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A family discovers a UFO buried under a lake and get more than they bargained for.
Lust From Space!
by BD

Day 1

Sara was angry with her parents. She was smart, one of the smartest people in her high school class, and in her mind she knew she shouldn't be upset, and that the anger was just part of some teenage emotional misfire. But her parents knew she'd had a date planned for this weekend, and they'd brought her camping anyway. And since the summer had just begun, the plan was to stay a whole week. It wouldn't be so bad, she thought, there was cell reception, but there was nothing. No bars. Even in the middle of the highest grassy clearing she could find, there was no signal. She pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed, switching off her phone to save batteries. Sara was a senior Wilderness Girl, and had earned merits in hiking and survival skills, so her parents hadn't been too worried when she stalked off, fuming, after spending ten minutes grumbling to herself and packing a daypack with food and equipment. Turning around, she started back toward the edge of the clearing, the way she came.

As Sara hiked back through the forest, she thought to herself that maybe this trip wouldn't be so bad. Her little sister, Lucy, had come along. A couple years younger, Lucy was still a novice Wilderness Girl and part of Sara's troop, so maybe they could get a head start on summer camp. Sara knew all the knots and could identify every plant and animal they might encounter, but Lucy had always been a better swimmer. Maybe, Sara thought, they could teach each other, and more importantly, Lucy could help her forget about the date she wasn't going on. Had she not been dragged out here, she would have finally had sex for the first time and was horny as all get out. She needed the distraction or, she feared, she may never make it out of the woods alive.

The sun was still high in the sky, and Sara found it odd that she had almost arrived back at the campsite. She knew she'd taken the same route; she'd finally reached the small lake she'd passed on the way out, but there was something not quite right, as if she was moving very quickly or time was passing much more slowly. Looking straight up, Sara felt a sense of dread and wonder. The sun refused to move. To make sure she wasn't imagining things, she looked at her shadow for a moment. No movement at all. Time was moving slower, or even standing still! Sara began to run. She'd watched enough TV to know that her rapid aging could cause a serious misunderstanding with her family. She picked up speed, her legs straining to cover ground. Branches whipped at her face as she careened through the forest, and just up ahead, she could see the lights of her family's campfire.

Campfire?! As Sara hit the boundary of the time bubble, she rocketed into the night, causing her stomach to do cartwheels. For just a moment as she jerked through space and time, Sara thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye, something blue and glowing.

She staggered and fell to her knees just outside the campsite, and as she reeled from the time dilation, her father came and stood over her. "Sara?" he said, kneeling down next to her. "We were beginning to worry. Where were you?"

Out came the story, almost all at once: the clearing, the lake, the sun and shadow. As she slowed, she noticed her father looking at her quizzically, and decided to leave out the glowing blue lights. "And then I saw your campfire," she said, still gasping for air, her brandy-colored hair decorated with leaves and twigs, "and then I was here!"

"That sounds like quite an adventure you had," her father, Don, said sounding as sincere as he could. He had become somewhat used to his tomboy daughter coming back to him with scrapes, bruises, grinning as if she'd found gold. It concerned him that she wasn't smiling this time, but everyone gets scared once in a while, he told himself. She had probably just lost track of time and panicked.

As he helped her to her feet, she took comfort in his warmth and strength. Just approaching middle age, he still had the lean body of his army days, but had put on a little, comfortable padding. He ran his fingers through her hair and held her close. Like her father, Sara was typically calm and collected. Even when angry, she would never do anything blindly. Before his hair had turned salt-and-pepper, he'd had a head of smooth, straight brown hair, like hers. When he was fresh out of the army, he'd grown it out just barely long enough to tie it back, like hers was now, but when the kids were born, he kept it short, he joked, to avoid grasping hands.

"So what really happened?" Lucy asked, not at all concerned. Sara's little sister, like their mother, was a little fire starter, always with a confrontational attitude that always seemed to ride the border between playful and malevolent. Also, like their mother, she had slightly curly blonde hair that hung loosely around her neck and shoulders.

"Oh, hush," their mother, Maggie, said.

"Apparently, she did a little time traveling," Don said, winking at Sara.

"I'll say," said Lucy. "You were gone for ages. Did you bring us back anything fun?"

Sara, still off kilter, headed for her and Lucy's tent, grumbling, "I think I found a punch in the mouth, but I put it in my bag. I'll go see if I can find it."

Alone in the tent, Sara felt her senses begin to return to her. She clearly remembered the whole incident and thought she could figure out the location of the blue light she'd seen. Pulling a map from her bag, she found the spot she'd marked upon arrival as their campsite. Remembering the landscape and the position of the sun when she'd left angrily, she traced a ballpoint pen along the paper and found the small lake, and then the clearing where she'd tried to get a cell signal.

Five miles! No, she thought. Impossible. But there it was: a curving line from the campsite to the clearing. Figuring she must have run a more direct route back, ignoring thickets and inclines, she drew a straight line back from the spot where she'd noticed that time had stopped. She assumed that the bubble she'd been trapped in was circular, but knew that it extended at least to the clearing, so she drew a circle on the map with one edge just outside the camp and one edge cutting through the clearing. Smack dab in the center of that circle was a small island out in the middle of the lake, which just happened to be the direction she was looking when she saw the blue light. The trouble was, there was no island marked on the map, except the one she'd drawn in when she'd noticed the discrepancy earlier that day. This would be worth a look.

After dinner, Lucy ribbed Sara about her "flight of fantasy" until finally falling asleep mumbling, "Scaredy cat." Sara thought more about how she would get out to the island, and then felt her eyelids get heavy. Just as she was drifting off, she heard the muffled sounds of sex coming from her parents' tent. At first, she was repulsed, but soon it only served to remind her that she wasn't getting any. The more she thought about that, the hornier she became. She'd shaved her pussy thoroughly for the date, and when she clenched her thighs together, she felt how smooth and wet she was, and little fireworks popped in her loins.

Fuck this trip, she thought. When she rolled over in frustration, she found herself spooning Lucy, her face pressed into the younger girl's hair. Even more than before, her pussy tingled and started to burn, which troubled her. Everything just served to turn her on more, and the thought of grinding her aching pussy on her sister's leg was starting to feel like a real possibility.

But, no, she told herself. I can't. What's wrong with me? The only way to distract herself from this madness was to take a walk, so quietly, she got dressed and began packing a bag, and then thought that while she was out, she might as well check out the island. There was a dock on the lake with public canoes. If she could get one down, she could row out to the island and take a quick peek. Just in case she got stuck, she brought a bag of trail mix, a road flare her parents didn't know she had, and a spare set of batteries for the flashlight. In her pocket went the map.

As quietly as she could, Sara unzipped the tent, and for a moment, the sounds of sex from her parents' tent ceased. She froze. When they continued, she walked softly to the edge of camp, waiting until she was well away before turning on her flashlight.

Soon after she left the camp, she noted that time had frozen again, but this time she had brought a wind-up pocket watch to keep track of time. To be back before dawn, she wound the clock for a four-hour countdown--more than enough time to get out there and back, assuming nothing went wrong. Still, she wanted as much time as possible to explore, so she began jogging down the path to the dock.

Why there was a dock with public canoes, she honestly couldn't say. As far as she could tell, they were the only campers in ten miles of the water. Perhaps there was something about the bubble that kept people away, but why not her? She soon tired of listing all the possibilities and resigned herself to finding out when she reached the island.

Getting the canoe into the water was easier than she'd expected. These were some seriously fancy canoes, made out of the newest lightweight materials. They were much lighter than the clunky wood-and-fiberglass ones at the Wilderness Girl summer camp. And, as it turned out, the boat handled better and was faster than the ones at summer camp. Perhaps, though, the thrill of exploration was simply driving her on.

Or not. The closer she got to the island, the more she seemed wrapped in a sense of foreboding. Her skin prickled and she shivered, despite the warm summer night air. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea, Sara thought, dragging her paddle in the water. She looked around. The night had turned the lake and inky black that didn't seem to reflect the stars or moon. The only way she could see the island was by catching its silhouette against the curling arm of the Milky Way in the night sky. If she got lost or her tiny canoe flipped over, she may never be found. This thought chilled her even more than that of being lost in a time bubble.

Just as she made to turn the canoe around, perhaps by chance, the glowing blue light caught her eye and then disappeared again. It had definitely come from the island, and she could tell she was close. She strapped her flashlight to the front of the canoe and rowed on. When the flashlight beam met the edge of the island, she let the canoe drift until it slid firmly against the muddy shore. Hopping out and grabbing the light from the front, she dragged the canoe up onto land, letting it lay had hidden in the reeds. At first, the mud threatened to suck her hiking boots from her feet, but soon enough she was on solid ground, a thick row of trees ahead of her and the lake behind her.

Sara still couldn't see where the blue glow had come from, but she was determined to find out. She pointed the flashlight into the thicket and headed in. To her shock, the tree line was only a few yards thick, after which it opened up into a clearing. A canopy of branches stretched overhead, hiding the focus of her attention: a perfect half-sphere of what appeared to be stone. She immediately noticed a series of round holes in the sides, all emanating a blue glow, and guessed that if there was something glowing inside, there must be a way in. She walked around the dome and found the only thing she could describe as an entrance. At ground level there was a square that let out a shaft of blue light. It was small, but it as she examined it more, it appeared that it was a large slot, like that on a piggy bank, only the rest of it was buried.

She got down on her hands and knees and measured herself next to the opening. It would be a squeeze, but she could fit. First, she slid her pack in, and once she felt it drop, she went in feet first. She got stuck, briefly, at her chest and shoulders, and cursed her breasts. She'd been a late bloomer, unlike her sister, and having curves was a relatively new thing. Sara loved having them in every situation other than squeezing into small places, which she seemed to do pretty frequently.

Inside, she was awestruck. The blue glow was coming from a small tree. Every part of it radiated energy, and she found herself both terrified and soothed. The longer she stared at it, though, the more comfortable she became. After her experience yesterday, this wasn't such a huge leap forward. She started toward the glowing plant, but stopped short, some instinct told her not to touch it. Instead, she looked around the inside the dome and saw a hole in the ground larger than the entrance she'd just slipped through. Peering in, she saw that it looked to be part of a structure. There were ladder-like rungs leading down the hole, and beyond that, more glowing colors and a slight humming.

And then there was the smell coming from the hole, was a smell she could only associate with desire. It was slightly reminiscent of sex, but only very slightly. There were other words for the smell, too, but if she'd had to name them, they'd all be just out of reach. The only thing it triggered in her so far was the desire to explore. Wasting no more time, she shouldered her pack and climbed down the ladder.

What she saw when she reached the bottom was a wonderland of exotic plants that she knew could not possibly be from this world. There were vines, the veins in whose leaves glowed crimson. Another blue tree like the one above glowed blue against a wall. However alien the plants around her, she recognized that she was in a corridor of some kind, but it all seemed naturally built. There were no sharp edges or right angles.

Sara continued on, and while the feelings of desire and wonder continued, the sense of foreboding returned with a vengeance. She felt as if she was being watched, yet she saw no eyes. She also could have sworn she saw the plants move, and got the sense that she was being led somewhere, but she shook it off. Continuing on, she let herself become lost in the wondrous, glowing arboretum.

As she approached a junction, she checked her pocket watch in the glow of a hanging vegetable of some sort. She had a little under three hours left. Just in case she got lost on the way out, she gave herself another hour of exploration.

The corridor led naturally to an open doorway, but Sara found it odd that she couldn't find an actual door. In the center of the large room on the other side was a tree covered in vines. Unlike nearly every plant in this place, the tree in this room did not glow, but in the light of all the others, it appeared to be damp with rain that could never have fallen. Leading up to it was a path lined with encroaching thorny bushes blooming with glowing roses. Sara passed through the doorway and started cautiously down the path. She took as much care as she could to avoid touching any of the thorny bushes, but about halfway to the tree she had to inch around a long stem with a luminescent ruby flower on the end, and a thorn snagged her wrist, leaving a light crimson scratch. A single bead of blood welled up, and out of habit, Sara put the scratch to her lips and sucked lightly.

Something about the situation worried her and she looked back to the doorway. It was gone, replaced by a thatching of thin vines. So, she was being led here. The thought scared her, but there was something about this room that increased her desire. She wanted to explore more, of course, but all her other desires were flooding back, and she found herself focused on her temporarily forgotten horniness once again. This time, the frustration was replaced by a focused lust, and she felt the wetness between her legs return. She also felt a crazy electricity in her belly that she knew was the desire for answers to this place.

Though she didn't know how, exactly, she knew she was being manipulated. Her sister Lucy was, even though she was the younger sister, a master manipulator. She always had boys--and sometimes girls, Sara had noted with curiosity a few months back--wrapped around her fingers at school. As far as she could tell, Lucy had never done anything with a boy--or a girl--but seemed to derive joy simply from the power. Sara had long ago become nearly immune to the younger girl's wiles, and had gained an almost sixth sense for manipulation, but in this case, she simply chose to give in. Turning back toward the tree, she saw that all of the thorny bushes now seemed to lean back away from the path, inviting her to press on further. With renewed drive, Sara approached the tree.

Under the canopy, a drop of liquid dripped from one of the vines onto her arm. It was warm, and when Sara went to wipe it off with her finger, she noticed that it was slippery and felt oddly familiar. She smelled it. Her eyes went wide. It was her! She was no stranger to the smell and taste of her own juices. After masturbating, she almost always spent a blissful few minutes smelling and tasting her own fingers. She tentatively licked at the tip of her finger. It really was her! Her sexual frustration returned. If she didn't come soon, she felt as if she would lose her mind. But one last bit of curiosity had to be satisfied first.

Sara reached up and touched the vine, running her fingers along it to gather a little more of the juice. As she did, she felt it ripple just as she would feel the inside of her pussy ripple when she would orgasm. Her mind went to what she would do next. She imagined leaning against the tree and making herself cum, all the while smelling her own juices as they dripped from the vines. No longer able to withstand the lust, she dropped her pack, quickly threw off her boots and socks, and wriggled out of her shorts, skinning her damp panties over her legs. Just for extra measure, she lifted her shirt and bra off in nearly one motion, letting her pert breasts jiggle free. Then came the panic.

As soon as she was naked, as if the tree had been watching, two soft roots quickly wound themselves around her ankles. She hesitated a moment too long, and two vines dropped down lassoing each of her hands. The roots kept her planted, but the vines recoiled to the other side of the tree, pressing her face roughly into the trunk and causing her body to lean against it. Sara screamed as the unbridled lust she'd had was ripped away in an instant and replaced with terror. Her screams were also filled with anger toward herself. She should have known she was just food to these things. How else did they survive down here?

A vine dangled down and hung around her neck, cutting off her scream. This is it, she thought. And closed her eyes. And waited. After a skipped heartbeat or two, she opened them again and saw something odd. The dark green vine was coated in the juices that smelled like her, and the glowing plants in the room shimmered off of it in a psychedelic rainbow. Slowly, those reflections were replaced by real light coming from within the vine. As she watched, a hundred smaller, glowing green strands, each a new vine, sprouted from within the old one that now draped loosely around her shoulders. These new sprouts, the thickness of yarn began to wind gently around her torso, tickling her slightly with their tiny, fuzz-like hairs.

There were spots behind her ears, she'd discovered one night while making out with a boy from school, that drove her crazy when kissed. She shuddered as a few of the new sprouts wound their way to those spots as if they'd known exactly what she needed. Sara felt her body relax, and when it did, the vines crushing her against the tree loosened their pull, allowing her to breathe easier, but still remained firm.

A few more sprouts found their way to her breasts, wound themselves around her aching nipples, and began to pulse rhythmically. Bolts of pleasure shot into her chest and she gasped and relaxed against the tree trunk. More of these fuzzy tendrils found their way down to her belly, causing her to giggle slightly between heavy, pleasurable breaths. And the last group of them traveled down to her V, spread across her thighs and around to her shapely young butt.

For a few minutes, the tendrils teased her like this, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the attention. Suddenly she felt the tree trunk rubbing against her face. Was it getting taller? No. She was getting shorter. No, still. The roots around her ankles were spreading her legs. When they were open and Sara could feel the cool, humid air on her moist pussy lips, the tendrils around her V snaked around to her inner thighs, teasing her there until she was panting. Suddenly, but not unexpectedly, she felt a vine--a real one like the ones that bound her hands--drape down across her back, warm and slippery. It lowered itself down below her butt and then looped back up until the blunt tip of it was at her bellybutton, and then wound itself around her waist.

The vine took up slack and the curve of it settled between Sara's now burning pussy lips. She wiggled her pussy against the vine and it slid smoothly against her clit. A warm blanket of pleasure enveloped her. This, she told herself. This is exactly what she needed. She ground harder against the thick vine, her moans becoming louder and louder until fireworks went off behind her eyes and she came, shuddering.

The vine between her legs loosened as it unwound from her waist. Sara, red faced and breathing heavily in ecstasy, smiled to herself as she remained bound to the tree. Well, she thought. She hadn't lost her virginity, but this was had certainly been the next best thing. As she gathered herself and tried to pull away from the tree, the vines holding her wrists remained firm. She struggled slightly, but stopped and gasped when she found out why she hadn't been released.

Sara felt the blunt end of the vine pressing against the opening to her exposed pussy, and for a second tried to wriggle out of the way. Apparently feeling this, the vine pressed a little harder. Even with its girth, the vine was so slick that it slipped right into her, the tip nestling right up against her hymen. "Ah!" Sara yelped. But the vine didn't move back. Instead, it paused a moment and then pushed forward, breaking her hymen and filling her up. "Owww!" she hollered. The little tendrils around her breasts and thighs throbbed, bringing her pleasure back, and the vine buried in her pussy paused, allowing her to get used to the feeling. After she let out a moan of pleasure, the vine inside her began to pump in and out, slowly. At first, the pain remained, but after a minute, it transformed into pleasure.

Sara could feel the length of the vine inside her, its warmth and the tight, slickness of her young pussy combining to form wave after wave of ecstasy. "Oh, fuck," she moaned, hoping the tree could hear her. "Oh, fuck! It's so good!"

The vine's pumping sped up, and Sara's eyes rolled back in her head as she became lost in the moment. The length of the vine rubbed heavily against her clit as it pounded in and out of her. Soon, the stimulation on her breasts, behind her ears, and between her legs made her explode into an orgasm that she had never thought possible. She screamed, this time in uncontrollable lust, and came.

After a few moments, the vine slid out of her pussy and began slowly winding its way back into the tree. She found her hands and feet free, and collapsed into a panting heap against the trunk. As she regained her senses, she noticed something odd. Veins behind the bark of the tree had begun to glow, ever so dimly, like seams of gold. She wondered if she had been the cause. A grin crept across her face; there was only one way to find out. Unfortunately, she would have to find out another time. She reached for her pack and pulled out her pocket watch. Only one hour left before dawn.

Gathering her clothes, she regarded the tree and all the surrounding plants as she got dressed. She noticed that some plants were dimmer than others, and wondered if all of them required the same "treatment," if that was even what she had done for the tree. If so, she thought mischievously, she would need a good night's sleep tonight.

Day 2

The trip back was uneventful, except that, for the hike back through the forest, she found walking to be a little awkward. Now that most of the pleasure had worn off, the pain of her broken hymen was returning, as well, with a slight throb, but she knew it wouldn't last. Coming back into the camp would be interesting, too, because she was sure she smelled like sex, even if it was her own sex.

Luckily, the rest of the day went more or less without incident. Lucy and her father, Don, had an argument about how to cook bacon, and her mother had woken up looking as if she had the pox. In the first instance, Lucy not only managed to convince her father that her way of cooking bacon was the best way, but that his way, the old army way, was wrong because the army obviously wanted recruits to suffer in order to make them stronger. He admitted that maybe she had a point there, and agreed to let Lucy cook for the rest of the trip. Sara just shook her head and crunched down on an admittedly tasty piece of bacon. As for their mother, Maggie, a few mosquitoes had got trapped in the tent last night, and had gone to town on her. It was well known that mosquitoes never bit Don. It was also well known to Sara, but not to Lucy, what hickeys looked like. Maggie shot Sara a glance, but Sara stared off blankly, feigning ignorance.

"You seem different today," her father said to her later in the day as she woke from a long nap in the hammock she'd brought.

"Different how?" she asked, yawning.

"I don't know," he cocked his head to the side. "Glowing."

Oh shit! She looked at herself. Had there been some sort of side effect of being fucked silly by a tree? As far as she knew, it hadn't come in her, if that was even possible. "Glowing?"

"Yeah, you know: radiant."

"Oh, yeah. Radiant. Right. I guess I just got a good night's sleep last night. The mountain air must be helping after all." Sara desperately hoped he would write her blathering off as a side effect of just having woken from a nap.

"I'm glad," he said, with a little bit of hope in his voice.

"Daddy," Sara said, "I'm sorry I was angry yesterday. I just had a lot of expectations about staying back home, you know?"

"You mean you were hoping to have sex with the Forrester boy?" Don could be hopelessly forward sometimes. Sara's stomach dropped an inch and a half.

"I guess?" she said, not looking at him. Lying to him rarely ever worked, and she hoped he'd just drop it with a simple truth.

"Oh, honey," he said, hugging her. She was instantly glad she'd taken a dip in the lake to clean off after breakfast. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Daddy!" she stuck out her tongue in an 'ick' face. "That's weird!"

But his face got serious. "Honey," he said with a slight sigh. "I know I can be blunt, and I know that talking to your parents about this kind of thing can be … awkward. But I think we both know that you take as much after me as your sister takes after your mother."

"Uh huh," she said, wondering where this was going.

"I raised you like I would have raised any child, and your mother did the same with your sister," he said. "You've still turned out to be a lovely, smart young woman." He paused. "And very beautiful," he added. "But you've got a lot of me in you. Er…" he rolled his eyes "… you know what I mean."

She did. "I do."

"So, what I'm saying is, that--"

She cut him off. "Similar minds think alike?"


"So you knew we were going to do it all along," she asked, "and still brought me out here?"

"The way I figure it," he said, shrugging, "is that if he's worth it, he'll still want you when you come back, even after disappointing him."

"You're beginning to sound like Lucy," Sara said with a grin. "Or mom."

He laughed big roaring laughs from his belly. It wasn't a thing Sara saw often. Even Lucy and Maggie, across the camp, paused what they were doing and glanced over. "Ha! No, that’s just some old fashioned fatherly advice," he said. " But look, about your sister: I know, with you, you've simply become immune to her. I've always been good at following. I was a good soldier, but I never really led anyone in the army. Never had the desire. And look at your mother." They looked, watching the woman play checkers with her younger daughter on a tree stump, teasing and trash talking the entire time. "She's a force of nature."

Sara nodded in concession. "She totally is."

Don cleared his throat. "Not that she bosses me around or anything."

"Of course not," she smirked.

"And I know you two haven't exactly been the closest mother and daughter," he said, becoming slightly serious again. "But she loves you, too, at least as much as I do."

"I know, daddy."

"Good," he said. "Good."

"Daddy?" Sara asked.


"What was the point?"

He clicked his fingers. "Right. Of course. Um, it was that you can tell me anything."

"OK," she said.

"Right," he said. "So I guess I'll go see what we've got to make for dinner."

"I thought Lucy was cooking," Sara said as he walked away.

"We'll see!" he called back, grinning.

That night, Don cooked an exquisite dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, fresh from the can. As they ate, he explained in great detail where he had obtained the white bread, cheddar cheese, and tomato soup. The hunt had been excruciating, taking all of ten minutes, in which time hardships had befallen the hunting party (Maggie got a paper cut on a coupon) and sacrifices were made to the gods to keep the weather at bay (Don had eaten a grape without paying for it). Lucy just rolled her eyes and sighed. Definitely not her father's daughter.

But all through dinner and into the night, Sara kept catching Lucy staring at her. Lucy wasn't one to fixate on something so obviously for so long, and it began to make Sara uncomfortable. Did she know something about what had happened to her? Just thinking about it again made her horny, and she fidgeted. After what seemed like hours of her sitting at the campfire, trying desperately not to think about sex, her parents announced that they were calling it a night.

In the tent with Lucy, Sara unpacked her daypack, and then re-packed it to make sure she had everything she would need during her next visit. She also laid out her clothes for the next day, picking items that would be easier to remove in a hurry, and conveniently leaving out panties.

Lucy yawned and declared that she was going to hit the hay, pulling her shirt over her head to replace it with the shirt she slept in. Sara glanced her sister’s small but shapely breasts and felt her loins tingle again. Damn it, she thought. Not this again. Trees yes, sister no, she told herself silently. Hell, she wasn't even into girls. Except for the one she made out with on a dare one night during her freshman year of high school. That had actually been pretty nice. And then there was that time at home when…. No! Stop! Her mind cartwheeled as her desire flared up again. She lay down facing away from her sister and buried as much of her head in her pillow as she could. Thankfully, the day's events had taken it out of her, and she quickly fell asleep.

Some time later, Sara awoke to Lucy shaking her gently. "Hey," her sister whispered. "Sara."

"I'm awake," she groaned. "I'm awake. What is it?"

"Shhhh," the younger girl hushed. "Where'd you go last night?"

"I didn't go anywhere last night," Sara said, evading.

"Liar." Lucy paused. "Fine. Where'd you go early this morning?"

"I went to see if I was crazy or if there really was something out in the woods that stops time," Sara said, hoping a little truth would satisfy.

"Ohhh," whispered Lucy sarcastically. "And it took you four hours why? Sara," she mocked, "were you just out there staring at the sun? It's bad for your eyes, you know."

"Look," Sara said, becoming irritated.

"Shh!" Lucy hushed her again.

"Look," Sara whispered. "I just took a walk, OK? I was supposed to go on a date … tonight, actually. Anyway, I was just frustrated and needed to take my mind off of things."

"You needed to find a place to jerk off, you mean," Lucy said. Sara was taken aback and Lucy must have sensed it. "I may be young, but I'm not an ignorant little baby," the girl said, sounding genuinely hurt by the idea that Sara looked down on her.

Sara, sensing a mind game, avoided apologizing. "Girls don't ‘jerk off,’ stupid," she said, smirking.

"Well, I do," Lucy spat in a hoarse whisper.

Sara was suddenly convinced that Lucy was being genuine. There was no way she would have admitted that to Sara otherwise.

"No," Sara said. "That's not what we call it. Boys ‘jerk off.'" Sara made little air quotes with her fingers.

"Well, Annie and Molly call it that," Lucy said.

"Annie and Molly wouldn't know a pussy from a hole in the ground," Sara said. This time, it was Lucy's turn to be taken aback. Thinking about sex, and now talking about it had loosened Sara's mouth. Wow, she thought. Just like dear ol’ dad: no filter.

"And what about me?"

"What about you?"

"Do I know a pussy from a hole in the ground?" Lucy said, mockingly, but this time out of hurt feelings. Sara began to feel bad for her. Why would she have expected her little sister to know so much about sex? It wasn't like they'd ever have talked about it before, always being somewhat at odds. Still, Sara wasn't about to get trapped in apologies with her sister.

"I honestly don't know," Sara admitted.

"I put a finger in. Once," Lucy said, awkwardly. There was a long silence.

"Then you're doing fine," Sara said. Part of her screamed not to, but she reached out and stroked her sister's hair. It was so fine and smooth. Sara reached out and hugged Lucy to her. "I'm sorry if I made you feel stupid." Oops!

"So is that what you were doing out there, just all by yourself?" Lucy asked, her head pressed against Sara's shoulder.

"Eh, I don't think we should talk about it, OK?" Sara said, trying to back out.

"I thought you were sorry!" Lucy whispered.

"So what if I am?"

"So tell me about it!"

"No way! Why would you want to know, anyway?"

"Because I want to know how to do it right!"

Sara couldn't tell if that was the truth, but even in the haze of her horny mind, she decided it was better to leave it be. "No one told me how," Sara said. "Practice enough and you'll get it. Trust me."

Lucy crossed her arms in defiance, pulling away from Sara. "If you don't tell me what you did out there for four hours, I'll tell daddy you went out. I'll wake him up and tell him right now about how you were about to go out tonight, too."

Sara felt like slapping her sister silly. They both knew they couldn't lie to their father. The best thing Sara could hope for was his complete ignorance of the events in the underground structure. If he asked … well, she would have to make sure it never came to that. Anger combined with horniness had never been a good mixture with her, and after a second's thought, Sara said, "Fine, fine, fine. I won't tell you, but I'll take you there and show you."

"Eww!" Lucy made her 'ick' face. "You don't have to show me!"

"Believe me," Sara said, now very serious. "You have to see it to believe it."

Lucy's face betrayed her realization that there was something more to all this. "Fine," she said, warily. "When do we go?"

Sara reached for her pack and pulled out the pocket watch. They would have somewhat more time than she did the previous night. She wound it for a six-hour countdown.

Since Sara knew the route, the trip to the dock went more quickly than it had before, with two exceptions. The first was that with her sister coming with her, exiting the camp quietly was a little harder than before because of the girl's relative inexperience in the wilderness. Twigs snapped and leaves crunched under Lucy's every step. The second was that Lucy nearly had a panic attack when they crossed into the time bubble. The physical sensation alone was a little jarring, but looking up to see a shooting star frozen in the sky could, even to someone who'd seen it before, be quite disconcerting.

Just after they'd crossed into the bubble, Sara had released the catch on the pocket watch, and it began ticking. Lucy looked at her, puzzled for a moment before she said, "So that's how you made it back on time." Sara had grinned, saying nothing.

When they reached the dock, the girls lifted the canoe off the rack and slid it into the water with barely a splash. Sara climbed forward and attached the flashlight to the bow once more. As they rowed out toward the island, Lucy peered down into the ink black water, just as Sara had done on her first trip out. The older girl could sense her sister's trepidation and knew what she must be feeling. Now, though, after having been coerced into bringing her younger sister to a place that she regarded as especially hers, Sara took pleasure in Lucy's fear and discomfort.

Soon, the illuminated edge of the island appeared before them and Lucy noticed the glint of blue light. "What is that?" she asked, clearly unsettled.

"It's where we're going," Sara said. "You still want to know where I was last night, right?"

"I guess," Lucy said. "I don't know, actually."

Any further thought she may have had on the matter quickly disappeared when the canoe ran up on the muddy shore. The muck was deep, so because she didn't know how the smaller girl would fair, Sara hopped out and pulled the boat up farther into the reeds before motioning for Lucy to join her. Together they hid the boat in the reeds.

Sara took her sister by the hand and led her into the dense thicket lining the shore. When the two emerged, the younger girl took in a breath. "What is this place?" she asked.

Sara led her around to where the entrance was. The blue glow illuminated their faces, and Lucy's eyes went wide. "Is this where you came to, uh," the younger girl now paused, not quite so brazen, "… you know?"

"Not quite," Sara smiled. "You sure you can handle this? You're looking a little pale."

Lucy regained her composure, even if it was a front. "Of course I can!" And then: "You go first."

Sara chuckled and knelt at the square entrance, and dropped her daypack in followed by Lucy's. Again, she went feet first, but this time, she angled her body so as not to snag her breasts on the stone walls. When she was in, she heard her sister calling to her. "Sara?" She decided not to answer for a second. "Sara?"

Sara jumped in front of the entrance. "Boo!"

The younger girl started, but kept herself from screaming. "Very funny, dork!"

"Come on in," Sara said. "Feet first." As she heard her sister inching through the entrance, Sara could already feel the effects of the glowing plants. The itch of desire resurfaced, and she became so lost in it that she almost didn't notice that Lucy was too short and was going to fall into the dome. She reached out and caught her sister's legs, feeling their smoothness against her skin When the girl was all the way through, Sara let her ease down through her arms. When the girls' breasts collided, Sara resisted any and all temptations running wild in her brain.

Once Lucy's feet were on the floor, she spent a good couple of minutes staring in bewilderment at the glowing blue tree in front of her. "It's so pretty," she said.

"It gets better," Sara said, placing a hand on the small of the girl's back and leading her toward the hole in the floor. Again, the smells and lights coming from the underground corridors made her loins itch. When she looked to see if her sister was experiencing the same sensations, She saw that the girl had a slight grin on her face and was breathing a little more heavily.

"Sara," Lucy said. "I feel funny."

"Funny how?" Sara was worried that maybe the effects of the plants were too strong for the younger, smaller girl. "Woozy?"

"No," Lucy said, looking Sara in the eyes. She was clearly not drugged. "Just funny. Excited a little."

Sara needed to get back down into the underground forest. This she knew. "It's OK," she said to her sister. "Wanna explore downstairs?"

"I feel like I need to," Lucy said. "You feel the same way, don't you?"


Sara went first again, and when she reached the bottom of the ladder, she felt a cooling sense of relief. She looked around at the glowing plants, marveling once more at their beauty. When Lucy reached her, they both stood for a while as Sara let the girl take in the view.

"Oh my god!" Lucy whispered, as if she was in a library. "How did you find out about this place?"

"It was when I was in the time bubble the first time," Sara said. "I was running out, and I saw the blue light from one of the holes in the dome."

"This place is amazing!" Lucy said, approaching a bush covered in chains of glowing orange spheres, her hand reaching out to it.

"Hey!" Sara called to her sharply. Lucy stopped on a dime and looked back. "Don't touch anything. We don't know what all these things are."

Lucy's hand shot back to her side. Bad memories of poison ivy the previous summer danced in her head. Just the thought of it almost made the younger girl itch. "Right," she said.

For a while, Sara and Lucy walked through the corridors of what Sara was coming to understand as a system of halls and rooms, almost like an old library. Interesting, she thought, that Lucy had naturally assumed they were supposed to be quiet. And then she remembered the previous night.

As the vine in buried in her tight young pussy had rubbed against her clit on every thrust, she had screamed like a banshee as she came. Perhaps, she thought, the rules changed when the inhabitants fucked young humans. The memory made her head spin, and when she finally shook it off, she noticed that she could feel a single trickle of moisture running down the inside of her leg. She had put on slightly baggier shorts than the night before, and had skipped wearing panties, so there was nothing to stop the wetness. Fortunately, the dim light and her sister's fixation on the multitude of alien plants around them let the moisture go unnoticed.

The path they took was, in Sara's estimation, in the exact opposite direction than the way she'd walked before, but she got the sense again that they were being guided. Even Lucy felt it. "I feel like we're being watched," she said.

"Yeah," Sara said, taking her sister by the hand and leading her further into the tunnels. "I know what you mean."

"So are we?" Lucy asked. "You've been here before."

"Not exactly," Sara said, feeling a sense of deja vu.

"What does that mean?"

Sara stopped short and Lucy nearly bumped into her in the dim light. This was definitely the same doorway she had come to last night. Butterflies filled her stomach, but in the back of her mind she worried how her sister might react if what happened to her last night happened again. She felt her pussy become sopping wet thinking about it, but it was one thing to show her sister how she fingered herself, as she was sure Lucy had expected, and another thing entirely to have the younger girl watch as a tree fucked her silly. Still, she put one foot in front of the other and passed through the doorway, sister in tow.

"This is where you came last night," Lucy said.

"Under the tree, yeah," Sara said, bending the truth for just a few minutes more.

"How'd you get to the there?" The girls stood just inside the large chamber, vine-laced tree dimly glowing veins of gold before them in the center. Surrounding the tree, however, the ruby-glowing thorny bushes grew thick and wide, blocking the path that once led directly there.

"It wasn't like this before," Sara said. "Wait here." Sara dropped Lucy's hand and stepped forward to examine the bushes, trying to find a path through. When she approached, the bushes parted.

"Whoa!" Lucy cried. "That's incredible!"

"That's not the half of it," Sara said, her mind trying to wrap itself around how all this was working. "Come on." Sara continued forward, and the bushed parted in front of her, but as Lucy approached, they closed, blocking her path.

"Hey!" Lucy called. "What the hell!"

Sara turned and started back toward her sister. The bushes allowed her to pass. Halfway back, some idea that had been churning over and over finally clicked. The ruby flowers, the thorns. Sara looked at the spot where the thorn had snagged her wrist. When she reached the edge of the thicket where Lucy waited, the bushes ceased to part. "Give me your hand," Sara said, extending hers to the outside of the thicket.

Lucy looked as if she was going to say something, but then simply reached out and took the offered hand. "Nothing's happening," she said.

"Not yet," Sara said, gripping her sister's hand hard. A wild look of fear flashed onto Lucy's face as she realized what was about to happen, but she didn't have time for words. Sara yanked and the smaller blonde girl came crashing through the thorny branches, collapsing in the dirt at her sister's feet.

"Aaah! Ow!" Lucy yelled, tending to her scratched arm and legs. "Why'd you do that?"

"Look," Sara said, gesturing toward the tree. A clear path lay between the girls and the tree. Sara showed her the nearly healed scratch on her wrist from the night before. "I think they need a sample of blood. Like a key or something."

Lucy still seemed angry. "They?"

Sara stroked one of the glowing ruby flowers. Lucy’s anger immediately evaporated as she watched the delicate luminescent petals ripple under her sister’s touch. There was something about it that made her feel a little hot and funny, like she did when she needed to play with herself. As Lucy reached out to stroke the petals, Sara dug into her daypack and pulled out a small piece of cloth and wiped the tiny beads blood from her sister's scratches. "Sorry," Sara said. "I'm still figuring this place out."

