Can the overwhelmed teen sex slave find the right option?
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Yasmin lay panting under the handsome thirty-something man who’d just given her her first fuck. Her head was still spinning from the orgasm that his huge cock had forced out of her, drilling her inexperienced young pussy within an inch of its life!

Not that he’d been rough. In fact he’d been pretty gentle, especially considering how he and his wife had imprisoned and enslaved her so that he - and Sadie - could use her young body whenever they felt like it.

The fuck had been as great as in her dreams. She didn’t want him to know she’d liked it, because Matthew and Sadie clearly liked forcing sex on her, dressing her in a fantasy maid costume and tying her up. The one tiny bit of control she could find was to enjoy it while letting them think they really were ravishing her.

Sometime in the future that might give her the advantage she needed to escape from their clutches, and anyway it made her feel like less of a victim. She was sure her dad would approve: it was an option. The only one she had.

Now Matthew was getting off her. “Mmmmm, you really were ‘maid’ for it,” he joked again.

Yasmin quickly closed her legs. “Will you untie me please?” she asked, avoiding looking at his handsome face as though she couldn’t bear to.

“Not yet,” grinned Sadie, pulling the teen off the sofa onto the thick carpet with a bump. “Lie there for me while I get some. You look so perfect: young, beautiful and freshly ravished, with that dress pulled down below your gorgeous tits and your pussy exposed with juice everywhere.”

They both smirked at her as, incredibly, Matthew’s monster cock was stroked straight back to hardness by Sadie’s sensuous fingers. Then they undressed and fucked for about half an hour, ogling her while she lay on the floor with her hands tied behind her back and everything on display.

After that they untied her and sat her between them while they somehow put the Internet on the big TV and had fun buying different sex outfits for her. Yasmin could only sigh as they made their selections, sniggering about what she was going to look like dressed as an elf, Supergirl, Alice in Wonderland, a schoolgirl, Minnie Mouse and a load of others.

Then they went to various other stores and bought some more bikinis and some little tops and miniskirts, babydoll nighties and short summer dresses for her.

She was going to be some kind of living sex toy doll. A young one. None of the outfits was an adult one, like a sexy cop or a nurse, and the proper clothing was all young too, not like grown-up lingerie or something.

They spent hundreds of pounds, as though it was nothing. Then Sadie leaned over and gave her a kiss.

Yasmin struggled a bit.

“That reminds me,” said Matthew, getting up. He went into the hall and came back with a length of chain. He spread it out, showing it was about three metres long. It had small, shiny links, and he had two tiny padlocks with numbers to lock them.

While Sadie grabbed Yasmin to hold her still Matthew peeled off a stocking and padlocked a loop of the small metal chain round her ankle. It was cold. And ominous.

He padlocked the other end of the chain round the sofa leg, then they stripped her naked, ignoring her ineffectual resistance.

Sadie got down on all fours, giggling, and crawled towards Yasmin. Yasmin scuttled to the limit of the chain, then cowered: whatever was up, she was supposed to not want it. Sadie stalked her, grinning, and pounced.

Yasmin was in yet another unequal wrestling match. This time it ended with Sadie underneath, pinning Yasmin face-up with the strong adult legs wrapped over her slender teen ones, holding them apart. Wide apart. Yasmin’s slim arms were likewise trapped under Sadie’s so Yasmin was totally helpless.

“Mmmm,” Matthew was approaching with his perfect, even white teeth showing and his huge cock sticking out! Yasmin felt sure he shouldn’t be ready for another fuck already: it was only half an hour since the last one and that had followed pretty quickly from when he’d done her the first time!

“Looks like you need some more ravishing, slave” he grinned.

Yasmin realised her nipples were sticking up again. Sadie had got her so the nude wrestling was linked with sex in her mind.

In a moment Matthew was kneeling between her splayed legs and that amazing feeling was making her groan. “No, no,” she gasped to cover it.

Matthew was thinking this was an incredible day. One of those when he had as much sex as he wanted. And boy did he want now! The girl, stretched over Sadie, looked fabulous.

He eased his ever-ready joystick into the improbably small but wet and elastic young pussy, hearing her groaning ‘no’. It was music to his ears. As her pussy was balm to his cock.

