have to fuck him now." She stood straight up, popping me from her sex. "Go get his bag; let's see what else he's got. Wait!" Then, to me, "You go get it."

I moved quickly, reminded of the tail with every step. Between the way it was penetrating me and holding me open, and the swish of the tassels in rhythm with my pace, it was impossible to forget.

Ashley said, "Take out anything that you think we might want to use on you." I was so hard I could barely thing straight. I rummaged through the bag, removing several items. Among them were, of course, all of my restraints, and some other goodies. I produced a ball gag, a riding crop, cat o' nine tails, a hood, and more.

The girls looked on in curiosity and delight as I removed the implements one by one. They asked no questions, so when I'd finished, I asked if they needed any explanations. They looked at each other and shook their heads. All of what I'd brought out was pretty self-explanatory, so I was not too surprised. I stood and waited for instructions.

Kim spoke first. "What should we do with him?" The possibilities that I was entertaining were impossibly fantastic, and I was entirely too eager to learn what they would do with me.

Ashley asked, "How about we chain him to one of the lounges?" If I could've gotten any harder, I would have.

"Good idea," Kim said. "Should we gag him?"

Ashley thought for a few moments before offering, "No. What if we want to ride his face?" The way they were talking about me as if I weren't standing right next to them thrilled me to no end.

"Good point," Kim said before pulling me to a lounge. She laid the back down so that the lounge was flat. "Lay down."

The girls stood over me, one on each side in contemplation. They looked like they were trying to figure out the best way to secure me to the lounge before Ashley cuffed my hand on her side to the frame of the lounge. Kim followed her lead with the other hand as Ashley recovered my leg irons and looped the chain under the lounge, securing my legs in place.

I watched them as they began evaluating their work. "Okay, he looks ready," Ashley said.

Kim thought for a moment and said, "What about sunburn?"

Ashley smiled at Kim. "I guess you better get the lotion again." Kim smiled, and retrieved the lotion from the lounge we'd occupied the day before.

She came at me with a wicked grin, and applied the lotion to me, beginning with my feet, and working her way up. When she reached my encaged erection, she made a point to play with it for several moments, stroking it repeatedly up and down, as if in reenactment of her previous assault on me. Her hands on me were torturous, but not as torturous as when she slid me inside her to rest as she finished applying the lotion to the upper half of my body.

When she finished, she tossed the lotion aside, ground herself into me softly, and leaned over to kiss me. She whispered into my ear, "Oh, you sad, sad boy," then removed herself from me to join her friend next to the lounge.

XXVI. I was more terrified and excited than I'd been in a long time. I was strapped to the lounge, and two exceptionally beautiful young women were deciding how to use me for their entertainment. I could not have written myself a better fantasy.

Ashley confirmed with Kim, "We're taking pictures?" Kim nodded. "Okay, grab the camera. And the blindfold." Kim brought the blindfold to Ashley, who fixed it to my head.

Mere seconds later, I felt Ashley swing a leg over me, point her cock upright, and drop down on it in one quick motion. We both gasped as her weight came down on me, and the new pressure shifted the tail in me, stimulating me further. She said contently, "Oh, yes," then brought her feet up on the lounge next to my hips, and started jumping up and down on my erection.

I heard the camera clicks begin, and I wanted to cum. I was already stimulated up to the line, but the ring held me there, keeping me from going soft or reaching climax.

My manhood had become unbearably sensitive, and the sensations Ashley was feeding me were overwhelming. I started moaning, powerless to bring an end to the inescapable and pleasurable torture to which I was being subjected.

Suddenly, Ashley stopped on me. "Yeah, get the ball gag." My heart was pounding, and soon I heard Kim approaching. "Open your mouth," Ashley said before pushing the firm rubber ball between my teeth and fastening the straps behind my head. The sensations of the straps against the newly bald skin on my head was slightly uncomfortable, but I forgot about it as soon as Ashley started shifting back and forth, my cock sliding around inside her.

Her fingers pinched my nipples tightly, and I involuntarily thrust into her. She started twisting and tugging on them ferociously, and I was writhing under her as much as my bindings allowed, trying to escape the painful pleasure she was unleashing on me. She laughed softly as her breathing was becoming labored.