Sara helped her sister to her feet, and they continued down the cleared path, Lucy running her hands over glowing ruby petals as they went. Sara noticed that her sister seemed to shiver each time her fingers stroked another flower. When they reached the tree, Lucy noticed the dampness of the vines. Before Sara could say anything, Lucy reached up and touched the first one she could reach. She would have said something, but Sara wanted to see what kind of reaction her sister would have. As the younger girl brought her now damp fingers to her nose, her eyes went wide. "It smells like me," she said, warily. "I mean, down there. My--"

"Pussy?" Sara finished. She dropped her pack in the dirt and started unbuttoning her shirt.

"Sara, what're you doing!?" Lucy asked, flustered.

"I thought you wanted to know how I did what I did," Sara said, pulling off her shirt and unhooking her bra. She found that the lust she'd known the night before had been a pale shadow of the passion she was feeling now. Nothing would stop her from being satisfied, not even the prying eyes of her younger sister.

"I did," Lucy said. "I mean I do."

Sara turned to stuff her shirt and bra into her pack, and while she was at it she pulled off her boots and let her loose shorts fall over her hips, exposing her bare ass and pussy to the cool air. She knew that any moment, she would feel the grasp of roots and vines. She turned back to her young sister to explain that she was about to witness something really strange, and not to worry, but when she did, Lucy was removing the last of her socks. "What're you doing?!" Sara gasped.

"I'm feeling really hot, and I need to play with myself," Lucy said. Honestly, the wooziness she’d been feeling was rapidly turning into full-blown desire. "If you're going to show me, I can just copy you, right?"

Sara stared at her naked little sister, her small firm breasts and her smooth skin, and felt a dozen different thoughts screaming at her. Before she could say or do anything more, two soft roots popped from the dirt and wound themselves around Lucy's ankles. Panic struck, and the girl bent down to try and free herself. "Sara!" the younger sister cried. "Help me!"

Sara found herself frozen in place, trapped between the desire to free her sister from what was sure to be a rough deflowering and the lust that made her want to watch. She watched the blonde girl's fingers pry at the roots to no avail until two more roots quickly took the girl's wrists. Off balance, Lucy fell forward on to her hands and knees and the roots pinned her there. "S-sara," her little sister pleaded. "What's going on?"

Sara couldn't rightly, say. The vines in the tree made no move toward the girl, who simply remained pinned. "I don't know," Sara said. "This is different from last night." But as helpful as she wanted to be, the older sister's lust could not be overcome. She went and knelt by her sister, whose eyes, wide with fear and uncertainty, reflected the myriad glowing colors in the room.

"Tell you what," Sara said, running her fingers sensually through her sister's hair. "While you're stuck there, I'll show you what I did last night, OK?"

"OK." Lucy swallowed some of the terror back, and desire quickly filled its place. "But Sara?"

"Yeah, sweetie?"

"Could you run your hands through my hair again? It felt kinda nice."

Sara felt boundaries breaking down in her mind, and he strangest part about it was that despite all of the alien influence on her lust, she knew that she was the only one breaking down the boundaries. "Of course," she said, and, kneeling in front of her sister, ran her fingers deep into the girl's hair, feeling her scalp prickle at the touch.

"Mmmm," Lucy sighed, tilting her head back. "Again?"

When Lucy spoke, Sara felt her warm breath on her breasts, and it made her dizzy. Sara ran her fingers through the girl's hair again, and when she was done, she dragged her fingertips back over her sister's shoulders, flipped her hands over, and continued down the girl's chest until her hands gently cupped the two small breasts that hung there. "Uh," Lucy said, clearly starting to feel the lust and pleasure of this place, but not as far gone as her sister. "Uh, Sara. You shouldn't do that. It's wrong."

"You don't sound convinced," Sara said with a mischievous smile. She lightly pinched her sister’s nipples, causing the younger girl to let out a breath.

"Oh!" was all Lucy could say.

Sara stood up suddenly grinning. "Something to think about," she said, taking a few steps back. When she did, two roots wound around her ankles. Lucy gasped as a vine drooped from the tree, looping around her big sister's body. The vine began to tighten, sliding smoothly up Sara's body and catching under her arms. It pulled higher, raising her arms, and once the loop was past her head, it tightened, around her wrists, binding her hands above her head. The two roots then moved in the dirt, spreading Sara's legs. Lucy could now see clearly how wet her sister had become.

Sara felt the cool air against her exposed pussy and shivered with pleasure. She saw her sister watching her and for a moment became a little self-conscious. As the vine binding her hands pulled her arms taught above her head, she saw another vine drop loosely from the tree above Lucy. The younger girl started when its blunt tip touched the middle of her back, and Sara wondered what would come next.

As the tree had done to Sara the previous night, the vine on Lucy's back sprouted a hundred smaller glowing versions of itself that began to spread over the girl's body. "Oh, god!" Lucy whimpered, squirming. Bound as she was on her hands and knees, she couldn't see what was going on. "What's happening?"

"Don't worry," Sara cooed, watching the tiny sprouts wind their way around her sister's developing curves. She noticed that the little tendrils were heading for different spots on the bound blonde girl than they had on her. The first group went up the back of Lucy's neck and into her hair. "Eek!" Lucy blurted in surprise when she felt them there, but turned it into a pleasured "Ahh…" as they apparently worked a kind of magic that Sara's fingers could not. A second group of tendrils wound down her arms nestling in the crook of her elbows and on the soft inside of her wrists. Sara saw the girl's arms twitch as the teasing plants caused her muscles to nearly fail her. "Oh!" the girl moaned.

Sara thought that that place on Lucy must be like the spots behind her own ears. As if the plants were reading her thoughts, she felt a sprouting mass across her back. Wow, she thought. She had been so lost watching her sister get teased by these little tendrils that she hadn't even noticed the vines around her own body.

Lucy's neck had relaxed so much from the wonderful feelings she was getting on her neck and scalp that her head hung loosely between her shoulders. The tendrils that had been massaging her there suddenly tightened, pulling her head up by her hair. "Ah!" Lucy cried. But she paid the discomfort no mind when she saw the miniature vines creep over her older sister. So that's what that feeling was, she thought. Lucy watched as the tendrils wormed their way behind Sara's ears, and saw the older girl heave an ecstatic breath. More wound around Sara's stomach, and when they reached her breasts, they wound gently around her nipples. Lucy saw her sister's knees buckle, but the vines binding her hands held her up. The sight of her sister in the throes of so much pleasure started to make the younger girl jealous, but she wouldn't have to wait long.

As the tendrils continued to tease and stimulate her, Sara saw that Lucy was being forced to watch. And as Sara looked her sister lustily in the eyes, the tendrils continued their exploration of the younger's body, climbing down to her belly and to her little pert breasts, where they wound much more tightly than they had on Sara. The girl squealed as the tendrils squeezed her sensitive nipples. "Aah! Aaaah!" the girl cried. Sara worried through the waves of pleasure that her sister was in pain, but a dopey smile crept across the younger girl's face. As the tendrils crawled over Lucy's butt and down the backs of her thighs, Sara saw the girl's eyes roll back in her head. Once all of the tiny vines had found their spots and settled into teasing the girl, Lucy's eyes finally readjusted, focusing on Sara.

A thick vine from the tree dropped down below Sara's knees, wrapping itself around her leg and winding its way up her thigh. Lucy watched this and panted as her own tendrils teased her breasts and thighs. When the vine reached Sara's wet pussy, it paused. "Come on," she pleaded, her head tilted back in erotic frustration. Lucy took in a sharp breath as she watched the vine press against the entrance to her sister’s pussy. As it popped in, Lucy watched inch after girthy inch of it disappear into the older girl.

"Oh, god," both of them said at once. In Sara's case, it was from the pleasure of feeling the vine fill her tight wet pussy again. For Lucy, it was the realization that this was what had happened last night. The thought of it made her incredibly horny, a sensation she had just been getting used to, but it also made her realize that her sister was no longer a virgin and that, by the end of the night, she may not be, either. That thought, too, brought on a mix of emotions, both erotic and troubling, but they were but a drop in the ocean of pleasure wasting over her.

Sara felt the vine begin to pump in and out of her, rubbing tightly against her clit on every thrust. Again, her knees buckled, but she remained upright, hanging for a moment from her bound hands. "Oh, fuck!" Sara cried as the vine sped up. "Oh, fuck me! Fuck meeee!" She could feel the thick vine filling and leaving her burning pussy again and again, and her words became moans.

Lucy saw the thick vine stretching her sister's bare snatch, pumping in and out furiously, and combined with the teasing and stimulation from the tendrils on her own body, she felt ready to explode in lust and jealousy. "Oh, shit, I'm coming!" Sara squealed suddenly. "Coming, coming! Oh fuck!" Lucy watched her sister's body convulse in ecstasy. The pumping of the vine slowed in time with Sara's convulsions. When it finally popped out of her, Sara hung on the vine that bound her hands, twitching.

When the roots binding Sara's feet released her, and the vine she hung from lowered her to her knees and unbound her wrists, Lucy wondered if she was still bound because the same thing was about to happen to her. Anticipating a ravaging, the girl tensed up.

Sara, panting on her hands and knees, raised her head and noticed that her little sister was still bound. The tendril seemed to be working their best, but the girl was tense. Sara crawled over to her, noticing with amusement that with the glowing green tendrils wound into her blonde hair, she looked kind of like Medusa. A very, horny, flushed Medusa. "Why hasn't it let me go?" Lucy asked, nervousness just barely penetrating her heavy breathing.

"I don't know," Sara said. She traced a finger down the length of a tendril on the girl's shoulder and felt an almost electric sensation in her fingertip. Lucy shuddered. "Like that?"

"God, yes!" said Lucy, surprised. Somehow the connection amplified the pleasure she got not just from the one tendril, but from all of them. "Do it again!"

This time, Sara traced the tendril down from her shoulder and to the girl's breast, following the spiral all the way to the nipple. Lucy moaned wordlessly, arching her back up and then down as the sensation sent bolts of pleasure arcing through her body. "Ah!" the girl cried. "Ha!" Sara took her other hand and placed it on her sister's other breast, causing the girl to buck. No longer able to make sounds, Lucy was reduced to breathy gasps as her older sister helped the plant pleasure her. Her head still held back, she couldn't see what was going on under her, but did have an excellent view of her sister's larger pert breasts. She felt her pussy become sopping wet, and an irresistible itch began to form in her belly.

As Sara played with her sister's breasts, she suddenly felt a warm sensation on her breast. She looked down and saw Lucy's tongue reach out and flick her nipple. Jeez, she thought, her sister must be completely horny. Sara leaned forward, pressing her breast to Lucy's mouth, causing the both girls to moan. Lucy's tongue ran circles around the older girl's nipple, and Sara felt sparks, gripping her sister's firm breasts a little harder.

The lust cascaded into a fever pitch when Sara noticed a vine dangle down behind her sister. It wasn't as thick as the one that had just fucked Sara, but it was plenty big enough, the older girl saw. Lucy made a hesitant sound when two more root popped from the ground, grasped her knees, and spread her legs apart. When the vine wound itself around Lucy's waist, the she tried to shift and look back, but Sara helped the tendrils keep the girl's head still and shoved her other breast into her open mouth. The vine tightened and Lucy's pussy lips parted as she straddled it. "Mmmf!" she groaned into Sara's breast, when she felt the slickness of it against her little clit. Lucy shifted, trying to free herself of the vine between her legs, but the more she did, the more the "Mmmf!" became "Mmmm!"

Lucy had begun to grind against the vine, and her tongue resumed its circles around her big sister's nipple. The sensation was incredible, much better than her fingers had been. She felt a rising tension in her body and ground against the vine harder. Lucy had never been able to make herself come before, but now she was about to know what it felt like. Just before the girl was about to come, the vine instantly went slack. Lucy whimpered.

Sara saw the vine wind itself further around Lucy's waist and drape its blunt tip between her legs. Lucy took her mouth from her sister's breast and the girls' eyes met. Sara wished she could see what was happening, but she knew everything when her sister's eyes went wide. "Oh, god," the girl groaned, clearly dealing with the girth. "It's in me."

"All the way?" Sara asked.

"I don't think so," Lucy said. Sara immediately bent and kissed her sister more passionately than she had kissed any boy. Lucy had just begun to return the kiss, when the vine plunged all the way into her. She screamed into her sister’s mouth, and Sara's fingertips traced gentle little circles around the girl's nipples, hoping that it would ease the pain. "It hurts!" Lucy cried.

"I know, Lucky," Sara said, calling her by the name she used on the rare occasions that they got along.

The vine pulled back and gently pushed forward again. "Ah!" Lucy groaned again. Now, rhythmically, but still way more gently than it had ever been with Sara, the vine slowly began to pump in and out of Lucy's tight little pussy. "Ow, ow, ow," the girl groaned for a while until finally Lucy moaned, "Oh, oh, oh." The vine stretched her pussy, and now Sara's little sister knew the feeling of her taut little clit sliding against the length of an intruding vine. "Oh, god. God damn!"

"Good?" Sara said, smiling at her sister, hopefully.

"Great!" the girl said, her face flushed. Sara kissed her again, and this time Lucy kissed back just as passionately. The girls' tongues met and swirled around each other in an erotic dance. Soon, both were moaning as the vine sped up its pumping.

After such a long tease, Lucy couldn't last very long, and pulled her mouth from her sister's as she began to come, screaming incoherently. Her body rocked and shook as ecstasy overcame her. The vine kept pumping into her until she began making guttural, grunting noises, and then slowed.

As the vine's fucking of her little sister wound down and the tendrils began to recede from her body, Sara held her. The girl looked worn out, and once the roots released her arms and legs, Sara looked for a place they could rest that wasn't in the dirt. Just next to the tree trunk was a thatched blanket of the same kind of tendrils that had teased them. Sara helped her sister up, and then the two girls staggered to the improvised blanket.

It was strong, but soft, and although the tiny, fuzzy hairs on the tendrils tickled slightly, the girls found it was perhaps he most comfortable thing they'd ever laid on. Sara lay on her back, Lucy on her side, cuddling up close.

"That was incredible!" Lucy murmured into her sister's neck.

"You said it, Lucky," Sara said, wrapping her arm around her sister and stroking her back.

"Where did all this come from?"

"I wish I knew," Sara said, "but I'm not sure it's from around here. Earth, I mean."

"No kidding," her sister said, bringing an arm to rest limply on Sara's belly. "Did you notice that the tree seems brighter?"

Sara honestly hadn't paid attention, but when she looked, she noticed that the veins of glowing gold in the tree's trunk and branches had gotten brighter since the last time. Again, gears in her head turned and clicked. "I have a theory about that," she said.

"'I have a theory about that,'" her sister said in her best Nutty Professor voice. "You're such a nerd!" Normally, this would have been an insult, but this time Lucy giggled and kissed her on the cheek. "So what's your theory, professor?"

Sara stared up into the branches and vines, thinking. "I think that blue tree in the dome is like a beacon or something," she began. "Like an SOS or something."

"SOS?" Lucy asked, clearly not her father's daughter. "Like 'sexy older sister'?"

"You think I'm sexy?" Sara turned her head toward her sister.

"I do now," Lucy said, kissing Sara deeply. When they parted, she said, with lightning speed, "I mean, I think I maybe always had a crush. I don't know. It's weird. You're my sister, you know? And that feels, I dunno, wrong somehow. But I can't help it."

"Wow," Sara said.

"Right?" Lucy said, eyebrows raised. "I mean, you clearly feel the same way about me, too. That's why you brought me here, right?" Sara hesitated a little too long. "Right?" Lucy asked, a little more hopefully.

"I think so," Sara said. "I mean, last night, when I saw you changing," Sara turned on her side, facing her sister, and traced a finger over the girl's breast. Lucy drew in a breath. "I mean, I've seen you naked a million times, but holy cow, you know? And honestly, you were being kind of a brat, and I thought that I'd teach you a lesson."

"You wanted to punish me by giving me the best fucking orgasm I may ever have?" Lucy looked incredulous.

"Look," Sara said, "I'm not the best when it comes to dealing with people."

Lucy rolled her eyes. "Sara," she said seriously. "You thought it was going to be rough, and you wanted it to hurt."

"I," Sara began, feeling ashamed. "I did." She started drawing away from her sister, but the younger girl grabbed her hand and put it back on her breast. Lucy looked into her eyes.

"I don't care," the girl said. "I was being a brat. Unlike you, I am good with people. I always figured if I could get you to what I want, like I can with everyone else, I'd at least have you close. And," she added, smiling, "it wasn't that rough, after all. At least not with me."

"Yeah, that's odd," Sara said. "That was part of my theory."

"Oh, here we go again!" Lucy said, grinning.

"I think that somehow this place knows what we want," Sara said.

"Ooh!" Lucy said, grasping her sister by the shoulder. "I want a million bucks!"

"Sexually, I mean," Sara said. "You were right. The tree is getting brighter. I think this place is powered by sexual energy, or something."

"I guess that makes sense," Lucy said. "As much sense as anything else here." She looked up at the tree, whose veins glowed noticeably brighter than when they had entered. "But I'm not sure."

"Why not?" Sara asked, noticing that Lucy's fingers had begun running sensually down her back.

"If this place knows what we want," Lucy started, her fingertips moving down to trace to contour of Sara's butt, "how come it had to seduce us? I mean, you felt it, too, right?"

"Yeah," Sara admitted, pinching her sister's nipple lightly and rolling it between her fingers. "I don't know. But do you ever think we'd ever be together like this without a little push?"

Lucy's hand moved up, brushing over Sara's breast. When it reached the older girl's shoulder, Lucy pushed and Sara rolled onto her back. "Like that?" she asked, getting up off her side and straddling her sister's waist.

Sara ran her hands over Lucy's smooth, creamy thighs, and drank in the girl's body with her eyes. "Definitely like that," she said, smiling.

"But," Lucy said, "you like it, right? I mean, you're not doing all of this just because this place tells you to, right?"

"Lucky Lucy," Sara, said, reaching up, grabbing her younger sister by the hair that fell down around her shoulders, and gently pulling her down until they were face to face. "I love it. And I love you."

Lucy gave her a mischievous smile. "Then you're going to love this." With that, Lucy grabbed her big sister's wrists and pinned them above her head. Before Sara understood the exactly what was going on, two roots had snaked out from between the weave of tendrils and bound her wrists. As Lucy pulled away, another root wrapped around Sara's waist. Two more popped through the glowing blanket and bound her knees. "Actually," Lucy added, matter-of-factly, "I think I'm going to enjoy this more. You're all mine."

The younger girl took in the sight of Sara's bound body for a few moments, savoring the sight of her helpless sister. It made her incredibly horny to think of what she might do next. The possibilities seemed endless.

"You really do like having power," Sara said, not struggling against her binds, knowing there was no point. "Don't you?" Sara had hoped that the two of them might explore each other's bodies gently as lovers, but there was no question that that was not going to happen. Lucy gave her a questioning look, stood up, and went to find her daypack. Not understanding what question Lucy had asked herself, Sara continued as Lucy returned with something hidden in her clenched hand. "I'd always wondered what you got out of having everyone wrapped around your fingers."

Kneeling beside Sara, the younger girl put a hand on the inside of her sister's thigh and, with the roots' help, spread the older girl's legs. Lucy cupped her sister's pussy in her hand and felt the heat--and increasing moisture, she noticed--emanating from it. "I never wanted anyone wrapped around my fingers," she said. "Only you." With that, she plunged two fingers deep into her sister's pussy, feeling the warm, slick tightness. God, she thought. This was going to be fun.

Feeling her sister's fingers suddenly inside her, Sara jumped with surprise and pleasure, throwing her head back. "Ah--!" she cried, for a split second before Lucy's hand clapped over her mouth, filling it with something soft. Sara recognized the smell of it: Lucy's panties. A small, strong tendril looped over her mouth to keep it in place.

"Now hush," Lucy said, kissing her on the lower lip. "You're such a screamer." Lucy wiggled her fingers in her sister’s pussy, feeling it twitch.

"Mmmmf!" Sara said through the wad of cotton.

"You like that?" Lucy asked, devilishly. With out waiting for a reply, she straddled her sister's thigh, keeping her fingers firmly planted in the older girl's pussy. Lucy stretched herself down over Sara's body until her mouth met a nipple and her itching pussy ground against her sister's smooth, toned thigh. She licked, sucked, and teased Sara's breast, fingering her all the while, and the older sister moaned through her gag. Lucy's breath became ragged as she ground her little clit against Sara's increasingly wet thigh.

By the time Lucy switched to Sara's other breast, both girls were moaning and breathing heavily. Suddenly, Lucy lifted her head from Sara's chest and took her fingers from her sister's drooling pussy, and said, "I need more."

Sara was reeling from the sudden absence of pleasure, but snapped back to the moment when her sister yanked the panties from her mouth and replaced it with her tight little pussy. The girl had a little hair between her legs, but it was more like a fine blonde fuzz. Straddling Sara's face as she was, her pussy open and exposed to the older girl's mouth, it didn't really matter.

Sara didn't need a moment to think about it. If Lucy wanted her big sister to eat her pussy, Sara was happy to oblige. She'd never even thought about going down on a girl before now, but she did what she thought she herself would want. Sara started kissing and nibbling the spread-open lips and licked up and down the length of girl’s tight sex. Lucy moaned and rocked back and forth a little. Sara stood her tongue up straight and let her little sister do some of the work. She then flicked the girl's hard little clit, and Lucy went bananas. "Oh, fuck!" the girl cried out. "Do it again!" Sara flicked Lucy's clit again, and the girl cried out in pleasure. Now, Sara's tongue made circles around her sister's clit, and the younger girl grabbed her head and pulled it into her twitching pussy. Sara sucked on the girl's button, and Lucy went rigid. When Sara added her tongue, she felt her sister's pussy convulse. "Aaaaah!" Lucy cried as she came, body bucking and shaking. And then the girl went limp, falling sideways off of Sara's face into a twitching, panting heap.

"So … good …" Lucy moaned, flat on her back, staring up into the tree branches.

"Oh, it's about to get better," Sara said, now free of the roots.

"Huh?" Lucy asked, but in her dazed state, she didn't have time to react. Four vines had already come down out of the tree and wrapped around her wrists and ankles, and now they yanked her into the air, shaking her out of her stupor. The vines contracted until taut, pulling her arms and legs wide, and the girl whimpered in discomfort. Sara stood in front of her.

"So," Sara said. "When you're in charge, your big sister doesn't get to come. Is that it?"

"No, I--" Lucy started, but Sara put her index finger over the girl's lips.

"It's OK," Sara said, dragging her fingertip slowly down the middle of her little sister's body, causing the bound girl to take in a ragged breath. "We're both new to this, and you, my sexy little sister…." Sara paused, leaning in, sucking Lucy's lower lip, and pulling back until, when she let go, it snapped back against the younger girl's teeth. "You are the younger. How could you have known?" Sara's finger tracked down Lucy's body until it paused just above the girl's wide open legs.

Lucy had never seen her sister like this before. Sara, even though she was older by four years, had always been a follower, much like their father. If she could sum her older sister up in one word, it would be "meek." Or, at least, it would have been. Now, she wasn't so sure. All the previous pleasure they had experienced together--all the previous confessions of love and attraction--all the newly found comfort she had begun to have around Sara seemed to disappear. The vines held her tight to the point of discomfort, but unlike her sister, she still struggled against them. "I'm sorry," she said, and then blurted out in one rapid torrent of words, "I thought you were just going to teach me how to jerk off right and then we ended up down here and you helped me pop my cherry and you said you loved me and then I just got carried away I was so horny!"

Sara tsk-tsked. "I told you: girls don't 'jerk off,'" she said. "You see? How am I supposed to teach you anything if you can't even remember that?"

"I'll learn!" Lucy pleaded. "I promise! Please .…" The younger girl paused, resigning her self to her sister's ministrations. "Please, teach me."

"Teach you what?" Sara said, inching her finger closer to her sister's exposed pussy. The girl squirmed. Fucked for the first time and then eaten out by her older sister: her little clit must be extra sensitive, Sara thought.

"Teach me to finger myself right," Lucy said.

"Mmm," Sara said, pretending to mull the idea over. "Nah."

"But--" Lucy started, and was immediately cut off when Sara ran her finger over her clit. "Ah!"

"Honestly," Sara said, disapprovingly. "No one can teach you how to get yourself off. Only you can figure out the best way."

"But--" again Lucy's objection ceased when Sara plunged her finger in to her tight little pussy. "Oh!"

"What I'm going to teach you, my little Lucky Lucy," Sara said, slipping a second finger into the girl's slick snatch, "is how I like to be fucked. You were oh, so gentle with me, and I've noticed that's how you like it. So now it's my turn. Brace yourself."

The vines binding Lucy hauled her through the air, ripping Sara's fingers from her little pussy and bound her, back first, against the tree trunk. Two vines, one for each girl, descended from the canopy and sprouted the glowing tendrils that sought out the pleasure spots over each of their bodies. Another vine descended, as thick as the one that had fucked Sara senseless earlier, and began winding its way down Lucy's body. Sara, snapping out of the moment for a second, worried that it might be too big for the girl, but when the vine extended itself for her to hold, her lust took over again.

Holding the thick, blunt end of the vine, Sara leaned in and took her little sister's nipple into her mouth. Lucy gasped and then squealed when Sara bit down lightly with her teeth. Rolling the nipple around with her tongue for a minute, Sara again bit down. "Ah! Aah!" Lucy hollered.

"Time to help me cum," Sara said, spreading her own legs, and the vines released Lucy from the tree, flipped her upside down, and pulled her back against the trunk. The younger girl's head hung between Sara's legs. The tendrils on Lucy's body helped prop her head up, forcing her mouth onto the older girl's hot pussy.

At first, nothing happened, but after a moment, Sara felt nibbling and licking on her smooth pussy lips. "Oh, fuck, baby!" she moaned, her knees nearly buckling. In response, the nibbling increased, and every time Lucy's tongue streaked across her big sister's pussy lips, Sara felt herself get wetter and wetter.

Sara, realizing she was still holding the blunt end of the vine, and had her sister's little pussy pinned right in front of her, took the vine and began rubbing its slippery juices up and down Lucy's slit. The licking and nibbling stopped. "Don't stop, baby!" Sara said, pressing her snatch down on the girl's mouth. As Sara began to rub the vine harder against Lucy's sensitive little clit, the girl continued to slurp at her big sister's pussy. "Lick my clit, Lucky!" Sara moaned, and Lucy found her sister's clit and flicked it with her tongue, just as Sara had done to her. "Ah!" she cried.

Sara couldn't stand seeing her sister's pussy empty any longer, and pressed the blunt end of the vine against Lucy's well-lubricated opening. "Mmmf!" Lucy groaned into her sister's sex, but Sara kept pushing. "MMMF!" the girl's muffled groan grew louder. Finally, the vine popped into the blonde girl's tight little pussy, and Sara could see that it was stretched to the maximum. "Mmmm!" the girl moaned, flicking Sara's clit again.

Encouraged, Sara drove a few more inches of the thick vine into her sister, filling the girl up. Lucy just moaned and began sucking lightly on Sara's clit. Sara knew that between fucking her sister's pussy and having her own eaten out, she wasn't going to last long. Lost in lust, Sara began pumping the thick vine in and out of the girl's tight hole, watching as it rubbed against Lucy's little clit. Faster and faster she pumped, and faster and faster her little sister's tongue played with her clit while sucking on it harder and harder. In seconds, both girls erupted into simultaneous orgasm. Lucy squealed wordlessly into Sara's dripping snatch, and Sara pulled the vine from her sister and lapped at the twitching pussy until it stopped.

Slowly, Sara stepped back from the tree and looked down at her sister's red face. Pussy juice and saliva ran down the girl's chin and cheeks, and had soaked into her hair. The vines slowly turned Lucy right side up and released her, and Sara braced the girl as her legs nearly gave way.

"So," Sara said, beaming at her disheveled sister, "what did we learn?"

Lucy, still a bit disoriented, studied her Sara's face for a moment. The cruel disciplinarian was gone, and her loving sister had returned. It had all been an act! "That my sister likes it kind of rough," she said.

"And what else?"

"That you come really hard?"

"Close," said Sara, hugging Lucy to her. "That you can make me come really hard."

"Well, I just followed what you did," the blonde girl said. "I've never done that before."

"Neither had I," Sara said, smiling a sideways smile.

"It looks like we both learned something," Lucy said.

"Mmm," Sara said, running her hands down her sister's back. "I think I learned more."


"Well, you already knew it, but I just figured it out today."

"What is it?"

"That both of us have an incredibly sexy sister," Sara said cupping her sister’s butt in her hands. Lucy leaped up and wrapped her legs around Sara's waist, kissing her deeply. Sara, with Lucy attached, backed her sister against the trunk of the tree, and for what seemed like an eternity, they kissed again and again.

Day 3

As it turned out, Sara and Lucy's passion had burned so fast that when Sara checked her pocket watch, she saw that they had two hours to burn before they needed to be back. They leisurely got dressed, Lucy foregoing her panties, now a damp wad, and wandered the corridors for an hour. As they walked, holding hands, the girls pointed out various plants that seemed curious. Some seemed to have very specific shapes, for very specific purposes, not all of which the sisters could decipher. Others seemed odd, only because they were dimly glowing. The girls knew what might bring them back to their brilliance, but were too spent and sore to try--for now. Using the skills she'd learned from the Wilderness Girls and from her father, Sara had begun making a map of the underground structure, and as they went, she taught Lucy as much as she could. They both knew that before this night, neither of them would have seriously asked the other for anything, but now, spending the time together made them not so secretly happy.

As long as they weren't horny, they discovered, the plants didn't try to guide them, which allowed them to get some pretty good measurements. They even marked on their new map where dim plants were, just in case. Climbing out of the hole, into the dome, and then out of the dome, the girls made their way back to the canoe in the predawn light. When they'd rowed halfway to shore, Sara, string into the sky, signaled to Lucy and they stopped the boat. Lucy knew what her sister was going to say, and said it first: "I thought time was supposed to be frozen."

Lucy pondered the situation a bit more. "I wonder," she said, trailing off.

"Hey," Lucy said. Even with her newfound love for her sister, she didn't have the patience to wait for Sara to come to some epiphany. "You wanna take a dip?"

"I don't know," Sara said, still half lost in thought.

"Hey," Lucy said, snapping her sister back to reality. "You just spent the last few hours teaching me. Why don't I teach you a few things? We both know I'm a better swimmer."

Sara agreed, and the girls stripped off their clothes and carefully climbed overboard, leaving their belongings in the boat. With the sky beginning to brighten, the water had begun to turn from ink black to midnight blue to almost clear. They figured that there was ten feet of visibility underwater. Sara wasn't a horrible swimmer; she had passed the merit pin test, and could tread water for an hour and swim a mile without stopping, but Lucy was better. Their mother, Maggie, had always teased that she was part seal. Practically from the day she was born, before she could even walk, Lucy was perfectly at home in the water. And now that she was developing into a fine young woman, she could swim twice as long, dive twice as deep, and do it all twice as fast as anyone in her family. Don had encouraged her to join the swim team, but Lucy said no. To her, swimming was all just fun, and "giving her talent structure," as their father had said, would have taken the joy out of it.

"How do you do that?" Sara asked, when her sister dove under and popped back up seemingly instantly about ten yards away.

"Easy," Lucy said. "It's all rhythm and waves. Like dancing, a little." Sara was an expert at climbing trees, running up mountains, and finding her way when she was lost. To the tomboy older sister, dancing hadn't really been a priority. Lucy saw the blank expression in her sister's eyes. "Right…" she said, "well, um, oh! I know." Lucy reached below and cupped her hand over her Sara's pussy. For a second, the older girl stopped kicking and began to sink. When Lucy slipped a finger into her, she was still so sensitive from earlier that her body convulsed like a whip in order to get away from the stimulation. Sara nearly popped all the way out of the water. "See?" Lucy asked, as her sister sputtered. "Did you feel that motion?"

Sara made the motion again, with the same result. "How am I supposed to do that a bunch of times in a row?" she asked.

"Well," Lucy said, "it's a bunch of smaller versions of that. Just make sure to do them one right after another." As Lucy coached, Sara tried again and again, eventually moving away from the jerky, orgasmic whipping, and into a smoother, ribbon-like fluttering. By the time she had begun to tire herself out, she had begun feeling far more comfortable in the water than she ever had. Of course, she would never be as smooth or fast as her sister.

When she came up for air after her last jaunt, she was instantly aware of the silence around her. Around her, the only disturbances in the glassy water were the boat and her own wake. Lucy was gone. "Lucy?" Sara called. "Lucy?" Nothing. Sara swam to the other side of the boat. No one on the other side. Panic started to set in. She looked down, but couldn't see past ten feet below her. She began treading water furiously, trying to bring more of her body above the surface so she could see farther. Again, nothing. Sara's breathing had become rapid and ragged from fear and worry, but she forced herself to become quiet and still in the hopes of hearing something, anything that would give her a clue. Nothing.

Suddenly, Sara was yanked under, just barely gasping in a breath before the water surrounded her. Down she went until she was about ten feet under. When she looked down, she saw Lucy's face grinning back at her. She tried to slap that face, but only ended up spinning herself around. Lucy swam to meet her again, and planted a kiss on her lips. The burning in Sara's lungs disappeared for a second. Lucy motioned downward with a finger. Sara looked down and saw only the dark bottom of the lake, some ten murky feet below. She shrugged her shoulders. Lucy motioned her downward, and Sara pointed at her lungs and mouth. Lucy nodded, but made a pinching gesture for "just a little bit." Sara let herself sink farther until the bottom came more into focus. When she'd a had a moment to evaluate, Lucy waved her up, and the girls surfaced, Sara sucking in air and sputtering.

"That's…" Sara began still gasping for air, "that's … that's the same stuff the walls in the caverns are built from."

"Notice anything else?" Lucy asked. Sara shook her head. "Nothing growing on it."

"So?" Sara was still disoriented and had trouble putting it together.

"It's new," Lucy said. "Aside from the mud and whatever, it's smooth, I've been in swimming pools with dirtier bottoms."

"Huh," said Sara. "I wonder."

Lucy splashed her playfully in the face. "Wonder somewhere else, nerd," she teased. "We need to get back."

The girls swam the boat the rest of the way to shore and got dressed on the dock. As they hiked back through the woods, Lucy wrung out her blonde hair and asked, "How are we going to do this for the next few days and not get caught?"

"Very, very carefully," Sara said, stopping. She looked her sister in the eyes and caressed her cheeks, saying, "Lucky, you and I figured out that we're hot for each other."

"Putting it lightly," Lucy said, smiling.

Sara smiled back. "But, babe," she said, "we had to get over a serious taboo to do it."

"It probably helps that we can't get each other pregnant, too," said Lucy.

"Sure," said Sara. "Point is: I don't think mom and dad would be thrilled to find out, you know?"

"Yeah," Lucy said. "I know. So, what, we just keep sneaking out at night? When are we going to sleep?"

"During the day, I guess," Sara said.

"Sara," Lucy said, taking her sister's hand from her cheek and holding it. "What happens when dad asks why you're tired? You know we can't lie to him. He's got that weird sixth sense."

"I don't know," Sara admitted. "But I'll think of something."

Fortunately, they didn't have to think of anything right away. When they got back, their parents' tent was still zipped up. The girls snuck back into their own tent, stripped off their clothes again, and got under the blankets together, falling asleep almost as soon as their heads hit their pillows.

Around noon, they woke. Sara thought it odd that their parent hadn't woken them for breakfast, but was just happy to have slept. When they crawled out of their tent, they saw that their parents' tent was still zipped. Lucy looked at Sara, grinning. "I heard them going at it the other night," she whispered. "Maybe they had a long night last night, too."

"Maybe," Sara said, unconvinced. Her father was an early riser no matter the situation. At the very least, he would have started the campfire to get some water for coffee boiling. The ashes from the previous evening were cold. Lucy saw Sara stirring the ashes with a stick and knew what her sister was thinking.

"Just in case they are naked," Lucy said, pulling a coin from her pants pocket, "let's flip to see who opens the tent. I call heads." She flipped it into the air, caught it. Heads. "Oh, well," she sighed. Lucy approached the tent, grabbed the zipper, and took a deep breath. Unzipping the flap halfway, the younger girl poked her head in. Withdrawing, she unzipped it all the way. Empty. "Huh," she said. "Where do you suppose they went?"

"I don't know," Sara said, thinking. "But I bet they were gone before we got back."

The girls decided to wait an hour or so before searching, in case their parents had simply gone on a hike or down to the lake to wash. In the meantime, Sara started the campfire and made breakfast. As they ate, Sara spread out the map they had drawn on a stump, brushing it flat with her hands. Lucy stopped chewing, and Sara nearly spit out her tea. In the dim light of the corridors, focusing on each individual wall and plant as they went along, they hadn't noticed the shape of the place as a whole. A circle. They looked at the side view Sara had sketched up after she took into account the ramps and ladders they had seen or used.

"Sara," Lucy said with a mouthful of bacon. "Remember when you said you thought the tree in the dome was an SOS, or whatever?"

"Yeah," said Sara, knowing where her sister was going.

