John's lifelong quest to find the girl of his dreams takes some very unexpected twists and turns along the way.
* * * * *


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The author holds exclusive rights to this work.

Author's Note:

This novel deals with extremely taboo situations and events in a very graphic, no-holds-barred manner. It covers a myriad of taboo sexual categories, ranging from "incest" to "rape," and beyond. If taboo thoughts, ideas and fantasies are not your sexual "cup of tea," then by all means, please feel free to bypass this story entirely. Consider yourself warned.

The storyline of this novel occasionally jumps around in time--either forward, or backward--from one chapter to the next. So those of you who do decide to continue onward to actually read this whole story through to the very end will need to pay close attention to the year date at the beginning of each chapter.

Lastly, my hopes are that you will find this story to be thoroughly entertaining, in addition to being sexually exciting.

* * * * *


An Adult Erotic Twisted Tale About Taboo Relationships

by rat_race

* * * * *


1997: The John

* * * * *

There’s just something very special and exciting about doing a thing for the first time ever. Especially when that "thing" is a brand new vagina that one’s erect penis is on the verge of penetrating.

At least, that was the essence of the main thought that was preoccupying Johnathan Ridgeway’s mind, while he was rubbing the head of his erect dick along the crack of her moist pussy.

John had already screwed more chicks in his 44 years on the face of this earth than he could count on all of his fingers and toes combined. But this woman, who was about to become the next "notch" on John’s “gun,” was truly different from all the others. He sensed that there was something very special about her. But he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

And John knew this from the very moment that their eyes had first locked together. She had walked into Fred’s bar earlier that same evening, and had sat down on the bar stool at the bar, right beside John.

There was really nothing spectacular about the way that this 25-year-old lady looked, or dressed. She was wearing a loose-fitting beige sweater, faded blue jeans and some dark-brown cowboy boots, with her jeans tucked neatly inside them.

Her shoulder-length, brunette hair was perfectly-parted right down the middle to form thick ponytails that were hanging down on each side of her head. Her twin ponytails were way too long and thick to be called pigtails, even though that’s what they technically were. And she had each ponytail tied up with a narrow piece of royal blue ribbon, done up in almost-identical bows hanging over the top of each ear.

She had a rather plain-looking unremarkable face, accented with only the minutest touch of makeup, which did help to make her face look a little bit more attractive than it really was.

And she had a slender, boyish-looking body that no guy in his right mind would ever describe as being “built like a brick shit-house.”

But then John wasn’t exactly a "Mel Gibson" either. He was already at least 35 pounds overweight, with most of that excess fat being deposited around his stomach and waist, in the classic “tire-tube pattern” that middle-aged wives are all too familiar with.

He had thick brown hair, which was about the only thing that he had in common with the lady just described in the previous paragraphs. And John was already going prematurely bald. But he had enough hair covering the rest of his body to more than make up for the noticeable lack-of-hair on the very top of his head.

He wore brown horn-rimmed glasses, was a high-end computer analyst by profession, and most of the women who knew him considered him to be a nerdy type of guy. Definitely not the type of guy that a woman would normally get the hots for.

But since John had money, and all of the exorbitant trappings to go along with it, he also had been blessed with the good fortune of being able to bed almost all of the women that he had ever actively tried to pick up. There are a lot of gold-diggers in this world, and John knew it. And he also didn’t give a damn. Because the only thing he ever really wanted from any of those women that he picked up, was the use of their female genitals for a night or two.

Of course, he wasn’t stupid enough to let them know that fact in advance. Instead, John would always wait until he had first gotten what he had wanted, before he would finally "spill the beans," and let the woman know that she didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of establishing any kind of on-going relationship with him, or with his money.

But tonight, John wasn’t feeling particularly horny. And so he wasn’t trying to pick up any women, although there were a few of them sitting at various locations throughout the small tavern.

Instead, John was lost in his own thoughts and staring into the mirror behind the bar, when the sweater-and-boot-clad, girlish-looking woman approached him.

The moment that she sat down beside him, she enthusiastically announced, “Hi, my name’s Lisa Chadwick. What’s yours?”

Oh God, she sounds just like a Talking Barbie doll, John thought to himself. And a Talking Barbie doll was the last thing that John needed right now. Without even looking at her, he dryly replied, “John,” and he automatically took another sip of his Colorado Bulldog.

He was still lost in his own daydreams and unconsciously shaking his head, when she said, “I’m sorry. I really don’t know how to go about doing this kind of thing any more. I guess I’ll just go sit at a table or something.”

“No no, that’s okay,” he said, still half-way locked into his daydream state. “It’s a free country. Go ahead and have a seat.”

“Are you sure about that?”

John finally glanced over at her for a moment. “Look, lady, I don’t bite. At least, not very hard. But I am guilty of howling at the moon from time to time. I guess it’s just a trait that comes from being a Ridgeway.”

This was John’s poor attempt at humor. He usually wasn’t a very funny kind of guy. People tended to laugh at him much more often than they tended to laugh with him. So he immediately turned back towards his sickly-sweet drink, and tried to mentally transport himself back into the same daydream.

“Being a what?” she asked.

“A Ridgeway,” John snapped back at her. “'Ridgeway' is my family name.”

Lisa plopped herself down onto the circular hardwood bar stool beside him, and she made a concerted effort to tone down some of her enthusiasm.

“Well, John, would you like to provide some company for a lonely lady?” she quietly said to him. “I just need to talk to someone. That’s all. You don’t even have to say anything, if you don’t want to. I just need someone to listen to me for a little while. I’m sick of sitting at home and talking to four walls.”

John finally turned to look at Lisa, as she was pouring her heart out to him. My God! Her eyes are beautiful, he thought to himself as he was staring deep into them.

Lisa had large, powder blue irises encircling her jet-black pupils. And her "bedroom eyes" were truly the only remarkable part of her otherwise plain-looking face. Despite John’s constant stare, she smiled warmly at him, and he instantly knew that she was a very special woman.

John went out of his way to assist Lisa in ordering a Tom Collins from the bartender. And then Lisa and John both sat there at the bar and chit-chatted. They talked about lots of different things, none of which had anything to do with the subject of "sex." And an hour or so later, John felt like he had known this young woman for many years. This seemed odd to John, when he considered the large age-difference that existed between the two of them.

It was at about this point in their conversation, that Lisa took a sip of her second Tom Collins, and decided that it was finally time for her to make “the move.”

“You know,” she said in a subdued voice, while staring into the top of the half-empty, tall slender glass directly in front of her, “I haven’t been kissed by a man for an awfully long time.”

She slowly looked back up at John, and he could tell that her eyes were getting watery.

“Would you kiss me, John?” she politely asked, “I mean, really kiss me. So that I can remember what it’s like to be with a man?”

John was floored. He didn’t know what to say. He felt like a fool, as he just sat there, lost in those gorgeous, melancholy eyes of hers.

She quickly turned back towards her drink, bowed her head and closed her eyes. John saw a single tear stream down the side of her cheek.

“I mean...that’s okay,” she said to him. “You really don’t have to kiss me, if you don’t want to.” She slowly turned her head towards him, but kept her eyes averted, as she added, “But I’d sure be grateful if you would.” And only then, did she look back up into his eyes.

John leaned across, and started to politely kiss Lisa on the lips, when her mouth suddenly opened up wide. And her wiggly tongue came out, searching for his. She passionately rubbed the palms of her hands against his chest, and then quickly moved one of her hands down into his lap. And she grabbed hold of the bulge in his crotch and started massaging it.

John was both flattered and embarrassed when he finally backed off from the kiss. “Whoa there, little lady!” he exclaimed, “You’re really something else!”

“Thank you,” she smartly replied, and then leaned over very close to him to sexily whisper in his ear, “I think you’re cute as a teddy bear. I’d love to take you home with me tonight, so I can snuggle up with you...and fuck...your...brains...out!”

She backed off, and looked at him for a moment to gauge his reaction, before she abruptly turned her attention towards the mirror at the back of the bar.

“Of course, you can just stay here at the bar, if that’s what you really want,” she quickly said, with the words spewing out of her mouth like water gushing out of a wide-open spigot. Her pace didn’t let up, as she added, “And I’ll understand. Believe me, I will. In the past, I’ve said 'no' to a lot of guys myself and--”

Lisa’s faucet-mouth came to a jarring halt, when she felt John’s warm, fleshy hand reach over and gently engulf hers. She looked back up at him, and didn’t say a word for a few seconds.

“But I’d really appreciate it,” she very slowly stated, in the calmest voice she could muster, “if you would let me take you home with me tonight. I promise you, I don’t bite. At least, not very hard. And I don’t mind at all if you howl at the moon. I guess I’ll just have to howl right along with you.”

What could John really say to a proposal like that? Absolutely nothing, of course.

But he definitely felt like he was robbing the cradle, as he stood up, pulled out his wallet, dropped a fifty on the bar, thanked the bartender, and proudly put his arm around this lovely lady’s shoulder. They left the bar together, behaving like a newlywed couple on the first night of their honeymoon.

Twenty minutes--and a lot of kisses--later, they arrived at her place. Lisa lived in a modest-but-well-kept, single-bedroom apartment. As soon as they stepped through the front door, John closed it behind him, locked the door and turned back around.

Lisa instantly ambushed him, as she passionately French-kissed him for what seemed like the hundredth time. But this time, her hands were busy unbuckling his belt and pulling the zipper down at the front of his pants.

John expected her to grab hold of his dick and fondle it, like she had done at Fred’s bar, right in front of all the other customers.

But instead, Lisa backed away from him, quickly pulled her sweater off up over her head, undid her bra, and dropped those pieces of clothing down on the carpet, right at John’s feet. Then she darted off--with her body now naked from the waist up--and made a beeline for her bedroom.

John just stood by the front entrance for a moment, in total disbelief. Every time that he thought he had this young woman figured out, she would end up doing something else that totally caught him off-guard and surprised him.

He thought to himself, This lady’s like a birthday or Christmas present that you unwrap and open up, only to discover another wrapped box inside of the box that you just opened.

John was lost in this thought when an Eva Gabor-sounding voice, with its overly-thick Hungarian-style accent, playfully called out from the bedroom, “Vell, come on, you bik tettybeya. Vaht ahh you vaiting fawh, dahlink? An ad in duh newspaypah?”

* * * * *


1988: The Family

* * * * *

Once upon a time, there was a papa bear, a mama bear and a baby bear--all living in the same house with Goldilocks.

Well eventually, Mama Bear got so disgusted with Papa Bear’s excessive drinking, that she tried to punish him by denying him his husbandly porridge. But Mama Bear had badly underestimated Papa Bear. He refused to be denied that which he felt was rightfully his.

So Papa Bear decided that he would get even with that ol’ Mama Bear. Late one night, he went to Baby Bear’s small bedroom, while she was sound asleep in her little bed, and he vowed to himself under his breath, “I’m gonna eat your porridge, you little baby bear bitch!”

* * * * *

Lisa Chadwick’s whole life had seemed to her like it was some weird, distorted fairy tale.

In this particular fractured fairy tale, Lisa was the baby bear. But it might be more appropriate to call her the "bare baby," because she preferred to sleep in the nude. And even when she didn’t, the most clothing that she would ever wear to bed was a pair of panties. Even on the coldest of nights, she relied on her blankets and quilts to keep her nice and toasty.

Lisa really wasn’t a baby either--at least not in the true sense of the word. She was a 18-year-old girl, with the intellect of a 21-year-old, and the sexual knowledge of a 9-year-old. With this combination of traits, Lisa was also a walking-disaster waiting to happen.

But right now, Lisa wasn’t walking. It was a Sunday night--February 14th, 1988, to be exact--and she was sound asleep in her own bedroom, tucked safely under the covers of her own cozy twin size bed, and having one of those erotic dreams that had been plaguing her ever since she had reached puberty.

Her erotic dreams always involved her playing the role of the young princess, who was rescued from her evil stepfather, the king, by some handsome young prince. Of course, the role of "the prince" was played by whichever boy at school that Lisa happened to have a crush on at the time.

But even though "the prince" was always someone different, the ending to the dream would always turn out the same. The young prince would whisk Lisa away from her horrible existence, and they would end up passionately making love in the late evening on a secluded stretch of beach, with a full moon shining down on the white tops of the ocean waves, as they relentlessly crash and splash up against the rocky coastline.

In her erotic dreams, Lisa also always envisioned herself as having long straight reddish-gold hair, and the hourglass-shaped body of a fully-grown, voluptuous woman.

This was a far cry from the gangly, narrow-hipped, budding-breasted, almost-boyish body that Lisa woke up to in the mirror every morning. And she would have been extremely disappointed--and very upset indeed--if she could have looked into a crystal ball, and seen that, 9 years from now, her fully-grown woman’s body wouldn’t look that much different from the 18-year-old body that she now inhabited.

Many times, Lisa had woken up from one of these erotic dreams to discover that her hand was already stuck in her crotch, with her fingers in auto-pilot mode, as they were deftly stroking away at her already-moist and blood-engorged vulva. Of course, once she was awake, she would simply continue to masturbate, until she had finally orgasmed enough that she felt satisfied, and could go back to sleep.

Lisa didn’t know that the sexual act she was performing in her bed late at nights was called “masturbation.” She thought that is was called “playing with yourself,” because in her past, when she was a young child, whenever her mother had caught her doing it in front of someone else, she would always tell Lisa not to play with herself. But Lisa didn’t have any qualms about doing it in private, because her mother had told her that it was okay for her to do that.

So Lisa would wake up from an erotic dream, and happily stroke herself from one orgasm to the next, without ever realizing what an “orgasm” was. Lisa only knew that whenever she "played with herself," it gave her these incredibly wonderful--and uniquely pleasurable--sensations that she would always look forward to experiencing, over and over again.

And just like other normal healthy girls her age, Lisa absolutely loved to stick her fingers up into her own vagina, whenever she was masturbating. She thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of having at least two of her held-together fingers inserted up into her vagina, as she was instinctively stimulating her G-spot with her fingertips.

Whenever Lisa was playing with herself like that, she would always automatically tend to keep her eyes closed, while she vividly fantasized about what it would be like for her to actually have sex with a guy in real life.

At her mother's insistence, Lisa was home-schooled. This meant that she never got to take the standard sex education classes offered by the public school system where she lived. And that was the main reason why she was so naive about anything having to do with "the birds and the bees."

Instead, Lisa had gotten almost all the information that she knew about the subjects of "sex" and "lovemaking" from her best friend, Sharon, who was also 18 years old. Of course, this wasn’t exactly the ideal way for a girl her age to get that kind of information. In certain aspects, it was like the blind leading the blind. Nevertheless, what Lisa found herself fantasizing about a lot lately, was a thing called “fucking.”

She and her best friend, Sharon, had gone to the local zoo together last month, and they had witnessed two lions copulating. The female had crouched down on her stomach, and the male lion had approached her from behind, and was looming over her, as he repeatedly bit at the back of her neck.

Lisa had said, “Oh look, Sharon, those two lions are fighting each other.”

And Sharon had replied, “They’re not fighting, Lisa. They’re fucking.” Sharon had seen the confused look on Lisa’s face, and she added, “Oh, come on, you know...they’re making baby lions.”

“But look at him biting that poor lioness on the neck. She doesn’t seem very pleased about what’s going on. Are you sure they’re not fighting?”

“Believe me, Lisa, I’m positive that those two lions are fucking right now. Look at their back-ends. She's got her tail pulled over to one side. And see how the male lion’s got his wiener stuck into her pussy?”

“Yeah, but what’s he doing to her?”

“I already told you, silly. He’s getting her pregnant, so she can have babies. All mammals fuck.”

“Do people fuck too?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes," Lisa answered, and then added, "Well, do they?”

“You bet they do! And they do it a lot, too!”


“‘Cuz they're mammals, and it feels good to do it. That’s why. Haven’t you ever stuck your fingers into that big hole at the very rear of your pussy?"

Lisa didn't respond. She just stood there with her mouth open, staring blankly at Sharon. So Sharon quickly lowered her right hand down in front of her pelvis, and pointed her extended index finger at her own crotch as she strongly whispered to Lisa, "You do know that it's called a 'pussy,' right?”

“Yeah,” Lisa finally admitted, feeling pretty embarrassed.

“Well, doesn’t it feel really good to you, when you stick your fingers up into your hole?”

“Yeah,” Lisa quietly said, nodding her head as she was starting to blush.

“Well, okay then. I rest my case. Doesn’t it make sense that having a guy’s wiener inside that 'special hole' of yours would feel good to you, just like your own fingers do?”

Lisa nodded in agreement.

“In fact,” Sharon continued on, “a guy’s dick should feel even better to you, because that’s exactly what that 'special hole' of yours was meant for.”

“I thought it was meant for a baby to come out of, when a woman gives birth.”

“It is. But the lady’s got to get pregnant first. And the only natural way she can do that, is by letting a guy stick his dick in that 'special hole' down between her legs, so that he can fuck her. Of course, the guy's gotta get a hard-on first. You do know what a hard-on is, don’t you?”

Lisa slowly shook her head, with a puzzled look on her face.

And so Sharon began describing for Lisa exactly what a hard-on was. During Sharon’s description, Lisa realized that she already did know what a hard-on was. She just didn’t know that the word “hard-on” meant the exact same thing as the word “boner,” which was the slang term that Lisa was very familiar with.

Lisa had actually seen a “boner” in person, just a couple of weeks before. It happened when she had accidentally walked in on her stepfather, who was in the bathroom, taking his morning pee.

The bathroom door wasn’t completely shut, and Lisa had simply assumed that no one was using the bathroom, even though the bathroom light was on. Besides that, she needed to urinate very badly.

So she grabbed the doorknob and threw open the bathroom door. And she was already inside the bathroom by the time she realized that her stepfather was standing in front of the toilet in a very strange, leaned-over position--with his legs spread unusually far apart--as he was struggling to urinate from his fully-erect penis. Of course, the erect state of his penis was something that he had simply woken up to, just like healthy men do in the mornings.

Naturally, Lisa's stepdad turned his face towards her, to see who had barged in on him. But then, he calmly turned his head back around, and continued to "do his thing" at the toilet.

Lisa just stopped dead cold, and stood there in shock for a moment, with her eyes locked on her stepfather’s erect, pissing penis.

“If you’re gonna watch me,” her stepdad said, without looking at her, “you ought to at least come over here closer, so you can get a better look at my boner. Remember...there aren't any secrets in this family.”

Lisa quickly apologized and dashed out of the bathroom, pulling the bathroom door closed behind her--but not before she had already seen much more than she had needed to see. And for the rest of that day, Lisa just couldn't get the word "boner" out of her head.

So during her trip to the zoo last month, Lisa already knew what a hard-on was. But thanks to Sharon, Lisa now knew what a hard-on was supposed to be used for.

And when Lisa got home from the zoo that evening, she went to her bedroom to be by herself, and she thought about various things. She thought about the two lions "doing it" at the zoo, right in front of her and Sharon. She thought about what Sharon had told her about “fucking.” She thought about the time that she saw her stepfather’s boner--his "hard-on." And then she thought about what her stepfather had said to her in the bathroom that day. Especially the part about there being no secrets in their family.

This statement by her stepfather had run totally contrary to Lisa’s real-life experience. In fact, she wondered why he had even said that to her, because he had to have known that it was just another lie.

Lisa had grown up lying so much, that she found herself starting to believe some of her own lies. From as early as she could remember, her mother had insisted that Lisa lie to all the other kids around, and pretend that her stepfather was her biological father. Mom had demanded that Lisa always call her stepfather “Dad” or “Daddy,” instead of using his first name, like stepchildren would naturally tend to do. But the hardest thing for Lisa to do, was to pretend that her “Daddy” didn't have a drinking problem.

Edward Chadwick loved his liquor--much more than he loved his own wife, Valerie.

He had met her while she was working as a stripper at Bare Bottoms, a local titty bar. He had really had the hots for Valerie, because she was the wholesome, girl-next-door type, who didn’t fit in with all the other bleached-blonde, mountain-breasted bimbos that worked at Bare Bottoms.

Valerie’s breasts were on the small side, and they were very firm, and nicely-formed. She also had lovely legs, and a pussy mound that was completely hidden under a very thick patch of dark-brown pubic hair. Ed was in lust, from the moment he saw Val take off her bra for the first time.

Ed showed up at the topless club every night, for about a month. And he eventually talked Val into going out with him on a date.

During that first date, Val had confessed to Ed that she wanted to give up stripping, and find a guy to settle down with. And Ed was determined that he would be that "guy." After all, Val had spent the night with him that first date, and Ed wanted to do whatever he could to keep her coming back to his bed again and again.

Ed took his time "courting her," and finally married Val seven months later, after she had already moved in with him.

Valerie’s daughter, Lisa, was only five years old, when her new "daddy" came into her life. And she was very fond of Ed. He spoke with a thick southern drawl, and had all the charm of a true southern gentleman, which naturally made him a very likeable character.

About the time that Ed and Val hit their first anniversary together, the lust started slowly wearing off, and Ed began to see the true woman that, up until now, had been camouflaged so effectively by her outward appearances.

The true Val was a real bitch, as far as Ed was concerned. She was a pathological liar. And she wasn’t the genuinely-nice person that she had led Ed on to believe. Only a few months into their marriage, Val had already begun to whine at him, and nag him about different things.

Ed had always been a fairly laid-back sort of guy. But over the next several years, his patience wore thinner and thinner. He found himself spending more and more time at work--he was an auto mechanic, and a damn good one at that--and spending less and less time with his family.

A few years ago, right after Lisa’s 10th birthday, Ed just couldn’t take the stress any more, and something inside him snapped. He began drinking heavily.

Of course, he never drank before or during work, because he didn’t want to risk losing the only job he had. But the minute that he punched out on the time clock, you could be sure that he would be heading straight for the pint of Jack Black that he religiously kept in the glove box of his Ford pick-up truck.

After “priming the pump,” as he used to like to call it, he would head out to the bars and clubs with his buddies. And he would stay all night long, until he was forced to leave at closing time.

Then Ed would come home in a drunken stupor, usually to pass out on top of the bed, still in his work clothes.

Sometimes he would wake up Val, and have sex with her. But that only happened on those rare nights when Ed had miraculously managed to not drink too much, so that he would actually be capable of getting an erection.

Of course, Val’s nagging had become incessant by now. And the only reason that Ed would ever try to have sex with her nowadays, was because he would finally get so horny that he just couldn’t stand it. And Val’s pussy still beat no pussy at all.

But even when Ed did actually manage to have sex with Val, all she ever seemed to do afterwards was to complain that he didn’t make her cum good enough, and that he didn’t care about her any more.

And to emphasize that fact--in her concerted effort to throw it all right back in Ed's face--Val used to openly diddle her own already-creampied pussy, until she had made herself cum enough so that she would finally feel sexually satisfied. And Val always did this right in front of Ed, immediately after he was finished fucking her, and had rolled off the top of her.

Over the course of the next two years, Ed’s personality began to change drastically, as the alcohol slowly took over his life. He even started drinking at the house on the weekends.

Lisa was painfully aware of how her "daddy" was different now. And she started to become scared of him, because she had seen first-hand, just how easily Ed could lose his temper, and go ballistic on her.

One time, he had asked her to bring him a beer from the refrigerator. And while she was setting the can of beer down on the armrest of the sofa, she accidentally spilled a little bit of it. Ed cussed her up one side and down the other, calling her names like “slut-puppy” and “little bitch.”

All Lisa could really do, was to stand there and take Ed's verbal abuse, because if she tried to walk away from him, he would grab her by the arm--or by the hair--and forcefully hold her in place, until he was finally ready to let her leave.

Ed was a large man, by anyone’s standards. And even though he was 36 years old now, he could kick the ass of most guys half his age, if he wanted to. He had the overly-muscular arms and upper torso of a mechanic. And the fact that he had developed a very visible beer-gut still didn’t make him any less ominous.

So the last thing Lisa wanted to do, was to get her stepfather angry with her.

Then this last weekend, Lisa had noticed that her "daddy" was acting kind of strange. He just kept staring at Lisa, whenever she was in his presence. And Ed didn’t say one word to her, either. He just sipped on his beer, and stared at her body--specifically, at the private parts of her body that were below her waist.

What Lisa didn’t know, was that three nights before--which was Friday--Ed had tried to have sex with Val. But she had steadfastly refused his advances. She had told him that she wasn’t ever going to have sex with him again, unless he straightened out his act, and stopped drinking for good.

Then she warned him that he had better not try to rape her either, because she would call the police, and press charges against him. But even though Ed was very angry at Val for what she had done, he also knew that she would carry through with her threats.

So Ed sat there fuming all weekend long, while he was figuring out a way to get even with Val, while not getting himself into trouble in the process.

Ed was also feeling very horny. And Lisa’s 18-year-old body was starting to look inviting to him. But he didn’t know if he could really do that. He would just have to drink on it a little more, and think the whole thing out, before he decided to take action.

* * * * *


1988: The Rude Awakening

* * * * *

At 10 o’clock on Sunday night, February 14th, 1988, Lisa took off all her clothes--except for her panties--turned off the bedroom lamp, and slipped in under her bed covers. It was a school night, and she knew that she should be going to sleep as soon as possible. But she was having trouble getting her mind to shut off.

She kept thinking about the strange way that her stepfather had silently stared at her lower body all day today--as well as throughout the whole day yesterday--and Lisa had a creepy feeling about it. She knew something wasn’t right, but she didn’t know what that “something” was. And that bothered her a lot. But pretty soon, Lisa was well on her way to la la land, despite her earlier anxiety.

By 1:00 A.M. Lisa was getting towards the end of one of her "prince rescues princess” erotic dreams. In her dream, she was on the same familiar secluded stretch of beach, making love to the latest version of "the prince." But in reality, she had her hand stuck in her crotch, "making love" to her own pussy.

In her dream, the prince had magically transformed himself into the same male lion that Lisa and her best friend, Sharon, had seen coupled-up with the female lion at the zoo last month. Lisa wasn’t scared of the lion at all, as she lay down on her back, and held her arms out towards the lion, gesturing for him to come to her. As he approached, she spread her legs far apart, to let the lion get into position, so that he could mount her.

She reached down and wrapped her hand around the base of the lion’s penis. And then she rubbed the pointed tip of it against her own pussy mound, before inserting it up into her “special hole”--the one that Sharon had enlightened her about. And the lion’s penis filled her vagina up, and felt so good to her! Much better than her own fingers ever had.

And that’s when Lisa began to slowly wake up, with the natural anticipation of the masturbation that would inevitably take place next.

But instead, she woke up to the shocking discovery that her hand really was wrapped around the base of a fully-erect penis.

And the head of that penis really was inside of her “special hole.”

But this penis belonged to her own stepfather, who was now looming over her in her own bed, and was coupled-up with her in a missionary-style position.

Lisa tore her hand away from his penis, as if it were a hot iron. “Oh God, Daddy, please don’t do this!” Lisa pleaded with him.

“Don’t do what, honey?” her stepfather replied, and she could smell the stench of the whiskey on this breath.

“Please don’t fuck me!” Lisa begged.

“What makes you think that I'm fucking you? You're the one who's done everything so far.

"I heard some moans comin' from your room. So I walked in to check on you, and see if you were okay. And you were lyin' there, with your hands stuck down between your legs, diddlin' yourself, and havin' a good ol’ time.

"Then you kicked off all the covers, and you pulled the crotch of your panties over to one side, and you just kept on diddlin' your little bare pussy right in front of me. Well, a man can only take so much, ya know? And pretty soon, I had a boner.

"Then you held out your arms towards me, like you wanted me to come join you. And when I crawled up into bed with you, you spread your legs apart. So I moved in between 'em, like any man would naturally do.

"And you reached down, and you grabbed my boner, and started rubbin' it up against your pussy. Then you stuck it inside you, and kept on squeezin' my dick. And now, here we are.

"So who’s really fuckin' who right now? I’d say that you're the one fuckin' me.”

“You don’t understand, Daddy. I was having a dream. I wasn’t awake at all,” Lisa said, hoping that Ed would listen to her, while at the same time, realizing that she was probably fighting a losing battle.

“Yeah, sure. And my dick’s not inside your little pussy right now, either,” Ed sarcastically replied.

“Come on, Daddy. That’s my 'special hole.' Please don’t do this!”

“Now, Lisa, you know you’ve been wantin' my dick for a long time now. I could tell from the look you had on your face, when you walked in on me in the bathroom that day, a few weeks back. I could tell that you wanted to stay there with me in the bathroom. You wanted to touch and play with my dick. But you were way too scared to do anything about it at the time. So you ran off.

"But I’ll bet you’ve fantasized about my dick for a long time. And now, you’re finally doin' somethin' about it."

“But, Daddy, it’s not right. We shouldn’t be doing this,” Lisa pleaded.

“But we already are, aren’t we. Now you just relax. I’m gonna ease my boner further up into your...your 'special hole,'” Ed explained, before doing just that. “There. Now that didn’t hurt, did it?”

“No, but--”

“Good!" Ed interrupted her, and then just kept on talking away. "Boy, you must’ve had a great dream, Lisa, 'cuz you’re really wet inside.”

“Yeah, I know," Lisa admitted. "But I’m really scared, Daddy. I’ve never done this with anyone before. I mean, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do...”

“Don’t worry, you’ll do just fine. Now I’m gonna slowly move my dick--I mean, my 'special finger'--around inside your 'special hole.' How does this feel?” Ed asked, as he began to slowly thrust his penis in and out of Lisa's now-deflowered vagina. “You do like this, don’t ya?”

Lisa didn’t answer him. She just closed her eyes, and noisily sucked air in through her closed, chattering teeth. And Ed instantly knew the answer to his question. Val used to make that same type of shivering sound, whenever she was getting really turned-on. Ed hadn’t heard that sound in years, and the irony of this wasn’t lost on him.

This was going to turn out even better than Ed could have ever imagined. He had originally planned to physically hold Lisa down, and rape her against her will. But none of that had been necessary at all. And now, it looked like Lisa was going to do much more than just passively cooperate with him. For Ed, this was going to be a very sweet revenge indeed!

“Daddy?” Lisa whispered with her eyes still closed.

“What, honey.”

“Please don’t get me pregnant,” she half-heartedly pleaded, as she felt her rational mind totally shutting down on her, and she started naturally turning her attention towards much more important things--like noticing that Ed’s loose-hanging balls were slapping up against her butt, every time that he made an energetic inward thrust.

“Don’t you worry 'bout that right now, honey,” Ed reassured her, as he paused his thrusting just long enough to say to her, “You just lie there and enjoy yourself.”

And Lisa did just that, while Ed continued to enthusiastically hump away at her freshly "de-virgin-ized" vagina. Lisa kept her eyes closed, as she fantasized that her "daddy" was the male lion, and that his penis was the male lion’s weird-looking, animal-penis.

And a few minutes later, when Ed made one final thrust with his penis, and he began to ejaculate, Lisa felt the lion’s pointy-headed penis starting to throb and pulsate inside her lower abdomen. And she began to orgasm. She didn’t know exactly what the lion was doing to her “special hole,” but whatever it was, it sure felt incredible to her! And Lisa experienced one of the most intense orgasms that she had ever experienced in her entire young life so far.

Lisa started to scream out in sheer pleasure, but Ed immediately slapped his hand down over her mouth to muffle her cries. This instantly snapped Lisa right out of her lion fantasy, and her eyes popped wide-open to the reality of what was really taking place. She began shaking her head, and squirming underneath Ed.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t want to do that. But I had to. I was afraid you might wake up your mother. And you wouldn’t want her to catch us doing this, would ya?”

Lisa stopped struggling and relaxed again. And Ed rewarded her for her cooperation by removing his hand from her mouth, as he was finishing up the very tail end of his sperm-release.

Afterwards, they both just lay there very still, coupled-up and totally spent, as they were basking in their respective sexual afterglows for several minutes.

Then Ed finally rose up onto his elbows and forearms, and asked, “Well, what did you think, Lisa? Do you like havin' my dick inside your little pussy?”

“Oh God, Daddy, I’ve never felt so good in my entire life! Is this what you and Mom do together?”

“Yeah, we used to. But she doesn’t want to 'do it' any more.”

“How can she not want to do something that feels so wonderful?”

“I don’t know, baby. But that’s why I finally came to you tonight. I needed to be with a woman so badly, that I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I noticed that you weren’t a little girl any more. And I remembered the way that you had looked at my boner in the bathroom that day. And I knew that you might let me have sex with you."

“Is Mom the reason you started drinking so much? I mean, the fact that she won’t have sex with you any more?”

“Yes, honey. And I’m sorry for treatin' you so badly, and callin' you all those bad names. You probably don’t know this, but when a man doesn’t have sex with a woman for a long time, it actually drives him crazy," Ed said matter-of-factly, as he rolled off of Lisa to lie down on his back, right beside her, before he continued on with his explanation.

“You know, I wouldn’t drink at all, if I could just have sex whenever I needed it. That’s what a wife is supposed to do for her husband. But your mother has decided that she doesn’t want to 'do it' any more."


“Yes, honey."

“Am I pregnant right now? Sharon said that guys fuck girls to get them pregnant, so they can have babies.”

Ed looked over at Lisa, and he could see the worried look on her face. “And so you thought I was gettin' you pregnant tonight?” Ed asked.

Lisa slowly nodded her head.

“Oh for Christ's sake, Lisa! Come over here, sweetie,” he said, as he opened his arms up, and then gestured for her to snuggle up next to him.

She rolled over on her side, and nestled herself under his armpit, with her arm thrown across his hairy chest.

“Listen. I assure you, Lisa, you’re not pregnant right now.”

“But what we just did together was 'fucking,' right?”

“Yes, of course it was. But what your friend, Sharon, 'forgot' to tell you, was that a woman can fuck thousands of times without ever gettin' pregnant--just as long as she avoids fuckin' during that two weeks a month when she’s fertile. In other words, when she’s most likely got eggs in her womb, waitin' to be fertilized.”

“But how do you know that I don't have eggs in my womb right now?”

“Your period started last Tuesday, and ended yesterday. Right?”

“Yeah. But how did you know that?”

“I snuck into your purse, and I looked at that little calendar of yours. You know? The one that you use to keep track of your periods, just like your mom taught you to?”

“Daddy!” Lisa said sternly, showing her disapproval of his invasion of her privacy. Then she said, “Okay, so you know that my period started on Tuesday, and ended on Saturday. But how did you know that you could fuck me tonight, without getting me pregnant?”

“I knew that, 'cuz today is day 6 of your menstrual cycle. And a woman can’t get pregnant during the first 7 days of her menstrual cycle, which starts on the 1st day of her period. A woman also can't get pregnant from day 21 through the rest of her cycle. Those first and last weeks of a woman's cycle are called her 'safe times.'"

"So what you’re telling me is that we could fuck over and over again, but just as long as we're doing it during one of my 'safe times,' it still won’t get me pregnant?”

“That’s exactly right, Lisa. In fact, believe me, the last thing I’d ever wanna do, is to get my 18-year-old stepdaughter pregnant.”

“Daddy, would it be okay if I touched your balls? I just want to see what they feel like. That’s all.”

“Sure, honey. You can touch any part of my body you want. You know there aren’t any secrets in this family.”

Lisa reached down into Ed’s crotch, and she gently touched and fondled his pendulous scrotum with her hand, while he quietly lay there, with his legs splayed apart, letting her satisfy her sexual curiosity.

Part of Lisa wanted to say to him, No secrets, hungh? Then why don’t I go wake up Mom right now, and tell her that her husband just finished fucking her daughter? I bet she’d love to hear that one, Daddy!

But of course, Lisa didn’t say a word to Ed. She was already very good at keeping secrets, and she would simply add this latest secret to her large imaginary portfolio of very-real secrets.

Most young girls keep a diary. But Lisa was smart enough not to own one. She knew that her whole life would collapse around her, if her diary were ever found, and read by someone else.

After a few minutes of male testicle exploration on Lisa’s part, her hand naturally moved up to feel and squeeze Ed’s now-limp penis. She was curiously playing with the spongy head of his penis, when she finally broke the silence, “Daddy, when you were fucking me, did you pee inside my 'special hole'? I mean, I felt really wet inside all of the sudden, just like you were peeing inside me.”

Lisa's naive question made Ed smile and chuckle under his breath just a little bit. But then he got serious again, and said, “Well, honey, first of all, your 'special hole' is really called a 'vagina.' And yes, I guess you could say that I was peein' inside your vagina. But it wasn't urine that I was peein'. It was somethin' called 'sperm.' A man squirts his sperm into a woman’s vagina whenever he finally gets excited enough while he’s fuckin' her. And it's the man’s sperm that gets the woman pregnant.”

"Oh. So then I've got some of this sperm stuff inside my 'special hole'...I mean...inside my 'vagina'...right now?"

"Yes, you do," Ed said, matter-of-factly.

Lisa lay there quietly for a few moments, thinking about all the juicy sexual stuff that her stepdad had just finished telling her. But eventually, Lisa came to the inescapable conclusion that there was still one crucial and very obvious piece of this sexual "puzzle" that didn't make any sense to her. And so, spurred on by her own intense sexual curiosity, Lisa finally spoke up again, "I have another question for you, Daddy. It might sound stupid, but please don't laugh at me, or get mad. What are your balls for? I mean, what exactly do they do?”

“It’s those two balls, that you just had in your hand, that are responsible for makin' sperm. And that’s the whole reason why men have balls.”

“That’s also why lions have balls, right?”

“You got it,” Ed assured Lisa, not knowing why on earth she had brought up the subject of “lions and their balls.”

“I love you, Daddy,” she automatically said, as she finally removed her hands from his dick.

“I love you too, sweetie. And I’ll try not to drink so much from now on.”

“That would be great!” Lisa chimed out.

“Goodnight, honey,” he said, giving her a polite kiss on the forehead, and then tucking her in under the bed covers, just like a parent does for a very young child.

“Daddy?” Lisa said, as Ed was putting his boxer shorts back on, getting ready to leave her bedroom, “Would you please come back tomorrow night and teach me some more about sex? I mean, while it's still my 'safe time'?”

“You betcha! I look forward to it. Now, goodnight, sweetie. See ya in the mornin'.”

* * * * *

So Papa Bear began to secretly eat Baby Bear’s porridge on a regular basis. Not every night, mind you. But at least seven or eight times a month.

And several months passed, before Mama Bear finally woke up one night and heard the rhythmic, wet "slurp-slurp" sounds coming from Baby Bear’s bedroom. She went to investigate, and caught Papa Bear doing something mighty naughty with Baby Bear. So Mama Bear kicked Papa Bear’s bare butt out of the house that night.

But what about Goldilocks? How does she figure into this twisted tale? Well, you'll just have to wait until you get to Chapter 6 to find that out.

* * * * *


1997: The Tease

* * * * *

John Ridgeway ambled his way from the front entrance of the apartment to Lisa’s bedroom. A friend of John’s had taught him how to "amble" correctly.

And by the time that John gingerly stepped through the bedroom doorway, Lisa was lying flat on her back on a twin size bed. She had her head on a pillow, which was right up against the wall, at the head of the bed. The length of the bed was positioned parallel to the doorway, and the bed jutted out from the wall into the center of Lisa's bedroom, so that there was room for a night stand and a small lamp on each side of the bed.

Lisa was motionless, and wearing nothing but a pair of panties. The eerie light of an almost-full moon was streaming into the small bedroom, through the partially-draped window. John could clearly make out the outline of Lisa’s body, lying on top of the bed. And the natural moonlight was reflected off her panties in such a way, that they seemed to be glowing in the darkened room.

“Would you mind if I turned on a light, so I can see?” John asked.

“Don’t bother,” Lisa said, with her hand already on the pull-chain of the little lamp next to her bed, “I’ll do it for you.” And she pulled down the small chain before remarking, “I know you guys really 'get off' on seeing what you’re doing. And tonight, I want you to be able to see me, John.”

In the lamplight, John could see that Lisa’s shimmering panties were really only the same kind of plain, no-frills, solid-white nylon panties that a little girl might wear. He also noticed that Lisa’s pants and boots were lying in disarray on the floor by the side of the bed.

“I originally intended to be lying here on the bed, totally naked, when you came into my bedroom, and I turned on the light,” Lisa said, breaking the awkward moment in the process. “But then I changed my mind at the last second, and decided that it would be even better if I saved the panties for you.”

Then Lisa added with a devious look, and a dimpled grin, “But I’m not going to let you take them off me, until you show me that sexy 'thing' down between your legs, first.” And she pointed her slender, well-manicured index finger towards his crotch.

John quickly stripped off all of his clothes, and let them fall to the floor willy-nilly, right next to hers. He felt kind of silly standing up in front of a woman, and taking off all his clothes, while she was watching him in the same way that a hawk watches its prey.

He moved over to the other side of the bed, and started to climb up into bed next to her, when she stiffened her arm out and placed her hand into a "stop right there” position, just like a cop directing traffic.

"Hang on! Wait a minute!,” she slowly and emphatically said, in a "mother talking to a child" tone-of-voice, “Fair is fair, Johnathan. Now that you’ve let me see your 'thing,' I need to keep my promise, and let you see my 'thing,' before you get into this bed with me.”

Lisa slid her body over to the opposite side of the bed, right next to where John was standing. And she lay there on her back, with her body straight as an iron rod, and her arms glued to her sides. She had her toes pointed downward, towards the foot of the bed, so that her held-together legs looked like they belonged to a horizontal ballerina.

“Okay, mister, I’m ready for you to take my panties off now,” she said in her best imitative little-girl voice. Lisa gave John a wide-eyed lost-puppy dog look, and breathily whispered in the same little-girl voice, “It’s okay. I won’t tell my Mommy.”

This time, John decided to play along with Lisa's "little game," as he said, “Well, you’d better not. 'Cuz I’ll get real mad, if you do.”

John reached over, placing one hand on each side of Lisa's waist. He stuck his fingers inside the waistband of the plain white panties, and using both hands, started to work the panties down her narrow, boyish hips.

That's when Lisa's right hand shot out at his crotch, and grabbed hold of his bare scrotum and testicles--making John jump and suck in a quick audible breath of air. “Do they really call these things 'balls'?” Lisa blurted out in her little-girl voice. “What are they for, mister?”

The totally faked look of wide-eyed innocence on Lisa’s face took John by complete surprise. And he burst out laughing so hard, that he completely forgot that he was busy trying to take Lisa’s panties off--even though he still had his fingers inside the waistband of Lisa's panties, on either side of her hips.

As soon as John regained his composure a little bit, he finally answered Lisa's intentionally-naive little-girl question. “Don’t worry, little girl, you’ll find out soon enough,” he said, while doing a horrible impression of John Wayne’s voice and mannerisms.

As soon as John heard the words coming out of his own mouth, he knew that he really had no business trying to be funny. But what the hell. The damage was already done now.

So John began pulling Lisa’s panties down again. And when he caught his first glimpse of her bare pubic area, he was immediately struck by the fact that her crotch looked just like it belonged to a little girl. There wasn’t one pubic hair anywhere on her slender lower abdomen, or on the outside portion her vulva. And in her current body-position, Lisa's outer pussy lips were so thick and fleshy that they closed up completely to form a long perfectly-vertical slit that effectively hid all of the inner parts of her pussy from view--including her clitoris.

Now, John felt like he was really robbing the cradle. Literally. First, it was the pigtail-style hairdo, and the lack of facial makeup. Then, it was the underdeveloped breasts, and the slender boyish hips, covered in little-girl-type panties. And now, he was looking right at a bare, hairless and wrinkle-less pussy mound, that perfectly fit in with the rest of the “little girl motif.”

John began to wonder if Lisa ever even had a monthly menstrual period. But of course, his rational mind kicked in, and told him that she obviously did.

Lisa saw the somewhat-horrified look on John’s face, as he was finishing up removing her panties from around her ankles, and letting them drop onto the bed, next to her feet. “I hope you like shaved pussies, John,” Lisa said, in her own sincere voice.

“Well, of course I do,” he automatically responded, without really knowing what to say. “It’s just that...I’ve never made love to a...a woman who had a totally-shaved...pussy,” he tongue-twistingly replied, while unconsciously gesturing towards his own crotch.

Of course, that was a complete lie on John's part. No matter whether John liked it or not, the practice of pussy-shaving had already become very popular with women in the U.S. And during the past year, John had managed to bed at least three or four different women who all just happened to have totally-shaved pussies. However, not one of those women's shaved pussies had looked like the type of pussy that one would expect to find between the legs of a little girl.

“Oh yeah? Well, you’re not going to make love to this woman either," Lisa insisted. "Let’s get one thing straight. What we’re getting ready to do right now is not lovemaking. It’s, John. And you know it! The fact that you’re standing here, naked, and looking at my pussy and my tits, tells me that you also want that, just as badly as I do.”

“Touché!” was all John could say to her. Then he began to walk around to the other side of the bed, so that he could climb into bed with Lisa.

“Hang on!” she very loudly blurted out, “I still haven’t kept my part of the bargain.”

Lisa paused for a moment, and then turned back into a little girl, right in front of John’s eyes. “I still haven’t really showed you my...'thing' yet, mister. Why don’t you go stand over there,” she quietly suggested, while pointing her index finger towards the foot of the bed, “so that you can see my 'thing' better.” She then stuck the tip of her pointing-finger into her mouth, and started playfully sucking on it.

As soon as John was standing at the foot of the bed, staring directly at Lisa’s crotch, she slowly spread her legs apart and let John get his first good look at her entire closed-up vulva.

Then Lisa pulled her finger out of her mouth, and--using the same hand--she teasingly petted her bare-skinned pussy, just like it was some sort of small hairless animal that she loved.

It really amused John when Lisa began baby-talking to her own pussy, as if it were alive. “There, there, now. Everything’s just fine. I’m going to let this nice man look at you. Don’t worry. He won’t hurt you. He wants to be your friend. Just like I am.”

Lisa looked back up at John, and smiled. She placed one hand on each side of her pussy crack. Then she quickly-but-smoothly pulled the inner lips of her vulva wide-apart with both hands, treating her inner labia as if they were little curtains at the front of a theater stage, as she proudly showed John that most-secret area of her body. And when she did that, she playfully sang out in her little-girl voice, “Ta—daaaah!”

John had to laugh again. He could hardly believe that all this was really happening. It almost seemed like the whole thing was some kind of strange dream or something.

But he knew that it was all too real. He could smell that sexy odor of her woman-ness wafting upward from her wide-open pussy crack, as her pussy-smell permeated the air in the small bedroom. He could see the glistening moisture inside that opened-up crack of Lisa's pussy, as his eyes were automatically drawn to her urethra and her vaginal opening. And he could feel his penis starting to grow and come alive.

John made a lunge straight forward, to crawl up into the bed, between Lisa’s spread legs.

And once again, she stopped him cold, by switching back to her "mother lecturing a child" tone-of-voice and teasing him, “You bad boy! What’re you doing? I didn’t give you permission to get into my bed yet. I’ve got to get you 'into shape,' first. Now you just stand there at the foot of the bed and behave yourself, while I do what any good woman worth her salt is supposed to do to a bad boy like you."

Lisa moved down towards John and sat up on the edge of the bed, right in front of him. He halfway expected that she would try to get him to lie across her lap, so that she could playfully spank his bare bottom.

But of course, this was Lisa. Lisa, the never-ending, box-within-a-box birthday present.

So it shouldn’t have shocked John at all--but it did--when Lisa roughly grabbed hold of his half-erect penis and thrust her mouth down around it. She raked her teeth across the head of his dick a few times, and then started sucking on it so hard, that it felt to him like she was trying to vacuum his dick-head right off his shaft. And throughout all this, she just couldn’t keep her hands off of his balls.

And within less than a minute, John had a full-blown erection.

Lisa pulled her mouth up off of John's stiff dick, and she looked up at him and smiled. “Now, that’s much better, Johnny. Don’t you think?” she said in a warm, motherly tone.

* * * * *


1996: The Abduction

* * * * *

Lisa Chadwick had been fast asleep that night. But something unexpectedly woke her up. And when she opened her eyes, there were two pairs of gigantic, elliptical, obsidian eyes staring right back at her.

Lisa tried to scream and get up out of bed to run away. But she could do neither. All she could do was to lie there in her small apartment bedroom, and let those gray-skinned beings from some other world stare at her naked body. But at least she could still move her head around.

And she could hear them talking to each other. But their small slit-like mouths weren’t moving at all.

“This one should do very nicely. Good, she’s awake. Should I check her physiological responses, before we take her.”

“Naturally. We must be positive that she is the one we want,” the second alien said to the first.

One of the alien voices in Lisa’s head sounded much more feminine than the other, and she assumed that one of the two aliens had to be a female. But Lisa couldn’t tell which one it was, because they both looked alike.

Lisa watched as her legs automatically spread apart and rose up to assume the same kind of position that she would have been in if she had had her feet in the stirrups at her gynecologist’s office. But these alien stirrups were completely invisible. And yet, they held her feet no less securely than the real ones would have.

Then one of the aliens reached across Lisa's body with its long, bony index finger and touched her clitoris. She saw the tip of its gray finger start to glow, producing a bright white light. And then she heard a male voice in her head saying, "E.T. phone home," followed by some strange male and female laughing sounds. Her clitoris started tingling, and she felt her vulva almost instantly swell up with blood.

The next thing she knew, as the alien continued to hold the glowing tip of its finger up against her clitoris, Lisa felt a penis being rapidly thrust in and out of her vagina. It didn't feel like a dildo to her either. It felt just like a man's real live average-size erect penis was repeatedly penetrating her baby-making hole. But there was absolutely nothing there down between her spread-apart thighs that Lisa could actually see.

Within a few minutes after this weird invisible alien intercourse had begun, Lisa felt the muscles in her vagina clamp down repeatedly and go into orgasmic contractions. But she didn’t experience any orgasmic sensations at all, while this was happening.

The two aliens both stared at Lisa's pussy the whole time. Then one of them took out a weird-looking, hand-held probing instrument of some kind, and inserted it into Lisa’s vaginal opening.

Lisa quickly figured out that it was some kind of speculum, when she felt her vagina being forcibly stretched wide-open. In fact, just a little bit too far wide-open, as far as Lisa was concerned. It was downright painful to her.

“This one produces more than sufficient fluid discharge levels during extreme arousal. She should be perfect for our experiment,” the male alien voice stated to the female alien.

“I concur. Her past experiences also make her a perfect candidate,” the female-sounding voice said, as that alien was finally removing the weird speculum thing from Lisa's vagina. “She is very fond of sexual activity, and she has always desired to be a male, instead of a female.”

Lisa thought about how true that female alien’s statement was. Whenever Lisa’s stepdad was fucking her, back when she was 18, she remembered wishing at the time that she were in his shoes. That she were the one with the penis and testicles. That she were the one who was in control of everything during sexual intercourse. That she were the one who could have sex any time she wanted to, without ever having to worry about getting pregnant. That she were the one who never had to suffer through "the curse" of enduring a monthly menstrual period.

In fact, now that Lisa really thought about it, she knew that she would gladly jump at the chance to trade in her underdeveloped breasts and her pussy for a dick and a set of balls to go along with it. But that was an impossibility. Or was it?

And on that thought, Lisa lost consciousness.

Lisa eventually woke up again. But this time, she found herself inside what she assumed was the aliens' spacecraft. She was still frozen from the neck down, and couldn’t move her body one inch, no matter how hard she tried.

“We know that you are not content with being a female,” the male alien voice inside her head boomed out. “But we can give you a penis, so that you would be the one who is in control during the procreative process of your species.”

This communication had come from what looked like one of the two aliens that Lisa had seen earlier in her bedroom. Of course, Lisa assumed at the time that the aliens had the technology to turn her into a man, and that that was exactly what they intended to do to her.

“Well, would you like for us to give you a penis?” the female alien voice asked.

Lisa thought to herself about how wonderful it would be to have a dick between her legs. And that’s when she rapidly lost consciousness again.

Lisa woke up again at some point after the aliens’ surgery on her had been completed. She looked downward at her naked body and saw that she still had the body of a woman. Lisa looked over at the two aliens that were in the room with her, and said, “I thought you guys said you were going to give me a penis."

“We did,” the male alien voice boomed inside her head, “Would you like to see it?”

“Why? Is it invisible or something?” Lisa asked, very confused.

“You could say that. At the moment, it is coiled up inside of your uterus, where it will naturally remain most of the time. But if you wish to extend it out of your body, all you have to do is to think about where you want it to go. It will automatically respond to your thoughts, just as easily as your own arm and hand does, whenever you reach out to grasp something. Go ahead. Try it.”

Lisa did what the male alien told her to do. And she felt this weird thing slithering down through her vagina. And when it shot straight out between her legs, she was in total shock. Her new penis was extended out almost as far as her knees.

"Can you free up my arms, so that I can touch it?" Lisa begged.

