A fantasy about taking advantage of a coworker in a bad situation.
My affair with Anna lasted the rest of the summer, and then she returned to Utah or wherever she was from. We had a lot of great sex after our initial encounter together, and she promised me that she would be back. I am not holding my breath. She is still young and while the sex was mind blowing, I am sure she will discover she can have good sex with other people. She did, after all comply with my initial blackmailing and I know I am not the only sick fuck out in the world.

So just a few weeks into October I came across another golden opportunity.

I have always had a thing for dirty, skanky women. The kind you don't take home to mom. The kind that no matter how hard you fuck them or what you do to them it will never be something new. And at work there is Marie. She is white, blonde, 5'4", 130lbs, a beautiful figure(that she hides most the time), and a face for radio. She actually doesn't look that bad, she just doesn't take care of herself and we work in an extremely dirty environment. You take one look at Marie and wonder how much penicillin she has burned up in her life, or how she even got the job since she looked like she may have been a prostitute or drug addict or both before she came here. Then there is her personality. She speaks in Ebonics most the time, talks about any relationship she is in with anybody that is willing to listen, cheats on every one of them and it is rumored that she has slept with a good percentage of the men here. Yeah sometimes she makes you want to slam her head in a drawer. Needless to say, I have never shown her any interest and would never have spent time with her outside of work.

I walk around the plant from time to time out of boredom, mainly for exercise, just kind of looking around here and there. At night there are very few people around, most are asleep in there respective offices unless something important comes up. So I am almost never seen.

This particular October on Friday the 13th, no less, I was walking through a newer section of our plant. It is a fairly large section but is only run by one person since it is mostly automated. Anyhow, I walked into the unit via a small skyway between the regular plant and this section, and as I turned the first corner I saw what looked like another person working at the far end. I figured the operator must have had some maintenance work to do so I meandered down that way to see if I could help. As I got closer I could tell it was Marie, leaning over the walkway struggling with something on the outside of the handrail. Her body was wedged between the mid and upper handrails with her knees on the deck. She was struggling because a light fixture had broken off as she leaned out and had her pinned in the handrail! She had effectively stockaded herself 30' in the air on the walkway. She couldn't move her arms enough to grab the radio from her belt and even call for help.

The gears in my head instantly started turning, no one knew she was here, and more importantly no one knew I was here, not even her...

I made no attempt to cover my footsteps as i approached. I figured if she was actually able to turn around I could still play the Good Samaritan. As I got within a few feet of her she heard me and it became obvious that she truly was as stuck as I had seen from a distance.

"Hello, who is there?" She said out loud, very loud in fact since it is so noisy here.

I maintained my silence as I knelt down behind her. For a second she must have thought that she imagined my footsteps because she just went back to her futile struggle to free herself. I reached around her waist and began to unfasten her pants and she froze, then started screaming at me. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TRYING TO DO? WHO IS THAT?!"

I continued what I had set out to do and as I un clasped her pants she began struggling to get away from me only to find that she could indeed move forward, but she would probably fall to her death. However if she resumed struggling to try and free herself it meant pushing back against me. She chose life and began pushing back to try and free herself again, more frantically now. She regained stable ground so she wasn't in danger of falling, but still couldn't get out.

I slipped her uniform pants down to her knees revealing an ass that no woman like her has a right to have, it was amazing, the perfect little bubble butt accentuated by her pink thong. Exactly like I imagined it would look on those days she rode her motorcycle in with her back arched and her ass sticking out, only now she was about to get a different kind of ride.

I hooked my fingers under her thing and started tugging it down out of the way, revealing the prize that she had rarely ever hidden from anyone. Her cunt was truly a sight to behold, she actually took care of herself here, completely shorn not even a bit of stubble. At this angle it was slightly distended from the pressure on her upper torso, the constant strain of her muscles fighting me while trying to not fall, and the arch of her back. To me it looked like a ripe peach perfect to be eaten. Maybe another time, I thought to myself. I certainly wasn't doing this to her because she would ever turn me down, so I figured I might have a shot for more later.

