Cyborg Aimee meets teen Amy

Chapter 8. Shore Leave. (Part I.)

Background: United States Battle Star Pres. Sarah Falin had just destroyed a major terrorist camp and the Pentagon had no clue how it was done. Our General danced a happy dance and the crew, except essential staff, got a 24-hour rest period.

Major Jim Jackson, my executive officer or “Number Two,” was to be on duty for the next twenty-four hours and then I would take over. Of course, Lt. Aimee Victory changed my plans. Jim, an Air Force Academy soccer star, was every woman’s dream of what a military officer should look like. Tall, muscular and slender he wears his uniforms like they were Givenchy designer suits.

After graduating from the Academy, the Air Force took full advantage of his good looks and sent him to nearly every college campus as a recruiter. By the end of the first year the AF noticed he had a huge following on social media, like a rock star. The only problem was every female college student who joined just “had to be stationed with Lt. Jim!”

The generals finally put a halt to it and sent Jim back to school for his Masters and PhD. The college girls and fans slowly forgot about him and the AF let him hide on the Battle Star. Which was our gain. On occasion Jim tells us one of his college recruiting stories, “It’s not the coeds who were the problem. I could handle them, plus get them to sign up for AF. It was their aggressive mothers who insisted I fuck them before I could interview the daughters.” One or two of the NCO’s agreed with laughs because they had similar experiences.

I sent Jim a com-text to meet Dr. Julia in the conference room in 30 minutes to assist her on a ‘special project’. At the same time I coordinated with the CoS that both Jim and I would be “off routine duty” for twelve hours, but available via com-text if needed.

Dr. Julia Hernandez decided to change into a less formal dress before she headed to the conference room to meet with Major Jackson. She had already read his military records jacket, the ‘jacket’, and was impressed with his background. And she had to admit to herself that during their first meeting she checked him out more than once. “Not bad,” she had mused, not expecting a four day war to throw them into such close contact. She smiled to herself as she took a chair at the conference table and hiked her dress up to show more leg.

Jim breezed into the conference and almost stopped as he unexpectedly saw Dr. Julia. She smiled at him as she saw his eyes travel downwards for just a second, but he recovered very fast. He looked her in the eyes as he came around the conference room, but Julia knew he had noticed the civilian dress with it modest low cut front. She knew her breast weren’t huge but they stood up nicely.

Julia had seated herself at one corner of the conference table and indicated to Jim to sit next to her at a right angle. This way they could face each other and talk quietly. She had to remind herself that all conversation was automatically recorded via audio-holo vid. Two drinks sat in front of them on the table.

“Hello, Dr. Hernandez. What can I assist you with,” Jim said with a big smile as she indicated the chair to him. As he sat down his eyes again travel up and down her front quickly and he also noticed a long expanse of legs under the table. “Let’s talk a little before I explain the project,” Julia answered and raised her glass. “Congratulations on your successful 4-day war,” she said and waited for Jim to also raise his. Like a gentleman he raised his glass, they touched and sipped their drink.

Julia felt just the least bit bad for already slipping a pill into Jim’s drink. She knew she had promised not to do it. “Oh well, it’s just a mild truth pill,” she thought. It would allow Jim to answer absolutely truthfully without remorse.

She asked him about his career after the Academy and he told her about his stint as a recruiting officer. “I met tons of people from all over the country. It would have been a great first step in a political career,” he told her and added, “I surely don’t want to be a politician.” He told her about finishing his MS and PhD, going to more Air Force schools and finally being chosen for the Battle Star. “The selection process for this job was a real big hurdle because we didn’t know what we were being interviewed and tested for.”

Julia let him ramble for nearly an hour before he slowed down and asked again what she needed him to do. She said, “I know you have top security clearances to be assigned here; but are you aware that there may be even higher classified projects?” He shook his head ‘Yes’ and told her he had been involved in buying the improved sniper rifles. “I know there are lots more projects out there,” he said and pointed upwards in the universal AF signal for outer space.

