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This is the third of six stories about messages going to the wrong person, and the result of that mistake. They are completely separate stories, and are only connected by this common theme. This story is quite long; it is fiction, and any resemblance to real persons or places is purely coincidental.
copyright: Lesley Tara, 2014

Although it had been three weeks ago now, I was still in a state of euphoric happiness over my selection for the senior cheerleading team of my high school. You had to be over sixteen years of age to be eligible, and at my first chance for a try-out – which with good fortune had happened just two weeks after my sixteenth birthday – I had been successful! I still could hardly believe it – I mean, I know, without false modesty, that I am really pretty and have a well-developed figure for my age, and I’m sporty and athletic too, but even so very few girls make it into the team at their first attempt, and I was still walking on air as a result.

I also had a secret reason for being so thrilled, although this was not something that I could share with my friends. About a year ago, I had come to terms with the fact that only females engaged my sexual interest – that I was, and would forever be, totally one-hundred-per-cent lesbian. In truth, the realisation didn’t upset me at all – in fact, it was very much a relief that I no longer had to try and push myself into fancying boys. Instead, I could give free rein to my imagination as far as sex with girls and women was concerned, and indulge in fantasies about not just pop stars and television actresses, but also the people around me who I saw every day. The problem was that it was just imagination, for I was too scared of the social and family consequences of exposure to risk making an overt approach to anyone, in case I had misjudged them. I did not know how I could safely indicate my availability, and I was too inexperienced and lacking in confidence to know if someone else was sending out sapphic signals.

So I had to content myself with a luridly imagined fantasy sex-life, accompanied by daily masturbation. Fortunately, I’m an only child and both my parents work downtown, so I have our little suburban house to myself for a couple of hours each day when I get home from school. The first part of that time – my little ritual – was that I would go into my bedroom, close the curtains, and then slowly undress myself, with plenty of caresses to breasts and cunt, all the time imagining that it was some particular person who was seducing and making love to me. Once naked, or nearly so, I would lie down on my bed on my back, spread my legs, and finger or poke my pussy until I climaxed, whilst still imagining that the same female was fucking me. A couple of months ago, by chance, I discovered where my Mom keeps her vibrator, and since then I take that into my room and use it on myself, afterwards wiping it dry and replacing it exactly as I had found it.

Sometimes, when pleasuring myself in this way, I would think of one or other of my best friends of my own age, but most often I pictured one of our teachers, as I have always been turned on by the sexual charisma of an experienced woman. For some time now, my most frequent fantasy was that I was being fucked by Ms Templeton – I really had a crush on her, partly for her looks but also for her manner, which was a mixture of authoritative command which sent a real thrill through every fibre of my being, and also a fund of warmth and kindness. She was a strikingly handsome woman in her late 20s, about a dozen years older than me: a tall slim leggy blonde, with eye-catching curves of a full bust, narrow waist and a trim athletic ass. Best of all – and one of the reasons for my euphoria – was that Ms Templeton was the coach for the senior cheerleaders. Now I would have lots more contact with her, and not as just one student amongst the thirty in her geography class, but in the informal setting of the cheerleading squad – where I would be skipping about in our team’s delightfully skimpy uniform, flashing my panties as often as I could manage!

There was something about our beautiful blonde coach that resonated in my heart and even more vibrantly in my cunt, and I had a feeling, just an instinct – although I knew full well that it might be just wishful thinking – that she might be on the same sexual wavelength. From time to time I saw a hint that encouraged my hopes, such as the carefully casual glances which she gave some of the girls when we practiced the more panty-revealing or bust-bouncing routines, or the lingering – almost caressing – touch of her fingers on the bare forearm of our team captain as they discussed tactics. Best of all, I had recently sometimes caught a glimpse from the corner of my eye of the coach looking at me when she thought I was unaware of it, and I also remembered the gleam in her regard when she told me that I had passed the audition and been selected for the squad.

On this particular school day, it was nearing the end of the lunch break, before the afternoon lessons, and I was walking back from the school refectory towards the wide central hallway in the main block, along which at intervals were placed the blue-painted metal lockers for each student to use. I was with my friend Rosalita (about whose lusciously-curved Hispanic body I also had plenty of pussy-drenching fantasies), but I was only half listening to her inconsequential chatter, as I was also indulging in a little daydream of making out with Ms Templeton in her classroom after all the other students had left, of crawling under her desk, pulling her panties down to her ankles, spreading her knees apart and licking her pussy – I wasn’t exactly sure of what one did to give oral sexual satisfaction, but I reckoned that if I tried everything and tried hard enough, some of it would be bound to work!

We turned the corner from the side corridor into the main hall and began strolling casually along it, heading past the lockers of the 12th and 11th graders and down towards our 10th grade ones. The hall was moderately busy with boys and girls coming and going, some of them opening their lockers and others standing talking in small groups. My eyes lit up, as I spotted coming towards us from the far end of the hall none other than the object of my desire, Ms Templeton. However, she had not yet seen me, partly because Rosalita and I were still about fifty feet away, and partly because her attention seemed to be to the side rather than ahead to where she was going. The cheerleading coach was casually glancing at the lockers as she passed them, and I also noticed that in her right hand she was carrying a small square of folded paper, which she was tapping against her lips in an absent-minded sort of way.

By now I was about forty feet away, and hoping that Ms Templeton would notice me – that she might even (longing sigh!) engage me in conversation ... perhaps even (pussy-tingling thought!) let slip some seemingly-casual remark that would make it clear that she thought I was a hot little bitch and that she wanted to rip all my clothes off, throw me across her bed, and fuck me senseless ... and I would flutter my eyelashes at her, smooth a hand across my chest to emphasise the swell of my breasts, and telegraph that she only had to say where and when, and I was hers, hers, all hers ... ooooohh! that image turned me on so much that I had to almost clamp my thighs together, wobbling slightly as I walked, to stop myself from coming there and then!

With a jerk, I returned to reality. Rosalita was still chattering and Ms Templeton was still some way ahead, and (so much for daydreams!) had not yet noticed me at all. Instead, the smartly-dressed teacher paused as she came to the end of the 10th grade lockers, and in fact stopped quite near to where mine was; my surname starts with a ‘Y’, and so I am in the very last line of lockers for my year. Because of this, the locker that is next to mine on the right is one of the first set of the 11th grade ones – and by a happy chance, it belongs not to just anyone, but (because her surname is Adams) to Susie, the captain of the senior cheerleaders.

The slightly distracted look on Ms Templeton’s attractive features cleared and was replaced by the beginning of a satisfied smile, and she half-turned towards the lockers. However, the motion remained incomplete, because at that precise second an authoritative voice from behind her, further down the hallway, called out her name:

‘Ah – Ms Templeton! Good, good – a word, if you please!’

It was Mr Kovac, the Principal of our high school. Ms Templeton almost jumped with surprise, and looked quite flustered; in fact, she leaned a hand against the lockers for a moment, before she assumed a bright professional smile and turned around to face the approaching Principal. As she walked towards him, I noticed that her hands were now empty, but I thought little of it – I was just disappointed at the lost chance for her to notice me, even perhaps daringly for me to say something flirtatious or hinting at my sexual inclination and availability (always supposing I could keep my nerve, of course – I had chickened out of every such opportunity so far!).