"Of course," the male voice replied, "But please do not try to escape, or we will be forced to take more drastic measures--ones which we are sure you will find to be most discomforting."

"I promise. I won't try to escape. I just need to touch it. That's all," Lisa pleaded. And then her arms were all of the sudden freed up, so that she could move them.

Lisa curiously reached out and touched the long, skinny shaft of her new penis. It had a very firm, muscular feel to it, kind of like the body of a small snake does. Then she gently tugged on it. And sure enough, it was definitely attached to her body. She touched the very tip of it, and it felt exactly the same to her as it did whenever she touched the head of her clitoris during masturbation.

She immediately reached up to the very front of her pussy crack to touch her real clitoris. And it wasn’t there! Oh sure, the little clitoral hood was still there. But when she retracted it with her fingers, there was no clitoris inside of it! No head. No shaft. Just an empty tube of loose skin. Lisa was instantly horrified.

The female-sounding alien voice in her head said, “We sincerely apologize, but it was the only way that we could insure that you would actually desire to use your new penis. Do not worry, we are growing a replacement clitoris for you right now. And we will be attaching it, before we place you back in your cage."

Lisa thought that “cage” was a strange way to refer to her small apartment. But in a way, her small apartment really did feel like a cage to her sometimes.

“Once your new clitoris is in place, no one who sees your bare genitalia will ever suspect that you are not a perfectly normal female,” the female alien voice continued, “You have correctly deduced that the glans of your real clitoris is now the glans of your new penis. Of course, we had to split it open and encircle it around the tip of the shaft, so that you could ejaculate out of the tip of your new penis."

Lisa thought to herself, So that I could ejaculate what?

The male alien voice in her head matter-of-factly responded, “Your ova, of course. We altered your ovaries so that they will produce ova with long tails on them. In other words, your ova will have motility, just like a male’s spermatozoa do.

"We also altered your fallopian tubes," said the male voice, "so that they are both attached directly to an implanted male prostate gland. This prostate gland is situated very deep inside of your uterus. And it, in-turn, is attached directly around the base of your new penis.

"Your new prostate gland will perform much the same function that it does for the male of your species. From now on, during your orgasms, the sexual ejaculate fluid from this prostate gland will combine with your own generous release of sexual fluids, in order to insure that your ova will always have sufficient liquid to maintain their motility, until they are able to accomplish their purpose.

"You will never have to worry about becoming pregnant ever again, because your orgasm will trigger your special penis to ejaculate any ovum that your ovaries have released.”

“How am I supposed to have sex with this weird penis thing living inside my vagina?” Lisa demanded.

“Inside your uterus," the female alien voice corrected her. "It is attached to the rear inside wall of your uterus.”

“Vagina. Uterus. What difference does it make? I’m still a freak! I don’t even know if I’m supposed to have sex with men, or with women, or with both?”

The male alien voice calmly replied, “You are an intelligent female. You will eventually figure it out. All you need to know for now, is that your new penis is designed to function in much the same way that a male’s penis does during the normal procreative process of your species.”

Lisa started losing consciousness again.

The next time she awoke, it was in the morning, with her alarm clock beeping away. And Lisa was once again back in the safety of her own bedroom.

But it took Lisa a few seconds to orient herself to her surroundings. She was in a cold sweat and her heart was pounding, though she quickly calmed down, as she realized that this whole alien abduction experience had simply been nothing more than a very bad nightmare.

Lisa went about her business for the next several days, and didn’t think about her abduction nightmare at all, because she felt completely normal, except for a little bit of abdominal cramping, which was nothing new to her.

Then about a week later, Lisa woke up from an erotic dream very early in the morning, and she felt something weird rubbing up against her pussy mound. But it also felt really good to her.

She threw the bed covers off, and turned on the small lamp by the bed. She saw that the “something weird” that she was feeling was her own alien-formed penis. The exact same one that she had thought was just a part of her bad nightmare that she had had the week before.

Lisa's new alien penis was extended well out of her vagina, and it was looped back up towards her body. It was moving, all on its own, as it was slowly rubbing its bean-size head--which was actually the former head of Lisa’s clitoris--back and forth against the crack of her pussy. Lisa just sat there, with her mouth wide open, and she watched her freaky-looking snake-like penis, as it stimulated itself.

Lisa was very curious to see what would end up happening. But nothing much did. She experienced a mild orgasm, and then her alien-created penis simply withdrew itself back up into her body, and she felt her uterus contract. That was it.

There was no ejaculation, or earth-shaking climax, or anything like that. And Lisa was pretty disappointed that her "female penis" hadn’t worked the way that she thought that it would.

And to make matters even worse, Lisa reached down and tried to give herself a second--and hopefully, much stronger-orgasm, by masturbating her clit. But even though her replacement clitoris at the very front of her pussy crack looked absolutely normal, the head of it was totally numb to the touch, and therefore, did absolutely nothing to help Lisa in her urgent quest to gain immediate sexual release.

Lisa frantically stuck her fingers up into her vagina and began massaging her G-spot, trying to make herself orgasm. But the G-spot area inside her vagina was also totally numb to the touch, just like her replacement clitoris was.

The gravity of this whole situation finally hit her like a lead weight. And Lisa cried like a baby, until the alarm in her bedside clock rudely blared out its warning signal. Lisa had to get her butt in gear, or she was going to be late for work.

She threw on some clothes and anxiously fought the traffic all the way to the small landscape design firm that morning, where she worked full-time as their office receptionist.

But once she had clocked in at work, she began to realize that going to work that day had probably been the wrong thing for her to do. All day long she just couldn’t get that morning’s strange experience out of her mind. All she could think about was that weird alien-penis down between her legs, and the fact that nobody knew it was there, except for her.

She felt like shouting out to the whole office staff, Hey, everybody, you’re not going to believe this, but I was abducted by a couple of aliens the other night. And now I’ve got this weird, snake-looking, alien penis-thing down between my legs. You wanna see it?

But of course, Lisa couldn’t do that. She was petrified about the thought of ever letting anybody else see her "lady-penis." And she truly thought that she might not ever have sex with anyone else again.

"Lady-penis" was the term that Lisa initially coined to refer to her new female penis-appendage. After all, she felt that she had to call it something. But by the end of the week, Lisa had begun referring to it as being her “dick-clit,” since she liked the word “dick” much better than the word “penis,” and this nickname emphasized the fact that the head of her clitoris was permanently attached to the end of her long alien penis-thing. Not only that, but the term “dick-clit” also
sounded much more feminine to Lisa.

Needless to say, Lisa was hell-bent on finding out everything that she possibly could about her new dick-clit. And so, over the course of the next few weeks, she masturbated a lot. Of course, she used her hands most of the time, at first--just like she used to do, before her abduction. The big difference was that she was now manually masturbating her dick-clit, instead of her clitoris or her G-spot.

But Lisa got a big kick out of the fact that she could also masturbate by extending her dick-clit out of her vagina, looping it upward, and then either rubbing the tip of it against her own pussy, or against her nylon panties, if she were wearing clothes. One time, she even masturbated this way while she was standing in a supermarket check-out line. And of course nobody was aware of all "the action" that was taking place down inside the crotch of her panties--nobody except for her, that is.

Whenever Lisa was masturbating in the privacy of her own bedroom, she freely experimented with her new dick-clit. She tried everything that she could possibly think of doing with it.

Once, she even inserted her dick-clit up into her own rectum, and actually screwed herself in the ass, just to see if she could really do that. And she could. But her rectum turned out to be way too big and wide to provide much stimulation for her pencil-thin dick-clit. And so she gave up on that idea, after that first attempt.

Lisa also tried to gently hand-pump her dick-clit, in the same manner that a man would jack off his penis. But all that did was make her dick-clit get raw and sore. It just couldn’t stand being handled very much at all.

Then one day, Lisa discovered something that felt incredibly good to her. She was rubbing the tip of her dick-clit against her pussy crack, and it accidentally slid up into her urethral opening. And it fit perfectly. She pulled her dick-clit all the way out of her piss-hole, and then penetrated it again, with no problem at all.

So then she intentionally started fucking her own piss-hole, by repeatedly thrusting her dick-clit in and out of her urethral tube, treating her short female urethra as if it were a tiny vagina.

Man, what a killer feeling that is! Lisa thought to herself at the time. This is what it must feel like to a man, whenever he’s fucking a woman.

The bottom line was that it just felt to Lisa like her dick-clit belonged inside of a urethra. And after that day, Lisa began masturbating this way a lot. Especially whenever she was out in public, and got feeling a little bit horny.

Lisa soon discovered that even though she could experience mild orgasms during masturbation, no matter what she tried, she just couldn’t make herself orgasm strongly, like she used to be able to do, before she was abducted by the aliens.

Also, she couldn’t leave her dick-clit outside of her vagina for too long of a time, or else it would start to dry out, and feel very uncomfortable to her. Unlike a man’s penis, her dick-clit was completely covered with the kind of skin that was meant to stay moist and slick, just like the sensitive skin inside of a woman’s pussy crack.

In fact, Lisa didn't know it yet, but the aliens had removed the rough-textured skin and nerve endings that was originally the G-spot area inside her vagina, and then grafted a long thin strip of this very same special vaginal skin onto the underside of her dick-clit shaft, so that her G-spot area was now located just behind the head of her dick-clit.

Lisa also found out that she had to have her dick-clit extended--with the head of it positioned at least a couple of inches outside of her vaginal opening--in order for her to even be able to experience an orgasm at all. In other words, Lisa found that she was incapable of orgasming while her dick-clit was up inside of her vagina, or in her uterus.

Of course, the aliens were responsible for this "discrepancy." They had simply wanted to make sure that Lisa would stick her dick-clit out of her vagina, and actively use her new penis during sex.

However, while Lisa was experimenting with all this, she accidentally discovered that the aliens had also made some major alterations to her uterus that they had "neglected" to mention to her at the time.

For starters, her cervix was much larger. A little over two and a quarter inches in diameter. And Lisa could consciously extend the whole neck of her uterus about three to four inches downward into her vaginal canal. And she could easily insert her finger up into the newly-enlarged hole in the middle of her cervix.

She also found out that she could even use the muscles surrounding her cervix to intentionally open up and close the hole in the middle of it, just like it was a small, circular mouth.

At the time, Lisa didn’t really know what to make of all these "new discoveries" regarding the organ that now played host to her dick-clit, but that still didn’t stop her from being fascinated by each new discovery.

Lisa eventually decided that she needed to go ahead and bite the bullet, and try to have sex with another person. Masturbation just wasn’t "doing the trick" for her on a mental and emotional level. And she was hoping and praying that she would be able to orgasm much stronger, while she was having sex with another person.

Lisa gave serious thought to becoming a lesbian, because frankly, she was afraid to have sex with a man at this point. She also thought that another woman might be able to relate to her better, and empathize with her alien abduction experience, as well as be more able to accept her unique sexual anatomy the way that it was.

However, Lisa had no idea how to go about finding a woman who would want to have a sexual relationship with her, let alone to find a woman who would accept her the way that she was.

But then Jan came over one night, and that changed everything.

* * * * *


1996: The Goldilocks

* * * * *

Goldilocks had lived in the same house with Baby Bear while they were both growing up. Mama Bear had mothered Goldilocks, but Papa Bear hadn’t fathered her.

Eight years later--after Goldilocks was a married woman, and Baby Bear wasn’t a baby any more--they both got together to compare notes. And they found out that they had a lot more in common than they ever could have imagined.

* * * * *

Goldilocks’ real name was Janette, but she preferred to be called “Jan.” Her maiden name was Chadwick, just like Lisa's, but it had been many years since she had gone by that surname. Jan was Lisa’s only sibling, and she was two years older than Lisa.

When they were both younger, they used to fight a lot. But now that they were adults, their relationship was very different. They were close friends, as well as being half-sisters. They shared the same mother, but had different biological fathers--neither of which was Edward Chadwick.

One Saturday night, Jan placed a phone call to Lisa that would end up permanently changing their relationship. “Hi, Sis. Could I come over and stay at your place tonight?”

“What’s wrong, Jan? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just that Bill’s out-of-town right now, and Alex is spending the night at his friend’s house. Trish is sleeping over at her friend's house too. And I really don’t want to stay by myself in this house tonight. I’ll fill you in on all the details when I get there.”

“Well, it’s fine with me if you wanna spend the night. But we’ll have to sleep in the same bed together. The only sofa I have is a loveseat. Remember? So you definitely won't be sleeping on that. And I’m not gonna let my own sister sleep on the floor."

“That’s okay, Lisa, I don’t mind sharing a bed with you.”

“Are you sure, Jan? It’s only a twin-size bed.”

“I really don’t want to be alone tonight,” Jan pleaded.

“Okay. But then I have to warn ya, Sis, I sleep 'au naturel,'” Lisa said, using a thick French accent on the last two words. “Well, that’s not entirely true. Sometimes I wear a pair of panties to bed. But I don’t even own a pair of pajamas.

So you’ll have to bring your own, if you want 'em.”

“You’re not the only person in this world who likes to sleep in the nude, you know. I’m a big girl now. I can take it. Besides, you’re not exactly my type.”

“Yeah, right,” Lisa said sarcastically, automatically rolling her eyes upward. “Like I’m gonna try to 'get it on' with my own sister." Then after saying a quick goodbye to Jan, Lisa hung up the phone.

And Lisa had just stated her true feelings to Jan. Even though Lisa had decided that she wanted to try to have sex with a woman, the last woman in this world that she would ever picture herself having sex with would be her own half-sister.

So when Jan showed up at Lisa's apartment that night, and the two of them eventually got naked and climbed into Lisa’s small bed--side-by-side under the covers--Lisa had no idea that their relationship would drastically change before the sun came up the next morning.

Jan was very shaken up, lonely and horny. And that’s a dangerous combination for any woman.

Jan was lonely and horny because her husband, Bill Bamberg, had been out-of-town for the last three weeks. He was a long-haul trucker by trade. It was a miracle that Jan still managed to stay married to a husband that she hardly ever saw. But she had. And she was still deeply in love with him, to boot. But that didn’t stop Jan from feeling really horny whenever Bill was away for more than a week.

Lisa was just about as lonely and horny as Jan was that night. But then, single people are pretty much used to feeling that way most of the time.

Once both women were naked in bed together in the dark, Lisa rolled over onto her side, with her back towards Jan. And while trying to imitate Lisa's voice as best as she could, Jan said, “Not tonight, honey. I’ve got a headache.”

Jan made little snorting-sounds through her nose, and then burst out laughing. Jan was blessed with a wonderfully witty sense of humor, especially during awkward situations. She had an infectious laugh too. And Lisa couldn’t help but laugh a little bit, right along with her older sister.

“Look. We’re both sisters, right?” Jan said, still talking to Lisa’s back. “We’ve seen each other naked hundreds of times while we were growing up. And we’ve even slept in the same bed together before. Now quit being so damn embarrassed. Come on over here and give me a big hug.”

“But I thought you said I wasn’t your type,” Lisa remarked as she rolled back over onto her other side, facing Jan, and slid under the covers towards Jan’s side of the bed. Lisa snuggled right up against Jan’s naked body, and whispered in her ear, “Do you still think I’m embarrassed, Jan?”

“No. I didn’t think you were embarrassed, to begin with. But what I said got you over here next to me, didn’t it?”

Lisa didn’t say a word. She just reached back over to her side of the bed, grabbed her pillow, and quickly pulled it up over herself--in a smooth arc--to slam it down on top of Jan’s face.

Jan naturally grabbed her pillow from underneath her head, and “the war” began. Two naked women in a dark bedroom having a pillow fight.

Jan finally begged, “Okay, okay, enough already! I’m sorry I tricked you like that.”

“Apology accepted. But don’t do it again!," Lisa warned Jan. "I just assumed that you wanted to go to sleep. That’s all. I didn’t realize you had 'other things' in mind.”

“I don’t,” said Jan. “Not unless you do. I just need someone to hold me right now, Lisa. You aren’t going to believe what I went through earlier tonight.”

The two sisters both laid their “bulky feathered weapons” back down, and got under the covers together again. They embraced and lay there in each other’s arms, as Jan told Lisa all about her earlier bad experience with her next-door neighbors.

Jan’s next-door neighbors had gotten into a knock-down, drag-out fight that evening. Jan had heard the guy’s wife screaming, as he was repeatedly stabbing her with a large carving knife from their own kitchen. Jan called 911. And she eventually saw the ambulance crew take the poor woman to the hospital. It didn’t look like she was going to make it. The husband had taken off in the family car after the stabbing, and the police still hadn’t caught him yet. Jan was understandably shaken up by the whole thing.

While Jan was getting the earlier events of the evening off her chest, she also tenderly ran her fingers through Lisa’s hair, just like she used to do when Lisa was a little girl. And Lisa started to melt under Jan’s motherly caress.

“You know, Sis,” Lisa said, “I’ve always envied your long, golden-red hair. It’s so pretty.”

“That’s funny. I’ve always wanted to have brown hair, like yours. On my head, of course. Not under my arms.”

And they both giggled together, just like two little girls.

“Lisa?” Jan said in a very serious tone, while Lisa was still giggling a little bit. “There’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you, but I was just too afraid to tell you, back when we were younger. But now that we’re both lying here naked, it’s as good a time as any for me to share this secret with you.”

“It’s okay, Jan. I know you really do love me, even though you were such a shit to me sometimes when we were growing up.”

“Lisa, that’s not it,” Jan said, struggling to keep her composure. “I mean, of course I love you. You’re my only sister. But that’s not what I need to tell you about.”

Then Jan quickly whispered something, and Lisa only caught the beginning of it.

“Daddy what?” Lisa asked.

“,” Jan replied, pronouncing each word very slowly. Then, while Lisa was still in shock, Jan added, “He did it back when I was 20. It happened on Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh God, Jan! I’m so sorry,” Lisa said, as she gently pulled Jan’s head down to her chest and cradled her older sister in her arms.

"But that’s not the worst part," Jan continued. "I didn’t do anything but cooperate with him. In fact, after that first time, I let Dad have sex with me whenever he wanted to. And he came back for seconds, and thirds, and fourths, and fifths, and--”

“Yeah, good ol’ Daddy,” Lisa quipped, “You could always count him to come back for a fifth.”

Jan was emotionally overwhelmed, and totally oblivious to Lisa’s witty remark. Both sisters just lay there quietly for a few minutes.

“I wasn’t ever going to tell you this,” Lisa said. “But now, you might as well know. Daddy had sex with me too. A bunch of times. Back when I was 18. And I cooperated with him every time. Just like you did.

"My very first time with Daddy happened during the middle of the night on February 14th, 1988. I'll never forget that date. And neither will you. It was Valentine's Day, Jan. And it was the very same night that Daddy first 'did it' with you too.”

“Shit!” Jan said, “You mean Dad fucked both of us that night?”

“I guess so. Did he 'do it' with you in your bedroom real late at night?” asked Lisa.

“Yeah, it happened around 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning.”

“He did the same thing to me, Jan. But he came to my bedroom a little earlier than that, maybe midnight or one o'clock, at the latest. He must have 'done me' first, and then later gone to your bedroom and 'done you.'”

Jan pulled her head up off Lisa’s chest, and moved back up so that she was looking right at Lisa’s face. Her eyes had become accustomed to the dark by now, and Jan could see Lisa’s face fairly well, despite the darkness of the room.

Jan asked Lisa point-blank, “Did it feel good to you? I mean, whenever Dad was 'doing it' with you?”

“Like, yeah!" Lisa sang out over-dramatically in her best valley girl voice. "He always made me cum real good. You know?”

“Yeah, I know. I enjoyed the heck out of it too,” Jan quietly admitted. “And I always felt like such a slut for enjoying it. I mean, yes, Dad did rape me that very first time. But after that first time, as far as I was concerned, it really wasn't rape any more, because I was always wanting it just as badly as he was.”

“I know exactly what you mean, Jan. I felt just like you did. But in my case, Daddy didn't actually rape me that very first night. And that's because I was the one who accidentally seduced him into fucking me."

"Oh, my God!" Jan reacted.

"Yeah. It's a long story. And I promise I'll tell you about it some other time," Lisa said. "But I just want you to know that, after that first night with Daddy, I was always looking forward to feeling his big, sexy dick inside me again.”

“Yeah, me too. No matter what other shortcomings Dad may have had, his dick certainly wasn’t one of them. You gotta admit, that mother-fucker was well-hung!” Jan blurted out.

“You’re tellin’ me? Hell, he couldn’t get his whole dick up into my little 18-year-old pussy.”

“Man, that dick of his must’ve been at least eight inches long. Or maybe even nine. Heck, it barely fit inside me. And I was two years older than you. After that first time with Dad, I understood why Mom married him,” Jan said, still attempting to be humorous.

Both sisters laughed and giggled away throughout this whole interchange, while Jan was doing her best to joke about the size of their stepfather's large penis. But the truth was that neither of them thought that Jan’s jokes were really that funny. Their laughter was mostly a result of their understandable discomfort and embarrassment in dealing with such a personal and private subject.

Then Lisa asked, “Did Daddy do anything else with you? I mean, besides fucking?”

“You go first,” said Jan.

“What’s the matter, Jan? Too embarrassed to tell me about it?”

“No. I just want to hear what he did with you first. That’s all.”

“Okay,” Lisa finally gave in. “He used to come into my bedroom while I was fast asleep. He’d get naked and climb into bed with me. Then he'd always wake me up by playing with my pussy.

"Once I had woken up, he would let me play with his dick and balls, if I wanted to. He never forced me to do that--it was always my choice--but most of the time, I went ahead and fondled him. And then we’d fuck.

"But sometimes I’d just lie there with my eyes still closed, even though I was awake. And I'd fantasize like crazy, while I let Daddy play with my pussy until I got really wet. And then he’d mount me and start humping away.”

“Was that all he ever did with you?”

“Yeah. But one time, I asked him if he would show me what his sperm looked like. And so he let me jack him off. That was really a trip. At the time, I had no idea that guys squirted so much of that white stuff out of their dicks during sex. In fact, until I finally got to see Daddy's sperm that night, I didn't have a clue about what sperm actually looked like.”

“Boy, you were naive, weren’t you?”

“Hey, give me a break. How much did you know about sex when you were 18?”

“Well, at least I knew what sperm looked like. Remember my boyfriend, Phil?” Jan asked. And Lisa nodded back, before Jan continued, “Well, he was my very first real boyfriend in high school, and he was a couple years older than me. And back when I was 18, he actually showed me some of his dad's porno movies to help teach me more about 'sex.' Boy, he could have gotten into a lot of trouble for that one."

"Was Phil your first? I mean, did you 'do it' with him?" asked Lisa.

"I dated Phil for about a year and a half. And during that time, we got really close. And so we did our share of making out, mostly in the back seats of different cars. And Phil and I took things pretty far. I mean, we eventually got to the point where we would masturbate each other during our lovemaking. But we never did go 'all the way.' Then Phil left to go to college out-of-state, and I never heard from him again. And so the answer to your question is: Phil did not take my virginity. Dad did."

"Wow! That's pretty heavy," Lisa remarked.

"Yeah. Well, at any rate, one of the most important things that Phil taught me was that sperm could be very dangerous for a girl.”

“But of course, that still didn’t stop you from getting fucked by Daddy,” Lisa observed.

“No. It didn't. It only made that very first night with Dad really scary.”

“So what exactly happened that first night, Jan? I want you to tell me the whole story. And try not to leave out anything important. Okay?”

“Okay. But just remember, you asked for it. So don't get upset with me, if you don't like what you hear," Jan warned.

"Hey, you don't have to worry about that. I've got a very open mind, when it comes to sex. So let's hear it," Lisa said.

Jan paused for a moment to initially gather her thoughts, and then she began telling her story to Lisa. And Jan told her story in a very slow and methodical manner, pausing from time-to-time to carefully choose her wording, before she actually spoke the words themselves.

"I woke up with Dad on top of me, humping away," Jan said, as she began telling her story. "But he was doing it by penetrating me over and over again with head of his dick. When I woke up enough to realize what was happening, I tried to struggle underneath him. But then I felt him starting to ejaculate. And I knew that it was too late for me to do anything about it. I began crying like a baby.

"And I realized that I really had no choice but to accept my fate. So I relaxed my vagina as much as I could, and let Dad shoot his wad just inside my vaginal opening. Then he just laid there on top of me for a while. I felt his dick soften up a little bit, and I thought that he was almost finished with me.

"But then Dad reached down and grabbed his dick, and he began rubbing it up against my pussy. And pretty soon, he had another hard-on.

"Then he stuck his dick deep inside me and started humping away again. And his dick just slid right in, because my vagina was sopping-wet with his sperm. And that turned out to be a good thing. I swear, that man kept on humping away at me for what seemed like 20 minutes or more, until he finally 'got his rocks off' again.

"And right before he started cumming, I had a strong orgasm. I just couldn't help myself. Dad was French-kissing me and feeling out my breasts the whole time that he was fucking the crap out of me. And I knew that it wouldn't be long before I felt more of his sperm squirting out inside me. And by this point, I had already had several mild orgasms. So, in other words, I had already gotten so turned-on, that the idea of me having more of Dad's sperm in my pussy excited me like you wouldn't believe."

"Oh, I'm pretty sure that I'd believe it--" Lisa tried to interject, but was cut off by Jan.

"And that's when I felt like such a slut. I didn't even care whether Dad got me pregnant or not. I just wanted more sperm in my pussy.

"And while he was humping away, I whispered in Dad's ear, and told him that I wanted some more of his sperm inside me. And I also told him that he was about to make me cum, which was the truth.

"He asked me if I could do it quietly, so that I wouldn't wake up Mom. And I promised him that I could, which was also the truth. But I had to struggle to get those words out of my mouth, because that's when I started cumming hard.

"Even though I tend to be very vocal during my stronger orgasms, I had had lots of practice focusing my orgasms inward and cumming very quietly, thanks to all the times that Phil and I were making out in the back seats of those cars. Sometimes we ended up making love in some very public places, like the library parking lot, or the driveway at Phil's house. And the last thing either of us wanted was to get caught in the act.

"At any rate, the things I whispered in Dad's ear seemed to excite him even more, because he sped up his thrusting, and began slamming his dick into me pretty hard.

"And then, when I was just about finished cumming, I spread my legs as far apart as I could, and I let Dad ejaculate right up against my cervix. God, that was an awesome feeling!”

“You’re lucky! Daddy never French-kissed me, or felt out my breasts, while we were 'doing it.'”

“Well, you didn’t exactly have breasts to feel out, now did you?”

“Go ahead. Rub it in. I know I don’t hold a candle to 'Mama Jugs' here,” Lisa said, grabbing hold of one of Jan’s long, erect nipples between her thumb and fingertips, and then pulling on that nipple to gently sway Jan's fairly-large breast from side-to-side. “But I did have large, puffed-out nipples when I was 18. And Daddy could’ve felt 'em out, if he had wanted to.”

“Let me see,” Jan said, reaching over to feel one of Lisa’s breasts with her hand. “I’ve got news for you, Sis. You still do have large, puffed-out nipples.”

“Yeah, but now, I’ve got small breasts to go along with them.”

“Speaking of 'breasts,' you can let go of mine any time now,” Jan said.

“What if I don’t want to?” Lisa asked, as she grabbed hold of Jan’s whole breast and started gently squeezing it in her hand.

“Then you do so at your own risk. But I gotta warn you. I’m a real soaker.”

“A what?” Lisa asked.

“Oh, you’ll find out soon enough, if you keep going the way that you are,” Jan threatened.

“I thought you said I wasn’t your type.”

“Normally you’re not,” Jan replied coyly. “But tonight, you just might be.”

“How about now?” Lisa asked after she moved her leg up over the top of Jan’s, and pressed her pussy mound up against Jan’s thigh.

“Jesus, Lisa! You don’t have any hair down there, do ya?”

“Not one little pube. I keep it all shaved off.”


“Oh, I just like it that way. That’s all,” Lisa said as she rocked her hips to rub her baby-bare vulva back and forth against Jan’s thigh.

“Are you trying to seduce me, Sis?”

“I’m not trying to do anything--I’m doing it. Just tell me you want me to stop, and I’ll stop right now.”

“What makes you think that I want you to stop?” Jan said, before leaning over and giving Lisa a big French-kiss. “I never dreamed I’d be 'getting it on' with my own sister,” Jan whispered.

“Why? You already got it on with your own dad,” Lisa whispered back as she reached down and placed her hand on Jan’s pussy mound.

“So did you,” Jan quipped back, while her hand searched out Lisa’s crotch. And giggles filled the small bedroom.

“Did you ever suck Daddy’s dick?” Lisa asked.

“More times than I can remember. He ate me out too. But God, I used to really 'get off 'on having that big, long dick in my mouth.”

“Didn’t you think that the head on Daddy’s dick was kind of weird-looking? I mean, the way that it was all flared-out at the back, and kind of small at the tip.”

“Yeah, it did have almost an arrowhead shape to it, didn’t it? But to me, that just made it even more sexy,” Jan admitted.

“Weren’t you ever worried about Daddy getting you pregnant?” Lisa asked.

“Of course I was. Weren’t you?” said Jan.

“Sure. But that never happened, because Daddy only had sex with me during my 'safe times.'”

“During your what?” Jan asked.

“You know? During the first and last weeks of my menstrual cycle.”

“You got lucky, girl! It's a miracle Dad didn't knock you up. I hate to break the news to you, Sis, but the rhythm method isn't that effective at preventing pregnancy. And that's because, every so often, we girls can ovulate twice during the same cycle. And sometimes we can even ovulate during our periods, believe it or not."

"Wow! I never realized that," Lisa said, feigning naivety, even though she already did know everything that Jan had just told her about the rhythm method. "So then what you're telling me is that the rhythm method really does work, but that it isn't considered that reliable," Lisa added, still intentionally playing dumb on the subject, just to see where Jan would go with it.

"Yeah. That's why I quit using it a long time ago," Jan explained. "It's also part of the reason why I was so damn scared that first night with Dad. I wasn't using any form of birth control. And neither was he. And because I knew all about the rhythm method and how it worked, I realized that Dad could get me pregnant, if I happened to be ovulating. But the bad part was that I didn't know exactly where I was at in my cycle that night--because, to be honest with you, I hadn't been
keeping track."

"After that first night, Dad would unexpectedly show up in my bedroom late at night to have sex with me. And that would always scare the crap out of me, because even though Dad only had sex with me during my 'safe times'--just like he did with you--I knew that the rhythm method wasn't that reliable. But outwardly, I always did my best to act like nothing was wrong, so that Dad would go ahead and fuck me.

"Then one night, my luck finally ran out. I remember that I was feeling unusually horny that night. And I could tell that Dad was too. He fucked me twice that night. And the second time, we ended up 'doing it' doggie style. And right before he came, he shoved his dick deep inside me, and shot his whole wad right up against my cervix.

"And just a few minutes after he pulled out of me that second time, my womb started feeling really strange to me, and I sensed that Dad had just gotten me pregnant. Don't ask me how I knew. I just did. That's all. But of course, I didn't say a word to Dad about what I was feeling that night.

"About a month after Dad had moved out of the house, I went to the doctor, because I had missed my next period. And the doctor confirmed what I already knew. I was pregnant with Dad’s baby.

"Of course, I told Mom that it was Bill’s baby. The ironic thing was that I wasn't even having intercourse with Bill yet. And that was because I really didn't feel any need to. Up until the time that Dad moved out, he had been taking care of my sexual needs just fine, thank you.

"At any rate, I wanted to have the baby, but Mom wouldn’t let me. She said she’d kick me out of the house if I did that. And so I went and got an abortion. But I hated Mom for what she made me do.

"Then Mom took me down to the doctor and put me on birth control pills. And after that, as far as Mom knew, I became very conscientious about taking my Pill every morning like clockwork, without missing a single day.

"The real truth was that I flushed every one of those fucking pills down the God damn toilet! I was determined that that bitch wasn't going to control me, or my sex life.

"And I started letting Bill have intercourse with me--but only during my 'safe times.' Mind you, I was completely honest with Bill from the get-go. I told him that I wasn't on any birth control, but that I was using the rhythm method and keeping track of my menstrual cycles. And I warned him that he would only be able to fuck me during the first and last weeks of my cycle. And Bill was okay with that.

"So Bill and I fucked like rabbits. Heck, we even 'did it' during my periods. But we only fucked during my 'safe times.'

"And four months later, I was pregnant again. But this time, it really was with Bill’s baby. And so I moved out of the house, because I didn’t want to get another abortion.”

“So that’s why you got married so young," said Lisa, as the imaginary light bulb went off in her head. "You were already pregnant with Trish.”

“You got it,” Jan confirmed.

“Did you know that Mom caught Daddy fucking me one night? And boy, was she pissed! That’s why she kicked Daddy out of the house.”

“I didn’t know that. I always wondered why she divorced Dad. But she wouldn’t ever tell me. Man, I’m glad I got together with you tonight, Lisa.”

Jan gave Lisa another passionate French-kiss, and then told Lisa, “Now, why don’t we forget about Dad, and Mom, and Bill, and Trish for a while, and just enjoy being together.”

“I’m sorry, Jan. It’s just that it really turns me on, knowing that Daddy was having sex with both of us. How come you never told me before?”

“What was I supposed to do? Go up to my 18-year-old sister and say, 'Guess what, Sis. I’m having sex with Dad?' Heck, I didn’t know he was fucking you too, or I would’ve said something. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t think you would believe me. Heck, I didn’t think that anyone would ever believe me. But I know you believe me now.”

“You bet I do. I also believe that you’re just about to make me cum.” Jan excitedly announced, and then quickly added, "But you've gotta do something for me first."

"What do you want me to do, Sis?" Lisa asked.

"Squeeze my clit between your fingers. Make it hurt a little bit, but don't do it too hard. Okay?" Jan said.

"Okay. If that's what you really want."

"It's not what I want. It's what I need right now. I'll explain later."

Lisa squeezed Jan's clitoris, just like Jan had asked her to do. "Is that hard enough?" Lisa asked.

"No. I need you to squeeze a little harder than that."

"How about this?" Lisa asked, as she pressed her thumb and index fingers tighter together.

"Oh God yes! That's more than enough. Now I want you to finger-fuck me with your other hand. Do it really fast and rough. Okay?"

"Like this?" Lisa asked, as she started energetically finger-fucking Jan's vagina.

"Yeah. Just like that. Now I need you to call me some bad names, like "bitch" and "whore" and "slut." Also tell me how horrible I am, and stuff like that."

"Jan, how long have you been a masochist?"

"As far back as I can remember," Jan honestly replied, and then urgently added, "Hurry up, Lisa. Start calling me names. I'm just about to cum. But I need you to help push me over the top. Okay?"

"You're sure a demanding little bitch, aren't you, Sis?" Lisa said, verbally abusing her older sister, just like she was asked to do. "You're a fucking whore! That's what you really are. You're nothing but a cheap slut. I can't believe you're my sister, you fucking masochist! If you don't cum right now, I'm gonna squeeze your clit even harder! Okay. You asked for it," Lisa warned Jan, and then promptly followed through with her clit-squeezing threat.

And Jan's uniquely-masochistic response was to orgasm strongly for the first time that night, thanks to Lisa’s clit-squeezing fingertips and her insulting potty-mouth, combined with her frenetic finger-fucking.

After Jan's orgasm subsided, she thanked Lisa for her cooperative sado-masochistic role-playing. And she casually resumed her stroking of Lisa's pussy.

Meanwhile, Lisa was mentally struggling to keep her dick-clit up inside of her uterus. But Lisa knew that she was going to have to let Jan in on her "incredible secret," at some point.

And that point came when Jan slowly licked and kissed her way down Lisa’s chest and abdomen, and was getting ready to start eating out Lisa's pussy.

“Hang on, Jan! There’s something else I have to tell you first, before we go any further.”

“It’s okay, Sis. I know you’ve always wanted big boobs, like I have. But believe me, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be.”

“That’s not it. I mean, of course, I’ve always loved your big beautiful breasts. But that’s not what I need to tell you about.”

“Oh God, here we go again," Jan said, rolling her eyes upward and shaking her head. "Okay, what is it? Don't tell me you're a masochist too?”

“No. Actually, I just realized that I must be somewhat of a sadist. because I found myself enjoying what I just did to you and your clit. But that's not what I need to tell you about."

"Then what on earth is it?" asked Jan.

"I have a dick,” Lisa stated matter-of-factly.

“You have a what?” Jan reacted, not believing that last word she had just heard coming out Lisa's mouth.

“A dick. You know?...A penis!” Lisa said, emphatically.

“Oh come off it, Lisa! You’re all woman, as far as I can tell. And now, you expect me to believe that you have a dick? Honey, you must be out of your gourd!”

“No, I’m not. But I wish I was,” Lisa said, reaching over to turn on the small bedside lamp. Then Lisa pulled the covers off both of them. “Go ahead and get down between my legs, and I’ll show you.”

Jan felt pretty embarrassed with the lights on in the room. She was used to all of her lovemaking with her husband taking place in a darkened room. And it was always that way, at her insistence. Now she and Lisa were staring at each other’s naked bodies, and Jan’s first inclination was to reach down and pull the covers back up over her.

However, despite her embarrassment, Jan went ahead and did what Lisa had wanted her to do. But Jan sure felt self-conscious about letting Lisa see her milk-white, light-pink-nippled breasts and her hairy pussy, with its thick triangular patch of bright reddish-orange pubic hair.

But within a few moments, Jan quickly forgot about her own embarrassment. And she just watched in horror as the tiny head of Lisa’s long, dark-reddish-colored, noodle-looking dick-clit popped out of her vagina, and then slithered several inches out onto the bed sheet, between Lisa’s spread legs.

“Oh my God! Have you always had that...that...'whatever it is'?”

“I call it my 'dick-clit.' And no, I just got it a few weeks ago. I don’t really know how to use it yet.”

Jan was stunned while Lisa was filling her in on all the fascinating details about her alien abduction experience.

“You mean that’s your real clitoris?” Jan asked, pointing at the small head of Lisa’s dick-clit, but being very careful not to actually touch it.

“Yeah, that’s why I had to show it to you. I found out that I couldn’t even cum at all, without having my dick-clit sticking out of my pussy.”

Lisa moved her dick-clit all around, just to show Jan a sample of what it could do.

“Oh my God! It’s just like a little snake, or worm, or something. I’ve never seen a penis that could do that!”

“Yeah, but that 'little snake' is the center of my sexuality now--whether I like it or not. I’ve never shown it to anyone else before. But if you’re gonna make love to me, you’re also gonna have to make love to my dick-clit. That’s just the way things are.

"My 'other clitoris'--you know, the one at the front of my pussy? Well, it's completely numb. And it doesn't work any more. It's just there for looks, as far as I can tell. And my G-spot?" Lisa said, pointing towards her vaginal entrance with her index finger. "Well, it's not there any more."

Lisa "willed" her dick-clit straight up into the air, perpendicular to the bed, raising it up nearly a foot above her pubic mound. And then she intentionally twisted its shaft, so that the bottom of it was facing Jan.

"See that long, rough-looking patch of skin on my shaft?" Lisa asked.

"Ungh hungh," Jan hummed back, nodding her head.

"I'm pretty sure that's what's left of my G-spot. Those alien bastards had to have cut it out of my vagina, and then grafted it onto my dick-clit. All I can say is that, to me, it feels just like it's my G-spot. And the head of my dick-clit feels just like it's my clit.

"So you're gonna have to play with my dick-clit, if you truly care about me, and wanna make me cum tonight, like I just made you cum. But if you'd rather call everything off right now, I’ll understand.”

“Are you kidding me? This has turned out to be the most incredible night of my entire life! Besides, it’s way too late for us to pack up our marbles and go home.”

Jan dove head-first into Lisa’s bare crotch and started licking away at her pussy mound. And it didn't take Jan very long before she had finally worked up enough courage to actually stick the tip of Lisa’s dick-clit into her mouth, so that she could begin making oral love to it. Of course, Jan also made sure to actively tongue the rough patch of skin on the underside of Lisa's pencil-thin shaft.

Lisa felt like she was in heaven. She could hardly believe that her own sister had not only accepted her dick-clit, but there she was, actually sucking away on it like a giant, tasty piece of spaghetti. Lisa was damn glad that she had let Jan come over to spend the night with her.

That night, Lisa also found out something else about her older sister that she never knew before. Jan was one of those special women who could literally cum in buckets. She ended up soaking the sheets so badly, that Lisa had to put on new sheets, before they could finally go to sleep.

* * * * *

So Baby Bear and Goldilocks became lovers, as well as friends. And pretty soon, there really weren’t any secrets left between them--at least, that's what they both thought.

But they didn’t go on to live happily ever after, because Baby Bear still had one big problem to deal with: Baby Bear could barely cum, and that was something she just couldn’t bear.

* * * * *


1997: The Set-Up

* * * * *

Lisa had just finished giving John a quick-but-amazing blowjob. She was still sitting at the foot of her bed, looking up at John, who was standing in front of her in her small bedroom. And she still had her hands on his balls.

"Hey, mister," Lisa said, shifting back to her little-girl voice again. "Do you wanna do something really neat?"

"Sure, little girl," John replied, playing along with her again.

"Okay. Just hang on a second," Lisa said, as she quickly maneuvered herself across the bed to one of the night stands on the side. She grabbed her hairbrush off the top of the night stand, and then, just as quickly, manuevered back to the foot of the bed, before handing the hairbrush to John.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" John asked, looking at the hairbrush. "Brush my hair?"

"No. I want you to bend over in front of me, mister, and stick my hairbrush all the way up into your butt-hole," Lisa said, as she giggled in delight, still pretending to be a little girl.

"Oh, come on!" John sternly replied, showing his total disdain for the idea of him inserting the 5-inch-long handle of Lisa's hairbrush up into his own rectum.

"Hey, mister. I wouldn't ask you to do something that I wouldn't do. In fact, if you let me watch you stick it up your butt-hole, I'll let you watch me stick it up mine. It feels really good. You'll see...," Lisa bartered.

"I don't know about this. I don't even have any lubricant," John argued half-heartedly.

Lisa reached across, grabbed the hairbrush out of John's hand, deep-throated the handle into her mouth, and sucked on it to get her saliva all over it. Then she gave the hairbrush back to John, as she said, "Now you do. But you'd better hurry up, mister. Before it dries out."

John turned around, with his butt in Lisa's face. He spread his legs apart, bent over at the waist, reached around his right butt-cheek and slowly inserted the entire saliva-coated handle of Lisa's hairbrush up into his rectum.

"Wow, that's really neat!" Lisa remarked, still playing the role of a little girl. "Now, slowly move it in and out. Okay?"

And this time, John cooperated with Lisa, as he did exactly what she was telling him to do. And the hard handle of the hairbrush firmly rubbed back and forth against his prostate gland, which felt absolutely exquisite to John. He found himself not wanting to stop this unique anal intercourse that he was having with the handle of Lisa's hairbrush. And he was unable to hide the fact that he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

"You see?" Lisa barked out proudly. "I told you you'd like it."

John let go of the hairbrush to turn around and say something to Lisa. But then, without any warning, Lisa reached across, grabbed hold of the hairbrush, and swiftly yanked it completely out of John's butt, as she said, "Time's up, mister. It's my turn now."

"Hey! That's no fair!" John said, acting just like a little boy himself, as he spun around to face the foot of the bed again.

Lisa ignored John, as she turned her back to him, and got down on all-fours on top of the bed. She stuck her butt up in the air, right in front of John, and then reached around with her hand, and slowly inserted the handle of her hairbrush all the way up into her own rectum, in one smooth movement.

"Okay, mister. I'm ready for you to move it in and out now," Lisa proudly announced in her little girl voice, as she teasingly swayed her hips from side-to-side.

And John was more than happy to reach across and grab the hairbrush, so that he could begin actively frigging Lisa's little butt-hole with her own hairbrush handle.

The whole time that all of this anal hairbrush sex-play was going on between him and Lisa, John just kept thinking to himself, What the hell am I doing? This is crazy!

However, those thoughts didn't do anything to prevent John from becoming an eager participant in his and Lisa's anal-oriented activities. And throughout, John's penis had remained in a fully-erect state.

At the same time, John was really starting to get frustrated. And he was pretty upset with himself, because he knew that what he really wanted--and needed--was some pussy. And Lisa's bare pussy was right there, within his reach, just underneath the hairbrush. But he couldn't touch it, because he needed her permission first, if he didn't want to risk being brought up on rape charges.

So it's completely understandable that a large toothy grin came across John's face--and he was very relieved--when he heard Lisa finally say, "Hey, mister. Do you wanna stop 'doing our butts,' so that you can play with my pussy now?"

"Oh heck yes!" said John.

And Lisa calmly reached around her butt-cheek to remove the hairbrush from her rectum, so that she could lay it back on top of the night stand by the bed, where she had originally gotten it from.

John could see that the hairbrush had some obvious fecal matter on the very end of the handle. He could also tell that Lisa wasn't concerned about the fecal matter at all.

Lisa nonchalantly moved back into the exact same body-position that she was in on the bed when she was pulling her pussy crack wide-open with her fingers to show John her “ta—daaaah!” And he naturally climbed up at the foot of the bed and positioned himself between her spread-apart legs.

To his amazement, Lisa did absolutely nothing to try to stop him this time. She just lay there quietly on her back, and let John stare at her baby-bare pussy up-close, while he was manually exploring it and fondling it.

Then he dove head-first into her mound, and he started eating her out with the ferver of a young boy who had never tasted pussy before.

After a while, John finally moved up her body, and he began licking and sucking on Lisa’s fairly small but nicely-formed breasts.

And that’s when Lisa broke the silence again. But this time, she was using her normal adult voice. The same one that she had used so effectively at Fred's bar. “Come on, baby. I want that wet dick of yours inside me. I need your sperm,” she said in a very serious but gentle manner.

And John looked down at his own penis to see for himself that his dick was indeed wet at the very tip. A tiny stream of transparent, pre-orgasmic seminal fluid was oozing out of John's piss-hole slit, and slowly dripping onto the sheets.

Now this was John’s kind of woman. Someone with whom he could picture himself actually falling in love. Someone with whom he could spend the rest of his life, and never fool around on. Someone who, in the near future, could have his babies.

John reached down and grabbed hold of the shaft of his penis, and almost-reverently guided the leaky head of it into the crack of Lisa’s pussy, as he thought to himself, Lord, thank you for sending this little angel into my life.

Then his thoughts naturally shifted to how neat and wonderful it always felt to have his penis actually touching a brand-new pussy. And this wasn’t just one of those gold-diggers’ pussies either. No sir. This was an incredibly sexy, hairless pussy belonging to an incredibly sexy, non-gold-digger woman.

At least, John assumed that Lisa wasn’t a gold-digger. If she really were a gold-digger, she sure hid that fact very well, because she hadn’t even wanted to ride in John’s fancy Lincoln Town Car, when they had left Fred’s bar for her place. Instead, she had insisted that they take her modest Chevy Nova over to her apartment, although she did ask John to drive.

Then John slowly rubbed the circumcised head of his penis up and down along the wet crack of Lisa's sweet pussy a few times. And once his dick-head was well-lubricated with her womanly juices, he eased the head of his penis into Lisa’s vaginal opening.

John was amazed at how snugly Lisa's vagina fit around his penis. Her vagina felt to him like it belonged to a young teenage girl, instead of a full-grown woman. An uneasy thought struck John from out of the blue, and he didn’t hesitate to verbalize it to Lisa. “I sure hope you didn’t forget to take your Pill today,” he said, almost jokingly.

“What Pill?” Lisa replied.

“You mean you’re not on The Pill?” he incredulously asked.

“Of course not, silly, I don’t use any birth control. What made you think that?”

John was positive that his pre-cum was still oozing out of the head of his penis. And for a moment, he wasn’t sure what he should do. Part of him just wanted to run away from this entire situation. To just pull his dick out of Lisa’s welcoming pussy, and get the hell out of Dodge.

But another part of him was just as preoccupied with rationalizing away this "unforeseen turn-of-events." He figured that he might have already released more than enough sperm cells just inside the entrance of Lisa’s fuck-hole to get her pregnant--if that was what was destined to happen--and so he might as well go ahead and finish off the act. That way, at least he would have a great orgasm to show for his efforts--even if Lisa did later become pregnant.

Besides that, John had already been thinking about Lisa in more serious terms than he cared to admit. And if she did end up getting pregnant, he knew that he would probably buy her the nicest wedding ring that he could find.

Of course, this rationalizing part of John’s mind quickly won out over the scared part, just like it tends to do in most men who find themselves in similar sexual situations.

But John was still so shocked by this disturbing "piece of news"...(“Our top story tonight: Lisa Chadwick is the only 25-year-old, single, sexually-active woman left in America who doesn’t use any form of birth control at all. Stay tuned for further details.”)...that he became a temporary statue.

“Hey, Earth to John. Are you there? I asked you a question?” Lisa prodded.

“Well...I...I guess...I...just assumed that--” John stammered away.

“Don’t worry, John, you can’t get me pregnant, if that’s what you’re worried about,” Lisa assured him. Then she rolled her eyes back into her head as she said to herself out-loud, “Oh, Lisa, you stupid idiot. Of course he’s worried about getting you pregnant. He’s a guy, for Christ’s sake. Duhhh!”

Lisa immediately directed her attention back to John.

“Look. I just had my period, and now it’s my 'safe time.' Okay?" Lisa said, lying through her teeth. "But I really don’t want to go into all the details with you right now. I just wanna enjoy us being my bed...butt-naked...coupled-up...and 'doing the dirty deed.'”

Upon hearing this, John relaxed again, taking great comfort in the fact that Lisa seemed to know exactly what she was doing. So he eased his penis up deep into Lisa’s vagina.

Physically-speaking, they matched up pretty well together. Because even though John was quite a bit heavier than Lisa, she was 5’6” tall, which was only 3 inches shorter than John was. And her snug vagina turned out to be large enough, so that it easily stretched to accommodate his six-inch-long, erect penis, without causing Lisa any discomfort whatsoever.

But John was hesitant to lay the weight of his upper torso onto her, choosing instead to support himself on his own two arms. Lisa was so slender that she felt fragile underneath him.

“It’s okay,” she reassured him, sensing his discomfort, “you’re not gonna crush me.”

Lisa placed her arms around John's shoulder blades and pulled his upper body down onto hers. She felt some of the body-hair that blanketed the whole upper part of John’s back, and she thought to herself, Man, I was right. This guy really is a big teddy bear. Either that, or he’s a fucking werewolf!

Lisa wasn’t a fan of thick body-hair on men. It had been the one thing about her stepfather’s naked body that she hadn’t been too thrilled with--aside from his beer-gut belly, of course.

“John, why don’t you take off your glasses?” Lisa politely asked.

“But I can’t see very well without them,” John automatically replied.

“You don’t need to see anything right now, John. You’ve already seen everything that you needed to see." And with that, Lisa extended her arm, grabbed hold of the bedside lamp pull-chain, and instantly put the small bedroom back into the same moonlit darkness that John had encountered when he had first walked into the bedroom.

Lisa reached up with her hands to feel where John’s face was. And then she gently pulled his glasses up off of his ears, before depositing them on top of the night stand, right next to the lamp--and the now-infamous anal hairbrush.

Meanwhile, John had been passively basking in that very nice sensation of being deeply coupled-up with a woman. The darkened room all of the sudden brought back the vivid image in John’s mind of Lisa lying there on the bed, totally nude, except for those shimmering white panties of hers.

Out of the blue, John wondered where Lisa had put her socks, because her feet were bare, and he didn’t see any socks by her pants and boots that were on the floor next to the side of the bed. And he thought to himself, Nobody ever wears boots without socks. Or do they?

Sometimes the damndest thoughts cross a person’s mind at the strangest of times.

As John was starting to ease his penis back out of Lisa’s vagina, so that he could begin thrusting away at it, he was mentally-busy wondering if Lisa talked to her own pussy whenever she was masturbating.

But John was jolted right back to the here-and-now, when he thrust his penis all the way back in again, and the muscle structure surrounding the entrance of Lisa’s vagina clamped down very tightly around the base of his penis--so tightly that, for all practical purposes, his penis was pretty well immobilized. And John started to react.

Switching back to her little girl voice, Lisa told John, "Oops. I guess I lied to you earlier, mister. I really do bite."

And then she burst out giggling uncontrollably.

* * * * *


1997: The Key

* * * * *

Alex Bamberg, who was Bill Bamberg's son from his first marriage, had really taken a liking to his Aunt Lisa. She had been coming over to the house at lot lately, and spending an inordinate amount of time with his stepmother, Jan. And Alex thought that the two of them had been acting kind of strange around each other lately, with lots of kissy-feely kinds of behavior. But then, Alex also knew that it really wasn’t that unusual for girls or women to get all touchy-feely with each other.

