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5 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 30: "Trousseau"


"Kristanna? Kristanna... where are you?"

Those were my initial words when I awoke from a long and
peaceful slumber on this Tuesday morning. Even before my
eyes had opened, my arms were searching for signs of life
upon the mattress on either side of me. When I realized that
I was all by lonesome here in bed, I quickly sat up and
called out for my Norwegian princess. Where was Kristanna?

"I'm right here, sweetheart," came her voice. I turned in
the direction of where that voice emanated from and noticed
that the door to one of the two washrooms here within my
personal suite was partially open, with the light on inside.

An instant later, Kristanna emerged from that restroom and
I, for all intents and purposes, went into cardiac arrest.
My jaw dropped in pure and total astonishment, my heart-rate
increased and my cock began to twitch and pulse with arousal
as Kristanna was decked out in - believe it or not - a very
tantalizing, sinful schoolgirl uniform. (!!!)

In my opinion, at least, Kristanna was one of the most
beautiful women in the world. The 23-year-old goddess had a
clear, unblemished face, along with deep blue eyes and an
infectious smile which made her quite the photogenic sort.
As she stood at the washroom door before me now, Kristanna's
blonde hair was parted in the middle, and flowed down and
across her slender neck and shoulders in little wavelets.
Kristanna was a truly intoxicating woman.

I was unsure why she had a schoolgirl uniform on, but I
was definitely not complaining about it. The frilly collar
of her long-sleeved blouse peeked out beneath a very tight
red and white plaid vest. Kristanna's B-cup breasts jutted
outward upon the fabric, seemingly begging to be freed.

The ensemble skirt which Kristanna wore was red and white
plaid as well. It was also extremely low-cut, helping to
truly give Kristanna the appearance of a naughty schoolgirl.
For cappers, Kristanna wore white socks that were rolled
down to her ankles, and a pair of black saddle shoes.

Those legs of hers, however, were a definite sight to
behold. Standing a tall and majestic 5-foot-11, Kristanna
had the sleekest, sexiest pair of legs I had ever seen on a
woman. There was simply no comparison between Kristanna and
anyone else in that regard. Those legs of hers were so long
and symmetrically perfect, their skin supple yet also tender,
and very richly tanned. My God, what a vision they were...

With that incredibly short plaid skirt on, Kristanna's
legs were being accentuated to their fullest extent right
now. They screamed for and demanded one's attention even
more than normal. In fact, I found it difficult to finally
tear my gaze away from them, and look into her eyes.

Kristanna's smile was golden. "Do you like my outfit?"

I offered a gentle nod of the head, although my insides
were raging with absolute lust. "Yeah... I like it."

Kristanna slowly spun around in a circle, the hem of her
skirt swishing upward and revealing a pair of luscious white
panties underneath. "I've always known how much you adore
the idea of young and innocent girls, Jeremy. So before I
left Norway, I decided to buy this little schoolgirl uniform.
I've been waiting for the perfect time to spring it on you.
My only regret is that somehow, Lindsay beat me to it. She
dressed up as a schoolgirl for you just two days ago."

"I also remember you telling me, Krissy, that one of your
ultimate fantasies was to be a naughty schoolgirl."

"Yes, it is," she confirmed. "I'm going to see to it
that all of our fantasies become a reality together, Jeremy,
from this point forward. There is no holding back any more."

"God, Krissy..." I moaned. "You look SINFUL!"

"I sincerely hope that you have a lot of staying power
within you today," the young woman swooned, her expression
vibrant and playful. "We're going to rip you apart."

"We?" I countered, my interest suddenly raising to an
even higher level. "Who is we? You're not alone?"

"Of course not," Kristanna grinned in response, turning
her gaze toward the washroom she had just emerged from.
"Devvy..." My eyes went wide as she cooed, "Oh DEVVY..."

I literally went into convulsions as Devon appeared from
behind the restroom door and made her way into my suite.

Kristanna's schoolgirl outfit was incredibly sexy, but it
was somewhere within the far reaches of my mind right now.
Why? Devon was dressed up as a cheerleader!

Where do I start? Would it be her immaculate face or the
bright red lipstick? Devon's shiny blonde hair pulled into
a pony-tail with the help of a blue ribbon, or the light
touch of mascara the 27-year-old used to enhance her already
perfect complexion to an even greater extent?

Devon wore a sleeveless, V-necked cheerleader top which
was made of pure cotton. Its primary color was white, but
the top also had a pair of blue and red stripes which adorned
its front near her stomach, and arched up to her shoulders.
In stylish, unique letters, the name _Devon_ arched across
her breasts. The letters were black with a red border.

The adorable bombshell's cheerleader skirt was extremely
short as well. It was white with blue pleats, and flipped
and bounced about easily with every move she made. As a
result, her blue cheerleader panties could be seen more
often than not. The sight was an instant cock-riser.

Devon also wore white, ankle-high socks, and a pair of
matching sneakers. Those two accessories really gave a nice
contrast to the dark, rich tan which Devon had worked so
hard on since arriving here. I should also point out that
her tan was of the all-over variety...

