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Want to see MY balloon animal?
Ok, this is pretty sick lemon, I admit. But…. I was comissioned to do this and it's my policy to never turn down a comission. Not even the ones I would hate.

Fat clown: "Hi Kids, I'm Bonko, it's time to start this birthday party! So what's your name B-day girl?"
Girl: "Ann!"
Bonko: "Hi Ann, are you having a good birthday? Hehehe!"
Ann: "I had, but then something happened...."
Bonko: "What?"
Ann: "I saw you and I lost my will to live."
Bonko: ".........Well I can turn that frown upside down, with my 'AMAZING BALOON TRICKS!!!'"

Bonko took a long balloon and turned it into an animal.

Bonko: "Look Ann, it's a doggy baloon and it wants to say hi."
Ann: "You are a bad clown. Aren't clowns supposed to be funny?"
Bonko: "I can be funny too."

Bonko then proceeded in throwing a cake against his own face. Ann replied by kicking at his ankle.

Ann: "Go away, you suck!"

Bonko jumped up and down on one leg, holding his ankle in pain, and fell on his back. Ann proceeded to point him with finger and laughing at him.

Ann: "Now you are funny clown!"
Bonko: "*Whispers to Ann* Little girl, I think I got special present for little bitc... I mean sweet girls like you, it's in my van, just follow me, and I'll show you it myself."
Ann: "Ok. Show me it."

Bonko then took the little girl to van(while looking at her ass) and helpt her inside, and closed and locked the door, while she looked for her present.

Ann: "Where is it?"

Suddenly, Bonko grabbed the girl by her right arm.

Bonko: "Right here!!!"

Bonko pulled her to him and he gived a big deep kiss, probing his tongue into her lips.

Ann: "Ahm? W-what are you doing you crazy clown?"
Bonko: "Giving you the present you deserve."

Bonko putted his hand on her ass giving one of her cheeks a hard squeeze.

Ann: "No... Stop pleease..."
Bonko: "Sorry bitch, but nobody treats Bonko the clown like you did without getting what she deserves!"

He then took off her shirt, putting hand on to her naked tit and squeezed that too.

Ann: "Aaah.. That hurts!"
Bonko: "But we have only just begun baby, and I think your attidute will change, once we really get going!"

He then putted his mouth on other tit and began sucking, while still gropping ass and tit.

Ann: "Ahmm... Oooo..."
Bonko: "I can see those nipples getting erect, your really enjoying this, aren't ya slut?"
Ann: "Mmmhmm..."
Bonko: "Well I think your gonna really enjoy THIS."

Bonko took off his pants and shirt, leaving him in only some dirty, greazy, smelly boxers, with a big bulge in the middle. Ann gasped, looking at it with scared eyes.

Ann: "N-no please don't... I'm still a virgin."
Bonko: "Too bad, now help get Bonko's "big balloon" out of his boxers."
Ann: "Noo!"

Saying this, she attempted to run away. However, Bonko was able to grab her by her arm. With other hand, he brought a kitchen knife before her eyes.

Bonko: "Listen you little cunt, you ain't going nowhere till you get what you deserve, and if you try runaway again, I'll slit your throught! Got it?!!!"
Ann: "I... I'm sorry..."
Bonko: "Ok, now help Bonko out you little bitch!"

She slowly reached her hand inside his boxers, rubbing his cock.

Ann: "L-like this?"
Bonko: "No, you dumb cunt, pull it out!"

Hestitating for a second, she pulled down his boxers, exposing his enormous erection.

Bonko: "What you think of my big greasy dick, huh Cunt?"

Ann just looked at it with affraid eyes, unable to reply.

Bonko: "Does it look big baby?"
Ann: "It's too big..."
Bonko: "Too bad, now rub it with your hands."

She slowly began rubbing it, feeling around it's entire length.

Bonko: "Mmmmmmmmmmm, yea, that's the shit, keep rubbing"
Bonko placed his hand under her tit and gropes it. Ann began rubbing harder, moving her hand up and down alongside his shaft.

Bonko: "Yea baby, that's da ticket, get into it, lick it a little, I bet you'll never have a cock this big again, so enjoy it."

Ann closed her eyes, with some tears coming out of them and took the tip of it inside her mouth.

Bonko: "Oooooh yea, your good. I bet your getting wet?"

