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5 beautiful women and 1 lucky man


Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 32: "Trepidation"

"Oh my goodness..." I said at 11:20am on this patriotic
day - the Fourth of July - as when I was in the process of
finishing up the dishes here in the kitchen, I turned and
was graced with the vision of pure loveliness more commonly
known as Trish. The Heaven-sent angel was decked out in a
long-sleeved button-up blouse, its color white, and a pair
of blue jeans. Her simple, yet very attractive outfit was
topped off with black sandals (and no socks). No amount of
words could ever emphasize just how insanely gorgeous and
beautiful this woman truly was. Trish was a _goddess_.

"Hi honey... I'm home," Trish chided me, her head tilted
to the side. She sashayed over to me and grasped both of my
hands with her own. "Did I thank Louisa for breakfast? The
parfait she fixed - with the vanilla yogurt, pineapples and
mandarin oranges mixed together, and cereal on top - was
delicious. I gotta try making that myself some day."

"You thanked Louisa four or five times," I reminded her.

Trish pointed toward the remaining dishes that were in
the kitchen sink. "I can't believe you enjoy doing dishes,
Jeremy. I never thought anyone who had two billion dollars
to their name would like washing dishes. People with two
dollars to their name hate them. Two cents..."

"I told you, sweetheart, that when I lived in New Jersey,
I used to work at _Kentucky Fried Chicken_. It was back in
the day - when I was still in high school. But each night I
worked, I did all the dishes. For whatever reason, I loved
it. People I worked with, they got out of my way each night
and let me do them. They all hated doing the dishes. It
was either do the dishes or mop the dining room floor." I
paused, then again took in the sight of Trish in the white
blouse and blue jeans. "Do you know that you're beautiful?"

Trish smiled and glanced downward for a moment.

"I think you look better in simple, regular clothes than
you do in one of your mini-dresses or bikini outfits."

"Now NO ONE has ever said that to me before!"

I laughed at her and shrugged my shoulders in response.
"What can I say? I'm a unique guy."

Trish was grinning from ear-to-ear now. "Guess what?"


"I just spoke to Kristanna," Trish beamed. "She said that
you, dear Jeremy, belong to ME today. I get to spend the
entire day with you, and we can do as we please."

"Yes, indeed. Kristanna went over that with me earlier as
well. I have long wanted the opportunity for a day like this
with you. I would to talk about your future and the plans
that you have as your time on the island winds down. In 11
days, you and the others are supposed to return home. I'd
like to talk to you about that, Trish."

"Oh? What do you mean?"

"Later. We'll talk about it later."

"Can I tell you something, Jeremy?"

"You can tell me anything."

Trish smiled. "This island of yours has been an absolute
dream-come-true for me. Never mind the fact that it has come
with its drawbacks - Lindsay shooting me down the way she
did, then Pamela and Camille deciding to leave at the drop
of a dime. It's still been a dream-come-true for me. The
sun, the beach, the ocean, the views, the peaceful solitude
we have here... it truly is like living in paradise. Then
there is you and Kristanna. I could not have asked for two
better hosts for these six weeks than you and her."

"Almost makes you dread the idea of going back home to
Toronto in 11 days, doesn't it?"

The 30-year-old shrugged her shoulders and cooed, "Yeah..."

Trish squealed with delight as I placed both hands upon
her waist and lifted her upward, then set her down upon the
kitchen countertop. Trish's thighs parted once I stepped in
and offered her lips a bold, but very brief kiss.

With my left hand on her knee and my right clutching one
of her own, I stepped back from Trish and presented her with
a heartwarming smile. "I have a nickname for you. It just
now came to me. This will be your nickname from now on."

"Oh? What is it?"



I nodded my head at her. "Yes, sunshine. You are always
so happy and vibrant, Trish, and so full of life. The name
fits you perfectly." I paused for a moment, but then added,
"Do you know what my favorite part about you is?"

Trish's brown eyes swelled with interest. "What?"

"Anyone can look at you and easily see how beautiful you
are, and those who know you personally realize what a truly
good and caring person you are. But the thing about you
that stands out to me more than anything else? Your smile.
There are those who smile, but get rid of it right away.
There are those who smile, and then it kind of drifts off
their face. And then there are those rare ones who smile,
and it will just stay in the air and make you feel better.
That's you, Trish. You are like an eternal ray of sunshine
to me. I've always felt that way about you."

"Wow... thank you," was her heartfelt response, as she
quickly wiped away a single tear from her right eye. Trish
wrapped both arms around me for a quick-hitting embrace,
then pulled back and offered me a smile so vivid that it
literally created pictures as it danced across the kitchen.

"You and I are going to have some fun today, sunshine."

Although she seemed to appreciate the new pet name I had
given her, Trish was silent for several seconds. She then
nodded her head and mused, "Sunshine, huh? Well, you are my
snookie wookum weetie bunny bear!"

"What?" I exclaimed, my eyes wide.

Trish giggled at my animated reaction. "Yes! You are
my one and only SNOOKIE WOOKUM WEETIE BUNNY BEAR! Snookie!"

I grasped Trish's waist with my hands once again and then
pulled her down from the countertop. I found her lips with
my own for yet another kiss and smiled warmly at her. "I'll
be your snookers wooky... whatever you said, Trish. I will
be anything that you want me to be." I placed my hands upon
her chin and tenderly stroked her lips with my thumbs.

"You get to be my boyfriend today!"

