His new, hot teenage stepsister becomes his with the help of a mysterious substance from a mysterious dream.

Michael is another unspectacular teenager, continuing the tradition of wholly unspectacular teenage guys. Senior in high school, a slightly awkward kid, a few friends, decent grades, not popular but not a complete loser either, a girlfriend for a little while too; but that's over now. An average looking guy, though a bit taller than most guys at eighteen and slightly more heavy as well.

At the start of the school year, nearly six months ago, his new stepmom and step sister moved in with he and his father. Both women could pass for beauty queens, in fact his stepmom was one; a trophy wife for his affluent divorced father. And his new step sister, Ashley... What can't be said about her? A newly-turned eighteen year old cheerleader, blonde airhead, popular girl. Long dirty blonde hair with streaks of a darker shade of dirty blonde, big blue eyes that can pierce any man's defenses, delicate facial features, symmetrical, cute little nose, full lips with a slight overbite, often painted some variation of pink. Perfectly plucked eyebrows and perfect smooth skin with a slight tan. And I didn't even get to her body. A perky, busty, firm chest, must be a C cup, sometimes appearing to be a D with the right bra. Long, smooth legs that support her tight little bubble butt. A small, firm ass that sticks out perfectly. A petite girl, standing at around 5'2''. A flat, smooth tummy, nice hips and a perfect thigh gap. A perfect figure for the perfect girl who has everything.

Mike was rightfully intimidated at first by Ashley. She's way out of his league and girls like him pay him absolutely no mind. They've gotten along, though, at least as far as new step siblings go. At first it was mostly Mike making the attempts to form a relationship with her, pretty much just by being overly nice and cordial. Ashley ignored his existence for the most part. Of course, Mike thought, she's like the hottest girl in school and only pays attention to the jocks. One of whom has been dating her, the same bully who used to torment Mike in elementary school and who still flaunts his superiority at him at every turn.

It's been a bit of a miserable experience for Mike in recent months as he and Ashley have gotten closer and more comfortable being around each other. He has come to learn that Ashley is not the stuck up popular girl he once thought. She's actually a very sweet girl, if not a bit of an airhead. But a well-meaning airhead who is more friendly than she needs to be. They've formed more of a sibling relationship. When Mike's girlfriend broke up with him, she was there to comfort him and tell him he's better off anyways. When Ashley needed help with her English class, Mike offered to write her paper and get a good grade. In fact, Mike has been very helpful in any way he can, just for that chance of a hug. He knows he has no chance but at least he can cop a feel every now and then.

And not only has Mike learned that she's a total sweetheart of a girl and not nearly as bad as he originally thought, he's also learned that she's probably a major sex kitten. Frequently wearing skimpy, revealing, or otherwise tight outfits; a cute and shiny little naval piercing like some pornstars have; and a tribal tat of a butterfly just above her tight bubble butt. A tramp stamp. The mark of a girl who knows how to please a man. That's not to mention the loads of slutty pics of her online and the little silver pendant she likes to wear around her neck of the Playboy symbol. The oozing sex appeal coupled with the sweet personality, amplified by her bimbo-like demeanor and bubbly teenage voice, it's no wonder Mike has fallen head over heels with both lust and love.

But just how wrong is it? They're "brother and sister" but not blood related. You can't expect a teenage guy in his peak sexual drive to not have certain thoughts about such a girl, right? These are thoughts he has battled ever since she moved in. And he's definitely crossed the 'perv line', the line in which you give into one's perverted nature in order to satisfy your hormonal urges. Many a nights while his parents were asleep and she was out, Mike has quietly gone into her room to sniff her panties and bras. Hell, even just to stand in her girly pink room and masturbate while smelling her intoxicating scent.

If only Mike could somehow manage to pull it off. If only he could miraculously bang her before he leaves for college in a few months. Time's winding down and if only there was a solution. If only there was some magical spell he could cast on her to make her love him. Yeah... If only.

