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this is the mother's side of the story to my first, which is currently under edit due to the new guidelines, pt 2 was just edited and edited and posted and i actually like it better, feel free to read and give any feedback or suggestions and of course positive ratings:)
As soon as Both girls were put to bed in their  sleeping pallets on the floor, Diane slowly and quietly retreated to her mother's room, tiptoing in her socks for fear of waking her mother or her brothers. As she stopped in front of her mothers door, she took a pause and stared at the bright white carved door and remembered how it seemed to  dwarf and terrify her as a child, she knew any time she was in front of this door,nothing good was in store, at least not for her anyway. She looked back at the end of the hallway that led to the Livingroom, thinking of her girls, she spoke a silent prayer to a God that she lost faith in a long time ago, wishing for the sake of her girls, he existed, then quietly, she entered. 

     As Diane stood in the pitch black room, she let her eyes adjust to the darkness, she could feel the coldness of the hardwood floor through her thick socks. So many memories of this room began flooding in from her childhood. It even smelled the same she thought as a wave of nausea overcame her. Her eyes were starting tho adjust to the darkness, now and she could now make out the rounded knobs at the end of each bed post, remembering all the dirty, nasty painful memories associated with them, she reached out and felt the cold, brass knobs, she could almost wrap an entire one in her slender bony hand, almost. She looked at the contrast of the metal and her pale slim hand and remembered how young and small she used to be... Glancing over to the dresser and the mirror, she didn't see herself now, she saw the reflection of her as a tear stained small child, completely open, exploited, large rough hands groping and tearing in to her tender young flesh as her small body rose and fell with his thrusts, the little red light flickering in her peripheral as he forced her to watch in the mirror...

 She must have been in a trance because she was frightened awake from her dark memories from a touch on her shoulder, it was her mother.
"Come to bed Diane".
She was suddenly thankful for the darkness, for it now hid her streaming tears she had accumulated, her "weakness", as her mother called it.

    "Yes, mama." Diane reluctantly obeyed, climbing between the cold satin sheets, settling in as her mother watched, making her uncomfortable. Diane laid on her side and faced the opposite direction of her mother and closed her eyes. Suddenly she heard what sounded like a match scratching across its book. She snapped her eyes wide open and swallowed the lump in her throat as she noticed the shiny, seemingly polished sterling silver hair brush on the nightstand in front of her, glowing from  the flickering dim light cast in the small room, she couldn't believe she still had it, the thing was easily over 20 years old. Her mother must have noticed her discovery, she lent down and grabbed the brush and whispered in her ear.
"Sometimes before I polish it, I smell it and swear I can still smell your slutty little girl juices on it, even taste you."
As her mother whispered in her ear, she followed it with a light warm tongue massage in her ear. She lay still as her mother shifted up and began to trace her the cold metal brush along the outline of her slender legs, from her ankles, up the painfully slow journey to her thighs, until it finally met its way up to the soft flesh of her inner thigh.  

"Did you wash it like a good girl?" Her mother breathed lustfully into her ear, while caressing her soft skin in circular motions with the cold metal, centimeters away from her moist cunt.
"Yes, Mama, I did."diane replied with a slight tremble in her voice. She didn't know why she thought things would be different, just because she wasn't a little girl anymore didn't make a bit of difference to her mother, Marie, she still took great pleasure in controlling her daughter in every way possible, especially sexually. Diane hadn't spoken to her mother in almost a decade, let alone been touched by her, nevertheless, she knew the drill all too well. So when her mother told her to turn over and let her check, she did so with out hesitation.

    As Marie looked down at her daughters tiny petite body, she grabbed the sides of her night shirt and her slut of a daughter raised her hips to accommodate her removal of her shirt, revealing a hairless puffy pink, perfect little cunt. Diane spread her legs as wide as she could, just like she knew she was supposed to, so her mother could have a full view of her puffy lipped, bald cunt. It was just as beautiful as it was when she was a young girl, yet to be broken, her lips were so fat that they still covered her labia, making for the perfect smooth sealed peach, just waiting to be eaten. God she was such a slut, of course she wouldn't have Any panties on, a fucking slut who robbed her off her own husband for 15 years, it was her fault, all her problems were all because of her, and she we sure she drove  her poor father into an early grave.