My heart was racing like never before as Devon strolled
over to Kristanna and planted a full, open-mouthed kiss upon
her lips. The two ladies then looked my way and giggled,
before whispering secretive words into each others' ears.
In my own mind, I wondered what was said between them...

"Can you possibly handle both of us, Jeremy?" Kristanna
asked out loud, still snickering. "The cheerleader AND the
schoolgirl? Together? At the same time?"

"He doesn't have a choice," Devon answered for me, her
voice lush and sultry, as she glanced over at Kristanna.
"Jeremy is ours now. He is going to HAVE to perform." Devon
grinned and placed her left hand upon Kristanna's ass, and
patted it through the little skirt she wore. "You're mine
now too, honey. I'm gonna totally split you in half."

"Oooooh, promises!" Kristanna squealed, giggling. "Why
don't you go over and tend to Jeremy first, though? Look at
him! He's going to blow his load any minute now. I think
he really loves us in our naughty, little uniforms..."

"What about you, honey?" Devon asked, kissing Kristanna on
the lips. "You can help me with him. Isn't that what you
want? You want to suck his cock, right?"

Kristanna whispered into Devon's ear once again, which
made both of them look at me and giggle. An instant later,
as I instinctively got out of bed and stood up, Devon stepped
forward and dropped to her knees in front of me. She quickly
pulled my shorts downward, allowing my full, bulging cock to
spring out and be finally be freed.

I tossed my head back and sighed wildly as Devon grasped
the base of my shaft and quickly engulfed it into her mouth.
I then lowered my gaze and found that her eyes were fixated
upon my face as the familiar head-bobbing motion commenced.

Pleasure was coursing throughout my entire body thanks to
Devon and her incredible mouth, but something else caught my
attention. Kristanna tip-toed over to the sofa and took a
seat on its edge, then lifted the front of her little skirt
upward to show me the white panties she had on underneath.

"Oh God..." I then moaned, as the vixen placed a single
fingertip upon the cotton panties. Her knees high and
spread wide over the sofa, Kristanna kept her eyes in synch
with mine and began twirling her finger in hot circles upon
her white panties. Her face suddenly awash with arousal,
Kristanna nodded her head at me and giggled once again.

Devon growled with an even mixture of hunger and lust as
she literally inhaled the full length of my shaft into her
velvety mouth. I nearly lost my balance in response to the
sudden jolt of excitement. I quickly steadied myself, then
glared down at Devon and admired the sight of her head as it
began to frantically bob itself over and upon my hard shaft.

I shook my own head in erotic amazement, then sighed with
undeniable passion as I re-focused all of my attention upon
Kristanna. Her silky blonde hair, all long and styled to
perfection, looked absolutely exquisite. The smile upon her
darling face as she stimulated herself was so totally pure
and genuine. Those ruby-red lips and pearly-white teeth of
hers seemed to be begging me for a gooey cum-shot...

Then I tried to make sense of everything that was going
on right now. Kristanna had appeared here in our private
suite, dressed as a schoolgirl. After some brief teasing,
she called Devon - who was donned in a cheerleader uniform -
into the suite as well. Obviously, Kristanna had woke up
well before I did this morning and planned this encounter
with Devon beforehand. Kristanna and Devon made a nice
couple, indeed - especially with those sinful uniforms on.
Could this be a sneak preview of the rest of my life?...

Devon withdrew my cock from her mouth and began stroking
it rather briskly with her right hand. At the same time,
she used her left to gently cup and massage my testicles.
We glared at one another as she squirmed about upon her
knees beneath me, the mutual lust between us multiplying by
the second. Devon looked so breathtakingly gorgeous...

"Oh yes!" I heard Kristanna squeal, which caused me to
look over at her once more. Still with her red and white
plaid skirt hiked up as she lounged upon the sofa, Kristanna
now had a hand buried inside her panties. I could tell that
she was using a pair of fingers to pleasure herself, while
her deep blue eyes were focused on Devon as the 27-year-old
goddess continued with her monumental handjob upon me.

"He is about to blow," Devon announced, turning her face
to look at Kristanna. "Why don't you come over here, baby,
and help me finish him off?" Devon smiled as Kristanna
continued to masturbate. "Don't worry, sweetheart. Your
little pussy will be taken care of soon enough."

"Oh God..." I moaned again, as Kristanna suddenly grinned
and dropped to her knees. She then moved up beside Devon
and offered her yet another tongue-filled kiss. Devon was
still stroking my cock, but then deferred it to Kristanna as
the Norwegian opened her mouth and swallowed it whole.

"Look at that tight, little ass," Devon smiled, lifting
the hem of Kristanna's skirt as she started to bob her head
back-and-forth upon my erection. Devon offered Kristanna a
heavy swat with an open hand, saying, "What a pretty ass..."

Kristanna squealed in response but continued to bob her
head over and upon my hard shaft. Her sparkling blue eyes
were full of life and energy as she glared up at me. Devon
was right earlier. I was about to blow.

