A teen is seduced by a warlock and brings more girls to satisfy his dark companions.
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Teen’s Night of Horror

It was a beautiful fall evening. The weather was just right for the season. It was a little nippy, but it really wasn’t cold yet. The aroma of burning leaves hung in the early evening air. A few clouds drifted past the full moon. Some of the younger trick or treaters were convinced they had seen a witch or two, or maybe a large bat, fly past the moon as well. Of course, the older kids sort of encouraged the younger kids to see those things in the clouds.

It was the perfect night for Halloween trick or treating. It would have been perfect for Susan as well. Perfect that is if she had not been drafted by her mother to baby-sit. Her mother had insisted she keep an eye on her siblings while they went Trick or Treating. Her mother had told the teen to escort the younger brother and sister around the neighborhood while they gathered their sugar loaded loot.

The beautiful sixteen-year-old girl had protested having been stuck with her siblings. Her mother simply used the ultimate weapon. “Susan, you will go with your brother and sister this evening, or you won’t be going to the costume dance at school later tonight. They will be done and back home more than early enough for you to get to the dance on time.”

Susan reluctantly agreed with her mother. “OK, Mom! I’ll take them trick or treating, but I’ll have to wear my costume too. I won’t have time to change when we get back home and still get to the school on time.”

“That will be fine. You better hurry up though. It’s getting dark, and they’re already waiting for you in the living room. They’re dressed and chomping at the bit to get going.”

“OK Mom. I'll hurry.” Susan yelled as she ran up the stairs to her bedroom. She really didn't mind taking her younger brother and sister trick-or-treating. They were good kids and they all got along well.

Susan looked forward to wearing her costume. She had made it herself. It made her look sexy and a little older than her sixteen years. She was dressed as a witch when she came back down the stairs, a very sexy witch. Her intentionally tattered, loose fitting, black dress didn’t quite reach her knees. It fluttered in the breeze as she walked in her black low-heeled shoes. As the dress waved in the air, it revealed most of her shapely pair of nicely tanned legs. The top of the dress was low cut and revealed a great deal of her ample cleavage. In spite of her mother’s protests and warnings, Susan enjoyed showing off the cleavage created by her full c-cup breasts. Her breasts had developed over the past couple of years, and Susan was very proud of them. From under her pointed black hat her long, silky, raven hair fell straight down her slender back, which was also exposed by the plunging back of her dress.

It was well after dusk when Susan came down the stairs in her witch costume. Even her little brother was impressed. “Wow, Sis! You look nice.”

“Thanks kid. Are you two ready to go?” Susan hustled her brother and sister out into the night. She smiled and thought to herself. ‘If my little brother thinks I look nice, the boys at the dance ought to go nuts.’

Their mother wasn’t worried about them being out after dark. Nothing bad ever happened around their part of town. The local neighborhood was mostly middle and upper middle class and almost no one ever did anything really out of line.

It wasn’t long until the kids had nearly filled their sacks with enough surgery treats to keep their dentist happy for months. The three siblings were headed home. On the way home they passed by an ancient three-story house that had been abandoned for as long even the parents in the area could remember. Occasionally, someone would see a light flickering in one of the windows. The light was probably the reflection of a light source that came from somewhere out in the neighborhood. Still, some swore the old mansion was haunted. No one ever dared approach it. They just scurried past as fast as they could.

However, this night was different. The old house was not dark at all. In fact, it was well lit inside and out. It was even invitingly decorated for Halloween.

“Come on Sis, just one more house.” Her brother begged.

”I don’t know about this one. It’s haunted you know.” Susan tried to frighten them out of going up to the strange house.

“Pleeeease!” Both kids begged in chorus.

“Well, OK. But this is the last one. Then we have to get home.” Susan insisted.

“Thanks Sis.” The kids yelled as they ran up the walk that led to the wide front porch of the old house. The door opened before they even got a chance to knock. A tall man dressed as a warlock stood before the startled kids.

In spite of being startled, they bravely yelled. “TRICK OR TREAT!”

Susan walked up on the porch just as the warlock handed a very large candy bar to each of the kids. He openly ogled the teen’s shapely body and appeared to be sniffing the air around her. He stared at Susan’s tits long enough to make the teen uncomfortable. Then he stared deeply into her eyes.

She was transfixed by his stare. His eyes were extremely dark. They were so dark they appeared black. Susan was unable to break the stare.

Licking his lips as though tasting something delicious, he finally broke his stare. “My, my! What a beautiful young witch you are. Would you like a candy bar too?”

“Uh, no, no thank you, Sir. I, I, I’m watching my weight.” Susan stammered as she snapped back to reality and replied.

The warlock reached out and gently took both of Susan’s hands in his. As he gently squeezed her hands, he stared into her eyes again. Susan was again frozen by the stare of this strange older man. He appeared to be at least thirty-five-years-old, maybe even forty. That was ancient to Susan. He must be at least as old as her mom and dad. His stare was stirring something strange deep within the teen.

“Well then, perhaps you would like to come to a little party we’re having tonight? You can stop by any time before midnight. I’m sure my other guests would love to meet and get to know you.”

Susan regained her senses again and noticed her brother and sister had told the warlock “Thank you” and left the old house’s porch. They were walking toward the sidewalk. Unsure of herself, Susan answered with a quiver in her voice. “Sir, I have a prior commitment, but I might be able to stop by later tonight, if that’s alright.”

“Please do. I would really like to show you to my guests.” He smiled and squeezed Susan’s hands once more. Then, before releasing his grip on the teen, he bent at the waste and kissed her left hand. He then stepped back and closed his door.

Susan and her brother and sister hurriedly walked home without speaking. Immediately after getting her siblings safely in the house, Susan yelled to her mom. “We’re home. I’m going to the dance now.”

“OK! Have fun and don’t stay out too late.” Her mother called out from the kitchen.

As the teen walked the short three blocks to school, something kept popping into her mind. Those eyes! Those black eyes! She couldn’t get the warlock’s eyes out of her mind. It was as if they were still staring at her. With every step she took, the same strange feelings she had felt earlier grew stronger within her. Her hand was tingling where the stranger had kissed it. She somehow felt pulled to go to the warlock’s party.

Susan was at the school’s doorway when she changed her mind. She decided to go to the warlock’s party instead of the dance. She turned and practically ran to the ancient house.

As she stepped on the porch, the door slowly opened. She briefly hesitated at the threshold. She could see several people inside. Then she saw him. The warlock that had invited her to the party stood in the middle of his guests. He turned and faced Susan. He beckoned with his hands for her to come in.

Susan had an urge to run away as fast as she could, but she ignored it.

In her mind, the warlock spoke to her. ‘Come in my beautiful young witch. Come and join with us! We’ve been expecting you. My guests would like to meet you, and I am looking forward to having you as well.’

As if drawn by some unknown force, Susan stepped over the threshold. An unseen hand closed the door behind her. She entered the main room where a roaring fire was burning in the fireplace. The small group of guest already there greeted her like an old friend.

The warlock greeted and introduced her. “Welcome to our group, my young witch. Tonight, you will become one with us. We don’t use formal names here tonight. We may use first names if need be. Tonight, we are as we appear. You are, of course, the witch. As you can see, I am a warlock. Sort of a match, don’t you agree? That lovely creature on the couch is a vampiress. Next to her is her mate and master. We call him Count. The figure lurking in the corner is a…. Well, we’re not really sure what he is. He says he’s a werewolf, but he has promised not to kill and eat anyone tonight. As you see, you are the only witch here. We really needed you to round out our little group.”

About then the butler, who looked strangely like the character Igor from an old black and white movie, brought her a drink in a silver goblet. The drink was a dark red wine.

Without thinking Susan took a big gulp. It tasted delicious to her and was surprising easy to swallow. Though she was unaccustomed to the taste and affects of alcohol, Susan figured she needed a little help relaxing. After all, this was her first adult party.

When her drink was gone, her host offered to show her around the old house. He told her the property and house had been in his family for well over two hundred years. The furnishings seemed to be a very old style but were in pristine condition. The crystal and silver shone brightly. Everything looked as though it had been there since the house was first built. Throughout the house, candles set in wall sconces provided lighting. It all looked as it had when it was new. Except for the style, nothing appeared to have aged at all.

When Susan and the warlock returned to the main room and the rest of the guests, the butler brought her another drink. This time it tasted just a little bitter. She drank it down anyway as she chatted with her new friends. She soon began to feel a little weak. She could still stand, walk, and talk, but she seemed to have lost her sense of self. She felt as though she was nothing more than an observer of the actions around her, including her own.

Looking to her host, she groggily spoke. “Sir, I feel funny. I never drink wine, and it’s seems to be going to my head. I think I should probably go home now.”

“Nonsense my young witch! The party is just getting started. What you are feeling is the effect of the potion you just drank. You will remain fully awake and aware of everything that’s happening around and to you. You will be able to speak as well. However, you will have no will to or way of resisting my commands. Come with me, my witch. I have another room I wish to show you.”

The warlock took Susan by her arm and led the defenseless teen down into the old home’s basement. The other guests follow close behind. He directed her into a large room. “This is our special induction chamber.”

The induction chamber appeared to be a small theater with walls of stone. Lit torches on the walls illuminated the room. There were several chairs facing a small raised stage. Several more guests were already seated in the room when Susan entered. On the stage was a long stone table set so the long side faced the audience. Her host gestured toward the table. “This is our altar upon which you will be initiated into our group.”

The stone table bore many dark stains. Susan could only fearfully guess what had made the stains. In her mind, she feared her blood was about to add to the stains.

Susan had absolutely no willful control over her body at all. She complied without a word of protest when the warlock gave her a command. He told her to remove her shoes and stand before the gathered attendees. She immediately kicked her shoes off.

She was then slowly escorted by the two vampires up onto the stage and led to stand next to the table.

The warlock followed Susan and her escorts onto the stage and spoke to the frightened teen. “You will now become part of our group. But to do that, you must be nude.” She gasped and a single tear rolled down her cheek. The warlock, with one swift jerk, violently ripped her dress away from her body.

Susan stood before the group of strangers clad only in her lacy black bra and matching panties. Her c-cup breasts were spilling over the top of the bra as she had intended. The problem was she had intended to impress some of the teenaged boys at the school dance, not some older strangers. “Please Sir, why are you doing this? I have done nothing wrong. And why are you all costumed as if you came from an old movie?”

As the group admired the nearly nude teen, her host spoke to his guests. “I was right! This beautiful young witch will make a delightful addition to our family.”

He turned and spoke to Susan. “My witch, as I told you earlier, we are as we appear.” The others quickly agreed.

Susan’s fear grew as she heard the warlock’s command in her mind. ‘Remove your bra and panties! We wish to see all of you.’

Even though she had never been with a boy, Susan knew then what they were going to do to her. With tears flowing, the frightened teen did as she had been silently instructed. She didn’t understand the strange power the warlock had over her, but she knew she had to obey. As she dropped her bra to the floor her firm young breasts stood out proudly from her chest. Their size accentuated by her slender build. Her nipples started to harden. She then pushed her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. With tears flowing from her eyes, she stood completely nude in front of this group of strangers. Her black pubic bush matched the raven hair on her head.

