New virgin has dry run. Angela meets with her first customer.
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Jessica and Nick, who were joined by Angela, arrived at Shelby’s house at 4:45pm and were greeted by a naked Shelby. None of the kids thought anything of it, as much hijinks as the four of them got into in the last few weeks or so. Shelby explained to her three friends that she liked doing her chores or hanging around the house in the buff.

Once inside, Shelby told them of her earlier adventure, “I was expecting you guys, only when I threw the door open it ended up being the UPS man. The man ogled me the whole time while I was signing for the package for my dad.” She giggled and added, “The UPS man was grinning from ear to ear when he told me to have a nice day. I don’t have to tell you that I was more than a little embarrassed.”

Jessica giggled the whole time Shelby told them the story, and then she teased her friend, “Maybe you should use the little peep hole in your door before slinging it open next time.”

Shelby grinned, “Well, I have to admit, it was kind of a turn on. I guess I have an exhibitionist streak or something.”

Nick chimed in, “Well, next time you throw the door open, let me know. I want to watch, just to see the look on the guys face.”

Shelby laughed, “Well, maybe we’ll order pizza later.”

Jessica comment, “I like your state of dress.” Then she continued, “You know, these things are getting a bit stuffy, I think I’ll join you, running around the house naked sounds fun.”

Nick chuckled, “Ah, what the hell, me too.”

Angela, who had remained quiet during all the banter said, “Well, I’m not going to be the odd man out—odd girl out. I wouldn’t mind going naked either.”

The four of them were completely stripped naked by the time Jennifer arrived.

Jennifer Bates was a girl that Shelby and Jessica recruited for the business. What set Jennifer apart was that she was still a virgin. She was coming to Shelby’s house to do a dry run leading up to when she would meet up with a stranger to have her cherry popped.

If it played out the way they expected. Jennifer would get paid a sizable amount of money for the privilege. Shelby had gotten $3000 when a guy paid her for her cherry and an all-night sleep over. She was hoping that they could get even more for Jennifer’s hymen. Shelby and Jessica would get a 20% cut on whatever the final amount ended up being.

Jennifer’s dry run meant she was going to do ‘things’ with Nick. Jessica’s brother was the business’s technical guy. In addition to his computer knowledge, his ability to program websites, and hack networks, Shelby and Jessica used Nick to audition new girls. This was to make sure they would be able to put out with a stranger.

Jennifer arrived at Shelby’s house at five minutes before 5:00pm. She was as nervous as a cat at a dog show, but she was also more than a little excited that she was finally going to get to do something besides rub her pussy while she masturbated.

Jennifer wondered to herself, ‘Will they make me suck his penis?’ She blushed as she thought about it, her pussy started to moisten too. Jennifer, being shy, had wanted some kind of sexual encounter for a long while, only her nature as it was seemed to thwart her reaching that goal.

Jen was more than a little bit excited about what was to come.

The look on Jennifer’s face was priceless when four naked teens answered the door. Jennifer rang the doorbell, the door flung open, and there they were. Shelby smiled at the new girl and said, “Hi, Jen, come on in.”

Normally, when vetting a new girl, Shelby and Jessica would make a new girl strip in front of them while they remained clothed. This would be the first test to see if a girl was willing to get naked with strangers.

With Jennifer, they decided it wasn’t as big a deal. She seemed like she needed encouragement instead of shock treatment. After being invited in by Shelby the team got to work.

Shelby made introductions, “Jennifer, this hunk of a guy is Nick. You and he are going to be getting well acquainted this afternoon.” Then she turned to Angela, “And this feisty young woman is Angela. She’s just starting new too. She’s going to be meeting up with her first customer Friday evening.”

With introductions out of the way, Jennifer shook hands with Angela and then Nick.

Jessica suggested, “First things first, Jen. Why don’t you strip your clothes off? You need to get used to being naked around people—especially strangers, if you are interested in continuing in the business after you give up your cherry.”

The new girl seemed a bit reluctant at first, she hadn’t been naked in front of a boy since she was a kid. Jennifer kicked off her shoes and tugged off her socks. Taking a deep breath, Jen pulled her top over her head, and then unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. Soon she was down to wearing only her bra and panties.

At 5’-6” tall, Jennifer, who had copper colored hair, was build more like Shelby in that she was slimmer than Jessica. Jessica had a voluptuous figure that one might find on the pages of Playboy Magazine. Shelby was taller and more slender and was build more like the girls on the cover of glamour magazines.

Jennifer, finding her courage, undid her bra; she pulled the ‘B’ sized cups away from her creamy white breasts. Her areole was a light pink but it was hard to tell because they were both scrunched up and pulled into her hard nipples. Like her stature in general, her boobs were similar to Shelby’s, but the red head girl had a galaxy of freckles running across the tops of her boobs matching the ones over her nose and cheekbones. In addition to the freckles, Jen was covered in a mass of goose bumps.

Shelby and Jessica both had the opinion that Jennifer was a preppie mainly from the way Jennifer dressed and how she acted around people. That was until they got to know the girl a little. What they interpreted as aloof and arrogant, was really shyness. Jennifer was pretty shy around people. As far as her dress, Jennifer liked to look good and dressed the way she wanted to regardless of the grungy fashion of most teenagers.

Jen continued to strip; she reluctantly reached down and grabbed the waistband of her canary yellow panties. She tugged them down her legs exposing her tuft of bright red pubic hair, which declared her a natural carrot top. She was glad the other four kids were naked already; she wasn’t sure she could have stripped in front of them while they were dressed.

Once naked, Jennifer looked at the only boy in the group. She knew she was there to have a dry run with the guy. Nick was tall and stocky; he was built solidly without any excess fat; if anything he had below normal body fat.

Jennifer couldn’t help herself, her eyes were draw down between Nick’s legs where the boy sported a flaccid cock that still was good sized even limp. She had never seen a man sized penis before, but now that she was staring at one, she liked what she saw.

