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The Truth About Nikki – pt5………..The Birth and beyond

During the long buss ride home I formulated my plans for my future. I had again mulled over the idea of having a D&C, but rejected it. I faced the fact that it was I who had made the decision to open my legs to Ray and it was now my responsibility to live with the results of that decision. I just couldn’t bring myself to end the life of the child within me, just to make my life easier.

I decided to forge my Mothers signature on the school packet for the accelerated graduation program. This would allow me to graduate school sometime in early December, my 5th month. With any luck I could pull this off without anyone at school even noticing that I was pregnant.

I knew that the shit would really hit the fan once dear old momma found out that her daughter was knocked up but was really unsure of exactly what her reaction would be. I was sure of one thing for certain; she would not be at all the supportive, nurturing type. I was just hoping to conceal my condition for as long as possible. I vowed to avoid her even more than we already did when I returned home.

Once home I put my plan into action and the months began to slid by. As part of my plan to avoid mom, I got a job at the library for the rest of the summer and was assured that I could work after school too if I wanted to. As I was now adamant about saving money for my Childs future, I jumped at the chance. When school started I found the accelerated program to be pretty much a joke, I didn’t have to study any harder to keep on the honor role. I confirmed my condition to myself on September 28th, I was indeed pregnant, I had never thought about my reaction to the official news, but when I saw the color change on the test kit, my heart almost jumped from my chest, I felt like I had just won the Lotto. As I had never been allowed to date or go out anyway, I had become invisible to like 99% of the other kids, no one even noticed that I began wearing baggy sweatshirts in October. My birthday came and went in early December without anyone but me even noticing. I was now 17 but I didn’t feel excited about it at all, it was just another day.

The day that Christmas break started I and the other five kids in the program were called to the office and presented our diplomas. Questions were asked about my mom not being there but I covered them with a tail of her being very ill with the flu that going around. I had made it, I walked from school that day almost five months along without ever being found out, I was a high school graduate, and my baby was now doing aerobics on a daily basis. Life just didn’t get any better than right at that moment.

I continued to leave for “school” every morning, but instead went to a local diner and had breakfast before going to work at the library where I now worked full time. All was going along great. The librarian had noticed that I was pregnant but didn’t ask too many questions and I didn’t offer any details. But the day I had dreaded for so long came one morning in early February when mom unexpectedly walked into the bathroom as I was climbing from the shower. I’m sure they could hear the explosion for miles as she screamed at me the entire time while I dressed for work. The men who had used me had called me nasty things, but they were all novices compared to what this sweet Christian woman called me. I left for work with her still screaming and flailing only to return too much and the same that afternoon when I returned home. The only good thing from this was that she made an appointment for me to see a doctor, which I had not done up to this point.
Things went down hill from there; we never talked, she never asked for an explanation, in fact when she did reference my existence it was with the term “whore”. I was expecting to be kicked out at any moment, so I began liquidating my few assets, I hocked my TV/VCR combo unit (after watching Ray’s tape one last time), and any thing else that wouldn’t fit in a suitcase or two. When I was done my account at the local bank was just a hair over four grand, not much to start out with and I knew it. I now became a thief too, as I knew where momma kept her stash of cash. I plundered this stash of hers for nine hundred dollars in early April (my due month).

I was as ready as I could make myself, but I felt totally alone and scared. The worst news came from the librarian one morning when I waddled in for work; I was informed that my job was being eliminated when I went in to have my baby. I had intended on staying there as I was earning over seven fifty an hour, and had computed that I could make it on that full time wage. Now I was fucked, jobs were scarce in this town and I had just lost one of the decent ones.

Three days later I was driven from work to the hospital and delivered my beautiful son after screaming for almost 5 hours. He was worth every second of the pain required to push him from my womb. He was dark brown like his father, but my ancestry had softened his features just enough to make him incredibly handsome, even as a newborn. I had my first taste of racism that very day when one of the nurses refused to tend to me or my son, I can still see that hate in her eyes when she saw me holding my beautiful brown child. My mother never came to see her grandson or me. Two days later I was released from the hospital, Mom had dropped off the two suitcases that I had packed and locked several days before and an envelope. Inside was a buss ticket to some town in Montana and a note from her to leave, take my bastard nigger child with me, and go live with my worthless father.

I was crushed. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew that I had to get out of this town. The lady at the desk called the local cab for me, I loaded my stuff, cleaned out my account at the bank and went to the buss station. I had absolutely no idea what to do, my plan had gone to shit, but I knew that I had no interest in meeting my dad who had never given a shit about me. So I cashed in the ticket, pocketed another two hundred dollars and got a ticket to Portland. I had thought about going back to Corvallis, but dismissed it, I needed a fresh start and for some reason that I couldn’t put my finger on, I didn’t want Ray to know about the baby.

