A young man gets an unusual request from visitors beyond this world.
This is my first story. An experiment with my writing style. I plan on starting a series soon but I want to test out my writing methods first. Enjoy!


I’d like to think I’m usually ready for anything. I mean, blindside me out of an alley with a baseball bat, yeah I’m not going to have the best reflexes but I’m going to recover quickly. But when I’m walking home from basketball practice at 9:00 at night and bright lights suddenly flash on above my head and I see nothing less than an alien spaceship…yeah, that one catches me by surprise.

I’m Eric Archer. I’m a decent basketball player and a decent student. I’m not huge into sci-fi or anything but I have plenty of friends who would have creamed their pants if they saw an alien ship hovering right above their heads. As for me, I just stared. Well, sort of stared; the lights were unbelievably blinding. In hindsight, my flight instincts probably should have kicked in at some point but…come on, can you blame me? It’s an alien ship! My jaw was probably hanging somewhere around my knees.

It did nothing for a minute, just hovering above my head as I stood their, clutching my gym bag and trying to make sense of what I was seeing. Then a hatchway on the underside of the craft slid back and I felt myself being tugged upwards, like I was being sucked through a straw. That was when the terror hit me. It wasn’t that it hurt. On the contrary, it was as smooth and relaxing as floating down the lazy river at a water park. But being dragged off the ground with no control of my faculties into the huge craft was where my nerves drew the line. I tried to scream for help but my vocal chords couldn’t do much more than squeak. It also didn’t help that I was on the stretch of road between the town and the suburbs. Perfect place to abduct someone. Worst place for the person being abducted.

As soon as I was drawn into the light, my brain started to get fuzzy, sort of like when you get a head-rush. I kept trying to blink my eyes but either I had lost control of that too or it just didn’t do any good. It might have only been a couple seconds or it might have been hours, but finally I felt in control of myself again and I could shake my head and draw everything into focus.

Whatever I expected the inside of an alien spaceship to look like, this wasn’t it. I was expecting hundreds of lights, vast caverns of metal, organic-looking structures. What I was sitting in looked more like an interrogation room at a police station. The walls were milky white and the ground was a gun-metal gray, but wasn’t metallic. If anything, it felt like the material trampolines are made out of, without the bouncy quality. I slowly stood up and did a once-over on my body. Nothing broken, nothing scratched, nothing hurt. In fact, if not for the knowledge that I’d just been fucking abducted, I was in all-around good shape.

But, yeah, that abduction thing kind of stuck out.

Suddenly a section of the wall in front of me slid up, revealing a window through which I could see a room that more closely resembled my earlier idea of what the ship would be. Okay, not exactly, but the blinking lights and the metallic columns were there. As were my abductors.

Boy, how do I describe them? You know the elcor from Mass Effect? That’s as close a comparison as I can think of. They weren’t exactly scary or anything, just…different. My only hope was, if they spoke, they didn’t do that elcor thing where they had to say the emotion they were going for. God, this was weird.

A voice spoke. I couldn’t tell if there was a speaker somewhere in the room or if the walls just didn’t have a sound barrier so it caught me off-guard. “Your name?” it asked in a voice so odd and unearthly, I shivered for a second.

“Eric Archer?” I said, inflecting the last syllable upwards. I was nervous, cut me some slack.

“Your age?”


“Sexual preference?”

I sputtered. Come on, that’s just not fair! There’s got to be a couple more steps before you ask a guy which team he swings for!

“Would you prefer for us to put ‘undecided’?”

“No!” I shouted, finding my voice, “I’m fucking straight!”

“Making a note for ‘fucking straight’,” the voice said. There was silence for a moment before it spoke again, “Eric Archer, we have a request to make.”

“Well, you dragged me onto your ship, I guess there wasn’t much choice in the request.” I folded my arms.

“We apologize. We sometimes forget that primitive cultures respond with fear to technology beyond their understanding.”

Okay, humans aren’t perfect, but that’s just insulting. “Primitive?”

“It was a joke. But considering your foremost achievements thus far have been the automobile, the atomic bomb, and sliced bread, you have far to go. We enjoy the last, however.”

I blinked. “Sliced bread is what impresses you?”

“Oh, yes, a very novel concept. It’s becoming very popular on our planet.”

