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5 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 33: "Commitment"


The time was 3:33am on this Friday morning when I suddenly
found myself awake, having just drifted out of what had been
a very peaceful and relaxing sleep. I was disoriented for a
moment or two, but then felt another body move and shift
against mine here upon the bed in my personal suite. A wide,
far-reaching smile then came to my face as I quickly realized
that the spectacular Trish was cuddled up all nice and close
against my side, and still sleeping. Lucky her, huh?

Finding no reason to wake her, I took a deep breath and
settled down upon the plush and comfortable mattress. I then
recalled the prior evening which, simply put, was memorable.
Trish and I wound up having mad, passionate sex for what
seemed like hours, and it ended with a dual shower where not
only I washed her hair and gave her a full-body scrub-down,
but she basically did the same for me. Hopefully, last night
would be the launching pad for Trish to spend the rest of her
life with not only me, but Kristanna and Devon as well.

I felt like going back to sleep myself since I was so
tired, but enjoyed listening to the soft, gentle sounds of
Trish as she slumbered next to me. The enchantress seemed
so very calm and cerebral, so vulnerable, at this point in
time. Call me crazy, but I considered it a turn-on to hold
women in bed and listen to them as they sleep. I cannot
even begin to speculate how many times I had lain awake at
night and listened to the sweet sounds of Kristanna.

As I peppered Trish's forehead with a gentle kiss, she
let out a moan and then shifted her body against mine. Night
moves, I figured, because she continued sleeping. But the
feel of her lean, voluptuous body pressing and rubbing
against mine was more than enough to fully rouse me.

I heard my beloved Trish let out a gentle sigh as she
continued to purr and coo in her sleep. Thus, I turned my
face toward hers, and admired her lovely silhouette in the
darkened bedroom. A definite smile soon came to my face as
I continued to listen to the peaceful sounds she made.

Soon, I eased my right hand and arm under and across her
body, and offered her back a light, feathery rub. I did not
want to wake her up; so there was not a lot of force used
with my touch. I simply caressed her back and shoulders.

Another smile came to my face as I crooked my neck and
applied a soft kiss to the crown of Trish's blonde head.
She rustled for a short moment, but continued sleeping. I
soon followed with another kiss to her head, while gently
palming the back of her shoulder with my right hand.

It was not too long before I felt the insatiable urge to
press my lips to the side of Trish's face and shower it with
light kisses. My right hand still palming the back of her
shoulder, Trish rustled around for a moment as my lips
caressed her immaculate face with a series of kisses.

"What are you doing?" came a soft, squealy question.

Those words made me freeze immediately. I had awakened
Trish? I had no real intention of doing so; I wanted to let
her sleep - we had a long and eventful evening, obviously,
and I was certain that she was exhausted. Perhaps I had
been a bit too forceful with my kisses and caresses?

"What ARE you doing, Jeremy?" she soon repeated.

"Cherishing you," was my truthful response, which was
followed by another kiss to the crown of her head.

Trish giggled for an instant, then proceeded to press
her palm against my chest and say, "What time is it?"

I glanced over at the alarm clock. "A little bit after
three-thirty in the morning." I paused and added, "I'm very
sorry for waking you up, sunshine."

"Don't worry about it," she replied, a definite smile in
her voice. "It's no big deal." Trish snuggled closer to me,
then placed the side of her face upon my chest and seemed to
use it as a pillow. "How long have you been awake?"

"Few minutes," I replied, now rubbing her back with some
pressure being applied. I could tell that she enjoyed it.
After last night, I got the sense that Trish enjoyed nearly
everything about me. The feeling, of course, was mutual.

Next, there was at least ten seconds of total silence
between us. I was waiting for Trish to say something. Soon,
I came to the conclusion that she was waiting for me to say
something. It was one of those awkward situations.

In the darkness, I watched the silhouette of Trish's head
rise up from my chest and turn slightly. The Canadian then
lowered her face - particularly, her lips - to my left
pectoral and barraged it with her own style of adoration.

"It's raining kisses!" I gently laughed.

It quickly became obvious that she was not showing a mere
token of love for me. Her kisses upon my chest persisted; I
eventually got the idea that there was a sense of sexual
desire somewhere within her.

As a result, I reached down and grabbed the back of
Trish's oversized night-shirt, then pulled it up to her
shoulder blades. With her back exposed, I soon glided my
fingers across its warm, supple skin.

Trish responded by sliding her mouth up to my neck, then
burying her face there. I squirmed about in bed as she
extended her tongue and swiped it across various regions of
my neck and shoulders. It sent chills down my spine.

"You told me that there was once a time when you would
sleep in only a bra and panties," I mused, still caressing
her tender, exposed back. "But now, it seems, you have
added night-shirts to the mix. Why is that, dear?"

"My old age is changing me," the 30-year-old snickered.
"Why? Do you like me better in a bra and panties?"

"I like you better in nothing at all," I answered, running
my fingers throughout her long, silky blonde hair. "And what
is this about your old age? I turn 40 next year. The big,
bad four-O. Want to trade? You're a baby compared to me."

"Waaaaa," Trish cried, teasing me. "You're my baby,
Jeremy. My little baby!" She kissed my neck and chirped,
"I love you so, so much! SO MUCH!"

I latched onto Trish's shoulders and gently rolled her
beneath me. I then grasped both of her hands with my own,
and offered my new-found lover a pleasurable kiss upon the
lips. I was really, truly enjoying this with her...

