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I apologize for the delay my faithful readers. Enjoy and keep those comments coming.
Sunday morning starts off pretty well, okay it’s starts pretty tense with everyone except for the my girls, Natsuko and I being the only ones not staring a hole through Marta as she joins us for breakfast. Loretta figures out things are okay and slowly so does the rest of the crew and family. I know I could explain everything to them but honestly I’m just getting my feet under me so that I can handle tomorrow. My first message of the day is from Sid, apparently Fast Eddie did exactly what was needed and he forwards the specifics to me which get handed off to Jun who adds it to the info file.

Marta is taken home by Imelda but the rest of my people are going through the last details of this job, equipment gathering. It’s mostly clothing for Devin and Masha but I need a very particular item and when I mention it to Mark he blanches at the item.

“Dude, how the hell do you expect me to pick up something like that,” he tells me confused after being pulled aside to talk about it privately.

“You wanted to help well this is helping, get Vicki and talk to her family about it. This is very important if things go south fast,” I tell him explaining the importance in not so many details.

The rest of my crew heads out to do eyes and ears and to physically check in with a Carlos and his people. I decide that since everyone else is out gathering or helping I should probably get my suit ready for tomorrow. I love the look of it and honestly it’s like something out of a movie which makes me like it a bit more. I go over details in my head as I walk around doing fuck and all just killing time, it’s moments like this where you need to go over everything again yourself just to make sure everyone is set. It’s my walking around that leads me to find the one person who didn’t go do something today, Rachael. She’s just sitting in the kitchen quietly while Rosa finishes her work in that room. I know she sees me but if she needs to talk I head up to my room and wait. I’m only sitting on the couch with the TV on for a few minutes when Rachael comes through the door and closes it quickly after herself. Her yellow sundress carrying behind her as she’s moving a lot quicker than normal.

“We shouldn’t do this tomorrow,” She tells me a little nervous.

“No Rachael we should do this tomorrow, I owe a favor and this is the best way to deliver what Detective Escalante asked for,” I tell her trying to explain as I stand up,” this way everyone not only wins but our friend comes out ahead big time.”

“But you are going head to head with a crackhead,” Rachael says before rethinking her sentence.

“Yes which is why the deck is so far stacked in my favor that there is no possible way this ends with anything less than him doing exactly what I want,” I tell her as we stand at the corner of the bed trying to win each other over to our side.

“But he could have a gun, he could pull a knife, he could be so heavily dosed that he breaks all three of your necks in a rampage….,” is where I stop her with a kiss.

When I say kiss I mean dipping under her arms and lifting her up by her ass and planting a soft firm kiss on her lips. Rachael’s arms wrap around my neck and I feel her soften in my arms as I lower her to the ground again. I slowly break our kiss and see her face get a little grumpy.

“I’m not convinced,” Rachael says as I start to explain more but get cut off by a finger on my lips,” I need more of that convincing.”

I reach down and pull her sun dress up over her head and drop it on the floor, she’s wearing only panties and I kiss her again as she tugs at my t shirt to pull it off. She turns and sits on the corner of the bed and undoes my pants while I finish getting my shirt off. If it wasn’t for habit I’d never wear underwear but Rachael wastes no time pulling them down just enough before giving me a kiss on my head, I rest my hands on her shoulders as she works over just using her lips to entice every part of my member. Getting hard like this takes some time but it’s time worth taking as every kiss makes me jump just a little involuntarily. Rachael finally starts to use her tongue trailing up and down my shaft. I am about to steps away from being Chinese Algebra hard when I realize I’m not doing my job and pull away from Rachael.

“I’m supposed to be convincing you,” I tell her backing her up the bed a little and hooking my thumbs in her panties pulling them down off her hips and tossing them aside.

Rachael always was very sensitive but she’s gotten better about not bouncing all over the place as I move my head in between her legs and kiss the inside of her thighs gently. She’s moaning a little at my touch and when my tongue touches her clit I hear her hiss as her hips shift involuntarily. I’m not too eager or greedy as I tentatively lick and trail circles around her clit. Rachael is panting at my work and I’m almost smiling as I move my tongue down to her entrance and only get the tip in to taste her sweet musk. Rachael is moaning but not thrashing as I am relentless but methodical about working her warm hole over with my tongue, I glance up and see her eyes closed and her hands cupping her own B cup breasts. I dig in and grip her ass with my hands working my tongue and lips over her pussy deep and fast. Rachael isn’t going to last long and I am loving the taste of her as her body tries to fight me for control by shifting her hips around. I can almost feel her orgasm when she gets out of my grasp and starts backing up the bed quickly. I take a moment and get up and look to see the hungry look in Rachael’s eyes. I smirk and crawl up the bed slowly taking my time as I get to her body and begin trailing kisses up her thighs, across her stomach, taking time to give each nipple a soft suck. All this is driving her mad as I feel her hands pawing at my back.

“Please Guy, I’m so hot right now,” Rachael begs putting me in an odd but wonderful place.

I could tease her more but I’m hard and she’s more than ready as I angle my head right at the entrance to her warm folds. I feel her hand dart down and start to pull me so that my head gently finds the opening, Rachael moves her hands to my hips and with her eyes closed pulls me into her. Rachael is like a warm and wetter than usual which and with as hard as I am we’re both groaning at the sensation of penetration. I want to take some time but Rachael doesn’t stop pulling me in till I’m buried inside all the way. My face is pulled to hers and she kisses me first this time only where mine was sudden and a little fun hers is soft and fierce as her tongue invades my mouth and teeth nibble at my lips. I return the kiss in kind and start rocking my hips against her slowly. My slow grinding has my redhead girlfriend pushing back against me and rolling her hips so that I’m hitting her in the deepest parts possible. We’re both open mouthed and moaning as our bodies work into a soft collision, I start to kiss her neck while she pulls her legs up and I can feel my orgasm burning its way through my body. Rachael is so sweet taking the time to pull me harder but still making sure I’m hitting every single spot to drive her over the edge.

“Please I’m so close if you finish right now I’ll go mad,” she tells me softly and desperately at the same time.

I’m so close that when she nibbles my ear I erupt and moan loudly filling her warm folds with my cum. I keep myself buried and my head rush is exquisite as I feel Rachael tense up and start shaking a little as her own orgasm is raging throughout her body. I’m coming down from mine and start to kiss her gently and get kissed back as she simply lies beneath me with our bodies connected at the hip. I try to pull out but Rachael holds me tight.

“Please stay,” She says shyly.

I kiss her again softly and relax on top of her while resting my bodyweight on my elbows. Her warm folds are milking me for all I’m worth and it’s a feeling that has me groan a little but enjoy it. I don’t know how long I was there but when she stops kissing me I feel that I’ve fallen from her and I roll off and onto my back only to have her rest her head against my chest and curl her body against mine.

We’re lying there for an hour when we decide a shower would be good and once out I check messages on my phone. Jun is wiring everyone in and has full eyes and ears, our dealer on the street is live thanks to Sid’s man he understands his instructions, even the manager of the flop house is paid for silence and knows what to say. I’m liking this more and more when Devin and Masha return with their clothing.

“How did it go,” I ask coming down the stairs.

“We are ready but I had to spend more for Devin,” Masha says I notice two bags for him where there should be one.

“Why did we buy more than we needed, we have a budget here,” I say a little exasperated.

“Masha said I need a tuxedo for dances next year,” Devin answers a little sheepishly.

“That is probably the best reason I’ve heard ever for spending over budget, I mean where are we going to find as good a tailor up where we live and this way you are already committed to learning how to dance,” I tell Devin who gets wide eyed at the idea of dancing.

