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A girl comes home to a rapist in her apartment.
The character in my story is not underage - she is living on her own so at least 18. The exact age hasn't been stated yet.


Katy grabbed a towel as she stepped from the shower, taking it to dry her long hair. The black strands stuck wet to her back as she dropped the towel and opened the door to her bedroom. The cold air engulfed her. She could barely make out the shadows of her bed in the darkness. She took quick steps toward it, when a figure suddenly stepped in her path, she froze.
Her first instinct was to scream, but no sound came. Then it was to run - and she tried. She spun in a circle, but two hard arms wrapped around her before she could take a step. A hand clasped over her mouth.
"I'm so glad I didn't grab you right when you got in." He said into her ear, "I prefer clean pussy."

Her stomach filled with dread. She kicked out and tried to break lose. But he was strong. He dragged her toward the bed. Her breath came fast between his fingers as she fought to escape wildly.

One cold sharp blade to her neck and she stopped, "now I could cut your pretty neck and fuck you while you bleed out. Is that what you want?"

"No," was her muffled reply.

"Good, than stop being a stupid cunt. I'm going to fuck you. Don't struggle so much and you might live. Got it?"

He pulled the blade away and pushed her onto the bed. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them above her head while he pressed his waste into hers, cementing her into place. For the first time, she saw his eyes. They were hazel, with faint lines around the edges. He was older. A black ski mask hid everything else but his yellow teeth.

"Please, don't,"

He covered her mouth with his, then bit her lip. It was disgusting. His breath stunk of cigarettes and alcohol. His tongue invaded her mouth. She tried to pull her arms free, she wriggled, but his thick tongue continued to probe her mouth.

His dick was pressing against her naked stomach. She couldn't handle it. She sunk her teeth into his tongue.

He slapped her across the face - hard, she released her jaw in shock.

"You fucking bitch!"

He strengthened his hold on her wrists, mashing them into the bed, as he lowered his head to her boobs. He bit her nipple hard.

"I'm sorry!" She cried out.

"Shut the fuck up, or I'll bit it off.
He continued to bit at her nipples. The pain made her sick. Her nipples were on fire. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Taking a break, he said, "You'll pay for that one all night."

His knees roughly forced her legs apart, then she felt his dick head against her pussy. He rubbed it back and forth, then steadily pushed it in. She was dry. He looked her in the eyes as he buried it deeper into her cunt.
"I hope it fucking hurts." He started fucking her with all his strength. The more she cried, the harder he fucked. The pain was unbelievable. He vagina was cramping around his dick, convulsing in the suddenness of the attack.
How could he possibly enjoy such dry sex? But he didn't seem to care at all. He buried his head back into her breasts and continued to bite them. Her moans of pain egged him on, he was fucking fast and hard when he finally bit down on her nipple, buried his dick, and came.
Her pussy stayed dry though. He must have been wearing a condom.
His body relaxed on top of hers, pressing her into the bed. It was sweaty and a little fat. Disgusting. His dick was softening inside of her.

"It's not over." He said, rolling off. "Don't move."

He pulled some objects out of a duffel bag that was laying next to the bed. He grabbed her arms. She was too exhausted to fight. The metal handcuffs were cold and hard on her wrists. He pushed her back onto the bed and they dug sharply into her flesh.
Next a large ball gab stretched her mouth open painfully. Finally he secured her legs far apart with a spreader bar. His hands tickled her as he ran them up and down her restrained body. She could hardly move an inch.
He lit a cigar and sat down next to her on the bed.
"I like it more when pussy is drenching wet. But I don't believe a bitch deserves to like it. Especially after that stunt you pulled, biting my tongue. That fucking pissed me off."

He took a puff of the cigar, then pushed it into her nipple. She squealed and wriggled around in the restraints.

"I'll show you having a wet pussy ain't all it's cracked up to be."
He pulled a couple more things out of his bag. First an ash tray he could set his cigar in. Than some other things she could barely make out in the darkness.

