Corrupt cops kidnap and gang-rape an innocent woman.
Part 1:

Katie crawled on her hands and knees down the uneven dirt trail, damp forest leaves clinging to her palms and shins. She wore nothing but a bright red collar around her neck and a pair of expensive pumps strapped to her feet. Her master walked behind her with leash in hand. Today he was merciful and she didn't have to wear her choke chain. Just an ordinary leash for a simple journey through the woods.

There were streaks of cum clinging to her mussed, tangled hair. They had found a secluded spot and he had ordered her to suck his cock. She found the experience rather enjoyable. There were no gags, no bizarre punishments, no cattle prods, no buttplugs, no additional female companions to play with. It seemed quite unusual in comparison to the hikes they normally enjoyed together. He had forced her to kneel on a pair of particularly rough pine cones while she gave head, but her knees would heal up in a day or two. Beyond that slight aggravation it had been a simple, intimate moment between master and slave. She was grateful for these moments. She was always grateful when he showed mercy, and he always showed just enough to remind her of her love for him. When they had first met her feelings for this man were quite unlike love.

Katie kept her head down and her eyes lowered as she wiggled her bottom invitingly. Her ass stung fiercely from the beating Thomas had administered early that morning. The wooden rod had left painful whitish-red streaks across her buttocks, and more across her pussy after Thomas forced her to spread her legs. He had beaten her like that the day they took her.


Katie Hafler was forty one years old, married and childless. She was fit, hardworking and blessed with lovely bright green eyes and a large, round and well-toned bottom. She was a nerd at heart yet she spent most of her free time at the gym. She was on her way to a convention when her car broke down on a lonely backwoods road. For a well-educated and experienced woman Katie could be naive at times. She never would have suspected that the sheriff's department of this quaint rural county occasionally involved itself in sex trafficking.

Thomas Kenner was a freelancer who worked with the corrupt police to ensnare traveling women. They knew little of his background except that he had worked for at least a decade as a bounty hunter before suddenly acquiring considerable wealth through unknown means. He was rich and well-connected enough to buy and sell women, and kept himself occupied by training and conditioning kidnapped ladies for the sex slave market. Even the cops regarded him as a sinister and unethical person.

Deputy Kent made the call to Thomas when he spotted Katie Hafler by the side of the road. He mused as he glimpsed her figure and the outline of her face. He could tell that she had a nice body. Her dark brown hair was tied in a ponytail and the waning sun illuminated her features with a soft, pale glow. He didn't need to see her up close. This one was a blessing. Alone, vulnerable and unsuspecting, Katie stopped calmly in her footsteps as the cruiser pulled to a stop on the road's shoulder a short distance in front of her.

The racket had begun long before Kent joined the force. The older deputies had told him that things started in the seventies with cops raping prostitutes. The bizarre ritual punishments and humiliations had been going on for almost as long. In the early eighties the sheriff started pimping out incarcerated hookers and other female inmates to scrape up some extra cash. With the right public decency laws in place and corrupt police and judges to enforce them, the department could treat any woman in their area of jurisdiction as a prostitute. Once the women were in custody Kenner made them disappear. Only a few of them stayed around. The Sheriff's new eighteen year old bride was a product of Kenner's dungeons, and several other county officials had concubines of their own. Kenner shipped the rest to wealthy businessmen and politicians all over the globe, keeping a select few for himself.

As Christopher Kent approached Katie Hafler he observed that she was strikingly beautiful and realized that he couldn't afford to waste time. They made eye contact for an instant. The fire in her eyes intrigued him. She was haughty, already frustrated at her own helplessness. Kent wondered if she had dialed anyone for help yet.

Katie expected words or a greeting. She became frightened as the police officer approached her silently with a firm, purposeful yet emotionless expression on his face.

"I... Hel-" she stammered before being cut off by the impact of the taser. She lost her footing and began to slump over, but the officer had already caught her by the hands and pinned them behind her back. He drove his knee hard into her luscious round backside and shoved her to the ground. Katie moaned weakly as she felt a needle plunge into her neck, and then she blacked out.

She woke up in a metal chair in a cold, sterile interrogation room. She was sitting in front of a desk with an empty chair on the other side. There was a heavy steel door directly behind the unoccupied chair. She was in pain but she couldn't understand why. Her head lolled as consciousness slowly flooded her mind. The pain radiated from below her waist. She realized that her vagina and anus were sore and burning. Her mind raced for an instant and suddenly she knew that she had been raped. She looked down and observed that her blouse and skirt were undamaged. She was still wearing a bra and as she leaned forward she felt the strap of her thong glide against her stinging, violated asshole. She was still wearing her pumps. No clothing was missing and there were no visible injuries on her limbs or body. Her glance shifted downward and to the left and she noticed her purse on the floor next to her.

Katie rose to her feet. Suddenly she fainted and fell to the ground, slamming her forehead against the desk along the way. She reached up from the floor and placed a hand on the desk, pulling herself back up. At that moment she noticed that the room was equipped with two security cameras that peered downward from the corners of the ceiling. She couldn't help but imagine that someone somewhere was laughing at her.

