this is about me and my friend Joel expirimenting with young boy sex
Part 1 – The tree fort
My name is Jeff, and when I was about 11 I had my first sexual experiences. I guess it all started one summer at my cabin. I guess you can say I lived there every summer starting from the beginning of July till the end of august. Since I was away from all my friends in the city, I had to make friends there. This was never a difficult task, since I soon found that another guy my age (Joel), lived down the street. I was very social, and we were soon hanging out everyday. We became very good friends and mine and Joel’s naivety made us very comfortable with our bodies around each other (you know, “sword fights” when peeing, being naked and skinny dipping, etc.) Well one day in the middle of summer, we ended up working hard on building up our tree fort (like usual) and our conversation came across sex, which isn’t unusual, since we were extremely open with one another. And this is where and when my first sexual occurred.
I never masturbated and barely even knew what sex was at this time. So when Joel said, “hey man, do you ever jerk it”, I was a little confused.
“Jerk what?”, I asked.
“You know, jerk off”, Joel explained.
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“Haha, I take that as a no, when you jerk off you play with your cock till it feels really good”, Joel said. “It’s actually pretty awesome, I do it almost every night” he added.
I was 11, and not gay, I’m still not really gay, I guess I was just curious. But even at 11, I liked girls, noticing the older, more developed ones. And I did get erections regularly. Joel was a year older then me, and he seemed to know a lot more, so I listened to him attentively all the time. Knowing I was interested in what he was saying, he kept going.
Joel continued, “Ya man, I think of girls and stuff, then I jerk off for a bit till I get this awesome tingly feeling, then I usually have to stop cause it doesn’t feel that good after I get it”
Obviously Joel didn’t know that what he was experiencing was called an orgasm, he didn’t care, he just knew it felt good and passed on this valuable information to his best friend. So later that night, before I went to bed, I discovered masturbation. I was really impressed, and knew it would become a regular part of my life. The weird thing is that I can remember jerking it, but not getting an orgasm. Even though I really liked it, and enjoyed the feeling, I never actually had an orgasm till later on. Anyways..
The next day I told Joel how I jerked off, and how good it felt. Joel instantly got that smart-ass smirk on his face that he would always get when he showed me something new, or proved me wrong. I didn’t care thou, it was the best advice anyone has ever given to me.
“I knew you would thank me, and you are going to shit your pants when I show you what I found in my uncles out-house”, Joel said. So of course I followed Joel to his uncles cabin and he led me to his uncles shitter, opening the door to it, smirking, he displaced a stack of old crappy golf mags, to show me the treasure that lay beneath. 4 mint porns, with a bunch of hard-core fucking, lesbian, pussy shaving, and story/article glorious material we only dreamed of. “I looked at them all morning, you won’t believe what’s in these”, Joel said.
“can I have one? I can probably jerk it for the rest of the summer using one of them”, I said.
“dude, my uncle will freak out, we can’t steal em”, Joel protested.
“k man, how would he know its us? You don’t even stay with him ever, and it could have been any kid around here that stole em, he probably won’t even notice”, I argued.
“well where will you stash it? You know what your mom will do if she finds them?”, Joel said.
“haha, she’d kill me! We can stash em at the fort, no one will ever find them there, and we know a grown-up can’t fit in the entrance, its too small”, I exclaimed.
“ok, put them in your waist band, and lets bike there quick before my uncle gets back”, Joel cautioned.
Anyways, we got to our tree fort (which be the way was a kick ass 2 story, 20ft high cool fucking fort for a 11 year old boy) that we would smoke in and drink a beer in to pass the time. (we were bad ass 11 year olds, lol) anyways, the porns arrived safely there and we got to looking at the porns. When Joel whipped down his pants and started jerking his dink while looking at the porns, I never thought anything of it, I just followed suit. We jacked off together, sitting side by side. “you get the tingly yet”, Joel asked.
“ya man, I think I got it”, I said smiling. It felt good what I was doing, so I thought that was what the tingly feeling was.
“wow man, that was fast”, Joel said, as he started to jack off faster and faster, trying to catch up, I guess.
The next day, when we were jacking off, Joel asked me, “what is it like jacking off your dick” (cause mine was like an inch bigger then his). I said, “try it out for yourself”, not really caring (you know, I was open about myself). So Joel started to give me a hand job. “Awww, it actually feels better when someone else does it”, I said.