She had secretly dreamed of taking a boy’s penis inside her mouth; Jen also had been daydreaming about getting her pussy licked. She was less sure of being fucked for the first time; she heard that getting your hymen shredded really hurt. Fortunately, that wouldn’t be happening during her dry run.

The red headed girl blurted out, “I suppose you want me to suck his penis?” Then she started to blush prettily after being so bold and forward.

Shelby giggled and said, “If that’s what you want to do, have at it. We want you to be comfortable with idea of having sex with folks.” Then she added, “Being able to take a guy inside your mouth is one of the harder things for some girls to do.”

Jennifer walked over to Nick and slowly reached out to touch his naked chest. Nick was her first live and up-close look at a naked boy. She asked, “Do you mind?”

Nick smiled, “No, not at all. I don’t know a guy on the face of the planet that don’t like having his dick sucked.”

Jennifer blushed and giggled in response to Nick’s statement. Before starting to suck him off, she decided she wanted to kiss his man boobs first. His areole and little nipples looked so cute and inviting. Jen bent over and took his nipple in her mouth and started to suckle.

At the same time, Jennifer reached out and took Nick’s penis between her fingers. This was the first time she had touched grown male’s parts. Like most kids, Jennifer had played doctor several times when she was much younger. Usually in a game of ‘I’ll touch yours, if you touch mine’.

The girl was amused that as she started to fondle Nick that his penis started to grow and get hard. Seeing it on the internet was one thing, seeing and feeling it in real life was something else again. Soon she was able to wrap her hand around his hard shaft. She gently started to stroke him as she continued to tease his small nipples with her tongue.

Jennifer, being so close to Nick could smell his scent. He smelled like a boy, soap, and something like aftershave. She thought he smelled really nice.

Jen took a deep breath, knowing she needed to get on with things before she lost her nerve. She wanted to take his cock inside her mouth, there she said it--cock, but she was reluctant to do it in front of an audience.

She decided that the three girls watching her weren’t going away anytime soon, Jennifer dropped to her knees in front of the boy. She pull the Nick’s cock up and took the head of it inside her mouth.

It was done! Jennifer was taking the first step in giving the boy she had never met before a blowjob. The first thing she noticed is that even though it was long and stiff, it felt very soft, especially the mushroomed shaped head.

Jen pulled more and more of his hard shaft inside her mouth as she began to suck on him. She used her tongue along the bottom of his shaft to milk him. She had no idea how to give a blowjob; Jen only knew she wanted to try it. It seemed that all the kids at school talked about was giving a boyfriend or a girlfriend oral sex. Jennifer didn’t like being left out of things.

Shelby seeing that the girl was out of her league decided to get down with the red head girl and show her how it was done. Shelby got down on her knees right beside Jennifer, then ordered, “Here, hand him over, and I’ll show you what to do.”

Shelby took Nick in hand and started to use her tongue on the little slit at the end of his cock. She explained to Jennifer, “Guys are really sensitive on the tip.” Then she lifted up Nick’s hard shaft and showed Jen the cock’s underside, “This soft triangle area under his head is REALLY sensitive, so use your tongue to tease him good there.” Shelby demonstrated. Nick gasped.

Then Shelby added, “All along the edge of his flange is pretty sensitive too. It’s good to tease it with your tongue when you just have the head in your mouth.”

Then Shelby planted warm wet kisses all the way down Nick’s hard shaft. Nick let out a moan as she did. When Shelby got to his root, she started to lick his balls and then she took his scrotum inside her mouth to bathe Nick’s testicles in her saliva.

Shelby spit him out and told Jen, “Another thing guys like.” Then she coached, “if you lift up his cock and nut sack, they really like it when you lick them underneath. It’s easier to do if he’s laying down.”

Shelby handed Nick back over to Jennifer and let the girl try out all the new things she had just been shown. Jen was a quick learner.

Shelby had Nick lay down on the carpet. Jennifer kissed and licked his shaft, sucked on his testicles for a bit, and she spent a lot of time teasing Nick’s bottom. She noted that he really liked being licked between the legs, and he would moan off and on as she teased him with the tip of her tongue.

Shelby told Jen to kiss him back up his shaft and to take his head back between her lips; Jen complied. Once Jennifer had moved up, Shelby schooled her on how to twirl her tongue around the soft mushroom shaped flange. Jennifer was told that Nick would love it. Love it he did.

Finally, Shelby said, “Great! Now that you have him good and warmed up, you can start taking him deep in your mouth like you were doing when you first started. Suck him, but remember to tease him with your tongue as you do. Oh, be careful with your teeth.”

Jen started taking Nick deep. She could feel the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat occasionally. She had to concentrate on not choking. She found Nick’s hard shaft inside her mouth to be stimulating; Jennifer was getting more aroused by the moment. As she sucked Nick, her fingers worked their way down between her legs as she started playing with her clitoris as she sucked his cock.

Nick was moaning and working his hips. Having Shelby down helping Jen learn how to give a good blowjob had really turned him on. He was rocking his hips up as he gently fucked Jen’s mouth. He felt the pressure grow inside his bottom and after a few minutes he announced, “I’m about ready to cum!”

Shelby whispered in Jennifer’s ear, “Okay, suck him harder, and let him cum inside your mouth.”

Jennifer was alarmed; she didn’t expect to have him shoot his semen in her mouth. With that said, she didn’t want to look bad in front of the other girls either. So the sixteen year old did what Shelby told her to do. She heard Nick groan and felt him tense up, then she felt him begin to pulse with her lips.

Nick’s first spurt hit against the back of her throat and Jen had no option except to swallow. The second and third spurt happened as she was pulling back so she took them both fully inside her mouth. She immediately notice the hot, lumpy texture about the same time she registered the taste of Nick’s spunk.