She straightened her rumpled skirt and walked carefully toward the doorway, trying to ignore the sensation of dizzy lightheadedness that threatened to destroy her sense of balance. Her equilibrium failed when she turned the doorknob and found it locked from the outside. Her body slumped hard against the door with a thud. Suddenly she heard a muffled voice from outside. She couldn't make out the words but the tone suggested that he was shouting. The walls in this room were quite thick.

Katie began to notice that she had a splitting headache and pangs of nausea in her stomach. She staggered back around the desk and slumped into her chair to collect her thoughts. She rubbed her temples and cradled her head in her hands, fighting the urge to cry. She could not fully embrace the grim reality of what had happened to her.

After a span that seemed an hour or longer to her the door swung open. A large man in a police uniform entered, closing the door behind himself. Katie heard a click as the man sat down and she realized that the door was locked again.

The man shuffled some papers on the desk, staring at them intently. He cleared his throat and spoke without looking at the nervous, shivering woman in front of him.

"Mrs. Hafler?"


He scribbled on one of the papers with a pen. "My name's Anthony, I'm with the Sheriff's department. How are you feeling?"

"Sick." Katie responded wearily.

"I'm sorry to hear that. I have some unfortunate news, Mrs. Hafler. What's important is that you're safe now. We believe that you were kidnapped by a man disguised as a police officer. You've been unconscious for a day and a half. You may have been sexually assaulted. The kidnapper escaped when we rescued you and we believe that he is still at large. I know this is a difficult moment for you, but you might be able to help us track him down. Would you be willing to answer a few questions?"
Katie gulped as a tear trickled down her face. "I... I'll try." she stammered.

The officer paused before speaking again. "Did you see this man dressed in a police uniform before he attacked you? Can you describe him at all?"

"ah... he was... average height, I think? Blonde with blue eyes."

The policeman nodded and took notes. "Do you remember anything about the encounter?"

"I... thought he was coming to help. He had a taser, I think. I barely saw it before he stunned me. Then he... injected something into my neck and I blacked out."

Anthony jotted down more notes. "And do you remember anything about his car or his uniform?"

"The uniform was... just like yours. There was a gun... on his hip, and-" an image from her memory flashed across her mind. "I didn't notice it until it was too late... he wasn't wearing a badge or a nametag... and his car didn't have a license plate."

"Thank you Mrs. Hafler, that's exactly what we're looking for." He scribbled more information onto the stack of papers lying on the desk in front of him. "Now, I'd like to ask you about the drugs that we found in your car."

Katie's mouth gaped as alarms rang out in her mind. "Who are you and why are you keeping me here?" She demanded in a soft but stern whisper.

"I assure you ma'am, we are the police and we're keeping you here under suspicion of drug trafficking. So please, tell me where you were going and for what purpose."

"He... The policeman... I mean kidnapper, he put them there obvi-"

"We have considered that possibility ma'am, but that wasn't my question."

Katie was openly sobbing. She struggled to compose herself and explain her trip to the best of her ability. The policeman seemed satisfied with her story. He continued his paperwork until they heard a knock at the door. He rose and exited the room. He returned five minutes later bearing an expression of indignant contempt upon his face.

"We've taken the kidnapper's fingerprints from half a dozen crime scenes. His prints aren't anywhere in or on your car, and your prints are all over these bags of cocaine, bottles of LSD, blotting paper, not to mention the hypodermic needles and bags of some powdery shit that the lab can't even identify yet. Also... your car was locked and nobody has broken into it. Have you checked to see if your keys have been tampered with?"

Katie leaned over in her seat and picked up her purse, clutching it tightly to her breast. She unzipped the small handbag and peered inside. Everything was exactly as she had left it, and her car keys were inside. Anthony stood up and peered inside.

"I think that's all the information I'll need for now. I'm placing you under arrest. The phones are tied up right now but you should be able to get in touch with a bondsman in about three hours."

Katie froze and stared ahead blankly. She couldn't comprehend what was happening to her. A strange man had drugged and raped her and now she was the one under arrest. She tried to protest but failed to find any words.

"Come on, out of the chair." Anthony ordered gruffly as he placed his hands under her arms and lifted her up from her seat. Katie jerked forward in a pitiful and desperate effort to escape, but the large man was on top of her instantly. He bent her over the desk, seized her arms and cuffed her hands tightly behind her back. Then he pulled her upright and shoved her toward the door.

Minutes later Katie stood before the desk of a female clerk, presenting her personal belongings for cataloging and archiving. They took away her phone, her purse and all of its contents leaving her with only her clothing and jewelry. The pretty but mean-faced woman behind the desk glowered at Katie for over a minute before continuing with her processing. She rose to her feet, walked behind Katie and unlocked her handcuffs, removing the steel restraints from Katie's wrists.

"All right then, Mrs. Hafler... strip!" barked the clerk. Katie expected this and yet she was completely unprepared for it. Her hands and then her whole frame shook with terror and disgust as she slowly unfastened the buttons of her collared pink blouse. The clerk grinned at her as she stood shivering in her tight black skirt and sports bra.

"Place your clothing on the desk." ordered the clerk. Katie folded her blouse neatly and placed it on the desk.