She stopped tormenting my nipples and brought her hands to rest on my chest as she started just bouncing up and down on me. Her pussy was getting tighter on me now, sending intolerable waves of pleasure through my hardened member, even as every downstroke shifted the tail in my bottom, compounding my stimulation beyond what I thought I could withstand. Mercifully, I could tell she was getting close.

"Dean… I'm going to cum on you now… I'm going to cum on my cock… My cock… Oh God, I'm cumming on my cock… I'm cumming on my cock… Oh God…" Her voice trailed off as she was thrashing upon me. I was spinning under the overload, white spots dancing across my blindness, and I was shaking in my need for the release I was being denied. She was rocking on me as my head beat itself into the lounge cushion, and I feared I would cut my wrists on the cuffs as I futilely tried to rip my restraints from their anchors.

Her movements slowed as she reached the other side of her flood, and still I shook. A primal noise surfaced from my chest. It would have been a moan or call of some sort, but the ball gag distorted it into an animalistic growl as I continued to twist under her. I could feel spittle escaping around the ineffective seal of the gag to fall across my cheeks and down to the back of my neck.

Finally, her rapture ended, and slowly I regained control of my functions, trying desperately to catch my breath through my nose and around the gag. My eyes were wet, and I realized that the blindfold had captured the tears that my eyes had expelled in my frustration.

My erection continued to flex autonomously inside Ashley, and her pussy repeatedly squeezed me reflexively. I wanted to cry in unmitigated dissatisfaction.

Ashley spoke. "Wow…" She was breathing hard, and I imagined her chest heaving, covered in sweat.

I heard Kim from a few feet away, "Holy fuck that was hot!" I felt Ashley shift on me and I jerked.

"That was awesome," Ashley said. "You gotta try this." She slowly removed herself from me. Once I could no longer feel her, I started to shiver. I was shivering in the eighty-something degree heat. My muscles ached, and I felt there was no possible way I could endure an immediate session with Kim, and I was afraid.

"I need to cool off," I heard Ashley say, and a few moments later, I heard a splash in the pool.

"Jesus," Kim began, "He's shaking." The blindfold was removed and I saw Kim's concerned face towering over me. "Dean, are you okay?" She unfastened the straps for the gag and slowly pulled it from my mouth.

"Oh my God…" I just lay there, panting heavily. The shaking stopped, for the most part, and I closed my eyes again, resting my mind.

"Honey, are you okay?" She sounded seriously concerned. I heard Ashley get out of the pool and walk to us.

"Yeah." I began. "I'm thirsty." I recognized my temporary preference for simplified speech. It had been a long time since I'd experienced anything as intense as what I'd just endured.

Ashley said, "I'll be right back."

I heard Kim pulling the adjacent lounge closer and I opened my eyes to see her sit on the side of the thing, positioned right next to me. She touched my chest and I flinched. She withdrew and tried again, laying her hand flat on my center. "Jesus, your heart's going a hundred miles an hour. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'll be fine." I couldn't quite remember what "fine" felt like, but I was confident I'd find it again sometime. I managed a smile. I was a difficult smile, but it was real. Kim's concerned face was bringing me peace, and I was becoming calm from her hand on me.

Ashley came back with a bottle of water, and positioned herself to my side opposite Kim. "Same as the other night. Are you ready?" I replied that I was, and she fed me water.

She was so wonderful. Kim was wonderful. As I drank, I was becoming lost in them. They were perfect, and I needed them, needed to be with them.

When I'd finished drinking, I thanked Ashley, and lay there for a while with my eyes closed.

Ashley asked, "Are you okay?" She sounded just as concerned as Kim, and I smiled.

"Yeah, I'm good. How are you?" I opened my eyes to see happiness wash over her face, and I was redeemed by it.

"I'm good," she offered.

Kim said, "Maybe we should give him a break."

"No," I said immediately, my smile gone and my tone suddenly urgent. "Use me. Please use me." I didn't tell her, but I needed her to use me. "Please." Even as I didn't know if I could continue, I was certain I could not stop. I needed to satisfy Kim, just as I'd satisfied Ashley. I could not disappoint her.

Kim looked at Ashley before asking, "Are you sure?"

