Mike's wife died, but family is close to comfort him.
I kind of like writing these one-chapter stories. They can be one chapter but I've left them open for sequels.

I didn't see much in the way of themes that would fit this little vignette. I don't think I could use "incest", nor could I use "Male/Female Teen(s)". Well ... that last one we could give a "not yet, anyway."

Like I said, it's open for a sequel.

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Ellie and I sat on the couch, basking in the glow of after-sex. We held each other close, giving little kisses on the cheek and forehead.

“Mike,” Ellie spoke in such a little girl's voice that if I'd closed my eyes, I knew for a fact there'd be a little black-haired tomboy laying next to me when I opened them again.

“Mike, would you do something for me?”

“Sure, Ellie, anything.”

She ran her fingertip through the hair on my chest.

“I was wondering if next time, if you'd ….” She hesitated, looking up at me from where her head rested on my chest and into my eyes. She bit her lower lip in uncertainty.

“What is it, baby? You can ask anything you want.”



“Well, would you, ummm, would you … I can't. It's too embarrassing.”

“Come on, sweetie. You know you can ask me for anything. The worst that will happen is for me to say no.”

“Well, I've heard some of my girlfriends talking in the office about it and I'm really interested.”

“What, baby?”

Her voice got real quiet, almost to a whisper.

“Next time would you fuck me in the ass?”

“Oh, honey, I'd love to, but are you sure you want to do that? Did your girlfriends tell you it might hurt the first time?”

“Yeah. They said to go really slow at first and use a lot of lubrication. Do we have lubrication?”

“Sure we do, baby. I can do a lot to help you get ready. My finger would be a good start and probably easiest for you to take. That way you get used to something being in there, okay?”

“Thanks, Mike. I really like your cock in my mouth and in my pussy. It's got to feel good in my ass, too.”

She's offering me one of the greatest feelings in the world ... taking a woman in the ass ... and she's thanking me for it!

“If we do it right for you, honey, and take our time with it, it will feel good. You have to promise me, though, if it ever gets too much for you, you'll tell me right away. I'll stop and we won't do it again until you're ready. Okay?”

“Okay, Mike , but I trust you. I know you'll take care of me.”

I kissed her again, fondling her butt and moving up her sides to her tits. I loved her tits. Fondling them made her squirm, but sucking and biting them really got her going. She really liked me to twist her nipples hard, too. Holding them in my hands while letting the weight of my body settle on her while fucking her brains out would almost cause her to pass out when her orgasms started slamming her one after another. She was very reactive to any sort of physical interaction I could think of.

Ellie is my daughter-in-law and I loved fucking her. Ever since we first discovered each other as a result of the tragic circumstances of our respective spouse's deaths in the same accident, we had been together more and more. She had recently moved in with me, bringing her twin daughters with her, just so we could be together through the night.

Oh, that wasn't the reason she told her parents, and I'm sure if her friends knew, they got a different story too.

Her husband Alan, my wife Reagan's son by a previous marriage, and my wife were on their way to do some shopping and just spend some basic time together. Alan's Prius was a great car, but it was no match for the cement truck that ran the red light going about 15 miles an hour over the speed limit, crushing the car and killing both of them instantly.

Ellie's mother came out from Philly and spent about three months with her, helping her get through this terrible time. Both Elanor (Ellie) and her mother Carol spent time with me, and I think that helped Ellie get over the worst part of it. Ellie and I had grown close before the accident and even closer while we both healed. Now, almost eight months later, we found ourselves in a very intense physical relationship.

It hadn't started that way, of course. Ellie still lived in their house at the time, but would come over to see me and let my twin granddaughters use the pool while we talked, and we'd talk for hours. She finally began telling me how tough it was sleeping by herself, how lonely she felt at night, and how she felt like she never got a day off.

We would sit on the couch in the evening, mostly, sometimes watching a movie or just a little TV, and sometimes we wouldn't watch anything at all … just sit and talk. It started out with her on one end of the couch and me on the other, but as time went by, she began to snuggle up against me as she whispered her sense of loss and loneliness. At some point, her arms started being around me more and more, she would rest her head on my arm, then my arm went around her and she would lean her head into my chest.