Once in Portland I soon found myself living in probably the sleaziest hotel ever. It was on the wrong side of town, where most of the rooms were rented by the hour, like the one next door to me.
That is where I met my first true friend, Anna. I had only been in town for a week or so, trying to find a job that paid enough for us to live on, without any luck. When instead of the squeaking of bedsprings and the thumping of the bed frame against the wall next door, all hell broke loose. As soon as it quieted down and I heard the man slam the door on his way out, I heard crying from the next room. I couldn’t help myself; I went over and found Anna, beaten, bloody, and naked on the floor of the room. Anna was (or had been) a beautiful girl, almost my height and build, but with sharp, model like features. I helped her up and took her to my room and began cleaning her up. The bastard with her had not only beaten and raped her, he had kicked her between the legs making her a bloody swollen mess down there. I offered to go downstairs and call the cops and an ambulance but she refused, saying that would only make things worse. I didn’t understand her at all, that was because I was dumb as shit in this new world I had entered. After a while she was ok enough to take a shower by herself and I went next door to retrieve her clothes, which were pretty much torn to shreds during the attack. When she hobbled from the shower she looked like hell. She had a huge shiner and that eye was almost swollen shut, her arms and legs were a mass of bruises and scrapes, and her groin had become this ugly swollen purple mass. I helped her into the only chair in the room and covered her with a blanket before offering her a coke. She tried to smile as she took the can in her trembling hands and somewhere inside me; I decided that she was a good person. We talked about the attack before she finally asked me to call her man, her pimp and ask him to come get her. I went to the lobby and called this guy and gave him the hotel etc and he told me he would be there in a bit, then he just hung up on me. I went back up and Anna and I began chatting some more, where the subject of the cops came up again. She looked at me like I was from Pluto or something before telling me that street hoes don’t call the cops unless they want more trouble than they already have. She said the cops were worse than most of the pimps on the block, that her man would handle this, not the cops.

A bit later a slim scanky looking black guy knocked on the door and I let him in to see Anna. He listened to her story then shook his head and called her a dumb fucking cunt. He announced that in her condition she wasn’t worth shit and that she was on her own till she could work, then he just turned and walked out of my room. Showing my stupidity again I told her that when my baby woke up I would help her get home. Anna looked at me and said that she lived in a room her pimp gave her and that he had just given her the kiss off so she had no place to go. I didn’t know what to do, but I couldn’t just put her out so I offered to let her stay until she could find somewhere. It was as if I had just given her a million dollars, she smiled so wide that she pulled open a tear in the corner of her mouth. She asked me to do another favor for her, to go to a certain street and find a girl named Cindy and ask her to bring her clothes from the room if she could. So once my boy Trev woke up with his sweet little sleep smiles I trudged across about 15 blocks of town and found Anna’s friend. She said that she would do what she could and I told her where Anna was.

It took Anna about ten days before the bruises and swelling began to fad and heal, during this time Anna and I began to forge a strong bond of friendship. She readily offered to care for little Trev while I went job-hunting during the days. I found jobs but, they were all around five bucks an hour, which would never begin to cover our expenses, babies I learned quick were not cheap to care for properly.

During this time Anna and I began sharing our life tales with each other, she was now eighteen and had run away from her home in Iowa when she had been fifteen. Her home life had sucked maybe even more than mine as her step dad had started “spending quality time” with her when she had been fourteen. When she turned up pregnant her mom had blamed her, not the step dad. Her parents had sprung for the abortion and Anna split about a week later. She had first ended up in Kansas City where she was taken in by a guy and made a street hoe. She told me that she had got into drugs to free herself from the reality of being a whore; she said it was just easier to be a hoe when she was high. She stayed there for a year or so but hopped a buss one night after her pimp had been busted for dope. This is how she came to be in Portland. She told me that she had quit the drugs and was trying to save her cash, so she could break free of this and have a life.

Anna also told me everything she had learned about the streets. How to pick out cops, how to choose which john to bop, etc. Anna told me that the attack on her was her fault, that she had a bad feeling about him but he had splurged for the room so she had gone for it. She told me to always listen to my gut, if it didn’t feel cool, walk away. It was like a college course on the culture of some foreign country or something. We finally got around to the money issue and as soon as she told me what she had made a day, I knew I had found a way to take care of little Trev. It was a tough decision, but I had been on my own for almost a month and already had used up about twenty percent of my cash. I had to start making some cash and quick.