However, Alex didn’t just like his Aunt Lisa in the way that a 18-year-old nephew would be fond of a favorite aunt. No sir. There was much more to it than that. Even though Aunt Lisa was nine years older than Alex, she looked like she was still a teenager. And it wasn’t just the way her body looked. It was also the way that she acted and dressed.

Alex definitely had the hots for his Aunt Lisa. He fantasized about what her small tits and her pussy might look like. And naturally, he fantasized a lot about what it would be like for him to actually have sex with her. He definitely wanted to fuck his Aunt Lisa, if he ever got the chance.

One afternoon, a few days ago, Jan had gone over to Lisa’s apartment. And Alex had tagged along with her for the ride. He had no choice, because Jan had just picked him up from soccer practice at school, and then they had gone straight over to Aunt Lisa’s apartment.

While his stepmother and his aunt were sitting at the kitchenette table, and chattering away over coffee, like two excited Capuchin monkeys, Alex excused himself from the to-him "boring conversation," and he went to go use the restroom.

Lisa’s super-small, single-bedroom apartment only had one bathroom. And to get to it from the kitchen/dining area, one had to walk across the living room, and then down a short hallway, passing Lisa's bedroom doorway in the process.

On his way to the bathroom, as Alex was walking down the hallway, he looked into Lisa's bedroom and noticed some crumpled-up white panties on the floor, next to the side of Lisa's bed.

Alex took a quick look behind him to make sure that no one was watching him. And then he darted into Lisa's bedroom and scooped up the panties in his hand, before darting back into the hallway.

He went into the bathroom, closed and locked the door, and then spread the satiny panties inside out, with the cotton-lined crotch of the panties lying across the palm of his hand.

Under the overly-bright, bulbous lights that surrounded the bathroom vanity mirror, Alex could see that the crotch of the panties was soiled with the dried, watermark-type stains that Aunt Lisa’s natural “pussy-leakage” had obviously produced. There was also a small fecal streak stain, right where Aunt Lisa’s ass-hole had been in contact with the panties.

Alex placed his nose close to the panty-crotch and sniffed it, just like a dog sniffing another dog’s butt. And Alex could easily smell the urine-tinged, mildly-fishy odor that Aunt Lisa’s pussy had left behind.

Alex’s young penis was quickly on its way to becoming fully-erect, but he also felt that he had to pee like a racehorse, or his bladder was going to explode any minute. After all, that was reason why he had headed to the bathroom, in the first place.

So Alex placed the panties down on the vanity countertop, and then struggled like hell to pee out of his semi-erect penis. By the time he had finally finished urinating, he no longer had an erection. He carefully folded up the panties, and stuck them into the pocket of his jeans.

When he came out of the bathroom, another idea struck him, and he acted on it immediately. After making sure that no one was coming into the hallway, Alex made a detour back into Lisa's bedroom, went over to her dresser, and started quickly-but-quietly opening the drawers, one at a time, until he finally found what he had been looking for.

He grabbed one of Lisa’s bras, and stuffed it into another pocket of his jeans. Then he pulled a clean pair of white panties out of her dresser, crumpled them up, and dropped them on the floor, in the same spot where he had originally found her soiled panties.

Alex hightailed it out of Lisa's bedroom, stopped in the hallway to catch his breath for a few moments, and then nonchalantly walked back into the kitchenette area and rejoined the "boring conversation"--which meant that he basically sat there quietly, and stared at Aunt Lisa, while she and his stepmom were too busy talking to each other, to even notice that he had returned from his bathroom trek.

After a while, Alex thought to himself that he should have just stayed in Aunt Lisa’s bathroom, and jacked himself off, like he had originally wanted to do. But he also knew that he would have plenty of time for that later, in the privacy of his own house.

When Alex and this stepmother finally left Aunt Lisa’s and went home, Alex went straight to his bedroom and quickly hid the bra and panties underneath some of his own clothing in his chest of drawers. And he eagerly waited for the next opportunity when he would put those articles of intimate apparel to good use.

That evening, Alex put on the bra and panties underneath his own loose-fitting pajamas, and he had even walked around right in front of his mother, without her ever noticing that anything was "wrong."

Later that same night--once Alex was sure that his stepmother was fast asleep--he got out of bed, and went to the bathroom. He locked the door, took off his pajamas, and stared at the bathroom mirror.

He was totally amused at how silly he looked wearing a white, A-size cup bra and white nylon panties. But these weren’t just any old bra and panties stolen from a department store. This was Aunt Lisa’s bra and Aunt Lisa’s soiled panties. And Alex got a hard-on pretty damn quickly.

Alex stroked himself through the panties, and was amazed at how good the slick, nylon material felt to his penis. He left the bra and panties on, while he kept stroking his dick and fantasizing about Aunt Lisa. And he almost ended up squirting his wad right inside the panties--which was something that he really didn’t want to do.

He quickly freed his penis, through one of the leg holes of the panties, just in time to squirt his sperm out all over the bathroom vanity countertop.

Over the course of the next two days, Alex masturbated three different times. And each time, he had only taken Lisa’s panties into the bathroom with him, and left her bra in its hiding place, because he had figured out that her bra really didn’t turn him on half as much as her soiled panties did.

He had also figured out that what he really liked to do was to hold the panties in his hand, and rub them against his dick while he was stroking it. And that’s exactly what he was right in the middle of doing that next afternoon, when his Aunt Lisa had unexpectedly dropped in to visit his stepmother.

While Alex was masturbating in the bathroom, Jan was taking a nap in her bedroom. Alex heard the doorbell ring, and then several knocks on the front door, followed by his mother yelling out from her bedroom, “Hang on. I’m coming!”

Alex laughed a little bit, thinking to himself, Hey, that should be my line, Jan. And that was because Alex really was on the verge of cumming.

As he grimaced up his face, closed his eyes, and let out that little telltale cum-grunt that guys tend to make right before they start to orgasm, Alex was totally oblivious to the sounds of the locks turning on the front door, and his Aunt Lisa’s perpetually-enthusiastic, high-pitched voice saying, “How’s it goin’, Sis?”

Alex just kept his eyes closed, and rode out his orgasm, as he was letting his sperm forcefully squirt out willy-nilly, and land somewhere in the vicinity of the bathroom vanity sink and countertop. His very first spurt of sperm had squirted out so forcefully, that it had splatted up against the vanity mirror, and was now slowly working its way down the mirror.

Alex was mentally coming back down to earth, when he heard the very tail end of his stepmother saying, “Still hangin’ in there. How 'bout you?”

At this point Alex was instinctively using his hand to milk the last of the sperm out of his dick.

“Can’t complain," Lisa said, and then added, "Hey, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I’ve gotta use your bathroom. I’m just about to pee my pants.”

Upon hearing the word “bathroom” being said by his Aunt Lisa’s unmistakable voice, Alex’s heart started pounding, and he was having trouble catching his breath. He completely lost his mental composure.

Alex watched in horror as the bathroom doorknob twisted a little bit. And then there were some knocks on the hollow door. And Alex knew that his Aunt Lisa was waiting on the other side of that door.

He looked at all the sperm that was splattered across the sink and the vanity countertop--and especially took note of the long string of sperm that had run down the otherwise-shiny bathroom mirror--and he knew he had to clean up his "mess" as best as he could, and get the hell out of there fast.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” Alex said through the door to Lisa, as he was pulling his pants back up and buckling his belt.

“Please hurry, Alex. I’m gonna pee my pants, if you don’t!”

“Okay, okay. I’ll be right out,” Alex said, trying to buy himself a little more time.

Alex stuffed his Aunt Lisa’s stolen panties into his pocket, grabbed hold of the toilet paper and yanked a whole streamer of it off the spinning roll. He quickly wiped up the long streak of sperm on the mirror, and then, just as quickly, shifted his attention to the most-obvious "sperm-puddles" that were lying everywhere else. And right before he finally opened the bathroom door, he casually dropped the wadded-up, sperm-laden toilet paper into the waste basket, beside the toilet.

Lisa barged into the bathroom, shooting right past Alex, to stand directly in front of the toilet. She quickly undid her pants, and pulled her pants and panties down around her ankles. Then she plopped herself down onto the toilet seat, and her urine immediately began spraying out forcefully into the toilet bowl beneath her.

Alex was in shock, as he had just stood there and watched his Aunt Lisa do all this, right in front of him.

“Well, are you gonna just stand there and watch me?" asked Lisa. "‘Cuz if you are, you ought to at least come over here closer, so you can see better.”

And as she said that, Lisa twisted her body towards him, and then spread her thighs far apart, so that Alex got a good look at her shaved pussy mound, while the urine was still spraying out of it, into the toilet bowl.

Alex was emotionally torn. He wanted to stay in the bathroom with Aunt Lisa. But the bathroom door was wide-open, and Jan was somewhere else in the house.

Naturally, Alex’s first inclination was to close and lock the bathroom door. But he knew that if his stepmother came and caught him in the same closed bathroom with Aunt Lisa, his ass would be grass!

So Alex did the only thing he could really do. He said, “I’m sorry, Aunt Lisa.” And he left the bathroom, closing the door behind him on his way out.

But Alex really wasn’t sorry at all. He was glad that he had finally gotten the chance to actually see his Aunt Lisa’s pussy, even if it was for only a few precious seconds. The image of her hairless, urinating pussy would vividly live on in Alex’s fantasies for many years to come.

As soon as Alex left the bathroom, Lisa thought to herself, What the hell are you doing, Lisa?

She couldn’t believe that she had just propositioned her own 18-year-old step-nephew, right there in the bathroom, with the door wide-open, and with her older sister in another room of the house.

The scariest part was that Lisa hadn’t been teasing or playing with Alex at all, when she had tried to get him to stay in the bathroom with her. The truth was that she had been ready-and-willing to have sex with Alex right then and there--just as soon as she had finished urinating, of course.

Lisa didn’t know what had come over her at the time. But it was like being a female dog in heat, who was enthusiastically offering her little puffed-out doggie-pussy to the first male dog that came along.

Lisa started feeling pretty embarrassed about what she had just done. But she also knew that it was too late to change things now. She’d just have to live with it, and hope that Alex thought that she was just teasing him.

Lisa was reaching over to pull some toilet paper off the roll, so that she could wipe off her pussy after she finished urinating, when something caught her eye. It was a small puddle of something that looked like sperm, lying on the edge of the sink, right next to the countertop of the vanity.

After she was finished urinating, Lisa leaned over from the toilet, while she was wiping off her pussy, and she took a closer look. And there were a few more little droplets of the same stuff, pretty close to the first little "puddle" that had caught her eye.

Without getting up off the toilet seat, Lisa reached across and scooped up a little "puddle" of the sperm-like stuff with her fingertips. She rubbed it between her fingertips, and then she smelled her fingers. And sure enough, it was definitely sperm. There was just no mistaking that unique, musky smell and sticky texture.

And the sperm felt warm to her fingertips. Lisa knew that it had to have just been ejaculated. And so it had to be Alex’s sperm. She realized that Alex must’ve just finished masturbating, when she had barged in to use the restroom.

Almost without thinking about what she was doing, she reached down and rubbed the small amount of sperm into the crack of her pussy. Despite the fact that she knew that she was incapable of becoming pregnant, it was still a big turn-on for her to know that she was putting her own step-nephew’s sperm into the crack of her pussy. Especially after she had just teased him by showing him her pussy--except that she really hadn’t been teasing.

Lisa thought, Boy, Jan would really freak out if she knew what I was doing right now.

And that thought made it even more exciting to Lisa, because she knew that she was being a very naughty girl, indeed.

Lisa could feel the head of her dick-clit tingling, and her dick-clit quickly snaked its way out of her vagina. Then it looped back upward to insert its tiny head into the crack of her pussy.

This really surprised Lisa, because her dick-clit did all of this completely on its own, without her mentally guiding it there. She was watching in amazement as her dick-clit automatically rubbed itself--and her clitoris, with its tiny slit at the very tip--back and forth against the area of her crack in which she had just placed the sperm.

Lisa retracted her dick-clit for a few seconds, just to make sure that she still had control over the movements of her own dick-clit. She had mentally "willed it" back up into her vagina. And it faithfully did what she wanted it to do.

But the minute that she stopped trying to control her dick-clit, it automatically slithered back out of her vagina, all on its own, and continued to rub its tiny head against the sperm in her pussy crack. Lisa didn’t try to stop it again, because she was really curious to find out what her dick-clit would do next.

Lisa’s dick-clit started to quiver and vibrate like crazy, just like a tiny electric vibrator. Pretty soon her whole body started to tense up, until it seemed like every muscle in it was rigid. Her dick-clit just kept on vibrating, and her whole body straightened-out.

She almost fell off the toilet seat as she let out a very loud scream, and began to spontaneously orgasm her ass off.

The muscles in her vagina started to contract repeatedly, and then Lisa felt the strong, needle-thin stream of warm fluid, as it was forcefully squirted out of the tiny hole in the tip of her dick-clit, directly against the crack of her own pussy.

Lisa had never experience such a strong orgasm throughout her entire life so far. She started crying. But these were tears of great joy.

Lisa was still riding her orgasmic wave when Jan, who of course had heard Lisa scream out, came to the bathroom door, and asked if Lisa was okay.

Lisa managed to calm down enough to tell Jan that she was fine, but that she had just seen a large roach scurrying across the bathroom floor, and that it had surprised her and scared her pretty bad. But she assured Jan that she was okay now.

Lisa looked back down at her pussy, and it was covered with a white-colored fluid that resembled sperm. Of course, she knew that it wasn’t sperm. But it sure looked like she had just ejaculated a wad of sperm into her own pussy crack.

Lisa was intrigued by her “egg-cum,” which was the name she eventually gave to it. She realized that all this watery, sperm-looking stuff was the fluid that was meant to propel her eggs out of the the tiny hole at the very tip of her dick-clit. And she knew that at least one of her eggs must be swimming around somewhere in all that sexual fluid.

As soon as she heard Jan’s footsteps go off in the distance, Lisa reached over to the vanity countertop and scooped up another little glob of her step-nephew’s sperm with her fingertips.

That’s when she remembered that the bathroom door wasn’t locked. Alex had simply pulled it shut. And Lisa thanked her lucky stars that Jan hadn’t opened up the bathroom door when she came to check on Lisa.

But in her orgasmic afterglow state, Lisa also had absolutely no desire to get up off the toilet to go lock the bathroom door. And so she just decided that she would go ahead and continue taking her chances, by leaving the bathroom door unlocked.

Lisa held the sperm-droplet about a foot away from the front of her pussy mound. Her dick-clit almost immediately stretched itself straight out towards her fingers.

And when she slowly moved her sperm-coated fingers up and down, her dick-clit instinctively followed the movements of her hand, just like a cobra responding to the movements of its intended victim.

Lisa bit her lower lip to hopefully keep from screaming out again, and she touched her sperm-coated fingertips to the tiny slit at the tip of her dick-clit.

But this time, her alien penis didn’t vibrate at all, or squirt out a gush of sperm-looking fluid. And Lisa also didn’t orgasm at all.

Lisa was mad as a hen in a hailstorm. Here those alien bastards had not only made her into a sexual freak, but they had also taken away her natural ability to strongly orgasm at will, and tied it in directly to her monthly ovulation--so that she was now even more of a slave to her own menstrual cycles than she had already been, before her abduction. Now, Lisa was only going to be able to have a "decent" orgasm once a month. Maybe twice a month, if she got lucky and ovulated twice during the same menstrual cycle.

This experience in the bathroom at her sister’s house showed Lisa that she absolutely needed a guy’s sperm--that she needed her egg to be fertilized--in order for her to be able to experience a strong, satisfying orgasm.

But how was she supposed to go about getting a guy to give her his freshly-ejaculated sperm? And the sperm had to be no more than a few hours old, because only living sperm cells would be able to fertilize her egg.

When Lisa finally stepped out of the bathroom that day, she ran up to Alex and gave him a big hug and a kiss.

“Thank you very much,” she said in a quiet, very-sincere voice.

“For what, Aunt Lisa?” Alex replied, feeling embarrassed.

“For just being the wonderful person that you are,” Lisa quipped back, in almost a whisper, and then winked at Alex and gave him a devilish smile, before she headed off to visit with his stepmother.

Lisa knew that Alex must have thought she was literally out of her mind. But she didn’t care. He had unknowingly given her the "key" that had unlocked her “new sexuality.” And for that, Lisa would always be grateful.

And one good turn always deserves another.

* * * * *


1997: The Good Turn

* * * * *

Now that Lisa knew that she could once again have a "decent" orgasm, she wanted to orgasm her ass off at least one time while she was having sex with her older sister. Lisa felt she owed Jan that much, since Jan had happily shared all those intense “lady-quakes” of hers with Lisa. Lisa also wanted to prove to Jan that she really could orgasm her ass off, just like Jan always did whenever they made love to each other.

So Lisa started taking her basal body temperature every morning to determine when she ovulated. And three weeks later, when the little graph finally spiked sharply upward, she knew that she had an egg waiting to be released by her dick-clit.

During her lunch break at work, Lisa called Jan on the phone. And after they had chit-chatted for a couple of minutes, Lisa said, “I miss you, Jan.”

“Yeah, the feeling’s mutual. Where the hell have you been the last two weeks? I’m so horny I can’t stand it! I kept calling you. But you never returned my messages."

“I’m sorry, Jan. It’s just that I got snowed under here at work. They dumped a bunch of overtime on me. You know how things are. I’m sorry I didn’t call you back. But by the time I got home, it was always way too late to be calling you.”

“You’re not seeing a guy, are you, Lisa?”

“Don’t be silly, Jan. You’re the only person that I wanna be in bed with right now. And you know it.”

“Of course I do. I just wanted to hear you say it.”

“Well, why don’t you come over to my place this evening. And don’t forget to bring your horniness with you.”

“Don’t worry, girl. I take it with me wherever I go. Believe me!" Jan quipped, and then added, "But just so you know, Bill's in town right now. I guess I'll just have to tell him that we're having a girls' night-out tonight.”

“I love you, Jan.”

“I love you too, Lisa. See ya tonight.”

That night, after Lisa and Jan finished their lovemaking, they lay in each other’s arms and had their usual heart-to-heart talk. This was always one of the most rewarding parts of their sexual relationship. After they had finished sharing their raw sexuality with each other, there was never anything else left to hide. They always took advantage of these special moments to share their deepest, darkest secrets and feelings with each other.

“Jan, I’m really jealous of you right now,” Lisa said while she was playfully flicking one of Jan’s long nipples back and forth with her index finger.

“Oh, there’s no need for that, Lisa. Big boobs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, you know?”

“That’s not what I’m talking about, Jan. I’m jealous of the way that you always cum in buckets whenever we make love--just like you did tonight. And no matter what you do for me, I can barely 'get off' at all.”

“Oh, come on, Lisa, we’ve been through all this before. You know that doesn’t matter to me. I still love you.”

“Yeah, but it matters a hell of a lot to me, dammit!” Lisa said in a shaky voice, as she began to sob. “I need you to make me cum, Jan. I mean, really cum hard. Just like you always do.”

“But, Sis, you know that I’m always game to try anything that might make you cum good. What do you think Bill would say if he knew that his wife got fucked in her piss-hole tonight by this weird, female-penis thing?”

“Yeah, you do have a point there," Lisa admitted. "I’m just frustrated, that’s all. Listen, I really do appreciate you being open-minded enough to try all those kinky things with me in bed.”

“Well, I really didn’t have that much of a choice, now did I? I mean, you don’t exactly have a normal pussy down there between your legs, girl. After our first night together, I didn’t expect that we’d have sex the way that two normal lesbians do.”

Jan laughed at her own witty remark, and Lisa had to laugh right along with her. Besides, it felt better than crying.

“Speak for yourself,” Lisa piped in, “I’m not a lesbian.”

“Neither am I,” Jan said. “My two lovers both have dicks!”

Jan and Lisa burst out in laughter again.

“It always feels so good to be here naked in bed with you, Jan. You’re such a sweetie,” Lisa said, and then gave Jan a very passionate French-kiss, before laying her head down on one of Jan’s pillowy breasts.

“Jan, I want to try something new with you the next time we make love.”

“But, Lisa, you’re always trying something new with me.”

“Yeah, I know. But this is something that I need to let you know about in advance, because I’ll need to get your approval and cooperation before we do it together. But it’s also something that I think will finally really 'get me off,' and make me cum in buckets, just like you always do.”

“Well, for Christ’s sake, Lisa, what is it?”

“I don’t really know how to tell you.”

“Go ahead, and just give it to me straight. I’m a big girl. I can take it.”

“Okay. Well here goes nothing...When I called you this afternoon, you told me that Bill's in town right now. Right?”

“Lisa, you naughty little girl! So then you do wanna have a threesome with Bill and me," Jan said very enthusiastically.

And the words just kept on machine-gunning out of her mouth, as she excitedly added, "I was wondering when you’d ask me that. I can warn Bill about your dick-clit and all that, and I think he’d really 'get off' on having my little sister in bed with us. Of course, you’ll have to promise me that you won’t actually let Bill fuck you, because after all, he is my husband, and--”

“You don't understand, Sis!" Lisa interrupted, which brought a screaming halt to Jan's barrage of words. "I don’t want to fuck Bill. I want you to fuck Bill. Now if you’ll just listen up, I’ll tell you what I’ve got in-mind. When is Bill leaving town again?”

“Tomorrow morning. Around 10:00.”

“That's great. Then I’ll take a sick-day off from work tomorrow. Alex and Trish will both be in school tomorrow, right?”


“That’s perfect!" Lisa said, unable to hide the fact that she was thrilled with the way that things were turning out so far.

"Now, do you think you can get Bill to fuck you right before he leaves in the morning, and then give me a call just as soon as he's gone, so that I can come over and make love to you?”

“Sure, but I don’t see what my fucking Bill has to do with your having a great orgasm during our lovemaking.”

“I’m not really sure myself, Sis. It’s just a hunch I’ve got. Call it 'woman’s intuition,' if you want. But we’ve never made love right after you’ve had sex with Bill, have we?”

“Well, no. Not that I can remember.”

“I want to see if your having Bill’s sperm inside your pussy might make a difference, when you and I make love.”

“You mean, you want to stick your dick-clit into my pussy and coat it with Bill’s sperm.”

“That’s exactly right.”

“I don’t know, Sis...," Jan said, shaking her head slowly, "I don’t like the idea of sharing Bill’s sperm with you.”

Lisa abruptly lifted her head up off Jan’s chest, and looked her straight in the eye.

“Why not? You know I can’t get pregnant. And it doesn’t seem to bother you that we both shared Daddy’s sperm. Hell, we even shared his damn dick between us!” said Lisa, all of the sudden getting very agitated at Jan's "totally unacceptable" response to her "reasonable" sperm-sharing request.

Lisa angrily reached down between Jan's legs, and quickly shoved two of her fingers up deep into Jan’s vagina. And a very surprised Jan sucked in a big gulp of air, in response.

Lisa immediately started rapidly thrusting her two held-together fingers in and out, finger-fucking the crap out of Jan's vagina, as she kept talking harshly to Jan, while making sure that Jan didn't get the chance to get a word in edgewise.

Let's just say that it was obvious to Jan that Lisa was quite pissed-off at her.

“There aren’t any secrets between us any more, Jan. I know that you and Bill have been fucking for years without using any birth control at all, because you’ve been wanting to have another baby.

"I know that Bill loves to have his dick sucked, and that you won’t suck it, unless he takes a shower right before having sex with you. And that’s because you hate the smell of Bill’s crotch. But you sure loved the smell of Daddy’s crotch, didn’t you, Jan?”

“Lisa, for God’s sake, stop this--”

“I know that you really miss the feeling of having Daddy’s huge dick filling up your pussy," Lisa's mouth kept steamrolling onward. "And that’s because Bill’s dick is only about half the size of Daddy’s. And I know you're definitely not happy about that. You told me so yourself.

"I know that whenever Bill cums, the sperm just kind of slowly oozes out of his dick. And I know you're not thrilled about that either.

"I know how to finger-fuck you the way that you like to have it done. And I'm doing it right now.

"I know that you’re getting closer to cumming. And when you do, you’ll either say ‘Oh God’ or ‘Oh yes’ over and over again, while you’re doing it.

"I know that your deepest darkest secret is that it really turns you on like crazy to get verbally and physically abused during sex. And that's because you're really a true masochist at heart. Why else would you marry a guy who's gone out-of-town three weeks out of every month? And even when he's back home, he doesn't have a clue about how to make you cum real good. Once again, you told me that yourself.

"But I know how to make you cum your ass off. And that’s exactly what you’re gonna do right now, you little bitch!” Lisa demanded very sternly. "Come on. Go ahead and squirt all over the bed, you fucking whore! 'Cuz that's what you really are, isn't it?" asked Lisa, finally stopping her verbal tirade long enough to let Jan actually answer her question.

"Yes, you're right. I am a fucking whore," Jan said very meekly, all the while realizing exactly what was happening. The code phrase "little bitch," was Lisa's way of letting Jan know that Lisa had begun her sado-masochistic role-playing, in order to help Jan "get her rocks off" really good. The fact that Lisa really was pissed-off at Jan only served to make their sexual role-play together even more realistic and exciting for Jan.

"Yes, you are. And I'm your john. And you're gonna cum for me right now, God damn it!" Lisa nearly screamed back at Jan. "Tell me that you're cumming, you naughty little cunt!"

"I'm cumming," Jan obediently said.

"No, you're not!" Lisa snapped back, very harshly.

"Yes, I am!" Jan insisted.

"You're a fucking liar! That's what you are! I paid you good money to watch you cum. Now cum for me! Right now, God damn it! If you don't start cumming right now, I'm gonna squeeze your clit 'til it hurts!" Lisa threatened, waited a couple of beats, and then reached across and began steadily squeezing the head of Jan's clitoris between the thumb and forefinger of her non-thrusting hand.

"Okay, okay. Please stop! You're hurting me!" Jan begged, playing along with Lisa, but not really wanting Lisa to stop. "I'll cum for you! Right now! I'm cumming! I promise! I'm really cumming this time! See?" Jan pleaded, as her leg muscles went rigid and then she started yelling out, “Oh God! Yes! Oh yes! Oh God! Shit yessssss! Aaaaaaah! Oooooooh!"

Lisa abruptly pulled her fingers out of Jan’s orgasmically-spasming, squirting vagina, knowing full well that her inappropriate timing for this finger-withdrawal would end up emotionally "torturing" Jan even more.

Then Lisa began repeatedly flicking one of Jan's long nipples with the hard-lacquered nail of her middle finger, just to make Jan's nipple sting a little bit, in order to help enhance her masochistic sister's orgasmic experience.

After Jan’s orgasm finally subsided into its after-glow phase, Lisa quit flicking Jan's nipple and continued on with her "I know" speech.

But by this time, Lisa had managed to let out all her anger and rage at Jan. And so she shifted her emotional gears, and began speaking to Jan in a very supportive and loving way, “I know that you really want me to orgasm my butt off right in front of you, like you just did right in front of me.

"I know that the doctor told you that you’re not fertile any more, but that Bill’s sperm tested out just fine.

"I know that this really tore you up, and that you felt like you were less of a woman. And I know exactly how you feel.

"I know that you want me to have a threesome with your husband, and that--despite what you just told me--you really wouldn’t do anything to try to stop me from fucking him. But don’t worry, Jan, I’m not gonna fuck your husband. Because you’re the only person I wanna fuck. But I wanna do it with Bill’s sperm inside you. That’s all.

"Face it, Jan. Bill’s sperm is no more or less special than Daddy’s sperm was. Sperm is sperm. And all guys happily squirt it out, whenever they feel like it. What harm could it possibly do, for you to let me get a little bit of your husband’s sperm on my dick-clit, so that I can see if my hunch was right?”

“None, I guess," Jan calmly replied. "I’m sorry, Lisa. I’ll help you any way that I can.”

“Just give me a call tomorrow morning, as soon as Bill leaves. Okay?" said Lisa. "By the way, please don’t take a shower or douche before I come over.”

The next morning at Jan's house everything went like clockwork. As soon as Bill had left, Jan gave Lisa a phone call, and a little over an hour later, they both ended up naked in Jan’s bed.

“Was it easy to get Bill to fuck you, right before he left this morning?” Lisa asked.

“It was a cake-walk. No, I take that back. It was a cake-fuck. And Bill was very happy to supply the 'icing,' if you know what I mean.”

Girlish giggles filled the bedroom. The two sisters always giggled and laughed a lot whenever they were naked in bed together, and this fact wasn’t lost on Jan.

Jan's lovemaking with Bill was almost never a light-hearted experience. Bill was usually very serious and quiet during sex. Jan found it very refreshing to actually talk to her partner, and laugh together during sex.

“The secret to getting any man to fuck you,” Jan lectured to Lisa, “is that you never beat around the bush. As Bill was getting ready to leave the house this morning, I grabbed onto his crotch, and I told him that I was so horny that I couldn’t see straight.

"He tried to give me the argument that he didn’t have any time. And that he had to leave, if he wanted to stay on-schedule.

"I told him that I wasn’t asking him to make love to me, and that I just needed a 'quickie' before he left town.

"Then I stuck the stake in his heart, by reminding him that I wouldn’t see him again for three more weeks. And I opened up the front of my house coat to show him that I was completely naked underneath. Then I gently grabbed hold of his hand and placed it right on my pussy, while I was kissing him.

"It was like taking candy from a baby, let me tell you. I unbuckled his belt, pulled his zipper down and stuck my hand down inside the front of his underwear. He kept fingering me while I was squeezing his dick. And he got hard real fast.

"I pulled his dick out the front of his underwear, and he 'did me' right there on the cold tile floor by the front door--without even taking off his clothes.

"A couple minutes later I had his sperm inside me, and he was walking out the front door with a big smile on his face.

"You know, it's always amazed me how quickly a man can 'get it up' and 'get his rocks off,' when it usually takes me a good 15 minutes, just to get in the mood. Seems to me like another one of those cruel jokes that Nature has played on us women.”

“Am I still a woman to you, Jan?”

“Honey, trust me. You’re more woman than any man could ever handle,” Jan said as she placed her hands on Lisa’s firm breasts. And their lovemaking began.

During their foreplay, Lisa was very careful to keep her pussy from coming too close to Jan’s. No matter how eager Lisa was to use her dick-clit, she knew that she had to give Jan time, so that she could have a few orgasms first, and become completely receptive.

Then Lisa finally made "her move."

“I wanna fuck you, Jan. Is that okay with you?”

“Well, what are you waiting for? An ad in the newspaper? Come on, let’s rock ‘n roll,” Jan said, as she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs apart, so that she could be mounted by her sister.

Lisa rolled over on top of Jan. And Lisa’s dick-clit automatically came out of her pussy-hole and looped around to seek out the sperm. The dick-clit pressed itself up against Jan’s pussy crack.

And when it found her vaginal entrance, it automatically slithered up inside of Jan's baby-making hole. Lisa moved the head of her dick-clit all around deep inside Jan, rubbing it against the walls of Jan’s vagina to coat it with Bill’s still-living sperm.

And then Lisa’s dick-clit started to quiver and vibrate.

“Jesus, Lisa, what the hell are you doing inside me?” Jan asked, very concerned.

Lisa used the sensitive head of her vibrating dick-clit to quickly feel around and find Jan’s cervix. She then pressed the tip of the tiny head right up against little hole in the center of Jan’s doughnut-shaped cervix.

“Don’t worry, Sis, I’d never do anything to hurt you. You know that,” Lisa assured Jan. “Just relax, because it’s finally your turn to feel me cum in buckets.”

Jan felt an unusual pressure deep inside her, as the tip of Lisa’s vibrating dick-clit literally forced itself through the small hole in the center of her cervix, until the head of Lisa’s dick-clit was actually up inside of Jan's uterus.

"That vibrating you're feeling? Well that means I'm getting ready to cum. But this time, I'm gonna ejaculate inside you," Lisa informed Jan.

"Well bring it on, Baby Sister," Jan whispered in Lisa's ear, enthusiastically cheering Lisa on, "Go ahead and cum inside me. Let it all out, sweetie. You deserve it. Come on. I know you can do it!"

Lisa’s whole body quickly stiffened up, and she let out a very loud scream as she orgasmed her ass off, and squirted out her watery wad of “egg-cum” directly inside of Jan’s uterus.

Jan felt the warm pulsating jets of Lisa’s unique sexual fluid inside her womb, and she started screaming out her “Oh yes’s!” and “Oh God’s!” as she was having her own killer orgasm.

Jan instinctively sensed that she was somehow being impregnated by Lisa. She had felt that same "special feeling" in her uterus the night that she had conceived Trish, as well as the night that her own stepfather had gotten her pregnant.

When both women finally finished orgasming, Jan said, “God damn it, Lisa! That really kicked ass! Did you ejaculate sperm inside my uterus?”

“I did,” Lisa admitted, as she slowly withdrew her dick-clit from Jan's vagina. “But it wasn’t exactly 'sperm.' Remember I told you that the aliens told me that I was supposed to be able to ejaculate? Well, I just ejaculated a fertilized egg inside your womb, thanks to your husband’s sperm. The wetness you felt was all the fluid that squirted the egg out of my dick-clit. Remember our very first night together at my apartment?”

“Oh my God, how could I not remember that night?”

“Well, do you remember how--after we had finished making love--I asked you if you and Bill were still using condoms?

And you told me that you hadn’t used any type of birth control for years. You told me that you and Bill had been wanting to have another child for years, but that you had finally gone to the doctor, and found out that you had become infertile.

"And remember how I asked you if Bill was also infertile too? And you told me that his sperm had tested out just fine, and that you had told him that he’d better not ever go and get another woman pregnant, unless he got you pregnant first, or else you’d hunt him down and chop off his balls.”

“Yeah, that was pretty funny, wasn’t it? But you wanna know what’s even funnier? I feel like you just got me pregnant.”

“Well, Big Sis, I probably did. You just let your husband’s sperm fertilize my egg, right inside of your pussy. Then I stuck my dick-clit up into your cervix, and squirted that tiny fertilized egg deep into your womb, where right now, as we speak, my little egg is probably swimming its way through your uterus and trying to attach itself to the lining. And if and when it does, you’ll become pregnant.

"Of course, I’ll be the baby’s biological mother. But Bill never needs to know that. We can just add that little secret to all the other secrets that we already keep between us. And no one else--except for you and I--will ever know the real truth about the baby. We can just let Bill assume that his little 'quickie' with you this morning got you pregnant. That way, it's a win-win situation for all of us.

"Bill will be thrilled when he finds out that you're pregnant, you’ll have that third child you’ve always wanted, and I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that I finally helped my big sister do something that she couldn’t do on her own--instead of things always being the other way around. I really do love you, Jan.”

“I love you too, Lisa” Jan said, with tears streaming down her cheeks. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Lisa said, and they both just held each other for a moment. “But technically, Bill got me pregnant, before he got you pregnant,” Lisa chimed in. “So now I guess you’re gonna have to hunt him down at a truck stop somewhere, and chase away the little teenage slut that you’ll probably find sucking on his dick, so that you can chop off his balls, without any witnesses."

And both sisters laughed so hard that it hurt. And they had to force themselves to stop laughing.

A few weeks went by, and then Jan called Lisa to let her know that "the rabbit died." And Lisa was genuinely happy for Jan and her new pregnancy.

But during that same phone conversation, Lisa told Jan that she thought it would be best for everyone concerned, if she kept a low profile, and stayed away from Jan and her family for the next 10 years or so. Lisa promised that she would still keep in touch with Jan by phone, and also visit her and her family during the holidays, of course.

Jan had to agree with Lisa’s logic. But she also pleaded with Lisa to come over and make love to her one last time. Jan said that next Saturday night at 9 o’clock would be good, because Trish would be sleeping over at her best friend’s house again that night, and Alex would be going out with one of his friend's to the local jazz festival.

“That’ll be great, Sis. I’ll be there with bells on,” Lisa said.

“You can forget the bells. We don’t need 'em,” Jan replied before saying goodbye to Lisa.

* * * * *


1997: The Last Time

* * * * *

On Saturday night Lisa drove over to Jan’s house. When she pulled up into the driveway, Jan’s car was there, but the house was pitch-black, except for the front porch light. Lisa knocked on the front door and a light came on in the living room.

Jan greeted Lisa at the front door, holding a single long-stem red rose in her hand.

“Tonight’s gonna be very special, Lisa,” Jan said, giving her the rose. “I owe you a lot.”

“You don’t owe me anything, Sis,” Lisa said, as Jan was closing and locking the front door behind her.

“Oh yes I do,” Jan replied, giving Lisa a polite kiss on the cheek from behind.

Jan came back around in front of Lisa, took her by the hand, turned off the living room lamp and led Lisa through the totally-unlit house to the pitch-black bedroom, where both women went right into what had become their “little ritual."

After Lisa had reached out and felt for the night stand, before laying the rose down on top of it, the two women stood on each side of the bed as they quickly stripped off all their clothing, letting it fall to the carpet, and then jumped in under the covers, right next to each other.

Jan immediately gave Lisa a juicy French-kiss, after which she pulled the covers back, and she started licking Lisa’s small breasts, and sucking on her puffy nipples. Jan pulled the covers down even further and started stroking Lisa’s pussy. And the dick-clit naturally slid on out of Lisa’s vagina.

“Gosh, Sis, you sure seem like you’re in a big hurry tonight,” Lisa remarked.

“That’s 'cuz I’m getting you ready.”

“Ready for what?” Lisa curiously asked.

“Ready for me,” a deep male voice answered from one corner of the bedroom.

Lisa instantly freaked out. And her dick-clit--which had been almost totally extended--quickly shot back up into the safety of her vagina.

The voice belonged to Bill, Jan's 32-year-old husband, who proceeded to walk over and get into bed, right next to Lisa, sandwiching her between him and Jan in the queen-size bed. He was completely naked.

Lisa quickly rolled over on her side, facing Jan.

“What the hell is this, Jan?”

“What does it look like, Lisa?”

“It looks like I can’t trust my own sister any more.”

“Sure you can. This is a 'very special night.' That’s all. And Bill is my 'very special present' to you.”

"But you told me that Bill was out-of-town," said Lisa.

"He was. But I talked him into cutting his trip short, and coming back early, so that he could be with us tonight."

“Does he know about my--?”

“Yeah, he knows.”

“Oh God! Jan, how could you tell him about that? About us?”

“He’s my husband, Lisa. I don’t keep secrets from my own husband. That’s why our marriage is so good.

"You see, I know all about him picking up those little hookers at the truck stops, so that he can get his dick sucked.

"And he knows all about you and me, and our special relationship.

"He even knows that you’re the one who was responsible for finally getting me pregnant. I told him all about your alien abduction, and the whole nine yards.”

“Jan, how could you?” Lisa asked, feeling totally betrayed.

“Well, Sis, one good turn deserves another. And I knew that it had been an awfully long time since you’ve had sex with a man.

"And I love you so much, that I’m willing to share my man with you tonight. I promise you that this will be the first and last time that we ever do this. You could say that Bill is my 'farewell present' to you.”

“But I told you that I didn’t want to have a threesome with you and your husband,” Lisa reminded Jan.

“And you’re not going to either. I’m gonna leave right now, and let you two enjoy yourselves,” Jan said, as she started to get out of bed.

“Jan, please don’t leave!” Lisa pleaded, grabbing hold of Jan’s forearm, “I need you here! With me!”

“So then you do wanna have a threesome.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Then why don’t you ask Bill to leave?”

Throughout this conversation Bill hadn’t said a word, but his hands had been busy. He had started out gently rubbing Lisa’s back, and now he was kneading one of Lisa’s butt-cheeks in his hand, as he was planting little kisses on the back of her neck and her upper back.

“Jan, you know I can’t do that. This is his bedroom. I’m the intruder here. If anyone leaves, it should be me.”

“What’s the matter, Lisa? Would you rather do Alex instead of Bill? I can arrange that, if you want. I know Alex likes you a lot. He's always talking about you. And I’ve seen the way he looks at you. In fact, I’ll go call him right now. He's at the jazz festival. But I'm sure he won't mind coming back home early to get a piece of ass from his Aunt Lisa."

“’t! You just stay right here!" Lisa demanded. "How can you even say something like that, Sis?” Lisa asked, thinking about how she herself had been more than ready-and-willing to have sex with Alex, right there in the bathroom at Jan’s house.

“I love you. And I owe you one. That’s how. So I take it, you prefer Bill over Alex.”

“I prefer you!” said Lisa.

“Oh, I think you’ll change your mind soon enough. Just think of me as your friendly neighborhood Eskimo, sharing my spouse with you for the night.”

“You’re bound and determined to do this, aren’t you, Jan?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Does Bill really want to do this?”

“Are you kiddin' me? Why don’t you reach over and feel his dick right now. And then you tell me if he really wants to do this or not. Go ahead. He won’t bite you.”

Lisa slowly reached behind her with her hand, and Bill took her hand and very gently placed it on the firm rod of flesh that was his fully-erect penis. Lisa instantly noticed that Bill’s penis was on the small side, just like Jan had told her, but that it was actually longer than Jan had previously described it as being.

“Well, does Bill wanna do this, or not?” Jan snapped at Lisa.

“But I thought you said that you didn’t want Bill to fuck me.”

“It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. What’s the matter, Sis? You’ve been telling me that you wanted to have sex with a man again, someday. Well that 'someday' is finally here, Lisa. You ought to be thrilled.”

Bill had reached over Lisa’s body and was now massaging one of her small breasts. Lisa still had her hand behind her back, wrapped around his very-modest-size boner. And despite her verbal resistance, she really didn’t want to take her hand off of Bill's boner.

“Jan, I can’t believe you doing this to me. It seems like a bad dream or something.”

“Oh it won’t be that bad, Lisa. I know Bill’s not anywhere near as well-hung as Dad was. But I think you’ll enjoy yourself anyway.”

“He knows all about Daddy and me?”

“Sure. He also knows about Dad and me too, and how Dad got me pregnant. He knows about Mom making me get an abortion. He knows everything. I told you, I don’t keep any secrets from Bill. He’s my husband, my lover, and my best friend.”

“Oh my God, I feel like I’m being raped. No offense, but I hardly know Bill very well at all.”

“But, Lisa, you know me very well. And Bill’s a part of me. And if you really love me, you’ll make love to Bills s penis as if it were mine, because in a way, it is. That’s just the way things are, when you’re married to someone.”

“But I’m really scared, Jan. I’m not a normal woman. You know that.”

“Bill knows that too. And he’s just as ready as I am to deal with whatever happens tonight. Now why don’t you quit being rude to my husband?”

“I’m sorry,” Lisa said to Jan, and then slowly rolled over onto her back. “Hi, Bill. I didn’t mean to be rude to you. It’s just that I’ve never done anything like this before. And I'm pretty scared right now.”

“That’s okay, Lisa. I didn’t want to do things this way. But Jan insisted that I surprise you.”

Lisa spread her legs apart, expecting that Bill would immediately mount her in a missionary position, and begin fucking her. But he didn’t do that.

Instead, Bill leaned over and French-kissed Lisa while Jan started sucking on her left breast. Bill moved down to suck her right breast.

Lisa stuck her left hand into Jan’s crotch, only to discover that she was already wet. Lisa was also fondling Bill’s balls with her other hand. And she was beginning to get very aroused--especially after Bill stuck his hand down into her crotch and began fondling her hairless pussy mound.

“Are you startin' to enjoy yourself, Sis?” Jan asked after a few minutes had passed, lifting her head up from Lisa’s left breast to talk to her.

“Ungh hungh,” Lisa hummed back with her lips closed, while quickly nodding her head at the same time.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea,” Jan said, “Why don’t we do something special for Bill? You get on one side, and I’ll get on the other. And we’ll give him a blowjob that he’ll never forget.”

Lisa traded places with Bill in the bed, and asked Jan to turn the lights on.

“I wanna see what I’m gonna be putting my mouth on,” Lisa said. “Besides, I’m sure Bill would like to have the lights on too. Wouldn’t you, Bill?”

“You got that right!” Bill chimed in, while lying on his back. “Believe it or not, Jan never lets me make love to her with the lights on.”

“Hey, that’s not fair!” Jan said, turning on the lamp next to the bed.

“I know it’s not. But that’s just the way you are,” Bill added.

“Now, you know that’s not what I meant!”

“Of course I do. I’m just saying that a fellow needs to see his own wife’s naked body once in a while.”

“Well, you’re seeing it now. So quit complaining.”

The two sisters knelt down on either side of Bill’s hips, leaned over his crotch, and then kissed each other on the lips. Jan grabbed the short shaft of Bill’s penis and offered it to Lisa. “You go first. You’re the honored guest tonight,” said Jan.

“Why don’t you go first. He’s your husband,” Lisa argued back, as she was playing with Bill’s balls.

“Okay, why don’t we both go at the same time?” Jan replied. And they both started licking the firm head of Bill’s penis, stopping every once in a while to French-kiss each other.

Eventually Jan backed off and let Lisa suck Bill’s dick. And then Lisa backed off and let Jan do the same.

Jan finally pulled her mouth off of Bill’s penis, and looked Lisa straight in the eye. “Why don’t you go ahead and jack him off. I’m sure he’d like that,” Jan suggested.

Bill jumped right in with a “You bet!” And Lisa started to seriously stroke his stick. At first, hand-pumping Bill’s penis was awkward for Lisa, but she quickly got the hang of it.

Meanwhile, Jan had her hand down in her own pussy, diddling away at it, while she was sitting on the bed and watching her younger sister jack off her husband.

It didn’t take Bill very long at all to shoot his wad. And when he did, the sperm just slowly oozed out of his little piss-hole slit, in a pulsating stream of little globs, despite the fact that his penis was throbbing away like mad, and he was obviously enjoying the hell out of his orgasm.

“You see? I told you,” Jan said to Lisa. Of course, Jan was still diddling away at her pussy and not missing a stroke.

“Told her what?” Bill asked Jan.

“I told her that when you cum, the sperm slowly oozes out of your dick.”

“Yeah. Well? So what?” said Bill.

“Well most guys squirt out their sperm, instead of oozing it out, like you do.”

“What difference does that make? It’s still sperm.”

“You just don’t understand, do you? I guess it’s a 'woman kind-of-thing.' Lisa knows what I mean. Don’t you, Lisa?” Jan asked, still happily finger-stroking her own pussy crack.

Lisa didn't reply to Jan right away. And that's because Lisa had actually liked the way that Bill’s sperm had oozed out in such a controlled manner.

She remembered how Daddy’s sperm had forcefully squirted out all over the place, when she had jacked him off that one time.

And all the other men who Lisa had ever had sex with in her life had also turned out to be “squirters” instead of “oozers.” So it made sense that Lisa was literally fascinated by Bill’s very-tame ejaculation.

Not only that, but watching Bill ejaculate had been almost a religious experience for Lisa. As she was watching the sperm ooze out of the head of his dick, she was thinking to herself how weird it was that the very existence of the entire human race depended upon a teaspoon’s-worth of white, gooey fluid that comes out of a guy’s dick. She understood why men and women both always made such a big deal about guys ejaculating their sperm, because in the larger scheme of things, sperm really was a "big deal." It was absolutely crucial to the survival of the human race. But then, so were a woman's egg cells.

“I don’t know, Jan,” Lisa finally said, “That was actually the sexiest ejaculation I’ve ever seen!” Lisa winked at Bill, being careful to hide the wink from Jan, and then added, “I thought it was kind of cute, myself.”

“Yeah,” Bill agreed, “Maybe I married the wrong sister.”

Jan immediately straddled Bill’s hips and carefully sat herself down onto Bill’s sperm-coated still-partially-erect penis, as she was reaching down to grab hold of it and guide it up into her own fuck-hole. Then she began vigorously bouncing herself up and down, behaving just like the "actresses" that she had seen in the porno flicks.

Lisa watched in amusement as Bouncing-Jan had a hand on each side of her chest, and was squeezing her own bouncing-boobs--and doing it so firmly that she was actually causing herself quite a bit of discomfort--while she was humping away at Bill’s half-erect penis.

"Go ahead, Jan," Lisa said, "Tell Bill your deepest, darkest secret. You know? The one about him not knowing how to make you cum real good."

"God damn it, Lisa! That's none of your business!" Jan said, abruptly stopping her bouncing motion, but pressing her vagina downward, which left Bill's dick inserted up to the hilt.

"If you don't tell him right now, I will," Lisa threatened.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Jan asked, feeling just as betrayed as Lisa was feeling earlier.

"Because it's for your own good. That's why," Lisa said to Jan, and then looked down at Bill. "Your wife's been faking her orgasms all these years. The whole time that you guys have been together. And that's because of another deep, dark secret that she's been keeping from you."

Then Lisa shifted her attention back to Jan. "Go ahead, Jan. Tell him. It's about time that your own husband finally knew the real truth about you."

"I can't, Lisa," said Jan.

"Oh yes you can. And you need to," said Lisa, and Jan kept shaking her head. "Okay. Then I'll do it for you," Lisa said, as she shifted her attention back to Bill. "Your wife's a masochist."

"Oh come on. You've got to be kidding me. Not my 'Jan,'" Bill said, shaking his head, in denial.

"Yes. Your 'Jan.' She's really a dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying masochist, if ever I've seen one."

"Is that true, Jan," Bill asked.

"'s...true," Jan very slowly replied, with her eyes closed, as she was obviously ashamed to admit that fact to her own husband.

"So you see, Bill," continued Lisa, "the reason why your wife has had to fake her orgasms all these years is because you're just too gentle and kind in bed. In other words, you're a good man. And what Jan really needs, is for her lover to be a little bit rough and abusive to her. Especially once she gets sexually excited. That's what gets Jan really turned-on, and makes her cum hard. Isn't it, Jan?"

"Ungh hungh," Jan hummed back, nodding her head, but still keeping her eyes closed.

"Look. I'm gonna show you how to make you wife cum hard," Lisa said to Bill. "All you have to do is listen to what I whisper in your ear, and then say or do exactly what I tell you to--no matter how weird it may seem to you. Believe me, I
know how to make Jan orgasm her butt off. Are you willing to give this a try?"

"Sure. If it'll make Jan happy, I'm good with it," Bill replied.

Lisa bent down and whispered something in Bill's ear, and Bill immediately grabbed a handful of Jan's red pubic hair at the front of her crotch, and he pulled upward on it, as he said, "Come on, you little bitch. Start bouncing up and down again."

Lisa whispered something else in Bill's ear, and when Jan started bouncing up and down again to thrust Bill partially-erect penis in and out of her vagina, Bill let go of her pubic hair.

Lisa kept whispering phrases in Bill's ear, and Bill kept following her "instructions" to the letter.

"I can't believe you're fucking me, right in front of your little sister. You're such a fucking whore!" Bill said to Jan. "Squeeze your tits, like you were doing before. But this time, I want you to squeeze 'em even harder. Make 'em really hurt!"

Jan began squeezing her breasts very firmly. And her face indicated that she was causing herself considerable pain.

"Yeah, that's it!" Bill said. "I know how much that turns you on. Now I wanna see you make yourself cum, you little cunt! And don't you dare try to fake it, either! Cum for me right now, God damn it!" Bill was amazed at how easily Lisa words were flowing out of his mouth. And the more confident he felt, the louder he spoke to Jan.

"Okay...I'm gonna...cum...just for you,...Bill," Jan struggled to blurt out, panting hard between each short phrase, and still not being able to catch her breath.

"You're a fucking liar! That's what you are. And you ought to be ashamed of yourself, you nasty slut!" Bill literally screamed back at Jan.

Then Jan closed her eyes, and while still panting away like a long-haired dog outside on a hot summer's day, she proudly announced in an overly-loud voice, "I'm cumming!...Right now!...Oh God!...Oh yes!...Yes!...That's it!...Oh fuuuuuuuuck...yeeeees!"

Jan slammed her pelvis down hard against Bill’s, and had an enormous "lady-quake" that would’ve been at least a 6 on the Richter Scale.

Bill felt his wife’s warm gush of sexual fluid, as it freely flowed down his balls, and left a large circular wet spot on the sheets between his thighs. Bill had never made his wife cum in buckets like that before. And he immediately realized that Lisa had been absolutely right about Jan being a masochist.

Jan finally opened her eyes again, let out a long sigh, and said, “Well, Bill, do you still think you married the wrong woman?”

“No way! I love you, baby. Even if you are a fucking masochist.”

“I love you too, honey. I'm sorry I wasn't honest with you about that. But I just didn't know how you would react. It's hard to tell someone you love that you're 'broken.' I mean, I can't help the way that I am.

"But in order for me to really enjoy sex, I need for you to be verbally abusive to me, and even cause me some pain. In other words, I need you to treat me the same way that my stepfather did, whenever he was having sex me,” Jan tenderly replied, as she finally laid her torso down on top of his.