"I'm a cheerleader, and you're a schoolgirl," Devon
chirped, now playing with Kristanna's silky-smooth hair.
"You're a cock-hungry schoolgirl, baby."

"I love sucking cock!" Kristanna exclaimed, as she licked
and slurped away upon mine. "But I love licking pussy too."

"Hmmmmm... show me," Devon suddenly purred, taking a seat
upon the carpeted floor and spreading her thighs. Kristanna
smiled at Devon as she lifted her cheerleader skirt upward
and massaged her pussy through the panties she wore.

"What about Jeremy, though?" Kristanna asked, offering a
sudden pout. "He hasn't cum yet..."

"Jeremy can fuck you doggie-style while you eat my pussy,"
Devon suggested, which definitely sounded like a splendid
idea to me. "One catch, though. Our uniforms must stay on."

"Jeremy isn't even going to allow us to take our uniforms
off," Kristanna giggled, shaking her head. "You have nothing
to worry about there. I can see it in his eyes."

Kristanna then turned her head and looked up at me with
pleading, puppy-dog eyes. She frowned a bit before asking,
"Will you do me a favor, Jeremy? Please?"

"What?" I asked, the excitement level within me reaching
a fever pitch. Not only were these two ladies dressed up
in sexy uniforms - which was enough to get my juices going -
but their verbal exchanges were driving me insane! "What is
it? I'll do anything for you, Kristanna. You know that."

Kristanna kissed the very tip of my cock and begged, "Will
you PLEASE fuck Devvy in the ass for me?"

That was it.

Kristanna flinched, obviously not expecting a sudden blast
of sperm to jettison from my cock and onto her adorable face.
I simply could not help myself. My entire body shivered and
trembled with pure excitement as the heated sensations of
release simply coursed all throughout me.

There was a second eruption, most of which landed directly
upon the 23-year-old's forehead. A third, smaller shot hit
her square in her bright, smiling teeth.

"Should I take that as a _yes Kristanna, I will fuck Devvy
in the ass for you_?" she giggled.

I could do nothing right now but grunt and growl in the
aftermath of my sudden climax. This was unbelievable!

"Devvy really deserves a good ass-fucking right now," she
went on. "She deserves one, really bad."

"Oh?" Devon wondered. "Why do I deserve one?"

"Are you denying it?" Kristanna asked, her eyes flashing
as she glanced at Devon.

"Well... not really," she returned. "I guess I deserve a
good ass-fucking everyday. God knows I'd like one everyday."

Kristanna smiled, then looked back up at me. "Will you,
Jeremy? Fuck Devvy in the ass? Maybe you could even throw
in a little spanking for her, too?"

"A spanking?" Devon exclaimed, laughing. "You make it
sound like I did something wrong, and need punishment."

"Well... you have," Kristanna murmured. "Just look at
you. You look like a billion dollar whore with that little
cheerleader outfit on. I could just see you walking into
some guy's hotel room with that uniform on. You'd bend over
and show him your ass, and ask if he wanted room service.
Cheerleader slash hotel employee slash insatiable whore!"

"I look like a whore?" Devon snickered. "Look at you...
little Miss Schoolgirl! You look like you're no older than
15 or 16 with that little outfit on!"

"Oh, I don't look THAT young," Kristanna corrected her.
She turned her attention toward me once more. "But please,
Jeremy? Please? Please fuck Devvy in the ass right now,
and spank her. Spank her really good!"

"Quit your baby-whining and get down here, and lick my
pussy!" Devon said to Kristanna, her tone both playful and
impatient. Her cheerleader skirt hiked above her waist,
Devon pulled her panties down and off, warning Kristanna,
"Else, I will be the one who does the spanking - on YOU!"

"You can spank me anyway," the enchantress giggled,
before finally settling down onto her elbows and knees
between Devon's widespread thighs. Soon, Kristanna extended
her tongue and immediately began swiping away at Devon's
tender folds. Devon moaned in response, then flipped the
front of her skirt over Kristanna's head, concealing it.

"Isn't Krissy a sweetheart?" Devon asked me, stroking
the blonde's head through her pleated skirt, as she looked
up at me. "I just think she is so precious."

"I have to agree with you there," I mused, as Devon's body
started to vibrate because of Kristanna's skilled tongue.

"Oh fuck yeah," Devon suddenly squealed, as she continued
to stroke and caress Kristanna's head through her skirt. She
squirmed about in response to the young woman's tongue before
saying, "Lick my pussy, baby! Lick it!"

"This used to drive my girlfriend in Norway crazy..."

The sudden change in Kristanna's pace seemed to quiet the
girls down, and make them concentrate on one another. Devon
purred and arched her back in response to her younger lover's
tongue. She squeezed her thighs around Kristanna's head, but
the athletic vixen continued to busily lap away at her.

As she was perched upon her elbows and knees, her face
buried between Devon's thighs, I had an inviting view of
Kristanna from behind. The red and white plaid schoolgirl
skirt she had on was riding high now, exposing her sweet ass
and the cotton panties which clutched it so very tightly.