“And what, exactly, are you? What’s your planet?”

“Our true names are impossible to translate to human language. Just call us…friends.”

I made a sound in my throat. “Okay…friend…wanna tell me why I got dragged by my ass into your ship?”

“As I said, we have a service we request of you. We have been studying humans for the past few weeks. You are a fascinating species. You rush to and fro day-to-day without tiring. You make light of your own shortcomings to the delight of millions. You can use symbols to express emotions on digital communication devices.”

Emoticons. They were impressed by emoticons. As advanced as these things were, I’m wondering who’s really primitive here. “So what do you need me for?”

“One particular regular activity still puzzles us. Namely, sexual intercourse. We understand the basic purpose of this exercise is to continue the species. Reproduction and all that. However, we have observed that millions and millions of humans engage in this practice not for reproduction purposes, but for what appears to be recreation. It is a perplexing notion. Our kind has no equivalent. Females lay eggs and males fertilize them. There’s no recreational value in such an activity. Thus, we have decided we need to study the practice more closely and, for that, we have selected you as one of the participants.”

My stomach did a backflip even as my brain was trying to comprehend what they had just said. They didn’t understand fucking for the sake of fucking? And they wanted me to show them?! Thank you, Lord, for keeping me late at practice tonight! “I suppose I can lend a hand. If it’s for science,” I said coolly, as if I was asked this all the time.

“Excellent! We thank you profusely, Eric Archer! Now, we just have to find a female for you to have sexual relations with.”

Their terminology was weirding me out. I know people like to call it ‘making love’ instead of ‘fucking’, and I get that, but ‘engage in sexual relations’? Eesh. “Can I pick?” I asked.

“Pick your partner? That seems counterproductive to our scientific method.”

“Well, it’s not. Not really. I mean, think about it. If we’re all fucking each other just for fun, we have to have picked the person we’re doing it with. That’s what makes it fun. I mean, sure, it’s fun to pick a random girl off the street for a night, but if there’s a connection, then that makes it more…I don’t know, meaningful or some shit. I’m more likely to give it my all if it’s someone I know and want rather than someone I’m just given.” Holy crap, did I just make that argument? Sometimes I do impress myself.

There was silence as they conferred. “Your reasoning is sound and logical. You would make an excellent researcher, Eric Archer. Very well, then, you choose your sexual companion.”

“Emily Nelson,” I said at once. This was perfect. Emily was the girl I’ve wanted since elementary school. I’m not exactly stuck in the friend-zone with her but the problem has been getting her to know I’m more than friend-zone material. We’ve been fantastic friends but God damn, she’s a babe!

“Very well. We shall find this Emily Nelson. Could you provide us with her coordinates?”

“I have her address.”

“That will suffice.”

I gave them the address and had to resist the temptation to tap-dance. Truth be told, I was still a virgin, at least with straight fucking. I had gotten blowjobs and handjobs before but I always just seemed to miss going all the way. Not tonight! Tonight I had help! I vowed to find that alien nut on the History Channel and give him a big high-five when this was all done.

“Hey, do you guys have a mirror?” I asked, “I want to make sure I look good.”

“Look good?”

“It’s part of the process. She’ll probably be more willing if I look at least semi-decent.”

“Very well.”

A mirror materialized on the wall, making me jump. “How did that…” I asked.

“You are on our holo-deck. It will be used to create the environment for you and Emily Nelson.”

Fantastic! I checked myself in the mirror. My black hair wasn’t too messy, nothing a few runs of my fingers couldn’t fix. I was still wearing my jersey and shorts, which made me look taller than I really was. I’m not a shrimp at 5’8” but getting the extra boost helps. I gave myself a quick sniff and was pleased to find I did not, in fact, smell like sweat. I was good to go.

“We are approaching the residence of Emily Nelson,” the voice said.

I was getting myself psyched up when I suddenly remembered something. “She’s probably in her room. How are you going to get her out of the house without her parents noticing?”

“We will introduce our sleep gas. They will sleep for five hours and awake with no suspicions. We are also able to bring Emily Nelson out of her house without harming her in the process. No different than when we found you out in the open.”

“One last thing,” I said, “Do you think you could possibly not tell her that I chose her? Maybe make it seem like you got us both at the same time?”

