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Father loses his daughter to his own best friend.
Tim's point of view.

The roughest part about being a father to an attractive teenage girl is dealing with other men, grown men my age, looking at her. I see the looks, the stares. I can see them drooling. They lust for her but I've grown to accept that and deal with it. It used to make me so angry. It made me feel insecure. Worst part was there was nothing I could do about it.

But as time has went on, the more and more she grows into a fully developed sexy adult woman. And the more and more guys look, being more bold and obvious about it. And the more and more I become turned on by it. I used to discourage her from wearing revealing clothing or lots of makeup when she was younger. Now that she's just turned eighteen I can't help but get off on thinking about men checking her out.

Her name is Kayla and she's stunning to say the least. She's very popular with the boys at her school, even male teachers. With her long dirty blonde hair, so shiny and soft, her petite frame with developing curves, soft white skin with a slight tan, blue eyes, perky and firm c-cup chest, of course she's popular with every heterosexual male. Always dolling herself up, showing cleavage, wearing mini-skirts.

All of that coupled with her bubbly teen voice, sweet and flirty personality, makes her a total sex bomb. She oozes sex. I know she's been sexually active for at least two years. She's had older boyfriends, even young guys who were out of high school. All of them total alpha males, big and muscly with cocky attitudes. About two weeks ago, a day after her eighteenth birthday, a guy in his late twenties came and picked her up. I didn't do anything but let her go, smiling as she walked past me, catching a whiff of her perfume, watching him smirk at me as he put his arm around her and took her away. It was totally emasculating. I felt like a failed father. I commanded no respect. Worst part was peeping through the curtains of my front window and seeing her head go down to his lap as they drove away. I felt awful but it also turned me on so much.

That night I masturbated for the first time thinking about my daughter. Thinking about her going down on him in the car. Her blonde head bobbing up and down. Her pink lips wrapped around his cock. It drove me crazy. I finally crossed the line and went into her room, sniffing her panties and feeling her bras. Looking at pictures of her online, dressed like a whore with all kinds of adult guys around her. I beat my below average cock so hard that night.

I have always been a voyeur and always been turned on by the idea of being a cuckold. I've never actually done it but my last girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend Mark and I eventually started getting turned on thinking about it. Mark never found out that I knew about he and her and I liked it that way. He's always been better than me in pretty much everything. He's bigger, taller, stronger, better looking and way better with women. He's single without children. Lives a better life, has way more fun. All with a confident, arrogant smirk on his face. Probably has a bigger cock too. We work together. Last year he got promoted over me even though I've been with the company longer and work harder. But I guess sleeping with our female boss gives you certain advantages. I got over it quick, his half-assed try at modesty and humility not helping any. But otherwise we're good friends and he's a good guy.

Mark's like an uncle to Kayla, for about five years now. We're both guys in our mid thirties so I had her young. Got divorced young too. But I have her three days a week so I've managed to be close with my little girl. That is until she became a teenager and started to respect me less and less. If she's sweet to me it's because she wants money. But I have no problem with that. She's my sexy princess. She's always adored Mark and in recent years I've been a bit upset that she's been way more excited and happy to see him than me. It used to really bother me but now I've become so perverted about my daughter that I kind of enjoy it. I love seeing her light up when he stops by, giving him a hug and burying her face into his chest. She never does that for me anymore. I've noticed that he's been liking her a lot more too. I've noticed some looks here and there from the two of them. But mainly from him. One time last year he was over to watch the game and I left upstairs to go to the bathroom and as I came down I overheard them and it sounded like he was flirting with her. It made me angry but I was too passive and scared to say anything to him about it. Now I look back on that and it turns me on so much.

Every time I jerk off now I can't stop thinking about her with him, behind my back. Or even with any guys, but especially him. I've noticed that as time passes, the more bold he gets with hitting on her and the more happy she gets when he's around. I doubt anything has happened between them - yet. But i want it to happen soon and I really want to somehow see it. I want it to happen in my house, in my territory, behind my back. Lately I can't stop thinking about it, it gets my juices flowing like nothing has before.

So I devised a plan. I'm going to do whatever I can to have him alone with her in my house and while I'm away I'm going to have this new, little wireless webcam I got running and hopefully it catches them doing something and hopefully they don't notice it. It doesn't have any lights on it or makes any noises so it should be good. I got two of them and put one in my living room and one in her room. They're well hidden and operate from my laptop in my room. If Mark and my daughter were going to do anything it would probably be in either of these two rooms. I planted the one in her room earlier when she was taking a shower so hopefully she doesn't notice it. I'm going to try it tonight. I hope it works. I invited him over to watch the game and I have an excuse to leave for around forty-five minutes.

"Kayla, sweety, open up" I say as I knock on her door. She opens.

"Yeah?" She asks, uninterested as she looks down at her phone, probably texting some asshole.

"Listen, Mark's coming over later to watch the game. Just thought I'd let you know." I reply. I notice her eyes light up slightly, raising her head and smiling a bit.

"Oh, okay." She said, trying to downplay her excitement by going back down to her phone and ignoring me.

So about an hour later Mark comes over. We exchanged greetings and I put the beer he brought over into the fridge. "Kayla around tonight?" He asks casually.

"Yeah, she's just up in her room, probably going out later." I answer, looking to see how he reacts to everything.

"Heh, always out on a Friday night. Must be rough, buddy." He playfully smirks.

"Yeah well you know, kids grow up." I say in a slight sigh.

"Oh boy do they." He smirks, grinning a bit while shaking his head. "I don't envy having a daughter like her one bit." He grabs a beer and starts drinking and hands me one.

So for the next few minutes we sit there drinking and talking about the upcoming game. I take out my phone. "Shit. Got a text from Cindy (our boss) and she's wondering if I made sure that new shipment was secured." Saying this to him as I look at a blank screen with no such text. "You know how she gets. I guess I gotta go do this, how about I pick up a pizza on my way back? Should only take around forty-five minutes, might miss part of the first half. You can stay here and chill." I say to him, fabricating a fake reason to leave.

"Shit, all right man. I'll save a few beers for ya, maybe." He chuckles.

I'm already up at this point. "I'll tell Kayla I'm leaving and that you'll be here if she needs anything." I say to him before running up the stairs. I open her door.

"Dad! Knock first!" She scolds me.

"Sorry honey, I forgot." I notice her in front of her mirror, bent over slightly, putting finishing touches to her makeup. She looks so much hotter than before. I can't believe it. All dolled up, pink sparkly lips, eye shadow, her long dirty blonde hair all shiny and wavy. She's wearing a small pink midriff top and I can see her bra through it, so busty. Her little slightly tan and smooth tummy, her body so petite and tight. Long legs uncovered, a tight denim mini-skirt held up by a shiny studded belt. Furry ugg boots on her feet. She's amazing, looking so different from before. I guess knowing Mark was going to be here made her want to dress up, or rather, dress down. How could any guy not want to fuck this?

"Uh... Yeah, dad?" She asks in her snotty, unimpressed teenage girl voice.

I stop staring at her and snap out of it. "Listen, I have to go do something for work but I'll be back in about forty-five minutes, okay? Mark's downstairs if you need anything."

She smiles when I mention his name. "Okay." She nods.

I ran to my room quickly to turn on the mini wireless webcams from my desktop. I click record, notice how perfectly I set them up, and then leave. "Later." I say hastily to Mark as I run out the door.

I look into the small window on the side of my house to see what's going on in the living room, just for a minute. Eagerly awaiting for her to come down or him go upstairs to her, but nothing. But just as I leave away from the window I notice her enter my field of view. I can see them talking, she embraces him, putting her arms up around his neck to hug him. He hugs her back, holding her against his chest and smiling down at her. That confident flirtatious smile I've seen him give to many bar sluts. Then she leaves into the kitchen and he sits back down. They must have just said hi.

I can't stay here too long, they'll notice. I get into my car. Sitting there, my heart pounding. She's so hot. I think about what I might see on those cams later on and I feel the crotch of my jeans tighten. "Please, please." I think to myself. I drive away, keeping a close eye on the time so I come back in roughly forty-five minutes.

Kayla's point of view.

"Ugh, what is it now?" I mutter under my breath as I hear a knock at my door. I open my door as I type out this text I'm about to send to this older guy I like. "Yeah?" I say, barely acknowledging my dad's presence.

"Listen, Mark's coming over later to watch the game. Just thought I'd let you know." He says.