When Dreams Become Reality

A tent has been pitched. In the darkness of the night the moonlight shines just enough to see the tent that has been erected under the covers in Michael's room. A common sex dream of her - Ashley. He squirms in slumber.

"Michael..." Suddenly he's alerted in the dream, a distant voice calling his name, "Michael..." He's alerted once more. What is it? What could possibly be more important than a sex dream involving the hottest girl at his school? "Michael..." The voice getting louder and louder and closer and closer. A shadowy, abstract humanoid figure now enters his dream, blocking him from achieving the goal of having sex with Ashley. I guess this is now becoming a nightmare. He squirms in bed more. "Michael, listen to me..." The shadowy voice calls to him. "Accept my gift and she shall be yours. Do my bidding and I grant you her."

"Bidding? What bidding? Anything, just tell me." Mike's dreamy inner voice questions the shadowy figure.

"You will know in time. You shall wake to the tool you need. Use it and do as you will. She will be yours... And you will be mine." The last sentence accented by a screeching whisper that causes Mike to gasp himself awake, thrashing his legs for a moment. Groggy, he almost immediately goes back to sleep.

Mike awoke, begrudgingly, with a big yawn and a groggy walk to his alarm to shut it off. "What a weird dream." He thought, still remembering. Throughout the next few minutes he does the regular morning routine and then starts to get ready for school. On his way out the door, he notices something on the corner of his desk. He picks it up, staring at it with a puzzled look on his face. Some kind of small phial with some type of liquid inside. He opens it, taking a cautious sniff of the liquid inside. It smells like nothing. He looks inside, it looks as clear as water. He dares not to taste.

"Mike! Come on!" He hears Ashley yelling from downstairs. He pockets the mysterious phial of which he has never seen before and heads downstairs.

"Relax. There's no rush." He snips at Ashley, noticing her cute outfit of tight dark leggings with brown ugg boots over them and a short denim jacket over a tight top. Some light makeup on her face, around her eyes, pink lips. Her long dirty blonde hair teased up a little and hanging down her chest and shoulder. He opens the door for her, smelling her perfume as she walks by. They get into his car and start to drive off.

"I need your help on a science paper." She blurts out while touching up her makeup in the mirror.

"Ash... I told you I can't keep doing this. They're going to catch you." He says to her and gives her a quick side glance as he drives.

"No they're not." She retorts, he can almost feel her rolling her eyes. "Just do it, please..." She begs in her high-pitched, sweet tone of voice, the same she would use to get what she wants from her daddy, his father.

An exasperated sigh. "Fine," Mike gives in, "but don't blame me if you get caught. At least change it around this time. You just handed in the exact same paper I did last time."

"I will, promise." She quips as she looks down at her phone. "Thanks." She smiles up at him.

A few minutes later they arrive in the student parking lot of their school. She gets out, running into the arms of her boyfriend, a popular jock in Mike's senior class. Mike looks on as he gets out, envious of the guy who used to torment him in school. The boyfriend smirks at Mike as he leaves with his arm around Mike's step sister and crush. He hates seeing her with him.

Throughout the day he thinks about the phial he found on his desk. Where did it come from? Is it just water in there or is it something else? It can't possibly be related to the dream, right? It was a dream, not reality.

Bell ring. Time to go home. He waits outside of his car for Ashley. She finally arrives. "I already got a ride, seeya!" She hastily leaves, prancing over to her boyfriend's car.

Mike sighs, getting in his car. He looks across the parking lot to see her getting in his car, and her head go right down to his lap as he drives away. "Gee, I wonder what she's doing down there." He sarcastically exasperates in his mind before driving away.

Mike gets home and heads up to his room. Time to further examine this strange phial, in private. He holds it up closely, smelling it once again. No smell. He toys with the idea of tasting it. Finally deciding, he carefully pours a few drops into a glass. Examining it once more, then drinks it. "Tastes like... Nothing." He whispers out his thoughts.

