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My first story so let me know what you think! its all true by the way!
The Golf Course part 1

This is my first story everyone so bare with me! My names Will I’m 18 and I’m about 5’8 quite broad shouldered and full of muscle…not that has anything to do with what I’m about to tell you! A few years ago me and my friends used to go into the woods and get drunk! It was like an outdoor party! We had a special spot under a motorway bridge which we reffered to as ‘the bridge’ which was right outside a golf course, but ill tell you about that later. After a few weeks more and more people started coming out with us and our little group gradually grew from four right up to twenty on a good week! It was great, every Saturday night wed meet up, go and get our drink (which was no easy feat considering we where all minors at the time,but lucky for us, a few people looked much older than they where!) and set off for ‘the bridge’. Now I really thought of the bridge as a chance to get as much girl action as I could, considering all the drunk chicks that where staggering around! Being one of the lucky guys you could say, I always got a little bit of action every week, mostly with a different girl if I might add, but never got what I really wanted! Which was laid! Now don’t get me wrong im not a virgin, but most of the girls where and they were all still quite a bit naïve about sex. So every week I’d usually settle for fingering a chick and getting jacked off, or even a blowjob if they where really drunk! One of my favorite chicks to try it on with was a girl called chase. She was usually easiest to get some action off but I knew I was never going to get laid off her, and to be honest she wasn’t that hot! But however one week, she told us her little sister was coming out with us! I knew her sis from school and stuff but never really knew her! I knew however that she was a lot hotter than her sister and hearing that she was coming out with us caught my attention! It all started off as a normal night, we went to the bridge, started getting drunk and I began the usual flirting with chase and every other girl! We had been there for about an hour when her sister showed up with a few other girls that usually came out with us! They had been drinking in the house as they said it was too cold to drink outside so most of them where already drunk. Chases sister, who was called Stacey looked extremely hot (which was easy since id worked my way through a quarter bottle of jack D already) but I knew even my drunken state wasn’t trying to kid me! She was about 5’3, gorgeous body, about c cup tits, and brown hair with blonde through it. I looked over at chase who was walking towards her sister and immediately regretted ever doing anything with her! I knew that she would have told her sister all about me and that I probably wouldn’t have a chance in hell with her, but still I went over and began talking to her straight away all the same! I could see the jealous glint of chases eyes, but the way Stacey reacted to me made her smile, and she looked me and smiled before she walked away. Stacey didn’t seem interested in me at all, which to be honest doesn’t happen to me that often so I decided from that moment on to make sure I pulled Stacey no matter how long it took me and what I had to do to get her!

