She was tricked by a party invite
This story is 100% true. It has been rejected by other forums for it's depiction of an extreme gang bang. But i couldn't enter it as fiction or edit the story too much or i wouldn't be depicting what actually happened. I know a lot of stories are depicted as true and reading some of them i hope to god they arn't but THIS IS TRUE.

This happened 19 years ago in 1995. Me and my wife, Janice, had been drinking in a few pubs in Grantham (Lincolnshire) and had ended up in the "Granby Head" (now called "Eden"). I was 41 and my wife was 40. She hadn't had children and still had a lovely slim figure with small, firm, breasts. We'd been argueing and Jan sometimes stormed off when that happened but on this occasion she was still there.

I'd been to the bar getting more drinks and when i returned with them my wife told me some guys had invited her to a party. She told me she was going and said it was up to me whether i came or not. I thought she was goading me and if i insisted on going she'd have "won" (i'd been drinking - remember). I didn't think she'd really go off with a group of men she'd only just met. For her part she WAS teasing me and wanted me to get mad.

Jan finished her drink and some men in work clothes (for a party ??) approached and asked her if she was ready. I don't know if the men realised i was her husband but they were ignoring me. I told her to enjoy herself. She got up and the men (of various ages from around 19 to early 50's and various builds - from fat to slim) led her through the back door of the pub to the rear parking area.

I can't remember exactly how many men there were but i'd say at least half a dozen. I was watching through the window and saw her look back a few times to see if i was following.

At this point this will sound like a made up story as i was turned on by the thought of my wife having sex with other men but hadn't broached the subject for some time as my wife wouldn't entertain the idea. My heart was pounding and i was starting to get a hard on as they led her to the rear of a large white removal van and opened the back. She was hesitating but some of the men lifted her up into the back of the van and climbed in after her. The door was pulled down and the van drove off.

Jan says almost as soon as the van door was closed they were putting their arms around her and trying to kiss her. She realised some of the men had had a lot to drink and started to get scared.

One unusual point with Jan is she prefers the company of men to women and in social situations she's quite comfortable as the only woman with a group of men. She doesn't fend men off nearly as readily as most women and this has caused her problems in the past as some men take this as a "come on".

So she laughed off their attentions and asked how far away the party was. "not far", she was told. (some parts of this story might not make sense but remember they were related to me by a woman who'd had a lot to drink at the time)

The men kept on trying to kiss her and then started groping her breasts. My wife was trying to fend them off but there were too many hands.They held her arms and pulled her top up and off. Jan was shouting at them to stop but they ignored her and started feeling her bare breasts (she wasn't wearing a bra). Her jeans and panties were pulled down and then they were feeling between her legs.They were rubbing her cunt and clitoris and it seemed like all of them were trying to finger her at the same time.

Some of the men were taking their clothes off and she could see their erections bobbing about as they moved. Here is the next hard to believe part. Due to our argueing our sex life had suffered so she was "horny". She went quiet and stopped struggling and even in their drunken state the men realised what the lubrication her cunt was releasing meant.

They released her arms and told her to lay on her back. She looked at how dirty the floor was and asked if there was something she could lay on.There were some rags in the corner of the van but they were as dirty as the floor. In the end some of the men took off their work coats (after arguments over which ones they'd be using considering what they planned doing to my wife on them) and put them down for Jan to lay on.

As she layed on her back they carried on groping her tits and cunt and after more argueing over who was first one of them climbed on top of her.

My wife has a general memory of most of what happened but her memory of the 1st man is crystal clear. He pushed her legs apart and felt between them for her hole and after locating it he guided his prick to the entrance to it and started to try and push it in. As i said earlier, my wife hadn't had children and had a very tight vagina. He kept pushing harder and harder and it was starting to hurt her. Janice asked him to take it steady but he was filled with lust and just kept shoving.Then he was in and she distinctly remembers his grunt of satifaction as he entered her. He didn't copulate with her for long before ejaculating. As he got off he was pushed out of the way by the next man wanting his turn and my wife soon had another man between her legs.