I laughed at her proclamation. "We better be glad that
Kristanna and Devon are not the jealous type. Else, you and
I may wind up in a lot of trouble."

"Kristanna said you belong to me today," she reiterated.

"Kristanna said you belong to ME," I corrected her in a
playful manner. "Not the other way around."

There was a momentary stretch of silence between us, but
Trish soon grinned as she reached around my body and pulled
the plug in the sink full of water. "Listen up, dish-pan
hands," she announced. "The rest of the dishes can wait
until later. No more dishes for you today."

"How would you like... an ice cream sundae?" I said to
Trish, extending my hand. "A nice, hot day like today... I
bet you could go for one. I'll even make it up for you."

"Ice cream sundae, with chopped walnuts?" she requested.

"Of course," I responded, nodding my head. I clasped her
right hand with mine and guided her out of the kitchen. "I
will fix you a sundae... and then you and I could take a
little trip to the beach. Sound good to you, sunshine?"

"Oh yes..." Trish replied, her tone emphatic.

* * *

The incoming tide was a little stronger than usual today,
but that certainly did not stop Trish from donning a yellow
two-piece bikini and venturing out into the ocean. Perched
upon a series of towels, I stayed ashore and simply watched
Trish as she frolicked and played in the water like a child.

More often than not, the 30-year-old angel maintained eye
contact with me. She squirmed and rolled about near the
water's edge as a constant, heavy surf bombarded her body.
At times, Trish got down on all fours and crawled about.
She also touched herself on occasion - gently caressing and
squeezing a breast through her bikini top - all the while
smiling and giggling up a storm.

"It's a lot different here than it is in Toronto, huh?"
I called out to her, grinning. "Six months from now, you'll
be knee-deep in snow, I'm sure. But here? Here it will be
the same as it is now - sun, sand, beaches, the ocean."

"This is why everyone dreams of going on vacation in a
place like this!" Trish squealed, as another wave crashed
into her from behind. "And don't remind me about the snow.
I shoveled enough of it earlier this year to last an entire
lifetime!" The next wave was much more powerful, and even
flipped her from her hands and knees over to her backside.
It was quite a funny little scene to watch, actually. The
look on her face afterward was priceless.

Trish had the body of a beach bunny. Yes, a beach bunny.
Trish exuded a certain type of athletic sexuality that was
impossible to resist. But her cover-girl looks and were
just a small sample of how enchanting she truly was.

With her 5-foot-4, 118 pound frame, and that sun-browned
skin - not to mention her warm demeanor and genuine smile - I
saw no reason why Trish had not found that _special someone_
in life yet. She was too good of a person to have languished
for 30 years without finding her own soul-mate to settle with.

Trish would claim the reason it was because she tended to
be overly clingy and possessive when it came to dating and
relationships. All one would have to do for an example would
be look at the way she wanted to monopolize Lindsay and all
of her free time. I still did not buy it, though. I figured
there were millions of people out there who would give almost
anything to be with a woman this gorgeous and captivating.

"The island really is Heaven on Earth," I called out. "It
will be difficult for me to finally leave it when the time
comes. I'm not quite certain where Kristanna, Devon and
myself are actually moving to yet, but I certainly hope it
resembles this island in many ways."

"Why would you possibly move from here?"

"It's what is best for our future children," I advised
her. "We want them to grow up healthy and right, with
others around in the same age group for them to play and be
with." I smiled at her and coyly asked, "What do you think
about being a parent one day, Miss Trish?"

The exotic blonde sat up in the water and offered me a
curious glare. "Well... you know I love kids. I would like
to have two before the ol' biological clock runs out." She
giggled and continued, "I can just envision you, Kristanna
and Devon with six or seven little kids running around."

I smiled. "That's a happy thought."

The bright sunshine continued reigning down upon Trish as
she again dropped to all fours and began approaching me
ashore. Once the short distance was finally closed, Trish
stayed on her hands and knees, then lunged forward and gave
me a soft, intimate kiss upon the lips.

"Can I ask you something, Jeremy?"


"Are you physically attracted to me?"

I made a face. "Huh?" How could she ask such a question?
"Of course I am, Trish! What brought that on?"

"You've never made a single move on me," Trish explained.
"Do you have something against having sex with me, Jeremy?
I have been on this island for over a month now, and I have
had sex with you just two times. The first time was when we
were with Lindsay, and you took her virginity. You were
focused on her, obviously, which is fine. The second time
was during that big orgy we had in your bedroom with you.
But I was just one of seven girls with you all at once, and
I probably got lost in the crowd."

"If Lindsay did not invite me to your bedroom that day,"
Trish continued, "and I decided not to take part in that
massive orgy, I would have never been with you at all. And
still, I don't think you would have made a single move on
me." Trish offered me a disapproving glare and concluded,
"Is there something wrong with me?"

"There is NOTHING wrong with you, Trish," I implored.
"My God... you are so beautiful! Nothing wrong at all!"

"Then why don't you want to have sex with me?"

"I never said that."

Trish seemed upset now. "If you and Lindsay so much as
even look at one another, Jeremy, both of your clothes are
off within seconds and you are going at it like caged lions."
She shook her head and pressed on, "I heard you and Lindsay
through the walls last night. You and her were up until
two o'clock in the morning, just ravaging each other."

