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a pretty gay boy is further humilated by his bullies.
Joey and his Bullies 2
By Mathew Elizabeth

It was Saturday morning, the morning after it all
happened. 17-year-old Joey was sprawled, limp and
naked on his bedroom floor. All of the boys the day
before had humiliated, tortured and made fun of him, he
was thankful that their was no school today. But to top
it all off the leader of these boys, 16-year-old Chad
was in his mothers bedroom, fucking her up her asshole.
It was made clear now, that Chad, Joey's younger bully
and tormentor, was now in charge of the house, the money
the car and the family. A younger bully had become Joey's new daddy.
It happens in communities sometimes.

Joey got up off the floor naked and it hurt to move. He
left his bedroom and went into the bathroom where there
was a mirror. He looked at himself and he was a mess. He
had a black eye and bruises surrounded his body. He
turned around to show his girly butt towards the mirror. It
had little red handprints all over it. Joey hurt all over
and got into the shower. The heat from the warm water
stung his now even more fragile body. He could hear
noises from the room near by. It was coming from his
mother's room. He could hear his mother moaning and
squealing like a piggy and could hear Chad slapping her
butt while he rode it like a cowboy.

"Chad must be having another session with her," Joey thought, defeated.

After a couple of minutes, Joey left the shower. He
realised there was no towel to dry him. He panicked a
little bit, hoping for Chad not to see him run for the
towel naked. But it didn't matter. Chad had just walked into the
bathroom naked as well. There was a pause, Chad looked at
Joeys battered naked body and laughed. "I see my boys
were a little rough on you," Chad added evilly. Joey just
stood there, entranced at his younger tormentors naked
and powerful body. Chad was well defined, had a six-pack,
his pecks were solid and strong and his upper legs looked
powerful. His cock was huge for a 16-year-old, much
bigger than 17-year old Joeys little pee-pee.

"You like my body, cock sucker?" Chad, the skater stud
said. Joey just looked into this all powerful boys cold
eyes and looked like he was about to cry. "Get on your
knees," Chad added. So Joey did, looking up to this
superior boy. Chad sat on the toilet, near the bathtub
and told Joey to crawl to him.

" Lick my feet, while I take a shit." Chad commanded.

So Joey, naked on all fours, licked pitifully on Chad's cute little feet as he
enjoyed his stinky release on the toilet.

"You stupid dick sucker!" Chad scorned, " I'm fucking your
momma up the pooper, and you can't do anything about it!
You're fucking pathetic."

"I'm sorry I disgust you, Chad" Joey said in surrender, "
Ill do whatever you want though,"

"Well I didn't tell you talk did I? You stupid slut."
Chad strained more on the toilet seat. He
watched intently and perversely as Joeys scrawny, thin
and girly body worshiped his feet and toes, Joey's chubby
butt was in the air as he grovelled.

"I see where you got your fat ass from, you definitely got it from your mother," Chad laughed.
Joey pitifully hugged against Chad's legs in reply. But
Chad got up from the toilet seat, grabbed Joey by the
hair and pulled him into the shower with him.

"You're going to wash me, all over,"

"Yes sir," Joey said

"And I mean all over! My arms, my legs, my dick and even
my ass crack! Your going to learn to worship my body when
ever I want you to."

Chad turned on the shower and it was very hot. Joey
was still on his knees worshiping Chad's legs. He grabbed
some soap left on the ground and began levering up his
body with slippery soup. Joey rubbed his hands over
Chad's superior stomach and chest. He ran his hands down
his strong upper legs. Chad leaned on the glass of the
shower and enjoyed being served by his obedient slave.
His monster dick started to get hard over the power he
had. And Joeys little pee-pee stood stiff in submissive

Joey slowly moved to Chad's thick penis. But Chad
grasped Joey's wrist before he could touch it. "You want
this dick, huh faggot? You want daddies dick?"

Joey didn't reply, he just looked up at his bully, almost
about to cry. " Yeah, you want it don't you! Well you can
clean it today faggot, but that's all."

Joey began to rub soup all over Chad's thick cock, it was only semi hard,
but was still huge. He gently rubbed under his balls and
payed extra care on his big cock head. "Yeah!" Chad said,
looking down at his little faggot evilly "Get to know this thing
real well, cock sucker, because when I make your momma
pregnant, I will truly have marked my territory in this

Joey was terrified of this bully Chad; over the course of 24 hours
he had totally dominated his life. His little friends had
stayed over all last night and humiliated and ridiculed
Joey almost the entire time. They stuck beer bottles from the fridge up his ass,
punched him, slapped him across the face and farted
continuously against his face and nose. They enjoyed seeing him in
constant pain and dread and they liked the idea of
treating him like a faggot whore that he was. Most of this happened
while Chad, their gang leader, fucked Joey’s mother up her butt.
He remembered the image of the little skater with his
pants down, his smooth muscly butt cheeks clenched as he slammed
into Joey’s mother's big bottom. It jiggled and rolled with every thrust Chad pushed into it.
He had so much power for a 16-year-old.