“But didn’t you say the connection is better if they are chosen?”

“Yeah, but I doubt she’ll be in the mood if I told her I had aliens help me get into her pants. We’ve got a connection but it won’t be there long after she puts a foot in my balls.”

“Females sever sexual connection by placing their feet in your gentials?”

Yeah, I think these aliens aren’t as advanced as they think. “No, she’s gonna get mad, kick me in the balls, and then you won’t get any data.”

“A situation we hope to avoid. Very well. We shall conceal your choice from her. As far as she will know, you were both taken together.”


“We have arrived.”

Butterflies suddenly appeared in my stomach as I fully realized just what was about to happen. It was nice playing it smooth and cool for the aliens but now I was getting kind of nervous. The nervous a guy gets before his first time when he’s not sure he’ll be able to perform. And the last thing I need is Emily laughing at me and the aliens getting pissed that I’ve been wasting their time.

I crouched down, put my head in my hands, and took deep breaths. “You can do it,” I said to myself over and over, “She’s fucking hot and you are going to fuck her until she can’t walk straight.”

“We are bringing her aboard now,” the voice said.

I was caught off-guard and the only thing I could think to do was throw myself on the ground and close my eyes. I tried to remember how I had been laying when I was first brought on-board but everything in my brain was a jumble. I just spread myself out and pretended to be asleep.


It was her. She was really next to me. We were really going to do this! I groaned and slowly opened my eyes as if I had been asleep and turned on my side.

Emily Nelson, babe and object of my desires, was staring at me with wide eyes. Those eyes instantly got my boner’s attention. They were huge and deep blue, fitting perfectly onto a face with a cute nose and full red lips that were so kissable I almost forgot the plan and dove after them. She was dressed in a blank tank-top that rode up so her sexy, flat midriff was exposed and red panties that looked almost sheer. The sight of her nipples through the cloth of her tank-top made it very obvious now bra concealed her delicious C-cup boobs. Oh, how many times I’ve dreamed of spraying my load on them.

And I was going to! Some of the butterflies left my stomach and confidence replaced them.

But I had to play it down. “Emily?” I said, slowly sitting up, “What the hell?”

“Yeah,” she said, looking around. Her strawberry blonde hair was tinged with a scent like fruit that made my boy downstairs wake up more.

“Eric Archer and Emily Nelson,” the alien voice said.

Emily jumped wildly and I pretended to do the same. “Who’s there?” I asked, hoping that they would remember the deal.

“We have come from another galaxy to request a service of you.”

“What service?” Emily asked, clearly nervous. I slid next to her and put an arm around her and, to my delight, she leaned into me.

“We have been studying your species…”

They went on the same spiel they did with me. I tried to react exactly as I did before but mostly I was watching Emily’s reaction. I mean, yeah, it was going to happen one way or another but I didn’t wanna force her to do anything. Sure, I couldn’t wait to do the horizontal tango with her but I still cared about her and wanted her to be comfortable.

She was in shock for most of it and, when they came to the meat of their request, namely to see us fuck like bunnies for them so they could understand why we did it as often as possible, her jaw dropped open, but it seemed more out of surprise than disgust. At least I hoped it was. It’d be a nasty blow to the ego if she was willing, just not with me.

“…so we can better understand this practice, we have chosen you two to aid us in our observations.”

We sat there in silence for a while. I figured it was smarter if she spoke first. “You want us to fuck for you so you can understand it better?”

“Yes. Teenaged humans seem to find the most enjoyment from recreational sexual activity so you seemed like the natural choice.”

Emily suddenly became suspicious. “Hang on, why grab the two of us? How did you know we knew each other?”

Uh oh. She’s a smart girl. Usually that’s really sexy, especially when we study together, but now it might ruin everything. “Yeah,” I said, trying to sound equally suspicious, “How did you know?”

“As we said, we’ve been observing your species for some time. We have extensive records of many humans and their companions. It was a simple matter to choose two random humans for our experiment.”

Good thinking, guys! Emily seemed to buy their explanation, if only because she was still in shock. “So…you want us to just go at it?” Was she really okay with this? I think I broke some muscles in my cheeks trying not to grin.

