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5 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by: JeremyDCP
Chapter 31: "Bumblepuppy"


While making my routine rounds through the guest corridor
in the mansion on this lovely Wednesday evening, I realized
that there were gentle sounds of passion emanating from
within one of the rooms as I passed by its entrance. Forever
the intrusive type, I pressed my ear to the door and listened
curiously. Recognizing those unique, delicate moans, I knew
that Lindsay was definitely in there. There was some type
of erotic pleasure being delivered to her body. But who was
with her? Which of the ladies was causing her to moan out
in such arousal? Kristanna? Devon? Amy? All three of
them? Surely, it could not have been Trish.

Needing to know the answer, I gingerly turned the handle -
not wanting to be heard - and opened the door just a crack.
With a clear view of the center portion of the guest suite,
my eyes nearly exploded from their sockets at what I saw. I
also quickly realized that I had stumbled onto quite the
literal treasure trove here!

Lindsay - the darling, fresh-faced 18-year-old - was
completely nude and all splayed out upon the bed, her legs
parted and knees in the air. She had a hand stuffed between
those firm, lithe thighs, with a trio of fingers massaging
the swollen folds of her tender pussy. With no one else in
the room, I came to the conclusion that those pleasurable
groans I had heard earlier had been strictly self-induced.

Lindsay did not yet realize that I was standing at the
entrance to her private room, with the door open just far
enough for to peak in and spy on her. I smiled inwardly as
my cock began to stir and rustle about within my trousers.
How long had Lindsay been masturbating? Seconds? Minutes?
How long would it be before she knew that I was watching her?

Whatever the case, I could tell that Lindsay definitely
enjoyed the stimulation which she was currently providing
herself. Laying flat on her back, her pelvis was twitching
and squirming about as she busily fingered her moist pussy.
At the same time, Lindsay used her opposite hand to cup and
squeeze one of her taut, firm breasts. It was a private
moment, indeed, but I felt compelled to watch...

"Oh yeah," the blonde swooned, as her body continued to
shudder and vibrate underneath her own caresses. By now,
there was a definite lump within my trousers, and it needed
to be tended to. I sighed as well, reaching down and
pressing my open palm upon the aching bulge. I rubbed it,
which helped release some of the tension within myself. A
hot, hungry mouth would do a much better job, though...

Lindsay reluctantly withdrew her long, slender fingers
from the silken joining of her thighs, but then smiled as
her blue eyes focused upon the hand-held dildo which was
perched upon the night-stand next to the bed. She licked
her lips and grinned once more, then took hold of the dildo
and offered it an appreciative glare.

The young woman let loose with a long, drawn-out moan as
she used both hands to position the dildo between her thighs.
Then, she began to slide its thick, monstrous tip up and down
the glistening, soaked folds of her little slit.

I thought for sure that Lindsay was going to pierce her
pussy with that humungous dildo, and go to town with it.
Instead, she did something I never once thought imaginable.

"Hi Mr. Gordo!" Lindsay squealed, turning her head and
focusing all of her attention upon the teddy bear which was
laying near her hip. Mr. Gordo, it should be noted, was
perhaps Lindsay's most prized possession. The stuffed
animal had been a fixture in her life since pre-school.

"How is Mr. Gordo doing?" Lindsay asked, laying the dildo
upon the mattress beside her right leg and then bringing the
teddy bear to her chest, and embracing it warmly. Again, I
smiled to myself. I had never seen Lindsay actually speak
to Mr. Gordo like this before. I thought nothing of it,
however. I figured that Lindsay could act a little strange
or weird because she thought she was alone - and no one was
watching her. Everyone does strange things in private...

"What was that, Mr. Gordo?" Lindsay chirped, smiling, as
she held the teddy bear's face close to her ear. "Really?
You'd really do that for me? OH... you're a great friend!"

An instant later, my jaw literally hit the floor as
Lindsay used both hands to hold Mr. Gordo upside-down, then
guide its brown, furry face between her widespread thighs.
She let out a passion-filled moan while moving the teddy bear
over and across her exposed pussy, its plastic nub of a nose
caressing her little, swollen clitoris.