My heart jumps a little, I love Mark! I try not to make it too obvious so I only smile a little. "Oh, okay." I reply before closing the door on him and going back to my phone. I delete the text and start thinking about Mark. I wish he was my dad. I guess I love my dad but he's such a pussy sometimes. I just don't like him anymore. I really love alpha male kind of guys, confident and strong. He has his uses though, sometimes I suck up to him for money which he always gives me.

I love Mark so much more. I love it when he's here. He's so hot and tall and strong. His muscles practically bulge out of his shirts. Plus he's such a manly man. I love it when he hugs me close and tight. There's been a few times where he's flirted with me and I couldn't help but flirt back a little... But then I remember that I'm only a teen still and he probably doesn't like me that way. I think he's just flirty like that, probably with every girl.

But I really want to make myself look sexy for him. I have a lot of options in my closet... Hmm. I start to undress and try on different tops and bottoms. I finally settle on this little, tight pink crop top with midriff showing, a pushup bra which shows through the top, and my favorite tiny denim mini-skirt, no panties. Also some cute furry ugg boots. I start to do my makeup, putting on my favorite sparkly pink lip gloss and eye shadow. I think I'll also put on a little perfume.

I go back to my phone and patiently wait. My heart racing as I think about being on my knees in front of Mark... Or bending over and feeling his probably perfect cock enter me... Mmm... I can't help but close my eyes and bite my lip as my hand finds its way up my skirt. It makes me shiver to think about being with him. I hope he's rough and aggressive just like I like it. But how will this ever happen? How am I going to be alone with him with my stupid dad around all the time... Urgh.

Then I look out my window and notice Mark's car pulling up to the driveway. I bite my lips, so happy that he's finally here. He gets out and notices me. I panic for a split second but then just casually wave and smile down at him. He waves back, smiling. I sit on my bed thinking about when will be a good time to go down there. If my stupid dad asks why I'm dressed like this I'll just say I'm going out later... I don't care what he says anyway.

I look at myself in the mirror to do some touching up. Suddenly my dad barges in without knocking. "Dad! Knock first!"

"Sorry honey, I forgot." He says. I wait for him to continue but he looks at me awkwardly, making me a little uncomfortable. I wonder if he'll ask if I'm going out or something.

"Uh... Yeah, dad?" I ask. Ugh, he's so annoying.

"Listen, I have to go do something for work but I'll be back in about forty-five minutes, okay? Mark's downstairs if you need anything." He finally blurts out.

"Okay." I nod but inside I'm so excited that he's leaving. I go back to the mirror and then press my ear to the door to wait for the sound of the front door to open and close. He's gone! Yes!

Mark's point of view.

"Later, bro." I say to Tim, my best friend, as he leaves. Well, he may think we're best friends but I more or less use him for things and I like coming over to see his daughter. Truth is that I'm too cool to be Tim's friend but his daughter is so hot.

I relax onto the couch and continue drinking my beer. I wonder when Kayla, Tim's daughter, will come down to see me. I want to hit that so bad. I've been trying to groom her for years but we never have a good time to ourselves. Plus, last time I banged a teenager I almost ended up in jail. Haha.

I remember sometime last year I laid it pretty hard on Kayla. Smokin' hot. So tight, nice body. Sweet girl, too. I've been an "uncle" to her for a long time but fuck that shit, I wanna be her man. So I flirted with her pretty hard. Her dad was upstairs and I had been drinking a bit. I got close to her, started complimenting her and touching her shoulder. Tim almost caught us. I know Tim's a weak nothing but he would probably try to kill me if he ever caught me trying to get with her. I went to apologize to her later to cover my tracks in case it freaked her out. But judging by how she acts and dresses, I doubt an older man hitting on her was something new. Ha.

I wonder how I could get in her pants. It's so hard to not just go up there and rape her. Jail may not be so bad. Nah. Can't do that. Just watch the game and drink the beer. At least wait until she's out of high school.

Kayla's point of view.

I run downstairs to greet Mark. I gleefully prance over to him as he gets up smiling. "Kayla! Hey sweetheart." He stands there with his arms open.

I run into his arms. "Hi Mark!" I smile widely up at him in my bubbly, cheery voice. I put my arms around his neck and press my head against his chest. I moan softly, innocently into his chest as I feel his arms around me holding me tightly.

"How are you doing, baby?" He asks, his right hand pressing on the back of my head. I love it.

"Good." I smile up at him and then he releases me. "And how have you been? Still single?" I ask giggling.

"Ha, yeah. I'm good, same old, same old. You know me." He says in that deep voice of his that I love.

I walk out of the living room and into the kitchen, he sits back down. "Can I get you anything, Mark?" I ask loud enough for him to hear.

"Yeah, a beer!" He replies back. I'm happy to do it for him. I would love to serve him every day and make him happy in every way. I bring it to him, sticking my arm out as I stand there with my shoulders back, chest sticking out a little in a playful little pose, biting my lip a little as I smile down at him.

"Good girl." He smiles as he takes it and starts drinking. "Want a sip?" He asks as I sit down next to him.

"Oh... Umm... I'm not sure I should." I look down, tilting my head.

"Go ahead. I won't tell your dad." He smirks and hands it to me. "Besides, I know it's not the first time a girl like you drank some beer."

I giggle. "Okay." I take it and swallow a mouthful.

"Ha, that's my girl." He says as he takes it back and finishes it off. He gets up and comes back with four more beers. "Here," He hands me one, "Before your dad gets back." I look up at him. "Go on, take it. I won't tell. It will be our secret." I take the beer. We both drink some more.

Some time goes by and we make some small talk. "Already done with your first one?" He asks. "Wow, my kind of girl. Here, have another." He hands me another as I start to chug it. "Hey slow down, princess, don't want your dad to come home with you drunk." He chuckles.

I smile back at him. "I don't care." I smirk, enjoying this so much. He puts his arm around me on the couch and I move a little closer to him. Almost done with my second beer, I start to feel a bit buzzed.

"I gotta go piss." He says suddenly and gets up to go upstairs to the bathroom.

Mark's point of view.

I look up and see a sexy teen come down the stairs, my friend's daughter. "Kayla! Hey sweetheart." I get up and eagerly await her touch. She's looking fucking amazing. That little skirt, those cute boots, that tight top. Fuck I can even see her bra through it. I love those pink lips she always has too. And that gorgeous, long dirty blonde hair.

She greets me, she's always so happy to see me. I love her cheery voice. Such a bubbly bimbo teen. Love it. I hold her tight, filthy thoughts on my mind as I grind my crotch a little bit against her. Her scent is intoxicating, her hair so soft as I hold her head against my chest. We exchange some chit chat and I sit back down.

"Can I get you anything, Mark?" I hear her voice from the kitchen.

"Yeah, a beer!" I reply. Always need more beer. She does as she's told and hands it to me in her cute little way she stands with her busty chest out. "Good girl." I say to her as she sits down next to me on the couch. "Want a sip?" I ask her. I'm kidding around but maybe I can get her drunk and have my way with her before Tim gets home. No, stop it. Stop it, Mark. Can't do that. It's nothing but trouble. But she's sooo hot.

"Oh... Umm... I'm not sure I should." She replies. I notice her blushing a little.

"Go ahead. I won't tell your dad." I smirk and hand it to her. "Besides, I know it's not the first time a girl like you drank some beer." I definitely know she's a party girl. She takes a mouthful and I can't help but think how amazing it would be if she took another kind of mouthful. "Ha, that's my girl." I take it back and drink the rest of it. More beer, I'll get her to drink. I get up and come back with four more. "Here," I hand it to her, "before your dad gets back." She looks up at me. "Go on, take it. I won't tell. It will be our secret." She takes the beer and we both drink.

A few minutes goes by and we make some meaningless small talk. "Already done with your first one?" I ask her and then notice the empty bottle. "Wow, my kind of girl. Here, have another." I notice her chug about half of it down. Impressive for a teen girl. "Hey slow down, princess, don't want your dad to come home with you drunk." Except I totally want you to drink more, sweety. I just know you like to rebel against daddy and don't mind using that against you. Ha.

"I don't care." she smirks back at me. That's a good girl. She drinks some more. I smirk down at her and then put my arm around her. She gets closer. We both drink more beer. As time winds down I start to panic a little bit. Might not have time to get anything done. But I'm so horny. I have an idea.