Fortunately, it didn’t taste bad. It was definitely a new taste: kind of a bland, earthy, and biological taste with a little bit of a metallic overtone. The texture was the worst part of it. It was like lumpy snot.

Jennifer continued to suck Nick until he stopped pulsing, then the girl washed the inside of her mouth with saliva, swallowing down the last of his cum. All in all she was pleased with herself; she had given her first fellatio, and with Shelby’s help she didn’t blow it.

As Jen spit out his now shrinking cock, Nick pulled her up beside him as he lay on the carpet. He slowly moved his lips to hers, heedless of the residual taste of his cum, he began to kiss the cute red headed girl.

Nick was still amazed at his good fortune. He had got to fuck his sister Jessica, then Shelby who was to die for, and then Angela during her trial run. Now he was having a wonderful oral sex session with this cute redhead, Jennifer. He went from a score of 0 to 4 in just a couple weeks. Life was good.

Jennifer found herself responding passionately as she and Nick rubbed their lips together. Jennifer had seen a lot of kids kissing in the hallway at school, but up until now, her shyness had kept her from enjoying the delights of snogging.

After a bit, Jennifer felt Nick push his tongue against her lips, insisting she open up and let him in. Jen gasped as Nick’s tongue found its way between her lips and inside her mouth. She reluctantly presented her own tongue to greet the invader. Before long Jennifer could feel her passion grow even more as the two tongues began to dance together.

As they kissed, one of Nick’s hands found its way to one of the cheeks of her bum. She moaned as he intimately touched her backside. The problem with lying down is that he couldn’t use both his hands to knead her cheeks. He used one of his arms to prop himself up with.

She really started to tremble and whimper when later, his hand found its way up to cup one of her naked breasts. Jennifer never felt so aroused in all her life. Not even when she would tease her pussy with her fingers.

Nick broke away from kissing her so he could start kissing her neck and ear. Jennifer involuntarily moaned in pleasure as Nick planted warm wet kiss after warm wet kiss.

As he moved down her neck and nuzzled her neck where it met her shoulder, Jen giggled, and gasped out “That tickles!” Nick had to move on so it didn’t break the mood.

Soon Nick found himself down on Jennifer’s breasts. He took one of her hard, light pink nipples inside his lips and began to suck as he teased the tip of it with his tongue. It was like the girl was all nipple; they stuck out almost a half an inch. After a minute he moved to her other breast. Jen had her head back, her eyes closed, and her mouth open as she thoroughly enjoyed Nick’s attention.

Jennifer was excited beyond belief. She had wanted a sexual experience and so far she was having the time of her life. Nick had massaged her naked bum and now was sucking her nipples—it was marvelous. She was extremely aroused: she was ready for something; she was ready for anything.

After spending a good six or seven minutes pleasuring Jennifer’s butt, nipples and breasts, Nick had Jennifer roll onto her back as he started kissing the underside of her shapely breasts. The hand that had been massaging her boobs was now between her legs softly stroking her inner thighs.

Nick began to move down the sixteen year old girl’s body, planting warm, wet kisses along the way along. He kissed her ribs, around her diaphragm, and onto her belly. As he was drilling his tongue inside her navel, he tugged on Jen’s legs, getting the girl to spread them wide. Jen opened like a blossom as she pulled her legs apart. Nick moved between them as he continued to kiss her tummy below her belly button.

Nick could feel her warm creamy thighs against his shoulders as he moved his mouth lower and lower towards his goal. He wrapped his hands around her warm naked hips.

Jennifer was aware that Nick was moving his mouth down to take her pussy lips inside his mouth. The girl had been wet from all the kissing and having her boobs loved, but now she was simply dripping in anticipation. Her entire bottom was wet, especially her fluffy labia around her vaginal opening.

When Nick’s mouth made contact with her hot, wet pussy for the first time, Jennifer let out a gasp and quivered in delight. The soft lips of his mouth were kissing her cleft like it was her face. Jennifer had never felt anything quite as pleasant in all her life. When he wiggled his tongue between her labia from her vaginal opening all the way up to the top of her slit, parting her pussy into two halves, Jen nearly had an orgasm on the spot.

Jennifer gasped out, “Oh my gosh! Wow!” A second of two later she added, “That feels incredible!” After another pause she continued, “Suck my pussy Nick, make me cum!” She continued to shiver, quiver, and tremble as Nick sorted through her lips with his mouth and tongue.

Then Jen was stunned as Shelby and Jessica moved to her breasts and they both took one of her nipples inside their mouths. She was warned there might be some girl and girl action, but she was still surprised by it. Jennifer felt the pressure building deep inside her tummy by the second.

Nick knew that sticking his fingers up inside the girl was not an option. He was to do nothing to put Jen’s valuable hymen at risk. So he just concentrated on sucking on her pussy lips. He moved his mouth directly over the girls Clitoris and began to suck on it as he teased it with his tongue.

Jennifer had never felt anything quite as intense as Nick sucking her clit before. She was writhing on her back as the pressure up inside her vagina was becoming overwhelming. As Nick continued to tease her clit with his tongue, and the two girls continued to tease her nipples, Jennifer felt the incredible pressure inside her tummy abruptly release.

Spasms and convulsions raced up and down through her vaginal canal; waves of pure bliss shot throughout her body. Jen began to quake and shake as her body was overcome by a massive orgasm. She moaned out loudly, nearly yelling, and she whined shrilly as the strongest waves passed through her core. She had never had such an intense climax before.

As Jennifer was enjoying her orgasm, Shelby got up and whispered into Nick’s ear, “Take her in the ass. She can find out what it’s like to be penetrated without losing her valuable tag of skin.”

Nick asked, “Are you sure?”

Shelby nodded, “Yes, if she can have you do that, she can do anything.”