She told him he was correct and they were going to discuss one; but not in the conference room. Jim assumed they would go to the intelligence center were classified info could be discussed and was surprised when they turned down the corridor toward the Colonel’s quarters behind the new door.

Julia led him through the first door and then entered the code to get into her suite. Jim whistled in surprise and said, “Dr. Julia, they surely did a nice job at upgrading your quarters.” She smiled at him and told him to get comfortable on the couch. At the tiny kitchen area she fixed two drinks and sat them on the coffee table bending forward to flash a bit of cleavage. She sat down next to him making sure her dress was again showing lots of leg. The message was obvious, but Jim leaned back and put one arm behind Julia on the couch. She handed him a drink and they sipped.

“I’m going to tell you a bit about my job,” she told him urging him to sip a bit more. It was just regular whiskey, forbidden on the Battle Star, but smuggled in with her medical supplies. She explained she worked in classified medical research which often required volunteers. “I want you to volunteer to help me with my research. It would require me to measure you all over in great detail,” she smiled and looked at his crotch. She thought she saw the tiniest twitch under his uniform and then she gazed into his eyes and nodded her head.

Jim looked back at her and his eyes traveled down to her cleavage and his mouth said, “Do I get to measure you?” Julia laughed and said, “Only if you want to.” Her hands moved to his shirt and unbuttoned the top three. She slid her hand into the gap and stroked his chest and let her long finger rest on his nipple. She tweaked his nipple and moved forward for their first kiss. They kissed gently and held their lips against each other for minutes. When they broke apart, he inhaled and told her with a laugh, “The military teaches you to never volunteer, but I may make an exception for you.” Julia giggled and their second kiss was hard with exploring tongues.

Julia stood and reached for some clothes hangers and told him, “So, let’s get you measured from head to toes.” She got a box from one of the shipping containers and Jim saw the usual medical stuff for an exam. Julia had him stand against a plain wall and shot a bunch of pictures with a new laser Nikon camera. It not only took his picture but also provided instant measurements. Then she said, “Now for the more interesting events.”

She lined up several small bottles, some red, some pink and some blue. Julia stepped close to the naked Jim and said, “Would you like to strip me, now?” He smiled and Julia pointed to the hidden zipper on the side of her dress. In a half minute she was standing next to Jim in only a set of tiny bikini briefs and let him get an eye full of her body.

Jim grins as he slowly surveys Julia’s petite body. Her blonde pixie hair, bright brown eyes and a cute nose give her a cute, college girl look. It is obvious to him she is a runner from her toned body and muscular legs. “Or a dancer,” he wishes already seeing her on a stage with a stripper pole. He giggles and she asks, “So, what do you think?” as she slowly pirouettes for him. He ogles her a bit more and answers, “You must be a runner. Petite, very toned, muscular legs and sweet tits.” He slaps his hand to his mouth, surprised he said it just like he thought it.

Julia grins because it’s nice to hear the exact truth, not just flattery because a guy wants to get your panties off. “Before I show you the rest of the medical experiment, I have to do more measuring,” she tells him and pulls out a seamstress’ tape measure. She measures his chest, waist and hips. Then she kneels down in front of him and measures his thighs up high next to his crotch. It makes his cock twitch and Julia smiles up at him, “Now, now sailor, don’t get ahead of me.” He looks down at her and zips his lips before he tells what she should do while kneeling in front of his cock.

Jim has to bite his tongue when Julia plays with his cock and measures his length, first on the top and then on the bottom. She stokes him a few times and measures his circumference. All the data goes into her hand-held data screen. Julia jumps up and pulls him next to the bed and brings a green bottle and two blue pills. She asks him, “What’s the longest time you ever masturbated?” He chokes a bit and stammers an answer. “And did you get sore or have pain?” she asks. He nods his head ‘Yes’ to the very personal questions. Julia smiles and hands him the little green bottle and tells him, “Drink this for a no-pain experience.”