He sank his cock in slowly, a bit with each thrust. When he was finally all the way in he pressed on her vulva and she arched and gasped.

“Oh! No!” she was gasping, her head rotating first one way, then the other. But her pussy was saying it was loving it. He pumped in and out, in Heaven, sharing a grin with his brilliant, sexy wife.

Sadie was feeling the girl’s delectable brown body starting to writhe as Matthew began to fuck her. It was going to be a long one - Matthew’s fifth of the day.

Yasmin could hardly believe what happened to her over the next hour. She had an orgasm in a few minutes, after which Matthew picked her up, with a helping shove from Sadie, and draped her, still face-up, over a pile of cushions that Sadie pulled off the sofa and a chair.

The angle being arched over like that made the sensations really strong and it wasn’t long before her pussy was spasming again. Still Matthew didn’t cum though.

He carried her over behind the sofa, still completely impaled on his massive member, and made her roll over on the sofa back so he could fuck her from behind for a bit. After a few minutes Sadie started fondling her tits and kissing her neck and shoulders, until she came again.

Next Matthew turned her back over and carried her across to the wall and fucked her some more, letting her drop onto him so it seemed like her whole weight was pressing his cock into her. Eventually that made her cum again, after which he carried her floppy, tired little body up the stairs. He was pretty strong.

Sadie pulled the quilt back and he laid her on her bed, then fucked her for a few more minutes before turning her onto her hands and knees so that Sadie could join in again.

Sadie worked over her clit and tits while Matthew fucked her slow and deep, for some more minutes until gradually the sensations built back up and she climaxed once again. Rather weakly this time, but she felt Matthew pressing into her, grunting, and knew that he was spurting even more of his sperm into her.

She felt Sadie kissing her, then the next thing the captive girl knew it was morning. Time to shower, put on an outfit, and go down to be molested over breakfast.

The pattern was set, and the days that followed consisted of sex with Sadie in the mornings and sex with both of them in the evenings.

They sacked their cleaner, so that Yasmin couldn't appeal to her for help of course, and consequently an hour or two each afternoon was spent cleaning, as a slave should Sadie had grinned at her. Of course it had to be done in a costume, with her legs on display and her tits and waist being shown off, and Sadie playing with her from time to time.

Matthew added a lock to the outer door of the porch, so visitors were met out there and never got in. Yasmin assumed their neighbours must just think the Philips were rather private, though perhaps here people didn’t see as much of their neighbours as she’d been used to? Anyway she never got the chance to ask for help, even if she’d been sure escaping was a good idea.

At weekends she was fucked and fondled on and off all the time. Her captors tried new outfits on her, fucked her in them, and took them off again. They chained her to things all over the house, tied her up in all different ways, ogled her while they fucked each other, and fucked her some more. They couldn’t get enough of her.

Luckily it turned out Matthew had had a vasectomy - they didn’t want kids and obviously he liked to fuck any attractive girl he could get his hands on - so at least Yasmin didn’t need to go on the pill. Her tits were quite big enough as a C.

Anyway her entire life was about sex now. She’d be hoovering or something and Sadie would come up behind her, slide a hand up the inside of her leg, or a hand inside her top over her tit, and set her off. The grown-ups seemed to get as much pleasure out of making her cum as they did getting off themselves, though they made sure to do plenty of that too.

Days passed, then weeks and months, with constant sex and this weird kind of affectionate slavery, and gradually Yasmin found herself thinking about her options in a different way.

She had a birthday - celebrated with a cake, a new outfit and a matching number of orgasms naturally - and she could feel she was growing up. She was thinking her own thoughts more these days, and her dad’s words were still with her even if he and her mum couldn’t be: ‘Your life is your own responsibility; there are always options'.

Nothing had happened about the immigration appeal, and Yasmin had finally realised that even though he’d given her forms to fill in Matthew had been lying about it. She knew people did tell lies, but still it was a bit depressing. He'd lied about raping her, so probably she shouldn't be surprised. Not that she hadn't liked being fucked with his huge cock...and perhaps if she hadn't secretly been looking forward to it she'd have been dry, and he wouldn't have?

Anyway he’d obviously lied and what she needed was a way to escape, and a way to get home safely and find someone else to appeal against the deportation with legal aid. So much time had gone by now, perhaps her mum and dad would have been released and she’d be safe at home again? But probably they’d still need some money. And would her dad even have a job now, or her mum?