So Nick went back to sucking her clit so he could get Jennifer to cum again. He wanted all the natural lubrication she could generate. She started to writhe again, having her second intense orgasm. He gently rolled her over as she finished squirming. He asked Jennifer to get up on her hands and knees. Jennifer, having no idea what Nick had in mind, complied. For some reason she trusted the boy.

As Nick moved up behind Jennifer, Shelby handed him an opened condom. It was the lubricated type so it was perfect for use in Jennifer’s backdoor. Nick quickly rolled it onto his cock.

Jen waited patiently to find out what Nick had planned. She was sure it would be fun—everything else he did had been a blast. She just wasn’t sure what could top letting him eat her pussy until she had two fantastic orgasms.

She became alarmed when Nick started running the head of his sheathed cock between her lips. She screeched out, “No! You can’t fuck me Nick--my hymen!”

Nick calmly said to the girl, “I’m not going to, relax and just enjoy. I won’t touch your paycheck, I promise.”

So, not knowing what Nick was up too, Jennifer just let him rub his cock head up and down through her soaked pussy. The feeling of a cock head inside her lips was making Jen gasp with delight.

Jennifer was stunned as Nick pulled the head of his cock up against her anus. She was bright; she quickly figured out that she was going to get fucked, just in a different way. She gasped out, “You’re going to push your penis, um, cock inside my bum, aren’t you?”

Nick chuckled, “Yeah, that’s the plan. Relax Jennifer, I’ll take it slow.”

Jennifer was both appalled and intrigued. She was astonished with herself that she was holding still, letting Nick have his way with her. Having him fuck her bum wasn’t anything she was expecting to happen during her dry run. But, quickly thinking about it, it made perfect sense. It was the closest thing to fucking she could do without losing her cherry to it. In a way, it was fucking. He was just fucking her bum, not her pussy.

Jennifer cried out in surprise and a little bit of pain as Nick pushed his hard cock against her little brown pucker hole and began to twirl himself in tight little circles. She willed herself to relax and felt her anus give way as the head of Nick’s shaft started to slip inside her.

At first it was just a little painful as Nick’s cock stretched her out. She concentrated on relaxing as Nick worked himself up inside her. The pain gave way to an amazing sensation.

Once he had his cock inside her past his head, the girth of his hard penis was consistent up and down its length. Nick seemed to slide deeper and deeper inside her bum until at last, Jennifer felt his warm, naked hips up solidly against the cheeks of her butt. Nick had fully penetrated her backside.

Jennifer marveled that she had a cock inside her body. She felt so full, her anus felt so stretched. What amazed her was how nice it felt. Feeling nice wasn’t what she was expecting from having a cock shoved inside her bum.

Nick asked, “Are you doing okay?”

Jennifer giggled breathily and said, “Oh yeah. Wow, this feels amazing.” Then she laughed, “I guess in a way, you got to be the first to take my virginity.”

Nick chuckled, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Is it okay if I fuck your ass now?”

Jennifer moaned, “Mmm, yeah, go ahead.” So Nick started slowly sliding in and out of the girl’s backside. Jennifer trembled as she felt his shaft glide through her anus. She was sure being fucked the normal way would feel different from what she was experiencing. What she was experiencing was interesting in a pleasant way all by itself.


All during the afternoon, after the other humans arrived, Squeaky, Shelby’s calico cat, kept her distance from the humans. She noticed that they all shed their fur as soon as they came inside her home. She was used to her human girl, her pet, not wearing her fur, but having a house full of humans who were furless--that was a change for the small cat. Squeaky hated change.

Then the human with the orange hair came in and quickly took her fur off too. The cat knew the covering humans used wasn’t fur, but had no other name to use to describe what the humans put on their bodies.

After a bit, it looked to the little calico that the orange hair human was in heat. It looked the other humans wanted to breed with her. She grinned in her cat kind of way. This orange haired human appeared to enjoy breeding almost as much as orange cats. All cats knew how orange cats like to be bred.


Jennifer continued to enjoy the feel of Nick’s hard cock sliding in and out of her anus. As he pushed in he would fill her, his hips would push up against her bum. As he pulled out she could feel her insides start to contract, just to be stretched again as he pushed back inside her.

Then she felt as Nick tensed up and pushed his hips up hard against her backside as he gasped. She was awed as she felt his hard shaft begin to throb against her stretched brown button. For the first time, a guy was pumping his cum inside her body. Only the condom kept her from receiving a semen enema. Not exactly the hole she was expecting for her first time, but it was still her first.

Nick had enjoyed the ride. Fucking the red head girl’s ass had been gratifying. Feeling the tight band of her sphincter sliding up and down his shaft was a total unique experience that only butt fucking could provide. That got him thinking off the wall thoughts; he wondered what it would feel like to have his own ass fucked. Maybe he would have Shelby buy one of those strap on dildo’s and let her fuck him.

Nick pulled out after he finished pulsing. The end of the condom was full of cum. He told the girls he would be back; he withdrew to the bathroom to remove the rubber.

Jennifer dropped the carpet to enjoy the afterglow from the sex. She rolled onto her back and panted out, “Wow, this has been a really cool afternoon.”

Shelby commented, “Hey, Jen, you’ve been doing great. You gave your first blowjob, you got your pussy licked, and then you took Nick in the ass. That’s about all you can do without injuring your prized possession.” Then Shelby tugged on Jen’s legs, she announced, “Spread ‘em girl. Let’s send you home completely satisfied.”

Jen pulled her legs apart and Shelby snugged up between them. Jennifer gasped out as the blond girl put her mouth on her pussy and began to lick her lips; Shelby teased her with her tongue. Jen was amazed that another girl would want to lick her pussy, and she was more astonished with herself that she would let Shelby do it.

Then Jennifer was shocked as Angela slid up between Shelby’s legs and Shelby dropped her golden pussy down on the other girls face. Angela was doing to Shelby what Shelby was doing to her.