"How many times have you had sex with Amy?" she wondered.
"I guarantee you it is a lot more than just two." Trish
shook her head once again. "I have not even been with you
in a one-on-one setting yet, Jeremy. You drop anything and
everything if Lindsay or Amy come calling, but I cannot get
you to even make a single pass at me. Why is that?"

I took a deep breath and sighed, then shook my head. "I
look at you differently than I do the other girls, Trish.
I just... I don't know."

"What?" she demanded. "I freely admit there are times
when I wonder why you're not as aggressive and as forceful
with me as you are with the others. Call it jealousy if you
like, I do not care. But I see how you treat them... the
way you look at them. Me? Sometimes it seems you look at
me like I'm your sister or something... totally platonic.
Just makes me wonder if something is wrong... with me."

"You're just such a good person," I tried to explain. "A
good and genuine, exceptional person... full of class and
dignity, if you ask me. I... I felt the same way... about
Pamela. She and I did not have sex all that often, either.
It was not paramount for our relationship, and what we had.
I was content and happy to just be around her. It's kind of
the same way I feel about you."

Trish was suddenly crestfallen. "So you're not physically
attracted to me? Not at all?"

"Of course I am!" was my response. "I could lose myself
in you and your body. I really could. I just... I don't
want you to think that I look at you as an object. I don't
want you to think that sex is all that matters to me." I
growled and went on, "But you're so... you're so beautiful.
I'm afraid I could get lost in you, Trish. Addicted to you.
I would not be able to control myself. Then you might start
to think that I'm after you because of your body, and that
could affect the one thing about us that is more important
than anything else to me - our friendship."

I could not believe the things that I saying to Trish
right now. Remarkably, I was not finished yet, either.

"For as beautiful as you are on the outside, Trish, I
think you are a million times more beautiful on the inside."
The 30-year-old brought both hands to her mouth and covered
it in momentary shock as I continued, "I could do nothing
but sit and talk with you for a whole year, sweetheart, and
be happy. Hold your hand and make you smile, make you laugh.
Just talk. That would make _ME_ happy. I would not need to
have sex with you. All I would need is to be with you."

"Do you WANT to have sex with me, Jeremy?"

"Of course I do!" I told her. "I want to worship your
body from head to toe. It's a work of total perfection."

Trish nodded her head as if she was slowly but surely
putting the pieces of the puzzle together. "But you are
worried that if you have sex with me, I will eventually
start to think it is all that you want?"

I felt small. Inferior. "Yes..."

Trish laughed. "You're one-of-a-kind, Jeremy."

"I've been told that before."

"You're ultra sexual with Kristanna and Devon," Trish
reminded me. "Especially Kristanna. Do you have these
same thoughts and feelings - the fear - for Kristanna?"

"I have no fear with Kristanna," I answered. "I feel the
same way about her as I do you in the fact that our
friendship and everything we have built mentally and
emotionally far exceeds anything else. The difference is, I
am comfortable and 100 percent confidant in what I have with
her. Thus, I am not afraid to be... ultra sexual with her.
I hope that makes sense to you."

Trish tilted her head to the side and spoke in a gentle
tone, "Can I tell you something, Jeremy?"


"I know what you ultimately want here. I do. It is why
Kristanna said I could spend the day with you. You're going
to ask if I want to stay with you and her, and Devon, and not
go home. Never go home. You've been hinting at it all day.
You want me to stay and try to build a life with you."

I shrugged my shoulders, signifying my guilt.

"My body is 50 percent of who I am," she commented. "My
inside - my heart, my soul, my demeanor - it is the other 50
percent of who I am. IF you want me to stay here with you,
Jeremy, you HAVE to love and want _100 percent_ of me."

"I do love and want 100 percent of you."

"Not only do you need to want it," she said, "but you also
need to have it. You need to TAKE it." Trish smiled and
kissed me on the bridge of my nose. "You are so sweet, dear
Jeremy. So incredibly sweet. I have never met a man like
you. Ever." She smiled again. "I know the type of person
that you are. I know you are interested in me as an actual
human being. No one has ever treated me the way you do. No
one has ever said the things to me that you do. No one has
ever made me feel more special than you do."

Trish planted a kiss on my cheek this time. "But it's
okay to want me, to desire me... to take me. It is okay to
have sex with me." She shrugged her shoulders. "I want to
have sex with you, Jeremy. More important than that, though,
I want YOU to _WANT_ to have sex with ME. I want you to be
absolutely, 100 percent comfortable around me. There is no
need for you to have any _quirks_ about me. No need for you
to be scared or insecure about how I may perceive you if you,
all of a sudden, become a sex maniac." Trish smiled and
offered me a warm embrace. "If that happens, I will know
that no matter what, you're still Jeremy. You're still this
great and wonderful man who cares about me and what I have to
say, to think. Above all else, you are still the man of my
dreams. The man I want to spend the rest of my life with."
She giggled and ended, "There. I said it! I admit it!"

I was speechless! I was not accustomed to someone being
so blatantly honest and poignant, yet touching, to my face.
Indeed, these six weeks with the ladies had been a Godsend
for me. My life has forever changed because of it.

Trish released me from her arms and offered a soothing
smile. "I want you to think about what I said to you. It
is one o'clock right now, Jeremy. At nine o'clock tonight,
I would like to meet you in your room back at the mansion.
That gives you eight hours. I want YOU to want ME tonight.
I want you to TAKE me. I want to have sex with you for
HOURS and HOURS, and then, afterward, I want to fall asleep
in your arms and dream about you all night. One-on-one...
just you and me. No one else allowed." Her smile turned
playful as she asked, "Does that sound interesting at all
to you? Like something that would make you happy?"

