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From Jessies mothers perspective.
Here's a quick addition to the story, mainly just sex this time.

I can't stop thinking about yesterday, in the van. It was indescribable, I've never had an orgasm like that before. He's Jessies friend, it's wrong....but. That body, that orgasm, that....dick. My whole being shivers when I think about it. I don't think about it long before I her Jessie walk in the front door. "So, how was your day?" I ask.

"It was fine, I guess." I don't know why I bother asking, he always seems to brush me off. Maybe one of these days he'll open up to me.

"You hungry?" I was just getting ready to make dinner for us both before I interrupted myself by reminiscing about my little affair.

"Not really, I'm really tired actually, I think I'm just going to go to sleep." Hmm, that's odd. I wonder what happened to him at school today? I know how mean teenagers can be especially to kids Jessies size.

"How come?" I ask but just then my cellphone rings. I look at the caller I.D. "Big boi" I shudder just reading it. I shouldn't have named it that but it just felt so...I don't know. I don't know what's come over me recently, I feel so naughty. I know I shouldn't answer it, not right now with Jessie right here but I've been thinking of him non-stop since that day. The steam, the heat, the sweat, the sex. I want him again, I need him again.

"Oh sorry honey, one sec." No sooner do I put my ear to the phone does Jessie rush upstairs to his room. What a releif, now I can speak to him in private.

"Hey." he says in a cool but curious tone, he's trying to act aloof. I know his game I remember kids like him from my youth....well, not quite like him.

"Hi." I respond giddily, I cringe at myself. I wanted to act aloof as well and beat him at his own game but I just couldn't hide my eagerness to speak with him.

"So, what're you up to?" he asks, his tone and demeanor, the whole situation in fact reminds me of the phone conversations I'd have with boys in highschool.

"Nothing." It's awkward, just like it was in highschool. But exhilarating just like it was in highschool.

"I want to see you again."

"So do I."

"I want to see you tonight." That takes me off guard.

"I can't"

"Why not?" he asks, almost daringly. I pause, I can't really think of a good reason why not. Jessies up in his bedroom trying to get to sleep, I could say it was a work call. I have nothing to do tonight. I realize as I'm trying to think of reason why I can't I'm actually coming up with reasons why I can.

"Where would we go?"

"You know the highway motel?"

"That place?"

"Yeah, that place. Meet me there in half an hour." and he hangs up the phone. He's getting under my skin in more ways than one, the presumptuousness of him not even waiting for my answer annoys me. But what gets me more is knowing that I'm going to show up and prove him right. I'm hornier than I have been in years, I don't even care that I'm going to be meeting him in a seedy motel, I'm just excited that I'm going to be meeting him at all. I guess it's better than the back of a van I rationalize to myself.

"Sweetie, that was work calling since you aren't having dinner I figured it would be okay if I headed out for a bit."

"Yeah, sure, that's okay with me!" I hear him reply. Perfect, I rush out the door.

Dirty thoughts are racing though my mind as I drive down to the motel. It's making it hard to concentrate on the road and I'm speeding. As I pull up to the hotel I notice that I'm 15 minutes early. And I spend the next 20 minutes waiting for Colin. I see him ride up on a bicycle, I start to second guess myself. He's so young, I shouldn't be doing this with him. He immediately recognizes the van and pulls up next to the drivers side window, I roll it down.

"You're already here? I figured I'd be the one waiting for you."

I'm a little embarrassed that I've been parked in this parking lot for 20 minutes just waiting for him to show up.

"It hasn't been too long, I just got here." I lie. The fact that I have to lie in order to try and gain some footing back makes me cringe slightly. Colin not showing any surprise or even mentioning that I decided to show up at all really gets under my skin as well. But his nonchalant attitude and confidence turn me on as well, I'm conflicted with emotions.

"So...are you going to get the room or what?" Colin says to my shock, I thought he'd already have it.

"I'm paying for it?"

