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A boy is tormented by his highschool bullies; as they dominate him in every aspect of his life.
Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it
is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live,
then please stop now. This author will not be held
responsible if this work gets into the wrong hands. This
story contains consensual but intimidating descriptions
of sexual activity between boys and older people. Please
write: I would like to hear if
you like my story.

Joey and his Bullies
By Mathew Elizabeth

Joey had had a hard time in his first year at high
school. He was made fun of for his girly appearance and
attitude. All the boys in his grade used to beat him up
when ever they had the chance. He was currently 17 years old
and was beginning his sophomore year. He hoped things had
calmed down a bit.

On the first day of his second year, boys still laughed
at him, observing his slim girly body as it walked. His
legs were thin and scrawny, but his ass or 'hienie' (as
he liked to call it) was round and bubbly like a girls. A
beautiful inviting heart shape.He had almost no extra muscle,
and his face was pretty and clear. All the boys in the school
would gaze at him in confusion. They knew they liked girls
but looking at Joey was an entire other feeling.

On that same day, a first year boy named Chad had entered
the school. And he was every bit as opposite to Joey. He
was a sadistic bully. Chad was 16 and he had lots of friends
and was extremely popular. He was good looking but not in
a girly type of way. He waseverything a boy wanted to look like
at that age. He was atanned skater, with baggy jeans and a cap he wore
backwards. He had already fucked multiple girls, always
ending up cuming in their ass. He would treat them like
whores, saying "You got used, bitch" before slapping their
bare butt really hard. And they would come back to him
the next day treating him like he was a god. After a few
weeks he had known about Joey and his lovely looking
bottom. Chad was obsessed with a nice looking buttocks.

Another few weeks had passed and girly Joey headed back
home after another terrible day of school. He thought about getting
home. His mother would be in bed sleeping, after a night of
sucking off a couple of guys she met at come random nightclub.
She was a very attractive woman. She was blonde, slim and voluptuous
due to her wide waist and thick ass. Her boobs were humongous as
well. Joey would get hard thinking about what those men
did to her body, they probably fucked her up the ass,
slapped her and cummed all over her big boobs.

She was a single woman; she had divorced his father ‘Gail’ a year ago.

Chad the bully was heading down to his house with his
friends the same way Joey was, but took a short cut. They
stepped into the same street Joey was walking and saw

"Get a look at this faggot!" Chad said to his friends behind Joey.

Joey tried to ignore these boys who were younger than him.

"Hey fag, hey dick sucker!" Chad called out.

Joey just kept walking; he had experienced
enough humiliation for the day.

"I'm fucking talking to you, butt-slut!"

His friends laughed loudly at that name.

"Leave me alone," Joey said almost crying.

They all laughed at him and looked at him up and down, "damn
faggot, you got a nice looking ass," Chad said cheekily.

All of his friends laughed at that, and nodded their
heads in agreement.

"Show it to us!" Chad said.

"No!" Joey said all teary, trying to walk faster. His
bubble bottom jiggled more rapidly as he power walked
down the road.

This excited Chad and the boys, but also infuriated them
with animalistic lust.

"Jump him!" Chad yelled. All of the boys ran and tackled Joey to the ground,
he squealed when he hit the ground.

All the 16-year-old boys laughed and started making humping movements against
Joey's legs and butt.

He had crashed on all fours, with his cute butt poking up in the
air. Two of the boys near his bottom forcibly pulled his school pants and
underwear down, revealing his big, pretty and pale ass cheeks to them.

"Hot ass!" all the boys said.

They were still fully clothed, but even with their baggie jeans on
they desperatly humped against his bare ass and thighs in laughter and
expressions of arousal. Chad took a step forward, getting a front row
view of the ass in front of him. He then humped hard, and banged
his clothed baggy pants against Joey's girly bare skin-pillows.
All the other boys cheered him on. Joeys ass cheeks jiggled every
time Chads legs rutted against his girly thighs.

When they were all done; they got up and left Joey with his pants down
and his bare pale buttocks showing off on the street in broad daylight.

"Where you live faggot?" Chad said towering over Joey's mortified and
laying body.

"51 Crest Street" Joey said, telling the truth. He was too scared vulnerable to lie.

"That's not far from here, fuck going to my house! Lets go over this
faggots house and have more fun with him." Chad said, all
his friends agreed whole-heartedly and evilly.

They all travelled to Joeys house. They made him crawl rather than walk
with them. A number of people walked past the boys, giving
Joey glares of pity and disgust.