I finally asked Anna to show me the ropes on the street, teach me how to survive. She and I talked over the alternatives, which I had been computing in my own mind for weeks until I finally asked why she worked the streets. She admitted that it was the only way she had of making enough cash to survive, so she relented and said she would teach me every thing she knew.

The first and most important priority to me was to find someone who I could trust to watch Trev while I worked. Anna helped out there too, she knew girls on the streets who had kids and canvassed them for a good sitter, who had reasonable rates. I was set up with this older black woman (Emma) who was cool with the whole life, she freely admitted that she had been a hoe for most of her life, but said that now she was fat an old and no body wanted a old fat hoe.

My first night as a hoe shocked me. I had thought it would be like doing the guys at Ray’s, just fucking, being called names, etc. No, it was so much worse. Anna had tried to tell me but I had not been listening to her about this point. A street hoe isn’t a person; she is a piece of warm meat. They are bought like a condom, to be used then discarded like trash. My first john looked pretty cool, talked the right shit and paid up front with no bitching. All that stopped once we had walked into the alley, the second I had rolled the condom on his cock, he just flipped me around, folded me over a trash bin, yanked my panties to one side and rough fucked me till he got off. He pulled the condom off, threw it on the back of my head, wiped his cock off on my skirt and walked out of the alley. I left the alley, met up with Anna and told her about the whole thing. She told me that I had just had a good one; at least he hadn’t pinched, slapped or hit me while he was doing me. She looked me right in the eye and told me that I was to remember guys like him, they were the ones I wanted to make repeat customers of. She went on to say that he was a good one to remember because he was quick, we had only been in the alley about five minutes start to stop. I was again shocked, it felt like it had been much longer to me, like it would never end.

I hated this, hated every thing about it, I had never felt so incredibly dirty in my life. I wanted to run back to that shitty little hotel room and wash with bleach. But I counted the money that I had just made in five minutes, money that I needed to care for Trev. I steeled myself to the fact that if this is what I had to do to keep little Trev healthy and warm and fed, then I would do it, as long as I had to. Then I went back to work.

When I finally asked my chaperone Anna if we could go home, she said that her legs had been killing her for hours and that she would love to call it a night. As we walked home, I went over the night’s events in my mind. I had fucked four men, two in the alley, one in the stairwell of some building, one over the trunk of a car in a dark parking lot, and then given a BJ behind one of the bars along the strip. It made me sick to think about. But then I counted the spoils of my first night as a nasty little street whore. $220.00 for about 6 hours of work, which I computed out as about a full week of flipping burgers at some shit shack. I began doing all kinds of math exercises in my head as Anna and I chatted our way home. Anna hadn’t worked because she was still way too bruised and sore, but she had gone with me, taught me, guided me toward different guys and explained why and what to look for and more importantly what to look out for in their traits. Because of this I handed her fifty dollars. She refused it, said I had taken her in when she had nowhere else to go and I didn’t owe her shit. We stopped at Emma’s and picked up little Trev and I gave Emma $20.00. She said that I only owed $10.00 and I told her that Trev was worth 20 to me. She just smiled and said that she would keep it all on account for a rainy day. As Anna and I continued on home, she surprised me with a question of her own. She stopped at the hotel door and asked me why I had walked away from at least two white guys who were heading for me? I had to think about my answer first, because I really didn’t know. I told her that I had no interest in those white guys, so I turned away is all. She said that white guys have money too and that I should remember that. I told her that I knew that they had money but it just creeped me out somehow thinking about doing a white guy. She shook her head, laughed and went into the hotel saying that all johns creeped her out. We went upstairs tucked Trev into the crib I had bought at the second hand store, and then I headed for the shower to wash the ick off of me. When I came out, Anna was already sound asleep, so I sat down and recorded all of the gory details of my day in my diary before flipping out the light and slipping in beside Anna in the double bed.

Anna and I decided to kinda work as a team from now on, watching each other’s back, etc. I asked her to stay with Trev and me as this would even further reduce our combined costs, She jumped at the chance, I think that she was as lonely inside as I felt most of the time. It would be nice to have someone to talk to and vent things with when you needed too.