"Hmmmmm..." Lindsay sighed in response, her hips starting
to slowly undulate once again. "Oh, Mr. Gordo... you love
my pussy, don't you?" She giggled and added, "You've ALWAYS
helped me get off like this..."

Obviously, I watched in shocked silence as Lindsay used
her cherished, life-long friend of a teddy bear to help her
masturbate. I always thought that Lindsay was perhaps a
little too old to be so attached to a stuffed animal like
Mr. Gordo, but apparently she had a good reason to be.

"Oh yeah!" Lindsay squealed, her movements and actions
becoming more heated. "Oh yeah, FUCK ME! Yes, Mr. Gordo!
Fuck me! Fuck me with your face! OOOOOH YEAH... YESSSSS!"

Indeed, Lindsay continued to rub the teddy bear's face
over and across her puffy, moist slit. At the same time,
the bulge within my trousers now felt as though it was set
to burst. I could not believe how incredibly naughty it
was for Lindsay to be using her teddy bear in a manner
such as this. It was very exciting for me to watch, too!

Unable to control myself any longer, I stepped into the
guest bedroom and offered Lindsay a big, toothy grin. I
just had to make my presence known. "I finally understand
why Mr. Gordo is so important to you, dear..."

Lindsay sat up suddenly with a look of sheer embarrassment
upon her beautiful face. Perhaps on instinct, she tossed the
teddy bear elsewhere. But a split-second later, Lindsay
realized that she had been caught. I had been watching her.

"Oh God..." she cried, covering her face with both hands
and shaking her head in shame. "I... oh God... this is so
embarrassing!" She shook her head once more and whined, "Oh
God, Jeremy... why? How long were you there? Why?"

"It's okay, sweetheart," I offered in my most soothing
tone, slowly walking over to the bed and joining her there.
I reached down and picked Mr. Gordo up off the floor, and
put it upon the mattress next to Lindsay. I also realized
that the stuffed animal had a bit of moisture on its face...

"This is so embarrassing!" she reiterated, still whining,
while looking at me through a sheet of tears. "I... NO ONE
has EVER seen me use Mr. Gordo like that before." Lindsay
gulped her throat and sobbed, "It was my se-se-secret..."

Suddenly, I felt awful. I took Lindsay into my arms and
held her gently, saying, "I'm sorry, sweetheart. I didn't
come here with the exact intention to spy on you. I was just
walking by in the hallway and when I heard noises from outside
the door, I just had to peak inside."

I retrieved Mr. Gordo with my right hand and placed it
against Lindsay's bare, flat stomach, allowing her to hold
it there. She clutched it with both hands, but again shook
her head as I slowly but surely ended our embrace.

"This is so embarrassing!" Lindsay repeated. "God, please
don't tell Devon or Amy about this, Jeremy!" She paused and
added, "Devon is always teasing me because I keep Mr. Gordo
here in my room. Devon would have a field day teasing me if
she knew that I used Mr. Gordo to help get off. And Amy?
OH GOD... Amy would NEVER let me hear the end of it! Please,
Jeremy! PLEASE! Please don't tell either of them!"

"Sweetheart..." I offered, grinning, while shaking my own
head at her. "Your secret is safe with me. I won't tell."
I kissed her on the cheek and gently added, "I would never
do anything to hurt or embarrass you in front of the others."

"I'm embarrassed now," she fretted, glancing down at the
stuffed animal, before turning her attention back toward me.
"I, oh God... you SEEN me doing that with Mr. Gordo!"

I smiled and responded, "There is no reason to feel that
way, honey. I would never look down upon you for anything.
Trust me, your secret is safe. I won't let anyone know.
You have my word that I will not tell anyone."

"Isn't it kind of weird, though?" she asked, her anxiety
seeming to fade away with my reassuring words. "I mean...
me, using my teddy bear like that? Isn't it strange?"

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "All of us do strange
things at one time or another."

"You promise you won't tell anyone?" she asked, her eyes
wide, obviously wanting clarification.

"Of course I promise," I grinned. "Would I ever lie to
you, Lindsay? Have I ever lied to you?"