Of course if you were to ask her, Angela would say she wasn’t bi or a lesbo. She would punch anybody who said she was. She didn’t go for girls at all.

The most amazing thing of all was when Jennifer watched as Nick came back into the room. Jessica, his sister, got down on her knees and took his cock inside her mouth! Her own brother! Wow! Jennifer could never give her brother, Aaron, a blowjob, could she? Jennifer wondered if Jessica and Nick had fucked too.

Before long, Shelby had Jennifer writhing on the carpet as red head sixteen year old was taken by yet another spectacular orgasm. It seemed that having her pussy eaten was a sure fired recipe for unbelievable climaxes. Shelby made sure she had several.

Jen had to wait patiently as Shelby had her own climax from what the Mexican girl was doing to her; Angela seemed to enjoy licking Shelby. Jennifer was fascinated how powerfully Shelby shook and quaked, and how loudly she expressed her pleasure while having an orgasm. Jennifer was hoping that eventually she could enjoy an orgasm that strong.

After Jennifer had her second orgasm from Shelby sucking her clit, Shelby put things in reverse and went down on Angela. Shelby’s face disappeared between the small girl’s legs as she began giving Angela pleasure. Jen watched as Shelby’s nose was burrowed in Angela’s thick black pubic hair. Jennifer was amazed that the other girls didn’t seem to have any problem licking and sucking another girl’s pussy. It was still kind of foreign idea for the red head girl.

Jennifer, for the first time that afternoon, started feeling left out of the action; Jessica was sucking Nick’s cock and Shelby was now buried between Angela’s legs. Jen decided she would try her own hand at pleasuring a girl. Eating pussy was something else she wasn’t expecting to have to do during the dry run. But, after having her pussy eaten by Shelby, she was pretty sure she could do the same. Jen was feeling a lot of peer pressure to fit in.

Jessica still had Nick’s cock inside her mouth. Nick was lying on his back now with Jessica taking him from the side. Jessica had yet to have an orgasm, so Jennifer moved over and had Jessica raise her top leg so she could spread her pussy lips open. Jennifer moved between Jessica’s legs and soon had the auburn haired girl’s pussy against her face.

Jennifer came in between Jessica’s legs so she could make contact with Jessica’s pussy at an angle that gave her full access. She felt Jess’s warm thighs on her shoulders. Jen could smell the other girl’s musky scent; Jessica pussy was hot and wet. Still, for Jennifer, the whole idea of putting her mouth on another girl’s vulva was still pretty high on the yucky scale.

Jennifer reluctantly started by just kissing Jessica’s fur covered outer lips like Nick had done to her earlier. In doing so, she got some of Jessica’s vaginal secretions on her lips and in her mouth. Jen licked her lips and decided that the light taste of Jessica’s juices didn’t taste bad at all. Jen stuck her tongue inside Jessica’s vaginal opening so she could get a bigger taste. She discovered that Jessica’s juices actually tasted pretty good.

Before long, Jennifer had her mouth completely sealed around Jessica’s fluffy lips and was sucking and licking away. Jen found that a girl’s secretions had a different taste than Nick’s semen. It was tangier and less viscous. Although, it was interesting that it was the same whitish color when it first started drooling out of Jessica’s vagina.

Jessica felt her passion grow as Jennifer concentrated on her clitoris. Jess had just finished sucking Nick to completion. After swallowing Nick’s cum, she was free to enjoy what Jen was doing between her legs. Jessica was happy that Jennifer had started to eat her pussy on her own volition. That was a good sign as far as getting Jennifer to continue in the business after she lost her cherry.

Jennifer found she had a lot of freedom of movement the way she was tucked up between Jessica’s legs. She could concentrate her mouth wherever she wanted on Jessica’s pussy. Jennifer stuck her tongue as deeply inside Jessica’s vagina as she could. Jessica’s soft fluffy lips around her tongue as well as the insides of her vaginal walls felt amazingly silky.

Then Jennifer pulled her tongue out to go suck and lick Jessica’s love button. She replaced her tongue with a couple fingers up inside Jessica’s vaginal canal. Jennifer was finger fucking another girl; Jessica’s copious juices were soaking her whole hand. Jessica’s hot, wet vagina felt like silk around her fingers.

Jess knew from experience, as the pressure up inside her vagina was becoming nearly agonizing, that she was seconds from cumming on the new girl’s face. She cried out, “Oh shit, I’m cumming!”

Jessica felt the pressure release and she felt strong spasms run the length of her canal. She felt her vagina clamp down over and over again around Jen’s fingers as pleasure shot out through her body as she climaxed. Jessica loved the strong orgasms that a good pussy licking and finger fuck could cause.

Jennifer was surprised as she felt Jessica squirt inside her mouth and then squirt again. At first she thought that Jessica had peed in her mouth, which would have been gross beyond description. But, the taste told her otherwise; it wasn’t pee, it was cum. Jen got her first taste of sweet tasting girl cum. Jen swished Jessie’s nectar around inside her mouth as the younger girl ejaculated inside her mouth a third time. Up to that point, Jennifer wasn’t even aware that some girls could squirt like a guy.

Angela was the last to cum. It was her third time from having Shelby between her legs. She had her signature orgasm, which was to tense up all ridged like and then quake out of control. She would do that repeatedly. When finished, Angela melted back into the carpet as Shelby sat up grinning; cum coated her face.

With only one guy for four girls, there was a lot of girl on girl action. Jennifer had gotten all she could from Nick and then surprisingly found herself enjoying having sex with the girls. Shelby could eat pussy like she couldn’t believe. And eating Jessica was a unique experience all by itself.

The biggest thing Jennifer learned was that she was resolute, that when it came time for her to have her cherry popped, she could do it.