"Keep going" cooed the clerk. Katie unzipped the back of her skirt and shimmied it down her legs to the floor. The security cameras seemed to follow every movement of her impromptu striptease.

Katie reached to her feet to remove her shoes.

"Stop." barked the woman behind the desk. Katie froze. "Underwear next. The shoes go in a different vault."
Katie started to sob. She hadn't planned on losing her underwear.

"Do you want me to call the boys in here to help you get undressed?" threatened the female clerk. Katie sniffled and hesitated before reluctantly removing her bra.

Suddenly the clerk adopted a far more intimate and vulgar tone. "That's it. Good girl! Now show us that puss, precious."
Nausea overwhelmed Katie's senses once more. Her trembling fingers could barely find their way under the hem of her panties. With just a slight nudge the tiny, delicate thong fell to the ground. Her ass and bush were fully exposed to the security cameras and the strange, leering woman in front of her.

The clerk whistled and clapped her hands in mockery of the terrified, nude prisoner. Katie instinctively drew her legs together, turning her knees inward. She picked up her thong and placed it on the desk atop the rest of her clothing, her feet still teetering on the heels of her pumps.

"Nice slut shoes." the clerk observed scornfully. "Maybe the boys will let you keep them on when they play with you."

A fresh chill shot down Katie's spine. What was this woman talking about?

The woman scooped up Katie's clothes in her arms and shuffled past the prisoner one more time. "Gonna need your jewelry too."

Tears continued to stream from Katie's eyes as she unclasped her necklace and removed her watch and bracelet. Finally she gritted her teeth and placed her wedding ring into the bundled in the clerk's hands.

"Atta girl." the clerk sighed as she patted Katie's bare bottom, clutching the clothes against her body with her other hand. "Be right back." She gave Katie's ass a hard slap.

The clerk exited the room in a hurry, leaving Katie to stand alone and naked. She stood for over ten minutes, frantically reassuring herself that the woman would return with a uniform, that this was a routine procedure and she would soon be exonerated and released. She was suspicious enough to consider that the police had planted evidence on her, but too trusting to realize that the evidence never existed. The police had concocted their drug story simply to confuse and intimidate their new captive, thereby decreasing the likelihood of struggle and escape. Katie Hafler persisted in foolishly believing that she could still enjoy the rights of a human being, a misconception that the authorities were all too eager to correct.

She heard a click behind her and whipped around. A door was opening, the same door through which she had entered the room. She shrieked when two large uniformed men and a short Indian man dressed as a physician came through, slamming and locking the door behind them. The taller men were carrying rifles. Katie instinctively covered her breasts with one hand and her crotch with the other and stared at them with wild-eyed panic.

"Sorry ma'am, but we'll need to search your body. Please bend over the desk." He pointed to the vacant desk previously occupied by the female clerk.

"You can't do this! Who in the fuck do you think you- aaaaggghh!" Katie shouted as the men took her roughly by the arms and dragged her to the counter. One guard seized her by the neck. She continued to protest but found herself interrupted when the large man pushed her head down and her mouth and nose crunched against the hard wooden surface. He had been relatively gentle yet the bruise on her chin would last for days. Meanwhile the other guard took the opportunity to cuff her hands behind her back once again.

Katie groaned and sobbed as the small fellow from India produced a gynecological speculum from his coat. Swiftly and professionally he inserted the metal tool into her vagina and spread it open, shining a flashlight into it with his other hand. Then he inserted two of his fingers and poked about inside her. After a moment he looked up, withdrew his digits from her pussy and raised his thumb approvingly. If Katie could have looked behind her and seen this she might have assumed that he had searched her for contraband and concluded there was none to be found. On the contrary the doctor had simply signaled to the guards that her genitals were healthy and free of disease. Katie realized something was amiss when the guards began to take turns fingering her.

"No!!" She wailed as they molested her with expressions of unconquerable smugness etched onto their faces. She braced herself for seemingly inevitable rape only to be further confused when the fingers and speculum departed from her cunt. Having given his blessing the doctor departed from the room, leaving the door unlocked.

"Move!" barked one of the guards as the other jerked Katie up by her cuffed wrists and pushed her toward the door behind the clerk's desk. They began to prod her forward with the butts of their rifles. On her high heels she had great trouble keeping the pace that her captors demanded, tripping and barely catching herself once every few steps. She had no idea how deeply she would soon regret wearing those shoes on that particular evening. The men half-pushed her down a long, dimly-lit hallway for several minutes and then began to slow down gradually. As the pace slackened Katie began to recover her bearing, walking at a more comfortable pace. Her poise and gait were alluring, her back arched slightly and her bottom wiggling behind her. The guards understood that she did not adopt this humiliating posture by choice. The shoes and handcuffs made it difficult to walk any other way. With her arms immobilized behind her she couldn't help but thrust her bare tits out into the open, her nipples standing hard and swollen in the chill air of the county jail.

Finally the men halted at the door to a small unisex restroom. "You get to use the employee restroom today, lucky lady." one of the them remarked as he opened the door, bowing and gesturing toward the toilet sarcastically. "Good thing we don't like to watch." The cuffs came off once more and Katie walked meekly through the door. The men stared at her ass for a moment longer, then closed the door behind her.