I leave and Masha chuckles as Devin starts wondering about where he’ll learn to dance from, hell I don’t really know how to dance either and I have to learn as well or I’m in three levels of trouble. I push that aside and decide to stop focusing on the now to relax instead. My relaxation in the TV room goes for about a half hour when all the girls come back with Jun, Hanna and Natsuko look ready and I’m honestly impressed with their initiative in the plan.

Everyone is home and has eaten dinner when Mark finally makes it home and Vicki is with him as they walk in and motion me up to my room. I see he’s carrying a back pack and once we’re up in my room and the door closes with just the three of us I start to get the riot act from Vicki.

“What the hell are you doing,” She starts in aggressively,” Mark comes around and pulls my Grandpa aside and says you need something very important, then my Grandpa gets a nervous look and asks what you need the items for but won’t say. Mark doesn’t even want to tell me what they are and it takes most of the day when one of the Union comes back and gives Mark this bag and I happen to look inside and see this.”

I look as Vicki opens the bag violently and see my hardware inside, three very nice looking 9mm pistols and silencers each with a single magazine fully loaded. I haven’t fired a weapon in months since dad took me out after Thanksgiving last year but memory comes back as I load one with a magazine and ratchet the slide before checking and making sure the safety is on. Vicki and Mark just stare at me for a moment as I remove the magazine and eject the round into my hand.

“What I’m doing Vicki is painting the perfect scene, I’m going to make damn sure things don’t go sideways and that none of my friends get hurt by taking care of them,” I tell her looking back into the bag,” Are the holsters in there?”

I get a nod from Mark and praise his good work. Vicki is not happy with me and Mark is concerned but they leave me be and I wait till they are gone before I figure out how to take the silencer off. It’s one thing that my Dad didn’t teach me because he doesn’t have one. The next thing that happens is more priceless to me than anything else in the world. I’m sitting on the bed, an unloaded firearm in my lap as I practice again and again to get the motions right like its second nature to put on a silencer. Kori opens the door and all of my girls plus Natusko see me. Here I am with a pistol and silencer in front of all five of my girlfriends and my personal assistant as all of their eyes narrow on me before I can even speak to explain.

“So honey, are we planning something else that we should know about,” Kori asks as the door is closed.

“Nope, same plan as before, just props,” I tell her unscrewing the silencer to restart.

“Guy maybe you should tell us why you have a pistol,” Imelda says as I hold up my hand with the number three,” Wait you have three of them?”

“Yes, three of us in the room means three pistols,” I say as I start to screw the silencer in again from a different angle.

“Okay maybe it’s just me but Guy this is not what we do, we don’t shoot people,” Rachael says moving the pistol out of my hand and to the side.

“No what we do is get the job done. If I walk into a room and say I am an alien people just laugh, but if I show up unannounced in their bedrooms under a beacon of light with purple skin and only three fingers on each hand then people start to believe,” I tell her as I pick the pistol back up and restart.

Kori moves Rachael out of the way and then the pistol before straddling me in her capri pants and taking my head in her hands goes straight into my soul with her steely grey eyes. I’m locked in and it takes a few but when she smiles lightly and gets up from my lap the rest of the girls are concerned.

“He’ll be fine, he’s taking care of it,” Kori tells them as she gets bed clothes.

I nod and the girls get into their night clothing and I put the pistols away before crawling into bed with them. There isn’t any talking tonight, just a lot of cuddling as we sleep.

Six A.M. comes and I’m out of my bed like a bolt, girls too as we get dressed. Everyone in the room but me wearing some basic clothes but for me it’s the black suit, white shirt and red tie. I complete my ensemble with some black gloves that are almost too tight for my hands but give me full range of motion. We are down stairs and I can tell I’m being followed as Devin, Masha, Ben and Hanna are following. Jun and Lilly are already down stairs with dueling laptops and headsets in the TV room.

“Full sit rep people,” I say as everyone but Devin and Masha head out to the cars to get to the site first.

“We’re good, dealer said pick up was just after midnight and cameras are showing him taking his medicine at about three which gives you another couple hours for set up,” Lilly tells me as Jun is on camera detail.

“Keep us posted,” I tell them as I put on my holster for the pistol I’m carrying.

Both Devin and Masha are unfazed by the armaments and get tooled up. We’re all decked out in some nice clothing, Devin with a leather Jacket over a button up shirt and tie, Masha in a woman’s pant suit. All of us have sunglasses on and gloves which just add to the feel of menace and power that I can tell is going through us all right now.

“From here on in accents only,” I say thickening my voice with a Russian accent.

I get a nod from both of them and we head into the garage when I see Loretta holding the keys; I smile and give her a kiss on the cheek before taking them. I know she’d tell me to be safe but sometimes you take the chance to get shit done. Devin is driving with Masha in the front and me in the back being chauffeured as we head off to the site.

We arrive just past seven, Devin parks the car out of site and I get my Bluetooth in and get confirmation that our eyes on the street have everything in control. My accent gets me a couple cat calls from my girls but I lock it down as we head inside the flop house. Think an apartment building that has needed new paint, walls and tenants for about twenty years and a front desk with a woman behind it that looks like she would be friends with Katy’s mother. Masha gets the room number and confirms that there is nobody in the surrounding rooms as were requested. We get our key and head up to the third floor, his door is across from ours and we wait inside a room that I wouldn’t piss in let alone sleep and kill time.

We get a few notifications on the street of cars moving through the area, on a positive note Carlos brings the boys and do some street clearing and general hands on securing the area. Devin and Masha are talking quietly in Russian helping him with words he’ll need to use and I’m listening in when Jun comes on over the headset.

“Boss we got movement,” I hear and Devin and Masha stop and we all exit the room.

I put Devin in front followed by Masha then myself as we wait outside the door to Carlton’s apartment, I must remember to use his name. We’re standing fast when we hear the freak out start in the room, there is some whimpering and it’s Jun who tells us how bad it is.

“Okay he’s flipping out boss, go you are go for knock,” Jun says as I tap Devin.

Three solid knocks on the door cause the room to go quiet and we wait till Jun says go before Devin lets loose with a shoulder tackle on the door that breaks it out and I hear the sounds of someone falling in the room. I watch as Devin has grabbed our new ‘friend’ from his spot on the ground and is holding him down with a hand over his mouth, Masha is in after him and has her weapon drawn and pointed down at Carlton who is terrified and stops moving all together.

“He is down, you are clear sir,” Masha says in Russian.

I casually walk into the room and start to survey my surroundings. This is literally a two room apartment; the bathroom being the only door in the room as the kitchen, bed room; dining table and living room are all in one section no bigger than twenty two by twenty eight foot room. The whole place in decorated in early ‘junkie doesn’t give a fuck’ with a few notable exceptions. There is a radiator with a scared red headed girl crying as she is hand cuffed to it and on the bed an Asian girl who looks pale and lifeless. I move over to the table and Devin pulls a chair out for me before checking the hallway and closing the door. I unbutton my suit coat and sit down as Devin pulls Mr. Mallard up from his laying position and sits him against the foot of his bed. I watch as Masha moves to the girl on the bed and does a pulse check before looking at me and shaking her head.

“Mr. Mallard we have been missing you,” I tell my ‘friend’ in thick Russian accent.

“Missing me, who the hell are you,” He asks quietly confused.

“Don’t play games with me you know me and my associates, you came to me with your problems and when I asked what you had in exchange for my help you said you had information on a murder,” I tell him getting keeping the accent and playing to his confusion,” So I helped you, I paid your debts so that you could party and even let you take two girls from my father’s business so that your party would be memorable. However when you didn’t return to me after a few days I became ‘concerned’ with our arrangement and decided to come find you.”

“Nobody knows this place, I never give anyone this apartment,” Carlton says starting to question my validity.