"I gotta go piss." I say to her and then get up, heading upstairs. I don't really have to piss but I wanna do some snooping around. I quietly go into her room and it smells as good as she does. I turn the light on and notice how pink everything is. It looks like a little girl's room. That's so hot. Stuffed animals on her fluffy pink bed. It feels so soft, too. Pink walls, almost everything pink. I make way to her drawer and start searching for panties. My heart beating faster, this is such a turn on. I eagerly sniff some pairs of her panties. Oh my god this is amazing. I feel the bulge in my pants start to grow. I wonder if I can get a quick jerk in.

Kayla's point of view.

After about five minutes of waiting patiently, I finish off my beer and go upstairs. I can't take it anymore. I'm going to offer myself to him. Feeling a little bit drunk, I run up the stairs and quickly notice that the bathroom door is open and the light is off. Where is he then? A few steps further down the hall and I notice my light is on and my door half open. I quietly look in and see him in front of my drawer, his back to me and holding a pair of my panties up to his face. My heart jumps and I freeze into place.

I guess he noticed me standing there because he quickly turns around in a panic. I just stand there, blushing, with my mouth open. Shocked, but excited. "Kayla... I..." He stutters under his breath.

"It's okay." I blurt out. This is it. I'm going to have sex with my dad's best friend. I walk in as he puts the panties back in the drawer. He must have known instantly by my reaction that I didn't mind because he started to smirk down at me and approach me. I look up at him submissively. "I'll do anything you want." I almost moan up at him as my heart races and my lip quivers slightly.

Suddenly he quickly grabs the back of my neck with his left hand, jerking my head back and up to face him. He smirks down at me. "I've been wanting to do this for so long." He nearly groans, I notice him breathing heavier, almost like an animal. The look in his eye is fierce and a little intimidating as he pulls me in closer with his right hand on my lower back. He lowers his head to kiss me aggressively. My mind just goes blank as I let it happen, feeling his lips press against mine as I moan softly into his mouth.

Suddenly I find myself against the wall as he quickly and aggressively moves us towards it, our lips still locking passionately. He slams me against the wall, groaning into my mouth as I feel his hands molest me all over. Grabbing at my ass, running over my hips and lower back. And then up to my chest. His lips move to my neck as I shut my eyes, moaning. "Oh Mark..." I breathe heavily as I feel my clit tingle. His hands roughly caressing my busty chest. He towers above me, surrounding me, feeling his body press against mine. The bulge in his jeans pressing against me. His strong arms and chest in front of me. My hand on his chest as I feel him pawing at my ass some more. Suddenly his hand cups my face, holding it tightly up at him as he looks down at me and into my eyes fiercely.

"Oh you will do anything I tell you to do you fuckin slut." He squeezes my face harder, his hand going down to my neck and choking me a little. I just nod, feeling scared but so turned on at the same time. With his other hand he gently strokes my hair out of my face. "I would hate to hurt your pretty little head, sweety." He raises his hand to my face as if he's going to slap me. It scares me and I flinch. I've been slapped around before. He kisses me on the forehead while still holding me against the wall by my throat. I look up at him innocently, like a scared little girl. "You know your uncle Mark loves you, hmm?" He asks.

"Mhm." I nod.

"You going to do what I tell you to do?" He asks as he strokes my hair some more, gripping my throat tighter as my little hands are now on his strong wrist.

"Mhm." I nod desperately.

"You going to be a good girl and keep this a secret?" He asks as he lightens the grip around my neck.

"Yes." I barely utter as I try to catch my breath.

"Good girl..." He strokes my hair. "You gonna do all you can to make me happy?"

"Mhm." I nod, smiling up at him as he finally lets go of my throat. I cough a little, catching my breath. He smirks down at me, chuckling under his breath.

"Then get down on your knees, slut." He orders.

Mark's point of view.

I'm about to unzip my jeans and go to work while sniffing Kayla's panties, but then notice something in the mirror. I turn around. Holy shit! She caught me. "Kayla... I..." I can't help but stutter, I've been caught red handed.

"It's okay." She says. What a relief. She starts coming near me and I can tell by the look on her face that this is it. I'm going to fuck my friend's daughter in his own house no less. I walk closer to her, slowly. I love the look she's giving me. "I'll do anything you want." She says up to me softly. My heart jumped. This little slut is mine.

This is it. Time to do what I've been wanting to do for years. I grab the back of her fucking neck and force her head up to me and pull her in. "I've been wanting to do this for so long." I smirk down at her. I'm so horny for her it feels like I'm going to go crazy. My heart and my mind are racing like nuts. With my other hand on her lower back I pull her into me and start to kiss her hard and rough. I can't get enough. Feeling her soft pink lips against mine.

I slam her against the wall. I'm going to do what I want, how I want it. This is it. I overpower her so easily, like a rag doll. I love it. I have my way with her like an animal, groaning into her mouth, panting like a beast. Feeling her body all over. Her tight, little ass. Her soft skin. Her busty chest. Those perky, firm teenage tits. I notice that she loves it. She's a naughty little minx. She's loving every second of me groping her and kissing her. I press the hard bulge in my jeans against her, and then hold her face with my hand and look intensely into her eyes.

"Oh you will do anything I tell you to do you fuckin slut." Yeah, I'm definitely gonna dominate this girl. My hand goes down to her neck and I start to choke her a little. She barely nods, I can see the fear in her eyes. She probably wasn't expecting this. But that only reminds me that part of me really cares for this girl and I know she loves me, so I ease up a bit as she nods innocently. Poor girl just wants a strong man. I gently stroke her perfect, soft hair. "I would hate to hurt your pretty little head, sweety." I raise my hand to her as if to slap her. I'm going to make her associate love with abuse. I like them like that. I kiss her on the forehead, like so many times I've done before but this time it's different. While still holding her by her throat, she looks up at me innocently and scared. "You know your uncle Mark loves you, hmm?"

"Mhm." She nods, that fear in her eyes.

"You going to do what I tell you to do?" I ask her, so turned on that I can't help but choke her harder, noticing her little teenage hands on my wrist now trying to get me to stop. If only Tim could see this. His little girl getting choked by his 'best friend'.

"Mhm." She nods desperately, tears now starting to fill her eyes.

I loosen the grip around her neck. "You going to be a good girl and keep this a secret?" I ask. This is important. No one can know. She has to understand that no one can ever know.

"Yes." She utters while trying to catch her breath.

"Good girl..." I say lovingly to her and stroke her hair. "You gonna do all you can to make me happy?"

"Mhm." She nods, smiling up at me nervously and I finally let go of her little neck. She coughs a little trying to catch her breath. I smirk down at her, chuckling. I love treating little whores like this.

"Then get down on your knees, slut." I demand.

Kayla's point of view.

I drop to my knees as soon as he commands me to, looking up at him submissively as he looks back down grinning. I start to rub the bulge in his jeans. It feels so hard and big! I can't believe this is happening. I kiss the bulge as he groans, his hands on his hips standing dominantly above me. I make love to his hard bulge, running my lips along it. I grab the zipper with my teeth and slowly unzip his jeans without using hands. "Mmm, not the first time you've done that, huh?" He asks.

"Maybe, maybe not." I smile up at him as I take out his hard cock. It dangles out in front of me, sticking out of his tight jeans. I gasp, staring at it. It's big but not too big. Cut, maybe around 7 inches and a bit thick. I stroke it with my little teenage hand as I look up at him, my other hand getting out his balls and then cupping them and rubbing them.

"Mmm fuck yeah." He groans down at me. With one hand cupping his sack and the other on the base of his hard cock, I lower my head and begin to suck on it. Feeling it push my lips open and feeling the warmth on my tongue, I moan softly as I look up at him. Swirling my tongue around the head of his amazing cock, and then going down further to take more of it in. Up and down, up and down. Submissively bobbing up and down his cock. I'm in heaven. His cock is so tasty, I love it. I go faster and faster, sucking a little harder, my mouth wide open, my lips tightly wrapped around his throbbing dick. I begin to stroke his cock with my hand, in the same motion as my mouth. Up and down, my mouth and hand getting him off. Faster and faster, going deeper, my eyes looking up at him. He smirks down at me. "Definitely not the first time you've done this." He groans, hanging his head back in pleasure.

I stop, taking it out of my mouth. "I've had some practice." I giggle. I go down to suck his ball sack. Kissing them, tugging on them with my lips, licking them over and over. Sucking and licking each one as my face points upward at him, his cock dangling over me.