"I know it sounds crazy to say it, but this looks an awful lot like a flying saucer," Lucy said.

"I'm just glad I wasn't the only one who thought so," Sara said. "And you know how the tree has been lighting up? I wonder what happens when it's fully charged."

"I guess we have our work cut out for us," said Lucy, smiling and putting an arm around her sister.

"I guess so!" Sara said.

At the end of the hour, they began to worry. Another hour passed, and with no sign of their parents, the girls decided they should start looking. Sara suggested that they look through their parents' tent to see what they had taken with them, if anything, in order to find out where they might have gone. At first, it didn't look good. Neither backpack was gone, but both pairs of boots were missing. If they had planned to just go down to the lake, Maggie would have just worn her sandals. Clearly, they had planned on going somewhere rugged, but hadn't planned on going for long.

"Ha!" Lucy said, suddenly amused. "Look at this." The younger girl had started going through their mother's backpack. From it, she had pulled a star chart, complete with complex equations written in their mother's hand. "I had no idea mom was such a nerd!"

"Neither did I," Sara said. Opening their father's pack, Sara found mostly obvious stuff: an extra multitool, flint and steel, two extra pairs of socks, extra flashlight batteries, and a pack of cigarettes. "This is weird," she said. "I didn't know dad smokes."

"He doesn't," Lucy said. "I'm sure of it." Sara have her a skeptical look. "Believe me," she insisted. "I'm good with people, remember?"

"Hey," Sara said, starting to sort through his things more urgently. "There's stuff missing. His flashlight's gone. And his gun." Don always brought his pistol with him on camping trips, just in case they got trapped. In a pinch, he'd taught Sara a long time ago, they could hunt for food with it, or even use the bullets' gunpowder to start a fire. So he'd taken it with him. A precaution? What did he expect to run into on such a short hike?

"Well, it looks like he left some bullets behind, so he's not planning a massacre," Lucy joked, pulling a box of cartridges from her mother's pack.

"Those aren't dad's," Sara said.

"I know they were in mom's pack, but--"

"No, no," Sara corrected her. "Those can't be dad's bullets. His is a .45. Those are nine millimeter."

"What?" Lucy asked, looking at the box. "Nine-M-M," she read aloud. "So?"

"Believe me," she said in the same tone of voice her sister had used regarding the cigarettes. Last month, Don had taken her to the shooting range and let her fire a .22 pistol. His, he'd said, would be too much for her as a beginner. She'd really liked it, and he'd promised to take her back. Reaching down into her father's pack, she found it and pulled it out: a different box of cartridges. She handed it to Lucy.

"Point-four-five," Lucy read aloud again. "Does mom own a gun?"

"Does dad smoke?"

"Sara," Lucy began, worried. "You don't think they're going to shoot each other, do you?"

Sara laughed out loud. Lucy still looked worried. "No, Lucky," she said, still chuckling. "I don't think they're going to shoot each other. But they might shoot us if they knew we were going through their stuff." Lucy gave her a frightened look. "Kidding," she said. "I was kidding."

The girls started packing up their parents' bags, paranoia from the new discoveries prompting them to put everything back exactly as it had been. When Sara picked up the cigarettes to put them back in the pack, Lucy told her to stop. "Don't you notice that?"

"What?" Sara asked.

"The weight," Lucy said, taking the box from her, and shaking it. "And no rattle."

"It could be full," Sara suggested.

"Then why's it unwrapped?" Lucy asked.

"I'm not even going to ask you how you thought of that," Sara said.

Lucy flipped the top of the box back, revealing a small, solid gray box. Gingerly removing it from the cigarette box, Lucy gasped first, followed by Sara. Both girls had seen enough movies to know what this was. "A remote control," Lucy said.

"With one button," Sara finished the thought. "Something tells me it's not for the garage door."

"Are we really saying that dad brought a bomb camping?"

"I am, at least," Sara said.

"OK," Lucy said, shrugging. "So much weird stuff has happened since we came out here, I just had to make sure. So, what, he's just out there somewhere blowing something up?"

"Not without this," Sara said, opening the back of the remote. "And not without these," she added, taking the batteries out of it and putting them in her pocket. She slid the powerless remote back into the cigarette box, and the box back into their father's pack. "I think we should try to find the bomb."

"Uh, Sara," Lucy said, hesitantly, twirling a finger through her hair. "I think I might know where it might be."

Bear bags were what her father called the canvas bags he hung from the branches of trees. Sara had been off on her first trip through the woods when her father hung them, but Lucy had been there. She pointed to the one she had seen him put food in. The other she had only seen him raise, and looking at it now, they realized how heavy it must be. The branch that supported it bowed grimly. "Bingo," Sara said.

They hadn't had much time to examine it when they heard their parents crashing through the bushes. At Sara's urging, the girls quickly returned to the campfire and sat. "What are we going to do?" Lucy asked.

"I don't know," Sara said. "We don't even know what they're up to. Just pretend like everything's normal until we can find out."

Lucy grinned at her sister. "Leave that part to me," she said. "I'll get some answers."

When their parents came careening back into the campsite, the girls knew everything was not normal. Lucy subtly laid a hand on Sara's knee, signaling her to follow the younger girl's lead. Both their parents were a mess, Don more so. He limped and had an arm thrown around Maggie's shoulders as she half carried him to the campfire. Both of them were scratched and battered. Maggie's sunny, ever-so-slightly curly blonde hair was a wild tangle. As she set her husband down in front of the fire, Lucy let out a worried cry. "Daddy! What happened?! Where were you?! We were so worried!" She began to weep hysterically. Sara tried to follow, but ended up just looking haunted. Instead, she tried to play the responsible big sister and hugged Lucy close.

As she muffled the younger girl's fake sobs with her shoulder, she regarded her parents with as much worry as she could muster. "We woke up and you were gone," she said, injecting anger into her voice. "For hours! Did you even think to leave a note?"

"Hey!" snapped her mother. "Can't you wait? Your father's hurt!"

Don waved her off. "It's OK," he said, clearly suffering a great deal of pain. "It's OK. We meant to be back much earlier, but then this happened." He motioned to his leg. His pants were ripped, exposing his muscular leg, which now looked like someone had used it as a piñata.

"Is…" Lucy said, sniffling, "is it broken?"

"No, darling," Don said, gently, his breath ragged. "I'll be fine. I think I just twisted something. I need to stay off of it for a while and let it heal." Sara looked at the leg incredulously. He had not 'just twisted' anything, but she believed that nothing was broken.

"Where were you guys?" she asked.

"We went up the mountain a ways," Maggie said. "We wanted to see the sunrise."

"We hadn't done that in a long time," Don added. "It was beautiful."

"Very romantic," their mother said with a taut smile. "Until a loose rock gave way and he fell into a ravine."

"Oh, gosh!" Lucy cried. "That's horrible!"

"Where are your packs?" Sara asked, knowing her dad expected her to notice.

Don smiled proudly. "If only we'd taken you," he said, "we might have given it a second thought. But we really thought we were just going for a stroll."

"You must be thirsty," Lucy said, hopping up and fetching one of the many gallon jugs of water they had brought.

Dan and Maggie replenished themselves and, as the evening set in, Sara cooked some dinner over the campfire. While Sara busied herself with the food, she listened as Lucy subtly began to drag information out of their parents. It was amazing. The girl was a prodigy when it came to getting what she wanted. As the night wore on, and they all ate dinner, Lucy never seemed to ask a single question, and yet little bits of information began to build up. There was never any direct talk of what their parents were up to; Lucy, in her brilliance, was instead painting for Sara a very clear picture of what they hadn't been doing. For one thing, they clearly hadn't been out on a romantic jaunt. He also hadn't fallen down a ravine. Even Sara noticed that one. If he had, more than just his leg would be hurt, but as it was, the rest of him seemed a little battered, but fine overall. The whole story they'd told seemed full of holes, and more importantly, they seemed afraid of something--very afraid.

By the time dinner was finished and Sara had cleaned up, Don and Maggie looked spent. Lucy asked innocently if they wanted to roast marshmallows, but their father declined. Their mother, too, said that maybe they should wait for the next night and that she and their father were going to turn in early, but that the girls were welcome to stay up. Lucy looked sullen, and said that, no, it was OK, that she understood. Their mother kissed them both on the forehead and helped their father into the tent. Sara elbowed Lucy sharply in the ribs when the flap was fully zipped up. When Maggie had kissed Lucy goodnight, she'd seen her younger sister peering down their mother's shirt. Sara made a silent gesture that communicated this, accompanied by an 'are you mad?' look. Lucy snickered as quietly as she could, leaned over and kissed Sara, sucking her sister's lower lip as she pulled back. Sara smiled and rolled her eyes. Her sister really was a fire starter. She mouthed the words, "You're a menace," and Lucy pointed to herself mouthing, "Who, me?"

After the fire had died, leaving only cherry-red embers, the girls decided to go to bed. In their tent with the flap zipped, they stripped down and crawled under the blankets together. This time it was Sara who kissed first, and when she felt her sister press against her, she caressed the girl's back, feeling muscles relax under her touch. She moved her hand up to the back of Lucy's neck and massaged, over time working her fingers through her hair and against her head. Lucy let out a pleasured breath and kissed back harder. In the dark, Sara looked into her sister's eyes and felt confused passion start to transform into more than just sisterly love. Eventually, the girls drifted off to sleep wrapped in each other's arms.

Day 4

When they woke in the morning, Sara was a little surprised that someone hadn't gotten her out of bed at come crazy predawn hour. And she smelled pancakes--strawberry pancakes. "Mmmm," Lucy said, yawning and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Are those pancakes?"

"Strawberry," Sara whispered.

"Why are you whispering?" Lucy whispered back, amused.

"Mom makes me strawberry pancakes when she wants something from me," Sara whispered, guarded. She could tell that that statement had put Lucy's mind to work.

"Now you sound like me," Lucy said, getting dressed. "Let's see what it is, then."

When they were both dressed, they crawled out of the tent and walked casually to the campfire where Maggie was flipping strawberry pancakes on a large skillet. Don lounged near her, leaning toward his good side.

"Pancakes!" Lucy cheered, raising her arms to the heavens.

"Just thought you girls deserved a better morning than yesterday," their father said.

"Strawberry?!" Sara exclaimed. "You should fall down a ravine more often," she joked, punching her dad lightly on the shoulder. Their mother scowled disapprovingly.

"If mom falls down a ravine," Lucy continued the joke, "do we get blueberry?"

"Ha!" Maggie scoffed. Apparently, coming from her youngest daughter, the joke was suddenly funny. "I guess so, because if I fall down a ravine, you're making your own."

"Hey!" Don objected facetiously. "I can make pancakes!"

"You?" Lucy objected to his objection. "After last time?"

"Ugh!" Maggie agreed.

"Daddy," Sara said, "I love you, but those were hard little saucers of shame."

"So I confused baking powder and baking soda," Don said, smiling. "At least we have some nice coasters now." They all laughed. As they ate, it became clear to both girls that they were about to be asked to do something far from ordinary.

Out of the corner of her eye, Sara noticed that the bear bag that held the explosives was on the ground, leaning heavily against a tree. She decided she would take a more direct approach. "What's that?" she asked her father, gesturing toward the bag.

"It's something for work," he said. It wasn't exactly a lie, Sara could tell, but it wasn’t entirely the truth, either. "In fact," he continued, "Since I've hurt myself, I'm going to need you to help me with it. Both of you."

"What is it?" Sara asked.

"It's a bunch of seismic readers," he said. "You know what those are, right?" Lucy shook her head, but Sara nodded.

"For measuring earthquakes," Sara said.

"Yeah," Don said, sitting up straighter. "More or less. The foundation needed me to plant them in a very specific area by tomorrow afternoon, but I don't think I'm going to be up to the task." Again, this wasn't a complete lie. Sara knew her father worked for the Geological Foundation, or so his paychecks said, but why would there be a time limit?

"Why can't I stay here with you and mom?" Lucy said.

"Because I'm coming with you," Maggie said, putting a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "It'll be fun."

"Fun," Don said, "but I was told there might be wild boars in the area, so it might be dangerous, too."

"Wild boars?!" Lucy whined.

"Don't worry sweetie," their mother said, giving the girl's shoulder a squeeze. "Your father taught me to shoot a few months ago, and I have a gun, but only if we need it."

"Oh," Lucy said, making herself look unconvinced.

"She's really a good shot," their father said. This, Sara could tell, was not a lie. "But don't worry. I doubt you'll run into any trouble, but just in case, Sara will take my knife with her, as well."

"Really?!" Sara couldn't help herself. Her dad's knife was really more of a machete than a knife.

"Yes, honey," Don said. "But be careful."

"I will," she said. "I promise."

Shortly after breakfast, Sara and Maggie each took four of the blocks of explosives, while Lucy took two, and put them in their daypacks. Lucy asked why they didn't look like much, and their father told them that they were simply transmitters and were sealed in their packages to prevent water damage. He then helped Sara clip his knife to her pack in a place where she could reach it easily if she needed to. Everyone ready to go, they waved goodbye as they started down the hill through the woods.

When they reached the dock, Sara and Lucy knew exactly where they were headed and gave each other a subtle little look as they helped their mother put a canoe in the water. They rowed across the lake, and Maggie looked up into the sky, and made a slightly confused sound. If their parents knew about the island in even the most general way, they would know about the time bubble. Seeing time within it no longer frozen, but still moving slower than normal, must have been worrying. Lucy started up some idle chatter with their mother to distract her from any further thoughts she might have about it.

"There are wild boars here?" Lucy asked innocently as they pulled the canoe to shore.

"You never know," Sara said, playing along.

"What do you think they eat?" her sister asked, now having fun with it.

"Bratty little sisters who ask too many questions," Sara said. Lucy turned around briefly and winked at her.

"Oh, enough, you two," Maggie scolded. "Let's go." They headed into the thicket, all the while Lucy complaining about how heavy her pack was. Their mother hushed her as they exited into the clearing where the dome was.

"What is it?" Sara asked.

"An igloo, stupid," Lucy jabbed, grinning.

"Igloos are made of ice, dummy," Sara shot back, enjoying the deception.

"Girls," Maggie said in her serious voice. "Relent."

As they circled around toward the entrance, Lucy whispered facetiously, just loud enough for their mother to hear, "What does 'relent' mean?"

"It means 'shut up,'" Sara whispered back at the same volume. Maggie turned and faced them, but when she did, Sara let her eyes go wide, allowing the very real awe of the place fill her up again. "What is that?" She jogged toward the entrance and stood in front of it, basking in the blue glow of the beacon tree. It felt good to be back.

Lucy joined her. "Are we going inside?" Lucy asked, barely keeping herself from adding the word 'again.'

"Yes," their mother said, joining them. "I'll go first to make sure it's safe." As Maggie kneeled and began crawling in head first, Sara caught Lucy staring at her shapely butt.

"Seriously?" Sara mouthed. But then again, she hadn't really looked at her sister too hard before their encounter. It struck her that their mom was in really good shape. Lean but curvy, she had the body of a woman ten years younger. Sara began to imagine the possibilities when their mother's progress stopped and the woman began back out of the narrow entrance.

"I got stuck, but it looks fine just inside," Maggie said. "Sara, I need you to go in first and dig a little bit of the earth away. Also, go in feet first. It looks like there's a drop on the other side."

"Are you sure?" Sara asked.

"It's fine," Maggie said. "There's a very pretty tree on the inside, but before you get too enamored, I just need you to dig a few inches of dirt away."

"OK." Sara dropped her pack and pushed it in the entrance, and then slid in quickly as she had done before. Lucy convinced their mother with no great effort that she should go in next so she wouldn't be left alone outside. Sara helped pull her sister through and as she set her down on the dirt, they both savored the embrace until their mother's pack poked through the entrance. Gently, they moved the bag out of the way, and Sara scraped an inch or so of dirt from the ground. When it was enough, the girls helped guide their mother through, enjoying the smoothness of the woman's strong legs.

"It's so pretty," Lucy said, once they all stood inside the dome. "Don't you think?"

"Yes, sweetie," their mother said, sounding just a little bit like she was avoiding talking about the place.

"What is this place?" Sara asked, more directly. "How come no one knows about it?"

"No one really knows," their mother lied a rehearsed lie. "A few geologists know, but it's mainly kept under wraps like those caves in France."

"Ooh!" Lucy cooed. "Are we the first people to see it?"

"Oh, sweetie. No we're not, but I'm sure this'll be the first time a little girl will see it." Both girls could tell this was a lie. On her first visit, Sara had sensed that this was the first time a human had set foot in the caverns. The craft. Sara reminded herself that it was a vessel of some sort. If she could get her sister alone, they needed to talk.

Once more peering down the hole into the depths of the craft, the girls could feel the surge of desire radiating from the plants below. Sara heard Lucy let out a pleasured sigh, but when she looked to her mother to see if she had noticed, she only found Maggie digging into her pack for a flashlight. That was confusing, to the sisters, the inside of the ship broadcast an irresistible urge to explore both it and each other, but their mother seemed unaffected. As Sara thought about it more, remembering how hard the broadcast had hit her sister (and what she must be feeling now), she toyed with the idea that younger people might be affected more. Her musings were interrupted when her sister spoke: "I don't think we're going to need that."

"What do you mean?" their mother asked. Lucy motioned to her, and the woman joined the girls in peering down the hole. "Oh," she said. "Oh I see."

"Literally!" Lucy said, cheerfully. It had seemed to both of them that their parents had seemed fairly grim about whatever was going to happen here. Sara had noticed that from the time they left camp, Lucy had taken it upon herself to reframe the mission as something joyful. The girls had certainly felt the awe of exploration when they had come before, and had found something wonderful. Lucy was clearly trying her damnedest to jumpstart in their mother whatever passion had overcome them before.

"I see some handholds," Sara said, jumping at the chance to get in there first. Without another word, she slung herself down and into the hole and began the descent. Lucy followed and Maggie came last. When they reached the bottom, Sara looked up and said, "That was easy. Almost like a ladder. This place is awesome!"

"It certainly is," Maggie said, grimness still tainting her voice. They looked around at all the glowing trees and plants, and the girls began to feel the uncontainable lust take hold again. But this time, there was something else in the broadcast: desperation. The girls exchanged glances.

"Hey mom," Lucy asked suddenly.

"Mm hmm," Maggie intoned, staring off into the winding forest corridors.

"Do you think we're ever going to get to come back here?"

"I doubt it, sweetheart," their mother said, this time sounding somewhat genuinely sorry before covering with the rehearsed lie. "I doubt the foundation will let us back in for a very long time."

"Then," Lucy began in a voice Sara knew always led to her having her way, "can Sara and I explore together? Please?"

Sara made a show of looking around cautiously. "I doubt there are any wild boar down here," she said. "But I have dad's knife, just in case."

Maggie was truly conflicted. On one hand, turning her daughters loose in this place could be dangerous. She had no idea what could be lurking in here. On the other hand, if they were truly never to return here, why not let them have some truly unique memories? "OK," she said finally. "But you have to remember to place the seismic readers. They don't need to be perfectly arranged. Just try and spread them out. And here," she handed Sara a plastic baggie. "In here are the antennas, plug one into the end of each reader."

Sara knew these must be the detonators. "Why are we attaching them now?" she asked.

"The same issue with water damage," Maggie lied. "It's a good thing, too. Seems humid in here."

"OK! Got it!" Lucy said, running off down a corridor. Sara gave her mother a what-can-you-do shrug and turned to head after her sister.

"Be careful!" their mother called after them.

The girls ran along the corridors, turning randomly at junctions and making sure to descend a couple levels. Once they were sure they were far out of reach of their mother, they sat in a patch of grass that glowed a deep violet and caressed their legs as they rested. They removed the bombs from their packs and stacked them into a pile. When they noticed the grass shrinking away from them and the bombs, they moved the deadly pile onto the dirt. "Sorry," Lucy whispered to the grass, running her fingers lightly through its tickling blades. "We're not gonna hurt you." The grass returned slowly to caressing them, and both girls watched as a nearby bramble slowly wound its thorny branches around the bombs. Lucy turned to her sister. "What are we going to do?"

"We're certainly not planting those," Sara said, gesturing toward the pile of bombs, now almost completely concealed. "Did you notice that mom doesn't seem affected by the plants at all? Not like we were, anyway."

"I thought I saw that," Lucy said. "Are we thinking the same thing?"

"That the younger you are, the more affected you are?" Sara confirmed. "Yeah. I noticed that it hit you like a ton of bricks."

"Yeah," Lucy said, her mind clearly going somewhere mischievous. Her butt wiggled against the grass.

"Hey," Sara said firmly but gently. "Stay with me for a second before you get too horny, OK?"

"Ugh," her sister moaned in frustration. "Fine."


"So what?"

"Lucky, you're the people person here. How do we turn this around?"

"Well," Lucy said, "obviously, we could go around and find all the bombs she plants and pull the detonators out."

"I like it," Sara said. "Let's do it."

"But I don't think it'll work," Lucy said.

"Why not?"

"First of all, because once they try to blow this place up, they'll know that something's wrong, and they'll find a way to come back without us."

"And second?"

"Second, we'd never make it to every bomb," Lucy said, sighing and wriggling her cute little butt against the ground again. "I mean, I definitely won't."

"I don't know," Sara said. She was feeling horny, but was able to fight it. "I think the plants want us to succeed. You felt that desperation or worry, too, right?"

"Yes I did," said Lucy, clearly becoming more frustrated. Lucy had worn the shortest shorts she had brought with her, the legs stopping just two inches below her panty line, and Sara saw little purple blades of grass tickling the insides of the girl's thighs and worming their way into her shorts. Lucy looked down and then looked at Sara, grasping her by the shoulders and pulling her close with the most wanton expression the older girl had seen on anyone. "But if I don't taste your pussy soon, I am going to go insane."

"So that's a no to that plan," Sara said.

"Yeah, Sara," Lucy said, and then addressed the grass while getting to her feet: "Sorry guys, I need to think for a second." The glowing purple grass writhed in frustration for a moment before intensifying their attention to Sara. When the first few blades snuck into the legs of her shorts, the older girl understood why her sister couldn't think straight. It felt like a thousand little kisses all up and down her thighs.

Lucy paced for a minute while Sara's will to fight the lust diminished rapidly. "I think I have an idea, but I'm not sure you're going to like it," Lucy said. By this time, Sara was lying on her back letting the grass tickle her behind the ears and work its way into her reddish brown hair.

"Tell me," Sara said, her eyes glazing over. "I'll learn to love it." As she lay on her back, some of the grass wiggled down the back of her shirt, causing her back to arch and her butt to rise off the ground. When it did, a couple of blades curled their way down the back of her shorts and, with a little effort of their part, tickled her asshole. Her eyes shot open and she was surprised to hear herself gasping in pleasure. The thought of anyone messing around with her ass hadn't even crossed her mind before, but this--this felt pretty good! She might have let it continue, too, had Lucy not slapped her gently on the cheek.

"Hey," Lucy, said, frustration in her voice. "If I'm not allowed to get any, neither are you." The younger sister extended a hand and, reluctantly, Sara pulled herself up.

"So what's the plan?" Sara asked, lust-drunk.

"I think we should find a source of whatever makes us crazy for this place," Lucy said.

"Hmmm," Sara said, her head clearing a little. "You're thinking that she just might need a jumpstart?" Lucy nodded. "If we need a concentrated amount," Sara continued, "I think I might know where to look. I saw a tree with some fruit on it my first time here. If we could get her to eat it..."

"She might come around," Lucy said, excited. "Nice!"

As they ran down corridor after corridor toward where Sara remembered seeing the fruit, Sara turned to her sister and asked, "How are we going to get her to eat something we found down here?"

"Don't worry," Lucy said. "I think I can handle that part."

They hadn't jogged too much farther when a root popped up, snagging Sara's foot, and causing her to careen into the dirt. Lucy had been right behind her and tripped over her body, joining her sister on the ground. For a second, the sisters laid there dazed.

"Ow," lucy said.

"What a buzz kill," Sara said. As they helped each other up, Sara noticed a very unusual plant. With flowers the size of soup bowls, the plant was a miniature fountain of sorts. Condensation from the level above dripped down into the flowers, forming pools. As one pool overflowed, the bowl-shaped flower below it would catch the water, filling up, overflowing, and so on until the water spilled out on the soil at the plant's base. There, thin wisps of steam wafted up.

Lucy's nose caught one of the trails of steam and her body shuddered. Every node of pleasure in the girl's body opened up, and she shook in lust. When the girl staggered back, Sara put an arm around her to keep her from falling. "What is it? What's wrong?"

Lucy grabbed the back of her sister's head and kissed her wildly. "Nothing's wrong," she said, panting between kisses. "Kiss me again and I'll tell you." Sara kissed her sister back, and for a moment was nearly lost in the passion of it. When she pushed back from the wild little blonde girl, she knew what it was before her sister said anything. "I think," Lucy said, "this is how the plants do what they do. Part of it, anyway."

"Wow," Sara said. Releasing her sister, she reached a finger toward one of the pools.

"Hey," Lucy said, still panting. "I'm not sure that's such a good--" But Sara's finger dipped in, anyway. "--idea." As Sara brought the drop of water to her lips, Lucy started forward, but not in time. "Hey, now that really can't be a good idea."

But Sara's finger reached her mouth, and her tongue darted out to taste it. In a flash, the older sister had the younger pinned against the nearest wall, kissing her with such wild, animal passion that Lucy became a little worried. At first, she tried to push away, but Sara held her fast. Before she knew it, Lucy felt her shorts and panties come down to mid-thigh with a sharp yank, and as her mind was still registering that, she felt a finger slide into her wet pussy. "Hey, wait!" she objected through kisses that she kept finding herself accepting. Sara rubbed her little sister's clit with her thumb, and the girl mewled, but kept pushing away. Finally, Lucy got traction and gave Sara a big shove, sending her back down onto the dirt. "Wait wait wait!"

"Oh, god!" Sara gasped, seeing her sister exposed and panting against the wall. "I'm sorry!"

Lucy scrambled back into her shorts and to her sister's side. "It's OK! It's OK!" the girl reassured. "Just ease up a second." They kissed one more long kiss.

"I think," Sara said, trying to purge some of the crazed lust from her system. "I think I may have found what we were looking for."

"I'll say!" Lucy giggled, kissing Sara again.

Carefully, while Lucy held her canteen open, Sara scooped a tiny bit of water from one of the pools and let it pour gently into the metal vessel. Lucy closed the canteen and shook it lightly to dilute the nectar. As they resumed their trek to find their mother, they discussed how they would get the mixture to her. Sara suggested switching the canteens, but Lucy said that with things the way they were, any slight change might arouse suspicion. She instead suggested that they try to get some of the mixture into their mother's canteen, but neither of them could figure out how. Sara suggested that maybe they could find an excuse to get the water on their mother's hands. Anything she ate after that might be infused with just enough of the nectar to jumpstart the woman's sensitivity to the ambient vapors. They decided they would try that.

As they walked along, the girls' urgency waned. They knew what they were going to do, and just needed to run into Maggie eventually. Along the way, they ran into the fruit tree that Sara had seen on her first visit. As it turned out, the glowing orange fruits were not fruits at all, but low-hanging pods of some sort. Lucy said they looked like giant glowing medicine capsules, and Sara bent to pick one up with the intention of shoving the oblong pod into her sister's mouth. They had both become increasingly horny after the incident with the nectar, and Sara had begun wondering what her little sister would look like with a cock in her mouth. This was next best thing, she thought.

But as soon as she picked it up, it began to buzz as if it were full of bees or electricity. Sara grabbed her sister to her, kissing her and wedging the broad side of the pod between the girl's legs. "Oh, fuck!" Lucy gasped as Sara kissed her neck. "Oh, whoa!" Sara rocked the pod back and forth like a seesaw, her sister's clothed clit at the center. Lucy moaned and grabbed Sara's ass. The older sister raised her lips to her sister's ear, about to whisper dirty nothings, when they heard a shriek echo down the corridor. Sara dropped the pod, and when she did, it broke off from the vine. It still glowed, and when Sara bent to pick it up, it resumed its buzzing. The shriek in the distance was Maggie's, though, and she didn't have any more time to play with the pod. Stuffing it into her daypack, she and Lucy started off down the hallway. When they got to the source, they knew exactly where they were.

The girls stood just inside the doorway to the room with the vine-covered tree they had enjoyed so much. Instead of feeling lust and anticipation, they felt aggression, fear, and pain, some of it was their own, and some of it was being broadcast. Neither of them had known the plants to display any sort of unsolicited brutality, and were shocked to see their mother being attacked by the thorny bushes. She had apparently hacked her way toward the tree before being subdued by the inner ring of bushes, who were not treating her gently. All the girls could see was a flurry of leaves and petals, accompanied by their mother's screams, so they bolted toward the battle to try and get a better look. When they arrived, their mother was strapped to the ground by rough, thorny branches, her skin cut and bleeding and her clothes torn. A spiked branch had reached up through the bottom of woman's shirt and cut it open down the middle, tearing her bra off in the process. Maggie's ample breasts were exposed and her chest and belly were scratched severely.

"Hey!" shouted Lucy. All activity instantly ceased. The bushes still held their mother to the ground, but the assault had ended.

"Girls!" cried their mother, bleeding significantly from the wrists, where thorns still gripped her. "Girls! Oh, god! Watch out for the plants!"

"It's OK!" Sara said, tears welling up in her eyes, truly afraid for her mother. "It's OK! Hold on!"

"Quick!" Maggie called to her. "The knife! Cut me free!"

Sara went from worried to appalled and repelled. Still, she had to get her mother free somehow. She pulled the knife from the side of the pack, and it shined a rainbow amongst the glowing plants around them. A thorny branch crept up behind her, and Maggie saw it, but just as it was about to wrap itself around Sara's wrist, she put her hand up to it. "It's OK," she said softly. The plant hesitated for a moment and then backed off. Sara turned to her mother. "This knife?" Sara sheathed the knife, unclipped the sheath from her pack, and tossed it away, into the thicket of angry thorns.

The woman stared at her daughters. They were the same girls, she could tell, but they had changed, too, somehow. "Why?" Maggie asked sadly. From her vantage point, pinned, back to the ground, wrists and ankles bound by razor sharp thorns, she could see no way out but death.

Lucy moved farther out of the thicket and knelt by her side. Maggie noticed that the bushes went out of their way to not scratch the girl. "Don't worry," the girl said gently, seeing the confusion in her mother's eyes. "Just relax."

"I was just coming in here to set up the last--" Lucy put a finger over her mother's lips to stop the lies.

"Bomb?" Sara said, still angry, but feeling, both her own and from the plants, a new sense of hope for this situation.

Maggie tried to respond, but Lucy stared her down. "It's OK," the blonde girl said. "We knew before we even came out here."

"Why?" Sara demanded. "Why destroy this? Do you even know what it is?"

Their mother relaxed, resigning. "We weren't supposed to know," she said, closing her eyes. "Your father and I, we don't work for the Geological Foundation."

"No shit," Sara said, gruffly.

"Hey!" Lucy, scolded her sister. "Be nice. She's telling the truth. Can't you tell?" Sara could tell, could almost see the difference between truths and lies, and it blew her mind. She looked wide-eyed at Lucy, who nodded at her, wordlessly confirming that the concentrated nectar they had exposed themselves to had opened more doors in their minds than the lust that, even now, coursed through their bodies.

"So," Sara said, kneeling on the other side of their mother, "who do you work for?"

"Does it matter?"

"It does to me."

"We work for--AAH!!" Maggie's attempted lie was interrupted when the branches pinning her wrists tightened. "It's not an official organization! It's a global group! The only person I know in it is your father." The branches loosened. "Please," their mother said, grunting from the pain, "let me go."

Lucy brushed the woman's scratched cheek with the tips of her fingers. "We will," she said softly. "I promise. But we just need to know how to fix this."

"What are you?" their mother asked.

"Mommy!" Lucy said, taken aback. "What do you mean?"

"You're not my daughters," Maggie said, fear in her voice. "What did you do to them?"

"Oh, god," Lucy said, sadly. "It's us! It's us! I promise!"

"Mom," Sara said. The woman's head turned to face her. She had recognized that tone--it sounded like their father. "We found something down here--something amazing, something that we're still figuring out. It's definitely changed us, but we're still us."

"Believe me," Lucy said, shedding her daypack and unzipping it. "When we figured out you guys brought bombs camping, I asked my self where our parents were. I mean, who brings their children to a bombing?"

"Seriously," Sara said. "But it's OK now."

"This," said their mother, "is far from OK."

"I meant it will be," Sara said. "We just have to figure out a way to get out of this."

"We can't let you destroy this place," Lucy said. "Why would you want to, anyway?"

"We didn't," Maggie said. "We had no idea what was down here. We just had orders."

"Orders!" scoffed Sara.

"Obeying those orders put you through school," Maggie said. "They put clothes on our backs, food on the table, and when we died, you girls would have been taken care of."

"Would we have had to follow orders, too? Think carefully before you answer," Sara said.

"I don't know," her mother admitted, a truth that clearly troubled her. "We didn't think so at first, but as you got older, things started to change. I think maybe."

Lucy handed her sister the canteen from her pack. Sara uncapped it, and Maggie's eyes went wide. She must think it's poison, Sara thought. "Allow me to countermand every order you've ever been given," she said, pouring a tiny amount of water into her hand. Passing her hand over the scratches that streaked crimson up the middle of her mother's chest, she let water dribble down onto the woman's skin. When her hand was empty, she rubbed the water droplets into her mother's wounds.

Maggie gasped at first in fear and then in pleasure. "What--" she stammered. "What are you doing?"

The branches digging their thorns into the woman's wrists eased back enough that she could raise her head without too much pain. Lucy braced her mother's blonde head with her hands. "Watch," said Lucy. As the three of them watched, the deep scratches healed. The sisters noticed, too, that the nipples on their mother's increasingly delicious-looking breasts had gone as hard as marbles.

"Uhh," Maggie groaned when the raw, tingling pleasure from her healing chest collided with the pain from her bloody wrists and ankles. Lucy dipped a finger into what moisture remained between her mother's breasts, and streaked it across a cut on the woman's cheek. It, too, began to heal. "How?"

Lucy kept running her moist finger over her mother's cheek until the wound had completely disappeared. "We don't really know," she said. "We didn't really even know about this until just now."

"If I can get your feet loose, do you promise not to freak out and fight?" Sara asked, a finger stroking one of the thorny branches that dug into her mother's ankles.

"Yes," Maggie said. Sara felt the truth in it, but had to be sure.

"I guess you've figured out that we have some influence here, but if you fight again," she said. "I don't know if that will save any of us."

"I promise," Maggie said. With that, to the woman's amazement, her eldest daughter took the thorny branch between her thumb and forefinger, and as if she was picking up a lacy piece of laundry, lifted the limp plant from her ankle and set it down in the dirt, where it wound its way back to the thicket. She did the same with the neighboring ankle, and then took the canteen and poured a trickling of water on each ankle. Waves of pleasure washed up Maggie's legs. "Ahh!" she cried feeling an ecstatic pleasure mix with the sweet relief.

"Does that feel better," Lucy said, stroking her fingers through her Maggie's hair, knowing that her mother liked the feeling as much as she did.

"What is it?" Maggie asked, as Sara massaged the moisture into her rapidly healing wounds.

"Just water," Sara said, "mixed with the pollen from one of the plants. It pools in the blossoms of one of the plants on the lower decks."

"Decks?" Maggie asked.

"Mm hmm," Lucy said, still massaging her mother's head. "We can show you later, if you like. Would you like me to do your wrists?"

"Yes," Maggie said. "Please." Just as her sister had done, Maggie's youngest daughter plucked the thorny branches gently from her wrists. When she did, though, Maggie sat up and covered her breasts with her hands.

"Come on," Lucy said, squeezing her hand between her mother's hand and her breast, taking her mother's hand in hers. Sara knew the girl was secretly getting off on feeling the woman's breast. "You've been exposed the entire time and you're covering yourself now?"


"But nothing," the girl said. "I can't get the water on if you're all clenched up."

Maggie reluctantly let her youngest daughter pull her hand from her breast, and as Sara handed her sister the canteen, the older girl ogled her mother's breast. Out of the corner of her eye, Maggie thought she noticed this, but when the trickle of water hit her wrist, she felt electric. Pulling her hand away, she held her wrist up to examine it. Almost instantly, the wounds had disappeared, replaced by a pleasure she had never known. And there was something else, too, some kind of energy that wriggled its way up her spine. "Oh, god, baby!" she said to Lucy, stroking the girl's hair. "Thank you!"

Lucy just smiled and extended her other hand, which her mother took more readily, exposing her breasts fully. When Lucy trickled water on the last of their mother's wounds, something connected inside the woman. "Ahhh…" Maggie sighed falling back onto the ground, and closing her eyes. The girls looked at each other, eyebrows raised.

When Maggie opened her eyes again, she felt a sense just out of her reach, and trying to access it made her want to access it even more. She saw her daughters kneeling there next to her, and saw the canteen Lucy held. Before her daughters knew what she was doing, she grabbed the canteen and had chugged most of it down before Lucy could grab it back. Maggie crashed back down to the ground, a hundred thousand different doors opening in her mind.