The men allowed her seven minutes of privacy and then began to pound at the door. After two more minutes Katie emerged timidly with her eyes downcast, covering herself once more with her hands.

"Turn around, miss. Hands behind your back. That's right." Katie reluctantly obeyed as one of the men cuffed her hands behind her yet again. Then they shoved her onward, this time faster than before. She stumbled and fell onto her knees once or twice. They stopped once more at a tiny utility closet. Nothing could have prepared Katie for what was inside.

The door swung open and the naked woman's eyes widened as she saw a number of dog leashes hanging from a rack. Stacks of gaudily ornamented and brightly-colored pet collars rested on the shelves inside. Katie pouted, tears gushing from her eyes. They chose a nondescript pink collar for her. She offered no struggle and stood weeping as they fastened it around her neck and attached a bright red leash. At last she understood why they had forced her to keep her high-heeled shoes on. She was about to become their new bondage toy, and the shoes would help to ensure that she stayed wherever her captors put her. After closing the door one of the guards took her leash in hand and the pair walked ahead of her, leading her down the hallway so quickly that she could barely keep up. They gave her very little slack, allowing the cord to stiffen and tug painfully at her neck. At last they reached the entrance to the main cell block and ushered their prisoner through.

The door slammed shut behind the guards as they rushed the poor naked handcuffed woman into the block at gunpoint. The air in the cell block was bitingly cold but Katie couldn't stop sweating. Howls and catcalls reverberated up and down the concrete walls. The male prisoners clung to the bars of their cell doors howling and salivating like animals. The noise was overwhelming. Katie couldn't make out any complete sentences in the tangle of shouts, just repeated echoes of "cunt", "cock in your mouth", "stupid bitch", "cum all over your face", "jizz-chugging whore" and so on. This lonesome county jail seemed to be a repository for all of the world's misogynists and sex offenders. The cell block was three stories tall with dozens of cells and a clear view of the ground floor from the upper floors. The cell block was a stadium and Katie was the star attraction.

The captive handcuffed woman caught bits of phrases like "this time" and "better looking than usual". It dawned on her that this humiliation was no isolated incident. She was now taking part in a brutal, sadistic ritual. The attention made her lightheaded.

Katie turned her head downward, noticing her high heeled shoes as if for the first time that evening. She knew that she looked like a whore. She had never truly known shame before this moment. As she stood naked save her collar and shoes for the amusement and titillation of this crowd of rapists she noticed with no small amount of consternation that she was becoming physically aroused.

"You think she's gettin' wet, Marshall?" inquired one guard of his coworker.
"Better let Horatio inspect her." replied the other with a sadistic grin on his face. He nudged Katie toward one of the cells with the barrel of his rifle. She felt the urge to vomit as she realized what was happening.

She meekly approached the cell door until Marshall shoved her forward and she stumbled headfirst into the bars. A short, mustachioed Mexican man approached her from the other side of the door.

Horatio fancied himself something of a Casanova. He was the sort who always kept pomade on hand, even in jail. He was small but handsome with a youthful and innocent face. He was vicious and skilled at crafting a shiv, and thus had little trouble defending his heterosexuality. He also knew how to work a woman's clit and pussy with his fingers.

Marshall proffered Katie's leash to the gentleman in the cell. Horatio took the leash in hand, glanced at Katie's downturned, tear-filled eyes for a moment and then yanked backward roughly. Katie flew face-first into the cell door, her cheekbones colliding painfully with the steel bars. Horatio put his hand between the bars and stroked Katie's chin as she groaned and strained against the cuffs that pinned her arms behind her. He caressed her face, wiped a tear off her cheek and tied her leash tightly around one of the bars. Marshall continued to prod her, poking her roughly in the buttock with his gun. She edged forward nervously, weeping and sobbing. Soon she was flush with the cell door, her hips and thighs pressed against the bars. Suddenly each guard had ahold of one of her legs. They began to spread them apart while Horatio reached between the bars again, this time towards Katie's crotch. He stroked her pubic hair and slipped his index finger into her vagina as she sobbed.

"No... please. Please stop! Why are you doing this? I just want to.. I just wanted to..." she trailed off as the small, tan man withdrew his finger and smiled. Her pussy was soaking wet. He wiped his finger on her pubes and began to rub her clit, groping her breasts with his other hand. Katie cried and struggled to avoid looking at him, but once every so often his eyes met with hers. She found the intimacy of their encounter suffocating. It was something worse than rape.

"She likes it!" Horatio shouted with a satisfied grin on his face as he fingerfucked her while pinching and tweaking her exposed nipples. The whole cell block burst into derisive laughter.

"The little bitch is having fun!" Marshall observed as his coworker laughed.

"She's the one we're looking for, Marshall. She'll come out and entertain the boys every single night."

"It's good for her too, right? I mean, the pussy ain't complaining" Marshall asked as he started to take turns with Horatio at fingering the helpless woman's unusually well-lubricated vagina. First his index went in, then his middle finger accompanied it. He almost managed to work his ring finger all the way in as well before she started screaming. Marshall pulled out his pussy juice-soaked fingers and held them above his head as the other guard stared.