Then they both kissed passionately, until Bill's partially-erect penis eventually became completely limp, and fell out of Jan's vagina, all on its own.

"I'm sorry your stepfather treated you that way," Bill said to Jan, as she finally rolled off the top of his pelvis, and lay down beside him.

"I'm not," Jan replied honestly. "Because the truth is, I enjoyed the hell out of it! I loved having sex with my dad. And that's something else I never told you before. I guess I was just too ashamed to admit it. But now you know. I can only hope that you will forgive me for keeping this all from you for so long. I just didn't know how to tell you.

"And just for the record, Dad didn't 'break me' either. I was already a masochist long before Dad ever climbed into bed me that very first time. All Dad did was to help me realize that I was actually a masochist.

"The more abusive Dad got towards me, the more turned-on I got. And that's just the way things were for me. And we both realized it at the time. And so Dad always played along with my 'little masochistic game.' Not because he wanted to. But because he knew that that was what I wanted him to do. And above all, Dad wanted me to be happy.

"I know this may be hard to believe, but despite everything that happened between me and Dad, I still love that man with all my heart. And I feel the same way about you."

Throughout all this, Lisa was very moved to witness such an exquisite display of love, total honesty and affection between a wife and her husband. Lisa was on the verge of tears as she realized that she would probably never experience this in her own life.

“Well, Lisa, was it a turn-on to watch your big sister 'doing it' with her husband?” Jan said. “What’s the matter, Lisa?” Jan asked, when she noticed that Lisa was just sitting there on the bed, like a watery-eyed zombie.

“Oh, nothing. It was just so beautiful. That’s all,” Lisa replied.

“Come on over here, sweetie,” Jan said, with open arms, “I’m sure Bill will move over to let you in. Won’t you, Bill?”

Bill shifted over to the edge of the bed, and Lisa crawled back in between Jan and her husband again. This time, Lisa felt much more comfortable having Bill in the same bed with her and Jan.

“Now it’s our turn, Lisa. We need to let Bill take a break for a little while. Don’t worry. I guarantee you he’ll be back for seconds.”

The Chadwick sisters made love to each other, while Bill watched them go at it for a few minutes. Then he got out of bed to go use the restroom, and clean his genitals up a little bit, so that he'd be ready for Round 2. And that left Lisa alone with Jan in the bedroom.

“Jan, you haven’t told anyone else about my dick-clit--or about us--have you?” Lisa quickly whispered in Jan’s ear.

“Of course not,” Jan whispered back, “And I never will. I promise you that. Bill's the only other person in this world who will ever know about you, and about us.”

“I’m afraid to show Bill my dick-clit. But I’ve got to stick it out, so that I can cum. You know that.”

“Well, go right ahead, Lisa. Stick it out,” Jan whispered, feeling like a spy exchanging passwords with another spy.

“Like I told you before, Bill already knows all about your dick-clit. He might be a little bit shocked, when he first sees it. But he won’t be surprised at all. In fact, he wants to see your dick-clit. Believe me, he’s been talking about it enough.”

“But I don’t know what’s gonna happen when he tries to fuck me. I mean, I'm not fertile right now, but I still don't know how my dick-clit's gonna react to that.”

“Why don’t you just pull your dick-clit back in all the way, and let Bill fuck you the same way that he fucks me?”

“I don’t know if I can do that, Jan.”

“Don’t be silly. Of course you can. Now, shhhhh, here he comes.”

“Bill, Lisa just told me that she wants to show you her dick-clit,” Jan announced in an overly-loud voice.

“You liar!” Lisa yelled at Jan, and hit her on the shoulder with her open palm. “I didn’t say that, Bill.”

“So then you’re not going to show me that sexy dick-clit of yours, hungh? Shucks! I was lookin' forward to seeing it for myself, after everything Jan told me about it. But if you’re not comfortable showing it to me, that’s okay. I understand.”

“Bill, it’s not that I don’t want you to see it. I’m just afraid that you’ll laugh when you do. And I can’t handle being laughed at. I already feel like a God damn freak.”

“I promise you, I won’t laugh. I’m not here to hurt your feelings, Lisa.”

“Then why are you here, Bill?”

“I’m here to fuck you, Lisa--that is, if you’ll let me. I’ve never screwed any other woman in my entire life, except for Jan. In fact, on our wedding night, she made me promise her that I’d never do that.

"So when Jan told me that she actually wanted me to fuck her kid sister, I was floored. I could hardly believe what she had just said to me. And I assumed that it was a joke or something.

"But she was serious. And she told me that I’d better take advantage of this opportunity, because I’d never get another chance.

"Well, I’m just as horny as the next guy. And I’ve always thought you were very attractive. So I agreed to do it. And now I’m really glad that I did.”

“You might change your mind, after you see my special little dick,” said Lisa.

“I don’t think so. In case you can’t tell, my dick’s already getting hard again.”

“Of course I can tell. I’m not blind, you know,” Lisa said, staring right at Bill's penis. Then Lisa shifted over onto her back and spread her legs far apart.

“Okay, you asked for it, Bill. Go ahead and pull up a front row seat,” Lisa said, pointing at the mattress between her spread legs, “so you can watch the sideshow that's just about to get under way.”

Bill got down between Lisa’s legs and placed his hand on her pussy mound. Lisa grabbed his hand and pulled it away.

“Right now, I just want you to look, and don’t touch. Okay?”

“Sure,” Bill said.

Lisa bravely extended her dick-clit all the way out of her vagina, and Bill’s mouth dropped wide-open. Jan was lying next to Lisa, tenderly kissing her cheek and neck. Then Lisa moved her dick-clit around between her spread legs, before she finally coiled it up in a tight spiral, just like it was a tiny rattlesnake. Lisa uncoiled it and let it lie straight out on the sheets.

“Well, Bill, what do ya think? Do you still wanna fuck me?”

Bill looked Lisa straight in the eye, and slowly nodded his head, before turning his attention back to her pussy.

“Can I touch it now?” Bill asked.

“Sure. But be gentle. Okay?”

Bill curiously touched and felt Lisa’s dick-clit, while he was gently supporting it in his hands. Meanwhile, Jan reached over and played with Lisa’s puffed-out nipples.

Then Bill stuck the tip of Lisa's dick-clit in his mouth, and began to tentatively suck on it. That’s when Lisa experienced her usual mild orgasm, despite the fact that this was a very unusual situation that she was in.

“Lisa, why don’t you pull that dick-clit back up inside you, and let Bill 'do his thing.'” Jan suggested.

“Are you really sure you want me to do that, Sis?”

“I’m sure,” Jan replied, and then traded some saliva with Lisa.

While the two sisters were busy French-kissing, Lisa retracted her dick-clit back up into her uterus. And then Bill knelt between Lisa’s spread legs, getting ready to mount her in a missionary position.

When Lisa felt the large, firm head of Bill’s penis sliding up into her vagina, she knew that it was too late to stop things now. She would just have to hope for the best.

At first, things seemed to be going just fine, as Bill slowly eased his short penis all the way up into Lisa’s vagina.

But then the muscles at the entrance of Lisa's vagina automatically clamped down tightly around the very base of Bill’s shaft. And things rapidly went downhill from there.

Bill instantly realized that he had definitely bitten off much more than he could chew.

And Lisa found out the hard way, exactly how her “new genitals”--her alien-altered genitals--were meant to function during sexual intercourse with a man.

* * * * *


1997: The Punch Line

* * * * *

“Lisa, what the hell are you doing?” John frantically demanded.

“I want you to just lie still and relax, John,” Lisa said, still giggling a little bit.

“Relax? Why don’t you relax that...that 'vise' you’ve got around my...penis?” John said, thinking that the word “penis” was a truly distasteful and ugly-sounding name to give a guy’s dick.

“I can’t do that right now, John,” Lisa said very calmly and sincerely. “Please bear with me for a little bit. This always happens at first. It’s part of a medical condition that I’ve got. If you try to move around right now, it’ll just make me tighten up even more. It's kind of like Chinese handcuffs.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not moving," John said, thinking about how effectively Chinese handcuffs had always worked on kids' fingers. "But how the heck am I supposed to build up excitement, so that I can...well, you know...“

“Cum? Get your rocks off? Squirt your sperm? Shoot your wad? Jet your jiz?” Lisa laughed hard and shook her head. “I’d say that you’ve done a pretty good job of it so far.”

“Oh. So you know that I’ve been--“

“Leaking inside me?” Lisa said, finishing John's sentence. "Yes, John, I do have eyes. And I saw how leaky your dick was, before you ever stuck it in me. That's why I called it your 'wet dick.' Remember? Besides, my vagina always senses the drastic difference between a man's wetness and my own.”

Of course, Lisa didn’t tell John that she was struggling like hell to keep her dick-clit at bay.

“But that’s different. And you know it," said John. "Those little drops of...uhm...fluid automatically leak out, whenever I get really excited. But I’ve never been able to just lie there, and think myself into having a...a...climax.”

Lisa let out a long sigh of impatience.

“Don’t worry, John, I will make you cum. I promise. But I’m gonna do it my way. Okay? Trust me. I won’t let you leave this bed, until I make you cum real good!”

“What on earth are you talking about, Lisa?”

“Let’s just say that I’ve got what you might call 'a special talent.' Just give me a chance, and I’ll show you. Okay?”

“Well, alright. I mean, so far, this evening with you has been anything but boring. I guess I could stand one more surprise. But would you please stop squeezing know...”

“I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I hope it’s not hurting you too much. I’ve got some pretty strong muscles down there,” Lisa admitted.

“Yeah, I can tell! It’s kind of uncomfortable. But I guess I can live with it.”

“Good. Do you feel this?” she asked.

Lisa’s firm cervix slowly moved downward inside her vagina, and lightly pressed against the head of John’s penis.

“Yeah,” John calmly replied.

A cervix coming into direct contact with the head of his dick wasn’t really that big of a deal to John. It had happened many times before in the past, since he happened to be fairly well-hung, and the tip of his penis would usually reach a woman’s cervix during deep intercourse. Lisa’s cervix was much larger than a normal woman’s cervix, but it still felt like a cervix coming into contact with John’s penis. And that was nothing for John to get alarmed about.

“How about this?” Lisa asked.

The small hole in the middle of Lisa’s cervix slowly opened up, as the neck of her uterus pressed against the tip of John’s penis, until it slowly slid down over the head of John’s penis, and didn’t stop until it had engulfed the entire head of his dick, and then some.

Then her cervix tightened up around the shaft of his penis, and the muscles at the entrance of her vagina finally relaxed. The neck of her uterus started massaging the head of his penis by repeatedly squeezing it.

“Is my...penis actually up inside of your uterus right now?” John asked in total disbelief.

“Yes. Doesn’t it feel sexy?”

“Well sure. But I never realized that a woman could actually do that.”

“Neither did I. At least, not until a year ago,” Lisa honestly replied. “Well, do you like it, John?”

“Sure. But it feels kind of strange. So what do we do now?”

“You don’t do anything. You just lie there, and enjoy it.”

“And enjoy what, exactly?” asked John.

“This!” said Lisa.

John felt Lisa’s cervix, as it started to slowly move his foreskin up and down the shaft of his penis, just behind the head of his dick.

John could hardly believe what was taking place. This woman was using her cervix to jack off his dick, while it was deep inside of her vagina. And God, it felt absolutely incredible to John!

As Lisa gradually increased the speed of her penis-pumping cervix, John released another little glob of seminal fluid. And he thought that he felt something weird brush up against the tip of his penis. He shuddered.

“Hey, what the hell was that?” he urgently asked Lisa.

“Oh, come on,” Lisa calmly replied. “You’re not gonna freak out on me now, are you? Doesn’t this feel good to you?”

“Well, yes but--“

“Then why don’t you just lie there, like a good little boy, and let me make you cum. You know that’s what you really want. And that’s what I really want too.”

Lisa immediately sped up her penis-pumping cervix even more, and John instinctively thrust his penis all the way forward, as deep into Lisa’s abdomen as he could get it. Soon, he felt those wonderful orgasmic feelings starting to overwhelm him.

As the sperm began to squirt out of his penis, John felt that "weird thing" brushing up against the tip of his penis again. But this time, the "weird thing" somehow managed to insert itself into John’s piss-hole slit. And he could feel it rapidly snaking its way down through his urethral tube, towards his balls.

Despite being caught up in his own orgasmic sensations, John tried like crazy to pull his dick out of Lisa’s pussy. But her cervix clamped down even tighter around his shaft, and John was literally unable to escape its firm grip.

His sperm was still ejaculating, and her cervix was still pumping up and down on his shaft, as he felt the long snake-like "thing" work its way up into his lower abdomen, where his prostate gland was. And the tip of this "living catheter" was actually up inside of John's prostate at this point.

Then John felt a very pleasurable vibration inside of his prostate gland. And this vibration caused him to orgasm again--right on top of his first orgasm--and he released even more sperm. He had never done that before!

As John’s second orgasm was beginning to subside, the pleasant vibration inside his prostate gland kept incessantly going on. And John actually orgasmed for the third time in a row! He couldn't believe how wonderful it felt.

Then, as John was starting to come down off his extraordinary "orgasmic high," he was instantly racked with excruciating pain. He felt an extremely uncomfortable sensation up inside of his prostate gland. It felt like he had to pee like a racehorse. But he couldn't.

Basically, the very end of Lisa's now-sperm-coated, vibrating dick-clit had actually burrowed itself through John’s prostate gland, and well up inside of his seminal vesicle.

Here's what was really taking place inside of John's reproductive tract, thanks to Lisa's unique, alien-created sex organs:

Basically, the aliens that abducted Lisa had specifically designed her dick-clit to dramatically vibrate like that against the male’s prostate gland, so that she would first cause the male to automatically orgasm very strongly, over and over again, until he had finally managed to release every bit of sperm that was left in his testicles (any sperm cells that were mature and actually ready to be released).

At that point, Lisa’s dick-clit would automatically and totally-instinctively extend itself even further down the man’s urethra, and work its way well up into his seminal vesicle, where Lisa would finally end up orgasming and ejaculating her fertilized egg, so that it could easily swim in all the sexual fluid (that she would release at the same time) down into one of man’s vas deferens tubes, and eventually attach itself to the outside part of one of the man’s testicles.

The only way that the man could possibly prevent that from happening, would be for him to ejaculate some more sperm, before Lisa’s swimming egg could slowly make its way down his vas deferens tube to his testicle.

However, the aliens had made sure that Lisa’s vibrating dick-clit would drain the man dry of any remaining sperm, thus taking away all of the man's options, and giving Lisa the ability to extract true revenge against any man who she felt was actually a misogynistic jerk.

“What the fuck! Oh shit! Aaaaaahhh!” John cried out in sheer terror, as he was overwhelmed by the intense physical pain down in his scrotum.

Meanwhile, Lisa was orgasming her ass off, right underneath John. And she was also crying out, at the same time. But Lisa’s cries were ones of sheer, intense pleasure, “Oh God! Yes! Yes! Oh yeah! That's it! That's it! Oh fuuuuck yes! Aaaaaahhh!"

And as she was coming down from her orgasmic high, Lisa proudly announced, "That was fucking great!”

John started crying like a baby.

“I just fucked you, John,” Lisa said in a very relaxed voice, “Thanks for letting me use you. I know that you’ve used your share of women in the past. In fact, you’ve got quite the reputation at Fred’s bar. That’s why I chose you. You can think of it as 'payback time,' John.

"Thanks to you, my fertilized egg is now merrily swimming its way around inside your seminal vesicle. And that little egg of mine will most certainly find its way down through one of your vas deferens, and attach itself to one of your testicles. And it will become a living fetus. I can guarantee you that much, John.

"And there’s no way that you can stop this from happening. Except for maybe chopping off your own balls right now. But of course, you won’t find any sharp objects in this apartment to do that with--even if you wanted to. Which I know you don’t.

"Besides that, I’m not gonna let you pull your dick out of me, until I’m good and ready to. A girl has to take some precautions, you know?”

“Ohhh, no. No, no, no, no, no. No way! can’t be serious," said John. "This has to be some kind of practical joke, or something. There’s no way that you could get me--”

“Preg...nant!” Lisa sang out those two distinct syllables with glee, finishing John's sentence for him, in more ways than one.

John was wiping his watery eyes with his fingers, and there was snot starting to run out of both of his nostrils.

Lisa reached over to the night stand by the bed, pulled a few tissues out of the ever-present cardboard box, and handed the small scrunched-up wad to John, who immediately put the tissues to good use.

“John, I’m not kidding one single bit. You’re as close to pregnant, as a guy can get. How does it feel?”

“Oh God! But how--“

“How did I do it?” Lisa was really enjoying finishing John’s sentences for him. “Well, I’ve got a very unique penis that’s deep down inside of your own penis right now. If you’ll just relax a little bit, and cooperate with me, I’ll tell you the whole story. All I ask is that you postpone your judgement of me, until you hear me out. Agreed?”

“I guess I have to,” he said, slowly shaking his head from side to side, “What other choice do I really have?”

“Okay, here it goes: I was abducted by aliens last year. You know...taken up by a spaceship, and all that crap. They came and took me from my own bedroom late one night. Well, those two little gray bastards sure had a warped sense of humor...”

* * * * *


1997: The Revelation

* * * * *

John lay passively on top of Lisa, while she filled him in on all the sordid details about her alien abduction experience.

Lisa also told John that, since her abduction, she had had sex with one other man. But she didn’t tell John that the "other man” was her own brother-in-law, Bill. And she didn’t say a word to John about her sexual relationships with other members of her own family.

Throughout her story, Lisa still had the head of her dick-clit up inside of John’s seminal vesicle, and her cervix wrapped snugly around the shaft of his dick.

“Well, that other guy went through pretty much the same thing that you just did--except that I pulled my little vibrating penis out of his piss-hole just in time, so that I didn’t drain him dry, and squirt a fertilized egg deep inside his dick, like I just did with you.

"But he still didn’t enjoy the experience of having me invade his penis like that. He never wanted to have intercourse with me again. And I can’t say that I blame him. I don't know many men who would actually want what amounts to a 'human catheter' inserted deep down inside their dicks.

“Anyway, call it woman’s intuition, if you will, but I had the sneaky feeling that I was actually going to impregnate the next guy that I had sex with. And of course, this would be a very bad thing, from his point-of-view. I instinctively sensed that my egg would end up swimming down and implanting itself onto one of his testicles.

"Once again, you can call this woman’s intuition, if you wish, but ever since my abduction, I’ve had this very reverent feeling towards men’s balls. It’s probably close to the same kind of feelings that you must have regarding a normal woman’s uterus.

“I even found myself occasionally dreaming about different men’s balls. And although these dreams always involved different men, the dream itself was always the same.

"I find myself completely nude, standing on a secluded stretch of beach. A man appears from somewhere and approaches me. He takes off his pants and stands right in front of me, while he proudly shows me his dick. But it’s not a human dick at all. It’s the kind of dick that you’d find on a large animal. Like on a lion, for instance.

"The man’s balls look completely normal. But his dick is totally covered with a thick, furry foreskin--except for a little bright-red, pointy-thing sticking out of a hole at the very tip. The man tells me that he wants me to touch it. And I reach across and feel the tip of it with my fingers.

"Then I pull down the loose, furry sheath that hides his slick, red animal-penis. And I start playing with his weird-looking dick. And of course, the man gets a hard-on. So naturally, it doesn't take very long before I'm moving my hand up and down on his slimy animal-dick, and jacking him off.

"While I’m doing that, the man’s animal-dick magically transforms itself into a normal-looking human-penis, right in my hand. And I just keep jacking the guy off, until I finally make him cum.

"The man's sperm starts squirting out all over the place. And there's so much sperm that it looks really freaky. It's like the guy's dick has turned into a sperm-fountain that's totally out-of-control. And he can't stop it--even if he wanted to. Which he doesn't. But eventually the sperm does stop flowing out of the guy's dick. And afterwards, the man actually thanks me for making him cum so good.

"That's when I notice that one of the man’s balls is quickly growing bigger and bigger, right in front of my eyes, until it’s finally the size of a basketball. And it's gently swaying back and forth, down between his legs. I reach down and put my hand on it, to stop it from swinging. And that’s when I feel something moving around inside of it.

"The next thing I know, I’m in a hospital emergency room. And the guy’s testicle bursts wide-open. And a blood-covered, newborn baby emerges from it, and takes its first breath. Meanwhile, the doctors and nurses are going crazy trying to keep the poor guy from bleeding to death, while I’m cradling the newborn baby in a towel in my arms.

"And then the baby says to me in a tiny voice, 'Mama?' And that’s when I always wake up to discover that my pussy’s nice and wet, and that my dick-clit is hanging all the way out of my pussy.

"I can only assume that those little alien bastards somehow ingrained that particular erotic dream-scenario into my subconscious mind, so that I would fantasize about it over and over again in my sleep, and in that way, become more comfortable with the idea of impregnating a man with my egg.”

John’s heart was racing, and he felt pretty nauseous as he was listening to Lisa describe her alien-induced dream. His face was the face of a man being told by his doctor that he has only nine months left to live. And in John’s case, at least six of those nine months would probably be nothing less than a living hell.

“So anyway, this time around,” Lisa continued, “I was much more careful in choosing my 'target.' I wanted to find a real jerk. Someone who regularly used women, and then discarded them, like they were a piece of trash. Someone who had a heart of ice, and needed a good lesson on the subject of 'empathy.'

“I asked around. And some of my girlfriends told me that there was this rich ass-hole who frequented Fred’s bar, and that this guy was infamous for breaking women’s hearts. I asked them how I’d know who this guy was, when I finally saw him. And they told me his name was 'John,' before they gave me a thorough description of him.

"They also warned me not to get involved with him. But what they didn’t know, was that this time around, the woman was going to break John’s heart, for a change.

“So I went to Fred’s bar. And I was looking for an overweight bald guy, with a very hairy body and a diamond-encrusted Rolex watch around his left wrist.

"When you first told me your name, you unintentionally verified that you were the 'John' that I was looking for--pun intended--and so I proceeded to pick you up. And the rest is history, so-to-speak," Lisa said, and then calmly reached over with her right hand, grabbed the pull-chain on the little lamp next to her bed, and gave it a quick yank to light up the bedroom once again.

"Now, I want you to slowly pull your dick out of my pussy," said Lisa. "Go ahead. The least I can do, is let you see what you’ve been fucked by. Let you see the alien-made, female penis that has just gotten you pregnant.”

John eased his penis out of Lisa’s uterus and vagina, while he was staring down between his legs the whole time. He shuddered when he caught his first glimpse of that dark reddish-colored, vein-ridden, super-muscular tube that was slowly inching its way back up out of his urethra, like some weird earthworm-catheter from hell.

He let out a fierce growl, as he grabbed hold of Lisa's dick-clit with his hands, and tried to yank on it hard.

But her dick-clit was drenched with a coating of slick, sexual juices. And so it easily slid right through John's fingers, as Lisa quickly retracted it back up into the safety of her uterus.

“Oh, come off it, John! You were tryin' to hurt me. Weren’t you? You bastard!” Lisa was really pissed-off now.

“Look who’s talking! I’m the one who’s probably gonna die, thanks to you,” John said bitterly. “I was only trying to turn you back into a real woman again. That’s all. But no,” he added, slowly shaking his head, “You can’t ever be a real woman again. Can you, Lisa? ‘Cuz you’re just a pathetic freak, with a weird-ass noodle-dick. And I feel sorry for you. But I feel more sorry for the poor schmuck who ends up in your bed next month. This is for him!”

John hauled off and slapped Lisa’s face as hard as he could. The side of her head slammed downward against her pillow, and her cheek now had a red hand-print emblazoned on it. And she actually lost consciousness for a few

While Lisa was still lying there unconscious, John quickly reached out with both hands, grabbed the large puffed-out nipples on Lisa’s small breasts, and squeezed them as hard as he could between his thumbs and fingers, before pulling upward on them, and trying to literally tear them right off her chest.

Lisa finally came to, and started screaming in sheer agony. She shot her hand down into John’s crotch, grabbed hold of his balls, and squeezed them as hard as she possibly could.

John immediately let go of Lisa’s nipples, as he let out a very loud groan, and just about puked all over her. His face was all grimaced up with pain, when Lisa finally let go of his balls, and then slapped him in the face very hard, just like he had done to her.

John never saw the slap coming. But he sure as hell felt it. He rolled over on his side, instinctively holding both hands over his crotch. And he slowly kept on rolling, until he fell off the edge of the bed, and landed on the floor with a sickening thud.

Lisa was still lying on the bed, and rubbing the palms of her hands against her sore nipples--John had actually dug his thumbnail deep into her left nipple, and it was starting to bleed pretty badly--when she heard John throwing up all over the carpet, right next to her boots and pants.

Lisa was so grossed out by the sound and the stench of John’s vomiting, that she almost started to puke right along with him. But she somehow managed to keep her food and liquor down in her stomach.

John eventually worked his way back up onto his feet. And he just stood there by the side of the bed, in a stooped-over position, butt-naked, with little pieces of vomit starting to dry on his upper lip and chin. He glared at Lisa like some crazed lunatic.

“What’re you gonna do now, ass-hole? Murder me? Well, go right ahead, you fucking jerk!” Lisa screamed at the top of her lungs. The tears began pouring down both sides of her face. And her voice was very shaky, as she said, “You’d only be doing me a big favor. My life has been a living hell, since that God damn alien abduction shit! But even if you do get rid of me, you’ve still got a big problem of your own to deal with, Johnny Boy. And I’m definitely glad that I’m not in your shoes right now!”

* * * * *

“Get your shoes on, honey. It’s time!” a voice yelled out from nowhere.

“Hungh?...What?” John said, as he slowly opened his eyes, and saw a single long-stem red rose lying on top of the night stand, right next to his side of the bed, in his own bedroom.

“The hospital, silly. Lisa's water broke. And her contractions are less than five minutes apart right now. Well, come on, sleepyhead. Get up out of that bed, and let’s go!”

“Wait a second,” John said, easing himself up into a sitting position on the side of the mattress, “We're having a baby?”

“No, John. Lisa's having a baby. And you're going to be a grandpa. That’s what happens nine months after a girl gets pregnant. Remember? Now, get your shoes on, and let’s go. Before she ends up having it right here in the damn house!” Jan said, as she rapidly scurried out of their bedroom, and left her partially-clothed husband to fend for himself.

“Okay, okay, I’m getting my shoes on,” John said, talking to himself, while he was leaning over to get the shoes that were lying on the carpet, next to the bed. “Damn it! Where the hell are my socks at anyway?” John remarked to himself.

“Hey, Dad, come on!” Bill, John’s 25-year-old son, quickly blurted out from the hallway just outside John’s bedroom, and then ran off.

John heard Bill talking to his very-pregnant, twin sister, Lisa, as he was escorting her towards the car. John had always admired how well Bill and Lisa got along. However, he chalked most of that up to the fact that they were twins. But to John, they sure seemed to act much more like two best friends, instead of brother and sister.

“I’m coming!” John yelled back at Bill, and then immediately realized the irony in the words he had just said, considering the very strange dream he had just finished having.

From somewhere else in the house, John heard Jan’s voice call out loudly.

“John, I called your sister, Val. And she’s going to meet us at the hospital. Hey, do you still think ‘Alex’ is a good name for Lisa's new baby boy?”

* * * * *


2002: The Real World

* * * * *

The real Lisa--whose surname was Ridgeway, not Chadwick--grew up to become a reddish-haired small-breasted woman, just like her mother, Jan. However, Lisa's hair was a darker shade of red, with more of a reddish-brown tint to it, whereas Jan's hair was a light golden-red. Lisa just turned 30 this year.

The closest that the real Lisa ever came to having an alien encounter was when her 19-year-old boyfriend at the time, Rusty Martin, date-raped her in the back seat of his father's 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 4-door sedan on the night of her 18th birthday.

Rusty and Lisa had both polished off a couple of illegally-procured "tall boy" 24-ounce cans of Colt 45 malt liquor. And then they had done some pretty heavy petting in the back seat of the car, which was parked in an alley behind an abandoned warehouse, in a run-down part of town.

Rusty had managed to get his hand up under Lisa's dress, and was thoroughly feeling out her panty-covered pussy. Meanwhile, she was pre-occupied with French-kissing him, while she was feeling out the bulge in the crotch of his jeans, at the same time.

However, once Lisa had a couple of mild orgasms under her belt--and a wet pussy, that was starting to soak the crotch of her panties--things quickly got out-of-hand, when Rusty reached down and unzipped his pants to expose his "package," and then immediately started to pull Lisa’s panties down.

Even though she was feeling pretty tipsy from the malt liquor, Lisa instantly realized what Rusty was getting ready to do. And she begged and pleaded with him not to have sexual intercourse with her.

But he told her that she wasn’t a little girl any more, and that she was old enough to behave like a woman--his woman.

He quickly pounced on top of her and held her down, while he yanked the crotch of her panties over to one side, and then shoved his fully-erect penis up deep into her vagina, stretching and rupturing her hymen in the process, and taking her virginity against her will. He made a few rapid thrusts, and ejaculated within mere seconds.

Lisa was in tears throughout. And it was only by sheer luck that Rusty didn't get her pregnant that night.

Naturally, just like many young girls back in those times, Lisa never told anyone else about her nasty date-rape experience with Rusty that had brought their relationship to an abrupt end.

Over the course of the next few months, Lisa went on to try to establish romantic relationships with some of the other boys at school that she liked. And she was blessed with such a pretty-looking face--combined with a loving personality--that she never had any problem getting boys to ask her out on dates. In fact, most of the boys at her school would go the extra mile to try to impress Lisa, and hopefully snag her as their girlfriend.

But unfortunately, Lisa always fell hard for the "bad boy" types--just like Rusty Martin--who would inevitably end up using her, and treating her like crap.

Finally, after going through several bad boyfriends, one right after another, Lisa gave up on trying to have anything resembling a normal high school love life. And she outwardly turned to lesbianism, as an alternative. At least, her lesbian girlfriends always treated her well.

Then one night, when her parents were out for the evening, Lisa stayed at home with her twin brother. Even though she had just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago, and was in a steady relationship with a lesbian girl at school, Lisa asked her brother for advice on "boys" and "dating."

And of course, Bill was surprised by his sister's continued interest in the opposite sex. But he was more than happy to help Lisa out with her "boy problem."

Towards the end of their lengthy, serious discussion, while they were still sitting side-by-side on the couch in the den, things had gotten pretty graphic, with them openly talking about intimate sexual topics like "oral sex" and "intercourse positions."

And Lisa just happened to be feeling really horny that night. But she got even more turned-on when she looked over into Bill's lap, and noticed that he had an obvious "boner-bulge" at the front of his crotch, as a result of their frank sexual discussion.

And that's when Lisa shocked Bill by abruptly bringing up the topic of "her own clitoris."

"I was always ashamed to let any of my boyfriends see it," Lisa said to Bill. "It's so large that it makes my pussy look really weird. Let's just say that my pussy doesn't look like a normal girl's pussy."

"Hey, I know exactly how you feel," said Bill. "I never told you this, but I've got a medical condition called hypospadias. It's a birth defect of the urethra. So I've always been just as ashamed to let a girl see my penis, because I don't have a piss-hole at the tip of it, like a normal guy does.

"Instead, my dick-head's kind of weird-looking, and my piss-hole opening is on the underside of my dick, just behind my dick-head. And that's why I've always tried to have sex in the dark, so that my girlfriends can't see what my dick really looks like."

"Wow!" Lisa said. "So then both of us have fucked-up genitals."

"Yeah. Ain't life grand!" Bill said, very sarcastically. And then his voice changed to a serious tone, and he said, "You know, that's probably why Mom and Dad never let us take baths together, back when we were kids."

"You're probably right about that. Tell ya what," Lisa said, "You're my twin brother. And we're as close as any brother and sister can be. So there really shouldn't be any secrets between us. Why don't we make up for the fact that we weren't allowed to see each other's 'nasty parts,' as kids?"

"Okay, Sis. But where are you going with this?"

Lisa paused for a moment, staring straight into Bill's eyes. And then she asked him point-blank, "Would you like to see what my pussy looks like?"

"Are you kidding me? What do you expect me to say to a loaded question like that? Of course, I'd love to see your pussy! In fact, the truth is, I've been wanting to see your pussy, ever since I was a young boy."

"Good. Well I feel the same way about your dick. So here's the deal. I'll let you see my pussy, but only if you'll show me your dick first. Deal?"

Bill mulled Lisa's "offer" over in his mind for a moment, and then said, "Deal." And they both shook pinky-fingers on it, as Bill added, "But you've gotta promise me that you won't laugh at the way my dick looks."

"I promise. But only if you promise me that you won't make fun of the way my pussy looks, either."

"I promise," Bill said.

Then he took a deep breath, and stood up, and bravely took off his shorts and underwear, before sitting back down on the couch, right beside Lisa. He spread his legs apart a little bit, and twisted his body towards Lisa, so that she could get a good look at his erect dick and his modest-size balls.

"Oh my God!" Lisa remarked, when she saw what Bill's dick-head looked like. "Where's your piss-hole at? It looks like you don't even have one at all."

"Oh, I've got one, alright," Bill replied. "It's just that it's normally hidden."

Bill reached down and retracted his short, circumcised foreskin downward towards the base of his shaft, in order to expose the small circular hole that had been hidden deep down inside the fold of his foreskin, and perfectly centered on the underside of his shaft.

"See?" Bill said, as he was revealing his previously-hidden piss-hole opening to Lisa's hungry eyes. "Wow! That's really cool!" Lisa honestly replied. "It's kind of round. Just like a girl's piss-hole."

"Yeah. That's true," Bill candidly admitted. "But there isn't a girl in this world who can ejaculate sperm out of her little round piss-hole. And that makes me pretty unique. Don't you think?"

"Oh, hell yes!" Lisa exclaimed. "Really, I'm not kidding you, Bill. You've got one of the sexiest-looking dicks that I've ever seen! You shouldn't be ashamed of it."

But Bill was still ashamed of it. And it didn't matter to him what Lisa had just told him. He assumed that she was just trying to patronize him, to make him feel better about his weird-looking dick-head.

And Bill was also feeling quite embarrassed by the way that Lisa had been just sitting there, and staring at his stiff, 6-inch-long penis the whole time.

He removed his hand from his dick, letting the foreskin naturally fold back over the top of his piss-hole, to once again hide it from Lisa's prying eyes. And he said to Lisa, "Okay. Now it's your turn."

Without taking her eyes off of Bill's dick and balls, Lisa stood up, and took off her own shorts and panties, before sitting back down on the couch. She twisted her body towards Bill's, and spread her legs far enough apart so that he could clearly see her completely hairless crotch and pussy mound.

"Okay, Sis," Bill said, finding it nearly impossible to take his eyes away from his sister's totally-shaved pussy. "So what's next?"

"Oh, I think you already know," Lisa cryptically said, as she reached across and wrapped her right hand around Bill's erect penis. And she began squeezing it, and feeling out the various parts of it.

She was especially intrigued by the little round, feminine-looking piss-hole on the underside of Bill's shaft. She just kept reaching down, and feeling it over and over again with the tip of her middle finger.

And Lisa was all of the sudden overcome with the strong urge to lean down and lick Bill's piss-hole opening, which was something that she absolutely loved doing to her lesbian girlfriends' piss-holes. But of course, Lisa didn't actually act on her "piss-hole licking" urge. At least, not yet.

"Lisa, are you sure you wanna do this?" Bill asked.

"Ungh hungh," Lisa hummed back, eagerly nodding her head, as she started slowing hand-pumping the shaft of his dick.

But Bill was still hesitant about reciprocating Lisa's actions.

So she leaned over, and softly whispered in his ear, "Come on, baby. It's okay. I want you to play with my pussy. I've been waiting for this moment my whole life. Please don't disappoint me now."

And Lisa immediately began giving Bill a series of very gentle kisses up and down the side of his neck, just below the ear that she was whispering into.

At the same time, Lisa grabbed hold of Bill's hand with her free hand, pulling it all the way across to her crotch, and placing it onto her bare pussy, so that he could feel out her large clitoris, along with the rest of her pussy. Needless to say, once Lisa let go of his hand, Bill was more than happy to leave his hand down between Lisa's legs.

And one thing naturally led to another, and before everything was said and done, they both ended up butt-naked, and having no-holds-barred sex with each other.

And Lisa eventually got to lick Bill's little round piss-hole, just like she had wanted to earlier.

Bill lost his virginity to his own sister that evening (which was something that he didn't confess to Lisa until several months later). And he actually got to fuck Lisa in all sorts of body positions, until he had finally managed to ejaculate inside her pussy three different times, leaving them both totally satiated.

And that's how Lisa's secret sexual relationship with her twin brother began. And over the next seven and a half years, while Lisa maintained her lesbian lifestyle for all the outside world to see, she and Bill would secretly rendevous to have sex whenever they could--but only during Lisa's "safe times"--until Lisa's luck finally ran out, when she ovulated twice during the same month, and got pregnant with Bill's child in early 1996.

That was a double whammy for Bill. At Lisa's insistence, Bill had been dating other girls every so often (whenever he could actually find a girl who wanted to date him), throughout the whole time that he was carrying on his secret sexual relationship with his twin sister. And back in 1990, when Bill was 19, he managed to find an 18-year-old girl, named Julie, who happened to like and "appreciate" his strange-looking hypospadic penis, almost as much as Lisa did. Bill also managed to knock Julie up while they were out on their fifth date together, which was only the second time that he ever had sexual intercourse with her. And he married Julie, when he found out that she was pregnant with his child: a baby girl, named Patricia.

And then--since Bill and Julie were complete opposites, personality-wise--they both fought like cats and dogs in their own apartment for nearly two years, before Bill finally couldn't take it any more, and filed for a divorce. But at least he managed to maintain part-time custody of his little girl, Trish, who he absolutely adored. But of course, he had to temporarily move back into his parent's home, as a result of the messy divorce.

So given these circumstances, it's quite understandable that Bill wanted Lisa to get an abortion.

But Lisa wanted to have the baby.

So Lisa hashed things out with Bill. And they finally agreed that she could go ahead and have the baby, but only under the condition that they would tell everyone that Lisa had gotten drunk one night, and fucked some guy that she picked up at a bar for a "one-night stand," and that that was how she had gotten pregnant.

Bill made Lisa promise that she would never tell another living soul--even her own child--who the real father was.

Lisa agreed to Bill's terms, but only under the condition that Bill had to promise her that, after she had the baby, he would never have sex with her again.

But Bill and Lisa both decided to continue fucking like rabbits throughout the whole nine months of Lisa's pregnancy. They both figured that "the damage had already been done," and so they might as well enjoy themselves as much as they possibly could, until the baby finally came.

Lisa ended up having a healthy baby boy. And she named her son “Alex,” in honor of her father, John Ridgeway, whose middle name was Alexander. Ironically, Lisa's mother, Jan, hit menopause during the same year that Alex was born.

The real Lisa and her 6-year-old son, Alex, now live in Austin, Texas, with her lesbian live-in lover, Vicki, who just happens to make her living as a stripper at a local topless bar.

Lisa “dances” too. At the same topless bar. She uses the lucrative income to support herself and Alex, while she’s putting herself through college. She hopes to become a psychotherapist someday.

The real John Ridgeway is just about to turn 50. And he’s still sexually active. But not with his wife.

For the last couple of years, Jan hadn’t wanted anything to do with John, when it came to sex. She had actually banished him from their previously-shared bedroom, and made him sleep in a different bedroom in their large two-story, four-bedroom suburban home.

So John masturbates a lot nowadays.

And before he does, he usually goes to his “secret hiding place” and retrieves a sealed, gallon-size plastic freezer bag. Inside the large, folded-in-half transparent bag is a pair of plain white soiled nylon panties that had belonged to his sister, Val, who was one year older than him, and has since passed away.

Of course, John always has to sneak the panties into the bathroom with him, because Jan would most likely get upset, if she knew what he was doing.

John has always been less than happy with the penis that God gave him. When he was a young man, his fully-erect penis was only about four-and-a-half-inches-long. And now, it was even shorter than that. And the head of his penis was so large that it accounted for nearly half of his entire penis-length.

John had been "blessed with" a dick-head that had an extremely unusual-looking, drastically flared-out corona encircling the rear of it. The head of John's dick was so wide, in relationship to the short narrow shaft of his penis, that his erect penis almost looked like a large, flesh-colored mushroom.

Jan used to tell him that she absolutely loved his “little mushroom-dick.” But John always suspected that Jan was just patronizing him, because she loved him, and didn’t want to hurt him by admitting to him that she really wished that the man she married would have had a longer penis.

Of course, John’s short penis had worked well enough to produce two healthy children with Jan. And he really didn’t care that much any more that he wasn’t well-hung. At this point in his life, he assumed that he would probably never stick his penis into any woman’s vagina ever again.

John had gained a lot of weight over the last 20 years. And now his belly was so big, that he couldn’t look down and see his own erect penis, when he was in a standing position.

And John liked to be able to look at his own penis during masturbation. And the easiest way to accomplish this nowadays, was for him to jack off in front of a mirror. So the bathroom naturally became his preferred masturbation location.

Jan, on the other hand, had maintained a very good-looking, slender figure for a woman her age. This was primarily due to the fact that her hips were narrow, and her breasts were still small and firm, just like the A-cup size breasts one might find on the chest of a teenage girl.

John thought that part of the reason why Jan refused to share her bed with him any more, was at least partially due to the fact of how overweight he now was--in addition to the “menopause thing,” of course. John also assumed that Jan wasn’t interested in having sex any more.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. Jan, at age 48, was almost as sexually active nowadays, as she had been when she was still having sex with John--except that John’s short penis had been replaced by an 8-inch-long, realistic-looking, flesh-colored, vibrating, penis-shaped dildo that Jan had gotten as a gag-gift for her birthday four years ago from a close female friend of hers.

John didn’t know about the dildo. And Jan kept it well-hidden, whenever she wasn’t using it. It was one of the few “new-fangled inventions” that she had really taken a liking to. In fact, Jan had secretly purchased several other “new-fangled inventions” (vaginal and anal toys) over the last fours years, and had put them all to good use from time to time.

And, just like John, Jan found herself masturbating a lot nowadays. However, unlike John, she preferred to do it in her own bedroom.

Jan and her daughter, Lisa, were very close. In fact, they behaved much more like sisters, than mother and daughter.

One night, Jan confessed to Lisa that the real reason why she had banished John from her bedroom was that, just two years before, back in 2000, she had accidentally found a pair of panties in a plastic freezer bag, hidden underneath some clothing, at the very rear of the bottom drawer of John’s dresser.

Jan assumed that the panties had belonged to a young girl, and she knew that John was extremely fond of his then-six-year-old granddaughter, Trish. He was always setting Trish on his lap, or giving her horsey-rides on his leg, or tickling her all over her body.

So naturally, Jan assumed that the panties in the plastic bag in John’s dresser drawer had to belong to her granddaughter. Of course, it never dawned on Jan--because she didn’t take the time to closely examine them--that the panties she found in John's dresser might have been way too large to belong to a six-year-old girl.

But Jan just knew, deep down in her heart, that the man she thought she loved, was putting her granddaughter through the same kind of thing that Jan herself went through with one of her own uncles, when she was a young girl.

Jan never told John about it, but she admitted to Lisa that her Uncle Ed had sexually molested her, under the guise of "playing little games" with her, and that he had done it on multiple occasions.

“My God! That must have been a lot for you to handle as a young girl.” Lisa said, empathizing with her mother.

At the same time, Lisa seriously doubted Jan's claim that the panties she had discovered in John's dresser drawer were actually Trish's panties. After all, from what Lisa could remember, her father had never made any sexual advances towards her, throughout her entire childhood. Sure, he had changed her diapers when she was a baby, and given her baths when she was a toddler. And throughout her early grade school years, her father had even gone into the bathroom with her on several occasions, and helped clean her up after she had accidentally peed her pants, while she was outside playing with her little friends. But none of this had been sexual in nature, as far as Lisa was concerned. It was nothing more than a great father taking care of his little girl.

And so Lisa just knew, deep down in her heart, that those panties of John's had to belong to someone who wasn't his young granddaughter, Trish.

“Yes, it certainly was a lot to handle,” Jan agreed with Lisa's assessment, and then went on to admit to Lisa that because of this traumatic childhood experience with her Uncle Ed, Jan had rarely performed oral sex on John throughout their entire marriage. And the few times that she did, she said that it was only because John had absolutely insisted on it.

Jan went on to further confess to Lisa that she never allowed John to ejaculate in her mouth, during those rare times when she did give in, and suck John's dick.

"But, Lisa," Jan said, "the real point I'm trying to make here, is that after I found the panties in John’s dresser drawer, I assumed that he was sexually molesting our granddaughter. And from that moment on, I had no desire to ever have sex with that man again. I would much rather fuck a dildo two or three times a week. And so that's exactly what I did."

Of course, John didn’t know about Jan finding the panties in his dresser drawer. But he did know one thing for sure: He was stuck with a wife who didn’t want to have sex with him any more. He was too old to start over again, too faithful and moralistic to cheat on his wife, and still too young to entirely give up sex. And so he was forced to revel in his own

Nowadays, John loves to place Val’s panties over the large head of his short penis. And while he rubs the slick nylon against his dick, he vividly remembers and re-lives the "special night" when he got those panties.

* * * * *


1969: The Real “Rude Awakening”

* * * * *

John Ridgeway was only 18-years-old, when he woke up late one night to find his 19-year-old sister, Valerie, in bed with him, and playing with his little mushroom-shaped dick--which was already erect, due to a very erotic dream he had been having. Val had her hand stuck down inside the elastic waistbands of his pajama bottoms and his white cotton briefs, and she was wearing an unspectacular cotton nightgown.

“What the hell are you doin', Val?” John asked, when he woke up enough to realize that his own sister had her hand on his bare erect penis, and was fondling it.

“Shhhh...You’ll wake up Mom and Dad. You wouldn’t want them to catch us, would ya?” Val had calmly replied.

“Catch us doin' what?” John whispered, as he quickly reached over to the night stand next to his bed, grabbed his glasses and put them on.

“This,” Val whispered back, as she threw the covers off him, pulled the waistbands of his pajama pants and his "tighty whities" down together--in one smooth motion--to expose his "package," leaned over his crotch, and placed her mouth down around the head of John’s dick.

John had never had his dick sucked before by anyone--let alone by his own sister--and the experience was overwhelming for him. He couldn’t believe how great it felt. And he soon had to struggle to keep from ejaculating in
Val’s mouth.

Val must have sensed this. Because she abruptly pulled her mouth up off of his penis, and then pulled his "tighty whities" back up around his waist, as if she were finished having sex with him. “I’ve always wanted to do that to a guy. Did you like it?” Val asked in a quiet voice.

“Gosh, Sis, that felt great!” John said in a forced airy whisper, praying that Val wasn't finished having sex with him yet. But there was still hope. His hard-on was a tent pole inside his underwear, and he realized that Val had to have left the waistband of his pajama bottoms wrapped around his thighs for a reason.

“I know something that’ll feel even better. Why don’t you take off your pajamas?” Val suggested, while she was getting up to stand beside John’s twin-size bed. She pulled her nightgown up over her head, and let it fall to the floor, beside her.

There was a full moon that night. And the moonlight was streaming in through the cracks in the partially-closed blinds of the bedroom window. John could see Val’s delicate-looking petite vivacious body, and her pendulous C-cup size breasts, with those overly-long nipples that just begged to be sucked on.

It had been years since John had seen Val naked. And her large boobs really intrigued him, because the last time that he had seen her bare chest, she didn’t have any breasts at all, to speak off--only nipples.

But the oddest thing was that her white nylon panties seemed to eerily glow in the yellowish moonlight. He could make out the camel-toed shape of her vulva through the thin material crotch of her shimmering panties.

“Well, John, are you gonna take off your pajamas? Or are you just gonna lie there and stare at me?”

John quickly unbuttoned and took off his pajama shirt. And then he pulled his pajama bottoms all the way off, leaving his underwear in place, just like Val had done with her panties.

“Well aren’t you gonna take off your underwear too?” Val asked.

“I just figured that you wanted me to leave 'em on, since you’ve still got yours on.”

“I left my panties on, because I wanted to give you the honor of taking them off me,” Val said as she lay down beside him, on her back.

“I want tonight to be very special, John. Would you like to feel my breasts?” Val asked as she grabbed his hand, and placed it onto one of her bare breasts.

John touched her breasts very tentatively. He had no idea exactly what Val was up to. And his sister had never behaved in such an openly-sexual way towards him before.

Also, John had never had sex with a girl before. And it kind of scared him a little, even though he was very experienced at masturbation. Last week, he had even gotten together and jacked off with another boy. But this “sex with a girl” stuff was truly an alien experience for John.

“Go ahead, John. It’s okay. I want you to feel my titties,” Val said, as she placed her hand over the back of his, and made his hand squeeze her whole breast.

She pulled her hand away from his, and he kept on squeezing the whole globe of her breast a few more times, before he started playing with her long nipple.

“Have you ever had you hands on a girl’s titties before?” Val asked coyly.


“But I’ll bet you’ve always fantasized about it, haven’t you?”

“Sure. What guy doesn’t?”

“Would you like to touch my pussy, John?”

John didn’t answer her. He was shocked to hear the words “my pussy” flow out of Val’s mouth, so effortlessly.

“Of course you would,” Val matter-of-factly answered for him. “You think about girls' pussies a lot. Don’t you, John? Well a girl’s pussy is a very delicate thing, just like a guy’s balls are. If you’ll trust me feeling your balls, I’ll trust you feeling my pussy. Deal?”

John pulled off his underwear, and Val placed her hand around his balls. Then he reached over to pull Val’s panties down.

But she grabbed his hand and stopped him. “Wait a minute, John. Do you know what 'fucking' is?”

“Sure,” John replied with confidence. His boyhood friends were always talking about “fucking.” And John had even seen two lions actually "doing it" at the zoo.

“Well, here’s the catch. Before I let you pull down my panties and feel my pussy, you’ll have to first promise me that you’ll feel it with you dick, instead of your hands. Then I want you to stick your dick all the way up into my pussy, and fuck me. Now, do we have a deal?”

John didn’t say a word. He rolled back over onto his back, and stared at the ceiling, while Val continued to fondle his balls.

“What’s the matter, John?” Val asked.

“I don’t know, Sis. It’s just not right, you know. I could get you pregnant.”

“Don’t worry, John. You can’t get me pregnant right now. It’s my ‘safe time.’”

“Your what?” John asked.

“My 'safe time.' My period just ended yesterday. And I’m not fertile right now. So there’s no way I can get pregnant. Don’t you find me attractive, John?”

“Of course I do.”

“Attractive enough to fuck? I’ve noticed how you’ve been staring at my breasts, and my legs, and my butt lately. I know you want to fuck me, John. You can’t deny it.”

“You’re right,” John softly admitted, feeling very embarrassed.

“Well, I’m lying here in your bed right now, with my hand on your balls, waiting for you to take off my panties, and 'get down to business.' So what are you waiting for? An ad in the newspaper?”

“I’m scared, Sis. I’ve never fucked anyone before.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll do just fine,” Val assured him, “I’m so wet right now. Your wiener should just slide right on in. And believe me, you’ll know what to do, after that. Well, do we have a deal? Do you wanna fuck me right now, John?”

“Yes. You have no idea how badly I wanna fuck you, Val.”

“Oh, I think I do,” Val replied, reaching up to playfully squeeze the large head of John's fully-erect penis between her index finger and thumb.

John reached over, and slowly pulled Val’s panties down her thighs, before removing them entirely.

In the dim moonlight he could see that she had a very thick, triangle-shaped patch of brown pubic hair on her lower abdomen, which provided a stark contrast to the white panties, and also to the milk-white bare skin of her stomach and lower abdomen. The thick patch of pubic hair continued downward between her lovely well-defined thighs, and it was so thick that it almost completely hid her pussy mound from John’s view--that is, until Val finally spread her legs apart.

“John, why don’t you take off your glasses now?”

“But I can’t see very well without them,” John automatically replied.

“You don’t need to see anything right now, John. You’ve already seen everything you needed to see. Now go ahead and take your glasses off."

After removing his glasses, and placing them back on top of the night stand, John knelt down in between Val's spread-apart thighs.

He was getting ready to reach down and grab hold of his penis, so that he could start rubbing it against her pussy. But she beat him to the punch.

Val's hand shot down into his crotch, grabbed hold of the short shaft of his penis, and started rubbing the large head of it back and forth against her clitoris, and against the already-moist crack of her pussy.

Just as Val was about to insert the head of John’s penis into her vagina, he was so mentally excited that he spontaneously orgasmed, and ejaculated his whole wad of sperm out onto her pussy mound, while she still had her hand wrapped around his pulsating penis.