“What,” he wonders, is she going to make him masturbate until it hurts? Julia smiles and has him sit on the edge of the bed and stands real close. “Sailor, do you want to unwrap your gift,” she asks and motions to her panties. He tells her the first thing on his mind, “I want to fuck you in every hole.” He pulls her panties to the floor; wondering where his foul mouth came from. She whispers to him, “You will, guaranteed.” Dr. Julia hands him the two little blue pills and says, “To help you do just that.”

Jim chuckles and tells her he is in great shape and doesn’t need a blue pill “helper.” Julia leans down, kisses his lips and says, “These are from my lab. Trust me.” While he swallows the two blue pills she kneels down between his legs and gently grabs his cock. She pulls the skin back making his cock head stand up and kisses it gently. Gently stroking him she smiles as he sits and watches her playing with his cock. One hand moves to his balls and she kneads them.

Julia plays with him for a few more minutes and Jim is totally relaxed as he can feel himself getting hard. He feels one of her fingers moving toward his ass hole and expects to get invaded; but Julia’s finger stops short and presses on a point he did not know existed. He can feel blood rushing to his cock head and veins standing out on his cock harder than ever. An ‘Oh,’ escapes his lips and Julia asks, “Good?” He can barely nod as she pushes him back on his back. His cock is rock hard and Julia straddles him, inserts his cock into her tight pussy and lays down on his chest.

Her hard nipples poke into his chest and Julia lays her head against him and tells him quietly, “We’ll do it the usual way for a bit. I want you to cum in me at least ten times.” Jim thinks, “Yea right, ten times would take all night if he was lucky.” Julia rocks her bottom in pelvic thrusts and grips his cock with her pussy muscles. She slides downward making sure he has her fully penetrated and squeezes some more.

Julia lifts up on her arms, smiles down at Jim and says, “On three!” As she counts, “One,” she rock up and down hard. On “Two,” she pumps faster and faster. As she pants, “Three,” she adds, “Give me your cum, now!” Jim squirts his first load of Jizz into her pussy in less than two minutes. He arches up to penetrate her even deeper and shoots load after load. Julia smiles down at him and rides him harder. All the cum lubricates her pussy and she massages his cock and rides him for a few more minutes. She slows a little after she counts more than a dozen shots of hot Jizz in her pussy.

“I never,” Jim moans as she lifts off him and his cock pops out of her pussy standing up rock hard. Julia giggles, “The night is still young. Choose your second position.” Jim scrambles up and tells her to lay on her back. She knows what he wants, its most men’s fantasy: throat fucking. Julia lays on the bed with her head over the edge. She stretches her neck to accommodate his hard cock which seems to have grown at least an inch.

Jim laughs and tells her he envies her job, “Maybe I should apply to work at your lab as a permanent ‘volunteer’. She laughs and tells him he may not like it so much when an experiment goes wrong, “Lots of pain and misery.” Julia looks up at him with a big smile, opens her mouth and lets him slide his cock in. Her tongue swirls around it as he gently strokes in and out for a minute. He can feel his cum building quickly and gets ready to fill her mouth with Jizz. The doctor has a different idea. She wraps her arms around his legs and pulls him to her face. It pushes his hard cock deep into her throat and cum gushes down her pipe. Spurt after spurt, unstoppable.

Julia is in heaven. She can guzzle all the cum she wants without being in the lab and having to just watch some volunteer fat girl do it. They had discovered fat girls could swallow lots more cum without barfing it all up, like the model thin girls. She tilted her head back some more and sucked Jim’s cock until she heard him moaning hard. She hated to stop, but she knew he needed three minutes of rest every fifteen minutes. She laughed to herself, “Yes, we science girls know how to do this best.” She pushed against his legs and made him sit on the bed. Handing him a blue bottle she told him to drink two swallows of it.