“We will use our holo-deck to simulate whatever environment suits you best. Naturalism is an important factor.”

Emily looked at me. “What do you think, Eric?”

My cheeks were really starting to hurt at this point. “If you’re okay with it, so am I.”

She smiled a little. “Where do you want to do it?”

Heart pounding, I thought about it. “Why don’t you choose? I’m comfortable with you anywhere.”

She smiled more and kissed my cheek. “Can you make the room look like my bedroom?” she asked the aliens.

“Certainly. Give us a moment.”

A minute later, the room started to morph. Furniture sprung out of nowhere, a carpet rippled into being across the floor, and the walls faded into the pink and purple colors of her room. The effect was astonishing. I had been in her room a couple times and, except for the large window through which we could see the aliens, I might have believed we had been actually transported. It even smelled like her room.

“Please, take your time,” the voice said, “Naturalism, you know.”

I looked at Emily and I could see she was just as confused as I was on how to proceed. Now that it actually came down to it, I realized just much my inexperience might affect what would happen. “How about we sit on my bed?” Emily suggested.

I shrugged and helped her up. Her bed was queen-sized, far too big for one person, but she liked to sleep sprawled out like a spider. Her blankets were a Hello Kitty! design and remarkably soft. I’m glad I let her choose the location; my room hardly had enough space for me to sit down.

We sat on her bed, arms touching, both silent and awkward. Eventually I turned to her and asked, “Are you uncomfortable?”

She thought about it for a moment. “No,” she said finally, “I’m okay with you. I’m just…not sure how to start this off.”

I blinked. “You’re a virgin too?” It was a crude question but I hoped it conveyed the fact that she was not alone if she was.

She picked up on it. “Are you?” she said, brightening a little. I nodded. She smiled. “Well, now I feel more comfortable.”

I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. She was looking at my lips and I swear she licked them. I was looking at her eyes, which never left mine until they slowly closed as our lips came together. Many of my first kisses with girls were tentative and a little clumsy. Not this time. Our lips molded together and our arms wrapped around each other. She was running her hands through my hair and, let me tell you, if the kissing didn’t get my cock awake the hands in my hair definitely did. I pulled her body to me and I felt her tits like two soft pillows squish against my chest.

She moaned and started kissing me harder, pressing her lips against mine so hard that my head started tilting back. Damn, this girl knew what she wanted. She was gripping my scalp now with hard fingers, simultaneously pulling me hard into the kiss and pushing my head back with the force of it. However this might have played out in my head, she was now definitely in control.

She rolled her leg over my lap and straddled me, the kiss becoming softer, allowing me to savor the soft fullness of her lips. Her tongue slowly came out and licked the crease between my lips, tempting me to open them and allow her in. Like a gentleman, I obliged. Her slim tongue slowly entered my mouth, entwining mine as she sat fully down on my lap.

By now, my cock was fully awake and standing out quite proudly in the thin fabric of my basketball shorts. The effect of Emily sitting fully down in my lap was that the tip of my cock pressed into her barely-covered pussy. As it pressed in and slid down, Emily gasped and her eyes opened wide. Her pupils were dilated and she stared at me with a look that had ‘horny’ and ‘wet’ written all over it. She pressed herself against me again, holding my head into her breasts and slowly sliding my cock between her pussy lips.

“I’m sorry I didn’t notice you before,” she said quietly, kissing the top of my head, “If I had known you were such a good kisser, well…” She tilted my head up and kissed me again.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” I said, “You’re the last thing I think about before I go to bed and the first thing I think about when I wake up.” And yeah, that sappy line? It was completely true.

She said, “Awwwwww.” And pressed me to her breasts again, her breathing getting shorter and quicker and she continued to grind on my cock. I had never been so turned on in my life. It would have been absolutely perfect, until…

“Make a note,” the alien voice said suddenly, “Emotional connection seems to be foremost in the exercise.”

Emily and I both jumped, my cock pressing hard against her clit. She gasped and shuddered. I, however, was frowning thunder at the window through which the aliens were watching us. Until then, I had forgotten it was there. “Do you mind?” I said, “Can we get a little privacy?”

“You wish us to close the observation port?”

“Yes, I wish you to close the observation port. It’s going to be hard to do this when we can see you and hear you watching. Naturalism, right?”