Needless to say, I had an erection now. "Yes, it d-does."

Trish reached down and massaged that hard, aching lump in
my shorts with her right hand, then planted a deep-rooted,
needful kiss upon my lips. When our mouths parted ways, she
took a few steps back upon her knees and winked an eye at me.
"We're going to be each others' playthings tonight, Jeremy."

With those words, Trish collapsed onto the beach beneath
her and made _snow angel_ motions upon the sand with her arms
and legs. Absolutely giddy with sheer happiness, Trish then
rolled her body like a bowling ball until she was back
amongst the incoming tide. She giggled like a schoolgirl and
even splashed water on me from afar.

* * *

Perhaps I did not even realize it until that discussion
took place, but a part of me did not enjoy looking at Trish
in any kind of a sexual manner. Indeed, it was because I
was not comfortable enough to treat her in such a fashion.
Those world-famous conversations she and I had shared in the
past, and the ongoing friendship that went with them, was of
far greater importance to me than anything I could take or
gain from enjoying her body. That little part of me - the
_quirk_ - was afraid that Trish would start to think that
she was exposing (and degrading) herself to me during sex.

I thought Trish was such an interesting and wonderful
person. The part of me that was apprehensive about having
sex with her did not want to jeopardize our relationship as
a whole. Trish was, in all honesty, fascinating to me.
Here was a woman who yearned for the very same things that I
did in life - love and happiness. A woman who, much like me,
spent years silently crying out for that _special someone_ to
come along and make all the loneliness go away.

Indeed, Trish was a cool chick - the coolest of chicks,
mind you. She was an encyclopedia when it came to sports -
especially professional hockey. Trish loved being active
and doing things outdoors. And she was just so damn positive!
Never before had I met someone so upbeat and positive.

I wanted to hold Trish in my arms and never let her go.
I wanted to chase away all of her fears and anxieties, and
for there to be nothing more than a happy smile on her face
at all times (and happy thoughts in her mind). She was a
fascinating woman to me. A unique and special woman.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that
Trish was correct when she explained her body was 50 percent
of who she was a whole person. The other 50 percent, of
course, being her inner half. I wanted to cherish both
Trish's body and soul. Sex certainly was not a bad thing,
you know. I had to get past whatever fears or _quirks_ I
had about being intimate with Trish. The fact that she
now realized that my thoughts about her were totally pure
and genuine was a major step forward toward doing just that.

* * *

After a day full of frolicking upon the beach, followed by
jet-skiing and scuba diving, and even a long hike throughout
the forest, I escorted Trish back to the mansion at 5:30pm.
She and I parted ways, but promised each other that we would
meet up for our private rendezvous following dinner. Trish
wanted to take a shower and relax before it was time to eat.

I still felt all giddy and wonderful inside because I had
spent the majority of my day thus far with Trish. I also felt
hungry, however, so I decided that it would be a good idea to
the raid the kitchen. My stomach had a definite empty spot,
so to speak, and a pre-dinner snack would take care of it.

Upon entering the kitchen, however, all thoughts of food
were temporarily shoved aside because I found the lovely and
insatiable Amy standing at the counter. With her back to
me, I noticed that the charming red-head was busy munching
on a banana. Ahh, I said to myself. How fitting.

I then smiled, noticing that Amy was decked out in the
same mini-skirt I had chosen for her to wear earlier this
morning. For me, there was nothing quite like the allure of
a beautiful woman in a mini-skirt. That was multiplied even
more with Amy, simply because she looked better in one than
any woman I had ever known throughout my entire life. Not
only that, but Amy also _loved_ to wear them because she was
such a relentless tease and flirt.

Brown and made of pure lamb suede, Amy's mini-skirt was
incredibly short and even more sexy. It displayed the
lush firmness and erotic texture of her rounded ass and
its outline in the most exhilarating of fashions. That was
my favorite part of Amy's body, you know. Her ass. That
luscious ass. I wanted to frame it and put it on my wall...

Grinning, I snuck up to Amy from behind and offered her
backside a heavy-belted swat with my right hand. She
squealed and jumped in surprise, then turned and giggled
once realizing it was me. Amy chewed and swallowed down
the banana pieces in her mouth and waved her hand at me.

"Hi Jeremy..."

"Hi sweetheart," I smiled in response. "Call me crazy,
but it seems fitting that you want to munch on a banana."

"You're not crazy," Amy snickered. "You're perverted.
There is a difference, you know."

Amy, of course, was at the opposite end of the spectrum
from Trish. I had no qualms or worries when it came to Amy.
One could easily claim that the relationship I had with Amy
was built and laid with a foundation of sexual intimacy.
Instead of working toward the idea of having sex with Trish,
the exact opposite applied with Amy. I wanted to move _away_
from it with Amy, and get to know her as a person, and vice
versa. Sex was still important, mind you, but I wanted to
build a strong emotional connection with Amy as well.

I placed my arm around Amy's shoulder, then kissed her on
the cheek. "Would you mind doing me a favor?"

"I'll do anything for you, Jeremy. You know that."

Ahh yes... Amy was my submissive. I needed to remind
myself of that quite often. The idea was still new to me.

"I was hoping you could spend the night with Kristanna,
Devon and Lindsay in one of the guest bedrooms," I told her.
"I want everyone to have a room-mate tonight; no one should
be left alone. Will you stay with them for me?"