Stacey began coming to the bridge every week and became part of the regular crew, which I was definitely pleased about! After about four weeks I still didn’t feel I had got any where with her, even though I’d hardly even spoke to another girl since the first week she had came. I had been putting all my energy into Stacey and I was actually really starting to like her! I realised that I actually enjoyed just talking to her more than I did getting action off the other girls from the bridge, and I was starting to think maybe I should leave it before I get too into her. But on the fifth week I persuaded her to come a walk with me. We walked into the woods just before the golf course and sat down on a big fallen log covered by bushes all round! As we sat down on the log I asked her if she liked me.
“ you know I like you, but you know I can’t do anything about it!” she said. Now this came as a shock to me because she really hadn’t gave off any signals of us being anything more than friends and I couldn’t help smiling in relief
“I thought you weren’t interested in me considering how many times ive tried to flirt with you and got no response!”
“yeh well chase doesn’t want me to go near you, she thinks I’m just going to get used just like all the other girls back there!”
“I would never ‘use’ you!” I said in defence.
“well you used all of them didn’t you?”, this caught me off guard and I didn’t really know what to say to her! I mean, I had used the other girls but weren’t they using me just as much as I was using them?
“well you’re different!” I said, and I ment it! Just looking at her sitting there was giving me a hard on and I was dying to kiss her! She moved a little closer her face just inches from mine.
“why am I different?” she said.
“because your beautiful, and perfect and ive never wanted anyone so much before in my life!”. at this I grabbed hold of her and kissed her. At first she began to resist a little but then she gave In and started kissing me back. I gently pushed her back on the long and lay on top of her kissing her. I was hesitating to do anything else when I realised she already unzipped my jeans and was pulling my cock out of my trousers. By this time my cock was rock hard and it seemed to get even harder as I felt her soft hand start to rub my cock. At first she was gentle, running her hands over the tip of my cock, swirling her finger tip in the precum that was already leaking from my dick. I unbuttoned her trousers and slipped my hand down her panties. She stopped completely for a second as my hand brushed down through pubic hair over her little hard clit and I felt her soaking wet virgin pussy! I inserted a finger and she let out a low moan and tightened her grip on my cock. I began to push my finger in and out of her pussy and the more I did it the harder she gripped my cock. I was getting a little worried because she was wearing a lot of jewellery on her hands and I didn’t want to ruin the moment with any accidents, so I began kissing me way down her neck, and on to her stomach. I pulled her top up to reveal her tits and began kissing my way down again. As I reached her belly button I began sliding her trousers down over her knees along with her panties. She seemed to freeze for a second and I hesitated to go any further, she gently pushed my head down rubbing her hands through my hair as she did so. I finally reached her pussy and began to lap up her soaking wet juices. She jerked as I flicked my tongue over her clit, and when I did it again, she pushed her pussy into my face. I began to concentrate on her little clit, still sliding my finger in and out of her cunt. She began to moan and was practically humping my face. I was beginning to get tongue cramp but I could sense she was near orgasm so I kept going until she finally began to shake in the ecstasy of her orgasm. It lasted for about 20 seconds as she held my face firmly into her cunt, my fingers deep in her pussy as I could get them and I could feel her cunt muscles contracting round them. Once it finished I pulled my head out to speak to her but I didn’t get a chance. She flung me onto the ground kissing me and tasting her own juices. She then went for my dick and practically devoured it in one. Now don’t get me wrong my dicks a good seven inches and its thick too, but she had the whole thing in her mouth and was sucking wildly, I could feel her tongue swirl round the tip of my cock. After about a minute of this she started sucking the tip of my cock down to the bottom, making me fuck her face and I couldn’t hold it in any longer, it was by far the best blowjob id ever had. I began to come and gave her warning but she didn’t seem to care, she just kept on sucking as I spurted load after load of cum into her throat and she swallowed every bit of it. Once I finally emptied she moved up and kissed me again, this time softer and I could taste the slightly salty taste of my cum on her lips.
“that was the best blowjob ive ever had In my life!” I said to her. She laughed.
“It will get better if you meant what you said earlier…” .
“what do you mean?” I asked
“you said you weren’t going to use me and that you actually liked me!”
“I do really like you, or else I would have given up before now!”
“yeah I guessed that, that’s why I came with you tonight”.
“and aren’t I glad you did” I said, and we both laughed, pulled our trousers back on and headed back to the bridge. As we walked I took hold of her hand.
“Chase is not going to like this at all, you know”
“right now I don’t care what anyone thinks!” I said and we walked back to the bridge holding hands, ignoring chases look of rage and jealousy as we walked past.

To this day im still going out with Stacey. Its been two years now and theres a LOT more where this came from so if you liked it and want to get to the really dirty stuff let me know what you thought!


2006-01-08 02:37:03
pretty much it sucked

yup big time blowage

completly childish writing style


2006-01-05 23:36:08
Good story. Tell us about the first time you slid your hard cock into her hot wet snatch.


2006-01-05 12:49:57
Not everything needs to be an exclamation (you overused the !). But still a good story.


2006-01-05 04:52:32
good one, where's part two?


2006-01-04 22:29:15
Pretty good, but you have got to break it up a little, the text is pretty difficult without paragraphs. Keep writing.

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