After seeing her friends to the door later that evening, Shelby curled up in her dad’s easy chair watching a movie; she was still naked. Her small calico cat was curled up in her lap purring as Shelby stroked her fur. Shelby giggled as she realized she had two pussies in her lap.

It seemed the cat’s skittishness of curling up in Shelby’s lap while she was naked was over. The cat seemed more than content to drape itself across her naked legs.

The next morning, Shelby had breakfast, dressed, and headed to school. Right after school she took the first bus available to Houston. After grabbing an early dinner at a local Burger Kings, she heading for the Regency Hotel to see if her dad had anybody lined up for her to pleasure. It was Thursday night.

Shelby was kept busy. She had an appointment at 5:00pm where she made love with a Justin Parker. Then, at 7:00pm, after quickly using a douche, she met with a Robert Fellows whom she fucked three times. Finally, at 9:30, she settled in for an all-night appointment with a guy named Joseph Goldblatt. The last guy fucked with her off and on throughout the night. Justin and Joseph both got to experience one of Shelby’s spectacular blowjobs upon request.

It was Shelby’s first time doing multiple guys in the same evening. She fucked until she was sore. Then she fucked some more. She never felt so sated. She showered in the morning inside Joseph’s Hotel room and headed for the early bus so she could make it to school. She was $2200 richer after seeing her three new customers. She gave all three of the men passcodes so they could register in Nicholas’s new computer system.

Shelby knew she was going to have to open multiple bank accounts so she wasn’t accumulating too much cash in any one account. She had already made around $12,000 since she started fucking for money. Little did she know when Liza Stone, her coworker at the truck stop, sent her to have a discussion with Sandy Jordan that she would turn into a high priced call girl.

Between classes on Friday, Shelby got a call from Mark Johansson. Mark asked, “Hi Shelby, are you available tomorrow?”

Shelby asked, “When tomorrow?”

Mark smiled into his phone, “First thing in the morning. Say around 7:00am.”

Shelby giggled, “Okay Mark, what do you have in mind?”

Mark said, “I would like to pay you for your time, and for another guy too, if you’re willing.”

Shelby was intrigued. She had never had a three-way with two guys together before. She quickly accepted, “Sure, as long as I get paid by both of you.”

Mark chuckled, “Yes, I’ll be paying you for all involved. Why don’t you meet me in the zoo parking lot in Bear Creek Park on the west side of Houston?”

Shelby asked with suspicion, “Okay, Mark, what are you up to?”

Mark said, avoiding her question, “Wear your jogging clothes. We’ll be doing a little bit of running.”

Shelby thought that since meeting with Mark first thing in the morning, it wouldn’t interfere with her taking appointments Saturday evening. So she didn’t need to tell her dad to hold appointments.

Shelby, knowing Marks proclivity for liking to watch, was wondering what the man had planned. Anything she could think of sounded fun, so she agreed. “Okay, I’ll meet up with you in the zoo parking lot at 7:00am sharp.”

Mark chuckled, “Great, I’ll see you then.”

Right after school, Shelby got a call from Sandy Jordan who was her mentor in the business and her first customer. Shelby answered the phone, “Hello?”

Sandy’s voice came over the speaker, “Hey Shelby, how are you doing?”

Shelby giggled, “I’ve been really busy, Sandy. I need to find more girls.”

Sandy chuckled; he knew that after having her cherry popped, that Shelby really liked to fuck. Sandy asked, “Hey, are you available tomorrow night?”

Shelby was always ready for an appointment with Sandy. She had a real soft spot for the man. She said, “Sure, I’ll have to tell daddy that I’m busy so he doesn’t try to get me another appointment.”

Sandy teased, “Ah, you have your dad working as your pimp, eh?”

Shelby giggled, “Hey, he gets me and my girls more business than we can handle. Of course I don’t call him a pimp, he is my chief recruiter.”

Sandy smile into the phone, “Well, he has a lot more contacts than me by a long shot.” Then he changed the conversation, “By the way, I have another friend who’s going to contact you. He’s a doctor in Houston. You would be doing me a favor by showing the man a good time. His name is Dr. Aaron Barker.”

Shelby told Sandy, “Hey, I’ve always got time for you and your friends. I’m seeing Mark Johansson again in the morning. He’s got something weird up his sleeve; I just don’t know what it is.”

Sandy chuckled again, “Well, knowing Mark, it will be interesting. Remember, the man has more money than you or I will ever have.”

Shelby finished by asking, “Okay, I have to run. I’ll see you tomorrow evening. Are you at the Hilton again?”

Sandy concluded their business, “Yes, why don’t we meet up at 5:30pm. We can get a quick dinner and I have front row tickets for us to see Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. It’s been a smash hit since it started on Broadway. You should really enjoy it.”

Shelby gasped out, “Wow, that sounds like a blast! I’ve never been to the theater. See you tomorrow, Sandy.”

“Bye.” the man hung up.


On Friday afternoon, Shelby, Jessica, and Angela all rode the bus to Houston after school. They met up with Eric, Shelby’s dad, once they got to town. Shelby’s dad let them know that he had a friend in the J.W. Marriott Hotel who had business for two. So Shelby and Jessica decided to travel over to see what trouble they could get into.

Angela stayed to take on appointments in the Hyatt Regency where Eric worked. Eric had a guy who was a hotel regular inquire about a girl at 6:00pm. He sent Angela a text so the girl could meet with the new customer. This guy would be Angela’s first customer. Practice was over, she had to step up and put out now.

Angela nervously knocked on the door of room 1610. A man in his 40s answered the door and smiled when he laid eyes on the small brown skinned girl. She was small and cute; she was shapely for her size. He invited the girl in.

The man offered his hand and said, “I’m Tucker Rydell by the way. And your name is?”

Angela smiled and shook the man’s hand, “I’m Maria.”

He asked, “Well, I hope we have a lot of fun, Maria. How much did you want?”