And now, the following morning, girly Joey who was
was worshiping and being humiliated
by the very 16-year-old boy who will give him
nightmares for the rest of his life. Chad laughed down on
what he saw, a weak faggot who is too scared to
say no, that he truly did want to be treated like the worst
piece of shit he knew he was.

"Your shit, your nothing but a piece of shit!" Chad
turned around, running water spun and drifted down his smooth body
He poked out and spread his muscly ass in front of

"Kiss it faggot. Kiss my ass and clean it with your tongue."

Joey for the first time protested and shook his head.


Chad slapped Joey across the face several times, knocking Joeys breath away.
He grabbed him by the hair and shoved his pretty face into his butt really hard.

"Now! Do it now!" Chad yelled.

Joey started kissing it lightly on the cheeks; he couldn't believe what he was
doing. Chad's butt was solid and firm, unlike Joey's ass;
it was not for fucking, but for worshiping. He poked his butt out further and
demanded that Joey suck on his asshole. Joey sobbed and buried his pretty face
between Chad’s wet ass cheeks.

“Ooohh yeah. Your lucky I already took a shit this morning faggot. I was farting
non stop before this." Chad laughed with an evil grin.

After the incident in the shower, Chad and Joey left the
bathroom. Chad walked into the master bedroom while Joey
followed by crawling on all fours naked. He saw his
mother naked on the bed, she was on her hands and knees,
passed out and her big ass was facing towards them. It
was bruised and welted and traces of cum leaked from her
abused butt hole.

"You see this? Your whore of a mom wanted me to do this to her.
Just like you! You want to be treated like a retarded slut , you want
to serve and worship those who are stronger than you. Well daddy is
going to do that for you faggot! Daddy going to do that for you!"

Joey looked at his mom, and remembered what he looked
like in the mirror. And even with all the bruises and
pain, even with all the tears of humiliation and
embarrassment, he knew that it was going to get more
intense. And that he secretly longed for what he was going
to get from his bully.

A knock was heard from the front door, Chad leaped
forward, ran outside and answered it. It was all his friends.

"Hey man! Did you have fun?" one of the boys named Evan

"You bet man," Chad said, "I busted her butt cherry real
good! And the faggot cleaned me off in the morning too,"
All the boys laughed to that.

"Where are they?" the boys said, wanting another turn
since last night.

"Ill show you," Chad replied, he led them to the master
bedroom where Joey and his mother waited.

All of the 16-year-old boys entered and
looked critically and perversely at the naked bodies in
front of them. All of them were glued to Joeys mother at
first, with her large bubbly bottom facing up in the air.

Four of them surrounded her and started to rub her body,
two of the boy's played with her butt, squeezing her juicy
cheeks and opening her butthole to see the cum leak out
of her.

"Her ass is so fat and big huh?" one boy said to
his friend.

"Yeah I know its hot,."

"Such a beautiful piece of rump meat!"

Their hands felt all around her body, and one of them,
a boy named Jake, got a hold of her large round breasts.
"Fuck man! You didn't tell me she had big titties too!"

"She sleeps on her belly, with her ass up,
I was too fucking away at it busy to notice her boobs." Chad replied

"Oh man," Jake said, his little body quivering with
excitement "I want to fuck these!"

"Go ahead," Chad said evilly "Titty-fuck those juicy things!"

Jake and the other three boys positioned her upwards so
Jake could crawl under her and place his little penis
between her large boobies. She was slightly awake so she
knew what was happening. Jake pulled his baggy skater
jeans down and pulled out his hairless prick. And the
other three boys held her by the shoulders getting ready
to rock her backwards and forwards to give their friend a
good time.

Chad, Evan and the other two boys decided to get to work
on Joey. Chad and Evan stood him up and held him in place
while the other two boys took turns at punching his
stomach. They landed blow after blow, trying to wind him
to his knees, only that Evan and Chad held him up. They
teased him and quickly flashed their dicks at him, and
afterwards made him, lick and smell the crotch area of
their baggy skater jeans.

Meanwhile, little Jake, the boob lover, was enjoying the
feeling of a real life tit job from this voluptuous 36-
year-old hot mommy. Her large round breast were bobbing
tightly up and down his little dick. He pinched her
nipples hard, and fucked between them. He eventually
cummed, his thin body shook with excitement and power.

The telephone started to ring, and finally Joeys mother
got off the bed and held it to her ear.

"Hello?" she said tired and wheezy, while all the boys waited to have her
back. She listened intently on who it was. Suddenly her
eyes widened with both fear and excitement,

"Yes Gail, I understand," and then mom hung up.

"Who was that?" Chad said slyly

"It was my ex-husband, Joeys father. He will be here

Chad and the boys looked at Joey with a evil smile.

'Well-well, guess we are going to have to tell him what a faggot his son is."

17-year-old Joey's eyes widened in horror. This was definitely going to get more intense.

To be continued..

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