"Mmm... Yeah you know your place. Fuck." He groans again, his hands on his hips still. I come back up to his throbbing cock and spit on it, jerking it all over to lather it up. I put my hands on his belt to hold on and then go down on his cock again using no hands. Pulling myself into it. Slurping all over it loudly. Wet, slurping noises filling the room as my mouth is filled with his cock. I can taste his pre-cum. Eagerly starting to deepthroat, taking almost all of it in my mouth and down my throat. In and out, up and down, trying so hard to please him. Going down as far as I can and then feeling his hand on the back of my head, shoving me down further. Harshly pressing on my head with his big, strong hand. My nose presses against his jeans. He forces me down as I feel his cock starting to make me gag, forcing its way down my throat. "Mmm fuck! Urgh." He groans as he grips my hair and holds my head in place on his cock, my hands pushing against his thighs to get him off but I can't. He finally lets go as I come up for air, breathing heavily. "Ha, take it slut... Take it." He groans as he slaps his throbbing wet cock all over my face. Before I'm done catching my breath he grips my hair with both hands and holds my head in place and begins to fuck my mouth. "Ah fuck!" He groans out aggressively as I feel his cock poke the back of my throat over and over, his balls slapping against my chin. He pulls out as I immediately go down to lick and suck his balls while looking up at him.

Mark's point of view.

Kayla, my friend Tim's hot teenage daughter, drops to her knees like a good little slut. She looks perfect on her knees, it's where she belongs. A jolt shoots through my body as I feel her little hand begin to rub the bulge in my jeans. She's kissing it now, eagerly. I just stand over her dominantly with my hands on my hips as she teases my cock in its denim prison with her pink lips. Then she unzips me with her teeth. Good little slut. "Not that first time you've done that, huh?" I ask her, impressed.

"Maybe, maybe not." She smiles up at me as she takes out my throbbing cock, sticking right out of my jeans. What a sight this is. I've been dreaming of this for years. She strokes it, seeing and feeling her soft little hands feels so good. Now she's rubbing my balls. Good girl.

"Mmm fuck yeah." I can't help but groan. She starts to go down, one hand on the shaft, one cupping my balls. Seeing the head of my cock enter her pink lips, oh my fuck this is awesome. She moans softly up at me, our eyes meeting each other as I smirk down at her. She begins swirling her tongue all around the tip while rubbing my balls. Now she's going down further. Part of me wishes Tim could see this right now haha. I keep taking his women. Poor guy. She bobs her little pretty head up and down, faster and faster. I feel my cock fill her mouth and it's amazing. Perfect suction, no teeth, concentrating on the head, rubbing the balls, slobbering all over my cock eagerly as she looks up at me, using her hand to go up and down with her mouth. She's a natural. "Definitely not the first time you've done this." I smirk down at her before hanging my head back and groaning.

She comes up, my cock popping out of her tight lips. "I've had some practice." She giggles up at me. Fucking hot. She goes down to lick and suck my balls, tugging on them with her lips. My cock dangling over her face, from her chin up to the top of her nose as she eagerly makes love to my nuts while looking up at me.

I groan, my heart pounding out of my chest, my mind blown, my cock throbbing above Kayla's sweet face. "Yeah you know your place. Fuck." She comes back up to meet my cock at eye level and spits on it and jerks it. She puts her little hands on my belt and then begins to deepthroat my cock, pulling herself into my cock. Slurping all over it loudly and eagerly. Holy fuck. My throbbing wet cock sliding in and out of her mouth and down her throat, faster and faster. She can almost get all of it. She's trying so hard to please me, this is going to be fun between us. She goes down hard and before she can come back up I force her there. She resists but I push her head down on my cock, making her take it all. "Mmm fuck! Urgh." I growl as I feel like I could shoot my load right now. Too bad Tim can't see me choking his little girl with my cock after I just choked her with my hands haha. I grip her hair tightly, bending my knees a little as I push my cock into her further. I can feel her hands on my thighs pushing so I let go. "Ha, take it slut... Take it." I groan, slapping my cock all over her face as I grip her hair with my other hand. Before she can catch her breath I grab her little blonde head and hold it in place and start to fuck her mouth. "Ah fuck!" I groan louder, feeling my cock fuck her face over and over, faster and faster. I stop suddenly to stop myself from cumming and to catch my breath and she immediately goes back down to making love to my balls.

Kayla's point of view.

"Mmm... Good girl." He smiles down at me dominantly. "Get up." He grabs my arm and jerks me up to my feet. He jerks me to my bed and pushes my face down on it. He quickly takes off his jeans and shirt. "You wanna get fucked, slut?"

"Mmm yeah... Please fuck me." I moan softly, I'm so horny as I look back at him begging. I'm aching for him to fill my clit. I feel him grab my ass with one hand and squeeze it and rub the head of his throbbing cock against my pussy lips. "Please, Mark..." I pout at him as I look behind. He lifts up my skirt and slowly forces his way into me as I moan out loud. "Oh my fuck..." He goes deeper, thrusting into me, in and out. I feel my tight clit filled with his perfect cock.

"Yeah, take it... Take it." He groans as he fucks me harder and faster. I feel shivers shooting from my pussy as he fucks me harder. "You on the pill, slut?" He asks before slapping my ass.

I smile back at him, "No." He slaps my ass again as I yelp in pain and pleasure, his cock in my little teenage pussy.

"Not like I give a shit haha." He chuckles confidently, grabbing both hips now as he fucks me into a rhythm. "So fucking tight..." He moans. "Can't believe I'm fucking my best friend's daughter who I've known since she was a little girl." He slaps my ass again and chuckles.

"I love you..." I moan out softly, breathing heavily as he thrusts inside me violently. My body going almost numb as my face collapses onto the bed. "I love you, I love you, I love you." I repeat in ecstasy. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

"Yeah, you're my property from now on." He groans aggressively as he fucks me balls deep. I can hear the sound of his balls slapping against me. He slows down and leans over me to grab the back of my neck. "Who's your daddy now, hmm?" He whispers into my ear.

"Mmm... You are." I moan under my breath. He stands back up straight, but not letting go of my hair. He lifts my head up, jerking it back, gripping my hair and holding onto it as he continues to pound me from behind. I continue screaming and moaning. Suddenly he plunges into me hard, moaning loud and hard. "Oh daddy... Please cum inside me." I moan as he begins to shoot a huge load inside me. Both of us panting as he drops down on top of my back, letting go of my hair. Slowly thrusting his cum into me as he moans and pants into my ear. "Oh fuck daddy..." I say in my high pitched bubbly teen voice, breathing hard. He gets off and slowly pulls out.

Before he can do anything I get right back down on my knees and lick his cock clean, kissing it all over and kissing his balls. He stands over me, completely flushed. "Holy fuck..." He pants. "You're amazing."

"I just wanted to make you happy." I smile up at him. Suddenly we both here the door downstairs open. "My dad is home!" I whisper up at him in a panic.

"Listen, this is between us, okay? You can't ever tell anyone, ever." He quickly starts putting his jeans back on and his shirt.

"Of course. No one will ever know." I say as I get up, my pussy full of his hot load of cum.

"I'm going to go in the bathroom and then pretend like I was just in there. I'm going to tell your dad that I need to go use the bathroom in about an hour from now but I'm going to come in here and you're going to suck me off quickly, okay? I'll text you before I come up." He demands. "Make sure you're all dolled up for me, baby."

"Mhm." I nod. He finishes doing his belt and then kisses me on the forehead and leaves. My heart is racing, I can't believe this happened. It was so amazing and just like my fantasies about him. I fix myself up in the mirror, trying to make it look like I wasn't just fucked hard in case my dad sees me.

Mark's point of view.

"Mmm... Good girl." I grin down at her dominantly. This bitch is mine. "Get up." I order her and then grab her arm and jerk her up to her feet. I yank her to her bed and push her down hard, bending her over. I quickly undo my jeans and take off my shirt. "You wanna get fucked, slut?" I ask her, feeling such a primal urge to pound her. I can hardly think straight right now.

"Mmm yeah... Please fuck me." She moans softly as she looks back at me, practically begging me. I grab her ass with left hand and rub the head of my throbbing dick against her tight pink pussy lips. Her pussy is so small and pink. It's amazing. "Please, Mark..." She begs some more. I lift up her skirt and slowly begin to push open her pussy with the tip of my cock. Holy shit this is going to be the tightest clit I've ever fucked. "Oh my fuck..." She moans like a cat in heat, hearing her gasp as I enter further and start to thrust in and out. It's so tight around my cock, my eyes roll back and I have to try really hard not to blow my load.

