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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 28: "Mademoiselle"


"I don't know," Kristanna said to Devon, as the duo of
sweet, lovely ladies relaxed together at the indoor pool
here in the mansion. "I was just so much in love with him
and he cheated on me. I don't know..."

"Let me get this straight," Devon mused, lounging in the
chair alongside Kristanna underneath the glassed-in portion
of the roof. "This Valdemar guy from Norway cheated on you?"
Devon laughed and added, "How could anyone cheat on you?"

"He did," Kristanna nodded. "He cheated. But I had the
best revenge on him. I heard rumors that his new girlfriend
was also into other girls. So one day I cornered her, and I
seduced her. Her name was Helga. She was HOT!"

"I guess Valdemar caught wind of this?"

"Oh yeah," Kristanna grinned. "OH YEAH. I stole his own
girlfriend away from him! Helga and I dated for like three
months. She liked me much more than Valdemar. But stealing
her, I guess, was the beginning of the evil Kristanna."

"Tell me all about the evil Kristanna," Devon snickered.

"Well... I'm a really sweet and fun-loving sort of girl,"
the Norwegian said. "You know that, Devvy. I'm so laid-back
and easy-going, but I also have a gnarly side. If somebody
messes with me, then I can get really mean. I can be really,
really nasty. I think it's the Italian in me."

"Italian in you?" Devon asked, curious.

"My great grandmother was Italian," Kristanna answered.
"Some of her genes were passed onto me, I guess."

Devon giggled and surmised, "Well... I sure hope that I
never have to encounter the evil Kristanna."

"No one ever wants to meet up with the E-K," Kristanna
advised Devon with a toothy grin, being her usual funny and
comical self. "Even just a small glimpse of the dark side,
and there is no coming back from it."

"I'm not sure there is such a thing as the evil Devon,"
the young woman from Pennsylvania proclaimed.

"I have the perfect nickname for you!"

"Oh? What's that?"

"Double D."

Devon broke out into a fit of laughter. "Double D?"

"Dazzling Devon," Kristanna explained.

"Oh... that's so sweet!"

"Did anyone ever cheat on you like Valdemar did to me?"

"Tim did," Devon responded, pouting. "He was a guy I knew
in high school - the same as you and Valdemar. But Tim was
the one responsible for the most wild experience of my life.
Well... the most wild up until I came to this island a month
ago. I've had plenty of wild experiences here already."

"What did you and Tim do that was so wild?"

Having heard this story before in the past, I reclined
back in my chair within the voyeur room and smiled. I loved
hearing about the one time in high school when Devon lost all
of her inhibitions and really set herself loose. I also
loved to eavesdrop, obviously, on my two favorite ladies...

"Tim was the quarterback of the football team," she began.
"I was the captain of the cheerleading squad."

"A likely story..." Kristanna grinned. "Please go on."

"During one game, Tim was tackled and hurt really bad by
a blitzing linebacker. They had to take him out of the game
and put in a replacement at quarterback. Because he was my
boyfriend, I decided to go over and check on him. He was in
a lot of pain, but said there was a way for me to make him
feel much better. I told him I'd do anything to help him.
He took my hand and guided me underneath the bleachers."

"I got right down on my knees and started giving Tim a
blowjob, which definitely made him feel a lot better. But
things escalated from there and soon, Tim had me in the
doggie-style position. It was so OUTRAGEOUS. There was a
game going on right in front of me as my quarterback stud of
a boyfriend FUCKED me from behind. It was so intense..."

"You had sex underneath the bleachers with hundreds of
fans and students directly above you?" Kristanna huffed.

"Yes, but no one saw us," Devon grinned. "My parents
would have freaked out even more on me if they knew about
that. I am 27 now, but I'd probably STILL be grounded."
Devon giggled at her own words. "I don't doubt that."

"But Tim cheated on you?" Kristanna confirmed.

"Yeppers," Devon nodded. "I guess it turned out okay,
though. I was mad at first, but the girl he cheated on me
with... her name was Mindy. Mindy and Tim wound up getting
married. Last I heard, they are very happy and still
together. So at least Tim cheated on me with someone he
eventually fell in love with. That's good, I guess."

"I had a girlfriend cheat on me once," Kristanna admitted.
"Her name was Sigrun."