Angela gulped, all the practice with Nick and Shelby was one thing, but doing it with this older man, for money, Angela definitely felt out of her element. She blurted out, “$600. That will get you up to two hours.”

The man said, “Okay, I can do that. That’s what the guy at the concierge desk said you would want.” Tucker found his wallet and counted out four one hundred dollar bills and a handful of twenties. Handing them over to Angela, he smiled. He said, “You sure a tiny thing.”

Angela noticed that the man was tall; of course any guy was usually tall in relationship to her slender 4’-11”. But, this guy was easily as tall as Nick. Angela giggled nervously and said, “I might be small, but I’ll give you more than you can handle.”

Angela gave the man an anxious smile as she tucked the money inside her purse. She asked, “Okay, what would you like to do?”

Tucker smiled and said, “Well, I like to get a little kinky Maria. I would like to tie you to the bed. Are you game?”

Angela said, “Sure, as long as you don’t plan on beating on me. If you do, the guys in my organization will hunt you down and kick your ass. You piss me off enough, and I’ll hunt you down myself.”

Tucker shook his head, “No! I would never do anything like that. I just like to use silk scarves to tie you up. I promise, I won’t do anything that hurts.” Then he asked, “Would you mind taking off your outer clothes?”

Angela was fascinated. She had no reason to trust the man, but she did. She began to unbutton her blouse, and then she sat on the bed and removed her shoes and socks. Then Angela pulled off her slacks. This left her in just a pink bra and matching panties.

The man asked her to crawl up onto the bed and then one limb at a time he took out scarves tying the small girl spread eagle to the bed. Then, to Angela’s surprise, and with more than a little trepidation on her part he used another scarf to blindfold her.

Angela said, “I’m warning you, if you hurt me…”

Tucker chuckled, “And I promised you I won’t. Relax, this will be fun.”

Angela slumped back onto the bed. Then she heard a quiet click and then felt an edge of cold metal on her thigh, just below her hip. She tensed, she knew the feel of a knife and she was all of a sudden terrified.

She felt as Tucker ran the cold steel up under the right hip of her panties. It hardly tugged at all as the razor sharp knife cut through the material. Then he move to her left side and did the same thing. This left her sundered panties loosely draped over her pussy. If she would have been able to stand up, they would have fallen off her.

Then she felt the cold instrument move up to her shoulders as the sharp blade cut through the straps of her bra, and then the man moved the knife right between her boobs as he easily cut through the cloth crossing between her two breasts. Tucker easily folded the material back away from her naked breasts.

Tucker spoke for the first time since tying her up. “Sorry, I didn’t want to spook you with the knife. When we meet again, I would like you to bring a set of old clothes with you so I can cut them off you. Would that be alright? It’s my fetish.”

Angela nervously said, “Yeah, I guess. You know you just ruined my underwear.”

The man chuckled, “I think I have a brand new set that will fit you. I come prepared to play my game you see. I tossed a good number of sizes in before coming here. Normally, I would have had you prepare in advance, but this is the first time I’ve had a girl in Houston.”

Angela relaxed as she heard him close up his knife and set it over on the nightstand. She also thought it was weird that a man would have a bunch of women’s underwear in his luggage.

She felt him take what was left of her panties and pull them out from underneath her bottom. She arched her hips up to make it easy for the man. Angela was tied spread eagle on the bed, completely naked now. The blindfold continued to keep her unsettled. She was blind and vulnerable.

The man walked over to the bar and came back with a bottle of Kahlua, a coffee liqueur used to make the drink Kahlua and cream. He told Angela, “Okay, close your mouth. Then he poured a little of the liqueur onto her lips and then he put his lips to hers as he started to kiss the heady brew away.

He did this several times. Then he settled in to kissing Angela passionately. As anxious as she was, the naked sixteen year old responded to the kissing. She could feel herself becoming aroused.

After kissing for a while, Tucker poured a little of the liqueur between her breasts and then he collected it in his mouth by first kissing while sucking and then eventually licking her skin clean. Then he poured a little more over her hard nipple and he took his time cleaning up her nipple, sucking her hard nubbin for several minutes. Then he did it to her other breast, and then back and forth several times.

Angela gasped out, “Mierda, that feels nice!”

Tucker chuckled, “Mmm, I’m glad you like it.” Then she started putting some on her ribs and then her diaphragm, then he sipped some out of her belly button. Angela was beginning to writhe as he poured a good deal of it into her black pubic hair. Again, the man suck, kissed, and licked her clean.

Finally, he let some flow down over her outer pussy lips. When Angela felt his mouth on her lips, she gasped in delight. He sucked her outer lips inside his mouth one at a time getting them good and clean.

After spending time with her outer lips, he kept letting a little flow down through her fluffy labia and he would clean her up immediately. Tiring of the game, he set the bottle by his knife and started to eat her pussy in earnest.

Angela was in heaven. It seemed the blindfold amplified the sensations between her legs. Deprived of her sense of sight, she concentrated more on the nerve endings firing off inside her vagina and in her fluffy labia.

Tucker reamed her opening with his tongue, sticking the slithering muscle as deep inside her canal as he could get it. Then he just wiggled it for a while as Angela’s vagina started pumping out copious amounts of her love juices, which the man seemed to enjoy lapping up.

Then Tucker moved to sort through her labia again—sans Kahlua, taking one side of her lips inside his mouth and then the other. Then he moved up onto her clitoris as he slipped a couple fingers inside her vagina and began to finger fuck the girl. Tucker was enjoying the hot, silky feel up inside her canal.

Angela was feeling her passion grow to an excruciating level. She felt herself tugging at her bonds as the man fingered her vagina and licked her clit. She was ready to explode.

Angela felt the pressure give way; she tensed rigidly as her vagina started to convulse. Waves of pure delight rippled through her body as she felt her orgasm sweep over her. Being blinded only made it feel more intense.