“Of course. We shall close the port. Continue as you were.”

The window slowly closed and I turned my attention back to Emily, who was still recovering from my thrust into her clit. “Are you okay?” I asked.

She nodded quickly, biting her lower lip. “Your cock seems really eager,” she said coyly.

I grinned. “You have no idea.” I put my hand on the back of her neck and pulled her down for another hard kiss. Her hands ran through my hair again and then slowly started to make their way down my body to the bottom of my jersey.

“Put your arms up,” she said. I did so and she pulled off my jersey in one smooth motion. She ran her hands on my pecs and my abs, tracing a finger along their outline. She slid down my body until her face was level with my abdomen and started licking my abs. I moaned. No girl had ever done this and it felt fantastic. She was squeezing my thighs as she licked and with each squeeze it seemed my cock just kept getting harder and harder.

She noticed. “I think he really likes me,” she giggled, tracing a finger along his outline. She stood up and leaned close to my ear. “Do you want to fuck me, Eric?”

I nodded eagerly, eliciting more giggles. She started toying with the bottom edge of her tank-top. “It really isn’t fair that you’re topless and I’m not,” she said seductively, “Would you help me fix that?”

I wanted to rip that tank-top right down the middle but controlled myself as I put my hands on her hips and slowly started to slide the tank-top up and off. Little by little, her tits were revealed and what I saw almost made me drool. They were fully and creamy white, her rose-colored nipples standing out proudly, begging to be licked and suckled. Men cannot say ‘no’ to tits, so I gave them what they wanted.

“Oh, Errrrrrrrrriiiiiicccccc,” Emily moaned as I rolled her nipple around with my tongue. I held her hip with one hand and used the other to gently squeeze her other breast. I suckled the nipple into my mouth and pulled it out about half an inch before releasing it and letting it bounce back. She shuddered in pleasure.

“When we get back home, we’re going to do this again,” she said, holding my head against her breast, “If any other girl tries to take you, I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii—”

This outburst was prompted by my unoccupied hand sliding between her legs and gliding along her pussy. Her panties were soaking wet and within seconds my fingers were soaked. I rubbed back and forth lightly and she tried to keep up with the rhythm, hissing and moaning each time my finger ran along the crease. I slipped my hand inside her panties and continued again, this time getting small shrieks from her instead of moaning. Her slit was soaking but still soft, like velvet mixed with rubber, and I was stunned to find she was completely shaven.

At this point my cock was pounding against my shorts, begging to be let out. Emily let me continue my ministrations on her pussy for a few more minutes, holding my head against her breasts and lightly scratching my upper back. It was driving me crazy. Suddenly she pushed me back onto the bed with surprising strength. I barely had time to recover before I felt her ripping off my shorts and boxers, allowing my boy to stand up tall and proud.

She stared at him for a moment, as if studying it. I was never one to measure my cock since I didn’t really care about it, but so many of my friends were bragging and boasting about their exorbitant lengths that I finally said ‘fuck it’ and measure. I’m seven inches and perfectly fine with that. And Emily looked like she was perfectly fine with it too.

She knelt down by the edge of the bed and wrapped her hand around him. I moaned. She grinned at this and slowly began to slide her hand up and down his length. I gripped the bedsheets and twisted as she torturously teased my cock with her hand.

“Do you like that?” she asked softly. I nodded, my eyes screwed shut. “Then you will love this.”

The next thing I knew, she had slid the sensitive head into her mouth and started running her tongue around it. I gasped loudly and sat bolt upright. She wasn’t deterred as she began her slow journey down his length. It was painfully slow and I wanted nothing more than to grip her hair and fuck her face, if only to get some relief. But I held back, knowing this was special, not wanting to be an asshole.

Finally, after what seemed like ten minutes, she was all the way down and slowly started to slide back up, running her tongue around his length the whole way. I was hissing through my teeth. When she reached the top, she looked up at me with those big, sexy-as-fuck eyes and started to suck faster. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock, gripping him with one hand and tweaking her nipples with the other. Her lips squeezed ever so slightly when she got to the tip of my cock and the suction just about made me cum instantly each time, but then she would go back down and the sensations would spread to the entirety of my member. God, she was amazing at this!