He puts it away and minutes later feels drowsy, nearly collapsing. "What the fuck?" He exclaims out loud, standing straight to his feet and regaining balance. That couldn't have been the liquid from the phial, right? But it must have been. He stares at the phial once more, thinking about where it came from, what it is exactly, if it's related to the dream. It can't possibly be related to the dream, that's ridiculous... Right?

An hour later Ashley comes back home. "Where's our parents?" She asks curiously to Mike as he sits on the couch watching TV.

"They're out to that thing for my dad's work, that dinner thing, whatever. Said they'd be back later tonight." He replies, remembering the sight he saw earlier - her pretty head going right down to her boyfriend's lap in his car. "Fucking slut..." He whispers under his breath.

"What was that?" She turns to Mike.

"Oh, nothing..." He says inconspicuously. "Hey, uh, let me know when you need that science paper you mentioned this morning." He gets up, walking over to her.

"Yeah, I will." She says as she leaves, running up the stairs, completely ignoring Mike about to approach her.

"I, uhh... Okay." He quietly says as he was just about to speak to her, watching her run up the stairs. He sighs before going back to the couch.

After about another boring hour, Ashley comes back down from her room. Mike see her enter the kitchen and damn she looks good. He has to go see her up close, so he follows her. Standing in front of her, he has to remember not to stare too much. "Are you going out tonight?" He asks while trying to casually check her out as she gets out the water pitcher.

"Yeah I think so..." She replies. Ashley is wearing very tight dark blue jeans with a sparkly pattern over her ass. Very stylish. A tight, white, studded and shiny belt around her waist that's making her little, tight butt pop. Tall, dark brown leather boots over her jeans, going up just below her knees, with high heels. A white, long sleeve, tight shirt showing her sexy midriff, with a thin, tight, little, dress vest over the white shirt that has a dark blue plaid pattern; just covering her breasts which are looking extra busty and firm with a push-up bra. Her little naval piercing showing, her tramp stamp showing, her Playboy bunny chain. Everything tight on her. Her sexy, soft long dirty blonde hair teased up a bit in the back, with the rest flowing over her chest, a cute parting over her left eye, her hair looking very voluptuous and a little 'bigger' than usual. Perfect for running your hands through. Light eye shadow and liner accenting her pretty long eyelashes, with some mild blush and sparkly pink lips. Mike watches her for a moment, noticing how amazing she looks.

"If you wanna drink something I'm about to make myself one of those milkshakes you like and I'll make you one too." Mike says to her, walking closer to her near the fridge, getting a whiff of her light perfume.

"Sure, thanks!" She smiles up at him. They make some mindless small talk about school and other things while he makes the milkshakes. Her bubbly, cheery voice making him somehow even more attracted to her right now. As he finishes her milkshake, he feels something strange inside him. An impulse. Something that's telling him to put the liquid from the phial into her glass. He sees himself putting the liquid into her drink, as if he has no choice. He's being compelled to do this. With his back turned to her, he coyly pours the liquid in and then pockets the empty phial.

"Here." He hands it to her, his heart pounding, so nervous and feeling a bit of guilt.

"Thanks!" She smiles. He watches her drink from the tall straw, her pink lips wrapped around it. He does the same while wondering what was up with that sudden urge to spike her drink with that phial, it was as if he didn't have a choice. As he watches her drink he looks for signs of anything changing her, and also hoping she doesn't notice any abnormal tastes. "That was great." She smiles once more, "can you give me a ride later?" She asks.

"Oh, sure. Definitely." He smiles back before gulping, fully realizing she drank all of that strange liquid.

"Okay, well I'm going back up to my room. I'll probably need a drive in about ten minutes." She leaves as he nods, then continuing to think about the phial and the liquid. He heads upstairs, looking into her room to see her in front of her mirror, looking to see if the liquid has done anything to her.

