Chapter 3 - Play the part

Chapter 3

Sarah could never remember being so terrified. Her whole
life she had been shielded. Protected. But now, lying in
the bath with the camera rolling, she was alone.

It had taken several days of hard abuse to break her. She
remembered lying in a shipping container, denied food and
water, weeping quietly into the crook of her elbow. After
what seemed like years to her, but was really only a week,
she gave in. Sarah consented.

The abduction itself had been less traumatic. She could
remember going out in Manhattan. Sneaking into a bar with
some friends. Being bought drink after drink by strangers
until she couldn't walk straight. She had seen two of her
friends, Amy and Hannah, slumped over the bar unconscious.
In hindsight, it was clear that they had been drugged. And
Sarah had been carried off over the shoulders of a large
man, her arms hanging limply and drool slowly sliding down
her face.

She remembered nothing beyond that point, except waking up
on a cold metal floor, naked and with her head spinning.

It had taken only moments for realization to come crashing
down on her.

And then, when she was safely stowed away god knows where,
it had begun. The abuse. The slow painful process in which
she either gave in or gave her last breath.

A choice not very well handled by sixteen year old girl
with little experience beyond her own front door.

The scenes they had filmed the day before had been simple
enough. Sitting at a table, eating supper. Avoiding the
gaze of the man opposite her. Not hard when his eyes, and
the look in them, made her want to wretch. She had picked
at her food uneasily, only to receive surprising praise
from a young Scandinavian sounding man in a folding chair.

But now, in the piping hot water, things were looking a
lot worse.

As the signal was given by one of the crew, she raised
her eyes to the ceiling and began moving her hands down
her body. They caressed her curves gently, and sent
small shivers down her spine. When one alighted itself
on her mound, she expired a long gasping breath.

It was humiliating. And demeaning beyond belief to be
pleasuring herself in front of this crowd. But she had no
choice. And she knew that her only chance at leaving this
place alive was to play her part.

She began rubbing her clit with her soft fingers, her free
hand moving up to her exposed tit and grasping it gently.
As the movement of her hand sped up, she squeezed gently on
her breast, feeling the juicy and succulent flesh quiver
beneath her hand. A nail pressed down on her nipple, and
in spite of herself she enjoyed the feeling. She took it
between her fingers and began to pull at it, tweaking it
and speeding her hand up still further.

When she felt the moment was right, she slipped a finger
inside her cunny, feeling the moist lips press down on it
as it intruded. A high pitched moan escaped her lips, and
she closed her eyes in ecstasy. Her situation was almost
forgotten to her, as she began losing herself to the joy
of pleasurable comfort.

Her illusion was shattered, however, when the door behind
her burst open and the man entered, his face contorted
with fury. In the shock, she struggled to remember what
to do. Then it came to her.

"F.. Fa... Father?" she stammered without acting, "What's
the m.. matter?"

His eyes cast over her body, and she shifted her hands to
cover her breasts and waist. The man circled around the
bathtub, and in the corner of her eye she saw the cameras
moving to follow him.

"I have to do this, Emily"

"W.. What?"

He suddenly threw open his shirt, revealing a hairy chest
and a bulging muscular form underneath. In seconds his
trousers had dropped, and were cast to one side. The man
stood before her, chest bare and only thin cloth between
her and his pulsing manhood.

"St..s.. stop it, Father? Get out of..."

He launched himself at her, plunging into the bath and
gripping her neck in his hands. She felt herself slide
downwards until her head was submerged.

Instinctively she started struggling, thrashing with her
legs and grabbing the man's arms. But he was strong, and
heavy. He wouldn't move. She twisted and turned desperately
as involuntary screams leased themselves from her mouth.
Only bubbles left her. She could feel her breath ebbing
away. Was this it?

No. The man released her and her head shot out of the
splashing water. She drew in a long, drawn out, gasping
breath. But before she could open her eyes she felt his
hands on her again. She submerged once more, and the
struggle for her life resumed.