Life as a streetwalker soon fell into a normal grind if that is the right term for it all. Hit the streets between five and six every night; turn tricks until we got tired, cold, wet, hurt, or any combination of these. I wont recount each encounter, as there were so many that I want to forget but still cant. Almost all of these are the ones where guys hurt me, just for fun. In the first seven months on the street I had been hit and or beaten five times, during which I had been raped and robbed. I know many of you will say that a whore cannot be raped, but when a guy just takes you, while he gets his jollies off by punching you, then finishes it all off by taking the money you have earned servicing shitbags like him…I consider that rape. All of these rapes were done without condoms and I lived in fear of HIV each time until I could get the results for the clinic.

Anna had been hurt less during this time frame because she was savvier to the guys than I was, but she refused to get tested at the clinic like I did every time I had been taken without protection. Anna just couldn’t deal with the whole thing so I guess she just tried to ignore it, hoping that she would continue to miss the bullet.

In early December I began checking out the local college scene as I had saved enough cash to be fairly secure financially and decided to try for something in the medical field. I tried to get Anna to try it too, but she flat refused saying that she wasn’t a brain like me and that she hadn’t even finished school. I mentioned the GED program but the answer remained no.

Around this time, I had my cycle, which I always took as a week off to be with Trev, who was now crawling like crazy and climbing on every thing. I was cleaning our tiny room up and found the card with Kevin’s phone number one morning. It brought back a flood of memories and I sat on the edge of the bed and let my mind drift back to my time with him. The explosive climaxes he had given me became a flood washing back over me and I missed them. I realized that in all these months of having man after man fuck me, I had never had an orgasm. When Anna returned from the store, I asked her if she ever came with any of her tricks, her answer a simple and quick “fuck no”. She asked where that question had come from and I explained the day that I had met and fucked Kevin, and told her about the huge bone jarring climaxes that I had with those men and that I had just realized that I hadn’t had one since I had moved here. Anna admitted to me that she had never as far as she knew experienced anything like an orgasm, ever. It was hard for me to believe her but the look in her eyes told me that what she said was true, and I suddenly felt so sorry for her, spending years of her life being a sex toy for men without ever feeling its wondrous joy wash through her body. I was such a cruel twist of life.

I decided later that day to walk down and call Kevin, just to hear his voice more than anything. So while Anna and Trev napped on the bed, I went to the lobby and dialed his number. When he answered, I almost hung up, but I steeled myself and said “ hi, this is Nikki, we met at Ray’s a while back”. I was surprised when he cheerfully remembered me and asked where I was, because he could see that I was in town by his caller id box. I told him where I was and he caught me way off guard when he replied “oh shit baby, you don’t wanna be there”. I went on and told him that I had been here a while but had been too busy to get in touch before now. He said that I should have called him as soon as I got in town, because I shouldn’t be living down there and that he wanted to come see me, like now. Something that I hadn’t felt in a long time began to stir within me and I too wanted to meet and spend time with this man again. We set a time and place to meet and I hung up the phone and went back upstairs to my room to prepare.

I told Anna what I had done and told her that I would take Trev to Emma’s place if she wanted me too, but she said to leave Trev with her, that she would take the night off and play mommy. So I showered and changed into real clothes, not one of my work outfits, and headed downstairs to meet Kevin.

As soon as he pulled to the curb and I opened the door and got in, I felt the moisture begin to flow between my legs. This was something that I hadn’t felt for a long time and I liked it, I liked the soft thrumming of my pulse in my ears, and I liked being near a man who didn’t smell of booze, sweat, and grime. Since my arrival in town I had been very few places, my life had pretty much rotated around that one little corner of town where I lived and worked. Now Kevin quickly exited this part of town and I found myself being driven through parts of town with clean streets, normal people shopping, then into the suburbs with nice clean little houses and mowed green yards. Along the way Kevin and I had chit chatted about all different things but he kept working the conversation back to what I had been doing since I had moved here. I kept avoiding them as best I could but Kevin finally just asked me straight up if I had been hooking on the streets. I couldn’t think of a quick lie so I just told him that yes I was. He reached over and placed his hand on my leg and said that he was so sorry that I hadn’t called him first, that things would have been so much better for me if I had. Then he asked me if I had been barebackin with those brothers down there or using condoms. I told him about getting raped and then getting checked out at the clinic, he just nodded and said I had done the right thing. We finally pulled into the garage of a nice little house in some suburb and he hit the button to close the big door as he got out and asked me to slide out his side too. As I stood up Kevin gently pulled me to him and kissed me lightly on my forehead. Even this simple contact made the blood race through my veins. He led me into his home and I found a nice clean little house. It wasn’t fancy or large but it looked like a slice of heaven to me after that shabby little hotel room. I asked Kevin why he was so sure things would have been so much better for me if I had called him right off and his reply was to pull me to him again and kiss me deeply and long. When we broke our kiss he said that was because I would be with him, that’s why.

