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Friends have fun at the river
We had our favorite swimming hole in Eastern Washington where I grew up. It was at the covergence of the two rivers near our town where the action of the currents had scoured out a large, deep bowl. Toward one direction the bank sloped down toward the river and the other way it sloped up to about 10 or 15 feet above the water. An old growth tree toward the high point of the bank had limbs out over the water, the largest of which had a two-inch diameter rope hung from it for swinging fun out over the river water.

A bunch of us had been swimming there since we were in elementary school. It had always been common for the boys to swim naked while the girls swam in suits. We all came from farming backgrounds of one sort or another and a childhood of dealing with farm animals left all of us with little to wonder about male anatomy, what it was for, and how it worked. So it was just an accepted thing for us and pretty much non-sexual until we got older. In the fall of our senior year it matured.

Janice, Joseph, Patricia, Christine, and I were hitting the swimming hole almost every afternoon that September. As always, Joseph and I were naked while the girls all had on bikinis. Taking turns swinging out over the water and dropping from the rope, Joseph climbed back up the bank with a partial erection. While such occurrences had been pretty much ignored in the past, Christine started making comments about it which set the other girls laughing. Watching this, I began to engorge, too, which when noticed by the girls set them off even more. Christine, always the most forward of the three strolled over to Joseph and grabbed him by the penis, taunting him with "Is this all you've got?"

Joseph had for a long time had the nickname Boner in the locker room due to his propensity to get semi-erect. He was also called pencil dick because his penis, up until that summer had always been very thin, just like he was, and not very long. When he came back from his grandparents' place at the end of the summer, it was obvious that he'd matured over the summer, putting on weight, gaining a lot of body hair, and while his penis was still on the lanky side like he was, it now stood out at least six inches in its semi-erect state. With Christine's hand wrapped around it his penis went fully erect and stood about seven or eight inches in her hand. With acompanying catcalls from all three girls, Christine let go of his penis and when they all looked at me, they saw that while I was nowhere near Joseph's proportions, I was fully erect, also.

Christine yelled out "I wonder which one of them will come first?" With that, she grabbed the rope, swung out over the water and dropped in. When she resurfaced she shouted "Don't be a baby, Hut, come on in."

I swung out on the rope and dropped into the water. When I resurfaced, Christine was all over me and I felt her hand pulling on my penis as she was laughing. I swam away from her toward the bank just as Joseph swung out on the rope and dropped into the water. When he surfaced after the drop, Christine was on him just as she had been on me. I saw Joseph react by wrapping his arms around her and taking them both under the water. They resurfaced apart and Joseph swam towrd the bank as I had.

When I scrambled up the bank, penis fully erect, Janice grabbed it and pumped for several strokes before she let go and went after Joseph as he climbed up the bank. As I went back to the swinging rope, Patricia was holding it as far back from the water as she could and still reach it. She handed it to me and when I'd grabbed it with both hands she patted me on the bare ass as I left on my way out over the water. Into the water to repeat the stroking from Christine, followed by Joseph. We ran that cycle numerous times without much change other than it seemed that Patty had progressed from patting my bare ass to grabbing it rather firmly. Then on my next swing on the rope, as I grabbed the rope with both hands, she hugged me from behind, her front pressed up against my back, reached around with her left arm over my left shoulder and her right hand wrapped around my penis. I yelled "I'm going."

She yelled "Let's go" and with that, I pulled myself, with her hanging on, up on the rope, lifted my legs and we both swung out over the water and dropped in. She kept a firm hug around me and a grip on my penis until we hit the water. I swam to the bank as Joseph was swinging out again. As I climbed out of the water and scrambled up the bank, I saw that Chris was behind me, heading for the bank and Patty was all over Joseph in the water. Jan met me at the top of the banks, grabbing my penis again and pumping it, which delayed me enough that Chris caught up and grabbed both cheeks of my ass.

She was laughing as she asked "You ready to produce yet, Hut? We need to service our old milk cow back home." With Joseph coming up the bank, Jan let go of me and met him and I headed toward the rope. Chris was right behind me as I got to it and she got between me and the river facing me, wrapped both arms around my neck, hoisting herself up to wrap her legs around my hips. With her hugging on tight, we swung out over the water. In the water, she let go of me then grabbed my penis to pump it some before we both headed toward the bank. I looked up in time to see Joseph swing out over the water with Jan on him piggy back. Patty had already climbed out of the water and up the bank by the time Chris and I climbed out. She grabbed my penis and pumped it with her right hand while her left hand drifted down her crotch. She pumped me for probably a minute as she rubbed herself between her legs before Chris said "OK, that's enough" and pulled me away toward the rope. At the rope, Chris wrapped herself around me again but this time I could definitely feel her crotch pressing firmly on my erect penis as we swung out over the water and dropped in. The next time we were at the rope, again in the same embrace, she pressed her lips to mine and stuck her tongue almost down my throat. I responded and as we hit the water our tongues were playing with each other.