"No, you haven't," Lindsay answered, taking a deep breath.

I smiled at her again. "How long have you been using
your teddy bear to masturbate and pleasure yourself?"

She pouted and replied, "Since I was 13 or 14. Mr. Gordo
was my dildo before I even knew what a dildo was. He was my
way to get off. I... I've always loved the feel of his face
on my pussy. He... can still make me cream my pussy today."

"Is this the reason you still have him around?"

Lindsay hesitated, then offered a sheepish grin and nodded
her head. "Yes, it is. Ninety percent of the reason, yes.
He can help get me off when I'm feeling incredibly horny,
and there is no one else around."

I cupped her face with my right hand, and wiped away some
of her excess tears with my thumb and forefinger. "Not only
are you adorable, Miss Lindsay, but you are also priceless.
I would have never guessed. You... and your teddy bear."

"You sure you don't think it's too strange or wrong?"

"Wrong?" I smiled. "Not at all, dear. Not at all. I
think it is wonderful!"

Lindsay hesitated before admitting, "Mr. Gordo has always
helped me get off. I know it's really naughty for me to do
this but sometimes, I... I... I just can't help myself."

"Hmmmmm," I groaned, while holding the 18-year-old in my
arms and gently kissing the crown of her head. "So very
adorable, Lindsay. And so priceless! You'll never know
just how much." I smiled and added, "I only wish that you
told me that you had a furry, little friend for a lover long
before now. I like to know about these things."

"Mr. Gordo?" Lindsay giggled. "He is NOT my lover!"

"You sure talked to Mr. Gordo like he is your lover," I
countered, teasing her, which actually made the blonde's
face flush red with embarrassment. "You were begging a
stuffed animal to fuck you, and help you get off." To ease
her level of embarrassment, I kissed Lindsay on the cheek
and told her, "You should have let me know, sweetheart."

"You want to know everything about me, don't you?" she
responded in a huff, albeit in a playful manner.

"Of course I do," I told her, grinning. "I want to know
all of your nasty, little secrets. I want us to share and
be open with each other. I want to know everything, baby.
I've told you that since you first came here."

"You know a whole lot already," Lindsay mused. "And as
far as nasty, little secrets, none are worse than what you
just caught me doing with Mr. Gordo."

"Teddy bears are not meant to be used as masturbation
toys," I said, grinning, now eyeing her tender, nubile body.
She was absolutely flawless - from head to toe. "Obviously,
they can be. You've given me ample proof of that, honey.
Do you have any other secrets you can share with me?"

Lindsay paused for a moment, then shook her head. "Not
really, Jeremy. This was about the only thing that I really
kept from you, or anyone else, for that matter. Honestly."
She hesitated once more before saying, "You're quite the
inquisitive one. How about you tell me your secrets, huh?"

I grinned at her. "I'll tell you something, sweetheart,
but I guess it's not all that much of a secret."

"What is it?"

Still smiling, I responded, "I find you irresistible.
The way you look; the way you talk and act. The way you
smell. The way you smile when you laugh. Your eyes,
your hair; everything. Everything about you, I find
totally and 100 percent completely irresistible."

"That's no secret," Lindsay giggled. "Very sweet, but
certainly no secret." She paused and added, "But with every
nice thing you say about me, I can say the same about you."

"Will you do me a favor, Lindsay?"

"What? I'll do anything for you, Jeremy. You know that."

"Show me exactly how Mr. Gordo can get you off."

Lindsay's face turned red at the mere idea. "Oh, I don't
know, Jeremy. It's... that's so private. I... really don't
mind masturbating for you. You know that. But Mr. Gordo..."

"Show me," I asked again, my tone soft and respectful. I
kissed Lindsay on the forehead and murmured, "I want to see."
Not waiting for her to answer, I rose up to my knees and slid
in directly behind her back. Now seated upon my knees, I
placed both arms around Lindsay from behind and gently pulled
her shoulders against my chest. I kissed the crown of her
head and pleaded, "Show me, sweetheart. I want to see."

Lindsay squealed and fretted about for a moment or two,
but then looked over her shoulder at me and slowly nodded
her head. "This... I never thought I'd show someone," she
quaked, holding her precious teddy bear to her chest.