One weekend the girls were at a birthday/sleepover with one of their friends and Ellie , not liking to be alone in the house, of course came over to mine.

I was in the living room watching “Secondhand Lion” when the I heard a key in the door. It opened and there she was, dressed in her usual off-work attire: an old t-shirt and even older jeans.

“Hey, Ellie! How are you?”

“Hi, Mike! I'm okay. The girls are spending the night with a friend, so I thought I'd come over. I'm not catching you at a bad time, am I?”

“No, of course not! Come on in! Want a drink or something?”

“Sure! Make me one of those tasty Margaritas of yours?”

“You bet! Have a seat! I'll only be a second.” I went to the cabinet and got the necessaries out, and soon returned to the couch where Ellie was sitting. Handing it to her, I sat down (not too close) beside her.

“Thanks, Mike.”

Taking a sip, she set the glass on the coffee table coaster and leaned back.

“Mmm. That's good. This is much better than sitting home alone.”

She moved a little closer and put one arm behind my back and the other in front across my stomach. She hugged me lightly. I put my arm behind her shoulders and gave her a light squeeze in return.

“Thanks for letting me come over so much, Mike. I hate being alone, and I love the talks we have. You're the greatest Dad-in-law a girl could ask for.”

She leaned up and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

“I've liked having your around here, too, Ellie. You've really helped me keep myself together. It's been a tough time for both of us, but I think we're managing okay, don't you?”

“Yeah, we're managing. I'm just having a tough time being on my own, but I'm not going to start going to bars or get onto those online dating sites just to have someone in my life again. Besides, being with you makes me happy, and the girls absolutely adore you. You come over and fix my sink and paint my walls. What else do I need?”

She leaned forward to get her drink off the table, which caused my hand to slide over and end up right on her breast. She froze. I didn't fondle her or anything, but I somehow didn't move my hand away either. Her hand that was reaching for her drink stopped, then reversed itself, slowly moving to cover my hand on her breast. She sighed as she sank back into me, then moved my hand around and I felt her nipple grow hard under the fabric of her t-shirt, pressing into the palm of my hand.

My fingers moved to cup her breast, rolling it and pinching her nipples lightly. She leaned back into me.

“Don't stop. It's been a long time and it feels so good.”

I nuzzled her hair, my tongue licking her ear lobe. I bit it softly, then moved down to nip at her neck.

“You sure this is where you want to be?”, I whispered.

She turned slightly and brought her arm up, her hand to the back of my head and pulled me into our first kiss.

“Oh yes,” she whispered as our lips met.

We made out for a while, lips kissing more and more passionately. My hands wandered across her breasts, down to her waist and onto her hips. She felt wonderful and she was right: it had been a long time. Holding a woman in my arms again seemed like something I'd not done in centuries, even though the last time had actually only been some very long months ago.

She got up on her knees on the couch, facing me.

“Do you want me, Mike? Tell me you want me; I sure do want you.”

She began to lift the t-shirt over her head. As soon as it was up but still covering her head and her arms, I grabbed it, trapping her within her own clothing.

“Mike, what … ?” she giggled, just a tiny bit confused by my having stopped her.

“Shush,” I said, pulling her arms back. I began kissing her now exposed chest and the tops of her breasts. I moved up to bite her neck.

“Ahh, Mike. Let me go, Mike. I want to hold you to me.”

I pulled the t-shirt from her and got on my knees, too. I pulled her smaller body, about 5' 2” and maybe 110 pounds if she had just gotten out of the pool, to me and hugged her. She backed up enough to pull my shirt over my head, practically rip her bra off, then proceeded to glue herself to my chest. I'm about 5' 11” tall, and, even though I'm 17 years older than she is, I've kept myself in pretty good shape. Her head rested against my chest and her arms went up my back. She pulled herself up and kissed me full on the lips.

Soft at first, we quickly gained passion, and I was becoming very aroused.

“Yes, Ellie, I want you. I want you very much.”

With that, I pushed her back on the couch and kissed my way down her neck and then on to her breasts. Even though she'd nursed her twin girls, her breasts had remained firm and had no stretch marks. Her nipples were large, and now that they were stiff were even larger. I took one into my mouth greedily, sucking on it while flicking it with my tongue and biting it gently. The other one was getting mauled by my hand, squeezing it while pinching and twisting the nipple in my fingers.