Then since he was not circumcised, and I was, I said, “I’ll do yours too if you want”. I do have to say that I liked wacking off his uncut cock, way better then mine. It seemed much more soft and fluid jacking off an uncircumcised penis. And that is how we got really comfortable around each other. Like we weren’t gay or anything, like “oooo, I like guys, I want to kiss them”. Cause we weren’t like that, we would never kiss each other, we never ever did. I guess we knew that what we were doing was kinda gay and not normal, that’s why we never would even think about telling anyone about what we did. But we were really good friends, and close ones.
Well… we continued on like this probably for a week or so. Jerking off together at the fort, talking about sex and how much we want to “bone” the naked chicks in the pictures. Then all of a sudden one day when we were looking at pictures of some bitch giving head to a guy, and Joel asked me, “did you ever suck a dick before?”
“No!!!”, I said, cause I didn’t want to sound gay or anything
“Really?, cause I did it with one of my friends before, its not that bad, like lots of people do it, they just don’t say so cause everyone will make fun”, Joel said.
I didn’t really believe him, I knew he never did that before, Joel was the kind of guy that told a lot of fibs. But I was really horny, and I wanted to feel what that guy was in the porno picture.
“You want to try and suck it, just this once”, Joel said.
“Not really, and even if I did, putting a stinky dink that pee comes out of in my mouth is just gross”, I said, being reluctant.
“you know I just took a shower, I just came out of it when you came by to pick me up half an hour ago, and I didn’t piss yet”, Joel reasoned.
“ok, I’ll do it if you suck mine first”, I said.
At that, Joel took my four and a half inch cock (at the time, I was 11yrs old), and slowly slid it in his mouth. It was the best feeling I ever had. His hot and wet mouth, with his pink tongue took in my dick, and I was in heaven. At first he was hesitant and started going up and down very slow.
“Awwwwww… that feels so goooood… try going a bit faster”, I moaned. And soon he sped up and I was in awe. You remember how I said that I never really reached the point of orgasm before, well I can say this in truth, my first orgasm ever, was at that time, when Joel sucked my cock for the first time. “oh god! Oh god!”, I moaned as I orgasmed in his mouth (no cum, we were too young)
“fuck, you liked that eh?”, Joel asked. I was too quick to agree.
I knew it was my turn, and I did owe it to him, it was the greatest moment of my life. So I peeled down Joel’s sweats and boxers together, exposing his unblemished, creamy peach uncut cock, with his hairless, pre-pubescent crotch and ball sac. It smelt alright, maybe a little damp from the slight amount of sweating taken place, and it looked alright, I liked the looked of his cock better then mine, so I took his rock hard boy pole in my mouth and started to bob my head up and down like he did. Joel soon orgasmed, just as I had done, and since both of us had a great experience getting our dicks sucked, and since it wasn’t all that bad sucking dick, we agreed on doing this often in the future.
“make sure that when ever we do this our dicks are clean and not stinky and dirty, otherwise I won’t even think about sucking it”, I warned. Joel agreed readily.
So this cock sucking turned out to be just another activity we did daily, along with our smoking and fort building and so forth.
If you didn’t already blow your load wacking off to this, be prepared for Part 2 (below) - The Bunkhouse.

Part 2 – The Bunkhouse

One day, me and Joel were walking through the yard of Joel’s cabin, and noticing his bunk house I said, “dude, why don’t you stay in there? It would beat the hell out of sleeping inside your cabin, bunking with Sam” (Sam was Joel’s younger cousin of about 4 years old)
“I don’t know, I guess I never really thought of it, it’s a good idea thou, lets check it out and see if its sleep worthy”, Joel said. So we walked into his small bunk house, it had a bunk bed and a small table in there with one chair, there was not much room for more. The mattresses were older, and there was a slight musky smell to the place, but the thought of sleeping away from your parents was luring.
“I wonder if my parents would let me stay in here too, just think of the shit we would get away with, 24-7 too”, I rambled.