I'd never been surer. "Oh, yes. Please use me. Please."

She smiled and moved her hand from my chest to her cock, stroking it gently along the juices Ashley had left behind. "Positive?"

"Yes." I knew she'd have me now, and I was relieved.

Her smile grew larger before she let go, and leaned in to kiss me. I sucked on her mouth hard, trying to breath her into me. As if she understood my desire, she moaned into my mouth as we kissed.

She broke from me, and reinserted the ball gag, again fastening the straps behind me, and covering my eyes again with the blindfold. My body seized in anticipation, my muscles locked, knowing what was coming, and I wondered if I was actually capable of following through. It didn't matter now; I was committed, unable to object.

She spoke to Ashley, "Okay, go get the camera. I put it on the table over there."

Kim put her hand on my chest again, and again I was calmed by her touch. She kissed my chest a few times, then moved up to my neck as I felt her leg swing over me.

Rather than guide her cock into her with her hand, she slid up my body, then back down until she bumped the tip, then repositioned herself to line up her entrance with me. Once she'd made the connection, she pushed back, moaning, taking me into her to the hilt. I shuddered, and she squeezed me inside her as the camera clicks started again.

She lay motionless on top of me, her cock resting inside her. "God, Dean," she whispered, "You feel so fucking good. How can you feel this good?" My fears melted away, and I wanted to smile for her. Then she whispered, "Here we go," before sitting upright on me, and beginning a slow, gentle rock.

I moved inside her as she rocked. I didn't know how or why, but I was relaxed now. I simply enjoyed her motions on me. She hummed softly, stirring my heart more than my body. It was not that being enveloped by her wasn't magnificent, but more that she was taking such pleasure in me.

She paused her course after a while to gently grind onto me, and I was again reminded of the device in my rear. It was no longer shameful to me, less of a symbol of submission. Now it was like a badge of ownership. I no longer doubted that these fantastic women could keep me. They had claimed me, and I was proud to be desired in such an absolute fashion by them. I belonged to them, and I wanted it that way.

Kim, the girl I'd once considered abrasive, was caressing my chest as she rode me, and I began to wonder if she was trying to be easy on me out of concern for my wellbeing. I didn't want her to be easy on me. I wanted her to use me to satisfy her carnal desires. I pushed into her what little I could under my restraints, hoping to encourage her to let go.

She stopped for a second before saying, "Okay." Then she brought her knees to rest at my sides and started sliding up and down on me, slowly at first, gradually increasing the speed and strength of her strokes.

It wasn't long before she was bouncing on me forcefully. "You like being my toy, don't you. You want to be my bitch." She was finally getting it. I did like being her toy. I did want to be her bitch. "You better fucking make me cum." She started rocking on me with renewed vigor, and finally I felt useful, truly wanted.

She was sliding back and forth on me, her motions now rough, careless, almost abusive. Now I was becoming excited again. I envisioned her hair being tossed to and fro as she shifted her weight along me repeatedly. I pictured beads of sweat shaking free of her freckled breasts as she mauled me with reckless abandon.

I felt her hand on my nipple as she pinched and twisted beyond my ability to tolerate, and I growled as I thrashed under her. She slapped my chest as she began bouncing again, and I could feel the walls of her pussy tightening on me. I was going to make her cum, just as she'd demanded, and I felt my mind being offered up to a specific kind of madness. I needed her to need me. I needed to finish her. I was on fire, and I wanted her to burn on me as I burst into flames.

I was crazy, and she was crazy on me, her release unfolding as I pushed a different growl around the ball gag. I was an animal being tamed by its mistress, a horse being broken.

She called out, "Ah fuck!" Her motions stopped making sense. She was seizing and releasing on me again and again, moving in random but determined gestures. I felt her sex spill out onto me, and somehow I came with her. My release was exquisitely painful and glorious as my body locked up. She grabbed my shoulders for leverage as she bucked on me relentlessly

As her climax continued, so did mine. I was not erupting into her, the flow of my seed constricted by the ring. As she kept moving on me, the sensations on my manhood were compounding. My release wasn't really a release at all, but a continued pinnacle of pleasure and agony. I began jerking, my motions in her perpetuating Kim's orgasm for what was seeming to be an eternity. Her cock stayed hard for her, and she used it completely.