"She's in fucking heaven, Marshall. Get the gear. It's time to see how she likes spending time on her knees."

By the time they untied her from Horatio's cell she was a mess. Her pubic hair was tangled and matted, the skin around them red from tugging and yanking. Her nipples were pinched and manhandled, her tits scratched and bruised. Her inner thighs were slick with her own cum. This was new to her. She didn't normally expel much fluid during orgasm, nor did she often experience multiple orgasms in a row. In a sense she was truly discovering sexual pleasure for the first time. The exhibition and submission were making her hornier than she had ever been before. Her long brown hair was dark and slick where Horatio had wiped his fingers of her juices. Her face, knees and shins were bruised from their time spent pressed against the steel bars. She continued to moan and groan pitifully, but the jail was used to this routine. Her moans and cries of orgasm had been authentic and involuntary. Now she was overcompensating, trying to hide her prior climaxes by creating the illusion that she had simply been groaning in agony the whole time. Nobody in the room was convinced. She hadn't begun to hurt yet.

The inmates roared, calling her a faker and a slut. She closed her legs and kept them together as tightly as she could as she staggered away from the cell. Her thighs were still slick with her own juices. As she felt them rubbing and sliding together, stroking and moistening her labia she nearly came again. Another involuntary cry of pleasure escaped her lips.
"Oooohhh..." she moaned to the amusement of her captive audience.

Another wave of shame overtook her and she became dizzy. She stumbled as the inmates laughed. She turned her head toward Horatio's cell for a brief moment. He met her gaze and winked, prompting her to turn her head away in horror and disgust. She suddenly realized that she had been thoroughly and utterly conquered by a veteran rapist, and he hadn't even taken his dick out.

Marshall returned and approached Katie with a large duffel bag. The simple presence of the bag filled Katie with an overwhelming sense of loathing and dread.

"Jesus fucking Christ." Marshall swore as he examined Katie's naked, exposed body. "All that boy had to do was fingerfuck you and you came like a schoolgirl! You've gotta be absolutely starved for cock. I hope we've got enough here to satisfy you." She would have punched him in the face if her hands weren't pinned behind her back. She wondered if she might have a chance to wheel around and tear his cock off should he happen to take it out. Unfortunately this was not her lucky day. Marshall opened the bag and produced a thin, wand-like device with two metal prongs at the end. Katie had never seen one before in person but she knew what this one was for.

"On your knees, cunt!" Marshall shouted as he kicked her in the bottom. She stumbled forward, lost balance on her precariously high heels and fell to her knees. Marshall took hold of the leash attached to her collar. "Go!" he barked as he pressed the prongs of his electric cattle prod against her ass, one prong touching her anus and the other her vagina.

"Auuughhhh!!" shrieked Katie as a jolt of electricity seared through her tender holes. Another wave of mocking laughter rose from the inmates. She had received the message. She crawled forward on her knees, unable to use even her hands to support herself. Every now and then Marshall would kick her between the shoulder blades and she would stumble forward, waving her exposed ass and cunt in the air as her face hit the floor. Then came a wave of shocks from the prod as she struggled to keep moving. Eventually she took the hint that her captors preferred for her to keep her face down and her ass up, so she kept her head to the floor.

"Faster!" Marshall shouted as he zapped Katie's neck, butt, crotch, thighs and back intermittently. As tears streamed down her bruised cheeks she struggled desperately to mentally block out everything and everyone around her. Nonetheless she became dimly aware that more jail personnel and sheriff's deputies had arrived at the party. Suddenly there were three cattle prods urging her forward, then four and five. The jolts were quick but the sting was a lasting and painful one. The jolts to her pussy and clitoris were especially maddening.

Marshall walked ahead of the crawling, battered, naked woman and stopped a few cells ahead of her. She struggled forward to the best of her ability as the electric shocks came to a halt and her torturers backed off. She arrived at Marshall's side and he gripped her by the ponytail and dragged her to an upright kneeling position. As soon as she caught a glimpse of the cell she began to scream uncontrollably.

Inside were nine men of varying age and ethnicity, each of them naked from the waist down. They all sported large, throbbing erections and stroked themselves as they stared at Katie's bound, bruised frame and her pretty tear-soaked face.

"No!! No no no you can't make me do this I just... you can't... you fucking perverts!! I'll fucking kill you!!"

Katie's futile protests degenerated into incoherent sobbing as the men eyeballed her like a slab of meat. Her pussy was still wet and tingling.

Despite the ordeals facing poor Katie she held on to a glimmer of hope. She prepared herself to deliver a brutal and painful bite and perhaps convince her captors that she was too volatile, too dangerous to be used in this way. At this moment she truly and sincerely longed to die. She decided that she had to persuade her captors to kill her.

Marshall retrieved another device from his bag and dashed Katie's hopes to pieces. He jerked her again by the hair and strapped a large ring gag to her head. Another man approached her and gradually she recognized him as the man who had captured her shortly after her car broke down. Deputy Kent pinched her nose shut, forcing her to breathe through her mouth. She struggled valiantly but within seconds Marshall had forced the ring between her teeth. A few more jolts from the cattle prod to her tits persuaded her to open wide, and Marshall forced her teeth apart with the ring and fastened the gag into place.