"You can trust me," I told her, my hands sliding downward
and coming into contact with her breasts. "You do know that
you can trust me, yes?" I cupped and squeezed both of them,
causing her to moan out in response. "Show me how Mr. Gordo
helps you get off. C'mon... please show me."

Lindsay sighed and took a deep breath, but nodded her head
once more. Holding it upside-down in front of her nude body,
Lindsay eventually moved the stuffed animal inbetween her
spread thighs. At the same time, I groped and massaged those
wondrous breasts even harder than before with my hands, while
splaying a series of kisses along her neck and shoulder.

"Hmmmmm," the teen-ager moaned, pressing the back of her
head hard upon my chest, as Mr. Gordo's face brushed over
and across her swollen slit. "Oh yeah..." Lindsay squealed,
continually rubbing herself, as I retrieved the huge dildo
she had used earlier from beside her right leg.

"Open up," I whispered, moving the dildo toward Lindsay's
mouth. She parted her lips on request, and I immediately
slipped the dildo into her mouth. Lindsay turned her head
and looked back at me for a moment, but then began to suck
and slurp on the dildo as if it were a real cock. The vixen
growled as I then started to thrust the dildo in-and-out of
her hungry mouth at a brisk, steady pace.

At the same time, I still used my left hand to eagerly
cup and squeeze one of her breasts. Lindsay's moans and
squeals were becoming more prevalent as the passion level
within her was rapidly increasing. Her movements as she
busily frigged her pussy with Mr. Gordo's face (and perhaps
more importantly, his plastic nose) were becoming more
animated. And lastly, the sounds of sheer hunger and lust
emanating from deep within her throat as she sucked and
slurped upon the steel-encased dildo was music to my ears.

"His nose is what gets you the most - isn't it?" I asked
Lindsay, obviously referring to her teddy bear. She gave me
a simple nod in response as I watched the plastic nub caress
and stroke her little clitoris. I kissed Lindsay on the
neck once more, then blew in her ear and nibbled it gently.

"You are a bad, bad girl," I whispered in that ear. "You
can act all sweet and righteous, and innocent, but down deep,
you are a bad girl and you will always be a bad girl. After
Mr. Gordo has his way with you, missy, there's really only
one thing left for me to do to you."

"Fuck me?" she garbled, her mouth full.

"No," I leisurely grinned, shaking my head. "Something
even better." I gave her breasts a hard, unrelenting squeeze
and explained, "I'm going to punish you for being so bad. I
am going to put you over my knee, and give you a spanking."

"Hmmmmm," Lindsay moaned in response, momentarily closing
her eyes, as she began to suck on the dildo even harder. Of
course, Lindsay had really gotten off in the past when Amy
would brutally whip and punish her with various devices.

I had a new-found interest in BDSM of my own, thanks to
Amy, and wanted to dive a little deeper into the idea of
administering pain and the power exchange associated with it.
I figured that Lindsay would be a willing subject for me.

"It's not going to be a nice, little pleasure spanking,
either," I advised her, my eyes darting about the room and
then focusing on a thick-bristled hairbrush laying atop the
adjacent dresser drawer. I smiled at the sight, then warned
her, "I know that you like things a little rough, so I'm
going to see about pushing some of your limits tonight."

Lindsay was squirming and writhing about in wanton desire
as my words, not to mention Mr. Gordo and the thrusting dildo
within her mouth, had finally pushed her to the proverbial
edge. I jammed the dildo deep into her willing mouth, then
moved my right hand downward and let it re-join my left in
giving her exotic breasts a feverish, dual massage.

An instant later, Lindsay squealed upon the submerged
dildo as her entire body tensed up and went rigid against
me. She then spit the dildo out from her mouth and cried,

I smiled and looked on with adoring eyes as Lindsay
clutched her thighs around Mr. Gordo's probing head, just
before her pussy literally exploded in a sea of passion. I
continued massaging her breasts as she squirmed about upon
me, her pussy creaming the face and head of her teddy bear.