Devon laughed while Kristanna glared at her with narrow
eyes. "Oh, I shouldn't do this!" Devon snorted. "I should
not laugh at you or your people. I know names are different
all over the world. But... Sigrun? SIGRUN?"

"I called her Siggy for short," Kristanna joked.

"I guess when we move to Norway, people there will think
our names - Jeremy and Devon - are strange."

"I don't know if we'll move to Norway," Kristanna offered.

"What do you mean?"

"I was talking to Momma on the telephone earlier," my
fiancee said. "Her and Papa know all about you and Jeremy,
Devvy. I have told them everything that has happened on the
island over the past month. Momma told me that she and Papa
are actually looking to retire. They are both in their 60's
now. I was kicking around ideas with her, but I suggested
they retire to some place like Anguilla or the Bahamas. An
island paradise... you know?"

"But we're thinking of moving to Norway so you could be
close to your mother and father, and your older sister,"
Devon squealed. "Jeremy seems open to the idea now."

"I really don't think that you or Jeremy would like it in
Norway," Kristanna countered, reaching out and grasping her
friend's right hand with her left. "There are no sparkling
beaches in Norway and the weather is freezing-cold in the
winter. Neither of you know the language, nor do you even
like our traditional food. You would be unhappy."


"No," Kristanna cut her off. "My real reason for wanting
to go back to Norway was so I could be close to my family.
But if my family relocates to a place such as the Bahamas,
or the island of Anguilla... perhaps that is where we could
settle down, too. We cannot live in the United States because
a three-way marriage is illegal there. And, thinking about
the long-term, this island would not be the place to raise a
family. When I get pregnant in the future, Devvy, and you
get pregnant, we will want our children to grow up normal,
with other children around for them to play with."

"It's a good idea, really," Kristanna continued. "If I
can convince my parents to give up their farm and come live
with us on some tropical island - everyone would be happy.
You and Jeremy would have your island fix, Devvy. Me too.
The beach could be our backyard. We could send our kids to
school and have them grow up without being shut in and
completely sheltered. And my family - my parents, at least -
could be a five or ten minute drive away for me. My sister
is staying in Norway. She has three children of her own. I
could never convince her to leave."

"I would love to live on an island like Malta or the
Bahamas, but I also want you to be happy, Krissy," Devon
offered. "I am fully prepared to move to Norway. We could
learn the language. You learned English, right? People
always say English is the hardest language to learn in the
world. Jeremy and I could learn Norwegian. You have been
teaching me some Norwegian too, remember."

"I am happy as long as I am with you and Jeremy," the
23-year-old proclaimed. "I will move to Afghanistan with you
and Jeremy if you want me to. Iraq. Cuba. Antarctica. It
doesn't matter. As long as the three of us are together,
that is. But as I said, I don't think that you or Jeremy
would like living in Norway. I respect that."

"You need to live on a beautiful island. I know both of
you LOVE it here. So do I. You want the beach, the sun...
you want a place like the waterfall to be a short walk away.
It would make me happy for you and Jeremy to spend the rest
of your lives someplace like this. It's not in Norway."

Devon appeared somewhat flustered. She was not the only
one, either. Inside the voyeur room, I felt touched that
Kristanna would go to such great lengths to make us happy.
I fully believed that she would sacrifice anything for me...

"What did your mom think about retiring to an island like
the Bahamas or Malta?" Devon asked. "Or a similar island?
Jeremy has always liked Anguilla, I know. He has mentioned
it several times to me, in fact."

"She is for the idea," Kristanna answered. "Momma just
has to talk Papa into it. But she thinks she can. I mean...
who doesn't dream about retiring to some tropical island?"

"I am sure Jeremy would help your parents out if the
houses wherever we choose to live are too expensive."

Kristanna giggled and shook her head in response. "My
parents don't need help when it comes to money. Our farm is
one of the most successful and profitable that Norway has to
offer. They are very well off financially." She paused and
added, "If I thought you and Jeremy would be happy in Norway,
I would not have suggested to Momma that her and Papa retire
to an island with us. I just want you two to be happy. But
I also want my parents to be close to me. I think my idea is
the best for all three of us. We'd all be happy."

"Oh Krissy," Devon moaned, sliding out of the chair and
then embracing her girlfriend with both arms while perched
upon her knees. "I want you to be happy, too. I know how
much your family means to you, baby."