"I'd rather spend the night with you, Jeremy, but okay..."

I smiled at her. "I promised tonight to Trish. I have
really not had any one-on-one time with her since she has
been here. But I suppose that changes tonight." I paused
and continued, "Perhaps you and I could can spend the day
together tomorrow, just as Trish and I did today?"

Now Amy was the one beaming. "I'd like that very much."

I broke off a piece of her banana and tasted it, but Amy
quickly snarfed down the remainder of it herself. Quite a
greedy little submissive, wasn't she? Perhaps I could teach
Amy a proper _lesson_ about sharing come tomorrow...

"Trish is a lucky girl to be able to be with you tonight,"
Amy smiled, reaching out with both arms and curling them
around my neck and shoulders. She embraced me warmly and
reiterated, "A very lucky girl, indeed..."

I moved my right hand downward and squeezed that lush,
round ass. "Do you have panties on under your mini-skirt?"

"Of course not!" Amy replied, sounding incredulous. "You
said I am not allowed to wear panties ever again..."

I lifted the hem of her mini-skirt just a bit, then snuck
a few fingers underneath it. All skin, indeed. I smiled
while smoothing the mini-skirt back down and into place.

"Were you checking on me, Jeremy?"

"Just wanted to make sure you weren't lying," I grinned.

"Devon says that you are going to have me in a mini-skirt
for the rest of my life," Amy snickered. "I can't believe
that when we went swimming at the indoor pool yesterday, you
still made me wear a mini-skirt."

"You look good in them," I told her. "And it is clear to
me that you love showing off in them."

* * *

The anxiety attack I suddenly felt concerning my impending
time with Trish was interrupted when the clock beside me here
in my personal suite read 8:55pm. A gentle knock upon the
front entrance of my suite caused me to climb out of bed and
then walk over to the door. When I opened it, my heart nearly
skipped a beat and I literally began to foam at the mouth.
"Trish!" was all I could say in response, as the 30-year-old
beauty from Toronto stood before me now, wearing nothing but
a sheer nightie and a smile upon her enchanting face.

I tried to say something else, but was unable to as my
eyes took in the amazing beauty that was Trish. In terms
of physical appearance, I considered Trish to be a work of
art. Aside from that pristine face, Trish had eyes which
could truly mesmerize, along with that heartfelt smile, and
an absolutely perfect complexion. Long-flowing blonde hair
cascaded across her slender neck and shoulders, nearly going
down to the mid-point of her back in stylish, exotic waves.

I quickly realized that the sheer nightie Trish had on,
which was a virginal white color, was a nice contrast to the
hot and alluring come-hither expression that she now glared
at me with. I felt a series of erotic chills shooting down
my spine, and spreading to various other points of my body.
I could tell that it was going to be a memorable night.

Trish's breasts were so large and beautiful (a 36d cup),
yet at the same time, hers were amazingly firm and toned.
They looked most enticing, too, snugly nestled underneath
the lacey, see-through fabric of her little nightie.

As evidenced by her lean, perfectly-proportioned legs,
the countless number of hours that Trish had spent outside
since her arrival on the island had given her a spectacular
tan. The white nightie she wore was so small and short that
it (literally) did not even have a hemline. Thus, I could
tell that Trish was not wearing any panties underneath it.
The sweet, downy bush of curls at the joining of her thighs
was clearly visible underneath the thin fabric.

As this woman stood before me now - looking as sinful and
erotic as humanly possible - I did my best to suppress the
immense feelings of desire and lust that were building up
within me. I wanted to pounce on Trish and rip her to shreds!

Though my sensitive and more _caring_ side won out (as it
almost always did), Trish was too much temptation for me to
handle. My heart was thumping about wildly (and my cock hard
as steel) as I gawked at this creature of total satisfaction.

"Hi lover," Trish cooed, her smile gentle and warm. She
cupped her breasts with both hands and squeezed them, then
offered me a sexy pout to boot. "Are you going to give me
what I want tonight? Or... do I need to TAKE it from you?"

"Oh God..." I growled in response, even stepping back from
her. This woman was about to give me a heart attack without
even touching me! I needed an outlet for this aggression...

"Oh, I DO need to take it, then," Trish pouted again, her
voice low and whiny. She was playing with me. "I can do
that." Trish stepped forward and sought the humongous lump
in my trousers with her right hand. The goddess began to
knead and pump my erection with her hand as she cooed, "Don't
you know, Jeremy? I'm the type of girl who, if I really want
something, WILL NOT STOP until it is mine." Trish smiled
and grazed my cheek with a kiss. "Now... I want your cock."

My heart-rate multiplied in several quantities as Trish
dropped down to her knees and began to tug at the belt upon
my trousers. When it was undone, she whisked it away and
then went for my trousers themselves. In instant later, the
gray fabric was in a circle around my ankles, and my briefs
soon joined them. Her brown eyes twinkling with hot desire,
Trish took my shaft into her right hand and began stroking.

"Now I'm going to give you a few lessons tonight, Jeremy."

I cleared my throat as tremors of passion and lust rocked
every single muscle and nerve within my body. "Lessons?"

"Yes sir, some lessons," she confirmed, nodding her head
for emphasis. "I'm going to show you some of the wonderful
things that this cock of yours can do to my body." I growled
in response as she swooned, "Lesson number one... a blowjob!"