"This here," He brought a toy in front of her face. It had a black handle with a large silver ball on the end, "is a vibrating wand. You'll have a love-hate relationship with it. Well mostly hate."

She could tell he was smiling under his ski mask. His eyes crinkled up.

"It's the 'premium model' battery lasts forever and it's strong as hell. Let's get to it."

He switched it on. It started vibrating loudly and he pushed it against her cunt. It was a little uncomfortable at first, her cunt was so dry, it was mostly itchy. But then she started to get wet. It actually felt kind of good.
"There we go, you are a slut just like all the others."

She blushed.
He moved it in circles, spreading the wetness around. Then he pushed it against her clit. The intensity of it struck like lightening. She jerked her hips away from the vibrator. But he used his free arm to pull her back down into the bed and hold her in place.
She couldn't escape the sensation. She shook her head in frustration. Loud squeals escaped around the ball gag.

"Is that too much now?" He asked. "You have no idea. This is nothing."
He moved it around more. Shaking it. She cried out to every movement. She was trying to move away from the vibrator, but he kept holding her down. She tried to pull her legs closed, but the chains held them wide open with the spreader bar. The dug hard into her wrists and ankles.

A slight shift in the vibrator and the intensity would triple. She could feel an orgasm building, but it didn't feel good. It just got more and more intense.

She screamed, "Stopppp, pleaseeeee," through the gag.

"Shut up you stupid bitch. These thin walls in your apartment... Do you want me to take you somewhere more private?"
She shook her head no.

The orgasm was building up. A little bit of pleasure in the sea of overly intense sensation.Then it hit and the over-stimulation was too much. She pulled her away with all her strength - but his arm slammed her down into the bed so hard it bruised her hips. She convulsed hard against the vibrator felt like she would pass out.
The first orgasm was over and she felt sick. The vibrations didn't end. Now it felt horrible. Incredibly strong but not good at all.

"You're fucking drenching this bed! You've got a puddle here!" He cried out.
He continued to over-stimulate her for several minutes. It felt like an eternity. All of her muscles tensed up. Her body glossed over with sweat. She started to cry and squeal constantly.

Finally he switched off the vibrator and cuddled up next to her on the bed. He fingered her lightly, but even that was too much after the ordeal. Her muscles ached from being so tense.
"You're clit is swollen... you're so wet. God I can't wait to get my dick in you." He said standing up and stroking his fully erect penis.

"No condom this time, because I am going to finish in your mouth. Don't you dare bite me again or I will cut a nipple off."
He took another drag on his cigar and blew it into her face.

"Now I want to show you one of my favorite positions."

He ducked under the spreader bar so her legs were bent at her hip at a 90 degree angle, resting against his shoulders.
"When I put your leg up like this, it let's me fuck you real deep. It hurts."

He plunged his dick into her. It slid in with ease. A pain radiated out from deep within her - he had hit the back of her vagina. Slammed into her cervix.

"Oh my God." He said in ecstasy, letting his head roll back, "So much better when you're wet."

He started fucking her quick and hard. The bottom of her belly felt like it was being punched from the inside. The pain was unbelievable and getting worse.
She squeezed her hands together behind her back. Praying for it to end. Pulling against the handcuffs that kept her completely helpless. As he fucked her deeper and deeper, harder and harder.

He started to lean into her legs, pushing them so they bent further and further down. Each penetration with his dick was torture now. She was being stabbed with a knife. Her face turned red. She moaned loudly and closed her eyes, unable to think of anything but the pain.
He was close to her face now. "Do you like this position, cunt?"

She shook her head no.

"If you beg to suck my dick, maybe I'll have some mercy on you. But you gotta be good."
He pulled off her ball gag.

"Can I..." she said, her mouth dry and weak. "Please, it hurts, so much please stop."

He stood up and pushed her legs down hard so they were next to her neck, he fucked her deeper and faster.
"Oh. Fuck. Please. Please. I will, I will suck it. Just stop. Please! Stop!"