The man curled his fingers behind her pubic bone and started to massage her ‘G’ spot as he continued to suck, kiss and lick her clitoris. He had Angela experiencing one orgasm right after another. He kept her riding it along for two or three minutes, before letting her collapse onto the bed in a puddle of spent energy.

Angela tugged at her bonds the whole time her body writhed. For some reason, not being able to curl up on herself made her orgasms even more intense. She admitted, “Wow, there’s really something to this being tied up mierda.” Her climaxes had been incredible.

Then she felt the man move up between her legs. Apparently, he had taken his clothes off since the man had blindfolded her. The scarves tied to her legs already had her spread, and her bottom was soaked from cumming. After rubbing his cock up and down through her lips, Tucker was easily able to slip his cock inside her vaginal opening. He pushed it deep inside her.

Angela gasped as she felt his cock slide all the way up inside her with one thrust. The way he stretched her, the way he filled her, the way he made her feel whole felt unbelievable. Being blindfold just made it feel that much more intense.

She felt Tucker’s weight on top of her. She felt nearly crushed underneath the large man. Somehow his weight on her body was comforting.

The feel of his mushroomed shaped flange gliding against Angela’s vaginal walls was remarkable. She wanted to wrap her arms around his neck and her feet around his hips, but her bonds held her firmly in position. All she could do is lay back and experience the delightful feeling of his cock gliding inside her vagina as Tucker fucked her, and fucked her some more.

Once again, she felt her vagina start to spasm as she felt it squeeze his hard cock repeatedly as it convulsed. Her body went up like a starburst as pleasure shot through her body causing her to first tense and then to quiver. She experienced another exquisite orgasm.

After fucking her for what seemed like a long time, she felt the man’s cock begin to pulse against her walls as he began filling her with his cum. Again, she found the bonds making her a passive participant in all the events.

After leaving his cock inside her tummy for over a minute, Tucker pulled out of her and snuggled against her bound body. After a few minutes, she felt him move. She felt a knee snug itself up around each side of her head, against her naked shoulders. Then she felt the tip of his semi-erect cock brush her lips. He asked, “Would you mind sucking me please? I would really like it if you did.”

Angela mumbled, “Okay.”

Normally she would have grasped him and guided him to her mouth, but tied up; she had to depend on the man delivering his cock to her mouth. She felt him move around until she could feel the head of his cock push against her lips. She lifted her head just a little so she could take him inside her mouth.

She began to suck on his mushroom shaped head and running her tongue around his flange. She could taste both their juices on his dick. She sucked just his head for a minute or so. It was all she had access to, but it was enjoyable enough for both of them.

Then she felt him lower himself into her mouth some more. He had pushed about two inches between her lips. This allowed her to lift her head to take more of him, allowing her to suck off more of their comingled cum. She began taking two to four inches of him inside her mouth at a time as she lifted her head up and down while sucking him. As she lifted her head, she could feel his soft head hit the back of her throat.

Her neck was starting to get sore when Tucker finally gasped out and moaned. He quickly asked, “I’m about ready to cum, do you mind swallowing?” Angela knew in the position she was in, he didn’t have to ask. He could have just unloaded and it would be done. She appreciated him asking.

Angela answered by sucking him harder and taking him in as far as possible. This caused him to arch his back as he found his pleasure again. Tucker gasped out and moaned as he began to throb inside the small girl’s mouth.

Angela felt him begin to pulse with her lips. Because he had already put a load of his cum up inside her pussy once, it wasn’t the torrent flood the sixteen year old would have expected if the first things she would have done was a blowjob. With that said, he still filled her mouth with a couple tablespoons full of his semen.

After he stopped throbbing inside her mouth, Angela was happy to let her head fall back onto the bed. Her neck was starting to feel the strain.

Tucker panted out, “That was great, thank you Maria.”

He reached down and undid the blindfold and at first, the light in the room seemed really bright to Angela as her eyes adjusted. Then Tucker started to untie her arms and legs. Angela stretched to relieve the strain of being stationary for so long.

Tucker sat back and asked, “Well, what did you think?”

Angela said, “It was fun. But, you scared the shit out of me with that knife of yours.”

Tucker said, “Sorry, I can bring a pair of scissors next time.”

The girl shook her head, she replied, “No, the knife’s okay, as long as I know what’s going on.” The Angela asked, “How often do you come to Houston?”

Tucker smiled, “About once a month give or take. So, are you willing to play again?”

Angela grinned, “Yeah, I have just the perfect outfit in mind. I hate it, so having you shred it to pieces will be fun.”

Tucker laughed, “Well, I’ll be happy to cut it to ribbons for you.” Then he added, “Don’t forget to bring some other clothes, or you just might have to go home naked.”

Angela giggled, “That sounds like fun, only I don’t think the local police would be too thrilled with the idea.”

Then Tucker grabbed her hand and put it on his dick. To her amazement, he was hard again. Tucker asked, “Would you mind terribly getting up on your hands and knees?”

Angela giggled and said, “Gladly! Let’s see if that bone of yours can make me cum again.”

Tucker slipped up behind the tiny girl as they began to fuck again.


Shelby and Jessica both had two encounters at the Marriott. Jessica’s second one paid for all night. Shelby retired for the evening after her second customer. She took a bus back to the Regency and spent the night in her dad’s room.

All three of the girls gave their customers a passcode for their website. They had special codes that allowed them to bypass the need for the recruiter’s code. The men would still be subjected to a background check, but Shelby was trying to get the system up and running.

She could tell her daddy was feeling horny, so she climbed between his sheets with her daddy and her both naked. He fucked her twice, and Eric got a really good blowjob from his daughter before the two of them fell deep asleep,

In the morning, she was up at 5:00am so she could get showered, dressed, and on her way to the zoo to meet up with Mark Johansson for whatever mischief he had in mind.
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