Jim thought he had died and gone to heaven. He figured they had been at hard fucking for about twenty minutes and he had not stopped cuming and shooting Jizz. He had never fucked a girl in all three holes so quickly and Dr. Julia had only one more hole to go. She seemed to be all in favor of it. He lay back on the bed and smiled to himself. Julia snuggled up to him and kissed him. He kissed her back and then kissed her petite ears and down her neck. She put a hand in his hair and gently pushed his head down to her perky tits.

“Ah, yes,” she moaned, “be gently with my titties. I don’t like it rough.” It came as a surprise to him after the hard fucking she endured. Of course, she initiated and fairly well forced his cock deep down her throat. “Interesting,” he answered and treated her boobs like he did his high school prom date. Very gently kissing and exploring every inch, paying special attention to the nipples without sucking hard. Julia arched her back up in appreciation, grabbed his head and shivered all over. “Interesting,” he said again as he realized Julia just had a tremendous orgasm. Tits, not pussy got her off. It was something that he put into a “Fascinating facts” memory.

Julia slid up on him so they were face to face and she whispered, “Thank you, it was nice.” He held her to him and tried to relax, but Julia had other ideas. “What is your next fantasy, baby,” she asked and he stroked her ass with his hands. She laughed, “You’re too predictable.” Julia got a bottle of lotion and then got back on the bed on hands and knees. She lowered her head against a pillow and Jim dribbled lotion on her ass. He inserted his pinky in her pucker and dribbled lotion directly into her hole.

Julia giggled, “Its cold,” and wiggled her ass. As Jim lined up behind her she reached around and grabbed his cock and stroked it. Feeling it was still rock hard she asked, “So what do you think about my little pills now?” It made him think with a worry, “How long does it last?” Julia giggled, “I took it easy on you. It’s just a low two-hour dose. But I have stronger ones if you survive.” She laughed hard and for punishment he pushed into her ass until his balls slammed into her hard. Julia screamed into the pillow as he fucked her hard.

She wrapped her arms around the pillow and kept her face in it as she enjoyed the fuck. Getting rammed hurt like hell, but she knew his cum would lube her in seconds. His cock head was deep in her ass, so reached between her legs and played with her clit. Jim started shooting Jizz two minutes later and it did not stop. With the stamina of a soccer player he kept pumping her without mercy. He knew better, but he was in a frenzy to make her his bitch. She took it all and when Jizz was flowing she rocked her ass back against him and squeezed his cock with her anal ring. Holy shit. For a second he wondered how she learned all this. She could have been reading his mind because she gasped, “You agree, scientific observation teaches you a lot of things?”

He laughed, “To science and doctors. We salute you!” Pumping more Jizz into her ass he finally seemed to be drained and pulled out of her. They both collapsed on the bed. He felt like he had run a marathon, winded and tired. Julia cuddled him and said, “Breathe baby. Doctor will have you ‘Good to Go’ in five minutes.” He rolled on his back and took deep breaths, just like after a winning soccer game. Julia got a second blue bottle and a pink one. She told him to drink the rest of the first bottle and all of the second. She sipped from the pink one slowly. Then she cuddled against him again.

Jim put his arms around her, kissed her gently and said, “Most interesting.” They snuggled and kissed for a few minutes and Jim realized he was totally recovered and feeling great, besides getting his pipes cleaned. He asked her, “Of course, I have a ton of questions. Is everything classified?” She nodded ‘Yes’ and said, “Sorry. The good news is, we can do it again if you want. Even without the ‘mild’ blue pills.” He laughed, “OK, I’m your permanent volunteer.”

She snuggled against him again and told him to rest twenty minutes. “Then it’s back to work, baby. And it goes without saying, ‘No familiarity outside this bedroom’.” He threw her a mock salute, “Yes, Doctor.”

She pinched his nipple hard and added, “By the way, we are taking a long weekend shore leave and you are also going. As my escort.”

He was thinking of all the work he had to do in preparation, but seemed to be energized to do it all in one long session.