“Mmmmm. Ahhh, Mike. Oooohhh, that feels so good.”

I moved my hands down to hold her waist, lifting her just a bit while I kissed my way down to her navel. I let go and began opening her jeans and pulling the zipper down. I grabbed them at her hips and pulled, just a little rough.

“Oooooo. You want that, Mike? Tell me what you want.”

“Pussy. Your pussy. I'm going to eat your pussy until you can't stand up.“ I bit her stomach gently as her panties came into view.

I pulled her sandals off, then got her pants off her hips, leaving her dressed only in her panties, and took a moment to reach around and appreciate her butt with my hands. I squeezed and rubbed both globes, pushing and pulling.

I got up and looked up and down at her body, worship;ing it with my hands as I rubbed from her thighs, up over her hips and waist to reach up her sides and onto her breasts. I pulled on her nipples until the skin was tight and let go, watching her breasts bounce back into place.

I grabbed her panties and yanked them down.

“Mike. Oooohhhh, Mike.”

Once past her knees, her panties fell to her ankles and she moved enough to kick them off her feet. I pushed her knees apart and began kissing the inside of her thighs while rubbing the outside with my hands.

“Mike, I'm so hot. Fuck me, please fuck me.”

“Oh, I will, Ellie, you can count on it, I will.”

I alternated kisses on her thighs as I moved up towards her pussy that was now humping slowly. I reached up and squeezed the sides of her hips, reaching inwards to massage her mons with my thumbs. She was already so wet with desire that my massage was making little squishing sounds as I pushed and pulled on her pussy lips.

Finally arriving, I bit her lips gently, then licked her from her asshole to her vagina. She gasped lightly, putting her hands behind my head and trying to pull me into herself. I resisted, tracing my tongue back down to her ass and rimming her thoroughly. I put my hands under her and held the globes of her butt, squeezing and rolling them.

“Mike, please!”

I worked my way back up to her vagina and roughly poked my stiffened tongue into her hole. Her head and shoulders raised up as she gasped again. I then sucked her clit into my mouth and replaced my tongue with a finger shoved into her. I curled it upwards and found her sweet spot, mashing and rubbing it.

She moaned and curled her body around my head, hugging me to her hot box as I finger-fucked her. I flicked her clit with my tongue and nipped at it with my teeth, all the while sucking on it and mashing it with my lips. I took my other hand and got a finger thoroughly smeared with her leaking juices. I rubbed her asshole with it, slowly increasing the pressure until her tight hole opened for me and I slid my finger in to the knuckle. I fucked both her holes with my fingers and increased the pressure with my mouth as it mauled her clit

She suddenly threw her head back and moaned loudly as I felt her juices flow against the finger I had hammering her pussy. I pulled it out and moved my mouth down to get every last drop of her sweet nectar, sucking her pussy lips and licking her all over. When I moved my finger out of her pussy, I pushed the finger I had up her butt all the way in, punching her ass as I kept fucking her with it. Her legs locked around my head and she grunted her way into her second orgasm.

“Mike! Mike, stop! Stop. I can't take any more. Stop, please.”

I let up on her slowly, licking the last of her juice from her swollen pussy lips. I started kissing my way back up her torso, keeping my hand cupping her pussy and massaging it gently. Her hips rolled with the motion as I stopped for a moment to pay some close attention to her tits, then continued on up her chest and neck and finally her lips, where she returned my kiss heatedly.

“Put your cock in me and fuck me senseless,” she whispered.

I quickly pulled my shorts off, freeing my 7” cock. I pushed her knees down and mounted her.

“Give it to me, Mike. I need you so bad. Ride me.”

She reached down and held my cock, pulling me up to her pussy. Sliding it up and down a few times, she lined it up and I pushed into her. She sighed as the head parted her lips and I felt it as I pushed it slowly into her. What a feeling! She was amazingly tight and I felt like my cock was being held by a velvet-gloved hand whose fingers squeezed and massaged my whole length.