He began kissing me gently on my neck while slowly caressing my breasts and ass through my jeans and sweater. It felt so incredibly good to be touched so gently after such a long time of rough squeezes and grabs that I felt as if he was lighting my skin on fire each time his fingers touched me. His warm breath on my neck felt like a blowtorch fueling my growing lust between my legs. Kevin’s hand slipped under my sweater, found the clasp of my bra and popped it with ease. His large strong hand moved to my breast and gently plucked at my already hard nipples. He slowly lifted my sweater over my head and dropped it on the couch. Then pulled me to him and kissed me deeply before telling me what a beautiful little slut I was. His hands went to my jeans and he quickly unsnapped them and pulled the zipper down while looking me in the eyes for my reaction. My knees were weak and I couldn’t wait for him to play games with my jeans so I stepped back and slid them off then stood before him totally nude, just hoping for a remark of approval from him. Kevin first smiled then said that I was even more beautiful than he remembered. He removed his shirt and led me down the hall to his bedroom where he asked me to turn down the covers while he finished striping. I quickly folded the covers open while I watched Kevin peel his trousers off releasing his huge, blunt, cock. Just the sight of it sent shivers up my spine, it looked even larger than I remembered and I wanted to touch it, feel its power so bad that I wrapped my hand around it before I even climbed in bed.

Kevin turned toward me and I sat on the bed before him and guided his huge round cock head to my mouth. It felt so incredibly hot in my mouth and I reveled in the feeling of servicing a man this way because I wanted to. It was such a different world here with him, the guys on the street would be pulling my hair and jamming themselves into me by now, but Kevin just rubbed my hair and moaned that I was such a sweet cocksucker. His cock quickly began to drool its wonderful precum onto my tongue and throb between my lips. As I sucked this wonder of nature I watched the bulging veins of his cock and my own white hand stroking his jet-black shaft. My stomach was churning so much that I thought it would rip free of my belly, I needed to feel him within me, I needed to feel like a woman again, so I slipped my mouth from Kevin’s massive cock and lay back on the bed before him. I expected him to mount me, drive himself within me and satisfy my burning lust, but he knelt between my legs and lifted my hips to his mouth and began lapping at my swollen overflowing pussy. The feeling of his tongue lapping at my juices, driving deep into my hole, and flicking my clit brought me to a huge orgasm with only seconds. I bucked against his mouth until the spasms finally subsided and I went a little limp in his grasp. He lifted his pussy juice covered face from my snatch and asked if I got that treatment on my side of town. I told him that he had just given me the first climax I had enjoyed since I had gotten to town. Kevin told me that he had many more planned for me as he finally slid up my belly and allowed me to guide his fucking huge cock to the door of my womb. As he gently began rocking his hips into me, working his mammoth cock a bit deeper with each thrust, he kissed me with his sex-covered lips. The smell and taste of my own sex mingled with our kiss spurred my desire to new heights and I whispered that I wanted him to fill me with his seed. I craved the feeling of a mans hot love filling my womb, flooding me with his power.

Kevin hadn’t even fully entered me when my first huge climax struck me like a tidal wave, rocking me to my very joints. My vision dimmed and I shook beneath him without control for long wonderful seconds before that feeling of well being washed through me. Kevin waited to speak until I looked into his eyes and he whispered in my ear that I was still the hottest little fucking slut that he had ever known and that he wanted me to be his little fuck bitch. His huge cock finally slid fully into me, his big tight balls pressing firmly against my ass, I was filled with his power to the very limit of my womb and it felt so incredibly wonderful. The heat within my belly was a raging inferno and I felt the onslaught of another orgasm coming, I begged Kevin to fuck me hard, fuck me deep, to make cum, to make me his bitch. He began driving his baseball bat sized cock fully into me, then pulling almost completely from me and then driving himself forcefully back into the very depths of my womb. I exploded on his cock within minutes, clawing his back and bucking beneath him. Kevin never even broke his stride; he continued to pound me, building the tempo and force of his thrusts as I surrendered to one mind bending orgasm after another. All the while he is telling me what a fine, wonderful, black cock slut I was, how this was my calling in life, to serve up my hot white cunt to black men. I had lost track of how long we had been fucking, I had been blown away by at least four, maybe five huge orgasms when he finally announced that he was going to dump his nuts into my little fuck sack. He rolled is head up from my neck and moaned loudly as he lunged into me, flooding my pussy with his seed. I felt his huge cock pulsing so deep inside me, thrusting into my womb over and over, until I felt his sperm begin forcing itself around his massive tool and dribbling from me, coating his balls and my ass crack with his cream. As his climax subsided he lay and rested on my sweat-drenched body, it felt so wonderful, this moment of bliss after a wonderful fuck. To feel his body relaxed against mine, feel his heartbeat pounding against my breast, mingling with my own, to feel his cock moving still within my cum filled box.