He spies on her for a moment, before noticing that she's barely standing up. "Michael!" She yells. He opens the door in a slight panic. "Oh, you're right there." She says in a dreamy, almost drunk-like voice. "I'm not feeling good." Then she nearly faints, falling back.

Mike rushes to her, catching her before she falls. "What's wrong?" He asks curiously, looking down at her. "Here, come on." He says while helping her up to her bed.

"I don't know, I just feel weird all of the sudden." She says in a haze. He closely examines her face, noticing her big blue eyes dilating. His mind races with panic and guilt, knowing that liquid must have done something to her.

"Do you feel sick, like you're going to vomit or something?" He asks with his arm around her.

"No... I just feel kinda dizzy and lightheaded. I need to lay down. I don't think I'm going out tonight." She faintly says, laying down on the bed.

"I'll go get you some aspirin and water." Mikes leaves, his mind in a panic as he races down the stares. "What did I do?" He repeats to himself. He comes back up, sitting beside her. "Here, take this." But then he notices that she's out cold. His hand covers his jaw-dropped mouth. "Oh my god... Oh my god." He thinks to himself. "Ashley?" He says out loud in an anxious tone. "Ashley?" He says louder. She's still breathing, thankfully. He sits there for a moment, his mind racing thinking about what to do.

Finally, he looks over to her sexy body laying there and the perv switch in his brain turns on. His left hand finds his way up her leg, rubbing it slowly, getting higher and higher up her thigh. He breathes heavier, the blood from his brain starting to rush to his crotch. His heart pounds as he turns to her and begins to run his hands all over her legs. He can't stop. Mike stands up, standing over her, then leans down to rub her torso and shoulders slowly. Her perfect, smooth slightly tan skin. Her tight top. Her petite, tight body. He loses control, rubbing her all over, finally deciding to rub her busty chest and he nearly drools. He's never been with anyone half as attractive as her, only his average-looking ex with the flat chest. He gropes her tits more, rubbing them harder and more enthusiastically, his mind going blank, completely disregarding morality and danger. With one hand on her tits and the other rubbing her tight denim ass, his eyes roll back. "This is amazing. I can't stop. I can't." He repeats in his mind.

Suddenly she begins to toss and turn, squirming on the bed and mumbling. He abruptly stops and backs away quickly, completely snapping out of his crazed horniness. He concentrates on acting normal, like he wasn't doing anything, his heart thumping loudly. She sits up quickly, gasping. She looks up at him, not saying anything. "Are you, umm... Are you feeling better?" He asks cautiously.

She continues to stare, then slowly begins to smile. She gets up off the bed and steps over to Mike as he stares back down at her with a confused look on his face. She puts her right hand on his chest as he gulps nervously. "I love you, Michael. I want you so bad." She purrs up at him like a cat in heat, her soft blue eyes staring up at his.

"Oh my god... That dream was real, but how? How can this happen? Is she like... Possessed or something?" He thinks as he continues to look down at her in amazement. He puts his hand over hers as it's on his chest and caresses it with his thumb. She falls into him, into his chest as he takes his right hand and puts it around her waist. "I love you too, Ashley. I've wanted you for so long." He blurts out in a slight whisper. He looks deeper into her eyes and notices she's changed. She's different. That dream must have been real and the mysterious liquid from that phial must have been some sort of spell on her. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. This is his chance, what he's wanted for months.

With his right hand on her lower back, he hoists her up as she leans up on her tippy toes. They embrace, locking lips eagerly. They kiss softly at first, then she puts her arms around his neck and he leans his head down to kiss her more. Passionately kissing deeply, both of them eagerly going at it, panting into each others mouth. They stop, she leans into him again with her hands on her chest, looking up at him submissively. "I'll do anything for you. Anything. I'm all yours." She says up at him in that sweet tone of voice he loves.

He puts his right hand behind her head, lightly gripping her neck and stroking her hair. He looks into her eyes. "You're mine now, aren't you?"