Susan begged her host to not do to her what she feared he intended doing. “Please Sir, don’t do this. I’m a good girl. I’ve never even seen a boy’s body. I don’t do this kind of thing. Please Sir, let me go. I won’t say anything to anyone. I promise.”

“Of course you will, but it won’t matter. Get on our altar. Put your arms over your head. Spread your legs. We wish to inspect our newest member.” The warlock demanded.

As her tears continued to flow, Susan obeyed without delay. As the warlock had instructed, she vulgarly spread herself on the stone table her host had called an altar.

He then called the group to surround and inspect their new member. Their hands freely roamed her smooth young body. She felt them fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples. Her nipples grew even harder and stood proudly out from her firm tits. Her virgin pussy was gently fingered until her own body betrayed her. Her pussy was soon soaking wet with her lubricating juices. With the permission of the host, the vampires licked, sucked, and nipped at her tits and the erect nipples topping them. The two vampires continued to ravish the teen’s tits and nipples until she was moaning with the desire rising in her core.

In the mean time, the werewolf had placed his fury head between her splayed legs and was frantically lapping at her widely spread pussy. Her lubricating juices were flowing almost as freely as her tears. She could feel the creature between her legs driving his tongue as deeply into her tight pussy as he could. He was trying to lap up as much of her juices as possible. As she lay on the altar, Susan was soon writhing with sexual arousal. She could not resist the erotic attentions she was receiving.

“Now Master?” The Count asked the warlock.

The warlock nodded his approval.

Susan gasped in pain when she felt a sting on each breast. The vampires had bitten her. They had left two small punctures on the upper inside curve of each breast.

“Enough!” The warlock ordered, and Susan’s body was immediately left unmolested. He then stepped up beside Susan and slowly removed his clothing. His chest and arms were well muscled but very pale. The teen giggled when her tormentor lowered his pants. His cock appeared to be no more than an inch or two of shriveled meat. Then, as she stared at it, the warlock’s cock began to grow. It grew and grew until he sported a huge cock. Though she had never seen a real cock, this one rivaled any she had ever looked at on internet porn sites. It had grown to nearly nine inches long and as thick as a softball bat. Its head was huge, purple in color, and was continuously dripping precum.

Susan couldn’t take her eyes off the warlock’s massive weapon, a weapon she knew he intended to use on her. “Oh please, Sir. Don’t hurt me. I really am a good girl. I’ve never done anything like this. I’m a virgin. I’ll never be able to take that thing. You’ll rip me apart. Please….”

“Silence!” The warlock demanded.

Susan obeyed instantly. Her tears continued flowing down her cheeks.

“My young witch, you are about to become mine. The act we are about to perform on our altar will seal you to me as my mate for all eternity. I not only intend to shove this cock into that sweet pussy of yours, but I intend to impregnate you. I can tell by the look of your body and the smell coming from your cunt that you are ready to be fucked, and your womb is ripe for breeding. You will be soon produce a son for me.”

The warlock then stepped between Susan’s widely spread legs. He grabbed her legs behind her knees and roughly pulled her down the altar until her ass was just barely on the stone tabletop. Holding one of her legs under each of his arms, the warlock placed his cock’s large head at the small opening to her vulnerable pussy. With some effort, the warlock pushed his cock’s head into the teen’s tight hole. Her pussy lips painfully spread to accept the invader.

“Oh please Sir, it hurts! Take it out! Don’t do this to me. Please take it out.” Susan vainly pleaded with the warlock.

With a quick but short shove, the invading cock’s head was pressed against the proof of Susan’s chastity. She cried out from the pain of having her pussy’s lips so suddenly pried open. Her hymen had but a few seconds left to guard her inner treasures.

She cried but knew there was no stopping the warlock. He was going to steal her virginity no matter how much she begged.

Tightening his grip on her legs, the warlock violently thrust forward. He buried the full nine-inch length of his cock deep into Susan’s painful devirginated cunt.

Susan’s virginity had suddenly been swept away, and the warlock’s cock had rammed painfully into her cervix. The teen’s scream echoed off the stone walls of the induction chamber. The searing pain from her violated pussy burned into her mind and soul. The pain began the instant the warlock’s cock had swept her cherry away. A split second later, she felt him violently ram into her cervix. Her sex had been brutally forced open by the warlock’s massive cock.

Dropping her legs, the warlock painfully squeezed both of Susan’s tits. He then pulled his cock from her body. His cock was dripping with her cherry’s blood. Blood was also oozing from her devirginated cunt.

The vampiress immediately fell to her knees and begged the warlock to allow her to clean his bloody cock. She was granted permission. Her mate was granted permission to clean Susan’s bloody cunt. Both vampires did an enthusiastically good job of cleaning the blood from the organs offered to them.

When the vampires were finished cleaning Susan’s virgin blood, the warlock returned to his position between Susan’s still widely spread legs. Holding her legs under his arms again, with little warning, he shoved his cock back into Susan’s painful pussy. As he slowly and deeply stroked in and out of her tight hole, the warlock spoke to Susan. “You are my mate now and for eternity. You will call me Master. The bites on your tits have bound you to me and to our group forever.”

He increased the speed and depth of his strokes until he was ramming into her cervix with each thrust. Then, just as the antique clock began striking midnight, with a loud roar, the warlock drove his massive cock’s head past her cervix and into his witch’s womb. He instantly began pumping a huge load of cum into the ripe teen’s baby chamber.

As his climax subsided, the warlock almost gently patted and stroked Susan’s bare belly lying before him. As the last of his cum dribble into her womb, he softly spoke to his new mate. “This will soon be swelling as my son grows inside your body.”

Pinching her hard nipples, the warlock mocked the poor girl. “These you will only use to feed my son. No other male, other than my son and myself, may touch them. Your tits belong to my son and I alone. After you give birth to my son, when I call, you will bring him to me.”

“How will I know when you call?” Susan weakly asked.

“You will hear my call in your mind and soul. Also, until I call, you will find other young girls for us mate and play with. We prefer they be virgins like you.”

“Do you understand?”

Softly, Susan replied. “Yes Master.”

Then, as the antique clock in the corner struck the last chime of twelve midnight, the warlock leaned forward and gently kissed his mate’s lips. Susan’s world went black.

The next morning, Susan awoke in the own bed. As the fog of sleep lifted, she thought to herself. ‘Wow! What a nightmare.’

She dismissed her memories of the previous night as just another bad dream. She began to roll out of bed when reality came crashing in on her. “Damn, I’m sore all over. That must have been one hell of a dance.”

Then she flipped the blankets off her body. The first thing she saw were the two pairs of small scabbed over puncture wounds on her tits. Her legs and abdomen were badly bruised. But most disturbing to the teen, her pussy was extremely tender. To her horror, her tender hole was still oozing blood and cum.

Susan’s scream brought her mother running into her bedroom. Her mother screamed too when she saw her chaste daughter’s body. “What the hell happened to you? Look at yourself. Who the hell did this to you, baby?”

“I don’t know Mom. They were wearing costumes. I was drugged and raped.”

“Well get up! We’re going to the hospital. I’m calling the Police.”

Susan gingerly got out of bed and dressed. Her mother then rushed her to the nearest hospital. The lead detective from the local Police Sex Crimes Unit met them at the hospital’s emergency room.

Like other rape victims, Susan was treated to a very thorough and humiliating examination. She was poked and prodded in places far too tender for such treatment. The hospital staff documented with a written record her bruises inside and out. Pictures were taken of her visible injuries. Samples were taken for DNA analysis. The Emergency Room staff was stumped by the pair of small puncture wounds they found on each of her breasts.

Shortly after the exam, the detective was given the hospital’s preliminary report that confirmed she had been violently raped.

The detective then interviewed Susan. The only part of her story he was skeptical about was the location. No activity had been noted at that old house in many years. Only after independently interviewing Susan’s brother and sister did he ask for and get a search warrant for the old house Susan claimed to have been the scene of her rape.

The police search of the abandoned house confirmed the detective’s initial opinion. Every surface in the place was heavily covered in dust and cobwebs. The fireplace appeared to have not been used in years. Even though he found the stone table just as Susan had described, it too was far too dusty to have had any bodies, naked or otherwise, on it in the recent past. He concluded Susan’s rape must have occurred at some other location. The detective also concluded that Susan had been given a date-rape drug, taken to some unknown location, and cruelly raped by person or persons unknown.

Susan had no choice but to try to put the attack behind her. She returned to school where all her friends were very supportive. Her grades continued to be good. It wasn’t long before her bruises had healed and the pain in her violated pussy subsided. The wounds to her breasts had become nothing but tiny scars that were barely visible. All was getting back to normal in Susan’s teenaged world.

Then, about a month after her attack, shortly after Thanksgiving, the reality of it all came crashing back in on the frightened girl. The teen was forced to relive her night of horror. She could almost taste the fear of her future.

Susan had missed her period.

Teen’s Night of Horror: The Return

It was a warm April day. Susan was celebrating her seventeenth birthday. The attack she had endured last Halloween was still fresh in her mind. In spite of it, Susan was trying hard to live her life like a normal teenaged girl, even if she was a teenaged girl who was six months pregnant.

There had been one serious reminder of whose baby she was carrying. She wasn’t showing much and the boys still thought she would be a cute girlfriend. At a New Years party thrown by one of the neighbors, a boy tried to cuddle with Susan. When she allowed him to fondle one of her breasts through her blouse, she felt a terrible stabbing pain in that breast. Susan then remembered the Warlock’s words.

After he had cum deep inside her womb, the Warlock pinched both of her nipples hard. He then spoke these words to her. “These you will only use to feed my son. No male, other than my son and myself, may touch them.”

Susan’s cries from the pain in her breast frightened the boy away. The word quickly spread throughout the school that Susan was a little freaky and should not to be messed with. The boys all stayed away from her, but Susan developed some strong friendships with many of the girls in her class. She was always mindful of the Warlock’s request for more virgin girls with which the group could play.

As the spring passed and summer brought warm days Susan’s belly grew exceptionally large. When her pregnancy came to full term in July, she delivered a healthy eight and a half pound boy. It was a surprisingly easy birth. Especially since she had such a large baby. Just as a nurse filling our forms asked what she wanted to name her son the name Damon popped into her mind. She didn’t know why that name had come to her, but she liked it. So her son was named Damon.

Over then next few months, Damon sucked ravenously at her engorged tits. He grew rapidly, and as Halloween approached, he weighed in at over twenty pounds.

About a week before Halloween, she was startled out of her sleep. Her Master’s voice was calling her. Susan had been expecting the call.

“Susan, Susan my witch. Wake up! It’s almost time. Gather your virgins and bring them to us on the appointed night. Tell them you are inviting them to a special costume party. They will come. Bring my son. Be at the house at eight on Halloween night.”

“Yes, Master.” Susan answered without question. She had long since resigned herself to life as the Warlock’s mate. She fully expected to be bred by him again.

Earlier in the school year, Susan had become friends with three girls who had just moved into the area. Or, more accurately, they had befriended Susan. They had recently transferred from another district into her class at school. For some reason they had found it fascinating that Susan not only had recently given birth to a baby, but also had been impregnated against her will during an attack. They had asked Susan to describe in detail how she had been attacked. It didn’t frighten them in the least when Susan described her attacker and father of her son and his companions.