Even before I could say anything, the pulsing head of my
shaft had been gobbled far and deep into Trish's luscious
mouth. Her eyes flashing and locked squarely upon mine, the
voluptuous vixen started to bob her head back-and-forth upon
my erection as she offered me a hands-free blowjob.

Trish giggled at me. "Is the lesson going well so far?"

"Oh yes..." I moaned while returning her stare with one
of my own. "I want to learn a lot from you tonight..."

Trish's expression did not change as she very slowly and
tenderly worshiped my throbbing cock. Her luminous, pretty
eyes stayed focus upon mine, nearly blazing a hole right
through my very soul because of the unadulterated look of
both arousal and total devotion they conveyed to me.

I gulped my throat at the mere sight while reaching down
and running my hands throughout her long-flowing blonde hair.
Trish never took her eyes away from my face as she soon
gripped the base of my cock with her hand. Then, the bobbing
motion she so expertly displayed became a bit more intense.

Quickening both the pace and speed of her head-strokes,
Trish took more and more of my erection into her mouth.
When she released its base from the clutches of her hand,
the bombshell then swallowed my entire shaft whole.

I could do nothing but squint my eyes and growl in pure
passion as the head of my cock was now lodged somewhere
deep within the reaches of Trish's hungry throat. Her
hot, piercing gaze still focused upon my face, I looked
down at her and shook my head in erotic amazement.

Trish's expression broke - but just for a moment - as she
offered me a faint smile. Then, she took my cock out of her
mouth and gripped its base. Next, the blonde took half of it
back inside and began with an eager and hungry sucking.

Rolling my head in arousal, I looked up at the ceiling
and thanked the Heavens for helping me meet up with Trish.
At the same time, an absolute wave of pure pleasure coursed
throughout my entire body - solely thanks to Trish and her
exquisite oral skills. I could so lose myself in this woman!

"What are you doing?" I asked as Trish suddenly withdrew
my cock from her mouth. "Please put it back in!" I did not
want the exquisite blowjob she had been giving to me to end!
I wanted to spurt off in her mouth, and flood it completely.

Trish offered a sweet smile and even batted her eyelashes
at me in an exaggerated fashion. "I'm sorry, baby, but it's
time for your second lesson of the evening." She nodded her
head and cooed, "Lesson number one was a blowjob. Now... it
is time for lesson number two." Trish cupped the outer
sides of each of her large breasts through the little nightie
she had on, then extended a finger and trailed it through the
exposed portion of her cleavage. "Right here, Jeremy. Put
your cock between my breasts, and fuck them."

My whole body trembled with unspeakable desire as Trish
easily whisked the white nightie up, and over, her head.
Now totally nude, the personal fitness instructor flashed me
a winning smile as she retreated to the bed and sat down upon
its edge. Trish again cupped her breasts with both hands
and looked at me with puppy-dog eyes.

"Come on, Jeremy," she encouraged me. "My wonderful man!
Come on, and put your cock between my breasts. Fuck them!"
Trish reclined all the way back on the bed until she was
lying down. She grabbed a nearby pillow and placed it
behind her head, thus raising it. Then, those eyes locked
onto my face as I slowly made my way over to the bed.

"Yes!" Trish squealed in total delight as I climbed onto
the bed and swung one knee over her torso. Now on my knees
directly above her as she lie on the bed, I grasped my cock
and smacked it across one of her massive breasts. "Yes!"
she again exclaimed, giggling and laughing up at me. "See,
lover? Sex with me is not a bad thing. It's a good thing!"

"I never said it was bad," I countered, my voice ragged
and breathless. "I just didn't want for you to..."

"Shhhhh," she hushed me, placing a finger to her nose.
Trish used her opposite hand to place my erection between
her breasts. An instant later, she squished her breasts
together with both hands, trapping my hard shaft inside of
her deepened cleavage. "Oh yeah, Jeremy. That feels good!"

I growled in a mixture of pure lust and erotic agony as I
started to slide my cock, all slick and moist from Trish's
oral workings, between and through the sunken valley of her
cleavage. Due to the amount of friction created from my
shaft trapped between her heaving breasts, I nearly blew my
spermy load right there. Somehow, I managed to hold it in.

"Fuck my breasts," Trish said in a firm, strict tone.
Now, I had to listen to her talk nasty to me - which only
added fuel to an already out-of-control fire within myself.
"Fuck them, Jeremy. Fuck them real nice and fast!"

"Oh yeah..." she continued as I now used my hips to pump
and grind my erection between her cleavage. With Trish
squishing her breasts together, the erotic feeling within me
was multiplied ten-fold. It felt as if my shaft was having
the absolute life squeezed out of it. "Oh yeah, Jeremy!
Fuck my breasts! Fuck them! FUCK THEM!"

I growled, trying my best to hold back what promised to
be not only an incredible orgasm, but also a very messy one.
It was all I could to contain myself.

"Oh yeah," Trish purred, her eyes fixated upon my face
as I continued thrusting away. Of course, her words were
fanning my inner fire. She was proving to be quite the
talker during sex. I definitely liked this side of her!

"You enjoy fucking my breasts - don't you, Jeremy? Don't
you?" She let out a content sigh and added, "Oh, your cock
feels so big and strong between my breasts! Come on, fuck
me harder. Fuck my breasts harder!"

