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I have always had the need for keeping a slave. But how can I possibly do this without getting into trouble?? Slavery isnt allowed. The thought of it probably isnt even allowed. So I just let it go and did my usual surfing of the net to fulfill to a bare minimum some of the fantasy desires.

Oneday I came across a website that had ads for various sex voyages. I also came across submissive males, females and masters as well as mistresses. I found an ad of a woman who was recently divorced and wanted to basically find someone who would be the "master" basically. So I wrote her and told her I was in need of a slave to fulfill my needs and in return she would be taken cared of and she could leave whenever she wanted and I could tell her to leave when ever I wanted. Not the ideal slave but at the same time I dont want to go to JAIL!! So this is my story:

After answering the ad and getting info on the woman. She came over the same nite. There was a knock on the door and when i opened it, stood an indian woman with very fair skin. Amazingly beautiful. She looked a little scared. But she knew what she was in for. I was kind of scared myself...ive never even talked to anyone about this slave business before and in fact was kind of embarrassed.

I introduced myself as Master. She said her name was Lisa. And asked if she wanted something to drink. As she took off her coat, I noticed her breasts were incredibly round and perfect. She asked for a glass of wine. I got her the glass and one for myself as well.

We sat on the couch and I basically started off by telling her that I wanted a slave who would do anything I told her to do and if the heat got a little too much she could leave at anytime. She agreed!! She didnt even ask any questions. Except one...What would you like me to do for you Master?

I swear I felt my cock wake up.

Calmly, I told her to down her drink, and to take off all of her clothes because she didnt need them anymore. She gulped down the wine and started to take off her clothes. First her shoes, then her socks. Then her sweater. Man oh man. She had a lite green bra on that was see thru. Her size was about a 32 B. Perfect size. Her nipples and areola were peeking thru the bra and gave me an instant ERECTION. Then she took off her pants and as she did she turned around i got a glimpse of her ass with a matching thong of her bra style. FUCKING AMAZING.

How could anyone want to divorce a woman like this??

Then she took off her bra and her thongs and turned around and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. She only stood about 5'2". Her pussy was lighty shaven and her labia minora was just dangling. She smelled really nice too. I have no idea what she was wearing.

Then I firmly told her to get on her hands and knees. And that would be the way she would always travel around the house. Then to test her, I told her the first duty was to clean my feet with her tongue. She immediatley came over to me and took off my socks and started to caress each of my toes with her tongue. I could feel my dick letting out semen. I was so turned on!!

This then gave me another idea. I told her that I hadnt showered yet and that she would have to shower me with her tongue! So I stood up and took off all my clothes and my cock was just dangling hard as ever right in front of her face. She wanted to put it in her mouth but I said that would be the last part for her to clean. So she started to bathe me with her tongue. First my legs and thighs then my chest and neck and then my back. As she made her way to my ass she bathed it with light kisses.

Then the most amazing thing happened. I didnt expect her too, she just did. She stuck her tongue up my ass and down my crack and then licked my balls. And she enjoyed it. I thought it was kind of weird at first, but shit it felt so damn good. I thought i was going to cum all over the place.

Then as i sat down on the couch again she begged me to suck my cock clean. I hesitated, as she asked pretty please. I finally gave in and she washed my cock with her tongue for about 30 minutes before I came in her mouth and she swallowed it whole. even the post cum that seeped out.

Next I told her that since she passed the laboring aspect, It was time for me to inspect her body. I told her to turn around as she was on her hands and knees and to face her ass towards me. I spread open her ass cheeks and wow. The prettiest little asshole and vagina was just staring at me almost throbbing. She did have a little hair around her asshole and I told her that it was unacceptable and told her to wait there. I went to the bathroom and got some tweezers. When she saw them she had a worried look on her face.

I told her as long she didnt complain i would make it as painless as possible. Haha yeah right. I wanted her to squirm.

As I pulled the first hair with the tweezers, i saw her anus protrude outward. Very erotic if you havent seen it before. Every time i pulled one out it just throbbed and throbbed. To make her feel better, after every few hairs, i would caress her asshole with my thumb. I think she enjoyed that. I then told her that I would have to inspect the inside of her asshole.

And she asked me what I was going to use. I just kicked her on her ass and told her never to ask me questions ever again. By this time I was hard again and i rubbed some of the pre cum around the head of my cock and let her feel it against her asshole. Then slowly I started to penetrate her anus long enough to get my head in and then i pulled out.

She wanted more...but i didnt give it to her.

I told her to just sit there with her ass towards me, because my favorite tv show was about to start and didnt want to miss it.

Then at the first commercial, I fingered her asshole for a minute. As i fingered it, spread it open a little too. And then without warning i fit my head of my dick in it again but this time i surprised her and rammed my cock all the way in until my balls felt her pussy. She screamed soo loud that I thought she was going to cry. I just left it in there pulsating my cock as my tv show came back on. I slow fucked her everytime Jennifer Anniston came on the screen. Yes I was watching friends.

She tried to move her ass back and forth to fuck my cock. I pulled her hair back really hard and told her that this was for my enjoyment not hers and for her to stay still. "yes master" was her response.

To be continued...

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2013-03-23 11:34:06
you need more deion, background, better details and longer. but i like it. 6/10


2007-05-14 16:22:36
Oooooh fabulous!

A little short though and you could give some more deion on the blowjob ;)


2006-12-05 12:52:24
i love it


2006-09-29 19:38:10
whens part 2 coming out


2006-07-30 22:22:19
a bit rushed, bot very deive. it was too easy.

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