“You gave it to your lawyer, the one you are avoiding and who has been waiting on you to pay your fees to her,” I’m flat out lying but it has him get a level of horror on his face,” she was much easier to find and very accommodating when I asked for your location.”

“Oh god you’re going to kill me,” He says freaking out.

“This one is dead and this one is crying,” Masha says in Russian.

“We will dispose of the body here and comrade,” I say turning to Devin,” Calm the girl.”

I said my words in English but they had the effect I was looking for as Carlton starts to lose his shit and piss himself. Devin walks over to the red head girl and placing a hand over her mouth and nose along with the other on the back of her head applies pressure so that she loses consciousness. She struggles mind you and the whole time I’m hearing her muffled cries I’m watching Carlton as he starts crying. Devin returns to my side and picks up the body from the bed and carries it into the bathroom. Devin and Masha start looking around and find a large meat cleaver as Masha heads into the bathroom and closes the door. The next sound anyone hears is the sickening noise of what appears to be her cutting the body into pieces. I lean forward to and regain Carlton’s attention.

“Mr. Mallard you must focus because you owe me a debt and I want to know what you know about this murder,” I tell him but he can’t see me just the bathroom door,” Mr. Mallard if you can’t focus you will have no use to me.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize we made any arrangements, I’ve been really fucked up for a bit. My dealer said I paid my debts and had my delivery ready. I just got in what I thought was last night but I can’t even remember you,” He tells me trying to shake off his shock.

“He is useless,” Devin says in his heavy accent before taking out his pistol and leveling it at Carlton’s head,” I should kill him and have Olga dispose of his body with the girl.”

“Nyet, Mr. Mallard is useful yes,” I ask as Carlton nods emphatically,” See he will tell me what I want to know and we will help him with his current situation.”

“Yes sir, yes sir,” Carlton says very keen on helping and not dying right now,” I know where a body is and I saw who was there when they were killed. It wasn’t a gang killing; I think they knew each other because she was talking to him nicely before she shot him. It was the worst coming down moment I’ve ever had. I had to lawyer up when they knew that I knew something so I could get out of the police hands before they had someone get inside and kill me.”

I almost want to laugh at the paranoia running through this junkie’s head, it makes life easier. I’m pretty sure there are more details involved but I like to keep myself out of the mix for now and focus on the present.

“So you see a woman kill a man and dispose of a body all by herself,” I ask still with the accent.

“No she killed him but her bodyguards were the ones to dump the body,” He says starting to calm down.

“And you have their faces yes,” I ask getting a nod,” Do you know them?”

“The woman looks familiar but the men I don’t know, I think she’s been in the news or something,” Carlton tells me almost back to composure.

“You are not helping me with this,” I say taking my pistol out and screwing in the silencer,” There is no real information and if I was to use the police they would ask me too many questions, it saddens me that this has cost me more money than the information is worth. I am sad to say I should have listened to my soldier and disposed of you when we met.”

“No please, I don’t know who she is but the police will,” He blurts out panicked.

“And why would I want the police to know,” I ask as I finish screwing in the silencer, Devin has his pistol out and is doing the same.

“Because she’s powerful and if she goes down someone can take her place,” Carlton blathers starting to cry,” If she gets in trouble and is your enemy then you win.”

“But I don’t know who she is, if I don’t know and you speak to the police then and someone I know becomes hurt. Then I have to have you killed in jail which makes it difficult,” I say standing up as Devin and I level our weapons on him.

“No wait, wait! She’s someone important the cops know who she is and a Mexican woman, does your business have any Mexican associates,” Carlton asks desperate.

“So you say she is Mexican but do not know her. This might be useful to my father, so since I own your life you will do exactly what I say yes,” I ask getting a very excited nod,” Good, you will be driven from here to a police station, you will speak with nobody other than the detective in charge of the case, you will not ask for your lawyer and you will only ask for protection. You will not mention me or what happened here or I will have you found and killed in a manner that would only be considered, what is the word in American? Ah yes, pornographic. Do we understand each other?”

Carlton nods and we put away our weapons as I button up my coat. I act as though I’m making a call but in actuality Jun is already getting a ride set up with one of Carlos’s people. It takes a few minutes and Devin makes sure that Carlton changes his clothing, watching a junkie change is a little horrifying but necessary since there is no other option. I make him go over what he is supposed to do and say again and again until Devin walks him out the door and down the stairs. Its a few moments before Devin are back up stairs and I hear Jun give us the all clear.

Approximately 10:00 AM Monday morning.

It is not fun being a detective all the time and less so when you have a murder involving a possible high profile suspect and no available witness. I gave Guy the file over a week ago and have heard nothing, I know he said he would contact me but I’ve been sitting on this for too long and my captain is expecting me to work a miracle. Working homicide isn’t like the TV shows where you can just cut the time out and jump to the big points. I gave Guy the name and picture for Carlton Mallard, the one eye witness that was able to get out of custody on a technicality, how can someone not piss test a junkie for a day when we have him in for questioning is beyond me.

The worst part about Mallard is that lawyer, she came in from out of nowhere and now the only way we can get to him is if she has him come in or if Carlton walks right through the doors and gives me all his information now then this case is bust.

“Hey Detective,” Officer Dugan AKA Dickey says getting my attention and snapping me out of my immediate problem,” Still working over the Espinoza murder?”

“Yes Dugan, it’s becoming a lost cause without new information,” I reply standing up and grabbing my mug and heading over to the coffee pots and fill it.

“Hey I know I’ve been a dick and I’m working on that but what about contacting that lawyer again,” Dickey says trying to work the options.

“She’s two steps away from filing police harassment and I’m pretty sure she’s keeping her client in the wind so that someone can make him disappear,” I reply taking a sip and realizing that the coffee here is still ass.

I get back to my desk and reorganize the information I do have. Martin Espinoza was engaged to Guadalupe Ramirez, daughter to Rosa Ramirez the local soup kitchen and homeless shelter magnate. Side news is that Martin may have been cheating on Guadalupe or she may have been pregnant with his child when he was found in an alley dumpster with eight rounds from a 9mm in his chest. My only witness being a drug addict but he was able to spot who was there but didn’t say who before the lawyer showed up. She had him out the door in a matter of minutes with all the paperwork necessary. Carlton is probably dead and buried under the latest soup kitchen and nobody will ever notice.

“Hey Escalante, you have a visitor in room three. Seems to be a tweaker,” The desk sergeant tells me.

I get up and head to the side room off of room three and nearly spit my coffee all over as there is Carlton Mallard pacing back and forth talking to himself. I set my coffee down in a hurry and almost run to my captain’s office, Captain Rosewood is a short round black woman who is more results driven than my old captain she replaced a year ago. We’ve gotten along well until this hiccup came down with my case; she gives me a wary look as I burst into her office.

“Detective knocking on your superior’s door is not negotiable in this building,” She tells me with a tone of disdain.

“Carlton Mallard is in room three waiting to speak with me and his lawyer is nowhere to be found,” I tell her as she nearly jumps out of her seat.

“To hell with knocking I’m get another body in that room and compose yourself,” Captain Rosewood says nearly bowling me over as she exits her office.

I grab my files and all the pictures along with it and make it a point to calm my breathing, the light over the side room is lit meaning that they are live and recording as I enter and Mallard sees me and sits down.

“You’re back Mr. Mallard and without your lawyer, I should advise you that unless you waive your right to an attorney I can’t have any conversations with you,” I tell him sitting down.

“The only lawyer I want is in the District Attorney’s office, I want a deal for protection and to be moved after trial,” Carlton says shaky as he sits down.

I leave the room for a moment and check to see that Rosewood is already making the call. It’s about thirty minutes before we have our D.A. in the room with Carlton and me, not an assistant either and I can tell by the salt and pepper hair and intense look on his face he’s not playing around.

