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We have a house guest.
Chapter 10

It was a beautiful, sunny, springtime, Friday afternoon. I was waiting outside the high school to pick up my niece. She had her own car, but still liked for me to pick her up on Fridays. "I'm going to be with you all weekend anyway. So I really don't need my Jeep." She would say.

Kaylee was a month or so past her 16th birthday. All last summer, she had worked, and saved, so that she could buy a 10 year old Jeep Wrangler from my best friend, and lead carpenter, Brian. I had secretly gone to him with one thousand dollars to cut the price of the Jeep for her, but he just laughed.

"Sorry Bro! Kaylee said you would try something like this. She made me sign a contract that said I would only sell the Jeep to her, and at the agreed upon price. It says I am forbidden to take any money from you." He laughed and grabbed my shoulder. "That is one squared away little niece you have! Tell Patty she should be proud!"

Suddenly, I was pretty damn proud too.

She started working for me, but surprised me 3 weeks in, by saying she had a better job offer. Installing hard wood floors with one of my frequent contractors. When I called him to ask, he readily admitted it. "Hell Ben! The girl works harder than half my guys, and has a better eye than most. Not my fault you weren't paying her enough!"

So five, sometimes even six days a week, all summer long she worked hard, and saved her money. The week before she was going to buy the Jeep, we planned a surprise. I picked it up from Brian, and got it a new paint job. My parents paid for new wheels and tires, and my sister got a new soft top for it. When I brought her by, they were all waiting in the garage. "Surprise!"

Kaylee screamed! She laughed. She even cried. "It looks brand new!" She came and hugged each one of us. Her mother took a picture of her handing Brian the check, and video of her getting in for the first time. She took each of us out for a drive around the block. It was still months until she could get her license, so she had to have an adult in the car to drive, and she would pester us every chance she got, to go for a drive.

Now that she can drive, she keeps that jeep shining like a brand new penny. I'm still not sure who is more proud. Her, of her first car? Or me, that she did it all on her own.

Students started to pour out of the buildings. Next week, school was closed for spring break, and there was even more excitement than the average Friday. I finally spotted Kaylee and instantly broke into a smile. She looked as beautiful as ever.

My niece and I have been "Going Out" for almost two years now. I am head over heals in love, and falling farther everyday. As she came closer to the truck, my heart beat faster and my smile grew wider.

"Hey Baby!" She greeted me as she jumped in the truck. She knew we couldn't kiss in public, but she playfully squeezed my thigh. "Missed you!"

I gave her a wink. "I missed you too!" I pulled away from the school. "So something interesting happened today." I said. "I got a phone call this morning."

"Ooooh! That is interesting!" Kaylee replied sarcastically. "You lead such an exotic life!"

"Alright smart ass!" I laughed. "Do you want to hear my news or not?"

She batted her eyes and sighed. "I'm hanging on your every word, Baby!"

I turned and stuck my tongue out at her.

She just giggled. "Is that a promise, or a threat?"

We both started laughing. "Are you going to let me finish?"

Kaylee just nodded, so I continued. "Your cousin Max called. His friend is driving through this way, so he's catching a ride. He'll be spending spring break down here with us."

"Oh! I haven't seen Max since Christmas!" Kaylee squealed excitedly.

Max was my older sister Betty's, youngest son. He was 17, just shy of his 18th birthday. "Max" is not his given name, but after his first little league coach started calling him that, because he did everything "to the max", the name sort of fit. Now everyone uses it. Even my sister Patty, who insists on calling everyone by their proper name, calls him Max most of the time.

"Yeah, he wants to do some fishing, and said there is something he wanted to talk to me about."

"When does he get here?"

"Well, he said they were leaving right after school. So depending on traffic... Maybe six. We are supposed to meet them at the truck stop by the interstate."

"I should put some clean sheets on the spare bed for him." She replied. Her and Max had always been close growing up. He was always her protector, and kept her out of trouble. She was always his cheerleader, and biggest fan. "And a fresh towel in the guest bathroom."

"Um. Sweetheart???" Sometimes, Kaylee doesn't think things all the way through. "You will be the one sleeping in the spare bed. Max can have the couch."