Devon kissed Kristanna on the cheek and added, "If your
parents can agree on an island with us, then yes... that
would be the best case scenario. But if they don't - and
decide to stay in Norway - I am sure that I speak for Jeremy
in saying that we will STILL move to Norway. You being with
your family is more important to us than laying on the beach
and working on our sun-tans. Believe me, baby."

I smiled as Devon then took a seat on Kristanna's lap,
who wrapped both arms around the shapely blonde from the side
and gently held her face upon her shoulder.

Next, Kristanna rubbed Devon's back and even kissed her on
the forehead. "I'm the luckiest girl in the whole, wide
world! I'm gonna get married to the best man and the best
woman there is! No one could ever convince me differently."

"No, _I_ am the luckiest girl in the whole, wide world,"
Devon grinned, correcting her. "YOU are the best woman,
Krissy. Not me. I am the luckiest girl."

My heart then fluttered as Devon and Kristanna shared a
loving embrace, followed by a series of tender kisses. I
could sit here all day and just watch these two together...

"I talked to Jeremy last weekend about the possibility,
after the rest of the girls go home in two weeks, of us
taking a month-long vacation in Norway," Devon said, which
caused Kristanna's blue eyes to light up with glee. "You
are not going to talk us out of this one, Krissy. You may
claim that Jeremy and I don't want to live there permanently,
but we are both VERY INTERESTED in taking a month's vacation
in Norway. We want to see your home and meet your entire
family. Not only your parents, but your sister, your nieces
and nephews... everyone. We want to see what your home life
is like, and what it is all about."

"You actually talked Jeremy into agreeing to go to Norway?"
Kristanna seemed absolutely shocked. "I've been trying to get
Jeremy to visit my country for the past four years..."

"You know things are different now," Devon mused. "You
and Jeremy are together and engaged. He has to go there so
everyone in your family can meet him. Most of all, though,
Jeremy and I both WANT to go there. We want to go there for
you, baby, and see what your homeland is like and where you
grew up. I think it would be really fun, and interesting."

Kristanna had a huge smile across her face. "I just cannot
believe that Jeremy agreed to go to Norway. You really have
no idea just how hard I have tried to get him to agree to go
there. I thought it would never happen."

My eyes fixated upon the monitor that showcased these two
lovely ladies here in the voyeur room, I nodded my head and
proclaimed out loud, "We will get married in Norway."

* * *

In my book, two juicy pork sausage patties with a thick
slice of melted cheese between them on a sesame seed bun was
one of life's guilty pleasures. This food was not healthy
by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoyed it anyway.

On this Sunday evening, Louisa had fixed sandwiches for
everyone, along with brown beans, white rice and steak fries.
I originally opted for two sandwiches, but wound up snarfing
down three of them. The girls, of course, ate no more than
one apiece. Kristanna and Trish did not even finish theirs.
They were too health- and figure-conscious.

I should point out that earlier this morning while at the
breakfast table, Kristanna was literally glowing as she showed
off her new engagement ring for everyone on the island to see.
Made of diamonds and featuring a huge blue diamond (one of the
rarest and most expensive stones on the planet) as its
centerpiece, the ring was a definite sight to see.

Everyone seemed genuinely happy for Kristanna and the fact
that our engagement was now, at least in my book, official.
The ring made it so! Many were _oohing_ and _ahhing_ over
the ring and how it sparkled so brightly, wanting to inspect
it and in some cases try it on themselves. Everyone that is,
except for Pamela.

Pamela sat idly by at the breakfast table, her arms folded,
as she watched Kristanna bask in her moment of joy. I wanted
to say something to Pamela, but did not want to cause a scene
in front of all of the other ladies. Obviously, she was not
pleased. Pamela probably thought that engagement ring should
have been for her, and this be her glorious moment instead.

It was an unfortunate set of circumstances, indeed. After
being able to sleep on the events of yesterday - first my
exhaustive trip to the mainland with Amy, followed by separate
discussions with Pamela and then Kristanna after returning to
the island, I had a clearer viewpoint on everything.

Although I wanted Pamela in our lives, I could never fault
Kristanna for not. It would not be right of me to try and
convince Kristanna otherwise. She simply did not care all
that much for Pamela, and had zero interest in building and
maintaining a relationship with her. No matter how much I
wanted to take care of and forever protect Pamela, I could
not strong-arm her into our lives while alienating the one
person who meant more to me than anyone else (Kristanna).
Why would I do anything to risk that?