Kristanna must have known that I was gawking at her from
behind, because she wiggled that picture-perfect ass of hers
at me in a continual, non-stop motion. Her movements were a
bit exaggerated, so I figured that she was putting on a good
show for my benefit. I was not complaining, mind you.

But just the mere sight of Kristanna's ass - combined with
the idea of the many (erotic) things that I could do to it -
was more than enough to get my cock fully erect.

"OH! Don't you dare!" Devon exclaimed, a timid look on
her face as she glared at Kristanna, an instant before letting
out a wild scream. "You nasty girl! Get that finger out of
my ass! Get it out! RIGHT NOW!"

"You know you love it, baby," Kristanna remarked, as
Devon's eyes flashed with anger. Despite that, I could tell
that this was still part of their game. They were playing
with one another. "Helga used to enjoy this, too..."

"My ass is reserved for Jeremy!" Devon exclaimed, which
nearly caused my cock to explode once again. "Get that
finger out, Krissy! Get it out!"

"Make me!" Kristanna squealed, as she really started to
bear down on Devon's pussy with her lips and tongue. She
made the 27-year-old grunt and squeal as her tongue now
flicked itself over and across Devon's puffy clitoris at a
rapid-fire speed. At the same time, Kristanna was jamming
her right index finger hard and fast into Devon's rectum.

"Fuck that bitch before she makes me cum!" Devon whined,
her eyes now focused upon me. "Fuck her good!"

Even before Devon's torrid demand had fully registered
in my mind, I was on my knees and nestled up close behind
Kristanna's twitching ass. Using both hands, I yanked her
panties downward - to mid-thigh - but did not dare touch the
schoolgirl skirt. It was still flipped up beyond her waist
as I fisted my pulsating cock and inserted into her pussy.

I grimaced at first, trying to adjust to the vise-tight
grip which always seemed to occur upon my shaft whenever I
penetrated Kristanna. I sighed as well, then was able to
slide the entire length of my erection into her folds.

Kristanna moaned harshly, but continued forward with her
cunnilingus work upon Devon. "Oh!" she squealed, as I
then pulled my cock out, and shoved it back into her just
as quickly. "Oh God, yes! Fuck me, Jeremy! FUCK ME!"

Kristanna screamed at the top of her lungs as I began to
thrust my way in-and-out of her pussy with rapid aggression.
I growled myself, with one hand perched upon her slender
waist and the other reaching upward - holding onto a clump
of her long-flowing blonde hair. Kristanna kept screaming
out her arousal as she tilted her head back for a brief
moment. Then, she dove right back into that all-you-can-eat
buffet, which was otherwise known as Devon's pussy.

"Absolutely delicious!" Kristanna exclaimed, now pounding
a fist upon the carpeted floor as I continually plowed into
the 23-year-old angel from behind. My breathing ragged, I
pumped myself harder and faster into her. Soon, my speed and
tempo maxed out, and I was drilling her as hard as possible.

I was so consumed with Kristanna that for an instant, I
had forgotten that Devon was with us as well. I was quickly
reminded of her, however, once she screamed out in what was
obviously a rip-roaring, earth-shattering orgasm. Arching
her neck and back, and clutching both breasts through the
cheerleader top she wore, Devon's blue eyes were wide and
looming as she glared at Kristanna with a look of pure lust.

Kristanna kept her face buried between Devon's widespread
thighs, lapping up all the luscious nectar that was her
reward for a job well done. I put a momentary halt to my
thrusting motions, allowing Kristanna to luxuriate in the
taste of her lover's depths. Devon writhed and squirmed
about upon the floor for quite awhile, continually moaning
out her immense pleasure until her orgasm finally subsided.

"Oh, you sweet thing!" Devon then exclaimed, sitting up
and immediately finding Kristanna's mouth with her own. My
cock still embedded (and for the time being, dormant) in
Kristanna's pussy, she and Devon shared a rather sloppy, but
heated kiss. I smiled at the mere sight.

Kristanna placed one hand upon Devon's face as their kiss
continued, and soon heightened in intensity. When I resumed
my thrusting motion, however, Kristanna screamed and broke
her kiss with Devon, who leaned back and smiled. She had a
clear view as I pulverized Kristanna and her tender pussy.

"Oh yeah... fuck her hard!" Devon encouraged, her eyes
ablaze with passion, as she now looked directly at me.
"Give her what she wants! Give her what she NEEDS!"

Every last ounce of strength within my body was being
used as I gave Kristanna all I could in terms of effort and
intensity. I absolutely hammered her with my hard cock,
blazing a trail through her inner depths. Kristanna, of
course, continued to scream out in unbridled lust, but at
the same time, Devon was still full of encouragement.

"Rip her apart! YES! Fuck her! Fuck her harder! Oh,
look at her! Look at her! She needs it SO BAD!"

Grunting, I closed my eyes. Kristanna and I were rocking
together on the very brink of madness, and Devon was just
making things all the more exciting with her words. I was
extremely close to blowing a monstrous load...

When I opened my eyes and caught a glimpse of Kristanna's
flipped-up schoolgirl skirt as I blasted away at her, I
literally felt something pop inside of me. Whatever it was,
it then snapped as I watched Kristanna's luscious body flail
and bounce about with reckless abandon.