Still smiling, I brought a hand to Lindsay's chin and
cupped it in a loving manner. The teen-ager responded to
that by sliding my right index finger into her mouth and
sucking upon it. Her head bobbed back-and-forth upon that
extended finger as the sensations of orgasmic release slowly
but surely began to dissipate within her.

Once in the aftermath, I withdrew my finger from between
Lindsay's moist, pink lips and moved that hand downward. I
retrieved Mr. Gordo from the silken joining of her thighs,
then laughed at the mere sight of its furry face and head.
As could be expected, it was saturated with pussy juice.

"Thank you," I whispered in her ear, kissing it. "Thank
you for allowing me in on your quote - nasty, little secret.
You're so precious to me."

"Are you still going to punish me?"

"You know I am," was my response to her hopeful plea, as
I momentarily stood up and retrieved the aforementioned
hairbrush from the nearby dresser drawer. Fortunately,
Lindsay did not see me. I wanted the hairbrush to be a
surprise - even if a somewhat painful one.

"I LOVE being spanked," the enchantress cooed, a definite
smile on her face. "I wish you still allowed Amy to dominate
me the way she used to, Jeremy. I had SO MUCH fun with her.
But I understand why you don't want her to be dominant now."

I moved to the edge of the mattress and promptly pulled
Lindsay down across my lap. She sighed quickly and sharply,
suddenly finding herself draped across my knee with each half
of her body hanging off into space. On one side, Lindsay had
an up-close and personal view of the carpet. On the other,
her legs were dangling, not quite able to reach the floor.

"Give me your hand," I instructed her, taking her right
and pinning it to the small of her back. With my free hand,
I grabbed Mr. Gordo and tossed it to the floor beneath her
face. "Do you know why I am going to punish you?"

Lindsay did not hesitate as she swung her head back to
look at me with a gleeful smile. "Because I'm a bad girl!"

"You have a safe-word," I explained to her, "and it is
_bumblepuppy_. You say that word, and I will immediately
stop whatever I am doing and let you free. Understand?"

"Why do I need a safe-word?" she asked, totally confused.

"Do you understand?" I insisted, my patience growing thin.

"Yes. But... bumblepuppy?"

I started spanking her immediately. I offered no warm-up
or build, either, as I used a good amount of force with each
heavy, wristy stroke of the hairbrush upon her unsuspecting
backside. Lindsay immediately yelped and shrieked in pain,
her feet snapping upward to try and protect herself. It did
not last, however, as I shoved them back down and then
scissored her legs between my calves so she could not do that
again. Then I brought the hairbrush down upon her ass again.

The ensuing sounds she made quickly became frantic and
high-pitched. Lindsay tried her best to move her captured
hand, clawing and grabbing at empty air, as I held it in
place at the small of her back. She was quite the feisty
thing, though, and managed to move her hand to her side.

"Stop fighting," I instructed her, reaffirming my grip
ten-fold on that hand and forcing it back into place. It
was not moving an inch now. I would not let it. "I was
only going to give you 20 swats, but now we are starting
over from the beginning and I will give you 30 instead."
I pelted her with the hairbrush and counted, "One."

"That hurts!" Lindsay cried, her entire body contracting
all at once. "Oh God, that hurts!"


"Jeremy!" she whined. "Please... please stop!"


Lindsay was unable to hold still now. She bucked and
thrashed about beneath me, twisting wildly and doing her
best to break free. It was not easy, but I was able to
hold her no matter how much she struggled. Those sharp,
stinging blows from the hairbrush never slowed, never
wavered and never, ever missed. Lindsay shouted. She
shrieked. She cried. She burst into tears and then she
just sobbed. The hairbrush was the true equalizer.

"Bumblepuppy," I reminded her. "Say your safe-word if you
truly want me to stop, and I will."

Lindsay cried and wailed about, but did not utter a word
as I rained biting fire all over her squirming backside.
Every fresh, crisp smack of those hard, thick bristles upon
exposed, vulnerable flesh was fanning the flames of the
bonfire even more. To Lindsay's credit - through all of the
writhing, kicking, flailing, sobbing and, most of all, the
pain - she did not even attempt to say the magic word once.