That spontaneous orgasm and sperm-ejaculation seemed to just sneak up on John from out of nowhere. And once it hit, there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop it. All he could really do was ride it out. And naturally, the whole time that he was doing that, John also felt extremely embarrassed about his premature ejaculation.

“Geez, I’m sorry, Val,” John apologized, once his orgasmic feelings had finally wound down enough so that he could actually talk to her in a coherent manner. John could feel the sperm still oozing out of his penis. And Val still had her hand around his shaft. And she was slowly rubbing the head of his dick up and down the length of her pussy crack, as he continued apologizing, “I didn't mean to do that. I just couldn’t help it. Please forgive me?”

“That’s okay, John. Really it is. To tell you the truth, I was expecting that you might do that," Val said, as she removed her hand from his genitals. "Now, I just want you to lie here on top of me, and relax for a little bit. Believe me. Everything’s gonna be just fine. You’ll see," Val reassured him.

While John passively lay on top of Val, she gave him a gentle back-massage that lasted at least five minutes.

“If you’ll excuse me for a few minutes, I need to go and clean myself up a little bit. But I’ll be right back, John. Don’t you dare go anywhere,” Val admonished him, giving him a modest sisterly kiss on the cheek, right afterwards. Val always had a wonderful sense of humor, as far as John was concerned.

Val put her nightgown back on, and then quietly made her way down the hall to the communal bathroom on the second floor of the house.

As soon as she entered the bathroom, she took a damp washcloth, and wiped John’s sperm off her pussy. Then she rinsed the washcloth out under the hot water faucet. And right before she left the bathroom, Val went ahead and urinated, while she had the chance.

She brought the wet washcloth with her, when she came back into John’s bedroom. After making sure to lock the bedroom door behind her, Val took off her nightgown, and got back into bed with John. Then she used the warm, damp washcloth to gently wipe down John’s penis and scrotum. She set the washcloth on top of the bedside night stand, before turning around to look John right in the eye.

“I want you to make love to me, John. I want you to French-kiss me, and suck on my titties. I want you to feel out my pussy, and play with it all you want. And yes, I want you to use your hands this time. And then, whenever you’re finally ready, I want you to fuck me, John."

John didn’t say a word. He just embraced Val and kissed her. Her tongue instantly darted out into his mouth, searching for his.

Before he knew it, he was sucking away on Val’s lovely, long nipples, not really caring any more that these were his own sister’s nipples.

After all, he had just squirted his sperm all over the crack of her pussy. He figured that he might as well go ahead and enjoy himself as much as possible during this unique sexual encounter.

And that’s exactly what he did. He pretended that Val was his girlfriend--and not his older sister. And he suspected that Val was also pretending that he was her boyfriend--instead of her younger brother. But he couldn’t be sure of that.

They both behaved like two young lovers finally “going all the way” for the first time ever. And pretty soon, John had his fingers up inside of Val’s vagina.

He moved in between Val’s spread thighs, to mount her in the missionary position.

And once again, she reached down to get the head of John's circumcised penis wet with her sexual juices, and then gently guided it up into her own vagina.

But this time, John didn’t shoot his wad, while she was doing that. And John was amazed at how easily the wide mushroom-shaped head of his penis slid right on up into Val's young vagina.

And when it did, Val noisily sucked in a bunch of air through her chattering teeth.

“What’s wrong, Val? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” John asked with genuine concern.

“No, John. It feels wonderful!” Val whispered back with her eyes closed.

Their intercourse lasted a good 10 minutes or so. And when John finally ejaculated his sperm inside her, Val orgasmed her ass off underneath him. He felt her warm gush of sexual fluid, as it flowed out of her vagina, and down his balls.

Val cried out in orgasmic ecstasy, “Oh, God! Oh yes! Yes, oh--”

John slapped the palm of his hand down onto Val’s too-loud mouth.

“Shhhhhh! You don’t want to wake up Mom and Dad, do you?” John whispered in Val’s ear.

She shook her head quickly from side to side, under his hand.

“Well that’s just what’s gonna happen if you keep carrying on like that. Now I’m gonna take my hand off your mouth, and you be quiet. Okay?”

“I’m sorry, John. I didn’t expect you to make me feel so good.”

“What did you expect, Val?”

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t know what to expect. Just like you, I'm a virgin. Well, maybe not any more. But I used to be one, a few minutes ago. And up until tonight, I had never fucked anyone before. That was incredible!”

“Amen to that! But why me? I mean, why didn’t you get one of your boyfriends to fuck you?”

“What boyfriends, John?”

“Oh, come on. I know you go out on dates, once in a while.”

“Yeah, but it’s always with a different guy. And they usually only ask me out, so that they’ll have someone to take to the dance, or the prom with them. I usually end up sitting there, and watching my date dance with other girls all night long.

"It used to really bother me at first, but I’ve gotten kind of used to it by now. I mean, I don’t exactly have the face and body of a cheerleader, now do I?”

“No. But I just made love to you, Val. And I’d be more than happy to do it again, whenever you want. There’s no reason for you to have to go looking around for all these guys who don’t appreciate you, when you’ve got a guy right here who thinks that you have an incredibly attractive face and body."

“But you’re my own brother. And, to tell you the truth, I kind of feel like a cheap whore right now.”

“I didn’t offer to pay you anything. And I didn’t ask you to have sex with me tonight. You came to me. Remember?”

“I just couldn’t stand it any more, John. I had to know what it was like to be a real woman. What it was like to be with a man.

"When I first walked into your room tonight, the truth is that I had just woken up from my own erotic dream, and I was feeling really, really horny. I only intended to touch your dick, and maybe look at it for a few minutes. That’s all. I didn’t even plan to wake you up.

"But when I got into bed beside you, and reached over to touch your dick, you already had a boner. And that was something that I hadn’t expected at all.

"Once I had my hand on that sexy, stiff wiener of yours, I just wanted to keep on touching it and feeling it. So I squeezed it and played with it, hoping that you would wake up--but not really knowing what to do, if you did.

"That’s when I remembered that it was my 'safe time.' And that’s when I decided that if you woke up, I was gonna let you fuck me and take my virginity, if you wanted to do it.

"Of course, you did wake up. And the rest is history. And I can’t ever take back what I did.”

“Well neither can I. And just like you, I don’t have any girlfriends who want to have sex with me, either. So I’d be more than happy to have you in my bed again, any night that you want to be here with me.”

“But I can’t, John. Mom or Dad would eventually catch on to what we’re doing. And even if they didn’t, you would eventually get me pregnant. And I can’t let that happen. I don’t want either of us to get hurt.”

“But I thought you said I couldn’t get you pregnant during your 'safe time.'”

“I told you that, so you wouldn’t be so scared. And I wasn’t exactly lying to you either. Unfortunately, nothing in Nature is ever 100% true. There are always exceptions to every rule. And although it is extremely rare, there have been cases of girls getting pregnant during their 'safe times.' The fact is, that each time we fuck, the risk becomes greater and greater that you might get me pregnant.”

“But I could use one of those balloon-looking things," John suggested. "And that would keep you from getting pregnant, wouldn’t it?”

“You mean a 'rubber'?”

John nodded his head.

“It wouldn’t be the same, John. And you know it. Besides that, rubbers are notorious for leaking, or breaking, or slipping off at the worst possible times. And anyway, we’d always be tempted to go ahead and fuck without using the rubber. You know I’m not lying, John.”

“Yeah, but we could still have sex with each other, without actually fucking. Couldn't we?”

“Do you really believe that, John. Look me straight in the eye right now, while you’ve still got your dick inside me, and tell me that you never want to have your dick inside my pussy again.

"You can’t do it, can you? Well I can’t do it either. I’ll always yearn to feel you inside me again and again, John. And we’d both become totally frustrated by the whole experience," said Val, pausing for a moment, and then shaking her head very slowly, as she added, "No. It’s better for both of us that this be the first--and the last--time that we ever make love.”

“Can I ask you something personal?”

“Sure, John.”

“Did you have an orgasm?”

“Of course I did! You mean you couldn’t tell?”

“Well I felt a bunch of wet stuff coming out of your...your pussy,...and I really wasn’t sure whether it was from me, or from you.”

“It was from me, John.”

“Wow, I never knew that girls squirted out stuff during sex. I thought only boys did that.”

“Well girls do too. It’s just that some of us squirt out more 'stuff' than others--at least that’s what my best friend, Sharon, told me. And I just happen to be one of those girls that gets really wet during an orgasm. I guess it’s a hereditary type of thing. I noticed that you weren’t lacking in that department either.”

“Yeah, I do leave a pretty good-size mess, don’t I? It can be a real pain-in-the-ass, whenever I’m jacking off.”

“How do you think I feel, when I’m masturbating?”

“I didn’t know that girls jacked off.”

“Well they do. But of course, they do it differently from the way that boys do. And it’s not called 'jacking off,' whenever us girls do it. I prefer to call it 'playing with myself.' But Sharon always calls it 'diddling herself.' Can I ask you something very personal?”

“Sure, go right ahead.”

“Have you ever had sex with another boy?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“I’ve heard that boys like to get together and jack off. Do you guys really do that?”

“Yes,” John said, feeling very embarrassed.

“Do you just watch each other jack off, or do you actually play with each other’s 'things'?” Val asked, while pointing down to his crotch, and pretending to be disgusted with the thought.

“What do you think?” John quipped back, sounding very defensive.

“I think you’re too ashamed and embarrassed to tell me that you’ve had your hands on another guy’s wiener.”

“Yeah? Well I’m not exactly proud of it. You know? It only happened one time. And after it was over, I felt like a God damn queer, or something.”

“When did it happen, John?”

John hesitated for a guilty moment, and then quietly admitted, “Last week.”

“Last week? Wow! That wasn't very long ago, was it?"

"No, it wasn't," John agreed.

"I just want you to know, John, that there’s nothing wrong with what you did. And it doesn’t mean that you’re a homosexual. Tonight should have proved that to you.

"Sometimes Sharon and I make out with each other, just like you and I did tonight.

"Don’t get me wrong. Sharon and I usually don’t plan on having sex, whenever we get together. It just kind of happens--all on its own--when the situation is right, and we’re both in the mood.

"Of course, Sharon doesn’t have a penis. So there’s no way for us to actually fuck. But believe me, we do everything else. I was just wondering if guys did that too.”

“No. We didn’t kiss or hug, or anything like that. We just jacked off. And that’s pretty much all we did together.”

“That’s wild. What did you say to him? 'Meet me at such and such time and place, so that we can jack off?'”

“No, not really. He's a good friend of mine, even though he's a year older than me. And he was the one who 'came on' to me.

"I was in his bedroom. And we were talking about 'girls,' and 'sex,' and stuff like that. Then he pulled out a Playboy magazine that he had hidden under his bed. And we both looked at all the naked women in the photos for a while.

"Then I looked over at his crotch. And I saw that he had a boner. And I just couldn't take my eyes off of it. Of course, I had a bulge at the front of my pants too. And he was staring at my boner, just like I was staring at his.

"He asked me if I wanted to watch him jack off. I have to admit that I was very curious to see if my friend would jack off in the same way that I did. So I accepted his 'offer,' out of sheer curiosity, more than anything else.”

“Of course you did," Val agreed. "If I were in your shoes, I would have too. But that’s not what ended up happening. Is it, John? Come on, you can be honest with me. I promise I’ll never tell anyone else.”

“Well, he pulled down his pants, and started jacking off in front of me. And I couldn't help but reach down into my crotch, and squeeze my boner through my pants, while I was watching him.

"Then he told me that it was okay with him, if I wanted to go ahead and jack off in front of him too. So I pulled my pants down. And I started...uhm...well, you know..." John's voice trailed off, as a wave of embarrassment all of the sudden overwhelmed him.

"Playing with yourself?" Val suggested, trying to help John out with the unexpected tongue-tied pause in his story.

"Yeah, that. And I was doing it right in front of him, just like he was already doing in front of me.

"Then he moved in real close to me, while we were still standing up, face-to-face. And he started rubbing and beating the head of his dick up against mine. We laughed as we had this play-swordfight with our dicks. But it was also very erotic. And I got really excited.

"When my friend reached over and grabbed hold of my dick, I didn’t try to stop him. I just reached across and grabbed hold of his dick, as we continued our play-swordfight, with each of us controlling the other person’s little 'sword.'

"Actually, compared to his 'sword,' my 'sword' was really only a 'dagger.'”

“That must’ve been very intimidating," Val said. "I know how intimidated I was by Sharon’s firm medium-size breasts, with their perfectly-formed puffy nipples, the first time that we ever got naked in front of each other. I felt like my saggy breasts, with my weird-looking long-ass nipples, were inferior to hers.

"But I found out later, that my large breasts and my unique-looking nipples really excited Sharon a lot. And she couldn’t keep her hands off of them. Do my breasts excite you, John?”

“You bet.”

“Well your dick excites me too. And I’ll bet that the other boy also found your dick to be exciting.”

“Well, I don’t know about that. But at least he didn’t make fun of it. This all probably sounds really stupid to you.”

“On the contrary. I think it’s pretty cute. Sharon and I usually play around with each other, before we make out. You wouldn’t believe some of the silly things we’ve done together.

"But let me guess. The other boy started stroking your little 'sword.' And that’s when you stopped playing around, and 'got down to business.'"

“Close, but no cigar. During our little 'swordfight,' my friend placed his other hand on my balls. So I did the same thing to him. And while we were feeling out each other's balls, we both stopped laughing and joking around. And the mood quickly got very serious. My friend finally said, ‘Tell you what. Why don’t we just jack each other off?'

"Then we both got naked from the waist down. And we sat down on the floor, facing each other, with our legs spread apart. And we jacked each other off, while we both stared at each other’s dicks the whole time.

"My friend orgasmed first. And I really enjoyed watching him orgasm, and seeing his sperm squirt out all over the place.

"Afterwards, he just kept on jacking me off. And, as you can imagine, it didn't take very long at all for him to make me orgasm. But I have to admit that it was kind of embarrassing, when I was letting him watch me orgasm. Pretty boring, hungh?”

“On the contrary. I find it fascinating just how different boys and girls are from each other. By the way, after it was all over, did this other boy let you know that he wanted to jack off with you again sometime?”

“Yeah, he did, as a matter of fact.”

“You see? I told you he liked your dick.”

“But I’m not sure whether I really want to do that again.”

“Let me know how that goes. But I’ll bet you a dollar that you’ll end up with your hands on that other boy’s dick again, before this month is over with.

"Now I’d better get back to my own bedroom,” Val said, right after John’s penis finally went limp enough to fall out of her vagina on its own.

John rolled off of Val, and watched her as she stood up and put her nightgown back on.

“Hey, don’t forget your panties,” John said.

“That’s okay. Why don’t you just keep 'em?” Val said, leaning over the bed to give John a tender kiss on his forehead.

“I will. I’ll keep 'em for the rest of my life!”

“Goodnight, John. Pleasant dreams,” she said as she left John’s bedroom, quietly closing the door behind her.

Val went straight to her bedroom, closed and locked her bedroom door, took her nightgown off, got into her bed, pulled the covers up over her nude body--and then immediately began masturbating like crazy.

Her masturbation lasted for nearly an hour--with Val orgasming her butt off several times--before she finally felt sexually
satisfied enough so that she could get some sleep.

Val was surprised--and caught totally off-guard--by just how mentally exciting it was for her to know that she actually had her own brother's freshly-ejaculated sperm inside her pussy.

Two days later, John walked up to Val, and handed her a dollar bill.

“What’s this for?” Val asked.

“Turn it over,” John said, pointing to the dollar bill that was now in Val’s hand.

She turned over the bill. And on the back of it, was scrawled in ink--in big letters--the words “YOU WON!”

“Remember the bet you made me the other night?” John said.

And Val started giggling. “Shame on you, John, you naughty boy!” Val said with a big smile on her face, and then winked at him.

“Shame on you too,” John replied, and winked right back at her.

* * * * *


2008: The New "Wife"

* * * * *

The real Valerie--a.k.a. Val, John's older sister--went on to become quite the nymphomaniac. Throughout high school and college, Val changed boyfriends like she was changing clothes, all the while, confiding to John about her personal experiences with each different boyfriend.

John used to kid her each time she started dating a new guy, by asking her if she had finally found the perfect penis yet.

And Val's answer would always be the same: “Yeah. But unfortunately, it belongs to my own brother.” And John had always loved to hear her say that.

John used to also warn Val that if she kept screwing all those different guys, without ever using any birth control, she’d eventually end up getting pregnant, and not even know who the father was.

And Val used to always blow him off, by saying something like, “Well, that’s my business, and not yours, little brother.”

After college, Val had had an unbroken string of live-in boyfriends, none of them ever lasting more than a year or so.

And she never did get pregnant, despite her total disregard for birth control methods.

Val died at the age of 48 from ovarian cancer. And in her will, she had named John as the executor and sole heir to her entire estate, which turned out to be a very small one, once all of her debts were paid off.

A few days after Val’s death in 2000, while John had been over at her apartment, going through all her possessions and trying to determine what he should do with them, he had opened up one of her dresser drawers, and it had been filled with her bras and panties. Almost all of her pieces of underwear were white, and very plain looking, with no frills or lace anywhere to be found.

Underneath the pile of Val's underwear, John had found a dual 5” x 7” photo frame that was hinged together on one side. He had opened up the double frame, and on the right side was a small photo of him and Val together at the beach in their outdated, odd-looking swimsuits. The faded black-and-white picture had been taken about six months after John’s unexpected late-night sexual encounter with Val had taken place.

While Sharon was taking the picture with Val's camera, John and Val had been standing side-by-side, very close together. And John had playfully reached down behind Val’s back, and grabbed a handful his older sister’s butt. And that’s when Sharon had snapped the picture, catching Val with a look of total surprise on her face.

Inside the photo frame on the left side was a single dollar bill, with the words “YOU WON!” written in large letters across it. When John saw the dollar bill, he had just sat there for a while, as he had struggled to fight off the tears that were welling up in his eyes.

Val took her secret incestuous adolescent sexual encounter to her grave with her. And John had also intended to do the same.

But right now, it was a little bit after four o'clock on a sunny Saturday afternoon. And John was standing in front of the vanity, in the main bathroom at his and Jan’s home, with his pants and underwear pulled down around his thighs, as he was stroking himself towards another one of his hard-fought-for orgasms.

Ever since his adolescent clandestine "one-night stand" with his older sister, it had always been very difficult for John to build up his sexual excitement level to a point where it would actually trigger him to orgasm. He assumed that it was just the way that his body was "wired."

The thought never occurred to John that his orgasmic difficulties might be mentally and emotionally-related, and actually be the direct result of his extremely embarrassing premature ejaculation onto Val's vulva, that night in his bedroom. And John would have never believed that his continued regular use of Val's panties as a masturbation aid--coupled with his persistent mental "re-living" of his secret sexual encounter with Val--had only served to exacerbate and extend his "orgasmic build-up" problem. But in John's case, this was exactly what was happening.

The fact is, that before that "special night" with Val took place, John's orgasms had always been pretty much "hair-triggered," just like they are for many young boys.

But be that as it may, this afternoon in the bathroom was no different than any other time that John had ever masturbated as an adult. And John was just thankful for the fact that he was actually capable of achieving an orgasm--even though he always had to struggle to reach that "goal."

Unfortunately, John's penis would always "pay the price" for his orgasms, by taking a beating in the process, and getting pretty raw.

This was only made worse by the fact that John's fully-erect penis was a short one, by almost anyone's standards. At this point in his life, his boner was just a little under four inches long.

However, what John lacked in the "penis" department, he more than made up for in the "testicles" department. John's balls were quite large, and still capable of producing lots and lots of sperm.

At any rate, this afternoon, John had already been in the bathroom aggressively hand-pumping his penis for nearly 15 minutes, before he finally got to the point where he could feel that he was just about to climax.

And only thing that John was really concerned about at this very moment, was that he didn’t get any sperm on Val’s precious panties.

He pulled the panties away from his well-worn penis, and gently tossed them onto the vanity countertop, just in time to watch the sperm, as it started to flow out of his piss-hole slit, in little globs.

His sperm used to forcefully squirt out of his penis, way back when he was a much-younger man. But nowadays, despite his comparatively-tame ejaculations, John was very thankful that it still felt just as great as it ever did, for him to ejaculate sperm.

And during a single orgasm, John would always end up ejaculating at least two or three times the amount of semen that an ordinary man his age would normally ejaculate.

While John was in the bathroom "doing his thing," he had forgotten to turn the amplification level of his hearing aid up high enough. And so he hadn’t heard the knocks at the front door of his house, or Jan’s voice calling out, “Who is it?”

“It’s Lisa, Mom,” the voice called back through the closed front entry door of the house.

Jan had opened the front door, and exchanged the requisite quick hugs and kisses with her daughter, Lisa, who had her 12-year-old son, Alex, in-tow.

It was at this point that John had been on the verge of orgasming.

“I know you weren’t expecting us 'til tomorrow. But I decided to take the day off from work, and drive up today. I hope you don’t mind.” Lisa had said to Jan.

“No, not at all, sweetie,” Jan had replied, while she was getting a big hug and kiss from Alex.

It was at this point that John had tossed Val’s panties onto the vanity countertop.

“Where’s Dad?” Lisa had asked.

“Oh, I think he went out for a walk, or something,” Jan had replied. “He should be back soon though.”

“Listen, I don’t mean to be rude. But it’s a heck of a long drive from Austin to here. And if I don’t go use the restroom right now, I’m gonna pee my pants,” Lisa had said, starting to make a beeline for the main bathroom, while Alex was laughing at his mother’s last remark.

“Come on, Alex,” Jan had said, pulling him by the hand towards the kitchen, “I think Grandma’s got a cookie or two for you here some place.”

It was at this point that John had let out his old man’s version of a “cum-grunt,” and the sperm was starting to generously flow out of the tip of his penis.

By the time that Lisa reached the bathroom door, she already had the top button on her jeans undone, and the zipper pulled all the way down, so that her fly was wide-open, with her white panties showing through the "V" shape at the front. And her jeans were barely being held in place by her narrow hips and butt.

She threw open the bathroom door, and barged right into the bathroom.

The edge of the door hit John hard on the left hip. And the sheer force of the door pivoted his whole body to the left, as he leaned over and instinctively grabbed his hip with his left hand.

His grimacing face was instantly buried in the crack of a woman’s cleavage.

His first coherent thought was, John, you stupid idiot, you forgot to lock the door!

He immediately assumed that the small breasts on either side of his cheeks belonged to Jan. But then he realized that Jan didn’t wear low-cut blouses any more.

While his sperm was still flowing out of his penis, and dripping onto the bathroom floor, he thought, Oh my God, it’s not Jan!

“I’m sorry,” Lisa said, slightly leaning over him, “I didn’t know you were--“

John quickly pulled his head up out of Lisa’s cleavage to talk to her. But when he did that, the back of his head caught her square under the chin.

Lisa bit down hard on her tongue, as her head snapped sharply backward, and made her whole back arch. This arching of her back also pushed her pelvic area forward, and Lisa felt something poking her, just above her pubic bone.

John looked down, and saw the head of his penis pressed up against the white triangle-shaped exposed area of Lisa’s panties, at the front of her jeans. And he quickly backed away from her. But not before a substantial amount of sperm had flowed out of his penis, and was now soaking into the material at the front of Lisa’s panties.

“I’m sorry, Lisa,” John apologized, while Lisa still had her eyes closed, and was moving her jaw all around, checking to see if it still worked.

Lisa finally opened her eyes to discover her own father, standing in front of her, naked from the waist down, and with a mildly-pulsating erect penis that was still oozing out little globs of sperm.

She just stood there in shock for a moment, and stared at his erect dick and balls.

“Well, are you just gonna stand there and stare at me?” John asked, feeling extremely embarrassed. He had the strong urge to cup his hands over his bare genitals to hide them from her view. But he also knew it was ludicrous to do that now, considering the fact that Lisa had already seen everything anyway.

“No, Daddy,” Lisa replied, “I’ve gotta 'go potty' right now.”

“What?” John asked a bit too loudly, reaching into his left ear canal to turn up his hearing aid.

“Shhhhh,” Lisa said with her index finger across her pursed lips, “I said, would you please move? I need to 'go potty' real bad!”

Then Lisa quickly closed and locked the bathroom door, before heading right past John, and straight for the toilet.

She pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles in one smooth yank, plopped her butt down on the toilet seat, leaned over and placed her elbows on her knees, and the urine immediately started spraying into the toilet bowl underneath her. While she was pissing, she had her face almost parallel to the bathroom floor, and she wasn’t paying any attention to her father at all.

John just quietly stood there a couple feet away from Lisa as he watched her urinate. He knew that his hearing aid was now turned up more than loud enough, because Lisa’s urine splashing into the toilet bowl sounded like a high-pitched Niagara Falls to him. He reached back up into his ear to tweak the hearing aid’s small volume knob, turning it down just a bit.

John thought about how completely different Lisa was from her mother. Jan had never urinated in front of John. She had always insisted on having total privacy in the bathroom.

John was also intrigued by the fact that Lisa hadn’t said one word to him so far about the situation she had just caught him in. It amazed him that she could be so nonchalant about his very-obvious masturbation and sperm-release.

Lisa urinated for quite a while, because her bladder had been just about as full as it could get. But after she had finished relieving herself, she reached over and grabbed a wad of toilet paper off the roll.

And John saw that Lisa didn’t have one single pubic hair anywhere on her lower abdomen.

Then, instead of wiping herself, Lisa extended her arm towards John, to hand him the toilet paper.

”Daddy, would you please do me the honor of cleaning me up, just like you used to, whenever I peed my pants, back when I was a little girl?”

“Sure, Honey,” John said without even thinking, as he took the wad of toilet paper from her.

Lisa leaned back on the toilet seat and spread her thighs far apart.

And John was just about to start wiping the outermost part of her totally hairless pussy mound, when he realized what he was actually doing, and froze up like a lifeless mannequin.

“What’s the matter, Daddy?” Lisa whispered, “It’s not anything that you haven’t seen before.”

“Yeah, but that was different. You were a little girl, back then.”

“I still am your little girl, Daddy. I will always be your little girl. You know that.”

“Yeah, you even look like a little girl, down there,” John commented, gesturing towards her crotch.

“I dance for a living, Daddy. Remember?

“You mean you strip for a living. Are you still at that Bare Bottoms topless bar?”

“Yeah. But the point is that I spend a lot of time in a G-string. And so it’s just easier for me to keep myself shaved down there. Does it bother you?”

“Not really. But it’s just a little unusual-looking. That's all.”

“You didn’t think so, back when I was a little girl. So why don’t you go ahead and clean me up, just like you used to do? Believe it or not, it would mean a lot to me right now. I never told you this, but I used to love it, when you did that."

John just stood there for a long moment, frozen and speechless. He knew that he was on the verge of crossing a line that wasn't ever supposed to be crossed.

But John couldn't help himself, as his eyes naturally gravitated towards his own daughter's bare, opened-up pussy, right in front of him. He just stared at Lisa's vaginal opening, and thought about the fact that it had been a long time since he had seen a real live vagina. And he felt his spent penis starting to come back to life.

"Come on, Daddy, I’m not gonna bite you, or anything. And it's really your fault that I'm so sticky down there," Lisa said, quickly glancing down at her own pussy, and then looking back up at her father. "I promise I’ll just sit here, and be a good little girl.”

The "I'm so sticky down there" phrase coming out of Lisa's mouth gave John all the motivation he needed to go ahead and cross that line--the same taboo line that he was afraid to cross, just a few moments earlier.

John leaned over, gently wiped the urine off the outside surface of Lisa’s fleshy mound, and then dropped the wad of toilet paper into the toilet bowl between her spread-legs. But he knew that toilet paper wasn't going to suffice, when it came to cleaning up his sticky sperm from the front of Lisa's crotch.

John opened the bathroom linen closet door, got a clean washcloth out of there, wet it under the bathroom faucet, and wrung it out. Then he used the warm, damp washcloth to thoroughly wipe down Lisa's whole crotch and vulva. Afterwards, he set the washcloth down on the corner of the vanity countertop, grabbed a hand towel, and dried off
Lisa's "naughty parts" by gently patting them with the towel.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Lisa said in a little girl-sounding voice, as John straightened back up, and started to slowly back away from her.

John wasn't paying attention when Lisa grabbed the wadded-up, damp washcloth from the vanity countertop. And that's because he was gazing into her beautiful eyes, as he automatically replied, “You’re more than wel--”

And he was cut-off mid-sentence by something that caught him totally off-guard. Lisa’s left hand had darted out towards John’s crotch, and had quickly wrapped itself around his semi-erect penis. And she began wiping down his dick and his balls with the same damp washcloth that he had just used to wipe down her pussy.

“Lisa, what the hell are you doing?” John whispered, very slowly and emphatically.

"I'm cleaning you up, Daddy. Just like you did for me."

John just stood there, and let his daughter wipe down his bare genitals. Lisa really hadn't left him any other choice but to cooperate with her.

And besides that, for John, Lisa's actions brought back the still-vivid memories of his older sister, Val, wiping down his 18-year-old genitals with a damp washcloth, before she gave him that second chance to finally have sexual intercourse with her.

Once Lisa felt that John's dick and balls were clean enough, she put the washcloth back on top of the vanity countertop. But she didn't let go of John's penis with her left hand. Instead, she reached back over with her right hand, cupped her palm around John's balls, and began fondling them.

“So what the hell are you doing now?” John strongly whispered.

“I’m just having a little fun, Daddy. That’s all,” Lisa whispered back, as she started playfully rubbing and squeezing the large head of John’s penis with the thumb and fingers of her left hand.

“Lisa, for Christ’s sake! We’re not supposed to be doing this. It’s just not right!” John pleaded with her.

“We are not doing anything. I'm the one who’s doing everything. But if you insist...” Lisa said, pulling her jeans and panties all the way off, gently kicking them to the side, and then getting up off the toilet seat to stand right in front of John, with her legs spread a little ways apart.

“Well, go ahead, Daddy. Play with my pussy. It’s okay. I want you to,” Lisa said, as she started to slowly pull the foreskin up and down the short shaft of John’s penis.

“Why are you doing this, Lisa?”

“I’ve always wanted to touch the dick and balls that made me. You’re the one who taught me to take advantage of an opportunity, whenever it comes along. So that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.”

“But I thought you were into women now.”

“I am.”

“Then, I should think that you’d much rather touch the pussy that made you. But of course, your mother would never go for that.”

“She already did,” Lisa said matter-of-factly. She saw the look of total shock and disbelief on John’s face, and she said, “I thought you already knew about that. You always told me that there weren’t any secrets in this family.”

“I guess I was wrong,” John said, with a puzzled look on his face. “So when did this happen?”

“I’m not gonna tell you, until you start playing with my pussy.”

“Lisa, please don’t make me do this,” John begged, pretending to baulk at Lisa's suggestion that he fondle her pussy.

But deep down inside, he was very flattered by her aggressive sexual advances towards him. It reminded John of the way that his sister, Val, had aggressively seduced him into having sex with her during their special "one-night stand" together. And John was also thoroughly enjoying Lisa's genital manipulations.

The bottom line was that John's dick was now fully-erect again. And he really couldn't wait to get his hands on Lisa's bare pussy, so that he could stick his fingers up into her inviting vagina.

“I’m not making you do anything, Daddy," said Lisa. "The choice is all yours. You didn’t have to stand there and watch me pee, you know? You could have just put your pants on, and left. But you didn’t, did you? Why?”

“To be honest with you, I don’t really know why, Lisa,” John said, lying through his teeth.

Of course, John knew exactly why he had just stood there, and watched Lisa urinate in front of him. The truth was that John just happened to have a fetish for female urination. And consequently, it really turned him on big-time to see pornographic photos and videos that showed women urinating.

And it should come as no surprise that John also had a fetish for the female urethra. But then, so did Lisa. That was one trait that they both had in common.

“Well, I do," said Lisa. "It’s been an awfully long time since you’ve had sex with a woman. Hasn’t it, Daddy? Mom doesn’t 'get it on' with you any more. Does she?”

“No, she doesn’t,” John admitted, feeling very awkward. “But I wish like hell that she would!”

“I hate to tell you this, Daddy, but she’s never going to. She thinks you’re a child molester. She thinks that you’ve been molesting Bill’s daughter.”

“You mean Trish?”


“Oh God! I’d never do something like that!”

“I know that, and you know that. But a few years back, Mom found a pair of panties hidden at the bottom of your dresser drawer. And she assumed that they belonged to Trish."

Lisa abruptly stopped her slow-but-steady hand-pumping of John's penis. "So please tell me that those aren't Trish's panties,” Lisa said, pointing towards the pair of panties that were lying on the vanity countertop.

John reached over onto the vanity countertop, picked the panties up, and held them right up in front of Lisa's face. "These are the same panties that Jan found that day. But they're definitely not Trish's panties. They were Val’s panties, back when she was just a teenager.”

Then John grabbed the gallon-size plastic freezer bag that was on the vanity countertop, gently placed the panties into the bag, zipped the bag up, folded it in half, and stuck it in the pocket of his pants, which--along with his underwear--were wrapped tautly around his thighs.

“You mean your sister, Valerie?”

“Yes, that's exactly who I mean.”

“So you stole a pair of her panties?

“No. She gave them to me herself.”

“Are they soiled panties?”

“Yes, they are. And they're going to stay that way forever, if I have any say in the matter.”

“Wow! You 'got it on' with your own sister, didn't you?”

“I didn’t say that, now did I?”

“No, but it’s the way that you said it. You did 'get it on' with Val, didn’t you, Daddy?”

“Yes. But it’s not what you think. We just 'did it' one time. That’s all.”

“Well, once is enough,” Lisa flippantly remarked.

“Oh, no it isn’t. Believe me!” John said, slowly shaking his head from side-to-side.

“So, you’re afraid that if you play with my pussy right now, you’ll want to do it again and again. And you don’t think that I’ll let you do that.”

John didn’t respond at all. He just kept looking at Lisa. He was amazed at how she seemed to be reading his mind.

“Well, I’m not Val, Daddy. I would never tease you like that. You’re one of the few men that I’ve never felt threatened by. I love you very much. And I want you to be happy.

"And I know that you’re not happy right now, without a woman to satisfy your sexual needs. Since Mom’s out of the picture, I’d like to be that woman, if you’ll let me.”

“I don’t know, honey. I don’t know if I’m up to it right now. I just masturbated before you walked in here. But of course, you already know that.”

“I didn’t mean right now, you silly goose. I meant later tonight, after Jan and Alex are asleep.

"Right now, I just want you to play with my pussy for a couple of minutes, while I tell you all about Mom and me. Then we’ll see if we can get out of this bathroom, without her catching us. Deal?”

John placed his hand on Lisa’s pussy. He immediately felt the very large, partially-erect clitoris that was prominently jutting out at the front of her crack. The head of Lisa’s clitoris was almost as big around as the tip of John’s middle finger.

“Gosh, you’ve got quite the clitoris there, young lady.”

“Yeah, it really looks like a small penis, doesn’t it? That's the main reason why I have to keep my pussy shaved. When I'm dancing, I always put a strong piece of tape across the front of my pussy to hold my clit pressed into my crack, so that it doesn't show.

"And even then, I still have to be very careful not to let myself get sexually aroused when I'm dancing, or else I'll get a small bulge in the front of my G-string. And I'm sure that most of my paying customers wouldn't appreciate that.

"Here, let me show you something,” Lisa said, as she retracted the skin hood to expose the whole head of her long clitoris. “You see? It’s even got a dark ridge around the head, just like a guy’s dick-head does. You ought to see it when it becomes fully-erect. It's a little over two inches long. I know, 'cuz I actually measured it one time. And it looks just like I’ve got a miniature dick, instead of a clit. In fact, Vicki calls it my 'little dick.'

"Of course, I don't have a slit at the tip of it, like a guy's dick-head does,” Lisa said, playfully rubbing the tip of her index finger against John's piss-hole slit.

“Vicki ought to call it your 'dick-clit,'" John suggested, as he was feeling out Lisa's little piss-hole opening with his fingertips. "That would be much more appropriate, don’t you think?”

“Sure, Dad. Whatever. All I know is that I’ve always been very self-conscious about it. Sometimes I feel like I’m a freak-of-Nature.”

“Nonsense. You’re a gorgeous young lady.”

“Yeah, with a gigantic, dick-looking clitoris sticking out of the front of her pussy,” Lisa immediately added. She felt her clit tingling, as it was growing, and steadily becoming more erect.

“Hey, I’m not exactly pleased with the size of my penis either. But I’ve had to accept it, because it’s the only penis I’ve got.”

“I just happen to like your dick, Daddy. I think it’s cute, and very sexy.”

“Well, I just happen to like your pussy too, Lisa. Just the way it is," said John, as he finally stopped feeling out her piss-hole opening, and inserted his middle finger up into her vagina, to begin manually exploring it. "And if I were a younger man, I might even try to have sexual intercourse with you right now. And speaking of that, I assume that’s what you want us to do tonight.”

“You bet I do!” Lisa enthusiastically chimed in.

“Well, you’re not on any birth control, are you? I mean, I’ve heard of old men like me actually getting younger women like you pregnant,” said John.

“No, I'm not using any birth control right now, Daddy. I haven't really needed to. I've been having sex with women. Remember?"

"That's fine, Lisa," said John, as he now had two of his held-together fingers (his middle finger and his ring finger) inserted up into Lisa's vagina. And he was curling his two fingers towards him, and intentionally using his fingertips to massage her G-spot area. "I guess I'll just have to go buy some condoms somewhere."

"Oh, no you don't! I hate those damn things! Tell you what, if it’ll make you feel better, I’ll bop on down to the store and get some foam, or sponges, or something. Anything but condoms.”


“Daddy, as much as I’m enjoying this, I think we’d better get out of here, before Mom catches us,” Lisa said, realizing that John's adept fingering of her G-spot was just about to make her cum hard. And she knew that if she just stayed there and let that happen, they would end up fucking right there in the bathroom. So Lisa wisely decided that she had better leave right away, for both their sakes.

“You’re right, Lisa,” John agreed, pulling his fingers out of her wonderful vagina, but not until after she had removed her hands from his fully-erect dick and his balls.

Lisa started to put her panties and jeans back on. But when she picked the panties up off the floor, she saw the front of the gooey sperm-soaked panties, and reacted with, "Euuuh Yuuuck!" and then tossed the panties into the waste basket beside the toilet. "Don't worry, Daddy. I brought plenty of panties with me. Mom always taught me to pack extra underwear whenever I take a trip out of town. I'll just have to wear my jeans 'au naturel' for now. It isn't like I haven't done it before," said Lisa, as she was buttoning up the front of her jeans and pulling her zipper up. "It's times like this
that I'm thankful I don't have any pubes," Lisa said, showing her wit and her innate sense of humor.

Meanwhile, John was pulling his own pants and underwear back up.

“Okay, I’ll go out first,” Lisa said. “And I’ll distract Mom, so that you can sneak out, and then come in the front door, like you were just returning from a walk.”

Just as soon as Lisa had left the bathroom and closed the door behind her, John sprang into action.

First, he stuck his two fingers--the ones that he had pulled out of Lisa's vagina, just moments before--right up under his nose, and took several deep whiffs of Lisa's intoxicating, pheromone-laden pussy-aroma.

Then he reached down into the waste basket beside the toilet, retrieved Lisa's sperm-coated panties, and tossed them into the bathroom's laundry hamper, making sure to burrow them well down under the rest of the dirty laundry. John figured that he would come back later in the night to "properly dispose of" Lisa's sperm-soaked panties.

Lastly, he used the damp washcloth to carefully wipe up the little puddles of sperm that he had left all over the bathroom. He thoroughly rinsed the washcloth out under the faucet, and then wrung the excess water out of it, before dropping it down into the laundry hamper, and closing the hamper door.

John snuck out of the bathroom, and then out the front door. He turned around and made a grand, overly-noisy entrance, as if he were coming back from one of his walks.

So Lisa’s plan had went off without a hitch. She and John had both managed to escape the bathroom, without being caught by Jan. And Lisa had also managed to "conveniently forget" to tell John about her and Jan "getting it on" together.

Later that same night, after Jan and Alex were fast asleep, Lisa snuck into John’s bedroom. She quickly pulled down her cotton panties, and stepped out of the leg-holes, leaving the crumpled-up panties on the floor next to the bed.

She got into bed with John, hiked the bottom of her knee-length nightshirt up around her waist, and they made love just like they were husband and wife, instead of father and daughter. Of course they had to compensate for the huge difference in their body-weights.

After an extended period of genital foreplay and oral sex that lasted about 20 minutes, Lisa told John that she needed to go to the restroom to put in a birth control sponge. She pulled the packaged sponge out of the pocket at the front of her nightshirt--which she had left on throughout their foreplay--and showed the sponge to John, before she headed off to the restroom down the hall.

Once Lisa was in the closed bathroom, she urinated, because she had forgotten to pee, before they had started their lovemaking. Then she tore open the little plastic package, took out the birth control sponge, looked at it for a few seconds, and finally flushed it down the toilet, along with her urine.

She knew that it was her “safe time,” since it was day 22 of her menstrual cycle.

She also wanted this first-ever intercourse with her father to be very special. She knew that her not using any birth control measures would only serve to make this experience even more exciting for her. She knew that the danger of pregnancy was very real. And that was the exciting part. But she also realized that the odds were heavily against it actually happening tonight.

Lisa resolved that she would use birth control the next time that she had sexual intercourse with her father. But tonight, she just wanted to throw all caution to the wind and take "the big gamble."

Of course, Lisa didn’t want to flat-out lie to her father. So she decided to simply not say anything to him about her total lack of birth control--that is, until after they had finished "doing the dirty deed" together.

When Lisa returned to the bedroom, she finally took off her nightshirt, and then instinctively lay down on her back on the bed and spread her legs far apart, motioning with her arms that she was wanting John to mount her.

John just stared at her totally nude body for a long moment. Even in the dim moonlight that was streaming into the darkened bedroom through the window, John could still see well enough to appreciate what a lovely young woman his daughter had become--in spite of the very large, erect clitoris that was jutting straight out at the front of her pussy crack.

And of course, John naturally assumed that Lisa now had the birth control sponge in place, covering up her cervix.

He tried to mount her in this missionary-style position, but his big belly made that difficult. She was uncomfortable too. Her petite frame struggled to support his comparatively-massive weight on top of her.

So, at Lisa’s suggestion, they ended up "doing it" doggie style. Besides, that also just happened to be Lisa's favorite intercourse position. Ironically, Lisa didn't know it at the time, but it was John's favorite intercourse position, as well. So that was another sexual preference that they both had in common.

Lisa got down on her hands and knees on top of the bed, and John knelt down and mounted her from behind. He pretty much just stayed still, and kneaded her firm butt-cheeks with his hands, while she was doing most of the work to thrust his short penis in and out of her vagina.

She was slapping her fleshy mound up against John’s large testicles on each inward thrust, and Lisa felt like she was in heaven. She was riding one orgasmic wave, right after another. And the “slurp-slurp” sounds coming from her pussy just got louder and louder, as her pussy got wetter and wetter, and she was slamming her pubic mound up against John’s pubic mound faster and faster.

Her energetic intercourse lasted about 15 minutes or so, before she finally felt John fertilizing her. But Lisa was pretty amazed, because that was 13 minutes more than Lisa had expected for it to last, considering the “newness factor,” along with the taboo nature of the whole situation.

Needless to say, Lisa was extremely happy with John's performance in bed. And having her own father’s sperm flowing out directly into her vagina was one of the most erotic things that Lisa had ever experienced in her entire life. Lisa had to bury her face in a pillow to muffle her moans and groans of pure sexual ecstasy.

John couldn’t believe how much he had missed the feeling of having his penis inside of a woman’s vagina. And after his orgasm was over, he just wanted to stay coupled-up with Lisa as long as he possibly could.

Lisa didn’t want John to pull out either.

But then they both heard a quiet, serious voice that came from one corner of John’s dark bedroom.

“John? Don’t turn on the lights. I’ve already seen more than I care to see. I want you to pack up your things, and get your ass out of my house right now. You too, Lisa. How could you do this to your own mother? I thought you were going to come to my room tonight!” Jan said, with her voice quickly becoming louder and shakier, until she was actually screaming at Lisa.

Jan threw open the bedroom door hard, slamming the door up against the doorstop on the wall. And she frantically stormed out of John’s bedroom, heading for the comfort and relative safety of her own bedroom.

Once there, she lay down on her bed and cried into her pillow. She felt totally betrayed by Lisa. But she wasn’t completely sure whether she was more angry about Lisa having sex with her husband, or about Lisa not having sex with her.

Jan had been looking forward to having Lisa in her bed. Looking forward to finally having someone else to share her sexuality with. It had been slightly more than 10 months since Jan had traveled by herself to Austin to visit her daughter, while John was out of town, on a business trip.

And that's when Lisa had unexpectedly jumped into bed with her own mother, and seduced Jan into making love with her that final night, before Jan had left to come back home.

Ever since that wonderful night, Jan had fantasized a lot about the taboo-but-exciting sexual encounter that had taken place between her and her own daughter.

And Jan had been eagerly awaiting Lisa’s next visit, anticipating that Lisa would make love to her again, as soon as they got the chance to be alone together. As far as Jan was concerned, masturbation had been okay, but there was always a melancholy feeling of loneliness that permeated her masturbations.

But Lisa hadn’t come to Jan’s bedroom that night.

And after waiting for a little while, Jan had finally decided to take matters into her own hands. She had gone to look for Lisa, so that she could invite Lisa into her bedroom. But Alex had been sleeping all by himself on the fold-out sofa bed in the guest bedroom upstairs. And Lisa wasn't sharing this bedroom with her son, like she was supposed to.

So Jan had been heading back to her own bedroom, when she had noticed the telltale “slurp-slurp” sounds coming from the direction of John’s bedroom, down at the end of the hallway. Jan had quietly traversed the hallway carpet, being very careful not to stumble into anything in the darkness.

When she had gotten to John’s bedroom door, she had twisted the doorknob, ever so slowly, and eased the door open, to discover her nude husband coupled up doggie style, in bed with her butt-naked daughter, who was enthusiastically thrusting away at John’s penis, acting like a bitch in heat.

Jan had quietly snuck into John’s bedroom, carefully closing the door behind her. And she had just stood there in disbelief, as she had watched her daughter fuck her husband. And she had kept watching them, as Lisa was orgasming her ass off, while John was fertilizing her young pussy. The same young pussy that Jan had had her own hands and mouth on, just 10 months ago. The same young pussy that Jan was hoping to have her hands and mouth on tonight. Jan was definitely much more angry with Lisa right now, than she was with her own husband.

But there was also a part of her that had actually gotten turned-on from watching them--an animalistic part of her that was wanting to get naked, and jump right into bed with them. In fact, while she was watching John and Lisa fuck, her own hand had automatically moved over to her housecoat-and-panty-covered crotch, and she had started rubbing herself “down there,” making it feel good to her.

At one point, Jan had even started to sneak back out of John’s bedroom, with the intention of simply going back to her own bedroom, and keeping what she had "accidentally" witnessed, as her own "little secret."

But Jan couldn’t bring herself to leave early, and miss the climax of “the movie”--which in this case was the act of sexual intercourse that was taking place, just a few feet away from her. She had just kept fingering herself through her night-clothing, while she was thinking about John’s little mushroom-shaped penis. And about how good it had felt, whenever it was inside her. And about how much she had missed John’s lovemaking.

As her pussy crack was getting wet inside her panties, Jan thought about her Uncle Ed, and how he used to make the crotch of her panties get soaked whenever he was "tickling" her "naughty parts." Then she thought about those telltale panties that she had discovered in the bottom of John's dresser almost a decade ago, and she started feeling totally disgusted with what she was witnessing.

Had John been molesting Lisa ever since she was a young girl? And was what Jan was witnessing simply one of a long string of John’s sexual encounters with Lisa, that had been periodically taking place throughout all these years? Jan didn’t know.

But she did know one thing: Lisa was sure enjoying the hell out of it! And Jan found herself actually resenting Lisa for that--especially when Lisa was orgasming her ass off during John’s sperm-release. Jan found herself feeling very jealous of Lisa.

At the same time, Jan felt that Lisa had betrayed her in more ways than one. Jan couldn’t just leave the room, and let them get away with it. She couldn't just let that "little bitch-in-heat" get away with fucking her husband, right under her own roof. And so Jan felt that she had to speak up, and make her presence known.

Once the first word had come out of her mouth, Jan knew that her life would never be the same again. She knew that her marriage was gone for good, and that the wonderful relationship she had had with her daughter was over with.

And Jan realized that, after John had cleared out his belongings, and moved out of the house, she would be left with an empty bedroom down the hall--and an 8-inch-long, vibrating, penis-shaped dildo to "keep her company." Oh yeah, and all those other sex toys too.

Immediately after Jan had stormed out of John’s bedroom, Lisa got up out of bed to go close the bedroom door. And as she did, she grumbled something under her breath that sounded to John like, “I can get some sweet, young pussy any time I want it, you fucking bitch! I don’t need that old, shriveled-up 'thing' down between your legs.”

“Jesus!” John said, rolling over onto his back, while Lisa was getting back into bed to lie beside him, “What am I gonna do now?”

Lisa felt really bad for John, because she felt at least partially responsible for what had just happened. And in a way, she was.

After she had flushed her birth control sponge down the toilet, in Lisa's haste to leave the bathroom and climb back into bed with John (so that they could continue their "unfinished business" together), Lisa had closed John's bedroom door behind her--but she had neglected to lock the bedroom door. And that's how Jan was able to slowly and quietly twist the doorknob and easily sneak into John's bedroom, so that she could catch them "in the act."

“You’re gonna be happy, for a change, Daddy,” Lisa answered, giving him a tender kiss on the cheek. “Why don’t you come down to Austin, and move in with me and Vicki. We've got a three-bedroom apartment, with a guest bedroom that's not being used right now. And I’m positive Vicki won’t mind having you around at all. Just don’t ever call her 'Victoria.' She hates that name.”

“Well, I guess that’d be fine. I don’t really know anywhere else I could go right now.”

“Good, then it’s settled. You’ll move in with me. Things will work out just fine. You’ll see. Oh, by the way, I need to tell you something. Please don’t get mad, okay?”

“What is it, Lisa?”

"Promise me,” Lisa insisted.

“Okay, I promise you that I won’t get mad at you. Now, what is it?”

“I didn’t use any birth control tonight, while we were 'doing it.' When I was in the bathroom, I threw away the sponge, instead of putting it in.”

“For Christ’s sake, Lisa! Why did you do that?”

“I wanted tonight to be very special for both of us. That’s why I’m telling you this right now. I wanted you to know that what we just did together was totally natural. It was the 'real thing.' I don’t expect you to understand, but I just felt like I needed for it to be real tonight.

"Don’t worry, Daddy, it’s my 'safe time' right now, and the odds of me getting pregnant are very remote. That’s the only reason I went ahead and did it.

"I promise you that, from now on, I’ll always use birth control, whenever we 'do it.' In fact, I’ll even go down to the clinic, and either get on The Pill again, or get a NuvaRing, or something else, just so that we never have to worry about anything. You aren’t mad at me, are you?”

“No, sweetie. I appreciate your honesty, even if it was after the fact.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I was afraid to tell you at the time. I thought that you might not fuck me, if you knew that I wasn’t using any birth control."

“Are you kidding me? It’s been years since I’ve had my dick inside your mother’s pussy--or any other woman’s pussy, for that matter. Do you honestly think that I could have refused yours tonight--even if you had told me beforehand, that you weren’t using any birth control?”

“I see what you mean. And I really needed you to fuck me tonight, Daddy. I hadn’t felt a guy’s dick inside my pussy since I got pregnant with Alex.

"And, just in case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not really a lesbian, even though that's the way I present myself in public. Of course, I do love having sex with women. But I love having sex with men just as much. So I'm actually bi-sexual."

“Oh well, 'the damage is already done,'” John said, reaching over to place the palm of his hand on the outside of Lisa’s pussy mound. And he gave it a couple of gentle pats with his hand while he added, “And there’s no use crying over spilt milk--or in our case, spilt sperm--because all we can really do right now is to hope and pray that your 'safe time' really turns out to be safe.

"I never told you this,” John continued, as he removed his hand from Lisa's pussy, “but you and your brother were conceived during one of your mother’s 'safe times.' We never planned on having children. But I’m damn glad we did!”

“So am I, Daddy!” Lisa agreed with true conviction, and then reached over and gently patted the head of his penis a few times with the palm of her hand.

“So you don’t mind my 'old, shriveled-up' penis then?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I was just mad at Mom. That’s all. I can’t believe that she just stood there, and watched us 'do it.'”

“Well, your mother has been a fairly secretive and private woman her whole life. She also lies about things, whenever it serves her purpose. But, believe it or not, I still love her. It’s just that nowadays, my love for her has been transformed into pity.”