"But I have..." She trailed off, finally getting it. Her smile faded a bit. "It's not fair! Sometimes I hate keeping this huge secret."

She must have seen my own smile fade as she hastily added. "Baby, No!" She reached over and held my hand. "I love you! If keeping it a secret is what it takes, then fine. I just wish that we didn't have to, that's all." She squeezed my hand. "I can always slip into our bedroom after he's asleep."

"Kaylee. You can't! You know I would love that, but it's too dangerous. As long as Max is here, You spend the night in your bed, Me, in mine."

Looking a lot less excited than a moment ago, she said. "OK. But for the record, it's OUR bed!"
Smiling again, I agreed. "I stand corrected."


Max's friend pulled up into the parking lot, a little after six o'clock, Max jumped out, pulled his bag from the back seat, and said a few words to his buddy. He walked towards my truck, and was met by a flying, blonde, projectile. "MAX!!!" Kaylee screamed as she launched into his arms.

Max is just a hair under six feet, and built like a tank. He has the muscular build of a guy who obviously spends time in the gym. He was a star at both baseball and football. However, two years ago he found his passion in martial arts. With the same dedication he applied to everything, he studied Krav Maga, Judo, Muay Thai, and a little Tae Kwon Do. I'm not ashamed to admit, my 17 year old nephew could probably kick my ass without breaking a sweat.

He dropped his bag and swung Kaylee around. Then setting her down he walked up to me and gave me a firm handshake. "Hey Uncle Benny! Good to see you!"

"You too! How's your Mom and Dad?" We exchanged family news as we loaded his bag in the truck and headed home. Even though they only live 150 miles away, I don't get to see my sisters family enough. Patty, and my parents, are both within an hours drive, and I see them every week. It is always a pleasure to catch up, whenever Betty or her family comes for a visit.

"So I got all the fishing gear out, and we can go whenever you like." I figured, knowing him, the answer would be right away.

He didn't disappoint me. "Well, I'm up for going at first light tomorrow." This boy just loved to fish. "You make the call... lake, or river?"

Kaylee gave a small elbow to my ribs. "You guys could go to that pond I liked so much!"

I coughed in my hand to cover my chuckle. Max asked. "Kaylee you fish now?"

"Yuck! God no!" Innocently, she stated. "There is just a nice pond that Uncle Benny took me to once. It was really great."

We talked the rest of the drive home. Max is a little funny. He has a very laid back attitude, and a slow, quiet speaking voice. His relaxed manner, and longish hair, lead many to pass him off as a stoner. I admit, he looks the part. However, drugs are not something he's into. He says they never seemed worth the trouble to him.

I also know, that many pass him off as not so bright. In areas of interest to him, he is quite intelligent. He can quote sports stats like a radio announcer. Tell you what types of fish can be found in different areas of the country, and what bait, weather, or water conditions they prefer. And he has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of military throughout history. Especially, the United States Marines.

We got home and walked into the house. "So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?" I asked as we got his things settled.

"Well." He stood straight and tall in front of me. "You guys know that since I was 10, I have wanted to be a Marine. I graduate this year, so I talked to a recruiter. At the end of the summer, I'm off to basic training."

I smiled at the young man in front of me, trying real hard not to tear up. Kaylee threw her arms around him, crying a bit. "I'm so happy for you, but I'm going to be scared for you all the time!"

Max put his arms around his cousin. "It's just a job. I'll be fine."

I walked over and gave him a clap on the shoulder. "I'm really proud of you Max!"

We sat around the living room talking about what he hoped for, and how his parents felt. When he was leaving, where he would go for training. The conversation turned to other things, and we just sat around talking. Finally Max said. "If we are going to catch some fish tomorrow, we should probably get some sleep."

Kaylee got up. "I'll go get you a blanket and some pillows." When she returned she gave Max a big hug, then turned to me. "I'll be ready for bed in a few minutes."

Max laughed at her. "Uncle Benny still tucks you in?"

Kaylee stood with her hands on her hips. "YES HE DOES! If you don't want a black eye, you will keep your opinions to yourself!" She was kidding. At least... I think she was!

Max put his hands up. "OK. I give up! Please don't hurt me."