When it was over, I set the hairbrush aside. Lindsay was
limp across my knee, crying so hard that she could barely
catch her breath. I placed my hand upon her upturned ass,
and did my best to caress and soothe away some of the hurt.

"Shhhhh, it's over," I grinned, eyeing her burnt, raw
flesh. "It's okay, honey. That was 30. You're safe now."

"No, I'm not," she wept, her shoulders jerking and shaking.

"Yes, you are."

I pulled Lindsay up so she was seated upon my knee. I ran
my fingers through her long-flowing blonde hair, then coaxed
her face down across my shoulder as she cupped her own bottom
with both hands and squeezed tightly and evenly.

"That hurt!" she complained through clenched teeth.

"I know it hurt," I told her. "It was supposed to hurt.
But you loved every minute of it, and took it like a pro."

"What makes you s-say th-that?"

I kissed the top of her head and caressed the small of her
back with my right hand. "Easy, sweetheart. You could have
said your safe-word at any given moment, but you chose not to.
You accepted your punishment like a good girl should."

"Now I'm a good g-girl?"

I smiled, then reached down and picked Mr. Gordo up off of
the floor. I brought the stuffed animal between us and
pressed it to Lindsay's stomach. She responded by taking it
with both arms and lovingly clutching it to her.

"Not only am I proud of you, honey, but so is Mr. Gordo."

The young woman laughed and cried at the same time, now
reaching back with one hand and caressing her aching bottom.

"Was I too rough?" I asked, brushing her hair to the side
so I could better see her face. "Did it hurt too much?"

Lindsay sniffed her nose, then shook her head in response.

That was all the affirmation I needed. I smiled, knowing
this little experiment of mine had been a success. "You like
it when I get all rough and dominant with you?"

"I l-love it," she answered, her forehead now resting upon
my shoulder. "I wish you were th-this way more often. You
are... you are very good at it, Jeremy, when you want to be."

"Stand," I directed her, my voice firm and authoritative.

Lindsay seemed a bit wobbly and off-balance, but she was
able to do as she was told. The precious minx, needless to
say, was a complete and total wreck. Her mascara was ruined
from the endless rush of tears, and I got the sense that
every inch of her body was throbbing and full of sensations.
It all started, of course, with that smoldering ass.

"You're a mess," I told her. "We need to get you cleaned
up." I pointed toward the nearby washroom. "Go."

Lindsay made eye contact with me and kept still for several
seconds, but soon turned and gingerly made her way toward the
washroom. I followed close behind, paying special attention
to her reddened backside, but moved ahead once she stepped
inside and opened the shower stall door for her.

The 18-year-old looked back at me once again, but said
nary a word as she stepped into the shower. She wiped tears
from her right eye as I took the portable showerhead down
long enough to turn its water on and adjust the temperature.
When I hung it back up, Lindsay stood still as the spray hit
between her shoulders and water rushed down her body.

"Too hot? Too cold?"

"It's perfect," she muttered.

"Hands on the wall."

Lindsay gulped her throat, but again did as she was told.
She moved to the back of the shower and placed both hands
upon the wall. "Look straight ahead," I instructed her,
adjusting the shower nozzle so it was aimed at her shoulders.

I quickly got rid of my own clothing and stepped into the
shower as well, closing the glass door with a soft click
before I moved in behind her. I stroked her scalp, combing
my fingers through her hair, pulling the long tresses back
across her shoulder and into the streaming rush of water.

"Face the wall," I reiterated when she began to look back.

Lindsay offered a pout of frustration, but re-focused her
gaze upon the gray stone tiles in front of her and did not
dare move her hands. I could tell that she wanted a glimpse
or two (or many) of my own nude form.

"Tip your head back," I ordered, taking the showerhead
down from the wall. "Tip it back further."

Lindsay raised her eyes to the ceiling, but then closed
them and sighed in obvious pleasure once I wet her hair with
the shower nozzle. I smoothed my hands down the long blonde
tresses, careful to keep both the water and the soap out of
her eyes as I dutifully washed her hair.