“It must be hard to live with a woman like that.”

“Living with her wasn’t the problem. The hard part was not being able to have sex with my own wife.”

“Well, Daddy, now you’ve got someone to have sex with, whenever you want. Somebody who loves you much more than your own wife does."

“I wonder what Vicki’s going to think, now that it looks like I'm moving in with you guys," said John.

"She won't mind at all. Believe me. Besides, what she doesn't know won't hurt her. So whenever you get feeling horny and need some pussy, just let me know. Discretely, of course. When Vicki's not in the room with us. And I'll be more than happy to come by your bedroom later that night, and spend some 'quality time' with you. Deal?" Lisa said, winking at John.

"Deal!" John said emphatically, winking right back at her.

John and his daughter got out of bed. And he put on his underwear, while she was putting on her nightshirt. He went to the bedroom closet to get his old, worn-out suitcase, and he started packing up carefully-selected items of clothing from his dresser.

John and Lisa were discussing their new living arrangements, as John opened the bottom dresser drawer and pulled out some pants. Lisa caught a glimpse of the little plastic bag at the very back of the dresser drawer--the one containing his sister Val’s panties--as John was closing the drawer, to move up to the next drawer

“Hey, aren’t you forgetting something?” Lisa asked.


“Your sister’s panties. You know, the ones that you like to masturbate with.”

“That’s okay. I don’t think I’ll be needing them any more. Do you?”

“Why don’t you go ahead and take 'em with you anyway. I know they mean a lot to you.” Lisa gave John one last passionate kiss, and said, “Meet you out at the car in 15 minutes.”

“I’ll be there with bells on,” John automatically replied, turning his attention back to his packing, as Lisa left his bedroom.

“Oh, by the way,” said Lisa, poking her head back into the bedroom doorway, “you can forget the bells. Just don’t forget the panties. Okay?”

“I’ve got 'em right here,” John said, lifting the plastic bag up slightly out of his suitcase to show Val’s panties to Lisa.

“Not those panties, Daddy. I mean, my panties,” Lisa said, quickly pointing to the crumpled-up pair of plain-looking, white cotton panties that were lying on the carpet, beside the bed.

Then Lisa took off down the hallway towards the guest bedroom. She intended to wake up Alex, and make sure that he got dressed right away, so that he could join her and John on this unexpected trip back to Austin in the middle of the night.

* * * * *

So Papa Bear moved in with Baby Bear and her roommate, Vicki. Baby Bear encouraged Papa Bear to eat her porridge whenever he wanted to. And he did just that.

From time to time, Vicki even let Papa Bear eat her porridge too. But only when Baby Bear was away from their apartment. You see, Vicki was actually bi-sexual, but she didn't want Baby Bear to know that.

And they all lived happily ever after--without either woman getting pregnant.

And the moral to this story could have been: Porridge is always thicker than blood, or one man’s alien is another bear’s dream.

However, this twisted tale is not quite finished yet. Don’t forget that Mama Bear had some porridge too.

* * * * *


2012: The Mama Bear's Porridge

* * * * *

Alex Ridgeway is quickly approaching adulthood. He is now an incredibly-horny, 18-year-old boy with no socially-acceptable outlets for his super-strong, pent-up sexuality. He masturbates at least twice a day. But that still doesn’t truly satiate his voracious sexual appetite.

Alex feels an urgent need to share his sexuality with a girl. But right now, there is no girl that he knows who would let him have sexual intercourse with her. And even if there were, he would be risking everything to do it. So for now, he has temporarily accepted the fact that he must turn to masturbation to try to satisfy his sexual needs as best as he can.

Growing up in his unique family situation has given Alex a wide-open attitude about sex. Ever since he was a young boy, he had been taught by his mother, Lisa, to treat sex just like any other normal human need. And so he wasn't ashamed or hung-up about his sexuality at all.

Whenever Alex masturbated, he would usually do it while lying in his bed, with his bedroom door wide-open. It's not that he would leave his bedroom door wide-open on purpose, mind you. It's just that, due to his sexually-open upbringing, the thought would never occur to Alex that he needed to close his bedroom door in order to hide his masturbations from his immediate family. After all, his mother, or her live-in lover, Vicki, would pass by Alex's bedroom, look in and see him masturbating, and then walk right past his door without making a big deal about what he was doing.

Later on, after his grandfather had moved in with Alex and his mother, if Grandpa John happened to come by Alex's bedroom doorway while Alex was jacking himself off, he would simply give Alex a quick thumbs-up sign with his hand, and then wink at Alex, before going on about his business. So Alex had no sexual inhibitions to speak of.

Not only was Alex’s masturbation treated with nonchalance by all the other members of his immediate household, but all aspects of sexuality in his household were treated with the same nonchalance.

On numerous occasions Alex had accidentally walked in on his mother, while she was having sex with her roommate, Vicki. And the two women would stop for a moment to acknowledge his presence, and then simply continue their lovemaking from where they had left off.

Alex would usually stand there for a few minutes and watch his mother and Vicki having sex. And of course, he would quickly get a hard-on, and inevitably end up pulling his dick out of his pants or his shorts or his pajamas, and fondling himself, right there on the spot.

Of course, what Alex really wanted to do was to join in and have sex with his mother, and/or with Vicki. But he knew that his mother would never allow any of those situations to actually take place. He knew that there was a limit to his mother's sexual openness, and that this limit was her "line in the sand" that he was never supposed to cross. In other words, Alex realized that his sexual relationship with the two women he loved most in this world was doomed from the very start to forever remain a "look all you want, but don't touch" kind of relationship.

One night, while Alex was lying in his bed, jacking himself off, a very strange idea popped into his head. It was an idea that he just couldn’t shake off. And it was a "brilliant idea," from Alex’s point-of-view. It was a way for him to actually get a girl to have sex with him.

The very next day, in his concerted effort to make his "brilliant idea" become a reality, Alex devised a "master plan," and proceeded to start putting things into motion. He was bound and determined to no longer be a virgin by the end of next week, which was spring break week for him at his high school.

Alex asked Lisa if he could take a trip out of town to visit his grandmother, Jan. Lisa hesitated to let him go, because of Jan's falling-out with John back in 2008, that had resulted in John moving in with Lisa, Vicki and Alex.

But after thinking things over for a little while, Lisa figured that there wouldn’t be any harm in letting her mother see her grandson, who had been away for nearly four years. Besides, Lisa quickly realized that she could use this situation to get back a Jan, and "teach her a lesson."

So Lisa made Alex promise her that, in exchange for her letting him visit his grandmother, he would do whatever he could to try to catch Jan masturbating, while he was staying at her house. And Lisa then proceeded to describe for Alex exactly when, where and how Jan normally masturbated. And Lisa knew about her mother's masturbation habits, because Jan herself had shared this very personal information with Lisa during their night of passionate lesbian lovemaking at Lisa's apartment in Austin a few years back. Basically, what Lisa wanted was for Alex to embarrass the hell out of Jan.

Of course, Alex was quick to agree to Lisa's terms. And so Lisa agreed to let Alex spend part of his spring break vacation at his grandmother’s house. Lisa didn’t have a clue about the true motivation behind Alex’s unusual trip request.

And neither did Jan, who got all bubbly and enthusiastic over the phone, upon hearing that her 18-year-old grandson wanted to come visit her.

There were no secrets in Alex’s family--at least that’s the way things were supposed to be, according to both his mother and his grandfather.

And so, thanks to Lisa, Alex already knew that his grandmother was still sexually-active--although nowadays, she "made love to herself" with her 8-inch-long, penis-shaped dildo. Alex had simply decided that it was high time that he got his grandmother to replace her 8-inch-long fake-penis with his real live 8-inch-long erect penis for a night or two.

Alex was very fond of his "Grams." And he looked forward to being around her again after all these years. In his mind, she was the perfect woman to lose his virginity to. It would be nothing but pure raw sex, with no strings attached. And that’s a good thing for a 18-year-old boy. Not only that, but he could fuck the crap out of his 58-year-old, post-menopausal grandmother, and never have to worry at all about the possibility of getting her pregnant.

And so Alex’s “master plan” had originally involved him visiting Jan for several days during spring break, and then finding some way to have sex with her, while he was staying there, as her guest. But now, thanks to Lisa's unusual "request," and her "guidance" on the matter, Alex had found the perfect way to carry out his "master plan."

Lisa drove Alex out of town to his grandmother’s house, and dropped him off, before turning right back around and driving herself back home to Austin that very same day. Jan greeted Alex with a huge embrace, and a kiss on the cheek. And Alex behaved like the perfect grandson.

Grams had already prepared a wonderful homemade dinner. And after dinner, they both spent the evening together, over cups of hot tea, catching up on old times and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

At around 10 o’clock, Jan remarked that it was getting late. And after showing Alex to the guest bedroom, she headed for her bedroom and almost immediately fell asleep. So nothing happened that first night with Alex in the house. But the second night turned out to be a totally different story.

During that second night, Jan had retired to her bedroom at around nine o’clock in the evening. Alex had stayed up, watching TV downstairs in the den until 10:30 P.M., when the local news finally ended.

Alex turned off the television, made the long trek up the landing-less stairs, and was walking down the hallway towards the guest bedroom, when he heard some “interesting noises” coming from Jan’s bedroom, which Alex decided to "investigate."

Jan's bedroom door was wide-open, and she was lying under the covers in her bed in the unlit bedroom. And she wasn’t just lying there. Alex could tell that her body was flailing all around underneath the covers, as she was aggressively manipulating her crotch with her hands.

Jan was masturbating away under the covers, frigging her pussy-hole with her 8-inch-long dildo, while at the same time, she had the handle of her favorite hair brush inserted up into her rectum. This was the very same hairbrush that she used to frig herself with as a young girl. Nowadays, after Jan was finished masturbating, she would normally remove the large dildo from her pussy, and then fall asleep with the hairbrush handle still inside of her rectum.

Shortly after she had begun having sexual intercourse, back when she was a young girl, Jan became a bona fide "object-insertion freak," which meant that she derived an incredible amount of pleasure from having foreign objects inserted into her vagina, and/or her rectum, and/or her urethra. Over the years, Jan had tried out all sorts of cylindrical objects, like pencils, pens, candles, bananas, cucumbers, hairbrush handles, and broomstick handles. She had even tried other types of objects too. As a young girl, it wasn't uncommon for her to frig her own piss-hole with a straightened-out bobby pin. And one time, she filled up her vagina with quarters, just to see what it would feel like.

Jan knew that she couldn't conceal this important facet of her sexuality from John, once they were married. And so she didn't. And fortunately for Jan, her object-insertion fetish had turned out to be an incredible turn-on for John as well, which had resulted in them incorporating various foreign objects into their lovemaking from time to time, over the many years that they were sexually active together.

But tonight, Jan was masturbating away under the covers, mentally reliving her second date with her ex-husband John. She had met him in high school. She was only 18, and a senior at the time. Jan couldn't believe that John--who was 19, and in his freshman year of college--was actually interested in her. But it had turned out to be true love at first sight, for them both.

Jan liked John so much that she made out with him on their very first date together, and she even let him stick his hand inside her panties, and feel out her bare pussy. But John kept his pants on the whole time. And Jan made sure to keep her groping hands above his waistline. After all, she didn't want John to think that she was a "loose woman."

However, their second date together was an entirely different story. That second date started out as almost a carbon copy of their first date together. John and Jan had been petting heavily in the back seat of John's car, while they were parked in a secluded area. And they had gotten to the point where Jan was letting John fondle her pussy, just like she had done on their first date together.

But this time, instead of keeping her hands above John's waistline, Jan reached down into John's crotch and felt out the bulge at the front of his pants. This got Jan so turned-on that, after a few minutes, she asked John point-blank if he wanted to "go all the way" with her right then and there.

Of course, John couldn't bring himself to turn down an "offer" like that. And so he unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled down his zipper.

When Jan reached inside his jockey shorts to touch his bare penis for the first time ever, she was pretty disappointed. John's erect dick was much shorter than she had hoped that it would be. And this was the man that she was thinking that she would probably end up marrying someday. But she decided to go ahead and let John show her what he could do with his short penis. So she slid the crotch-material of his underwear over to one side, and exposed his dick and balls. By the way, Jan was pleasantly surprised when she discovered just how large John's balls were.

Being the kind, caring person that he was, John attempted to put a condom on his dick first, before he coupled up with Jan.

But when he pulled the wrapped condom package out of his wallet, Jan grabbed it and threw it down onto the floorboard of the car.

Jan knew that she was well past day 20 in this month's menstrual cycle, and therefore, it was her "safe time" of the month. So she wasn't really worried about getting pregnant that night. And that's exactly what she told John, while she was removing her panties, and hiking her knee-length pleated skirt up around her waist.

Jan then flopped down on her back, and spread her legs as far apart as she could, considering the limited room in the back seat of the car. John quickly mounted her missionary-style, and he began to energetically hump away at what he incorrectly assumed was her virgin vagina.

Jan couldn't believe how wonderful John's short penis felt to her vagina. John's penis was just the right length, so that the large flared-out corona surrounding the rear of his dick-head was firmly rubbing back and forth against Jan's G-spot, the whole time that he was thrusting away at her pussy. And that did make Jan cum pretty good. But unfortunately, it would normally take much more than an erect penis being thrust in and and out of her vagina to make a "very special woman" like Jan orgasm her ass off.

Jan also couldn't believe how long John lasted inside her, before he finally came. She had only expected their intercourse to last a couple of minutes, at the very most, considering how sexually excited John already was, and the fact that he was fucking Jan's pussy for the very first time ever. But John lasted at least 14 or 15 minutes, before he finally shot his wad inside her.

And then John surprised Jan when he just kept on relentlessly humping away at her vagina for what seemed like an eternity to Jan, until he actually managed to orgasm a second time, and fill her with yet another large wad of his semen. And throughout their long-lasting intercourse, Jan just kept on riding that uniquely-female "orgasmic roller coaster," although her long string of orgasms were only mild-to-moderate in strength.

The reason why Jan was fantasizing about that second date with John, while she was masturbating away under her bed-covers, was that that was the "special night" that John had gotten Jan pregnant with her twins, Lisa and Bill.

At this point, Jan was just seconds away from having another wonderful, self-induced, moderate-strength orgasm, when Alex reached his arm into the bedroom doorway, and bent it around the corner to turn on the bedroom light switch.

“Grams, are you masturbating?” Alex asked, in a “shame on you” tone-of-voice.

“Alex! What are you--,“ Jan quickly blurted out, as she instantly froze in the harsh overhead light.

“--doing?” he asked, finishing her obvious question for her.

Jan’s very next thought was, Jan, you idiot, you forgot to close the door!

Jan had been living alone for a long time now, and she wasn’t used to having to shut doors, or lock them, in order to maintain her privacy.

“Why, I’m standing here, watching you masturbate. That’s what I’m doing. You are masturbating, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am, Alex,” Jan slowly replied, feeling extremely embarrassed. “I may be an old lady, but I’m not dead yet.”

“Were you using your 8-inch-long dildo, or were you fingering yourself? I’m just curious.”

“How did you know about my dildo?” Jan asked, as she let go of the still-inserted dildo to reach down and ease the hairbrush handle out of her rectum, so that she could secretly drop the hairbrush down the side of the bed that wasn't facing the doorway.

"Grams, you know there aren’t any secrets in this family. I know all sorts of stuff about you. I know that, under those covers, you’ve got a very attractive-looking body for a woman your age,” Alex calmly said as he approached the side of her bed, and began to teasingly massage the bulge at the front of his pants, while he continued to talk.

“I know that you have always been a true nymphomaniac. And I know that you still love to have sex, but that nowadays, you prefer to do it with yourself, instead of sharing your sexuality with another person. And so you masturbate a lot.

"And I know that you had sex with my mother. It happened the last time that you came down to visit us.”

Jan just stared at Alex with her mouth wide-open in utter disbelief of the words that she was hearing come out of her grandson’s mouth.

Alex slowly unbuckled his belt, undid the button at the top of his pants, and pulled his zipper all the way down to allow his rapidly-hardening, underwear-covered penis to pop out of the V-shaped opening at the front of his crotch.

Alex, who was just three inches shy of six feet (in height), was big for his age. And his fully-erect penis was nearly eight inches long, and a little over one and half inches in diameter. But his rapidly-growing penis still had a ways to go before it would actually become fully-erect.

Jan couldn’t stop herself from staring at Alex’s crotch as she pleaded, “Alex, please don’t do this.”

“Do what? I’m not doing anything bad. I just wanna show you my dick, that’s all. See?” Alex said, as he pulled the waistband of his briefs down to free his penis from its “white cotton cage.”

At first, Jan found the look of Alex's uncircumcised penis to be fairly repulsive. And as far as Jan was concerned, it didn't help matters any when she saw that Alex just happened to have an unusually-long foreskin that extended about three-fourths of an inch past the end of his dick-head, at which point it drastically tapered down so that it looked like a quarter-inch-wide, hollow skin-tube at the very tip.

But, at the same time, Jan also found Alex's uncircumcised penis to be extremely exciting. And that was primarily because all of the penises that Jan had ever had sex with throughout her life had been circumcised penises. Even her precious 8-inch-long dildo had been modeled after a circumcised penis. And so, to Jan, the end of Alex's uncircumcised dick looked really strange and alien--and also very erotic and super-sexy.

Of course, Jan realized that Lisa was the one who was actually responsible for the fact that Alex's penis was uncircumcised. Just like many other parents in her generation, Alex's mother had chosen to leave her son's foreskin intact.

“Alex, you don’t know what you’re doing. Please stop right now!” Jan pleaded.

“Why? I’m not doing anything wrong. Don’t you like my penis, Grams?” Alex asked, as he retracted his super-long foreskin all the way back to expose his previously-hidden, slick-skinned dick-head, so that Jan could see it, in all of its glory.

“Of course I do. It’s a very nice penis, Alex. But why are you showing it to me?”

“Because I want you to touch it and play with it,” he said, as he pulled back the covers and climbed into bed beside her.

He leaned over and kissed her passionately on the lips, while she initially struggled underneath him. But then she finally "gave in" to her pent-up sexuality, and opened her mouth wide to receive his probing tongue. He reached down, grabbed her hand and placed it on his large penis--and she didn’t pull her hand away.

After their first series of passionate kisses, Jan asked, “Alex, are you really sure you want to do this? I mean, we could both stop right now, and at least we’d walk away with our dignity still intact.”

Alex responded by pulling his pants and underwear completely off, and then taking one of Jan’s small breasts in each hand so that he could begin massaging them.

“Grams, I don’t wanna walk away right now, because I’d be walking away with my virginity still intact. And the main reason I came here to visit you, was so that I could hopefully lose my you. You're the woman I wanna fuck. And now that we’ve gone this far, if you think I’m gonna just stop and walk away, then you’re sadly mistaken,” Alex said, as he moved one of his hands downward towards Jan's hairy crotch to begin massaging it.

Jan quickly grabbed his wrist to stop him.

“What's the matter, Jan? Don't you want me to touch your pussy?”

“It's not that. It's just that I have to warn you about my pussy first. It's a worn-out and wrinkled, old pussy. Are you sure you really want to touch it?”

“Hell, yes!” Alex replied, gesturing towards her pussy and the flesh-colored dildo that was still inserted up into her vaginal opening. "Now get that damn thing out of your pussy! You won't be needing it tonight."

Jan responded by quickly removing the 8-inch-long dildo from her vagina, and laying it on the night stand, beside the bed. Alex moved his hand back down towards Jan's crotch, slid his finger up into her crack, and began feeling out her clitoris and her inner pussy lips.

Jan's clitoris was quite a bit larger than the average woman's clit. But it was nowhere near as large as her daughter's clit. Let's put it this way: Jan's large clit still looked like a clitoris, whereas Lisa's jumbo-size clit really looked much more like a miniature penis, than a clitoris.

“Oh God, Grams, I love your clit! It's awesome! It really is,” Alex assured Jan.

Meanwhile, Jan’s hands were now eagerly groping at Alex’s bare dick and balls, as she pleaded with him one more time, “For God’s sake, Alex, please stop!”

Alex ignored her completely, and simply continued on without missing a beat, “But since I'm a guy, it’s the rear part of your pussy that turns me on the most,” he admitted, as he pulled his hand off her erect clitoris, stuck it way down between her legs, and began to eagerly explore her well-worn, sopping-wet vagina with his fingers.

“Alex, if you don’t stop this right now, I’m not going to be responsible for whatever ends up happening,” Jan threatened as she began instinctively rocking her pelvis back and forth, slowly humping his invading fingers.

“Oh, come on, Grams. Your mouth is telling me to stop, but the rest of your body's telling me to keep on going. So which one is it?" asked Alex.

"The second one," Jan finally admitted to Alex--and to herself.

Up until this point, Jan had been waging an internal battle between her rational mind, and her overpowering sexual needs.

On the one hand, although Jan hadn't stepped foot into a church for many years, she had been raised as a right-wing, Christian girl. And so she was painfully aware that it was both ethically and morally wrong for her to even contemplate the idea of her having sex with her own grandson, much less for her to actually do it.

But on the other hand, being an extremely horny, bi-sexual woman who hadn't gotten any dick for a few years, Jan naturally yearned to feel a nice stiff penis--and especially a warm gooey wad of sperm--inside her vagina once again. And, as far as Jan was concerned, Alex's penis and sperm would do just fine, thank you.

And that's because, despite Jan's religious upbringing, she had always been oversexed, ever since she was a young girl. The bottom line was that Jan had what amounted to a normal healthy male's sexual libido trapped inside her female body. So, throughout her life--no matter whether she liked it, or not--she had always found herself thinking about sexually-related things just about as frequently as a man does.

And so the real truth was that once Jan had her fingers wrapped around Alex's young uncircumcised dick, she had already lost her internal battle to keep from having sex with her own grandson. And deep down inside, she realized that fact.

But Jan had kept on arguing with Alex anyway, in a half-hearted attempt to try to stop him from having sex with her--while at the same time, hoping that he wouldn't listen to her, and actually stop his sexual advances toward her. In other words, Jan was just "putting up a good front," so that she wouldn't feel so guilty and ashamed about what she and Alex were doing together.

And despite her verbal complaining, Jan had made sure that her body kept telling Alex to keep on going. She just kept on rocking her pelvis back and forth, humping away at Alex’s vagina-probing fingers, as she did her best to rationalize her actions.

In her rationalizing mind, Jan resigned herself to the fact that her grandson was bound and determined to have sexual intercourse with her. Jan figured that she might as well cooperate with Alex, and enjoy the experience as much as she possibly could.

Besides, Jan knew that if she didn’t cooperate with Alex, he was physically big enough and strong enough to force himself on her anyway. And Jan had no intention of getting forcibly raped by her own grandson, which of course would only end up destroying her relationship with him forever. So Jan chose to make the best of this very unusual and unforeseen situation.

But she couldn't just give up her pussy to Alex, without any resistance on her part. No sir. Jan knew how to manipulate a man. And she was not going to be denied that which she felt was her birthright, as a sexually mature older woman. In other words, she was not going to be denied the satisfaction of making Alex "earn his way" into her pussy.

“I’ll bet you’re curious to know what it feels like to get your dick sucked. Would you like for me to show you?” Jan asked, finally embracing her own sexuality, taking the upper hand, and leading their sexual encounter where she wanted it to go.

Alex eagerly nodded his head.

"Well, I'm not gonna show you, until you turn off that damn light," Jan insisted, pointing towards the wall switchplate by the bedroom doorway.

Alex turned off the overhead light, and the bedroom got very dark--in fact, just a little bit too dark for Alex's liking. So he went across the room to the bedroom window, pulled back the curtains and opened the blinds to let the moonlight stream into the bedroom, so that he was still able to see Jan's slender nude body lying on the bed.

Jan motioned for Alex to lie down on his back beside her in the bed. Then she repositioned herself so that she was down on her knees, between his spread legs. And she began to skillfully lick and suck on his dick and his balls. She eventually placed her mouth around the head of his dick, and began hand-pumping up and down on his shaft.

“Whoa, slow down there, Grams. You’re gonna make me orgasm,” Alex warned her.

Jan pulled her mouth off the head of Alex's dick just long enough to say, “Good!” Then she shoved his dick back into her mouth, and jacked him off even more rapidly and aggressively.

It didn’t take long for Alex to unload his whole wad of sperm directly into Jan’s mouth. And she swallowed every bit of Alex's semen, as if it were ambrosia from the gods.

“Did you like that?” Jan asked, after pulling her mouth up off Alex's penis.

“Hell, yes!” Alex exclaimed. “But I thought that you didn’t like to suck guys' dicks, because of your bad experience with your Uncle Ed.”

"That’s what your mother told you, isn’t it?”


"Well, I didn’t tell your mother the whole truth about my Uncle Ed. Of course, I meant to tell her. But once I started out telling my story to her, I just got way too embarrassed to continue telling her what really happened to me. So I made up all that dick-sucking stuff, just for your mother’s sake.

"The truth of the matter is that I loved my Uncle Ed more than anyone will ever know. Even though he was my uncle, he was only a couple of years older than me. And I thoroughly enjoyed my long-lasting 'special secret relationship' with him. I'll just leave it at that for now.

"As far as 'blowjobs' go, I think I just proved to you that your grandmother doesn't mind sucking on a nice, stiff dick from time to time."

Jan worked her way back to her side of the bed, and was now lying on her back, with her legs spread far apart, as she was playfully caressing her own pussy in front of Alex.

“I’ll bet you’re curious to find out what a woman’s pussy tastes like," said Jan. "Would you like to eat my old worn-out pussy, Alex? It’s all yours, if you still want it.”

Alex quickly got on his stomach, between Jan’s spread legs. He immediately began licking and tonguing her hairy pubic area, before moving downward to focus his efforts on her large clitoris, and then finally on the crack of her not-quite-so-hairy mound.

Alex was still in his refractory period, but nevertheless, he continued lapping away at Jan's pussy, like a starving cat with a dish of fresh milk in front of him.

"Alex, would you like to make your grandmother cum? I mean, cum really hard, so that I actually ejaculate, just like you did a few moments ago?" Jan asked.

Alex didn't answer. He just quickly nodded his head several times while he continued to lap away at Jan's pussy with his tongue.

"Okay. Well, first off, I have to warn you that I'm a "very special woman." And I promise you, you won't find many women like me around. Do you know what a 'masochist' is?"

Alex stopped his pussy-licking for just long enough to answer, "Sure, Grams. That's a person who likes to be in pain."

"Not exactly, Alex. As far as 'sex' goes, a 'masochist' is a person who gets really turned-on by being verbally and physically abused by their partner. And believe it or not, I'm a masochist."

"No way!" Alex quickly raised up his head to exclaim, and then dove right back down into her crotch and went right back to licking and tonguing Jan's pussy as he added between licks, "I don't believe you. Mom never said anything to me about that."

"But it's the honest-to-God truth, Alex. I am a masochist. And you're my partner right now. So if you want to make me cum in buckets, you're going to have to stop eating my pussy for a little bit, and do exactly what I ask you to do to me."

"Sure, Grams. Whatever you want," Alex said, still not really believing that his own grandmother was actually a masochist. He finally raised his head all the way up out of Jan's crotch to look her straight in the eye, and he told her, "Just let me know what you need me to do."

"First, I need you to squeeze my clit between your fingers."

"Like this?" Alex asked, as he squeezed Jan's large clitoris between his thumb and fingertips.

"Yeah, just like that. But can you do it just a little bit harder?"

"Sure," Alex replied, and squeezed even harder.

"Oh, God! Yes, Alex. That's perfect!" Jan praised her young student-sadist. "Now, I need you to start finger-fucking me hard. You know what that is, right?"

"Yeah, I think so. But how many fingers do you want me to use?"

"At least two," Jan replied. "Come on, Alex. Hurry up!"

Alex shoved two of his held-together fingers up deep into his grandmother's already-sopping-wet vagina, and then immediately began rapidly thrusting his fingers in and out."

"Oh, God, Alex! That's perfect!" Jan praised him again. "Now I need you to start calling me bad names and talking to me in a very mean way. Can you do that, Alex?"

"Okay. But are you sure that you really want me to do that?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life. Tell you what. Why don't you start out by calling me a 'little bitch,' and then just go on from there?"

"Okay, you little bitch. You're just a fucking whore. That's all you are. And you're a sorry excuse for a grandmother!"

"Yes, Alex. That's perfect! You're making me cum hard!" Jan excitedly announced in an over-loud voice.

"I want you to cum for me right now, you little slut!" Alex continued verbally abusing his grandmother. "Show me this ejaculation stuff that you just told me about. I'll bet you're just a fucking liar. You can't really ejaculate shit, can you? Come on. Only guys can do that, you sorry cunt!"

"Oh, God! Oh, shit! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeees! Oh, fuuuuuuuuuuck yeeeeeeeeeeees!" Jan screamed out, as she was orgasming her butt off and cumming in buckets, ejaculating her whitish-tinted pussy juice all over Alex's thrusting fingers, so that her massive amount of cum ended up dripping down onto the sheets, leaving a large circular wet spot between her spread-apart thighs.

Alex was in shock at what he was witnessing. Even though he didn't think it was possible, his Grams was proving to him that she really was a masochist, and she was showing him that she really could ejaculate. And in the dim moonlit room, it looked just like she was ejaculating sperm from her pussy!

"Gosh, Grams. That was fucking awesome!" was all Alex could say after Jan's "lady-quake" of an orgasm was finally over with, and he had withdrawn his thrusting fingers from her now-sloppy-wet vagina.

"You can let go of my clit now, Alex," Grams quickly said.

"Oh, sorry," Alex said, and finally released his too-firm grip on his grandmother's large clitoris.

Jan looked down at Alex's crotch, and she was very pleased to see that his penis had become fully-erect again. And Jan playfully asked Alex, "Is your 'Mister Happy' ready for a second round, Alex?”

"Yes, ma'am,” Alex politely answered, faking his best southern drawl.

“Good. Thank you for giving me that wonderful orgasm. But what I really need right now is your nice, big dick inside me. Are you ready to fuck me, Alex?”

Alex didn't bother taking time to answer Jan's question. Instead, he immediately moved up and knelt between Jan’s still-spread-apart legs. Then, he rubbed the firm head of his young, rock-hard penis up and down along the overly-wet crack of her pussy a couple of times, before quickly shoving it up into her fairly-loose-fitting vagina. He let the weight of his chest down on top of her, and then instantly began to hump away at her pussy like a madman.

"Alex,” Jan calmly whispered in his ear, “I love having your big dick inside me, but I need for you to do one thing for me, okay?"

"Sure, Grams," Alex said, pausing his thrusting for just a moment. "What is it?"

"Don't cum inside me," Jan demanded in a very slow and even voice, sounding very much like a teacher talking to her student.

"What?" Alex asked, not believing what he had just heard. "So you don't want me to ejaculate inside you?"

"That's exactly right. I want you to pull out, right before you cum. You can squirt your sperm anywhere else you want to. Just don't do it inside my pussy. Okay?"

"Sure, Grams," Alex tentatively replied--with absolutely no intentions of honoring Jan's 'unreasonable request'--and he resumed his energetic pussy-humping for a couple more minutes. Then he rammed his dick deep inside Jan's vagina, and his entire body just came to a dead stand-still.

"Alex, what the hell are you doing?" Jan asked, and then quickly barked at Alex, "Pull out now, God damn it!"

But Alex didn't respond at all. He just left the head of his penis buried as deeply inside Jan's vagina as he could get it. At this point, Alex's face-down head was cheek-to-cheek with Jan's face-up head on the same pillow.

"Come on, Alex. There's still time. You don't have to do this to your own grandmother," Jan pleaded directly into his ear.

"Oh, yes I do! And you're gonna take my sperm right now, God damn it! I don't care whether you want it or not, you fucking little bitch!" Alex quickly and emphatically stated, just before reaching his climax, and letting out his soft, involuntary 'cum-grunt.' With the head of his dick pressed up snugly against Jan's cervix, Alex started orgasming his ass off, and releasing his sperm.

When she felt him starting to cum inside her, Jan forcefully whispered in Alex's ear, "Oh yes. That's it. Give me all your 'happy-juice,' you little mother-fucker!"

Just for the record, the last time that Jan had felt an ejaculating dick-head right up against her cervix was during that "special night" when she had seduced her Uncle Ed into taking her virginity, way back when she was only 18.

As Jan was basking in the awesome feeling of having the throbbing head of Alex's ejaculating penis deep inside her vagina, she found herself actively fantasizing and pretending that she hadn't reached menopause yet, and that her own grandson's sperm was flowing out directly into her now-fertile womb, and actually getting her pregnant.

Naturally, those extremely-taboo thoughts took her right over the top, mentally. Jan's own powerful orgasmic sensations rapidly overwhelmed her. And as she was cumming hard for the second time that evening, she screamed out, "Yes! Yes! Oh, fuuuuuuuck! Yeeeeeees!"

At this point, Alex--who was totally ignoring his grandmother's screams of pure, orgasmic ecstasy--was instinctively bicycling his legs in order to rock his pelvis from side-to-side. This made the pulsating head of his penis move from side-to-side, across Jan's cervix, as he was busy spreading his ejaculating sperm all over the rear pocket of his grandmother's vagina.

And that's when the bright overhead light in the bedroom unexpectedly turned on.

* * * * *


2012: The Betrayal

* * * * *

While Alex's penis was throbbing away, and faithfully squirting his young sperm into the back pocket of his grandmother's not-so-young pussy, he looked around the lit room frantically, and then instantly froze--except for his dick, which was still pulsating deep inside Jan's baby-making hole.

"Mom?" was all that Alex could say.

"Oh God! Lisa!" Jan blurted out a millisecond later, with her pussy still spasming away in orgasmic bliss. "It's not...what it...looks like," Jan said, barely getting the words out, while panting hard in between each short phrase.

"Playback's a bitch. Ain't it, Mom?" Lisa said, while calmly sitting in the easy chair next to the bedroom door, with her arm raised upward, and her hand resting on the wall-mounted light switch above her.

"But, long...have you--" Jan panted out in short labored breaths, still feeling Alex's large wad of sperm being pumped out deep inside her, and knowing that her daughter was right there beside her, witnessing everything.

"--been sitting here?" Lisa jumped in, finishing Jan's question for her. "Let's just say that I saw much more than I wanted to see. How could you, Mom?"

Jan could feel Alex's ejaculation tapering off and coming to an end. And her own orgasmic sensations were also diminishing to the point that she was finally regaining her composure enough to have an intelligent conversation with her daughter.

"Alex," Jan said, "I think you need to leave right now."

"Right now?" Alex asked, still feeling some sperm slowly flowing up his urethra, and oozing out of his dick into Jan's vagina.

"Yes, right now, young man!" Jan demanded.

Alex pulled his still-erect penis out of Jan's vagina. He quickly picked his clothes up off the floor, left Jan's bedroom, and went back down the hall towards the guest room, where he was staying. Needless to say, he was quite embarrassed by the whole experience of being "caught in the act" by his own mother.

As soon as Lisa was sure that Alex had gone down the hallway, she turned back to her mother, and began having a serious conversation with her.

"What are you doing here, in my bedroom right now?" Jan asked, regretting the fact the she had allowed Lisa to keep a key to her front door, after Lisa had moved out of the house.

"I stayed with my friend, Marla, last night, since I happened to be in town. And I was just stopping back by to check and see how you and Alex were getting along," Lisa replied. "Obviously, you two were getting along much better than I could've ever imagined!" Lisa said very sarcastically.

"Lisa, please. You've got to understand. I didn't mean for this to happen--" Jan apologized.

"What the fuck did you just do to my son?" Lisa asked Jan, glaring at her.

"I took his virginity," Jan replied, matter-of-factly, "because that's what he wanted me to do."

"What gave you the right to do that, Mom?" Lisa demanded.

"I didn't really have a choice. Your son came up to my bedroom, while I was masturbating, and he forced his intentions on me. If I would have fought him, he would have held me down and raped me. I just know it. I could see it in his eyes," Jan calmly admitted. "It was obvious to me that he had been planning this for quite some time. And so I decided to go ahead and cooperate with him."

"So what was all that nonsense you were telling him about pulling out of you before he started cumming?"

"I was playing with him. That's all. I was just trying to get him more excited. Guys love it when a girl puts up a little resistance. They like to feel like they're in control. But you and I know the truth, don't we? And so yes, I was using reverse psychology to get Alex to do exactly what I wanted him to do, by simply telling him not to do it. And he came through like a champ!"

At this point, Alex had managed to quietly sneak back up the hallway. And he was now standing just outside the open doorway of Jan's bedroom, secretly listening to the "juicy" conversation that was taking place between his mother and his grandmother.

"But how could you go ahead and fuck your own grandson?" Lisa asked.

"Oh, I don't know, Lisa. Why don't you tell me. I mean, how could you go ahead and fuck your own twin brother?"

Upon hearing this, Lisa's mouth dropped wide-open in shock.

"But how did you know that Bill and I were having sex?" Lisa chimed out.

"He told me. That's how. He's a good son. And you're a good daughter. And Alex is a good grandson. And there aren't any secrets in this family. Remember?"

"Mom, I just want you to know that John is a good husband too, and a very good man, believe it or not. And I love him. And you should too.

"Those panties you found in his dresser belonged to his sister, Val. She gave them to John after she snuck into his bedroom late one night, and seduced him into having sex with her. Val took his virginity that night, way back when she was 19 and he was 18. She only have sex with him one time though. And so those panties of Val's are very special to John."

Jan didn't react to anything that Lisa had just told her about John, and about his fetish concerning Val's panties. Instead, Jan changed the subject right back to Bill and Lisa's secret sexual relationship, as she said, "I know why you and Bill stopped having sex together."

"Did Bill tell you about Alex?" Lisa asked in total disbelief.

"Yes, I know all about Bill getting you pregnant with Alex, if that's what you mean?"

"You mean, my Uncle Bill is really my father?" Alex blurted out loudly, in a state of utter confusion.

"Alex!" both women shouted out, almost in unison, and then went silent--each looking towards the other, and not really knowing what to say. The two women had been caught completely off-guard by Alex's still-naked figure standing in the bedroom doorway.

Finally, Lisa broke the awkward silence. "You're going back to your bedroom right now, young man! I don't give a damn how old you are. I'm still your mother. And you've got no right to listen in on a private conversation between me and my mother. You should be ashamed of yourself!" Lisa chided Alex, realizing that he had heard the whole discussion about Bill being his father.

And with that, Lisa got up, put her arm around Alex's shoulders and personally escorted him to the guest bedroom, making sure to say a quick "goodnight" to her mother, right before leaving Jan's bedroom, and closing her bedroom door behind them.

When Lisa and her son got to the guest room, they both walked in. Then Lisa closed the bedroom door behind them, and locked the door.

"Sit down, young man!" Lisa ordered. And Alex immediately sat down at the foot of the bed. Lisa stood right in front of her nude son.

"Mom, so was it Uncle Bill that you met at the bar that night? Was he the stranger that you had a 'one-night stand' with?" Alex asked.

"No, Alex. The truth is that you weren't the product of a 'one-night stand.' It was an 'eight-year stand.' And I didn't meet Bill at a bar. And we weren't drunk when he came to my bedroom late a nights to make love to me. In fact, Bill is still the love of my life, and I would have gladly married him, if I could have. Unfortunately, it's against the law to marry your own brother."

"But why didn't you tell me about all this, before now?" Alex asked.

"Because I couldn't. That's why. When I got pregnant with you, Bill wanted me to get an abortion. But I wanted to go ahead and have my baby.

"Bill finally agreed to let me keep my baby, but he made me promise that I would never tell anyone else--including you--who the real father was. And that's when we made up the story about about my 'one-night stand' with a total stranger that I had supposedly met at a bar.

"And, thanks to your grandmother's loud mouth, now you know the truth anyway.

"But you've got to promise me that you will never tell your Uncle Bill that you know that he's your father. He'll think that I told you, and he would never forgive me for that. You've also got to promise me that you'll never tell Trish that she's really your half-sister."

"Okay, Mom. But if I do this for you, then you're gonna have to do something 'very special' for me," Alex replied, as he reached down into his crotch and began stroking his dick, while he was staring at Lisa's pants-covered crotch, which was right in front of his face.

Lisa could see that Alex was beginning to get another hard-on. "," Lisa said, shaking her head from side-to-side, in defiance.

"Oh...yes," Alex quickly replied, mimicking Lisa's tone-of-voice, while nodding his head just as emphatically as she was shaking hers.

"Alex, I can't do this!" Lisa insisted.

"Oh, yes you can. And you will! In fact, I know that this is exactly what you fantasize about doing. I read it in your own diary."

"It's not a diary. It's a journal. And what the hell were you doing, going through my personal stuff?" Lisa demanded.

"I was on my way to get a pair of your panties from the laundry hamper in your bathroom, and I just happened to see your dia--...uhh...I mean, your 'journal'...lying on the night stand next to your bed, when I was walking through your bedroom to get to the bathroom."

"How much of it did you read?" Lisa asked in sheer horror, totally disregarding the part about Alex wanting a pair of her soiled panties.

"Enough to know that you've been fantasizing about having sex with me for a very long time. Let me see, how did you put it? Oh yeah. And I quote, 'Every time I walk past Alex's bedroom and catch him masturbating, I always act like it's no big deal. But the truth is, that there is a part of me--deep down inside--that wants to go into his bedroom, take off all my clothes and let Alex have his way with me.'"

"Oh shit! I can't believe you read that!" Lisa fumed.

"Is it true, Mom?" Alex asked.

Lisa didn't answer. She just glared at him with her dagger-eyes.

"Well?...Is it true?" Alex asked again.

"Yes. It's true," Lisa finally admitted.

"So then you do fantasize about having sex with me, when you're masturbating, don't you?"

"Yes, God damn it! But it's not right for us to actually go through with it, and have sex together. I'm your mother, for Christ's sake. And it's just plain wrong!"

"That didn't stop you from having sex with your own brother, or from having sex with your own father--or from having sex with your own mother, for that matter. In fact, I'm the only member of this entire family that you haven't had sex with. But that's about to change, right now!" Alex stated. "Now take off your pants and panties, Mom."

Hearing the word "panties" come out of Alex's mouth made Lisa focus on what Alex had just told her about him having gotten her soiled panties out of the hamper in her bathroom.

"So why were you after a pair of my used panties that day when you read my journal?" Lisa asked, as she was unbuttoning her pants, pulling down the zipper at the front, and then sliding the pants down her legs to her feet, so that she could step out of the leg-holes.

"I was gonna jack off with 'em," Alex candidly admitted.

"Did your grandpa teach you that?"

"Yeah. Grandpa John and I have been getting together to jack off for a while now. And he always liked to put Val's panties around his dick, while he's working on gettin' a hard-on. He would always offer to share Val's panties with me too, but I wanted to have my own pair of panties, that I could use whenever I wanted to.

"So I went to go find a pair of yours, because I've been wanting to fuck you, ever since I reached puberty! You're the hottest, sexiest woman I know. Who do you think I always fantasize about, when I'm jacking off?"

"I'm flattered, Alex. Really I am. But that still doesn't make it right," Lisa said.

"Now, go ahead and take your panties off, Mom. At this point, I don't care if it's right or wrong, you're gonna have sex with me right now. And you're gonna do whatever I tell you to do, and you're gonna enjoy yourself while you're doing it. And after we're finished having sex tonight, you're gonna sleep with me naked, right here in this bed.

"And until I finally leave and move out on my own, you're gonna have sex with me whenever I want you to, and do whatever I want you to do. It's either that, or I'm gonna call up good ol' Uncle Bill, and tell him that you told me that he's my father."

"Oh God, Alex, please don't do this! If your grandfather ever finds out--" Lisa pleaded half-heartedly, knowing that her fate had just been sealed by her less-than-honorable, blackmailing son.

"--he won't care," Alex said, interrupting Lisa, "Believe me. Grandpa John actually wants me to have sex with you. He told me so himself. And I'm sure he wouldn't mind us all having a threesome together. In fact, Vicki could even join us, and make it a foursome. What do ya say?"

Lisa didn't answer him.

"Now, take off your damn panties, Mom, and show me that nice big clit you've got," Alex ordered, and Lisa hesitantly complied with Alex's demand.

That's when Alex saw the telltale white string hanging down from very rear of Lisa's pussy crack. And he quickly realized why his 40-year-old mother had been so hesitant about taking off her panties. She obviously hadn't gone through menopause yet, and she just happened to be "on the rag" right now.

"Are you having your period, Mom?" Alex asked, even though he already knew the answer to that question.

"Yes, I am," Lisa stated very matter-of-factly. "It just started yesterday."

"Okay. So pull your tampon out, and let's get going," Alex said.

"But if I do that, I'm gonna bleed all over the place," Lisa warned, knowing full well that that was a huge exaggeration on her part. She most likely would just bleed down the insides of her thighs a little bit. Ever since she had gotten on The Pill many years ago, Lisa's periods had lightened up drastically from what they used to be.

"So what? Who cares? That's not gonna stop me from having sex with you tonight," Alex insisted. "Oh my God, your clit is so awesome! It looks just like a little dick. Come closer, so that I can suck on that 'bad boy.'"

Lisa obediently moved in closer to Alex.

"Now, spread your legs far apart," Alex ordered, and Lisa continued to honor her son's demands.

Alex reached up under Lisa's crotch, grabbed hold of the tampon removal string, and pulled the nasty-looking, puffed-up tampon out of her vagina. He threw the blood-soaked tampon into the small waste basket beside the bed. And then he craned his head across to Lisa's shaved-hairless crotch, and began licking and sucking her huge clit.

"Oh shit!...Fuck!...God damn it, Alex!" was all Lisa could say, as she was letting her own son suck on her clitoris. And she was naturally getting sexually excited, as a result, despite the fact that she trying her best to keep from being turned-on by her own son.

Alex pulled his mouth away from Lisa's giant clit after a couple of minutes, and said, "Now, I want you to jack your 'little dick' off in front of me, just like you do for Grandpa John. And I want you to do it until you make yourself cum."

Lisa started pulling the hood up and down the long shaft of her huge clitoris with her fingers, treating it as if it were a small penis that she was jacking off.

And Alex began hand-pumping his own penis, as he watched his mother masturbate in this unusual manner.

Lisa finger-pumped her erect clit faster and faster, until she made herself cum in front of Alex, just like he had asked her to do.

And Alex could tell that his mother wasn't faking an orgasm, because Lisa's pussy squirted while she was orgasming, leaving small puddles of her blood-tinged urine all over the hardwood floor, between her spread-apart feet.

"That's real good, Mom," Alex praised his mother for her performance so far. "Now I want you to pick up your panties off the floor, rub the crotch against your wet pussy, and then sniff it, while you finger yourself in front of me."

Lisa picked the panties up off the floor, rubbed the inside of the panty-crotch against her wet pussy crack, and then began sniffing the crotch of the panties, while she started rubbing her fingertips along her now-wet slit.

"No, Mom! That's not what I meant," Alex said. "I want you to stick your fingers way up inside your pussy-hole, and finger-fuck yourself in front of me."

"Alex, please. Why are you making me do this? You know my pussy's all bloody."

"Isn't it getting you turned-on?" Alex asked.

"Well, yes, but--" Lisa tried to say.

"--well then, shut up! And do what I'm telling you to fucking do!" Alex demanded harshly, paused for a moment, and then added in a much calmer tone-of-voice, "Don't worry. You'll enjoy it. I'm not gonna hurt you. You're my mother."

Lisa began finger-fucking herself in front of Alex, while she was sniffing at the crotch of her panties, just like Alex had told her to do.

Alex just sat there quietly and masturbated for a little while, as he watched his mother "go at it." Then he finally broke the silence. "Okay, that's enough of that. Give me your panties," Alex demanded.

Once he had Lisa's panties in his hand, Alex sniffed the panties for a couple of seconds, and then threw the panties into the small waste basket beside the bed.

"Now pull your fingers out of your nasty pussy, and lick 'em clean," Alex ordered.

Lisa pulled her bloodied fingers out of her vagina, stuck them in her mouth and sucked on them for a while. She had never tasted the juices from her own menstruating pussy before. And just the thought of what she was actually doing in front of her own son really grossed her out. But at the same time, it also turned her on so much that she could barely contain herself.

"Now take off the rest of your clothes," Alex said.

Lisa pulled her blouse up over her head and dropped it to the floor, making sure that it didn't land in one of her small urine puddles. Then she reached around her back to undo the clasps of her bra, and let it drop to the floor as well, on top of her blouse. This left her completely nude, except for her dainty sterling silver necklace, and the two large silver hoop earrings that she was wearing.

"That's good," Alex commented, as he moved around to sit at the side of the bed. "Okay, kneel down in front of me."

Alex moved his own knees apart, so that Lisa could get between them. This placed her face very close to the tip of his fully-erect penis.

This is also when a marvelous thought hit Alex like a rock. He decided that he would pretend to be a very young boy, just to try to freak out his mother a little bit more than she already was.

"Do you like my pee-pee, Mommy?" Alex asked in a forced high-pitch voice, pretending to be a little boy, as he gently squeezed the tip of 'his pee-pee' between his thumb and forefinger, obviously showing it to her, just like a little boy might do.

Alex's abrupt shift into this "little boy voice" surprised and shocked Lisa. And she just stared at him for a moment, without saying a word.

"Well, do you, Mommy?" Alex continued onward, "'Cuz I like your pee-pee a lot!"

"Yes, honey," Lisa finally answered, playing along with Alex's "little game." "You've got a very nice pee-pee."

"Mommy, do you wanna touch and feel my pee-pee? It would make me really happy, if you do."

Lisa reached across and began fondling her grown son's dick and balls. And it didn't take long at all, before she was slowly hand-pumping up and down on his uncircumcised dick.

Lisa's pussy was tingling with anticipation, as she watched the transparent pre-cum start oozing out of Alex's piss-hole slit. She could barely believe that all of this was actually happening. She had fantasized about this moment for years.

"Mommy?" Alex continue on, in his little boy voice.

"Yes, honey," Lisa responded.

"Would you please let me stick my pee-pee inside of yours, just like you always let Grandpa John do?"

"Of course, baby," Lisa said, standing back up and then getting on top of the bed on all fours, with her butt stuck up in the air in a doggie style position. "Go ahead, sweetie. Stick your pee-pee inside of mine."

"Okay, Mommy," Alex said. And he moved in behind Lisa, balancing himself on his knees and shins on top of the bed. "I don't know where I'm supposed to stick it in at. Would you help me, Mommy?"

"Sure, baby," Lisa said, admiring how well Alex was playing this "little game" with her.

Lisa reached down between her legs, grabbed hold of Alex's shaft, and rubbed his dick-head up and down along her wet slit a few times. Then she inserted the head of Alex's dick up into her own vaginal opening.

"I've got my pee-pee inside of yours now, Mommy!" Alex enthusiastically announced, and then asked, "Does that feel good to you? Because it sure feels good to me. It's so nice and warm."

"Yes, Alex, it feels wonderful!" Lisa honestly replied.

"Is it okay if I move my pee-pee around inside of your pee-pee?" Alex asked.

"Go right ahead, honey, if that's what you feel like doing," Lisa said, knowing full well what all of this was leading up to.

And Alex began thrusting his penis in and out a few times very rapidly, with the same type of enthusiasm and energy that a child would naturally have.

"Oh oh! I think I'm gonna tinkle," Alex warned Lisa, in a forced whisper, as he kept relentlessly humping away at Lisa's fuck-hole. "Is that okay with you, Mommy?"

"Yes, baby. Go right ahead and tinkle inside of Mommy's pee-pee. That's exactly what I want you to do. And guess what? I think Mommy's gonna tinkle too."

And within seconds, Lisa began orgasming her butt off underneath Alex, and squirting her pussy-juice all over his balls, while he was busy pumping out his whole wad of sperm deep inside of his own mother's vagina.

After his orgasm was over with, Alex said, "I felt you tinkle, Mommy. Did you feel me tinkle? What's the matter, Mommy? Why are you crying?"

Lisa was sobbing just like a little baby. But they were tears of happiness. She had finally lived out one of her deepest, darkest fantasies. And thanks to Alex, she had done it in a very unique way, that had ended up being more of a turn-on for her than she could have ever imagined. She was basking in an orgasmic afterglow that seemed like it was going to last forever.

And Lisa was definitely looking forward to the next time that Alex would get her to have sex with him. She was wondering what he would do, and what he would make her do. Would he get her to suck his dick next time? Or would he make her have a threesome with John, like he had suggested?