Kaylee laughed and ran to the stairs "Goodnight!"


I woke up before dawn. I went out, took care of the horses, and headed back inside. I heard the shower in the guest bathroom, and went into my bedroom. I looked up, and quickly shut the door behind me. "What are you doing?!"

There on my bed, with her hair spread out on the pillow, was my beautiful niece. She was wearing nothing but a smile. "Did you miss me last night? Cause I sure missed you!" I couldn't help but to look at her cute little breasts, with the nipples standing up. Her well defined legs coming together, and hiding her cleft, just beneath her soft golden triangle. Though I knew I needed to put a stop to this, I was instantly aroused. "You could at least kiss me good morning." She pouted.

I walked over and leaned down. Kaylee gave me a deep, wet kiss. Her hand went around my neck and pulled me down onto the bed. My hand came up and found her breast, squeezing the firm flesh lightly, and playing with her nipple. I kissed her deeply, then reluctantly pulled away. "Good morning Sweetheart." I smiled and caught my breath. "Now get out of here!"

"Max just got into the shower. We have time if you would hurry, and stop arguing." She looked so good laying there. I wanted her, but knew I shouldn't. I started to get up shaking my head. "OK. Be that way." She smiled. "I'll just take care of myself."

Her legs spread, and her right hand moved down to her blonde bush. Her left hand came up and started to rub her perky tits. "MMMMM" She started to moan, as I watched her finger slide between her pink lips.

In the time that we have been together, I had never seen her play with herself. I was mesmerized. Her eyes were closed as she wet her finger in her slit, and then circled her pearl. She tweaked one nipple as she moaned again, then took the other and rubbed it between her fingertips. Her hips started to rock against her hand, and I could see how wet she was getting.

"Aw Hell!" I groaned. She opened her eyes and smiled brightly. "But it has got to be a quickie!" She gave a huge grin, while bobbing her head in agreement.

I ripped my shirt, pulling it over my head, and didn't waste time removing my boots. I just yanked my pants to my knees and hopped into bed.

Kaylee threw her leg over my waist, and quickly positioned me between us. Her head came down and kissed me fiercely, as her hips lowered onto me. I let out a long moan as I felt her tight, wet, warmth envelope me. My hands on her small waist raised her up, then let her fall back against me.

My niece looked into my eyes as she started to slowly bounce up and down. "Oh Baby! I thought about this all night long. I just knew I couldn't wait. You feel so good inside of me." I was going wild.

Kaylee had never been the type to talk dirty before. I'm not sure if this was her intention or not, but it was damn sure working for me. She kept talking. "Don't worry about me. Enjoy yourself. Just take me. It feels so good. Oh Yes baby!" She slowed down then lifted her leg. "How about this?"

She turned around, facing away from me. Riding me in the reverse cowgirl position. She leaned forward resting her hands against my knees, while raising and falling repeatedly. Giving me a spectacular view of her ass, and pussy, with me thrusting in and out. She raised upright, kneeling above me, and tightening her legs on every stroke. Her muscles squeezing me from the inside, bringing me closer to the finish. "Oh sweetheart! You are amazing." I felt myself rapidly approaching orgasm, but not soon enough.

The bedroom door opened. Max walked right in. At first not paying attention to what was going on. "Hey! Uncle Benny do you have any deodorant? I forgot to pack..."

I stopped moving. Suddenly, cumming was the farthest thing from my mind. Kaylee stopped also. Her hands coming up to cover her breasts. Apparently, totally forgetting that her bare crotch was in plain sight, with me still buried within her.

Max looked at her, then at me. "Oh man! I'm sorry. I didn't know that you..." He broke off, grew very still, then looked once more at Kaylee. He quickly looked away and his eyes grew cold as he stared straight at me. Very quietly, he said. "Kaylee..." Although he was addressing his cousin, his hard eyes never left mine. "Are you OK?"

"Yeah Max..." She responded. "It's all good... I'm fine!"

Just like that, Max's eyes cleared. "OK, cool! I'll be downstairs when you are ready to go." He turned and walked out, closing the door after himself.

We both laid there for a moment in silence. My dick rapidly deflating inside of her. Finally, Kaylee sighed. "OH Shit!"