I pulled almost all the way out until just the head was in her, then pushed slowly in again. Her back arched, her head went back and her mouth opened in a slow, whispered gasp. I held her with one arm around her waist to support her back and the other under her to hold her shoulder and keep her from sliding up the couch.

The couch. Not enough room on the couch, not for the fucking I suddenly wanted to give this woman. I took a firmer grip under her butt and shoulders and with my dick in her pussy lifted her off the couch to lay her on the floor. I pulled out and pushed my cock right back into her, grinding against her clit as I finished the thrust.

“Uunnnhhhh,” she moaned, “Mike, oh Mike, fuck me hard.”

I reached back with both hands and pulled her knees up. Her hips rolled up, giving me direct access to her tight pussy. Holding her legs up with my shoulders and holding her shoulders with my hands, I pulled out and thrust in again and again, grinding on her clit at the bottom of every stroke. She grunted every time I pounded into her.

“Uhhf. Uhhf. Uhhf.”

I let up on the pressure I was putting on her legs so she could breathe, then decided to change it up a little. She was just letting me have her, so have her I would.

I pulled out of her and rolled her onto her stomach. Grabbing her hips, I lifted them up so she was on her knees. Lining up again, I slid it all the way into her in one smooth, quick stroke, ending only when my balls slapped up against her pussy.

“Ungh! Ride me hard, Mike! Ungh!”

And ride her I did. The only sound in the room was hard breathing and the slapping sound of flesh meeting flesh as I pounded her pussy from the back side. She was great. Her arm reached back and held onto my thigh as her ass pushed back to meet my thrusts. I grabbed a handful of her short brown hair and pulled her head up as I slapped her ass hard.

“AAHH! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Mike! Ungh! Fuck me! Ungh! Mike! Fuck me! Ungh! Harder!”

I let go of her hair and held one hip, reaching under her to get at her pussy and clit. As soon as I started mashing her clit, she reared up like a horse. Her panting was loud, as was her moaning. I continued pounding into her.

“Oh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Mike! Ungh! I'm gonna... Ungh! I'm gonna... mmmm!! Mike! Ungh! Mike! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I held her by my dick in her pussy, by my fingers on her clit, and by my hand holding her tits. She bucked and she screamed and she fought to keep pushing her ass onto my cock and I kept thrusting into her. Her teeth clenched, her eyes tightly shut and she groaned mightily as her orgasm took her.

I went backwards to lay on my back, holding her tightly with my dick still up her pussy, still thrusting into her. She pushed up, now riding me reverse cowgirl, bouncing up and down on my hard cock.

“Cum for me, Mike. Give it to me! Cum in my pussy!”

Her pounding and her talk was all I could take. I thrust up on her next down stroke and let it go. My balls tightened up and my dick swelled until I thought it would burst and then the floodgates opened. One spurt, two, thrusting with every one. Three, four, her ass pounding on my stomach as I filled her. Five, then six … slowing. Thrust again. One more. She leaned forward, hands on my knees for support. Both of us were panting, sweat covered us,we're exhausted.


She turned to look at me. Her hair was matted with sweat and her mouth was hanging open as she gasped for breath. She smiled weakly and came into my arms, laying on my chest. My cock slipped from her pussy as she turned, and both of us were a mess. A very happy, totally spent mess. She started crying.

“Hey. What's wrong? Are you thinking we shouldn't have done this?”

“No, no. It's just the relief. I feel like a weight's been taken off my shoulders. The last of my grief is gone and I feel like I can move on with my life. You gave that to me, Mike. Thank you.”

She kissed me on the cheek several times, then leaned up to kiss me softly on the lips.

Nuzzling into my neck, she said, “No wonder Mom was so happy. If she was getting that done to her on a regular basis, any woman in the world would be ecstatic.” She called my wife Reagan “Mom”, unless her own mother, Carol, was around.

I laughed. “Reagan was insatiable. It was all I could do to keep her from diving into my pants when there were people around. Sometimes we didn't wait to get home.”

Ellie raised up to look at me. “I knew it! You guys kept disappearing all the time! I thought you were just wandering around, but she'd always come back so happy!”

“Oh, yeah. She'd get horny and it was my job to find a place. Anywhere from a dressing room in Dillard's to a secluded clearing in the woods.”

