1970's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood.
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(Girl Scout Lisa was kidnapped and subjected to terrible horrors both by street hoods
and the police who were supposed to help her. She was befriended by Maddy
who had nursed her back to health and arranging her return home. Maddy betrayed her
and she has been sold to Russian criminal types who use her for their soccer games entertainment.
She is used for soccer all target and now made to run for her life. The Russians are having a party
and Lisa is the entertainment.)

Sergio wiped his cock over her drool covered face and then pushed himself inside her spit filled mouth.
His cock was inside her mouth, his balls covered her eyes. “HMMMM, that is better, Sergio laughed as
he pushed his cock slowly down her throat. Sergio’s girlfriend could see the outline of his dick
along Lisa’s neck line.

Lisa felt the hand on her throat. Sergio’s girlfriend was rubbing up and down her neck as his cock fucked her throat. “Fucked the American Bitch Throat.” His balls bounced off her nose. Desperate to breath she reached back but hands quickly pinned her hands and feet to the table. Her stomach heaved as she struggled to breath.
Sergio held her head firmly, his hand grasping her hair as he forced his dick deep inside her mouth.
His girlfriend had both hands on Lisa’s neck squeezing tightly.

Lisa fought to stay conscious. She would die like this? Throat Fucked to death? She was pinned to the table. Hands were grabbing her. She could feel the dick throbbing inside her, she could feel the fluid.
Screaming, laughing, yelling.
Darkness. Cold Darkness.

As Lisa blacked out she thought she would never come to. This was the end, she would die choking on cum, throat fucked to death. But, suddenly there was light. The pain was overwhelming. Barely able to see she looked around surrounded by the Russian thugs and their girlfriends. What were they yelling about?

“Stake her out. Stake the bitch. Get the Dogs.” A wooden stake was pounded into the ground.
A thug tied a rope around the stake and then around her wrist. “What are you doing.”
“Wait, what is this?” “OH NO, what are you doing.” The Russian laughed and twisted the rope binding her tightly to the stake.

There were six dogs running around, Pit Bulls, very agitated. Another stake was set. Lisa tried to pull away but her other wrist was tied. A thug pushed her down so she was resting on her elbows. He pounded a stake next to each elbow and fastened her by the elbow. The ropes bit into her arm
when he twisted them even tighter.

The dogs were more excited as Lisa struggled trying to pull away the stakes. Four more stakes were pounded into the ground next to her knees and ankles and she was tied tight. The pathetic teen was unable to move. Her head was down, elbows on the ground, her ass up in the air, legs staked far apart.

Lisa was staked. The helpless teen was staked kneeling to the ground while a pack of dog circled
around her. “GO GO GO GO”. The men and their women were shouting the dogs on. Lisa looked around, here were several dogs, pit bulls, circling around snarling. Lisa couldn’t see all the dogs but she felt them brushing against her. A tongue licked her cum slut pussy. Dogs were growling.

Lisa felt this terrible weight on her. “AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” There was a dog on her. “NOOOOOOOOOO”She could feel him on her, thrusting . He was not inside her but he was thrusting at her. She tried to move but was restrained. “Get him off me. Get him off me.” Lisa tried to pull away but she couldn’t.

Two of the Russian girls guided the dog, helping him find her sweet spot.
The dog was inside her. She was in his grip. His dog cock was inside the helpless bitch of a girl.
‘FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.” The people were around her were chanting. The other dogs
were riled up, barking, snarling, swirling. The pit bull was locked on and would not let up.

He was fucking her and fucking her and fucking her. His weight felt like it would break every bone in her body. She could not move, there was no escape to the punishing dog fuck. Everything she had been through and now this, fucked like a dog, people screaming, dogs barking.

Lisa could feel it, the dog had cum in her Bitch pussy. “WOO WOO WOO.” The gang was laughing and shouting. Staked on her elbows a hand pulled her head up. One of the men had one of the pit bulls
by the collar, a studded choke collar. He pushed the slobbering face next to Lisa’s. Lick his face.
“NoOOO.” “SMAAACK.” Lisa took a hit from the dog leash across her shoulders. “Fucking Bitch, I
Said lick his face. “

Lisa licked the dog along his muzzle. “Lick it up Slut.” Her tongue lickedup the
dog slobber. The drooling dog licked her face with his tongue. “Lick his Fucking tongue.”
Lisa felt his hot breath, smelt his dog breath as his tongue ran over her mouth.

WHAAACK. She took another slap with the dog leash. “Open your fucking mouth.
Swap spit , lick his tongue.” Lisa opened her mouth and the pit bull licked across her mouth.
Lisa stuck her tongue out to meet the dogs tongue. Lisa felt the claws of another dog on her back.

”Gang Bang. Gang Bang.” The Russians were cheering on the new dog. The new dog was
mounting her. His paws wrapped around her. He was trying to hump the teen, helpless
to resist.

“OH God, no more, Please No more. Stop this craziness. Ahhhh. Nooooooooooo.”

To be Continue

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