"Mhm." She nods and smiles, biting her lip up at him. His body almost cannot contain the excitement and amazement, this is what he's dreamed of for months but now it's reality. He grabs her head, kissing her more aggressively this time. They moan into each others mouths, his left hand holding her head and stroking her nice, soft hair, his right hand going down her back and rubbing it; going lower and lower to her tight ass. She smells so amazing. She feels so amazing. She tastes amazing. He feels the bulge in his jeans grow and get increasingly harder. He turns her around, kissing her neck from behind as she moans softly, hanging her head back and using her right hand to hold his head against her neck. His hands hold her against up by her chest, rubbing her perky breasts all over. Then they go down to her hips and then he rubs her pussy over her tight jeans. He feels her quiver as she moans again. He holds her tightly as she rubs her tight ass against the bulge in his jeans.

Still holding her, he leads her to the bed and sits her on his lap. She hangs onto his neck and he grabs her boots to hold her legs, rubbing up and down her legs. With his right arm around her, he pulls her upper body into his face, burying his face into her chest. She moans softly, holding his head against her chest. He licks her cleavage, kissing the fabric over her tits. They feel so firm and amazing.

She straddles his crotch, wrapping her legs around his torso and kissing him again. They moan softly into each others mouths as they dry hump. They hold onto each other tightly, their lips locked. Both of them so incredibly horny. She kisses him all over his head and neck. He stands up abruptly, she hangs off him, holding onto his neck and her legs wrapped around his torso. He holds her up by the back of her thighs, and their lips lock once more.

Mike lets her down. "Get down on your knees and give me the best blowjob you've ever given." He demands into her ear, stroking her hair. She drops to her knees and instantly begins to rub the bulge in his jeans with her soft little hands and kissing it with her pink lips, running her mouth over the bulge as she gazes up at him submissively. He can only stare back down in amazement, his right hand holding her head against the bulge in his jeans and stroking her hair. He unzips his jeans as she rubs her tits, taking his cock and balls out of the zipper. His average looking cock dangling in her face, she smiles up at him while stroking it softly and slowly. Her pretty eyes shut halfway as she slowly begins to kiss the tip of his cock. He gasps, his head hanging back in pleasure. The image of her soft, bright pink lips on his cock too much. She goes down on him, slowly taking his cock into her mouth as she holds onto the base of his cock with her left hand. She stares up at him as he breathes harder, his cock between her pink lips, his cock filling her mouth. "Oh fuck." He mumbles under his breath as he feels his cock on her tongue. She applies more suction, going in and out on his cock. Making little slurping noises and soft moans as she enjoys the taste of his throbbing cock. "You're so fucking pretty." He groans down to her as his right hand strokes her hair, guiding her head up and down on his cock. Her mouth salivates over his cock as she moans softly, giving little looks up at him. Her right hand begins to cup his balls, rubbing them gently as she goes back and forth on his cock. She works the head, running her lips all over it, kissing it, making love to it, swirling her tongue around his throbbing head as she rubs his testicles. She takes it out, breathing ever so slightly over his cock as she gazes at it, still rubbing his balls. She licks and kisses up and down the sides as she bats her eyes up at him. He can't believe all of this is actually happening. He grins down at her with his hands on his hips and she loves it. She loves being on her knees in front of him. She dribbles a little bit of spit from her mouth onto his cock and jerks it all over it. She begins to deepthroat his cock, her hands pulling her into his cock by holding onto the pockets of his jeans. He groans dominantly, eyes rolling back into his head as he bites his lip from feeling his cock go down her little throat. She eagerly deepthroats, slurping and slobbering all over his dick. Her saliva mixed with his pre-cum dripping from her mouth and onto her cleavage. She kneels perfectly, her back arched slightly, her busty chest sticking out. She goes all the way in on his cock, taking it all over and over. His knees buckle a little as his wet, throbbing cock slides in and out of her mouth and down her throat as she gives him the greatest blowjob of his life. "Such a good cocksucker, Ashley." He groans down at her boldly. She just looks up at him with his cock in her mouth, her baby blues gazing up at him. She goes all the way down once more, her nose pressed against his jeans, sticking her little tongue out just enough to graze his balls. "Fuck, she's licking my balls with my cock in her mouth and I'm still not feeling teeth." He wonders in amazement in his own head. She comes up for air, panting a little before down to kiss, lick and suck his balls. His wet throbbing cock dangles over her pretty face as she faces up to him, sucking and licking each of his balls. Kissing them over and over with her soft pink lips. "Fuck, you're good." He growls as he focuses on not blowing his load. She comes back up to face his throbbing cock and begins to deepthroat some more, her hands on his thighs. Her mouth waters on his cock, eagerly slurping. He bends his knees a little and grabs her pretty head, feeling her soft hair on his fingers. He pumps her mouth, fucking her face in and out. Thrusting in and out of her mouth and down her throat, faster and faster as he groans and enjoys the sound of his cock forcing its way into her mouth. "Ah fuck!" He groans loudly, almost cumming. He holds her down all the way, patting her head, then lets go as she gasps for air.