Once it was over seconds later, I could stop not myself as
I brought Trish's right hand to my lips and nuzzled it. The
young woman giggled as I worshiped all of its long, slender
fingers with loving kisses. Her hand felt soft and smooth.

As I continued to nuzzle that hand with my lips, Trish
darted her head upward and eventually found my mouth with her
own. She snaked her tongue into my mouth, which caused me to
shift all of my attention to our shared kiss. I embraced her
heavenly body with both arms as I lay atop her in bed, and
then drove my tongue into her own mouth for a taste. She
encircled my shoulders with her arms and squeezed tightly.

"Patricia, Patricia, Patricia," I moaned once our lips
finally parted, finding myself somewhat short of breath.

"Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Jeremiah," she giggled in response.

"My proper name is not Jeremiah," I corrected her. "It is
Jeremy. But I know for a fact that yours is Patricia."

"Just don't call me Patty-cakes!" she playfully warned me.

I reached over and flipped the desk lamp on. I wanted
there to be light so I could fully admire and appreciate
Trish's immaculate, flawless face with my eyes. Of course,
she was smiling up at me as I did so. Trish was always
smiling. She was a very vibrant and charismatic type of
person. I cannot stress how her attitude and outlook on
things in general had improved my life in recent times.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Trish's smile was persistent. "I am so glad, Jeremy, that
you no longer seem apprehensive about becoming physical and
intimate with me. I honestly thought that you were not
physically attracted to me. I could not figure out why."

I chuckled gently and assured her, "After last night,
honey, I don't think you need to worry about that any more."

* * *

Several hours later and after breakfast had concluded, I
singled Amy out and pulled her to the side for a private
discussion. I informed Amy that I wanted her to meet me in
my suite at noon. I had focused almost all of my energy and
attention upon Trish yesterday (and got a loving commitment
from her as a result). Today, on the other hand, was going
to be Amy's day. I planned on treating her nice and special,
and hoped to get the same type of commitment from her as I
did from Trish. At the very least, I wanted to work toward
it. She agreed to meet up with me by no later than 12:00pm.

After going through my normal routine of doing the dishes,
I retired to my private quarters and killed some time by
browsing the Internet. It was also at this point in time
that I decided to chronicle everything that had taken place
on the island since the ladies made their arrival more than
a month ago - in writing. Thus, I began to work on an early,
rough draft of chapter one of this very story.

I was interrupted, however, at 11:45am when the door
opened behind me. I did not expect it to be Amy, since I
could not imagine her and her submissive mindset entering
my personal suite without at least knocking first. Sure
enough, it was not Amy. It was...

"Kristanna!" I greeted, smiling brightly. I saved my
work in the word processor program and stood up from the
computer so I could meet her as she stepped forward and
offered me a loving embrace with both arms. "How are you
doing, sweet peaches?" Yes, I had nicknames for everyone!

"Excellent!" she responded, a definite bounce in her step.
"I just got off the telephone with my parents from back home
in Norway. They both said they are willing to retire to an
island retreat with us. But they want the island to be
small, and quiet. They do not want to live in a place like
the Bahamas, where there are thousands of tourists passing
through in a constant, never-ending cycle."

"I don't want to live in a place like that either," I
offered. "You girls know I prefer things being quiet."

"Momma and Papa also understand that we want to live on
an island where our children can go to school and interact
with others their own age, and grow up right," Kristanna
added. "So we won't live in some desolate place, either."

"Anguilla comes to mind right away," I nodded, referring
to the Caribbean resort island. "I keep telling you that it
is my second favorite place in the world - next to this
island, of course. But Anguilla... it is beautiful there.
It is nice and quiet too, and has a good school system. I
think it is an ideal place if everyone can agree on it."

"My parents said they are going to do some research on
different islands and get back to us," Kristanna mused. "I
think they're going to give us a list of places they like.
That way, we should be able to agree on an island." She
smirked and added, "I did tell them of your ongoing love
affair with Anguilla. They will look closely at it."

"Sounds fair enough," I nodded. "I know how much you
want to live close-by to your parents, Krissy. I know how
much they mean to you. And I do not like the idea that they
are halfway around the world from us right now."

"What about THIS island?" she asked. "This is YOUR home.
All of our memories are here. What will become of it?"

"We can still use this island as a vacation home," I
suggested. "We can come here for a month or two each year.
I am sure the older, married couple that I told you about in
the past - my friends from Peru - would love to look after
the mansion while we are away. They've done it before. I
have let them stay here in the past when I went on trips."

"Please don't sell this island, Jeremy," Kristanna begged.
"I know there are people out there who would pay you
millions and millions of dollars for this island. But
please don't sell it. All of our memories are here! I know
how important this island is to you."

"I'm not going to sell it," I promised, kissing the crown
of my fiancee's head. "I have no reason to sell it. This
will make a good vacation home for us, as I said. But we
have to get away from here. It's about time I re-enter
society. I have lived here since 1996. That is way too
long. I have lost touch with the rest of civilization."

"It will do you good to get back out into the world, even
if it is on another island," Kristanna told me. "As long as
there are other people around, it will do you good."

"I cannot argue with you there."

"I say we have a small resort hotel built wherever we go,"
Kristanna chirped. "It would keep us busy. You could manage
and run it, Jeremy. Devvy, Trish and me could work there,
too. Maybe behind the front counter, or book-keeping behind
the scenes. Devvy would probably be really good at that.
She is used to crunching numbers like that." Kristanna
grinned and nodded her head for emphasis. "Yeah..."