So Joel went to ask his parents, and I went to ask mine. My parents were not on the same page as I was, I guess they seemed that to let 11 year old kid move over to his friends for the summer, was a little unreasonable. But they did not think there was any harm in a sleep over for a night or two. So I got to sleep there Friday, and Saturday.. which wasn’t too bad. When I met up with Joel again, I told him what I was allowed and not allowed. Joel’s parents were less strict, so he was moved out for the rest of the summer into the bunkhouse. We soon walked into his new sleeping quarters and I found that Joel’s mom was busy cleaning the bunkhouse all morning. It smelled nice in there now, there was nice white and clean sheets covering the mattresses, and there was even and fan going in the corner. I soon got settled in, and after eating supper, me and Joel immediately took up residence in the bunkhouse.
It was about 3 weeks since we first found the pornos, was didn’t really need them anymore, we had each other. Who needs to look at pictures when your getting your dick sucked on. So we never bothered to transfer the porns from the fort to “Joel’s Place”. We were sucking each other off, for about 2 weeks now, so I guess it was perfect that we were going to have 2 whole nights to pleasure each other.
Anyways, Joel’s mom set us up pretty good, she have us a case of Aquafina (water bottles), and chips and stuff incase we got thirty or hungry. I can tell you that those bottles sure came in handy later on.
The first night went well, we talked, joked around, smoked a cig Joel stole from his aunty, and rough housed a bit, like usual. I was like 11, and Joel’s mom came out to tell us to get the hell to sleep. I was on the top bunk, and Joel was lying on the bottom bunk (since his mom just came and we had to pretend we were behaving). We were talking now in whispers, but I was horny, and didn’t really want to talk, and I thought my dick might not even get sucked that night. So I started thinking that maybe Joel didn’t want to do that stuff anymore, not I that I think of it, we never did anything yesterday.. or even the day before! What if he thinks what we are doing is too gay, I wondered.
Soon our conversation died down, and ended. “Are you sleeping?”, I asked, a little disappointed after the one minute long silence. No reply. But then I started to hear Joel move beneath me. The next moment Joel was up top with me, kneeling by my feet. The without saying anything Joel unzipped my sleeping bag and started to pull down my boxers. I lifted my as so he could take them off. Joel then took off his own boxers, and flung both of our underwear to the floor. We were both completely naked, Joel on his knees in-between my feet, me laying down with my legs spread to allow Joel sitting/ kneeling room, and I could see him “zoning” onto my cock. My dick was eager for his mouth, and as I expected, I soon got what I wished for. It felt so good, and Joel was very good at it now, cause we would tell each other just how we liked it. Joel would make a suction type thing with his mouth, so both of his cheeks (in his mouth) would be pressing up against the sides of my cock. His tongue would be sliding down the one side of my dick. And now he could take in my complete 4 and a half inches of cock all the way in his mouth without gagging, fitting that tiny bit extra down his throat. I was enjoying all of this when all of a sudden Joel stopped. “Wana try 69ing?”, Joel then said. I seen it in the porn mags, and thought it a good idea, but we never did it yet.
“Sure, lets try it”, I agreed. Why not, now we could both be pleasured at the same time. So I scooched to the middle of the bunk, and Joel turned around and got on top of me. His hard cock with his dangling balls, positioned right above my face. Joel propped himself on his knees, allowing me room from my face to his pelvis. Joel started to sucked away on me once again, and I took his dink, bent it down towards my mouth, and began to rhythmically bob my head up and down along his shaft. It was alright, but after not too long a while my neck got really sore.
“This is killer on my neck man”, I complained.
“well just rest your head on the pillow then, and I’ll face fuck ya”, Joel considered.
I did as I was told, and soon Joel was on top of me, humping my face as he slowly sucked me off. The problem was that he was going deep in my throat for most of the time, and even though my gag reflexes were controlled, it sure was a difficulty breath.
“dude, I can’t breath down here”, I said.
“let my try going on the bottom”, Joel said.
So then I got on top, soon gulping down his cock, and face fucking him as he had done to me.
“ya man, you were right, this isn’t working”, Joel soon said.
“want to just take turns like normal?”, I asked.
Not wanting to give up on an appealing idea, Joel came up with another plan, “Why don’t we just lay on our sides and do it?”
We then were laying there, 69ing comfortably, both getting off at the same time. While we were like this Joel grabbed one of my ass cheeks with his free hand, and I could feel him grip / squeeze it when he would gently slam his face into my body when deep throating me. It was very sensual, and I soon followed suit. That night, while 69ing, we ended up oragisming (we knew what that was now from the porn articles) at the exact same time. It was one of the most intense orgasims ever. Tired out after all of this new 69er experiment, we soon fell asleep (not together of course).