He continued in this fashion for several minutes. Each
time releasing her as soon as she started to weaken.
Sarah was gasping for air, and tears streamed into the
bath with her. Every time she was forced down her
resistance became weaker. She knew he could feel it.
When she surfaced she saw a smile had appeared on his
malicious face. He started to hold her down longer,
forcing her to the edge of consciousness. She could
feel exhaustion filling her. Wrapping her in a cold
embrace and taking away her will to fight on. She could
barely muster the energy to try and force him off her
anymore. Her legs shook feebly, and her hands hung limply
off of his strong wrists.

He pulled her to the surface and released her again. She
gasped for air, and prepared to be submerged again.

But it never came.

She looked up, her wet hair plastered to her face, and
saw him stripping off his undergarments. He threw them
to one side, then ripped off his shirt. The hulking
figure then stood over her, looking down into her face
with contempt. Sarah tried to cry out, but only managed
a feeble cough as water dribbled pitifully out of her
mouth. She tried to drag herself upwards, but her drained
limbs would not support her.

The man knelt down and she shied away from him. But he
grabbed her head roughly and dragged it towards his
crotch. She saw his enourmous cock before she felt it
touch her lips. He bagan prodding at her clenched jaw.
She held it shut tightly. But it seemed he was ready
for this. She felt her nose pinched, and her air was
shut off completely. She held it for as long as she
could, but after her ordeal in the bath she could barely
last ten seconds. Her mouth flew open and she drew in a
quick breath before the head of his manhood rushed deep
into her waiting mouth. She felt it slide over her tongue
and prod the entrance to her throat. In panic she realized
where this was going. Weakly, she reached up with a hand
to try and stop him. But she felt it slapped away quickly
and fell back, resigned to her fate.

The pulsing cock began pounding in and out of her mouth,
hammering at her gullet with increasing force. She gagged
in pain and her eyes watered, but he did not relent. In
only a few moments she felt him slide down into her open
throat, and she couldn't breath once more.

He began fucking her throat, pounding her skull against
the hard wall of the bathtub. Sarah cried out on the cock
as he slammed her head back and forth into the stone, but
there was nothing she could do. She desperately tried to
draw in breath, but his rod was filling her throat to the
brim, and nothing could pass it.

Darkness began to envelop her. She could feel herself
falling, spinning away into death's welcoming embrace. The
sound of her sucking, retching throat became distant. And
the pain in her limbs began to subside.

But just when she thought she would escape this misery,
Sarah felt the cock in her throat slide backwards. A great
wave of spit and precum drooled out of her gaping mouth,
attached in strands to the head of the huge member that
stood facing her. She pulled in great lungfuls of air and
coughed violently, sending spit flying across the tub.

She felt herself being turned over, handled roughly by her
tormentor. He gave her ass a few hard slaps, smacking it
until it was rosy red and stung painfully. Her face slipped
under the surface again, and she instinctively panicked.
But quickly she felt a hand grasp her hair and her head was
pulled back up out of the water. She could feel the man
lowering himself slowly behind her, his cock approaching
her defenseless rear. She gulped, and winced as he twisted
her hair in malice.

She felt his head rubbing against the opening of her virgin
pussy, and prepared to be fucked for the first time. She
had always wondered if it would hurt. Now she had no doubt.

He tensed and pushed forward suddenly. Sarah cried out, her
lips squeezing hard against the intruding rod that slid
into her soft folds. She heard gasps of pleasure from
behind her, and tried to crawl away from him. But the hand
on her hair yanked hard and she leased another sharp cry.

He began inching his cock back and forth, forcing her cunt
open still further. The initial pain was gone, replaced
with an unpleasant throbbing in her nether regions. She
moaned loudly, feeling him penetrate her even further. His
cock was forcing itself far inside her, trying to reach
deeper into her tight little pussy.