I suddenly found myself startled, however, when there was
a noise from behind us. More specifically, it was the sound
of a sharp knock upon the door. I turned and was graced with
the presence of Amy. The door was already open from earlier;
Kristanna did not close it when she arrived moments ago.

"Am I... interrupting anything here?" Amy asked, an even
mixture of curiosity and trepidation upon her lovely face.
The stunning red-head, who was dressed in a half t-shirt
and a saucy mini-skirt (of course), took a tentative step
into the bedroom and smiled warmly at us.

"You could never interrupt us," Kristanna answered, her
gaze now fixated upon Amy. "Don't be foolish!"

"Jeremy?" Amy asked, seeking confirmation from me in a
submissive tone. I enjoyed this Master business...

"Kristanna is right," I replied, eyeing Amy from head to
toe. "You could never interrupt us - no matter what."

"Oh," Amy smiled, stepping closer. "In that case..."

As usual, Amy looked scrumptious in her little mini-skirt.
Today the mini-skirt she wore was made out of faded denim.
My insides ached at the mere sight of her in it.

"What brings you here?" Kristanna inquired.

"Jeremy told me to be here by noon because we are going
to spend the day together."

"Oh..." Kristanna countered, unaware of that fact. She
did not have any problems with it, however. "I can go."

"Why don't you stay for awhile?" I said to Kristanna,
who offered me an incredulous look in return. "I want you
to stay." I turned toward Amy, whose denim mini-skirt hung
precariously low on her trim waistline, and asked her, "Do
you have any problems with Kristanna staying here with us?"

Amy immediately shook her head and cast her eyes downward
in a truly submissive manner. My original plan was to first
take her out on the island - perhaps to the beach, just as I
did with Trish yesterday - so she could play and relax in the
incoming waves. I intended to have sex with Amy today, but
it was going to be much later on. But with Kristanna here,
all of my previous plans suddenly changed.

"I'm not late this time, either," Amy murmured, wanting
to make a point of it. She glanced at Kristanna and mused,
"Last time Jeremy asked me to be in his room, I was two or
three minutes late and he... he spanked me for being late."

"That's because you deserved it," Kristanna deadpanned,
which caused Amy to quickly lower her gaze yet again.

I smiled at the 31-year-old. "Why don't you come over
here like a good submissive, and put your mouth to use?"

Amy immediately nodded her head and trudged her way over
to us. She dropped to her knees before me as Kristanna
reached out and kneaded that plump, juicy ass with a single
hand. Amy began tugging away at both my belt and shorts. I
held up a finger, however, and waved it about in a negative
manner. In response, Amy looked at me quizzically.

"I don't want you to use your mouth on me just yet," I
told her, before pointing over at Kristanna. "Her. I want
you to use your mouth on her."

"Oh..." Amy grinned, licking her lips in anticipation.

"OH!" Kristanna exclaimed, surprised herself.

"Why don't you two girls start off by giving each other a
kiss?" was my request. Actually, it was more like a demand.
"Think you can do that for me?"

"I believe that can be arranged," Kristanna winked.

Amy stood up and took the initiative by placing her right
hand upon the back of Kristanna's neck, then tilting her head
to the side and moving her mouth in for a taste so sweet.
When their lips met, so did their tongues. I moved back and
idly watched as Kristanna and Amy exchanged both their lips
and tongues through a languid, slow-moving kiss.

I have long been of the opinion that there was no more
erotic sight in the whole world than that of two beautiful
women kissing each other. I could be content to stand here
all day and simply watch these two bombshells explore one
another's mouth with their probing tongues. Their plush lips
locked as one, their bodies pressed tightly together, their
hands roaming freely. It was definitely a sight to see.

"Hmmmmm... I could kiss you for all eternity," Kristanna
swooned, now serenading various portions of Amy's face. She
then lifted the hem of Amy's denim skirt skirt and copped a
cheap feel of bare, naked flesh underneath. "God, Amy...
you drive me totally insane. Hmmmmm... what a nice, tight
ass you have. Tight and juicy, nice, little ass."

Amy giggled. "I think I sense a spanking coming on.
Either that, or a whipping."

"You know this ass of yours needs to be worshiped,"
Kristanna told her. "The best way for me to worship your
ass is to give it some discipline. Both you and I know,
Amy, that you deserve a LOT of discipline. Correct?"

Amy nodded her head in a sheepish manner. "Yes." All
of a sudden, she was in full submissive mode for Kristanna.
The primary reason for that was because Amy would simply
melt like butter whenever someone became strict and
authoritative with her. I had watched Kristanna dole out
some playful discipline in the past to Devon, but this was
going to be a first to see her do it to Amy. "Should I lay
down across your lap now?"

"It's your rightful position in life," Kristanna answered,
who was already leading Amy by the hand to the nearby bed.

Once they arrived there, Amy got onto her hands and knees
upon the mattress and then stretched herself out across
Kristanna's trusting lap. The Norwegian proceeded to tuck
the hem of Amy's sinful, little denim mini-skirt into its
waistband, thus fully exposing her glorious ass. Next,
Kristanna pelted it with a hard, unexpected slap.

"Owwwww!" Amy whined in response, glancing over her
shoulder at Kristanna. "That hurt!"