Having forced Katie's jaw open and neutralized the threat of her teeth, Marshall dragged Katie by the hair to the cell door and proferred her leash to a large black man inside the cell. He took the leash and yanked it hard, slamming her face against the bars of the cell. She inched her knees forward to relieve the strain on her neck. After a few seconds her body was once again flush with the bars of a jail cell, her mouth hanging open for the inmates' convenience.

The man holding Katie's leash thrust his large black cock between the bars and into her mouth. Keeping a tight grip on the leash, he dragged her head forward and backward over his cock as the salty, sweaty organ filled her mouth and nearly forced her to gag.

"She ain't usin' no tongue." the prisoner observed as he pumped his cock in and out of Katie's limp, unresponsive head. Marshall reflected for a moment on the absurdity of a prisoner complaining about a blow job. Training is training, he concluded.

"Lick, bitch!" the guard commanded as he zapped her buttocks once more. Katie whined into the black cock occupying her mouth. Her tears dripped onto to the man's dick and mingled with her saliva as his penis grew ever stiffer. She had never encountered such pitiless human beings before. Her pain and humiliation just made their cocks harder and harder.

Marshall had to shock her a few more times, this time on the soles of her feet before she took to her assigned task with the eagerness and enthusiasm that her trainers demanded. She started licking the black man's shaft furiously, bobbing her head up and down with almost mechanical rhythm as she tasted beads of pre-cum on the end of his cock. Every now and again he would caress, squeeze or maul her tits with his hands. The man thrusted for a few more minutes as she cleaned his penis obediently with her tongue. Suddenly he pulled out of her mouth and sprayed cum all over her face and hair. He had been saving himself for this moment.

Each man in the cell took his turn fucking Katie in the mouth as she continued to lick, slurp and bob her head with forced enthusiasm. She was exhausted but she dared not slow down. Within two hours there were eight loads of jizz covering her face and body and one in her belly. A new surge of horror and mortification gripped her when the men started coming back for seconds. They intended for her to spend all night on her knees sucking dick.

Marshall greeted Thomas Kenner as he strode across the floor of the cell block. Kenner's heart skipped a beat when he saw his new acquisition. Her body was amazing and her technique was even better.

"She'll make a damn good fluffer. Probably not a star. But who knows, if she eats pussy as well as she sucks dick then I can probably auction her off to the execs."

Katie couldn't help but overhear their conversation as she continued with her degrading task. The dicks were somewhat drained and less sensitive this time around. The work was much more difficult. Her jaw ached terribly and her mouth was parched.

"So what do you think?" Inquired Marshall.

"forty now, forty more when she auctions."


Katie's heart was breaking. Had she just been sold for eighty thousand dollars?

"Kent fucked her a few times while she was under. Nobody else touched her. She's goddamn kinky as fuck, too. She's getting off on all of this."

"I told you, Marshall. The program works. Women love what happens to them here. It's goddamn sexual liberation. We're setting this pussy free."

"Amen. It's about time, too. This bitch needs a meat injection. Ready to test drive your new ride?"


Thomas turned toward the broken, kneeling girl as she sucked cock desperately like a cheap whore. He had a wooden rod in one hand and a sex toy in the other, a small vibrating egg. He rapped the rod hard against her tits.

"Up!" he commanded, and she slowly rose to her feet.

"Don't stop! Keep that cock in your mouth!"

She obeyed and stood bent over at a right angle in order to keep the dick inside her mouth. She struggled to maintain balance on her high heels as her latest paramour shoved his penis in and out of her face. Thomas began to stroke her from behind.

Katie's self-control slipped and her voice rang out in pleasure once more as Thomas Kenner rubbed the vibrating egg agains her clitoris. After a few minutes he started to work the toy in and out of her vagina, rubbing her clit with his other hand. Her skin broke out into goosebumps and she shivered with unwelcome delight.

Having lubricated the vibrator with her pussy juice, he gently inserted the egg in her anus. She had no experience with anal play and the sensation of a vibrating object in her ass was completely alien to her. Yet all she could do was moan like a slut and concentrate on the penis in her mouth. Suddenly there were two as the inmates began violating her mouth in pairs. She had no idea what to do with two dicks in her mouth.

She barely noticed when Thomas unzipped his trousers and entered her pussy from behind. They weren't joking about her. She was desperately horny. He warmed up quickly and within a minute he was fucking her hard, filling her pussy with his dick while the men inside the cell continued to violate her mouth. They were coming inside her mouth now, and each made the extra effort to ensure that she swallowed. The semen in her flat little belly added to her mounting nausea.

Thomas fucked Katie's cunt for ten minutes before the intensity of the squeals emerging from her cock-stuffed mouth persuaded him to give her a moment of respite. He pulled out and fluid trickled from her vacant pussy as her pelvic muscles began to contract. Her pussy and anus twitched in orgasm as the men who surrounded her cheered with mocking approval. Katie's mood grew yet darker as she realized that even death was too much to hope for. A man had just raped her and she had barely noticed until he made her cum. She had never imagined that she might physically enjoy being raped, and she certainly hadn't expected to enjoy it more than any prior sexual encounter within her memory.