   As Diane looked down at her daughter,naked and spread eagle and head hung in shame, she couldn't help but remember everything, it made her pussy twitch and begin leaking just thinking about all the "good times". It also pissed her off as she remembered never being fucked anymore once he had his precious little fuckdoll, having to go to her room after he got done fucking her and suck his cum from her abused and sometimes bleeding little pussy as she cried, since he would no longer give it to her. What a dumb cunt, she didn't realize how good she had it, to have daddy's beautiful big, thick fuck stick pump in and out of her, to have him love her like he did... And the dumb BItch would cry about it, while I was left there crying for it, the stupid little whore was so ungrateful, she took everything from me, and still it wasn't good enough for her, but boy did she show her...


     Diane kept her eyes focused on the flickering candle on the nightstand as her mother straddled her now naked frame. She could hear her unbuttoning her blouse with one hand and feel her tip of the cold brass handle begin to caress one of her sensitive pussy lips and then make its way between her slit, sliding up and down between her pussy flaps, teasing her clit and making her cunt moist in the process. . Marie removed her shirt and let her milky white double d braless breasts spring free and quickly grabbed her daughter's slender hand and raised it to the large hard nipple that Jutted out at attention from the right one and began tweaking and tugging on the left one while her her other hand began roughly pumping her daughters cunt with metal. Marie couldn't help but be turned on by Diane's whimpers as she pumped harder and faster, she could tell her pussy wasnt wet enough and the friction was hurting her. She lent down and with her long tongue began lapping at her daughters salty tears.

"Come on baby girl, you know what to do" Marie said as her eyes shut and she began to grind her hairy, sloppy wet old pussy hard against her daughter's thigh. 

   Marie was right, Diane didn't even know how to read and write but by the time she was 6 she knew about a hundred different ways to make a man cum. She began squeezing and tweaking at her mother's breast and areola and slid her finger into her mothers thick, soaking wet bush and began looking through the gooey matted mess for her clit. When she finally found it, she began pinching and flicking it like a madwoman, wlhile her other hand moved to finger her roughly, hoping that she could make her come fast so she could hurry up and leave her alone.
"Come on, you fucking slut, NOW, NOW!!" screamed Marie.
With that, Diane began to insert more fingers in her moms cunt, until eventually they were all in and she began sliding her entire hand in and was now successfully fisting her mother. This began sending Marie into a flurry of euphoria, she was pumping the brush up as far it would go in and out of dianes cunt as fast and hard as possible, and moved her thumb from her  engorged  clit to her tight little asshole. Her hips were bucking wildly as her climax was nearing. She quickly withdrew the metal and her fingers from her daughter's fuck holes and brought them to her mouth, to taste the juices from the pussy she'd  Been dreaming she'd see again, touch again, fuck again, HURT again....

"Yes, that's mommas girl! That's my didi's nasty little whore snatch, come on Didi, squirt for momma!" As her climax was coming on, Marie hurriedly unstraddled the girl and shoved her hairy,, soaking pussy in her face as she spread the girls legs and Buried her face deep into the girls soft, slick, hairless pussy mound, lapping greedily at her juices, and came hard.


   As Diane was working furiously at making her mother cum, she was internally furious at herself for being on the verge of coming herself. Her extra large clit, permenantly deformed to be several times the size it actually should be, due to all the years of abuse and daddy's "experiments", was highly sensitive and v her. Once Momma climbed off of her, she knew exactly what was coming next and quickly took a huge breath and Opened as wide as possible. Marie slammed her pelvis down harshly on her daughters face and grinded her putrid wet bush as hard as possible into the small woman s awaiting mouth. Almost as soon as her sagging hairy pussy lips completely covered half her daughter's face and began their incestuous assault on her small mouth, cum began to gush into her mouth at full force, nearly choking her. Her daughters expert tongue began at once lapping all the come she could and  then swirling and flicking it into her moms pussy hole seeming to beg for more. "ooh, that's it baby, That's a good little cunt, suck out every drop from mommy's cunt". The dumb cunt seemed to mumble what Marie figured was a. "Yes, mamma." God the cunt was so stupid but was such a good fuck, despite all the abuse, she seemed to have the most resilient pussy, almost immediately going back to its tight little size. Good thing her clit wasn't the same she thought as she began sucking and lightly rolling it between her teeth and began shoving a finger in and out of her tight little asshole, she was quickly rewarded with a beautiful flow of delicious honey, as Dianes thin thighs began trembling, Marie kept focusing on her engorged clitoris and began tugging and pulling it as hard and far away from its little hood as possible. Diane was going crazy now, bucking wildly, screaming into her pussy and sending the most wonderful vibrations through it. She was clenching hard onto her mouthers thighs when, she gave her mother exactly what she was waiting for, a long straight stream of cum, juices and piss shot straight from Dianes pussy and landed in a streak on her expensive bedset and hardwood floors and even a little on her dresser. Diane was so spent, downright exhausted, her jaw and face ached from her mother brutally face fucking her and lapping at her stinking, putrid pussy and clenching her stomach muscles the entire time in order to stifle her vomit , after a long bus ride and a just an almost just as long walk in the humid Texas heat this evening, she didn't know how much she could take before she just passed out, and Just then, Diane tasted a whole new flood of steaming hot juices shooting from her moms cunt as she seemed to push her pelvis down even harder and locked her legs around her head. Omg, Diane wasn't ready for this, she tried as hard as she could to try pry her mouthers huge fat hairy cunt from her face as she was suffocating her with it.

