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1970's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood.
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(Girl Scout Lisa was kidnapped and subjected to terrible horrors both by street hoods
and the police who were supposed to help her. She was befriended by Maddy
who had nursed her back to health and arranging her return home. Maddy betrayed her
and she has been sold to Russian criminal types who use her for their soccer games entertainment.
She is used for soccer ball target and made to run for her life. The Russians are having a party
and Lisa is the entertainment. The Russians are letting their Pit Bulls assault her.)

Lisa could feel it, the dog had cum in her Bitch pussy. “WOO WOO WOO.” The gang was laughing and shouting. Staked on her elbows a hand pulled her head up. One of the men had one of the pit bulls
by the collar, a studded choke collar. He pushed the slobbering face next to Lisa’s. Lick his face.
“NoOOO.” “SMAAACK.” Lisa took a hit from the dog leash across her shoulders. “Fucking Bitch, I
Said lick his face. “

Lisa licked the dog along his muzzle. “Lick it up Slut.” Her tongue licked up the
dog slobber. The drooling dog licked her face with his tongue. “Lick his Fucking tongue.”
Lisa felt his hot breath, smelt his dog breath as his tongue ran over her mouth.

WHAAACK. She took another slap with the dog leash. “Open your fucking mouth.
Swap spit , lick his tongue.” Lisa opened her mouth and the pit bull licked across her mouth.
Lisa stuck her tongue out to meet the dogs tongue. Lisa felt the claws of another dog on her back.

”Gang Bang. Gang Bang.” The Russians were cheering on the new dog. The new dog was
mounting her. His paws wrapped around her. He was trying to hump the teen, helpless
to resist.

“OH God, no more, Please No more. Stop this craziness. Ahhhh. Nooooooooooo.”
Lisa closed her eyes. Desperately she tried to go back in time, to her room, her Mom,
her dog. Why did she walk down that alley. She could not believe there were all these evil
men in the world. Oh to fall asleep safe in her own bed again.

“Lisa, don’t forget you have to volunteer tomorrow at the clinic.” “I know Mom, I wouldn’t miss it.”
“I am taking Buster out Mom, I’ll be back in a half hour.” “Be careful honey your know the neighborhood….”
“Sure Mom.” “Lisa walked down the sidewalk, the same sidewalks she walked as a little girl.”
She remembered that day, she always remembered that day when she walked that sidewalk coming home. The men in uniform were walking up to her house. Lisa could see her Dad, she always tried to remember because……

“AGGHHHHHHHHHHH” A bucket of cold water was dumped over Lisa’s head. A hands slapped
her face. “Stay the FUCK awake.”
“NOOOOOO” Lisa felt the brute of dog on her. His studded metal color rubbed
against her shoulders as thrust against her. She felt the surging against her. His hot breath
and slobber was on her neck. Again a dog was inside her.

“Please let me die, please, please please.

The poor teen still barely conscious was getting dog gangbanged.
“Fuck Her Fuck Her Fuck Her.” The other dogs were swirling around barking and growling as
the gang screamed and yelled. Every thrust was followed by yells, the heavy weight of the dog
tore at her tendons, muscles.

It was over, Lisa was untied laying in the dirt, looking up at the sun barely able to focus.
The piss began to rain down on her, yellow rain. She could hear the laughing as the men aimed their streams of yellow at her. “Please stop. Someone help me. Please. Please. Please.
She tried hiding her head but the yellow mess kept raining down splashing on her head from
very direction. There were so many men her head was in piss puddle.

She was left lying in the dirt and piss mud. A stick pushed at her to see if she were still alive.
Nobody wanted to touch her as she was foul from the dirt and mud.
“Hey look at that. “ Several of the gang noticed the dogs walking around sniffing Lisa. One lifted
his leg and pissed on her. “Ha , Yea, Yea. Look that. Fucking look, there is another one“ They laughed at the poor teen laying in the mud, the end approaching ,while dogs drawn to the stench pissed on her soon to be corpse. A pit bull smelled her face, Lisa groaned trying to crawl as the dog lifted his leg.
She collapsed as the dog relieved himself.

“AHH, OHHH AHHH.” Lisa moaned. Several of the teens in the gang had sharpened sticks and were
poking the helpless bitch. The stick were sharpened to a tiny point which penetrated the skin.
“Ah Ah Uh No aH. Stop No AH Agh. “ Even in her weak stake Lisa responded to the terrible poking.

The teens, not older than Lisa probed parts of her body to see her response. Six boys surrounded her
laughing and joking as they probed her. “Two or three pushed on her raw beaten ass. When she turned
to get away they poked her tit. A stick pushed against her pussy. A thigh, a knee. Desperate to get away she crawled toward the woods where the teens grabbed her and threw her down, arms and shoulders against an old pine tree trunk. Lisa cried out as she was strapped against the truck filled with broken stumps of limbs.

Lisa roped to the old tree was fastened at the wrists, elbows and shoulders and the limb was hoisted up
leaving her dangling in the air, only barely touching the ground. Her battered body hung helpless surrounded by the teens who could poke her with their pointed sticks. The stubs of old limbs bit into her back. Her head hung done. She appeared lifeless.

Lisa felt herself tumble to the ground. She was cut free from the limb.
There were some new men but she could barely open her eyes.
“Doc, do you think she will make it.” “50-50 but I think so.”
“Girl we have gone through a lot of trouble to find you.
Lisa squinted to see Doctor Rosen, and her original kidnappers Cyrus and Lamont.
“Please, don’t let them take me. Kill Me now. Don’t, Please No.” she begged the Russians.
“Shut the fuck up cunt, you killed my nephew. Now your time will come.” Swore Lamont.
The three men pulled Lisa into the car. Dr. Rosen smiled to the Russians.” Don’t worry we will
take good care of her. She will wish she was back with you. “

(To Be Continued)

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