"You have been a very bad girl," Kristanna scolded her.
"How many times do you think you deserve to be spanked?"
When Amy did not answer, Kristanna smacked her sweet ass
once again. "Very well. I guess I will have to decide for
you. How about ten?" Kristanna waited. "Still no answer
for me, huh? I think a sound 15 are in order."

"Yes Mistress," Amy hushed, grinning and winking an eye
in my direction. Amy really seemed to enjoy pleasing others.
It was an admirable trait for her to have.

Kristanna snaked a pair of fingers between Amy's thighs
and did a little exploration of her nether regions. Soon,
she brought both fingers to her nose and whiffed them.
"You're already excited about this... aren't you? Your
pussy is all damp and wet."

"Yes Mistress," Amy nodded.

Amy was stretched out upon Kristanna's lap, her head
and neck curled downward, her arms extended back and hands
resting near her hips. Kristanna grasped Amy's left wrist
and pulled it to the small of her back, pinning it there.
Then, instead of having the hem of Amy's skirt tucked into
its waistband, Kristanna decided a better place for it would
be behind that held-down wrist.

"You gonna spank my ass?" Amy asked in a teasing voice,
encouraging their roleplaying game. "You'll never tame me,
Krissy. You'll never get me to be good. I'll ALWAYS be a
bad girl. And thus, you'll ALWAYS have to spank me!"

"Jeremy has warned you about talking out of turn before,"
Kristanna sniped, changing her tone. "Open your mouth."

I watched in utter passion as Kristanna took a single sock
that was perched upon the bed - one of my socks, actually -
and stuffed it inside of Amy's mouth. Of course, I had done
the same, exact thing to Amy last week during one of our
Master/submissive sessions. If anything, it was a sure-fire
away to get her to stop talking. Kristanna jammed the sock
deep inside Amy's mouth until it was completely muffled.

"You will keep that sock in there until I say it is time
to take it out," Kristanna instructed her.

"Mmmppphhhfff," was Amy's reply, nodding her head.

"Much better," Kristanna said with a grin. "Now what was
that number we decided on? 15 swats for you today. Is
that a good number, Amy? 15 sounds real good, doesn't it?"

"Mmmppphhhfff," she nodded.

"I'm glad you agree."

The instant Kristanna brought her hand down upon Amy's
upturned ass and offered it a harsh, cruel smack, I whisked
my cock out of my shorts and began stroking it feverishly.
Whether it was over-handed or back-handed, Kristanna showed
absolutely no mercy as she assaulted Amy's plump, rounded
ass with fierce, ruthless aggression. I also noticed that
with her free hand, Amy had slipped it between her thighs
and was busy masturbating as the discipline continued.

By the time Kristanna was nearing the end, Amy's ass
was beet-red and pulsating about in her lap. The last three
blows landed all in succession, causing Amy to squeal and
cry out upon her impromptu gag. My cock needed some serious
attention now - much more than my own hand could offer it.
Which of these remarkable ladies did I want to ravage first?

Feeling as though Amy had experienced enough (for now),
Kristanna recoiled her hand and then leaned down beside the
quivering red-head. Amy quickly snapped her head up and
looked back at Kristanna with hot, brazen lust in her eyes.

"How does that ass feel now, baby?" Kristanna sneered.

For a moment, it appeared as if Amy was about to go back to
her old ways. The look upon her face told me that she wanted
to pounce on Kristanna and rip her apart. She even spit the
tube sock out and growled like a wild, caged animal. I had
sudden flashbacks to the bondage sessions that Amy used to
have with Lindsay, where she would erotically brutalize her.
She wanted to do that to Kristanna right now...

When Amy made eye contact with me, however, those feelings
within her seemed to fade away rather quickly. I had made it
perfectly clear to Amy that she was to dominate _no one_ from
now on. The last thing she wanted, of course, was to disobey
her Master. I wanted her to focus on being a submissive.

Kristanna smiled and brought Amy into her loving arms, then
offered her yet another very intensive, deep-rooted kiss. She
rubbed her hand over and across the hot, burning flesh of
Amy's ass. The tender and soothing motions she displayed
were a definite contrast to what I had just witnessed seconds
ago when Kristanna blasted that ass in repeated succession.
The two ladies probed each other's mouth with their lips and
tongues for a good minute or two, until Amy finally broke it
off and turned her attention toward me.

She eyed me and licked her lips in anticipation as I still
frigged my cock with my right hand. "Don't you think there
are better things you could do with that?" she asked,
motioning toward my erection with her head.

"What do you have in mind?"

Kristanna smiled at me. "How about a double blowjob?"

"A double blowjob?" I asked, grinning.

"Yeah," Kristanna nodded. "Both of us could suck your
cock at the same time."

"Why not lie down on the bed for us?" Amy suggested.
"Don't you worry one bit, Jeremy. Me and Krissy will make
you feel all nice and good."

I took a deep breath and did what was requested of me.
Now lying on my back upon the comfortable mattress, with
my cock literally standing up like a flagpole, I watched as
Amy hunched down onto her elbows and knees, her face just
inches from my cock. She gave my right hand a gentle smack,
forcing me to pull it away. Now with no obstacles in her
path, Amy grasped the base of my shaft and pumped it.

On her knees beside me, Kristanna grinned and leaned over,
offering my mouth a blazing, tongue-laced kiss that lasted
for nearly a minute. All the while, Amy continued to give
me the handjob to end all handjobs. My entire body was
alive and pulsing with arousal and desire. I was, in many
ways, the meat part of an otherwise all-female sandwich.