“Mr. Carlton Mallard I am District Attorney Wright, I was told that you have information in exchange for a deal you wish to make with my office,” D.A. Wright says sitting down at the table with me.

The pictures from my files are spread out and Carlton is going over them when he finally looks up and acknowledges the D.A. and me. He weakly smiles before explaining in a large hypothetical situation about how he might have seen something bad happen to someone somewhere and that the person doing the bad thing could be someone very important. D.A. Wright is not impressed by the games but I’m looking at Carlton and see he’s more scared and not the slightest bit cocky about his position.

“All I want is protection and to be moved quietly and anonymously after the trial, I’ll testify in court and everything but I need it in writing,” Carlton says still nervous.

“I’m THE District Attorney, not the assistant. This Q&A is being recorded and it will take hours to get the papers you want written up. I’m not inclined to deliver on those terms without something of value,” Wright says keeping his authority in the situation.

“Mr. Mallard when we last spoke several weeks ago you were looking at these same pictures, you didn’t have any names to go with the faces but you recognized someone before you left. Did you see someone in here from the night in question other than the victim,” I ask keeping things vague.

Carlton nods and pushes one picture forward, it’s of Rosa Ramirez. I look at Wright who immediately stands up and leaves the room. Carlton is confused but I tell him to calm down and give him a light smile. I have an officer bring him some water and we sit waiting for about an hour when Wright reenters the room with a small stack of papers and a woman with a small typing pad. Carlton reads and signs at the bottom before going down the list of his night. He saw everything and that is what he gave us, the conversation got missed but Mrs. Ramirez shooting Espinoza and that he grabbed the weapon in the alley where they left it has me reeling. Murder weapon and an eye witness make a very convincing case until we ask where the weapon is. Its right there that he pales and says it’s in his apartment and gives me the address. I exit the room and grab Dickey and another officer to watch the door to room three.

“Nobody that isn’t Captain Rosewood, the D.A., his assistant or I is allowed in this room. If he has to pee you do not let him out of your sight and you watch him the entire time, I want to know if he stands or sits when he goes,” I tell them getting a nod from both officers.

I get an officer to accompany me and take my car to Carlton’s apartment. The place is a shit hole, no covering it up. The woman in the office behind the cage says tells me where Carlton’s room is and I head up stairs. The door looks like its seen better days, I’m looking at multiple kicks to the door jam and serious damage, will never close properly again. Some of the damage is recent but the room is devoid of life as I make my way to the bathroom. It’s as empty and dirty as everything else but sure enough the gun is in a plastic bag in the upper tank of the toilet. The officer and I are out of the building in record setting time and back to the precinct. I hand the weapon over for evidence processing, Carlton is being moved into witness protection by the state and Captain Rosewood is claiming that luck and fear brought this one in but the uphill battle is on.

Luck and fear, I know someone who dishes those out in spades and while I would love to reward him I should call Robert first to celebrate. He’s been begging me to get out a little and I think our relationship needs another step up but then there’s Guy and I’ve been stringing him along a bit too much to just shut him down like this. I hope he understands.

Approximately 9:20 A.M., same day

“Boss you are clear, Imelda has him and they are down the road,” Jun says over my blue tooth.

I move over to Hanna and undo the handcuffs on the radiator which causes her to spring to life. She rubs her wrists and starts with camera clean up. Natsuko and Masha come out of the bathroom with Natty wearing the coat from Masha’s suit. Devin arrives back at the room with Katy who has a bag full of clean clothing for both girls. We clear the room of the cameras and microphones, wipe down everything that we touched, and generally make things look like we weren’t here. All of us get down the stairs and I stop at the front desk and hand the manager a hundred and put a finger to my lips for silence. She nods lightly and stuffs the bill in her top; I’d hate to be that Ben Franklin.

We all gather up and are down the road well before it even hits ten in the morning and back home. Loretta is still there along with Mark, Abigail and Bethany. Jun finally unlocks and exits the TV room with Lilly, both carrying their laptops.

“I want everything we have and all the leg work in a print out and then deleted, no tracks,” I tell them getting a nod as we all head up stairs.

Once in my room Devin and Masha hand me their weapons and leave to either change or relax, Devin is a bit tense but Masha is calming him down. I get out of the suit as my girls watch; I know Natsuko is in the shower with Hanna cleaning up. I don’t know what they did to make it look like Natsuko was dead but she’s been cold the entire ride home. My girls on the other hand are warm, very warm. I have just enough time to get into my own clothes and out of the suit before I am dragged into bed and given a merciless make out session that has each one taking turns with me until I’ve been through each girlfriend.

“That was intense,” Kori says as we lie in bed.

“He was mumbling the whole time I had to drive him,” Imelda adds.

“I told you that I had a plan, now do you see why I keep things to myself,” I ask getting nods from my girls save for Katy.

“Fine you have the plans but from now on we deserve to know the whole thing,” Katy says as all the girls perk up and stare at me,” We need to be ready when you get to plan B, C, and D. It went fine this time but if relationships are an all or nothing thing then we all need to be involved with what you have planned and that means knowing the whole thing.”

She’s got a point and maybe I play things too close to the chest. I don’t say yes but I do make it a point to relax for a couple hours. It feels like all we do is relax together but honestly I don’t want to check facebook or even go out when I have all my girls in the same place. I know the fair is coming up soon and I’m planning on us all getting out and being very public. A knock on the door gets me up from bed and I am greeted by Jun with a folder in hand.

“This is everything, are you sure you want to hand this woman all of it,” Jun asks handing me the folder.

“Better to give it up and let the police do the dirty work so that people I trust can fill the vacuum,” I tell him before grabbing him by the arm,” Lilly needs her boyfriend man, maybe it’s time.”

“We’ve been having sex for a week now,” Jun says smiling as he leaves, I shake my head at it, apparently they don’t need me for everything.

The next couple days the media is filled with the first woman of the Latino community being brought in on charges of murder. A lot of pictures with her and more lawyers than I’d care to count, always confused me that people would kill someone themselves when they could easily have someone else do it for money. It must have to do with self satisfaction, one thing is that her daughter isn’t anywhere near her in any of the pictures. I had a laugh about it with the Old Man who let me keep the pistols which was a surprise, I already know I’m going to give one to my father but two of my own just puts me in an odd place, happy but odd. We roll into Friday same week as when I gave Escalante Mr. Mallard and I know she’s getting off shift around six. I figure she’s due for my extra gift and maybe a little fun time for me. I decide to call her for any scheduling issues.

“Hello Guy, what new orchestrated pain do you have for me this week,” Escalante greets me with over the phone.

“You are a difficult woman to shop for if you already know what I’ve got for you,” I reply smiling.

“Wait a minute I was joking or do you have more on the hook for me then our friend in witness protection,” She says getting quiet but with some shock.

“I have no clue what you’re talking about but here’s what I am thinking, see you at your place around sevenish? We’ll discuss it there,” I tell her smiling as my girls watch like hungry animals.

“I’ll be waiting but we need to seriously talk first,” Detective says before ending the call.

I smile and grab my coat but it’s in Imelda’s firm grasp and Matty is holding the door closed as my girls surround me. I’m either in trouble or I’m not going to make my meeting, either way this will be interesting.

“Be firm and passionate with her,” Kori tells me giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“If she says no remain calm and polite before coming home,” Rachael says as I get a soft kiss on the lips.

“Do not let her take charge, you are in charge,” Imelda tells me helping me with my coat.

“Leave a fucking mark, stake your claim and plant that fucking flag,” Katy says giving me a firm shake by my jacket collar.

I get to the door and Mathilda just smiles and opens the door for me. I get outside it and finally hear her voice calling after me.

“If you don’t look like she took you to the limit or you didn’t take her to the limit we will put you in the hospital,” Matty says grinning big,” and we have nurse uniforms for it.”