I screamed out like there was no tomorrow as my shaft
erupted within the tight, unforgiving confines of her sweet,
little pussy. Kristanna jammed her ass hard against my
pelvis and screamed out with her own undeniable pleasure,
then both of us began to shudder and vibrate together.

It felt as if I was trapped inside a pressure-cooker until
my orgasm finally crested, and then faded away. Feeling a
bit woozy, I blinked several times and withdrew my cock from
the Nordic princess' incredible folds. On my knees, I took a
step back and then collapsed into a seated position.

"I've always wanted a schoolgirl," Devon giggled, as she
pulled Kristanna into her lap and kissed her. Both hands
were already roaming as Devon groped Kristanna's ass, as well
as her humble breasts, through the vest and blouse she wore.

Kristanna responded to her friend by cupping and squeezing
those full, lavish breasts with both hands. Kristanna even
ripped away the cheerleader shell top which Devon had on,
exposing her breasts so she could grope them bare.

"We're supposed to leave our uniforms on!" Devon huffed
playfully, her lips pursed together tightly.

"I can't touch your breasts without also seeing them,"
Kristanna said, now planting kiss after kiss upon Devon's
face and neck. "It would drive me crazy. Leave your
skirt on... I think it's what Jeremy likes the most."

My eyes went wide with arousal as both ladies pressed
their mouths together for another mutual exchange of lips and
tongues. My cock had been thoroughly drained moments ago,
but now it seemed it was twitching with newfound life once
again. Where I got this energy from, I will never know.

"You drive me crazy, Devvy," Kristanna breathed. "Oh God,
you drive me so crazy..."

Devon broke their shared kiss, then spread her legs out
and forced Kristanna to settle front-down upon her lap.
Kristanna turned her face and looked up at Devon, her blue
eyes flashing with sheer anticipation.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to spank you," Devon replied nonchalantly,
pulling Kristanna's panties (which had been at mid-thigh)
all the way down, and off. "God knows you deserve it.
You're such a perverted, little schoolgirl!"

"Perverted?" Kristanna asked, acting if she had taken some
offense. "I'm not perverted! I'm too innocent for that..."

Devon shook her head and laughed, then placed her right
hand close to Kristanna's upturned ass. Flicking her wrist
rapidly, Devon delivered a series of hard, quick-hitting
slaps to Kristanna's ass with an open palm. The young woman
squirmed and writhed about in Devon's lap, and then started
to scream and grunt in response to the harsh blows.

"Oh... did I hurt my poor baby?" Devon mocked seconds
later, pouting, as she tucked the hemline of Kristanna's
red and white plaid schoolgirl skirt into its waistband.
Then, she leaned over and tenderly kissed the aching, red
welts upon Kristanna's quivering ass. "You poor thing...
Devon is going to make it better. Much better!"

Devon held true to her promise as she resumed the hard
slapping motion upon Kristanna's ass. The 23-year-old first
grunted, then squealed, as her beautiful face now rocked from
side-to-side in utter pleasure. It appeared as if my sweet,
darling Kristanna absolutely _loved_ to be spanked...

Before I knew what happened next, Devon had both of her
arms around me, and was blistering my mouth with a heated,
passionate kiss. Apparently, she discarded Kristanna for the
time being and decided to focus all of her attention upon me.

It took me a second or two to respond, but soon I met
Devon's kiss with equal fervor and passion. I held the
intoxicating blonde close to me, and let one hand trail
downward - to her ass. I cupped it through the little skirt
she still had on, massaging it's firmness. The thin fabric
of her skirt, by the way, felt truly exquisite upon my hand.

"Hmmmmm," the Pennsylvanian moaned, breaking our kiss and
looking into my eyes. "Tell me, Jeremy. How much cum did
you just pump into Krissy's 'lil pussy?"

I hesitated for a moment before answering, "A lot."

"Hmmmmm, good," she purred. "I'm gonna suck every last
drop of it out of her." Devon smiled and ended our embrace,
but not before offering me a kiss on the cheek. Then, she
turned toward Kristanna and said, "How about it, sweetheart?
Want me to suck that cum right out of your pussy?"

"Only if you share it with me," Kristanna mused, pointing
toward her own mouth. "With kisses."

"Of course I'll share," Devon grinned. "That's what the
summer is about. Sharing." She turned toward me and offered
a coy reminder, "Remember, Jeremy... you owe me an ass-fuck."

"And a spanking!" Kristanna added, giggling. "Jeremy,
don't forget to spank her! She really deserves one now!"

"Get on your back and spread your legs before I give you
ANOTHER spanking!" Devon warned her, a quirky gleam in her
eyes. "It's time for my morning snack."

I watched intently as Devon spread the soaked folds of
Kristanna's pussy with her right hand. She then moved her
face in for a closer inspection, resulting in an excited
groan from Kristanna at the initial tongue-to-pussy contact.
Once again, my limp cock was being totally rejuvenated. It
twitched and quivered with renewed life.

