Contains: Lesbian, pissing, piss drinking, licking, anal, toys, domination, spanking, submission, at work, squirting, anal orgasm, swallowing.
A few years back, I was working at a mid-sized lawyer's office. I was employed as a paralegal, but was doing mainly administrative stuff, and as it is in small and medium law firms, I would sometimes pull crazy hours just because some kind of deadline was approaching and I had to get stuff done, and nobody else to do it. And so I was again working on rows of numbers, filling out forms and reports well past 10 PM on a cool October night.

When I got myself something to drink, I passed my boss' office. He was an older lawyer, probably retired by now, who really wasn't very good at the law and tried to make up for it by dedicating a lot of time to a case, so it wasn't unusual to see the light still on in there. I sighed, wanting to be alone, then went on to the small kitchenette and froze.

Looking in, I could see our secretary Marion. She was a little younger than me, probably in her mid-20s at the time, with wavy, brunette hair that went way past her shoulders and the greenest eyes I had ever seen. She had a nice, small, tender frame but was only slightly shorter than me. That day, she wore a brownish tartan plaid skirt and an orange turtle neck sweater which fit nice and tight around her curves, showing her sweet little assets well, I thought. Underneath she had on a plain white cotton panty, which, as I could see from where I was standing, she had pulled aside.

I watched fascinated as she was fixated on her pussy, holding a coffee cup beneath it and releasing a delicate trickle of pee inside. With her other hand, she spread her labia, making sure to get a good aim. Her piss filled the cup almost all the way, mixing with the coffee that was already inside. As she was finished, she sat it down on the table next to her and put her panties back over her pussy, and only then noticed me staring at her.

She immediately blushed, her head getting dark red that I was worried for a moment she would pass out. She didn't say a word, and neither did I. Into the silence I could hear our boss call: "What's with the coffee, Marion?" I smiled at her, slowly walking to the table and grabbing the cup. I whispered quietly, but sternly: "You stay here and we'll talk about this later." Then I sipped the coffee with a wicked grin and walked, cup in hand, to his office.

When I entered he looked at me surprised. "Oh, I didn't know you were still here too, Anna," he said. I shrugged. He never knew how much work his employees put in and thought he was the only one working hard. "Still had some accounting to do," I said as I walked closer. He watched me approach his desk. I was wearing a short red knitting dress that clung tight to the curves of my body and gave it a very favourable shape I thought, so I wasn't surprised about his stares. I looked at him as sweet as I could and said: "Look, why don't you call it a day and get some sleep? I don't think we can accomplish much more today. I'll just finish off here and then lock up."

He sighed, thinking for a minute, then nodded. "Alright," he said. "You're right." I smiled sweetly again as he shut down his computer and gathered his things. I said good night and walked back out, passing again the kitchenette where Marion still sat, looking miserable. I motioned her to follow me to my own office and when we arrived, I could hear the lawyer leave. We were alone.

I slowly sat down on my chair, leaning back, kicking off my shoes and laying my feet on the desktop. I took another sip of coffee; it tasted horrible, but not from pee. "So," I said. "Do you do this often?" She shook her head violently. "No!" she said embarassed. "I... I just was so mad. He makes me stay here late and all I ever do is make coffee and wait. So I... just had enough." I nodded. "Well, that was bad. Understandable, but bad. So what are we going to do with you now?" She held her breath. "Please don't tell anyone," she said. "Please, I won't be doing it again, I promise." I smirked, then leaned forward, saying quietly, but distinctly: "Oh, but you will do it again. Every time you make him coffee, you'll add your special cream to it. And I won't tell anyone, but you'll still need to be punished."

With that, I got up and stood next to her. "Bend over," I said, pointing at the desk. She swallowed hard, but then stepped forward and bent across the desktop, embarassed. I took my time, pushing up her skirt, revealing her white knickers again and, pulling them down, her sweet rosy butt. I began stroking it gently with my hand, feeling her soft skin and full butt cheeks, when I suddenly slapped my hand hard down on it. She yelped, from pain and surprise, and I was surprised myself at the loud smack and immediate red mark I left on it. I didn't know I was so angry and frustrated, and this poor little secretary would now get the short end of it.

I slapped her butt countless times, until my hands stung and her buttocks were both glowing red and swollen. Then I took off the belt that held my dress together at the waist and whipped her some more with it. She screamed and moaned, tears streaming down her face, but did not complain or ask for me to stop. "You know you've been bad," I said, panting, in between slaps. "Yes Madam," she replied meekly. "I've been a bad girl and deserve punishment." I nodded. "And what do you think would be an adequate punishment for someone like you?" I asked, resuming the beating. She clenched her teeth and hissed, barely audible: "Dddiscipline. Harssssh disssscipline."