As the 4th or 5th guy was fucking her my wife heard banging at the cab end of the van.The van stopped and the driver got in the back to be replaced by one of the men who'd already used her.

She heard the men on their mobile phones (yes - they were bigger then but people still had them).They were talking to their friends, workmates and relatives and telling them they had a gangbang going on in the van.They were asking them if they wanted a go on her. One of them told whoever was on the other end she had a cunt as tight as a virgin. Another was obviously answering a question when he said "no,she's willing". It was obvious to her that some of the people didn't believe what they were being told but a lot did and soon the van was stopping all over the place picking up more men.

I will not bore you with endless repitition, suffice to say my wife found herself being fucked by an endless stream of men.

The van was filling up despite some of the men being dropped off after they'd had sex with Janice. A lot of the men were stood around her watching her being fucked and stroking their cocks as they waited their turn. It must have been obvious to some of them that they might be waiting some time as she felt liquid hitting her and realised they were wanking on her. She asked them not to do it in her hair and noticed some men in the corner of the van wanking on the dirty rags.

Soon she heard men talking to each other in foriegn languages and not all the same languages. She realised why, despite there still being straps on the sides for securing furniture etc, the van was so dirty. It was probably used to transport agency immigrant workers from their doss houses to wherever they were working.

It wasn't long before the immigrants were having sex with her. She noticed asians, both near and far east. Arabs, east europeans and africans amongst others she couldn't identify. She was held upside down by some of them and the lips of her cunt were roughly pulled apart so they could look at the spunk inside. She heard some of them laughing and then a few of them fucked her in that position so more men could watch the pricks going in and out.

Eventually the van started emptying and the men were discussing what to do next.

One of the men they'd picked up had recognised Janice and knew she was my wife.This was sheer bad luck as we'd only lived in Grantham for just over a year and didn't go out too often.

He was being dropped off for the 10pm shift at Fenland Foods (since closed) where i also worked.They'd picked up Jan at around 5pm so they'd been using her for about 4 1/2 hours.

The guy suggested they park outside the entrance and offer the men coming off shift the opportunity to fuck Janice. He knew my name and told the men to tell them they'd be fucking my wife. I'd only been working there a couple of months and was a temporary worker so most of the men wouldn't know my name especially as they were on a different shift. But word would still get around that my wife had been spreading her legs for lots of men.

The off coming shift started coming out and she heard the men being invited in the van to fuck her. As with the phone there were some men who just didn't believe it, some who didn't want the women coming off shift with them to see them getting in the van and some who didn't want to be involved. But a lot of them did get in the van.

The men had positioned my wife so the men getting in were greeted with the sight of her spread legs and the sperm leaking from both her holes as some of them had used her anally. She said she saw the lust on their faces as they dropped their pants and started mounting her.

Some of them who knew who i was were asking her if she really was my wife and she told them she was. When there were no more men leaving the factory and the ones who'd entered the van had finished using her the van started up and left.

They started driving around town stopping to ask men in the street if they " wanted some cunt" or similar words.

Then she heard money being discussed. Although sums like £25 and £10 were mentioned she was still given to men who only had small change. She'd already told them her cunt was getting sore but they'd decided to make a bit of money by selling it.

Then (and i swear this is true) some really scruffy looking men got in and as they had sex with her she couldn't help but notice their bad body odour (even though by now she was really smelly too). She'd been giving blow jobs to lots of the men but as she sucked the cock of one of these the smell hit her and she was almost glad when he came in her mouth.

The next stop picked up some men who were even worse and it was obvious they were a group of tramps. Filthy long hair and beards with dirty clothes that were falling apart. One of them even had string holding his pants up.

For the first time since she'd laid on her back she said, "NO". But the men held her down spreadeagled and encouraged the tramps to fuck her.