It should go without saying that Lindsay had never been in
the shower with a man like this before. All of the earlier
discomfort and anxiety from her discipline spanking just
seemed to melt and fade away as I ran my thick, heavy hands
through her hair, soaping, stroking and massaging them away.

I washed and rinsed, then washed again, but did not say a
single word. I worked the conditioner into her hair until
every silky, wavy strand was thoroughly coated. Her hair was
long and thick. It took an awful lot of conditioner, but I
also took my sweet time, letting it set while I gently combed
out the tangles and rinsed again. Running my fingers through
her hair over and over again, I gathered it in my hands and
deftly twisted it upward into a loose bun on top of her head
where I pinned it with two clips.

"Hips back and feet apart," I instructed her. "Make sure
you keep your hands flat on that wall."

I opened up a brand new bar of soap and lathered my hands
with it. I washed Lindsay's body much as I had her hair.
From the top of her shoulders and down her arms, to the length
of her fingers, from her breasts all the way down to the
bottom of her bare feet, I left no part untouched. The soap
made my hands slippery and thus, in turn, her skin silken.

Lindsay seemed to be floating somewhere high in the clouds
as I scrubbed and prodded every square inch of her immaculate
body. She was jolted back to reality, however, once I grasped
her hips with both hands and slipped my cock between the lush,
inviting folds of her pussy.

"Oh God!" she moaned in response, but still not looking
back at me. I moved my face to her shoulder and offered it a
kiss, then squeezed her hips even tighter and began to thrust
my way in-and-out of her at a hard, frenetic pace.

In no time flat, the slap of our meeting bodies filled the
shower. I wrapped my right arm tightly around her waistline
and placed my fingers upon her clitoris. Lindsay began to
grunt and scream in response, her own body and inner emotions
reacting violently to what I was doing to her.

One more time I must point out, though, that her hands
never moved from the wall, nor did she turn her head to look
back at me. Indeed, Lindsay's potential as a submissive was
unlimited. Perhaps she would be a fine pet for the right
person - whether it be male or female - one day.

I absolutely blasted that tiny 5-foot-3, 95 pound frame
of hers until there was nothing left for me to give. After
jamming my cock into her one final time - to the absolute
hilt, mind you - I roared out in total desire as I experienced
one of my most intense orgasms in quite some time. I could
feel the sperm gushing outward from the tip of my shaft,
filling and flooding her womb like only it should. I teetered
on the very brink of madness, and felt for an instant that I
would pass out from this very extreme level of pleasure.

At the same time, Lindsay seemed to let herself go as well.
She leaned forward and pressed the side of her face upon the
shower wall and screamed out in her own orgasmic passion, only
for her magnificent body to then go rigid seconds later.

In the aftermath, I stumbled forward and trapped Lindsay's
body between the wall and my own. I used her for support to
hold myself up, my cock still embedded deep within her pussy.
My breathing was quite ragged and labored, and my heart was
beating at a rapid pace. Still, I caressed that beautiful,
tortured ass of hers with my right hand and placed a kiss
upon the back of her neck. It looked marvelous being on
display, with her blonde hair pinned up into the bun.

"That was incredible, sweetheart."

The submissive grasped my right hand and pulled it to her
mouth, then kissed it. She licked and swiped away at my
index finger, saying, "Please tell me that you're going to
stay with me and spend the night, Jeremy. Please!"

"I'm not letting you out of my sight tonight," I declared,
which caused the young woman to growl and moan in delight.
"Nor am I done with you." I latched onto her ass with my
left hand and added, "I think you need some more discipline.
You're so bad, honey. You're so bad... yet you're so good."

"That spanking..." she breathed, her voice suddenly weak
and hoarse. "I didn't know you had that in you, Jeremy!"

"You and the other girls are helping me discover a brand
new side of myself," I informed her, again kissing her neck.
"I am learning new things about myself almost every day now."

Lindsay ground her sweet ass upon my pelvis in a lewd,
suggestive manner, then boldly proclaimed, "I want to be your
sex slave from now until the end of eternity!"

<<<- End of Chapter 31 ->>>

==---- -- -- -- - --- -- -- - - --- -- -- --- - -- - - - - --- -- ----==
"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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