I finally stopped, catching my breath. Her ass was now streaked with dark red and purple lines across a bright red surface. To my surprise, I saw her pussy slick with juice underneath, so wet it already began running down the sides of her legs. "Hmm, so this made you wet?" I asked. She didn't reply. "Answer me!" I said loud and harsh. "Yyyess," she stammered. "I... I would like you to... do more." I smiled, sinking back down on my seat, putting up my feet. "More?" I asked. "Like what?" She stared at my legs in front of her on the desk, still bent over it like before, then looked up at my face. "Whatever you see fit," she said. "I don't deserve to choose and need the strongest discipline."

I told her to come around the desk and kneel before me, which she eagerly did, walking somewhat unsteady from the pain. She got on her knees at the base of my chair and looked up. "So you make others drink your piss," I said to her. "J-j-just him," she replied. "Do you even know what it tastes like?" I asked. She shook her head. I grabbed the cup again, now only lukewarm, and said: "Open your mouth." She obediently did as she was told and opened her mouth wide, her lips with the bright lipstick formed a nice round O. Then she stuck her tongue out, as if to confirm that she was willing to take it. I poured the cup across her, filling her mouth, but most of it ran across her face and down on her sweater, leaving dark stains. She drank, making a face as it went bitter down.

"That's what you'll serve him from now on," I said again. "And when I ask you for it, you'll serve me a cup of freshly pissed coffee as well. With sugar." She nodded. "Yes Madam," she said. "Good," I replied. "Now what do I serve you?" I slowly pulled up the already short skirt of my dress and gave her a good look at my pubes as I spread my legs. Even in winter, I rarely wear panties under a skirt. She stared at it, aroused, but unsure what to do. "Well, lick it!" I said, impatient. She bent forward and instantly began lapping at my pussy with her tongue.

I could tell she wasn't experienced at pleasing a woman. She kept missing the clit and her tongue was all over the place, not knowing what to focus on. "Do you have any toys with you?" I asked. She blushed, then nodded. "Go get them!" I said impatiently and frustrated. I was rubbing my clit hard, getting my juices flowing as I was waiting for her return. Finally, she came back with a long, white, penis-shaped dildo. I smiled. Not the greatest toy, but definitely not the worst one either. "Good," I said as she approached me again. "I want you to wet it with your own pussy juices for me."

She pulled up her skirt and pushed it up into her still wet pussy while she caressed her dark brown curly pubes and her clit with her other hand. It went inside in one go. She squatted back down, sitting on it as she resumed her position between my legs. "Now make my holes equally wet with your tongue," I commanded, sliding down further to the edge of the seat and pulling my legs up, revealing both my redheaded snatch and tight rosy anus. To my surprise she didn't hesitate and began licking all across my rosebud, curiously knowing better where to lick there than on my pussy.

She even mananged to get the tip of her tongue inside my ass a few times before I could not stand it anymore and said, a bit too loud: "Now shove that dildo up my ass!" Only moments later I felt my asshole spread wide by the thick, slimy head of the plastic cock. She was pushing it hard, forcing it down my hot bowels. I felt it fill me up good, giving me that nice full feeling of a good-sized ass fuck.

She moved it in and out, slowly, obediently, fucking my ass as she had been told while still licking all around it and occasionally across my labia. Something about the situation, about thinking of that little pissing secretary, about punishing her, about degrading her to lick my asshole and fuck it with her own dildo that might have been inside herself countless of times turned me on so good that I felt a strange sensation come over me.

It began as sputters as she got faster and harder on my ass, little splotches coming from my gaping cunt that I couldn't hold back. Soon, they turned into spurts, and gushes, squirting piss and cunt juice up with every thrust of the dildo. My pubic hair got wet in no time and I felt it run down between my legs, forming a puddle on the seat. She watched it at first, as I was squirming and trembling from the buttfuck, then leaned over and began catching it in her mouth, slurping up what she missed.

I let myself go. My pussy became a fountain of piss, giving her a good pure taste of what she gives to others only with coffee. I grabbed her wet hair and held her down hard against my piss hole as she was fucking my ass deep and hard. I must've come a dozen of times and when I finally released her, her face was shiny and wet, her hair clinging to it and she looked up at me surprised, but proud of herself. When we locked the office doors a few minutes later, we both knew it was the start of a more intense work relationship than we could have hoped for.


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