She was licking and tonguing the outside of my cock like an ice cream cone when the churning in my balls suddenly became a hurricane and I knew I was close. “Emily,” I moaned, “Babe, I gonna…”

“Oh, really?” she winked at me and then began to blow me even harder and faster than before.

“Fuck! Shit, Emily…you’re so fffffffffucking…argh…yes! Please…keep going…I’m gonna FUCKING…SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT…HOLY…” My loud, perhaps uncivilized outburst preceded my explosion by mere seconds. I shot spray after spray into her mouth and she took it all, swallowing as fast as I was shooting. I was twitching and gasping as I lay flat on the bed, emptying my balls into her mouth.

Finally it was over and I was breathing in short gasps. I felt Emily slide up my body, kissing it every few inches, until she reached my face and kissed my sweetly. “How was that?” she asked shyly.

In response, I grabbed her and gave her the most passionate, most heartfelt, most romantic kiss I could ever remember giving. “You are amazing,” I said, still trying to catch my breath, “And I wanna return the favor.”

I started to slide down the bed, but she held me fast and I saw a wildness in her eyes that both terrified and aroused me. “I would love that, sweetie, but if you don’t get that cock in my pussy right now, I think I’m going to explode. Besides, we don’t want to keep the experiment going too long, do we?” She winked at me.

Who was I to deny her? My cock was still rock hard and more than happy for another round. I picked her up gently and laid her out on her bed. She looked so gorgeous, splayed out in front of my, her hair spread out around her head, her body open and ready for me. I slid her panties off, revealing her hairless pink pussy for the first time and I couldn’t resist giving it a kiss. She gasped and flopped and snarled, “Give it to me! Please, I’m begging you! I can’t wait any more!”

I stroked her legs gently up onto my shoulders and lined the head of my cock up with her pussy. It still seemed unreal. I was really about to have sex! For the first time in my life! And with Emily fucking Nelson! “I’ll go slow,” I said, “I know it’s going to hurt.”

“I lost my hymen years ago,” she gasped, feeling me slowly start to slide into her, “Broke it…with my hairbrush…don’t…worry…oh my goooooooooooddddddd…”

I felt better knowing that I wasn’t going to hurt her and steadily slid my entire length inside of her. Okay, guys, you know what it’s like when you slide into a girl for the first time. Fucking fantastic feeling, right? It’s even better when you aren’t prepared for it. She was tight, but not uncomfortably so, her silky insides welcoming me as our groins slowly came together and I was all the way inside her. She looked like she was on the verge of crying, not out of sadness, but from the sheer weight of emotion. I leant down and kissed her gently. The kiss was gentle but leaning down also had the effect of forcing me even deeper inside her so she moaned into the kiss.

I stayed like that for a moment, just allowing the weight of what we were doing to settle down on us. Then I pulled back and slowly thrust back in. Now I was moaning too. My cockhead had been sensitive in Emily’s mouth but that was nothing compared to this. If she hadn’t blown me first, I would have probably already shot my load inside her. Only now did I think about a condom but I doubt the aliens would have thought of one and besides, I didn’t want to stop what I was doing to ask. I’d just pull out.

I was thrusting in earnest now, not going too fast or too hard but keeping up a steady rhythm that she was able to match with her hips. Her hands found my biceps and she squeezed hard as I was fucking her, matching the grip I had on her hips. Her tits were rolling and bouncing and I was mesmerized by the sight. Seriously, her tits alone could have had me cumming. Pornstars tits had nothing on hers. She saw me looking and gave me a wicked grin. She took her hands from my arms and squeezed her breasts together, thrusting out her lower lip.

That sparked a fire inside me and I began to saw away at her pussy, lifting her ass off the bed so I could thrust deeper inside her. Her moans had become screams now as my cock rubbed against her G-spot. I had full control of her lower body but her upper body was thrashing and twisting and going wild with the sensation of it. Her shoulders and face were becoming red and her forehead was covered in sweat.

She was trying to speak but her shrieks barely made sense. “Eric…fuging…yuuussss…do it…love it zooooooo…ohhhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…cum…ming…NOW!!!” She wailed and her pussy gripped my cock as she stopped thrashing and began to quiver. Afraid I had gone too far, I stopped thrusting and let her ass fall back on the bed. I leaned in close and kissed her neck, trying to bring her back from her high.