Thomas had more abuse in store for the harried and tormented lady. He raised the wooden rod in his hand and struck her ass with a slow, steady rhythm while she howled and sobbed into her playmates' cocks. Each crack of the stiff wood against her skin echoed throughout the foreboding concrete structure. Twenty fresh horizontal welts rose on her delicate skin, appearing red at first before deepening to a dark purple with a raised white scar at the center of each mark.

Thomas paused to assess his handiwork. The bruises would heal before any auctioning would take place. He wanted to take his time training this one. Still there was no reason she couldn't have a taste of real discipline.

"Spread your legs. Keep them apart or you'll be fucking sorry."

Katie obeyed. Now she was teetering, relying on the men raping her mouth to hold her upright. She squeezed her eyes shut in anticipation of the coming pain.

The sting shot through her abdomen so violently that she swore he was hitting her in the crotch with a sledgehammer. Katie's intense arousal rendered her genitals particularly hypersensitive. The pain induced by that thin little rod striking her genitals rendered all of the previous tortures of the evening insignificant in her perception. She screamed violently, shrieking and wailing into the flesh of the prisoners who continued to gang rape her orally.

Thomas struck her pussy fifteen times but it felt to her like a thousand. Her clit and labia had been swollen from arousal, but she found the additional swelling induced by the beating to be far less pleasurable. Her eyes were red and parched from crying.

Now she was ready for Thomas to finish himself off. He fucked her for another quarter of an hour before he reached orgasm, depositing his cum deep insider her pussy. She was on the verge of coming again as he finished. The egg vibrating away in her ass kept her genitals damp throughout the session. It made her feel dirty and hot. She felt strangely grateful for its presence as her rapist pulled out of her vagina. Thomas backed away from her for a moment. Katie knew that he was up to something dreadful.

"It'd be a shame to leave that pussy empty now. Got a little surprise for you, girlie."

Thomas strode to Katie's side and the men raping her mouth let go of her for a moment so she could turn her head just slightly. She spied Thomas on her left with something green and leafy in his hands. She noticed that he was now wearing heavy leather gloves. She stared at the long, leaf-covered stalks without comprehension. Her eyes drifted to the gloves and she nearly fainted again when she surmised the intended function of the plants.

"Aaaghhhgh.. agh!" Katie protested helplessly into her ring gag while Thomas brushed the stalks and their leaves against her nude body. Then he started to whip her with them. The pain set in after a moment. Katie was aware of the existence of stinging nettles but had never become acquainted with them up close. The plants' tiny needles broke off and embedded themselves in her skin, raising bumpy red rashes wherever they touched. A powerful, fiery itch overtook her body. She longed to scratch herself, to find cool water to relieve the itching, to fend off the horrible leafy fronds before they began to sting the more tender areas of her body. Yet she remained totally immobilized as a dark-skinned inmate siezed her leash from inside the cell and slammed her face against the bars once more. She had caught a glimpse of what was happening to her and now it was time for her to resume her appointed task.

As dicks continued to thrust in and out of her gaping mouth she groaned in agony, an action that served to further excite the penises that lunged ever deeper into her throat. She massaged them involuntarily with the gentle rumbling of her tortured voice. Within minutes Thomas had covered every inch of her body in nettle stings. The skin covering her neck, her back, her thighs, her belly and her ass was red and swollen. She felt as if she were on fire yet she was steadily becoming too exhausted to scream.

Thomas wrapped fresh stalks of nettles around each of her legs, leaving them in place. He stepped away from Katie only to return with fresh nettles. She continued to stand bent forward at the waist, legs spread four feet apart, her ass and crotch thrust prominently into the open air. Suddenly she felt something cold and metal enter her vagina. As the metal device began to spread her pussy open she realized that she was being "examined" via speculum once more. He was showing off every detail of her anatomy to the prisoners for their amusement, or so she assumed. His intended purpose was far more horrible.

Katie felt the plants slide into her gaping pussy, then she felt her insides begin to burn. A sudden burst of adrenaline spurred her to scream at the top of her lungs. Her wailing was so intense that the men raping her mouth pulled out in surprise. She screamed and sobbed pitifully through the ring that continued to force her teeth apart as her eyes flared red and tears splashed onto the concrete floor. Then suddenly the speculum was gone, and her nettle-stuffed vagina closed tightly around the horrible stinging plants that filled it. This was more than she could stand. She felt the grip around her leash relax slightly, and took the opportunity to bolt down the hall with her leash trailing behind her, cunt-moistened leaves falling gently from her searing vagina. She managed to run ten paces before Thomas stepped on her leash. The yank at her neck caused her to hit the floor, where she crumpled into a fetal position and sobbed.

Moments later they had dragged Katie's battered, bruised, rash-covered body back to the cell to continue sucking prisoner cock. Now her feet were cuffed together as well as her hands. The toy egg continued to vibrate away inside her bottom. The policemen took the opportunity to provide her with more toys: two powerful clamps attached painfully to her nipples, and three more for her outer labia and the hood of her clit. She jumped when they attached the clit clamp and began to twitch energetically, bucking her hips wildly and fucking the air in a reflexive effort to shake off whatever vile force was biting and stinging her pussy. She was barely aware of her surroundings by this point. Before she was allowed to continue with her assigned task, Thomas had one more treat for her.