He grabs her upper arm and yanks her to her feet. "Take your clothes off and get on the bed." He orders as he grins down at her and she looks up at him submissively, eager to do anything he says. They take off their clothes. She unbuttons her little crop top-vest, taking off her white top, taking off her boots and tight jeans. They both stand in there in their underwear as her phone goes off. "Tell him you're not going." He quips at her, knowing it's her asshole boyfriend. She quickly texts him and then tosses the phone across the room.

Ashley gets on the fluffy pink bed, laying on her back. Her step brother Michael mounts her and takes off her bra and then sliding off her panties. He kisses all over her chest, grinding his throbbing cock against her right leg. He sucks on her tits as they both moan on the bed. He looks down her body to maneuver his throbbing cock into her tight, little, pink teen pussy.

"Hoooh..." He gasps slowly as he feels himself enter his step sister Ashley. So tight and warm, it's perfect. Her body relaxes into the bed as she moans softly, feeling him fill her tight pussy. He slowly pumps in and out, working into a rhythm as he kisses her neck, then moving up to kiss her lips. They moan softly into each others mouths as he pumps into her faster and faster, trying so hard not to blow his load inside her. The feeling is too amazing, she's so tight.

After nearly a minute later of fucking her, he pulls out to keep himself from cumming. "Get on top of me." He orders as he lays down beside her. She does as told and gets on top of Mike, kneeling on him with her knees by his hips, with their genitals lined up. She moans as she feels him enter her again. She begins to grind her hips on him, back and forth. He holds onto her ass as she rides him. He brings her down to his chest and holds onto her, pumping up and down into her. He kisses her all over while pumping in and out of her faster and faster. They both moan louder, she kisses his chest as he strokes her hair and kisses his head. Mike continues to pound her, feeling the cum building in his balls. The bed rocks, her stuffed animals falling off the bed. The visual of banging his super hot cheerleading, bimbo step sister in her super girly, pink room on her soft pink bed with the stuffed animals meant for little girls is too much. Smelling her, feeling her skin against his, her tight pussy wrapped around his throbbing cock, her soft moans into his chest, causes him to erupt inside her, shooting his warm load up into her tight pussy. He slows down, slowly pumping it into her as they both pant. He holds her tightly, kissing her head.

"I love you, I love you, I love you..." She gently whispers into his chest as she pants.

"I love you, too." He whispers to her as he continues to hold her. She gets off him, snuggling up to him by his side as he wraps his arms around her. He can't believe what just happened. That was the most amazing thing ever. They lay there for awhile, cuddling, as he thinks about what just happened. That dream did become reality. It's the strangest thing and he's not sure why or how it happened but it did. And it doesn't matter because now he has her wrapped around his finger. Ashley is Michael's obedient fucktoy now.


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