This is a story, written by my very on sub. I think she has a lot of potential, but she doesn't think she's that good.
I honestly can’t even think why he would want me out in public in this dress. I smooth out the dress trying to make it a bit longer but in doing so that only brought down the front of the dress more. The slit went all the way down to my navel and the back of the dress-well there was no back of the dress. “It’s magical!” That was the first thing that popped into my head when I first put it on to leave the hotel, which wasn’t bad since I only had to be out in public for 7 minutes at the most. Now though, he wants to go shopping! And on a day where everyone will be there. I looked in the mirror as I finished putting on my lipstick and chuckled, speaking to myself. “He’s going to make a scene, just you watch.”

I looked down at my phone and reread the text message. Be ready by 5:45pm. Seemed simple enough. I checked the time and it was 5:40. So I stood by the door, there really wasn’t a need to sit down and get comfortable for such a short amount of time.

Time rolled on and I looked at my phone again and it was 5:45 I opened up the door and smiled watching the sleek car pull up in front of the house. I chuckled still impressed with how punctual he really is and made my way over to the car and stood outside it for a bit making sure I was up to his standards before getting in the car. He smiled and motioned me into the car. I climbed in and off we rode to go lingerie shopping.

We made it to the middle of the city that had a lot of little boutiques to go to, really nice shopping area, always crowded. He valeted at some parking structure and we got out and he led me to a boutique with fancy writing on the wall. Naturally it was a lingerie store, this one specializing in the little outfits. I chuckled as we stepped through.

“I wasn’t expecting dress up lingerie Sir.” I smiled over at him and he just gave me a small wink.

“We’ll see if we like anything first.” I chuckled at his wink and nodded making my way over to go look at the little outfits. The ladies immediately went over to Sir to see if he needed anything and I rolled my eyes chuckling. They clearly know this is for him so asking him what he wanted or needed seemed very smart of them.

I looked over some of the special made outfits that were duplicated unless anyone else wanted their designs as well. Lots of movie roles really, Alice in Wonderland even the damned cat from there as well. Speaking of cats of course the tight Catwoman outfit is here as well. A clown which really baffled me and a nice Dorothy lingerie set that I would have loved since I could have worn an exceptionally red pair of heels I had. Sir would have liked those wrapped around his head.

I kept on looking around and through the corner of my eye I saw him looking around as well and I chuckled as I saw him pick up a standard maid one. I smiled and went towards the back to see if I could come up with my own little outfit from the spare pieces they had. I found a blazer that was obviously just meant to barely cover my breasts and looked for a skirt type to match, I felt hot breath behind me making me drop the top.

As I was going to turn around I felt hands on my hips keeping me in place. I felt his whisper before I heard it since his hot breath was on my neck and towards my ear again.

“Don’t move.” I heard whispered and it instantly made me wiggle against him. I felt his smile and he looked down at my feet at the dropped top. “Ren, you’re dropping things. I’ll pick it up for you.”

I felt his hands slide down my sides and going lower as I felt him slide down in a crouching position right behind me and I felt the goosebumps rise everywhere on my body.

“While I’m down here I may as well inspect what’s mine.”

And ever so slowly I felt his hand travel up my inner thigh and up the dress, sliding a finger along my panties. I let out a soft moan from the gentle touch and bit my lip to keep from getting any louder. With just a single finger he rubbed against my panties slowly but with enough pressure to make me feel his finger throughout my whole body. I slowly moved my hips against his finger quickly forgetting that we are in a public store where anyone can come in would normally make me uncomfortable but in that instant I wanted someone to come in and look at what he does to me, and how much I love it. He moved my panties to the side and with two fingers stroked along my lips as I bit down on my lip a bit harder closing my eyes and moving my hips along with his fingers. I felt something cool against my lips and was slightly confused, the last time I felt something that cool it was the..”Ohhhh” and there it was. The cool metal ball had been pushed inside me, not vibrating, yet. I heard his small chuckle from knowing just how surprised I was.