That feeling was something that I never got working the streets, there was no merging of bodies to achieve mutual satisfaction. It was all one sided on the street, to get him off, do as he says, clean up his mess, then go the fuck away. I lay there beneath Kevin, rubbing his sweat covered back, kissing him gently on his stubbled cheek and whispered that I would be his bitch if he really wanted me, but that we needed to talk about some things first (like Trev).

Kevin rolled from my belly and said that we would talk later, that he defiantly wanted me to be his bitch, but that we would talk later, now was the time to fuck. He asked me to suck his cock like a good little slut so he could service my hot nasty cunt again. His cock was covered with thick globs of his sperm and I began by licking his shaft from his balls to head, cleaning every morsel of his salty seed from it before again engulfing his massive cock head with my mouth. His moans and words of lust told me that he was pleased with my attentions. I loved the wide gaping hole of his cock head, he would moan and squirm as I drove the tip of my tongue deeply into it. I fondled and rubbed his huge ball sack, making him moan, as I would caress the smooth skin on the backside of his sack by his ass hole. I stroked his now hardening cock with my other hand and within minutes his beautiful cock was again throbbing hard and strong between my lips. Kevin pulled my mouth from his cock and asked me to mount him, that he was still a bit tired and wanted to watch me fuck myself silly on his meat.

I slid up onto his broad black chest, feeling my leaky pussy leave a trail of our juices down his belly. I bent forward and kissed him deeply, feeling his hands kneading my ass and the other plucking at my nipples. I lifted my pussy from his belly and reached between us to guide Kevin’s sweet cock back to my pussy. His hands had both grasped my hips and as I slipped his cock into me, he slammed me fully onto his cock. It took me with such surprise that my breath left me for a moment; the sensation of being almost instantly filled with cock was wonderful. Kevin began pounding me up and down his cock with such fervor that I was feeling the orgasm building within me in just moments. I leaned down and kissed him before resting my head in the crook of his neck, just letting the pleasure of his strong, forceful fucking envelope me. My pussy was making a blend of slurping, smacking sounds, as I would bottom out on his cock and tight balls. I had just enough warning of my first orgasm to whimper into his ear that I was Cumming. It washed over me and I drifted, shuddering into that special place filled with only pleasure. His words came thru the fog of my climax and I heard him tell me again that I was a total black cock slut, and that we were going to have lots of hot fucking adventures together. Kevin continued to slam his massive black cock into me, bringing me to yet another huge orgasm, which came from nowhere, washing me into oblivion for a few moments. Kevin was groaning that my cunt did incredible things to his cock when I came and that he was about to fill my slutty little cunt with more of his cum. I forced myself up on my hands and watched his face as he frantically slammed me onto his cock. I was dizzy with desire for him as he clenched his eyes and moaned deeply before driving my hips fully onto his throbbing, pulsing cock. As his cock again flooded my pussy the expression on his face changed from a grimace to a smile and a deep “AHHHH” escaped his lips just before he opened his eyes and saw me looking down at him. His grip relaxed on my hips and instead of slipping off of him I sat up, with his cock still fully buried within me. I clenched my pussy muscles a few times, which made him moan and squirm beneath me. We sat like that for long minutes, cooling down and catching our breath before either of us spoke.

Kevin asked how many brother’s I serviced a day on the street, and I told him that normally about four or five, but on payday Fridays I had done double that. He had been rubbing his hands up and down my legs, but now stopped and just gently squeezed my thighs. Kevin then wanted to know if I would like to fuck like we just had every day instead of doing guys in back alleys and cars. I told him that I hated the street and would do anything to get away from it, but that I needed the money. He said we all needed money and he could pay me as much as I earned on the street and there would be no more alley BJ’s, or beatings. I asked him what the deal was and he let me in on the whole deal. He was a pimp of sorts, he said that I would be fucking normal black men, men who had careers, families, etc, that wanted to fuck a hot little white bitch once in a while on the down low. That they had shit to lose so I would have to be able to keep my mouth shut if I ever bumped into a client on the street. I didn’t know if it would be like today’s sex had been, but it had to be better than what I was doing now, so I agreed to give it a shot. I told Kevin that there were issues we needed to work out first. That I had a friend who I would like to come with me, and Kevin said that he would give her an “interview” and if she were as fucking hot as I was he would adopt her as his bitch too. Kevin then said that he would set me up in a one bedroom apartment where I could live when I wasn’t servicing his clients and I said cool, but that I needed a second bedroom because I wanted my friend Anna to live with me. I went on and told him that I had a baby now, I figured that it was best to get it out now because I knew that I couldn’t hid Trev for long. He reached out, rubbed my belly, looked up into my eyes and remarked that was cool with him. Then Kevin asked if my baby was black and I told him that he was. He gave me a gentle little pinch on the belly and told me that he’d love to plant his seed in me too, and the daddy of my boy was a lucky motherfucker. I finally stood up allowing his sweet cock to slip from my womb and plop onto his belly.