* * * * *

Lt. Col. Thad Jones, Maj. Jim Jackson, Dr. Julia Hernandez and Lt. Aimee Victory are strapped into the passenger seats of a shuttle headed toward Reno’s airport. They wear their brown delivery company uniforms which match the livery of their disguised shuttle. The shore leave long weekend had arrived. We had a basic plan of setting our base of operations in my Las Vegas hotel and would see what would develop.

Maybe we would never leave the hotel.

Jim had Julia’s permission to talk about his experience only to me and only in my quarters. He had asked me, “Are you aware that Dr. Hernandez carried liquor aboard?” I raised my eyebrows and said, “Surely you jest, or for medical purposes only.” For ten seconds he thought I was serious and then he laughed, “Yea, I needed medical treatment.” So I teased him, “Was that before or after she gave you a blue pill?” He chuckled and said, “Two blue pills.” Of course, Julia had already told me she would only use the low doses on him.

Jim was happy to be my wingman on shore leave with three beautiful women. Just before we left the Battle Star I showed him Amy’s picture in the red dress. He immediately saw that Amy and Aimee were somehow related and I did not explain it further when he guessed, “Cousins?” I only mentioned they were off-limits.

At the hotel we booked individual rooms for everyone to let us recover from the somewhat cramped Battle Star. I went to the airport to meet Amy. Our meeting was even more energetic than before with Amy climbing up my chest and wrapping her legs around me. She looked left and right and the coast seemed clear for a sweet deep throat kiss. Then she hopped back down, grabbed her bag and acted all high school innocent. I laughed all the way to the limo.

I told her more people from my work came with me and she would meet them at the hotel. “Is Julia one of them,” she asked and smiled real wide when I nodded. “I like her,” Amy added, “except when she made you sleep all day. She will have to pay for that.” I answered, “Julia has been working on a way to make it up to you. It’s a surprise.” Amy laughed, “It better be good.” I chuckled to myself, “You don’t know the half of it.” We talked about school a bit and her upcoming graduation. She told me she had received full scholarship offers from several AF ROTC programs, but not yet from the Academy. I wondered if I needed to talk to the General.

The plan was for the whole team to meet for a great dinner, but Amy wanted to see Julia and the surprise first. So I had Amy get dressed in the best dress she brought and fix her make-up, all under the guise of impressing Dr. Julia. It made Amy a bit nervous in anticipation. When a knock came on the door I let Julia in the room. Aimee waited in the hallway for a signal.

Amy hugged and kissed Julia as if they had been separated for years. She prattled about her scholarships and thanked Julia over and over. Finally Julia got a word in and told her, “I have a surprise. You better hold on to Thad. It may shock you.” She went to the door and brought in Aimee.

They stood about six feet apart and gaped at each other with wide eyes. Of course Aimee understood she was modeled after someone; but seeing her ‘original’ was probably just as much a shock as to Amy. Amy was no dummy and realized this was some relative she had never seen or heard about. I said, “Amy meet AF Lt. Aimee Victory.” Amy looked at me with wide eyes and asked, “Who is she?”

Julia stepped in and explained, “She is a cousin you did not know about. I found her.” Amy looked at Julia and asked, “We have the same name, too?” Julia answered, “Not quite, spelled different.” I was glad Julia had made her taller and older. ‘Cousins’ could maybe be believable. Most people would think ‘older sister’. Julia added, “Amy, there is just one very important point. You can’t ask Aimee about her background and you can’t tell your parents. It’s sensitive information because of her job.” Amy nodded her head and stepped forward.

Amy and Aimee hugged each other and I had to smirk because Julia and I both watched the two sets of 40DD’s smashing against each other. I reminded Julia she had to explain it to Jim – ‘Cousins’. “OK everybody, let’s get ready for dinner. Meet in the lobby in 15,” I ordered and led Aimee and Julia to the hall.