A few seconds later I reached my locker, and Rosalita parted company with me to head for hers, several rows further on amongst the surnames beginning with ‘G’. It would soon be time for the bell to ring for afternoon classes, and I opened my locker to get the relevant books – only to stop in surprise. There, resting on top of my books, was a square of paper – in fact, a single sheet that had been folded in half, and then folded in half again. It wasn’t mine and it certainly hadn’t been there when I had closed the locker before lunch. Looking at its position, I realised that it must have been posted through the thin gap between the door of the locker and the surrounding frame. Curious, I picked it up and opened it – and then gasped, my stomach suddenly full of butterflies and my knees weak. I had assumed it was from one of my friends, maybe an invitation to a party or a sleepover – but it was very far from that! Barely able to take it in, I scanned the handwritten note again, just to make sure that I was not imagining it:

Special practice tonight – JUST FOR YOU! Come to the small gym after school – in uniform. Tell no one – and wear no panties (just how I like it!). Your special C(un)T.

The last bit puzzled me for a moment, until excited realisation dawned. I knew that Ms Templeton’s first name was Carole, and so her initials were ‘CT’, about which she was clearly making a sexual joke. The import of the whole thing gave me an incredible sensual charge – in fact, I thought I might orgasm on the spot, which would be kind of embarrassing. Oh, wow! – Ms Templeton really had noticed me! She must have seen something at the cheerleader try-outs or the half-dozen team practices since then, enough that her experienced eyes had deduced my lesbian orientation, and now she was going to seduce me! Oooh, I did so hope so! – but, really, the wording of the note could surely have no other meaning!

The afternoon lessons dragged on interminably, and I was barely able to concentrate on a single word of them. I was on fire with the anticipation that all of my hopes and dreams were miraculously coming true, and I was also incredibly turned on – by the time that the bell at last sounded for the end of the school day, the gusset of my panties was sodden with the seeping wetness from my slit, and it was a good thing that I would be taking them off!

As we poured out of the classroom at the end of the school day, laughing and chattering, I gave my friends a mumbled and deliberately vague excuse that I had some chore to do, and quickly scurried away to my locker. Like all members of the cheerleading squad, I had three sets of our cute blue-and-white uniform, and always kept a clean and pressed one in my locker, ready for practice. Well, now it looked like I would be getting another form of practice, coaching in another kind of sport, that was even more exciting than cheerleading! I surreptitiously slipped the uniform into my backpack, and when no one was looking my way, I dashed into the nearest female restroom. Here I slipped into the extra-large cubicle that was fitted out for disabled people, stripped off everything except my bra, and gave my cunt a quick wipe dry. My school uniform and my damp panties went into my backpack, and then I put on the cheerleader outfit. I must admit that I felt as sexy as hell, and still more so from having no panties beneath the very short blue skirt with its white darts!

Tingling with excitement, I used the side corridors to avoid meeting anyone as I scurried along to the back of the main school building, where the smaller and older of the gymnasiums was located. When I reached it, I paused for a couple of seconds outside the door to calm my breathing and to compose myself, and then I turned the handle and entered. The doorway led into the middle of the room; on my left, the wooden floor area was completely clear, whilst on my right the space was taken up by a large gymnastics mat, three different types of vaulting horse, and a set of parallel bars.

As I had expected, Ms Templeton was already in the room and waiting, leaning casually against the large rectangular vaulting horse. My breath caught in my throat, for she was even more attractive and sexy than during our regular cheerleader practice sessions. She was still wearing the same trainers, white ankle socks and navy blue pleated sports skirt as on those occasions, but now above the waist she had only a short plain white singlet with a deep scoop neck that barely covered her bra – which was not, as normally, a smooth-fitting sports bra that concealed the thrust of her breasts, but a very stylish and feminine lacy underwired one, which more than emphasised the fullness of her bust and her deep cleavage. It was this sight more than anything which settled my nervousness that her note might not have meant what I thought it did – for her bra was not one suitable for a real training session, but it was certainly a total turn-on for a fuck-fest.

However, what happened next was not at all what I was anticipating. Ms Templeton stepped away from the vaulting horse and regarded me with some perplexity, before glancing quickly at the doorway behind me.

‘Jayne?’ she said hesitantly, in a puzzled tone; ‘why are you in uniform? ... and ... what are you doing here? I really can’t talk now, I’m waiting for ... umm ... for someone.’

‘That’s OK!’ I smiled brightly, and then gushed on, refusing to acknowledge a sudden twinge of doubt: ‘I got your note, and here I am, just as you said – look, no panties!’

And then, to a shocked gasp from the teacher, I pulled up the front of my cheerleading skirt to reveal my naked cunt – which for some time now I have kept smooth-shaven, so every detail was clearly visible – and then I did a little pirouette, the skimpy mini-skirt flying around my hips as I twirled round, ending with my back towards Ms Templeton. I spread my feet apart and in one flowing motion I flipped my skirt up over my back as I bent forwards and touched my toes, glancing back from between my legs to see my adored coach’s reaction. As she gazed at the blatant offering of my parted labia and tight little ass-hole, Ms Templeton certainly looked stunned – but shocked as much as aroused. Her mouth was hanging half-open:

‘My note? ... but ... what ... I don’t understand, how ... ?’

It was now dawning upon me unmistakeably that something was not right here, and I quit my alluring pose, standing up and letting my cheerleader skirt tumble back down to cover my exposed pussy. I swallowed, my throat suddenly dry, as I turned to face the attractive teacher, who was now rather pale in the face.

‘Miss? ... you know, you put it in my locker, just at the end of lunch break’, I nervously replied.

‘Huh? ... oh? ... oh, no! YOUR locker?? ... OH, FUCK!!’ gasped Ms Templeton, clapping a hand in horror over her mouth.

‘Well, yes, of course ...’ I mumbled in reply, and then the truth hit me like a freight train: ‘Oh! oh, no, shit! You meant it for Susie, didn’t you ... not for me at all! You’re expecting her ... you don’t want me!’ I wailed, catching my breath with a sob.

I was a fraction away from bursting into howling tears, so cruel was the dashing of all my hopes, now tumbling down like the flimsy house of cards that they were revealed to be. My distress must have been evident, for it cut through Ms Templeton’s own shock at the unexpected – and, for her, potentially disastrous – consequences of her misdirected message.

‘Oh, Jayne, now – no, don’t cry, babe ...’ and then, as she spoke, I could almost see Ms Templeton do a double-take as she recalled how I had entered and offered myself. ‘Oh – Jayne! Oh, you wanted to ... ? You came here to ... to ...’ for a moment, the teacher balked at saying the word.

In desperation, I supplied it: ‘get fucked! ... yes, oh YES! Oh, Ms Templeton, you’re so hot, you’re so sexy, I’ve been dreaming of this for so long ... please, please, I’d do anything for you ... and I’d tell no one, not ever ... not even Susie!’

The older woman recovered some of her poise, and then gave half a smile and a small shrug, nodding at the doorway.

‘Well, if the note was in your locker, then I guess Susie won’t be appearing after all ... and I’m really in the mood, I’ve been so looking forward to this ... and, Jayne, believe me, it’s not that I haven’t thought about you, you’re a heck of an attractive girl, really you are – so sweet sixteen, which is, ummm, just the way I like it! And I did wonder about you, if you might be gay, that’s why I picked you for the team, instead of Maisie Donovan – but I really wasn’t sure, and I only have one special girl in each year, like Susie is the 11th grade – it avoids any jealousies, and you must understand, in my position, I have to be so very careful.’