She was almost gagging at the smell as the first tramp laid on top of her and copulated with her.Then the next one had his go and as the 3rd one was fucking her he drooled all over her face. She was almost sick when that happened and when the 4th and last tramp pushed his cock at her mouth the smell of shit was so bad she kept her mouth closed and shook her head.

She couldn't stop him fucking her though as the men continued holding her down spreadealed. She just had to endure his stench as he screwed her.

After he'd finished and climbed off her she told the men that was enough and if they let her go now she wouldn't say anything but if they carried on it would be rape and she'd go to the police (she realised she'd let them all have sex with her in a sort of sexual fever that only the stench of the tramps and the pain of her sore cunt had released her from).

She asked to be taken somewhere to get cleaned up but they refused. I suppose they didn't want her finding out where any of them lived. She didn't want to be taken home for the same reason so she asked to be dropped back at the "Granby Head" as she knew they had an outside ladies loo she could get to without entering the pub.

She asked the men for some rags so she could wipe the sperm, male sweat and drool from her body before putting on her clothes. She was told all there was was in the corner and when she looked she remembered the men had been wanking on them.

When she retrieved her clothes her panties were soaked in sperm as the men must have been using them to wipe their pricks. She used her panties to wipe off a lot of the sperm and then put them on.They felt really clammy but she put on the rest of her clothes, climbed out of the van and ran to the toilets.

Thankfully they were empty and she took her clothes off and put them on the toilet cistern in one of the cubicles so she could hide there if anyone came in.

There was no soap or towels so she washed her panties in the sink and used them to clean herself as best as she could (having to hide a couple of times when someone came in).

Her one stroke of good luck was the pub being open late as although she'd washed the taste of sperm from her mouth in all the time the men had used her she hadn't been given anything to drink.The water in the tap wasn't drinking water so once she'd gotten dressed (leaving her panties in the bin) she entered the pub and had several quick drinks.

She'd heard sniffing when she was at the bar and had drunk them as far from anyone else as she could get before leaving.

When she got home she told me she'd been gangbanged but i didn't believe her despite the obvious smell. I thought she was trying to wind me up as she knew of my fantasy. She showed me her crotch and i could see how red and puffy the lips of her vagina were. She was also minus the panties she'd been wearing when we'd gone out.

She told me it had gone on for hours and i felt conflicting emotions, both aroused and ashamed of being aroused. Although i'd always wanted to watch her having sex with another man or men i had wanted it to be manageable and had been thinking of 2 or 3 men.

I put her in the bath after taking off the rest of her clothes and taking the shower hose off its hook cleaned her.Then i ran her a hot bath and she lay back and relaxed in it.

When she eventually left the bath we went to bed together and she fell asleep with her head on my chest.

I woke first and got us both some tea and i woke her up to give it to her. As she drank it she told me what had happened.

She explained how she thought our lack of recent sex, coupled with the mens groping and her awareness that if i was there i'd probably enjoy watching it had all combined to really turn her on.

She told me she understood my fantasy now and maybe sometime in the future she might do it with other men and let me watch.

The only occurance that could remotely be called humerous happened when i (forgetting what i'd seen) reached down between her legs and she slapped my hand away telling me that was out of bounds until she recovered.


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Yeah, i get your point but remember the men in the van had behaved like animals.They'd been using my wife for hours on a hot day (i forgot to mention that) without getting her anything to drink.They'd also carried on using her cunt even after she'd told them it was getting sore and then (obviously to humiliate her) they'd given her to tramps.She had every right to expect more consideration and care from her husband.

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Mate when she knocked you hand out of the way, I would rolled her over and busted her arse, the whore


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i've now put spaces in.

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Very poorly written. You should ALWAYS enter a space before beginning a new paragraph. This story is VERY hard to read.
Have someone who is literate and who knows something about writing proofread your story BEFORE you post it.


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i agree with you and have broken them down.

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