When she came to, Maggie saw her daughters looking down at her again, this time a little more worried than before. "Is this what you girls found down here?" Maggie asked.

"Sort of," Sara said, skeptically. "Where are we with the whole blowing this place up thing?"

"Stalled," their mother said frankly. "At least until I know what this place is."

"It's a flying saucer," Lucy said.

"Excuse me?" Maggie asked. Now that her system had been opened, lustful thoughts had been swirling around her head like demons. She hadn't felt so sexually frustrated or confused since she was a teenager. "I'm having trouble concentrating."

"It's a flying saucer," Lucy repeated.

"Like a spaceship," Sara said. "At least we think so."

"Really," said their mother, disbelieving. "So why's it parked under a lake?"

"It's out of power," Sara said flatly.

"But we've been recharging it," Lucy said, smiling deviously.

"Oh, and how is that?"

Sara stood up, took Maggie's hand, and helped her off the ground. Lucy got up, too, and took her mother's other hand. Approaching the tree, almost to the trunk, Sara said, "You see this tree? It was completely dark when I found it." Indeed, now the veins that seemed to course under the bark glowed a warm golden color.

When Maggie reached out to touch the tree, a vine snapped down like a whip and grabbed her hand. When she tried to free her hand, another vine bound her free hand, spreading them and pulling upward, forcing Maggie to stand up straight on the balls of her feet. She shrieked again and struggled wildly. When soft roots popped from the soil and wound their way up her legs until they wrapped around her knees, she screamed, thrashing wildly. The roots pulled her knees firmly against the ground, the vines keeping her arms stretched above her. "Oh, god! Help me!" she cried, expecting something horrible to come next. When nothing happened, she calmed down enough to notice her daughters looking at her.

Lucy approached and ran her fingers through her kneeling mother's hair. "Just try to enjoy yourself," she said, her finger tracing a trail over Maggie's shoulder and down to her breast, where it rested on her nipple. Lucy was surprised and pleased to feel the firmness of her mother's breast. Maggie, too shocked for words almost failed to notice that behind Lucy, Sara was taking her shoes off. Turning on her heel, Lucy joined her sister and removed her own shoes.

When both girls stood barefoot in the dirt, Lucy spoke: "Sara, remember when I said I was going to go insane if I didn't taste your pussy?"

"How could I forget?"

Lucy grabbed her sister's shirt and pulled her into a wanton kiss. "You wouldn't want me to go insane, would you?"

"Definitely not," Sara said, reaching down and lifting her sister's shirt over her head in one motion. In a flick of the older girl's fingers, Lucy's bra popped off and slipped down over her shoulders. In turn, Lucy pulled off her sister's top, leaving both girls topless and kissing wildly. Maggie felt ashamed. Or, at least, she was doing her best to feel that way. If she was feeling shame about anything, it was that the show was slowly beginning to turn her on. She knew that doors to lust and desire had been opened, and had felt that this place was feeding that somehow, but she couldn't turn any of it off. Maggie watched as her youngest daughter kissed her way down her Sara's chest, caressing the older girl's nipples with her tongue. As Sara moaned softly from the blonde girl's treatment of what Maggie recognized as really nice, pert breasts, the younger girl's fingers undid and slid off the older girl's shorts. After kicking off her shorts, Sara slid Lucy's off.

Before Sara could go any further, Lucy pushed her back up against the trunk of the tree and resumed kissing and nibbling her nipples. Slowly, the girl started kissing her way down her older sister's belly and hips, stopping just above Sara's hairless pussy. Maggie watched, transfixed. This was about to happen, she thought. She knew she should want to stop it, but looking at her daughters' tight young bodies made her hot in a way she had never felt before. “Oh, no no no no no…” she moaned hollowly.

Lucy's tongue ran down her sister's slit, and the older girl moaned, inching her hips forward. Maggie watched as her little blonde daughter licked around Sara's pussy lips, round and round, until she flicked the older girl's clit, eliciting a moan. Maggie struggled against her bonds. "Lucy! Sara!" she snapped. "What are you doing?" In response, her youngest daughter licked and sucked her older sister with even more passion.

Sara, moaning louder through her panting, undid the band that tied her hair into a bob, letting her straight reddish brown locks fall down almost to her shoulders. As the girl leaned on the tree, Maggie noticed that the tree's golden glow was brighter around the area where she touched it. Had this been what they meant when her daughters said they were powering the spaceship? As she thought about it, a vine dropped down onto her and draped around her neck. She yelped from surprise and fear.

Pulling her face from between her sister's legs, Lucy cooed, "Ooh! Sara! Check it out!" Sara, breathing heavily, turned and saw the vine start to glow. Maggie saw it, too, and was worried at first, until she saw that her daughters seemed completely unconcerned. In fact, she thought, they looked pleased. They stepped closer until they stood right in front of her, and then kneeled.

Maggie drew in a breath as, right in front of her face, the first of the glowing green tendrils sprouted from the vine. She could see that it was covered in fine little hairs, like peach fuzz, and as it curled around, caressing the nape of her neck, she felt butterflies in her stomach. As the tendrils sprouted by the dozens some began winding into her hair. Despite herself, she let out a pleasured breath. More crept down her ribs, teasing a special spot there, and settling in the small of her back. She felt self-conscious as her daughters watched the tiny glowing vines tease her body, but she couldn't help arching her back as a ripple of ecstasy traveled up from the base of her spine. Even more of the tendrils went down her chest, and wound their way to her breasts and nipples. "Ahhh!" she gasped as she felt the electric pleasure.

"How does it feel?" Lucy asked.

"G-good," Maggie said, her mind a blur of lust and ecstasy.

Sara leaned in and spoke softly. "Did you like watching us?"

Maggie hesitated. "You," she paused and let out a sigh as tendrils teased her inner thighs. "You're sisters."

"We never got along before," Lucy said, scooting forward, just in front of Sara, mostly to block her sister's aggressive vibes.

"Would you believe," Sara asked, taking the hint, running her hand up her sister's back, "that Lucky Lucy always wanted me?"

"What?" Maggie was sure that couldn't be right. And Sara had used her pet name for her sister, the one she'd created when Lucy had been hit by a car as the girls were walking the short distance home from school one day when the younger girl was still in kindergarten. Lucy had flown through the air, landed on her feet, and walked away without a scratch. The only other time she'd heard the older girl use it was when the family had come together after Don's mother had died.

"It's … mmm …" Lucy started and was interrupted briefly when her sister's fingers reached her hair, massaging their way in. "It's true. I never wanted to get close … mmm … because I was afraid of what would happen." Sara slid her other hand up her sister's side, cupping her small breast. Lucy closed her eyes for a second, savoring the sensation.

"Boys at school look at me," Sara said, resting her chin on her Lucy's shoulder. "But they're just boys. I guess I'm attractive, but you get the feeling like guys our age will fuck anything, you know?"

Maggie found herself chuckling lightly at that. "Yes, I do," she admitted, almost forgetting that she was bound roughly. "Don't worry. It's like that pretty much all the time, though. Your father is still insatiable."

"So I heard," Sara said, grinning. Maggie blushed. Lucy gave her sister a sly look.

"But Sara is so sexy," Lucy said, running her hand over her sister's thigh. "Don't you think?"

Maggie had to admit that her older daughter was really something to behold. At first, Sara kept her chin rested on her sister's shoulder, grinning sweetly. Her smile was angelic, tiny dimples and a few freckles accenting her cheeks. Sara's green eyes shone brightly, their greenness amplified by the glowing green tendrils that wound around her mother's body, increasing her lust with every tease and tickle. Lucy moved out from in front of her sister, allowing Maggie to take in Sara's body. The girl was fit and tanned from spending so much time running around outside and climbing trees, but her curves were still soft, drawing her mother's eyes up to her round, pert breasts, and then down to the girl's legs, which spread open as she knelt. Between Sara's open legs, her shaved pussy still glistened ever so slightly from her sister's tongue bath. "Uh," Maggie said, unsure how to answer.

"You don't have to be embarrassed," Sara said. "It must be a little weird."

"It’s sick," Maggie managed, trying vainly to push through the lust with words. “Wrong.”

From the tree, two more vines dropped down behind the girls. Soon, Maggie could see glowing green tendrils curling their way across her daughters' bodies. She noticed that on Lucy, they went for her hair, and on Sara, they went behind her ears. "Mmmm," Lucy sighed as the teasing vines massaged her young flesh. As Sara's curled around her breasts, she leaned forward, onto her hands and knees. Maggie, filling more and more with a lust she was less and less willing to fight, watched her older daughter's breasts bounce playfully as the girl's hands hit the ground. Maggie felt the inside of her shorts becoming unbearably hot and confining. She looked at her younger daughter, but Lucy was already watching her.

"So," Lucy said breathily. "Is she sexy or what?"

Maggie looked again at Sara, who, on her hands and knees just inches in front of her, was breathing heavily in pleasure. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung slightly open. "Yes," Maggie said.

The roots that bound Maggie's knees to the ground loosened and slid down to her ankles. Before she could process why, the vines around her wrists yanked her up to her feet. She yelped and Sara pushed herself back to kneeling. "Mom?" her oldest asked.


Lucy stood and approached her mother. "Have you figured out what we found down here?"

"I think so," Maggie said. Lucy reached forward and undid the front of her mother's shorts. With the tendrils spread though her hair and curling exotically over her body like glowing tattoos, her youngest daughter looked alien. Maggie pulled her hips away as best she could. "Sweetie, please. No."

"It's OK," Lucy reassured her, reaching forward and looping her fingers into the waist above one hip. Sara leaned forward and grabbed the shorts on the other hip, and together the girls slid down their mother's shorts and panties in one motion. The roots moved, allowing them to drop to the ground, and then re-bound the woman's legs.

"Mom!" Lucy exclaimed, noticing her mother's smooth snatch.

Maggie saw the girls staring between her legs. "I like being smooth during sex," she offered, her mind too off balance to offer excuses.

Sara stood then, and Maggie looked into her eyes. The girl's smile was infectious. "I guess we have something in common," she said, her green eyes sparkling like emeralds. Just then, a vine dropped down behind the girl and slithered down her back.

"Sara!" her mother whispered hoarsely, alarmed. But the girl just reached between her legs and grabbed the vine, which had begun probing the entrance to her hot pussy. Pulling it forward, Sara straddled the slick vine and ground her clit against it.

As Maggie watched Sara arch her back and moan, Lucy approached and moved behind her mother. Maggie felt electric bolts of ecstasy arc up her own back when Lucy's fingers stroked the tendrils there. "Ahh, god!" she cried. "What are you doing?!"

"Did you like that?" Lucy asked, stroking the area again. Maggie's back arched again, and Lucy put her other hand on her mother's belly. To her pleasure, she could feel firm muscle through a little soft padding. It came as no surprise, though, after finding out that their parents were operatives of some sort of shadowy organization. No wonder they always managed to be in great shape. When Lucy's hand brushed the tendrils on Maggie's stomach, the woman shuddered with delight.

"Yes!" she moaned, despite herself. "What are you doing, baby?"

"It feeds on sexual energy," Lucy said. "And I think there are some things that can make it stronger." She moved her hand up to her mother's breast and gently twirled her finger around the tendril wrapped nipple. Maggie's neck arced back and her mouth opened in a silent scream. When her mother finally looked at her, Lucy nodded toward her sister, who continued to grind her insatiable pussy on the length of vine. "Like what you see?"

"Mmmm," Maggie, moaned as her younger daughter continued playing with her nipple.

Lucy ran her other hand around and stroked her mother's other breast, while kissing her between her shoulders. Maggie let out a gasp, mumbled something unintelligible, and went limp for a moment. When she regained her balance, Lucy pulled back and said, "I didn't get that. Do you like what you see?"

Maggie felt hornier than she ever had, and watching her oldest daughter grinding her clit against the slick vine, she had to admit that the girl really was sexy. But there was something else. She wanted more. Much more. And now she knew it was something only her daughters, her very sexy, seductive daughters could offer. Even deeper than that, she felt connected to this place. Her daughters were right: it was a spacecraft. She didn't know everything about how it worked, but she could sense her daughters' presence in whatever the plants were broadcasting. She could feel that they had a measure of control, but nothing compared to what she had. "No," she said. Lucy's hands stopped their teasing, and Sara looked up, pausing her pleasure. "I want more."

The vine that Sara was straddling whipped out from underneath her, and two roots grabbed her and brought her to her knees. The vines that held Maggie's hands and feet released her, and she reached down and grabbed Lucy. Lucy found her back pinned against her mother's chest, but the confusion from the woman's roughness disappeared when she felt her mother's experienced hands running up and down her body, tracing trails of electric pleasure. The girl gasped when her mother caressed her small breasts. "I don't see Lucy getting any attention," Maggie said to Sara, whose face was now just inches from her sister's pussy.

Sara didn't need a second thought. Leaning forward, she kissed her way up her sister's smooth, cream-colored thighs until she planted a sucking kiss square between her legs. Lucy let out a ragged breath as the older girl began to lick and kiss her throbbing pussy in earnest. Between Sara's passionate licking between her legs and her mother's expert attention to the rest of her body, Lucy knew she wasn't going to last long. She thrust her hips forward allowing her sister unfettered access. "Are you going to come, little one?" Maggie whispered in her ear.

"Uh huh," Lucy managed, feeling tension build in her body.

"Well, too bad!" her mother said, stepping back and pulling her out of the reach of her sister's hungry mouth. Sara leaned back, confused and panting. "You don't get to come yet." As Lucy was brought to her knees by grasping roots, and both girls' hands were bound to the ground, Maggie walked around behind Sara. There, she took the vine that the older girl had been straddling and let it wind itself around her waist, around to her back, and between her legs so that she now straddled it, leaving a length of it in front. Kneeling behind her eldest daughter, she put the slick blunt end of the thick vine against the girl's waiting pussy. Sara felt it and pushed back against it. Maggie pulled back, pushing her daughter forward. "Lucy, honey," she said. "Don't you think you should clean off your sister's face?"

Lucy looked at her sister, who seemed ready to explode with anticipation, and saw her own juices on her face. Leaning forward, she licked Sara's chin, tasting herself on it. When the girls began to kiss in earnest, Maggie thrust forward, burying the length of vine in her oldest daughter's pussy until she felt the girl's taut round ass cheeks pressed against her. "Aaah!" Sara cried into her sister's kisses. "Aah, fuck!" Maggie pulled pack a little and felt the vine slide slickly against her own clit. The feeling was incredible. She looked down and saw the vine stretching her daughter's pussy. She thrust forward again, and another cry came from the brown-haired beauty.

"Is this how you were going to fuck your sweet little sister?" Maggie said, pulling back and thrusting again.

"Ah! No!" Sara groaned, realizing her mother was fucking her with the vine.

"Tell the truth!" her mother said, thrusting again, harder.

"Oh, fuck!" Sara whimpered, wishing the woman would stop teasing and fuck her silly already. "I am!"

"I don't believe you," Maggie said, grabbing the girl's ass and thrusting roughly again.

"Oh!" Sara whimpered again. "Please, just fuck me and I'll show you."

That was all Maggie needed to hear. Her own pussy yearned to be fucked, and grinding against the side of the vine was only making her hornier. Hearing her daughter beg to be fucked unleashed a torrent of pent-up aggression toward the girl, and she began to ravage the girl's tight young snatch. Lucy continued to kiss her moaning sister, and as they kissed, Maggie felt her aggression transform into lust. Soon, Sara was no longer the absentee daughter, solely a product of her father. Soon, she was a sexy girl who was begging her mother to fuck her harder. And this new daughter was hers. Well, she thought, maybe not all hers. When she looked at Lucy looking at Sara, she could really see that things had changed between her girls. They were now inseparable, she knew, and it made her happy. Maggie looked down at her older daughter, and began pumping the vine in and out of her now with giddy passion.

"Oh, mom!" Sara cried. "Fuck me!" Maggie ran her hands over the girl's ass and up her sides. Leaning forward, she ran one hand under Sara and massaged the girl's pert breast. "Oh! Oh, fuck!" the girl hollered.

Lucy had noticed the change in her mother and smiled. When she caught the woman's eye, she grinned--and now Maggie grinned back. Lucy saw her mother reach under Sara again, but this time the woman was clearly playing with her daughter's clit. Face to face with her sister, she watched the older girl come, bucking and screaming, and leaned forward and kissed the girl's sweet, soft lips.

After her mother pulled the vine from her pussy with a wet pop and she had had a moment to gather her mind, the roots that bound Sara returned to the soil, but Lucy remained bound. Sara turned to Maggie, who had unwound the vine from herself. "Oh, mom!" she said, hugging the her and feeling the woman's full breasts against her own.

"Oh, my horny girl," Maggie said, feeling her daughter breathing heavily against her. "I bet you're just insatiable, aren't you?" Sara looked back up at her with that infectious smile. "Well…"

"Well?" asked Sara.

"What are we going to do with your sister?" Maggie and her older daughter turned and saw that Lucy was still there, bound to the ground.

Sara tried removing the roots, but they held firm. "I guess," she said. "We'll just have to give her a good fucking. What do you think?"

"I don't know," Maggie said, scooting to Lucy's side and running her fingers through the girl's vine-infused hair. "Is she still a virgin?"

Sara stroked her hand down her little sister's back until it rested on her cute, firm ass. "She gave me that. Didn't you, Lucky?"

"Mmm hmm," purred the younger girl, finally enjoying some attention.

Maggie was genuinely surprised. They really hadn't wasted any time, had they? "No wonder you two have become such an item lately," she said, stroking her daughter's hair again. The girl purred louder and wiggled her ass against her sister's hand. "Oh, sweetie, you're horny, aren't you?"

"Mmm hmm," Lucy said. And then, "Aahh!" as Sara dipped a finger into her tight little pussy.

"Feel how wet she is," Sara said. Maggie dragged her fingers down her blonde daughter's back until they rounded her ass. Tentatively, she ran a finger down the length of the girl's slit, eliciting a moan. When she dipped a finger into the girl's pussy, she instantly felt juices coat her digit, accompanied by a hot tightness. Sara caught the woman's expression. "You've never been with a girl before? I thought you guys were children of the '70s," she said, making a flowery gesture that portrayed group sex on LSD.

"We were children in the '70s," her mother said, leaving her finger in her youngest daughter. "And in college, your father and I got recruited and were off killing werewolves in Portugal right after graduation." She slid her finger farther into the blonde girl, and then took it out and smelled the juices. Sara looked at her expectantly, and she licked her flinger. She'd tasted her own pussy many times, from her own fingers and off of Don's cock, but never another woman's, and certainly not her own young daughter's. "Oh, god," she breathed.

"Tastes like heaven, huh?" Sara said.

"Oh, baby, your pussy is delicious!" Maggie moaned. After a long pause, she said, "I want to taste you." As they had been talking and playing in Lucy's increasingly hot pussy, a thatched mat of tendrils had woven themselves underneath the three of them, practically rising out of the dirt. "Oh, look!" Maggie added. "They want me to stay clean while I do."

"Oh, god," Lucy groaned. "Would someone please just eat my fucking pussy, already?!"

Maggie turned to Sara with mock surprise. "Would you listen to that?" And then to Lucy: "OK, sweetie. OK." Maggie rolled onto her back and began sliding under her daughter when she felt a thick vine curl under her, between her ass cheeks and against her pussy. She squeezed her legs together around the vine, figuring she was going to grind against it again, but instead, two roots emerged and spread her legs.

Sara watched the root probe her mother's opening, pushing at it and coating it with its juices. Gradually, inch by thick inch, it buried itself in her mother, who moaned and tried to say something, but was cut off when Lucy lowered her little hot pussy onto her mother's mouth.

At first, Lucy only felt her mother's hot breath between her legs, but as the vine started to pump in and out of her mother, she felt a few kisses and finally tongue running up and down her slit. "Ahh!" the girl moaned, finally feeling pleasure that had been denied her. Her mother's tongue darted into her tight little hole and then circled around her clit. "Ah, god! Oh, mommy!" she cried, grinding her pussy into her mother's mouth.

Sara felt the lust returning. Her mother was right: she was insatiable. Watching a thick vine plow in and out of her mother's smooth snatch while the woman slurped at her little sister was making her beyond horny. She reached out and played with her mother's breasts, causing the woman to moan loudly. Encouraged, she bent and licked a nipple, rolling it around on her tongue. The moans became louder and she became more aggressive. As she continued to lick and suck her mother's nipples, her hand traveled south over her mother's belly until it came to the woman's clit. Sara could feel the vine pumping more rapidly in and out of Maggie's pussy, and when she touched her clit, the woman bucked. "Mmmmmm!" she moaned onto Lucy's clit.

The vibration from her mother's moaning sent Lucy's head into a tailspin. Her mother may never have been with a girl before, but she took to it just as readily as Sara had. The gentle sucking on her clit combined with the circling and flicking of her mother's tongue were bringing her to the brink. A warm sensation filled her body, and she felt herself shuddering as she came. Maggie must have sensed it, and moaned, but didn't stop lapping furiously at the girl's quivering pussy. Lucy felt fire burn through her body as her mother continued.

At the same time, Maggie felt her older daughter's fingers stroking her clit as the rubbery vine slammed in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Her youngest daughter had come once, and Maggie found herself writhing in so much pleasure that she wanted to see if the girl would come again. Lucy had gone from moaning to squealing, bucking her tight little pussy against her mouth, and as Maggie felt the girl come again, she felt herself coming, too. The vine's pumping eventually slowed, and after a minute it slipped out of her and back up into the tree. Lucy, too, reluctantly raised her pussy from her mother's mouth.

"Oh, god!" Maggie breathed, closing her legs and feeling an erotic heat she had never even dreamt possible. Strange, though, she felt, that that heat only seemed to grow and burn hotter. Sara's head lay on one hip, and Lucy turned her body around and lay her head on the other. Maggie propped herself up on her elbows and looked at her sexy young daughters, who stared back up at her.

Lucy was the first to speak. "Mommy, you made me come twice," she said. "I didn't even know that was possible!"

"Hm hm," Maggie chuckled a satisfied chuckle. "Looks like that's one more thing we have in common."

"Hey!" Sara complained. She was genuinely hurt. None of them really knew how, but they all felt the emotional ripples.

"Oh, sweetie," Maggie said, sitting up. Her daughters still lay with their heads on her thighs. She stroked Sara's straight auburn hair.

"Hey!" Lucy complained. "At least you got fucked!"

"Girls!" Maggie cut short an argument that, except for the subject matter, seemed very familiar.

"I'll show you fucked!" Sara shot back, sitting up. A root shot out of the ground and grabbed Lucy roughly by the neck. The younger girl shrieked and grasped at it. A similar root grabbed Sara by her neck. The surprise at the unexpected lack of control caused Sara to lose her balance and topple over.

"GIRLS!" their mother shouted. Both roots retreated and were replaced by rubbery vines that had come down from the tree so fast that the girls hadn't noticed. Before they knew it, the girls found themselves suspended, spread-eagle above the ground by the tree's vines. They had become accustomed to controlling the plants in this place, and their newfound lack of control genuinely scared them. They struggled for a few minutes, but slowly realized that their mother was not bound, and in turn, stopped writhing. Maggie stood.

"Mommy?" Lucy asked. Ripples of emotional distress broadcast through the network of plants.

"Girls," Maggie said. "Listen." She stared at each of her daughters and their young sexy bodies, and felt herself wanting to have them in every way she knew how, but she calmed herself. Sara had shaved her pussy, and was still smooth, her pussy lips pink and puffy from lust. Lucy had a little curly blonde fuzz on her mound, and Maggie reach up and touched her chin and upper lip, feeling a little rug burn. She'd have to do something about that. For now, she had to calm another teenage spat. "I may be new here, but I'm still your mother, and you will do as I say. Do I make myself clear?"

"Mom?" Sara asked.

Maggie raised a finger to ward off interruptions. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, mommy," Lucy said.

"Yes, mom," Sara said.

"Good," Maggie said. The vines suspending the girls moved them closer together until they were face to face. "Now kiss and make up." The girls tentatively pecked each other on the lips, but their mother gave them both a firm smack on the ass, causing Sara to grunt and Lucy to whine. "You girls love each other enough to fuck, but not enough to make up, is that it?" She snaked a hand down under each girl's ass, between their legs, and slipped a finger into two tight, hungry pussies. The girls let out a breath at their mother's touch. "Now kiss." This time, the girls complied, finding their passion again. After the girls had kissed for a while and Maggie had fingered their tight little pussies, the vines lowered and released the sisters.

"I'm sorry, mommy," Lucy said.

"I'm sorry, too," Sara said.

"It's OK," Maggie said, removing her fingers from her daughters' hot holes and running her hands up their backs. "But I have a few things to teach you, so get dressed and let's go for a walk."

As the girls pulled their clothes from their bags and got dressed, the pod Sara had collected earlier fell out and rolled to Maggie's feet. Even in the dark, Maggie could tell her daughter was blushing. "Sorry, mom," her older daughter said. "We found it earlier."

Maggie bent and picked it up, and at her touch it began vibrating. "What were you going to do with this, exactly?" Maggie said, slyly.

"I--" Sara stammered. "Um…"

"Remember how I said you are to do as I tell you?" Maggie asked. "Well, tell me: what were you going to do with this?"

"I was going to make Lucy suck it," Sara said. "I wanted to know what she'd look like with a cock in her mouth." Lucy looked at her, eyes wide like saucers.

"Maybe," Maggie said, regarding it. It was almost as thick as the vine that had reamed her pussy, and was over a foot long. "Let's go for a walk and then I'll show you what it's for."

They set out without their bags, Maggie carrying the pod in a cloth sling to stop its buzzing. As they walked, they decided to visit the lower levels that none of them had explored yet. The shape of the craft became more obvious the more they traveled; it certainly was a flying saucer, but it was massive. Each level had very specific kinds of plants and terrain, almost like a tiny enclosed world. When they reached the lowest level, they found that it was closer to a jungle than anything they had come across yet. Neon glowing ferns grew so thick in parts that the mother and her daughters found them impassable. The roots and vines that grew here were just as slick and rubbery as the ones around the golden tree, but here they were far too thick for fucking, Maggie noted with disappointment.

"So," said Sara suddenly, traipsing along behind her mother and Lucy. "What are we going to do about dad?"

"We'll have to kill him or seduce him," Lucy said bluntly. Both Sara and Maggie looked at her with a fair amount of scorn. "What?" she asked in response.

"I'm supposed to be the blunt one," Sara said. "Remember?"

"Well, it's true."

"We're going to seduce him," Maggie said, ending the debate. "And I know just how to do it."

"Of course," Lucy said. "You really would be the one, since you know what he likes."

"Oh," Maggie said, turning and grinning. "Not me."

"Me?" Lucy asked.

"Of course," Maggie said.

"Why not daddy's little girl?" Lucy asked.

"Me?" Sara scoffed. "I'm too precious to him. He'll never go for it unless he's good and primed. But you …"

"He loves me, too!" Lucy said.

"Of course he does, baby," Maggie said, stroking her younger daughter's rosy cheek. "We all do. But your personalities tend to clash."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Sometimes people just want to hate-fuck you," Sara said. "I know I do. But," Sara said, placing her hand on her sister's ass, "now I know you'd just enjoy it, you little skank."

Lucy blushed and smirked. "Nerd," she said. "So, what, I'm supposed to piss him off until he rapes me?"

"Oh, dear god no," Maggie said. "About a year ago, he mumbled your name in his sleep. I thought he was having a nightmare, but when I woke him up, he fucked me like a stallion. I don't think he knows he talks in his sleep sometimes."

"Ah," Lucy said. It all fell into place. "I'll do it here, then." They looked around. There was nothing but ferns, bushes, and vines growing and glowing densely all around them.

"Here?" Maggie and Sara asked almost simultaneously.

Lucy grinned. "Trust me."

They trudged through the vegetation for a while longer, until they found the tree line.

"So where did you girls hide the bombs?" Maggie asked, and then immediately felt the mood tense around them. The girls eyed her suspiciously. "It's fine," she said. "I just want to make sure they're safe."

"They're safe," Sara said, tautly. "And I got rid of the detonators."

"Smart girl!" her mother said, snaking an arm around to the small of the older girl's back, under her shirt, and up to the center of her back. "Sexy and smart. God I love you." The air around them relaxed. "Still," she said, pulling her daughter's body close. "Show me. Because I said so." She nibbled on the Sara's ear lobe, remembering where she'd seen the tendrils tease the girl earlier. Sara let out a sharp breath. "But if it puts your mind at ease, I want to make sure your father won't find them." She kissed her older daughter on the lips. "Honest."

The girls led their mother up from the lower level and past plants of all kinds. Some, like the ferns and various trees and grasses, seemed to be there simply to hold energy, like living batteries. Others, they noticed, were almost like control surfaces, but none of them seemed to work. Sara guessed that they didn't have enough power yet, and wondered if there was a central control location, since this seemed to be an otherwise organized craft. Less interested in the more technical aspects of the ship, Lucy pointed out that there were more plants that seemed to exist only for sex. As they walked along, Maggie explained to them how some of the more esoteric designs could be used. One, she said, had pods on the ends of its reeds that looked very much like butt plugs.

"Butt plug?" Lucy asked. "What's that?"

"What does it sound like?" Sara said.

"Something that I might cram in your butt if you treat me like I'm stupid."

"That might be nice," Sara said under her breath.

"What'd you say?" Lucy said defensively, not understanding what her sister had mumbled.


"What'd you say to me?"

"Nothing, OK?"

Maggie had heard, though, and it surprised her. This was another thing she and her older daughter shared. "Sara," she said. "Tell your sister what you said."

Sara was quickly becoming used to obeying her mother's demands. "I said," Sara said, pausing to gather her nerve. "I said, it might be nice."

"What?" Lucy said, incredulous, looking toward her mother for support. "Who'd want to put something in their ass?"

"I would," Maggie said. Sara turned to her mother, and their eyes met. Maggie could see the relief in her older daughter's eyes. "You're not alone, sweetheart."

"Well, count me out," Lucy said, indignant.

"More for us, then," Maggie said, giving Sara's butt a squeeze. "Did you want to try it out, Sara?"

Sara blushed. "Um, maybe later," she said, sheepishly.

"You don't have to be shy, sweetie," her mother said, her hand still caressing the girl's ass. The thought of seeing her older daughter's naked ass again made the woman extremely horny, and the added notion of plunging any number of the things growing on the plants around them into the girl's virgin asshole made her almost unable to resist the urge to strip the girl down and do it right then and there.

"It's OK," Sara said. "We have plenty of time. Let's find those bombs." Her mother gave her a firm pat of the ass and a knowing smile, and then the three of them wandered toward the site where the girls had stashed the bombs, continuing to catalogue plants that might be especially pleasurable.

When they reached the clearing with the long violet grass, Maggie stopped short. The girls had certainly picked a beautiful spot to hide the explosives. Off to the side was a gnarled tangle of thorns, partially overgrown with vines that had sprouted brilliantly colored flowers, but too regular in shape to be anything but a hidden pile of something manmade. Still, Maggie thought, unless you knew what this place was and how it worked, you'd never be able to get at the hidden stash, and if you did know how all about this place, you'd have no use for the bombs. "There?" Maggie gestured to the pile.

Lucy nodded, still uncertain. It was Sara she had convinced, but Lucy knew that her mother could be crafty. Sara might have inherited interest in putting things in her ass, Lucy thought acidly, but manipulation had gone to the younger daughter. Lucy had half a thought to bring those gnarled thorns to bear on her mother again so she could get the truth, but she also felt scared by the idea. Where was the viciousness coming from? She'd felt it before over the last couple years and, characteristically, written it off as part of being a teenager, but now she wasn't sure. Also, something else had changed. The sex she'd had wasn't just sex to her: it was bonding. And it wasn't because these had all been her first experiences, or because something in this living spacecraft wanted her to feel this way. She genuinely felt a family and a lover's bond to her sister and mother. In the past, she wouldn't have hesitated to use them for her own personal gain, but now, just the thought of it left a bad taste in her mouth. Except for sex, she thought. The thought of using Sara and her mother for sex made her hot, probably because she knew that she wanted to be used by them, too. The thought made her smile. And what if her mother really was on their side now? It seemed possible. In fact, it seemed more than possible, given the amount of control she seemed to have. Lucy wondered if that was an effect of the nectar they'd given her, or if it had something to do with age. It was clear that younger people were more immediately and dramatically affected, but she and Sara had felt the effects of the place wear off a while after leaving the first time. She wondered if the changes were more permanent the older one got. The thought of her mother being permanently as horny as she was now nearly made her drool.

"Hey, silly," Sara called from the grass. "You gonna stand there grinning like an idiot, or are you gonna join us?" Maggie and Sara had taken off their shoes and sat on the grass eating from a small handkerchief parcel that Sara had taken from her pack before they began walking. Lucy took off her shoes and joined them, feeling the soft blades of grass wiggle between her toes as she walked. In the parcel was some dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, and bits of Lucy's favorite sugary cereal. Together, mother and sisters ate, talking and joking until the handkerchief was empty.

"Ahh," Maggie sighed laying back into the glowing violet grass. "What an incredible day!" When she laid down, the grass gently caressed her feet and legs. "Mmmm. The grass."

"Surprised?" Sara asked. The long, soft blades of grass had also begun to caress the girls, and Sara noticed her sister spread her legs, allowing the blades to tease the insides of her thighs and sneak up the legs of her shorts. The blonde girl moaned softly when the thin, probing blades found their target in her shorts. Sara leaned in and kissed her, feeling the girl's soft lips open. Their tongues touched and Lucy moaned softly again. Sara reached under her sister's shirt and was pleased to find that she had left her bra in her bag. Gently, she squeezed the girl's small firm breast, letting her fingers slip over it until they pinched her nipple. Lucy moaned a little louder this time and kissed back harder.

"Mmmm," they heard their mother sigh. "Now isn't that better than fighting?" They stopped kissing and looked over at Maggie, who had proper herself up on her elbows to watch. "Oh, don't let me stop you."

"The thought never crossed my mind," Lucy said, resuming her kissing and sneaking her hand up the back of her sister's shirt. As her hand went up, trying to find the clasp to her sister's bra, it found none. Instead, she hooked her thumb under the bottom of the shirt and pulled it over the older girl's head, releasing the perfect breasts underneath. "That's more like it," Lucy said. She caressed her older sister's breasts, feeling their firm softness. "If only I could have you like this all the time."

"Just like this?" Sara asked.

"Well…" Lucy said, giving her sister a mischievous look. Sara laid back and arched her hips off he ground, and Lucy unbuttoned her sister's shorts, yanking them down and off in one motion, leaving the older girl splayed naked in the violet grass, which immediately moved in to caress and tease her body.

"God damn!" their mother said, sitting up.

"I know," Lucy said, running her fingertips up Sara's leg. She stopped when she reached the girl's hips. "Hey, Sara, did it hurt to shave down here?" She traced her finger in to feel her sister's pussy lips.

"Mmm, not at all," Sara said, squirming a little against her sister's finger. "Feels kinda good, actually. It's been a little itchy, since it's been growing back in, though." Lucy could feel the hairs just beginning to come back in, and could imagine that it might itch.

"You didn't happen to bring your razor with you, did you?" Lucy asked hopefully.

"Hold that thought," Maggie said, getting to her feet. "I think I know of something growing around here that might solve both issues." She paused, noticing the puzzlement on her daughters' faces. "It's fine," she waved dismissively as she started off down a passageway. "Just make sure you're both naked when I get back!"

The girls turned to each other and giggled. That was certainly a side of their mother they hadn't seen before. But the giggles soon subsided when they both realized that one of them was still clothed. Sara grabbed her sister's shorts and unzipped them as the younger girl threw off her own shirt and fell back into the grass. Sara had her sister's shorts off almost before the girl's back hit the ground, and then fell in next to her. Both girls giggled and sighed from the joy of the freedom. More than just freedom from clothes, it was freedom to love each other at their leisure, and freedom in the knowledge that their lives were going to be anything but normal.

Now both completely naked, the girls felt the grass really start to tickle and tease them in their favorite places. Sara stretched and spread her legs a little, and felt the soft blades run against her pussy lips. Next to her, Lucy rolled over toward her and again ran her fingertips up her thigh. Her fingers brushed aside several probing blades of grass and stroked her sister's pussy lips again. Sara spread her legs wider and Lucy ran a finger up the slit until it rested on the older girl's clit. Sara moaned and spread her legs even wider. Lucy ran the finger down her sister's slit, feeling the wetness and slipping her finger inside. The tight warmth turned Lucy on to no end, and she pushed her finger in further. There was no urgency, though, as there had been before. This casual, meandering lovemaking was new, and both girls enjoyed it.

Sara moaned as her sister slipped a second finger into her, and her pussy clamped down on them as if to keep them there forever. Lucy leaned in and kissed her, and Sara slipped a couple fingers between the girl's legs, massaging the little blonde fuzz-covered snatch. Lucy kissed her harder, and moaned into her mouth when Sara finally thrust a finger into her slippery, waiting pussy. They basked in this simple pleasure for several more minutes before they heard their mother come trotting back.

The woman stopped and admired the scene of her two daughters, tangled, naked and moaning, before approaching with a handful of something that looked like seeds in one hand and the canteen with the nectar-water mix in the other. "Found it!" the woman exclaimed.

