A mature woman I met in a chatroom let me use her while I fucked myself with a marker and a phone receiver, telling her to insert a bottle in her fuckholes and lick her juice off the floor as she was done.
I just realized that all my other stories might make it look like I've got pussy lined up left and right, and could have a different one for every day of the month. And I wish it were like that, but my days are just as ordinary and boring as everyone elses - probably more so because I don't really have much for a family and not a large circle of friends that I could see regularly. So the stories I tell are really the exceptions from the norm - that's why they're stories and worth telling.

So even though I've got a significant other for a little while now, for the longest time I've been, and sometimes still am, just my own private lover. And I don't really mind that either, I've got enough toys and porn to keep me occupied, but aside from that, I derive a little kinky pleasure from chatrooms and getting it on with strangers sometimes.

This is about one of these times. Back then I was still working at a lawyer's office and would pull long late-night sessions at times just because that was the time when nobody was around and I could actually get work done. And of course, late at night, when you're alone and you've got the whole office to yourself, pretty much able to do whatever you want, I'd play with myself on occasion as well.

So it was getting close to midnight, I had finished paperwork as far as I had to, and I remember it was friday, because I thought I wouldn't have to get up early the next day and could just stay a little longer and enjoy myself. Back then I didn't have internet at home, so at work was also the only time I could check email, go to a forum or chat with people.

I go to a chatroom that I frequented, which is no longer around and the name doesn't really matter, so let's just call it Xchat, and just hang around for a while, checking the people who are there and what they're looking for. It was a pretty generic sex-and-meet chat, usually for straight people, but it had a large female quota (for reasons I never understood) and so a lot of times I'd meet a bi-curious girl and that wanted me to help her find out how it would be with a woman.

The woman I met was from southern Italy, and her name was Paola. She was in her late 50s or so, and in a sad predicament, as her husband was heavily diabetic and couldn't please her anymore. So she allowed herself to find her kick elsewhere, as she was still very vivid and loved sex. So we go to a one-on-one room and start to turn each other on by talking about what we were doing.

I described myself as a curvy, red-headed "girl" in her late 20s, sitting in my office long after my boss and all my co-workers had left, having just hitched up my skirt and starting to play with myself. Which was a lie, because I was wearing pants, but a skirt sounded sexier to me and I really had opened them already and was feeling myself inside my panties. She said she was just at home and her husband was asleep while she was sitting at the laptop in her bath robe, rubbing her clit. She called herself also curvy, with long dark hair and average breasts.

All of this turned me on good enough that I needed to get serious. So I began pushing my pants off and inserted my fingers in my pussy, slowly stirring inside it to get my juices flowing. I pondered what kinky thing would make her hot and finally said I was going to insert a large marker pen in my pussy. I didn't have anything else I could fuck me with (later I've made it a habit to keep some kind of dildo close by at all times, preferably on my person) and I knew we had those large markers in the meeting room.

She seemed to get into the mood, and she asked me if I could tell her what she should be doing with herself. A lot of people seem to enjoy being told what to do, so this was something new to me. I asked her if she had anything there she could fuck herself with. "Just my fingers," she replied, a little sad. I thought of all the household items pretty much anyone had that were good for fucking - candles, vegetables, brushes, even tools, bottles... "You have a bottle?" I asked. "I can get one," she said. I told her to do so as I got up and went to the meeting room myself.

I walked through the dark, quiet office without pants, feeling awfully free and horny. In the meeting room I grabbed three of the markers, for good measure, and stopped by the window to look outside. The city looked quiet and peaceful, and in the alleyway below our offices I could see a woman getting fucked on the hood of a parked car. I sighed, for a second wishing she was here with me, then returned to my screen. She had gotten a beer bottle, or at least said she had, as this is the internet, and you can really never be sure what's going on on the other side of the line.

And I didn't really care. I lifted one leg onto my desktop and slowly pushed a marker, bottom first, into my soppy pussy hole. "Pushing it in now," she typed as I moved the marker in and out. It was pretty short, just about 10 to 15 cm, but really quite thick and made me feel semi-filled as it slid inside. The thought of her stuffing her mature cunt with a bottle did do its magic and soon I was moaning loud from excitement. "What should I do now?" she asked. "Are you fucking yourself now?" I wanted to know. "Yes," was the short reply. "Mmh, wanna show me?" I wrote back, testing the waters. For a while there was no reply. Then she asked: "How?"