Of course, it was not as if Pamela was ready to jump in
and expand upon our three-way relationship with Devon. She
was vehemently against the idea, preferring to have me all to
herself. Unfortunately for Pamela, that was never going to
happen. Kristanna was my focal point in life, and everything
would have to fit and conform around her from now on.

There were no kind words or happy smiles from Pamela as
Kristanna showed off her engagement ring at the breakfast
table earlier this morning. Indeed, Pamela just sat there -
brewing - with that stoic expression. Trish sensed what was
happening, and went over to Pamela and tried talking to her.
Pamela simply shooed her off and requested to be left alone.

After breakfast, Pamela left the table without a word and
banished herself to the library for the next eight hours.
She only came out when it was time for dinner. Needless to
say, her mood had not improved at all. Again, she was mostly
silent the entire way through. I was becoming really worried
and anxious, knowing that I was at the forefront of all of
her problems. I wished there was something that I could do
for her. But what could it possibly be?

And as if on cue, once dinner was concluded, Pamela got up
from the table without a word and went to what I presumed was
once again the library. This time, however, Trish decided to
scurry after her. Perhaps there was something that she could
do to brighten what had been a miserable day for Pamela? I
wanted to go and try to talk to her as well, but decided that
it may be best to hold off until the morning. Besides, I
could tell that Pamela wanted nothing to do with me today.

As usual, I told Louisa, the elderly housekeeper, that I
would take care of the dishes and then informed her that she
had the rest of the night off. It only took me about 20
minutes or so to wash and then dry the dishes by hand.

After exiting the kitchen, however, I noticed that the
big sliding glass door that led to the pool area outside
was wide open. Even more curious, the swimming complex was
completely lit-up as well. Considering the amount of rain
we had gotten recently and the amount of debris in it, the
pool was in no shape for swimming. It needed to be cleaned.

"Is anyone out here?" I hollered, somewhat confused.
There was no answer, and nary a soul in sight. Who would
leave the door open and turn the lights on, and then just
walk away? All of the girls knew better than that...

"Hi Jeremy," came a familiar voice from behind me. When
I turned around, I nearly had a heart attack.


"Do you like my outfit?" Those sweet-sounding words
brought me out of my temporary state of shock. A moment
later, once I blinked and re-focused upon her, my jaw hit
the ground. I was already drooling, my eyes taking in and
devouring the sight of Lindsay in a tempting (and very
naughty) schoolgirl uniform.

The 18-year-old vixen looked like an absolute dream as she
smiled back at me. Her long-flowing blonde hair, styled up
in a pair of bushy pig-tails with the help of two ribbons,
with tender bangs also draping her forehead, looked perfect.

Lindsay's bright blue eyes sparkled, as did those clean,
white teeth, which were accentuated even more by her glossy
red lipstick. Her pristine, immaculate face was what really
gave her that aura of innocence, though. Lindsay looked so
wholesome and freshly scrubbed that she could easily pass
for a freshman or sophomore still attending high school.
Because of that, I sometimes felt that my urges and desires
about her were forbidden, or wrong.

The little minx wore a snug-fitting red sweater vest,
with a long-sleeved white blouse on underneath. The red
vest, which had striking gold buttons, was adorned with a
crest near one shoulder. The vest also bulged out across
her lush breasts and the collared blouse beneath.

Lindsay's skirt also went along with the schoolgirl
theme. It was of the red and black plaid variety, with
yellow and white knife pleats running all the way around.
The skirt, which was incredibly short, dangled precariously
upon Lindsay's thin, golden thighs. The front panel of the
saucy skirt was wrap-around, with a decorative brass pin.

To complete the delightful outfit, Lindsay wore white
knee-high socks with a pair of black patent leather shoes.

The young woman, of course, continued to smile as I openly
gawked at her. She spun around in a quick circle for me,
modeling her uniform. The knife pleats of her little skirt
swished and flew upward for an instant, allowing me a glance
of the sexy, white stretch panties she had on underneath.

"Are you gonna fuck me?" Lindsay asked, her tone of voice
insistent. "Or are you just gonna stare at me like a fool?"