"Found what?" Sara asked, tilting her head back in the grass to see Maggie standing over them. "And how?"

"When I drank the nectar, I had some pretty wild visions," Maggie said. "At first, I was worried that you'd drugged me, but the more I saw of this place, the more I realized that I was seeing this place as it sees itself and us. Still pretty wild." Their mother's eyes were wide with excitement, which confused the girls. Maggie was typically pretty measured, but they certainly could understand the sense of weird erotic wonder that this place could instill in a person. "But anyway, you girls are completely correct: it is a spacecraft, and it is powered by lust and sexual energy. But it's not like a normal spaceship. It doesn't fly--not really. It just bends space around it."

"That must be how it got under the lake," Sara thought out loud. She and Lucy had stopped their lovemaking and she simply had her arm wrapped around her sister as the younger girl reclined against her. "Previous owner miscalculated. So what happened to them? Possibly escaped to the surface. Unlikely. We would've heard about it if an alien was caught." Sara continued thinking out loud as her mother and sister looked on, eyebrows cocked quizzically. "Perhaps it's a human ship. It seems to know what to do with us, but that's only speculation. It could have read that through the blood. It's possible the previous crew died aboard, which would mean that the plants recycled their bodies in order to send out a distress beacon. Hmm."

"Hey, nerd," Lucy said, snapping Sara out of her own head. "You finished?"

"Yeah," Sara said, suddenly embarrassed at having been caught ranting like that. She tended to make sure she was alone before going into those stream-of-consciousness monologues.

"Don't be embarrassed," Maggie said, kneeling in the grass next to her girls. "You're about as right as you can be about it, at least from what I know."

"You seem to know a lot," Lucy said, "considering we just brought you here."

"But you know that age has to affect how the place works on us, right?" Sara asked.

"Sure," Lucy admitted. "And she did pretty much drink that nectar raw, so maybe she has more control."

"I'm not sure I'd think of it in terms of control," Maggie said. "But this being a spaceship, and Sara liking it rough like she does, I suppose those terms will work for now."

"How'd you know she likes it rough?" Lucy asked.

Maggie was stumped. She really hadn't consciously known it--hadn't seen it--but something just said that about her. "Must be the place," she said, spreading her arms, and then added, "And I did fuck you pretty hard with that vine earlier."

"Mmm," Sara said, remembering. She moved her hand down to her sister's ass and caressed it. "So what'd you find?"

"Watch," Maggie said, opening the hand with three seeds in it. She put two in her pocket, and then poured a little nectar-water over the remaining one. At first, nothing, but then the seed started to break down, and before long, it was foaming. The single seed created just enough foam to just overflow Maggie's palm. It smelled like honey.

"What is it?" Lucy asked.

"Lay back, sweetie," she said. Sara rolled the girl onto her back, knowing exactly where this was going. Maggie moved between the girl's legs, motioning for Sara to spread and raise them. When her older daughter held her younger daughter's feet, spread over her head, Maggie patted the foam onto the girl's fuzzy pussy and down into the crack of her ass.

"Oh!" Lucy said, startled. "It's cold!" But soon she felt a buzzing sensation and the foam got warmer.

"So where's the razor?" Sara asked.

"There is none," Maggie said. "Watch." Her mother then took more nectar-water from the canteen and poured it gently over the foam between the girl's legs. When it was all washed away, the hair was gone, too, leaving a perfectly smooth, bald pussy that the woman and older girl could see was pink and ripe for fucking. "Oh!" Maggie and Sara said at the same time. "Look, sweetie!" mother said to younger daughter, but Lucy was lost in ecstasy.

"The nectar," Sara said. Indeed it was. The nectar-water around her pussy had nearly made the younger girl orgasm on the spot. When the girl finally could open her eyes and look between her own legs, she made a cooing sound. "My turn!" Sara said, putting herself on her elbows and knees, butt wiggling in the air.

"How can I say no?" Maggie said with a chuckle, foaming the next seed. She took a little extra time smoothing the foam on her older daughter, making sure she got everywhere. When she poured the water, washing the foam away, Sara's arms slipped out in front of her as she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her. Her mother looked at the girl's butt, now poking up into the air, and felt herself get incredibly wet. She gave the girl's butt a smack, toppling her into the grass. "Now do me."

"Yes, ma'am!" Sara said. Lucy was able help now, and held a seed in one hand, foaming it as Sara disrobed their mother. When she was naked, the woman laid back in the grass and motioned for Sara to hold her legs apart over her head as she had with Lucy. Sara stood and held the woman's feet.

"No, no," Maggie said. "On your knees." Sara knelt and found her newly smooth pussy hovering a fraction of an inch over her mother's mouth as she held the woman's feet. Lucy smeared the foam between her mother's legs and down the crack of her ass, exactly as had been done to her. "Mmm," Maggie moaned as the foam went from cold to buzzing with warmth. When Lucy emptied the canteen onto her mother's pussy, Sara felt her mother's hot tongue dart inside her.

Lucy looked at her mother's smooth pussy lips and leaned in and kissed them. Instantly, she realized that she should have waited until the nectar-water was completely cleaned off. As soon as her lips touched her mother's still dripping pussy, lust took complete control of her. She had meant to be gentle and slow, but the smell and taste of pussy drove her wild, and she latched on to her mother's clit, sucking and flicking it ferociously with her tongue. Maggie yelped, muffled by her older daughter's snatch and she practically threw Sara off of her. "Oh, baby!" she whimpered, feeling painful overstimulation. "Oh, it's too much!" She grabbed Lucy's head and tried to draw it away, but the girl was on her like a magnet. With a shove, she threw Lucy out from between her legs.

"Mommy, no!" Lucy complained, trying to scramble back to her mother's pussy. But Maggie caught her and hugged her younger daughter to her. To the side, Sara looked on in confusion.

"Sara," Maggie said, reaching a hand down between Lucy's legs and slowly rubbing the younger girl's blazing hot pussy. "Get the pod." Sara didn't waste a moment. For a second she'd been miffed that the first time she had her mother eating her pussy, it was interrupted by her sister, but looking at Lucy, squealing and fidgeting, she knew things were about to get much more interesting. Sara grabbed the cloth sling and hurriedly unfurled it, snatching the pod from within. As soon as she touched it, the pod vibrated. Sara moved down to her sister's spread legs and for a moment watched as her mother finger fucked the squirming blonde girl's newly bald pussy. When Maggie saw that Sara was in position, she roughly flipped the younger girl onto her belly so her butt was sticking up in the air.

Lucy wiggled her cute little butt at Sara. "C'mon, Sara! Do it!" Sara didn't need any more motivation. She ran the length of the pod over her sister's pussy and rocked it against her clit. The younger girl squealed, and as she ground her pussy on it, the pod quickly became slick with her juices. Sara rubbed it back and forth a few more times, and then pushed it slowly into Lucy's aching pink pussy, inch by inch it went in until finally it stopped. "Oh, fuck! It feels so good!" Lucy said, her back arched. Not quite half of the pod was embedded in the girl's quivering snatch, and Sara grabbed it by the other half, pulled it almost all the way out, and then slowly pushed it back into her little sister. "Oh, shit! Sara! Faster!"

"Watch your mouth, young lady!" Maggie hissed, and then pulled the girl's mouth down to her waiting pussy. "Lick me!" Lucy licked at her mother's pussy again. "Oh, baby," Maggie said, gripping her daughter's blonde hair. "Lick me so good!" As Lucy continued to lap at her mother's pussy, Sara plunged the vibrating pod in and out of the girl, causing her to moan and whine like an animal.

Sara's head began to spin with lust. The smell of her sister's pussy and the sight of the girl eating out their mother was too much for the older daughter. She reached down and rubbed her own pussy, and stuck a finger in, curving it just right to hit her G-spot. When she moaned, Maggie looked up from her ecstasy. "Oh, sweetheart!" Maggie said, "Do you need to be fucked, too?"

"Mm hmm," Sara moaned, fingering herself in time with the fucking she was giving her sister.

Maggie pulled away from Lucy's lapping tongue, got up, came around to Sara, and took over fucking Lucy with the pod. She twisted it with every thrust, making the younger girl's moans even louder. Maggie saw her older daughter fingering herself, and smiled wickedly to herself. Oh, they were going to love this! She let go of the vibrating pod, leaving it half buried in Lucy's tight pussy, and put her hand over Sara's, making the girl stop her frantic frigging. "Now," Maggie said. "I want you to fuck your sister again." Sara reached for the pod, but Maggie gently slapped her hand away. "No hands." Sara gave her mother a confused look. "Oh, you girls. So wanton, so horny. You have so much to learn." She pushed Sara forward so her ass was in the air and then grabbed the girl's short hair, aiming her gaze behind her and toward the pod half buried in her sister.

"Oh," Sara said. "Oh, god!" The girl scooted herself back until she felt the exposed tip of the pod vibrate against her moist opening. She pushed back and felt the pod slide slowly into her, filling her up. The vibrating was a new element for her, and she felt an incredible erotic heat radiating out from between her legs. The raw stimulation on her clit sent bolts of pleasure up her spine, and the vibrations around her G-spot threw out waves of ecstasy from deeper down. The combination made her body spasm and her eyes roll back. "Oh shit!"

"Sara, darling," Maggie leaned forward and whispered in her older daughter's ear, "you're not even halfway on it."

"It's … so … good …" Sara breathed. She pushed back more, but the pod slid only slightly into her.

"Ahh!" Lucy moaned from behind her. Sara realized that she had pushed the pod further into her sister, but before she could think any more about it, Lucy pushed back, burying the entire pod in both girls. Sara felt her ass slap against her sister's, and the more she ground back, the more she felt her sister's smooth pussy lips against her own.

"Ah, fuck, Lucy!" Sara cried in ecstasy. "Oh, fuck, I love you!"

"I love you, too," Lucy said, desperately. "Now fuck me!" Sara pulled back off the pod a little and pushed back again, and the pod slid in and out of the young, moaning girls. More steadily, both girls began to fuck each other with the vibrating pod. With each thrust back, their taut, smooth butts collided and sent thunderclaps of pleasure through each girl.

"Oh, my lovely, girls!" Maggie breathed, fingering herself. "My sexy girls!" She couldn't stand it any longer. Spreading her legs in front of her older daughter, she moved until her pussy was just inches away from the girl's mouth. Sara was so lost in ecstasy, eyes closed and mouth agape, that she didn't notice her mother there in front of her until Maggie grabbed her head and placed the girl's open mouth on her pussy. "Lick my pussy, baby," the woman breathed. She felt her daughter's tongue begin to explore her pussy, and looked down to see the girl's brilliant green eyes looking back up at her. Mother and daughter's eyes locked on each other until Sara found Maggie's sweet spot. "Oh, god!" Maggie moaned, arching her back and pushing her pussy hard into her older daughter's mouth. "Oh, fuck. Right there!" She felt Sara flutter her tongue around her clit, and when the girl moaned from her fucking, the vibration ran shivers of pleasure up all the way to the top of her head.

Lucy came violently, bucking hard on the slick, vibrating pod, and squealing incoherently. The harder she bucked back against her sister, the more she felt their wet pussies colliding. As she was coming, her tight, filled pussy gripped the pod. When that happened, Sara felt the pod pound in and out of her, and soon she was coming, too. "Ah, fuck!" she cried out, pulling her mouth of her mother's pussy.

"Oh, Sara, are you coming?" Maggie asked.

Sara's answer was nonexistent. Her eyes had rolled back. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" were the only sounds she could make as her body twitched.

Lucy had stopped fucking back and, slowly sliding off the pod that now jutted out of her sister's quivering pussy, collapsed forward into the violet grass. Spent, but still horny, Lucy grabbed the pod and continued to pump it in and out of Sara's tight snatch. "I wanna make her come again!" Lucy said.

"Aah!" Sara yelped as she felt the pod continue fucking her.

"I've got a better idea," Maggie said, taking her older daughter by the shoulders and rolling her onto her back, pussy still filled with the pod. She then crawled over to Sara's spread legs and lay on her back between them, scooting forward until the pod pressed against her own hot opening. The vibrating pod popped into her pussy, and the feeling was electric. "Oh, shit!" she moaned. Sara pressed her hips toward her, sliding more of the pod into both mother and daughter. "Oh, fuck that's amazing!" She pressed forward against her daughter, and steadily began fucking her daughter and herself with the pod.

Lucy could see that Sara was lost in ecstasy; the older girl lay on the grass, arms splayed out, back arched and hips pushing out onto the pod. Lucy leaned in and kissed her older sister's nipple, eliciting wordless moans and gurgles. She swirled her tongue around the nipple and then kissed her way down the girl's belly and past it until she planted a kiss firmly on Sara's red hot clit. Sara squealed and Lucy fluttered her tongue against her sister's clit again.

Maggie watched her younger daughter licking Sara's stuffed pussy and bucked against the vibrating pod faster. She was giving her older daughter the fuck of a lifetime, but would be damned if she wasn't going to get some, too. The slick pod pushed into her and filled her with electric pleasure, and she looked hungrily at her younger blonde daughter and her small, firm tits hanging down as she slurped at the place where the pod and her sister's pussy met. Lucy then switched and began licking at her mother's clit. Maggie was on fire, and grabbed the girl's hair, keeping the girl's tongue working on her as she came. "Oh, I'm coming!" she hollered. "Oh, my sweet girls! I'm coming!" Maggie's body spasmed as wave after orgasmic wave washed over her. She looked at her two young daughters, one still eating her pussy and the other experiencing her first double orgasm, and there was very little, she knew, that could ever top being with them.

"Fuck!" Sara cried as Lucy pulled the pod from mother and sister. "Fuck fuck fuck! Oh, mom, that was incredible." Sara leapt up and straddled her mother, smothering her with kisses and then collapsing on top of her, nuzzling into her neck. Lucy joined them and snuggled with them as they basked in post-coital bliss. For a while, they stayed together, all pleasured sighs and tangled bodies.

When they finally decided to get moving, Maggie wanted to plan the next phase. As they walked back to the golden tree, they talked strategy, and Maggie talked more to her daughters about her sexual experiences. Lucy kept leading the discussion back toward her mother's anal experiences. It surprised her sister and mother that the girl would do this, considering her earlier opinions on it. "I'm just curious," Lucy said. "I'd never thought of it before. It still seems kinda weird. I just wanna know why you guys like it so much."

"I don't like it," Sara said, and then gave it some thought. "I've never done it. But the grass teased me there earlier, and I kinda liked that, so maybe, I dunno. Maybe I'd like to try it sometime."

"Huh," Lucy said.

They walked on and eventually got to the golden tree, where they had left their bags. Sara and Maggie picked up their bags, and Lucy reached for hers, but Maggie stopped her. "Lucy, sweetie, you need to stay here," she said.

"What? Why?" Lucy asked.

"I've been thinking about how we're going to get Don down here, and I think the best way to go about it would be to claim we got separated and we need his help to look for you," Maggie said, and then looked somewhat contemplative. "He has also been somewhat evasive about coming here. I have a feeling he might have purposefully taken himself out of commission so that he wouldn't have to come here."

"Why would he do that?" Sara asked.

"I don't know," Maggie said. "Whatever the reason, I intend to find out."

"What am I supposed to do here, then?" Lucy asked. Right on cue, two vines dangled down from the glowing golden tree. "Uh, I'm a little tired for that." But these vines didn't approach her. Instead, they sprouted a web of tendrils that grew closer together and eventually wove into each other. In a couple minutes, a very comfortable looking hammock hung before them. Lucy turned to her mother and sister. "Did you…?"

"Not me," Sara said. Maggie shook her head and shrugged.

"Well," Lucy said. "I guess I'll take a nap, then."

"Whatever your plan is," Maggie said, "you should probably get set up in a couple hours. Are you going to be OK here by yourself?"

Lucy climbed into the hammock and laid back, hands behind her head. Kicking off her shoes, she stretched out, and the vines adjusted to make her more comfortable. "I'll be just fine, thank you," she said. "Just fine. You ladies go on ahead."

Day 5

When Sara and her mother stumbled back into camp, Don looked genuinely stressed out, and the sight of his wife and older daughter looking rumpled and muddy did not help. "Where have you been?" he asked. "You've been gone for almost a full day. And where's Lucy?"

Mother and daughter had smeared a little dirt and splashed lake water on themselves. Having not worn clothes for much of the time underground, Maggie reasoned they would look too clean, especially if they had been running around looking for a lost girl. The thorny bushes had torn Maggie's shirt beyond wearability, but she had packed a light windbreaker and now wore that. "Oh, god, Don," Maggie said, a far better actress than Sara could ever be. "We've lost her!"

"Lost?" Don asked, a morbid heaviness to his voice.

"We can't find her!" Maggie hugged him.

"She's still down there somewhere," Sara said gloomily, not attempting to lie. "I'm sure she's alive. She has to be!"

"OK," Don said, relief in his voice. "OK. Slow down and tell me what happened."

Maggie sat back, hugging her knees to her, and Don put his arm around her. Sara sat cross-legged, arms folded. "It's my fault," she said. "I convinced mom to let us split up. I thought we'd save time, so Lucy came with me."

"You took our daughters into the woods and let them run off on their own?" Don asked peevishly.

"Hey!" Maggie snapped back. "I didn't just let them run off. Sara's an experienced hiker, and she has all the skills you taught her."

"So how'd you lose your sister?" Don asked Sara, clearly disappointed in his tomboyish teenage daughter.

"Don!" Maggie shot back before Sara could try to lie. "It was an accident. Let's not lose focus."

Don took a deep breath. "You're right," he said. "I'm sorry. So where is she?"

Sara took the initiative this time. "There was a place with a lot of plants at the bottom," she said. "It's thick like a jungle. She might be in there, since we've been everywhere else. I figure one person getting lost in there is enough. Walking in there alone to try and find someone might end up with two people lost."

Don smiled a subtly and reached out and mussed her hair. "That's my girl," he said nodding. "Good thinking. Retreat and regroup. You think Lucy knows enough to stay put and wait?" Sara grimaced. Maggie sighed. "Does she at least have her pack with her?" Don asked.

"Yeah," Sara said. "Last time I saw her she did. She's got enough water and food to last her a day, maybe more."

"OK," her father said. "So assuming she's not injured, we have some time." He looked at his watch and up at the sky. "At least a few more hours before animals will come out to hunt."

"I don't think there are any animals down there," Sara said. Maggie nodded in confirmation.

"Well, let's play it safe from now on," Don said. "We'll get the two of you cleaned up and rested, and then we'll head out."

Maggie rose to her feet. She didn't want Don figuring out that she had somehow lost her shirt and bra. "Honey," she said to him. "You take care of Sara. I'm going to go get changed." She walked to the tent, got in, and zipped the flap. Going through her bag, she pulled out a sexy, black lace bra she had saved for her late nights with her husband, and found the matching panties. She figured it might ease things along if at least she was dressed to kill. She disrobed, and when she put on her panties, the feeling was incredible. More than just the feel of her smooth pussy lips against the lacy fabric, she felt an erotic buzz. The effects of the foam and the nectar-water lasted longer than she realized.

At the same time outside, Don hugged his daughter to him. "Are you OK?" he asked tenderly. "I'm sorry that I interrogated you. I'm just worried."

"Me too, dad," she said, hugging him back. But it wasn't worry for her sister. Sara was worried that this whole plan might not work. She'd found great comfort in having her sister and mother as lovers, but if her father couldn't be in her life because of that, she didn't know if the last few days of pleasure would be worth it. As he held her, she felt his warmth and strength, and felt those things transfer to her, and became oddly reassured. She even began to feel turned on again, despite her body-ravaging multiple orgasm earlier. She imagined this man fucking her little sister, and sighed, cuddling up against him.

Don held his daughter and rested his chin on top of her head. Something about her was different, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Maybe it was the smell of her hair, or the way she cuddled him--he couldn't tell. To him, it felt strangely sexual, but he knew it couldn't be. She was his little girl. He loved Lucy, of course, but Sara had inherited so much of his personality and physicality, that sometimes it seemed like watching her let him vicariously live out an alternate reality in which he was a girl. And there was something else, too, something that aroused him and made him ashamed. Once, he had had a dream that Lucy had seduced him. It had felt so real, the tightness of her pussy and the youthful playfulness she'd had as she bounced up and down on his cock. Afterward, he'd fucked Maggie like a savage beast, and he knew she must have thought it strange, so when she asked about his dream, he had lied and made up an erotic story. He could never tell Maggie that Lucy was in the dream, and he had pushed further out of his mind the fact that Sara had been in it, too. Even thinking about it now, he had to force the memories out of his brain.

"Hey, sweetheart," he said. "Why don't you get changed and rest for a moment while I check on your mother."

"OK, dad," she said, getting up. As she did, his hand slipped down her back. It was odd, he thought, that he didn't feel her bra at the middle of her back. But again he found himself thinking about his daughter's breasts. He had gone out of his way to avoid seeing his daughter naked after she had turned twelve. He had felt that once they were able to take care of their own bathing and hygiene, they deserved their privacy, but he had to admit to himself that his daughters were very attractive. Even more because of this, he had to keep his gaze away from them.

Back in the tent, Sara emptied her pack and repacked it, keeping the empty canteen on top. She hadn't decided whether to wash it out or not. There was a little nectar residue left in it, she figured, and if she simply added water to it, a sip from it might be a nice little lustful pick-me-up. Thinking more about it, she shook it and heard a little liquid inside, so she uncapped it and sniffed. Big mistake, she realized. All the fucking had made her a little scatterbrained, and she had already forgotten that she hadn't actually diluted the nectar-water yet. Just a whiff made Sara's head spin. "Damn it," she muttered, shaking her head, trying to clear the invading feelings of lust. Kneeling on the floor of the tent, she took a couple of deep breaths, trying to slow her thumping heart. OK, she thought. She stripped off her shirt and slipped off her shorts, underneath which she had worn nothing. She looked down again at her smooth pussy lips and ran a couple fingers across them. They were smoother than she could ever hope to get them by shaving. Just the feeling of her fingers was enough to prompt a second pass, a third, a fourth, a fifth, and before she knew it, she was laying on her back, hips thrusting against her hand.

Suddenly, a knock came on the flap. Sara reached for her sleeping bag and covered herself. "I'm changing!" she said in a sing-song voice.

"It's me," her mother said from outside. "Can I come in?" Instead of waiting for an answer, Maggie unzipped the tent flap and slipped inside, zipping it back up behind her. Indeed, Sara had appeared to be changing. There was a neatly folded stack of clothes at the foot of the sleeping bag, and a shirt and pair of shorts strewn nearby, but there was no longer any mistaking the smell of her daughter's arousal. Even the girl's face was freshly rosy. Maggie raised her eyebrows and silently mouthed, "Again?" Sara's eyes motioned to the canteen on the floor of the tent. It was open and had toppled onto its side, but there wasn't enough liquid in it to spill out. Maggie reached for it, and her daughter's hand grabbed her wrist. The girl shook her head "no," but Maggie waved her off and grabbed the canteen and capped it. Sara lay back, throwing her arm over her eyes, trying to relax and purge the lust from her mind. When she did, her body was exposed, and Maggie savored the sight.

"I know you're upset, honey," Maggie said suddenly. "But we'll find your sister." Sara uncovered her eyes and gave her mother a quizzical look. Maggie put a hand up to her ear and then pointed toward the outside of the tent. Sara's arm fell back over her eyes, surrendering to the little audio drama her mother was putting on for her father. Her pussy still burned white hot and she parted her legs in the vain hope that the air would cool it off. Maggie, seeing her daughter's exposed sex slowly reached out and ran a finger along the juicy slit.

"Mom?" Sara asked, uncovering her eyes again to see her mother grinning. As Maggie ran her finger up and down her daughter's slit, she continued: "She may not have your experience, but she's smart. She'll figure something out until we can get to her." With that, she pushed her finger into Sara's pussy. Sara groaned, trying her damnedest not to cry out. "I know how you feel, sweetie," Maggie said, a tinge of mischief to her voice that only Sara could truly understand, but it barely registered. Maggie had started rubbing her daughter's clit with her thumb, two fingers now buried in the girl's wet pussy. "I wish she was here, too." There was something about the illicitness of this, her father only meters away, that was driving Sara to orgasm far more quickly than she could have imagined. Her mother's fingers inside her were teasing her G-spot, and she felt as if she was going to explode. Suddenly, she sat up, driving her Maggie's fingers deep inside her. She hugged her mother, burying her face in the woman's neck as she bucked and ground on her hand. Maggie stroked her hair as she came silently, with only the slightest whimper. "There, there, baby. It's OK."

After the her spasms had subsided and she had collapsed back onto the floor of her tent, Sara felt her mother's fingers slide from her pussy. Her eyes were still clenched shut when smelled felt those same fingers below her nose. When they pressed against her lips, she took them into her mouth and sucked, tasting her own juices. When Maggie's fingers were clean, she removed them from her daughter's mouth and got up to leave. "Now get your sleep," Maggie said. "We're leaving in an hour, and we have a big day ahead of us." Mother and daughter exchanged excited glances, and then, almost before the tent flap had been fully zipped up, Sara was asleep.

In the depths of the buried spaceship, Lucy slept, too. Caressing her, the tendrils that formed the hammock fed off her electrical energy and, at the same time, let their own energy leech into her. In her dreams, she witnessed, in scattered bits and pieces, the life of the ship. For eons, the ship was worshipped as a god on some planets. Other planets viewed it as a curse or a bad omen. One civilization sought to control it as a weapon and hunted it from system to system for seven hundred years. Lucy's body twitched as she dreamed, and the tendrils glowed in excitement as they fed her more visions. Even in her dream state, Lucy found herself perplexed and oddly aroused as she witnessed a thousand different species in a thousand different states of ecstasy.

In her vision, she walked amongst the writhing ghosts of the countless generations the ship had hosted. She heard their pleasured cries and whimpers ebb and flow as the ghosts faded in and out of her vision. It seemed odd, she thought, that something always seemed to be just beyond her vision. A ghost? Maybe. She strode a little faster, past the ghosts, drawn on instinct like a moth to a flame. Faster she ran, cutting through the ghosts and started finding herself in familiar territory. She knew this place, but what was it? The more she thought about it, the more she felt her mind clouded. Stopping, she thought, what the hell? If Lucy hadn't known better, she'd have dismissed the fogginess as part of the dream state. Something was actively blocking her. Lucy woke suddenly, practically leaping from the hammock.

At the campsite, Sara woke to the sounds of supplied being loaded into packs. Quickly, she slipped her clothes on and threw the canteen back into her own pack. "There she is," her father gestured toward her as she climbed out of the tent.

The sun hovered thirty degrees off the horizon. "Are you sure we have enough time?" Sara asked.

"I'm bringing the extra tent, just in case," Don said, patting his pack. "It'll be a little intimate, but it'll do for one night." Sara eyed the tent roll and then caught her mother giving her a look that she couldn't quite interpret. She shrugged it off and hefted her own pack onto her back.

As they made their way through the forest and to the dock on the lake, Sara began to have misgivings about this plan. She and Lucy had already been on the path to discovering their erotic attraction. The encounter in the ship had simply made it quicker and with as little awkwardness than it might otherwise have had--with as little awkwardness as could be expected, anyway, when being ravaged by the local flora. They had brought their mother into it by necessity, to stop the bombing. That wasn't to say that they didn't find their mother attractive. Far from it, Sara found that just thinking about Maggie's body, the smoothness of her skin, and the taste of her pussy made her so wet she wished she had worn underwear. But now they were actively bringing her dad into this, and while she knew on some level that it was again an act of survival, she was particularly worried what this place would do to him. The vapors, sap, and nectar all had very pronounced effects on her, Lucy, and Maggie. But, she worried, what would they do to a man?

All these concerns fluttered away like sparrows when the boat hit the water and they dipped their paddles in, sliding the canoe gracefully past the point of no return. She must have been obviously distracted because she almost jumped when Don looked back from the front and said, "Hey sweetie, you're dragging your paddle. We need to hurry. Can you go faster?" Sara knew this tone. Throwing her back into her strokes, she answered the challenge. The canoe lurched forward and her father grinned and turned around, attempting to match her strokes. Maggie made a token effort, but she knew that she was out of her league, and just focused on keeping them pointed in the right direction. Sara felt the wind ripple through her hair, and when she looked forward, she saw the island approaching rapidly.

"Hey," her mother said, a little worried. "Time to slow it down, guys." Father and daughter continued to strain against their paddles, and the island continued to rush toward them. "Hey!" Maggie just about shouted, but neither her husband nor her daughter paid her any mind. Around them, the reeds of the shallow shore started to whiz by, and then started to become dense.

Suddenly, Don and Sara threw their paddles into the boat. "Hold onto something!" Don yelled. Maggie dropped her paddle in the water and gripped the sides of the canoe with white knuckles. Beneath them came the sickening rasping, screeching sound of a boat running aground. They had apparently found a gentle slope to ride up. Or not. The boat stopped short, and Don, who had begun to turn around to make a "see, not so bad!" face, went flying forward out of the boat.

Sara and Maggie had been able to remain seated, and instantly they leaped from the vessel and went to Don, who lay face down and motionless in the grass. "Dad!" Sara shrieked. "Don!" Maggie yelped. Sara went to him and was about to roll him over, but Maggie stopped her. "Wait," she said. "Careful turning him over! (Oh, god, Don!)" Sara felt her father's body for broken bones.

"Nothing broken," she said.

"What about his back?"

"Fine, luckily."


They turned him over and saw that he looked to be undamaged. Sara went to take his pulse, and his hand shot up and grabbed her wrist, and his eyes went wide. "Gotcha!" he said. Sara screamed and Maggie yelped.

"Daddy!" she screamed again, wrenching her wrist away. "What the hell?!" She beat on his chest with her open hands. "What's wrong with you?!" He laughed heartily, and she slapped his chest more until she was panting and tired.

"I win," he said smugly. Sara and Maggie scowled back. "Anyway, we should get moving." After a moment, Sara shook her head and stood, and grabbed her pack from the canoe, which appeared to be sufficiently embedded in the turf. "Here," her father said, handing her a half-full jug of water from his pack. "Fill up before we head out." She took her canteen and filled it until the jug ran out. She almost put the now full canteen to her lips, but pulled up short. "There's another jug in my pack," her father assured her.

"It's OK. I'm not that thirsty," she lied, her throat parched. "Besides, I want to make sure we have enough." She capped the canteen and shouldered her pack.

Her father shrugged and motioned for her to lead the way. "You were the last one to see her, so why don't you go first and show us the last place you saw her," he said. With that, Sara took her first steps toward the entrance.

Lucy shook off the fog in her head and felt the cool grass beneath her bare feet. She wriggled her toes and breathed deep, calming herself. What was that all about? she thought. She knew that whatever it was, the ship was trying to hide it from her, but not terribly hard. Maybe it was something that they just weren't ready to see yet, something that would be revealed in time. Lucy tried desperately to convince herself that this was the case, but deep down, she knew she had to find out. And she knew that the last place she saw in her vision was the dense jungle-like area toward the bottom of the ship, where they had been earlier. She decided she would start her search there. Tying her shoelaces into a belt loop on her shorts, she headed out, barefoot, to get answers.

As she made her way from corridor to corridor, descending deep into the heart of the ship, she began to have second thoughts, but this time they were her own. What if, she thought, what if this is all a trap? The visions she'd had were vivid, but incomplete, and she had been acutely aware that she had never witnessed the final fate of any of the previous occupants. Had they simply died of old age, casting the ship adrift after each successive generation? She wanted to believe that. But the visions of the ship being hunted across half the universe haunted her. Why had it been hunted? So many questions cartwheeled around in her head that she could scarcely keep track of them all. Again, she cleared her head and carried on, padding lightly on the soft soil.

When the air began to thicken into a warm soup, Lucy knew she was getting close. Naturally, the thicker and more humid the air became, the more saturated it became with the vapors that filled her mind with lustful thoughts. She tried to clear her head again, but she found deep breaths only made her head swim with desire. Thinking fast, she stripped off her shirt and tied it around her nose and mouth as a makeshift filter. The tide of lust did not recede, but neither did it climb any higher. Now, though, Lucy felt her mind contending with the feeling of the ever so slight breeze against her naked breasts. It was taking almost all of her concentration to keep from succumbing to her urges, enhanced as they were by the ship. Forcing her eyes and legs forward, she started into the dense foliage in search of answers.

Lucy waded through the increasingly thick growth. The denser it became, the surer she was that she was going the right direction. Soon, she came to a place where the trees were so close that she could not slip between them. She also got the feeling that leaves and vines were purposefully positioned to graze against the areas that turned her on most. Lucy followed the wall of trees around in what she soon knew was a large circle. She continued around until she stopped short when she saw a door. Not just an opening in the wall, this was an actual door with an actual handle. She reached out, and the instant her fingers touched the handle, two roots shot from the ground and grabbed her ankles.

Sara brought her parents to the crawlspace that served as the entrance to the ship. Sliding her gear in first, she waited until she heard it hit the floor on the inside and then scooted herself in feet first. Bathed in the light of the glowing blue tree, she received more of the gear, and then helped her parents in. As she gathered her pack, she noticed her father was preoccupied with the blue tree. "Just wait," she said with a grin. "That's just the beginning."

As they descended into the ship, Sara sensed something was off. The empathic connection she had with the ship felt tense, but she soon wrote it off as the same reaction it had had to her mother at first. It could probably sense her father and his ill intent for this place. When they were halfway down the ladder, the hole through which they had entered suddenly closed with a loud rumble. The ship had simply healed the breach, and from the ceiling emerged the glowing blue tree, now growing upside-down above them. They paused for a moment.

"We should head back," Maggie said.

"No!" both Sara and her father said.

"We have to find Lucy first," Don said. "And then we'll find a way out of here. We'll blow that hole back open if we need to."

Sara felt the air become even tighter. That probably wasn't what the ship wanted to hear. When she reached the bottom, she cleared the landing and leaned against a tree with smooth bark and long, thin, drooping branches. As she watched her parents finish the climb, she whispered under her breath, "Don't worry. I won't let him hurt you." A wisp-like branch tickled her ear and she felt a warm energy in the trunk. She patted it with her hand and went to join her father, who jumped down the last meter, landing lightly on his feet. Despite his recent injury, he seemed to have recovered quite nicely. When Sara approached, he reached behind her and unclipped her canteen from her pack.

Before she knew what was happening, he had the cap off and was bringing it to his lips. "Thanks! That was quite a climb!" She opened her mouth to protest, but it was already too late. He was taking a long drink, and all Sara and her mother could do was look on in stunned silence and watch as excess water trickled down his chin and into the dirt at his feet. "Ahhh!" he said. "That hit the spot!"

The effect was more or less instantaneous. He approached Sara to hand her back the canteen, and when she reached out to take it, he grabbed her wrist, pulled her to him, and reached behind her. She heard the click of the canteen being hooked back onto her pack, but her father didn't pull back right away, and she could feel her breasts pressing into his strong chest. Sara had spent enough time in the ship that she felt she could manage the highly erotic vibes that seemed to emit from every indigenous life form, but she was not immune to them. The scent of masculinity invaded her nostrils and began running roughshod over all the mental barricades she had erected. As he pulled back, finally, he released her wrist, letting his fingers slide off sensually. "Thank you," he whispered in her ear. When she looked back at him, there was, despite the softness of his tone, something in his eyes that told her to tread carefully.

Sara looked over at her mother, who, despite their adventures earlier, looked somewhere between stunned and alarmed. Don caught Sara's glance and regarded his wife. He approached Maggie. "What's going on here?"

"What do you mean?" Maggie asked.

"I mean," Don said, "what is going on with you two?"

"Nothing," Maggie said. Sara grimaced behind her father's back. Her mother wasn't being very convincing. It was probably the influence of the ship.

Don suddenly wheeled around to face Sara. "What?" he accused. "Are you still upset?"

"About what? Why?" Sara asked. She was still distracted by her own attempts to purge her mind of the lustful imaginings her father's scent had triggered.

"About the little hook-up you were supposed to have," he said. "With the Forrester boy?" He winked at her.

"Oh, uh…" Sara had genuinely completely forgotten about that. It seemed like small potatoes in comparison with the week's discoveries.

"You were going to what?" Maggie asked, surprised. Almost instantly, she felt silly for not knowing. Her daughter was incredibly hot, smart, and self-reliant. Frankly, she was surprised that Sara had only recently begun to explore sex. She certainly jumped right into the deep end, Maggie thought.

"She was going to lay back and let some boy pop her cherry," her father said. Was that a hint of jealousy?

"I doubt she'd just lay back," her mother said under her breath, but not nearly quietly enough. Both husband and daughter regarded her with shock.


Don put up a hand. "What do you mean by that?" he asked. Sara saw a bulge in his pants--a rather large bulge--and was confused. She had thought that younger people were more affected by the erotic energies. It must be all the nectar he just drank. Just the thought of sex must be driving him to the brink of sanity, she thought.

