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Hiho, I have already posted this story, but cause i can
Jenna and Mark are heading away for the weekend leaving their daughter Kelly 16 and their son Eric 15 to the house for themselves for 2 days, 3 nights.

Now let the story continue... :)

“Goodbye Kelly and remember don’t let you’re brother run amok.” “I won’t” replied Kelly. Her parents got in the car and waved goodbye and sped off around the corner. Kelly closed the door and looked around the house and flopped into a chair and turned on the T.V there wasn’t anything really good on and decided to go take a shower. She got up and headed up the stairs and as she was walking past her brothers room she heard him talking to someone on the phone she silently crept up to the door “Yeah bring as much booze as you can and bring some condoms but don’t tell my sister she will go crazy if she found out what I was planning.” She burst through the door “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING, MUM SAID NO PARTIES SHE WILL KILL US IF SHE FINDS OUT” She screamed. Her brother was so startled he just stared. Slowly a smile crept onto his face and he hanged up the phone. “Don’t worry sis mum won’t find out and you won’t tell her” “Oh really, well we will just see about that” she spun around and started walking towards the staircase, her brother got up and ran to her and grabbed her arm and spun her around and placed a cool metallic object up to her throat and lead her to his room and threw her on the bed “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” “Be quiet and you won’t hurt get hurt” She just kept bickering on, and he walked up to her and slapped her hard across her face. She looked up at him with a disgusted look on her face. He just kept smiling at her “Now bitch stand up and take you’re clothes off, or else” She didn’t move so he slapped her again. “Now are you gonna be a good girl or am I gonna tie you up and make you.”

Kelly knew she was hot for her age, with golden blonde hair that went half way down her back, cute face, legs that went on forever and tits that stood proudly on her chest capped with perfect puffy pink nipples that got excited very easily. But her best asset was her ass, It was simply perfect, the kind yu only dream about. She always turned many heads down the street but was also very shy for her age, never actually doing anything with a bot except for a simple peck on the lips, all the girls talked about masturbation but keely just never found the need.

Her brother on the other hand was definetly not afraid of trying anything, he had the bad boy persona going on and was always flirting with girls, he was the stuff girls dreamt about, the perfect package, handsome, charming and an a + student, the teachers loved him and he made school captain in grade 9 and has retained his position there ever since. Only a few knew of his other side where he was a cruel ruthless person with an ego that would push him to greater lengths to accomplish his task, it was known around school that not only was he tall, but he was well hung for his age due to the many women he had scored with.

Not liking the thought of being tied up she slowly stood up and took off pajama top and exposed hers 36c tits to her brother, He just smiled and sat on his computer chair. She slowly removed her pajama pants and kicked them away. She now stood in front of her brother in just a pair of silk panties. “Hurry the fuck up” he snapped at her. She started crying “Please Eric don’t do this you’re my brother for fuck sakes” “God sis did you know I have been dreaming of fucking you for the last 3 years, and you strut around the house in those panties most of the time you have done this to yourself now sis I am going to fuck you one way or another.” Kelly knew that she teased her brother because she caught him looking at her all time. “Please Eric I have never had sex before. “Omg, you have never had sex I thought you would have by now anyway I am done waiting take off you’re panties or I will do it for you.” Kelly sat on the bed and closed her legs “No way Eric” With that he stood up and pulled something out of his desk and walked over to her. He then threw her onto her stomach and grabbed her wrists and put them behind her back and handcuffed them together. She screamed into the mattress he then pulled out a piece of cloth and gagged her. After 5 minutes she heard him return and he picked her up and put her on her back. She looked up at him with tears streaking down her cheeks and he just licked them up. “Now sis I am going to remove the gag and I am going to kiss you if you don’t kiss me back I am going to shove this razor sharp pin through you’re nipple, nod if you will kiss me” she shook her head. “Wrong answer Sis” He put the pin down to her nipple and with one quick stroke it went through her nipple she screamed into her gag and kicked her feet. “Now will you kiss me?” He asked. She shook her head again. With that he pulled another razor sharp pin and put it though the other nipple. She screamed just as loud and kicked him in his nuts and got up. She ran for the stairs and he got up and chased her and tackled her before she got to the stairs. He whispered in her ear that she will pay for that. He picked her back up and sat on the bed then put her across his knees, he pulled her panties below her knees and rubbed his hand across her ass. Kelly was wondering what he was going to do when he suddenly spanked her gently then increased in strength 20 slaps passed to no effect except her ass was turning red. 30 40 50 60 70 80 her ass was starting to get welts when he finally stopped he pulled her off his knee and noticed a wet patch on his leg. He laughed and she turned red with embarrassment. He then laid her on her back and started licking her neck and coming down her nipples, they still had the pins them and he flicked the pins she winced with pain but nothing else. He removed them and licked them, savoring the taste of her blood; he then moved down her stomach and licked around her juicy cunt which was shaved bald recently. He then tongued her clit sending shocks down her body then stuck his tongue down her pussy then back up her slit to her clit he licked her like this for what seemed like hours but was only 20 minutes finally being reward with an orgasm. She climaxed hard and fast it sloshed out and was shocked to see how much juice was coming out. He came up with his face shiny with her cum and whispered into her ear that if she didn’t kiss him he would put the pins in again but vertical this time. He removed the gag and kissed her passionately for a minute, their tongues dancing in their mouths. He then pulled her off the bed and out her on her knees next to the bed. “If you bite down I will slit you’re throat from ear to ear got it?” she nodded looking down with the humiliation of sucking her brother’s cock. He put his cock up to her lips and waited, after a few moments Kelly tentaively stuck her tongue out and licked around the head, getting wet and licking the underside of his cock all the way down to his hairy balls then back up where with a final glance at her borthers face she slid his cock past her lips and into her mouth. her tongue kept licking under his shiny plum head and tongueing his pisshole trying to get in. “Relax you’re throat” he ordered. She complied and wonderred what was going to happen next when all of a sudden he shoved his hips forward and pushing his cock past her throat muscles, she struggled in vain trying to move her head off the gigantic nob in her throat, making her throat muscles ache with the effort. He just waited for her to get used to it then pulled out with a wicked smile on his face, He just slowly pushed it back in and pushed past her throat until his whole 9 inches was down her throat and her nose in his pubes, "Snake your tongue out and lick my balls" He whisperred into her ear. With a fear that she would not let him up to breathe she quickly complied and started pushing her tongue out and licking his nut sack. He groaned in appreciation until she was able to breathe through her nose. He continued this for what seemed like forever, until he started picking up speed and shoving his cock all the way down her throat. Kelly didn’t have to swallow it as it was already down her throat and on the way to be her stomach. She came up for air and gulped it in. Her brother just sat there groping her nipples. Her brother just smiled and lay back on the bed, with a content smile on his face. He picked her up and lay down to sleep. What a sleep it was to.

(Resubmitted and updated, look for more in the near future :)
This story was submitted by my other account named fazza, I assure yu that i do not have access to this account anymore (Fazza) and that i am using this account now.. and wish to restart this series.

Thanks Faz

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2011-06-15 07:31:19
why did this have to be incest dawg?

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2009-08-21 02:27:40
really its good but split ti apart a little lik hit enter every now and then seriously lol and i dident notice anything bad on spelling so good i guess

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2008-08-13 21:14:19
Not good buddy. You stuck the last part together and its really annoying to read that way.


2006-12-29 02:54:39
i have seen better porn stories written by drunken monkeys


2006-08-16 07:40:36
Not so good, my friend. So many errors that the flow was disrupted over and over. things like POV can not be ignored. But try some again. I think you'll do well.

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