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Girl captured for party finds herself in dark captivity
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(School girl is taken for a gang member’s birthday party to be used for their entertainment.]. Her abuse continues and then she is held captive for the needs of the gang.)

Dirty, sunburnt, welted from the belt beating, the pathetic teen hung from the beam by her wrists, only toes touching the ground, stretched helpless. The gang whores were at her while the guy bangers watched. Jenna begged but they showed no mercy. Hands ran up and down her body as the girls watched the tortured look on her face and listened to her moans.
“Stop. Stop. No more. Uhhh, No. AHHHH. AHHHH. Please.
The more the pathetic teen begged and whimpered the more the gang bitches took their sadistic pleasure on her helpless body.

One gang bitch put her face right up to Jenna’s. Looking her in the eye’s she twisted her
nipples brutally watching the pain on her face. Her hands were all over Jenna, pinching, twisting, probing. She pinched open Jenna’s mouth and spit watching the drool roll out. Another bitch spit in her mouth and then another. Two of the gang whores picked up her feet and spread her legs. “Come on Manny, come and get it.” Manny, a fat, ugly thug dropped his pants, grabbed her thighs and pushed his cock inside her.

He leaned forward pushing as hard as he could inside her. He laughed in her face dripping with
spit. Her legs in the air exposed her raw feet. They were caked with blood, very little skin left.
Pieces of glass and gravel were visible. It was hard to believe she could walk at all.
One of the gang sluts grabbed a piece of 2 x 4, grabbed a foot and hit Jenna’s foot on the
battered sole.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Jenna let out a blood curdling scream. The girls
laughed as another gang slut grabbed her other foot whacking it with a 2 x 4 stub. Hearing her terrible
screams Manny thrust as hard as he could shoot his cum inside her. The girls pulled her legs far apart
while a new gangbanger took his fingers and spread her pussy lips. Little dribbles of cum dotted her cunt. He took two fingers and pushed inside her and then shoved them in her mouth.
“Swallow that. Fucking slut.” In a moment he was inside her and the gangbang began.

Jena’s shoulders burned. Her feet were torn and tattered. She was being fucked by
a brutal rapist. She was surrounded by rapists and their psycho women. It seemed like
every sensor was sending pain messages.

“GANGBANG GANGBANG FUCK HER HARDER HARDER.” The gang was screaming for blood.
Thrust after thrust he raped Jenna’ cunt. Screaming he came inside her. He rammed his fingers
inside her and pushed the slime into her mouth. The next bad ass stepped up. He reached for
Jenna’s crotch and twisted her red burning pussy lips. He laughed at her screams. The girls held
her legs as this new rapist would be more brutal than the others. He pushed his face up against hers
“I am going to fuck you like you never have been fucked before. He grabbed Jenna’s hair and
twisted her head. “Fucking worthless whore.” He twisted her head the other way. “Stupid pig,
I should break your fucking neck.”

“AHHHHH” the thug yelled as her grabbed Jenna’s ass checks and pushed himself as deep as he could.
He pulled almost out and then rammed in again. The terrifying fucking continued until he satisfied
himself inside her now cum filled cunt. He pushed his fingers brutally inside her and rubbed his
messy fingers across her eyes.

When he was done the girls raised Jenna off the floor several feet. Not satisfied with her
tortured feet They broke several beer bottles under her. The rope was released sending the unfortunate teen crashing to ground, more glass puncturing her feet.

Pulled back up to her toes Jenna could not know her worst fate so far was still coming.
The girls had found an old metal can with a strong solvent. Slowly the toxic liquid was
poured over Jenna’s raw and ravaged feet.

Jenna screamed, twisted and turned in total agony. The burning turned her feet into a hell of pain. The pain would not abate as the gang rape continued man after man. After everyone was done the rope was released and she fell to the ground. It was getting late and the gang was losing interest. Some had already left as Jenna lay helpless in a pile.

“What are we going to do with this piece of garbage. “ “Chop her up and throw her into those old cloth sacks, dumper in the river.” Manny took a long knife and pulled Jenna up by the hair ready to sever her head when the door opened and three gang members walked in. “Hey man, you are just in time, gonna finish this garbage off, Manny laughed.

Jenna started to mumble. “Hey what is she saying.” “Fucking cunt is begging.”
“Hey let her, I want to hear.” “Please let me live, I don’t want to die.”
“Hey, maybe we can work something out.” Laughed Carlos, one of the new arrivals.
“Manny leave her to us.” “Yea, just get rid of her when you are done.”

The three men dragged Jenna over to an old sawhorse and threw her over face down, her arms hanging down at one end and her legs at the other. Hey look what I found. Frank had a box of nails and a hammer. Carlos held Jenna’s hand, palm in, against the leg of the saw horse, while Frank pushed the nail tip against the skin. Jenna tried to pull her hand away. “Stop, what are you doing. Don’t.” Phillip
pulled her head up. We are going to make sure you don’t go anywhere. Frank pushed a nail hard against her hand and slammed the hammer. “AGHHHHHHHHH” even in her feeble state Jenna cried out. Again and again Frank hit until the nail was half way in and then he bent it over hammering the
nail against her hand.

Frank move over to the other side. He showed Jenna the nail, teasing her. Desperate she tried to pull away but Carlos held the hand in place while Frank pricked her skin with the nail. Phillip had his hands on her ass. He reamed her ass with two fingers and then pushed his cock inside her butt hole.

Frank hammered the nail in slowly listening to the crunching sound as the nail bit and Jenna jerked up with a terrible scream. Phillip had his hands on her ass pushing his cock deep inside her butt hole even as Frank pounded the nail in, bending it over to keep her hand from pulling over.

While her ass was being brutalized, Frank took another nail and probed her shoulder. He pounded the nail into her shoulder joint as the ass pounding continued. Jenna’s head hung down, she no longer had the strength to scream.

A half hour later a half dozen nails protruded from Jenna’s shoulders. Cum ran from her ass. Phillip pulled her head up but she showed little sign of life. They dragged her limp body still on the wooden horse to the yard outside. Scrounging up for paper and scraps Carlos lit a small fire under the horse. The smoke drifted up around the still bitch’s body. They fed a little more fuel to the fire and the flames licked up at Jenna’s body. The flames glowed under her torture body as the men added more wood.

“Scream bitch, Scream.” They threw paper on the flames sending them higher.
The screaming continued as Jenna twisted her head seeking escape. Her legs thrashed about to no avail. The boys took out their cocks and started pissing on her screaming face. Laughing, they joked about putting out the fire. Finally the screams ended as the fire soared, blackening Jenna’s body. The wooden horse caught fire and collapsed into the burning pyle.


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