"I mean," Maggie said, approaching her husband. "I bet she'd climb on to his face," she said, grabbing Don's head with both hands, "and make him eat her little pussy until it was," she ground her crotch onto his leg, "dripping," she ground again, "fucking," she ground one last time, "wet." Maggie looked over Don's shoulder as she whispered loudly to him. "And then, no mater how big that boy's cock was, it'd slide right in." Sara saw her mother draw her fingertips along the length of the bulge in her father's pants.

Sara decided that this might be the right moment, and she approached, slowly. "It's true," she said, just behind her father. "And I'd have him fuck me from behind." Sara turned around and bent slightly at the waist, pressing her butt toward the bulge in her father's pants. She shivered slightly at the taboo. It hadn't seemed like such a big deal when she'd seduced her sister, but this felt like something else entirely. "Really fucking hard."

The instant her but touched Don's still-sheathed cock, he recoiled, suddenly aware of the situation. He tried rubbing the lust from his eyes as he might sleep, but when he brought his hands away from his face, the sight of his daughter's body, with all its smooth curves, began to remind him of his wife's, and soon enough his cock could scarcely tell the difference. "No!" he stammered. "I can't!" He would have fled back up the ladder to the freedom of the surface, but the entrance had been sealed somehow. So he ran the only direction his mind could comprehend: away. He had left his pack behind, and without it was able to cover ground much more quickly. When he felt that he had put enough distance between himself and his wife and daughter, he trotted to a walk and finally noticed his surroundings. It was a wonderland, truly. The glowing plant life cast ethereal shadows, which in combination with the corridors that meandered organically, eventually had him lost in the bowels of the ship. Still, he pressed forward, attempting to find something, anything familiar.

Left behind, Sara and her mother looked at each other, perplexed. "I really thought that was gonna work," Sara said.

"So did I," Maggie said, slipping her hand down and gently squeezing the girl's ass, and felt the girl press back slightly. She gave Sara's ass a quick smack. "Well," she said, stooping to gather her things, "let's go find your sister." Sara quietly cursed her mother for the tease, and then mother and daughter headed to the golden tree, where they had last seen Lucy.

Lucy shrieked, as the roots tightened around her ankles. This was not the careful binding that had been her introduction to sex. This was rough and tight. Lucy felt the roots start to drag her backward and instinctively reached for the door handle and just barely grabbed it. The roots continued to pull her feet backward, and Lucy gripped the handle as tightly as she could. A vine dropped from the trees and wound itself around her waist, adding to the pull. Lucy held fast, but knew that unless the trees let up, her strength would fail soon. Two more vines dropped down and wound themselves around her elbows. Soon, the humidity and the sweat on her hands made her grip start to give, and millimeter by millimeter, she felt her fingers slipping off the handle until she held on just by her fingertips.

When her fingertips finally slipped, she hurtled back through the foliage, suspended by the vines and roots. She tried grasping for branches and vines, but all were, of course, just out of her reach. Suddenly, she landed--rather was pulled down--roughly onto a patch of grass, where, once again, she found herself bound on her hands and knees. With no warning or ceremony, a vine dropped down onto her back and wound its way down the back of her shorts, she felt it slither slickly between her ass cheeks and down and around to her pussy until it emerged from the front of her shorts. It began to pull, and Lucy felt her shorts begin to slide down over her lithe hips. There was a rustling to her right, and she saw a thorny bush with glowing roses, very much like the ones that shielded the golden tree. One of its thin branches, studded with razor-sharp thorns reached her direction, and she jerked and tried to free herself. "No!" she cried, but a vine descended and wrapped around her throat in a choking rebuttal.

Lucy's mind swirled with terror as she felt the thorns creep up her leg, over the small of her back, down across her belly, and between her legs, replacing the vine. She could feel each and every thorn as they cut their way across her body. "Please!" she choked, tears rolling down her cheeks and own onto the vine that held her by the throat. "I'm sorry!" It could have been her words, or her tears soaking into the vine, but she suddenly felt the thorns change direction away from her tender pussy. Instead, they continued down the inside of her left thigh and through the leg of her shorts. The pain continued, but Lucy relaxed ever so slightly with the assurance that the thorns would not tear her pussy to shreds. From behind her, she heard a vicious ripping sound. The thorns cut their way down her right thigh, and again came the ripping sound. The vine that held its chokehold on her neck went slack, and she breathed deeply, feeling her head swim. She hung her head down and looked at her body. Bloody cuts and scratches crisscrossed her belly and legs, and her shorts had been shredded and thrown aside. In the warm, humid belly of the ship, Lucy's sweat mixed with her wounds, and she hissed in a breath.

Slowly, the thorny branch retreated, but in its wake came four more, each with a rose on the end. Lucy clenched her eyes shut and gritted her teeth, but no punishment came. She opened one eye and saw the roses tipping her direction. Slowly, from the petals, water that had collected in the flower dripped onto her wounded flesh. Like the nectar water earlier, each drop soothed and healed with a cool splash. More flowers leaned over her, showering her with healing water. Little streams of water rolled off her back one under to her belly, soothing the cuts there. But the shower did not stop. The obvious side effect of the healing water was a renewed lust. "Fuck," Lucy groaned. "What are you waiting for?" But the shower didn't stop. Soon her hair was soaked and she was completely drenched.

Lucy looked up, and saw what had become a low canopy of glowing, ruby petals, raining their captured water down on her. She closed her eyes and felt the drops hit her face and run down her chin. The vine that had pulled her shorts down returned and slithered up her leg. By now, the water that was trickling down the crack of Lucy's ass and down her tight slit was driving her mad. She panted heavily, and noticed that the water, when it trickled past her asshole, sent little shivers through her body. She remembered the conversation between with her mother and sister about being penetrated … there … and thought that maybe there was something to it. In this moment, all she really knew for certain was that she wanted--needed desperately--to be fucked. "I said I was sorry," she said. "I was just curious." The vine slithered further up her thigh, and curled around her hip. "Please," she begged, feeling the water dripping off her face. "I'll do anything. Just fuck me!"

The vine finally curled down and placed its blunt end against her pussy. Lucy shivered with anticipation, and when it pushed into her she sighed with pleasure, feeling it fill her up. This vine wasn't as thick as the ones that hung from the golden tree, but that was fine with her. The ones on the golden tree were almost too thick, and were a little painful. This one was almost the perfect fit, and as it slid into her inch by inch, ecstasy washed over her and she could no longer hold her head up. The vine began to pump in and out of her, and with her head drooped down, she watched it go in and out. As it increased its vigor, her body began to rock, and her small breasts began to jiggle and sway. It felt incredible, a magical warmth flooding her young body, and when she closed her eyes, she knew she was nearly one with the ship. In foggy visions, she could see everything the ship saw. She saw her mother and sister looking for her at the golden tree, and saw her father wandering the corridors, lost and confused. With a thought, she illuminated the way. Soon, she thought as she came for the first time. They'll be here soon.

Sara and Maggie searched the area around the golden tree, but only found Lucy's daypack. Sara tied calling for her, but no response came. Gradually, the glow of the plants in the room became more intense. "Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or did it just get brighter in here?" Maggie asked.

"That's no trick," Sara said, now able to take in more of the room's details. Next to Lucy's pack, she noticed footprints. "Hey, look!" she called. Mother and daughter tracked the prints with their eyes, and noticed that they were deep, accentuated on the balls of the feet. "She was running!" Sara said, worried, and started off after the trail.

"Hold on," Maggie said, catching up. "Look. No scattered dirt. If she was running from something, she would have kicked up a little dirt. I think she was running to something."

Sara slowed her pace. It made sense. Wherever Lucy was, she was probably safe.

Don gradually noticed that the plants in some corridors glowed brighter than in others, and instinctually, he chose the more well-lit paths. As he continued, he noticed that the air had gotten warmer and more humid. He had also begun to feel as if he had an itch he couldn't scratch. It felt like lust, but there was no one around to lust over. Flashes of his wife's pussy grinding against his thigh, and his daughter's tight butt rubbing against his cock tormented him every time he blinked. He wished to god he could tear the feelings from his mind, and more and more, he felt an anger rising inside him. At first, he was angry at himself for allowing his wife to be so overtly sexual in front of their daughter, then he was angry and confused. Why would his own daughter tempt him? Was this all in his head? He wondered how all this had come to pass until he realized that none of this would have happened if Lucy hadn't gotten lost. This was all her fault. If he found her, there would be hell to pay. But how had she gotten lost? Sara had had one responsibility: looking after her little sister, and she couldn't even accomplish that. Her ass was incredible, he knew, but he would whip it until it was raw.

As the air became warmer, Don realized that he was incredibly thirsty and cursed himself for losing his cool and leaving his pack behind. After a few more corridors, he saw an incredible sight. A tiered system of lily pads served as a makeshift fountain, catching water that dripped from the ceiling, pooling it, and distributing it to the surrounding plants. A miracle of evolution, he told himself as he caught some of the water in his hands. And a lifesaver. The instant he drank, he felt a refreshing cool wash over him, and the pain he'd had from his injury instantly disappeared. As he continued to drink, he began to feel that unscratchable itch become a burning. What?! he thought, as flashes of his daughters and wife burned their way out from his subconscious. He remembered the feel of his hand running down Sara's back at the campsite. He remembered the giddy joy of Maggie clapping her hand over his mouth as she rode his cock in their tent that first night. They had tried to be so quiet. He thought of Lucy and how she looked like a younger version of Maggie. And he thought of the firmness of Sara's breasts as they had pressed against his chest, and of the shape of her ass and the jolt that had arced through him when it made contact with his cock through his pants. After a moment, he realized that he was rock hard. He shook his head, but the feelings did not clear away this time. He had to move.

He followed the path again until a sound came from the room ahead. It sounded like whimpering, but was eerily familiar. He quickened his pace. As he got closer, he knew it was a voice. It was Lucy! Perhaps she was hurt. He doubled his pace again. If she wasn't hurt, well, he didn't know what he'd do. He crashed through the foliage and when he emerged in a small clearing, his heart skipped a beat.

In front of him was his youngest daughter, completely naked and restrained by roots and vines. A vine appeared to be savagely penetrating her. He started forward, thinking that she was in trouble, but as he approached, he heard the whimpering for was it really was. She was getting off on this! And how! Her back arched and she mewled in pleasure as the plants fucked her silly. He watched the vine pump in and out of her, and noticed how tight her little pussy looked.

He continued forward, and when he stood close enough to smell her young sex, the vine retreated from her hungry pussy. Lucy looked back and saw her father standing behind her, looking at her strangely, angrily even. "Daddy!" she yelped. She tried to free herself, but the roots still held her firmly on her hands and knees.

Don said nothing, but approached slowly. He watched Lucy wriggle and felt his cock start to swell, but still he was incredibly angry. "You selfish little bitch," he hissed.

"W-what?!" Lucy was still riding high on a wave of lust, but her father's words cut through it like a dagger.

"Don't 'what' me," he said, and slipped his belt off. "You made us come all this way, just so you could fill your little cunt." It had registered with him that the plants had been fucking her and not the other way around, but he was certain she'd had a say in it. Her face, however, was a scramble of passion, fear and confusion. "And now we're stuck down here."

"What?" she said, confused. Stuck? But her thought was interrupted by a loud crack, followed by pain arcing across her bare ass. "Aaaiieee!!" she screamed.

"No more of that!" Don barked. His anger surprised even him, but he couldn't let it go. He looked at the girl's lily-white ass, now decorated with a red stripe, looked at the belt in his hand, and then licked his lips.

"What?" she asked, panic beginning to take over. Another crack, and another streak marked her ass. Lucy gritted her teeth and grunted.

"You're answering questions, not asking them," her father said. "Understand?"

"Wh--" she stopped, interrupted by a third lashing. The pain made her still-bound body contort. "Yes!! Yes!!"

"Good," Don said. "Let's start simple. What is this place?"

"A flying saucer," Lucy said. The pain this time was a surprise, and she shrieked, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Smart ass!" Don growled.

"It's the truth!" Lucy sobbed. "I swear. It's a spaceship!"

Don wound up for another lashing, but then looked around. What else could possibly explain the alien glowing plants and the crazy emotions? And he'd never heard of plants that could fuck people. "Then why is it underground?" he asked.

"It crashed," Lucy sniffled. "I think."

"You think?" Don said. The belt wasn't going to get him the truth. He threw it down, dropped to his knees, and smacked his daughter's ass hard, leaving a handprint.

"Oww!!" Lucy cried. "Owwwwww!!"

Don bent and whispered in her ear, "You can do better than that."

"I fell asleep!" she blurted. "I saw things. It's kind of alive."

"Kind of?" he asked, raising his hand again.

"No! Don't!" she pleaded. "It's old. Really old. Ancient. I tried to figure out what it wants, but all I know is it wants us."


"Me, you, mom, Sara," she said. "Maybe more. I woke up before I could find out any more."


"I don't know. I think it needs us to power the ship," she said. Her father started a swing. "Wait!" she pleaded.

Don's hand stopped just before it struck her tender ass, and he could feel the warmth coming off of her. "You have something to add?"

"Yes! I think it feeds off sex," she said. "I know it sounds crazy, but the plants have been glowing brighter. Look--oh, wait. You got here after."

"So," he said. "What you're telling me is that you're down here powering a spaceship with your pussy?"

"I guess," she said. She waited for the slap to come, and bit her lip. Instead, she felt her father's hand rest gently on her sore butt.

Don patted his daughter's butt playfully and then felt its tight smoothness. His anger still simmered underneath, but he began to realize that the itch he was feeling might not be so unscratchable. "So my little girl isn't a virgin anymore," he said.

"No," she said, trying to hold back how good his caressing felt. "Sorry."

"You seemed to be enjoying yourself," Don said, caressing his daughter's butt and letting his hand wander to the inside of her thigh. She inhaled sharply. "Did you like it?"

"Yes," she said. Nervous excitement wracked her body.

Don noticed that his little blonde daughter was shaking. He slid his hand up her thigh and felt it come to rest on her smooth little snatch. His cock, already hard, felt like it was going to burst. The taboo made his brain reel, but he couldn't help himself. He slid his middle finger across her clit and up her slit, which was so wet that his finger slipped in effortlessly.

"Ahh!" she sighed in pleasure.

"You like that?" he asked, pulling his finger out and finding her clit.

"Oh, daddy," she mewled softly. "Put it back in."

Don was surprised at the wanton depravity. His own daughter was begging him to finger her wet little pussy, and once again he surprised himself by obliging. Fuck she's tight, he thought, as his middle finger slipped into her again, knuckle by knuckle, until it had completely disappeared. Lucy moaned softly. He pulled his finger back and then slid it again, feeling how slick and wet she was. Lucy pressed against his finger, and gradually, he began to fuck her with his finger. He could hear her panting. "Did you come when the plant was fucking you?" he wondered aloud.

"Mmmm," she moaned. "Mmhmm."

"Do you want to come again?" he asked.

"Yessss," she said pressing her pussy against her father's finger.

"Well you're going to have to wait," he said, pulling his finger from her hot snatch.

"Daddy!" she whined. "Please! I want it!"

"Sorry," he said, standing. Practically on autopilot, he slipped his clothes off. Lucy looked back to see what was going on and saw her father circling around to her front. His cock was hard, and it was bigger than she'd imagined. He kneeled in front of her, the head of his cock bobbing just in front of her mouth. "But first, you're going to have to do something for me."

"Oh, god," she said. "Daddy?"

"You want to come, don't you?" he prompted, lifting his cock up with a finger. "Just start licking. You'll get the hang of it."

Lucy stuck out her tongue and when it touched the base of his cock, she tasted its slight saltiness. Not too bad, though. She let her tongue glide up his shaft until it reached the head and slipped off. Don felt his daughter's tongue lick up his shaft and he had to resist the urge to cram the whole thing in the youngster's mouth. When her tongue slipped off, he really wished she had her hands free. He reach down and felt the roots that bound her wrists to the ground. They seemed solid enough, but after a moment, they unwound from her like snakes and retreated back into the soil. Not needing any instruction, Lucy reached up with a hand and held his cock steady while she began to lick it in earnest. Soon, she found his favorite spots and paid them extra attention. As she kissed and licked his cock, she found that the spot just under the head made him moan, and she fluttered he tongue there as if she were flicking her sister's clit. Immediately, she felt hands in her hair, and surrendering, she felt his cock enter her mouth.

He didn't know where she'd learned to use her tongue like that, but Don could barely contain himself. He grabbed his daughter by her blonde hair, and thrust himself gently into her mouth. He knew she wasn't experienced like his wife, so he went easy, pushing in until Lucy backed her head away. "Oh, baby," he whispered, feeling her breath through her nose. "That's not so bad, is it?"

"Mm mm," she said with a full mouth. Truthfully, she had been looking forward to this, and now that his cock filled her mouth, she wanted to taste his cum. She began to bob her mouth on him, flicking his cock with her tongue as it plunged in and out. Suddenly, his body went rigid, and she waited for the torrent, but none came.

Maggie and Sara had followed Lucy's footprints for a while, but soon realized that their path was already lit. They followed the glowing plants from corridor to corridor until the warm humid air told them where they were. Maggie turned toward her daughter and asked, "The jungle?"

"Mmm," Sara said, feeling the humid air saturating her mind with lust. They continued toward the jungle, and when they reached the door, Sara could barely contain herself. She slid a hand up her mother's shirt, and for a moment Maggie humored her, allowing the girl to caress her breasts, but when Sara pinched her nipples, she gently brought Sara's hand out from under.

"Not yet, sweetheart," she said, caressing her daughter's cheek. "Soon."

Sara made a frustrated little grunt, and then they continued into the jungle. Mother and increasingly horny daughter made their way through the thick foliage until they heard a loud cracking sound. They slowed and stayed low, creeping up on the noise. Another cracking sound came from the clearing ahead, and this one was followed by a shriek of pain. Slowly, they crawled on their hands and knees to the edge of the clearing, and Sara gingerly parted the orange, glowing ferns that blocked their view.

What they saw in front of them caused Maggie to gasp silently. Her husband was interrogating their younger daughter, who was bound naked by the trees. When he knelt next to the naked young girl and smacked her ass, Maggie heard a rustling next to her. Sara was skinning her shorts off. Maggie rolled her eyes. "Really?" she mouthed silently to her daughter.

"Please?" Sara mouthed back.

Maggie regarded her daughter and then sat back and removed her own shorts. She motioned to Sara, and mother and daughter reclined on their sides facing each other. As they watched Don slip his fine into Lucy's hungry pussy, their own fingers found their marks and dove in. Sara was surprised by her mother's reaction. She had been a paragon of self-control, but as soon as her daughter's fingers began their work on her pussy, the woman began to lose control. Sara felt fortunate that Lucy was making so much noise as their father finger fucked her, because her mother was beginning to pant and shake.

"Oh god," Sara whispered. "Look." Their collective gaze went toward Lucy and her father, and they watched as the girl began to lick and slurp at the man's cock. When Lucy started bobbing on it in earnest, Sara felt her mother move. Maggie was putting her shorts back on. "Mom!" she complained, but Maggie put a finger up to her lips and then motioned for Sara to get dressed again. Begrudgingly, Sara slipped her shorts back on. When she had, her mother grabbed the back of her shirt aggressively.

"Follow my lead," she whispered, and when Sara nodded, she yanked her daughter off balance by her shirt and emerged from the thicket, hauling Sara out by the scruff of her neck.

The look on her husband's face was priceless. If it hadn't been the plan, the scene in front of her would have devastated her, but as it was, she found it difficult not to laugh at his panicked expression. "I--" Don started. Lucy looked back at her mother, gave her a wink, and then looked up at her father. "This isn't what it looks like!" Don continued. "She was--"

"Responsible for getting us trapped down here?" Maggie interrupted. A look of shock and confusion turned slowly into acknowledgment. "Only partially. Here's the real culprit." Maggie pulled Sara off balance again. "Hey!" she braked at Lucy. "No one told you to stop." The younger girl began licking her father's cock again.

"I didn't do anything!" Sara complained, playing along. Her mother yanked the back of her shirt again, and this time, there was a short ripping sound. For an instant, Sara and Maggie silently acknowledged that the seams on the shirt's shoulders were coming apart.

"Shut up, slut!" Maggie hissed. "You know what she tried to do?" She waited for an answer, but Don could only make a confused face. Lucy's tongue, she knew, was magic, and frankly she was surprised that her husband could still stand. "She tried to get me to fuck a tree. A tree!"

"But," Don said, his head swimming with lust. He desperately wanted to stop his daughter from licking and sucking his cock, but he could not bring himself to do it. "But I thought you were both trying to--" He stopped, unable to continue the thought. It sounded more insane out loud than in his head.

"Whatever," Maggie said, pulling Sara off balance again. "I know she's daddy's little girl. You gonna go easy on her?"

Don's face changed to something more sinister. "Absolutely not," he said, pulling his cock from Lucy's grasping mouth and approaching his wife.

"Good," Maggie said, pushing Sara forward, but holding her grip on the shirt. With a great tearing sound, the seams came apart and the shirt ripped down the side, and Sara stumbled, topless, to her father's feet. When she looked up, his cock bobbed in front of her. Don no longer saw in his daughter the spunky tomboy, but a sex-crazed pervert. He could see her eyeing his cock, just inches from her face.

"You want this?" he asked, grabbing her by the hair. Slowly, he guided her mouth toward his thick shaft, and when he saw her open her mouth, he pulled her to her feet. "Well you have to earn it." He reached down and grabbed one of her firm breasts, and then turned to Maggie. "Where should we start, hon?"

Maggie was delighted. This was going perfectly, though it looked like Sara was genuinely in pain as Don held her by her hair. "Well," she said, nodding toward Lucy, whose feet were still bound. "It seems like since she dragged her sister into this first, she owes the girl an apology, don't you think?"

Don leaned in and kissed his wife, pulling back with a smile. "I'd say that'd be a good start," he said, and then pulled Sara face to face with him. "You hear that, sweetie? You're going to give us all a nice apology, starting with your bratty little sister." He dragged the girl by her hair over to where Lucy knelt, and forced her back down to her knees. "Do you know what your sister said to me?" Sara shook her head. "She said she wanted me to make her come. Can you believe that? After all you two put us through, she wanted me to help her come." He slapped Lucy's ass hard, and the girl squealed and bent over again. Sara regarded her sister's ass, thrust into the air. The girl's pussy lips were pink and puffy from frustration. "I say that you're going to make her come." He slapped the blonde girl's ass again. "That sound good? You want your big sister to make you come?"

"Uh huh," Lucy said. Don slapped her ass hard.

"What was that?" he asked.

"Yes, daddy!" she begged. "Make her make me come!"

"That a girl," he said, and lowered Sara's face to her sister's upthrust pussy. "Now," he said to Sara, "let's see that tongue." Sara stuck out her tongue and Don inched her face closer and closer until her tongue met her sister's clit. Lucy moaned softly. "That feel good?" he asked.

"Oh, yes!" Lucy said, breathlessly.

"Now, lick her good," he said to Sara, who began to lick up and down her sister's slit, causing the younger girl to moan. "Taste good?" he said.

"Unghung," Sara said. She was glad to have her face buried in her sister's sex again, and began to lap at the girl's pussy, stopping every now and again to circle her tongue around Lucy's clit. She felt her father release her hair, and now unencumbered, she dove in fully. Even though she knew this was all a game, she was fully aware that her father wasn't aware of that fact, and so she savored every lick and nibble of Lucy's juicy little pussy.

Don stepped back and joined his wife, and together they watched their older daughter suck and lick their younger daughter's tight twat. "Is this really happening?" he asked in a low voice. Maggie drew a finger along his still-hard cock and held it up. It glistened with Lucy's saliva.

"It really is," Maggie said, also keeping her voice hushed. Their thoughts were interrupted for a moment when Lucy let out a cry of pleasure. "What do you think?"

"I had no idea our girls were so fucking wild," he said. "I don't know why, but I couldn't stop myself. I mean look at this," he gestured to Sara, who continued to slurp and lick her at her sister's bucking pussy. "I was so angry, but watching this: how can I be angry?"

"Don!" Maggie hissed. "They're your daughters!" She watched her husband's face become pale in sober recognition. She reached down, took his hand, and slipped down the front of her shorts. She knew he felt her wetness when he looked at her, eyes wide. "And they're incredible, aren't they?"

"I can't imagine where they got it," he said, slipping a finger into her pussy. Maggie unzipped her shorts and slipped them off, allowing Don greater access. His finger slipped in farther and then back out, trailing up to her clit, tracing erotic little circles and causing Maggie to lean against him, sighing in pleasure. Don pulled his wife's shirt up and off. "You wanna go help?" he asked, grinning.

"Oh," Maggie said, caressing his cock. "I want more than that." They approached, and when they knelt on either side of the girls, Sara popped her head up.

"Hey!" complained Lucy, turning to see why her sister had stopped. "Oh!"

"Now, now," said Maggie, guiding Sara's head back to her sister's pussy. "Finish her off, sweetie." Sara continued licking, more intensely than before, and Maggie and Don reached down and caressed the older girl's breasts, causing her to moan into her sister's pussy.

"Oh, Sara!" Lucy cried in ecstasy. "Oh! I love you!"

"Mmmm!" Sara moaned into her pussy again, as her parents' experienced hands worked magic on her nipples.

Don gave his wife a look and mouthed "Love?" but Maggie just smiled and shrugged. There's more to this, Don thought, but couldn't bring himself to parse it. At the moment, he had one hand full of his daughter's breast, while the other hand ran down her back until it reached her shorts. He gave Maggie a look, and she reached down with her other hand and unzipped Sara's shorts. Together, they slid them off the young, firm ass. Don was in heaven, caressing a pert young breast it one hand and a smooth round ass in the other.

"Oh, shit!" cried Lucy suddenly. "Oh, shit! I'm coming!" The younger girl moaned and squealed loudly as she pressed her pussy into her older sister's mouth. "Oh, fuck, Sara! Oh fuck fuck fuck!" For a moment, the blonde girl trembled, and then she went limp, her face pressed into the grass and her arms splayed in front of her. The roots that bound her feet suddenly let go.

Sara was filled with a giddy pleasure. She loved making her sister come, and now she had her mother and father touching her all over. It was almost too much, and she was going to need her sister's help, but the girl was semi-conscious, moaning softly into the blades of grass. The girl's puckered little asshole was fully visible, and Sara took a chance and darted her tongue out and licked in circles around it. As expected, Lucy was snapped back to reality. "Eeek!" she squealed. "What was that?!"

"Just a little pick-me-up," Sara said mischievously, lolling her tongue out. "Did you like it?"

Lucy turned around to face Sara, and saw her parents caressing her all over. Her big sister appeared to be in a special kind of heaven. "Maybe a little," she mumbled sheepishly, and then leaned in and kissed Sara deeply. "I love you," she said again. And then to their parents, she asked, "So you're not mad anymore?"

"No," their father said. He gave Sara's ass a light smack and said to her, "Go sit with your sister." Sara was happy to oblige, and crawled over to Lucy and sat next to her. Lucy leaned her head on Sara's shoulder. "But," he continued, "I haven't come yet."

"Ooh!" Lucy said. "Me first!"

"Hey!" Sara said. "You got your turn."

"Just out of curiosity," Don said, raising a hand to silence the squabbling, "have either of you actually been with a guy yet?" Their sudden reticence confirmed his suspicion. "So you've just been down here getting fucked by these plants."

"Yeah," Sara said, "but--"

"Oh!" Don said, actually surprised. "So you were at it, too."

"She started it, honey," Maggie said. "She brought Lucy into it."

"Oh," Don said, perversely proud of his older daughter for being the trailblazer. "Well I suppose that makes sense." He stopped short. "Wait. How do you know that?" Maggie looked at him intently. "Am I the only one who didn't know what was going on here?" he asked, incredulous.

"Well…" Sara said. "We had to keep you from destroying this place, so…"

Don threw up his arms in resignation. "Well, I guess it's too late to do anything about it now," he said, and flopped back into the grass. His cock was still hard, and stuck straight up.

"OK, girls!" Maggie said, moving right along. "I'll show you how to take care of a man. Just watch, and then you'll get your turn." With that, she leaned over and took her husband's cock into her mouth, fluttering her tongue over its shaft and causing Don to moan softly. The girls scooted closer to watch as their mother took their father's cock farther and farther into her mouth, until it had completely disappeared.

"Whoa," Lucy said in stunned amazement. Inch by inch, Maggie let Don's cock slide from her throat until only the head remained in her mouth. She flicked its underside, causing another grunt of pleasure, and then took it all again.

"Wow," Sara said. Maggie slid Don's cock from her mouth and kissed her way down the shaft and then back up, flicking the underside of his cock head again. His cock was dripping with her saliva, and when she began jerking him off, her had slid effortlessly up and down. The girls could hear their father's breath quicken.

"Oh, fuck, babe!" he groaned when she popped his cock back into her mouth. The Sara watched her mother bob up and down on her father's cock, and began to squirm. Lucy noticed and kissed her sister's neck, just below the ear.

"I bet you never thought you'd see this, huh?" the younger girl whispered, and kissed her on the neck again.

"Mmm," Sara said. "Not really." She felt Lucy's hand cup her breast, and a warm shiver of pleasure raked her body. Lucy's fingers circled her nipple and pinched, and Sara pulled her sister to her and kissed her deeply, moaning in pleasure. The sisters' lips were mashed together and their tongues wound around each other. The hand that caressed Sara's breast began kneading it softly, and she felt as if her insides were melting. "Oh, Lucky! Oh, my Lucky Lucy!" she panted.

"Ladies!" their mother snapped. The girls' lips parted with a smacking sound as their lovemaking was interrupted. "Were you even watching?" Maggie said.

"Yeah," Sara fibbed. Lucy reacted to the obvious lie by tickling Sara's ribs, causing the older girl to shriek and giggle, and then tickle back.

Maggie let this go on for a moment, enjoying how gleefully her daughters treated their lovemaking, but then interrupted again. "Girls!" The girls stopped like deer in headlights, goofy looks on their young faces. Maggie continued her thought, "Then why don't you come over here and show me."

"I'll go first," Lucy said, moving into position.

"You had your turn," Maggie said, holding the girl back. "Sara, why don't you try?"

"OK," she said, and crawled over so her face was above her fathers rock-hard cock. "I'll try, but I don't know if I can take it all like you did."

"Just relax your throat," Maggie said. "Try to swallow it."

"OK," she said again, and took a breath. "You ready, daddy?"

Don looked down at his older daughter's cherub-like face and could barely believe what was about to happen. "Go ahead, sweetie," he said.

With her first lick up his shaft, Sara could feel how hot her father's cock was. She kissed along its shaft and slid her lips down its sides. Taking a tip from what she had seen, she flicked the underside of his cock head, and heard him groan with pleasure. She did it again and felt his cock twitch. Taking a nervous breath, she opened her mouth and engulfed the head. Easing down, she felt his meat filling her mouth. It was even hotter than just on her tongue. She wondered what it would feel like to have it radiating inside her pussy. When her mouth was full, she realized that there were still a couple inches left. She tried relaxing her throat and pushing down some more, but gagged and pulled off, her father's cock popping from her mouth like a cork. As she coughed, she felt her mother and sister's hands rubbing her back and soothing her. She looked at her father apologetically. "Sorry!" she said, swallowing back a cough.

"It's OK," he said. "You tried. Your tongue is incredible."

"Must be from all that pussy licking," her mother said, winking.

"I can do it," Sara said, and bent over her father's cock, sliding it into her mouth and feeling its heat on her tongue. She backed off a little and pumped his cock in and out of her mouth a few times, getting used to its size. This time when she pressed down, she relaxed and tried to swallow but stopped halfway through, leaving her throat open. Instantly, she felt her father's cock head slide down her throat, and felt the last couple inches of his shaft slip past her lips until her nose pressed up against his pubic bone. Oh, fuck! she thought. I did it!

"Oh, fuck!" Don said as Sara began to slide his cock from her throat. "Oh, god, baby!" She slipped more of his cock from her mouth, fluttering her tongue along its length. Slowly, sensuously, she began to bob up and down, using her tongue to stimulate the parts she knew he liked. Suddenly from behind, she felt a tongue flutter on her clit.

"Mmmph!" she moaned, her mouth full.

The vibration from his daughter's moaning was the last straw for Don. "Oh, baby, I'm gonna come! Here, let me--" He tried to move so that he wouldn't have to come in her mouth, but she held him firmly, meeting his eyes as he came, flooding her mouth with his hot cum.

Sara was surprised by how much he actually came, but managed to suck down all of it. She was also surprised that she actually liked the taste. Girls at school had been going on about how they couldn't understand how anyone could like it, and acted peevishly at the notion that a guy would be offended if they didn't swallow.

"Did you--?" Lucy asked as Sara gently let her father's cock slip from between her lips. Sara just sat up and smiled. "Do you--?" Lucy crawled over to her sister, who opened her mouth. On her tongue, was just a last little bit of their father's cum. Lucy kissed her and took it into her mouth and held it there pensively for a moment, then swallowed. She pulled back and whispered into her sister's ear, "I think I like your cum better."

Sara was thrilled to hear this, and couldn't help but giggle. Lucy followed suit, until Don asked, "Ladies, what's so funny?"

"Nothing," Sara said, stifling her giggles for a moment. Don eyed Lucy, whose arm curled lovingly around her sister's hips. Maggie saw this, too, and couldn't help feeling a little jealous. She knew her husband must be feeling the same way.

Lucy, ever the savvy one, saw this in her parents' eyes, and felt a little guilty for leaving them out. In her own twisted way, she was going to bring them back, she decided. "I said," the blonde girl stated matter-of-factly, "that I like the taste of her cum better." She could tell that these words, as designed, hurt her father, but she also knew how he reacted to disappointment. "But mom would know better," she said turning to her mother. "Right?"

"You?" Don said. Maggie grimaced. "What haven't you two done to her?" he asked Maggie and Lucy.

"For the record, I like the taste of your cum better," Maggie said.

"Well!" Lucy said, clapping her hands together. "Looks like we need a tie breaker!"

"Um…" Sara started. All eyes went to her. "You know…" she blushed a little. "Your cum actually tastes pretty good," she said to her father. Don smiled, the exact reaction Lucy had been hoping for.

"Oh, sweetie, that's great," he said.

"But?" Sara said.

"But," he said hesitantly, "I've tasted my own cum on your mother's lips, and you know what? Not a big fan."

"Well, shit!" Lucy said. "Now we're back to a tie!"

"Hey!" Maggie said. "Language!" Everyone looked at her, appalled.

"Really?" Sara asked. Lucy giggled, and Don began chuckling. Maggie's stern glare broke into a grin.

"We're still missing one person's opinion," Don said. "Mine. Remember what you said earlier about how you'd make a guy eat your pussy until you were soaking wet?"

"You said what?" Lucy said, feeling Sara leave her side and crawl over to where her father lounged.

"Mom was the one that said it," Sara said. Then a little quieter, but not inaudibly: "I just agreed." She put a hand on Don's chest and pushed him onto his back. When she looked into his eyes she still saw that expression of warmth she'd always known. In her, Don saw the same strong, willful, and unquestionably nerdy daughter he'd always known, but now, on top of that, he saw what he never could before, a beautiful young woman with an insatiable sexuality. Sara saw his recognition of this, and shivered with anticipation. "Oh, this is going to be awesome!" she whispered just loud enough for him to hear, and straddled his face, feeling his slight stubble scratching the inside of her thighs.

When Lucy ate her pussy, her love and passion for her big sister infused every lick and nibble. When her father began eating her pussy, she could instantly feel decades of experience and a kind of strength she'd never encountered before. His tongue played with her pussy lips until she groaned from the teasing and tried to force herself down on his mouth. He grabbed her ass, though, and kept her in place. Slowly, his tongue made lazy arcs up her slit toward her clit until she felt as if she was going to lose her mind. "Oh, god," she breathed. "You're making me crazy!" With that, he finally let his tongue brush her clit, causing her whole body to jerk. "Oh, fuck!" Sara felt as if she'd been zapped with electricity. From her clit, bolts of ecstasy shot through her young body as her father's experienced tongue prodded, teased and caressed her clit. Occasionally, his tongue would slip between her pussy lips and lap at her juices. "Oh, daddy!" she squealed in delight when his tongue swirled around her clit.

Maggie watched the scene in front of her and knew what Sara must be feeling, and that Don would make it last as long as he could before bringing the girl to orgasm. So fixated was she on this, that she hardly noticed Lucy moving to her side. "Hey, sweetie," she whispered, as if the slightest sound would shatter the erotic moment.

Lucy laid her head on her mother's shoulder. "Mom?" she asked.

"Yes, baby?"

"Don't you want anything?"

"You mean like that?" Maggie asked, nodding toward Sara and Don.

Lucy pivoted around to face her head-on. "Duh!" she said, rolling her eyes, but let a honey-sweet grin slide across her teeth. "Like, for example," she said, kissing her mother's lips, feeling them part, and then pulling back as soon as she felt tongue. "There's that. Or," she said, lowering her mouth to her mother's nipple, kissing it, teasing it with her tongue, and pulling back when Maggie started to push forward, "…there's that." She then slid a hand between her mother's legs, but her mother grabbed her wrist.