I took my hands off of her to drop out of my own uniform and position myself behind her. I put a condom on my rock hard cock. My cock as I have said before is average in length, around 6 inches, though I have never measured, maybe it's bigger or smaller by a bit, but it is exceptionally thick. When I fuck a woman, I might not fuck her as deeply as she's ever been fucked, but she definitely knows I was there the next day.

I reached out to run a finger through her slit but she was clenched up tight and dry as a bone. I couldn't even get a finger in her. She was effectively holding me at bay, leaving me only a couple of options. I certainly didn't want to lube her up with spit, just in case she decided she wanted to report this I didn't want my DNA easily found on her. I tried rubbing her clit to no avail I was just hurting my finger rubbing her raw and frustrating myself. If I tried to wedge my prick into her I would rip the condom for sure.

I suddenly had an idea, reached into my pocket and pulled out a tube of Carmex that I keep on me from time to time (luckily I had it that night). I smashed it all out, smearing it all over my condom covered cock.

I lined up my cock to her cunt and drove it home in one swift thrust. Pushing my fat member into her resisting pussy was amazing. I thought Anna was tight, but I was able to coax some unwilling wetness from that girl. This little whore was fighting me with all her might and willpower and up to this point had been successful. It was easily the tightest little fuckhole I had ever put my cock into, I looked down to make sure I hadn't slipped it into her ass by accident. No mistake though her little brown eye was sitting there sealed tight as a drum while my cock was sunk into Marie's body just below.

As soon as I was satisfied that my cock was at home I began to brutally fuck her as fast and hard as I could. I was afraid that the Carmex wouldn't last long and the condom would rip and just as these thoughts were forming her body began to secret some lube for me, a defense against internal damage I would learn later when looking up rape questions online. She was still clenching her muscles trying to force me out, and probably bring herself in the process. She was also pushing back against me to avoid falling as well. She had stopped struggling from her waist up though and I was in her till the finish at this point. Her struggle caused her cunt to grip me like a vise. Her cunt was easily the hottest thing I had ever had my cock in, but the thing that really was getting me off is that she was powerless to stop me.

I'd like to say I had the stamina of a pornstar that night, but I didnt last more than a few minutes. I was too excited and overcome with lust and the power I had over her to have any kind of control. I felt that familiar feeling start in my balls as they tightened up preparing for the explosion that would come soon. I intensified my pounding of her raw cunt, watching my cock piston in and out of her as her gorgeous ass cheeks absorbed the impact of my groin against hers. I came so hard I was again afraid the condom would break as my cock pulsed seven or eight times filling the reservoir tip and expanding the latex around me. Thank god Trojan makes a quality product!

As my dick began to deflate from my orgasm I allowed her to finally push me out. Her sex no longer looked like a delicious peach, instead it looked like it had been traumatized, there was visible bruising around her lips and a trickle of blood, dripping from her freshly raped hole.

I pulled her thong and uniform pants back up and buttoned them for her. She was finally still, and I could tell she was crying. I felt through her pockets and grabbed her cell phone and typed into the notes so she could see "think about who you want to call for help, the plant management drug tests people for accidents like the one you have gotten yourself into" I reached through the handrail and made sure she had a good grip on her phone before retreating back the way I had come. I stopped on the way back to my office a the incinerators tossing in the condom, wrapper, and Carmex tube.

I returned to my office and sat down reliving what I had just done, and trying to think of how many different ways i had screwed up and would be caught. I heard the phone ringing down the hall but no one was picking up. After a few minutes my phone rang, and I feigned grogginess acting like i had been woken up as I answered.

It was Marie. She sounded a little distressed but not terribly, "Drew, I've gotten myself stuck and I need your help, no one else is answering their phones, I'm sorry to have disturbed you". She told me where she was and added "Please don't tell anyone about this, I will owe you one, just name your price"

"Don't sweat it Maria" I replied. "I am sure we can work it out, I'll be right there" I hung up the phone. A huge evil grin on my face and walked back towards where I had left that dirty girl.

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2014-11-27 01:57:09
Short and simple story, yet very effective! What a cunning personality you created. Thanks for the good read.

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This is a good non-consensual sex story, Drew. Thanks for submitting it here. You write very well.


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I liked this one, too, bizarre as it is!

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