"Kaylee! Watch your language!" It's funny the things that you say during stressful situations! "But yeah... Oh shit, just about covers it."

I got out of bed and pulled my pants up. I pulled on a new shirt, and headed towards the door. "I guess I better go talk to him." I said, my heart beating fast. On the way out, I grabbed my deodorant from the dresser.

Max was drinking a glass of milk at the counter as I walked into the kitchen. I lamely handed him the deodorant.

"Oh, thanks! I can't believe I forgot to pack mine." He acted like there was nothing wrong. As if the last 10 minutes never happened.

"Listen, Max. About what happened up there..." I had no idea what to say. It's not what you think? That wouldn't fly. She tripped and fell on top of me? Don't think that would work. Hey Max. I'm fucking your underage cousin? True, but not very tactful.

Max held up his hand. "It's cool. I get it. I mean, come on. She's a knockout! If she is OK, then, it's none of my business." He turned and put his glass in the sink.

"Yeah, but... Max, If anyone was to find out about this..." Once again I found myself speechless.
"Hey, It's not my secret to share. Like I said it's NONE of my business."

Just then Kaylee walked into the room. Her green robe was wrapped tightly around her. She walked up proudly, and put her arm around my waist. Head held high as if she was daring him to say something against us. "So, will you keep this between us then?" She was looking at Max without any shame. "Will you keep it our secret?"

Max smiled at her. "What you two do is between you. It's no big deal. I won't say a word."

Kaylee walked over and gave him a hug. "Thanks Max!" She stepped back. "As long as you already know, is there anything you want to ask?"

I was standing there shell shocked. How this was "No big deal" was beyond me. Max looked thoughtful for a moment then said.

"I guess I have 2 questions." He collected his thoughts then asked. "Are you two, like, a couple, or is it, you know just sex?"

I thought it was a fair question. I put my arm around Kaylee, and she smiled up at me. "Uncle Benny is my boyfriend, and has been for two years. We love each other." The fact that she was so unashamed to admit this made me feel warm inside. I just nodded.

Max broke into a small grin. "That's cool. The other way would have been...weird."

I couldn't help but snort laughter. "You mean this isn't weird?"

Max smiled. "Well it isn't normal, but, yeah, it kinda makes sense. You two have always been tight. Growing up we all loved hanging out with our Uncle Benny! But my brother and I always knew that you and Kaylee had a special bond. Not that you played favorites or anything. You two are just close. She is just like you!" He looked thoughtful, then laughed. "Yeah, it was a shock, but not really all that, out there."

"Thanks Max!" I smiled at my nephew. "I hope you and your brother know how much I love you both!"

Max laughed and pointed upstairs. "I'm not doing that though!" All three of us laughed.

Kaylee said. "You said you had TWO questions."

Max turned really serious. "If you two are a couple...Why the hell did I have to sleep on that horrible couch?" Then he broke out in a huge grin.

Kaylee turned and pointed at me. "Blame him!" She giggled and stood on her toes. I leaned down and gave her a small, but loving kiss. "I'll put clean sheets on my old bed and you can sleep there tonight."

"Now! If you guys are going fishing, I'm going to go back to sleep. I've got some laundry, and cleaning to do later, and I'll have some sandwiches ready for you, when you get home." She thought for a moment. "If you leave me some money, I'll take your car in, and get some side dishes, we can have a fish fry tonight. I better get some chicken too, just in case!" Max was shaking his head in wonder. "What?" Kaylee snapped.

"You have turned into a little, Mini Housewife!"

Kaylee reached up for another kiss. "I just like for my guy to be happy! Now git!" Kaylee pulled me aside when Max walked out of the kitchen. "Don't be too long. I just had a great idea! You'll find out when you get back."

She walked me out to the living room. When Max was at the door he turned. "Hey Kaylee... I almost forgot!" His face broke into a devilish grin. "Nice tits!"

Laughing, he ducked, just as the stick of deodorant Kaylee had been carrying hit the door frame! "GET OUT!"

Giggling she kissed me goodbye. "Have fun!"

After we loaded the gear into the truck, I looked at my nephew over the bed of the truck. "Hey Max. When you asked Kaylee if she was OK... What if she had said no?"