I roared out in a mad rage of lust as I did my best to
comply with her request. My hips began to churn faster than
before, the speed of my thrusting cock increasing. I was
about set to explode. Despite that, my efforts still did
not meet Trish's expectations.


I growled once again and nearly lost control of myself.
My eyes locked with hers, Trish gave me a sneering look as
her voluptuous body rocked about on the bed with each of my
forward strokes. I was giving her everything I had...

"Do you want to cum on me?" she asked, using a taunting,
teasing voice, as I hammered away. "All over my face? Come
on, Jeremy." She extended her tongue and said, "Come on...
cum all over my face. I want it. I want it, really bad!"
She extended her tongue all the way, and made the deep,
guttural sound, "Ahhhhh..."

"OHHHHH!" I screamed as she had simply pushed me toward
the boiling point - and then past it.

On my next forward up-stroke, I gripped my cock and then
it erupted like a volcano. The end result, after three huge
explosions, was that Trish's lovely, picture-perfect face
was totally saturated with my sticky, gooey sperm.

The first laser shot landed directly upon her forehead,
catching a good portion of her silky hair in the process.
The next caught her eyes and nose, followed by the finale
landing squarely on her cheek and extended tongue. Simply
put, Trish was a complete and sticky mess.

What a magnificent sight...

When the powerful sensations within my body crested and
eventually faded away, I felt like collapsing onto the bed.
However, Trish took my half-hard cock into her mouth and
gave it a gentle sucking... offering me a renewed sense of
vigor. All the while, she flashed me a friendly grin as her
pretty eyes never lost contact with mine.

"Oh yeah," she purred seconds later, now rubbing the tip
of my cock across her sperm-covered face. "I liked that."

I sighed and shook my head in erotic amazement at her.
"You're something else, Trish." What an incredible woman!

"You see?" she purred. "Just what I said. Sex with me
is not a bad thing. It's a good thing!" Trish giggled and
added before I could respond, "It's okay, Jeremy. You do
not need to explain yourself. I understand why you were a
bit apprehensive about becoming intimate with me. You are
unlike any other guy - any PERSON - I've ever met before."

"I just want to be with you, Trish," was my confession.
"I do not want for you to ever leave us. I just want you to
know that I think the absolute world of you as a person. I
know not many people have said that to you before, but I..."

"No one has ever said it," she interjected, frowning.

"Have you ever been in love before?" I wondered, curious.

Trish hesitated for a moment, then offered me a radiant
smile. "Not until I came to this island and met you."

My heart fluttering because of her kind words, I settled
down upon my side next to Trish on the bed and gazed into
those beautiful eyes. "I cannot believe that no one ever
scooped you up and married you, Trish. You're... perfect."

"Oh, I'm far from perfect!" she squealed. "Stop that!"
The 30-year-old tilted her head to the side and took a deep
breath. "I thought I was in love with Lindsay, but it was
really just lust. I realize that now." Trish pecked my
forehead with a kiss and proclaimed, "I care about you,
Jeremy, much more than I ever did Lindsay."

"I care about you a great deal as well," I informed her.

"I... I've talked to Kristanna and Devon at length about
this," Trish continued. "They are fine with it. They know I
would never interfere in your relationship with them. I...
I just want to... to fit in."

Trish gulped her throat, then appeared as if she was about
set to cry. I reached out and grasped her face, wondering
what the issue could possibly be. "This is what you wanted
from Pamela," she quaked, her emotions suddenly teetering.
"Isn't it, Jeremy? You and me - right now - talking like
this. You wanted Pamela to accept the terms of your
relationship with Kristanna the same way I just did. You
wanted Pamela to agree to fit in, and not cause problems.
Would you prefer this be Pamela instead of me right now?"

I held Trish's face with an open hand for several seconds
and gazed deep into her eyes. She was actually being serious
with her question. I had to put a quick end to her anxiety.
"In all honesty, I am glad that you are the one who accepted
the idea and the so-called terms. You may not believe this,
sunshine, but I much rather have you in my life than Pamela."

Trish shook her head and started to sob like a newborn
baby at my words. Never would I have guessed that such a
simple statement could have such a profound impact on her.

"It's true," was my assurance, as I now embraced Trish
with both arms and held her lovingly. "I was fascinated and
taken with you from the very beginning. But you only had
eyes for Lindsay. There were times that I sat in this very
bedroom and wondered what I could possibly do to get you to
notice me. I... I pretty much gave up on you. All things
being equal, I would easily choose you over Pamela."

"I don't believe you..."

"If you showed the same amount of interest in me from the
very outset as Pamela did, you would have left Pamela in the
dust," I explained to Trish. "I'm not lying to you. I have
no reason to lie. I would have latched onto you, Trish, and
never let you go. I doubt I would have ever even noticed any
of the other girls." I kissed her on the cheek and ended,
"You want to talk about being clingy and possessive? You
have no idea how clingy and possessive I can be."

"You're not lying about me and Pamela?"

"Not at all," I assured her. "Ask Kristanna. Her first
week here, I went on about you constantly to her. I even
asked her ways to get you to notice me instead of Lindsay.
I've been fascinated with you - attracted to you - from the
very start. Even before that, dear, when we would talk on
the telephone and over video chat."