When Susan brought her new friends home to meet her son, they had all insisted on holding Damon. The girls took turns holding Susan’s baby. Each of the seventeen-year-old girls seemed to go into some sort of trance while holding Damon. They seemed to freeze when staring into the boy’s black eyes.

Susan took the opportunity to ask a blunt question. “Since you girls know how I became pregnant with Damon, I want to ask you all something. Have any of you been with a boy? Have you had sex?”

While still fawning over Damon, without hesitation they all shook their heads no. As Susan looked at each girl, they all added that they hadn’t even seen a real live penis.

Susan had her virgins for the Warlock.

When Susan called to invite the three girls to a costume party, all three eagerly agreed to go. Andrea was tall and slender blonde with a nice set of C cup breasts. She said she would go dressed as Cleopatra. Carrie, was a little shorter than Andrea and somewhat heavier. She had cute round face framed by short dark hair, said she would be Joan of Ark. Finally there was Tina. She was the shortest and slimmest of all the girls. She had long red hair, green eyes, and A to B cup tits. She agreed to go as Tinker Bell.

At school, the four girls all chattered excitedly about the costume party. They were eager to meet Damon’s father. Susan tried to warn them of the possibility they could be harmed, but they would hear nothing of it. They were adamant they would go to the party, have a good time, and come home safely.

The day before the party, another of Susan’s classmates asked if she could go to the party too. Lauren practically begged Susan to include her. Though Lauren was sweet, she was not the prettiest girl in school. She was short and quite a bit over weight with dirty blonde hair. Her extra pounds had blessed her with a huge set of tits that bounced as she walked even when held up by a bra.

Susan liked Lauren and really didn’t want to include her in the Warlock’s party.

“Please Susan. You know I never get invited to anything. Please let me come to the party.” Lauren begged.

In an effort to discourage her friend, Susan bluntly asked. “Lauren, are you a virgin? They only want me to bring virgins to this party.”

Still insistent, Lauren answered. “Yes! I’m a virgin. If you tell me I may lose my virginity at the party, that’s all right. Susan, look at me. I have never even been asked out on a date. Boys don’t seem to like me. I’d be happy to give my cherry to some man or boy who wants me. Please let me go with you and the other girls. Something tells me I really need to go to this party. Please!”

Susan relented. If Lauren wanted to take the chance on suffering what had happened to her, that’s her choice. “OK Lauren. You can go. What will you be wearing?”

Lauren was practically bouncing in her excitement. Her tits bounced with her. She hugged her friend and said. “Thank you, Susan! Thank you! I’ll come as a short, fat, Little Red Riding Hood. Thank you again. I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

At about seven thirty Halloween night, the girls gathered at Susan’s house. They all looked so cute in their costumes. Even Lauren got compliments from the other girls for her Little Red Riding Hood costume.

Susan was of course again dressed as a witch. Last year she had looked sexy in her witch’s dress. This year she looked a little sluty. Her tits, swollen from breast-feeding Damon, were barely held in by her bra and the top of the dress. She had cut the dress even shorter than it had been and, if she bent over, her ass would be exposed. She knew what to expect and almost looked forward to it.

She had dressed Damon as an imp, a mischievous sprite.

The girls left for the short walk to the party with ample time to spare. A number of boys whistled and yelled at the girls as they walked. Unlike the other girls, Lauren enjoyed the crude comments from the teen boys.

They arrived at the old house right on time. It was again brightly lit from within. The door swung open as the girls stepped onto the porch. Susan, followed by the others, walked in.

Each girl was greeted by the Warlock. He took them each by the hand and gazed deeply into their eyes. Like Susan had been the previous year, they were transfixed by his stare. Without formal introductions, the Warlock kissed each girls hand and spoke directly to their minds without words.

‘Miss Cleopatra, how lovely you are. I am sure Marc Anthony will be happy to see you again.’

Andrea stared at him wondering how he had spoken to her without speaking.

‘Joan of Arc, we are happy to see you too. You will be the guest of honor at our barbeque later this evening.’

Carrie grinned broadly at the thought that these adults would treat her as their guest of honor. However, she too didn’t understand how she had heard the Warlock speak to her.

‘Tinker Bell, I don’t believe we’ve met. However, I assure you this evening will be thrilling for such a delightful young sprite.’

‘Last but not least I see we have Little Red Riding Hood. You are certainly a tasty looking morsel. I think we have a guest who will find you irresistible and just to his taste.’

Lauren was beside herself to think there was someone who would really like her. “Who is it, Sir, who do you think will want me.”

‘Patience Red, patience. You must first be prepared.’

‘And now my beautiful witch. My eternal mate, I believe you are holding something for me.’

“Yes Master. I have your son, Damon. I hope you are well pleased with him. He is growing big and strong at my breasts. As you demanded, no other male has touched me except one, and that brief caress caused me such pain that I never want another male to come close to me except you and your son, my Master.”

The Warlock reached out and took Damon from Susan. He then held the boy over his head and presented his son to the assembled guests. They all loudly applauded. Damon cooed and smiled at his father.

Igor then presented the girls, including Susan with goblets of red wine. As they sipped their wine, the Warlock introduced the girls to the other guests present. Wolfy was first. When he was introduced to Lauren, AKA Little Red Riding Hood, he bowed deeply and kissed her hand. He couldn’t resist the urge to take a wide lick of the back of her hand.

Lauren giggled. “Oh my, Sir. Were you kissing my hand or tasting it?

“Maybe both my delicious pet. We shall see what comes of it later.” Wolfy replied.

Again Lauren giggled.

Tina as Tinker Bell was introduced next. The Count and his Vampiress licked their lips at the sight of the petite young thing with artificial wings on her back. As they each kissed one of Tinker’s cheeks, the teen felt a shiver run up her spine.

The Count smiled and spoke to her. “Who knows? You may have the gift of flight before this night is over.”

Tina laughed out loud. “Really fly? That’s not possible! Is it?”

“You never know what is possible here tonight, my dear.” The Warlock interjected.

The girls had finished their goblets of wine just as Igor brought a second goblet. This wine was not as sweet as the first, but they all quickly drank it down. The expected effects were becoming evident. The girls would soon obey every command the Warlock or his guests gave them.

They soon got the idea that they were to be more than guests at the Warlock’s party. They were to be the entertainment. Though their tears flowed freely, none of them hesitated when he ordered them to remove their clothing. All the girls had smoothly shaved pussies, except Carrie. She still had her full bush and hair under her arms. The other guests applauded appreciatively. The girls managed a weak smile.

They were instructed to mingled for a while to be sure the potion they had drunk was fully in effect. Carrie was then introduced to a man in a white apron and chef’s hat. Without permission or warning he reached out and felt Carrie’s body as if inspecting it. She didn’t resist his prodding. He firmly fondled her tits, poked his fingers into her soft belly, squeezed both cheeks of her ass, and finally pushed her knees apart and shoved his finger up into her pussy. He stopped abruptly when he felt her hymen was still in tack. “Master, may I prepare this tender morsel in my usual manner? The bush will have to go as well the obstruction to my basting syringe.”

“You may. Be certain she is well prepared before our guest see her again.”

“Of course, Master. Come with me Joan of Arc. Your chance of a lifetime has come.” The Chef laughed as he led Carrie off to the rear of the huge house where the kitchen was located.

Once in his domain, the Chef effortlessly lifted the plump girl onto his solid butcher-block table. He curtly told said to her. “Joan of Arc, raise your arms and spread you legs wide. I will be shaving all the hair from your body.”

“Yes Sir.” Carrie smiled and eagerly cooperated. She knew she was being prepared to give her virginity to someone that night.

In the mean time, Lauren joined Wolfy near the fireplace. Almost instinctively she knew what he wanted and she liked the idea.

Wolfy began by pulling the teen close and passionately kissing her. He then began licking his way down to Lauren’s large tits. She cooed and stroked the hair on his head. She was reveling in the sexual attention she had never had until that moment. His tongue licked rapidly at her hardening nipples. When he nipped at her left nipple she cooed and caressed his ears.

Lauren found Wolfy’s ears had grown considerably longer. The hair on his head seemed to have become coarse and covered his back. Lauren didn’t quite know what to make of the changes to Wolfy, but she didn’t care. This man was giving her body thrills she had never felt before.

Wolfy then dropped to his knees and pushed his elongating snout between Lauren’s quivering legs. She spread them widely and used his narrowed shoulders to support her knees. His tongue darted out and into her hot sex. He lapped her juices as rapidly as she produced them, and she produced a lot of pussy juice.

Lauren looked down and gasped. Where Wolfy had been between her legs there was now a dog. No! It was not a dog. It was a wolf, a werewolf. She was frightened, but not so frightened as to push him, or it, away from her dripping hole. Her heightened sexual drive urged her to let Wolfy have his way. Though tears were flowing down her cheeks, she wanted him to satisfy her need. She leaned against the wall and spread her legs even wider. She moaned in pleasure. “Oh God, Wolfy, lick my pussy.”

Some how she understood his message when he growled at her. She slowly dropped to her hands and knees. She spread her knees wide apart and offered Wolfy her dripping pussy. He again began lapping up her juices. She did not care that Susan, Tina, Andrea, and all the other guests were cheerfully watching her pussy being eaten out by a werewolf. All she cared about was the werewolf’s tongue probing her pussy. It was reaching to her hymen and driving her insane with lust. She was getting hornier by the second.

In a flash, Wolfy leapt up and mounted the horny teen. By looking between her legs Lauren could see his cock. It was bright red, slender, and about ten inches long. As Wolfy humped at her sex he seemed to be having trouble finding her tight hole. Lauren sighed, reached between her legs, and guided his hot cock to her waiting pussy. “There you go, Wolfy. Fuck me with that long wolf cock of yours.”

Wolfy obliged. He humped her rapidly. His second thrust hit her hymen. The next one drove through her cherry and powered its way to her cervix.

“IEEEEEEEEEEE!” Lauren cried out in pain as her virginal pussy was ripped open.

The beast buried himself in Lauren’s devirginated hole. He hammered into her relentlessly. She soon began feeling something large trying to enter her pussy. With a mighty thrust, Wolfy drove his knot into Lauren’s stretched cunt. At the same time, the tip of his cock rammed past her cervix and into her womb.

They were locked together. Instinctively, Wolfy turned so he and his bitch were ass to ass while his hot cum flooded into her womb. He howled in celebration of his conquest.

Lauren quivered through several orgasms as her womb was filled with hot wolf cum. She was pleased to have had a male want her this much. Even if that male was a werewolf.

In the mean time, Tina, as Tinker Bell, was being fondled by both the Count and his vampiress. They were not as interested in her virginity as her spirit. However, the Count did want to take her cherry. With his mate helping, the Count laid Tina on the nearby dining table. Her legs were splayed widely apart.

She then saw the Count’s cock. It was massive. It was at least eight inches long and several inches around. With tears flowing from her eyes, she asked. “Why are you doing it like this. I know I can’t stop you, but won’t you please help me get ready like Wolfy prepared Lauren. Please, you’ll tear me apart if you take me before I’m wet.”