Kevin’s cock was so beautiful laying there covered with our cum that I just couldn’t resist bending over and giving it a big lick from end to end making Kevin moan. His hand slipped down the back of my head and held my mouth on his cock. I licked it up and down before slipping my mouth over his huge round cockhead. The taste of his sperm, the smell of our combined sweat and fuck juices was pungent and intoxicating. I began sucking his beautiful cock with only one desire in mind, to make it hard enough to fuck me again. I stroked his cock with one hand and fiddled with his ass hole and balls with the other. Kevin was humping my mouth and pressing my mouth onto his massive cock with increasing urgency. I wanted to feel this wonderful cock fill me completely again, so I lifted my mouth from his throbbing cock and asked him to please fuck me again. Kevin chuckled and said he would love to fuck my nasty little ass again. He pulled me up and told me to stay on my knees as he slid in behind me and entered my already dripping pussy. I loved the feeling of his cock stretching and filling every inch of my pussy. His firm grip and soft moan as he pulled me onto his cock gave me a sense of well being and worth that I had not felt in such a long time. I reveled in the feeling of his cock thrusting slowly back and forth within me, his voice behind me, telling me what a wonderful little cock pleaser I was, his hands squeezing my ass with every thrust into my deepest parts. I came hard on his cock within minutes, shuddering hard as he pounded his cock into my womb with no letup. Kevin began slipping one of his thumbs over my ass hole as he fucked me, then he began slipping it in and out of my ass in time with his thrusts. I hadn’t had anything in my ass since that last gangbang before I had ridden the buss home from Corvallis that day so long ago. I had almost forgotten the wonderfully different sensations of having my pooper toyed with like that and it made me cum hard again. I dropped my head to the mattress and rode the seemingly endless waves of pleasure as Kevin fucked my sloppy pussy and fingered my ass. Kevin was moaning that my cunt was fantastic as it clamped and sucked his cock every time I came. He then began to work his other thumb into my ass alongside the first one, this blew me away and I told him I loved the way it felt. Kevin said that he hadn’t fucked my ass yet but that he was going to correct that oversight today. I thought about his huge cock up my ass and told him that he would never fit, that he would hurt me if he tried. He just chuckled and said that a woman’s asshole was an amazing thing, that he had been able to deep fuck bitches up the ass that could never take his meat in their cunts. He began driving his cock into me harder; at the same time he was driving both of his thumbs up my ass and stretching my little hole wider and wider. I was pounded by yet another huge orgasm gasping for breath and shuddering uncontrollably before him as he pounded my cunt with everything he had. He finally pulled his cock from my womb and plunged maybe two inches of that massive black cock into my ass. The feeling was absolutely unreal, suddenly having my pussy empty and then my ass being stretched to what felt like its ultimate limit. It forced a long moan from my lips as he plunged his fat cock into me, he held it there within me for just a moment before pulling it from me only to drive it right back into my ass forcing it even deeper. Every time he would pull his huge tool from me only to drive it back into me, I would moan with the pure ecstasy it was giving me. He had done this to me maybe ten to fifteen times when I was overcome with a powerful orgasm, it was wonderful, wave after wave of pleasure washed through me and I lay my head back on the mattress to enjoy it as Kevin continued to stretch my asshole a little more with each drive into me. Kevin moaned that my little shit pipe was so wonderfully tight and that when I had cum on his cock it was like it had been sucking him.