Trish sniffed her nose and pined, "I told you earlier,
Jeremy, that I heard you and Lindsay through the walls last
night. I heard some of the things that were said, too.
Lindsay claimed that she wanted to submit to you from now
on, and never leave the island." Trish almost started to
cry again. "You know th-that I could n-never co-exist
wi-with her! These past couple of weeks have been... really
r-rough since we br-broke up, and I have barely man-managed,
but there is no way I could live with Lindsay as a constant,
daily f-fixture in my life. Are... are you going to give
her... what she wants? Are you going to let her stay here?"

"What Lindsay said to me last night was in the heat of the
moment," I countered. "She and I had a long talk about that
this morning. A lot of things got out of hand last night -
especially the way I treated her. But Lindsay is going home
in 11 days. She wants to go back to her family."

Trish breathed a definite sigh of relief as I went on,
"And even if she actually did want to stay here, I would not
let her. I know how you feel about Lindsay and what you went
through with her. I would never jeopardize your well-being
and your state of mind for my own personal greed." I tapped
Trish on the nose with a fingertip and mused, "And no matter
what you say, you were in love with Lindsay. I know you were."

"It was lust."

"No, it was love."



"Maybe," she relented.

"It's okay, Trish."

"I'm in love with you more, though."

I smiled and even found myself laughing at her statement.
"I love you too, Trish. And I look forward to hopefully
spending the rest of my life with you."

"It's time for lesson number three."

"Hmmmmm?" was my confused response.

"I was showing you earlier of some of the many wonderful
things that your cock can do to my body," Trish reminded me.
"First I gave you a blowjob, then you fucked my breasts."
Trish's brown eyes flashed with hot, wanton desire as she
announced, "Now I want you to fuck my pussy."

Sprawled out upon the bed beneath me, Trish shrieked with
lust as I moved between her widespread thighs. I did not
need any further coaxing or encouragement. My cock was erect
once again; ready to give this Maple Leaf beauty the type of
workout which she treasured the most.

Trish squealed with sheer delight as I mounted her in
the missionary position. Fisting my cock, I pressed it hard
against her tight slit and rubbed it in erotic circles.
Trish moaned as her face rocked from side to side, in
utter pleasure. She obviously loved being teased like this.

Nevertheless, I was not in much of a teasing mood. Very
quickly, I forged my enlarged shaft between the tight
confines of her womanly folds, and slid it all the way
inside. Both of us moaned with extreme passion as I nudged
my way inward until there was nothing left to give her.

Trish's insides were gripping and clutching my erection
like a powerful, unforgiving vise. I had to wince at the
extreme amount of pressure upon my cock; it almost hurt.
No complaints, though - it was a good hurt. I welcomed it!

Trish growled in passion as I pulled out slightly, only
to thrust back into her very forcefully. My arms hooked
under her knees, at my shoulders, I started a series of
heated strokes which made Trish nearly burst with desire.

My thrusting hips quickly reached a thunderous speed and
as a result, my testicles slapped hard against Trish's
tight, upturned ass with each forward plunge. Together the
both of us rocked and screamed in unequaled desire, our
bodies quickly becoming drenched with perspiration.

I kept pounding her, harder and harder, and soon she dug
her sharp, red fingernails into my back. That, however,
only made me slam her with even more ferocity.

Gone was my trepidation from earlier about Trish possibly
viewing me in a manner that I did not want her to. The only
thing that mattered to me at this particular moment in time
was that sweet, little pussy of hers, and the ways in which
I could ravage it with my even more.

While continuing to thrust away at her, my mind became
lost in a sea of fervor and passion. I could not think.
My body was simply relying on instinct now. I kept drilling
Trish, jamming my hard shaft in and out of her at a fierce
pace. An earth-shattering pace. An unbelievable pace!

Trish's body was flopping around beneath me as I
continued to hammer her, while her large breasts bounced
about wildly in the process. It was truly an intense, heated
coupling - exactly the type that I hoped I could enjoy with
Trish for the next 40 or 50 years.

Suddenly, I felt something inside of me snap. Knowing
that an eruption was set to occur, I buried my shaft to the
hilt inside of Trish and then just let myself go.

Trish roared out in orgasmic bliss as I pumped wave after
wave of sperm from my cock directly into her lush, welcoming
pussy. I could sense that every muscle within her body was
tight and clenched as she held onto me for dear life, her
own personal world getting rocked just as much as mine. I
temporarily pulled out, but then gave one final, massive
thrust and collapsed into a well-satisfied heap atop her.
I suddenly felt as if I had died and gone to Heaven...

Honestly, the next 30 seconds were kind of a blur to me.
I do not remember anything. Once I began to regain my
faculties, however, I found myself hugging Trish and I was
talking to her. Yes, talking. These words were purely from
my very core, and had no thought behind them. I did not even
realize that I was saying them until after the fact.

"I'm going to take care of you, Trish. Going to take
care of you from now on... make you happy. Very, very happy."

"I hope you can give me a nice wedding," she said, placing
a whisper of a kiss upon my cheek. My senses seemed to lock
up as my mind processed her statement. I began to climb out
of the mental doldrums. Trish wanted to have a nice wedding?

The goddess then kissed me on the forehead. "I so look
forward to you being my husband." Trish kissed me on the
very tip of my nose. "Kristanna will be my wife." A kiss
on my eyebrow. "Devon will be my wife." Another on my chin.
"We will have children, Jeremy. Lots and lots of children,
all of us." Finally, she kissed me on my mouth. "Before
long, we will have a huge family."

Tears of joy formed within Trish's eyes as she swooned,
"The four of us are going to be so happy together!"

<<<- End of Chapter 32 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

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