My body overcome with unspeakable lust, I gulped my throat
and quietly answered, "Yes baby... I will have sex with you."

Just like that - at least temporarily - my thoughts and
worries concerning Pamela were gone. A fun, little encounter
like this with Lindsay would be the perfect cure for me. It
would give a necessary, albeit short-lived diversion to the
mounting issues that I would soon to have to deal with.

"Good!" Lindsay chirped, grinning. "You know the rules
though, Jeremy. We've played dress-up before. My uniform
stays ON. You have to fuck me in my schoolgirl uniform."

Oh. My. God.

"I...I don't ha-have a problem with that, h-honey." I
gawked at her yet again, my eyes devouring her whole. "Where
did... where did you get that outfit, honey? You... there is
no way you brought that to the island with you."

"I bought it when you took us to Lima a week or two ago,"
she beamed, before blushing. "I snuck into a sex shop with
Amy while no one was looking, and we bought some things."


Lindsay tilted her head in a curious manner, her eyes now
fixated upon the tremendous bulge within my trousers. "You
look sort of uncomfortable, Jeremy," she offered, her lips
forming a tiny pout. "Do you feel uncomfortable?"

"I bet you could make me feel a lot better."

"I KNOW I could make you feel better," she giggled. "A
LOT better!" Lindsay stepped forward, her eyes scanning the
entire poolside area. Before she closed the short distance
between us, however, Lindsay grabbed a thick cushion from a
nearby lounge chair. "I don't want my knees to hurt," she
squealed, pointing toward the rock-solid concrete beneath us,
just before dropping the cushion at our feet.

As Lindsay was about to assume the position so she could
orally service my aching shaft, I took her into my arms and
kissed her with great abandon. I drove my tongue far and
deep into Lindsay's sweet, velvety mouth, my hands gripping
and squeezing her tight, little ass through her plaid skirt.

She seemed to sag against me for a brief moment, but then
collected her strength and kissed me with equal passion.
Lindsay's lithe body felt truly incredible pressed so hard
upon mine, one of her legs now curled around my right knee.

"Do you like molesting young schoolgirls?" Lindsay asked
me in a naughty tone once our searing kiss was broken. Her
breathing labored, the 18-year-old re-focused upon me and
coyly added, "I'm just an innocent, little girl, Jeremy..."

"You're FAR from innocent," I told her, my voice strong.
Her words, however, were having the proper effect on me.
Lindsay's taunts were causing me to become _very_ aroused.
"How many times have you seduced your teachers in that
uniform? How about the school principal?"

Realizing that I was suddenly role-playing with her,
Lindsay gazed downward in a shy manner and twirled one of
her black patent shoes along the ground. "I've fucked a
couple of teachers in my life. But I only did it because
I needed better grades! I'm really a GOOD GIRL, Jeremy!"

We were obviously role-playing, as I ranked as the only
man Lindsay had ever had sex with. She came to the island
last month as a virgin, and I was the one (along with help
from Trish, remember) who deflowered her pussy. In the time
since then, Lindsay had been with all six of her female
counterparts here on the island in sexual situations, but I
still remained the only man. I was certain that would change
once she returned to Cincinnati in a mere two weeks.

Nonetheless, this role-playing game between us was quite
arousing. I could imagine Lindsay in her little uniform,
seducing a teacher in order to receive better grades...

"You're not a good girl," I told her, my insides raging.
"You're a very naughty girl... a naughty SCHOOLgirl."

Lindsay appeared distressed as she looked up at me. "Are
you going to give me a spanking?"

Smiling, I asked, "Do you want me to?"

"Well..." she said, using her most innocent expression,
"I probably do deserve a spanking..."

I glanced around in all directions before deciding on the
best location to administer some discipline. "Over here,"
I said, latching onto her wrist and leading her to the big
diving board. I took a seat on its inner edge, with solid
ground still beneath me, and motioned for Lindsay to lay
down across my lap. Still wanting to play, she pouted.

"But I really AM a good girl! I only let those teachers
fuck me because I didn't want to fail their classes."

"That's not what I heard," I responded, grinning. "I
heard that even after the teachers agreed to give you those
grades, you STILL wanted to have sex with them. And I also
heard that one of those teachers was a woman."

"So?" the blonde retorted. "She fucked me better than
any of the guy teachers." Lindsay offered a curious glare
and added, "If only the other students knew that Miss Snow
had that big strap-on hid in her classroom desk..."