Eventually, the quivering and the shaking subsided and her breaths started to become normal. “Holy fucking shit,” she gasped. She kissed me hard and she thrust her pelvis up, forcing me back up. She put her hands on my shoulders and slammed me around back onto the bed.

Now on top, she pinned my arms on the bed and looked at me through her messy hair. “I’m in charge now. I’m going to fuck the life out of you and if you try to move, you’ll be sorry.”

Keeping my arms pinned, she expertly lifted her hips and started slamming herself down onto my cock. The sensation was different than me being on top but just as good. Hell, it might have been better just because I was so turned on by Emily taking control. She was pumping her head up and down as she slammed her pussy on my cock, the slippery sensation of her cum adding to the sensitivity that was slowly bringing me closer to orgasm. Her tits were now bouncing in my face and, making sure I didn’t actually move, I slipped my tongue out and licked the nipples as they passed my face.

She seemed to love it and leaned down further so I could get more of them in my mouth. She was moaning in earnest now. “Eric…oh my…holy shit, this feels amazing…oh, so fucking good…thrust up…please thrust up into me…please…I want tooooooooooo…feel you…fuck!...deeper inside me…”

I started thrusting up ever time she came down and before long she was screaming again. I was moaning loudly and I knew I was probably sweating like a racehorse. It felt amazing. I knew now why people went out of their way to bang each other every chance they got. If I had the chance, I’d stay here forever and just keeping fucking Emily until we both died from too many orgasms. I wondered what it would be like with other girls…

A strange thought hit me then: I didn’t want to see what it was like with other girls. I wanted it to be Emily. I may have chosen her initially because she was the girl I had wanted the longest but now…I actually was thinking about having her be my girlfriend, not just a girl I fucked once. Wow, where did that come from? I had heard sex will make you emotional, but damn.

My balls were churning again and I knew it wouldn’t be long. “Emily…” I gasped as we sped up, “I’m…gonna fucking…I’m getting close…”

“I am too!” she shouted, “Please hold off…just let me cum…I’ll suck you dry…you can…oh shit!...cum on my tits…oh, please, I want you to cum on my tits…just let…me…finish…please…oh…fuck…yes…right…there…”

She screamed and gripped my arms so tightly, I felt the blood get cut off. She threw back her head and howled as her pussy squeezed my cock again, not helping the fact that he was within seconds of blowing. She shuddered for a moment before sliding off my cock and diving down at him, taking him in her mouth and squeezing him between her gorgeous tits.

She looked up at me and started to slide her tits up and down his length. “You like that?” she whispered, “You like your beautiful hard cock between my tits? You wanna blow your load all over them, baby? I want you to. Give me that cum. Squirt all over my beautiful, big tits.”

That was it. What she was saying was sexy enough but in her voice…I howled and thrust up, my cock erupting all over her big tits as she continued to milk me, cooing and giggling as shot after shot came out. She kissed my cock as the spurts lessened and then set about cleaning herself. She ran her hands over her tits, getting all traces of my cum and sucking them off her fingers. She was moaning and making yummy sounds as she cleaned herself and I grinned weakly.

“Does it really taste that good?” I asked.

She laughed. “It’s okay, but I thought you’d enjoy it.”

When she was done she crawled up next to me and rested her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her. “Thank you for making it amazing,” she said quietly.

“Thank you,” I said back, “I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather do it with.”

A gash of light suddenly appeared on the wall as the observation port reopened.

“Well done!” the voice said appreciatively, “This will give us plenty to work with! Well done, both of you. We appreciate it more than we can express.”

I waved a hand. “It was our pleasure.”

Emily giggled and kissed my cheek. “Oh, yes it was,” she said sexily.

“What happens now?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, because our experiments and observations must remain secret, I’m afraid we are going to have to erase your memories of what happened here.”

“What?!” Emily roared, bolting out of bed and standing with her hands on her hips, “You can’t do that! You can’t just give us the best experience ever and then make us forget about it! I want to remember! I don’t want to go back to school and look at him and not remember how amazing he is!”

I don’t know how amazing a guy I am. Frankly, with the whole making her think it was just a coincidence she and I were chosen, I was feeling like an asshole. Especially now that I found I had feelings for her.