Once our kiss concluded, I glanced up at Kristanna and
smiled at her. She sure did look classy and distinguished
with her blonde hair done up in a restrictive bun. But I had
the inkling to see her silky hair loose, and free-flowing.
Thus, I reached upward and used both hands to undo the bun
upon the back of her head. Smiling, Kristanna shook her
head in a vigorous manner, letting the tresses fall where
they may. Then, she kissed me again.

"You gonna help me suck his cock or not?" Amy asked her
girlfriend, almost whining about it.

Kristanna broke our kiss and glanced over her shoulder at
Amy. "No need to wait for me, sweetheart. Go ahead and
suck his cock... I'll help you in a second. Or two." With
that, Kristanna pressed her lips to mine and kissed me again!

An instant later, I growled as the familiar sensation of
Amy's wondrous mouth opening and then closing over the
length of my erection gripped my senses. I could feel her
hand as its fingers now prodded and twiddled away upon my
testicles. Amy swallowed every last inch of my shaft, its
tip already lodged somewhere within the depths of her throat.

Leaned over upon her elbows and knees, Kristanna embraced
me with both arms from the side and trailed her lips from my
mouth, over my chin and cheek, and finally to my ear. She
blew into it - which caused my whole body to jerk and vibrate
uncontrollably - before whispering, "I love you, Jeremy."
Kristanna began nibbling on my earlobe and added in a loyal,
heartfelt tone, "Oh... you don't know how much I love you."

"Hey!" Amy suddenly squealed, her mouth no longer upon
my cock. In fact, Amy was standing on her knees beside us.
"Let me in there too, okay?"

When I released Kristanna from my arms, she rose up and
immediately pressed her lips to Amy's for a kiss of their
own. The two ladies hugged and clutched each other with
reckless abandon, their tongues again diving far and deep. I
took a moment to admire the amazing sight of Amy in her little
denim mini-skirt and the half t-shirt that went with it, but
then came to a rather sudden decision about her outfit.

I got onto my knees behind Amy and yanked her ruffled,
swishy skirt downward, letting it fall into a circle around
her own knees. Then, I grabbed the lower half of her top
and pulled it upward. Kristanna and Amy were forced to break
their kiss, giving me the opportunity to whisk the garment
up, up and away. All that kept Amy from being totally
nude right now was a pair of spiked high-heeled shoes. As
usual, of course, she did not have a bra or panties on.

Amy turned and looked over her shoulder at me. "Hey?"
She seemed surprised. "What gives? I thought you wanted
me to have a mini-skirt on basically 24 hours a day."

I tilted my head to the side and smiled at her. "You do
not need to wear a mini-skirt right now, honey. Or any
outfit. I want to enjoy you the way God intended me to."

"He wants us both naked," Kristanna summarized.

"Uhhhhh... excuse me," Amy squealed, pointing toward the
yellow blouse and white cargo shorts that Kristanna had on.
"You're not naked." She tugged at the bottom of Kristanna's
blouse, which was tied into a stylish knot near her midriff,
and insisted, "Take this thing off."

"You're a bossy little submissive," Kristanna murmured,
unbuttoning her blouse and then tossing it elsewhere. She
disposed of her bra, then began to work on her shorts. In
no time flat, it - as well as her panties - was a distant
memory. "I think we need to remind you of your place. We
tell you what to do - NOT the other way around."

"Let Amy be carefree and have her fun," I advised my
beloved bride-to-be. "I don't want her to be submissive 100
percent of the time and feel totally subservient to us." In
a taunting manner, Amy stuck her tongue out at Kristanna as I
added, "I want the control to be PART of what we do with her,
but not EVERYTHING. Does that make sense?"

"You give me the keys to a brand new _Lamborghini_ but
won't let me drive it the way I want to!" Kristanna whined,
albeit jokingly. "I suppose I'll have to adjust."

Amy was suddenly beaming. "I'm a _Lamborghini_ to you?"

Kristanna shrugged her shoulders and offered, "I could
have called you a _Plymouth Cricket_ instead."

Amy laughed. "I have never even heard of that car, but
it does not sound very appealing."

"Trust me, it's not," Kristanna assured her.

"Jeremy LOVES me in a mini-skirt," Amy purred. "He has me
wear one every single day now! Krissy honey... what do you
think would be a good outfit for Jeremy?"

"Sailor boy," Kristanna answered. "You know... he could
have one of those white uniforms on... maybe even a little
hat." She nodded her head and laughed, "He'd be so cute!"

"How about a Chippendale dancer?" Amy suggested, which
caused both her and Kristanna to break out into a fit of
uncontrollable laughter. "Couldn't you just imagine Jeremy
in a G-string?" My heart was pumping wildly at this verbal
exchange as both ladies continued to laugh. "Maybe women
everywhere could stuff dollar bills down it!"

Snorting out in a hysterical rage, Kristanna countered,
"A whole dollar? I might give him a nickel!"

"A penny!" Amy teased me. "We could weigh his G-string
down with pennies! Or maybe some half-pennies."

"Hey..." I finally spoke, my voice full of mock anger.
"That's not very nice, girls." I smiled and added, "If I
was a male stripper, I'd want both of..."

"If you were a stripper, Jeremy, Judgment Day would be
upon us," Kristanna interjected. "The end of the world!"

"What about that double blowjob I was promised?"