He whispered “I seemed to have found this in my pocket.”

I chuckled as he spoke and rolled my eyes. I gasped out loudly as I felt the ball start vibrating and of course it’s as intense as it could be since he no doubt had a remote for it and I was so close to him. I shuddered and moaned and he smiled knowing I’m enjoying it. I hear the rustle of the top being taken off the floor and I feel his hand move away from my wet pussy now. I felt him whisper against my neck

“Leave your panties to the side like that.”

I nodded with a yes Sir and towards the end I gasped moaning a bit too loud as I felt him bite into my neck, not enough to leave a mark but hard enough to almost bring me to my knees right then and there.

“We’re going come on.” He grabbed my hand and he led me out of the store where I saw the ladies whispering to themselves excitedly, no doubt they heard my too loud of a moan and I smiled and walked out the shop with Sir.

He led me to another shop, this one selling standard lingerie sets, panties bra and garter belts. This store had a lot more people in it so the ladies working all seemed to be preoccupied and didn’t come smother Sir or I asking if we needed anything. I smiled and made my way over towards a counter that had a very high number of different panties and styles. Bras would be easy to pick out so I settled on picking my panties first.

I was looking over all the sets occasionally leaning forward to inspect ones that were farther away and it must have been too much for Sir since he was right next to me for this bit since the workers were busy. I felt a smack on my ass and I chuckled lightly since it was playful and not too loud and I figured that would be all the attention I would get since the store is a lot more crowded. But oh boy was I mistaken. I felt his hand slide back up my dress as I was leaning forward and immediately felt two of his fingers slide inside me. I gasped and leaned against the counter even more.

“The ones that further from you seem nice, look at those.” I felt his hot whisper on my ear again and a hand slide up my bare back and behind my neck gripping it tightly. I moaned softly and began touching the panties that he was referring to. To anyone else it would look like Sir was just massaging my neck but little did they know. He moved his fingers in and out of my pussy making me squirm against his hold to which he responded by gripping my neck tighter to settle me down. I continued to look down at the panties to see if I actually liked any of them. I grabbed a coral pair with some white lace over, they seemed cute enough but upon grabbing them I felt another finger enter me and I leaned my head forward groaning into the panties on the counter. I felt him move his fingers in and out of me moving a bit quicker now and i shifted my weight on my legs as I kept squirming against his hands. The fact that this was so public was driving me closer and closer to the edge and the damn ball inside of me was not helping the cause either. With every movement of his finger I felt the ball move inside me and rubbed against some new part of me. Honestly, this man must enjoy the fact that he almost kills me with how much I want to cum but don’t do it. And I did not want to cum here.

“Sir…” I moved my hips a bit away from his hand shaking my head against the smooth panties in my face. He quickly moved his hand away and took me over to the bras. I stumbled after him trying to clear my head of the near orgasm I had and looked at the bras.

“Pick one, any.” He said and I just reached out and grabbed a black one in my size. I really didn’t like it but it was the one in front of me and I had a feeling we weren’t going to be buying it anyways. He led me to the back of the store towards the changing rooms. The woman, who saw the items in my hand and led me over towards the changing rooms, was quite nice. With a small couch in front of the rooms no doubt for the men or whoever had to wait to view the lingerie on whoever was trying them on. The lady left and I made my way over to the changing room with Sir coming in right after me. I chuckled as I entered because there was quite a large sign that prohibits more than one person in the changing area and I looked at Sir and he just smirked.

“That’s most likely for people trying on lingerie...we’ll be doing something else.” He nodded down to his crotch and whispered leaning towards me. ”Take it out and suck.”

I quickly dropped to my knees feeling the ball move around inside me causing me to shudder even more. I unzipped his pants and worked his hard cock out of his pants. I licked up and down him first wanting to taste him first but that wasn’t what he told me to do. Quickly realizing my mistake I was going to correct it but I felt his hands in my hair and he pulled tightly practically growling at me.