Her thoughts could only remain thoughts though, until one Saturday she was cleaning the dining room, in her Batgirl costume. That consisted of a small mask, a little black cloak about a foot long, a short, floaty black skirt, black panties and a black athletics crop top. Matthew and Sadie liked the top because although it completely covered her tits it had short, thick shoulder straps, which held her arms by her side when they were pulled down over them.

“Ah Batgirl!” Sadie came in with Matthew, grinning. In a moment they’d grabbed her and put her on a corner of the dining table. They loved her being so light, though Yasmin was getting a bit fed up of being hauled around now. Sadie pulled her panties off while Matthew pulled her top down and started fondling her tits. He was a bit obsessed with them, in Yasmin’s opinion.

They slid her about on the shiny table until her pussy was on one edge and her head was dangling over the other. Now Sadie would eat and finger her, while Matthew would insist she sucked his cockhead (which was all that would fit in, and he didn’t push any more since however much he spanked her she always let him feel her teeth if he did) and fondled her tits. Usually they’d get her close and then spin her round so that Matthew could fuck her and she could eat Sadie.

They enjoyed her so casually now that until they got close to orgasm they could hold a discussion at the same time.

“Your office is so dusty,” Sadie remarked, “I don’t like to be in there now.” Yasmin knew she meant his office upstairs, where she did his accounts or administration or something.

“Sorry,” he apologised, “I ought to have a good do in there.”

“And a clearout,” Sadie added, “it’s no wonder you can’t keep it clean, there’s so much stuff in there. And you never use most of it.”

“Sorry,” repeated Matthew, “I’ll have a go at it tomorrow. Batgirl can help me.” He pulled his cock out of her mouth, spun her round with Sadie, and slid his fat pole into her wet and ever-ready pussy.

So the next morning Yasmin found herself in Matthew’s office, which had been off-limits to her up to now. It was a mess, though there was a big desk, and a huge screen connected to a very stylish new-looking laptop. Matthew would only have the latest and greatest, of course. But there were boxes and all odd things all over the floor and on the printer and everywhere.

Today she was a Girl Scout, in a green minidress which buttoned up the front, a sash and green knee-length socks. Matthew started passing her things to carry down to the spare bedroom.

The house had five bedrooms, of which two were offices for Matthew and Sadie; one was the main bedroom, one was Yasmin’s, and the one at the end of the corridor would have been the guest room but, since there were no guests these days, it had gradually become used as somewhere to put things.

Yasmin walked down there with a broken desk lamp, then with a box full of books, then a big box of old computery bits. On top she could see a keyboard, a mouse, lots of cables and a power brick. On the way back she undid a button on her dress.

When she got back to Matthew’s office his eyes were immediately fixed on her cleavage.

“Oh, no.” she did the button up again, turning away.

He reached for her, got hold of her sash and in a moment her dress was all open, her hands were tied with the sash and she was being fucked on the desk.

Ten minutes later - that long because he’d fucked Sadie before breakfast - he was cumming into her spasming young body.

As soon as he let her go she gathered her dress around her and moved away, looking at the floor.

“You’re not in the mood today, little girl scout?” Matthew grinned at her. He grabbed her again, pulled the dress right off and fucked her on the floor. This time it took twenty minutes.

At the end of that one Yasmin crawled away, clutching her dress to her body. When she got to the door she stood up and shyly put her dress and sash back on. She turned and looked at him, her head tilted down a bit. “That’s it for now,” she said.

“Oh is it?” Matthew took the bait. Sadie was out in the garden and not around to limit him. He advanced on the girl, grinning. “We’ll see about that, my little girl scout slave.” He pulled off the sash, took her two small hands in one of his, lifted them over her head and slowly undid her buttons.

When the dress was open he amused himself kissing her neck and tits. Yasmin took little breaths, wriggling ineffectually as he aroused her. Soon he was grinding his monster against her again, then pinning her to the wall and sliding it in while she moaned as though being persecuted.

Yasmin let him fuck her for a while then started working her pussy on his cock. After what felt like half an hour he came, but she managed not to.