As the Count lined his cock up with Tina’s tight virgin hole he spoke to her. “I know my dear Tinker Bell. My mate and I want your virgin blood. A petite thing like you with a dry pussy should produce lots of virgin blood. The more blood you give us, the better. So, you get fucked as you are.”

The count then slammed he huge cock deep into Tina’s virgin pussy. Her hymen was instantly shredded and the invading cock’s head was driven into her cervix.

Tina’s scream reverberated throughout the lower floor of the huge house. Only Andrea wept for her friend’s lost cherry and pain. Even Susan got a bit of pleasure seeing Tina speared by the Count’s cock.

The Count immediately pulled his cock out of Tina’s divirginated cunt. He bent over and began feeding from the steady flow of blood from the teen’s roughly fucked hole. His mate fell to her knees and sucked Tina’s blood from the Count’s cock. When she had his cock clean, she joined her mate feeding from the blood flowing from Tina’s cunt.

At about the same time, as the Count speared Tina, the Chef had finished shaving Carrie. She was bald from head to toe. “Now just one more thing to do before I begin preparing you. That pussy must be opened for my baster to get where it needs to be.”

“Please Sir, don’t do this to me.” Carrie begged. “I’ll do anything you want me to. Just don’t take my virginity like I’m just a piece of meat.”

The Chef laughed at his entree. “Too late to beg now, Joan of Arc. You are a piece of meat. Your fate was sealed when you walked into this house.” He then dropped his pants and brought his cock into Carrie’s view. The Chef’s cock was not very long. It appeared to Carrie to be no more that five and a half to six inches long. However, it was extremely thick. She judged it to be nearly as big and a softball bat’s main body.

Her eyes widened but she said nothing more. Her virgin hole was already wet with her lubricating juices. The shaving had gotten her pussy excited and ready for sex.

Without any further preparations, the Chef shoved his cock deep into Carrie’s virgin hole. She screamed so loud she was heard in the main room.

“It seems the Chef is preparing Joan of Arc. He has a really fat dick and really stretches a pussy.” The Warlock laughed.

His guest all laughed as well.

The Chef then rapidly fucked his Joan of Arc. As he poured his cum into the depths of her pussy, the Chef smiled and said. “That should add a nice touch to you for dinner.”

He then proceeded to rub her body with a special oil mixed with many exotic herbs and spices. “This will give you a nice over all golden glow when you’re ready. He then took a huge basting syringe and filled it with the oil and spice mixture. The baster was about a foot long and two inches across. It had a thin four-inch long metal tip on its leading end and a plunger on the other end. Slowly and carefully he inserted his baster into the teen’s pussy until it rested against her cervix. Over the years, he had developed a talent for being able to perfectly align the tip of his baster with the small opening in a girl’s cervix. He made a couple of jabs with it to test its location. When he was satisfied he had it perfectly aligned with her cervix, the Chef shoved it past her cervix in into her womb.

Carrie gasped as the baster entered her womb. Then she felt its contents being pumped into her womb until the mixture had filled her baby chamber and was flowing out of her pussy’s lips. The Chef then pulled the baster out of Carrie and jammed a wooden plug into her pussy to keep the mixture inside her.

He then rolled Jon of Arc onto her belly and repeated the process with the syringe up her ass. When her asshole was filled with the basting mixture, he inserted a wooden plug into ass as well.

He then used twine to keep both plugs in place. Her hands were then secured with heavy cord at her wrists. A long round steal pole was then shoved under her wrists and between her large tits.

Finally Carrie realized she wasn’t going to a barbecue, she was going to be the barbecue. “Oh please Sir, don’t do this. Let me go and you won’t ever see me again.” She begged.

The Chef ignored her please. The pole was placed beside her head. Her legs were then twisted around the pole and secured to it as if she were pulling a lover to her pussy. Her knees were shoved up toward her chest and secured with cord. The Chef carefully secured Joan of Arc’s body to the pole with many wraps of the cord. The final step was to shove an apple into her mouth.

“Remember Carrie, you are the one who decided to come as Joan of Arc. You knew what her fate was. Now let’s get started roasting dinner.”

Carrie continued to shake her head no as the Chef used the pulley system that was overhead in the kitchen to raise her off the preparation table. With the assistance of a couple of kitchen helpers, Joan of Arc was transported to a fire pit that was glowing with hot coals. She was suspended horizontally above the pit. The pole she was tied to was secured on both ends and attached to a motor. The motor drove the pole and slowly turned the teen over the hot coals. “The secret to a good barbecue is to cook it slowly. I am sure you will make a very tender meal. You should be ready for dinner in an hour or so. Don’t go anywhere Joan.” The Chef then swatted her ass as it slowly turned past him. Carrie’s ass was already beginning to turn red as if she had gotten too much sun. The Chef then left Joan of Arc’s roasting to the kitchen assistants. “Be sure to keep her well basted. Otherwise, her skin will split and make an ugly roast.” He instructed them. He then returned to the main room and announced the time until dinner.

Cleopatra asked. “Where is Joan of Arc?”

With an evil grin the Chef answered her question. “Joan of Arc has been held up a little while. She’ll be ready for dinner soon enough.”

The girls all assumed Carrie was getting well fucked by the kitchen staff.

By then the Count and his mate had Tinker Bell’s bloody cunt well cleaned. Before leaving her to rest, they each sank their teeth into a tit and sucked more of her blood.

“That’s enough for now. We want all of our guests to enjoy the barbecue, including Tinker Bell.” The Warlock said.

The teen was staggered from the loss of blood, but was able to walk with her attackers back to the couch.

Finally, the Warlock called Cleopatra. “My dear Cleopatra, I hope you haven’t felt left out. There is someone here who is anxious to see you. May I reintroduce you to Marc Anthony? He has been waiting a long time to see you again.”

Then from a dark corner of the room, a Roman warrior approached Cleopatra. He was not just a Roman warrior, but he was the commander of all the Roman Legions. He was wearing his full battle armor. Andrea did not recognize Marc Anthony. However, she knew from her history classes that he and Cleopatra had been lovers in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra had also been the lover of Julius Caesar, but it was Marc Anthony that had won the heart of the Egyptian queen. She had merely used her sex and beauty to secure Caesar’s favors.

Instinctively, Andrea knew this Roman was going to take her virginity. She thought to herself. ‘Well, if I have to lose my cherry, this man is a good choice. He is very handsome and looks so strong.’

Marc Anthony approached Cleopatra, bowed deeply, and greeted her. “My Queen. It has been far to long since I have enjoyed the vision of your beauty.”

“Oh my! You certainly are a charmer.” Cleopatra smiled at her lover and extended her hand to him.

Marc Anthony took her hand and kissed it. “My Queen, I have waited an eternity to be with you again. Must you continue to torture me with your beauty? I would have you now!”

Without another word, Marc Anthony took Cleopatra into his arms and kissed her passionately. Andrea as Cleopatra eagerly returned the kiss.

Anthony then abruptly lifted Cleopatra and carried her to the large dinning table in the center of the main room. It was the same table on which Tinker Bell had surrendered her virgin blood to the Count and his mate.

As all the assembled guests, except Carrie of course, watched, Anthony turn Cleopatra to face the table and bend her over it. With some force, Anthony kicked the teen’s legs widely apart. Her virgin ass and pussy displayed to the crowd, but she didn’t mind. She knew she had to obey this man. She heard the clatter as Marc Anthony shed his armor.

When she looked back over her shoulder, she gasped at what she saw. Her Roman lover sported a huge nine-inch cock that was as big around as her forearm. “Oh my God! You’re huge! That thing will never fit in me. Please Sir, at least see that I am well prepared before you use that weapon on me.”

Anthony laughed. “I promise you it will fit. You may prepare yourself any way you wish. I have waited eons for this, and the time of my relief is at hand.”

Marc Anthony then stepped between Cleopatra’s spread legs and lined his cock up with her untried hole. With a quick and powerful thrust forward, his cock’s head forced the virgin’s labia apart.

She cried out at the pain of having her tender pussy so suddenly pried open. “Oh! God! It’s too big. Take it out. Please take it out. Please get me ready first. Then you can have my cherry.” Andrea cried out. She sobbed and her tears flowed freely making a puddle beneath her face on the table.

With a sadistic grin, Anthony patted Cleopatra’s upturned ass. “Of course my Queen. I’ll take it out. I’ll take it out as soon as you’ve been well fucked!” The Roman commander then grabbed both of Cleopatra’s hips and rammed his cock deep into her cunt. He barely felt it as his cock ripped through the teen’s virginity.

“Ieeeeeeeeeee!” Andrea screamed. “Please, no more! I can’t take any more.” She begged.

Almost gently, Anthony patted Cleopatra’s ass again. Of course you can my Queen. You’ll take it until I fill that hole with my seed.” Using her hips for hand holds he proceeded to pound in and out of her tight and bleeding cunt. He rammed into her cervix with every thrust. After what seemed like an eternity to Andrea, Anthony slammed his cock deep into her cunt, rammed into her womb, and filled her with hot cum.

By then Andrea was not fully conscious. She moaned as she drifted in and out of reality. She could feel her pussy being filled with hot cum and somehow knew her ordeal was almost over.

Anthony slowly pulled his blood and cum coated cock from Cleopatra’s bleeding pussy. He then addressed his host. “Master, with your permission, I would offer my blood coated cock and this bloody hole to the Count and his mate.”

The Warlock nodded his ascent.

The Count and his mate quickly accepted Marc Anthony’s gift. They soon had both Anthony’s cock and Cleopatra’s pussy clean.

Igor served another round of wine while the Chef disappeared into his kitchen. He returned a few minutes later and announced. “Dinner is served.”

Then four of the kitchen assistants entered the dinning hall carrying a very large platter on their shoulders. All except the teen girls applauded the entrance of the main course. The girls simply stared in disbelief. There, high on the platter was there friend Carrie. Joan of Arc had been roasted, again. She was perfectly roasted this time. Her skin had become a golden crust. Though the spit and cords had been removed, she remained in the position in which she had been roasted. She looked as if she were squatting on her ankles, knees, and forearms. Her golden rump roasts were prominently displayed. The Chef and his staff had done an excellent job. Joan of Arc was as beautiful roasted as she had been in life. Joan of Arc and her platter were placed in the center of the table along with numerous side dishes.

The Chef then pulled out a large carving knife from a holster on his belt. He stroked it on a honing steal as the guests seated them selves. When everyone was seated, the Chef sliced off a prime cut of rump roast. He served the Warlock first. Susan was served next. He then sliced off more rump and thigh meat, which was served to the guests.

When all had been served, the Warlock offered a toast. “To my beautiful mate the witch, to my son Damon, and to all our friends gathered here, I offer a toast to a year of pleasure and feasts. May this roasted Joan of Arc bring us all a wonderful year. Until we meet again, enjoy this evening and this meal.”

As the count took his seat, he noticed the girls were not eating their meat. He looked at each of them and said. “Eat! Joan of Arc is always better when still hot. And I assure you, Chef says this one was one hot bitch.”