I began shaking and growling, unsure of how much more I could take. After several more seconds, Kim finally started slowing. The walls of her sex continued massaging my manhood, and it twitched repeatedly, trying to plant a seed that was not forthcoming. Kim's denouement was short; she recovered quickly to sit upright on me as my shakes subsided. I was still grunting softly, still riding out my aborted release.

She ripped the blindfold from me and my eyes jerked open at her. "Jesus, Dean. Are you okay." She reached behind me and unfastened the ball gag, taking it from me and setting it on my chest.

My eyes were wide even in the blinding sun. "I came."

Kim looked at me in surprise. "You came? I thought…"

"Yeah," I said. "I'm still trying to come."

Ashley had moved in. "What do you mean?"

"The ring…" I was wincing.

Ashley tapped Kim on the shoulder. "Get up." Kim arose from me. They looked on in astonishment as my erection was still solid.

Kim bent down and started stroking it and I shuddered at the stimulation. "If you came, how can you still be hard?" She was perplexed, but that didn't stop her from massaging her cock.

"I orgasmed, but the ring is keeping me from ejaculating."

Even as Kim's hand was working me, I began to feel my erection finally diminishing, and a few seconds later my seed began to flow from me, covering Kim's hand.

Ashley said, "Holy shit." The fluid just kept on coming, faster as I continued to soften. Kim kept stroking me, and finally I called out low and long in my release. After a while, my sex stopped flowing and Kim stopped stroking me, wiping her hand off on my belly and chest.

"You weren't supposed to cum, Dean." Kim sounded disappointed.

Ashley chimed in, "Yeah, so what the fuck, Dean?" She was clearly and intentionally mirroring what I'd said to her two nights before, and I was embarrassed.

"I'm sorry…"

"You're sorry?" Ashley wasn't really upset, but she was going to have some fun with me. "What are we going to do with you now?"

Kim asked, "Will you get hard again?"

"Yes," I said. "Just give me some time"

"Well, it's almost five now," Ashley said. "Better make it quick before we have to take you to work."

"Oh man." My heart sank. "I'm going to need a shower, too. I don't know if we'll have time for more before work. I'm so sorry."

Kim said, "You don't need a shower."

"Nope," Ashley agreed. "You're going to work just like that."

My heart started racing again. "Please don't make me go to work like this. It's work. I can't."

Kim said, "It's not like you're waiting tables or some shit like that. You work alone, right?"

"Well, yes," I began, "But I'll see people on the way in and on the way out."

"Too bad," Kim said. Ashley was just smiling as she continued, "You shouldn't have cum." Ashley chuckled at this.

I tried to think of a reason why this would be dangerous, and I could think of none. The age of the girls was irrelevant, and I knew I'd catch some shit, but I wouldn't get fired. There was no way out of this.

"If I get hard again before work, I won't be able to take this ring off, so can I do it now?"

Kim said, "No."

"Yes," Ashley countermanded. Kim looked at her for an explanation. "He can't really go to work with an erection. That's just a little too much."

Kim rolled her eyes. "Fine."

"Thank you," I said.

Ashley looked at me. "'Thank you,' what?"

I hesitated, not immediately understanding. Then I got it. "Thank you, Mistress."

She hopped slightly, giddy as a teenager. I considered the ridiculous obscenity of the situation, submitting to a couple of sixteen-year-olds. Since I'd accepted their age, it merely added a significant taboo aspect to our relationship, and I found it thrilling.

Without warning, Kim reached down, worked the ring off, and set it on the deck. I was impressed by how easily she'd managed the task, without a single pinch or stretch. "We should get something in return, though. Let's see what else he's got in his bag."

They both went to the bag, leaving me chained to the lounge. I enjoyed the time at peace.


2014-09-03 00:32:13
Thank you very much for the compliment. This was actually an experiment to see if I had the chops and self-discipline for a non-erotic novel I've conceptualised.

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2014-06-25 09:44:05
Wow, this story of yours is a true masterpiece. Hell, is it odd if I read it more for the verbal interactions between the three of them rather than the physical ones?

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