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This is a fiction story about two teen cousins. I don't condone incest, but this is my imagination running wild. Enjoy!
It was a hot July afternoon when I was staying at my Aunt Alice and Uncle Mike's house with my family for the next two weeks. The phone rang and my aunt told me to take the phone out to my cousin Sam, who was tanning in the backyard. I had just turned 16 years old and wasn't very sexually active for my age. Sam was 18 and was turning into a very attractive man. I brought the phone out to him and gazed at his shirtless chest and stomach. I suddenly felt myself blush so I shyly gave him the phone and went back inside.

For half of the night, I couldn't get the image of Sam shirtless out of my head. I was laying next to my mom in the guest bed. She was sound asleep, but I couldn't sleep. It was about 4:30am and I got up to use the bathroom and Sam's bedroom door was connected to the same bathroom that we had to use. I could hear strange noises coming from Sam's room, so I decided to investigate. I opened his door and he quickly stopped what he was doing. “What's up, Kim? What are you doing up so late?” Sam asked. “I couldn't sleep and my mom is snoring. Can I sleep in your bed with you?” I was hoping he'd say yes. “I guess, but you need to make it back to the guest bed before everybody else wakes up. I'll set the alarm for 7:00am.”

I quickly slid into bed next to him and he instinctively moved into the spooning position. I could feel his still hard cock against my butt, knowing that he had been masturbating previously. I moved my little butt around, pretending like I was trying to get comfortable. Sam started panting a little. “What are you trying to do to me, Kimmy?” he asked, getting harder. “I'm sorry Sam, I couldn't stop thinking about you after I saw you shirtless today. I know you're my cousin and that this is wrong, but you made me so horny.” He pulled me against his hard cock even more. “Don't tell anybody this or we'll both get into trouble. You ARE my cousin and this really is wrong, but I'm still horny. You gave me blue balls when you walked in on me jacking off” He said. I knew that's what I had heard. Sam pulled down my panties and began to finger me. I was feeling sensations I had never felt before and had to hold back my moans. I decided that his cock needed some attention as well. My hand immediately went to his boxers and I started gripping his cock through them. “Can I see it?” I asked, giving him the puppy dog eyes. He pulled out his cock and it wasn't too big, but to my virgin self, he seemed huge.

I was a horny teenage girl who watched a lot of porn and knew just about everything you could learn from watching porn (plus, hearing my best friends talk all the time about it). I took his cock in my mouth and start sucking slowly at first. “Wow Kimmy, you're so good at this!” Sam quietly moaned. I picked up the pace while massaging his balls. “Ugh sweetheart, I'm gonna cum!” He spoke not a moment too soon when he exploded in my mouth. Although I expected it, his huge load filling my mouth had caught me offguard. I tried to swallow it all, but managed to get some dripping down my chin. I made sure to lick all of it off my chin and smacked my lips to show that I was satisfied. “Wow!” Sam exhaled. He was still hard and my pussy was tingling. I needed him badly. “I want to fuck your tight little virgin pussy” Sam said, as he proceeded to rub my clit. Suddenly, I was having second thoughts. “I'm scared” I said, biting my lip. “You started this sweetheart, you can't stop now. I'll be gentle.” He tried to convince me to let him take my virginity, but I was hesitant. Did I really want my cousin being the one taking my virginity?

Sam laid me down on his bed and threw my legs over his shoulders, lining his cock up with my pussy. “Kimmy, it's going to hurt a bit.” Before I could react, he went deep into me. I felt the immediate tear of my hymen and winced in pain, trying not to scream. He leaned down and kissed me passionately so that I wouldn't yell. “I love your tight little pussy. You want to cum on your big cousin's dick?” All I could do was moan in response. Sam was fucking me harder now and it was a mix of pain and pleasure for me. “Please slow down Sam, it hurts!” I quietly cried. “Too fucking bad. Your pussy is so wet. You wanted this, now you're getting it! I'm not going to stop fucking you until we both cum!” exclaimed Sam. The biggest thing that had ever been inside of me was my finger, so my pussy was trying to adjust to him. He kept hitting my cervix, causing me to whimper.

My body was starting to betray me as I had my first full body orgasm. I felt my toes curl and I tried so hard not to moan. “Yeah Kimmy baby, cum on big cousin's cock! I love fucking you! Mmmm you're gonna make me cum again” Sam whispered. Not long after I came, Sam shot rope after rope of cum inside of me. Luckily, I hadn't gotten my first period yet so no risk of pregnancy. “Are you mad at me, Kimmy? Please don't tell anybody.” Sam pleaded. “I'm not mad. Let me sleep in your room tomorrow night.”

To be continued....


2014-06-03 10:40:52
Thanks to the "Anonymous reader" from today. Check out my other stories please. :)

Anonymous readerReport

2014-06-03 07:29:34
I liked this story good start.


2014-06-03 03:55:12
Thanks for your constructive criticism. I normally write more appropriate stories than this so I am just a beginner at this. And FYI, my orgasms aren't hurried ever. ;)

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2014-06-02 16:38:15
God what a piece of shit this is.....
Poorly written, hurried, probably like your orgasms....
0 out of 10.....Wasted my time!

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