"Come here, you little tease!" she said, with an amused little chuckle, and in one motion fell back into the grass and pulled her daughter's face into her pussy. Lucy didn't waste any time. The smell of her mother's sex was intoxicating. Slowly, she ran her tongue over her mother's labia, feeling their new smoothness and teasing the woman's clit. "Oh, none of that now!" Maggie said, gripping the girl's hair and pressing her face harder against her pussy. "Suck on my clit!" Lucy flicked her mother's clit several times with her tongue and then sucked. Immediately, her mother's back arched off the ground, pressing her crotch even harder against the girl's mouth. As she sucked, Lucy began lightly circling her tongue around Maggie's clit. "Uuunnngghh!" Maggie groaned, feeling awash in pleasure as her youngest daughter expertly ate her pussy and her eldest daughter straddled her husband's face, the man's strong fingers digging into the girl's round butt.

Sara was trying desperately to come, but her father kept her riding the edge until she felt like she was going insane. She tried to push her pussy down onto his face, but he held her just out of reach. Suddenly he stopped licking, and Sara looked down. "I need to come!" she whined.

"I know," he said, "but you're going to have to do it yourself." Sara began reaching a hand down to finish herself off, but Don stopped her. "I want to feel you come."

Sara's eyes went wide. "You mean--?" He nodded. Sara felt butterflies in her stomach. She had been waiting for this moment, and now that the moment had arrived, she could scarcely believe it. She held her breath as she worked her way down her father's body until she felt his erect cock poking her butt. She knew it wasn't as big as some of the vines that had penetrated her, but the excitement made it seem almost bigger. She raised her hips and scooted back just a little more, hovering her wet pussy over the head of his cock.

Behind her, Maggie caught Lucy's eyes and the girl pulled her head off her mother's pussy just long enough to see the head of her father's cock slip into her sister. She gasped, and Maggie grabbed her head, shoving back between her legs. Mother and daughter locked eyes again. "Oh, make me come sweetie!" Lucy began sucking and licking the woman's clit with a renewed urgency. "Oh, god! Make me come and you're next!"

Sara's breath left her as she lowered herself onto her father's cock. Unlike the vines, it was hot and the heat radiated pleasure inside her. When her pussy had devoured the last of his cock and her clit pressed against his pubic bone, she knew she wasn't going to last very long. Steadily, she drew her pussy up, feeling sparks as his cock slid against her clit. "Oh fuck," she whispered as she stopped, keeping the head of his cock inside her. And then "OH!" as she dropped back down onto him with her whole weight. Control lost, she began riding his cock urgently. The feeling was incredible, and she straightened up, grinding her clit against her father's pubic bone. Blind with ecstasy, she threw her head back, almost not noticing that her father had reached up and grabbed her breasts gently, flicking her nipples with his fingers. "Oh, fucking god! Harder!" His grasp tightened and she squealed, bucking her hips as she came violently on his cock.

Maggie saw her eldest daughter come hard, and felt herself coming, too. A warm feeling washed over her, and she pressed Lucy's mouth onto her quivering pussy. "Oh, fuck, baby! Oh, you're making mommy come!" She bucked once, twice, three times, and then went slack, except for her legs, which clamped around her daughter's head. Lucy, her mouth still attached to her mother's pussy, tasted the pungent juices of a woman's cum that oozed forth. Although she'd had an orgasm not too long ago, the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of sex made her ache for the feeling of it again.

Sara practically fell off of her father, his still-hard cock popping from her pussy like a cork. "Oh… god…" she panted, collapsing in a heap. Woozy from a dizzying orgasm, she looked over at her father, who smiled at her warmly. The corners of his eyes crinkled with the kind of sincerity Sara knew meant pride.

"Enjoy yourself?" he asked.

"Mmm hmm…."

"You have such a great body," he said, sitting up, his still hard cock pointing up at a forty-five degree angle. "I'm so glad you take such good care of yourself."

"Mmm…" Sara said dreamily. "You taught me well."

"I've got a whole lot of other stuff to teach you, now, I guess," he winked at her.

"I look forward to it."

"But now," he lowered his voice, "it's time to teach your sister something."

Lucy felt her mother's legs still clamped on her head, so she continued to lazily lick her mother's pussy. Maybe, she thought, she could get her off a second time. Without warning, she suddenly felt something thick and warm pressing against the entrance to her pussy. At first, she figured it was a vine, and arched her butt higher in the air and spread her legs slightly to allow it better access, but when she felt two large hands knead her butt cheeks, she spun her head around. "Daddy?!" He just grinned and pushed his cock head against the tight entrance to her pussy, and she groaned. It was thicker than any of the vines that had fucked her, and she could feel herself stretching. She was incredibly wet, and his cock head popped into her easily. She gasped, but before she could say anything, Maggie grabbed her head and Lucy found her mouth once again pressed against her mother's pussy. As her father's cock slowly slid into her, she groaned into her mother's pussy. There was a little pain as his girth stretched her wide. "Mnngh!" she groaned again as she felt his hips come to rest against her butt. She had never felt so full in her life. As he withdrew, instead of feeling relieved, Lucy felt empty, and she wanted him buried deep inside her again. His cock thrust into her again, a little more quickly this time, and she moaned with pleasure as the feeling of fullness returned. Her clit ran along his shaft, as well, and she shivered with delight. Returning the favor, she flicked her mother's pussy with her tongue.

Sara sat up and watched as her father buried his cock in her little sister. When it was just the two of them--and then the two of them and their mother--she had almost forgotten that Lucy was four year younger and still smaller even if her body was already nicely developed. But as Don began to pump in and out of her in earnest, and she ate Maggie's pussy with abandon, anything that marked her as young disappeared. All three of them seemed to be lost in ecstasy. Don was fucking Lucy steadily, and with each thrust, his hips would slap against her, and the shock would jiggle the girl's small, firm breasts. Lucy moaned and sucked on her mother's clit, causing the woman to arch her back. Maggie's hands grasped her daughter's blonde hair with white-knuckled fists.

Sara suddenly remembered why they were down here. Where are the vines? she wondered. Shouldn't they be fucking us silly? She looked at the scene in front of her again, and in the glowing, multicolored light, she saw what the ship saw. The family together, entwined in a tangle of taboo--well, most of it, anyway. Sara realized that the ship was waiting for something, but what it was, she couldn't be sure. While her sister pleasured her parents, Sara spent a few minutes trying to figure out what the ship needed from them. For the life of her, though, she couldn't figure it out. She knew they had to escalate things, but how far? She shook her head free of these thoughts. Right now, right in front of her was the most amazing thing she'd ever seen. Whatever the ship wanted, it could wait.

Lucy was close to coming, her father's cock slamming and out of her like a hot poker, filling her with erotic warmth. In front of her, her mother's pussy felt like it was on fire, and she sucked on the woman's clit, tonguing it fiercely. She felt a hand on her breast and knew it was Sara's. Her sister cupped her breast and then ran her finger in circles around her nipple, spiraling outward until it moved onto the other breast. Again, the finger spiraled around her nipple, sending shivers of pleasure through her body. Slowly, she felt her sister's fingers trace their way up her chest and down one of her arms until it tickled the sensitive flesh on the inside of her wrist and forearm. Lucy came, moaning hard onto her mother's clit. The vibration of the moans, brought Maggie to climax, and the woman's body tensed and arched. The sight of his youngest daughter making his wife come, and the feeling of the girl's orgasming pussy clamping down even tighter on his cock, made Don come.

Lucy felt her father's cock twitch and then spew its hot load into her. As her mother relaxed, Lucy's face was finally free to turn, and when it did, Sara was waiting and kissed her deeply. "Mmmff!" Lucy moaned into her sister's mouth and drew back. She looked back and saw her father gently pulling his cock out of her. When he was out, she gasped, "Oh my god!"

"Good?" Sara asked.

"That was incredible!"

"Baby," her mother said, gesturing for her. "Come here and give me that cum."

The sister's looked at each other, and then Lucy inched forward over her mother's body, trying very hard not to let any of her dad's huge load squirt out of her tight pussy. When she finally had her pussy positioned over Maggie's mouth, she relaxed her muscles and let it dribble out. Maggie caught it expertly, and let it gather in her mouth before swallowing, but she seemed disappointed. "That can't be all," she said, frustrated. "Squat, baby. Let me dig it out of you." Lucy, on wobbly legs, brought her feet under her and squatted over her mother's mouth. Instantly, she felt the woman's tongue lapping at her, and as she relaxed, more cum dribbled out. After a while, there was no more cum, but Maggie's tongue continued to lick anywhere that had even the slightest residue. Lucy squirmed a bit.

"You know," Sara started. "A few years ago, when I was still babysitting you, I was tempted to give you a tongue bath instead of a regular bath."

"Mmmm," Lucy said, relaxing more. "I'd have stayed still for that." She winked.

"And wouldn't have ended up soaking wet."

Don had moved around behind Sara to see the tongue bath. "Knowing you two," he said, cutting in, "I doubt that part very much."

Sara giggled and Lucy laughed out loud so violently that she lost her balance and fell sideways into the grass. "Daddy!" the younger girl laughed.

"I just call 'em like I see 'em," he said, wrapping his arms around his eldest daughter and kissing her behind her ear.

"Easy to say that now," Maggie said. "You just fucked both your daughters."

"Jealous?" Don asked, lightly squeezing Sara's pert breast. Sara made a surprised face.

"As a matter of fact, yes," she said. "We're going to need to do some serious fucking to make up for it."

"My pleasure," he grinned. "I'm sure you girls can entertain yourselves while I make a whimpering mess of your mother."

"We can do better than that," Lucy said, finally sitting up. "But first, there's something I want to see. Can we go back to the golden tree?"

Maggie made a frustrated noise. "Ok, but the delay is going to cost you."

"Cost what?" Lucy asked.

"I'm not sure yet, but I'll think of something on the walk there."

"Oooh!" Lucy said, waggling her fingers like a wizard casting a spell. "Mysterious!"

For a moment, they began searching for their clothes, but Lucy had lost her shirt and her shorts had been utterly destroyed. Sara, too, found that her shirt had torn at the seams. With a collective shrug, the family set out toward the golden tree.

Along the way, the path changed. Sara knew instinctually that they were on the right track, but the ship was definitely leading them somewhere other than the golden tree. She was perplexed: How do I know that we're going the right way, when I definitely know we're not going where we think we're going? She avoided sharing these concerns in fear that it might freak out her parents, especially her father. Instead, she glanced sideways at Lucy, who shrugged subtly.

As they continued, the air got cooler, and they began to recognize a few plants they knew were on the upper decks. Then, again to Sara and Lucy's confusion, the air began to get warmer again. They were back down on a lower level. Lucy moved closer to her sister, put an arm around her waist, leaned in and whispered, "Where the hell is this place leading us, Sara?"

Playing along, Sara leaned in and kissed her sister's cheek, smiling and whispering back, "No idea. Feels right, though, doesn't it?"

"Everything feels right here," Lucy said, letting her hand slide down and rest on her sister's butt, feeling it bounce lightly as they walked. She grabbed it hard.

"Eeek!!" Sara cried and hopped back. "You little--!" But Lucy had already begun skipping away, taunting her. Sara spotted a bush with stiff, switch-like branches that glowed electric blue. She grabbed at one of the switches, but was rebuffed with a genuine electrical shock. "Eep!" she yelped, then approached more slowly. "Sorry," she whispered to the ship before grabbing at the switch again. This time, electric blue bolts shot out and connected with her hand, making a terrifying electrical buzzing sound, but Sara felt no pain. The switch even seemed to come loose of its own accord. When she held it in her hand, it sparked and sputtered menacingly a few times before evening back out into its smooth blue color. She shifted her gaze from the switch to Lucy, who had stopped to watch, and the girl's eyes went wide when she saw the intent on her big sister's face.

"Oh, no you don't!" Lucy called back, already in a full run down the path. Wordlessly, Sara darted after her, brandishing the switch.

"Now, girls!" their father called, but it was too late.

"Don't get too far ahead!" Maggie called, hands cupped around her mouth.

Don turned to his wife, "Should we go after them?"

"Nah," she said with a smile he couldn't place. "I doubt they'll get too far."

Running down the path, Lucy could sense her sister gaining on her. She pushed ahead, and before her was an entryway into another chamber. Just beyond the doorway, a curtain of wispy branches hung down like a leafy curtain. Lucy prayed that just beyond the curtain she wouldn’t run flat into a tree trunk, and without a moment's hesitation dove through it. Instantly, she was over her head in water, the same kind of which had healed and cleansed them, and which had piqued the family's sexual appetites. Completely submerged, Lucy almost lost her mind. For a moment frozen in time, her mind was calm, at ease under the water, and she was fully tapped into the ship. She could see her parents on the path, far behind them, laughing at the girls' silliness.

"There's more to this place than you could possibly imagine," her mother was saying in supposed confidence. "It brings out some very distinct and amplified sexual urges, but I suspect that although it can encourage lust, it requires actual sexual energy as its power source." With all the lust that had built up, Lucy had forgotten that her mother was a scientist--her father too. It seemed a little silly for them both to be having such a frank discussion while stark naked.

"Do you think it drains us in a way that is detrimental to our long term health?" her father asked.

"I doubt it," Maggie said, "but we honestly just don't know enough about this place to make that call. As far as I can tell, everything appears to be organic in nature. Nothing is synthesized, and the only concentrations we've encountered have been in the water supply."

"A good way to provide long-running sexual energy."

"My thoughts, exactly."

"Diminishing returns?" her father asked.

"None that I can tell, but on a longer timeline, who knows?"

"Are the girls safe here?" her father switched from scientist mode to father mode.

"I believe so," Maggie said. "I get the feeling the only danger we're in is from each other."

"You think we're going to hurt each other?"

"Oh! No!" her mother said. Lucy could feel the woman's embarrassment at not being precise. "At least I don't think this place would cause us to. I was just speaking on the nature of humanity."

Don grinned wolfishly and kissed his wife on the neck. Lucy was shocked. She could feel the pleasure both of them received at the kiss, as if she were riding shotgun in her parents' minds. "I love it when you get philosophical," he said.

Lucy let her attention slip away from her parents as her mind processed the notion that for a moment she had been in a man's mind. It was strange, and she had sensed a lot of aggressive, violent emotions, but he had tempered most of them with love and forgiveness. Her mind, however, simply didn't have the years of experience that would allow her to temper those emotions, and she took a second to shake them.

Searching, she found her sister. Talk about aggressive emotions! Sara had heard Lucy run headlong into what appeared from the outside to be a small, roughly circular pool, no more than a few meters in diameter, but surprisingly deep. Standing at its edge, she was waiting for the girl to make a move. Lucy knew that whatever her sister had in mind, it was going to hurt. It also, she could feel, made the older girl's pussy wet.

Lucy allowed herself to detach from the ship, and immediately felt her lungs burn. She moved her body like Sara had shown her and gracefully swam to the surface, where she took a big whooping breath. After a moment getting her breath back, Lucy grinned at her sister. "Seems like I'm safe in here," she nodded at the switch. "That'd be like throwing a hairdryer into a bathtub, don't you think?" Without a word, Sara dipped one toe into the pool. Nothing happened. She poked the switch into the water. Nothing. "Oh," said Lucy, deflated, and began swimming toward the far side of the pool. Sara dove in after her, and Lucy expected to be grabbed instantly, but after a few seconds, when Sara hadn't resurfaced, she stopped and turned around. There, just out of arm's reach and about a half a meter underwater, Sara had stopped cold. Lucy knew what she must be experiencing, but there was something else, as well. With both of them in the pool at once, she could practically hear her sister's thoughts in her head. I wonder, she thought, and dropped below the surface again.

Hi. Sara's consciousness sounded in her head.

Hi. Lucy responded.

I thought I felt you in there earlier, Sara spoke to her telepathically. Just out of the corner of my eye.

Lucy probed her sister's mind. It felt a lot like swimming, actually. But unlike in real water, this was Lucy's territory. So many doors just left unlocked. Lucy helped herself to a memory.

Candles flickered on a birthday cake with the number "8" inscribed on it. Lucy saw herself, standing next to the kitchen table, her friends around her. For someone so young, she looked very confident--much more mature than her peers.

"Well?" she heard herself ask. The little blonde girl had her hands on her hips, expectantly. Lucy was beginning to remember this, herself.

"Well, what?" she heard Sara ask.

"Where's your present?"

"My--Oh! A present!" she heard Sara feign forgetfulness. "I didn't know I was supposed to get you one." All the other kids "ooh"ed and gasped. They knew what could come of not following through on Lucy's expectations.

"It's ok," Lucy heard herself say, genuinely. "All I want for my birthday is you!" Lucy felt the hug she'd given her sister that day, and through this stolen memory, she felt her sister's pussy tingle. All the other kids cooed, "Awww!" at the cuteness, but the longer the hug went on, the less comfortable Sara became, until she separated herself from the young girl.

"I did get you a present, actually," Sara said.

"Oh, goodie!" Lucy saw herself clap her hands and jump up and down. Deep down, she knew that if all she'd gotten that day was her sister, especially in the way that had made Sara so uncomfortable, she would have been content.

It turned out that Sara had gotten her a very nice dress. The family had planned on going out to a play and then a fancy dinner that night as an extended celebration, and Sara had told her she wanted her to look nice. What she hadn't mentioned was that the dress was open-back. Their parents had argued with her about it at first, saying it wasn't exactly appropriate for a young girl, but Sara had managed to convince them to ok the dress if it could be altered to have a loose ribbon lace-up that would keep the dress "closed." It had cost Sara most of her savings to have that dress made. That night, Sara took it upon herself to help Lucy lace up the back, and then took every opportunity to put her arm around her, making contact with the skin on her back. Partway through the night, their parent's wanted a picture of their daughters. What Lucy hadn't known was that, in that photo, the one that this very minute sat on their mantle at home, Sara had slipped her fingers between the ribbon laces and her skin. It was a small gesture, but Lucy knew: this is where Sara had reached the point of no return; from this day forward, her love for her little sister had changed.

Hey! Sara snapped at her telepathically. That's private!

Not anymore! Lucy teased.

Why you--! Sara's eyes popped open and she surfaced, brandishing the electric-blue switch. Lucy surfaced, too, and sprinted as best she could toward the edge of the pool. With just enough distance, Lucy managed to scramble out of the pool, cleared the leafy curtain that surrounded it and ran about five paces before stopping dead in her tracks. Another golden tree? She had a split second for it to register before Sara came bursting through the leafy curtain, and ran headlong into her, toppling them both into the soft, glowing grass under the tree's canopy.

"Oof!" they said, more or less collectively, as they fell into a heap.

Sara's head rang, and for a moment, the desire to punish her sister was not forefront in her mind. "What the heck?"

"Yeah," Lucy said, recovering. "What the heck. Look where you're going!" Sara whipped the switch sharply and struck the bottoms of her sister's feet. "Aiie!" the girl yelped. Sara pointed with the switch. "Yeah, yeah, the tree. I guess there isn't only one."

"What do you suppose is the difference?" Sara asked, staring up into the canopy.

"This one's bigger," Lucy stated the obvious. Sara gave her a look. "And there's more stuff around it. Look." Indeed, around this golden tree was a rose patch, like near the other one, but this one had giant roots that were flat or slightly concave on top and could clearly be used as benches, or even beds. There even appeared to be some kind of orange, glowing mushrooms sprouting here and there. And then, of course, there was the pool.

Sara looked back toward the pool just in time to see their parents emerge, dry from the leafy curtain. "You all done?" Don called.

"Done?" Sara asked.

"Has she had enough, yet?" her father asked.

"I don't think they even started," Maggie said.

Sara looked at the switch in her hand. "Oh, yeah."

"Oh, come on!" Lucy complained.

"Sara, honey," her father said, looming over her. "If you tell someone you're going to do something, you should have the conviction to go through with it, otherwise no one will believe you the next time."

"Yeah," Lucy said sarcastically. "It's the girl who cried, 'I'm gonna whip your ass.'"

"Exactly," Maggie said. "I bet if you hold still, it'll be over before you know it."

"Fine," Lucy said, rolling her eyes and getting on her hands and knees. "I'll play along."

Don saw his eldest daughter hesitate, kneeling behind and to the side. "It's ok, sweetie," he said. "It's just a little harmless fun. Just make her hurt as much as she hurt you and no more. That should be enough."

Sara whipped the switch firmly across her sister's ass, causing a pink line to appear. "Eek!" Lucy yelped. "That hurt!"

"That's for the butt grab," Sara said. "This one's for talking to me like I'm an idiot." She whipped the girl a bit harder.

"Ow! Sara!"

"This one's for invading my privacy!" Lucy tried to scoot away, but Sara grabbed her hair and hit her even harder, and a long red welt raised on the girl's ass.

"OW!! I'm sorry!"

"You were never supposed to know that!" Sara hit her again.


"Ok, Sara," her father said. "You can stop now. I think that's enough."

"And this," Sara said, not hearing him, "is for telling me you wanted me!" When she hit Lucy, the girl let out an unearthly scream. A deep red welt raised on the girl's ass, and a few beads of blood welled forth. Sara wound up for another strike, but a root suddenly shot up from the turf and wound around her wrist so tightly that she dropped the switch. The root retracted and bound her wrist to the ground, and she fell forward, face first into the grass. Another root bound her other wrist, and others held her knees in place. In no time, she was pinned, the side of her face in the grass and butt in the air.

"Excuse me!" her mother interrupted. "When your father says stop, you stop. Same rules as with me."

From her position, she could only see Lucy, face puffy and red, tears streaming from her eyes. "Sorry," she said.

"Uh, hon," Don started. "Did you do that?"

"Yes, darling," she said. "So can you. See that vine up there?"

"Uh huh."

"Just ask it to move."

"Ok," he said, and then to the vine: "Move."

"You don't need to ask-ask it," she said. "Just think it."

Don took a moment and stared at the vine. "Nothing doing."

"You have to have a bigger picture in your head, I think," Maggie said. "What do you want it to do, other than move?"

Don thought about the vine that was fucking Lucy earlier, but stared at his eldest daughter, bound ass-up in the grass. Suddenly, a vine dropped from the canopy, and slithered onto Sara's back. It wound its way toward her exposed pussy.

"Wait," Maggie said. "You just watched her whip her sister bloody, and now she gets to get fucked? Not until I get some!"

"Water…" Lucy groaned between sniffling sobs, still on her hands and knees.

"What's that, sweetheart?" Maggie asked.

"The pool…" she sniffled again. "The water can heal cuts," she said.

Maggie looked at Don, who turned around and headed toward the pool.

"Now for you," Maggie said, picking up the switch and tapping it lightly on her eldest daughter's ass. "I thought you loved your sister."

"I do," said Sara. A flash of pain and the crack of the switch--Sara couldn't tell which came first. "Ow!!"

"You do?"

"I do!" Another flash of pain cutting across her ass cheeks. "I do!! I DO!!"

"So why would you hit her so hard? She's younger than you!"

"She stole my memory!" The next whip from the switch blinded her with pain. "AAAAIIEEE!"

"You're not making any sense," her mother said. "Try harder."

"We were in--" But before she could explain, Don returned with water cupped in his hands.

"Here you go, sweetie," he said, allowing it to drip and dribble all over her red butt cheeks. Instantly, the welts and blood went away and the girl made the unmistakable sounds of relief. Moving on, he dribbled the rest onto Sara's ass, and the older girl sighed. Lucy was about to move, when the vine the had been wound around her sister, unwound itself and made its way to her. After the intense whipping, Lucy looked forward to having a vine fuck her. "Now for the main course," he said, turning to Maggie and grabbing her around the waist. Don pulled his wife to him and kissed her as hard as he had when they were teenagers. His wife's breasts pressed against his chest, and he ran his hands over her hips, down her ass and squeezed. She moaned into his kiss, and ran a hand down to his hard cock. Kissing him, she moved from his mouth to his neck, from his neck to his chest, from his chest to his mostly flat belly, and then ran her tongue from the base of his cock to the head. He moaned as she licked his cock, and then sighed in pleasure as he felt her hot mouth take him in, tongue teasing all the way.

Suddenly, she pulled her mouth off. "Fuck it," she said in a horse whisper. "I need you inside me."

"I couldn't agree more," he said. "Let's show these girls how it's done."

Maggie took her husband's hand and guided him to a spot in front of the girls. Sara was still bound to the spot, and Lucy might have moved, except that a vine had begun rubbing itself against her pussy, and now she felt a serious urge to get fucked while watching her mother get some long overdue attention. Sara felt the roots' grasp on her wrists loosen a bit, and though still bound, she was able to right herself a bit and watch as her mother laid down on her side and her father slid in beside her. Sara looked over at her sister and watched her face as the vine teased her tight little pussy. Looking back at her parents, laying on their sides in the grass, Sara watched hungrily as Don's cock pressed on Maggie's entrance, but stopped.

"I have an idea," he said.

"It better be good," Maggie said, frustrated. But after he whispered in her ear, a broad smile lit up her face. "Let's do it," she said.

Sara felt a vine drop onto her back, wind its way underneath her, and slither up against her clit right as she saw her father's cock rub up against her mother's clit. "Mmm," she heard next to her, and looked over again. From the look on Lucy's face, her vine had done the same thing. Again, her mother ground her pussy against the length of Don's thick cock. The vine between Sara's legs ground against her clit again, and she found herself moaning, "Are you… doing what… I… think you're doing?"

"That's right's baby," Maggie said. "You're going to feel everything I feel."

With that, Don pushed his cock against his wife's pussy again, and Sara felt the thick vine pressing into her. When his cock slid into Maggie, the woman and her three daughters moaned in unison. "Oh, thank god!" their mother cried.

"Oh, fuck," Lucy said.

Sara just sighed as she felt the vine filling her up. Unlike with his daughters, Don didn't start out slow with his wife. His second thrust was deep and hard, and Sara felt the thick vine slam into her. "Ah!" Next to her, Lucy squealed, clearly not ready for the sudden pounding. Before the younger girl could recover, the vine slammed into her tight pussy again.

"OHH!" Lucy cried, as Don began to steadily fuck his wife. "OOH! Fuck!"

"Ah, fuck I missed your cock!" Maggie moaned. Don held his wife's breast, and tendrils sprouted from the girls' vines and wound round the girls' breasts. When he gently squeezed, he heard three female moans. He fucked maggie harder, and the moans became cries of ecstasy.

Sara watched her father's cock slam in and out of her mother's pussy, and she felt the tension building to a crescendo. As she came, her body shook and she felt a warm heat behind her eyes. She began to recover from the orgasm, but the vine still pumped in and out of her. "Oh fuck!" she moaned, barely intelligibly. She felt something soft rest on her shoulder, and saw Lucy's head resting there, bobbing slightly as the vine fucked her. Sara leaned in as best she could and whispered in the girl's ear, "I love you--oh… fuck--oh, Lucky Lucy! Kiss me!"

The blonde girl raised her head and Sara saw the glowing lights of the forest reflected in her beautiful eyes. Sara tilted her head and kissed her sister hard. "Mmmmm!" the younger girl moaned as she came. Their tongues danced as their bodies shook with orgasm.

"Oh, look at that!" Maggie moaned, watching her girls kiss. "Oh, it just makes me want to--oh fuck! I'm coming!" Maggie spasmed a few times, and then her body relaxed. "Oh, fuck, baby! That's what I needed!" Don pulled his cock, still rock hard, out of his wife's pussy. The girls sighed as the vines popped from theirs, but still on their hands and knees, they continued to kiss. "Do you think the girls are ready?"

"Only one way to find out," he said. Sara and Lucy had been in their own little world, but when Don pressed his cock against his wife's asshole, the vines followed suit, and Sara saw Lucy's eyes shoot wide open.

"Mommy?" Lucy asked desperately as she felt the vine pressing harder on her tight little asshole.

"Just relax, baby," Maggie said. "It's ok." And then to Don, "Go easy… nice and slow."

"Nnngh!!" Lucy grunted, lowering her head. "It's too big!"

"Hey," Sara whispered to her sister, feeling the vine pressing against her own asshole. It was slick, and she knew it would slip into her soon. "Hey, look at me." Lucy raised her head again and looked into her sister's deep green eyes. "Don't tense up, ok?" The girl nodded, biting her lip. "Just let it in."

The head of Don's cock popped into Maggie's ass, and Sara felt the first inch or so of the thick vine slip into her. It felt huge, but now that it was in her, she felt her ass relaxing and stretching to accommodate it. "Gah!" Lucy grunted as her own vine slipped into her ass. Don pushed a bit farther into their mother, and the vines slid deeper into his daughters. "Oh god! Fuck!" Lucy groaned, mouth agape. The younger girl had expected pain, but she was unprepared for how stuffed she would feel.

Don slid the last inch of his cock into Maggie, who made a guttural sound and rolled her eyes back in her head. "How's it feel, girls," Don asked.

"Ungh," Lucy grunted. "I feel like I'm gonna pop!"

"How about you, Sara?" he asked, but his eldest daughter had an odd look on her face. "Sara?" Sara could barely hear him, though. She didn't even notice that the roots had unbound her. It felt incredible. "It's… amazing…" she managed.

Don pulled back until just the head of his cock was inside his wife. "Oh, god!" Lucy groaned. Her tight little ass was getting used to the feel of the vine that impaled it. She looked at her sister, who appeared to be in a state of bliss.

"Ok, baby," Maggie said huskily. "Fuck my ass!"

Don thrust his cock back into his wife, but her moans were drowned out by Lucy's scream. "AAA-EEE!!!" The girl buried her head in the grass and whimpered as the vine reamed her asshole. "Ah!"

"Maybe we should take it easier on her," Don said, pulling back again.

"NO!" Sara shocked them all. Her face was a tangle of crazy emotion. "Fuck us! Fuck us!" she demanded.

Don was happy to comply and thrust his cock back into his wife. Maggie reached back and up and forced her husband's mouth onto her own as their eldest daughter made beastly, lustful sounds, and their youngest daughter squealed. Steadily, he began to pump in and out. "Mmmm," Maggie moaned into his mouth.

"Ohhh, fuck yeah," Sara sighed, her voice rasping. Lucy went silent, her face contorted in an ever-changing mixture of pain and pleasure. The ass fucking was beginning to wear on the blonde girl, and she reached back under her and began to rub her clit to add pleasure to the pain. When Don saw this, he reached down and started rubbing Maggie's clit, causing all three of his ladies to moan. And that was it: he felt a tightness in his balls, and gave his wife's ass three hard thrusts before shooting a hot jet of cum deep into her bowels. Her ass was tight and milked every last drop of his cum out of him. When his cock slipped out of her, he heard three gasps of relief. Lucy toppled sideways into the grass, exhausted, and Sara slowly crawled over to her and took the girl in her arms. "You ok, Lucky?" she whispered, stroking her sister's hair.

"Mmhmm," Lucy didn't sound convincing.

"Hey," Sara said seriously, rolling Lucy over to face her. The girl's face was a scramble of emotion, and Sara rubbed a tear from her soft cheek with a thumb. "Oh, hey hey hey," she said, hugging the girl.

"Why?" Lucy managed, whispering into Sara's neck.

"Why what?" Sara asked.

"You made them fuck my ass," she said, hurt.

Sara's heart nearly stopped. Had she? She hadn't expected it, but anal sex had felt surprisingly good. There was something about the mixture of pleasure and pain that drove her wild. It hadn't occurred to her in the moment that it may have been too much for her little sister. She had encouraged her parents to continue, and Lucy had gotten the worst of it. Apparently, she had been quiet for some time as all this was registering, and Lucy looked up and met her eyes. "I'm so sorry!" Sara said. "I--"

"I know," Lucy said. "You got lost in the moment."

"That's no excuse," Sara said, starting to scoot back from her sister. Lucy wrapped her arms around her, though, and pulled her even closer until their noses almost touched.

"In this place?" she asked rhetorically. "Please, sis. This place was designed to get us lost in the moment."

"But we raped you," Sara said, feeling a tear welling up from her own eye. Lucy brushed it away.

Lucy offered a lopsided little smile. Sara looked at her incredulously. "I mean, I kinda did want to try, but I think you guys went too hard. I mean look at me." Sara took in her sister's naked body. Petite and pale, it was no wonder the girl needed a softer introduction. "You did it again."

"Did what again?"

"Licked your lips," Lucy said. "Every time you check me out, you lick your lips."


"Don't be. I love that you want me."

"No," Sara said. "I mean for hurting you. I want to make it up to you. You can do anything you want to me."

"I know," Lucy said, putting a predatory gleam in her eye for a second longer than made Sara feel comfortable. "Now that we're stuck here, I have all the time in the world to punish you, but I don't think there's a thing I could do to you that you wouldn't like." Sara thought about it for a second and gave an accepting shrug. "So, maybe we could just go soak in the pool for a bit?"

"That sounds like a plan," Sara said. She looked over at her parents, who were still recovering. "Hey," she said to them. "We're going to go soak in the pool. Why don't you join us?"

"That sounds like a great idea," Don said. "Go ahead. We'll follow you in just a minute."

Sara stood, feeling a little sore but none the worse for wear, and helped Lucy up, who definitely walked with a bit of a bow-legged wobble. They slipped through the leafy curtain and eased themselves into the pool. Instantly, they felt the cleansing nature of the unique waters. The soreness from their very first ass fucking began to fade, and a soothing calm entered their bodies. Lucy sighed audibly and pushed off the edge and floated on her back in the middle of the pool. Sara joined her, took her hand, and together, they floated silently, their minds partially linked through the water. Sara could sense how rough they had been on her sister. Lucy was good at hiding her feelings outwardly, but there was no disguising them here. Sara could also feel how much Lucy loved her, and wondered why she'd been hiding those feelings as well. As best she could, she sent loving, soothing thoughts toward her sister, and gradually Lucy's mind began to relax enough that the girl sent back thoughts in return. At first, the thoughts were rough and disorganized, a jumble of pain and frustration from having her ass so thoroughly reamed. Sara took a chance and shared her experience, and could feel as Lucy felt what it was like to enjoy anal sex. After a while, though, the shared emotions moved from the immediate to the future. Their subconscious minds swirled around each other, blending, chasing, and teasing--leading each other in directions that made their real flesh prickle.

Suddenly, their sensed tingled and they roused themselves from their link, looking up in time to see their parents come through the leafy curtain. "Come on in!" Lucy chimed, her demeanor dramatically changed. "The water's nice and cool." Maggie dipped her toe in and withdrew it quickly. After the jungle humidity and the intense fucking, the water should have felt nice, but instead it felt ice cold. "Come on!" Lucy said, and splashed at them.

"Hey now!" their father said sternly. "No roughhousing. You don't know how this place will react to that." The girls didn't believe that for a second, but after the whipping and ass fucking, they went obediently quiet. "See?" he said to their mother, putting his arms around her. "Obedient little sluts." But before anyone could fully react to that, he called, "Timber!!" And toppled like a felled tree into the pool, dragging Maggie with him. They hit the water with a huge splash and the girls shrieked as the resulting wave crashed into them.

Their parents were under for a while, and the girls regarded each other as they treaded water. For an instant, they could feel their parents' thoughts probing their minds. "Do you feel that?" Sara whispered. Lucy nodded. "Are they inside?" Lucy shook her head. A moment later, Don and Maggie popped to the surface.

"Wow!" Maggie said. "That's incredible!"

"Did you know about this?" Don asked, still processing his experience.

"We were going to show you," Sara said, "but you seemed to have discovered it on your own."

"That," Maggie said to Lucy, matter-of-factly, "was telepathy. Is that what your sister meant by stealing memories?"

"It is," Lucy said, a guilty tinge to her voice. "It's hard for me to resist that kind of thing."

"It's cool," Sara said reassuringly. "Reliving a memory is different than just remembering it. It wasn't really stealing. I just wasn't ready for it."

"Tell me about it," Don said sourly. This raised his girls' eyebrows as they wondered exactly what he had been unwittingly forced to relive.

"So are you going to tell us about it?" Lucy asked, uncharacteristically blunt. Sara shot her a confused look. "What?" she asked. "We're going to find out eventually. If it's a door you don't want us to open, I think we need to know what it looks like." She realized that her family was staring at her strangely. "Right?"

"Sweetie," Maggie said. "What--?"

"Stop looking at me like that!" Lucy complained. "You," she said, addressing her mother. "Of all people, you should understand. How did you tap into dad's memory?"

"It just sort of happened," Maggie said, a look of scientific curiosity replacing the one of suspicion and fear. "Are you saying you can control it?"

"Yes!" she said. "And don't give me that look either. I'm not a freak."

"Sweetie," Maggie said, trying to calm her daughter. "Of course you're not a freak! This is just a bit unusual."

Lucy's eye twitched. "Unusual?" she scoffed. "I just got butt fucked by a tree."

Sara snorted back a laugh, which petered out into a snickering giggle. "Ok, ok," she said, grinning, still trying not to burst out laughing. "So why don't you show us?"

"Show you?"

"Yeah," Sara said. "If we can share thoughts and jump into each other's memories, it should be a cinch."

Lucy thought about this for a moment. This, she knew, would mean letting them into her head with unfettered access to her most private thoughts. "Ok," she said, and then performed a little mental exercise that helped her hide and lock down thoughts and emotions that might get her in trouble. "Ready."

"Time gets pretty distorted," Sara said to their parents. "You might want to take a deep breath."

"Sara," Lucy said. "Can we use your mind as practice? We're going to need a place to go."