I blinked away the couple of tears that had started to form in the corners of my eyes, and recovered my breath. Ms Templeton moved gracefully towards me, slowly closing the distance in a very unthreatening way, as if she was approaching a young wild animal who might suddenly get spooked and bolt ... and, indeed, she told me later that was just what she had feared that I would do. However, as she got closer, I recovered my confidence and, with a mischievous smile, I pulled my little skirt upwards, showing her my exposed pussy once again.

‘You see, I’ll do whatever you say ... anything at all, anything you like ... you can trust me on that’, I whispered as I offered my sweet young body unreservedly to the experienced dyke.

Now she was amazingly close, inside my personal space in a totally sexual charismatic way, and she stroked her right hand up my inner thigh, and then – as I gave a whimpering moan – her dextrous fingers cupped my mound and began to massage it. Ms Templeton looked me straight in the eyes as her hand fondled and probed my pussy, and asked:

‘So, Jayne, you’re a lesbian, then? Are you sure about that?’

This was easy to answer, and there could be no doubting the conviction in my voice as I assured my teacher that I had been sure I was a lezzie for at least a year, and also that she was the person who I fancied most of all ... hence my delighted response to getting her note. I reached down to press her hand even more firmly against my puffy labia, and I exhorted her to have me, to take me ... please, oh please, to fuck me, now – now, right here and right now!’

My enthusiastic pleas overcame the cheerleading coach’s final reservations, and her smile widened and her eyes gleamed as she decided to take full advantage of the just-legal pussy that was being served up to her on a plate.

‘Well, Jayne ...’ she said with a warm smile, ‘now you know about me, and about Susie and me, so there’s no point in hiding it ... and though I guess my choice of pussy-girl in your year has now been made by accident, I think it’s going to be a very lucky fate for both of us.’

As she spoke, Ms Templeton took my hand and led me across to the stacking vaulting horse that I had first seen her leaning against, and she turned me around so that my back was resting against it – the vault was at its highest format, and so the padded flat top was level with my shoulders. Truth to tell, after the emotional roller-coaster ride of the last few moments, I was glad of the support of something solid to keep me upright.

For just a moment, Ms Templeton slipped away, crossing to the only doorway into the gym to shut the bolts on the inside, and sending a thrill of hopeful lust running through me by commenting as she did so: ‘now we won’t have any interruptions!’

Resuming her place directly in front of me and keeping her gaze locked onto my face, Ms Templeton removed both her singlet top and her pleated skirt, and I gazed in adoration at the sexy and stylish lingerie set that was revealed – the lacy scarlet underwired uplift bra that I had already seen a good deal of, and the pair of matching tiny triangular thong panties which were secured with a thin spaghetti tie-string at each hip.

Ms Templeton placed her hands on my shoulders, and then ran them admiringly down my chest to cup and fondle my breasts through the silky fabric of my cheerleading tunic and the thin cotton bra beneath. I am quite slim in body, with my bra backband being only 28 inches, but my breasts thrust out and amply fill a pair of D-cups.

‘Nice ... very nice ... I will admit, I’ve been watching these bounce around during our team practices – even in a sports bra, they’re quite an eyeful, honey!’

I preened with delight at this praise, whilst my heart was hammering in my chest and my throat was dry – Ms Templeton was groping my tits, and I knew this was just the prelude to so much more! I raised my arms and the older woman peeled the cheerleading tunic away over my head, and then turned her attention to my bra. Like her, I was wearing an everyday model, not a sports bra, and I blessed my good fortune that today I had decided to wear one of my prettiest ones – only a half-cup with small sides and thin straps, trimmed with lace, and in a pale blue that went so well with my natural blonde hair and blue eyes. The teacher lost no time in tugging the straps off my shoulders and then peeling the bra cups downwards, releasing my breasts to bobble free and reveal their stiff pink nipples. I shivered in delight as she caressed them, running the palms of her hands underneath their curves and then across my tits, and then my head went back and I moaned in ecstasy – every longed for fantasy came true, as her agile mouth descended to suck the nipple of my left breast, whilst her right hand reached under my skirt and between my arched legs to probe the length of my slit and tease my puffy labia apart.

Ms Templeton smiled in satisfaction at my sapphic surrender, and only then did she straighten, put her left hand behind my neck, and draw me into a long and deep French kiss – whilst all the time continuing to squeeze my mound and stroke my pussy with her right hand.

If this was good, what happened next was pure heaven. My teacher slid down to her knees, and then gestured to me to hoist my cheerleading skirt up to my waist and to shift my feet even further apart, which opened out my stance and thrust my cunt forwards. Then she leaned her face towards me, teasing my pussy lips apart with her fingers, and pressed her mouth against my sex. I gave a sharp gasp as I felt her tongue enter me for an inch and then begin to lick up and down, and the sexual charge was so intense – and I guess my craving had been building up for so long – that within seconds my hips spasmed as I climaxed, and a sluice of pussy-juice coated my teacher’s questing tongue.

The cheerleading coach licked around my crotch appreciatively, and then she deftly unfastened my uniform skirt and cast it aside to lie on top of my tunic. Now I was nude apart from my trainers, white ankle socks, and bra – and the latter was dangling around my midriff, with my breasts exposed. Indeed, Ms Templeton’s next action was to reach behind me to unclasp the backband, and my bra joined the growing pile of discarded clothes. She kissed me again, a little more hungrily this time, as she was clearly getting more aroused, and resumed her fondling of my breasts.

I wanted to reciprocate – not to be just a passive recipient of lesbian lust, but to demonstrate my eager participation and show my unmistakeable interest in her body. My hands had been resting on her hips whilst she kissed me and groped my boobs, but now I slid them up her sides, almost to under her armpits, and then brought my hands together to lift and squeeze her breasts – which were a magnificent pair, indeed I found out later that she took a 32 inch E-cup – four full cup sizes larger than my own quite generous endowment! Ms Templeton made no move to stop me, in fact her smile grew more sultry as she swiftly removed the tiny singlet and gave me access to her bra. I was not bold enough immediately to replicate what she had done to me, so at first I just stroked each breast whilst they were still encapsulated in their bra cups. Then, greatly daring, I scooped the nearest one out, supported it with the palm of my hand, and brought my mouth down to deliver sexual pleasure.

For the first time ever, I was making love to another female.
For the first time ever, I was discovering the taste and texture of a woman’s breasts.
For the first time ever, another woman was fondling and stroking my cunt.
For the first time ever, I was going to have lesbian sex!

Ms Templeton slid the index finger of her right hand into my pussy, probing more deeply but going slowly and cautiously.

‘Jayne’, she enquired, ‘are you still a virgin? It’s no problem at all if you are, really.’

I gasped as her finger slowly slid another inch or more into me, and floundered for my answer:

‘Well, no ... well, yes, really ... sort of ... in a way, I mean ... but not exactly ...’

Ms Templeton looked amused, and raised an eyebrow interrogatively:

‘Jayne, sweetie, it’s one or the other ... and surely you would know? If you’ve had your cherry popped, you would surely remember, and you would know who with?’

‘Well, you see’, I replied, partly distracted by the amazing sensations vibrating through my pussy from the teacher’s agile fingers, ‘I guess it was with you, actually ...’