Devon let out a low, guttural moan as she soon withdrew
her head from the depths of Kristanna's pussy. I gulped my
throat and watched in fascination as the shapely blonde had
her tongue out and extended, with a thick glob of sperm
resting upon its center. Carefully, she moved toward
Kristanna's own face - not wanting to spill the juice - and
was met with an open, expectant mouth. Devon slipped her
tongue inside, depositing the blob of sperm there, before
each lady shared an intimate, touching kiss.

"Hmmmmm, delicious," Kristanna moaned, her eyes flashing
as she licked her lips. "Nothing quite like the taste of
sperm. Especially Jeremy's sperm!"

"Plenty of your pussy juices are mixed in with Jeremy's
sperm," Devon reminded her.

"My pussy juices taste good, too," Kristanna murmured.
"Get me some more, Devvy. Please? I'm SOOOOO thirsty."

Devon smiled before moving her face between Kristanna's
thighs to repeat the same process from earlier. After
spreading Kristanna's glistening folds open, Devon snaked her
tongue inside and went searching for another glob of sperm.
Eventually she found one, and with it squarely centered on
her extended tongue, Devon again offered it to Kristanna's
mouth through a very wet, sloppy kiss.

"Hmmmmm," the Norwegian moaned, voicing her satisfaction
one more time. "It tastes so good! I wish they sold bottles
of sperm like they do bottles of milk."

"It would be all you'd drink!" Devon laughed.

"You too!" Kristanna shot back.

Devon reached back with her right hand and smacked her
own ass three successive times, then turned her head and
looked up at me. "Come on, Jeremy. I'm waiting..."

"Fuck that ass!" Kristanna squealed, giggling. "Hey...
maybe after he finishes with you, he can fuck my ass, too!"

I groaned out like a madman as with those words, my cock
suddenly reached its full potential. I glanced downward and
admired the sight of Devon's bouncy skirt as she was perched
upon her hands and knees. I grabbed the hemline of the
skirt and tucked the back of it into its waistband, allowing
me full access to Devon's rounded, tight ass.

"I already lubed her up for you," Kristanna chirped. "So
just jam your big cock into that ass and go right to town!"

Devon slid upward, so her face was directly in line with
Kristanna's, as she hovered above her. Next, Devon placed a
hand upon Kristanna's forehead and stared intently at her.
"Why do you want Jeremy to do my ass so much?" Again, there
was that playful tent to her voice.

"No other reason than I want to see Jeremy pound your ass
and hear you squeal," Kristanna grinned. "I just LOVE it
when you squeal during sex. You're at your loudest then.
You almost raised the roof when I did you with that big
strap-on the other day in the foyer."

"Then I'm gonna make you squeal, too," Devon promised.
"Scream, even. Your pussy belongs to ME today."

The two ladies smiled at each other before sharing one
more intimate, soul-touching kiss. Then, Devon slid back
down Kristanna's body and settled her face inbetween those
outstretched thighs. With the schoolgirl skirt fanned out
above her waist, Kristanna began to squirm and writhe about
upon the floor as Devon eagerly lapped away upon her folds.

Grunting, I then fisted my cock and nudged its tip upon
the small, air-tight crevice that was Devon's rectum. I
winced with an incredible mixture of pain and pleasure as
somehow, I was able to forge my erection through that
seemingly unbreakable barrier.

Devon's entire body tightened and flinched as I slowly
but surely guided inch after tantalizing inch into her
bowels. Soon, the entire length of my cock was buried
inside of her. I looked down for a moment and gulped at
the sight of my testicles - all snug and nestled tight upon
Devon's upturned, beautiful ass.

"Fuck her," Kristanna encouraged, her eyes locked on me
as she offered a smile for emphasis. "Fuck her hard!"

Never one to disappoint, I began to gradually thrust my
way in-and-out of Devon's anus. With each inward stroke,
however, my speed and tempo steadily increased. Soon, I was
hammering away at her as hard as I possibly could.

Of course, this brought nothing from Devon except those
aforementioned squeals - loud and booming. I do not know how
she also found the time to concentrate on the exploration
of Kristanna's pussy with her tongue. Devon did, however.
Her tongue was swirling like crazy upon her counterpart's
folds as I repeatedly jammed myself in-and-out of her.

"YES!" Kristanna screamed, as I drew my right hand back
and slapped it hard upon Devon's quivering ass. "Spank
her!" she pleaded, as Devon grunted and yelped out her lust.
"Spank her! She's a naughty cheerleader! A very naughty
cheerleader! Spank her! Spank her HARD!"

I nodded my head at Kristanna as I used both hands to swat
and slap Devon's upturned ass, while not taking away from my
forceful thrusting motion. In no time flat, her skin was a
bright shade of red. With her even mixture of grunts and
squeals, I could easily tell that Devon was truly enjoying
this rather harsh treatment, too.

Kristanna was still squirming around like a fish out of
water as Devon continually used full, sweeping licks of
her tongue to orally stimulate her. In the process, I had
to pause for an instant and admire my charming fiancee but
more importantly, her schoolgirl uniform, one more time.