The potion they had been given had totally removed their inhibitions. The girls all took a bite of Carrie’s meat. To their surprise, she tasted delicious. They then ate ravenously of their friend’s roast.

It was Susan that broke the tension that was still in the air. This brings a whole new meaning to chewing someone’s ass.“

Everyone laughed and enjoyed the dinner.

After everyone had eaten their fill and had been served another goblet of wine, they all paired off with their chosen mates. Tinker Bell was taken up to a room the Count had been given for the evening. The Count was joined by his mate. As he drove his cock deep into Tinker Bell’s pussy, both he and his mate bit deeply into her tits. She moaned in pain but held her attackers heads to her chest as they fed. The Count filled her womb with cum before moving to kiss her neck.

When his mate joined him at the other side of Tinker Bell’s neck, they both drove their fangs deep into her throat. This time there was no Warlock’s order to stop. They fed until Tina as Tinker Bell was drained of her life-giving blood. Her lifeless body was carried to a dark corner of their quarters and place in a coffin made especially for her.

Wolfy and Little Red Riding Hood were at it again next to the fireplace. Wolfy and Lauren were both howling as he humped her in an attempt to enter her again. She cried out as his long slender cock sunk into her ass. “Oh Wolfy! You’re in the wrong hole. Please put it in my pussy, not my ass.”

Wolfy growled and nipped at Lauren’s neck as he continued to rapidly thrust his cock into her ass.

“Oh fuck it!” Lauren sighed. You can fuck me anyway you like. Just keep fucking me.” She was groaning with pleasure and thrusting her ass back toward Wolfy’s cock as he drove it deep into her ass.

Lauren yelped as Wolfy violently rammed his cock into Little Red Riding Hood’s ass. His large knot had been jammed past her sphincter and into her bowel.

Lauren howled in protest and tried to pull away from the cock and knot in her ass.

Wolfy was enraged. How dare his bitch resist him. He fucked her all the harder until he began to cum. He then turned so they were ass to ass again while his cum flowed into his bitch’s bowels.

When Wolfy finished cuming he jerked his knot out of Lauren’s ass as soon as he could. As cum and blood ran from her ass, she turned and yelled at her lover. “How dare you hurt me like that? You could have...”

Wolfy leapt on Lauren. She screamed only once more. The werewolf quickly bit and ripped her throat out. She fell to the floor with blood pouring out of her gaping neck. Wolfy began devouring her before she gasped her last and died. She had watched silently as Wolfy bit off and ate her left tit. By the time he had finished her tit, she had bled out and died. He didn’t stop eating until all he had left were bones to gnaw on.

Marc Anthony pulled Cleopatra to the table where he had her bend over again. “I think I’ll try your ass this time. You don’t object do you, my Queen?”

“No, you can have my ass if you want. Please take it easier than you did last time.” She begged.

As Anthony slammed his big cock deep into her ass, Andrea screamed in pain. She continued to scream as Anthony thrust rapidly in and out of her widely stretched asshole. He repeatedly rammed his cock into his Cleopatra until he was about to start cuming in her bowels.

At the very point that he started cuming, Anthony jerked her head up by the hair. Through clinched teeth he cursed her. “You fucking whore. I gave you my heart and you gave yourself to Caesar. Now, you can meet him in hell.”

Anthony then thrust as hard as he could into Cleopatra ass and flooded her bowels with cum. At the same time, he pulled his dagger and sliced her throat. He finished cuming just as Cleopatra past from this world and into the next.

About that time, the Count and his mate retired to their quarters where Tinker Bell’s body was lying. They again fed from her tits until she had nothing more to give. Tina lay quiet. No signs of life were evident. The vampires continued feeding on her corpse.

Suddenly, as if by magic, Tinker Bell opened her eyes and took a deep breath. Though extremely pale, she rose from her coffin. The three of them returned to the main dinning room and paid their respects to the Warlock and his mate. They flew off into the night sky with Tinker Bell flying between the two old vampires. She had learned to fly.

The Warlock then turned toward Susan. She had been quietly nursing Damon as she watched the end of her friends. “Now my beloved mate. It is time I paid some attention to you and my son.”

“Am I going to die now like my friends, Master?” There was no fear in her voice. She simply asked a matter-of-fact question of her Master.

“No my love. You have done well and followed my instructions perfectly. It is my intent to use your body again as I did last year. Then I will send you home safely. It is your job to care for Damon and see that he learns all he can of your world before coming to be with me in my world. Now my love join me in my bed chamber.”

“Yes, Master. Will you give me another child?” She smiled at her Master as she followed him to his bed.

“No! You are not ripe at this time. Remember I can smell when you are ripe for impregnating. I will use your body as any other mate would.”

“Please use me Master. Take me and make me yours again tonight.” Susan was happy to give herself to her Master. She climbed on the huge bed and spread her legs wide. “I am yours to use Master.”

The Warlock quickly disrobed and took the gift Susan was offering.

“Oh, Master. It doesn’t hurt this time. It feels like you are much smaller.”

The Warlock laughed. “I am. You remember how I grew from a shriveled little thing to nine inches of fat cock?”

“Yes, Master.” She answered.

“This time I entered you while it was still small so you would not feel pain.”

“Oh, wait! It’s getting bigger inside me. Oh my God! It’s huge again, but it doesn’t hurt.”

“No my mate. When I took you last time, your body was forced to make certain changes. One of them was to allow you pussy to expand enough to except me. The draw back is you will never be able to find a normal human male that can satisfy you.”

“Oh my God, Master. I have to be the luckiest girl in the world. You can fuck me with that massive cock and it doesn’t hurt. I will never want another mate. I can feel your cock still growing inside me. Take me Master. Please take your mate and fuck her hard!” Susan begged.

The Warlock did just that. He almost violently rode his mate’s pussy. He rammed her cervix with each thrust forward. She grunted in pleasure with each hit to her cervix. He hammered the teen’s cum hungry cunt with the speed of a jackhammer. She was returning each of his thrusts with one of her own. Her legs were wrapped around his legs to give her leverage as she pulled his cock deeper into her core. With one final thrust, the Warlock drove his cock deep into his mate’s womb and filled her with cum.

The old clock began chiming the midnight hour. The Warlock said to his mate. “My beloved mate, try to bring more virgins to the next party when I call.”

“Yes Master. But what should I say to the authorities when they investigate the disappearance of these four girls?”

“There will be no investigation. They were runaways when they came to you. These girls have already been erased from the world’s memory. You are the only human that can remember them. See you next year my beloved. Take good care of my son, Damon.” The Warlock then gently kissed Susan just as the old clock sounded the final chime of the midnight hour.

Susan immediately found her self in her own bed. Damon was sleeping peacefully in his crib next to her. Susan reached down to her pussy and smiled broadly. Her pussy was still oozing her Master’s cum. She brought her hand to her mouth and tasted it. It had not been a dream. With a voice even she could barely hear, she called out. “Goodnight my Master.”

“Goodnight my beloved mate.” She heard her Master’s voice in her mind, but she knew he had spoken to her. After licking her Master’s seed from her sticky fingers, Susan dozed off to a peaceful sleep.

Teen’s’ Night of Horror:
The Next Party

Damon and Susan had both slept soundly following the last Halloween costume party at her Master’s mansion. She awoke the next morning feeling happy and refreshed. Her pussy was sore but not terribly painful. After all, this time her Master had been gentle as he took his mate with his massive cock.

It had been only her second sexual adventure. She had been painfully initiated into the world of sex and the occult the preceding Halloween. Her new Master, the Warlock, had torn her virginity from her with his massive cock and made her his eternal mate. Their son Damon came from that mating.

She used the time before Damon awoke to finger her still cum filled pussy. She brought her fingers to her mouth and savored the taste of her Master’s cum as she licked it from her fingers.

She could remember every detail of the party at her Master’s home. Strangely, the death of her four friends gave her little concern. She knew the second goblet of wine had contained the same drug she had been given during her first party at the old mansion. That was why her friends had not strenuously objected to the rough sex at the hands of the other party attendees. The wine also gave them all a feeling of well being as they ate heartily of their friend’s body. Besides, Carrie as Joan of Arc had been well prepared and roasted to perfection by the Master’s chef. She had been delicious.

Susan was happy for Tina who went to the party as Tinker Bell. Though she had given her mortal life to the Count and his Vampiress, she had been transformed to an immortal being with the power of flight.

Lauren had seemed to love getting her first fucking from Wolfy the werewolf. She had even enjoyed it when he took her ass with his long wolf’s cock. She would probably have still been enjoying her mating if she hadn’t become a bitch about Wolfy taking her ass without warning. It was just too bad for Lauren that Wolfy became enraged with her. He bit through her throat and then devoured her tit in front of her eyes as she bled to death.

Andrea, as Cleopatra, was reunited with her lover from antiquity, Marc Anthony. She didn’t realize he was still furious over his queen giving herself to Caesar. Marc Anthony took Andrea’s virginity with her bent over the dinner table. After dinner he rammed his cock into her ass. Just as he pumped her ass full of cum he slit her throat, thus sending her to be with Caesar once again and forever.

The fall, winter, and spring passed uneventfully for Susan and Damon. The boy continued to drain Susan’s tits with each feeding. He was a ravenous eater and was rapidly growing into a strong child of which his father would be proud.

It was mid summer when Susan heard her Master’s voice again.

“My witch, I have another request for my beloved mate. You will begin preparing for another costume party. You will need at least six virgin girls. One of them should be overly plump. The chef wants to do something a bit different this year. In order to accomplish your task with as little difficulty as possible, I am giving you the power of persuasion. Your chosen guests will submit to your will if you gaze deeply and boldly into their eyes. You will select the costumes they wear. Make them sexy and inviting. Also, no one other than those you invite will be given any knowledge of the party or your powers.”

“Yes, Master. I will have your virgins ready when you call for them.” Susan silently replied. She immediately set to selecting her guests.

Amy was the first girl Susan thought would make a fine guest. She would be perfect for the chef. At 16 years of age, she stood about 5’ 6” tall and weighed nearly 255 pounds. She frequently used her size to push around the smaller girls at school. She would make a nice plump entrée for the chef to work with.

Connie was the next girl Susan added to her guest list. Connie was a very pretty 17-year-old bitch. She was 5’9” tall. Even with a slender body, Connie had a perky set of B cup tits that stood proudly out from her chest. The guys joked that Connie’s ass was so tight she could probably pick up a dime with her cheeks.

Connie had been one of the few that had been rude to Susan when it became known she was pregnant. Connie had publicly stated that she did not believe Susan had been attacked. She called the expectant mother a whore, a slut, and a tramp as well as other vile names. She also referred to Damon as a bastard. All the while pointing out her virtuous life style.

Susan had gone home from school crying many times after an encounter with Connie. She would enjoy watching Connie meet her fate at the party.

The next addition added to the guest list was a pair of twins, Julie and Janie. They were busty 18-year-olds with tight young bodies. Their full C-cup tits were the envy of many of the girls in their classes. Many of the boys had wet dreams about the pleasures they wished they could have with those two girls. Though the twins shamelessly flirted with nearly every boy in school, they never followed through. The boys they dated were lucky to get a kiss from one of the twins. It was rumored that these girls gave each other all the sexual pleasures they needed.