As I sat upon the diving board, Lindsay settled down over
my lap and stretched herself out. After caressing the soft
fabric of her plaid skirt for several seconds, I lifted its
hem and leered at the sight of Lindsay's precious, tight ass
all nice and snugly encased in those little, white panties.

"Bad girls deserve to be spanked," I taunted her, still
role-playing. "You are a VERY bad girl, Lindsay." Hey...
maybe I wasn't role-playing anymore. Those last two quotes
from me were not exaggerated. Lindsay was naughty, indeed.
And naughty girls needed to be spanked.

"But I'm a good girl..."

No longer feeling the urge to play, I told her, "You are
not a good girl, missy. You come out here tonight wearing
your little schoolgirl uniform because you want me to have
sex with you. You know that the more excited I am - and
that uniform excites me - the rougher I'll be with you. We
all know that you like your sex to be rough."

"Yes!" she squealed, full of anticipation.

I ran my hand along her smooth, tight ass, which was still
encased in the white panties. An instant later, I raised my
hand and then harshly smacked it down Lindsay's upturned ass.

"Hmmmmm..." she moaned in response, her young body already
squirming and writhing about upon my lap. "So good..."

"You like that, honey?" I teased her, my hand resting and
luxuriating in the warm, soft feel of her ass.

"Hmmmmm... yes," she purred. "Spank me some more."

After tucking the hem of Lindsay's plaid skirt into its
waistband, I offered her ass yet another swat. This time,
it was a lot harsher and more forceful than the first one.
The ensuing swats, in fact, each increased in intensity.

Although she yelped and squealed with each slap, Lindsay
displayed no discomfort at all. She simply looked straight
ahead and took all of the punishment that I could give her.
This was nothing compared to what Amy had done to her in the
past when they played their bondage games together.

The cruel smacks eventually lessened, however, and soon I
was pelting that flawless ass in a rather playful manner.
Finally, I placed my hand upon Lindsay's backside and held it
there for several seconds. I slid a pair of fingers beneath
her panties, and massaged her little clitoris with them.

"Hmmmmm..." Lindsay moaned, slithering about until she
was seated upon my trusting lap. Her right hand moved
downward and grasped the big bulge within my trousers as she
leaned forward and pressed her mouth to mine for a ferocious,
heat-seeking missile of a kiss. I slid one arm around her
precious body and held her close, enjoying the feel of her
luscious breasts squished all nice and snug upon my chest.

Our tongue-filled kiss continued for several seconds and
once it was finally over, I was in a daze. I had one hand
underneath Lindsay's plaid skirt, caressing that tender ass
through her panties. The other hand was between us, eagerly
squeezing and groping away upon her breasts.

"Why don't you give me that blowjob now?" I suggested,
though it sounded like more of a command than anything else.

Lindsay flashed me that billion-dollar smile of hers,
then stood up and retrieved the lounge cushion from earlier.
After dropping the cushion at her feet, Lindsay slowly knelt
down before me as I sat at the base of the diving board.

Lindsay kept her eyes trained upon me as she unsnapped
my trousers and yanked them downward. She reached into my
briefs with her right hand and then pulled my throbbing cock
out. Her gaze never left my face as, smiling, she busily
pumped and frigged the length of my shaft with her hand.

"Do you want me to put it into my mouth?" she asked.

"Yes, dear... I do."

"But I'm just a little girl!" she countered in an innocent
tone, reverting back to the naughty role-playing game. The
18-year-old flipped one of her bushy pig-tails with her left
hand and curled her lower lip. "What if my mom found out?"

I laughed at her and answered, "She could join us."

"JEREMY!" Lindsay scolded, smacking my side with an open
hand. She then laughed and added, "Don't talk about my mom
like that! That's... that's... NASTY!"

"I know that you have three sisters," I told her, still
being playful. "One of them looks exactly like you, right?
That's what you said... and she is 16?"

"Yes," Lindsay nodded. "Alison."

"Maybe I could invite Alison to the island in a couple of
years when she is of legal age?" I teased.

Lindsay slapped my side again. "Jeremy! Alison is not
bi! She is not that type of girl! She is not like me!"

"Alison is not a slut?"