"Well I can't just go in there and ask for a room for the night, I'm too young the guy might ask for my home phone number or something." It makes sense but also makes me realize the reality of the situation. Colin is just too young for me, this isn't right.

"Colin I-" I'm about to back out and go home but before I finish my sentence Colin starts riding around to the other side of the car. He opens the door and gets in the passengers seat.

"Listen, I know what you're thinking." He puts his hand on my thigh, I feel paralyzed. Not with fear, with anticipation and excitement as I feel his strong hands gently squeeze my inner thigh. "But I know you want this or else you wouldn't have shown up at all. You're already here, and so am I, why waste the night? Lets be bad tonight and then tomorrow you can be mature and responsible and never see me again. It won't make a difference either way except one way we get to have fun and the other we don't."

He's so persuasive. What is the difference? I can go home now unsatisfied and end the relationship or I can go home in a hour or so satisfied and still end the relationship. His fingers inch their way up towards my pussy and I start to lose myself in lust.

"....Okay, wait here, I'll go get the room key and meet you in the room."

"Good." Colin smiles.

I walk up to the motel lobby and ask the man at the counter for a room

"How long?" He asks.

"Just the night." I respond. It's awkward and I'm paranoid that he knows what I'm going to be doing in there. He probably gets lots of people paying for 'just the night' here. "-Actually! two nights." I say hoping to make it seem more legitimate.

"Uh, okay. That'll be a hundred dollars please." What a stupid way to waste money I think as I pay the man. I immediately regret my paranoid decision.

As I'm leaving the lobby I hear him say "Have fun." What does that mean? 'have fun' how does he know what I'll be doing in there? And as I turn around I see Colin standing behind me smiling.

"Let's go." He says loudly and enthusiastically as we both walk out of the lobby.

"What are you doing?!" I hiss through my teeth "You were supposed to wait in the van."

"Oh, relax." He says "He's seen worse. And anyways, he probably just thought we were mother and son." He probably did I think to myself, who wouldn't? Colin does look like he could be my son. He keeps winding me up, trying to push my buttons. But it's not doing anything to take away my lust for him right now. All I can think is that I hope he pushes my buttons when we are alone in the motel room. The ones that are deep within me that only he can reach.

As soon as we walk into the room and the door shuts behind us Colin starts grabbing me forcefully. Pulling my clothes off me like an animal, I offer no resistance. My clothes drop to the floor behind me and soon I'm in only my panties and bra. He is no more gentle with himself, tearing his clothes off like a wildman until he's naked. I turn my head to look at it, I want to see it so badly. It's standing at full attention, powerful and domineering, my knees almost buckle at the sight of it. He grabs my panties by the waist and tears the right off of me. He is completely ravaging me and I am completely giving in. Not even for a second was I hesitant, I was waiting for this since the second I felt his hand on my thigh in the van. If he had started in the parking lot I may not have had the strength to resist him even there, I would have let him do what he wanted with me right in the open.

He wastes no time, he doesn't even give me time to get on the bed. He just grabs my hips, postilions himself behind me and moves his member forward until we meet each other for the second time below our waists. His cockhead is touching my pussy lips ever so slightly, we are both reveling in the moment. I can feel his head pulse with his hear beat as it pumps blood into it, I'm sure he can feel the same in my swelling labia. It's almost as if my pussy and his cock are connected at the heart. The romanticism gives way to animal lust as his grip tightens on my hips and he pulls me back into him and his cock forces its way deeper and deeper into my pussy. So deep I can feel his balls on my clit. As he begins to thrust they begin to slap my clit from behind, adding an extra layer to the already dense sensations of pleasure I'm feeling.