"Oh yes," Kristanna purred, her tender, manicured right
hand sliding downward and gripping itself around my cock.
She glanced over at Amy and smirked, "How about it, baby?
Let's both suck Jeremy's cock at the same time."

"We first need to get you out of those shorts," Amy said
to me, sliding the garment the rest of the way down my legs,
and eventually off. Kristanna stole another kiss from me,
then whisked the shirt I had been wearing up and off as well.

I was then overcome with the amazing sensation of Amy's
moist, pouty lips wrapped and sealed around my shaft. Her
red head bobbed back-and-forth in a repeated motion, as
Kristanna slid her hand right southward and began to knead
and massage my testicles with those long, delicate fingers.
Soon, Kristanna settled down upon her front-side and moved
her face directly beside Amy's. Smiling, she watched her
lover continue to pay oral homage to my throbbing erection.

Once Amy withdrew my cock from her mouth, she returned
Kristanna's smile with one of her own, then traded a series
of searing kisses with her. A moment later, Amy grasped the
base of my cock with her right hand and offered it to
Kristanna's hungry mouth. I tossed my head back and growled
as Kristanna licked the tip of my shaft and inhaled it.

Soon, Amy burrowed her face in and trailed her soft,
velvety tongue along my ever-sensitive testicles. Grinning
from ear to ear (what sane man wouldn't?), I placed my hand
upon the side of Kristanna's head and let out a growl of
passion. This sure seemed like Heaven to me.

"Jeremy better never be a stripper!" Amy proclaimed,
her voice lively and full of charisma. I really enjoyed
this side of her; Amy was having fun. She swiped away at
my testicles some more and added, "This body belongs to US!
It is for no one's pleasure but our very own!"

Kristanna released my shaft from her mouth and giggled.
"Sailor boy... a stripper?" The Norwegian was teasing me,
per her style. "If you were a stripper, Jeremy, everyone in
the club would run out screaming into the night!"

"Oh yeah?" I countered, suddenly feeling bold. "You don't
think I would make a good stripper? A good Chippendale?"

"You'd be good for laughs..." Kristanna grinned.

"I got moves on top of moves," I told her in a serious,
yet playful tone, suddenly getting out of bed and rising to
my feet. With both hands upon my hips, I stared at both of
them and said, "I have a mind to give you girls a show."

"Oh yes!" Amy squealed in delight, sitting up in bed
and clapping her hands together. "Give us a show, Jeremy!
Give us a SHOW!" Clearly, Amy did not want to see me dance
because it would excite her. Rather, she was looking for a
good laugh or two. "Showtime! Whooooo! Showtime!"

"This should be good," Kristanna smirked, also sitting up
and settling down directly beside Amy upon the mattress.

Honestly, I had no dance moves and knew that I would make
a fool out of myself if I tried to give Kristanna and Amy a
so-called _show_. On the other hand, it was okay. Though
I may make myself look bad for a moment or two, Kristanna
and Amy would definitely find a lot of humor in the sight
of me dancing for them. I wanted to make them laugh.

"Rock on, baby!" Amy squealed, as I made two fists and
began gyrating my hips from side-to-side. Both she and
Kristanna looked on, unable to control their laughter, as I
then squatted down somewhat and really started bumping about.

"Whooooo hooooo!" Amy encouraged me, clapping her hands.

By now, I was truly in the moment. I wanted to put on a
show for Kristanna and Amy that neither of them would ever
forget. Thus, I began to kick my feet out - one at a time -
as my body continued weaving to a silent rhythm.

"Shake dat ding!" Kristanna exclaimed, herself swiveling
about upon the bed as she eyed me intently.

Amy was giggling so much that she actually had to hold
a hand to her throat. "He dances like Beavis!"

"Macho, macho man!" Kristanna broke out into a chorus.
"Macho, macho man!" Kristanna then put two fingers in her
mouth and whistled loudly. "Macho, macho man!"

After a good 30 seconds of dancing, and expending a lot
of energy in the process, I actually felt myself becoming
winded. Still, I kept at it. The hysterical reactions that
I was getting out of Kristanna and Amy was my fuel for it.
I absolutely loved hearing them literally raise the roof
with their laughing fits.

It all came to an abrupt end, though, when Amy reached
behind her and snagged a couple of pennies from the drawer.
She tried to present them to me, but I broke into my own
round of laughter and then playfully tackled her into the
bed. Amy giggled as I pinned her to the mattress beneath me,
while Kristanna hugged me from the side and kissed my neck.

"Jeremy!" Amy exclaimed. "Oh God! I haven't laughed
so hard in ages! Maybe even ever!" In fact, Amy was
still laughing. It did not seem as if she could stop...

"That officially goes down as the worst, most God-awful
dance EVER," Kristanna told me with conviction in her voice.
"If you were a stripper, Jeremy, not only would they kick
you off the stage, but they'd kick you straight out of town!"
She huffed some more, then ended, "That was HIDEOUS!"

I turned toward Kristanna and then tackled her to the bed
as well. "You just don't know a good thing when you see it,
peaches." I pinned her down too, and stole a quick kiss.

"A good thing?" she chortled. "I know a good thing when
I see it. What you did was definitely NOT a good thing!"

Still laughing - indeed, I had not seen her act quite
this hysterical ever before - Amy shook her head and
gushed, "You are priceless, Jeremy! Totally priceless! Oh
my God... that was good! I won't ever forget that!"