She looked at him with just a hint of frustration as she slid onto the floor and started playing with herself. She arched and writhed and panted as she frigged her supposedly desperate, unsatisfied pussy.

Matthew took hold of her arm and pulled her up. He sat on the edge of the desk and waved his soft cock at her. “Suck,” he said.

It took her a few minutes but Yasmin managed to get him up again, then he fucked her for another half an hour until she’d cum again and he’d cum for his fourth time; his fifth of the morning.

They both got dressed. Matthew sat heavily in his swivel chair. “Let that be a lesson to you,” he grinned. "That box next,” he pointed, “then the rest of that lot.”

Yasmin took the first box along the corridor, walking with her feet a bit further apart than usual. She was quite sore! She hoped it was going to be worth it. She was tired too, but she had a mission.

When she got back for the next box Matthew had his chin in his hands. He was gazing dopily at his screen, reading the news. Yasmin picked up the last box, which was full of old CD’s and DVD’s.

As she got to the door of the spare room she tipped them all out in the corridor, making a big mess and a noise. “Sorry,” she called back down the corridor, “the box broke. I’ll clear them up.” She heard a grunt from Matthew, who was too tired to bother with it.

She quickly packed the contents back in the box and carried it into the spare room. She had two or three minutes. She hunted through the box of computery bits. Matthew had a new-looking laptop. He was rich and disorganised. Had he got around to selling the old one?

No!! There it was. Looking still quite new by Yasmin’s standards, all glinty and expensive. And the power supply. Freaking Hell!

Yasmin pulled the two items out and repacked the box with the same things on top. The laptop was so fancy and thin it hadn’t been taking up much space.

Quick! She had to get it into her room.

She tiptoed along, grateful that hers was the next room along and on the other side of the landing from the offices. Her door was ajar...she slipped the laptop and its power supply under her pillow and was back in the corridor in a moment. She walked back to Matthew’s office hardly noticing her sore pussy.

Somehow she got through the rest of the day until finally she was locked in her room for the night. She put the laptop on charge while she did her teeth, then opened it and pressed the power button.

Yasmin had only ever had old, slow laptops but she’d spent a lot of time on them. Most of her schooling had come from the web and she couldn’t remember a time not using Google to find out anything she wanted to know. Anything at all. Yasmin didn’t wonder about things, she googled them.

She watched as the machine booted, much more quickly than she was used to. Okay now...everything depended now on Matthew being Matthew: confident, self-indulgent, and a bit lazy...

Wow! It had been in Sleep; he hadn’t even shut it down just closed the lid. The battery had gone flat of course but it had saved the session first and now here was the desktop not even needing a password. It was on the network, and the Internet. There was Google and everything. She’d have her email, messaging, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat...all her accounts.

She leaned back while she tried to work out what exactly this meant. She could contact anyone. Her friends. Her mum and dad. The police.

Of course if she called the police she’d be deported to Tanzania with her mum and dad. Matthew and Sadie would be locked up forever…

They seemed fond of her, in many ways. And her mental trick had worked so well. It was a comfortable life in this house with all the space and nice things. She’d even wondered if she felt a bit like a daughter to them.

Perhaps they’d been worried that if they’d had a real daughter she’d have been gorgeous, like them, and with being so oversexed they wouldn’t have been able to keep their hands off her? It was a wild idea, but who knew?

Anyway they were affectionate towards her, and she’d found herself making allowances for them being so self-centred. She could tell they came from well-off families and had always had everything their own way, especially with being so attractive and always big enough and clever enough. They were spoiled, more than mean or anything really bad.

It made a difference that with her mental trick they weren’t using her as much as they thought, of course. In some ways she was using them, in fact. She’d miss the great sex, now she was so used to it. They were so good at arousing her and then making her cum so long and hard and often. Where would she find another cock like Matthew’s, or a woman as sensuous as Sadie?

But she was fed up of being kept in the house, never going out, and not having any freedom. However well her mental trick had worked she was a slave here...

But anyway now she had INTERNET. She felt like Supergirl getting her power back after being zapped with kryptonite.