I gave her my email, and a few minutes later I had a picture in my inbox. It was a photo of a nice, juicy pussy swallowing a dark brown beer bottle almost all the way, held inside by two fingers with cute red nail polish. All of this was framed by dark, curly pubic hair, not very thick, but covering her hole on all sides with a nice fluffy carpet. "Thank you," I said. "I like that, you look fantastic." To my surprise she didn't ask for any picture in return and only said: "Thank you too. I only want to do everything you tell me to."

That was just the way I like it. I enjoy girls that let me be in control and don't demand anything in return except to get treated like a slut. And, it shows that age really doesn't matter. This woman, more than twice my age, was still a horny little fuckslut.

So I told her to fuck the bottle deep and good, and then lick it when it's all creamy on all sides from her muff nectar. She asked me if I wanted to see that, too, which I confirmed. The next picture showed her red, slightly wrinkled lips wrapped around the neck of the bottle, which glistened with white creamy stains all over it. "How do you like your own cunt taste?" I asked. "It is good," she said. "I feel like I'm doing a lot of bad things now, and want so much more."

I agreed. By that time I cursed not having any decent dildo in my bag and looked frantically around for anything better than the fucking markers. In my desperation, I finally grabbed the receiver of my phone and rubbed the top end along my pubic hair, pressing it at my clit. "So what bad things do you enjoy doing?" I asked her, trying to find out which way I could direct her. "I don't know," she replied. "With my husband I never did any such things." I sighed, a little sad and disappointed. She was twice as old as me, yet when it came to sex, she needed me to teach her. "Then," I told her finally, "place the bottle under your ass and sit down on it."

"Yes," she said again. I tried to imagine her, sitting in her home as her husband slept, inserting the neck of one of his beer bottles into her anus, which he never fucked, still slick from her cunt juice, which he never tasted. His wife became a younger girl's cunt whore for a night, and she loved it. Impassioned, I finally shoved the thick head of the receiver into my own slick cunt hole and groaned, as it spread me wide, travelling into the depths of my chubby little twat.

By now she knew what she needed to do, and so after a while I got yet another photo, showing her squatting on the bottle with wide spread legs, the neck fully inserted into her ass while her old sloppy labia gaped dripping and hungry above it. "Very good, Paola," I said. "And how do you like that?" I moved the receiver inside me, my leg shifting on the desk, as I waited for her reply. "I love it so much," she replied. "I feel like a slut."

"Yes," I answered. "You're my whore, and you're going to fuck your ass hard with that bottle, while your worthless empty cunt can drip down on it." I fucked myself harder, getting more and more horny from thinking about her. The phone moved fast and deep inside my wet pussy while I moaned loud and unrestrained, certain nobody could hear me. "Oh yes," Paula wrote. "My cunt is not worth getting fucked like this. I deserve to be taken only in the ass." I smiled, imagining her discover the pleasure and pain of anal penetration.

I felt myself getting closer, needing a little more to push me over the edge, so I began suckling on the marker while I wrote back: "Mmmh, you're an obedient little slut." She replied: "I want you to use me." I felt depraved and wicked, wanting to see how far this little bitch would go, so I wrote: "Then fuck yourself hard, and when you come, I want you to release your pee and juice on the floor, and lick it up." This seemed to give her what she needed, and the thought turned myself on so much that I quickly lodged the marker in my twitching ass while I fucked myself hard.

I came, gasping and jerking, groaning loud and then releasing a shrill scream as I pulled my hair. I fell back into my leather chair, sitting now in a puddle, just breathing deeply for a few moments, enjoying the moment as I let the feeling slowly subside. Another email had arrived in my inbox. It showed Paola, on all fours, licking at a wet puddle on the floor, her tits dangling down into it as she looks up at the camera. She looked happy and at peace, smiling with her tongue out, a pretty woman despite her age. "Thank you," she wrote. "That was just what I needed."

Suddenly I heard the phone click, and beep. Somebody on the other end had just hung up. I shrieked up and looked at the display. I must've accidentally redialled the last call with my foot, as it showed a conversation of 12 minutes had just ended. The number was that of our client. She never said anything about it, though.


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