I received a third smack courtesy of those naughty words.
Lindsay, however, knew that I was only playing with her. She
giggled and offered, "It's time I give you that blowjob."

Grasping my cock with her right hand, Lindsay took its
bulging length into her mouth and sealed her lips tightly
around it. She swallowed all of it, then kept her tongue
upon its rigid underside as she slowly but surely withdrew
everything but its tip from her velvety mouth.

Not long after Lindsay began to bob her head up-and-down
over my pulsating shaft, she decided to use more force and
quickly increased her speed. Her blonde pig-tails swinging
forward and back in perfect rhythm with her head-bobs, this
naughty, young thing continued to stare up at me.

I returned her glare with one of my own, and was about to
go out of my mind with lustful insanity. That angelic face,
the bright red lipstick and oh... her schoolgirl uniform. It
gave Lindsay such an innocent facade. But as she had proven
time and time again, Lindsay was anything but innocent. She
was a wild, untamed animal who could not be satisfied.

"Do you like this, Jeremy?" she asked, withdrawing my cock
from her mouth and stroking it in the open air. She offered
my testicles a loving swipe with her tongue and giggled. "I
think you know how much _I_ like this..."

"You know I like it, sweetheart," were my words. "You are
right, honey. You are a good girl... a very good girl. What
makes you so good, though, is the fact that you're so bad."

Lindsay giggled once again, her hand continuing to pump
away upon my erection. I moaned in response, stretching my
legs outward. Lindsay frigged my cock; at times gentle, at
times rough. The sudden contrast - really from squeeze to
squeeze - only increased my already maddening pleasure.

Her right hand, which did the pumping, soon got some
assistance from her left. She used that hand to cup and
lift my testicles. The move sent a shockwave of pleasure
throughout my entire body - right down to my core. I could
do nothing but toss my head back and sigh in pure arousal.

Lindsay giggled as her mouth descended upon my erection.
She reached out with her tongue and swiped away at its tip,
then pulled away slightly. Still using both hands, Lindsay
then puckered her lips together and blew a stream of hot
air directly onto the head of my bulging cock.

The little vixen opened her mouth and engulfed my shaft
with one swift movement. Her nose nestled against my pubic
hair, Lindsay moaned as she held still for a couple of
seconds. She was truly enjoying this.

Lindsay cupped my testicles with both hands and then began
to bob her head up-and-down over my member. Her lips sealed
tight upon my cock, Lindsay used short, quick strokes as she
labored away on me. This was heavenly!

Her eyes again locked with mine, Lindsay began to twirl
her tongue around my cock within her mouth. She kept eye
contact even as her head continued its up-and-down motion.

The young woman rolled my testicles between her slender
fingers as she slowed down significantly, using an easy and
languid head-stroke now. With my shaft firmly embedded in
her mouth, Lindsay bobbed her head up-and-down at a gentle,
but erotic pace. I was becoming lost in the sensations...

With a forearm, the young woman brushed her long blonde
hair away from her face and then continued to pay homage to
my deserving erection. Lindsay had changed her motion yet
again. Now, it was wild - and very furious.

Growls of hunger began to emanate from deep within the
nymphomaniac's throat. Once my body stiffened and I let out
a growl, Lindsay obviously knew what was next. She quickly
grasped the base of my shaft with both hands and squeezed
firmly, then sealed her lips around its thick head.

I soon spurted a nice helping of hot sperm into Lindsay's
hungry mouth and throat. Once she withdrew my cock from her
mouth, another gob of man-cream splattered all across her
darling face and forehead. Moaning wildly, I managed one
more blast - this one for her wide-open mouth.

"Oh my God..." I sighed in the aftermath as Lindsay took
my deflated cock into her mouth and sucked on it gently.
Streaks of cum across her face, Lindsay made eye contact
with me once again and then offered a loving smile.

After several seconds, Lindsay giggled as she pulled my
shaft out from within her mouth, then slowly stood up. She
grinned at me, then glanced down at my now-deflated member.

"Oh?" she said to me, her voice teasing. "Did I already
wear you out?" After not getting a response, Lindsay grinned
at me yet again. "Well... when you are ready... I'll be
ready." She paused, then said in a very matter-of-fact tone,
"I think I need an ass fucking."

I moaned as my cock immediately began to stir.