Smiling, Kristanna offered me a scintillating series of
kisses and then giggled once again. "Honestly, Jeremy, I
think it was pretty hot." Kristanna was lying. That point
was proven when she started laughing again. "I think if you
were a stripper, Jeremy, your name could be Hunk Valentine!"

"Hunk Valentine?" I exclaimed.

"Or maybe Jeremy Shortcummings," Kristanna suggested.

I tilted my head and glared at her. "That's not nice."

Before I knew what was happening next, Kristanna snaked
her mouth up to mine and kissed me once again, driving her
curious tongue into the furthest reaches of my mouth. I
gulped hard for a moment, but then steadied myself and
returned her hot, scorching kiss with an equal amount of
intensity. I also hugged her tightly, luxuriating in the
feel of her breasts all nice and squished upon my chest.

Our eyes were locked as I ended our mutual kiss, only to
then splay gentle licks and nibbles over and across her
sensitive neck and shoulder area.

Never one to be left out of an erotic situation, Amy
wrapped her arms around me from behind and placed the side
of her face between my shoulder blades. "Wow," she moaned.
"I could so get used to this."

I smiled at those words. That was what I wanted to hear.
I wanted a commitment from Amy just like the one I got from
Trish. All in due time, though...

"I want to watch you have sex with Amy," Kristanna said,
smiling gleefully at me. "I want to sit back and watch."

"You're not going to join in?" Amy wondered.

"Oh, I will eventually," Kristanna promised. "But for
now, I want to watch the two of you have sex together."

On cue, I collected one more kiss from Kristanna, then
turned all of my attention to Amy. I grasped both of her
hands with my own, then pinned her to the opposite side of
the bed and shared a heated, passionate lip-lock with her.
After while, I decided to focus upon Amy's large, heaving
breasts. The young woman cooed and sighed with obvious
arousal as I slid my tongue through the vast, deepened
valley of her cleavage. I could feel and hear her heartbeat.
It was absolute music to my ears.

A moment later, I slid my hungry mouth over and across
one of her full, ripe breasts. I settled upon its nipple,
then took the little bud between my teeth and bit it gently.
That simple move caused Amy to moan out in total desire.

I focused upon the nipple for several seconds, but then
went back to swiping away at her lush cleavage with my
anxious tongue. Soon, I moved upwards and offered Amy a
feverish, rapture-laden kiss upon her moistened lips.

"Oh yes," the seductress moaned afterward. "YES!"

I settled my head between Amy's widespread, accommodating
thighs. Needless to say, I was transfixed with the sight of
Amy's little pussy as it was staring me right in the face.
Holding a finger to those damp, tender nether lips, I flicked
it across the sheath of delicate skin. Amy groaned and
writhed about beneath me in total arousal.

"Such a pretty pussy," I whispered, driving my finger
into her damp slit and gently thrusting it in-and-out. "It
is all pink, and precious... looks so very yummy." Amy
moaned in response as I inserted a second finger into her.

Now pumping a pair of fingers into her silken depths, I
extended my tongue and gave the area a full, sweeping lick.
In return, Amy cried out and arched her back high into the
air. I found her right hand with my left - up beside her
waist - and gripped it. She squeezed firmly in response.

Soon, both of my fingers were joined by my tongue within
her lush folds. Still thrusting the fingers into her, I
burrowed my tongue deep inside - tasting and sampling her.
Of course, it was most intoxicating. The deeper my tongue
burrowed, the greater Amy's cries of passion were.

The luscious red-head squeezed my hand even tighter as I
then began to focus my attention upon her clitoris. The
little nub of skin was fully exposed, so I dabbed at it
repeatedly with my tongue. It was at this time when Amy
began to let loose with a series of needful moans and grunts.
This told me that I had to be doing something right here...

A third finger joined the mix upon her pussy, thrusting
into and pounding her inner depths. Meanwhile, my tongue
kept flicking itself over and across her gooey clitoris
with quick, rapid-fire strokes. She was very close...

Soon, Amy was screaming at the top of her lungs as her
beautiful body went through the sweet progression of orgasm.
She arched her neck and back into the air, then wailed out
in pure and utter lust as the sensations within her hit a
fever pitch. All the while, I continued lapping away at her
scrumptious pussy with my probing tongue.

In the aftermath of her explosive climax, Amy's body
shook and shimmered beneath me in a passionate glow. I
eventually withdrew my head from the silken joining of her
thighs, only then to move upward and cup her face with both
hands. Her expression was golden; full of bliss. Amy looked
up at me as if I was her husband, and she was my wife.

"I love you, sweetheart," I breathed, kissing her deeply.
"I need you in my life. I... I want to take care of you."

Still feeling the lingering sensations of orgasm, Amy
smiled warmly and hooked both arms around my shoulders. "I
love you too, Jeremy. And I also love Kri... OH MY GOD!"

When I realized that Amy was staring at something over
my shoulder, I turned my head and then groaned at the sight.
Kristanna was on all fours looking back at us, her little ass
wiggling and twitching about in an oh-so-scrumptious manner.
She had the coyest, most innocent expression, and even pouted.
"Please fuck me, Jeremy. Don't make me beg for it!"

With that invitation, I gripped my shaft and guided it
into the intoxicating confines of Kristanna's pussy in the
doggie-style position. Kristanna sighed in approval as I
began to forcefully thrust myself in-and-out of her.

When Amy positioned herself just in front of Kristanna upon
the mattress and even spread her thighs far apart, my fiancee
lunged forward and buried her lips deep inside that pussy for
a wicked, sultry taste of her own.