I watch the door close and honestly wonder about myself being Dr. Frankenstein and how many monsters I have created. Granted mine probably won’t kill me, or at least I hope they won’t. It’s a funny idea as I hop on Black Sunshine and get my helmet on before heading out into town. The drive doesn’t take me more than a half an hour and I park my bike before grabbing the file and tucking it into my jacket and heading up to her apartment. I knock lightly and hear shuffling inside before the door pops open and there is Detective Escalante in a casual button up short sleeve shirt and jeans, she shows me inside and I take the time to see that not much has changed. I hear the door close behind me and wait as Escalante motions me to sit down on her couch. She’s being really pleasant and not at all what I was hoping for which was answering in lingerie and fuck me heels.

“First off thank you for coming by and for honoring your end of the favor,” the Detective says as I hold a hand up to stop her.

“I did nothing, I wasn’t there and I couldn’t have had anything to do with whoever it is you are talking about,” I say smirking.

“Fine but you helped never the less and I am grateful. How is your friend,” She asks I assume talking about Jackie.

“Doing well, has a home and a real family to help her,” I tell her leaving out some details.

“That’s good, I’m glad I could help with that,” She tells me before her face takes a trouble look.

“Okay so I’m guessing you have some bad news for me and are expecting me to react to it in a not so great manner,” I reply getting ready for the bad news.

“Yes, we’ve been dancing around us doing things for a bit now and since we’re both on the same page I have to tell you that I have a problem. I met a man a few months ago, his name is Robert and he’s a decent guy. It’s just I’ve been doing this dance with you since the diner and we’ve done this before,” Escalante says sounding a little stretched in her words.

“Nancy, if you are with this guy then I’m not going to expect anything more than you as a friend. I’m a little disappointed that you lead me on for a few weeks but I don’t want to make things harder for you than they are,” I tell her starting to get up but get stopped.

“No you don’t understand, we’re not together yet,” Nancy says causing me to pause as she clarifies,” He and I have been friends and talking but I haven’t done anything with him. I want to but I feel like I owe you a bit and I remember last year.”

“So you want to have sex with me but afterwards it’s never happening again,” I ask getting a nod,” And obviously once we’re done here you’re going to take Robert out of the friendzone?”

“Actually I was planning to go on a date with him tomorrow night if things went okay here first. I like you Guy and you’ve done a lot to prove that you are someone I can trust even though what you do seems to be a bit on the shady side,” Escalante says with some praise.

“Hey I like the shade because I burn too easy. And since we’re being really honest let me give you my little slice of hell,” I say taking the file out of my coat and handing it over to her.

I watch as she goes from Nancy to Detective in a matter of seconds, the first thing in the file is the picture she gave me of Carlton and having it back ends the trail to me. After that it’s a lot of pictures and lists, more specifically lists of dealers who dealt with Carlton and where they get their drugs, who holds and moves the drugs along with the locations warehousing the aforementioned drugs. The whole thing is basically a file that will make a lot of low end drug pushers and their bosses lose a good chunk of business and freedom. I wait for her to close the file and set it down before she addresses me again.

“I have one question, how,” Detective Escalante asks with a level of confusion.

“Off the record,” I ask smirking.

“Yes for fucks sake off the fucking record,” She says frustrated at my word play.

“I have a lot of friends, these friends are a lot more subtle than the police and don’t get noticed. Add to that some other friends who are very good at solving puzzles like ‘how does all this match up’ and ‘follow the dealer’. The whole thing is bad news for everyone around them and when I want details I tend to need a lot of them and since I don’t need it anymore I figure you can make use of it or find someone who can,” I tell her being as open and honest as I can.

“I’m in homicide but this will put a few careers in narcotics into high gear,” She says before shifting into Nancy and out of Detective,” Why don’t you become a cop?”

“Too many rules, I do what needs to be done. If you were able to do your job you wouldn’t ever need someone like me to make the wheels of ‘justice’ turn a little quicker,” I tell her getting another sour look.

“I can’t argue with your results since I’ve been benefitting from them, but I do worry about when I have to come after you because the system didn’t do its job,” Nancy says with a bit of concern.

“I don’t go looking for trouble but I don’t run from problems, I fix them,” I reply leaning back on the couch.

We sit in awkward silence and minutes tick by as we’re just looking at everything in the room but each other. It’s a little tense considering last time I was here she swore she wasn’t going to do anything and we did and now she says she wants to do something but here we are sitting in silence. I look at her again finally just taking her in and she finally meets my gaze. The only thing I can figure out is that we hit each other like two cars in a head on collision in the center of Nancy’s couch, our mouths and bodies slamming together in a mad grab to make a memory. She pulls me out of my coat and then out of my shirt before I can get my hands on her top.

“I like this top, don’t rip it,” Nancy tells me breaking our kiss for a moment.

She’s making me take my time, I really am not in the mood but I begrudgingly take my time getting through each button and off I pull her dropping it to the floor. Nancy wrenches her bra open from the back and I get shoved onto mine before she’s on top of me and we resume our kiss. She’s grinding her hips against mine and I can feel her hands pawing at my chest and sides as my own hands work down her back and I get a hold of toned police ass. We start pulling at each other’s jeans and she takes mine down with my boxer briefs first, it’s a disadvantage being on the bottom sometimes but when you’re half hard and a woman goes after your more functioning head with her mouth. I don’t even feel hands as Nancy goes all out burying her face in my lap. She’s greedily getting me hard when I pull her head off of me by the hair.

“I want to play too,” I tell her getting a grin in response.

Nancy hops up and removes her own jeans and panties before guiding herself over me into a sixty-nine. She’s trimmed and I can tell she’s been getting wet probably before we started as I feel her take me in her mouth again bobbing up and down fast and deep. I wrap my arms around her hips to hold her in place and bury my tongue in her wet hole, I make sure to get in a little bit before making circles around the inner walls. Nancy moans with me in her mouth which sends a shiver up my body and I pause for just a second before going all out on her pussy. For a moment I feel Nancy pause as I go at her with no intentions of stopping when her hand starts massaging my balls. I make it a point to focus but we’ve been going hot and heavy for minutes at least now with only one goal, orgasm. It’s all the anticipation and intensity that has me close, well that and Nancy’s skills with me in her mouth. I can tell she’s enjoying my work as she’s moaning more and it’s all I can do to keep from cumming too soon but one deep throat too many and I’m moaning into Nancy’s other smile as my orgasm takes over. I feel her tense up part way through mine and I’m greeted by an increase in fluid coming out of her and eagerly start to suck out as much as I can take. We’re both a little spent as Nancy crawls off of me and we both breathe heavily, me on my back facing her while she’s at the other end of the couch showing me her ass.

“That was a lot faster than I thought,” She says coming down from her orgasmic high.

“Yeah, thank god I’m not done,” I tell her shifting up to my knees and moving behind her.

“Wait, you’re still hard,” Nancy says but I’m already behind her.

I am not as hard as I was before my first orgasm but with an ass in your face you remember that a blow job is great but that’s the opener, I want the main course. I rub my head against her slit a few times before burying myself hard and deep inside Nancy. As warm and inviting as she is we’re less friendly as I waste no time driving into her hard. I have her hips in my hands and I can hear her groaning as she bites the arm of her couch. Nancy’s apartment is filling with the sound of my hips slapping against her ass and both of us grunting, having cum a little bit ago is giving me the opening to go harder than I normally would. I keep pounding and pushing and Nancy just leans forward over more of the couch arm, it’s further and further till her entire upper half is not only over the arm but heading towards the floor. I can see her arms are extended holding her face off the floor as I’m not letting up with my taking of the couch. I start to pull Escalante back just a little and see one of her hands try to grip the arm of the couch under her, I figure giving her a hand would be good and take her’s in mine pulling it back to her ass as a grip. She gives me the other and now I have both her safety and her orgasm in my hands, literally. I must either be pulling Nancy into me with more force than I thought or she’s really strong as her back straightens up a little and I’m treated to her body locking up with her grunting as her pussy tries to milk my non orgasming cock.