I watched with wide eyes as Lindsay turned her back and
strolled over to a nearby lounge table. While walking, that
sweet, adorable ass of hers swished from side-to-side in a
most lustful manner. The mere sight was enough to drive any
normal man insane. Add to that she still had that plaid
skirt on, and the level of arousal was increased ten-fold.

A moment later, Lindsay returned and quickly noticed that
my cock was in the process of getting hard once again. She
grinned at me, then turned around and got onto her hands and
knees - directly upon the diving board. She flipped her
schoolgirl skirt up, fully exposing her panties again, and
looked over her shoulder at me with a passionate glare.

"I've never been fucked on a diving board before," she
told me. "I would like to try." Lindsay paused and added,
"Don't worry, it is big and wide enough for both of us."

I smiled and shook my head, then climbed up onto the
board. My shaft got one final jolt of sexual energy as I
looked downward and saw Lindsay - spread on all fours - peel
her panties off. Now, my cock was at full strength.

After dropping to my knees directly behind her, I grasped
Lindsay's taut, little ass with both hands and squeezed it
roughly. I again tucked the hem of her plaid skirt into its
waistband, then relished the feel of her perfectly-shaped
ass one more time. My body jerked in undeniable arousal as
Lindsay pumped her hips backward - upon my cock.

It was quite obvious what she wanted from me.

I decided to grant her non-verbal request as I pressed
my stiff cock against her tiny, puckered anus. Wanting to
go slow for now, I fisted my erection and started to slowly
nudge it into her tight rectum.

"YESSSSS!" Lindsay moaned, clearly enjoying the feel of
my throbbing erection as it invaded her bowels. "YES! FUCK

I continued nudging myself further and further into her.
Soon, I had completely immersed the full length of my cock
into her sweet ass. I cannot even begin to describe the
feeling as my testicles were firmly pressed against her ass.
Let me just say that I was delirious with passion.

"FUUUUUCK YESSSSS!" Lindsay screamed once I began with a
gentle thrusting motion. She was loving this. Being very
vocal and loud during anal sex was her own personal way of
saying that she was enjoying this.

I momentarily latched my hands back onto Lindsay's ass
and steadily increased the speed of my thrusts. Each deep
and powerful stroke I gave her was a bit harder and faster
than the one that preceded it. I continued to increase the
tempo of each thrust for about 60 seconds - until my body
was blasting away at her at warp-speed.

With the side of her comely face upon the diving board,
Lindsay continued to cry and wail out as I pounded her from
behind. At the same time, though, she had her right hand
nestled between her thighs. As I hammered away at her in
the doggie-style position, Lindsay fingered her own pussy!

Quickly becoming lost in a sea of wild lust, I soon
forgot that I was pounding this beautiful enchantress in
the ass. My mind was elsewhere; somewhere in the clouds...
Nonetheless, my body continued to pump and thrust away at
her. It was basically relying on sexual instinct.

"MY ASS, JEREMY!" Lindsay screamed, bringing me back to

Now sensing that an orgasm was quickly brewing inside of
me, I squeezed Lindsay's hips even tighter. I then growled
while pumping myself in-and-out of her as fast as possible.

Feeling the inner explosion about to occur, I soon grunted
and then shoved my cock into Lindsay's anus one final time.
I reached forward and grabbed her blonde pig-tails with both
hands. Holding them out like bicycle handlebars, I screamed
as my shaft then went off deep within her bowels, filling her
rectum with a heavy, massive helping of sperm.

When the spasms eventually started to settle down, I kept
my shaft buried deep inside of her rectum. My hands returned
to her ass and I massaged and groped it thoroughly. I wanted
this moment to last, but knew it wouldn't.

"Oh Jeremy..." Lindsay soon quivered in a soft tone. "Oh,
Jeremy... That was... that was... fucking FANTASTIC. You...
you can do me... in the ass... whenever you want from now on!"

I sighed once I eventually popped myself out of her anus.
I then fell backward - into a seated position upon the
diving board. Lindsay, meanwhile, continued to shake and
quiver about upon the hard surface. She looked incredibly
naughty, still wearing her schoolgirl vest and collared
blouse, with her plaid skirt hiked up to her waist.

I reached forward with my right hand and patted Lindsay's
backside, which was still vibrating in sweet aftermath. "You
are what is fantastic, honey..."

<<<- End of Chapter 28 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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