"Yeah, take it... Take it." I groan while breathing harder, beginning to go deeper and faster. "You on the pill, slut?" I ask as I slap her tight little ass.

"No." She smiles back at me. Ha, Tim might have a pregnant teen on his hands very soon. I slap her ass again and get turned on by her little yelps.

"Not like I give a shit haha." I chuckle and start to grab both her hips and fuck her. "So fucking tight..." I moan. "Can't believe I'm fucking my best friend's daughter who I've known since she was a little girl." I slap her ass again and chuckle some more.

"I love you..." She softly moans as she pants and it only makes me thrust into her more violently. She collapses onto the bed as I pound her from behind. "I love you, I love you, I love you." She purrs into the bed as her voice shakes. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." She moans some more.

"Yeah, you're my property from now on." I growl aggressively as I go into her balls deep, her screams filling the room. I slow down while inside her and lean down to grab the back of her neck. "Who's your daddy now, hmm?" I whisper into her ear.

"Mmm... You are." She moans. I stand back up straight, bringing her head with me as I pull her long blonde hair, gripping it tightly. I pick up the pace again, pounding her as I pull her hair, making her scream more. I can't take much more of this. I moan and groan loudly, my heart pounding harder, panting harder. "Oh daddy... Please cum inside me." She moans desperately as I begin to shoot my load inside her. It causes me to collapse on top of her back, plunging my cock deep in her, feeling my cock erupt inside her tight teenage pussy. This is fucking unbelievable. I slowly thrust my cock inside her, it's still shooting. "Oh fuck daddy..." She says in her sexy high pitched bubbly teen voice. I slowly pull out, feeling amazing, my whole body tingling, my face red.

Almost as soon as I pull out she's right back down on her knees and licking my cock clean, kissing it all over gently, kissing my balls as she stares up at me. "Holy fuck..." I pant. "You're amazing."

"I just wanted to make you happy." She smiles up at me. My heart jumps as I hear the front door down stairs open. "My dad is home!" She whispers up at me. Shit! I can't have Tim know about this. Not yet anyways.

"Listen, this is between us, okay? You can't ever tell anyone, ever." I want to make sure she knows and understands completely. I quickly put my jeans back on and my shirt.

"Of course. No one will ever know." She says as she gets up, noticing a line of my cum run down her leg.

"I'm going to go in the bathroom and then pretend like I was just in there. I'm going to tell your dad that I need to go use the bathroom in about an hour from now but I'm going to come in here and you're going to suck me off quickly, okay? I'll text you before I come up." I need to come back for seconds, especially if I can pull it off with Tim home. That would be so hot. "Make sure you're all dolled up for me, baby." I love that she's mine now and will do whatever I tell her to do.

"Mhm." She nods like a good little girl. I smile at her as I finish doing my belt and then kiss her on the forehead. Love with abuse. I'm going to love using this little slut. I leave and then head into the bathroom. I smirk in the mirror looking at myself, then splash some cold water on my face. Guess I gotta go down and pretend to be Tim's best friend for a bit after just possibly getting his teenage daughter pregnant. Heh.

Tim's point of view.

I drove around for a bit, couldn't stop thinking about what I might see later on those cam recordings. I got the stupid pizza to bring back but still had a good twenty minutes to spare. I just parked down the block from my house and thought about how hot it would be if something really was going on. It was so exhilarating to think about. Looking at the time I figured it was time to go back.

I entered the house and instantly noticed that Mark wasn't in the living room. I brought the pizza to the kitchen. "Tim, just in time. I'm starving." I hear Mark saying from coming down the stairs.

"Yeah, me too. Just regular pep and cheese like usual. I miss anything in the game?" I ask, trying to get a read on him.

"Nah, not really." He smirks at me.

"What?" I ask him, noticing the grin.

"Oh, nothing. Just thinking of something funny." He replies.

"Man, I gotta go piss. Be back in a minute." But I really want to go upstairs and check on the cams and see if anything happened. I run upstairs, my heart beating out of my chest, I'm nearly shaking at the anticipation. Before I make it, Kayla comes out of her room.

"Oh, hi dad..." She looks down. She looks a little flustered.

"Hey sweety." I say, noticing her staying in her doorway, still looking down. "You going to get in here?" I ask as I stand in front of the bathroom.

"Oh, umm... You go ahead. I can wait." She closes the door.

"All right." I say, trying to examine her behavior. She seems a bit off. Oh man, what if something really did happen. I'm getting weird vibes from both of them. A little bit freaked out by her being around and knowing I can't take too much time up here, I decide to just use the bathroom and check on my computer later. I come out of the bathroom. "Okay honey, it's all yours." I say to her closed door and then walk away. As she comes out I enter my room, waiting for her to go into the bathroom. When she does, I peek into her room and don't notice anything out of the ordinary outside of her bed being a bit messy.

I go back downstairs to hang out with Mark and try not to let my anxious anticipation and wandering mind be noticeable. We relax, watching the game, drinking beers and eating pizzas. "Damn Mark, hitting the beers hard tonight, huh?" I ask, noticing the five empties. Five beers in roughly forty-five minutes.

"Ha, you know me." He answers, smirking.

Kayla's point of view.

Mark leaves my room and I'm still getting over what just happened. I've never been fucked like that. That was incredible and I loved being on my knees in front of him. He's exactly like I fantasized about. I finish up fixing my makeup and fixing my hair and then notice some of Mark's cum running down my leg. I need to take a shower and get ready for when he wants me to blow him later. I'm so turned on by his demands, I'll really do whatever he tells me to. It's going to be so hot to suck him off with my stupid dad at home.

I leave my room and instantly see my dad standing there in the hall. I stop in my doorway, feeling a bit guilty. I quickly remember the cum running down my leg so I stand with my other leg crossed over it. "Oh, hi dad..." I say, looking down.

"Hey sweety." I notice him staring at me. I hope he doesn't notice anything. "You going to get in here?" He asks as he stands in front of the bathroom.

"Oh, umm... You go ahead. I can wait." I say as I close my door. What if he saw Mark's cum on my leg? I wipe it off with my hand, and then can't help but lick my hand to taste it. He leaves and tells me the bathroom is free so I quickly get in there to take a shower.

I take a long shower, thinking about what just happened. We have to keep it secret. Will it ever happen again? What if he got me pregnant... He was so aggressive and mean when he was choking me, but I kind of liked it. His cock was so perfect, it felt so good. I can't wait to be his fucktoy. I get out of the shower and soon after start to do up my hair and makeup again as Mark told me to. I get a text from Mark, "I'll be up there in a half hour."

Mark's point of view.

"Tim, just in time. I'm starving." I say coming down the stairs. Still feeling so relaxed and spent. His daughter gives a mean blowjob. She's so tight, too. We make some bullshit small talk and I can't help but smirk a little bit at how much of a moron he is. I want to openly laugh in his face but I know I have to play it cool.

Few minutes later we're back to watching the game, drinking beers and eating pizza. "Damn Mark, hitting the beers hard tonight, huh?" He asks, noticing the five empties.

"Ha, you know me." I reply. Stupid Tim has no idea that I got his little girl tipsy and then fucked her brains out. After awhile I notice it's been about a half hour since I was last in Kayla's room. I take out my phone and start typing a text to her.

"New woman?" Tim asks. Oh, Tim. If you only knew.

"Haha, yeah sorta." I laugh, finishing the text and sending it to his little girl. I figure I'll be up there in a half hour.

We continue watching the game. "I'll be right back, gotta go check something upstairs." Tim blurts out randomly.

Tim's point of view.

I wonder what that laugh was about when I asked Mark if he had a new woman. He's been smirking at me here and there. I can't help but think how hot it would be if he was texting Kayla. Maybe he fucked her while I was gone. After a few minutes of thinking about it, I decide I can't take it anymore. I have to find out. "I'll be right back, gotta go check something upstairs." I tell Mark and get up and I almost have to prevent myself from sprinting to my room.

I open up my laptop and notice the cams still running. I see Mark sitting there in cam number one, Kayla in her room in cam number two. She looks good, real good. Quality isn't perfect but I can notice that she looks as good as she does. She's in her bra and panties, looks like she's going through her closet. I watch for a minute as she gets dressed. I almost salivate watching her. She looks into the mirror, which is near where the cam is hidden. She put on some tight leggings and a tight top and her busty chest looks amazing, nearly bursting out of her top. So hot.