Saying this, he placed his hand on her panty-covered pussy.

Ann: "N-no! I don't!"

He showed his hand to her, fingers wet in her precum from her wet panties.

Ann: "Liar. Now give my balls some attention."

Ann massaged his balls with her other hand, while she began sucking harder at his dick.

Bonko: "Mmmmmmm…You know, you got some pretty damn big tits for a 10 year old. Why not you let those tits help in taking care of my cock."
Ann: "Help? How?"
Bonko: "Just put my shaft between your tits, squeeze them together, and use them to rub my cock."

She placed his cock between her boobs.

Ann: "L-like this?"
Bonko: "Yes, now rub, but don't stop licking the head."

She began moving her tits up and down, while licking the tip of his cock.

Bonko: "Mmmmmmmmmmmm… Yea, just like that. And here's something for you."

He took his fingers and rubbed her pantie concealed pussy.

Ann: "Mmmmm... It feels odd..."
Bonko: "Do you like it?"
Ann: "Mmhmm."
Bonko: "Damn kid, you got huge tits for a 10 year old, they look DD. How did you get them?"
Ann: "Daddy bought them for me during christmas saying I deserved them."
Bonko: "I bet you and Daddy have a lot of fun sometimes, especialy at night."
Ann: "Fun?"
Bonko: "I mean does he let you see his cock as well?"
Ann: "Yes, why?"
Bonko: "What does he tell you to do with it?"
Ann: "Rub it. And sometimes... Suck it."
Bonko: "Do you want to know what else you can do with a cock?"
Ann: "Well....."

Bonko: "I'll show you!"
Saying this he putted her on her back and took off her skirt and panties.

Ann: "Eeep!!! Don't!!!"
Bonko: "Sorry baby, but you will change your tune soon enough."

He slowly entered the head of his hot hard cock into her tight wet pussy.

Ann: "Ooooh... Noooooo....."
Bonko: "Damn you are tight!"

He slowly inserted more of the cock, popping her cherry and some blood coming out.

Ann: "Aaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!!! NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

He slowly thusted it in and out , seeing the blood on his dick from poping her hymen. She gasped tightening herself arond his cock.

Bonko: "Damn girl, you acting like you gonna split in two."
Ann: "Uh! Uh... UUUUUH... Stop... Please... Oooh.... It huuuuuuuuuuuuurts!!!!!!!"

Bonko smiled, continuing to thrust into her.

Bonko: "But I know you likeing this as well aren't ya?"
Ann: "Nooooo! Nooo...."
Bonko: "LIAR!!!"

Saying this, he picked up some tempo.

Ann: "AAAAH!!!!!!"
Bonko: "Now tell me the truth, don't you love this big hard dick thrusting into your cunt?"
Ann: "It hurts! It's too big!!"
Bonko: "Ok, then I'll just take it out."

Saying this, he pulls the dick out.

Ann: "No... Wait..."
Bonko: "Yes?"
Ann: "Please... Put it back in..."
Bonko: "So, you want this big hard dick?"
Ann: "Yes...."
Bonko: "I knew you would see it my way, but lets do something different."

Bonko gets on his back, with his dick in the air.

Bonko: "Now get on top of me and lower yourself onto my cock."

She bit her bottom lip.

Ann: "Only if you pull me down on you."
Bonko: "Sure thing. Now get on top."

Ann climbed on top of him and Bonko took hold of her buttocks, lowering her onto his cock.

Ann: "Aaaahmmmmmmmmm!!!"
Bonko: "Oooooooh shit! You liking this?"
Ann: "MMHMM…"

He pulled her up and down on his dick.

Ann: "Ohhh, you are sooo big...."
Bonko: "Ooh, I'm gonna cum…"
Ann: "No! Don't, I don't want to become pregnant!"
Ann: "NO!!!!"

It was no use, Bonko came into Anns cunt, filling her womb with his cum.

Ann: "No…"

Bonko gave a small chuckle as he knew his work was done.


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i wish u were the girl u sick fuck. ill come there and assrape ur sissy pussy my self. lol. i might be in middle school, but im 9 inches long. any girls wanna see?

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great story , wish my cock was in there knocking her up she kneeded a good fucking


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I've read better.


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"rape sucks bad story tacky"

Yup, it's one of my worst, if not the worst.

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