The next day passed by the same as any other, and soon it was dark and we were in the bunkhouse again. It was a Saturday night, and both of our parents were out partying, we were basically free, they would come home really late, we knew, and by that time we would be sleeping. Since they were gone, we ended up naked really fast, with the lights on and such. Joel found a moth-ball on the floor and thinking it was a mint he popped it into his mouth. Of course he soon spit it out, I was just laughing my ass off at him, giggling naked inside my sleeping bag. Joel was out and about around the bunkhouse and being naked he soon got cold. Since his blankets were just as cold as the air outside, he snuck into mine with me. Our two young naked bodies, crammed into one little space soon warmed both of us up, and got us both hard pretty fast. I guess we kinda ended up spooning, Joel’s solid dick wedged snuggly down my smooth hairless ass crack, and in between my legs. It was a good and erotic feeling, having someone close to you like that, and Joel soon began to rub his cock slowly up against my ass. I think it must have felt as good for me as it did for him.
This is about the time Joel said, “remember in that porn, how that guy had his dick up in the girls ass?”
“Ya”, I remarked.
“You want to try that now?”, Joel asked me.
The thought had been on my mind. Ever since I first see that picture of anal sex, I was wondering if me and Joel would graduate to that, instead of just sucking dick.
“I don’t want my dick all shitty though, like what about the smell?”, I said.
“We will just wash our asses”, Joel said.
“ya, and how the hell are we going to wash the inside of our asses?”, I asked.
“we can just use water or something”, Joel said.
“dude, you can’t just pour a cup of water into your ass you idiot”, and just after I said that I got an idea. Looking at the water bottle Joel’s mom left out, I realized that you might able to fit the top of the bottle in your ass and squeeze in some water. I told Joel my idea, he then quickly grabbed a bottle, opened it, put it on the ground and proceeded to sit on the bottle.
“Awwww.. Fuck…! This hurts way to much”, Joel exclaimed.
“wet your ass and the tip of the bottle”, I suggested. And soon with a little more pain, the bottle was in Joel’s ass. He then got on his hands and knees, hold the bottle to his ass. The I game him a hand in squeezing in the majority of the bottle. After the enema, Joel had to emit that dirty water (drop a watery deuce), and while he did this, I gave myself an enema. We did this about 3 times, making sure our asses were nice and clean, and we were soon eager to get to business.
“My ass is probably cleaner then a cunt right now”, I said.
“this will be like having real sex, its like we each have our own pussys right now”, Joel said.
“want to get fucked first?”, I asked.
“ok”, Joel said.
Joel then got on the bottom bunk and layed on his back with his arms wrapped around his legs, bringing his thighs to his chest. His feet were pinning against the roof of the bottom bunk (the top bunk). I got kinda on top of him and started to push my knob against his nice pink little but-hole. It hurt my dick, there was too much friction.
“I can’t get it in, man”, I said disappointedly.
“Use water”, Joel said. So I put some water on my dick and on his ass hole, but it still wouldn’t go in.
“Let me try doing you”, Joel said. So I got down in the same position and he tried everything I did, with no success. While Joel was fighting to enter my wet ass with his cock, I came up with the idea (which seems obvious, but not at the time) to use spit as lube.
“suck my dick for a bit, and get lots of spit on it, so it will slid in”, I said.
Joel did as I said and my dick was soon dripping with his saliva. I then let a gob of spit drop onto hit little but hole (Joel was in his getting fucked position again), and I swirled my spit around his hole ring, slightly sticking in my finger to make sure it worked. I then again, pressed my knob up against Joel’s ass, and this time it easily slid right inside of his warm tight ass. As I slowly started to slide it in deeper and deeper Joel said, “hold on there for a while, it hurts a little bit”. So I kept three quarters of my cock buried in Joel’s ass, while he got used to the size of my member.
“how does it feel?”, I asked Joel, while his anal canal adjusted to its first penetration.
“its not that bad I guess, its just kinda like I am taking a shit or something, and who doesn’t enjoy that”, Joel explained.