She checked out the Favorites; no - Bookmarks: it was Chrome. There were sports sites, news sites, a Santander bank account and two other banks, some clothing sites and car sites…

Her cogs whirred. She went to the first bank site: it needed a login and password, obviously, and being a bank page the browser wouldn't pre-fill them. She googled ‘password’. Ah: ‘password chrome’...’if you try to save them Chrome keeps site user names and passwords in plain text, in Settings’…

God, it was that easy. But she knew from her mum and dad’s bank account, that she managed for them, that it would probably display the previous login time. She mustn’t login till she was ready.

What else? Oh there was his mail! Webmail, and she was logged in, automatically.

His mobile phone account. Logged in too.


“Supergirl? You were supposed to be an elf this morning,” Sadie smiled at Yasmin when she went down for breakfast.

“Sorry,” Yasmin apologised, “I forgot.” She hadn’t been able to resist the costume.

“You picked the wrong day to be disobedient,” Matthew grinned at her. It was a Sunday.

She was pulled in to stand between Sadie and Matthew, who were in robes. Sadie slipped a hand under the tiny skirt into her little red bikini bottoms, while Matthew was pulling her tight blue top down to get at her tits.

Yasmin was overwhelmed with sensation again. Her tits zinged as Matthew kissed and fondled them, and her pussy was creamy and tingling with Sadie’s sensual fingers. It was looking forward to Matthew’s amazing cock. “Oh no,” she gasped.

“Oh yes.” said Matthew and Sadie together.

“Actually...I have a confession,” Yasmin told them, going solemn, while she could still think straight.

“What’s that?” Sadie asked.

“I’ve taken out an insurance policy.”

Matthew and Sadie stopped molesting her and looked at her in surprise.

She carried on: “If I don’t call a friend of mine, by a certain time, with a secret word, she’s going to call the cops. About me obviously and she's got copies of some emails to your other solicitors about overcharging for legal aid and costs.”


“Yes,” Yasmin took a step back, “it’s only in case you got too cross though, don’t worry.”

“Why would we get cross? What else have you done?” Matthew was staring.

“I called my mum and dad,” said the teen, “to tell them I was alright. And I sent them some money. And I told them a solicitor would take our case and get an immigration appeal made so hopefully we can stay, and that…”

“But you don’t have a phone.” Sadie interrupted.

“And how can you have sent her money, and instruct a solicitor?” Matthew was standing up.

“I skyped, with your old laptop, that was in one of the boxes,” Yasmin saw him starting to understand, his mouth open and eyebrows up in his hair. “I logged into your bank account, and set your mobile to forward to my skype, so I could authorise the payment. But you can have some of it back, of course, when you win our case.”

“How much did you take, and why didn’t you just call the police?” He was looking cross, and amazed.

“I didn’t call the police so you can do the immigration appeal. There was a LOT in your business deposit account,” Yasmin smiled at him, “and you are very expensive aren’t you, I never knew solicitors could charge so I did take quite a bit to be honest. Three hundred thousand."

"Three hundred?" Matthew's voice rose an octave.

"Well you've still got lots left, and you can earn half of it back, and you have been using a helpless young girl as a sex slave for months, haven't you?

"Oh and you have to find a job for me please. My mum and dad have got jobs again, luckily, but I could do with something part-time, I was thinking, to fit in with school, when I start going.”

“What kind of job?” Sadie was beginning to work things out, a smile starting.

“I feel like I ought to've been earning quite a lot as a fantasy girl,” Yasmin looked at them from under her eyelashes, “and I’m not too bad at it am I? I was wondering…?”

“ don’t really mind all that much, do you?” Sadie breathed, “Well I suppose we half knew really. That’s why you cum all day long. You naughty girl!”

"Yes you bad girl!" Matthew started to grin, with his perfect teeth. "You bad, bad Supergirl! Well,” he looked at his wife, “it’s only money, I suppose, even though it’s a helluva lot. And we hadn’t actually worked out an exit strategy had we? Easy come, easy go, I suppose. Four hundred a day now though, not a thousand."

"Alright," Yasmin smiled and nodded. She’d have done it for nothing, but they didn’t have to know that.

"Just as well I happen to have some kryptonite," said Sadie, picking up a brown sugar lump and waving it in front of Yasmin’s face.

“Oh no, not kryptonite!” gasped Yasmin theatrically, swaying back with a hand on her forehead, "Gold Kryptonite even, that makes me so vulnerable, horny and helpless!!"

------ The End -------
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