“We apologize, Emily Nelson, but that is the way it has to be. As long as you have memories of us, there is a danger we may be exposed, even unintentionally. This must be done for our safety and yours.”

Emily turned back to me with tears in her eyes and dove at me for a passionate kiss. “I will remember,” she said firmly, “I will remember how amazing this was. They can wipe my memory of them but they can’t wipe my memory of you.” She kissed me again and wiped her eyes.

She turned back to the aliens, giving me a gorgeous view of her butt. I tried to burn the image in my head, knowing I might not ever see it again. “I’m ready,” she said quietly. The floor seemed to swallow her up and a moment later, she was gone.

“Emily!” I shouted and dove at the floor. I scratched and scratched but it left no impression on the surface. The room was reverting to its previous state, Emily’s room fading away.

“She is unharmed,” the voice said, “The memory-altering process is quick and completely painless. She will wake up tomorrow morning as if nothing happened.”

"One question," I said, "How could you ensure that she would want to do anything? I picked her, yeah, but there was no guarantee that she would be willing."

"We have been filtering a slight sedative into the room since we first brought you on board," the voice replied, "It lowers inhibitions and lessens shock and fear. It would have been counterproductive if both of you had been too stunned to be willing to help."

"Wait, wait," I said indignantly, "You drugged us in order to agree?"

"Not drugged. Soothed. Your decisions were your own. We simply cut out the shock and horror you may have felt. We did not want to cause you undue stress. And, after your memory is wiped, the sedative will also ensure that there will be no traces of those repressed emotions left. It will be as if nothing happened."

“Nothing might as well have happened,” I muttered glumly. I didn’t want to forget either. Not just because it was the first time I had sex. I didn’t want to forget how I felt about her beyond wanting to pork her brains out.

“Untrue, Eric Archer. The information you have given us is invaluable. We are now one step closer to understanding your species fully. And, because you were such a willing and able participant, we have a reward for you.”

“A reward?” I asked, intrigued, “Can I keep my memory?”

“You cannot. However, if you can find the way to unlock this reward, the ‘nothing’ that happened may become ‘something’.”

I didn’t understand but, hey, something is better than nothing. “Thanks,” I said.

“Thank you, Eric Archer. We wish you well.”

I felt myself sinking into the floor and my world became white light for a brief moment. Then nothing.


I’m sure, by now, you’re wondering how I’m able to relate what happened if my memory was wiped. Turns out, it had all to do with the reward the aliens gave me. I awoke the next day in my bed, still wearing my jersey and shorts. I was confused for a moment, since the last thing I remembered was walking along the road to my house, but I shrugged it off, figuring that I was probably so tired I just blanked most of it.

The next school day felt different. Girls who had never given me a second glance now seemed intrigued by my presence. I glanced in the mirrors in the bathrooms but saw nothing different about my appearance. Was it an attitude thing? Were my looks suddenly now more attractive than before? I mentioned it to my friends and we decided to file it under the eternal mystery known as ‘girl’.

Two periods in, Emily and I bumped into each other. We stared at each other for a moment, both half-remembering something that may have happened in a far-off dream. I suddenly found myself burning with a boost of confidence and asked her out on a date. To my delight, she accepted.

Two weeks later, we were laying in her bed, naked, basking in the post-sex glow. As if struck by a hammer, both of us were suddenly flooded with memories. We had been together before. Emily could not quite place how or why but the full memory had been returned to me. I was confused at first, wondering why the aliens would let me remember when they knew it was a risk to them.

Then I realized it: by giving only me the memory, I was given the reward of greater knowledge that I could not share with anyone. Who would believe me? But I had experienced something beyond human understanding. An encounter with a species we would barely be able to comprehend. And they led me to Emily.

“How did it happen?” she asked, still trying to figure out the confusing memories of our first sexual experience, “It’s not something I would forget. Not if it was as fantastic as I remember.

“I don’t know,” I said, holding her close, “Maybe it’s something we’ll never figure out.”

“Maybe,” she sighed, snuggling up to my chest.

“How about we just remember it as a shared dream?”

“A shared dream?”

“A shared dream about an amazing experience in an ocean of stars.”

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