Enough. I can't be up here too long. I go to where the recordings were made and before I open the files I stop. What if they really fucked? My hands feel clammy, I'm sweating a little, I can feel my heart beating. This is intense. Just do it. Open the files. I open cam number one's recording and see the very same hug that I saw earlier from outside before I left. She's bringing him a beer now and then sits next to him. Now she's drinking. I can hear them talk but I can only make out certain parts. Now he's encouraging her to drink more. So he didn't drink five on his own while I was gone. I continue skimming through it quickly and now he has his arm around her. Holy fuck this is so hot. It feels so humiliating but I can't help but love it. My face is burning up, my chest is pounding. They look too comfortable together. Can't remember the last time she did that for me. Suddenly he gets up and leaves. Kayla sits there for a few minutes before leaving the room. I continue to skim through on cam number one and neither of them come back to the room before Mark and I enter. So nothing happened between them on this cam while I was gone, well beside him having his arm around her on the couch. Even if that's all that happened, that will get me off.

Gotta hurry up before I'm up here for too long, onto cam two. I doubt anything happened. Maybe I got too excited. First thing I notice is Kayla fixing herself up in the mirror and then leaving her room. Then this must have been when she went to greet Mark. Damn, her room is so pink. Hasn't even changed much since she was a little girl. Stuffed toys on her fluffy pink bed, pink walls, pink everything. I always loved her room. So cute. I fast forward some and notice Mark entering the room. What's he doing? He's facing the camera, in front of her mirror and drawer. That bastard. He's digging through her drawer. He's sniffing her panties, holding different pairs up to his nose.

Then I see Kayla in the doorway of the video. It doesn't take Mark long to notice her. Holy shit this is exciting. I pause it. I shouldn't take too much time doing this, maybe I should wait to see the rest after Mark leaves. But I have to know if anything happened. My heart is beating rapidly, the adrenaline is almost too much. Maybe I'll jump ahead to see what happens. I freeze up with my finger on the mouse. Come on, do it. You have to know for sure.

I jump ahead a minute and I see them up against the wall. He's kissing her and feeling her up! My eyes widen, I can't believe I'm actually seeing this. This is unbearably exciting. Now he's choking her! I feel so... Humiliated and angry. I mean, he's fucking choking my daughter! But I can't help but love it, I can't look away. I have the volume down, I can't imagine what he's saying to her. Okay, pause it. Take a moment to breathe. My hands are cold. I'm shaking.

I jump ahead again, just a little bit. Now she's on her knees and he's fucking her mouth! I gasp. This is amazing. It actually happened. I jump ahead one more time and he has her bent over on her bed, pounding her from behind. I pause it and close it, gasping with my hand over my mouth. I stand back up and my heart is thumping, my mind racing. I gulp, my hands shaking. It actually happened. I don't know how to feel. I'm angry, but I thought I wanted this to happen. But I'm also so excited and I just can't even believe what I just saw. It really happened. I was getting weird vibes from them after all. Kayla couldn't look at me, Mark's smirks. That asshole really did it. He fucked my daughter. I don't know how I'm going to go back down there and pretend everything is normal. I'm so conflicted right now. I'll have to continue watching this later.

Mark's point of view.

Man, what's Tim doing up there? Must have been gone for at least ten minutes. I can't wait to go up there and dump a load down his daughter's throat with him still in the house. In the corner of my eye I notice Tim coming down the stairs slowly. He looks pale, looks like he's been sweating.

"Something wrong, man?" I ask.

"Oh, uhh... Just a rough bowel movement, heh." He responds. He looks out of it. Whatever, I don't care.

We continue to watch the end of the game and I down another beer. Tim hasn't been saying much and I haven't either because I can't wait to go up there and see Kayla. The half hour is up and it's time to make my excuse to leave. "Oh man, all that beer and pizza went right through me. Be back in a few." I get up with a grin on my face.

I head right for Kayla's room and quietly go in. She's already on her knees in front of the door. "Ha, there's my new fucktoy ready to please daddy. Good girl." I grin down at her. She got all dolled up like I demanded, and in some tight sexy leggings, and a tight top of which I can see right down. Her sexy blue eyes looking up at me submissively with those pouty pink lips. "We'll have to make this quick."

Before I can even finish that last sentence she has my cock out of my zipper and eagerly slurping all over it. Fuck she's good. I fall back against the door, my head thumping it as I take a deep breath and enjoy this blowjob from my friend's daughter in his own house while he's home. I look down at her blonde hair bouncing around as her pretty little head eagerly works my cock, back and forth, up and down, in and out. She moans softly with my cock filling her mouth, looking up at me as she deepthroats. I stroke her soft hair with my right hand as she continues to worship my throbbing cock. "Mmm... Good girl." I grin down at her. She looks up at me, nothing but love and admiration coming from her blue eyes. It doesn't take long for the cum to feel like it's building up in my balls. "Get down and suck my balls." I command and she immediately does as ordered. I stroke my cock as she licks and sucks my balls, eagerly running her lips and tongue over them "Open your mouth." I growl down at her. She opens her mouth, tongue out, looking up at me as I jack over her face. "Oh fuck." My knees tremble as I begin to fill her eager little mouth with my cum. It's somehow almost as good as when I came last time inside her tight little pussy. She swallows and then licks my still throbbing cock clean. "How'd you like it?"

"It tasted so good." She smiles up at me.

I help her up to her feet and wrap my arms around her, kissing her on the forehead. "Good girl." I say as I hold her head against my chest and give her another kiss on the head. "I'll be in touch, okay?"

"Okay." She smiles up at me. "I can't wait. I love you." She says as I'm about to leave. Didn't take much to have that tight little slut worship me, ha. I leave her hanging as I leave, just smirking back at her. Can't tell her I love her just yet. I want her to desperately work for it and earn it.

I go back downstairs, shooting a smirk at Tim as I sit down and start another beer.

Kayla's point of view.

I've been kneeling on the floor in front of my door for the past few minutes. I'm so excited to see him again... To taste him again. I still can't believe what happened earlier. This is so exciting. I'm so glad my dad is home for this. It turns me on so much to do this behind his back, in secret, when he's home. Mark is such an alpha. He's so strong and aggressive. I love how he dominated me and used me. Oh my god I love him.

Suddenly my door opens slowly and he comes in, grinning down at me arrogantly. I love that smirk he gives. "Ha, there's my new fucktoy ready to please daddy. Good girl."

I smile up at him and begin unzipping him. "We'll have to make it quick." He says as I already have his perfect cock out and in my mouth. I slurp all over it eagerly. Feeling it fill my mouth, on my tongue, my lips wrapped tightly on it. I start out slow but work up to a faster pace, moaning softly as I look up at him. I love this so much. After a minute or two of bobbing up and down, he tells me to suck his balls so I do. I lick and kiss them all over as he jerks off over my face. He tells me to open my mouth and that's what I do. I look up at him, my mouth wide open, my tongue out. He groans above me as his throbbing cock erupts into my mouth. It tastes so good, oh my god it's amazing. I lick his cock clean and kiss the tip. "How'd you like it?"

"It tasted so good." I smile up at him. He helps me up and then holds me, kissing me on my head as he strokes my hair. I love being held against his strong chest with his strong arms around me holding me close and tight.

"I'll be in touch, okay?" He says as he lets go.

"Okay." I smile up at him. "I can't wait. I love you." I don't want him to go but I know he has to. He just smirks and then leaves. I wish he would say it back... Oh well.

Tim's point of view.

It's been a little while since I came back down from seeing the videos. I can't get my mind off it. I thought this was what I wanted but now I'm not so sure. I mean, actually seeing it happen. It's real. It really happened. Mark, my coworker, my friend for years, fucked my little girl. My beautiful baby girl. Part of me wants to kill him. But I know I won't and I know I can't. Part of me is also so unbelievably so turned on by it. I'm so conflicted right now. What kind of man am I? I'm just going to let that asshole fuck my teenage daughter in my own house? It gives me such a weird feeling. I felt so humiliated but also excited watching it. I can't wait to see more. I can't wait to hear more.

"Oh man, all that beer and pizza went right through me. Be back in a few." Mark says, getting up. I snap out of my deep thought and notice the grin on his face as he leaves the room. That fucker has been smirking in my direction ever since he fucked my daughter. Part of me wants to murder him but at the same time I can't help but love it. I hope he fucks her again.

Just as he's out of my sight I notice his phone on the couch. I go over and go through his texts. He sent a text to Kayla about an hour ago saying he'd go up to see her! Holy shit. He's going up there to do something with her while I'm here. The balls on this guy. He must really have her wrapped around his finger.