   Marie couldn't help but laugh as her daughter began struggling and chocking on the fresh stream of piss she just delivered to her mouth, she could feel her body convulsing as she was vomiting and turned to see her face and saw a mixture of piss, vomit and flegm shoot from her nose, her face was beet red and she seemed to stop fighting and was lightly pawing in skowly exaggerated motions. Okay, time to get off, don't wanna lose her just yet. Marie quickly unlocked her legs and let her pussy up as a string of cum, vomit and piss and saliva intertwined and briefly connected them,pussy to mouth, almost like an umbilical chord, she laughed to herself.

  Marie looked on in pleasure as she spread her hairy cunt and fingered herself and flicked her bean furiously as her daughter was desperately trying to catch her breath but couldn't stop her vomit as well. Finally after a few minute s, the BItch was finally starting to breathe normally and stopped vomiting. 

  "Oh honey, look at this mess!" Marie exclaimed. "You even got your nasty vomit on my cunt, you dirty little BItch!" Diane was now crying in earnest and looked at her mother with her flushed face and blue eyes. "You know you have to clean this all up now, right you little whore?" 

"Momma please--"

"Ah ah! No excuse to be dirty, now get over here and lick this pussy clean and then start on the sheets, then the floor, and then crawl your bony ass and lick your disgusting slut juices off my dresser!" Diane was whimpering and trembling so bad now that her tiny tits were just jiggling and Marie couldn't help but be aroused by the display in front of her. As her broken, naked and frail daughter crawled across the king size bed to her destination between her mothers legs, she couldn't help but stare at her Pointed little titties, the areola a perfect tannish pink, the size of a dime, they moved ever so slightly as her chest rose and fell  with her cries. as Dianes head descended once again into her mother's old wrinkled putrid pussy flaps, Marie reached down and started squeezing and fondling her       perky tits and began tugging harshly at the small nipples. To her chagrin, Diane began moaning. "Goodness, you get off on the sickest things, Didi, licking vomit from your own mothers cunt as she plays with your flappy little girl tits? Oh yes, you  are definitely your fathers daughter" Marie scoffed. She push ed her daughter's head a little harder into her cunt as she began moaning. "Oh baby, you were always such a good pussy licker, you know that?" "I can only imagine what our little Lorraines tongue is like, oh she has your famous Dick sucking lips and I can only imagine what those full little tits feel like, you know she's gout my curves and she'll  have by tits once she starts developing more, do tell me you taught  her all the tricks me and daddy taught you". Something suddenly clicked In Dianes mind. "You stay the fuck Away from her! We talked about this momma!" Marie met Dianes face with a furious backhand. THWACK!!

"You shut your fucking mouth and get back to the only Damn thing your bony ass it's good for! I know exactly what we talked about".

"You know you had no right taking her from its in the first place, she was made strictly for your daddy!" "Hell, I remember when you didn't want a god damned thing to do with the little tart!

   Just then, a guttural, terror ridden scream howled from the livingroom. It was Lorraines screams. As Diane shot up to run to her daughters aid, to her horror, she saw the flickering red light and an all too familiar sick feeling came over her as she ran out the room and down the hallway
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