They finally got to Joeys house and stood by the front

"Now listen cock sucker," Chad began " to your
parent's we are your new friends you got that."

Joey just nodded in tears. He knew his mother would be too
tired to care, but he didn't want to cause an argument
with this powerful boy.

So all the boys entered the house and went straight
into Joey's room. They straight away started their torture again.
They made Joey strip entirely this time. He stood their naked, waiting for
further instruction,

"Lean over your bed, keep showing that pretty butt to us," one of the
smaller boys named Jake said.

So he did. His hienie was vulnerable to them
now as he bent over and all the boys surrounded him, some
of them climbed onto his bed to get close to his face.
Joey blushed in excitement, all these strong bad boys
were giving him so much attention it turned him on, and
his little penis got rock hard.

All the boys started by pinching Joey's nipples and
slapping his butt. Even though they were younger than
him, they were so much stronger. Chad was near his butt
again (Chad really liked ass), and another boy was
groping it really hard.

"Oh my god, your ass is just like a really hot girls!" A boy named Evan, next to
Chad said

Both Chad and his friend Evan, fully clothed, made desperate dry humping
movements against Joeys bare butt. The smaller blonde boy named Jake
grabbed Joeys face and held it up against his ass. Jake then farted in Joeys face,
and Chad and the rest laughed.

"Have fun for a while you guys, going to check out the rest of this house,"

"O.K then man, your loss," one of the others said.

"I'll be back O.K!" Chad said leaving the room and
shutting the door. He looked at the house, it was far
nicer than his house, although it wasn't the best he ever
saw. He looked around from room to room, thinking that no
one else was home. Until, he went and peaked into Joey's
parent's bedroom. There was half naked woman in the bed,
she slept in a very comfortable position, sleeping on her
stomach with only her panties on, and her gigantic bottom
was lifted beyond the edges of the covers. "Oh my god!
This is the faggot's mom! She is so fucking hot! Her ass
is huge! She's a fucking Milf!"

About fifteen minutes later, the boys had thought of many
things to humiliate Joey in his own room and house. He
had been pissed on, farted on and called names like
"Toilet fag" and " Faggot slut". It was a around this time
when they were spanking his bottom again that they
started to wonder where Chad was. A boy named
Evan had been chosen to look for him. He groped Joeys
butt and said, "be right back faggot". He rushed out the
door while the other boys continued their torture. 30
seconds later, Evan ran in the room with a manic wide-eyed arousal,

"You guys! Come quick! It's Chad, he said to bring the faggot!"

So they all left the room and dragged Joey by the hair
towards his parent's bedroom. Joey had the shock of his
life. He saw Chad his bully and tormentor, fucking
his pretty mother doggie style up her butt. All the boys cheered
as this 16-year-old boy was fucking this 36-year-old
woman. " I don't know how he does it!" Evan said about
Chad, " But he always seems to get the bitches to give up their
fat asses for him"

"You see this faggot!" Chad yelled to Joey still pumping
into her big jiggling butt. "This means I own you. I own this fucking
house and I own yours and your momma's ass!. I am the
new man of this household; your new daddy!"

Joey face was full of humiliation and dread with tears
streaming down his face. But at the same time, he had
never been more wrapped in helpless arousal.

"Isn't that right bitch? I own your ass now! You gave it up to me!" Chad
said to Joeys mother who was squealing in pleasure
bellow him, writhing with glee, her eyes squinting and her tongue wagging
and her mouth wide open with a lustful smile.

"Yes Joey! It's true." Joeys Mother said to her son,
getting fucked "I let him do this, he's so hot and he's
now your new daddy!"

To be continued...

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2015-01-20 15:02:56
What was do bad about story, except for faggy names, ie Chad? Too collegiate.
Tom would be better, or Hank-
Stories are meant to take you from the mundane day to day.
I love degrading stuff. And hate when fag gets a boner.
Thus was a good story. Only the bully(s) should get turned on

Anonymous readerReport

2015-01-20 14:22:06
What was do bad about story, except for faggy names, ie Chad? Too collegiate.
Tom would be better, or Hank-
Stories are meant to take you from the mundane day to day.
I love degrading stuff. And hate when fag gets a boner.
Thus was a good story. Only the bully(s) should get turned on

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2014-12-08 07:21:07
Worst gay story ever

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2014-06-26 23:42:11
Absolut shiiiiiite!

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2014-06-23 21:40:20
Most gay story ever. Don't read

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