Now Ms Templeton looked startled, and raised both her eyebrows:

‘Jayne, honey, I think I would remember that! I don’t get to take a hot young babe’s virginity so often that I would forget it, in fact I’ve only ever done that twice, and you weren’t either of them!’

‘No, I know’, I blushed as I replied. Then I revealed my habit of secretly using my Mom’s vibrator to pleasure myself, and explained that about three months ago – in the course of a vividly erotic fantasy that Ms Templeton was fucking me with a strap-on dildo – I had got so excited and aroused that I had lost control as my climax came upon me, and had rammed the vibrator so hard into my pussy that my hymen was ruptured. ‘So you see’, I concluded, ‘technically I’m not a virgin ... but I’ve never actually had sex with anyone, so really in the most important sense, the mental not the physical, I am a virgin, because I’m totally inexperienced.’ Then I looked at her coyly from under my eyelashes, and added in a soft whisper: ‘but not for long – you’ll teach me now, Miss, won’t you? Please, you’ll be my first, won’t you?’

Ms Templeton had laughed with amusement when I explained how I had taken my own cherry, and now she smiled with pleasurable anticipation:

‘Now, sweet thing, that is an offer that no red-blooded lesbian could refuse! And, I think we might just recreate your original fantasy ... so, you like the idea of me fucking you with a strap-on, do you?’

‘Oh, wow, yes! Yes, I’d love that – please, oh! that would be fantastic!’ I hastened to assure her.

‘Well, that’s something you and Susie have in common – amongst many other things, as you’ll find out! She loves it both ways – getting fucked by a strap-on, and wearing it herself and doing someone hard and firm and fast ... as I know full well, she’s very good at that!’ Then Ms Templeton looked at me with a curiously hungry gleam in her eye, and continued: ‘There’s something else Susie likes – or rather, something I like to do to her, and it really turns her on ... you said I could do anything I like, Jayne, and I’d like to do it to you, here and now, for your very first time.’

I was intrigued, and was anyway up for anything that my adored teacher wanted to do. There was no way that I was going to imperil what I had so long dreamed of and longed for by refusing her, and so of course I responded eagerly in the affirmative:

‘Oh, yeah – yeah, OK, sure! What do you want ... ?’

Somehow, her answer did not come as a complete surprise, although it did give me an intense thrill!

‘To tie you up, before I fuck you’, Ms Templeton said calmly, scrutinising my face to see my reaction. She needn’t have worried: I’d had quite a few thoughts along those lines already, in fact most of my regularly-imagined lesbian lovers had at some point in my masturbatory fantasies put me in bondage, in all sorts of erotic power-play situations – some of them quite roughly. I was definitely up for this!

‘Mmm, ooooh! Oh, yes – wow! Oh, please – do take me that way, please!’

My willing confirmation was all that the cheerleading coach required, and with a wolfish grin she crossed over to her sports bag, which was lying beside the wall. From this, with a flourish, she produced a black strap-on harness, with a front-plate from which speared out a long, wide and ridged blue plastic dildo. I felt a moment’s trepidation at the size of it, but an even bigger surge of hot lust swept that doubt aside – I wanted to be taken, here and now, by the hot lesbian bitch in front of me, and I wanted that with all of the desperation of frustrated virginity, whatever my actual anatomical circumstance.

Ms Templeton walked back to me carrying the strap-on in her right hand, but instead of immediately putting it on, she placed it on the flat top of the vaulting horse, just behind my right shoulder. She kissed me languorously on the lips, and then breathed into my ear:

‘First, you gotta get me ready ...’, a statement which she accompanied with a downward pressure on both of my shoulders.

At once I understood, and sank to my knees in front of her. With fingers that were trembling with delight, I took hold of the thin tie-strings on her hips, and with a tug undid her panties, letting the miniscule triangle of fabric that covered her crotch flutter away to lie disregarded on the floor. I gave a gasp, for this was a moment to be savoured: my first close sight of another female’s vagina in a sexual situation – soon to be followed, without doubt, by my first taste of pussy-juice as well!

Ms Templeton’s cunt was right in front of my face, and the next move was blindingly obvious. She was also completely clean-shaven, and so it was not difficult to see exactly where to put my kisses – and where, in the long puckered groove that was partly open, to push in my tongue, and to endeavour to squirm it around as effectively as possible. At once, I began to lick and lap at her gorgeous mound, revelling in the scent of her musky arousal and encouraged by hearing her give a soft delighted gasp and moan. I don’t think my technique was actually all that good – but what was effective was the combination of my puppy-bitch eagerness and my novice status, and within little more than a minute I was thrilled and intensely proud to see the teacher’s head go back and to hear her throaty moan, as I felt her hips tremble in her orgasm.

‘Good, Jayne, very good ... in fact, if that was your first time, then you’re definitely a natural, babe!’

I smiled happily up at the teacher, from my position kneeling on the floor between her legs. Ms Templeton picked up the strap-on from the top of the vaulting horse and handed it down to me, with the instruction to put it on her. I hastened to comply, but still taking enough time to make sure that the complex pattern of straps were firmly and comfortably in place. Once that was done, I could not resist leaning forwards and placing a reverential kiss on the very tip of the dildo’s outthrust rounded knob. Ms Templeton chuckled at this, and then she reached down and cupped my chin in one hand, and used that to bring me back to my feet, after which we had another long passionate kiss. When we came up for air, Ms Templeton smiled with satisfaction at my willing eagerness, and then said:

‘Now to get you ready!’

She moved me backwards for about two feet, until my butt and back were resting against the box vaulting horse, in the middle of one of its long sides.

‘Now, move your feet apart – as far apart as you can, but without making it uncomfortable to hold the position’, was the teacher’s next instruction.

I did this, settling my feet about three feet apart, and then waited, curious to see how she was going to tie me up. The answer was ingenious: Ms Templeton crossed to a wooden chest which contained the skipping ropes that were used regularly in fitness training, not only by the cheerleading squad but by most of the girls’ sports teams as well. Extracting four of these, Ms Templeton returned, knelt down, and fastened the end of one of them around my right ankle. She tightened the loop of rope until it rested against my skin and could not slip free, but was not affecting my circulation; the result was completely secure, without being uncomfortable. After doing the same to my left ankle with a second skipping rope, the cheerleading coach passed the other ends of both ropes around the back of the vaulting horse, where she pulled them taut and knotted them together. Ms Templeton then told me to stretch my arms out to each side, and with two more of the skipping ropes she tied my wrists in a similar way to the carrying handles at each end of the vaulting horse, so that my arms were fully extended at an angle of about ten degrees below the horizontal. Stepping back, the teacher admired her handiwork, and I ran the tip of my tongue across my lips, savouring the delicious thrill of being immobilised in nearly-naked vulnerability.

With a hungry smile, Ms Templeton then reached behind her own back with that wonderful gull-wing motion with which women unclasp their bras, and discarded this garment to allow her full bust to swing loose. Freed from confinement, her swaying breasts were wide and pear-shaped with large aureoles surrounding her prominent and stiffly-erect tits. The teacher stepped towards me, placed a hand behind my neck, and bent my head forwards. As Ms Templeton was about three inches taller than me, even though the bondage restricted my movements, it wasn’t difficult for her to press my mouth against her bosom. I needed no prompting, and immediately began to lick around her right nipple, kissing it and sucking on it, before she moved sideways to transfer my attentions to her left breast. After a minute or so, the teacher gave a pleasurable sigh, and drew back slightly.