Even while in the middle of a sexual encounter, Kristanna
still had an innocent appeal about her. Her stylish blonde
hair splayed and fanned out across the floor, Kristanna's
breasts bounced and jiggled about within the confines of not
only a white blouse, but also a red and white vest over top
of it. I particularly loved the sight of her matching plaid
skirt, as it was bunched up above her waistline. That way,
Devon's tongue had easy access to her pussy.

Kristanna's cotton panties were long gone, but she still
had on the white socks and black saddle shoes. Her knees
were high in the air, by the way, as Devon continually licked
and slurped away upon her gooey slit.

Speaking of Devon, I also had to take some time to admire
her and the cheerleader uniform she so proudly wore.

Well, nearly half of it was a distant memory by now. The
top that she once had on had been discarded during the course
of this three-way encounter. Devon still wore the pleated
skirt, though. Of course, I had its hem tucked into the
waistband of the skirt. Thus, I had nothing in the way of
blasting myself in-and-out of her repeatedly.

"Oh God, you're gonna make me cum!" Kristanna screeched,
clenching her thighs tightly around Devon's probing head. I
watched with fascination as Kristanna grabbed her own breasts
with both hands and began mauling them through her vest and
blouse. An instant later, she let out a deafening scream,
which told me that the 23-year-old had just experienced the
wondrous, indescribable joy of orgasm.

All the while, my powerful thrusts in-and-out of Devon's
tight rectum never once let up. I slapped her ass harder
than before, then grasped it cruelly with both hands and
held on for dear life as my stamina was about to hit zero.

"Oh yeah!" Devon exclaimed, managing to get those words
out as she continually grunted and squealed in response to
my forcefulness. "Fuck my ass! Yes! Fuck it! OH GOD YES!
Oooooh, it feels so good! MY ASS! FUCK YES!"

Kristanna slithered out of Devon's reach, allowing her to
solely concentrate on our own coupling. I kept hammering
away, but also smiled as Kristanna - still flat on her back -
slipped a hand between her thighs and started masturbating.
I quickly sensed that Kristanna could not be satisfied today.

Speaking of such things, I screamed and roared out at the
very top of my lungs as my cock suddenly erupted somewhere
deep within Devon's bowels. I was able to push myself all
the way in, then growled and rumbled in extreme satisfaction
as I pumped heavy globs of my manly seed into the luscious
enchantress. I continued growling, making sure that every
last ounce of my sperm was deposited deep into her bowels.

My body just seemed to glow and shine in the aftermath.
For a moment, it felt as if I was going to pass out from
total exhaustion. The pleasure was quite immense, too.

Fortunately, Devon got to experience a taste of it, too.
She let loose with a loud squeal as her pussy also exploded,
the orgasmic juices literally flowing down her inner thighs
and dripping onto the carpeted floor below us.

Still clutching her ass with both hands, I groaned one
final time before collapsing forward. Completely spent, I
fell on top of Devon, pinning her beneath me. She grunted
at first, but then offered a laugh while turning her head
to look back up at me.

"That was pretty fun," she sighed, grinning, as I finally
pulled my deflated shaft out from within her rectum.

"It was wonderful," I sighed, curling my neck and finding
her lips with my own. Devon and I traded tongues for quite
some time, until I felt a hand caressing my right shoulder.

I looked up and saw Kristanna on her knees beside us. She
leaned over and attached her mouth to mine for a pleasurable
kiss, while offering a finger from her opposite hand to
Devon's lips. Devon nuzzled it and sucked it into her mouth,
as Kristanna and I shared a tender, heart-warming kiss.

"I want to suck on your cock some more," Kristanna purred,
to which I let out an exasperated sigh. I was so spent right
now that it would be quite some time before I could muster up
another erection. I was only one man... not an army!

* * *

"It was all a big set-up, yes," Kristanna said to me later
that very same afternoon, as she and I took a leisurely hike
throughout the forest. "It seemed so perfect once I learned
a few days ago that Devvy brought a cheerleader uniform along
to the island with her. I have that schoolgirl uniform, you
know. It was really perfect. The reason I did it this
morning, so early, is because I wanted to cheer you up,
Jeremy. I know that you had a really bad day yesterday."

"My day began looking up once you and I had that little
discussion last evening," I advised Kristanna, grinning.

The lush, green valley which we were hiking through was
located on the eastern half of the island. It was situated
between two of the larger mountains on the island. The
natural fauna and flora, waterfalls, basins and bay truly
made this particular area a tropical haven.

Kristanna, who had been holding my hand as the two of us
hiked along, squeezed it a bit tighter and mused, "I am such
a lucky girl! I have always dreamed of one day having both
a husband AND a wife. Looks like I'll get to experience what
that is like... sooner rather than later."

I chuckled before saying, "You want the three of us - me,
you and Devon - to be one big, happy family... correct?"

"You know I do," she admitted.

"Yes, I do."

Kristanna rolled her eyes in a playful manner and giggled,
"And what man hasn't dreamed about having two wives?"

"That's not legal," I advised her, albeit playfully.