My heart pounds, the adrenaline is back. I swiftly get up. I have to sneak upstairs and see what's going on. But I can't find them. They can't know that I know. I love that he thinks I don't know. I hope it stays a secret. I slowly make it up the stairs. I notice that no one is in the bathroom and Kayla's door is closed. I sneak near the door and just as I'm about to press my ear against it I hear a loud thump which makes my heart jump. I back off a bit.

I listen closely and can hear slurping noises. I can tell someone is pressed against the door. Probably Mark. This is incredible. It's happening just a few feet away from me. I can hear her slurping louder and I can hear him groan. This is so hot. I can't help but rub the bulge in my jeans. This is so thrilling. "Open your mouth." I can barely hear it but I know what's happening. He's going to cum in my daughter's mouth. He's going to come out soon so I should go, don't want to risk getting caught.

I head back downstairs. Moments later, Mark is right behind me and I catch the smirk he gives me as he sits down and opens up another beer. I almost want to thank him and ask him if I can watch next time he fucks my daughter. But no, it's good this way.

So for the next half hour or so we just sat there, not talking much. But pretending like everything is normal, like I don't know what's going on. "I think I should be heading home now." Mark gets up.

"Wait," I interject, "You're too drunk, bro. It's late and we got work in the morning. Just stay here for the night." I thought of this on the spot. Maybe he'll go into her room again.

"You sure, man?" He asks.

"Yeah, can't have ya driving home like that. You can stay on the couch." I say, looking at him. A real man would never want this fucker in his house, what's wrong with me?

"Shit, well all right. Thanks." He replies.

"I guess I'll get going to bed myself since it's quarter to midnight already." I yawn and get up.

"Yeah, night went by quick, huh?" He asks with a slight smirk.

"Yeah, you're telling me." I look at him in the eyes. "See ya in the morning."

"Later." I hear him say as I begin to walk upstairs. I head right to Kayla's room to tell her.

"Open up, sweety." I knock on her door. When I see her standing there I can't help but think about all that's happened. My little girl swallowed my friend's sperm. "Listen, Mark's just gonna stay here for the night. Is that okay?"

"Oh, uhh, yeah. Of course." She smiles.

"Goodnight baby." I warmly say to her, looking down and smiling at her pretty face. She used to kiss me goodnight but that hasn't happened in a long time.

"Night, dad." She barely says as she hastily shuts the door on me. I think I've officially lost my little girl. But that's okay, she belongs to Mark now.

I get into my room and instantly start watching the recording. I'm completely mesmerized as I watch. I'm going to watch from the beginning and try to listen to every word, every sound. That bastard Mark probably planned to get her tipsy so he could have his way. Or maybe he didn't even need to. At the part where she catches him sniffing her panties. She's so into it, she doesn't mind at all. I can't help but jerk myself off now. Now they're kissing, she said she'll do whatever he wants her to do. Oh my god that's so hot. Now he has her against the wall and he's groping her all over. I can't believe my eyes. Now he's choking her, this is too much. He's choking my baby girl! But I can't stop looking at it. My dick is so hard. He's saying things to her but I can't quite make it out. Now she just dropped to her knees. Holy fuck, she unzipped his jeans with only her teeth. He's loving this, too.

I got to pause it and check in on the cams I have set up. Mark's just sitting there looking at his phone and texting on cam one. He's probably texting Kayla. On cam two Kayla is lying on her bed and also looking at her phone. Oh my god. What if they fuck again and I can see it live? I don't know if my dick can handle that. Heck, I don't know if my brain could either.

Back to the recording from earlier. She's amazing at giving head. She must have had a lot of practice. That's so hot. My little girl gives amazing oral. She's sucking and licking his balls, deepthroating. Perfect. Now he's holding her head and fucking her throat. Pumping her mouth with his cock. I can't stop beating off to this. Now he's leading her to the bed and bending her over. He's dominating her and being so aggressive and she seems to love it. He's naked now but she still has her clothes on. He's pulling up her skirt and I didn't see him take any underwear off her. Little whore wasn't wearing underwear. He's mounting her like a beast and she's begging for it like a horny little slut. Amazing. I'm almost drooling. Now he's fucking her and slapping her ass. She's calling him daddy, too. She told him she isn't on birth control and he doesn't care. Oh my god what if she gets pregnant. He's pulling her hair and they're both moaning, groaning and she's screaming louder. Finally he collapses on top of her and I can assume he's shooting his load inside my baby girl. She's now on her knees licking him clean, wow. Now this is where I must have came home because he's quickly getting dressed and telling her to keep this quiet.

I just sit back in my chair and say "wow!". I can't believe I just saw that. This is exactly like my fantasies. It's real. I open up cams one and two and Mark isn't on cam one. It's been about a half hour since he thinks I went to bed so maybe he's sneaking up to her room but I don't see him on cam two. Hold on, I can hear her door open slowly. Now I see him enter on cam two. Are they going to do this a third time? Man I don't blame him for wanting to cum three times in one night with her. Holy shit. This is it.

Kayla's point of view.

My dad just told me that Mark is staying the night. I'm so excited! I hope he wants to come up here and use me again. Like no more than a minute after my dad tells me, Mark sends me a text.

Mark sends to Kayla: "i'm staying the night, to drunk to drive."
Kayla sends to Mark: "i know my dad just told me. that's awesome!"
Mark sends to Kayla: "i'm gonna wait a lil bit and then come up there. be prepared."
Kayla sends to Mark: "ok :)"
Mark sends to Kayla: "lol i had a fun time laughing at your dad tonite."
Kayla sends to Mark: "Lol! thats funny. he's so stupid. he probly doesnt suspect a thing."
Mark sends to Kayla: "lol ya he is. i dumped 2 loads into his daughter today ;)"
Kayla sends to Mark: "yah u did :P tasted so good.. but i hope im not pregnant lol"
Mark sends to Kayla: "lol i dont really care if u are. we can always get u an abortion. or just have the baby.."
Kayla sends to Mark: "whatever u want :)"
Mark sends to Kayla: "damn right."
Kayla sends to Mark: "im so excited to see u again.."
Mark sends to Kayla: "i'll txt u when i'm coming."
Kayla sends to Mark: "ok <3"

So after preparing myself for him, doing my hair and makeup and such, I'm just laying here bored. I'm so excited, especially with my dad being next door. It's been a half hour, come on already. Yes! I'm getting a text from Mark and he's coming up in a minute.

I sit up in my bed, eagerly waiting for him. Then my door opens slowly and he sneaks in quietly. I smile up at him and quietly run to him. I jump up into his arms and we kiss as he holds me. He lets me down and then grabs my face. "Mmm It's been too long since I've seen this face." He says to me.

"It's only been like an hour." I giggle.

"Like I said, too long." He kisses me again and I rub his chest with my right hand while we kiss. "My little fucktoy missed me, hmm?" He smirks.

"Yeah." I smile and bite my lip slightly. "We should be quiet. Don't wanna wake my dad."

"I don't care if we wake him, I'll beat his ass if he wants to try me." He smirks again. "But you're right, we should be quiet. It's way more fun this way." He sits down on my bed and pats his lap to signal me to sit on it. "Come here, baby."

I sit on his lap with my arms around his neck to hang on, his right hand on my ass. He's being a lot nicer and sweeter than before. He holds me as we kiss. "Strip for me, sweety." He commands me.

I do as I'm told and stand up in front of him and start to move my hips, then straddling his left knee and grinding myself on him, leaning over his shoulder to put my busty chest in his face. Then moaning softly as I touch his shoulder and chest. I turn around and grind my ass on his crotch while moaning softly under my breath. I turn around again and take off my tight top as he glares up at me intensely. Then I turn around and shimmy off my tight leggings, bending over to take them off, my ass in his face. He spanks it hard and I have to keep myself from yelping out loud. I'm in my bra and panties now in front of him. I straddle his crotch and grind my pussy on him. I can feel his bulge. I take off my bra and put my arms around his neck and pull myself up to put my tits in his face. He licks them, rubbing his lips all over them, sucking on them as he groans a little and squeezes my ass with his hands, pressing me closer. I moan softly as he continues to play with my tits. I can feel myself getting wet and turned on.

"Mmm good. Fuck you're so hot." He says as he gropes my body. He stands up and picks me up with him, holding me in the air. We kiss some more.

Mark's point of view.