Lisa had no idea what lay in store for her future "sexual adventures" with Alex. All she knew was that she would definitely be having them, no matter whether she wanted to or not. So Lisa was thankful that she had gotten on The Pill for John, when he had first moved in with her and Vicki, because at least she wouldn't have to worry about Alex or John getting her pregnant. And despite her doctor's warning to her that she should stop taking birth control pills (due to the fact that she was now well over 35 years old, and at a much higher risk for serious side effects), Lisa intended to stay on The Pill until she finally reached menopause.

And Lisa thought about the confessions that Alex had made to her just moments earlier. It was disturbing to Lisa that Alex had stolen her soiled panties so that he could use them as a masturbation aid.

But that hadn't bothered her nearly as much as the confession Alex had made to her about him and her father getting together to jack off on several occasions. That had been a total surprise to her, even though she knew that it was very common for young boys to do that together. What had really surprised her was that her father, at his advanced age, was doing that type of thing with Alex.

Lisa would have been even more shocked if Alex would have gone ahead and told her the whole truth about his long-standing sexual relationship with his Grandpa John, and about all the various homosexual acts that had taken place between them. Just like the rest of his immediate family, Alex was bi-sexual, and he had learned to accept his bi-sexual feelings.

But, in Alex's case, his sexuality fell much closer to the homosexual side of the bi-sexual scale, than it did to the heterosexual side. And so he naturally preferred having sex with other males. Even now, while Alex was slowly easing his softening penis out of his own mother's freshly-creampied vagina, he found himself thinking about how he couldn't wait to wrap his hands around his Grandpa John's sexy-looking dick and balls again, when he got back home.

Ironically, at this very moment, Lisa was thinking the exact same thing herself. And she found it hard to believe that her father's genitals actually turned her on more than her son's did, even though her son's penis was quite a bit larger than her dad's. But for Lisa, there was just something magical about her touching and playing with the very penis and testicles that had conceived her in her mother's womb.

And, in another weird twist-of-fate, at this very moment, a still-very-horny Jan was lying in her bed under the covers, busy diddling away at her own freshly-creampied pussy, while she was fantasizing about wrapping her hands around Alex's dick and balls.

* * * * *


2006: The Rape And The Rapture

* * * * *

It had all started out innocently enough on the day after Christmas in 2006, when Jan had received a call from her 34-year-old son, Bill Ridgeway, who had finally managed to move out into his own apartment several years before, back when he was 26.

"Come on, Mom," Bill pleaded, "Would you please let Trish spend the night at your place for just one night. It's New Year's Eve, for Christ's sake. And I want to take Lisa out on the town, and show her a good time. And just so you know, I asked Trish what she wanted to do on New Year's Eve, and she told me that she wanted to spend it with you guys."

Actually, what Bill really wanted to do was to take his twin sister out to a bunch of bars, and get her shit-faced drunk on New Year's Eve, so that he could take her back to his hotel room afterwards, and fuck the crap out of her.

Despite his persistent flirtations with just about every woman that he knew, Bill hadn't managed to get any pussy over the last four years. And so naturally, he was feeling desperately horny.

"Sure, honey. That would be great!" Jan had agreed. "Just drop her off here, before you go pick Lisa up."

Bill's daughter, Trish, was a solid 18 years old, and quickly approaching 19. However, she had a slender petite body and a chubby-cheeked face, with a precious dimpled smile, which all served to make her look at least two years younger than she really was.

And Trish knew how to take advantage of her deceptively-youthful looks. In fact, she had managed to elevate the standard kids' "wrapping adults around one's little finger" ruse into an art form.

So, on New Year's Eve, Bill dropped Trish off a her grandmother's house. And she enjoyed visiting with her grandparents during the late afternoon, and into the evening hours.

Of course, Trish's grandpa and grandma got tired at around 11:00 PM. But they both struggled, and managed to stay up long enough to toast the New Year at midnight with their young granddaughter, using three champagne glasses filled with sparkling apple cider, before they each retired to their own bedrooms.

However, Grams took a detour first, as she went out of her way to tuck Trish into bed in the guest room down the hall, before retiring to her own bedroom.

Jan was so tired that, once her head hit the pillow, she was fast asleep within less than 15 minutes.

But a little before two o'clock in the morning, Jan woke up to find that Trish was under the bed covers with her, snuggled right up next to her, shivering. Jan always slept in the nude. But Trish had on a long nightshirt, with a pair of panties underneath.

"What on earth are you doing in my bed, child?" Jan asked the obviously-scared young girl.

"I'm sorry, Grams. But I heard some weird noises, and they scared me real bad. Can I sleep with you tonight? Please?" Trish begged.

"Okay, sweetie, if it'll make you feel safer."

"Would you please hold me?" Trish asked.

Jan opened up her arms, and Trish nestled her head up against Jan's left breast. She also grabbed hold of Jan's right breast, and cupped it firmly in her small hand.

Jan felt her pussy starting to tingle. And she immediately chided herself mentally, Jan, you idiot, what the hell are you doing? You shouldn't get aroused by your granddaughter touching your breasts.

But then, all of the sudden, Trish did something totally unexpected. She turned her head, latched her mouth down around Jan's left nipple, and began sucking away on her breast, just like a newborn baby feeding on its mother's milk.

And all those old familiar feelings came flooding back into Jan's memory, as she was remembering how great it felt when she was breast-feeding her twins, so many years ago. And Jan also remembered that her pussy would always get sopping-wet while the twins were feeding on her milk, and that she would often end up going somewhere private and masturbating afterwards.

Trish's nipple-sucking made Jan's pussy tingle even more, and she could feel her clitoris quickly becoming erect. And Jan thought to herself, Oh fuck! What am I gonna do now?

But there was nothing that Jan really could do. She was feeling so horny that she just couldn't help herself. It had literally been well over five years, since she had had another human body in the same bed with her under the covers. Well over five years, since she had had someone else to share her pent-up sexuality with.

The next thing Jan knew, she had worked her knee up under Trish's nightshirt. And she now had her right thigh laid over the top of Trish's bare leg. And as Trish kept sucking away at Jan's nipple, treating it just like a toddler's pacifier, Jan was slowly rocking her hips to rub her bare, hairy pussy back and forth against Trish's right thigh.

Trish pulled her mouth up off of Jan's nipple, and asked, "Gosh, Grams. Why are you rubbing your pee-pee against my leg?"

"Because it feels really good when I do that. That's why," Jan honestly replied. "But why on earth are you calling it my 'pee-pee'? You know you're way too old to be calling it that."

"Well, Grams, that's what you always used to call it, back when I was a young girl.

"My best friend, Susie, calls it her 'cunnie.' But I don't really like that word, because it comes from the word 'cunt.' And that's such an ugly-sounding word.

"I prefer to call it my 'pussy'--mainly because that's the word that all the boys at school seem to use, whenever they're describing a girl's crotch. Besides, the word 'pussy' just sounds so cute and feminine. Don't you think?" Trish asked, and then immediately went back to sucking Jan's breast.

"Yes, it does," Jan replied. "And that's the word I always like to use too. Of course, it's really called a 'vulva.' That's the correct medical term for it. But I don't know any women out there who actually refer to their pussies as being 'vulvas.'"

Trish raised her head back up off Jan's erect nipple, and asked, "So would it be okay if I rub my pussy against your leg?"

Jan was floored by that question. But she also realized that she had already gone way too far. And she felt like there was no turning back now.

"Sure, honey. If that's what you really want to do," Jan replied, feeling a very strong urge to reach down between Trish's legs, and stick her fingers up into Trish's small virgin pussy--while at the same time, realizing that she would have to little-by-little ease her way up to that point, so that she wouldn't risk scaring her granddaughter.

"I do, Grams," Trish replied. And she rolled over on top of Jan's thigh, and began slowly humping and grinding away at it with her panty-covered pussy, while she leaned back down and continued to suck away on Jan's left tit.

At this point, while Jan was lying on her back with her legs spread apart, and gladly letting Trish hump away at her left thigh, Jan experienced her first orgasm of the night. And since her very first orgasms during any given sex session were normally very mild ones, this orgasm caught Jan totally by surprise, because it was a moderately-strong one.

And although she managed to keep from crying out, or getting vocal, during her orgasm--she didn't want to take the chance of waking John up, who was sleeping right down the hall from her bedroom--Jan couldn't help but suck air in through her chattering teeth as she shuddered, acting as if she were being dropped into an ice bath.

"Am I hurting you, Grams?" Trish stopped her nipple-sucking just long enough to ask, with sincere concern in her voice.

"Oh, no, sweetie. I'm just feeling really good right now. Aren't you?"

"Well, yes. But can I ask you something?"


"Would it be okay with you if I take off my panties? I wanna rub my bare pussy against your leg, just like you were doing."

"Yes, that would be wonderful!" Jan said, attempting to hide her high level of excitement, but not really being able to. "Tell you what. Why don't you take off your nightshirt too. That way, we'll both be completely naked. Wouldn't that be exciting?"

"You bet it would!" Trish agreed enthusiastically, as she got up out of the bed. She went and closed the bedroom door, and then locked it, before coming back to the side of Jan's bed.

While standing up, facing her grandmother, Trish pulled her nightshirt up over her head, and dropped it down onto the floor. Then Trish leaned over, pulled her panties down to the floor, and then stepped out of the leg-holes, before straightening her torso back up again.

Thanks to the dim moonlight streaming in through the blinds of the bedroom window, Jan got her first look at Trish's naked, still-developing body. Jan could see the obvious, puffy breast-buds that were sticking straight out from Trish's small chest. And Jan couldn't wait to get her hands on that little split-in-half mound of flesh, down between Trish's legs.

The ironic thing about all of this, was that Trish was the one who was really "making the moves" on Jan--and not the other way around.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, in a guest room on the fifth floor of the Grand Marquis Hotel, Bill was staring at Lisa's naked body, lying on top of the queen-size bed. His plans had gone horribly wrong when midnight had hit, and Lisa had ended up drinking way too much champagne.

Bill had brought his twin sister back to the hotel room at around 1:30 in the morning, only to have her puke all over the bathroom floor, and then pass out, while hugging the toilet bowl as if it were her only true friend in this life.

Bill had physically dragged Lisa's body out of the bathroom, and removed her clothing, which was splattered with her own vomit. Then he had hoisted her naked body up onto the hotel room bed.

And now he was standing there, taking off his own clothes, while he was staring at Lisa's firm tits and her awesome-looking pussy, with its unique penis-looking clitoris prominently being displayed at the very front of her crack. And Bill decided that he was going to go ahead and have sex with Lisa anyway.

Of course, the sex would be one-sided. But Bill wanted to stick his dick in Lisa's pussy again so badly that he didn't care that she was passed out, and that she wouldn't even know that he was having sex with her.

Bill climbed into bed with Lisa, and began feeling out and playing with her firm, perky breasts. And it didn't take long for his unique-looking penis, with its hypospadic urethral opening, to get rock-hard.

And at that point, Bill knew that he was just moments away from raping his own sister. But he also knew that he had already gone too far, and that he couldn't stop himself from raping Lisa, even if he wanted to.

He stuck his fingers into Lisa's pussy crack. And even though she was passed out, her pussy still automatically got wet while he was fondling it.

Bill thought to himself, Okay, you little bitch. This is what you get for telling me that I can't have sex with you any more, just 'cuz you got pregnant that one time. Well, the joke's on you now. 'Cuz your pussy's mine tonight. And I'm gonna try to get you pregnant again, if I can!

Bill spread Lisa's legs apart, got up on top of her in a missionary position--being very careful to keep his nose and mouth away from her stinky vomit-mouth--and he began fucking Lisa's slick, totally-relaxed pussy-hole with his six-inch-long dick. And while he was raping her, he actively fantasized the whole time that Lisa had just ovulated and was fertile, and that he was going to be fertilizing her egg cell with one of his millions of sperm cells.

Lisa started moaning softly, and moving her hips back and forth in response to his thrusting, but she didn't wake up. And even when Bill began to orgasm, and was squirting his sperm deep inside of Lisa's vagina, she still didn't wake up.

But Bill didn't really care. He was happy just to have the use of his sister's nice, warm pussy for the night.

Excessive horniness can do strange things to people. And Bill would go on to rape Lisa two more times that same night--intentionally ejaculating two more payloads of his semen as deep inside of her vagina as he could--before he finally fell asleep beside her.

And Lisa never woke up during her second and her third inseminations by her own brother's penis.

* * * * *

Over at Jan's house, things were just starting to get "interesting," as a now-naked Trish climbed back under the covers, to lie next to her nude 52-year-old grandmother.

"Grams?" Trish asked.

"Yes, sweetie."

"I'll let you touch my pussy, if you'll let me touch yours," Trish boldly offered.

"Are you telling me that you want to touch my pussy," Jan asked, just to verify that she had really heard Trish say that to her.

"Yes, Grams. And I'll even let you touch mine first, if you want to. Go right ahead," Trish said, as she spread her legs apart to give Jan access to her pussy.

"No, honey. That's okay. You're my guest tonight. You go first," Jan demanded, as she reached over and took Trish's hand, and then gently guided it down into her own crotch.

"Gosh, Grams. You're really hairy down there," Trish remarked, as she tentatively felt Jan's crotch and her pussy mound with the open palm of her slender hand.

"Why don't you go ahead and stick your fingers inside my crack," Jan suggested, as she reached down in her crotch, placed a hand on each side of her mound, pulled her inner and outer labia apart, and held her pussy crack wide-open for Trish.

Trish immediately began touching and feeling out all the inner parts of Jan's pussy crack. And as Trish touched and felt out the various parts of Jan's pussy, Jan tried to make a game out of it, by describing each pussy-part for Trish.

"Those are my outer labia. Most people call them 'outer pussy lips.' And those are my inner labia. Can you guess what they're usually called?"

"Inner pussy lips," Trish said, without missing at beat. "And this is the hood of your clitoris. It's usually called a 'clit.' And by the way, Grams, your clit's a lot bigger than Susie's," Trish added.

"But how do you know about Susie's clit?" a very confused Jan asked.

"I've touched it with my own hands. That's how. Whenever I have a sleepover at Susie's house--and that happens almost every weekend--she and I sleep in the same bed together. And we always end up kissing, and hugging, and feeling out each other, and playing with each other's pussies. Susie's a year older than me, and she's the one who taught me how to masturbate."

"So how often do you masturbate?" Jan asked, without really knowing why she had asked that question.

"Enough that I'm pretty darn good at it. You wanna see?" Trish asked, as she began manipulating Jan's clit, moving the loose skin hood up and down the shaft by using a circular motion with the tip her middle finger. She then inserted the middle finger of her other hand deep into Jan's vagina, and began actively finger-fucking her with it.

"Oh, yeah! That's it, sweetie," Jan said, as she was getting very close to experiencing her second moderately-strong orgasm of the night.

"You're just about to cum, aren't you, Grams?" Trish asked.

"Ungh hungh," Jan quickly hummed back, nodding her head.

"I can always tell when Susie's about to cum. There's just a certain way that her pussy feels to my fingers," Trish commented.

"Oh fuuuuuuck yes!" Jan whispered strongly, and began orgasming, while she was biting down on her lower lip and whimpering through her nose, like a lost puppy dog.

And Trish felt Jan's vagina rhythmically squeezing down around her probing finger. Trish also felt Jan's pussy crack become noticeably wetter.

"That's it, Grams. Let it all out," Trish said, and then added, "I'm feeling so horny right now. I can't wait for you to start fingering my little pussy. You do wanna finger my little pussy, don't you?"

"Oh hell yes!" Jan quickly replied, reaching over into Trish's crotch, sticking her fingers up into Trish's hairless shaved pussy, which was already sopping-wet.

Jan shoved her middle finger up into Trish's snug vagina, and her finger met absolutely no resistance whatsoever.

So Jan pulled her middle finger back out, placed her middle finger and her ring finger side-by-side, and then shoved them both up into Trish's vagina. And Jan's held-together fingers easily slid right in, all the way up to her knuckles.

"This doesn't hurt you at all?" Jan asked.

"Are you kidding me? It feels really good!" Trish replied.

"How about this?" Jan said, as she began slowing thrusting her held-together fingers in and out of Trish's tight vagina.

"Yeah, that feels even better. But I really need you to go a lot faster," Trish pleaded.

"Okay, sweetie. Like this?" Jan asked, as she began to energetically finger-fuck her granddaughter's baby-making hole with her held-together fingers."

"Oh yeah. That's it, Grams. Keep it up. You're gonna make me cum," Trish said.

"Are you still a virgin?" Jan asked.

"Oh hell yes!" Trish replied, intentionally mimicking her grandmother's earlier remark.

"That's great!" Jan exclaimed, "Hold onto it for as long as you can. And for Christ's sake, don't go out and get pregnant at 16 years old!"

"I'm not 16 any more. I'm 18. But don't worry, Grams. I'm not gonna do that. That's why I'm exclusively having sex with girls for right now. I figure I'll try out boys when I'm much older--like 19, or maybe even...19 1/2," Trish said, struggling to get the words out to finish her sentence, as she felt her pelvic muscles tightening up, in preparation for the strong orgasm that was just about to whisk her consciousness away to another plane, so that she could once again experience those few precious moments of true bliss that all sexually-mature human beings crave.

Upon hearing what Trish was telling her, Jan's jaw dropped wide-open. But then so did Trish's, when she started to scream out in sheer ecstasy, "Oh God, yes! I'm cum--!"

Jan quickly slapped her hand down over Trish's mouth to muffle her cries, and Trish's eyes bugged out of her head. Trish was initially surprised and shocked by what Jan was doing to her. But that still didn't stop Trish from reaching her orgasmic peak.

"You don't want to wake up your grandfather, do you?" Jan whispered strongly, making sure that her hand was not covering Trish's nose, so that Trish would still be able to breath.

Trish managed to quickly shake her head from side-to-side a couple of times, before she began orgasming her young butt off, with her body writhing around uncontrollably, while Jan kept her hand firmly planted over Trish's mouth.

Jan was in total shock at this point, as she realized that her granddaughter had been "playing her" all along. Jan wondered if there was any way that she could "regain the upper hand" this evening--even though she truly never really had it, to begin with. There just had to be something that Trish didn't know in regards to having sex with another female. And Jan wanted to be the female who showed that "something" to her granddaughter.

"Well? Did you cum real good?" Jan asked, finally lifting her hand from Trish's mouth, so that Trish could answer her. "Oh hell yes!" Trish replied. "Couldn't you tell?"

"Of course. But I really wanted to show you something special tonight--that is, if you can keep from waking up your grandfather," Jan admonished Trish, with a stern look on her face. "Do you know what 'scissoring' is?"

"Sure. Susie and I do that a lot," Trish answered, matter-of-factly. "But we always call it 'tribbing,' because that's what it's called out at the Web sites that we've gone to."

"Wow! Things sure have changed a lot since I was a young girl," Jan commented.

"Did they even have TV back then?" Trish asked, obviously being sarcastic.

"Hey, I'm not that old!" Jan quipped back, and they both started laughing.

"Shhhh!" Jan warned, placing her index finger perpendicular across her lips, to remind Trish that they both needed to try to keep their voices down.

"So, Grams. Did you ever trib, back when you were a young girl?"

"No. But I did other stuff," Jan vaguely replied, thinking about how much she used to love it whenever her Uncle Ed would rub his bare 'pee-pee' against hers, and then squirt his special white 'happy-juice' all over her 'pee-pee.'

"So, Trish," Jan said, intentionally mimicking the way that Trish has just talked to her. "I'll bet that you and Susie never tribbed with your pussies connected by a long, double-headed dildo," Jan emphatically stated, repeatedly raising both of her eyebrows up in an exaggerated Groucho Marx style, as she opened the drawer in the night stand by the bed. And she pulled out her bright-red, 12-inch-long, double-headed dildo, proudly displaying it to Trisha in the the same manner that a magician might display the rabbit that he just pulled out of his top hat.

"Wow, Grams. That sounds awesome! Let's do it!"

Jan lay back down on her back on top of the bed, and spread her legs far apart. She licked one end of the long dildo, coating it with a generous helping of her saliva, and then inserted that end of the dildo up into her own vaginal entrance.

Trish quickly moved into a scissoring position, with her stomach facing upward, just like Jan's already was. Then Trish rubbed the other end of the double-headed dildo up and down her pussy crack a few times, to lubricate her end of the dildo, before she inserted it up into her own tight-but-very-wet vagina.

Both Jan and Trish slowly eased their vaginas all the way down around the dildo, until their two pussy mounds were finally pressed tightly together, almost completely hiding the dildo that they were sharing.

At that point, they both started bumping and grinding their vulvas against each other, to move the rubbery dildo around deep inside their respective birth canals.

"Gosh, Grams!" Trish remarked. "I never thought that we'd end up fucking each other tonight."

"Neither did I," Jan honestly responded, "But you know that I'm always here for you, sweetie. And that means that we can get together again, and do this kind of thing, any time you want to. Just let me know."

"I will, Grams," Trish said, barely getting the words out, before she almost screamed out again, but caught herself just in time, by sticking a pillow over her face to muffle her cries, right as she began to cum hard. Of course, Jan soon found herself whisked away be her own orgasmic sensations.

Trish and Jan continued their double-headed dildo scissoring for another 15 minutes or so, with both of them happily riding their respective "orgasmic roller coasters" from one orgasm to the next, until Trish finally told Jan that she needed to go back to her own bed, so that she could get some sleep.

But that was a blatant lie, because the last thing that Trish wanted to do right now was to go to sleep.

Trish pulled her end of the dildo out of her vagina, got out of Jan's bed, and put her panties and nightshirt back on.

As she was getting ready to leave, she said, "Thank you, Grams, for giving me such a wonderful experience. By the way, Happy New Year!"

"And a Happy New Year to you too, sweetie!" Jan automatically replied, leaving her end of the double-headed dildo inserted deep inside her vagina. Then Jan closed her eyes, and began drifting off to a much-needed sleep.

Trish gave her grandmother a quick peck on the cheek, and pulled the bed covers up over her, tucking her into bed. Then Trish headed out of Jan's bedroom, closing the bedroom door behind her.

She walked all the way down the hallway, past the door of the guest bedroom--where she was supposed to be sleeping--and she finally stopped right outside the closed door of her grandfather's bedroom.

Trish slowly turned the doorknob, and then grinned like a Cheshire Cat, when the door to Grandpa John's bedroom opened right up.

* * * * *


2006: The Faked Innocence

* * * * *

John was fast asleep when his granddaughter quietly entered his bedroom, being very careful to close and lock the bedroom door behind her.

Trish hiked her nightshirt up over the top of her head, and let it fall to the floor at her feet. Then she took her panties off, and gently shoved them up underneath the pillow on the side of the double bed that John wasn't using.

The now-naked Trish climbed in under the bed covers, and she snuggled right up next to her grandfather. Trish was very pleased when she discovered that, just like Jan, John preferred to sleep in the nude.

John started to wake up when he felt the front of Trish's naked body clinging against the back of his own naked body, as she was spooning with him, and being the "large spoon"--just like Jan used to do late at nights, whenever she was "in the mood," and wanted to fuck. Trish's slender arm was thrown over him, and she was gently massaging and feeling out John's hairy chest with her nimble hand.

While still in this half-dream-half-awake state, John automatically rolled over onto his back, and spread his legs apart, to give "Jan" easier access to his genitals. And "Jan" began playing with his dick and his balls, just like she always did. John felt his dick quickly becoming erect. And so naturally, he reached over into "Jan's" crotch, and began fondling her bare pussy.

But something just didn't feel right to John. Jan's entire crotch was really hairy. But the pussy that John was busy feeling out, was completely hairless. And this vulva was just as smooth as a baby's bottom, and noticeably smaller than Jan's.

John's eyes instantly popped wide-open, and he turned his head to see who was in bed with him--because he knew that it wasn't Jan.

"Oh God! What the hell are you doing?" John asked, in a forced whisper, when he realized that the naked person in bed with him was his own granddaughter. He instantly yanked his hand away from Trish's bare pussy, as if his hand had just been burned by a hot iron.

"What does it look like I'm doing, Grandpa?" Trish calmly answered, with a big smile on her face. "I want you to take my virginity tonight."

"Jesus, child! You can't do this!" John insisted.

"But I already am doing this--and you've already got a nice hard-on," Trish said, squeezing John's firm erect penis in her hand a couple of times, to prove her point. "Just tell me that you don't want me to keep playing with your dick and your sexy balls, and I'll stop right now. Well? Do you want me to stop, Grandpa?"

"No. Lord knows I don't want you to stop--but you need to stop, for your own good! You're not even a woman yet," John remarked, as Trish just kept on fondling his bare erect penis, and feeling out his large testicles.

"I should think that would just make me even more attractive to you. I know you older guys really love young girls, like me," Trish said. "So why don't you stick your fingers back in my little pussy, and let's 'get it on'?"

"But it's just not right! We shouldn't be doing any of this! I'm your grandfather, for Christ's sake!" John whispered very harshly.

"If you don't stick your fingers in my little pussy right now, and start gettin' me wet, I'm gonna start screaming and wake up Grams. And then I'm gonna tell her that you forced me to come into your bedroom, and that you tried to rape me," Trish threatened, pausing for a moment, and then adding, "So what's it gonna be, Grandpa? Are you gonna fuck me tonight, and take my virginity, like I want you to? Or am I gonna have to start screaming right now?"

John didn't say a word. He responded by simply reaching back over into Trish's crotch. And he continued fondling her pussy, treating it as if it were his own wife's pussy--which ironically, he hadn't touched or seen in more than five years.

As soon as John's fingers were actively exploring her pussy crack once again, Trish reached under her pillow, grabbed the pair of panties that she had taken off and placed there earlier, and she wrapped the panties around John's penis, with the inside crotch carefully positioned over the tip of John's large dick-head. And then Trish slowly began moving the panties up and down his short shaft.

"These are my panties, Grandpa. I took 'em off, right before I got into bed with you. I know you like this," Trish said, matter-of-factly. "Because I've seen you do this before."

"You have? When?" John asked.

"Last month. When I came over and spent the night with you and Grams. It was very late at night. And I got up to get a glass of water from the bathroom.

"When I got there, the light was on, and the door was closed. But it was cracked open just far enough so that I could peek in.

"And I just stood there quietly and watched you, while you were jacking off. You had a pair of panties wrapped around your dick, just like you do right now. So I know that this turns you on a lot. By the way, whose panties were those?"

John didn't answer her right away. And so Trish prodded him, "Come on, Grandpa. You can tell me. I promise I won't ever tell anyone else."

"They were my older sister's panties. Back when she was 19," John admitted.

"I can't believe you stole you own sister's panties," Trish remarked.

"I didn't steal them," John said defensively. "Val gave them to me herself. After she came to my bedroom one night, and made love to me. I was only 18 when that happened."

"Wow! That's way cool! Did you get to fuck her, Grandpa?"

John was momentarily caught off-guard by Trish's sexual frankness. And after a noticeable pause, he finally answered, "Yes. I got to fuck her. That turned out to be the real reason why she came to my bedroom that night. Val wanted me to take her virginity."

"So then she must've felt just like I do right now. That's pretty amazing!"

"Yeah. If that's what you wanna call it," John said very quietly, with the words trailing off under his breath. And then he thought to himself, What I can't believe is that you've got your panties around my dick right now.

"By the way, when I first saw you in bathroom that night," said Trish, "I didn't really know what you were doing with those panties. It took me a little while to figure out that you were jacking off, and that I was secretly watching you do it. And that's when I started getting really turned-on. I mean, how many girls get the chance to see their own grandfathers masturbate?"

"Did you see know...?" John asked, as he deeply penetrated Trish's vagina with his middle finger.

"Cum?" Trish said, attempting to finished John's sentence for him.

"I was going to say 'ejaculate,'" John insisted, as he attempted to insert both his ring finger and his middle finger up into Trish's vagina. And his two held-together fingers slid right on in, without any problem.

"Whatever. It's all the same thing, really. So yes, Grandpa, I saw you 'ejaculate.' And that's when I decided that I wanted you to take my virginity. I had never seen real live sperm in person before. And your 'ejaculation' was one of the most amazing things that I've ever witnessed in my entire life! I couldn't believe how much sperm just kept flowing out of your dick. It seemed like it was never gonna stop.

"You don't know how much of a turn-on that is for a girl. All I can say is that I had my hand down between my legs, and I was fingering myself like crazy, while I was watching you cum all over the bathroom.

"And afterwards, the only reason you didn't catch me that night, was that you were so busy cleaning up after yourself, that I had plenty of time to walk back to my bedroom.

"Of course, I went back to bed and tried to get some sleep. But I was feeling so horny from watching you, that I just kept on waking up all night and playing with myself. And I couldn't stop thinking about your sexy-looking dick the whole time," Trish said, pulling her panties away from John's short-but-stiff penis to totally expose it to her hungry eyes.

She quickly maneuvered her body to straddle herself across John's hips, with one knee positioned at each side of his waist. And then, while staring into his eyes, Trish melodramatically announced, "And now, I'm finally getting the chance to put this awesome dick of yours right where it belongs."

Trish pressed her vagina down onto the wide head of John's penis, as she wiggled her hips from side-to-side to assist with the initial penetration. And his dick-head slid right up into her wet sex-canal. Trish just sat on John's penis for a few moments, enjoying the sensation of finally having a real live penis up inside of her baby-making hole for the first time ever.

"Do you wanna feel my little boobies, Grandpa? Or do you just want me to start humping you?" Trish asked.

"I'd be honored to feel your 'little boobies,' John replied, and then did just that, while Trish sat as still as possible on his lap. The puffed-out nipples of Trish's small breasts ended up turning John on much more than he thought that they would, because they looked and felt almost exactly like Jan's nipples.

After John had felt out Trish's little breasts for a couple of minutes, she leaned over towards John. And he craned his neck forward, so that he could lick and suck on her nipples.

"Gosh, Grandpa, that feels awesome!" Trish said. "Don't stop!"

John's penis strongly pulsated one time. And he could feel the thick little glob of sperm steadily working its way up his urethral tube, and then slowly oozing out of his piss-hole slit, directly into his granddaughter's virgin vagina.

"Oh, shit!" John remarked very breathily, after he had abruptly pulled his sucking mouth away from Trish's right nipple. John was horrified by the realization that his granddaughter's possibly-fertile vagina now had thousands of his "swimming," egg-seeking sperm cells inside of it. And there was absolutely nothing that he could do about it.

"Grandpa, are you cumming inside me already?" Trish asked, with a puzzled look on her face.

"Yes, honey. I'm sorry. I just can't help it. Your 'little boobies' are turning me on too much," John honestly answered, as he continued to gently tweak her left nipple between his fingertips.

"Well then, I guess I'd better start humping," Trish said, and almost immediately began bouncing her lower body up and down on top of John's pelvis as fast as she could, to repeatedly thrust her vagina down around John's penis, and hopefully make both him and her cum hard.

And it didn't take long at all before she succeeded at that task. But thanks to her already heightened level of sexual excitement that was the direct result of her just-completed dildo-scissoring session with Grams, Trish was the one who actually began orgasming first, squirting her cum-juice all over John's dick and balls. And that's when John began releasing his huge wad of sperm inside her baby-making hole.

"Oooooh, yeeeah! That's it, Grandpa! God that feels great! I had no idea it would feel so good!" Trish remarked, before finally leaning over all the way, to press her bare-breasted chest against his hairy one. And she began French-kissing John passionately, while his sperm was still flowing out into her vagina.

John was surprised at how adept Trish was at French-kissing him. There wasn't any inexperienced awkwardness to her kissing at all. In fact, John quickly realized there were many full-grown women in this world who could learn a lot from Trish, when it came to art of French-kissing.

After a little while, Trish and John stopped kissing, and just embraced each other, lying in each other's arms, just like lovers tend to do.

"So where did you learn to kiss like that?" John asked.

"Susie taught me everything I know," Trish proudly announced, as she felt John's penis quickly softening up, and shrinking inside of her vagina.

"Who's Susie?"

"She's my best friend, Grandpa. She's a year older than me. So she's 19 right now. And we have sex together whenever I sleep over at her house, which is just about every weekend. She taught me how to masturbate, and how to make love to another person. She's wonderful!"

"Is she the one who convinced you that you needed to lose your virginity to me tonight?"

"No. That's was all my idea. But I did tell Susie about it. And she was all for it. She thought that it would be a neat thing for me to do. And now that I've done it, I know she was right."

"Wow! Things are sure different nowadays from the way they were, back when I was a young boy. Most of the girls back then wanted to keep their virginity until they got married," John said.

"Yeah, Grandpa, things sure have changed. I figured that now would be a good time to go ahead and lose my virginity, so that the kids at school would finally quit making fun of me for being a virgin.

"Would you please fuck me again, Grandpa. That was so cool!" Trish exclaimed, as she felt John's limp dick finally fall out of her dripping, creampied vagina. "I'll even help you get another hard-on. Deal?"

After thinking things over for a moment, and realizing that "the damage had already been done," John said, "Sure, sweetie, that would be wonderful! But first, you've got to promise me that you'll take the special morning-after pill that I'm gonna get from the pharmacy tomorrow morning. It'll keep you from getting pregnant. Do I have your word?"

"Yes, Grandpa. I'll even take the pill right in front of you, if that's what you want. I promise. I don't wanna get pregnant either. But could you do me a big favor?"

"What do you want me to do?" John asked.

"I really want us to 'do it' doggie style, if that's okay with you," Trish said.

"Are you kidding me?" John said. "Of course, it's 'okay' with me. I just find it hard to believe that you even know what 'doggie style' is, at your age."

"It's called the Internet, Grandpa. Susie and I love to surf porn together. We do it all the time. And we've seen all sorts of 'neat stuff' at the free porn sites."

While John was still lying on his back, Trish knelt down between his legs, swooped down on his limp sperm-coated penis with her mouth, and began licking and sucking away on it, while she fondled his large balls in her hand. And John's dick began coming back to life fairly quickly--much quicker than he thought that it would.

Despite the fact that Trish had never had a penis in her mouth before, she gave an excellent blowjob to John. It was the kind of blowjob that any street-walking hooker would be proud of.

"My God! Where did you learn how to do that?" John asked.

"The Internet," Trish quickly replied, and went right back to sucking and licking John's dick.

Of course, Trish was telling the absolute truth about that. She and Susie loved to watch porn video clips out on the Internet. And they had both seen literally hundreds of women giving blowjobs to their guys.

In fact, one time, Trish and Susie had even gotten two hot dogs out of the refrigerator, and then tried to outdo each other, while they took turns watching each other give blowjobs to those pretend, pork-based penises.

And so the bottom line was that all Trish really had to do, in order to give her grandfather an awesome blowjob, was to imitate the different things that she had seen the women doing to their partners in the on-line porn videos.

When Trish felt John's penis growing and getting much firmer, she abruptly shifted her body 180 degrees, and straddled John's face, pressing her sperm-filled, clean-shaven pussy right down onto his mouth--and her virtually-hairless ass-hole right under his nostrils--before she leaned over his crotch, and continued sucking his dick in this 69 position.

John simply did what any other guy in his position would tend to do: He tongued the hell out of Trish's creampied pussy crack, tasting the saltiness of his own sperm, mixed in with the tartness of her feminine fluids. And it didn't take very long at all for John's dick to become fully-erect.

Trish lifted her mouth up off of John's penis, and said, "Okay, Grandpa. It's time for you to 'do me' again."

And then Trish got up off of John's face, and got down on all fours on the bed, right beside him. She teasingly shook her small, boyish-looking butt from side-to-side.

John got up, moved in behind Trish, mounted her and began thrusting away. And thanks to John's amazing "orgasmic staying power," their energetic doggie style intercourse lasted for at least twice as long as Trish had originally thought that it would last.

By the time that John finally climaxed, and launched his second helping of sperm into her young vagina that night, Trish's pussy was feeling pretty raw and sore. Of course, most of that soreness was really due to her earlier dildo-scissoring session with her Grams.

Afterwards, John and Trish both lay in each other's arms for a while, and just quietly talked to each other.

"Grandpa, I'm sorry for threatening you earlier. You know I love you, and I would never really do anything to hurt you," Trish said.

"I know, sweetie. I love you too," John replied.

"It's just that I was already feeling super-horny when I got into bed with you. And once I had my hands on that sexy dick of yours, I just couldn't bring myself to let you back out, and not take my virginity tonight."

"I really don't know what to say. I just hope you're happy. That's all," John said.

"I am, Grandpa. It was a totally awesome experience! Thank you very much!" Trish said excitedly, and then added, "I know that you and Grams aren't getting along too well. So if you ever wanna 'do me' again, just let me know."

"I'll definitely make sure to do that," John reassured her, knowing full well that the last thing he would ever do is to ask Trish to have sex with him again in the future--no matter how horny he was feeling.

They talked for a little bit longer. And then Trish got up out of the bed, and put her nightshirt back on. As she was getting ready to leave, she said, "Oh, by the way, Happy New Year, Grandpa!"

"Happy New Year to you too, sweetheart!" John automatically replied.

Trish gave her grandfather a quick peck on the cheek, and headed out of John's bedroom, closing the bedroom door behind her. She went back to her own guest bedroom, so that she could finally get some much-needed sleep.

During her departure from John's bedroom, Trish had intentionally left her panties lying on top of John's bed, hoping that he would actually wrap her panties--instead of Val's--around his dick, the next time that he jacked off.

* * * * *

The next day, down at the Grand Marquis Hotel, it was almost noon when Lisa finally woke up with a bad hangover. She discovered--to her horror--that she was naked in the same bed with her naked twin brother. And she started freaking out.

"Did we 'do it' last night?" Lisa asked, urgently.

"Yep, we sure did. Three times," Bill calmly responded.

"Oh God! I'm not using any birth-control right now," Lisa thought to herself, but couldn't keep from saying it to herself out-loud at the same time.

"Oh well, c'est la vie," Bill said, flippantly responding to Lisa's remark, even though she didn't really intend for him to actually hear it.

"No. You don't understand!" Lisa blurted out directly at Bill, trying to get her twin brother to take her more seriously. "It's not my 'safe time.' I could be fertile right now, God damn it!"

"Well then, if you don't wanna get pregnant, Sis, I guess you'd better go down to your friendly local drug store, and get a morning-after pill," Bill calmly replied.

"But I don't remember us 'doing it.' I must've been really drunk," Lisa said.

"Yes, you were," Bill agreed, knowing that he was never going to tell Lisa the truth about what had really happened that night in the hotel room.

"God! How could you do this to me? You promised me that you wouldn't have sex with me any more," Lisa said.

"I'm sorry, Sis. Things just kind of got out-of-hand. That's all. And one thing led to another. And before I knew it, there we were, in bed together. I promise you, it won't ever happen again."

"You're damned right it won't ever happen again! I'll just have to make sure of that! From now on, you can take your 'night out on the town' offers and stick 'em up your ass, for all I care!" Lisa screamed out, with tears streaming down both sides of her face.

Lisa quickly scooped up her clothing from the floor, and ran into the bathroom to get dressed--and then, just as quickly, ran back out of the bathroom, when she saw and smelled all the vomit that she had left there the night before.

And in just a few more moments, Lisa would become even more horrified, when she was forced to get dressed right in front of her still-naked twin brother--who was lying on the hotel room bed, watching her every move--and she discovered that her expensive black satin party dress had streaks of her dried vomit all over it.

"What the fuck are you looking at, you horny son of a bitch? The least you could do is get dressed, and drive me back home," Lisa said, trying to calm herself down, but not doing a very good job of it.

Lisa didn't say another word to Bill during their long drive back to her apartment in Austin. But Bill did attempt to apologize again to Lisa, when she started to get out of the car to walk up to her doorstep.

Lisa turned around just long enough to say, "I don't know what you're apologizing about. You got some pussy last night--just like you wanted. God, you're such a pig! I can't believe I still love you."

Lisa spun back around, and made a beeline straight into her apartment. She locked the front door behind her, threw all her clothes off, ran into the bathroom, and brushed her teeth--twice. Then she showered, and took a long nap afterwards, to try to get rid of her terrible hangover.

When Lisa finally woke up, it was after 5:00 PM, and she was starved. So she called and had some pizza delivered to her apartment. And after dinner, she watched a couple of movies on DVD. They were both comedies, and the second one actually made Lisa laugh quite a bit. Then Lisa fell asleep on the couch, and slept throughout the night.

The next morning, Lisa woke up, got up off the couch, and went into the bathroom to take her morning piss. And when she was finishing up, by wiping her pussy off with some toilet paper, one thought immediately hit her like a rock: She had forgotten to go by a pharmacy and buy a morning-after pill yesterday, like Bill had wisely suggested that she do. And now it was too late for a morning-after pill to do much good. At least, that was what Lisa assumed at the time.

What Lisa didn't realize was that she should have gone ahead and taken a morning-after pill anyway, because she was still well within the 72-hour post-intercourse time window that was required for the pill to actually work. And by taking a morning-after pill, Lisa would have reduced her risk of pregnancy by nearly 90%.

The good news was that Bill didn't get Lisa pregnant that night in the hotel room.

The bad news was that Lisa worried her butt off for over a week and a half about her possibly being pregnant once again with her twin brother's child. It wasn't until Lisa's period came, that she was finally able to breathe a big sigh of relief.

* * * * *


2012: The Papa Bear's "Special Friend"

* * * * *

The same evening that Alex was losing his virginity to his grandmother--and then right afterwards, "doing" his own mother for the first time--John had traveled down to visit an old, dear friend of his.

John pressed the doorbell, and then knocked three times on the front door of the lavish, two-story home. An older man came to the door, and the two embraced strongly, making it obvious to anyone seeing them that they were indeed very close friends.

"John, how the hell are you doin', my friend? I haven't seen you in such a long time. Come on in. Let's catch up on things," the man of the house said. He spoke with a thick southern drawl, and had all the charm of a true southern gentleman.

"Hi, Edward. I'm sure glad you invited me over tonight. I really need this. I've been missing our little 'get-togethers' too," John replied, and stepped into Edward's house.

Edward Chadwick closed the front door behind him, and led John to the family room, where they both plopped down onto the sofa.

"Hi, John. I haven't seen you in a while," a voice called out from somewhere else in the house.

"Hi, Chasni. How have you been doing?" John politely replied in a fairly loud voice.

"Fine, and you?" Chasni called back from some other room in the house.

Chasni was Edward's wife. They had only been married for a few years. And at age 37, Chasni Chadwick was a knock-dead gorgeous, exotic-looking woman who was easily young enough to be Ed's daughter, instead of his wife.

And she could have easily passed for an ex-Playboy Bunny, even though she had never done any modeling before. But she was tall and lanky, and could have been a model, had she wanted to.

Chasni had striking powder-blue eyes, pale white perfectly-colored skin, and long almost-jet-black straight hair that came half-way down her back. She was part Latvian and part English.

And to top it all off, Chasni was raised in London, and spoke with a delightful-sounding British accent that road on top of her silky-smooth feminine voice.

John was now 59 years old, and Ed was 60. And they had know each other for many, many years.

John turned to Ed, and quietly whispered, "I thought you said that she'd be out of the house tonight."

"I did," Ed quickly whispered back, "But she decided to stay. So I made her promise to leave us alone, and not bother us, while we're havin' our 'boy's night' together."

"Oh, I'm doing pretty good, I guess," John loudly answered back to Chasni.

"Well, did you bring 'em with you?" Ed whispered to John.

"Yes," John whispered right back, patting his pants pocket, and then asked, "Do you have what you promised me?"

"Of course," Ed quietly replied, with a big grin on this face.

Chasni came into the family room, and exchanged Hollywood actress-style hugs and cheek air-kisses with John, and then with her husband.

"Well, I'm going to leave you two boys alone for the evening," Chasni said, turning around to leave the room. But then she stopped at the bottom of the stairs, and added, "I'll be upstairs in my bedroom, gentlemen. Just give me a call, if you need me for anything. And try not to do anything too naughty while I'm gone--because I'll be watching you."

Chasni walked up the stairs, and down the second story hallway. Then Ed got up off the sofa and made sure that the front door was locked, before he sat back down beside John.

John quickly whispered to Ed, "What the hell did Chasni mean about her 'watching us'?"

"Don't worry. She was just kiddin' with us, John. Like I told you already, Chasni promised to stay locked in our bedroom all evening, unless I specifically ask her to come down here and join us. She knows that you and I are close friends, and that we value our privacy whenever we get together. Hey, you wanna beer?" Ed asked.

"No, not really," John answered. "You know what I'm here for."

"Yeah, I know," Ed answered, and then grabbed the TV controller that was laying on top of the coffee table, right in front of the sofa. He pressed the power button to turn on the 70-inch, high-definition, flat-screen television that was permanently mounted on the wall on the other side of the family room, directly in front of the sofa.

When the large TV screen finally came to life, it displayed a Web browser window that filled the screen, with multiple tabs opened across the top of the browser window. Naturally, John assumed that each tabbed Web page featured a different video from different porn sites.

Ed started up the first video, which showed an Anglo man fucking an Asian woman, who had a very hairy pussy. Ed had already taken the "necessary precaution" of drastically lowering and setting the sound level of the video to the point where it was just barely loud enough to be heard in the family room.

"I'm impressed," John remarked, "I see you were ready-and-waiting for me."

Ed went to the kitchen, and got both of them a couple of glasses of water. He came back into the family room, set the water glasses down on the coffee table in front of the sofa, and then sat back down on the sofa, right beside John.

As both men were watching the porn video, Ed nonchalantly unbuckled his pants, unzipped his zipper, stuck his hand down inside the front of his underwear, and began massaging his penis.

When John saw what Ed was doing, he went ahead and did the same thing.

John saw the man in the video pull his dick out of the Asian lady's pussy, and then squirt his sperm all over her stomach.

"Oh shit! I wish they wouldn't do that in those damn porn movies," John remarked. "I'd much rather watch a guy squirt sperm inside a woman's pussy, any day of the week. I mean, there's really no point in fucking a woman, if you're not gonna try to fertilize her--or at least, pretend that you are."

"Hey, I'm with you," Ed replied, as he grabbed the remote control, switched the browser window over to the next tab, and started up the embedded video.

This porn flick showed a light-skinned, black guy with an average-size penis fucking a petite-size, red-headed, white lady. "I think you're gonna like this one. This guy fills up this girl's little pink, shaved pussy with sperm."

"Now you're talkin'," John said. "And by the way, isn't the Internet great? I'm glad we don't have to buy all those damn porn video tapes any more."

"So, are you ready to do some 'swordfighting'?" Ed asked jokingly, as he pulled his long boner out of his underwear, and moved it from side-to-side with his hand, waving it as if it were a little sword.

"God, I can't believe we actually did that as kids," John replied.

"Join the club. I can't believe that you actually fucked your own sister either," Ed said. "Boy, you sure were excited when we got together that next time, and you told me all about what had happened that night."

"Hey, I'll tell you what I really can't believe. I can't believe that you took my ex-wife's virginity two years before I ever met her."

"Wait a minute there, hoss! I didn't take Nettie's virginity--she gave it to me. There's a big difference. God, that girl was so oversexed that it wasn't even funny. I can't believe that you went ahead and married her!" Ed quipped back, causing them both to laugh out loud.

"Yeah, and she stayed that way too--the whole time that I was married to her," John said, before adding, "that is, until after she hit menopause. Then she became a totally different person."

"I know exactly what you mean. My first wife went through that menopause crap. And I can tell you that it was no picnic. Oh sure, she put on a good face whenever you were around. But she was goin' 'screaming meemies' on me from time to time, whenever we were alone together. That's one big reason why I left her ass, and traded her in for a new model," Ed said sarcastically, reaching back with his right arm to point towards the staircase, and both men laughed even more.

Ed glanced over at the television, and saw that the black guy in the porn video was happily pumping his massive wad of sperm into the red-headed lady's baby-bare pussy-hole.

Ed also noticed that John wasn't watching the TV any more. Instead, John was staring at Ed's dick.

At a little over seven and a half inches in length, Ed's fully-erect, circumcised dick was nearly twice as long as John's was. And John absolutely loved the way that Ed's long penis looked, with its sleek helmet-shaped dick-head, complimented perfectly by the pair of modest-size testicles, that were currently clinging snugly up against the base of Ed's dick-shaft.

John had always admired Ed's genitals, ever since he had first laid eyes on them, back when he was a young boy. And John would have gladly jumped at the chance to somehow magically replace his own dick and balls with genitals that looked exactly like Ed's.

Ed stood up, and took off his pants and underwear. John did the same, and both men sat back down on the sofa, right next to each other, with the sides of their bare hips touching. They reached across into each other's laps, and began fondling each other's genitals.

"God, Ed, I've missed this, man! We've got to do this more often," John stated.

"Hey, I love your dick too, man! But this isn't why we got together tonight, is it?" Ed asked.

"No, it isn't. Tonight's supposed to be a 'special night' for both of us," John replied. "So, here they are," John said, reaching into the pocket of his pants, which were crumpled up on the floor, and pulling out a transparent zipper-topped gallon-size plastic bag. He opened the top of the bag, pulled out a pair of soiled plain white cotton women's panties, and handed them to Ed.

"Do you swear that these are Nettie's panties, and that they haven't been washed since she wore 'em?" Ed asked.

"Yes. I got them out of the laundry hamper myself the night that she kicked me out of the house," John replied.

"Good," Ed said. "Now just wait here a minute, and I'll go get what I promised you."

Ed dropped Nettie's panties onto the couch, and took off down the hall towards the laundry room. He was still naked from the waist down.

While Ed was out of the room, John thought about the irony in the fact that Ed had actually asked him for a pair of Jan's soiled panties.

John remembered how he had met Janette in high school, and fallen head-over-heels for her, never realizing that she was Ed's niece--the same niece that Ed had sexually molested over and over again, back when she was a young girl. Ed had always called her Nettie, instead of Jan. And back then, Ed had bragged so much to John about molesting Nettie, that he had actually made John envious of him.

But then John's older sister, Val, had come along and changed all that--in one night. After that "special night" with Val, John didn't have any desire to molest young girls, like Nettie. His "new goal" was to try to have sex with girls his own age, or even older.

Nearly a year after that "special night" with Val had taken place, John was visiting Ed at his new efficiency apartment. And while the two of them were fondling each other's genitals, getting ready to start masturbating each other, Ed made an unexpected confession to John.

"I finally did it, man," Ed told John. "Last night, I fucked Nettie! She came over to see me. And the minute that she stepped into my apartment, she began takin' off all her clothes, and she begged me to take her virginity. She's only 18, and I probably shouldn't have done it. But she was standin' there, butt-naked, in my apartment. And I just couldn't turn down an 'offer' like that.

"Besides, Nettie promised me that she couldn't get pregnant, because she said that she wasn't fertile that night. So I went ahead and fucked her hard. And I could tell that she was enjoyin' the hell out of it, believe it or not.

"I mean, Nettie wanted me to keep fuckin' her over and over again. And so after that very first time, I went ahead and fucked her two more times, before she finally left my apartment. And she even sucked my dick between each time, to help me get another boner, so that I could fuck her again.

"But I can guarantee you that I won't be fuckin' Nettie any more. It's just too dangerous. I'm 18 now. Can you imagine what would happen to me if I got a jailbait girl like Nettie pregnant? God, I hope she doesn't get pregnant from last night!"

John thought about how, two years later, Janette had turned out to be quite the nymphomaniac, which is something that John had learned on their very first date, when Jan had let him "get all the way to third base," without putting up any resistance whatsoever.

But what stood out most in John's mind was their second date together, when Jan had let John "score a home run"--which had actually turned into two "home runs," back-to-back.

During that second date with John, Jan had pulled off her panties, and hiked up her skirt, before lying down on her back in the back seat of John's car.

He had tried to put a condom on his dick before he started fucking her. But she took the condom away from him, threw it on the floorboard, and motioned for him to lie down on top of her. She had even reached down, grabbed hold of his dick with her hand, and stuck the head of it up into her own vagina.

John had started freaking out, telling her that he was worried that he might get her pregnant. But Jan had told him to go ahead and "do it" with her, and not to worry about any of that "pregnancy stuff," because it was her "safe time" of the month.

So, against his better judgement, John had went ahead and fucked the crap out of Jan that night. He was so excited during their first-ever intercourse, that he managed to cum inside her pussy twice, before he finally pulled out of her. And that's how he got Jan pregnant with their twins.

John didn't find out until a few years later that Jan and Nettie were really the same person.

Ironically, at around that same time period, John finally discovered that Jan was actually a masochist.

They were having sex together one evening, when Jan decided to finally let husband in on her deepest, darkest "dirty little secret." She did this by asking John to squeeze her clit really hard, and to also call her bad names while he was doing that.

That evening was also the very first time that John ever witnessed his wife having a very strong, gushing orgasm.

And ever since then, even though John didn't have any sadistic tendencies whatsoever, he always went ahead and played along with Jan's little "sado-masochistic games" during sex, because she was his wife, and he loved her--and most importantly, he knew that it always made her orgasm her butt off, whenever he was verbally and physically abusing her.