"It is not legal in the United States - having multiple
spouses - but it is legal in Norway," Kristanna told me. "It
is also legal in many other countries. It is ALSO legal on
this island of yours. We are not governed by any law here."
Beaming with delight, Kristanna then titled her head from side
to side in a repeated motion, claiming, "Not only do I get to
spend the rest of my life with the absolute man of my dreams,
but I also get to be with the girl of my dreams!"

I chuckled again, then took a deep breath. "This is
incredible, Krissy. A week and a half ago, you were my best
friend. Now, you're my centerpiece in life. I love you."

As we strolled throughout the forest on this warm and
hazy Tuesday afternoon, Kristanna suddenly stopped and
glanced over at me. "I love you too, Jeremy." She grinned
and found my lips with her own for a gentle kiss.

"I've always loved you, Kristanna. I just... I did not
realize it until ten days ago."

We resumed our walking motion as Kristanna asked, "What
do you have planned for Trish, Lindsay and Amy? I am glad
we were able to gather all of them up last night, and answer
their questions about what happened with Pamela and Camille.
We also assured them they are all welcome to stay here for
the next two weeks. But what about beyond that?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know."

"I think we can both agree that Lindsay will be going back
home in two weeks," Kristanna began. "That much is a given.
But Trish and Amy? Trish seems to have silently fallen in
love with the island and the pace, the way of life, around
here, over the past couple of weeks. I think the turning
point for Trish was when she finally realized that Lindsay
was not going to be a part of her future. She had blinders
on for Lindsay, I think. But once those blinders were
removed, Trish suddenly realized what a wonderful atmosphere
there was on the island." Kristanna smirked at me and coyly
added, "Trish also realized what a magnificent man you are."

"Could you be jealous, or resent Trish at all, for some of
the things she has said to me over the past few days?"

"Not at all," Kristanna answered. "Trish is one of my
best friends on the island. Besides Devvy, she IS my best
friend. Trish would never do anything to come between us.
I applaud her for being so honest and forthright with you."

"What about Amy?" I wondered.

"Amy is an entirely different story, but basically the
same end result as Trish," Kristanna offered. "I fully
believe that Amy NEEDS you in her life, Jeremy. Without you
around, she would stop taking her medication and go right
back to the damaging habits and routines in Ohio that put
her in this predicament to begin with."

"So you are saying that Amy should stay with us?"

"I believe Trish and Amy should both be given the
opportunity to stay with us," Kristanna corrected me.

"That would never happen," I advised her. "Do not forget
that Trish and Amy are not on the best of terms. They never
really have been. Trish still blames Amy for a lot of the
fall-out she had with Lindsay. I could never envision Trish
peacefully co-existing with Amy on a long-term basis."

"I think they should both be offered the opportunity to
stay," Kristanna reiterated. "I cannot envision both of them
co-existing together, either. Just because we make the offer
does not necessarily mean that both of them will take it. In
reality, I think only one will take it - Amy. Trish will
want to stay, but she will decide not to because of Amy. She
will take the money and go back to Canada to resume her life.
But I still think we should make the offer to both of them."

"What does Devon have to think about all of this?"

"Devvy wishes everyone could stay," Kristanna responded.
"Everyone except Pamela and Camille, of course. Devvy is a
fun-loving girl. She loves being around others and making
them happy. Devvy would be fine with Trish or Amy, or both."

"So we need to talk to them," I surmised.

"Yes, we do," Kristanna agreed. "So just picture it,
Jeremy. You could wind up with two wives - me and Devvy -
and then a full-time sexual submissive on the side in Amy!
You would be the envy of every red-blooded man in the world."

"I never thought I'd say that about myself..."

Kristanna smiled at my words. "Are you in good shape?"

I gave her a curious look and countered, "Why do you ask
me a question such as that?"

"I'll race you!" Kristanna answered, her voice full of
zest and enthusiasm. She pointed toward a large, majestic
tree about 150 feet away from our current position. "I'll
race you over to there! How about it?"

"Wanna put a wager on it?"

"Sure," she replied. "What do you have in mind?"

I grinned at her. "If I win the race, you suck my cock.
If you win the race, you suck my cock."

Kristanna giggled and said, "That's a one-sided bet!"

"It's one I can't lose, either way," I told her, before
sprinting off toward that tree.

"HEY!" Kristanna protested as I left her in the dust. She
began running after me and exclaimed, "Wait for me!"

Once I eventually allowed Kristanna to catch up with me,
and then pass me, I smiled to myself as she was the first to
reach the tree. When I eventually approached her there,
Kristanna was jumping up-and-down in mock celebration, but
then squealed as I playfully tackled her and brought her to
the ground with me. I fiercely wrapped my arms around her
body, then smashed my lips to hers for a lust-ridden kiss.

"Hmmmmm," she moaned after our long, drawn-out kiss had
finally reached its conclusion. Kristanna grabbed my belt
and tugged it loose, then yanked my shorts downward. My
semi-hard cock in full view, Kristanna grasped it with her
right hand and began stroking. "Time to pay off the bet!"

<<<- End of Chapter 30 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

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