"Ugh, ok," Sara said, not really wanting to think of her mind as an open house.

"One…" Lucy counted. Last minute looks were exchanged. "Two…" The family took big breaths. "Three."

Underwater, Lucy instantly felt her mind detach from her body--much more readily than the first time. Quickly, she found her parents' minds, still in a state of confusion, and greeted them. Hi.

This is weird, her father said. If I could feel my body, I think I'd feel sick.

I guess it's good you can't, Lucy said.

How'd you find us? her mother asked.

You have to think like this place thinks, but you also have to have some sort of construct.

Like a picture for reference, Don said.

Exactly. I use that hotel we stayed in when we were in Paris. Lots of doors and narrow winding corridors, just like the mind. You remember the place?

Well, said Maggie, I think we spent most of that trip away from the hotel.

Ok, well let me show you, Lucy said, guiding her parents into her mind. It was a weird feeling, having two people riding along in her mind.

But we still have to find your sister, right? Don asked.

That's where thinking like the ship comes in handy.

But how can you tap into something so alien? her mother asked, clearly taking notes.

Don't think alien. Think big. All these plants: they're connected somehow, right? Think about that connection with the golden tree. Where is it? She waited and could feel her parents' thoughts going to the tree.

Wow! her mother said. I am the tree.

So am I, Don said. Lucy could feel the wonder and excitement that came from her parents as they jumped from one plant to another, feeling its purpose and design.

It's like… Maggie began. I don't know. Reincarnation.

Pretty cool, huh? Lucy asked. Now just think of where we are and where Sara is.

Nothing doing, Don said.

Lucy thought for a moment. Think of a road.

Instantly, they appeared on a road cutting through an empty desert, and they were all clothed. I thought we were naked underwater, Don said.

It must be a mental projection, Maggie said.

Exactly, Lucy said. So now I'll just project Sara's mind. A building pushed its way out of the dirt next to the road. It rose higher and higher until they could no longer see the top. When it stopped and the front door appeared, they entered and found themselves in a lobby. Behind the concierge desk was Sara.

Took you guys long enough, Sara said.

This is it? Don said.

Sort of, Lucy said. This is the simple version. Now that you have the general idea, it's easy to explore. Like this! Suddenly, the four of them stood in a corridor outside a door that Sara instantly recognized.

Oh, man! Sara complained. But before she could do anything, Lucy opened the door, and they were all thrust into the memory of Lucy's eighth birthday party. This time, as Sara relived the experience, she allowed herself to become one with her past self, and let the emotions of the event wash over her. She even noticed things she hadn't noticed at the time, for instance that Lucy seemed to push back against her hand when she'd slipped it between the laces on the back of her dress.

I did that? Lucy said. I don't remember that.

I guess. First time I've noticed.

Yeah, Lucy said smugly. I bet I did that.

You know, their father began, what I see is still just manipulation.

What do you mean? Lucy asked indignantly.

I mean, he said, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this. Let's rewind it a bit.

Not so much like a video tape, the memory backed up to the part where Lucy hugged her sister at the party. The family found themselves viewing the moment from Lucy's perspective. Whoa… trippy, Sara said, feeling herself in her sister's mind. Quickly enough, however, she felt the girl's emotions a the time of the event. Sara could feel the girl monitoring her reaction to the hug and storing it away for future use. Really?! she accused her sister.

That's only part of it! Lucy complained. Pay attention!

The family took in the rest of the scene. As Lucy hugged her sister, everyone felt the unmistakable warmth Lucy had felt when her head had come into contact with Sara's budding breasts. And they certainly felt the tingle in her nether regions. Ok, Don said. I think I've spent enough time as an eight-year-old girl.

Fine, Lucy said, not letting it go. You want to see that it wasn't a sham? She pulled them from that memory and to the door to another.

What's this one? Maggie asked, trying the door. It wouldn't open. They looked at Lucy expectantly, who shrugged and tried the door, which still refused to budge. Suddenly, she felt an itch around her neck, and when she went to scratch it, she felt a thin metal necklace. Pulling it from around her neck, she stared at the key that dangled from the necklace. She tried it in the lock, and the door opened easily. Why was it locked? Maggie asked.

You'll see, Lucy said and stepped through the door.

"Hi, Tim!" they heard Sara's voice from behind the door to the girls' shared bathroom. Sara remembered this moment. This is the night before we came camping! Lucy's response, if she'd had breath in this abstract space, would have been an embarrassed sigh.

"Yeah I know," Sara had continued her phone conversation. That's Tim Forrester? Don asked.

Uh huh, Sara said, realizing where at least part of this memory was going.

The boy who--


Oh, her father said. Ohhhh….

"I bet!" Sara said seductively into the phone. They all watched as the bathroom door opened a crack. Through it, they could see Sara seated at her desk. "You would?" Her butt wiggled in the chair. "And then what?" She slid her free hand down between her legs as she ground herself on the chair. In the bathroom, Lucy leaned against the wall, her heart beating furiously in her chest as she watched her sister's butt squirm.

"What's wrong with me?" she whispered, barely audibly, even to herself. Her body burned and her head swam. Confusion, disgust, love, and lust drove the girl nearly to tears. It may well have, except Lucy's despair had been interrupted by some bad noise in the next room.

"Why do you keep saying 'would'?" Sara had said. "What do you mean?" Sara's voice had become shaky. "Are you kidding?!" Sara had become angry "Why would you tell me all that, then?" The next pause was long and hard to listen to, both for Lucy at the time and for the family listening in now. "You asshole!" Sara had hissed into the phone. She hit END, and threw herself onto her bed. Not one to cry, Sara had curled up into a ball and stared at the wall.

Oh, honey! Maggie said. I'm so sorry!

I thought things were still on with him, her father said. At least, that's the impression you gave me back at the camp.

I didn't want to say anything yet, Sara said. I was too pissed off about it. And plus, she added with a modicum of embarrassment, when you talked to me about it… remember how you said I was radiant?

You'd been here?! Don said. Sara let her silence confirm the suspicion.

It's not over, Lucy confessed. In the memory, Lucy watched as Sara went back to her desk and logged into her computer. One by one, Sara viewed and deleted all the photos she had of Tim. It went on for a while--click, click, click--until the next photo that popped up was of Sara and Lucy. Taken during a trip to the beach a few months earlier, it showed both girls, wet, sandy and smiling in their bathing suits. Lucy had one hand around her sister's waist and was giving the peace sign with the other. Sara reached down and touched the spot where Lucy's hand had curled around her hip, and then she put her head down on her desk. At first, Lucy had thought that her sister was crying, and was going to leave her alone, but then she'd heard a soft little sigh, one that she now knew all too well. Sara was grinding her pussy on her chair again, and her hand was back between her legs. Lucy's blood had begun to heat up again, and she gently rubbed her own clit through her shorts as she watched her sister begin to gyrate and breathe heavily. The erotic tension was too much for her, but just before she felt herself begin to climax, she heard Sara sigh, "Oh, Lucy!"

"Eep!" Lucy yipped, completely taken off guard. She slapped a hand to her mouth, but it was too late. Sara had heard something. Quickly and quietly, Lucy retreated through the opposite door to her own bedroom, where she leapt onto her bed, grabbed a random magazine, and spend a split second calming herself and disguising her emotions before Sara burst in.

"Hey!" Lucy complained, making her flustered voice sound as bratty as she could. "Knock first? Like, hello! I could've been naked?" There was a short pause that, at the time the girls couldn't decipher, but recognized now as Sara's erotically charged mind savoring that image.

"Were you spying on me?" Sara demanded.

"No," Lucy lied. "Should I have been?"

"No!" Sara barked and left, slamming the door behind her.

Well, that explains a lot, their father said.

You lied! Sara accused her, halfheartedly, ignoring their father. You said you'd never touched yourself before!

Yeah… Lucy admitted. But wasn't it fun "teaching" me?

What do you mean? Don asked.

Let's find out, Maggie said. Before the girls could object, their parents pried open their daughters' memories and watched the last few days unfurl. They watched as Sara snuck off to find the source of the light she'd seen, and how her senses had been heightened by the pollen of the plants. They all watched in terror as the golden tree took her virginity, and felt her mood shift as she began to enjoy herself. They watched Sara bring her sister back to the place and the ensuing sexual escapades that had lasted almost nonstop for the past four days. It was a miracle any of them were still able to walk.

When the family surfaced, it took them a moment to clear their heads of each other's voices, and for a while after that, they floated silently, mentally digesting the experience. They exchanged looks and Sara swam to the edge of the pool, where she rested her arms on the ground and laid her head down to think. Lucy and Don floated on their backs, and splashed playfully, yet wordlessly, at each other like battleships. "I think I know how to get this thing running," Maggie said, breaking the silence.

"How do you figure?" Don said, still splashing with Lucy.

"I think our link gave it away," Maggie said, treading water. "What's the constant throughout all the experiences we've had here?"

"The vines?" Lucy asked.

"What about earlier, when it was just us ladies?" Maggie asked. "And what about the memories? If this place feeds off our memories, as well,

"Oh," Lucy said.

"It seems like we've added a new person to the group each time," Don said.

"Close," Maggie said.

"But where would we get a new person to add?" Lucy asked. "Would we have to… you know?" she eyed her father oddly.

"We don't," Sara said, finally adding her voice to the conversation, but not turning around.

"What do you think, then?" Maggie said, wondering what was responsible for her elder daughter's sudden change in attitude. The girl seemed distant, sullen.

"In every memory, and in every interaction, we've added something new," Sara said. "It all started with a hug."

"So what?" her father said, not unkindly. "A lot of things start with a simple gesture."

"That's what's been bothering me," Sara said, still not turning around. "What if I started all this?"

"So what if you did?" Lucy said.

"You couldn't have," her father said. "We had the bombs, remember?"

"You all have my memories," Sara said. "You know I was down here well before you tried to plant them."

"Maybe the ship was trying to protect you," her mother said. "We know it can read memories--probably a lot better than we can, since it has eons of practice. It probably read your attraction to Lucy, figured you two could work together, and went from there."

Sara went silent for a little too long, and Lucy floated over to her. Instantly, the younger girl noticed that her sister's face was wet, not with the water from the pool, but with tears. "Hey," she whispered to Sara. "What's the matter?"

Sara looked at her younger sister with eyes of shame and fear before managing, "I don't feel it anymore."

"Don't feel… what?" Lucy asked, hesitating. "Me?"

Sara's red, tear-streaked eyes went wide. "No!" she whispered hoarsely. "Oh, no no no." Sara dipped one arm under the water, snaked it around her sister's waist and pulled her closer, but it felt strange. Good, but strange. She noticed a distinct look of relief in Lucy's crooked smile. She dipped her head under the water for a moment to wash off the tears. When she resurfaced, she turned and faced her parents. "I'm not feeling the…" she paused, looking for the term "… well, the whatever it was that helped us--that encouraged us to…" she trailed off, frustrated that she couldn't even bring herself to say it.

"Huh?" her father asked.

"I think," Maggie said, "she’s no longer feeling the effect of the pollens and nectars that seem to heighten our sexual desires."

"Yeah," Sara said, guiltily, avoiding eye contact. "And I dragged you all into this. I mean, I made you commit incest!"

"Hey! Sweetie," her father said, watching his daughter's expression of regret and shame. "You didn't make me do anything. I’m an adult, and I can take responsibility for my actions."

"You didn't make me, either," her mother said. "Though it kind of seemed like it at the beginning, I stand by my choices."

"You did kind of make me, though," Lucy said with a grin, poking Sara in the ribs. But she saw Sara's seriousness. "Seriously, though. How long do you think it'd have been before one of us caught the other spying in the shower?"

"You were spying on me in the shower?" Sara asked.

"And you never snuck a peek at me?" Lucy said with a devilish grin.

"Well…" Sara said, smiling a little again.

"See?" Lucy said, pulling in for a closer embrace. "It was only a matter of time before this," she indicated their closeness, "turned into this." Lucy quickly moved in for a kiss, but without the enhanced erotic drive, Sara felt awkward about it. Lucy kept at it, moved up and nibbled at her sister's ears, and when their lips met again, Sara returned the kiss. She smiled broadly and looked contentedly into her sister's eyes.

"This," she said and kissed Lucy again, letting her tongue dance against her sister's. "This is the real thing. This is how it should feel." And it was, but it also felt wholly new, as if the past week had been something from a dream.

Suddenly, the girls noticed an aqua glow on their faces, but it wasn't from their faces. They looked down, and saw that the water around Sara glowed brightly. Lucy floated away a bit, just to get a look. "No kidding!" Lucy said. "Can I come back? Is it safe?"

Sara poked at the glowing water. It felt the same as it had before. "If you don't, I'll have to chase you down again," she said, and Lucy drifted back.

"I wonder why I can still feel it," Maggie wondered out loud.

“Me too,” Lucy said.

“What,” Sara teased Lucy. “Still hot for sister?”

“You bet your ass!” Lucy said and kissed her, slipping a hand down around Sara’s hips and squeezing her butt.

“Perhaps,” their mother said, ignoring her daughters’ flirtations, “you gained some sort of immunity or tolerance from the link.”

“It’s possible,” said Don. “Interfacing with the plants themselves could be an antidote after multiple uses. Still, it begs the question: we’ve all spent the same amount of time in the link, so why wouldn’t we be tolerant, too?”

“I did notice one thing,” Sara said. “Did you notice that Lucy was much more susceptible to the vapors, but that it took you a much larger dose—like drinking the water—to become locked in?”

“Hey!” Lucy complained. “Are you saying I’m weak?”

“The opposite, actually,” Sara said, and then addressed her parents again. “When we left, when it had just been me and Lucy, she was the first to shake the feelings. But once you guys drank, the effects were more or less permanent, as far as I can tell.”

“Permanent?” Don sounded frightened.

“I doubt that,” Maggie said. “But I get the theory, and I think it holds water. We were harder to seduce, so it took more work. It may just take more contact with the link to build up a tolerance.”

“Whoa!” Lucy warned. “Slow down a sec. First of all, shouldn’t I have been the first to be tolerant?”

“You were, silly!” Sara kissed her on the cheek.

“No!” Lucy retorted. “I’m still horny. All I can think about is your sexy body and how much I want the four of us fucking again.”

“That sounds good,” said Don, dreamily.

Sara took water from the pool and held it in the palm of her hand. “Drink,” she said.

“But—“ Lucy started.

“Drink!” Sara put her hand up to her sister’s mouth, and the girl drank.

“What the--?”

“Nothing, right?” Sara asked. Lucy looked like she’d seen a ghost.


Sara giggled and teased her sister’s breast, “You’re just a horn-dog, babe.” Don burst out laughing, and even Maggie couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ladies,” their mother said, and then when she had their attention, “get to the point.”

“Yeah,” Lucy demanded. “Get to the point!” Sara grinned and dunked the girl, who shrieked and came back up sputtering. Don chuckled.

“My point was that there nothing new in our memories that we haven’t shared with the ship.”

“So then we really do need to add—” Don started, but Sara stopped him.

“I don’t think so. The ship’s big enough to hold my entire Wilderness Girl troop, and while the idea of bringing them here is enticing, I’m not sure it’s necessary.” She turned to her father. “Remember when you were teaching a little car repair? I think the sexual energy we’ve been emitting wasn’t enough to restart the ship completely, but it may have triggered a subsystem designed to trigger sexual memories and use that energy to jumpstart the main systems.”

“That’s a hell of a theory,” her mother said, beaming.

“A hell of a good one,” her father added. “I didn’t think you were even paying attention.”

“Pfff… nerd,” Lucy said. “You sound like we’re on Star Trek.”

“Babe,” Sara said. “We’re on a living spaceship that’s evolved to run on sexual energy.”

“What’s your point?” Lucy said fatuously, staring lasers into Sara’s eyes.

“Anyway…” Maggie said, prompting her daughters to return to the conversation.

“Anyway,” Sara continued, “I think the ship’s running. Now we just have to find out where to go to fly the damn thing.”

“I think I can help with that,” Lucy chimed in. “I found a door.”

Lucy led her family to the place where they’d had their first orgy. Don noticed first, and asked if she’d been bound for a reason when he’d first found her. The girl nodded an affirmative, and soon enough, brought them all to the door. For a moment, the stood there, appreciating the moment. They’d all passed a point of no return with each other long ago, but here, in the banal form of a wooden door, stood the final one.

Sara saw her sister’s hesitance in reaching for the doorknob, and knew that the last time Lucy touched it there had been violence. She covered her sister’s hand with her own, and together they gripped the knob. Nothing disturbed the peace except a current of air rustling the leaves round them. With a squeaking twist and click, the girls opened the door.

The light from the room beyond blinded them briefly, and they held up their hands to shield their eyes. When their eyes adjusted, they found that the room was large, crisp and white, all smooth surfaces and right angles. Nothing adorned the walls, and there was nothing that could be understood as a computer. As far as they could tell, it was a pure, white box. The center of the room held the only anomaly, a slab as white as everything else, save the top, which was black as obsidian, but reflected no light and seemed to have depth. Drawn to it, Sara entered and approached. Her father started to say something, but stopped. If there was danger in the room, it was beyond his understanding. Lucy was next to enter, followed my Maggie, and finally Don followed them in, closing the door behind him.

As they approached the slab, they noticed that despite the bright light, the smooth white floor and the air in the room was cold—almost painfully so. Still, they pressed on.

“What is it?” Lucy asked as they stared in to the infinite blackness that topped the slab in the center of the room. The top of the cube itself was two meters square. Without a word, Sara slowly reached out and touched the surface. The moment her fingertips touched the surface, she gasped and Don reached for her, but she waved him off.

“Look,” she said, keeping her fingertips on the slab. Down the side of the slab, the same blackness began to creep toward the floor—like roots and vines. She pressed her whole palm against the surface, and took in a sharp breath, feeling a surge of lust almost turn her knees to jelly. When she regained a bit of sense, she noticed that more of the blackness had begun creeping down the sides of the slab.

“That’s…” Don said. “That’s not quite like anything I’ve ever seen.”

More blackness spilled toward the floor when Sara put her other hand upon the slab. This time, she did stagger a bit, and her mother kept her upright. “What is it?” Maggie asked, an uncomfortable feeling rising in her akin to that of a rat in a trap. “What’s it doing to you?”

“I… uh…” Lucy breathed. “I think I can answer that.” The girl had reached out curiously to see if the blackness had any texture to it. It did not, but it held something else. “I think we’ve found the source.”

“Source?” their mother asked. Lucy grabbed her mother’s wrist and put her hand upon the slab. Instantly, the woman understood. This was the purest form of whatever the pollens and nectars held. Instantly, the room no longer seemed cold, and a surge of hot lust coursed through her. “Oh, my god.” The woman’s eyes went to her eldest daughter as the girl leaned heavily on the slab, panting, her thighs squeezing together rhythmically. Clearly, Sara needed release, but couldn’t bring herself to take her hands from the black surface. Maggie, ran her hand lightly down the girl’s back. “Oh, baby,” she said, “you need some loving don’t you.” Sara turned her face to her, and the pleading expression would have nearly broken her heart had she not been laughing so hard.

“Please, mom,” Sara said, nearly oblivious to the fact that her mother was laughing. “I need it so bad.”

Lucy, aware of the tidal wave of lust her sister was struggling with, moved to her sister and kissed her. Pulling away and looking into her sister’s eyes, she could see that her sister was struggling to stay afloat. Knowing her, she was probably trying to maintain control—to be the responsible one in this unknown place. When Sara and the tree had taken her virginity, Sara had known the place and what it would do. She knew there had been no physical danger. Here, thought, Lucy had a leg up. Somehow, she knew that this particular place, what all was said and done, would be hers. But the big-sister instinct was still going strong, and tears began to roll down Sara’s cheek as she fought her own enhanced lust. Caressing the older girl’s cheek, Lucy said, “It’s ok, Sara. Just let go.”


Lucy put a finger over her sister’s lips. “You trust me?” Sara, tears still in her eyes, nodded. “Then let go.” With that, almost instantly, a smile, mischievous and predatory bent the older girl’s lips.

Sara felt her last bit of self-control fall to the invading lust, and she tore her hands away from the black surface, grabbing her sister’s face and kissing her sloppily. Lucy deftly separated herself from her sister and slammed her toward the slab, but Sara caught herself with her hands, but slipped. When Sara’s forearms touched the slab, she froze and let out a whimper. “Oh shit!” she groaned in frustration.

“Well?” Lucy said, turning toward her father. “What are you waiting for?”

Don eyed his eldest daughter, bent over the slab at a right angle and offering herself to him. Her pussy was visibly wet and his cock was rock hard almost instantly. He took a step forward and caressed Sara’s butt, causing her to moan softly.

“Do it, Don,” Maggie said, already sliding a finger across her own clit. “Fuck her!”

Don held his breath and pressed his cock against his daughter’s wet opening and felt as it slid in, the girl’s tight warmth enveloping it inch by inch. When he was fully in her and her ass cheeks pressed firmly against his loins, he let out his breath. He couldn’t believe he was fucking his beautiful daughter again. She had taken after him in so many things and made him so proud of her accomplishments that, after the initial shock of incest had faded from their first encounter, he was actually honored that she would choose to include him in this sexual adventure.

“Oh, fuck…” Sara groaned as Don’s cock filled her up. He grabbed her ass and began to slide in and out of her. “Oh, daddy! Fuck me!” Obligingly, he began to pump into her harder, causing her firm young ass to slap against him with every thrust. Sara squealed in delight and pressed back against him. All the while, blackness oozed down the sides of the slab toward the floor.

Maggie swiped her finger across one of the black veins, but it had no texture. It was part of the slab. “This room’s gonna turn black,” Lucy said, answering her mother’s unspoken question. “Eventually.” Don and Sara’s fucking had caused the blackness to spread faster, but not by much. There just wasn’t that much skin contact.

“Well, time waits for no one!” Maggie said gleefully, and without warning, scooped Lucy up and sat her on top of the slab. Black poured down the sides and onto the floor as if she had thrown the girl into a full bathtub. The floor where Maggie stood flowed with black, and the woman felt her knees buckle as she dropped to the floor, chest heaving with lust. Now with feet and knees in contact, the black spread more, under Sara’s feet and then under her father’s. After a short chain reaction, half the floor was black. And it was still spreading.

Sara shrieked as her father, now in contact with the black, began to ravage her young pussy. “Ah God!” The girl gritted her teeth as Don pounded into her, causing ripples of pleasure. She’d honestly thought she’d only get the rough fucking she liked so much from the trees, but her father was more than capable, it seemed. “Oh, daddy! Fuck me harder!”

Maggie realized that Sara was in no danger and turned back to her younger daughter. The girl sat on the edge of the slab, eyes glazed and staring off into the distance. Maggie tried to rise, but her knees turned to jelly again. She shook her daughter’s knees, but got no response. She thought about using the slab to brace herself in order to stand, but knew that as soon as her hands touched the black, she’d be right back on the floor. Maggie slid her hands up her daughter’s thighs toward her hips in an attempt to use the girl as leverage to stand, but the girl gasped lightly but audibly, her eyes still glazed. Her daughter’s legs parted slightly, and Maggie’s hands slipped off the girl’s hips and slapped down onto the top of the slab, sending blackness farther toward the walls. Her head swam with lust, and between her young daughter’s legs, she saw dewy moistness. Lucy appeared to be in shock from the sensory overload, but wherever the girl’s mind had gone, it was making her incredibly wet.

Maggie had to taste her daughter’s pussy again, and without hesitation she parted the girl’s legs and licked lightly at the slit. Lucy gasped a little louder this time, but still remained motionless. Maggie planted her lips on the girl’s pussy and kissed it as if it were the last time. She couldn’t get enough of the young girl’s sweet, tangy wetness, and the more she tasted, the more she needed.

Lucy had been lost in an erotic paradise she had never known could exist. Barely aware of her mother’s touch, she felt an entire universe of sexual knowledge filling her brain, but it was too much, like drinking from a fire hose. As her mother began eating her pussy, she felt her mind pulling back from the flood as if reaching the end of a bungee cord. When the woman’s experienced lips sucked on her swollen little clit, Lucy snapped back to reality. A fiery heat radiated from her pussy, and out of desperate instinct, she grabbed her mother’s head and pressed it harder against her. “Oh mommy!” she cried out.

Don had fought for control when the blackness washed under his feet. The base, predatory lust that had struck him like a hammer when he’d first come down into the ship had returned, but he was prepared for it this time. He looked at his daughter, writhing in the throes of ecstasy. Some beastly part of him wanted to punish her for being such a wanton whore that she’d fuck anything, even her own father, but he retained enough control over himself that he knew better. They’d been chosen for this long before they’d come to the valley. The Agency had sent them, but this thing, this ship, or whatever it was has seen to it that it had been them specifically. Don was certain that the influence of this thing had spread far past these seemingly solid walls. It had sensed their buried attraction and sexual insatiability, and had craftily combined it with their familial love until they had ended up where they were now.

He looked up and saw his wife push their younger daughter back on the slab. Blackness surged out again, this time reaching the walls. As the blackness expanded, the light had dimmed. Soon, the entire room would be pitch dark. His wife was as sexy as ever, and when she climbed up on the slab and dove between Lucy’s legs, he began slamming into Sara with reckless abandon.

“Oh, daddy! I’M COMING!” Sara screamed. Every muscle her young body could spare clamped around his cock, and she shook as she came again and again. The feeling of her fathers cock filling her up, hot and hard, sent shock waves through her until she could no longer take it. Less gracefully than she would have liked, she collapsed to the floor.

Don saw Sara fall, but it took a second to register in his brain. The clouds of frustration cleared and he knelt next to her. “Sara! Are you ok?”

Sara, sprawled belly up, reached a hand up and cupped the back of his head in it, pulling his mouth toward hers. She kissed him and smiled. “I love you, daddy.”

“I love you too,” he said, meaning it. He felt something brush against his cock, sending shivers of ecstasy through his body, and looked down to see his daughter’s fingers lazily caressing his cock.

“You want me to finish you?” she asked.

“God, baby,” he groaned. “More than anything.” That was also the truth. But for the moment he was able to overcome his lust. “But what do you need?”

“Need?” Sara asked, as if no one had ever asked what she’d needed before. There was a long silence, and they looked at each other in a way they knew no father and daughter had ever experienced before. The silence, however, was broken.

“Aww…” Lucy cooed with fake pity, her face peeking over the edge of the slab. The blackness had now climbed halfway up the walls, and the girl’s face was more or less a silhouette against the still-white ceiling. “Are you all tuckered out?”

“Careful,” Don warned. “I’ll fuck you until you can’t stand.” And he meant it.

Maggie’s face peeked over the slab, too. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she said.

“Oh, mom,” Sara said, rolling her eyes. “Get down here, the both of you!” she scolded.

Lucy in her youthful exuberance and flooded with lust was off the slab and by her sister’s side in a flash. Maggie, still flooded with desire, but tempered by experience and dignity, rolled off of the slab and joined her husband.

“Anything you want, lover girl!” Lucy said, kissing Sara’s neck.

And that’s when it hit her: her orgasm had made her immune to the effects of the blackness. A kiss from her sister felt great, but for the moment, she was satisfied. It wouldn’t last, of course—not in this place—but it gave her a moment of clarity. “Anything?” she asked. Lucy nodded eagerly. “Well, dad didn’t come, so…”

“Say no more!” Lucy said, leaping up and pushing Don onto his back. To him, she said, “You gonna make good on that promise?”

“I guess we’re about to find out,” he said as she straddled his cock. Sara may have been daddy’s little girl, but his love for Lucy was no less. She was headstrong and brazen like her mother, which turned him on more than he was able to express.

In her excitement the girl fumbled with his cock, and Maggie reached out to help, but Lucy slapped her hand away. With a smirk, she turned to her mother and sister and said, “I’ve got this.” She positioned her father’s cock at the entrance to her tight young pussy, and slowly, deliberately lowered herself onto him. Even as wet as she was, he was almost too big for her. As before, there was a little pain as he stretched her to the limit. “Nggg…” she groaned as pain and pleasure mingled until his entire cock had disappeared into her. For a moment, she paused, savoring the fullness and letting herself adapt to his size. Slowly, she pulled herself up, and heard her mother and sister gasp softly.

“Oh, that is so wrong,” said her mother breathily.

“Not from where I’m sitting,” her sister said.

Lucy impaled herself back on her father’s cock, paused for another second, and raised herself up again, leaving the man’s cock glistening with her juices. Soon enough she was bouncing softly up and down on him, feeling his warmth radiate pleasure through her body.

Don reached out and cupped her small breasts, and could feel the girl shaking with ecstasy. She moaned loudly and pressed against him, and when he gave her breasts a light squeeze, she picked up the pace. Her young snatch was so tight around his cock, and her love so wild and unabashed that he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Looking to take a break, he began pushing Lucy’s hips up and off of him, but when the girl realized what he was doing, she dropped her weight, slipping from his grip and slamming down on him. She screamed with pleasure and Don almost shot his hot load inside her. Now, he held her hips down, stopping her movement.

“Daddy! Why are you stopping?!”

“Oh, baby, you’re going to make me cum too fast,” Dog apologized. “I just need a minute.”

“But I need to cum!” she said, wantonly grinding her little clit against his pubis. “I need it!”

“Oh, sweetie, just one minute,” he said. “Your pussy’s so tight.”

“Daddy, come on!” she begged. “I’ll do whatever you want. Pleeeaaase!” When he hesitated, Lucy forced her self up and off of him and then shimmied up to his face. “Lick me?” she said, giving him her time-tested doe eyes.

Don pouted ironically, “If you insist.”

Lucy tasted heavenly, and he grabbed her firm little ass pressing her drooling pussy into his mouth.

“Oh, that’s so fucking hot,” Maggie said, caressing Sara’s hips.

Sara looked at her mother and instantly knew that the woman, like her father and sister, wouldn’t be able to think clearly until she had orgasmed. She leaned in and kissed her mother’s lips, and before long, her stomach filled with butterflies as their tongues danced. She pulled back and pushed the woman on to her back. Crawling up Maggie’s body and kissing her way back down, she said, “Sorry … mom … but I need … to taste you … again.”

“Oh!” Maggie cried out as her daughter’s tongue flicked lightly against her clit. “Oh, Sara! Oh, my beautiful daughter!” The woman’s fingers ran through her daughter’s hair as the girl teased and kissed her labia. Sparks of pleasure flew through her body when she felt Sara spread her open and twirl her tongue around her clit. Maggie grabbed her daughter’s hair and moaned.

Lucy, hearing her mother’s ecstasy felt orgasm approach, but wanted to come on her father’s cock. She pulled away from his mouth and stood up and backed up until his cock stood straight up between her legs. Squatting down, she lowered herself onto Don’s rock hard member. Once again, he filled her young pussy. Slowly, she bounced on him a few times until his cock was slick with her juices, and then raised her hips up until he was completely out of her. “Daddy, remember how I said I’d do anything?” Before Don could answer, the girl repositioned herself and his cock until it was pressing against her asshole.

“Oh, Lucy!” he moaned when his cock head popped into her ass. Her face was scrunched up in concentration. She needed a distraction. Don reached out and rubbed his daughter’s clit and she gasped. Slowly, she slid down his cock until his entire shaft was buried in her hot, gripping ass. He continued rubbing her clit until her breathing was ragged.

“Oh my god,” she said faintly. “You’re in my ass.”

“Does it feel better this time, sweetie?” he asked.

“Uh huh,” she said. “It’s so big, though!” She lifted her ass up until he was almost out of her. “Oh god! Oh fuck that feels good!” She lowered her ass back down, groaning, and then lifted up again. “I never knew it could feel this good.” Steadily, she fell into a rhythm, Don’s thumb following and rubbing her clit the whole time.

“Fuck that ass,” Maggie hissed, watching her younger daughter slide her ass up and down on Don’s cock.

Sara lapped hungrily at her mother’s pussy, and could feel the woman’s muscles begin to contract as she approached orgasm. Sara sucked on her clit and traced her tongue around it, flicking and fluttering. She inserted a finger and found her mother’s g-spot, and the woman immediately tensed and clamped her thighs around Sara’s head. “Oh fuck!! Oh Sara, I’m coming!” He mother twitched and bucked, but Sara kept licking at her clit. Maggie’s back arched off the floor, and she screamed.

Eventually, Maggie released her daughter’s head from her grasp, and the girl crawled up and lay next to her as she panted. “I can’t believe it,” she said softly, barely audible over Lucy and Don’s moans. She rolled to face Sara, and whispered, “I can’t believe my daughter is such a good fucking lay.”

“I’m full of surprises,” Sara said grinning, her mother’s juices still glistening on her chin in the increasingly dim light. “And it seems that Lucy is, too,” nodding toward the obscene display not five feet from them.

Mother and daughter lay and watched as a huge cock plowed in and out of Lucy’s lily-white ass. “Oh fuck, daddy! I’m coming!”

“Oh, yeah, sweetie, come for me! I’m coming too!” Don grunted and Lucy squealed, swore and bucked.

“Ah! I can feel you coming in my ass! Oh daddy, you’re filling me up!”

Don nearly lost his mind as his daughter sank one last time onto his cock. He was coming so hard in her tight little ass that part of him was surprised he didn’t see cum shooting from his daughter’s nose.

As his cock became soft, she rolled off of him and lay sprawled on the floor, dazed. “I see why you like that so much now,” she said eventually.

“Right? You just needed to do it your way to figure it out.”

“Yeah…” Lucy moaned dreamily.

“Hey look!” Maggie said suddenly, her attention on the ceiling and the last small spot of white yielding to black. As her father’s cum dripped from Lucy’s ass, the black drew nearer to completion. Lucy looked up excitedly and stood on shaky legs. Sara got up and helped her. One last glob of semen splattered to the floor and the black finally took over completely, casting the family into darkness.

Starting in the center of the room, a pinpoint of light hovered between the floor and ceiling, growing in brightness until it exploded outward. The family covered their eyes as light shot past them in all directions.

“What is it?” Maggie asked, as the light dimmed to tolerable levels. The four of them looked around, getting their bearings. It appeared that they were standing in the middle of a bioluminescent cloud.

“It’s everything,” Sara whispered in muted awe.

“Everything in the ship?” Don asked. “Does it show a way out?”

“Dad,” Lucy said with a voice and ageless wisdom that put a little fear into the rest of her family. “It’s everything there is, was, and will be.”

“It’s the universe?” he asked, his knees suddenly weak. When Lucy didn’t answer, he looked to Sara, who, still slightly in shock, nodded.

“What do you mean ‘was’ and ‘will be’?” Maggie asked. Lucy had climbed onto the slab and sat cross-legged, looking at her family with a joy she had never known.

“It’s not just the universe as we know it now,” Lucy said. “It’s the whole thing. Now, billions of years ago, and billions of years from now.”

Sara had thought her eyes were playing tricks on her, but now she was certain: the light from the clouds near her sister was flowing toward her as if the girl were a light magnet. “Lucy, look,” Sara said, indicating what she saw.

Lucy giggled. “Of course! It’s my room, silly! I’m the navigator!” A moment of silence passed. “Watch,” she said motioned with her hand. The universe around them shifted as a cloud by Maggie’s left shoulder zipped toward Lucy’s hand and stopped abruptly. The girl gestured again, and the cloud exploded outward until the Milky Way galaxy filled the room.

“That’s…” Don said.

“Wow,” Sara said.

Lucy gestured again and stars ripped past them until the Earth revolving silently and transparently in the middle of the room, Lucy grinning at them from the center of it.

“So if you’re the navigator, who’s the pilot?” Maggie asked, watching the spinning globe, the blue, brown and white reflecting in her eyes.

Lucy just smiled and beamed at Sara, who stammered. “What? Who, me?”

“It makes sense,” Don said, putting his arm around her shoulders. “If this thing really is timeless, you found it first because it wanted you to.”

“But I don’t even know how!”

Lucy hopped down off the slab and skipped over to her big sister, taking her hand and leading her back to the slab. When both girls sat upon it, the room changed. Sara reached out timidly and touched a point on the globe that had begun blinking red. Instantly, the walls disappeared around them and the water of the lake flowed all around them, the sun glinting through the surface above.

“My god!” Maggie exclaimed.

Sara felt her hand twitch, beginning to move in a way that seemed to come naturally from deep inside her. “Do it!” Lucy said, grinning and kissing her shoulder. “You know you want to!” Sara finished the slow gesture, and the entire ship shook around them. “Hahahahaha! Yessss!” Lucy cheered as they watched the water flow past them until the ship broke the surface and rose into the air.

“Ughh,” Maggie moaned, staggering. “You guys remember that I’m not good with heights, right?” But no one answered. All attention was down, watching the lake drop below them. The shadow of the flying saucer lay dark and oblong on the ground in the evening sun. Sara gestured and rotated the ship until their backs were to the setting sun.

Soon, they passed silently through the clouds, up, and farther up until the stars became visible above them. When they floated in the black of space, Sara gestured again and the walls went black and the clouds of stars returned.

“So,” Sara said, her soft curves catching the light of the universe, “where do you want to go first?”


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This is one of those pieces that are so good that you're not sure you want a follow-up or a sequel or a successor or anything because you're not sure it can get any better. I am interested to see what else is on the ship and, possibly, where they go.

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