Max looked at me, and shook his head. "Man!" He chuckled, and looked down at the ground. Then his eyes came up and locked on mine, he said very seriously. "I would have torn you apart."

"Good answer Max." I nodded over to him. "Really good answer."


We returned later that afternoon, with a small string of fish. Nothing to brag about, but better than nothing. We laid the fish on the outside table and went inside. The house smelled wonderful. Over the past year, Kaylee had been getting cooking lessons from her mom. She came out of the kitchen to greet us.

"Hey Babe! Did you boys have fun?" I swept her up into a hug, and gave her a small kiss.

From behind her, I saw her best friend walk out of the kitchen door. She took one look at Max, and in a sing-song voice called out. "Well HELLOOOOO Muscles!"

Max looked shy, but smiled back. Kaylee quickly jumped to his rescue. "Max, this is my best friend Brittni. Britt, this is my cousin Max!"

Max held his hand out, but Brittni pushed it to the side, and wrapped her arms around him. When she let him go, she started to feel his arms, shoulders, even ran her hands over his chest. "My god! Are you made of stone or what?"

Kaylee pulled her friend back. "Down girl! Can't you see how embarrassed you are making him?"

Max was blushing a bit, but I had also noticed the way he had flexed when she touched him. I thought the young man might just be able to handle it.

"So, Kaylee said you are going to be a Marine." Brittni started throwing questions at him like machine gun fire. I walked into the kitchen to get some paper towels and a sharp knife, to clean the fish. Chuckling, as I listened to Max try to keep up with all the questions.

Kaylee came up behind me and put her arms around my waist. "Oh you are evil! Throwing that wild girl at him like that with no warning." I turned in her arms and smiled down at her. "I'm guessing this was your great idea?"

"I can't believe I never thought of it. They would be awesome together." Kaylee shrugged. "If it doesn't work out, then no harm, right?" We heard laughter from the other room, and she nodded her head. "It's totally going to work!"

I just had to smile at her optimism. I kissed her, and replied. "He sure didn't seem to mind the hug too much."

After an amazing dinner of fresh fish, roasted chicken, garlic potatoes, fresh baked cheddar biscuits, and green bean casserole, we cleaned up the table. "You guys go to the living room, I'll get the dishes." I said.

Kaylee came with me. "I'll help." She gave me a wink, and whispered. "I think they are hitting it off!"

As we washed the dishes, the laughter, and conversation from the other room, made her statement seem correct. Brittni had finally slowed her questioning of Max enough to let him ask a few of his own.

He seemed amazed at how smart, yet down to earth she was. Couldn't believe that she could speak four languages, while currently learning a fifth. Was impressed that she had made it to the state finals in track. All in all, I think he liked her. I'm sure by the way that he kept looking at her, that he found her attractive.

Brittni also. Since the moment he had come in the house, she took every opportunity to touch him. She laughed at everything he said, sometimes placing her hand on his arm. She hung on every word he had to say. However, most amazing, she shut up to let him talk! That was something I never thought I would see.

Kaylee looked pleased with herself. We finished up the dishes and came back in the room. Britt was holding Max's hand, and laughing, as he was telling a story of his brother chasing him around the block, for hiding dog poop in his bed.

We played a couple of board games, then some cards. Lots of talking, jokes, laughter. It was a fantastic evening! I had forgotten how much fun and relaxing it was, when I didn't have to hide my relationship. Kaylee and I were frequently holding hands. Saying cute things to each other, and sharing the occasional small kiss. It just felt nice.

Around nine, Brittni said. "We should go bowling!" Max thought that sounded like a great idea.
I was about to agree, when Kaylee spoke up. "Ehhh! I think I'm going to stay in." She winked in my direction. "There were some things I didn't get finished today."

"Yeah," I answered. "It's been a long day. But you guys should totally go!"

Kaylee looked at Max. "Why don't you take the Dodge? I know you want to drive it!"

Max looked delighted. "Really Uncle B?" A couple months ago, I had bought a new Dodge Challenger, 470 horsepower, V8. It is ridiculous, how much I love this car.