‘Your turn now’, she remarked with a smile.

Ms Templeton cupped and stroked my breasts with her fingers, tweaking and squeezing my sensitive nipples, until I began to gasp and moan from the erotic stimulus. Then it was her turn to bend forward and apply her lips, and she sucked my tits into her mouth like a vacuum cleaner, before rasping the rough edge of her tongue across them and nipping them with her teeth. As she did so, her right hand dropped down between my spread thighs and she began to probe into my slit. Her agile questing fingers slid upwards teasingly inside my slick seeping furrow, searching for the prize of my clitoris, which she then began alternately to rub and to flick her nails against. The sensation was amazing, and of course it was a million times more erotic than my fantasy self-stimulations with Mom’s vibrator, because now there really was someone else desiring me sexually. Ms Templeton lifted her face from my chest, and pressed her naked breasts against mine as her fingers stroked more firmly and insistently across my hidden nub.

‘Cum for me, you little bitch, open up and cum for me! – your cunt is mine, spread your pussy, bitch, and cum for me now, CUM RIGHT NOW!’ she whispered, her breath rasping against my ear and her voice husky with desire.

With a shuddering gasp, I did so for the second time, jerking in my bondage from the orgasm’s explosive jolt and with my butt banging against the pinewood side of the vaulting horse. Being restrained had proved to be a tremendous turn-on, multiplying and magnifying the sexual thrill to an undreamt of intensity, and in its wake I slumped back against the wooden box for support, wide-eyed and gasping for breath.

With a chuckle of appreciation, Ms Templeton ran her fingertips up and down my loosely-parted slit – almost making me climax again. The teacher then took the sticky cum-juice that she had collected and smeared it up and down the length of the plastic dildo to lubricate it. I was now so wet and open, and more than ready to receive. The experienced lesbian knew this, and without further delay she pressed close to me and positioned the knob of the dildo at the fleshy folds at the base of my slit, nudging in between them for perhaps half an inch. Then Ms Templeton gripped my waist at each side, and with one supple but forceful swivel of her hips she thrust the whole length of the dildo into me. I gave a shriek, not of protest but of excited arousal, as the heavy plastic pole slid in like a piston rod, was tantalisingly pulled out of me, and then drilled back in, slickly penetrating me to previously unplumbed depths. I had never dared to push my Mom’s vibrator so far into me, and the strap-on phallus filled and stretched me as never before. I felt utterly taken and dissolved in splendid sapphic surrender.

‘Oh, God! Ohmigod! Yes – oh, please, yes, do me – be my first! ... aaaaahhh! fuck me, fuck me first! Oh, please, just fuck me!!’ I moaned, swept away on a flood tide of sexual sensation.

Ms Templeton began a rhythmic pumping action, pivoting at the hips to thrust the strap-on deep into my vagina and then jerking it almost all of the way back out again, giving me barely a second in which to catch a breath before the next plunging pulverising penetration. In response, I moaned and shuddered, straining against the skipping ropes which held me pinioned and spread-eagle against the vaulting horse – not with the aim of escaping, but because I longed to wrap my arms around Ms Templeton’s lithe athletic body and clasp her even closer to me. I also began to thrust my pelvis outwards – to the limited extent that I could manage in the restricting bondage – in time to her inward thrusts, adding to their force and impact, for I longed to get fucked still harder and deeper. As I felt my climax building, I began to gasp for breath and to utter broken beseechments for her to take me, have me, use me, fuck me.

My lesbian tutor answered, gasping between her indrawn breaths and with arousal rasping in her voice:

‘Yeah! I’m your first, bitch ... I’m gonna have you, I’m gonna fuckin’ do you ... you little lezzie slut, you’re mine ... you’re mine, bitch, you’re gonna be my bitch – so take it ... fucking take it hard ... you little cunt, take it fuckin’ NOW!’

It was just what I needed to hear: the mixture of dominance and possession, together with the hint that she was almost losing control in her lust, pressed all of my submissive lesbian buttons, and I willingly surrendered myself to her desire. And so, for the first time ever, I experienced the wonder and the splendour of being shafted by another woman, with her heavy breasts mashed against mine, her hard erect nipples poking into my soft mounds, our flat sweat-streaked stomachs slickly pressed together, and her strap-on phallus ploughing my pussy and slamming into my cunt-hole, taking me to the dizzy sexual stratosphere and blowing my mind with a thunderclap of a climax. I gave a wild shriek as I came, thrashing in my bondage as I exulted in my immobility and vulnerability, and ecstatic from the realisation of my longed-for fantasy – for now in reality, Ms Templeton actually had just fucked me almost to fainting with a huge strap-on dildo!

This third orgasm was the most powerful of them all, and it left me exhilarated but also dazed and drained. As the athletic cheerleading coach slid her plastic phallus out of me, I slumped backwards, needing the support of the vaulting horse behind me, and indeed of the skipping ropes that held me securely in place. Ms Templeton smiled with satisfaction as she unbuckled the strap-on and slid the harness down to her ankles, before stepping out of it. She next produced a small white Egyptian cotton towel from her sports bag and rubbed around her own thighs and pussy, and then wiped over the plastic dildo, before putting the strap-on down next to her bag. My face, chest, stomach and thighs were streaked with runnels of sweat, and Ms Templeton turned towards me and, with a smile, dried around my breasts and pelvis – although she could not resist caressing her fingertips across my cunt as she wiped the towel around between my spread legs. I had nearly recovered enough poise and breath to ask her to untie me, but before I could speak I was jolted into panicked reality by a loud knock on the gymnasium door.

I gasped in shock, and Ms Templeton gave a kind of startled jump. However, she did not seem to be worried, which somewhat assuaged my surge of fear; rather, it was as if she had been reminded of something she had forgotten. The first knock was followed by two pairs of short sharp raps with a brief pause between them, and then after a longer pause came three slower knocks. It was clearly a signal, and one that Ms Templeton knew and understood. She looked at me consideringly for a moment, and then seemed to come to a swift decision.

‘Hmm ... well ...’ she mused, and then more decisively continued: ‘yes ... why not? ... why not indeed?’ Seeing that I was still anxious, she gave me a reassuring smile: ‘Don’t worry, Jayne! You know most of my secrets now, so you might as well know them all!’

As she spoke these words, the teacher walked round behind me to the wooden door, unbolted it and eased it slightly ajar, and then conducted a quick and quiet conversation with the person outside. I could only make out a few words here and there:

‘... not Susie ... no, I ... my fault, but she ... yes ... really up for ... cute as fuck ... yeah, c’mon ... sure she’ll ...’

There was the sound of the door being opened further, and then closed and bolted again, followed by crisp footsteps approaching from behind me. With butterflies in my stomach, I tried to twist round to see who it was, but my bonds held me in place – though my effort did make my breasts jiggle and bounce quite eye-catchingly. Of course, I only had to wait for a couple of seconds, and then I gave a shrill squeal of surprise and shock as a woman came into view, walking round the vaulting box to stand in front of me, about a yard away. It was Ms Melendez, the Deputy Principal of the school!