Well I guess if I'm going to be staying the night, I might as well dump another load in my friend's daughter while he's next door asleep. I wait a minute until I know he's in his room, then I take out my phone and start texting Kayla, telling her the plan. After that I just relax, I'm pretty drunk. No more beers tonight. I don't even know if I can go a third time tonight but I'm sure when I see her that doubt will be erased. After about a half hour I figure it's time to go up, Tim's probably sound asleep.

I creep up the stairs, down the hall, and then quietly open her door. She immediately runs into my arms and we kiss. I hold her tight, feeling her all over. Her soft hair smells so good. "Mmm It's been too long since I've seen this face."

"It's only been like an hour." She giggles.

"Like I said, too long." I kiss her as she rubs my chest. "My little fucktoy missed me, hmm? I smirk at her.

"Yeah." She smiles. "We should be quiet. Don't wanna wake my dad."

"I don't care if we wake him, I'll beat his ass if he wants to try me." I smirk again. "But you're right, we should be quiet. It's way more fun this way." I would prefer to keep this just between us until she's 18 anyways. At least then I can't be arrested for banging her. I sit down on the bed. "Come here, baby." I guide her to sit on my lap. She sits on my lap, probably like how she used to when she was a little girl with Tim. Heh. I rub her tight ass with my hands. I've been planning on being a bit more gentler and loving with her tonight, then more rough abuse later on. I wanna mess with her head and get her addicted to me and my abuse. "Strip for me, sweety." I smile up at her.

She does as she's told, as I knew she would. She starts to move her hips in front of me, then straddles my left knee and grinds on it. She leans over me with her perky cleavage in my face. Continuing to grind on me while she runs her fingers on my shoulders and chest, moaning softly. She takes off her top as I glare up at her. She turns around and slowly strips her leggings down, bending over in my face. I spank her ass hard. Now in her bra and panties, she straddles my crotch, grinding her tight little pussy on me. My bulge is hard now. I can definitely go a third time tonight, heheh. She takes off her bra and for the first time I get to suck on those perfect tits. I waste no time in rubbing them, licking them, sucking them all over.

"Mmm good. Fuck you're so hot." I say between my teeth, instantly turned on. I flex, picking her up aggressively as I stand. We kiss more, passionately, as I hold her in the air with her arms holding onto my neck and her legs wrapped around my torso.

I lay her on the bed and then take off my shirt and jeans. Then I mount her, kissing her more, then kissing her neck as she moans. "We're gonna go slower than before, okay baby? Don't want to make too much noise and wake your weak ass dad up." I whisper, smirking down at her.

Tim's point of view.

I see Mark enter her room and she lights up when she sees him, like when I used to come home from work when she was a little girl. They kiss and he holds her. I can't believe I'm watching this happen live. She's now in front of him as he sits on her bed. She's dancing, almost like a lap dance. Now she's stripping. She's completely nude. His back is to me, they're opposite her mirror in her girly pink room. I can't see her tits because she's on his lap. He's feeling her all over. Now he's picking her up and standing with her holding onto him. They're kissing passionately. He's laying her down on the bed and then taking off his clothes. They're both naked on her fluffy pink bed and then he gets on top of her and they kiss more. I hear faint whispering but can't make it out. This is so unbelievably hot. I feel like I'm going to faint, it's too much. It's happening right in the next room! My daughter is being fucked again by my friend.

Kayla's point of view.

I feel him enter me, a lot gentler and slower than before when he fucked me. We breathe into each other, moaning, kissing, as I feel him fill my tight clit. Mmm this feels so good. I love being beneath him like this. We lock lips, moaning into each others mouths as he picks up the pace a bit, going deeper inside me. My eyes roll back, my body shivering slightly. "Mmm... Fuck me, Mark. Please fuck me." I pant and moan, whispering into his ear.

"Yeah, you like that baby?" He whispers back and then kisses my neck. His big strong body on top of me.

"Mmm yeah daddy." I moan slightly louder as I begin to feel my pussy throb around his cock. The pulsating sensation shooting from my pussy to my entire body. "Fuck me, daddy." He rocks the bed back and forth, thrusting faster into me. We kiss again, holding it as we moan louder. He grunts between kisses, I can feel him breathing harder as he fucks me faster.

"You're so fucking tight." He whispers before slowing down. "Ride me." He demands before pulling out and laying beside me.

I get on top of him and feel his throbbing cock enter me again. I grind my hips on him, my knees spread and kneeling on his dick. I moan softly as I ride him, feeling his cock fill me, his hands on my ass and moving with my hips. His hands go up my sides and pull me down on him. His arms wrap around me as I bury my face into his chest. He holds me down on him and begins to pound me as I lay on top him. It feels so amazing. I moan louder, my voice trembling as I pant. Faster and faster, he pounds me more. I start to feel my pussy tighten up and my body goes limp as I start to orgasm on him. "Oh daddy you're making me cum." I moan. He groans, holding me tighter, kissing me hard to stop me from moaning too loud. We lock lips as he continues thrusting in and out of me.

His right hand moves to the back of my neck as he holds me tight against his chest, kissing my head. He groans and then suddenly slows down. I feel his cock throbbing inside me, shooting his hot load of cum up in me. We both pant, he kisses me over and over as he holds me tight. I get off him and lay beside him, my head resting on his chest as I smile up at him and he smiles down at me. I kiss his chest and wrap my arm around him and he wraps his arm around me.

Mark's point of view.

I enter Tim's little girl, this sexy teen slut, slower and gentler than before. I want to make love to her this time and make her feel good. It's not normally how I like to fuck but I want to manipulate her and fuck her up mentally. I'll have her crawling to me later on when I start abusing her. I fuck her rhythmically, in and out. She's so tight, it's unreal. I kiss her as I hump her, she moans into my mouth. She's so horny for me. She calls me daddy, begging me to fuck her. I pick up the pace, my dick throbs inside her. I grunt, kissing her hard as I rock her back and forth on the bed.

She gets on top of me as I tell her to and starts to ride me. And she's a pro at that, too. Grinding her hips on me perfectly. I hold her by her tight little ass, moving it back and forth on my cock. After awhile of her riding me, I bring her down on top of my chest and wrap my arms around her, holding her. We kiss as I thrust up into her tight teenage clit. Faster and faster. She begins to moan, I'm making her cum. I kiss her hard to stop her from moaning too loud. Shortly after I begin to cum myself, shooting a huge load into her as I hold her tightly. I've never cum this much in my life before than I have tonight.

After holding her for a few minutes I go back downstairs. What an unbelievable day. But this is only the start. I'm going to have a lot of fun with Tim's baby girl.

Tim's point of view.

They're having sex now on cam two in Kayla's room. He's doing her slower than before. This is more like love making. In a way it's even more hot this way. I still can't believe this is happening. My own daughter with my best friend in my own house, right next door to me. They're kissing. I can hear little faint moans coming from her. So hot. My dick is rock hard. He's doing her faster now, harder, rocking the bed. I quickly leave the computer and put my ear to the wall. I can hear the bed squeaking! If I don't stop I'm going to cum. This is the hottest thing ever. I go back to watching the cam when I see that she's riding him now. She works his dick like a pro. My little girl loves to fuck and please men. Now he has his arms wrapped around her while holding her down onto his chest and pumping her. As they go faster, some of her cute little stuffed animals fall off her fluffy pink bed. I can faintly hear her moaning, they're kissing hard. She's loving it. Then he starts to slow down, I think he's cumming. He's shooting another load of his cum inside my teenage daughter. Now they're cuddling. Somehow this makes me feel even more conflicted. It's different from when i just saw him pounding her hard and violently. He just made love to her. I'm a horrible father. I'm weak and command no respect from anyone. He leaves and she falls asleep.

I go back to watching the recording from earlier. I jerk off watching her suck his dick. My own daughter being mouth fucked by my friend who's over twenty years older than her. I can't take it anymore, this is too hot. I cum so hard it makes me shake. It's the hardest I've ever came. Guess I'll go to bed and think about what's going to happen next between all of us.

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I like a bit of balance, send some clips to the cops and your work, leaving your daughters face out of it and watch the shit hit the fan.

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NHgUlO Very informative article.Thanks Again. Want more.

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I liked your first attempt at a erotic story. When using different points of view it may be possible to erase some of the redundency by opening creativity. Don't be afraid to explore two or three personailty types to match your characters to. If you can't find identical matches, use your imagination and subtly blend them.

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I did not like your switching from one person's perspective to another. To me, that is very confusing and requires continually
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KISS principle. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

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