"Oh yes... lick my pussy, baby!" Amy encouraged, full of
lust. She cupped her own breasts, pinching and squeezing
her nipples, as Kristanna serviced her orally. Meanwhile,
I continually hammered myself into Kristanna from behind.

When my erection slipped out of her pussy, Kristanna used
the opportunity to move up on Amy's body. Now, both ladies
were laying face-to-face and breast-to-breast as I shoved my
cock into Kristanna from behind once again. As I resumed my
thrusting motion, Kristanna extended her tongue and kissed
Amy hard. "God, yes! Fuck me, Jeremy! Fuck me!"

The pair of goddesses kissed one another with mad passion
as I knelt on the mattress behind them. I spread Kristanna's
knees on either side of Amy's waist and filled her pussy
once again. I drilled Kristanna with all of my might as she
and Amy continued forth with their series of heated kisses.

"I want Amy now," I growled, completely out of the blue,
while pulling myself from Kristanna. She quickly moved away
from Amy, who sat up and was immediately greeted by my hard,
throbbing cock as I jammed it deep into her throat.

Aroused beyond any and all reason, I even made Amy gag as
I pushed the full length of my erection into her sweet mouth.
I enjoyed it so much the first time, I thought to myself,
that I wanted to do it again. Amy quickly adjusted, though,
and soon was greedily slurping away upon my cock. It was
not all that often that one could make Amy gag...

It did not last for long, however.

I quickly withdrew my cock from Amy's mouth and then
grabbed Kristanna's ankles as she was now laying back-first
upon the bed. I spread her thighs far apart and had her
link her feet together behind my head. Her pussy exposed
and open for me, I leaned over and tasted its lush folds.

Kristanna was obviously in a state of unspeakable desire
as my lips and tongue eventually went to work upon her
clitoris. Soon, Amy faced me and squatted over Kristanna's
face. She sighed and moaned once Kristanna launched an
oral assault of her own. An instant later, I roared out and
then forced my erection into Kristanna's hot, moist pussy.

I held her ankles above my head and pounded the beautiful
blonde with a ferocity that I did not know even existed in
me. I simply pulverized her pussy with my cock, not being
one bit gentle or loving. I was too aroused for that.

On her knees, Amy was getting her pussy taken care of by
Kristanna as she was perched over her. Amy leaned forward
and kissed me on the lips. I hesitated for a moment, but
found her tongue with my own and continued to furiously
pound myself in-and-out of Kristanna with ruthless aggression.

Amy broke the kiss with me and slid off of Kristanna's
probing tongue and settled down upon the bed on her side.
After a brief moment, she snaked her head forward and began
to eagerly suck and slurp away upon one of Kristanna's taut
breasts as I kept throttling away at her.

It did not take long for Kristanna to scream out in her
release as an orgasm consumed her body all at once. Despite
the fact that, even as she went through the progression of
orgasm - cresting high, then low - I continued to drop the
proverbial hammer upon Kristanna, Amy immediately dove her
face between the 23-year-old's thighs and gobbled up the
juice which was literally gushing from her pussy.

I pulled out and moved back, stroking my full erection.
I was not finished with them. Not yet.

"Both of you... kneel next to each other - on your hands
and knees," I told them. Although drained from the force of
her orgasm, Kristanna obeyed and got onto her hands and
knees directly beside Amy upon the mattress.

I moved in behind Amy and quickly jammed my cock into her
in the doggie-style position. I offered her ass a couple of
heavy-handed slaps, then pulled out and thrusted my erection
into Kristanna. I offered her a few powerful strokes while
reaching around her slender body, cupping and squeezing her
breasts. At the same time, Kristanna turned her head toward
Amy and the two ladies exchanged wet, sloppy kisses.

I pulled myself out of Kristanna and then inserted my
shaft into Amy once again. I began to thump away at her,
while also spanking that sore, smoldering ass of hers.

"Fuck me, Jeremy!" Amy urged me. "Fuck me harder... give
it to me! Come on, give it to me! Harder!" Amy started to
thrust her hips against my pelvis as I drilled her. At the
same time, she continued to trade kisses with Kristanna.

With a groan, I pulled out of Amy and then stepped back.
"Both of you, turn around and take my cum," I demanded, my
voice full of dominance. The two women eagerly turned and
raised to their knees in front of me. They opened their
mouths - ready and willing to swallow my thick, gooey sperm.

I frigged my own shaft and then a moan emanated from deep
within my throat. A split-second later, I growled as a
blast of semen gushed out from within my erection and landed
on both of their faces, and in their hair. A second eruption
went into their eyes and even splattered onto their breasts.

Kristanna and Amy grasped my cock and sucked the remainder
of its juice out. Next, they turned toward one another and
shared another kiss. Kristanna licked the sperm off of Amy's
face and offered it to her, who sucked it from her tongue.

I collapsed onto the mattress, but managed to roll onto my
back. I was completely spent. However, Kristanna and Amy
knelt on either side of me and continued to cleanse my cock
with their mouths. Once finished, they laid down on either
side of me and let out a series of content, satisfied sighs.
I wrapped an arm around each of them, and soon the three of
us were relaxing after our wondrous, passionate encounter.

How much longer could I keep this pace up? Was I really
going to be able to sexually satisfy four different women
for the rest of my life? These past couple of days, my body
had been running on fumes. Was it going to give out on me?

<<<- End of Chapter 33 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

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