I swallowed, profoundly aware of my nudity and bound helplessness, with my legs pulled apart and my pussy utterly exposed, and still damp from my orgasm. The senior teacher said nothing, but her eyes raked up and down my naked body and an anticipatory smile lifted the corners of her mouth. Ms Melendez was around forty years old, and a tall and very handsome woman of commanding presence and authority – no one, and I mean no one, ever messed around in one of her maths classes. She had the classic Hispanic look: a slight olive tint to her skin, sharp cheekbones and a hawk nose, deep eyes of darkest brown, neatly-trimmed black eyebrows and silky straight black hair which she always wore tightly pulled back from her face and wound into a bun that was fixed with two large hair-clips – with her often thinly pursed lips and steely gaze, this gave students an intimidating impression of austere severity. Ms Melendez had preserved her figure very well, and it was in proportion to her height of just a fraction under six feet. She had a substantial bust – I learned later that she took a 36D bra size – which was emphasised by her still trim waist and the curving flare of her shoulders and hips.

The Deputy Principal was wearing her trademark outfit: black leather boots and a smartly-cut two-piece business suit of jacket and knee-length skirt (today’s suit was in charcoal grey, with a faint white pinstripe), which as she moved showed a tantalising couple of inches of firm smooth leg between the hem of the skirt and the top of the boots. I had frequently heard the boys in my class expressing their admiration for her as being despite (or perhaps because?) of her maturity the hottest teacher in the whole school, and agreeing that they would gladly lie down naked for her to walk all over them in her stiletto-heeled boots, if only she would grab their cocks and squeeze and suck them dry. Well, it looked as if those boys had no chance at all of making out with Ms Melendez – but that I was likely to be doing so instead!

Feeling either the warm air in the room, or more likely its soaring sexual temperature, Ms Melendez undid the two buttons of her suit jacket, revealing the white pintuck shirt beneath, and favoured me with a predatory smile that sent a shiver of excited expectation through me from head to toe.

‘Well, well ... this is indeed a surprise, I was expecting the eager Susie to be here ... but, mmm, how nice, how very nice!’ murmured the Deputy Principal with smiling approval, and then she stepped nearer and let the fingers of her right hand gently stroke my chin, before proceeding to trail down my neck, across my upper chest, and then to caress my left breast: ‘Well, Jayne, you are a pretty little piece ... mmmm ... yes, very sweet ... and what lovely big boobs you have, too.’

As she said the last few words, her strong fingers pinched my left nipple, making me give a yelp and sending a frisson of arousal tingling through my torso. I gazed at the powerful Deputy Principal like a rabbit caught in headlights, literally thunderstruck by this astounding development. Ms Melendez’s smile widened, and almost casually her left hand took my other breast, hefting its weight and relishing its teenage firm roundness, before she simultaneously pinched both my tits again. My surprised instinctive cry turned into a whimpering moan, as the mature teacher rolled my nipples around between her thumbs and forefingers, all the time keeping her large dark eyes locked onto mine. The tip of the Hispanic woman’s tongue flitted across her lips, as she savoured the moment, knowing full well that the shock of her presence and the proximity of her lush mature body were almost overwhelming my senses. The Deputy Principal turned her face towards her younger colleague, and – without for one second ceasing her erotic fondling of my breasts – she commented:

‘Well, Carole, I can certainly see why this pretty babe has tempted you ... oh, she is legal, isn’t she?’

‘Yes, yes – you don’t have to worry about that, she was sixteen just over a month ago’, Ms Templeton reassured her older colleague; ‘you know they have to be, to try out for the senior cheer squad.’

‘Sure, yes ... good ... yes, very good’, replied the Hispanic woman; ‘but ... what’s happened to Susie, then?’

‘Oh, well, that’s my fault!’ laughed Ms Templeton; ‘I wasn’t able to get a quiet word with Susie this morning, to tell her that we wanted her tonight, not without the danger of someone overhearing, and I couldn’t seek her out too obviously in the lunch-break, so I decided to leave a note in her locker instead – but just as I was about to do so, the Principal appeared and called me! Anyway, I tried to slip it into her locker before he could see what I was doing, but I rushed it, and put it in the next-door locker instead – which happens to be Jayne’s! Fortunately, it turns out that she’s a novice lesbian and was thrilled – in fact, she assumed it was meant for her – and came tripping down here, just as eager-beaver and tushy-tail as you might like ... and, mmmm, I did like ... and so did she! So, in the end, it’s been a piece of real good luck – a mistake that I’m glad I made!’

‘Mmmm, oh yeah! me too, Ms Melendez!’, I interjected, adding: ‘I’ve wanted this for so long, and it’s been just incredible ... ahhhh, oooh, that’s lovely what you’re doing to my tits, don’t stop, please ... Aaahh! oh, God – yes!’

‘Well now, I don’t like to look a gift-pussy in the mouth’, the Deputy Principal said with a lustful gleam in her eyes, and she matched her words by dropping her right hand to cup my cunt, kneading my sticky soft mound between her powerful fingers and the heel of her palm, and then sliding her forefinger upwards into my crevasse, as I gave a long shuddering exhalation of breath.

‘Aaaahhhh, yes – yes, fuck me! Oh, Ms Melendez, fuck me – fuck me too, anyhow, any way you like ... please, please, my God, I’m so turned on! Take me, have me and fuck me, fuck me hard, so hard!’

In truth to tell, Ms Melendez was turning me on even more than Ms Templeton had done! It was not just the older woman’s maturity and greater experience, though that certainly played its part – it was her sheer charisma and her position of power and authority, for within the hierarchy of my little world, she was a major player indeed. To someone with as wide a submissive streak as I was just discovering that I had, such a combination of sexual dominance and everyday authority was a heady drug, and one to which I was fast becoming addicted.

Ms Melendez’s dark eyes gleamed at my wanton invitation and she leaned close to me, so that her full bust pushed against my engorged and sensitised nipples. The erogenous effect made me squirm in my bondage, but this only resulted in my tits rubbing up against the fabric of her suit jacket, and arousing me even further! The handsome mature woman licked all the way up my throat from its base to my chin, and then she kissed me hungrily, after which she breathed softly in my ear:

‘Oh, I will, sweet sixteen – you can be sure of it, you little lezzie slut ... I will have you, I will take you and I will fuck you to little bits!’

Well, what more could a neophyte lesbian teen ask for! I almost swooned with excitement, and in fact it was a good thing that the ropes kept me supported, as the muscles in my legs turned to jelly at the prospect ahead. To be taken in bondage by the cheer squad coach and then by the hottest mature bitch in the school was beyond my wildest hopes and dreams – and now it was actually happening!

Ms Melendez’s nostrils flared and her breathing was a little more rapid as she released her vice-like clutch of my cunt and took a step backwards, standing for a moment in front of me in all her glory, with her hands at her hips and pure lust shining from her eyes. Then slowly ... oh, so slowly ... she slipped off her suit jacket and unbuttoned her shirt, gradually revealing the black lace three-quarter cup underwired bra that was beneath. After taking a tantalising moment to undo her shirt cuffs – for the experienced dyke domme knew just how to make a young girl wait on tenterhooks – she cast it aside, and my eyes devoured the profile of her broad ripe bosom.