Amy looked at me and said, “Long lost Cousin?” I shrugged my shoulders and answered, “That’s what Julia says.” I assumed as soon as Amy was alone she would be doing computer searches. At dinner Amy sat next to Aimee and they talked. Since Aimee knew every detail about my Amy she was able to ask her questions about school and her desire to go to the Academy. Aimee gently mentioned, “If you heard nothing by the end of next week, tell Thad. He has friends.” She pointed up when she said it and everyone chuckled.

Amy said she would love to go back to the Casino or the club, but not tonight, “Besides, did you girls bring evening dresses?” Aimee and Julia shook their heads ‘No’ and looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and Amy laughed, “Goody, shopping trip first thing in the morning.” It reminded me to make sure I had lots of money in my account.

Back at the hotel, Jim took Julia to the bar for quiet conversation and Amy, Aimee and I headed for my room. Room service had already delivered several bottles of nice wine, closed the drapes and turned down the king size bed. I invited the girls to continue their conversation while I poured wine and started some music. I listened carefully as Amy was trying to get more information out of Aimee by asking about her job.

Aimee played it cool and said since Dr. Julia found her she has been helping at the medical center. Since Amy was familiar with Julia’s offices it sounded reasonable. “Before, I worked in administration doing accounting,” Aimee added. Of course, she could answer any mathematical questions and my Amy was no slouch putting her to the test. “Accounting was tough for me,” she whined, “without a computer I could never get a Balance Sheet to work.” Her eyes opened wide like she wanted Aimee to comment. Aimee did not disappoint, “Lots of people have some problems with manual balance sheets, because no one does them anymore, except college professors.” She went into some of the theoretical stuff and lost me two seconds later. Now Amy did look at her wide eyed.

I let them gab on for a bit and brought the wine out, “Girls, no more math.” Then I whispered to Amy, “Unless we are talking about your boob size.” Amy laughed and said, “We may be the same size.” I added, “I need to see to be sure.” Amy jumped up and chirped, “Last one is a rotten cousin,” working the buttons on her blouse. She kneeled on the bed and pushed her shoulders back. Her pink bra pushed her 40DD’s high and she looked at Aimee.

Aimee was slower but made up for it by doing a slow strip. She pushed her jeans down, bending over in exaggeration showing of her heart shaped ass globes. She wiggled her ass, stood up and pulled her sweater off. She wore a green bra also pushing her tits forward. Aimee walked to Amy and put one hand around her and pushed her tits into Amy. “Who is bigger, Thad?” she asked.

“You both look perfect,” I said and added, “but I have to measure.” My shirt hit the floor and I stepped to the girl and took one of Amy’s breasts in one hand and one of Aimee’s in the other. My thumbs rubbed their nipples through the material and I closed my eyes. I kissed Amy first and then Aimee and moved my hands from their breast into their hair. While kissing them again I pulled our heads together and then got out of the way of the girls’ first kiss. Aimee took the initiative and kissed Amy on the cheeks and then full on her lips.

After her experience with Julia, Amy was no longer afraid of girl sex. She wrapped her arms around Aimee and kissed her like a long lost boyfriend. Deep tongue swapping kisses and moans made me groan as I watched. I stepped behind Aimee and popped her bra. She reached behind Amy and popped her bra. I helped slide them off their shoulders and dropped them to the floor.

Aimee pushed Amy back on the bed and Amy giggled, “Thad, is it OK if I play with Aimee?” I laughed and said, “I’ll be right over here if you need me; but if you ask her nice she may give you your special wish.” Amy blushed from her head to her chest, pulled Aimee down on her and whispered, “My special wish is for you to eat my pussy and make me cum.” Aimee leaned forward and kissed her belly, making her snicker more, and whispered back, “Whatever you wish for, Cousin.” She helped Amy get her jeans and panties off and when Aimee lay flat, I pulled her green thong off. I got a glass of wine and enjoyed the show.