Tanya was the next girl to be added to the guest list. She was sixteen, and she would be the cutest girl on Susan’s list. Her rounded face, auburn hair in a pixie cut, green eyes, button nose and very kissable lips made her very appealing. She was built much like Tina at last year’s party. She was short at 5’2” and weighed only 98 pounds. Her tits were small B-cups. She felt inferior to the other girls her age due to her small tits. She had frequently expressed a desire to have bigger tits so she would be more desirable to the boys.

The final addition to the guest list was Terry. Seventeen-year-old Terry was a sweet girl with a great body. She stood 5’7” tall and weighed about 125 pounds. Her C-cup tits stood out tall and proud from her chest. Her tight heart shaped ass naturally wiggled as she walked. Unfortunately, Terry’s face had been badly disfigured in a car accident when she was a preteen. Though she was friendly enough to anyone who would hang out and talk with her, the boys at school were too infatuated with the “hot chicks” to give Terry much of a chance. Poor Terry was getting desperate for some loving affection.

Thus, Susan’s guest list was completed by the time her eighteenth birthday arrived. She now had to invite the girls and come up with the sexy costumes her Master had requested.

It was the middle of September when Susan began approaching her guests. She caught up with Amy in the school parking lot after a football game. Amy froze in silence as Susan gazed deeply into her eyes.

“Amy, are you a virgin?” Susan asked the rotund girl.

“Yes, I am.” Amy quickly replied.

“Good. We will be attending a Halloween costume party. We will all meet at my house one hour before the party starts. You will be given your costume then. Do you understand, Amy?” Susan asked.

“Yes, Mistress Susan. I understand.”

Susan then released Amy to go on about her business. ‘Humm. I think I like being called Mistress Susan.’ She thought.

Connie was the next girl to fall under Susan’s spell. Susan saw Connie enter the restroom and followed her in.

“What the hell do you want, whore?” Connie shouted as Susan yanked open the restroom stall door.

“You, bitch!” Susan replied as she stared into Connie’s eyes. She then asked the mesmerized girl. “Are you a virgin, Connie?”

“Of course I am! Why?”

While continuing to stare deeply into Connie’s eyes, Susan told her about the party and instructed her to arrive at her home an hour early. Then she added. “You will be there, and you will call me Mistress Susan from now on. Do you understand, bitch?”

Connie had become much more docile. She answered Susan quietly. “Yes, Mistress Susan. I will be there.”

Susan then left the stunned Connie in the restroom stall and walked out to find another invitee. She found Terry heading for her mother’s car in the school parking lot.

“Terry, may I speak with you for a moment?” Susan called out.

With a smile, Terry turned and answered. “Sure Susan. What’s up?”

As she stared into Terry’s eyes, Susan spoke. “Terry, you’d like to go to a costume party wouldn’t you? You would be wearing a mask so no one would recognize you.”

“Oh yes! I’d love to go.”

“Now, I must ask you a personal question. Are you a virgin?”

“Yes.” Terry answered as a simple statement of fact.

“Good. Be at my house an hour early to get your costume. See you then.”

It was the next day before Susan came upon Tanya at school. “Tanya, we will be going to a costume party this Halloween. Be at my house a hour early to get your costume.”

“Ok, I’ll be there.” The shapely teen answered.

Oh, by the way, are you still a virgin?” Susan calmly asked.

“Sadly, yes.”

“Good. See you then.”

Finally, Susan found Julie and Janie. They had been in gym class and had just taken a shower in the girls’ locker room. They both shrieked and wrapped towels around their bodies when the fully clothed Susan approached them.

Susan quickly stared into their eyes. She switched her gaze between the two girls until they seemed to relax. “The towels won’t be necessary girls. Drop them!”

Susan wanted to test her control over the twins.

The twins both dropped their towels. “Nice tits girls. I love those long nipples you both have.”

When the twins giggled, Susan knew she had them. “Janie, Julie, we are going to a Halloween costume party. Be at my house an hour early to get the costumes I have selected for you. By the way, are you both still virgins?”

“Yes, we are.” The twins said in unison.

“Great! See you then.” Susan then turned and left the locker room. She was happy that she had filled her guest list. She now merely had to obtain the sexy costumes her Master wanted his virgins to dress in. She already knew how Amy and Terry would be dressed. That left four girls to outfit. That was taken care of with a trip to the local adult store the following Saturday morning.

Halloween finally arrived, as did the Master’s virgins. The girls were happily chattering when they arrived at Susan’s home at the appointed time. They then all complained when they saw the costumes Susan and selected for them. Susan stared into their eyes again and said. “You will where exactly what I tell you to wear. Now, get changed. Time is short.”

They all answered in unison. “Yes, Mistress Susan.”

Amy’s costume consisted of nothing more than a fake pig’s snout and a butt plug with a corkscrew tail attached. Her large DD cup tits swayed from side to side and her fat ass jiggled as she crawled about Susan’s room.

Terry was dressed as a dungeon mistress. Her costume was entirely black. She wore a full mask that had holes for her eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. The rest of her disfigured face was covered by soft black leather. Her corset had holes through which her firm tits protruded. She wore stockings held up by the corset’s built in garter-straps. Her costume was completed with a pair of high-heeled shoes. She had no panties so her pussy and ass were also exposed to any that cared to look. Even so, Terry was grinning broadly.

Connie was dressed as a Nun. She was a Nun whose tits, ass, and pussy were fully exposed by the removal of selected panels of cloth.

Julie and Janie were both wearing nothing but the sheer jackets from baby doll nightgowns. Julie’s was blue and Jamie’s was green. Otherwise, they were completely nude. Their costumes suited their roles as wet dream porn stars.

Finally, it was Tanya’s turn to get dressed. She was going as a pixie. Her costume consisted of a set of pointed ears, and a small set of wings held on by elastic straps. Her nicely tanned body was generously sprinkled with gold “pixie” dust.

Susan put her witch’s dress on again and Damon became an imp for the second year.

Just then her Master’s voice entered Susan’s head. “My beautiful witch, bring my son and your virgins to me now.”

“Yes, Master.”

In spite of their nudity, all six girls boldly walked out of Susan’s home and made their way to the Master’s old house. Susan and Damon led the way with the girls close behind.

Again the door opened when they stepped up on the porch of the old house. As they entered his home, the Warlock greeted each of them. As Igor handed out goblets of wine, Susan introduced her guests.

The Warlock tenderly kissed and hugged his mate and son. “Welcome back my beloved. It is good to have you here again.” He sniffed the air around his beloved mate before smiling at her and lovingly kissing her lips. He took his son Damon from Susan and proudly held him high above his head for all of his guests to see him.

The Warlock then spoke to Susan with his mind. ‘My beloved mate, I can smell your ripeness tonight.’

‘Oh thank you, Master. I hope so. Damon is getting so big. It’s time he had a little brother or sister.’ Susan returned his thoughts.

While the Warlock cuddled his mate and son, the girls drank their wine. Igor quickly served a second goblet of wine to each girl. It was slightly bitter to the taste, but the girls drank heartily.

“My witch, whom have you brought to me this year?”

“My Master, first we have Amy. As you can see, she is something of a porker. She seems to think her size gives her the right to push others around. Thus the pig costume seemed appropriate.”

The Warlock hugged Amy and fondled her tits and pussy. “Very nice selection my love. I am sure the chef can do wonders with such a delicious looking selection. Amy, since you came as a pig, you should crawl on your hands and knees from now on.

Amy swallowed the last of her second goblet of wine and immediately dropped to the floor. Her heavy tits hung well below her chest with her fat ass wiggling her pig’s tail. This porker was getting into her part.

The chef appeared and began feeling and prodding Amy’s body. He squeezed her tits and hefted them as if checking their weight. He then ran his hands over her belly and back. He worked his hand down her back and firmly squeezed each of her ass cheeks. He then, without warning, deeply probed her ass and pussy with his fingers. Though her tears were flowing, Amy made simple grunts when the chef probed her virgin holes.

“Master, this piglet will do quite nicely. She will need her cherries removed before any further preparations can be made. If you don’t mind Master, I will begin preparing her right away.” The chef said.

“Very well. Work your magic with her.”

“Please don’t sir. I have never had a lover.” Amy begged the chef.

“Who said anything about a lover, Amy? I will simply fuck your virgin holes to open your body’s cavities. Now follow me.” The chef said sternly. He led Amy off toward the back of the mansion.

Amy’s tears flowed freely, but she crawled obediently behind the chef. Her tits and ass swayed seductively as she crawled.

By then most of the other girls had consumed their second goblet of wine. Igor was serving another. This one tasted a bit better.

“Master, next we have Connie.”

“Ah yes, Connie! I understand you have been less than complimentary to my beloved mate and my son. So, I have a special guest I want you to meet. He may be able to teach you some manners.”

Just then Wolfy came into the room. He was a handsome appearing young man. Connie began thinking this might not be too bad. Wolfy took Connie’s hand, kissed it, and said to her. “It is a pleasure to meet you my dear.” He then licked the palm of her hand from fingertips to wrist. Connie giggled. He then took her hand and led her to his favorite corner near the fireplace.

Once there they began to cuddle and make out. Connie hated the familiarity with which this stranger was treating her, but her body began responding. The liberties Wolfy was taking soon had her breathing heavily in response to his attentions. He was roughly fondling her tits while ripping her dress apart. Once Connie’s dress was nothing more than rags, Wolfy pushed her down to the floor. He maintained a firm grip on her tits while shoving his elongated tongue deep into her virgin pussy.

Connie soon cried out as an orgasm washed over her body.

While Connie was in a post orgasmic daze, Wolfy flipped her over onto her belly and pulled her hips up. He aimed his ten inches of canine cock at her dripping cunt and shoved. His cock shot straight through her hymen and rammed into the devirginated bitch’s cervix.

“Oh my God, no!” Connie cried out while thrusting back to accept Wolfy’s cock. Each time Wolfy drove his cock into her cunt he rammed into her cervix. Rapidly and repeatedly Wolfy rammed his cock into his bitch. His cock penetrated her cervix and entered her womb. His knot grew in Connie’s cunt thereby tying them together. With his cock sealed in her womb, Wolfy began flooding her with cum.

Connie was so overwhelmed she fainted.

Meanwhile, the Warlock was still greeting his young guests.

“Ah ha! I see we have a pixie with us tonight.” The Warlock smiled broadly at Tanya. “And what a lovely pixie she is too. My dear, we have some royalty here who have died to meet you.”

“Royalty? Really?” Tanya excitedly asked. She had missed the ‘died’ part.

“Yes! Tanya, I’d like to introduce you to the Count and his mate. I am sure you can find a way to entertain each other tonight.”

“Their vampires!” Tanya gasped in protest.

The Count reached out and took Tanya’s hand. The pixie followed them into the next room without further protest. They sat on the couch and proceeded to make out as Wolfy and Connie were doing in their corner.

“And now I see two delicious young things with their tits and pussies exposed.”