The Deputy Principal was a magnificent sight as she stood in front of me in her black boots, tight grey suit skirt and black bra. For a few seconds she savoured my awestruck admiring gaze, and she made no move to remove any further garment. Instead, she glanced sideways at her accomplice, and gave Ms Templeton a small nod. With a smile of relish, the cheerleading coach stepped up behind the Deputy Principal and unclasped the backband of her bra. After she had unfastened it and lifted it away, the younger teacher slid her hands around the older woman’s ribs and took her superior’s heavy breasts into her hands, cupping them and lifting their aureoles towards me. The sight of Ms Templeton fondling the Deputy Principal’s breasts almost made me come on the spot, as did the stunning combination of her face looking over the mature teacher’s shoulder, with both of them regarding me with the hunger of starving sexual wolves.

In unspoken unison, they took a simultaneous step towards me, and Ms Templeton hefted Ms Melendez’s breasts up towards my face, almost thrusting the Deputy Principal’s right tit into my mouth. I needed no encouragement, and at once I began to lick and suck it as vigorously as I could. I whimpered as I felt Ms Melendez’s hand once again between my parted thighs, and she dragged her thumbnail up and down my slit with explosive effects, although she was careful not to enter me yet for more than about an inch.

The breast which I was worshipping was removed after about thirty seconds, and its luscious companion was proffered in its place. I began at once to lavish oral attention upon it, and was proud and thrilled when my eager enthusiasm elicited a soft gasp of pleasure from the Deputy Principal’s half-parted lips.

Next, the two teachers once again stepped backwards for a couple of feet, after which Ms Melendez assumed a statuesque pose. My eyes were like saucers watching what was unfolding in front of me, as Ms Templeton dropped submissively to her knees beside her busty mature boss. The cheerleading coach was careful not to block my fascinated view, as the younger woman deftly undid the two buttons at the waistband of Ms Melendez’s smart linen skirt. The short silver zip was then slowly tugged downwards, until with a deliciously feminine movement Ms Melendez wriggled her hips and the skirt tumbled to the ground about her ankles. This revealed that the capable Deputy Principal was both a traditionalist and something of a romantic, for the rest of her lingerie consisted of an elegantly lace-trimmed black suspender belt holding up her traditional-style black stockings and a wispy scrap of black lace thong panties that were barely large enough to cover her Venus mound.

I gave an involuntary gasp of surprise at the next step in this tango for two – which I devoutly hoped would soon turn into a quickstep for three. Ms Templeton slid a hand up her superior’s firm strong thigh, curled her fingertips inside the gusset of the miniscule panties, and then began to probe further into the soft wet folds of flesh within. The Deputy Principal gave a sigh of pleasure and half-closed her eyes, whilst arching her hips and thrusting her pelvis forwards. The sight of these two luscious lesbians making out, in what I knew was only the hors d’oeuvre before they would fall upon my lean young teenage body and devour me whole, was thrillingly erotic. I was getting so hot and loose that my pussy was dribbling my girl-cum onto the floor, and I was panting for breath and writhing with excitement in my bondage without them even touching me.

Having lubricated the Deputy Principal’s pudenda with her massaging fingers, the cheerleading coach suddenly whisked the older woman’s flimsy panties down to her ankles. Ms Melendez at once stepped out of them and took a dominant stance, with her legs planted firmly apart and her hands on her hips. Wearing only her black boots, stockings and suspender belt, she exuded sexual charisma as she gazed at me with dark eyes now fixed with unmistakeable intent upon my defenceless tits and pussy.

‘Oh, yes, little cunt’, she breathed, ‘I’ll have you now – yes, I’ll take you now’, and the tip of her tongue flicked across her full lips.

Without taking her eyes off my face, Ms Melendez snapped her fingers, and at once the younger teacher reached out to lift the strap-on harness from its resting place by her bag. Still kneeling, she proceeded to buckle it around the mature Hispanic woman’s pelvis, like an updated version of a medieval squire girding a knight into his armour for battle. Once the straps were fully secured, Ms Templeton grasped the base of the dildo’s shaft with her left hand and took half of its length into her mouth. The younger teacher’s head bobbed up and down as she sucked on the plastic pole, lubricating it with her saliva. Then, after one last lascivious lick of her tongue, the cheerleading coach shifted sideways to where she would have an unimpeded view of events, and Ms Melendez stepped assuredly towards me with the dildo projecting forwards like a sapphic spear.

The Deputy Principal took a moment to run her hands caressingly all over my body, from my neck and shoulders, down over my breasts and stomach and waist, and then she reached between my legs and teased apart my glistening labia. Taking a grip at my hips, she flexed her pelvic muscles and nudged the knob of the plastic cock into me. I gave a broken moan as the tall woman used the leverage of her height to pivot her hips around and under me – and then with a galvanic upwards thrust she drove the dildo into me, so far and fast and hard that I gave a hoarse shriek and was almost lifted of my feet.

‘Take it, bitch – take it, take it all! You’re gonna be our bitch, our little fuck-bitch!’ grunted Ms Melendez, her breath coming louder and faster as she arched her back, pulling the solid plastic rod almost out of me and then pile-driving it back in, penetrating me all the way until her pelvis was grinding hard against my crotch. Before I could do anything more than gasp in response, the handsome Hispanic woman repeated the cycle, and then she continued to piston the dildo in and out of my sopping hole, even faster and more forcefully.

There was no subtlety in this, none at all: it was fucking, pure and simple fucking – raw, hard, relentless, merciless, drilling, excavating, cunt-reaming fucking. And it was what I wanted; more than anything ever before, I wanted these women to use me with unrestrained passion, to break upon me like a tidal wave and leave my landscape changed forever. So I replied, in so far as what came from my mouth had any coherency at all: it was plaintive babbling imprecations, sobbing and gasping and shuddering, and begging always to be fucked more and more and harder and harder. Certainly I offered myself to them unreservedly, promising willingly to be their bitch, to be their fuck-toy, to be their pussy-slut and sex-slave for anything they wanted to do to me or me to do for them – in any costume, in any position, in any bondage.

I wouldn’t have believed that it was possible to get sexually higher than Ms Melendez’s battering penetrations of my pussy were now taking me – but then Ms Templeton double-teamed me! She stepped up right behind the Deputy Principal, pressing her cunt against the older woman’s firm butt, and rode with her – arching her hips backwards as Ms Melendez drew the dildo outwards, and then devastatingly adding the weight of her body to the swing of the Hispanic woman’s pelvis and the ripping surge of the phallic rod slamming into me. Finally, as the coup de grace, the athletic cheerleading coach snaked her long arms around Ms Melendez’s rib-cage and grasped my breasts, kneading them and pulling and twisting on my nipples!

A wild scream was torn from my throat, I jerked wildly to the limited extent that the restrictive ropes and the pinioning dildo would permit, and came with a convulsion that nearly dislocated my shoulders and did painfully wrench my back. As I did so, giving sharp staccato shrieks and spasming as if I had been plugged into the electric grid (and I had – the Lesbos Power Company, Unlimited!), Ms Melendez orgasmed as well – she was more controlled, vocally and physically, but her short deep grunts and the quivering intensity of the shudders that I could feel coursing through her were unmistakeable. For a moment, in the aftermath of her climax, the tall teacher slumped against me, and I felt the delicious slickness of the smooth skin of her breasts, coated with a sheen of sweat, as they slid against my own more modest mounds.

After a moment in which we all caught our breath, Ms Templeton drew her older lover back towards her, and the dildo popped out of my pussy as the Deputy Principal eased away from me to lean against the cushioning pillow of her younger colleague’s bust. Ms Melendez held me steady with her gaze, and pursed her lips consideringly.