Sarah squealed in agony as he gave a particularly violent

Suddenly he released her hair, grabbed the back of her head
and forced her back underwater. Sarah hadn't had time to
draw in breath. She began gulping desperately for air that
wouldn't come, panicking and shaking her legs meekly. But
There was nothing she could do as he began to pound into
her roughly.

His pace had quickened, and he was slamming into her with
renewed strength. All feeling left her legs as his impact
punctured her red hole, forcing himself to the brim of her
pussy. What little breath she had was forced out of her by
the force of the blows. She was crushed against the floor,
exhaling bubbles and struggling to surface.

After over a minute, he yanked her head back up and she
shuddered, gasping for air. The hard fucking she was
receiving forced shuttering moans from her lips, and more
tears poured down her cheeks.

Soon, she felt his cock withdraw from her used and abused
pussy, and collapsed down into the water. It was all she
could do to roll over and force her mouth into the air,
breathing heavily. The man was standing over her. Watching
her closely. She looked into his eyes saw lust. Raw and
unbridled, it consumed him. And she would pay for it.

He knelt again, nestling his cock next to her puckered ass
hole. She knew what was coming. And it would hurt.

He forced the head of his cock into her tiny hole, and she
screamed. He reached forward and clasped his hands around
her neck, cutting off her cry. He then began driving his
shaft further, forcing it to penetrate her most vulnerable
orifice. Sarah's eyes rolled up into her head and she fell
into a world of pain. Her rear screamed out in agony, just
as his hands tightened around her throat. She managed to
draw in a shaky breath, letting out a soft whimpering moan.

When he had sufficiently stretched out her asshole, her
assailant began thrusting with emphasis, piling his cock
into her behind. She could feel herself going cross eyed
the pain was so great, her exhausted legs bouncing up
above his shoulders. Her arms hung limply at her side,
too weak to resist her violation.

He increased his speed, forcing himself into her all the
way up to the balls. Once again Sarah tried to scream,
but only managed a high pitched squeal. It didn't help
to ease her pain. She felt like she would never walk
again. His balls slapped repeatedly against her ass
cheeks, already red from their earlier treatment.

Just when she thought she couldn't bare it any longer,
the man above her began to pant loudly. All of a sudden,
he roared and she felt his seed coursing into her ass,
violating and degrading her. It seeped out of her gaping
hole, dripping down into the bath water. Sarah fell
back, gasping for air as his hands left her neck. She
opened her eyes to see her assailant stood above her,
panting heavily.

A sense of doom came over her. The scene was over. Now
it was into the unknown.

Again she tried to rise from her position on the floor
of the tub, but her arms gave in almost immediately. She
felt rough hands sliding her down the bath, and her head
leveled out as she felt the bath water envelop her head.
Her face barely broke the surface.

Then the man above her lowered his cock down into her
mouth. Her jaws didn't have the strength to fight, and
she accepted him without resistance. He began to skullfuck
her in earnest, forcing his head into her throat and
pummeling it with the force of a jackhammer. Sarah gagged
and gurgled, drool slipping out of her mouth around his
shaft and running down her cheeks into the water.

She noticed too late that he had turned on the tap.

She felt the water level lapping at her cheek. Higher than
before. Realization came washing over her. Adrenaline
surged, and she fought to free herself. His cock was
lodged in her throat, and she drew in long shaky breaths
around it. The water kept rising, reaching her nose. She
lifted her head with all her strength, but he was too
heavy. Her head collapsed back down, and water splashed
over her eyes and face. She felt the panic rising in her
chest. Her eyes were wide in fear. This was it. This was
how she died.

The level had reached her mouth. She began to drown, as
her already stuffed mouth filled with bathwater. Sarah
struggled and thrashed, trying to bite at the cock that
blocked her airway. But her jaw wouldn't work. It was
all in vain.

She could feel the last of her air running out. Everything
began to spin. Her vision became foggy. Her struggles were
weaker and weaker, until all she could do was shake her
neck pathetically as she slipped into unconsciousness.

The last thing she thought about as she faded, was what the
hell she had become involved in anyway?

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