“Bedroom…. Now,” Nancy says backing us but up till she’s safely on the couch.

I slam back into her one time for good measure before letting her get up before I follow her to her bed room. Like the rest of the apartment it looks the same from last year with her queen sized bed against one wall. I try to pull her close while standing behind Nancy but she makes it a point to sit me on the bed and I slowly crawl on my back as she crawls over me like a predator and prey. I let her get over me and watch as her hand guides me back inside and settles down.

I wrap my arms around Nancy’s back and pull her down to me, we kiss again but this one is a bit softer yet still fierce as I feel her start to move against me. She’s not taking her time and making her ride into more of a fast grind up and down the length of my cock. I let her push up off of me and feel her nails dig into my chest as she groans in pleasure. I grip her breasts with my hands and squeeze firmly getting a new volume to her moaning.

“God fucking dammit I hope Robert fucks this good,” Nancy says groaning on my cock.

“I’ll make you a deal, if he doesn’t you come over and play sexy cop with my girls and me,” I tell her getting a light slap.

“I’m not into other women jackass,” Nancy growls playfully.

I slap her ass and feel her speed up, it’s good and I can feel my orgasm starting. I decide am getting anxious and start going against her as she trusts against me. We’re slamming our hips together in a frantic rhythm, I’m grunting as I pull myself up and latch my mouth on her nipple. Nancy is clamping down on me hard and I’m almost there. I slam my hips up and take her’s and slam them down as my first shot erupts from me and into Nancy. She hits her own orgasm moments after me and collapses leaving her hair in my face. I don’t know how long we were fucking each other or even how long we have been lying on her bed but I do know that she’s lighter than she looks. I fall out of Nancy getting a disappointed moan from her as she stirs from the sensation.

“Five girlfriends and friends with benefits, you are definitely ahead of the curve for your age,” Nancy says with a light smile.

“Well I just strive to do the best I can in any given opportunity,” I reply smirking,” Also I want only one thing every time I have sex with a female.”

“And what would that be,” Nancy asks as we get up from her bed and head to the shower.

“I just want a woman to have as many orgasms as I can possibly give her before I finish myself,” I say with a big smile on my face.

We shower together and the water stings my chest a little as I discover that she drew blood with her nails. We laugh a little till I point out the small bruise around her nipple and she starts to panic a little. We dry off and get dressed as I am wondering why she’s upset.

“I was thinking about having sex with Robert on the first date and now I can’t because he’ll see the bruise,” Nancy says as I chuckle.

“Don’t do sex on the first date, make him respect you enough to wait a little. Besides if he’s coming out of the friend zone kissing him is enough,” I reply trying to give advice.

“Don’t tell me not to have sex on the first date you have five girlfriends,” Nancy retorts a little put off.

“Hey I didn’t have a date till Kori and I were having sex for at least a few weeks,” I reply laughing.

Nancy starts to laugh a little too and we settle back down on her couch and relax as she tells me about Robert. He’s a doctor with a private practice which gives him regular hours that he can be there if Nancy needs him. He sounds like a decent guy and after a little bit I figure it’s time to head back home and I get a hug from Nancy good bye as I bound down the stairs and hop back on Black Sunshine and head towards home. I’m about half way there and something is bothering me, I haven’t really settled up with Steven. He’s a douchenozzle but he needs to be told the basics and to stay away from Jackie. I still have his address on my phone and decide to pay him a little visit at his apartment. Getting there is no problem save for the fact that the asshole doesn’t have an apartment, he’s got a big ass loft apartment. It’s has an exterior stairwell that is made of rickety metal but with only one way in or out that I can see he’s got to be doing much better for himself than I thought. With Jackie having been in such dire straits it pisses me off a bit as I wait for him to get home. I’m sitting around for about an hour in what I would assume is the parking area that he uses when his car pulls up. He sees me and almost doesn’t shut off his engine while debating what to do. Finally he cuts his car’s engine and slowly makes his way towards me on foot.

“How do you know where I live,” Steven asks confused.

“I took it from your ID a while back remember,” I tell him jogging his memory.

“Right, when you snuck up on me in the mall. So what are you doing here,” He asks going on the defensive.

“I just came here to talk with you man to man if you are feeling well, man enough,” I say standing up and getting within arm’s reach.

“Bullshit, you want to humiliate me again,” Steven says putting his fists up,” I’m ready for you this time.”

“I can lay you out right here and then proceed to record you singing the greatest hits of Brittney Spears in your underwear while bleeding from the nose and ears OR we can talk,” I tell him with a confidence that is unmistakable.

“What do you want to talk about then,” Steven says slowly lowering his hands.

“First off we need to come to an understanding, Jackie is done with you. After you abandoned her there is no place for you with her and her new family. You are not to go near her and don’t expect to be involved in her child’s life, are we clear,” I tell him as I can see his blood pressure rising.

“You don’t make that decision,” Steven says trying to be intimidating or angry, maybe constipated.

“I don’t, she does. I warning you that if you go after her again especially after that shit you pulled by shoving her into me you will not live long enough to apologize enough to her to gain any sort of forgiveness. What I will promise you is that nobody will be coming after you for anything, you won’t have wages garnished nor will anyone harass you as long as you leave her alone,” I inform him being as civil as I possibly can,” On this you have my word.”

“She should just get the abortion and save both of us the trouble,” Steven retorts with a little heat.

“Both of you who? You’re not the father, call it a miracle, call it her new life challenge. I don’t care what you call it but this is just a warning. A friendly and civil warning from one man to, well you,” I say without the slightest bit of humor.

I mount up on Black Sunshine and once my helmet is on pass Steven on my way out of the parking area. I’m back home and I can see most of my crew has settled in for the evening and I give them a nod as I head upstairs and see Ben and Bethany talking from his room, while in bed. I shake my head and snap a picture, boy will get his is all I can tell myself before getting to my own room. I don’t hear anything from this side door but once it’s open I can see all my girls on the bed watching a movie, it sounds like a romance and I can see tears in all their eyes as I quietly move to the couch and sit down quietly, I honestly don’t think they noticed me as the man on the screen is talking about how he waited for the woman throughout her sham of a marriage. I am starting to wonder about these movies and how anyone ever did anything with such a depressing love life. I mean it’s really mind boggling and I actually doze off on the couch as it drones on.

“Guy when did you get in,” is how Kori decides to wake me along with pulling my hood off my face so my eyes can see light.

“I don’t know, about eight or nine I guess,” I mumble.

“We were half way through the marathon when we figured out you were here, come to bed baby,” Kori says pulling me up from the couch.

I get stripped by my girls and left in my underwear before they pull me into bed and turn on yet another romantic movie. Even Matty, Imelda and Katy are being sucked into the movie as I crash hard from boredom and sex fatigue. Saturday morning I’m up early having rested well and start working out on my own. Not a single woman in my bed is even remotely moving as I return from my warm up and I’m down stairs eating when Loretta decides start a conversation.

“So college, where are you planning on going,” Loretta asks over breakfast.

“Honestly I have to start applying for scholarships and I still need to get my final credits out of the way,” I tell her privately as we’re the only ones up early,” Also I kinda didn’t mention to the girls that I’m ahead on credits.”

“How far ahead are you,” She asks with motherly concern.

“Let’s just say my idea to take college classes in high school was a good one and thanks to Jun I could graduate just after Christmas if I pushed it,” I tell her getting a wide eyed look.