‘One final thing, and then your initiation – and my pleasure – will be complete!’

With that she gestured to the ropes that held me in place, and Ms Templeton moved at once to untie them; fortunately, I had by now recovered enough strength not to need their support. The cheerleading coach took a gentle grip on my shoulders and steered me the two or three steps to stand in front of the Deputy Principal, and then once again Ms Templeton’s downwards pressure communicated wordlessly all that I needed to know. I sank to my knees, and gazed reverently at the smooth-shaven and sweat-sheened jutting cunt now revealed by the removal of the strap-on, as Ms Melendez stood in front of me, her arms akimbo on her hips and her vagina level with my face. I ran my tongue across my half-parted lips in excitement and desire, but before I could lean forwards and close the few inches between my mouth and the meaty folds of the Deputy Principal’s pudenda, Ms Templeton told me to wait:

‘Just a moment, Jayne – seeing as you’re taking to this so well, there’s something else needed!’

I paused, though I could barely tear my eyes away from the mature Hispanic woman’s Venus mound, whilst the pungent musk of her sexual arousal made my head swim with desire. In my peripheral vision, I saw Ms Templeton stoop and pick up two of the skipping ropes that had been discarded when I was unbound. With a flutter of excitement in my stomach, I realised that I was about to be restrained again!

Obediently, I remained kneeling in submission in front of the Deputy Principal, whilst allowing her younger colleague to draw both of my arms behind my back. Ms Templeton wrapped one end of the first skipping rope several times around my right ankle, and then she used the remaining length of the rope to bind my right wrist next to it, after which she followed the same pattern with my left ankle and wrist. The result pulled me slightly backwards so that my head was at the perfect angle for pussy-eating, whilst it also forced me to spread my knees apart in order to keep my balance, and most of all it left my cunt and tits exposed and defenceless.

I tensed against the ropes and found that they were securely in place, which gave me a delicious thrill. At once, I shuffled forwards on my knees until my face was pressed against the Deputy Principal’s pussy, and I eagerly squirreled my tongue into her gash. Perhaps it was just my imagination, but somehow she tasted more mature than Ms Templeton, with a fuller flavour and sharper tang to her juices. Her vagina was slick and loose, which I guessed was partly from the number of strap-on fucks she must have taken over the years, and partly from her arousal on this occasion. I first lapped up her nectar, licking up and down the length of her gash, and then I curled my tongue to give it greater rigidity and stuck it into her hole as forcefully as I could. I was rewarded with an audible exhalation of breath, and then, as I pushed and probed as far into her as I could reach, Ms Melendez began to give little mewling pants, which turned me on and encouraged me to still greater efforts.

Then I gave a yelp of my own, though it was almost inaudible as my face was so closely pressed against the Deputy Principal’s cunt. The reason for my sound – a mixture of surprise and arousal – was that Ms Templeton had taken up a kneeling position on the floor behind me, and then had reached under my butt and spread my pussy lips apart. Her long index finger slid easily into my vulnerable vagina, spearing me up to her knuckle. Then the younger teacher began to tease her finger in and out of me, until I was whimpering from the stimulation. During all of this, I was trying to concentrate on my immediate task of eating out the Deputy Principal, whilst ignoring the distraction of what her younger colleague was doing to me. However, the latter was mission impossible, and soon the rhythm of my licks and probes into Ms Melendez’s hole began to match the pace and timing of Ms Templeton’s finger-fucking penetrations of me.

The younger teacher expertly drove me higher and higher, whilst my own clumsy but eager attempts at cunnilingus were from their very inexperience thoroughly arousing for the Deputy Principal. As the latter took hold of the back of my head with both of her hands and began to hump and grind her crotch against my face, giving audible groans as she did so, Ms Templeton knew that the crucial moment was almost there. She added a second finger to the one which had been shafting me, curled them both upwards, and with unerring precision targeted my clitoris, which she forcefully abraded. I exploded into yet another drenching orgasm, my thighs shaking so much that without the bondage to brace me I would surely have collapsed. My hoarse scream of ecstasy vibrated directly against Ms Melendez’s pubic bone, which then transmitted this to the nerve ends in her vagina. The impact swept the mature Hispanic woman to her crescendo, and with a shuddering moan she climaxed as well, squirting pussy juice across my cheeks and mouth.

For a moment, Ms Melendez held me in place against her cunt, and then with a sigh her hands fell away from my head, and she leaned backwards against the vaulting horse. It took her a moment to catch enough breath, but then she spoke with a radiant smile.

‘Well done, Jayne, very well done! That was an amazingly good performance for a newbie ... there’s no doubt you’re a natural, Jayne my sweet – you just soaked that up, didn’t you? A natural lezzie, you are, that’s definite ... which means, there’s such a lot we can show you, for all our pleasure.’

‘Oh, yes! Yes, Miss – please, yes!’ I replied eagerly; ‘I’d love that, Ms Melendez – I really, really, really would!’

The senior teacher looked at her junior colleague for a moment, and was given a small nod in return. Then Ms Melendez turned to me, cupping my chin in the palm of her left hand.

‘Make your excuses to your parents and friends for Saturday afternoon, and at three o’clock Carole will pick you up in her car – she’ll arrange with you exactly where – and bring you out to my house, which is nice and private and has plenty of space. She’ll have Susie with her as well, but instead of our regular threesome, we’ll have a foursome and really give you an education. In fact’, and here she reached out playfully to pinch my sticky vaginal lips, ‘I’ll take great pleasure in showing you the ropes myself – I have just the right room for it, with everything that we might need!’

I stammered my thanks and assured them both how much I would look forward to it, and promised unreservedly to participate in anything that they might desire. With a smile, the Deputy Principal got dressed, and then gave me a lingering French kiss before Ms Templeton unlocked the gym door and the older woman slipped away. Only then did the cheerleading coach untie me, telling me to take a quick shower to wash the smell of cum off my body. Even this mundane exercise was sexually charged, for as I stood under the shower-head, luxuriating in the stream of stingingly-hot water that gushed from it and ran down my chest and back, Ms Templeton lounged in the doorway and let her gaze wander appreciatively over my firm young body. She also helped to dry me, rubbing a white cotton towel around my breasts – stimulating my nipples to renewed hardness – and then across my stomach and down between my legs, where I shivered at the deft touch of her fingers through the fabric as it brushed up and down my vaginal slit.

When we were both fully dressed, I helped the teacher to straighten the furniture in the gym and remove anything which might suggest that anyone had been there. We then exited the building by a side door near to the staff car park, using Ms Templeton’s swipe card to avoid setting off any alarms. Not surprisingly, her car was the only one still standing there, as even the Deputy Principal had now left. It was only a few minutes drive to the road where I lived, and Ms Templeton let me out at the corner, about two hundred yards from my house and out of its sight, so that no awkward questions might be asked. I was amazed to see from my watch that it was only a few minutes after five o’clock, so that I would still be home before either of my parents returned from their work. School had finished as usual at half-past-three, and so my sexual revolution had taken only about an hour – and yet it had changed so much! As I walked up to my front door, my feet almost literally gliding on air, I relished the thought that my life as a teenage lesbian fuck-slut and bondagette was about to begin, and I offered up a silent prayer of thanks for the turn of fortune that had made it possible by guiding Ms Templeton’s note into the wrong – but oh! so right – locker.

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