I shrugged. "Don't look at me! She's the one who said it. I guess she makes the rules."

Kaylee looked so proud of herself. "You can take her home afterwards. Britt, why don't you tell your parents you are going to spend the night tomorrow. We can go on a horseback ride, then have a B.B.Q. tomorrow night. We'll need some stuff at the store, so Uncle Benny can pick you up in the morning. Max, don't forget that she has to be home by midnight. Don't get her in trouble by being late. Let us know when you get home, so we don't worry."

She stopped when she realized we were all looking at her shocked. "What?"

Brittni and Max both started to laugh. Max answered "Yes Mom!", As Brittni gave a curtsey and said "As you wish."

I was laughing hard. "I told you she makes the rules!"

I didn't figure Max had any money, so I discretely handed him some cash, when I gave him the keys. He looked at me gratefully and mouthed the word "Thanks"

We walked them to the door, Max said sarcastically. "Don't worry mom, I'll Let you know when I get home."

Kaylee swatted his shoulder. "Max... Maybe knock this time?" He blushed as he took Brittni's hand and walked to the car.

I shut the door, but Kaylee peeked through the window. "Stop that!" I said.

"Shhhhh!" She stood there a minute, then raised her fist, and jumped up and down! "He kissed her! Way to go Max!" She whispered, and screamed, at the same time.

I couldn't help but be a little pleased myself. "Go get him Brittni!" I put my arms around my niece from behind. Cupping one breast gently. "So, about this unfinished business..."

She turned and kissed me, putting her arms around my neck and pulling me down to her. I straightened up, lifting her off the ground. Her legs wrapped around me, while her mouth devoured mine. "I'm thinking, I am going to take you upstairs, and have my way with you now." I tried to be all sexy.

"Blech!" Was the response I got. When she say my reaction, she started to giggle. "Sorry, sounds great, but you still smell like fish!"

I grunted. "Ugghh, Me catch food for woman!"

Kaylee gave me a sexy grin. "Then come on caveman. Let's get you to the shower!"


A short while later, we were in bed kissing. We had shared a quick, but very sensuous shower together. Kaylee said aloud the same thing that I had been thinking earlier.

"It was a lot of fun tonight, being able to just be us in front of people."

"Yeah, it was nice." I answered.

Kaylee looked over at me and grinned. "It's also nice to have the house to ourselves again!" She pushed me on my back and crawled on top of me. "So, where were we, when we were so rudely interrupted?"

She ran her fingers slowly down my chest. Her beautiful green eyes sparkling down at me. Her hand wrapped around my dick, and stroked a couple of times. Then she rubbed me against her and slowly slid onto me. I let out a deep sigh. "Yeah, I think it was right about here."

We rocked against each other, both of us moaning softly. Kaylee slowly stopped. "Nope. I think it was more like this."

Her body slowly twisted, and she lifted her leg, as she reversed her position on top of me. "Oh Yeah! This is where we were."

That incredible view again! Her perfect ass, rising and falling against me. I could see myself sliding in, and out of my niece. Her little butt hole, looking so cute just above. I grabbed her hips and lifted as she rose, pulling her down tight against me as she fell. It felt every bit as good as it looked. I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold on long.

"Oh sweetheart! You are going to make me cum!"

Her pace sped up, and she started squeezing her legs together tighter with every thrust. She looked over her shoulder and giggled. "That's the whole point silly!"

My hips came off the bed, as I moaned loudly. "Ohhhhhhhh" I thrust against her again, as I exploded inside of her. My body going stiff. Then I fell back against the bed, trembling.

Kaylee was not going to let me go that easy. She slowly squeezed me inside of her, then rose up again. With a sexy little wiggle she pressed back down against me. I shivered all over. Again and again, she teased me, until she finally relented and laid beside me.

Out of breath, I reached my arm over her. I took her nipple into my mouth and toyed it with my tongue. My hand trailed down and ran lightly over her hip. "Let's see about you now."

"Baby, you don't have to worry about... OH God!" I pinched her clit lightly, at the same time as I bit her nipple playfully. I circled my finger, then slid it into her dripping hole. I continued to show affection to her breasts while sliding out to play with her pearl some more. "Oh! That feels good! Keep doing that!"

