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Wigi wigi wild wild west! -Digimon lemon for Iceflame 88's contest by MISTER BIG T
After MISTER BIG T made the Bam bam shiga wang lemon, AIDS (All Intelligent Digimon Servants) got angry from it, saying a vampire becoming a Digi emperor was not cool. They also sued MISTER BIG T for not using word destined heroes in a Digimon lemon. MISTER BIG T was sentenced to write another lemon to make up for it. This was an automatic recording. *beep*

It was relaxing summer day. Gay squirrels were playing with their nuts, hetero squirrels were fucking holes into trees and most of all, it was peaceful. JUST THEN AN EXPLOSIVE BABY MAN CAME! He made babies head EXPLODE and everyone lived in terror! However ancient writings tell that few destined heroes (See? No more lawsuits!) shall come to kill, destroy, and slay this evil power who can make babies heads EXPLODE!

We join (some of) our heroes, Yolei and Renamon who are playing 'penis-pussy-condom', a perverted version of 'paper-rock-scissors' game made up by TK.

"Penis!" Yolei yelled.
"Pussy!" Renamon laughed.
Yolei gave a blink as Renamon had laughed "Penis goes into pussy!"
"No! The pussy EATS the penis!" Renamon screamed in response.
Yolei looked towards TK’s direction "TK.. What were the rules again?"
TK gave a huge grin "Well you see, hahahaha… Hashanah! (Wait, where did that come from?) When a situation like this comes, you need to take off some of your clothing!"
"WHAT?" Yolei exclaimed.
"I'm naked already, you want me to shave?" Renamon asked, while tilting her head.
TK pondered for a moment "Ummm… Let's play another game… It's toss the hat!" TK said as he took hold of his hat.
"So what is the object in this game?" Yolei asked.
TK smiled again and opened the zipper in his pants as he took hold of his erect dick "You toss the hat and if it lands on the magical staff, you can ride it."
"It's easy when the staff is that big!" Renamon laughed.
Yolei giggled and blushed while she thought in her mind "But then again, the hat is small…"

Renamon tried first and the hat landed on TK's penis. Then it was Yolei’s turn. The hat did touch the tip for few seconds, but then it dropped to ground.

"Awww!" she pouted.
TK smiled and pat her head "Don't worry, that was good enough for you too to take a ride!"
"Yay! You are indeed a kind and generous man!” Yolei sang.

Anyway, the two hot chicks came closer to TK and began kissing his dick. TK's grin was gone and it was replaced with a passionate look. They rubbed it with their cheeks and licked all its length. TK whimpered as he felt great ecstasy of being cared by two chicks at the same time! Suddenly both of the women did quit and TK was left all alone. For 2 seconds. Now all naked boobs of Yolei came to his sight. They were even bigger than he had thought, D cups perhaps? She bought the close enough to his face, so he could give them a kiss. Yolei sighed, as TK began tickling her nipples with his tongue. Suddenly, he got another kind of feeling, when Renamon inserted his penis between her boobs. They were even bigger than Yolei’s, maybe because of her Digimon blood?

Anyway, she rubbed all the way to bottom of his penis, pinching her nipples and squeezing her tits together. A little above her, Yolei was moaning, while keeping her eyes shut. Suddenly, she backed away, forcing TK let go off her tit.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

Yolei giggled and went down near Renamon. The two exchanged a small passionate kiss and then Yolei too joined the titfuck action. TK was in heaven, two hot babes rubbing his erect dick with their voluptuous tits.

"Uuhh... Yeaaaah…" he moaned when the two hotties were giving him this wonderful feeling.

The girls began licking the tip of the penis, while still rubbing their tits all over his erect dick. Their wet pussies made sounds every time they moved. GLUP GLUP GLUP! They also rubbed their nipples together, adding more pleasure to themselves. Suddenly TK blasted his cum all over the faces of both women.

"I… I never come so fast… I-impossible…" TK moaned.