“We'd be talking one minute and the next she'd excuse herself by saying she had to ask you something. You'd both be gone for 20 minutes or more. Oh my god, pardon me for saying but she was such a slut!”

I laughed. “That was Reagan, all right. It was never far from her mind and once she got to thinking about it, it was like a candle going to a bonfire. I used to call her my little rabbit.”

Ellie rolled onto my chest and looked me in the eyes. I could feel her tits pressed against me and her hand came up to stroke my face.

“Well, she and I aren't so far apart in that regard. Don't think this was just a one night stand, Dad.”

She'd called me Dad since she and Alan had gotten married. It always made me feel a bit closer to everyone and I really appreciated it, but it took on a new meaning now. With her parents so far away, I was all she had here except for the twins, but even though they were 16, they still couldn't give the adult relationship and understanding Ellie craved.

“You should know something, too, Ellie. I don't do one night stands. Even if we don't tell anyone, are you ready for a commitment again? “

“Oh, Mike. Give me some time on that one. For now, can we keep it like it is and just enjoy each other?”

“Yes, but just so you know, and in complete honesty, I really enjoyed fucking you. You are one hot woman.”

She looked at me and her clear brown eyes suddenly got smoky and hot, going from wide-open to half-closed. Her nostrils flared a bit and her lips parted. She slithered up to kiss me and her body went from beside me to on me. Her legs spread to straddle my hips and she humped her pussy on my suddenly stiffening cock.

“Tell me what you like, Mike,” she whispered.

“Sliding my hands up your body, like this.” I fondled her butt, then slid my hands from her hips that were humping me, up to her sides between her arms and her ribs. I stroked her a couple times and she nuzzled her face into my neck.

“Uummhh,” she moaned quietly.

“Handling your body, like this.” I pushed her up so she had to hold herself with her hands beside me. I reached down and fondled her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. Her chest twisted as she pushed her tits into my hands. She continued rubbing her pussy on my now hardened cock.

“Nnnn. Play with me, Mike, play with my body,” she whispered. Her eyes were closed and her hair hung in my face.

I grabbed a handful of hair on the back of her head and pulled her down into a kiss, pushing my tongue between her lips. Hers parted instantly, her tongue sought mine and they danced. I pushed her onto her back without breaking the kiss and put my hand on the front of her neck, gripping her lightly.

“Guhg,” she grunted. I wasn't holding her hard enough to choke her, just tight enough to hold her there.

“Ellie,” I breathed.

I slid my hand from her neck to her breast and squeezed it, then rubbed my hand all around it, ending with her nipple held between my thumb and forefinger. I pulled and twisted it at the same time, then let go.

“Ahha!” she squealed as it snapped back.

I cupped my hand under that breast again, held it tightly and pushed it up toward her neck. I circled it with my hand, holding it tightly with just the nipple showing. I lowered my lips and flicked it with my tongue, then held it with my teeth while still working it over with my tongue.

I let my hand trail from her breast to her side, then back onto her stomach, pinching the skin around her navel. Her muscles rippled. I drifted lower, just barely touching her with my fingertips until I got to her pubes.

She had a neatly trimmed bush; no landing strips or triangles or lines or anything for her. She was just a hardworking, no-frills girl who just liked to keep herself neat. She kept the small patch of hair but shaved her pussy bare. I like this woman!

I played with her hair, twisting and pulling gently, just for a moment before getting down to business. Her hips were pushing up, trying to get my fingers onto her pussy, the real playground. I let my fingertips caress her pussy lips, going down the outsides and avoiding her clit for now.

I cupped and squeezed and massaged her mons with my whole hand and she immediately pushed herself into it. I pushed and held her, letting my middle finger massage her slit. She was drenched, her juices dripping from her hole down to her ass and onto the carpet.

I circled her hole, getting my finger lubed with her juice. Her humping became more urgent.

“Mike, please!” she moaned.

I pushed my finger, slowly but steadily, all the way into her hot snatch, rubbing my palm on her clit.

“Nyyuggh!” Her hips raised off the carpet. I curled my finger up to reach her hot spot, rubbing and stroking it.