“If you can’t follow orders I’ll just do it myself.” He tugged on my hair harder and stuffed his cock inside my mouth, I immediately choked a bit but quickly steadied myself as I felt him slam his cock into my mouth. I closed my eyes and tried breathing through my nose getting at least a little comfortable. But from the tight pull of my hair and his fast pace of thrusting into my mouth it was hard to catch my breath. My eyes watered up from the lack of air I was getting and I gripped onto his legs to keep myself up from the intense vibration of the ball inside me.

I looked up at him through my tear filled eyes and he moved out of me and I quickly took a gulp of air and immediately felt better. After my gulp of air he pulled my head towards his crotch and I felt his cock go into my mouth, but he didn’t thrust anymore.

“Suck Ren.” He whispered and I quickly started sucking on him. I moved up his cock twirling my tongue around him and then licked and sucked as I went down. I kept up this rhythm for a while and I felt his grip on my hair loosen as he pulled me away from his cock. “Only one of us gets to cum Ren. Who will it be?”

I smiled and looked up at him. “Of course it will be you Sir.”

And he smiled and pulled me back onto his cock as he thrust into my mouth slower than before but still quite quickly. I kept on sucking and twirling my tongue around his cock licking under his tip. I wanted him to cum, needed him to cum and I moved my head in time with his thrusts so he can do just that. I felt his cock harden more and heard his groan and knew that he would cum soon. I took his entire length into my mouth and sucked and held his cock there. I felt him shudder slightly as he pulled his cock out a bit and released his cum into my mouth and on my tongue.

“Don’t swallow, show me.” I opened my mouth and showed him the pool of cum on my tongue and stroking my cheek he whispered. “Good girl, swallow.”

I got up as he put himself back into his pants and grabbing the panties and bra he put them in my hands and we both walked out of the changing room. I left the bra at the counter and took the panties. He shook his head though and told me to put them with the bra as well. “We’re done here.’’ I frowned a bit and put the panties back. I followed him to the door and we walked back the direction we came from.

“Are we done already Sir?” I mumbled shakily since the ball was still going strong inside me and the walk was taking forever as I noticed we were going back to the valet. He gave his ticket to the man and we waited for the car to be brought around front. He didn’t answer and we got in the car and I’ll admit I was a bit pouty on the way home despite the ball moving around inside me. I shifted around at least 200 times in my seat trying to avoid over stimulation to one certain spot for long. I really did want new lingerie but I guess we’ll just have to go somewhere else or on my own time. As we pulled up to the house he turned off the car and looked at me speaking sternly.

“Take that pout off your face Ren, now.” I looked up at him and nodded as I made my face more normal looking. “Good girl, now look in the back seat.” I watched him as he kept his face stern and slowly looked in the back and a smile was quickly etched on. In the back were a couple of shopping bags and I chuckled and reached for one opening it and found stockings. The next bags had panties and garters belts and bras. I looked over at him and he smiled. “Go on and try them on. Pick out your favourite for this weekend. Oh and” He took out the remote for the ball and turned it off and I immediately slumped in my seat thankful for the buzz to stop but still felt the lingering hum of my pussy.

“Thank you Sir.” I chuckled and I smiled and grabbed all my bags and got out of the car. I entered the house and smiled knowing that my Sir was the most complicated but the most fun man that I have ever known. I looked over at the mirror and smiled. “Told you he would make a scene.” I giggled and made my way to the room and pouring out the contents of my new stuff onto the bed and laughed loudly as I saw a shoe box, and inside was incredibly bright and shiny red shoes. “Well, that was easy. Already done picking my outfit.”


As I said, Ren wrote this, so be kind.

Any fans, well wishers, or if you just have any questions, suggestions or the like kik me @ kendean11

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you did a great job ren don't stop now

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