"Oh no! It's the Exploding baby man!" a random woman screamed!
Exploding baby man laughed "Hahahah! Hashanahs! Give me your babies!"
"NOO! Please! I went through pregnancy already once; don't force me to go through it again!" the random woman screamed!
Exploding baby man snorted "Sorry, I am destined to make babies heads EXPLODE!!!"
"Not so fast villain!" a mysterious voice yelled! (Many exclamation marks! SCORE!!)

Both Exploding baby man and the woman with baby gazed at the direction of voice. There stood a man wearing blue cape where there was letter DE and he wore a Halloween mask which was pumpkin. Other than that, he was naked.

"I am the DIGI EMPEROR!! Oooh… Yeah…." he murmured.
Exploding baby man blinked "You are a super hero? What's your power?"
”I become erect every time I hear my name! DIGI EMPEROR! DIGI EMPEROR! Mmmmmm….. C'mon! Rub my tits!" Ken replied while he grinned.
Exploding baby man gave a loud sigh and faced the woman again. "AS I WAS SAYING…… I will make your baby’s head EXPLODE! After that I-"
"Hold on. Are you violating this woman’s rights?" Ken asked.
Exploding baby man turned to look at him "Uhhh, no."
"You are! You are violating her civil rights! People in this world are violating each others civil rights! And it's up to me, a half Mexican to stop them!" Ken screamed while he threw a dagger towards Exploding baby man. (I wonder where he keeps them? Uhhh… Then again, I better not think.)

However, the villain took hold of the dagger, before it was even close of hitting him.

"W-what? How? No one can avoid the dagger of DIGI EMPEROR!!! Oh YEAH! Say my name bitch!" Ken reached behind his cloak and pulled a large whip.

He then slashed the whip and there was a loud yell of pain. The Exploding baby man had a bloody scar over his cheek.

"You… You are one of the destined??" he slowly whimpered.
Ken titled his head "Huh?"
"Forget it! I'm not going to stay here any longer!" the evil man yelled, while throwing an egg like bomb onto floor.

A gray like smoke began coming from the egg, like there was no tomorrow! When the smoke was finally gone, so was the Exploding baby man.

"Are you all right madam?" Ken asked while, taking hold of the woman’s chin.
The woman gave a nod and smiled "Yes… Thank you so much… How may I ever repay you?" "Well now! There are multiple ways to THANK ME…" Ken giggled.


"Master! What has happened to you?" asked a man in a white lab coat from the bloody Exploding baby man.
"Contact Team Terminate… This situation just went too far." Exploding baby man murred.
The mouth of the man opened in shock "No! Not Team Terminate!"
Exploding baby man took hold of the guy from his throat "LISTEN TO ME! I don't like those morons either, but now they might be our only hope!"


"Yeehaw! Ride my Digi staff bitch!" Patamon shouted.
Alice frowned "I'm not bitch! I'm just horny!"
"Yeah, whatever bitch." Patamon said.

The couple having sex was no other than Patamon, Alice and Kari also known as Team Terminate. Alice lowered herself on top of Patamon’s erect dick and began jumping up and down. Kari sighed.

"Morons, that's not how you do it. Must I show you everything?" she sighed.
"Please show boss!" Patamon begged underneath Alice.

Kari came closer to couple and threw Alice aside. She then went to all fours, while spreading her dripping wet pussy.

"You come and insert inside HERE." she whimpered, while rubbing her clit.

Patamon came closer to her and gave it a quick kiss. Then he did what Kari ordered, inserted his penis inside her. She let out a moan as she felt Patamon’s erect length inside her. She moved her hips towards him, inserting more of him inside. BUT JUST THEN!

SFX: "Beep! BEEP! BEEEEEEEP!" (That’s a phone’s ringing sound)
Alice:" Eeep!"
Kari:" Answer that, bitch!"
Alice: "Okies."
Voice over phone: "The birds have left the base!"
Alice: "Uhh, interesting."
Voice over phone: "…..It's the code for you to come to work! Didn't you study the coding sheet?"