“OK, it doesn’t hurt anymore, just fuck me really slowly so it doesn’t begin to hurt again”, Joel continued.
The sensations I felt was incredible, I never even expected sex to be this good. The warmth of our two bodies pressing up against each other, and the site of my cock being engulfed my Joel’s ass was almost too much.
Joel’s breathing paced increased, as I began to fuck his ass faster and faster. I couldn’t help but moan out load, the pleasure was just too much. And after only 5 minutes, I pushed my dick as deep as I could get it, and oragsmed. This wasn’t one of those normal orgasms either, it was one of those insane ones, that last for like 20 seconds.
I then slowly withdrew my dink from Joel’s still tight ass, and we lay there for about 10 minutes, recuperating from our brief moment of young boy eroticism. My erection subsided, and I could have fell asleep then, but I knew it was my turn to get anal fucked. As I pictured Joel’s uncut boy cock, entering my ass, I became aroused, and in no time I once again had a rock hard boner.
I then got up on my hands and knees, arched my back sticking my ass up in the air and said, “lets fuck in the doggy position this time”.
Joel then got up off the bed, walked around to the bottom end of the bunk, where my face was situated, and stuck his dick in my face. I then sucked on it slowly, getting as much slobber on it as possible. Joel soon withdrew his manhood from my mouth, got on the bunk on his knees, and positioned himself squarely behind me. Joel placed his left and on the small of my back while his other hand grabbed his cock to aim it into my ass. I then felt Joel’s slimed up knob, pressing against my rectal opening. Joel then slowly inched his entire cock into my ass. It barley hurt, and to me, the excitement of being fucked like a chick stimulated me. Joel was right up against me, his legs pressed up against mine, and his hands holding my waist like a guy would hold a chick when fucking her doggy style. Joel ended up fucking my ass fast and rapidly. At that moment, it was like I was a girl, my ass was my pussy, I was getting fucked, and enjoying it. But soon Joel reached in between my legs grabbed my cock, and started to wack me off while he fucked me. It was like 2 pleasures in one, and soon I could feel another orgasm approaching. But Joel orgasmed before I did, and we stopped short.
We then layed there naked, spent from all that pleasure, pressing our warm young hairless boy bodies together underneath the blankets. But the night was not over in the least. We only oragmsed once each, we could fuck each others boy pussies all night, like what other chance would we have at this? Me and Joel talked about what we wanted to try, and we came up with a lot of different positions, ones we’ve seen in the pornos.
Joel got 2 pillows and put them in the middle of the bed. He then layed down on his stomach, with his cock and balls placed on top of the 2 pillows. This way his ass was position up in the air for easy anal access, but he still got to lay down.
I then got behind Joel, spread his legs slightly, spit on his ass hole, then stuck my dick in him. After my cock was in him, I layed my body on top of his. I liked this very much because the air was chilly, and the warmth of our whole bodies against each other while I alienated his ass, was very erotic. Sometimes I would lift my body up from his and look down at me humping his smooth curvy boy ass. To see his but cheeks bounce after a nice anal slam of my cock was very appealing. After about 15 minutes of this I cummed again (not really anything came out though).
Joel then told me to lay down on my back atop the table inside the bunkhouse. I did as I was told, and Joel pulled on my legs, positioning my ass at the edge of the table. The table was the perfect height where Joel was able to stand and my ass was exactly in line with his cock. Joel then took my calfs in each hand, spread my legs, and anal fucked me good. Sometimes Joel would take his dick right out of my ass, and ass he did this I would contract my ass hole ring to tighten as he slid his cock out. It would feel as if I just pinched off a deuce, and my ass would be super tight the whole way out, which would drive Joel up the wall. After a bit of fucking me this way, Joel placed my feet on his shoulders, his hands were now free to wack me off again. This time we both cummed together. I even shot a little clear (premature) gob of cum on my stomach.
After this we were both very tired, and slept one of the best sleeps of our lives.

Me and Joel never had anal sex ever again after that night (sadly). We did suck each other off and stuff the next summer when we were 12, but our erotic experiences with each other ended there, and we never did anything gay ever again, even though we are still friends. I guess it was society, and people making fun of “fags” that made us stop and think that what we were doing was wrong, but as I look back on it, I don’t regret anything, and I wish I could go back in time and experience it all over again.

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