Ed finally came back into the family room, snapping John out of his little daydream. Ed had a pair of fancy-looking blue satin, lace-trimmed panties in his hand, and he gave the panties over to John. Ed sat back down, right beside John on the sofa, picked up Jan's panties from the sofa seat, gave them to John, and said, "Now I want you to wrap Nettie's panties around my dick."

John did just that. And Ed showed his approval by saying, "Oh yeah, that's it."

"So you swear that these are Chasni's panties?" John asked, and then almost immediately realized that the cotton lining of the panty-crotch was still damp with what John assumed to be Chasni's pussy-leakage.

"Yes, of course they're Chasni's panties," Ed replied, as he took Chasni's panties back from John, and then wrapped them around John's penis. "She just took 'em off, right before she showered, and changed into her evening gown. So, have you gotten any pussy lately?"

"Yeah, just a couple days ago, as a matter of fact. Let's just say that Lisa's roommate 'likes me a lot,'" John said, knowing full well that he wasn't going to say a word about his taboo sexual relationship with Lisa. "And Vicki really knows how to fuck a man too."

"I thought you told me that she was a lesbian."

"Well, I guess she's not any more," John replied, and both men laughed at John's witty remark, as they were both rubbing the heads of their dicks against the crotches of their respective wrapped-around panties.

"Gosh, I envy you John. Women have sex with you because they want to."

At first, John was floored by Ed's statement. Throughout his entire life, the only women that John had actually managed to bed--with the sole exception of Vicki--had all been members of his own family.

But then John quickly realized that Ed's statement was also very true, because all of the women in John's life--including Vicki--had always seduced him into having sex with them, and not the other way around.

"In my case," Ed continued on, "The only reason why Chasni lets me fuck her nowadays is because she knows that she has to do her 'wifely duty.' And even then, she just lies on her back, spreads her legs open, and lets me do all the work. It feels like I'm just an 'inconvenience' to her. She doesn't even try to fake an orgasm any more."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Ed," John said.

"Don't be. I knew what I was gettin' into when I married her a few years back. I knew that she was a gold-digger, and that she was just after me for my money. I mean, let's face it. Chasni is the very definition of a 'trophy wife.' Christ, I'm nearly twice her age, and she certainly didn't marry me for my good looks," Ed said, with a sarcastic smirk on his face, which made both men laugh again.

"Yeah, I'm sure she doesn't find your big beer-gut--and that hairy back of yours--to be very attractive," John added, as both men kept laughing.

"But at least, at first, the sex was great," Ed said, as their laughter was winding down. "And it stayed that way, until Chasni started feeling that her biological clock was ticking. That happened earlier this year. And that's when everything quickly went downhill.

"It was obvious to me that Chasni was going through some sort of mid-life crisis, and she seemed to all-of-the-sudden show an intense interest in younger men--you know, men who were around her own age, or younger.

"I even gave her the okay to go out and fuck some other men, if that's what she felt that she needed to do, in order to be happy. My only stipulation to her was that she be honest with me about it, and not do it behind my back. And believe or not, I was fine with that.

"Heck, I even thought about hidin' in the bedroom closet, and secretly watchin' Chasni fuck another man, right in our own bedroom. In fact, I have to be honest with you. That thought really turns me on."

"Wow!" was all the John could say to his friend's heart-felt confession.

"Well, I waited and waited, and Chasni never mentioned anything to me about her havin' sex with other men. But I noticed that she had begun douchin' a lot. And by 'a lot,' I mean just about every day.

"The reason I know this, is because she always pulls the bulb off of her douche wand, after she has finished usin' it. And then she leaves both pieces lyin' on the side of the bathtub, so that they can dry out.

"Of course, I got very suspicious. I mean, why would Chasni start douchin' so much? Think about it.

"So I assumed that Chasni was using her douche to rinse other guys' sperm out of her pussy, in order to keep me from discoverin' what she was doing. And I set about findin' a way that I could prove my 'theory.' Here, let me show you."

Ed reached for the TV controller, stopped the video that was playing, and clicked on another tab in the browser window. It showed a video that was paused at the first frame. There was really nothing in the frame, except for a king-size bed with a night stand on each side, and a doorway.

"Do you recognize this room, John? That's my bedroom. It's on a Monday, in the early afternoon, which is exactly when I'm at work.

"I set up my laptop on the dresser, and just left it there for a while, so that Chasni wouldn't think anything about it. Then one day, I aimed the laptop camera right at the foot of the bed, and turned on the video recorder program, and just let it record everything for a whole week.

"When I finally checked the recordin', I realized that I had been right about the douchin'. And I also understood why Chasni hadn't been honest with me, and told me about her havin' sex with other guys.

"And that was because those 'other guys' all turned out to be people I knew. And Chasni was fuckin' all of 'em, right in our own bedroom, while I was away at work."

John's mouth dropped wide-open upon hearing this "unexpected piece of news." And he almost said something to Ed at this point. But then John quickly decided that it would be much better for him to stay quiet, and let Ed continue on with his story, so that he could get everything off his chest.

"The first guy I caught on camera was my next door neighbor, Phil," Ed admitted. "He lives in the house next to my driveway. He's around 35 or 40. And he's married.

"But that didn't stop him from coming over at around lunchtime to fuck my 'trophy wife.' And I caught every bit of it on camera, from her blowjob, to his pussy-eating, to their missionary-style hump-fest.

"But that's not the most amazin' part. Later that same afternoon, at around 4:30, Chasni brings another much-younger guy into our bedroom, and fucks him too. But this time it's just a quickie. She didn't even get undressed first. She just pulls her pants down, and bends over the bed, and lets the guy fuck her from behind.

"Well, that other guy turned out to be Phil's teenage son, Rick. He can't be older than 18 or 19. Heck, I'm not even sure if he's still in high school or not. But I am sure of one thing. He lost his virginity to Chasni that afternoon.

"He admitted that to Chasni himself, right before he started fuckin' her. And I believe him too, because he only managed to last a couple of minutes, before he shot his wad.

"But that didn't seem to matter at all to Chasni. She was squealin' away in sheer delight the whole time that he was pumpin' his sperm into her pussy. If you don't believe me, just watch for yourself."

John's mouth had just stayed wide-open the whole time that Ed was telling his "incredible story" to John.

Ed took the controller, and switched to a different browser tab. He had already queued up the video to where he wanted it to start.

When Ed pushed the "Play" button, the video sprang to life, showing Chasni and Rick standing just inside the bedroom doorway. She's got the front of her jeans open, with the zipper pulled down, and she's letting Rick stick his hand down inside of her panties, so that he can feel out her pussy.

Rick has got his pants zipper pulled down too, with his bare erect dick popped out of the front of the "V"-shaped opening. Chasni is fondling his dick, and tenderly kissing him over and over on various parts of his face and neck.

She asks him if he likes her pussy. And of course, he tells her that he likes it a lot. Then she tells him that she loves his dick, and that she wants to feel it inside her.

That's when Rick admits to her that he's never been with a woman before. And that turned out to be Chasni's "cue" to pull her pants and panties down around her thighs. She bends over the bed, spreads her long legs apart, teasingly shakes her bare butt at him, and asks him what he's waiting for.

Rick follows her over towards the bed, quickly mounts her from the rear, and starts humping away at her pussy, like a dog in heat.

It was easy to tell exactly when Rick started to cum inside her, because Chasni reacted by getting very vocal. The video quality wasn't that great, but it was good enough so that one could easily see Rick's freshly-ejaculated sperm dripping out of Chasni's baby-making hole, and falling down onto the floor, next to the bed.

"Oh God, that's one of the most erotic things that I've ever seen," John said.

"Hey, you ain't seen nothin' yet!" Ed replied, stopping the video playback. "Wait 'til you see some of the other videos that Chasni made that week--without her consent, of course," Ed said, with a sarcastic look on his face. And once again, both men laughed at Ed's witty remark.

"Chasni took a break the next day," Ed continued on. "And I guess it's a good thing that she did, because the day after that, she ended up fuckin' the crap out of another guy.

"It happened around 11:00 in the morning, on a Wednesday. This guy's in his early 20's, and he's in college, and of course I knew him. His name is Jerome, and he's our paper boy. And he just happens to be a black guy. He's a foreign exchange student from Nigeria.

"At any rate, I guess he had come around to our house to collect his newspaper fee for next month, and had ended up gettin' an 'unexpected bonus' in the process, if you get my drift.

"This black kid is tall, and very dark-skinned. And he has an extremely long dick. God, it must be a good 10 inches long. I mean, he couldn't even fit it all into Chasni's pussy. And her pussy isn't exactly small either.

"Once they got coupled-up, they kept fuckin' for almost an hour and half. Of course, they kept switchin' body positions and all that, but he ended up cummin' inside her pussy several times. Here. Let me show you."

"We're not gonna watch the whole thing, are we?" John asked, finally breaking his self-imposed silence.

"Heck no," Ed replied. "I've queued it up to the part where Jerome is just about to cum inside Chasni's pussy for the very first time. All I can say is that I'm jealous of that son of a bitch, because I was never able to make Chasni orgasm her ass off like that during intercourse. I'm tellin' you, you've got to see this to believe it."

And with that, Ed switches tabs in the television browser window, and hits the "Play" button.

Chasni is lying on her back with Jerome humping away at her pussy in a missionary-style position. But it was a modified one, with him kneeling between her spread legs, because, just like Ed had said, Jerome's large dark-brown-skinned dick was so long that he couldn't fit the whole length of it inside of Chasni's vagina.

Meanwhile, Chasni is panting hard at first, and then later, screaming out in orgasmic ecstasy, while she's squirting out spurts of her urine all over Jerome's lower torso and his genitals.

Jerome just keeps methodically thrusting away, until his dick starts to throb repeatedly, as he's filling up Chasni's vagina with his "man-seed," until the sperm is literally overflowing from her vaginal entrance.

At that point, Ed abruptly stops the video playback. "I think you get the idea," Ed remarked.

"How can you watch that? I mean, you just sat there, and watched a black guy fuck your wife, in your own bed. And you even let me watch it too. Doesn't that bother you?" John asked.

"Hell yes, it bothers me! But it also turns me on like crazy. How would you feel if it were Jan, or Lisa--instead of Chasni--in the video that you just saw? I know you well, my friend, and I'm positive that that would turn you on like mad.

"Believe me, I'm strugglin' to hold back my orgasm right now. And during this next video, I might just shoot my wad. Who knows? Just wait 'til you see it. I'm not gonna tell you anything about it, except that it took place the very next mornin'. Just watch the video and let me know what you think."

Ed reached for the controller, switched to another browser tab, and pressed the "Play" button one more time. Then he reached across into John's lap, and took Chasni's panties off of John's dick, placing them on the seat beside him. And then Ed began feeling out John's dick and balls.

John automatically reached over, and removed Jan's panties from around Ed's dick. And then John started feeling out Ed's dick and balls too.

When the video starts up, Chasni is wearing a sexy-looking, bright-yellow, sheer silk dressing gown covered in a bold flower-pattern motif. It comes down to just above her knees, leaving her attractive lower legs and her bare feet exposed. And she's got a long strip of the same sheer material tied around her waist, acting as a belt.

"Right this way, Father Marcus," Chasni says, leading a 30-something-year-old man into the middle of hers and Ed's bedroom. Then she quickly circles around him to end up standing at the bedroom doorway, directly behind him.

This man is fully dressed in the traditional Catholic priest's black outfit, with that distinctive white collar across the front of his lower neck.

"I came by this morning because you told me that you were going to make a generous donation to the Orphan Relief Fund," the priest said, turning around to face Chasni.

"And I promise, I'll get to that later," Chasni said, slowly closing the bedroom door, and then leaning back against it, intentionally striking a sexy pose. "But right now, you're the only 'orphan' I want to 'relieve.'"

Chasni sticks her index finger into her mouth, and teasingly sucks on it for a few moments, before pulling it out of her mouth, and slowly tracing the sign of the cross on her bare breastbone, pulling open the front of the night gown to do it.

"Forgive me, Father, for I'm about to sin," Chasni says, while she's undoing the tied cloth belt at the front of her night gown, and then letting the whole gown fall wide-open to each side, revealing her totally nude, brick shit-house of a body underneath.

"Mrs. Chadwick, what are you doing?" the priest asks frantically.

"Oh, not much, really. I'm just doing my part to keep one more sex-starved Catholic priest from molesting some poor little boy out there," Chasni replies, as she reaches up with both hands, and begins teasingly massaging her own breasts in front of Father Marcus. And Chasni had been blessed with an incredibly sexy-looking pair of very firm, medium-size breasts that rode high up on her chest, and had conical-shaped, puffed-out areolae, topped off with unusually-long nipples.

"We don't all molest little boys, you know," says the priest.

"So you like girls then. Good. Then you should like me," Chasni says, approaching the priest, like a lioness stalking her prey. "Do you like my breasts, father?"

"Mrs. Chadwick, this is simply not appropriate," Father Marcus reminds her.

"Please call me Chasni. I think that's much more appropriate, since I'm standing here naked in front of you."

"Okay, 'Chasni' then. We shouldn't be doing this. It's just not right."

"What's the matter, father? Is the sight of my hairy pussy turning you on too much?"

"No, it's not that," the priest replied, as he was feeling his penis rapidly growing inside his pants, and making a total liar out of him.

"Do you like my pussy, father?" Chasni asked, grabbing the priest's hand and shoving it up directly underneath her pussy mound. "Go ahead, it's okay, father. I want you to touch it and feel it."

And the priest begins to tentatively explore Chasni's pussy crack with his fingers, while he looks upward and says, "Oh God, please help me fight off this temptation." The fact is, that it had been many many years since the good father's hand had touched a real live pussy.

Chasni reaches across into the priest's crotch, and begins massaging the bulge that's growing inside the front of his pants.

"I'll bet you jack off a lot," Chasni says.

"I mean it! We can't do this! Chasni, stop right now!" the priest insists, knowing that he's quickly losing the battle to try to stay celibate.

"But we're already doing it, father. And I can tell that you're really liking it. You wouldn't be getting a hard-on, if your weren't enjoying it," Chasni replies.

"But if anyone ever finds out about this--"

"Don't worry," Chasni reassures him, "No one's ever going to know. I'm certainly not going to tell anyone. Are you?"

"Of course not."

"Well, then let's just have some fun together, okay? Why don't you go ahead and feel out my breasts."

Father Marcus is more than happy to follow Chasni's suggestion. And this time, he does it without making any verbal objections.

"So, do you jack off a lot? What with being a priest and all?" Chasni asks, as she unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his pants and pulls down his zipper, so that she can get to his bare, fully-erect penis.

"More than I care to admit."

"Have you ever fucked a nun?" Chasni pauses for a moment to let the priest answer, but when he doesn't answer, she adds, "I only ask, because I've heard that some priests really do that."

"They do. But I'm not one of those priests. I just masturbate. That's all."

"So then, how often do you jack off?" Chasni prods him.

"Probably about once or twice a week. I know I'm not supposed to, but I just can't help myself. I get so horny after a few days, and that's the only thing that brings me relief, and allows me to function as a good priest, so that I don't feel any need to have sex with little boys or girls--or nuns, for that matter."

Chasni gently pulls Father Marcus's pants and underwear down around his thighs to expose his whole "package."

Then she gets down on her knees in front of him, and playfully tongues the tip of his penis a few times.

"Show me how you jack off, father," Chasni demands, "I want you to jack off in front of me right now! Show me what a 'bad boy' you really are."

And the priest begins hand-pumping his penis with his right hand, while he's fondling his own balls with his left hand.

That's awesome!" Chasni remarks. "But you don't normally feel out your own balls while you're jacking off, do you father? I mean, you're just doing that right now, because you're trying to turn me on, aren't you?"


"Well, don't do that!" Chasni harshly admonishes him. "I want you to jack off in front of me the exact same way that you do, whenever you're all alone by yourself."

Upon hearing this, the priest quickly drops his left hand back down to his side and leaves it hanging there, while he continues pumping up and down on his dick-shaft with his right hand.

"That's much better, father," Chasni says, showing her approval. "Now, do you want to see how I masturbate? I've always called it 'playing with myself.'"

"Sure," Father Marcus almost-instantly replies, rapidly nodding his head.

Chasni gets up from her knees, and stands in front of him. Then she spreads her legs apart, reaches down into her own crotch, and starts fingering herself.

And the two of them don't say another word to each other, as they spend the next few minutes quietly masturbating themselves, while they're each staring at the other person's genitals.

"Oh God! I'm cumming!" Chasni proudly announces in an overly-loud voice, and then orgasms very strongly, as her pussy is repeatedly squirting out small spurts of urine and pussy cum-juice all over the floor, between her spread-apart legs.

After her orgasm subsides, she says to the priest, "My pussy's so wet right now! Do you want to feel how wet I am, father?"

"Ungh hungh," the priest quickly hums back, nodding his head again.

"Okay. But I don't want you to use your fingers this time. No sir. I want you to use that nice big 'holy finger' that you've got down between your legs. Can you do that for me, father?" Chasni asks, and the priest keeps on nodding his head.

"Good. Now let me get in a position where you can touch and feel my wet pussy easier with that big 'holy finger' of yours."

Chasni turns towards the bed, leans over it, hikes her night gown up around her waist, spreads her legs apart, and shakes her butt to indicate that she's waiting for the priest to have his 'special communion' with her.

And the priest immediately gets behind her, and rubs the head of his dick up and down along her wet pussy crack a few times, before he mounts her from behind.

"What the hell are you doing, father?" Chasni yells out loudly, pretending to be offended by the priest's actions. "I didn't give you permission to fuck me. You're being such a bad boy right now! You ought to be ashamed of yourself!"

However, it's obvious that Chasni is totally surprised and shocked when Father Marcus actually takes her verbal barrage of 'being a bad boy' comments seriously, and he responds by pulling his dick completely out of her pussy.

"'t!" Chasni emphatically warns the priest, reaching around to grab hold of his penis, and then inserts it right back into her own vagina. "I was just kidding with you, father. I really want you inside me right now," she says in a very serious tone-of-voice, and then quickly shifts her voice to sound like a small girl's voice, before she continues on with, "Please, oh pretty please...I've been such a naughty little girl...I need you to squirt your special 'holy water' deep inside me...and cleanse me of all my sins..."

Then the priest continues to hump away at Chasni's hairy pussy, while he's still fully-clothed from the waist up, with his pants and underwear pulled down around his thighs.

And their intercourse is over with very quickly. Father Marcus only manages to last about half as long as the next-door neighbor's teenage son did in the earlier video clip, when Chasni was taking his virginity.

But, just like with the teenage boy, when the priest starts to cum deep inside her vagina, Chasni initially squeals out in sheer delight. However, this time, she actually ends up giggling away throughout the remainder of his sperm-release, acting just like a little English school girl.

As soon as the priest's orgasm and sperm ejaculation ends, he pulls his dick out of Chasni's pussy, and he quickly stuffs it back into his underwear, before pulling his pants back up.

"I apologize for what just happened, Mrs. Chadwick. I couldn't help myself. I gave in to the desires of the flesh," Father Marcus says.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with that. You're only human, you know. So am I. Didn't you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes, of course I did."

"Well, I did too. And that's all that really matters," Chasni insists.

"But I hope and pray that I didn't just get you pregnant," he says, showing genuine concern in his voice.

"Why are you worried about that, father?" Chasni asks. "I thought that the Bible teaches us to 'go forth and multiply.' So what I'm really hoping and praying is that you did just get me pregnant. Of course, if that's how things turn out, I won't ever tell anyone that you're the father, father," Chasni quips, giving Father Marcus a devilish grin, followed by a single overly-exaggerated wink of her left eye. "Tell you what. I'll just let Ed think it's his baby, so that you can keep on being a priest."

"Thank God for that!" Father Marcus replies, pressing the palms of his hands together and looking upward, as if he were praying.

"I'll bet that the next time you jack off, if you think about what we just did together today, it'll make you cum so hard that you'll feel like you're in heaven," Chasni says, with the same devilish grin on her face and a wicked gleam in her eye, before leaning over to give the father a tender peck on the cheek.

"I'm sure you're right," the priest says, bear-hugging Chasni for an inappropriate amount of time, considering the fact that he was a priest. And upon finally pulling way for her, he says, "Well, Chasni, have a great afternoon. And God bless you! You're a true angel!" Then Father Marcus starts to head out of the bedroom.

"Wait a minute!" Chasni yells back at him, to get him to stop and turn around. "Don't you want your check? After all, that's what you came here for, isn't it?"

And with that, Chasni reaches into the drawer of the night stand by her side of the bed, pulls out the check book, and tears out an already-filled out check. She hands the check over to the priest, before he leaves the bedroom, and disappears off-camera.

Chasni, with her unbelted night gown still hanging to each side, follows him out of the room. And the sound of the front door closing is heard, along with the sound of a car backing out of the driveway, before driving off down the street.

Ed grabbed hold of the controller, and stopped the video playback. "Before I play this next video for you, I've gotta warn you that this one beats 'em all."

"Oh, it can't be that bad, can it?" John asked.

"Why don't you tell me. About a year and a half ago, Chasni asked me to get her a dog as a pet. We looked around, and she ended up wanting a German Sheppard.

"At the time, it hit me kind of strange that she didn't want a puppy, like most people would. She also didn't want a female dog. Instead, she got a full-grown, two-year-old, pure-bred, male dog who was already well-trained and socialized.

"After we had Rex for a few months, I wanted to get him fixed. But Chasni insisted that I leave him intact, because she said that she might want to breed him in the future. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that what Chasni was really wanting was for Rex to breed with her."

"Oh shit!" John exclaimed loudly. "No fucking way!"

"Yes, fucking way," Ed replied, and he switched browser tabs over to another page that was already playing its embedded video.

The TV screen shows Chasni in the bedroom with her large male German Sheppard, Rex. She takes off her night gown, and lays it down on the chair in the bedroom. After getting completely naked, Chasni sits down at the foot of the bed, and she spreads her legs far apart.

Rex excitedly dives into Chasni's pussy with his muzzle. He's sniffing her pussy with his nose, and his tongue is frantically lapping away at her "pussy-pie."

"That's it, baby," Chasni says to the dog in a high-pitched, baby-talk tone-of-voice, "Lick Mommy's pussy, and get it nice and clean. Oh yeah. That's it. Don't stop now..."

Rex continues to lick away at Chasni's pussy for a couple more minutes, with her obviously enjoying every second of it, until she finally says to the dog, "That's good, baby. Mommy's nice and clean now. And I've got a 'special treat' for you. Get up here," Chasni says, patting the bed with her hand.

And Rex jumps up onto the bed with her. "Now, roll over, sweetie," Chasni says, and Rex rolls over onto his back, and automatically splays his hind legs apart to each side, with his tail wagging from side-to-side, indicating that he's a happy dog.

"That's a good boy," Chasni praises Rex, and she reaches down into his doggie-crotch, grabs hold of the long furry sheath that protects his doggie-penis, and retracts the sheath all the way down to the base of his shaft, in one smooth motion. She holds it there with her left hand, as she leans over his crotch.

Then she slides her mouth down around the sharply-pointed head of the perpetually-slick, dark-red, vein-ridden doggie-penis. And she starts bobbing her head up and down as she gives Rex a blowjob, while she's diddling away at her own freshly-licked pussy with her right hand at the same time.

"Oh, fuck!" Ed unexpectedly cried out.

And John felt Ed's penis pulsate drastically in his hand. It only throbbed one time, but John knew exactly what that single strong pulsation meant. He looked down at Ed's dick-head just in time to see a thick glob of sperm ooze out of his piss-hole slit. And that was all John needed to confirm his suspicion that Ed was just moments away from shooting his wad.

"God damn it! This part always gets to me," Ed said, obviously not very happy about the fact that he had reached such a high level of mental sexual excitement that he wasn't able to hold back his orgasm any longer.

"Do you want me to finish you off?" John asked, intentionally using Ed's special code phrase of "finish you off," which really meant "jack you off, while sucking your dick, until you cum in my mouth."

Ed just nodded. And John quickly leaned over into Ed's lap, swooped down on Ed's leaky dick-head with his mouth, and began sucking away on it, while he hand-pumped up and down on Ed's dick-shaft in a steady, moderately-fast manner--which was just the way that Ed had always liked it.

And the irony was not lost on John that he was now doing the same thing to Ed that Chasni was doing to Rex in the video that was still playing on the TV. A thousand thoughts ran through John's mind very rapidly.

He wondered what it would be like to suck a dog's penis. But he knew that he simply didn't have the balls to ever actually do that in real life. Although, he thought back to the time when he was a young boy, and he had spent about five minutes of his life curiously-but-innocently touching and feeling out the odd-looking doggie-dick on his family's pet Golden Retriever.

John thought about how his ex-wife, Jan would flip out and "have a cow" if she were to walk in on him and Ed right now, and catch him sucking away on her Uncle Ed's penis--the very same penis that had taken her virginity so many years ago.

John remembered how Ed used to live down the block from him, and how they had become good friends--and then later, secret jack-off buddies, back when John was only 18.

He thought about how his and Ed's clandestine adolescent sexual relationship had naturally blossomed into much more than just jacking off together. John and Ed would get together at least two or three times a week, and they would experiment with all sorts of sexual acts that two guys could perform with each other. They jacked each other off, sucked each other's dicks, and even fucked each other in the butt. Ed's favorite sex act had eventually turned out to be fellatio, whereas John's was mutual masturbation.

John thought about how he and Ed weren't really homosexuals. Instead, they were both bi-sexual, which meant that they both liked girls a lot. In fact, during the early years of their relationship, it was common for them to both look at porn photos of naked women, usually from pages that had been torn out of men's magazines, while Ed and John were "getting in the mood" to have sex together. And Ed and John always bragged to each other about their independent sexual experiences and "conquests" involving girls. And even now, Ed and John liked to watch heterosexual porn video clips to get in the mood to have sex together.

And John thought about how he had managed to keep his and Ed's long-standing sexual relationship a complete secret over the last several decades. Of course, nowadays, John and Ed were lucky if they ended up getting together two or three times a year to have sex with each other. But, just like Ed, John always looked forward to those special "get-togethers." John had fondled Ed's dick so many times over the years, that jacking off Ed's erect penis felt almost as natural to John's hand as jacking off his own dick did.

While John was sucking away on Ed's dick-head, Ed ejaculated his wad inside John's mouth, and John swallowed all the sperm. John didn't really like the taste of sperm at all. But over the years he had learned to tolerate it well enough, so that he could give Ed the type of blowjob that he really liked.

John pulled his head up out of Ed's lap, and then grabbed one of the rolled-up, damp washcloths that Ed had strategically placed on top of the coffee table, right before John had arrived. And John used the washcloth to gently clean up Ed's genitals.

"God, I love the way that you suck me!" Ed said. "You really know how to make me miss you, when you're not here."

"Hey, that's what friends are for," John said. "I'm just trying not to wear out my welcome. That's all."

"So, when are you gonna cum?" Ed asked.

"Just keep playing with my balls. That's all I can say. If you touch my dick right now, you're gonna make me cum. And I don't wanna do that until after I've seen this whole video."

John looks back up at the video on the TV just in time to see Chasni pull her mouth up off of Rex's penis. His doggie-dick is so blood-engorged, that the furry sheath stays retracted around the very base of his ballooned-out shaft, even though Chasni removes her hand from his penis. John had no idea that a German Sheppard's erect penis could get so large.

"Okay, boy," Chasni says to Rex, "Are you ready to 'make some puppies' with Mommy?"

And when the dog hears the phrase "make some puppies," Rex's ears perk right up. He quickly flips back over onto his four paws, jumps off the side of the bed and runs to foot of the bed, wagging his tail and dancing all around.

He excitedly whimpers at Chasni several times, until she finally slides over to sit at the foot of the bed. She lies down on her back, and spreads her legs far apart, with her feet still planted on the floor. And Rex immediately knows what to do.

The dog gets in between her spread legs, and jumps up on the bed, but only to place his front paws on either side of Chasni's torso. With his hind legs still on the floor, Rex begins humping away at the air.

"Hang on there, boy. Let me help you out a little bit," Chasni says. And she reaches down between her legs to search for and grab hold of his slick doggie-penis, so that she can guide it towards her vaginal opening, while at same time, she adjusts her body-position to make it easier for Rex to couple-up with her.

"Don't worry, boy. You're not going to leave this bedroom, without getting the chance to 'make some puppies' with Mommy first." Chasni says to Rex. And when Rex finally finds his "target," and begins assaulting Chasni's baby-making hole with his pistoning penis, she instantly gives him her approval, by crying out, "Oh God yes! Yes! That's it, boy. Oooh, you feel so hot inside me. Yeah, that's it! Fuck me hard! Oh shit yes!..."

"Oh Fuck!" John remarked.

"Are you gettin' ready to cum?" Ed asked, turning away from the TV to look straight at John.

"Oh hell yes!" John answered.

"Do you want me to finish you off?"

"You bet!"

"Well, I'm not gonna do that. Because tonight's a 'special night.' Remember?"

"So do you want me to finish myself off?" John asked, feeling pretty confused, because throughout their long relationship, Ed had always insisted that they both finish each other off.

"I wouldn't dream of it," Ed replied to John, and then turned his head back towards the TV screen, before he called out, "Oh, Chasni, dear. Would you please stop 'making puppies' with Rex, and come down here, so that you can finish off our guest?"

"Sure," the "Chasni" on the TV screen answers, looking straight at Ed and John. "Just give me minute, okay? I need to get uncoupled first."

John's eyes were as large as saucers at this point, and his mouth was hanging wide-open, as the realization hit him like a rock that the image on the TV screen was actually a live Skype session from Ed's and Chasni's bedroom upstairs.

On the TV screen, John sees Chasni placing her hands on the dog's butt and physically holding him as still as she can, while she's wiggling around underneath him, slowly easing her vagina up off of the giant "knot" that has formed around the base of Rex's doggie-penis.

As Rex's alien-looking penis finally pulls completely out of Chasni's vaginal opening, it's still throbbing rhythmically, and pumping out long white needle-thin jets of doggie-semen. And John can also see Rex's freshly-ejaculated doggie-sperm leaking out of Chasni's pussy-hole, and flowing down the crack of her butt.

Finally, Chasni pushes Rex up off the top of her, and gently lets him back down to the floor, praising him the whole time, "Good boy! You're such a good dog! You did a great job!"

As the totally-nude Chasni sits back up on the foot of the bed, with her beautiful long legs still spread apart, she leans forward slightly, and looks directly at John and Ed, as she asks,"Do you want me to bring Rex with me, when I come down?"

"No, dear," Ed called back, "Please leave the dog in the bedroom. But don't get dressed yet. I want you come down here, just as you are. I'm sure John will really appreciate your company right now."

"Is that true, John?" the Chasni on the TV screen asks, "Do you want me to come down, and finish you off right now?"

John was speechless, but he did manage to slowly nod his head a couple of times.

* * * * *


2012: The Final Chapter

* * * * *

"John, I had no idea that you liked my panties so much," Chasni remarked, as she stepped into the family room, to stand directly in front of John and Ed, in the small space between the coffee table and the sofa. This positioned her dark-haired crotch right in front of John's face. And she was so close that he could actually smell her pussy.

"Gosh! You were right," Chasni said to Ed. "He's got a very cute little 'mushroom-dick,' and a nice big gorgeous set of balls on him." As she was saying that, Chasni leaned over, hanging her boobs right in John's face, and she began feeling out John's dick and balls.

"So, John, would you like to 'make a baby' with me right now?" Chasni asked point-blank.

When Chasni saw the horrified look on John's face, she added, "Don't worry. Ed wants you and me to 'do the dirty deed' together. That's the real reason why he had you come over tonight. Isn't it, Ed?" Chasni said, looking over at Ed.

"That's right, sweetie," Ed replied to his beautiful "trophy wife," as he shifted over on the sofa to move away from John's side, in order to give Chasni plenty of room, so that she could "finish John off" properly.

Chasni got up onto the sofa, straddling John's lap, with one knee on each side of his hips, facing him. Her pussy was now poised directly above John's erect penis. She put her arms around the back of John's neck, and pulled his head towards her chest to bury his face between her boobs. Then she spread her legs apart farther to slide her slick vagina down around John's short penis.

Meanwhile, Ed just sat there quietly. And while he was watching Chasni and John "go at it," he carefully wrapped Nettie's panties around his penis once again, and he started massaging his dick with the panties.

"Oh God! That's feels really nice!" Chasni exclaimed, as she was grinding her pussy against John's crotch. Then she began bouncing up and down to thrust John's dick in and out of her vagina.

"Do you like that, John?" said the bouncing Chasni.

"Yes," John replied, realizing that he was now getting "sloppy seconds," with the fresh doggie-sperm inside Chasni's vagina acting as a lubricant.

"Can you feel all that nice, warm doggie-cum in my pussy?" Chasni asked, as if she were reading John's mind.

"Oh God yes!" John excitedly replied, the minute that he heard Chasni say the word "doggie-cum."

"Does it turn you on to have your dick in the same pussy that Rex just fucked?" Chasni asked.

John didn't respond. Instead, his response was to start orgasming his ass off, and cumming inside Chasni's baby-making hole.

When Chasni felt John's sperm squirting out inside her, she screamed out, as she hit her own climax.

When she finally came down from her orgasmic peak, Chasni felt John's penis, as it was still pulsating inside her vagina, and she said, "That's good, John. Let it all out. Give me as much sperm as you can. I just ovulated this morning, and I need you to 'make a baby' with me tonight. I want you to fuck me over and over again, until you just can't fuck any more. Can you do that for me, John?"

John looked over at Ed, and said, "I can't believe that you're actually okay with all this."

"Okay with it? I'm more than just 'okay with it.' Heck, I'm the one who planned this whole thing," Ed calmly replied, as he kept manipulating his panty-covered penis, right in front of John.

"You see, John, I love Chasni. And I want nothing more in this world than to make her happy. And now that she feels like her biological clock is tickin' away,' what she really wants is to have a baby, while she still can.

"But unfortunately, shortly before I met Chasni, during my trip to England, I had a vasectomy. After Chasni and I got married, I tried to get my little 'sperm tubes' put back together again, but the operation failed. And so nowadays, I'm just 'shootin' blanks.'

"At any rate, Chasni and I discussed it a lot, and we finally decided that we didn't want to use donor-sperm from some laboratory, and have Chasni artificially inseminated. It was very important to both of us that Chasni thoroughly enjoys the sexual act of conceiving our child.

"And since I can't be the one to get her pregnant, it was important to me that I be able to witness the act, as it was taking place. At first, I suggested that Chasni have sex with other men, while I hid in a closet and watched.

"But then, she came up with the even-better suggestion that we secretly record her sexual encounters with the other guys, and then later, both sit down and watch the recorded-videos together, while we we're gettin' in the mood to have sex. That turned out to be wonderful!

"At first, Chasni wanted to just go out to the nightclubs, and pick up some strange guys to bring home with her for 'one-night stands.' But I quickly talked her out of that, lettin' her know how dangerous that could be. We could get robbed, or she could pick up some bad-ass VD, or any number of other things could happen.

"So Chasni finally agreed that, since the guys would be playin' the role of my sexual surrogate, I should be the one who chooses the guys that Chasni fucks. She also agreed to have sex with anyone I chose, no matter what her personal tastes were.

"And since I wanted to make things just as excitin' for her as they were for me, I decided to choose guys that would make for some very interesting sexual situations. What they all have in common is that I know every one of 'em, and they are all very intelligent individuals, and in general good health.

"Another part of our 'agreement' was that Chasni would keep track of her basal body temperature readings every morning, and only fuck other guys during the three or four days after she had ovulated, and was fertile. She also agreed to only do it in our bedroom, and while the whole thing was being recorded, so that we could both watch the
videos together at a later time.

"We put our 'plan' into action several months ago. When Chasni told me that she had just ovulated, I told her who I wanted her to fuck. And it really blew her away, when I said the name 'Rex.'

"I reminded her that he had agreed to fuck anyone I asked her to fuck. And so I used our dog as a test on how willing Chasni was to cooperate with me in her quest to become a mother.

"She not only cooperated, but she enjoyed the hell out of havin' sex with Rex, because it brought back memories of when she used to have sex with her family's medium-size pet dog, way back when she was a young girl in England.

"Afterwards, Chasni and I watched the video clip together, and she actually dared me to choose someone for her who was a 'bit more challenging'--her words, not mine. And so I did.

"I chose Jerome, the black kid that you saw 'in action.' He was the very first guy that I ever watched fuckin' my wife. That was such a turn-on that I can't even begin to describe it for you. Keep in mind that Chasni was fertile, and she was doing exactly what I had asked her to do.

"But even though Jerome dumped a shit-load of sperm deep inside of Chasni's pussy with that huge dick of his, he didn't get her pregnant.

"And Chasni got kind of bummed out about that, because she had always had fantasies about gettin' knocked up by a black guy, and havin' a mulatto baby.

"However, I was extremely happy that Jerome didn't get my wife pregnant. But it wasn't for the reasons that you might think. It was only because I didn't really want Chasni to get pregnant right away. I wanted to watch her fuck a bunch of other guys on my list first, before she finally got pregnant.

"So the next time that Chasni ovulated, I had her fuck my next door neighbor, Phil, and then fuck his son, Rick--all in the same day.

"It was quite a challenge for Chasni, but she managed to pull it off, as you saw for yourself in the video.

"Chasni really wanted for the next door neighbor father/son combination to be the guys who would get her pregnant, because of the very taboo nature of what she had done that day. I mean, just think about it. She wouldn't have ever known whether it was the father's sperm or the son's sperm that had gotten her pregnant.

"Unfortunately for her, Chasni's period came that month, which meant no pregnancy.

"The next time that Chasni ovulated, she asked me if this one time, she could choose the guy that she wanted to fuck. She guaranteed me that I would know the guy personally, and that I wouldn't have any qualms about him bein' the father of our future child.

"And that's when she went ahead and fucked Father Marcus, without tellin' me who she had fucked. I didn't find out, until we both finally sat down and watched the video recording together.

"God, Chasni put on such an 'incredible show' for me--and for Father Marcus--that I couldn't believe it! And I'm sure you agree, since you've seen her and the good priest 'gettin' it on' that day.

"And of course, Chasni was really hopin' that having her pussy 'play host' to the father's special 'holy water' would 'do the trick.' But unfortunately, it didn't.

"And that's when I finally got down to your name on the list. The reason you were so high up on my list was because you've been a very good friend of mine for a long time, and I knew how potent those large balls of yours were. After all, they had managed to get Nettie pregnant with twins the very first time that you ever fucked her. Do you know what the odds of that are? So I figured that you should have the honor of being the next guy who got to fuck my wife.

"When I told Chasni that I had selected you as her next sex partner, and I described your sexy dick and balls to her, she was thrilled and looked forward to ovulatin' again, so that you could fuck her. When she finally ovulated this morning, she let me know, and I invited you to come over to the house this evening.

"But I couldn't make things that easy for Chasni. And so I talked her into having sex with Rex first, right in front of both of us, on-camera, before she started havin' sex with you.

"That was actually Chasni's and my gift to you, John, because we knew that it would turn you on like crazy to watch my wife havin' sex with our pet dog. Of course, Chasni was also more than happy to let you have a pair of her soiled panties too.

"And so now, here we are. Hopefully, you just got Chasni pregnant with a child that I will raise and love as if he or she were my own child. And you don't have to worry, because I promise you that no one will ever know who the real father of this child is.

"The bottom line is that I'm sharin' my fertile wife with you for the next 24 hours. I want you to spend tonight with Chasni in my own bed. I'm gonna sleep here on the sofa.

"But I want you to promise me that you'll fuck the crap out of Chasni, and ejaculate inside her pussy at least three more times tonight. You also have to promise me that you'll only have intercourse with Chasni in our bedroom--and no place else--so that you guys are always caught on-camera while you're actually fertilizing her. And that way, Chasni and I can watch it all later.

"Chasni has already promised me that she won't douche for the next four days, even though she'll still take showers, of course.

"Now, John, just so we understand each other, I don't want you to hold back anything. I want you to treat Chasni as if she were your mistress, and do your best to try to forget that I'm even here. If you wanna eat out Chasni's pussy, or suck her tits, or fuck her in the ass, go right ahead and do it. You've got my permission. In case you haven't figured it out yet, Chasni absolutely loves havin' sex, in just about any form. And she'll gladly cooperate with you. Won't you, Chasni?" Ed asked Chasni.

"You bet!" Chasni said, finally pulling her vagina up off of John's softening penis, and then kneeling down between his legs to slowly and playfully lick his penis clean with her tongue.

To John, Chasni seemed like a beautiful alien from another world. And he couldn't believe how a night of watching porn videos and jacking off with his friend, had taken such a bizarre turn.

But John also felt incredibly lucky and blessed, as if he had just won the lottery, or bet on the right racehorse to win. John thought to himself, How many guys go their entire lives without ever getting the chance to fuck a truly beautiful-looking woman--much less one like Chasni, who was definitely a "10"? And of those few guys who do get to fuck an awesome-looking woman, how many of them get to do it at the age of 59? With the drop-dead gorgeous woman being fertile, and wanting to get knocked-up? Right in front of her own husband? And with her husband's blessing?

"Chasni, dear, I'm just about to cum again. Would you please finish me off? And by the way, these are Nettie's panties," Ed said to Chasni, pointing at the panties that were still wrapped around his dick. "John brought me Nettie's soiled panties tonight, as a gift. Wasn't that nice of him?"

Chasni simply nodded in agreement.

Ed then removed Nettie's panties from his dick, held the panty-crotch up to his nose, and took a deep sniff. "Gosh, didn't you say it has been a couple of years since these panties were worn by Nettie?" Ed asked John.

"Yes," John replied, knowing that he was flat-out lying to Ed's face.

"That's truly amazing!" Ed remarked. "Nettie's pussy-smell is so strong, it's like she just took the panties off yesterday--or even this morning."

"That's probably because I've kept them sealed up in a freezer bag the whole time that I've had them," John explained to Ed.

John couldn't help but smile at the end of his explanation. And that's because he knew the real truth about the pair of panties that he had given to Ed earlier that night. They weren't Jan's panties at all. They were actually Lisa's. And John had taken them from the clothes hamper at Lisa's and his apartment right before he had left to come over to Ed's house.

Ed handed Lisa's soiled panties to Chasni, and she immediately put the panty-crotch up to her nose, and took a deep whiff.

"You're right, Ed," Chasni said, "They most definitely smell like pussy. So let me guess. You want me to finish you off by jacking you off, and making you cum in Nettie's panties."

"You almost guessed right, sweetie. But it's only the crotch of Nettie's panties that I care about. You know? The part that rubs right up against her pussy. That's where I wanna put my cum."

"Why, Ed, you naughty little boy!" Chasni jokingly chided him, as she proceeded to turn the panties inside-out, and stretch the panty-crotch material across the open palm of her left hand.

While staying down on both knees, Chasni shifted her body over, so that she was directly in front of her husband. Then she held the open palm of her left hand right under the tip of Ed's penis, while she hand-pumped his shaft with her right hand.

"Well, this is a 'very special night,' John," Ed said, obviously getting very aroused, "And since I just got to watch you fuck my wife, and squirt sperm into her pussy, I'm gonna let you and Chasni watch me cum in your ex-wife's panties. Well, John, do you promise to do the things that I asked?" Ed asked John.

"Yes, of course I will," John answered, trying to sound enthusiastic, but really feeling quite queasy inside.

"Good!" Chasni said. But she wasn't responding to John. Instead, she was reacting to the fact that Ed had started ejaculating all over the crotch of Nettie's panties. Chasni carefully moved the panty-crotch around underneath Ed's dick-head, making sure to catch all of his small semen-puddles in the panty-crotch.

As soon as the sperm-less semen had stopped oozing out of the tip of Ed's penis, Chasni decided that it was time for her to "put on a show" for the two men. She leaned over and playfully licked the very tip of Ed's dick with the very tip of her wiggly tongue.

Then she used the tip of her right-hand middle finger to scoop up a small glob of Ed's semen from the panty-crotch, which she still held in the open palm of her left hand. She stuck out her tongue, and placed the little glob of semen on the tip of her tongue. She pulled her tongue back into her mouth, to taste the semen, pursing her lips as if she were tasting a fine wine.

Chasni finger-scooped another glob of Ed's semen from the panty-crotch, and then, using a sexy circular motion, finger-rubbed the semen all over her right nipple. And then she did the same thing to her left nipple, while both men were sitting there, just staring at her. They were literally mesmerized by her "impromptu performance."

Chasni abruptly stood up and spread her legs apart. She scooped up several more little globs of semen from the panty-crotch, one little glob at a time, and then took her time playfully finger-rubbing each little glob of her husband's harmless, sperm-free semen into her own pussy crack.

Finally, Chasni shocked both men when she wadded the panties up into a small ball, and then used two fingers to shove the panties up deep into her own vagina.

"Don't worry, sweetie," Chasni said, addressing her husband. "I'm just making sure that nothing happens to your precious Nettie's panties. We wouldn't want them to get lost, or anything." Chasni had a big smile on her face when she said that.

John thought about how Chasni's reaction would have probably been totally different, had she known that the panties that she now had deep inside her vagina were actually his daughter's panties.

Chasni took John by the hand to pull him up off the sofa. "Now take your shirt off, and let's go up to my bedroom, so that we can have some 'real fun,'" Chasni said, leading the now-naked John up the staircase.

And it never dawned on John what Chasni had just meant by the term "real fun," until she opened her bedroom door, and there was Rex, lying on top of the bed, with his ears perked up, and his tail wagging away in anticipation.

"Hello there, Rex," Chasni said to the dog, as she approached him, and sat down beside him on the bed. "You remember Uncle John, don't you? He's a very nice person. And he wants you to 'make puppies' with him."

And when Rex heard the phrase "make puppies," he immediately flipped over on his back and splayed out his hind legs.

Chasni spread her legs apart, stuck her fingers up into her vagina, and retrieved what she thought were Nettie's panties. She placed the panties over Rex's nose, and that seemed to make him get very excited.

Chasni wrapped her hand around the furry sheath of his doggie-penis, and retracted it towards the base. Then she started jacking Rex off, to make his doggie-dick grow and become blood-engorged, which didn't take very long at all to happen.

"Okay, John. Rex is all ready for you. Just get down on your hands and knees on the floor. Rex will take care of the rest."

John just stood there at the foot of the bed, frozen.

“Well, come on, John. What are you waiting for?" Chasni asked.

"An ad in the newspaper," John almost-instantly replied under this breath, without even thinking about it.

"A what?" Chasni asked, very confused by John's barely-audible response.

"Oh, don't worry about it. It's an inside joke," John replied.

"Okay?" Chasni remarked, still looking just a little bit confused. "But John, I just know you're going to love it. Ed says you guys used to butt-fuck each other. And I can guarantee you that Rex's dick will feel much better inside your bum than Ed's dick ever did. Believe me. I know!

"Besides, if you don't let Rex 'make puppies' with you right now, I'll just have to demand that Ed find someone else for me to 'make babies' with.”

Without saying a word, John obediently did exactly what Chasni had told him to do. And as Rex began mounting him from behind, John braced himself for the aggressive inter-species anal intercourse that he was sure would follow.

Meanwhile, Chasni fingered herself, while she was watching the erotic scene that was taking place right at her feet. And she was extremely excited.

She instinctively sensed that her just-completed intercourse with John on the sofa downstairs would end up getting her pregnant. But Chasni had promised her husband that she would keep on having intercourse with John over and over again all night long--as well as throughout the next day, provided that John had both the desire and the stamina to keep on "tapping her twat."

Of course, John knew that Chasni intended to fuck his brains out. What John didn't know was that, as soon as Rex had finished butt-fucking him, Chasni was going to banish Rex from the bedroom, get down on all fours on the carpet herself, and then get John to fuck her pussy doggie style.

And when Rex finally found his "target," and slid his slick pointy-headed pistoning penis up into John's rectum, John's only thought at that moment was, My God! I can't believe the lengths that we guys will go through, just to get a great piece of ass!

Ironically, at that very moment, Rex was thinking the exact same thing--but in doggie-thoughts.

* * * * *

So Papa Bear spent the next 24 hours with Chasni. And whenever they weren't sleeping or eating or urinating or showering, they were busy having sex together, performing just about every possible sex act that a man and woman could possibly perform with--or in front of--each other.

Before he had been with Chasni, John had thought that Mama Bear was quite the nymphomaniac. But Chasni was so sex-hungry, that she made Mama Bear seem like a nun.

When Papa Bear finally got back home to his apartment that next evening, his penis was feeling pretty sore, and he was totally spent, sexually. But Baby Bear didn't know that. And she was so horny for Papa Bear's magical, mushroom-shaped penis that she aggressively seduced Papa Bear into eating her porridge that night--even though she was still on her period.

But while Papa Bear was humping away at her hairless twat, Baby Bear still couldn't stop thinking about her teenage son, and the way that he had blackmailed her into giving up her porridge to him the night before. Lisa also couldn't stop thinking about how much she had enjoyed herself, while she was letting her own son fuck her menstruating muff from behind, doggie style--just like Papa Bear was doing right now.

And pretty soon, Baby Bear found herself thinking, That's it, Daddy. Go right ahead and tinkle inside of my pee-pee, if you want to.

And that thought made Baby Bear cum hard.

Meanwhile, Baby Bear's baby bear (a.k.a. Alex) spent a third night on his own at Mama Bear's house, going totally against Baby Bear's wishes. In spite of Alex's built-in sexual preference for members of his own gender, he had obviously decided that he wanted a second helping of Mama Bear's tasty porridge.

And Jan was absolutely delighted when her grandson showed up at her wide-open bedroom doorway, and caught her lying naked on top of the bed, masturbating.

Alex stepped into the bedroom with Jan, hitting the wall switch to turn on the overhead light on his way in, and he pulled a couple of wood clothespins out of his pocket. He waived the two clothespins in front of Jan, and with a huge smile on his face, he said, "Just let me know when you're ready for these, Grams."

Then Alex dropped the clothespins on top of the bed and began getting naked.

"Oh my! How thoughtful of you, Alex," Jan politely remarked, with an equally-large smile on her face.

"How about right now?" Jan suggested, as she reached over, picked up one of the wood clothespins that Alex had dropped on the bed, and clamped the clothespin down onto the puffy nipple of her own left breast, causing her smile to instantly turn into a grimace. Then, with her clenched-together teeth chattering away, as she was rapidly sucking air in and out through them, Jan went ahead and did the same thing to her right breast nipple with the other clothespin.

"Now turn off that damn light, Alex! And start squeezing my clit! Hurry up!" Jan demanded, struggling to get the words out of her mouth, as she was literally basking in the exquisite pain that was radiating outward from her two clothespinned nipples.

Thanks to her grandson's "thoughtfulness," Jan was already well on her way to experiencing the most intense orgasm she had ever had in her entire life.

And this time, Jan and Alex managed to spend the whole night together, with no unexpected interruptions.

That very same night, Trish, who was now 22, had another sleepover at Susie's house (just like Trish, Susie was going to college and still living at her parents' house). And yes, you heard that right. Even though Susie and Trish were both adults now, they were still having sleepovers with each other almost every weekend, just like they had done for over a decade.

And once the two women were lying in bed naked together, and getting in the mood to make love that night, Trish told her 23-year-old best friend, Susie, that her dad needed some pussy really badly, because he hadn't "gotten any" in a long, long time. Then Trish dared Susie to have sex her dad. And Susie immediately took Trish up on her dare--because frankly, she just happened to have the hots for Trish's dad.

The very next weekend, Susie ended up sleeping over at Trish's house, for a change. And it was very easy for Susie to show up unexpectedly in Bill's bedroom late at night, so that she could seduce Trish's perpetually-horny, 40-year-old father into having a "one-night stand" with her.

That "one-night stand" ended up changing Susie's life forever. And that's because Bill got Susie pregnant that night. When Susie's parents found out about her pregnancy--and more specifically, about the fact that she had let herself get knocked-up by a 40-year-old man--they kicked her out of the house, and she moved in with Bill.

And that's how Susie went on to become Trish's stepmother, as well as being her bi-sexual lover and her best friend. Go figure.

As for Chasni Chadwick, a little over nine months later, she had puppies. At least, it seemed to Chasni as if she were having puppies, when she managed to push three healthy babies out of her uterus, one right after another. That's right. Thanks to Papa Bear's "generous," 24 hours' worth of multiple "sperm-donations," Chasni gave birth to triplets: two girls and one boy.

Of course, Chasni and Ed were not very thrilled about that outcome. They had wanted to have "a baby"--not "babies."

And despite numerous on-going taboo sexual relationships, the three bears--along with Alex, and Bill, and Trish, and Susie, and Vicki, and Ed, and Chasni--all lived happily ever after...somehow.


* * * * *
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