Aimee started kissing Amy’s face with little butterfly kisses slowly working down her neck. Her fingers gently massaged Amy’s nipples and then Aimee kissed her deeply making Amy’s toes curl. Their boobs bounced against each other’s bodies as the slid against each other. Aimee’s taller body was more toned and athletic looking compared to the petite Amy. Aimee’s skin tone was just a bit darker than Amy’s, like she had spent a week at the beach. I could tell Amy had lost weight and she was curvier with more muscle definition.

As usual, Amy had not shaved her pussy between our visits and probably had in mind for me to do it. Her dark triangle was curly with short hair. Aimee was on her knees leaning over Amy and her pussy is clean. She will never have to shave. It made me laugh, “Well that’s one experience she will never have, or maybe she will help me shave Amy.” Aimee heard me laugh and shook her ass at me. Then she went back to kissing Amy’s boobs and sucking her nipples. Amy squeezed her tits together and held them up for Aimee. Her eyes sparkled in appreciation as Aimee sucked her as only a woman could.

A bit later Amy’s hands came up into Aimee’s hair and she tugged on her, “Lower please. I need to get off bad.” Aimee looked down at the horny girl and moved down between her legs. Amy spread her spread her legs wide, cocked her knees and slid two fingers into her pussy. She pulled her pussy lips wide open and we could see she was already covered in moisture. Aimee laid down between her legs and studied Amy’s pussy. She leaned in and gave it a tentative kiss right in the center. Amy let her pussy lips go and put her hands on Aimee’s hair. “Right there, please,” she whined.

It hit me that today was probably the first time Aimee had seen fresh teen pussy. As I watched her tongue stroke expertly up and down Amy’s pussy I could tell three obvious facts. First, Amy was enjoying Aimee tongue as she moaned and squirmed and held Aimee by her hair. Second, Aimee was enjoying her first teen pussy treating Amy gently but firmly as her tongue dug deeper and deeper into Amy’s pussy. “Oh wow, how long is Aimee’s tongue anyway?” I wondered, hoping she was not excessively long. We could not explain that. And lastly, Amy was going to have a mind-blowing orgasm any minute.

She did three minutes later. I saw her grab a pillow and cover her face as she screamed her release. Aimee had moved up to her clit and uncovered it. I saw the bright red eraser head pop out and Aimee sucked and bit it until Amy screamed and nearly jumped off the bed. Aimee cuddled Amy to her and held her as she whimpered coming down from her cum. Aimee looked at me through shielded eyelashes and smiled., “How was the show?” she mouthed at me and I answered, “Perfect.”

The girls rested for a few minutes and then giggled and looked at me. I had an idea and told them. Amy was ready in an instant because she had waited for this visit. She spread her legs wide and her pussy was still wet. My cock was rock hard and I pushed my cock head into her teen pussy. Aimee had her head inches away and watched closely. “Very nice,” she told us and I told her to go ahead and do it.

‘It,’ was straddling Amy’s face and letting her eat pussy. Aimee smiled at me as we faced each other and leaned forward and kissed. “Thank you, Thad. This is just heaven,” she whispered. “I love you Aimee,” I whispered back as my cock went deep into Amy’s pussy. Aimee’s made rocking motions on Amy’s mouth like she was riding her favorite horse. We had a nice pace going and fucked for a long time. Amy’s pussy was very tight, but she could not squeeze my cock like my Cyborg Aimee’s vice-like pussy. I was close to cuming and whispered it to Amy. We came together. I shot several hot streams of cum deep into Amy and her mouth got filled with Aimee’s girl juices.

Definitely, a new experience for my high school honey. She gasped and moaned as she had her second orgasm tonight. Aimee and I cuddled Amy between us and let her recover. Amy surprised us because five minutes later she was sound asleep.

Aimee chuckled and told me she would clean Amy’s pussy and then return to her own room. I kissed her good night and told her to rest because shopping with Amy and clubbing will be a new experience for her.

We embraced before she closed the door and I reminded her.

Aimee is my Cyborg and only I get to fuck her.

Amy is my high school hottie and only Aimee and I get to fuck her.

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