Her breathing became rapid, and her chest was heaving against my mouth. I let my finger dip down inside one more time, then applied more pressure to her clit. Her legs jerked, her back arched, and all her breath left her in one long sigh. I kept teasing as she trembled, and moaned. Slowly releasing her from my caresses.

I leaned up and kissed her. Then wrapped my arms around her. We cuddled quietly for a bit.
Kaylee was almost asleep, so I kissed her goodnight, and held her as she snuggled up tight. She was soon snoring softly, so I gently slid out of bed, and went downstairs. There was something weighing on my mind.

I was sitting on the porch when Max pulled in. He was all smiles. "Hey Uncle Benny! Man! This car rocks!" He tossed me the keys as I stood up to greet him.

I just laughed. "And I'm sure you obeyed all of the traffic laws?"

He looked instantly guilty. "Well maybe not all."

"Hey Max, why don't you go grab me another beer?" I asked him. "While you are at it get one for yourself if you want."

His eyes lit up. "Really?"

"I figure if you can defend your country, you can have one beer with your Uncle on the front porch." He turned and headed into the house. Returning a moment later with two brews. "Just don't tell your mom."

We stood there for a few minutes just enjoying the cool spring night. I broke the silence. "So how did it go with Brittni?"

He smiled wide. "She's awesome. I like how she doesn't care what people think about her. She dresses, and acts how she wants. She is really smart. We were talking about the military, and she knows tons of stuff." I could tell he really liked her.

"Yeah, Brittni knows tons about lots of stuff!" I already knew, but I had to hear it. "So you really like her then?"

He chuckled. "Yeah. I guess I do."

I took a long swig of beer. Then nervously continued. "Max, there is something I should probably tell you."

Max gave me a little grin. "Nah! No need. Brittni told me already." He must have understood the shocked look on my face. "She said she wanted to be honest with me before anything happened between us, and wanted to explain it herself."

A weight fell off my shoulders. "You're not mad? You still like her? Cause she really is a great girl."

"It's fine. I'm not a virgin either Uncle Benny. Her past is her past. It was just the one time right? You aren't looking to repeat it are you?"

"No Max, just the once."

"She said her and Kaylee almost made you do it." He laughed out loud. "You poor guy! Must be tough having sex with beautiful young girls."

"You know... You might be getting the wrong idea about me here." I said in defense. "I'm really not a bad guy."

We both took a drink of our beers. "I'm just glad you are willing to let it go. Brittni has a lot to offer a guy."

"As long as it is in the past, I'm OK with it." He finished his beer and gave me his most evil grin. "Besides... She said mine is bigger than yours."

I spit beer all down the front of me. "WHAT?"

Max was laughing so hard he was about to cry.

I wiped my mouth. "You just met her!"

Max looked me in the eye. "Really? Do you really want to have a moral debate with me?" He was still laughing. "We didn't have sex. We just fooled around a bit." He punched me in the shoulder. "How about one more beer before bed?"

"Alright one more." I smiled.

As max started to walk away he turned back, chuckling. "Hey, are there any more girls I should know about?"

"No smart ass!" I had to shake my head in wonder, about this unperturbed, easy going nephew of mine. "Go get the beers!"

To be continued:

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2015-06-28 17:07:55
this is one of my favorite series on the site; love and lust, a perfect combo. If it wasn't part of the story;ine I'd nener think of the incest angle cause it's a moot point in the relationship. I hope someday Mom & the others accept things as well as Max did

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2014-09-20 14:57:21
she was a month past her sixteenth birthday and she had her own car?

in my state, Massachusetts, you have to be at least sixteen and half to get a driver's license.

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2014-06-29 19:56:40
I think this is one of your best chapters. I do hope you don't get bored writing about your and kaylees exploits, your work is fab and I hope you continue forever. Your work is great real, erotic and fun, I wait, as ever, for the next installment with baited breath. Thanks . Luvsalik xx

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2014-06-25 02:25:15
Omg i love ur stories. The passion. The forbidden love. It is super sexy and nobody should judge u for what u do with ur own bodies and life. please write more soon. Ill be watching for it. XOXO.
-Anxiously waiting

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