Alice pondered for a moment. Coding sheet? Was it the one she used as a substitute for a toilet paper?

Alice: "Uhh, yeah. It was very...Helpful."
Voice over phone: "Well, we need you to come and kill the DIGI DESTINED."


At the same time, Ken was masturbating with RAGE, while watching Chi Chi finger fuck Bulma's ass in television.
Bulma: "Can you find the balls?"
Chi Chi: "No, I think I buried them too deep…"
DIGI EMPEROR: "This cartoon kicks ass! Wait, who the heck are those people?" Ken noticed, TK, Renamon and Yolei hugging and kissing naked. (Well, expect for Renamon, she didn't shave.)

It was more than enough Ken could take and so he jumped outside from window, dropping right in the middle of this group.

"Aieee! DIGI EMPEROR?!” Renamon screamed.
A smile came upon Ken’s face "Mmm…YES! Say my name again! "
"Digi…Uhhh, emperor?" Renamon silently said.
Ken stomped his foot as he made angry grrr noises "No! Not like that!"

However, a sudden BOOOM sound came and everything was covered with smoke.

"We are the Team Terminate! And you are about to die!" Kari laughed while the three aimed huge arsenal enough to destroy the moon towards our heroes.

However, thanks to wonders of thing called PLOT DEVICE the attempt to kill the destined turned into them wanting to have sex with them. Alice kissed Yolei on her lips, while rubbing her neck. At the same time, Patamon attacked Renamon with razor blade in attempt of shaving her and revealing her nipples. (…..No…NO….) Anyway, without her fur Renamon looked even more humanoid like. Minus the fox head and the HUUUUUUGE boobs. Patamon couldn't stand the greatness and so he dived in closer and kissed the beautiful Digimon nipples. She bent her head back a little and gave a lustful moan as she was treated by the little Digimon. Kari was busy kissing Ken all over, while rubbing his all erect dick. Rubbing it gently, she made some pre cum appear from it. The sight was more than she could take and so she gently took it in her mouth and licked it, sucking off its juices. Ken groaned and rubbed her head slightly, combing her hair.

At the same time, Patamon was busy humping between the boobs of Renamon, while pinching her nipples. He also was rubbing her neck, adding even more pleasure to her and making her pussy drenched wet. She slowly moved her hand lower, touching her wet pussy, rubbing it. Her body suddenly jerked as Patamon came, sending some cum into her unsuspecting mouth and around her body. At the same time, Ken’s balls were licked and sucked by the Kari who was masturbating herself, while doing it. Deepthroating him and wanting his cum inside her mouth, she took it outside her mouth, licking the tip of the penis.

"Shoot it in my mouth…" she said, jerking his erect staff of love, squeezing her eyes shut.

Ken couldn't take it no more; he came straight in her mouth. She slowly swallowed.

Ken took hold of her ass and made her turn around "It's my turn…"

At the same time, Yolei and Alice were rubbing their bare naked pussies together, making wet sounds as they felt an entirely new kind of ecstasy. Bending forward, Yolei gave a passionate tongue kiss to Alice.

At same time, Renamon was busy masturbating herself, with Patamon licking her butt and fingering it. Ken was doing same to Kari, but never mind. Anyway, Patamon was licking and tasting her magnificent anus, seeing how her pussy juice was flowing across her inner thigh. She gooed like a baby as she received an orgasm. At same time, both Alice and Yolei gave out a passionate moan as they came against each other. And yes, Kari came from Ken, but the less we hear about them, the better it is.

JUST THEN! Something no one, not even the maker of this lemon did predict happened. A man named Onslow jumped into sight with a chainsaw and cut a melon in half!

Kari: What the fuck??
Alice: That's a code! We are fired!
Patamon: Nooooooo!!!

Then sun went Super Nova and ate the Earth as lunch, before exploding and dying!!

The end!

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