“AH, MIKE!” she screamed, “MIKE! OH, MIKE!” as her hips thumped back down onto the carpet and pumped wildly.

I pulled my palm up and moved my mouth onto her clit while fucking her hard with my finger, sucking it in and flicking her clit rapidly with my tongue. I pulled at it and bit it lightly with lip-covered teeth. With a loud grunt her back arched up, lifting me with her and she froze. Her eyes were scrunched closed and her mouth open in a soundless scream while I munched on her pussy and she came in my face. I pulled my finger from her and got between her legs, sucking her juice right from the source. Ohhh, she was delicious!!! Her arms went around me, her hands tangled into my hair and she pulled me tight into herself. She humped herself against me a few times, grunting with the effort, then suddenly relaxed, her back hitting the carpet, mouth open and gasping. Her hands moved to push me away, but I was already on my way back up her stomach, kissing her lightly all the way. Across her breasts and up her neck to her chin, finally ending at her lips where I kissed her thoroughly. Her arms languidly wrapped themselves around me and she moaned into my mouth. Her eyes opened halfway and she moved her hands to my cheek and pulled me back just a little.

“Oh my god, Mike. I said 'play with me', not 'put me through the roof'.”

“Oh, I've just started playing with you.” I pushed my dick into her pussy. Her head went back and her mouth opened.

“Huuhhhgggg”, she gasped as I went into her, pulled out, then pushed in again.

“Guuhhgghhh. Mike.”

I pulled out about half way, the plunged myself into her to the hilt.

"Uhnng!”, she grunted.

I got a rhythm going of a steady stroke into her, grind, and withdraw. Her knees came up beside me so I brought mine up a little so I could penetrate her fully. I sank into her hard, pounding her swollen pussy and erect clit and she grunted every time I hit bottom. We fucked missionary for about 5 minutes, then I pulled out, grabbed her by the waist and turned her over so she was flat on the floor. I pushed up inside her again, then straddled her legs and pushed them together, laid on her gorgeous ass and went to town. I was going to have carpet burns in the morning, but I didn't care. As I said, I love fucking my daughter-in-law and I wasn't about to stop now.

I picked her up by the waist and stood, wheelbarrowing her. Her legs weren't long enough to reach the floor, so they were flopping like a rag doll while I drove into her, slapping her pussy with my balls.

I picked up her torso by wrapping one arm over her tits, then carried her to the back of the couch where she could hold on to the top. I was banging her again as soon as she had a hold of it, plowing her hard enough to make her butt jiggle in wave as she grunted and moaned in pleasure.

More. I wanted more of this woman. I pulled out and turned her around. I picked her up and her legs wrapped around me. Lining my dick up, I pushed into her again, earning another grunt of pleasure for my effort.

“Ungh, Mike, fuck me, baby, fuck me.”

I sat her on the back of the couch and pounded her, in and out, in and out.

I could feel my balls beginning to tighten, so I reached between us to play with her clit. Rubbing her pussy with my fingers, I found her clit and pinched, flicked and rubbed it with my thumb and forefinger. Her back arched up into me as she wailed this high keening note that kept going up the scale until I couldn't hear it anymore.

“Mike! Mike! UUNNNNHHHHH!”

She came like somebody had punched her. I pulled her hips to me, fully seating my cock into her rippling pussy, as she tried to roll herself into a tight ball. I drove into her again and again and I exploded into her.

As soon as the first squirt hit her womb, she grabbed my hips, pulling at me as if she could bring my dick even further into her.

“Give it to me, Mike!” she panted. “Give it to me!”

Shot after shot of cum raced up my dick to fire into her womb until it felt like my dick was going to explode along with it.

Her head came up and she wailed and her second orgasm hit her hard.


“Cum for me, baby,” I whispered in her ear as I finished pounding my load into her. I kept pounding her and fingering her clit while she was spasming, throwing her head from side to side. She heaved a great long gasp of air and her legs released me, sliding down my waist, my softening dick sliding out of her. I carried her to the couch and sat down with her in my lap, doing my own gasping for air.

“Miiiike.” There was that little-girl voice again.

“Yeah, honey?”

“Can I have a sleepover, too?”

“Sure, baby. Any time you want. Any time you want.”

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