We continued in that mode for awhile. Patty continued to pump both Joseph's and my penis at the top of the bank as she unabashedly played with herself. Then as I climbed out of the water for what was probably the twentieth time I saw that she had removed her bikini bottom and was playing with herself non stop. Back at the rope swing, I grabbed the rope and Chris grabbed me in the familiar embrace. She began kissing me and then I realized that she had removed her bikini bottom also and was trying to impale herself on me. I let go of the rope with my right hand and reached down around her left thigh and held my penis still for her and she easily slid it into her pussy. She began rocking her hips against me as we swung out over the water and dropped in. She maintained her embrace as we went under and I pulled us back to the surface with a couple of strong strokes. When our heads broke the surface she flipped her hair out of her face laughing as she pulled away from me and swam to the bank. As I was swimming over I looked up and saw Joseph swing out over the water with Jan wrapped in tight embrace around him without her bikini bottom. After passing Jan and getting a few pumps from her, I grabbed the rope and Chris jumped on me again, this time easily sliding my penis into her pussy and she stuck her tongue nearly down my throat. As she rocked her hips on me, I felt myself about to cum and told her quickly "I'm about to lose it!" and she jumped down off me.

She grabbed my penis and pumped it solidly until I felt my testicals draw up and my penis pulse in her grip in one of the best orgasms I'd ever had up to that time in my life. Chris watched my cum spurt out onto the ground in front of me, slowed her pumping to a stop, and yelled "Hut did it!" to the others. To me she said "Nice one."

Joseph, Jan, and Patty came over to the rope, Jan maintining a grip on Joseph's penis, Patty barely slowing her hand down, playing with herself as she walked. Jan began pumping Joseph rapidly and I could see his knees beginning to flex as he climbed toward orgasm. Chris joined Patty in playing with herself as she watched Jan pump Joseph. I heard Joseph say "Oh, damn" as he began to spurt an ample load onto the ground.

Chris said "Hut beat him in time, but I think Joseph won out in quantity" and all three girls started laughing. Then she turned to me and said "You had your fun. Now what about us?"

I asked "So what would three virgins like you want from us?" with a snicker.

By way of answer, Chris hugged me, gave me a deep probing kiss, and replied "Your tongue feels real nice. Maybe we could find a use for it." With that she pushed me toward where our clothes and towels were hanging on bush. There she spread her towel out on the ground, pushed me down on it onto my back and straddled my chest. She moved up until my chin was buried in her bush and said "I think this'll work, don't you?" Unable to actually answer, I nodded my head and, began to lick the lips of her pussy softly, then probed as deeply as I could with my tongue. She began to rock her hips on me, grinding her pussy into my mouth as she said "Oh yeah. This definitely works." I reached up with my hands, pushed the bra of her bathing suit up and out of the way and began to enjoy her tits, one in each hand.

I kept up the tongue action and tit massage until I felt Chris lose her rocking rhythm as her movements degenerated into spasms on my face. As she came she said "Oh, fuck me" several times in a row before stopping her movement altogether to just remain still on my mouth. I continued to lick her gently and slowly until she got up off me and said "Damn Hut, that was good."

I started to sit up, saw Jan riding Joseph's face for all she was worth, then was pushed back down by Patty. "Not yet, Hut. You ain't finished here" was all she said as she straddled me and ground her pussy in my face. My jaw was beginning to hurt but I started flicking my tongue all about, around her lips, then as deep as I could, then around her lips again. I kept this up and realized that I felt like I was erect again. Chris must have noticed, too, because I felt her hand on it, pumping it slowly as I continued to work on Patty's pussy and reached up with my hands to push her bra out of the way and enjoy her tits.

I could hear Jan beginning to moan fairly loudly over on Joseph just a little before Patty began to groan softly and move in jerks rather than rhythmic movements. As she welled over the top I slowed my tongue and continued to lick her lips softly until she stopped moving. She was still on my face when I felt myself about to come again. My hips were moving slightly as I felt my penis pulse in Chris's grip and then came on my abdomen. Patty got up off of me, Chris stood up and said "I think you're about done, Hut."

I could hardly move, I felt so good. I forced myself up, then swung out over and into the water to wash myself off. All four of the others joined me, splashing one at a time into the water from the rope. As each of the girls swung out above me I saw that they had each removed their bras completely and so were as naked as Joseph and I had been since we got to the river. Patty and Chris each hugged me, landed a tongue lashing kiss then just held onto my shoulders as we treaded water before heading to the bank.

Back on the bank, we all laid back naked on our towels, enjoying the still warm afternoon air for a time. Chris said out loud to nobody in particular, "This afternoon was fun. I think we need to do it again." Jan d Patty quietly agreed while Joseph and I merely grunted.


2006-12-01 11:40:56
Great story, need of a followup. Anymore group get togethers?


2006-07-06 21:07:42
yaaa sexy as hell //awesome


2006-02-27 01:40:49
dude that was amazing, i wish girls were cool like that nowadays


2006-01-08 15:57:46
excelent but i dont think its true it would be a miricle if it was


2006-01-08 07:07:25
That was a fantastic story, building up in a realistic way to the ultimate sexual climax. Please write more.

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