Julie and Janie groaned with embarrassment but said nothing. The drugs in the second goblet of wine were having their full effect on the twins as well as all the other girls. None of them had any personal will left. When the Warlock reached out and fondled a tit on each girl, they giggled. He then reached down and petted each pussy. Slowly the girls spread their legs to give their host better access to their virgin holes.

“Be patient girls. I know someone will take a liking to you soon. It’s too bad you have been such teasers until now. But, I promise you that will soon change. For now, you will climb up onto the dining room table and entertain us by eating each other’s pussy.

“We don’t really do that sir. We just let some of the boys at school think we do.” Julie said.

“You do now. So, get up there and start eating some pussy.” The Warlock commanded.

Julie and Janie were soon in a sixty-nine position and busily slurping away at each other’s wet holes.

“And finally I have brought you Terry. I hope Terry and the others please you and your guests, Master.“ Susan said.

Terry, my dear, I know why my mate selected you. I know why you are wearing that mask.” The Warlock softly spoke to the teen.

Terry dropped her head and looked at the floor in shame.

“Terry! Lift your head. There is no reason to be ashamed here. This is a powerful and magical place and many things can happen. Now smile and enjoy your evening. Dinner will be served rather late tonight. So, we have plenty of time to get to know each other. Now please follow me into the next room.”

In the mean time, Igor had given Amy her third goblet of special wine. She was feeling its effects on her self-control as well. She was unable to resist any commands given by the chef. When the chef ordered her to crawl over to the preparation table, Amy obeyed without hesitation. Her large tits swayed side to side and her ass jiggled as she crawled.

“I think we can do without the snout.” He then removed the fake pig’s snout from her face. “Turn and face away from me.” He ordered.

Amy turned and presented her ass and pussy to the chef.

“This can go too.” The chef then jerked her butt plug with its curly tail from her ass.

Amy gasped but did not move.

He started gently rubbing her face. Then he again poked, prodded, and stroked Amy’s body. Her oversized tits received extra attention.

“I love a gal with hefty tits.” The chef told his entrée. She was soon moaning with pleasure as the chef awakened her sexuality. When he reached her rump he firmly squeezed her cheeks and shoved a finger deep into her asshole. Amy groaned. With his other hand he inserted one, then two, and finally three fingers into her virgin pussy. Her lubricating juices were freely flowing from her unfucked hole. The chef then deeply licked her pussy. “Yummy! Amy, you are a very tasty young piglet. You will soon be even more delicious.”

“I’m going to fuck you now. No sense in letting a perfectly good cherry stay with you any longer, especially when it will have to go when I baste you.”

“Baste me?” Amy inquired.

Don’t worry about it right now. I’ll explain everything soon enough.” The chef then lined his stiff cock up with Amy’s pussy.

“Please don’t sir. I’ve never done this before.” She begged but never moved her pussy to avoid what was coming.

The chef patted Amy’s ass one more time, took a firm grip on her hips, and shoved his six inch cock deep into her cunt.

She screamed at the pain of having her hymen ripped from her. The chef rapidly fucked Amy until he filled her pussy with a load of cum.

The other girls heard Amy scream and looked toward the Warlock. Though they were mentally alert, they could not resist any use of their bodies.

With a chuckle the Warlock told his guest. “Ah ha! It sounds as if the chef has removed Amy’s cherry. The rest of you will also be getting fucked soon enough.”

Without delay, the chef removed his still hard cock from Amy’s pussy and lined it up with her tight ass. He applied a coating of extra virgin olive oil to his cock and Amy’s tightly closed asshole.

“Here you go, pig. Your asshole awaits its fate.” With another abrupt shove, the chef’s cock was driven deep into Amy’s ass.

She screamed again.

Mean while, the Count and his Vampiress had their pixie friend writhing on the couch in sexual bliss. While the Vampiress sucked and nibble her tits, the Count practically devoured her pussy.

“Now Count?” His Vampiress asked.

“Yes my eternal love. Let us begin to bring this beautiful pixie into our world.” The Count then moved up to face his mate with Tanya on her back between them. They kissed briefly before each took one of the pixie’s tits into their mouths.

Tanya briefly felt a sting as sharp teeth penetrated her tits. The Count and his Vampiress fed at Tanya’s small but succulent tits. They released her tits just before their pixie lost consciousness.

About that time, Amy’s second scream was heard. “The chef must have just fucked Amy’s ass. He is very thorough about removing all cherries before preparing dinner.” The Warlock explained.

“Terry, you will follow my instructions carefully. Remove your mask and eat every pussy in this room until you make each one cum. Be certain to smear your face with the fresh pussy juices immediately after you make it cum.”

“Without question, Terry did as she was told. She began eating pussy. Julie came almost instantly on Terry’s tongue. Terry could be seen smearing her face in the wetness of Julie’s pussy. Terry’s face glowed with the virgin’s juices. Janie too came rather quickly and her juices were added to that from Julie on Terry’s face. Connie was a bit more difficult to arouse. After all, Connie had just gotten off and her pussy was filled with Wolfy’s cum. The canine cum in Connie’s sloppy pussy added a pungent odor and taste to her cunt, but Terry attacked it with enthusiasm. She brought Connie to an orgasm and smeared her face in the bitch’s gooey hole. With a smile, Terry went to Tanya. Like the twins, Tanya was a quick cummer and provided Terry with the desired pussy juices. The Vampiress was a real challenge for the scared teen. The older woman’s pussy had the stench of death, but Terry forced herself to eat the woman’s nasty cunt until she also came.

Finally, it was Susan’s turn to be eaten. Her pussy had been tremendously stretched by the Warlock the first time he had fucked his mate. The second time he grew inside her until he was just as large as the first time. Therefore, Susan’s outer lips were still larger than normal. Terry could nearly cover her entire face with Susan’s pussy flaps. As Susan’s cum flooded out of her horny hole, Terry shoved her face as far into it as she could.

When Terry stood she found the Warlock, Wolfy, and the Count facing her stroking their stiff cocks. “Lay down Terry.” The Warlock told her.

She obeyed instantly. It wasn’t long before all three males let their cum fly. They all had excellent aim and their cum landed on Terry’s disfigured face.

“Connie, get over here and rub Terry’s facial creams into her skin.”

Connie quickly went to work. She gently rubbed the cum and pussy juices into Terry’s face until it was nearly all absorbed.

“Terry, put your mask back on now. The Warlock ordered.

She quietly complied although tears were beginning to flow from her eyes.

More wine was served and the guests enjoyed the sexual favors of their mated companions and friends.

Immediately after fucking Amy’s pussy and ass to remover her cherries, the chef had shoved his baster’s long probe into her cunt. After carefully inserting the baster’s tip through Amy’s cervix he squeezed its handle. A mixture of warm oils, herbs, and spices flowed into Amy’s womb and cunt until she overflowed. A ceramic plug was inserted into her pussy to keep the fluid in her core. The chef then shoved his baster’s probe into her asshole and filled it with the same mixture. He plugged it as well.

“Get up on the prep table, pig.” He ordered Amy. She obeyed. He then proceeded to rub oil and spices all over Amy’s body.

“Sir, what are you doing to me and what did you put in my vagina and butt?” The frightened girl asked.

“Now is as good a time as any to tell you what I’ve done thus far. Your cherries had to be removed so my baster could fill your holes with my oils and spices. I am now rubbing that same mixture into your skin. It will enhance your flavor and keep you tender. Now lay on your back!”

“Tender? What do you mean keep me tender? What are you going to do to me?” Amy begged to know as she rolled onto her back.

The chef continued rubbing his mixture into her belly, tits, and face. “Very well, I’ll tell you. You are to be the main course at dinner tonight. You will be gutted and stuffed with various fruits and vegetables and slowly roasted over an open fire. I promise you will be delicious. Our guests will love and remember you. Now shut up I need to gut and clean you before stuffing you with my fruits and vegetables.”

“Oh please sir, don’t do this. Why are you doing this to me?” Amy cried.

“You were chosen because you are big enough to feed everyone here tonight. Throwing your weight around at school brought you to the attention of our Master’s mate. Now shut the fuck up and die as quietly as you can. I hate it when our meal bitches about her fate.” The chef’s assistant was then standing next to him stroking the chef’s largest carving knife on a sharpening steel.

She didn’t see a second chef’s assistant come up to her head from behind. The chef rubbed her cheek and pulled her face so she was facing him. Behind her back, the assistant held a very sharp axe half an inch from her cervical spine. Using a heavy hammer, the assistant hit the head of the axe. The sharp blade of the axe was driven deeply into Amy’s neck. The blow completely severed her cervical spine.

Amy made very little sound as she died. Her eyes fluttered and her mouth opened as if to scream. Nothing came out. Amy died quickly and quietly. She was then promptly gutted and cleaned. She was stuffed, and her abdomen tightly sewn back together. She then had a spit rod rammed along the inside of her spine from her ass until it came out the top of her head. Prongs were slid along the spit and rammed into her ass cheeks and head to keep her from sliding on the spit. She was then carried by four strong men to the fire pit on the patio and placed over the brightly glowing coals. The men took turns turning Amy on the spit and basting her until she was golden brown.

Some time later, the chef entered the large dinning hall and made his announcement. “Master, dinner will be served in a few minutes.”

The table was cleared and the wine goblets were refilled. When the guests were all seated, Amy was carried out high above the four assistant’s heads. They were the same men that had tended to her roasting.

The girls gasped but said nothing when they saw Amy had been roasted and served like a pig. The wine had done its job. Amy made a delicious looking dinner. Her snout had been put back on her face and her tail had been reinserted into her ass. An apple had been shoved into her mouth. Her fattened body made a delicious looking entree.

The chef immediately began carving slices of rump roast from Amy’s ass and serving the guests. Susan was served first. Then the girls she had brought each received a slice of Amy’s rump roast. Then the other guests and finally the Warlock received his portion.

The Warlock stood and offered a toast. “May this meal bring us all a good year and bring us all back together again this time next year. Thank you all for coming. Now eat, drink, and enjoy the rest of the evening.”

The wine had completely removed the girls’ inhibitions. The happily ate Amy and commented on how delicious she tasted.

As dinner was completed, the other festivities continued. The Count and his Vampiress took their pixie to a room on the second level. There they again played with Tanya’s tits and pussy until she was soaking wet and writhing on the bed begging for someone to take her cherry. The Count obliged. He mounted the pixie and drilled his cock deep into the teen’s virgin pussy. She screamed as her hymen was swept away. He thrust hard and fast until he pumped a load of cum into her depths. His cum felt cold to the pixie. As he pulled his slimy cock from the pixie’s pussy, his Vampiress dove to her cunt and lapped up the virgin blood oozing from Tanya’s torn open hole.

Tanya cooed with joy as her pussy was eaten again. When her pussy was licked clean the Count and his mate again fed from Tanya’s tits. This time, they fed until Tanya passed out. Then they bit into her neck and sucked the life from the girl’s body. An hour or so later, the Count and his mate came back down the stairs.

They were followed by a very pale and weak pixie. Though she could barely walk, the pixie was smiling as she followed her new master.

“I see you have brought another convert into our family.” The Warlock smiled.