"That's not begging."

"Please, it is, I am, I am."

"To suck my dick?"

"Please let me suck your dick." She whispered.

"Whose dick? Who am I?"

She didn't know what to say.

"I. Am. You're. Fucking. Master." He said slowly, fucking her hard with each word. "You call me Master."

"Please Master, let me suck your dick!" She said with urgency, the pain in her stomach unbarable.
"I'll do anything.. to suck your dick. "

He fucked her harder.

"Please. Master, cum in my mouth."

"That's more like it." He rammed in one last time. Holding his dick deep inside her. Then he pulled out. He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her head over the edge of the bed.
She opened her mouth and he pushed his dick inside. She gagged and tried to spit it back out. It tasted vile.

"Do you like that?" He asked, "Do you like the taste of your own juices? I'm covered in them, you dirty slut."
He pulled in and out, than started to force his dick down her throat. She gagged, but he was unrelenting in his assault. He kept forcing his way deeper and deeper, until she couldn't breathe.

She was moaning loudly and freaking out. What if she died, choking on a dick? He seemed to like the vibrations of her moans. Her head hurt. The world was going black at the edges. Her lungs burned for oxygen. Finally, he pulled out just enough that she could breath through her nose.
He fucked in and out for a moment, but before she had a chance to suck a breath the dick pulsed strongly.

"Don't you spill a fucking drop." He grunted as he came inside her mouth. It shot with some force to the back of her throat. She choked on it, some of it going into her nose. It tasted like vomit. Totally rancid. It filled her mouth.
"Swallow bitch."

One big gulp and it was all down. She gagged roughly - she was afraid she would certainly puke. But she managed to hold it down.

He was breathing hard as he stood up. He pulled a plastic bag from his things. He pulled her up into a sitting position.
"Now, get every fucking drop in this bag, understand?"

She shook her head, confused.

He pulled her jaw open and jammed his fingers into the back of her throat. The gag reflux took over and vomit was spilling into her mouth.
"Into the bag." He said, holding it in front of her. She vomited into it. "That's so none of my sperm is in your stomach."

Her throat and nose burned with the taste of hot bile.
He tied off the bag and put it into his duffel bag on the ground.
"I have one simple rule for you to follow." He said standing up and starting to pack his things. "It's simple, but I am almost positive you will fuck it up. Most girls do."
"Do not call the fucking police. They will not help you. I have left no physical evidence of a crime."

He turned to look at her, she was crying.
"Don't do anything stupid. I'm unchaining you now. Here's how it will go, you will stand in the corner and face the wall until I leave. After I leave, you better not move for 5 minutes. Not an inch. I will know if you do."
"Katy, I know everything about you. I have done more research on you than you can ever believe. I know where you are and what you are doing, all the time. I am your Master. I own you. Don't think for a second that I am bluffing. Don't think I don't know what you are up to - I always know. Got it?"

She nodded her head.

He slapped her, hard.

"Proper response is: Yes Sir."

"Yes Sir." She said quickly.


"You will be sorry if you call the police."

"I won't..."

He looked at her.

"Master! I won't Master."

"Stand in the corner."
She stood up and faced the corner. He packed the last of his gear and put on his clothes. He stepped outside onto the apartment walkway. It was funny that she was raped inches from her sleeping neighbors, in paper thin walls. Yet they had no idea.
Before she came home, he had wired everything. There were hidden cameras throughout her apartment and voice recorders. On her car he had installed GPS. While she was tied up, he had also installed a GPS tracking software and tapping software onto her phone. He would know everything she did or said from now on. He would know everything.

He owned her. There was nothing she could do about it.

"See ya soon, Katy."


2014-07-10 12:11:43
While this kind of story doesn't turn my crank, I respect your right to write and post your fantasies here.

This is well written and deserves a positive vote.

Keep writing and don't let the idiots get you down.

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