"Almost time for lights out." Marshall noted. “I'll be back to pick you up tomorrow, precious. You can keep having fun with the boys until then.” The guards and other non-inmates nodded and quietly exited the room. Katie realized to her horror that they were leaving her exactly where she was until morning.

The lights dimmed a few minutes later and Katie spent the night tied to the cell door, sucking cock for her nine imprisoned lovers as they demonstrated heroic stamina in remaining erect and amorous until the break of dawn. Most of them came to her for a third round at some point during the night and three of them felt the need for a fourth blow job. They plastered her pretty face and round, perky tits with their cum while she wept, her aching knees and jaw and the burning sensation inside her cunt driving her to the brink of madness. She continued to wave her bottom in the air, repeatedly clenching and unclenching every muscle in her lower body as her reflexes spurred her into a desperate, humiliating and involuntary dance in hopeless pursuit of relief. Even as most of the inmates drifted off to sleep a few remained upright to watch, point and laugh at her lewd display.

The newly christened slave girl struggled to distance herself mentally from her agony. Her mind drifted. She wondered if her family and friends were searching for her. Little did she realize that the twisted deputies had demolished her vehicle in order to plant the charred, twisted wreckage at the base of a highway-bearing cliff in an adjacent county. The search for Katie Hafler would not last long.

Katie would have no more involuntary orgasms that night, but the vibrating egg lodged inside her anus and the pressure of the clamps attached to her most tender parts kept her in an irksome and teasing state of constant arousal. She continued to lick, slurp and take shots of cum to the face for several long, painful hours as she wished desperately to lose consciousness. She knew that her wish would not come true.


Katie's first encounter with Thomas was memorable to say the least. But from that moment on she was his. If she couldn't accept it then, she couldn't deny it now as her master led her crawling through the forest. She had worn the leash for so long that it felt like an extension of her body. She relaxed when it was caressed, jerked to attention when it was tugged, and cried when it was yanked. She couldn't pinpoint the moment when her life's priorities had changed, but all she wanted now was to satisfy him the way he always satisfied her.

She froze on her hands and knees. Of course her master had brought a disciplinary instrument with him. She recognized the sensation of the cattle prod's tines against her pussy and anus.

The touch of metal against her sphincter indicated what she had done wrong. Her butt was empty and she had failed to request an accessory.

She trembled as she kneeled and brought her hands together pleadingly. Gazing deeply into her master's eyes she began to apologize.

"I'm sorry that I forgot to wear my buttplug today, master. Will you please discipline me?"

"Forgot? How did you forget?" replied the man holding her leash

"I... it just slipped my mind." This was untrue. He had ordered her to take her plug out before they left his estate yet she had already forgotten.

"What's wrong? Don't you like it?"

Her face reddened but she didn't break eye contact. He required her to respond to inquiries like this with carefully rehearsed answers.

"Yes, Master. I love anal very much. I love it when you put things in my butt and fuck my big whore ass. It makes my clitoris tingle and it makes my pussy wet. I always come harder when there's something big and hard in my bottom, Master." She smiled warmly and sincerely as she spoke.

Thomas observed the beads of moisture on her bare thighs as they glistened in the sunlight that filtered through the treetops. She always got wet when forced to speak like this. Her master dragged the prongs of the cattle prod across her skin as she prepared for a jolt. To her amazement and relief he withdrew the device and smiled. She noticed that she was getting wet again.

"You aren't wearing a plug because I never gave you permission to put yours back in. Wouldn't do to spoil you, woman."

"I understand. Thank you, Master." Katie responded with a broad smile, ever eager to please.

"Today is a special day. Want to take a guess as to why?"

Katie frowned and thought hard. "I have no idea, Master."

Thomas cleared his throat loudly and irritably. Suddenly she remembered what she had forgotten to say, something he required her to say whenever he asked her a question and she didn't know the answer.

"...because I'm a stupid slut and I don't know anything except how to fuck!" she continued , her pensive frown shifting seamlessly into a naughty grin. As the words escaped her lips they filled her with a sensation of calm, submissive placidity. She fluttered her eyelashes at him coyly, then closed her eyes and giggled while her pussy moistened.

"Of course you are, darling. Just so you know, today is our anniversary. I bought you exactly one year ago. We're heading to the old jailhouse tonight to celebrate. Got some old friends there and they're dying to see you again."

Time seemed to stop for the poor, obedient slave. It was all starting over. She was about to relive the horror of that first night. She didn't know if he was whoring her out for money or simply out of cruelty and she didn't care. Her heart was sinking but she rarely cried these days. There was only one acceptable way for her to respond.

"Yes, Master. I can't wait! I'm excited... and horny! Thank you for making my pussy so wet, Master."

Katie delivered her forced line with an equally forced smile on her face as her owner nodded approvingly. For the first time in months she felt disgusted at her own arousal. She continued to fight back tears as they continued down the trail, her bruised butt thrust indecently into the air.

Her first evening in the county jail had been the worst experience of her life up to that point, yet the following day had been so brutal that she found herself yearning for the simple pleasures of that first night.


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