He pulled from my ass and drove his cock completely into my cum filled pussy only to withdraw it again and plunge it back into my stretched ass. I moaned as he drove his fat nine inch cock ever deeper into me and soon was washed by another wonderful anal orgasm which made both of us moan with pleasure. I couldn’t believe that I was able to accept Kevin’s huge tool up my ass, but with every strong thrust of his massive black cock. I could feel him stretching me to fit even more of his mammoth cock with each thrust. He was now fucking my ass with several strokes at a time before pulling his cock free of my ass and plunging back within me. I felt another orgasm shooting up my spine and pressed my self onto his cock as it struck. Kevin’s grip on my hips tightened and he leaned into me, forcing the remainder of his cock into my rectum. I shuddered and bucked from the orgasm and his final assault on my ass. His balls pressed tightly against my cum dripping pussy and stayed there until my orgasm waned, leaving only the feeling of incredible fullness. Kevin let out a long, deep, guttural moan and told me that I was an incredible little fucking bitch before beginning to fuck my ass hole with long full strokes, bottoming his cock out inside me with every firm stroke. His balls pounding against my pussy coupled with his wonderful cock stretching my ass to its very limit with each powerful stroke forced me over the edge into another, even more powerful orgasm. While I shook from this climax Kevin slid from my ass and plunged back into my pussy where he immediately groaned and shot his hot sperm, flooding my used pussy beyond its capacity. I felt his huge load of semen gush into me, then flow around his still pulsating cock, coating both of us with his seed. It felt so wonderful, that feeling of a mans sperm within me, it was as if the act of his seed flowing into my womb was the ultimate sign of my life’s purpose.

I mulled this point over within my mind as Kevin held himself to me, regaining his breath. I realized that maybe one of the reasons that I had not achieved an orgasm with any of the men who had fucked me over these many long months was because I had made them all wear condoms. I hadn’t felt the wondrous feeling of their hot sperm shooting into me, coating my womb and their cocks with that sticky, slick, juice. I realized that it gave me such pleasure to feel a mans cum gush into me, that it told my body that I had pleased him fully. I dropped this line of thought as Kevin gently pushed me forward, allowing his soft, sperm coated cock to slip from me and swing freely between his legs.

He slid down beside me and pulled me to his chest and we kissed and snuggled for many short minutes before we said anything. Finally Kevin asked if I would share a shower with him, then we would go out for some dinner before he took me home. I kissed him again and said I would love to shower with him, but only if he scrubbed my back. He teasingly slapped my ass and said he would wash more than just my back. So off to the shower we went.

During dinner Kevin and I finalized our “business arrangement”. He would pay me $250.00 a day for every day that I “serviced” up to five men. If he needed me to do more we would work it out as it happened. He said that he could pretty much guarantee me at least three days a week maybe more. I did the math mentally and told him that if he would defiantly guarantee three days I would have no problems, he said he could make that happen, so that was a done deal. I knew that Kevin was going to sell me by the act and that he was going to make a lot more money than the 250 a day he was giving me, but I would be off the streets, and maybe fucking nicer men. It was a worthwhile deal to me. Next he told me that he handled the money end, his clients would pay him, that I would be delivered to the client by one of his boys, do whatever the client wanted, for as long as they wanted, then call for pickup with the cell phone that he would get me. He said that if the clients gave me tips, they were mine to keep. He figured that if his girls made his clients that happy, that we deserved to keep the tips and he would keep his clients. We again discussed total discretion on my part, he stressed that most of these men were just normal working men who liked to knock a little piece off on the side once in a while, but that a few of the men he arranged girls for had reputations, careers, families, that they were not willing to have fucked up by some little white slut opening her mouth in the wrong place or at the wrong time. I told him that I could and would keep my mouth shut about the men I “dated” for him. Kevin nodded then said that he had one question he wanted me to answer truthfully for him, which I told him I would. He wanted to know if I would fuck him as freely as I had done today whenever he wanted me, or if I would just do him because I felt like I had no choice but to service him. It seemed like a stupid question to me but I leaned over the table and kissed him before telling him that I would love to fuck him, anytime he wanted me, anywhere he wanted me to. Shortly after that he paid the bill and he took me back to the hotel for the last time. He said that a couple of his boys would be around in the morning with a truck to help us move to an apartment he just happened to have access to.

I ran up the stairs to explain to Anna what lay in store for us starting tomorrow. I was so glad that this was the last night of my life that I would smell piss and garbage as I walked to my door every night.

I will call the next segment of my life “the truth about Nikki pt6”
I know that many of you will not understand my actions, but I will ask that you at least try to be non-judgmental of me; I did what I did because that’s the only route I could see at the time.


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my black pimp willnot let me go nude so from 12 to know i fuck about 8 a day

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Amazing story.Is this part fantasy part reality?However so well written and so exciting.
Realy turned me on,wet and close to climax.


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Nikki you are the biggest fucking cock whore I have ever seen. Keep it up.


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