“Well Mark and I have decided that we want to be involved in helping you out with the finances of it all. He doesn’t know how to tell you but since he took your case last year and won he’s up for running the law firm and has brought in more business after the civil rights suits he put out after what happened to you that we’re living more than comfortably here,” She says dropping her own secrets on me.

“Well I’m glad you all were able to benefit from it but I’d like to think that I’m starting to take advantage of you guys,” I say with a level of honesty that is kinda staggering even for me.

“Okay well then let me tell you you’re not; we could put all the kids through college. Mark is working on scholarships for Lilly and is talking to a client about Jun and his skills. Both of them have big things in the future and we believe in investing in that by helping,” Loretta tells me taking my hand from across the counter,” However you are MY son, and while you have forgiven me I’m not going to sit by and watch my baby run up debt and put his life on hold just to get through college. And we’re ready for your surprise if you are; I picked them up for you yesterday.”

“You mean they are here,” I say surprised as all hell.

Loretta smiles and we talk about setting things up for the surprise when she reminds me that it is Saturday and the fair I took Kori to last year is up and running as of today. I am racing with ideas but Loretta reminds me to remain calm and to wait till the time is right to spring the surprise. I finish eating and the rest of the crew save for my girls is told about the fair and start getting ready as it’s ten in the morning, I get to my room and not a single one of my girls is moving. I head back down stairs and we wait another hour before I send everyone off to the fair and stay behind to wait for my girls to wake up.

I’m not pissed off as I hear the door open and see Imelda is the first one to come out of the bedroom. She comes down stairs and rubs sleep out of her eyes before grabbing a cup of coffee.

“Hey did you sleep well,” She asks me as I’m sitting at the counter fully dressed.

“Yep, you all stayed up really late last night after I went back to sleep,” I reply with a question.

“Yeah, they’re upstairs still getting their feet under them. Where is Loretta, she usually makes breakfast,” Imelda says obviously not knowing the time.

I keep quiet as the rest of my tired girls and the best Asian assistant come staggering in and I get a lot of yawning good mornings as I’m honestly a little put off by what
I’m seeing in front of me. All of the girls get some coffee and finally it’s Kori who notices that I’m a little upset.

“Baby did we keep you up last night with our movies,” Kori asks concerned.

“No, I slept fine. I’ve also been up for hours but so has everyone else,” I say before pointing out the time on my phone.

“Fuck it’s one in the afternoon, where did everyone go,” Matty asks upset.

“The fair, we were all supposed to go to the fair since it opened today,” Imelda says rushing out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

I can hear them as they are trying to get ready upstairs and I grab my coat before getting on Pale Horse and waiting with the garage door open. The come filing out and I will have to thank Abigail for leaving her Prius for the girls to ride in, apparently they all think I’m pissed off at them as not one wants to try to ride with me on my bike. Matty drives the car and they all head out in the lead but stop when they see me not moving. I get off my bike and walk up to the car before sitting down on the hood. I feel the engine shut off and listen as they all pile out of the car and surround me in a semi circle.

“Listen Guy we’re so….,” is about as far as Rachael gets when I cut her off.

“Stop now, I swear if you apologize every time you do something so little like sleeping in from watching movies all night I’m going to lose my damn mind. Was I a little put off that you slept in and forgot the fair with the family, yes. But not so much that I’m going to be pissed off about it. I could have woken you all up but I wanted you to sleep because I love you and don’t want to force you to be tired and miserable in public. Now if you want to piss me off then leave me alone on my bike and ditch me at home,” I explain to my girls making the last one into a joke.

All my girls are feeling a little bit better after my breakdown of how I’m feeling and its Rachael who volunteers to ride with me to the fair grounds. The trip is takes a bit but we arrive safely and in good time to be greeted by Loretta who is making sure we get out and about but not before I get covered in sun block. Spending time out as a group, I have to say group because couple seems too small, is really interesting. I we hit the petting zoo first and the only one who isn’t interested is Imelda who apparently doesn’t like to play with animals she might eat later. We get to games and I watch as Matty and Imelda both win a few prizes, Matty on a basketball one and Imelda on a BB gun game. Rachael keeps making snack runs as we settle down to eat. Once seated however we are quietly surrounded by friends, Carlos and Abigail with is whole crew including Hector and his new girl Teresa, Loretta and the family, my crew, the Old Man even brings his family around along with more than a few Union and Devil’s Best. Honestly we’re taking up at least twenty tables in the seating area and I’m about to die of laughter.

“Baby what is so funny,” Katy asks putting a hand on my back.

“Cafeteria version 2.0,” I tell her as she looks around and starts laughing with me.

We’re all feeling good and we’ve been out for a few hours while we sit when I hear something that I didn’t honestly expect to hear at all.

“Jackie we need to talk,” Steven says off to my left as he has walked up to her table on my blind side.

“You need to leave me alone, we’re done and that’s the end of it,” Jackie says but Steven takes her by the arm standing her up.

“No we are going to talk alone right now,” Steven tells her with some authority.

My whole crew stands up to stop him but I raise my hand and they sit down, all outside of Steven’s line of sight.

“Steven you will take your hands off me now,” Jackie says as he starts to pull her out of the crowd.

I watch as Carlos, Hector and their entire crew stand up to do something but I wave them off as well. They sit down and again Steven is so wrapped up in Jackie that he doesn’t notice everyone in the area is about to kill him.

“It’s our responsibility and we’re not ready for that, I am taking you home. From there we are making an appointment and then we can talk about what to do with our future,” Steven says before turning and finding himself face to face with someone new.

“Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing to my sister,” Vicki says taking the attention off of Jackie.

“Get out of my way bitch,” Steven says as he tries to push past her.

Everyone is watching but only a few of us are close enough to see Vicki’s hand dart forward and grab hold of Steven, well only one part of him but if you ask any man when someone angry grabs you by the balls you listen. Steven is making a very high pitched noise and has let Jackie go as I stand up and slowly walk up to Steven and put my arm around his shoulders.

“Steven didn’t we have this conversation last night,” I ask getting tense nod,” Do you remember what I told you?”

“Don’t come… near… Jackie…,” Steven manages to squeak out.

“Now you don’t you remember that I told you there was no place for you with her family,” I ask getting a nod,” Now you’ve met her big sister. Vicki always wanted a sister, now Vicki is going to be an aunt. Why are you trying to take that away from her?”

“She needs to get an abor… HIIIIIIII,” Steven squeals as Vicki squeezes as he tries to say abortion.

“Vicki let him go I need to demonstrate something to Steven okay,” I ask as she reluctantly lets go.

Steven grabs his own testicles protectively and I let him breathe a little before helping him straighten up. I start to turn him to face the crowd so he can see her family but he shoves me off a little and kind of runs while holding himself. I shake my head and see the Old Man give me a questioning look.

“I warned him, I never said I was the one he had to worry about,” I tell him before sitting back down with my girls.

We finish eating and resume our looking around for the afternoon; my girls drag me off to go lose at a bunch of different games for them. I’m actually not happy about not even being able to win a small stuffed animal for one of them after trying almost every prize game they set me up on. We keep walking around and even try a few rides out when we’re walking past and I hear a voice calling out.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the gimp pimp,” I hear come from off to the side of us and look around to see who they’re addressing,” Yeah you, shaved head with the stable of lookers, and by lookers I mean *horn honk* get it!”

Every one of my girls is staring at a man in the dunk tank; he’s got a microphone over his head and is using the speaker to talk. It’s a pretty standard tank set up but there is loose netting separating him from us and I can see all my girls starting to either get mad or feel self conscious.

“Oh my lord that big one is a woman, I thought she was a man. And the one with the colored hair honestly looks like she came from an episode of cops,” this clown says mouthing off about MY girls.