In the mean time, the twins were again told to climb up onto the dining table and lay on their backs. They were placed side by side with their legs spread wide and draped over edge of the table. The table was just wide enough that with their legs hanging over one side, their heads were hanging off the other side. Then the chef, his staff of four large men, and the lawn keeper stood in two lines at the twin’s feet.

The Warlock spoke to the girls. “Julie, Janie, you have been merciless cock teasers. The days of that behavior are over. Tonight you will get your fill of cock and cum. Are you ready gentlemen? These prick teasers are all yours.”

The twins looked up to see all six men had removed their pants and were stroking large cocks. The smallest was over six inches long and too thick for the twins to get their hands around.

The first up were two of the chef’s staff. They quickly ate the pussies spread out before them until they were dripping with lubricating juices. With no further delay the men shoved their cocks deep into the twins’ pussies.

Julie and Janie screamed as their cherries were torn from them. The men offered no compassion. They merely continued to rapidly fuck the teens until they pumped loads of cum into the cunt each was fucking. They then pulled out and two more men took their place. While the next two fucked the girl’s pussies, the first two shoved their slimy cocks into the teasers’ mouths. The wine allowed the girls to clean and suck the cocks in their mouths without revolution. As the second set of men fed cum into the freshly devirginated cunts, the first two men had regained their erections and rejoined the line waiting to fuck the twins. The rotation of men from pussy, to mouth, and back to the line continued for several rounds until all the men had fucked both girls’ cunts. Cum was running freely from the twin’s gaping pussies as they lay on the table.

The men then began fucking Julie and Janie’s mouths. Eventually, the girls’ throats became accustomed to swallowing cock and cum.

Getting a deep-throat blowjob from Janie or Julie would soon become a very popular activity at their school. Getting some pussy from Julie and Janie would become common as well. There’d be no more prick teasing from these two cum hungry sluts.

“Terry, get up on the table and spread your legs. I am going to fuck you.” The Warlock ordered.

Terry obeyed after seeing a smile on Susan’s face. The Warlock grabbed each of Terry’s stocking cover ankles and lifted her legs until her knees were next to her tits.

“Hold your knees here for me!” He ordered.

Terry held her knees up next to her chest. She knew her virgin pussy was fully exposed to the Warlock and his cock.

“I’m going to fuck you now. If you take it quietly, you will receive a gift.” The Warlock told her.

The Warlock’s cock was only nine inches long at that time and as big around as a small ball bat. It was not nearly as large as the first time he fucked and impregnated Susan.

Terry gulped when she saw the weapon that was to be used on her. She said nothing but steeled herself against the pain she knew was to come.

The Warlock smiled down at her and placed his cock’s head at the opening to her virgin pussy. He took a tit in each of his hands and squeezed tightly. When Terry cried from the pain in her tits, the Warlock thrust his cock forward. He drove through Terry’s hymen and battered her cervix on the first stroke.

Terry’s tears flowed freely but the only sounds she made were grunts and whimpers. The pain seemed to subside as the Warlock drove in and out of her then bloody cunt. It wasn’t long before he filled her pussy with his hot cum. He then patted each of her tits and pulled out.

“You did an excellent job of taking my cock. Therefore, you are free to go. You will find more appropriate clothing in the restroom off the main hallway.

Terry rose and said. “Thank you, sir.” She then went to find the clothes she had been promised. She removed her costume leaving the mask for last.

A few minutes after she entered the restroom the whole mansion heard her scream. It was not a scream of pain. It was a scream of delight.

Terry came running back to the dining hall completely nude. She fell to the feet of the Warlock and hugged his legs. “Oh thank you, Master. How can I ever repay you for the gift you have given me? I will never forget this night. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Stand up so we can see you, Terry.” The Warlock told her.

“Yes, my Master.” When she rose to her feet everyone could see her face had been transformed. Where there had once been a scared and deformed face, a beautiful young lady’s face practically glowed. Terry then returned to the restroom, dressed, and ran all the way home.

“You may go as well.” He said to the twins.

“Sir, do you have any clothes for us as well?” Julie asked.

“No! Sluts like you should dress the part. Besides, you never know when or where you will run upon a cock to suck or fuck. Just go!” He ordered.

By then Wolfy had taken Connie back to his favorite corner. He had torn her dress completely off his bitch and was in full werewolf mode. He was furiously fucking her from behind while she shove her pussy back with each ram he gave her. Shortly after flooding her womb with cum again, he pulled out of her pussy.

The recuperative power of a werewolf is fantastic. He hadn’t even dismounted from her back when his cock grew back to it full length. This time he forcefully shoved his cock deep into Connie’s ass. He was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t object to his taking her in the ass. She merely grunted with discomfort but held her position. Wolfy hammered her ass as hard as he had her pussy until he filled her bowels with his hot cum.

This time he dismounted. Wolfy was exhausted. As he lay on his back he pulled Connie to lie on his furry belly. She resisted briefly when he pushed her head down his belly toward his still unsheathed cock. When Wolfy growled deeply, she impaled her own throat on his shit and cum covered cock.

She licked and sucked until he was completely clean. When she started to pull her mouth off his still hard cock, Wolfy growled again.

“God damn, how much do you want?” The bitch complained.

She should not have said that. Wolfy’s temper has a hair trigger. He whirled and bit off a piece of her ass.

Connie screamed and cussed him again. “What the fuck is the matter with you. Damn, you’ve fucked both my pussy and asshole. I have sucked you clean. Shit! How much more do you want?”

That did it. Wolfy went wild. He turned and circled his bitch until Connie was backed into a corner. He then leapt up and bit deeply into her left tit. She screamed again. Wolfy then bit her right tit nearly off. When she turned toward the wall to protect her tits, he bit off and ate another piece of her ass.

She howled Loudly. She was being eaten alive. “Someone please help me.” Connie cried out.

Susan angrily replied. “Hey bitch, was it not you that called me and my son vile names? Why the hell should anyone here help you? It seems to me you have been his bitch and are now about to become his werewolf chow.”

Connie fell to the floor whimpering. Wolfy slowly continued to eat his bitch alive. First her ass was devoured then he ate her tits. When she weakly tried to swat him away, he bit off her hand. Her life’s blood was pouring from Connie’s body at a very fast rate. She would not last much longer.

Finally, Wolfy tired of toying with his bitch. With one final lunge, he ripped her throat open. Wolfy then sat back on his hunches and licked his fur clean while watching his bitch bleed to death. When he was last seen, he was bounding out the mansion’s rear entrance with one of Connie’s meaty femurs in his jaws.

“So much for that bitch!” Susan said.

The Warlock hugged Susan closely to his chest and told her he was well pleased with her. “You will be gaining more and more powers as time passes and you learn to use them. Now let’s go say good night to the Count and his family.”

The Count, his Vampriress, and their pixie were waiting for Susan and the Warlock. As they walked toward the mansion’s rear entrance, the Count graciously thanked his host for a delightful evening.

He made a special effort to thank Susan for providing such entertaining and tasty guests. “These dinners have never been so delicious until you began providing the entrées. We hope to see you again very soon. Our new pixie will be a nice addition to our family. The fairy you brought us last year was unable to attend. She hopes to be here next year.”

Tanya, their pixie stood silently behind her new family. She was so pale she seemed white. Her eyes were glazed and her breath was very shallow. Her small wings had fused into her back and seemed to have grown little larger. They were slowly flapping to gain strength. In spite of it all, she was smiling and seemed happy to be with her new master and family.

The Count, his Vampiress, and their pixie walked into the Warlock’s garden. They all three seemed to fade into the darkness. They could be seen a few seconds later flying across the chilled October sky.

The Warlock gazed into the eyes of his beloved mate. “My witch, bring my son and join me in my quarters.” He put his arm gently around his mate. In a flash, they were next to his bed. They slowly disrobed for each other.

The Warlock admired his witch’s fine set of plump C-cup tits and her slender frame. Her belly had gone back to nearly the same flat shape it had been in before bearing their son. The Warlock’s son had been the result of his first mating with his witch.

Susan looked longingly at the Warlock’s rising cock. It had grown to nearly six inches. Susan knew it would soon reach at least nine or more inches. It would completely fill her pussy and probably enter her womb. Susan’s was already well lubricated with her pussy’s juices. She had longed for her Master’s cock to fill her for the past year.

She then climbed onto his massive bed and spread her legs widely. She looked over to her son, Damon. He was lying peacefully in his antique crib next to Susan. He was sleeping soundly. Susan then extended her arms in invitation to her mate and Master. She wished for him to take possession of what was already his.

The Warlock crawled from the foot of the bed kissing and licking his mate’s legs as he went. When he reached the junction of her legs at her soaking wet pussy, he breathed deeply of her aroma. He feasted on her juices there. He soon had Susan writhing on the bed as she begged to be filled with his cock. He continued kissing and licking his way upward. His cock’s head spread her vaginal lips as he reached and began sucking her tits. Nibbling on her tits and their elongated nipples and the probing of her pussy with his huge cock’s head had Susan on the verge of orgasm.

The Warlock slid his cock slowly and fully into his mate’s hungry hole. His cock bumped into Susan’s cervix, and her first orgasm of the night was a wild one. There would be many more before the night was over for her. As she came down from her cum, he whispered to her. “You are extremely ripe tonight my beloved. You will surely give me another son from this coupling.”

Susan raised her legs and wrapped them aroung her Master’s hips. “Yes my Master. Fill my womb with your seed and give me another son.”

The Warlock stroked in and out of his mates hot pussy until she softly interrupted him. “My Master, why are you withholding all of your love from me? Am I not your mate? I know you are being gentle with me. Please give me all of you cock. I know it will hurt. I remember the first time you planted your seed directly into my womb. Please, use all of your cock again so your son Damon will be certain to have a brother.”

“Very well my beloved. If you desire me in your womb, you shall have it.”

Almost instantly, the Warlock’s cock grew to over nine inches in length. The next time he thrust at his mate’s cervix, his cock forced it open and entered her womb.

Susan yelped as his cock speared through her cervix and entered her womb. Once in her ripe womb, the Warlock’s cock began spurting great gobs of his cum into her baby-making chamber.

Susan used her legs to pull her mate tightly to her pelvis. She bucked violently as the Warlock filled her baby chamber with his cum. They remained lock together like that until both the Warlock and his witch were exhausted from cumming. Eventually, the Warlock’s cock withered and came out of Susan’s womb. “Oh Master, I feel certain I have conceived another son for you.”

“Yes my beloved witch. Your womb is indeed fertile and my seed is seeking your egg at this very moment. You will bear me another son.”

They lay cuddling together for quite a while until the clock began chiming the midnight hour. The Warlock handed the still sleeping Damon to his mother and said to her. “My mate, you will find your powers as a witch growing as your belly grows with my next son. You will soon be a fully empowered witch. Go slowly and learn to use your powers wisely. I will call you again soon.”

As the clock struck the final chime at midnight, Susan slipped into darkness. Once again she found herself in her own bed at her family’s home. Her son was sleeping peacefully in his bed beside her. She reached down to her sore pussy and felt her Master’s cum oozing from her stretched hole. She smiled and said to herself. ‘Good night, my loving Master. My wish is to see you again soon.’

The Warlock replied softly in her mind. ‘Good night, my love. We will soon be together again.’
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