My panties are stuck to my thigh like glue from the sweat and juice they are soaked in but they start to flap from the force of Colins strong powerful thrusts and slowly peel off and fall to the floor landing wetly over my feet. My toes squirm and wriggle underneath them. My pussy does the same. I can feel myself coming close to an orgasm, I put my hands on Colins and grip them tight, my body tenses up. "Yeah, you like that?" I think Colin can tell I'm close. He slows down, his thrusts are still hard but more deliberate now, more precise. He's reaching a place inside of me that nobody has ever felt before, not even me, somewhere so deep I didn't even know it was there. And every time he reaches it my pussy clenches around his cock making him work harder to pull it out. It's like my pussy doesn't want him to leave, it's clinging on to him desperately thinking every stroke will be the last. I can feel the suction in my pussy as it grips him on the back stoke, I'm sucking his cock with my pussy and slobbering all over it.

"Tha-that's enough! Slow down, I-I'm cumming!" My hands move from his to his hips I try and hold him back, stop him from thrusting so hard into me but he is too forceful. He doesn't slow or stop, he doesn't even hesitate. He just keep pumping away at me. My pussy seizes up on his cock. I start to see colors in my brain like fireworks. My pussy is having a seizure and I'm having an epileptic fit. I completely forgot, he's raw, if he cums I might get pregnant and I can't stop him in the state I'm in."C-condom you h-have to use a c-condom!"

"I didn't bring any." He responds with a distant tone. Like he's ignoring me.

"M-m-my p-p-purse." I hear him groan with dissatisfaction and he pulls out just as I'm about to climax. I almost scream no as he does but restrain myself. I know better than to let a virile young man cum in me raw. I'm still shaking from orgasm but it is fading fast, I stick my butt out instinctively, presenting myself like an animal waiting to be mounted. Just as the orgasm is about to fade I feel him angrily thrust himself back inside my pussy with no warning and my orgasm begins to climb in intensity once again.

"Codoms suck! I'm going to have to fuck you real hard to feel anything through the rubber!" Colin growls, he is true to his word as well, he fucks my pussy so hard it hurts. It's exhausting, I feel like I'm about to collapse, This orgasm has been going on for what seems like hours now. I want it over with equally as much as I want it to continue I feel it build more and more, past the point it was at before Colin stopped to put on the condom. Denying the orgasm must have allowed me to reach a new teir of climax. My facial muscle start to twitch and my lips quiver uncontrollably.

"C-colin! M-m-m-more! More!" He's only a boy but he doesn't fuck like one, he fucks lime a man. He's more of a man than any other man I've ever met. He's Jessies age and but he is so much more of a man than Jessie! more of a man than Jessies father even. It's not something that a mother should be thinking but then again, this isn't something that a mother should be doing. The closer I reach to my new height of climax the more desperate I become to achieve it. Colin starts slowing his thrusts.

"You close? You want more? Then b-"

"No! Please! I'll do anything just don't stop! Please!" He doesn't even need to ask me to beg, I'm already doing it.

"I want to see you again!" He takes hold over the opportunity the way only a confident spontaneous man can.

"Yes! Okay! Anything! Oh god please more! Please!"

"Well aren't you polite." I should be ashamed of myself but I'm far too engrossed in my orgasmic joy to be thinking of things like shame. My joy rises to bliss as Colin returns to his powerful deliberate pace. My climax comes and I close my eyes. Warmth envelopes my whole body, especially my thighs and pussy. I forget everything, I forget my name, my childs name even the name of the man who is fucking me right now. When I open my eyes I look down to see that I have begun pissing myself. I don't know where I am, who I am or why I'm here, the climax has brought me to a fugue state. More disturbingly than anything is how much I don't care, I just want to live in this warm electric moment forever. But soon it starts to fade and I begin to remember. My name; Jennifer, my lovers; Colin, my daughters?.....Jessie.

"There, there, that's it, cum for me." Colin says gently, it's nice and makes me feel loved to hear him speak to me like that. Normally It would take more than a few softly spoken words to make me feel this way but the orgasm is elevating my emotions. It reminds me of the time's I dabbled in ecstasy when I was younger. Though this ecstasy I was feeling now was natural and safe. "I'm going to cum too!" Colin says as his thrusts become more greedy and less interested in my pleasure and more in his.