I march over to his tank; I’m going to kill him when I get stopped by the games man.

“Five dollars to play,” He says pointing at the sign.

“How much to hop in the tank and kick the shit out of him,” I ask getting a disapproving look from the games man.

“Oh lookey here folks, we got a tough guy. Sadly he just can’t seem to take a joke, like why did the clown sit near the water,” He asks before getting wicked,” To splash the little redhead.”

I watch him pull a water pistol out and proceed to spray Rachael with a few blasts, a few blasts to her white sundress. I can see her underwear start to show and I pull my coat off and cover her up as the games man is trying to get in between me and the loudmouth asshole. I pull out a five and get handed three baseballs as the games man backs off and give me free reign at the target. I set into a stride like I’m on the pitching mound and focus on the red target and let it rip. Ding and down goes the clown, he stays under for a minute before coming up sputtering water. I see the games man reaching for the remaining balls but I’m holding them tight.

“I paid for three, I get my three,” I tell him and much to the dismay of the jackass in the tank he backs off.

“It’s so hot out here kid you are doing me a fav….,” ding ding and down goes the asshole in the water again.

I’m seething mad and pacing as I watch the clown try to get his feet under him and they reset the seat. I watch him take his time to crawl up, apparently clowns don’t
climb well when wet. I watch as he gets himself up and almost over the seat to sit when I release the third ball and take the seat right out from under him. He didn’t expect to drop so far and I when he comes up for air panicked and coughing I’m feeling a little better.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you talk shit over the sound of you nearly drowning,” I say before walking away smirking.

We get to a different section and I’m being calmed down by my girls, all of whom while calming me down are quietly happy with my taking charge in defending their honor. I remember wanting to play baseball back when I was with Heather but I had to wait till junior year, then with everything that happened I never bothered but an eye is and eye and an arm is an arm.

We continue playing around and the girls find me a game that I can win. Matty leads me to the old ‘swing the hammer, ring the bell and win a prize’. The guy looks at me and asks me which one I’m going to win a prize for. I shrug and Katy is the first to step up. I get handed the hammer and line up for my first swing and it’s a bell ringer. I repeat the process four more times before I get waved off and told no more by the games man. Dunking asshole clown is good but winning my girls a prize is even better for my ego as we wander back and regroup with everyone. We’re mingling and Imelda discovers that her mom has been here but socializing without her which changes fucking quick as she goes brings her over to talk with us. Introductions are good and everyone is chatting nicely till we all decide to head back towards home. I get a heads up that Mr. Delauter and Loretta have already headed back and transport home is easier with everyone able to split up and go with multiple drivers. I’m heading about half way home when I get a call on my Bluetooth and I answer it to find the Old Man on the other end.

“Boy drop your shit right now and get over to Vicki and Jackie’s apartment,” He says without letting me tell him I’m about to be in the middle of something.

I am off and down the road towards Vicki and Jackie’s new place with a vengeance. I arrive a little later and see blue flashing lights signaling the police before hopping of my bike and I’m about to lunge up the stairs when a firm hand grabs my arm and I see the Old Man standing outside for me.

“Someone broke in and trashed all the baby stuff, Vicki is mad and Jackie is scared. Now explain to me why I feel like you lied to me about Jackie’s ex,” the Old Man says as I hear Jackie coming down stairs fast.

“It’s not Guy’s fault Grandpa Jim,” I am a little taken aback by the use if his name but keep my composure as she continues,” Guy was doing what was best for me and it’s just stuff, nothing to make a big deal out of. Guy it’s our problem and we’ll be fine.”

“It’s not my problem but I’m going to solve it. We’ll get new stuff and a better lock on the door,” I tell them taking charge of the situation,” I’m gonna call Mark and we’re all going back to my family’s home. We’ll get this place more secure, we’ll get you new furnishings for my godchild but for now you sleep in a castle surrounded by people who will be there to help and protect you.”

I get Mark on the phone and he’s there soon enough to take the girls back home in his car; I wait and talk with the Old Man for a bit longer.

“I want him found but wait a couple days in case the police take care of Steven for us,” I tell him Steven’s address,” Don’t harm him I want to make him regret not listening to me. I told you that Steven wouldn’t matter and that makes my word in question so he’s all mine to fix this.”

“Boy you better wear your man pants because this is my only straw. I love both of those girls, they are my granddaughters and you better fix him or I will do your fucking job for you,” the Old Man tells me firmly.

I nod in agreement and tell him what I’ll need before hopping on Black Sunshine and heading back home. I park my bike in the garage and barely get in the door when I see almost all my girl’s eyes hit me with death glares. I’m confused but its Kori, who looks like she’s been crying, who starts in.

“How dare you do this to us,” She says standing up from the stairs.

“Do what, what are you talking about,” I ask confused.

“You leave us a note to say that we’re breaking up, that you’re not satisfied with us anymore,” Kori tells me and I’m a little shocked.

I look around and see that my note has been opened and is currently in Katy’s hands, every one of them must have read it. Loretta and Mr. Delauter are standing quiet, my crew is shifting about trying to figure out my ploy, Jackie and Vicki are with my family and I’m getting a dick look from them save for Jackie who is nervously looking at everyone. Even Imelda’s Mom is here and she’s confused as all hell. I watch my girls stand up and move towards me with very upset looks on their faces.

“Why did you open the note,” I ask a little upset.

“Oh did we spoil your plan to make a clean, guilt free break,” Katy says with malice.

“You couldn’t even try to tell us to our faces that you were having problems and feeling bored with our relationship,” Rachael says choking on some tears but sounding angry.

“You let them open the note,” I say to Loretta but Kori brings me back to her.

“Don’t put this off on her this is between you and us, how could you be such an insensitive asshole after everything we’ve been through,” Kori says getting me a little mad at all of them.

“Okay you want to know what is going on, fine. Stay right there,” I say before quickly stepping over and grabbing the box off the table and moving back in front of them,” Now I want you to read the fucking note.”

“I read the note. I know what it says, we all do,” Kori says giving me attitude right back in my face.

“Just do it,” I ask again,” And be loud enough so people can hear you.”

Kori takes the note from Katy and unfolds it, all my girls have the same look on their faces as I stand there and watch Kori muster up the courage to speak these words out loud.

“To Kori, Katy, Mathilda, Imelda and Rachael. My dearest girls we’ve been through a lot together and while each one of you have proven you’re a part of me I’ve never had the insight to see how much of a part. I’ve always felt like there was a timer on us and have been waiting for things to get worse. Our problems have been bad but we’ve pushed through despite the odds. I find myself dealing with my lingering doubts and fears on a daily basis and I had decided to take action in a more final manner. I can’t be your boyfriend anymore; I can’t string along five girlfriends anymore. I’m sad to say this is the end of an era for the six of us….,” Kori says stopping at the end.

“What does the rest say,” Jackie asks confused.

“That’s all it says, he’s just ended it like that,” Kori tells her before turning back to me.

“That’s because you were supposed to wait for me before reading it so I could finish,” I tell her before clearing my throat,” I’m sad to say this is an end of an era for the six of us. I can no longer tolerate my own misgivings so I must take this out of my hands and put it into yours.”

I finish my sentence and take a knee in front of everyone and pull the box up, it’s about twelve by ten inches and four inches thick. It takes a second to balance before I pop it open and show the girls the contents, six rings. Five of them with a diamond and a second stone, one amethyst, one emerald, one yellow topaz, one white moonstone and one ruby. The last one being a solid band of platinum that I never saw before but a quick glance and a wink from Loretta lets me know that I need to be surprised too.

“I’m done worrying about my girlfriends and our future. I want to think about my future with my wives,” I tell everyone assembled before turning my full attention my dumbfounded women,” Will you marry me?”

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