I feel him push inside me and throb as he pumps his gooey seed into the condom. At first I only feel the throbbing of his cock but soon I start to feel something else, a swelling in my womb. He is filling the reservoir with so much cum that it's expanding inside me like a water balloon. It feels strange but in a good way, like most of the things I have been feeling tonight. I start to worry that the condom will burst inside of me filling my womb with a hot and sticky load of steaming semen my worry turns to fantasy. But it doesn't, I feel the last throb and then I feel him softening inside of me. He pulls out but the condom stays stuck inside of me like a knot. His half hard member is still impressive even as it wanes in size, it's dribbling with clear cum and the end of it is coated in thick white jizz.

"Well would you look at that, seems like we have a problem here." I could care less at the moment, I'm still reeling from what just happened to me. "Lets see if we can't get this thing out of you." I can feel him pull on the condom and the balloon knotted inside me tugs at my womb. Again a strange but oddly enjoyable feeling. I have laid myself face down on the bed in the room and Colin is still pulling away at the condom. I can't muster enough energy to do anything but moan gently with pleasure. He pulls hard and I can feel the balloon start to make its way out of my womb and slowly slide out of me. "Oh look at that, it broke"

"It what?!" that shakes me out of my stupor fast enough and I turn around to look at it. The condom is sagging heavily as if it was filled with nickles and dimes. There is, what I will soon find out to be, almost exactly a mouthful of very thick and heavy cum sitting in it. Some of it is slowly dripping out of a small hole in the bottom.

"It's okay, it's too small of a tear to be anything to worry about." I sigh with releif as he climb on top of the bed until he is over me and his cock is dangling above my head. "Look at the mess you made." referring to the slathering of creamy cum he has on the first few inches of his semi-erect cock. "You should take responsibility for it."

"I suppose I should" reply as I open my mouth and bend my head back. He dips his cock into my mouth and I suck and lick and polish until he is as clean as a whistle. I smack my lips with delight when I'm done but don't swallow, I keep it in my mouth, I love how it tastes. He then lowers the condom over my mouth as well, I know what he wants so I don't ask I simply obey. My mouth sucks on the hole in the bottom of the condom, it's difficult. It's like trying to suck a very thick milkshake up through a very long straw. It's so thick. Slowly but surely my mouth fills with the contents of the condom, my cheeks bulge like a squirrel keeping nuts in its cheek. I'm also keeping a huge nut in my cheeks and I want to savor it. I keep it in my mouth as the flavor settles and swallow it in small increments. It's too thick to swallow all at once. When I'm done I try to open my mouth but it takes effort as the roof of my mouth is stuck to the bottom of my mouth like glue from the residue of cum still coating the inside of it. I have to peel my lips apart to sigh contentedly.

"Colin that was...I don't even know how to explain what that was."

"Yeah? Well good. The less you talk the more I like you." He smirks at me playfully as he says it. I pretend I don't like the way he speaks to me but somewhere inside I do.

"I have to get home now, you're okay to ride your bike home right."

"Yeah I'll be fine don't worry about me." He says as he's putting on his clothes. He picks up my wet and torn panties and holds them out for me to see.

"Hey, let me keep these alright, as a souvenir, it's not like you'll be using them anymore."

"...Alright, but don't go showing them to anybody, those are just for you."

"Just for me." he agrees as he walks out the door.

When I get home later that night the house is quiet. Jessie must be asleep, it's pretty late. I tip-toe up the stairs and whisper outside his door "Honey are you awake?" but there's no answer so I sneak into his room quiet as a mouse. I see him lying there, he looks so calm and peaceful, my little boy. I sit down gently on his bed next to him and caress his hair. "Good night sweetie." I say before giving him a soft wet goodnight kiss.

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